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    Default Sex with my girlfriend's sister (Revised)

    Here's my rewrite about a thread I started earlier. This will be more specific.

    This all started back in May of this year at Arely's (My girlfriend) parent's house. She lives there with them at the moment. We were home alone and decided the moment was right to have sex. Thing was we didn't realize that minutes into our session her sister, Melody, arrived. There was plans on having a BBQ that afternoon at the house and that's why she came over. Melody knowing that we were the only ones there, decided to go up to Arely's room and say hello. At the same time she was about to enter the room I was opening the door to go to the bathroom and clean up. Not noticing that she was there, we both met face to face and almost collided. Her hand just barely grazed my penis and then she took a look in that area. Since I had just finished fucking, I was still in full blown erection size. I moved back and closed the door and she walked downstairs.

    Arely's was pissed because she thought Melody was going to tell her parents what she had saw (Arely's family is catholic and looked down on premartial sex). She didn't really care about what her sister seeing me naked. We were both on panic mode about what her parents where going to do to us. We decided to change and head downstairs to talk to her sister before anyone else had arrived. As we were walking downstairs, her parents were walking into the house. So we were expecting the worse.

    As the rest of Arely's family was arriving, she was trying to find a chance to talk to Melody and keep a lookout to see whether she was going to rat us out to her parents. As time past, everyone started to head outside to the yard including me. Arely managed to pull Melody aside and have a chat with her inside the house without anyone really noticing anything. They chatted for a couple of minutes before they both walked out and both looked normal. I looked to Arely to see if she had gotten anywhere and she gave me a "later" expression.

    The party began to wind down and I was able to pull Arely aside to talk about the chat with Melody. Arely says "Melody in interested in having sex with you."

    That was the first thing Arely told me. Of course hearing this, caught me by surprise. I was expecting a totally different response. It took me awhile to register what has just been said when Arely says "Melody likes your size and wants to experience it."

    As I came back to earth, I asked "What did you tell her?"
    Arely responded with, "That I would think about it."
    "Why would you need to think about it?"
    "Because Melody made some good points."
    I couldn't believe that Arely was saying this. We had been in a committed relationship for 7 years and never once have I thought about another women.

    Arely said "Melody is not satisfied at times sexually with her husband. She thinks that size is the main issue. When she saw you today, she began to wonder how much of a difference it would be to have sex with a bigger penis."

    Melody and her husband had been married for about 10 years now and have 3 kids. Melody within the last year has had lipo (size 6), breast augmentation (34DD) and butt augmentation (Brazillian Lift). She had a new confidence to herself that I had not seen. Her husband on the other hand was a short fat dude and nothing to offer in my opinion. He had even cheated on her a couple of times with girls not even close to Melody in looks or body even before the surgery.

    Arely asked "What do you think about giving her a chance?"
    I couldn't believe that Arely just asked me if I was interested in having sex with her sister.
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    Building into a very interesting story and much better than your first try. Looking forward to where it leads.
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    Great improvement! I can't wait to see more.
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    So I asked Arely "Is that all you guys talked about ?"

    "Well as I approached Melody to ask her if she was going to tell our parents, she asked me 'How does it feel to have sex with Saul's size?' Since I wasn't expecting that, I said 'Huh?'" said Arely.

    I responded to Arely "So she didn't mentioned your parents anymore?"

    "Well sort of. Melody went on talking about how sex has not been enjoyable after giving birth to her 3rd kid. That she barely has started thinking of maybe going to a adult store and buying a toy just to feel the size difference. But when she saw you today, she thought that she can see how it will feel to have sex with an actual guy instead of a toy. She thought that a one time deal will be enough to see what she's missing and maybe it can be our little secret. I don't know if she meant not telling my parents that she caught us having sex or you having sex with her. She could use it against us and you know she will."

    Melody has had a history of catching in the act before. Once Arely and I were making out with her tits out, when she walked in on us. We set up a deal where we would be responsible of washing her SUV (Expedition) every time we washed our car at home or at the car wash. This lasted about 6 months. I think this is what gave Melody the confidence of asking for such a crazy request. She knew Arely and I were easy to convince.

    I didn't know whether Melody was serious about telling her parents but, we didn't want to take the chance either. Arely's dad was in the process of being moved to New Mexico for a job and we knew that Arely would be taken there if she made any mistakes in school or with me. I know the decision I had coming up doesn't sound like a tough one but it was.

    I was in love with my girlfriend and never even thought of having sex anyone else ever. Now I have to decide whether to have sex with Melody or risk losing my girl friend to her crazy catholic parents.

    I asked Arely "Will you be ok if do decide to do this?"

    "Well it is going to be weird, but I don't want to risk what will happen if my parents find out we are having sex." said Arely.

    "Heck yeah, its going to be weird! This is not an easy choice. Do I have time to think about it?"

    "I think so. She didn't give me a time frame." said Arely.

    I began to think of actually doing this. We walked outside to join the rest of the party. For the rest of the day I began, for the first time, to really check out Melody. I had never looked at Arely sister's in that way before. Melody like I said had recently fixed herself up. She has a good set of tits, even though she hasn't really ever worn a shirt to show her cleavage. So the boobs were still a mystery. After getting her butt work done, I realized she had been wearing more yoga type of pants and today she was wearing that with long shirt so her ass looked good. Well actually, it looked really good. Almost like a Kim K shape to it, hips and bubble butt combo. She has an okay face and was short.

    Arely on the other hand was tall, has a small/medium bust (34B), a big butt for her shape and a face to die for. With Melody I would be able to experience sex with a busty and big butt women. I was never a big fan of big boobs but I guess I could use this experience as learning experience too!

    I began to wonder,
    "Will Meldoy let me do anal with her?"
    "Will Melody let me give her a facial?"
    "Will Melody let me fuck her like they do in porn?"
    "Will Melody do pussy to mouth?"

    These were all things that Arely would not let me do. She couldn't handle anal even tough we had tried a couple of times. She can't stand seman even when I cum inside of her. When we have sex, we actually make love and get into it really slowly.

    As you can tell, it wasn't taking much to convince me to complete the pending task. But then I started thinking whether this was a trap from Arely, or what if everything goes well and Melody wants more sex later. This could cause big problems but I still didn't want to lose Arely to New Mexico!!!

    So by that evening, I pulled Arely aside to let her know of my decision.
    "Hey after pondering this for the afternoon, I've decided to follow through with your sister's request. I don't want to risk the consequences of your parents finding out. I hope we can get this done quickly and make it easier to forget."

    Arely responds, "Ok. I'll talk to my sister about your decision and let you know about the details."

    As Arely walks toward Melody, it starts to hit me. It starts to sink in that I'm going to have sex with my girlfriend's sister. Is this going to go over good or bad? What am I getting into?
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    After Arely talked to Melody for a couple of minutes, she returns to tell me that she wants to get this done the next day because her husband is going to take the kids to his parents house for a kids party. She will have the house to herself and feel more comfortable.

    Fine by me.

    By this time I was having mixed feelings. I was one part excited and the other part worried/nervous. I still couldn't get over the fact that this was maybe a trick on Arely's part but figured she would of said something already if that was the case. The excited part of of me was starting to overwhelm me. I had not sex with anyone besides Arely. I was wondering how different the sex was going to be.

    Is Melody going to be looser than Arely because of the 3 pregnancies?
    Does Melody like it rough or easy?
    Will Melody boobs add an extra element of pleasure for me?
    Will I be able to attempt anal??

    I was really excited to try anal if at all possible. I've always been a butt man and I think thats why I have always wanted to try anal. Arely has a big ass but never has let me go in all the way. She said it would hurt too much. Melody also has a big butt and I might I have my way with her. All this was going on in my head as I was trying to sleep for the next day.

    Waking up the next day, I was completely consumed by the excitement of what was going to happen today. I woke up at 9 and was to be at Melody house at 11. I didn't know whether to take a shower or not. I wasn't sure whether I should make an attempt to look good or just go over and get this over with. I decided to take a shower and get ready as if I was going to see Arely.

    While discussing the situation, I had told Arely that we would not talk about what was going to happen today. We were going to pretend like nothing happen because it would be super weird to talk to her about having sex with her sister. As I was driving to Melody house, Arely calls me and ask me "what are you doing?"
    "I'm on my way to the mall." I responded.
    "But I thought you were gonna go to-"
    "Arely, I told you yesterday that I do not want to talk about this at all. Just think that I'm going to the mall. It will make me feel more at ease."
    "Ok, Sorry I forgot. I didn't think it was this serious."
    "I'll call you later. Bye"
    "Bye" Arely hangs up.

    By the end of the conversation, I had arrived in front of Melody's house. I notice that her husband's car was not there anymore and safe to proceed. The excitement was starting to get to its max now but I didn't want to show it. I just want to get this over with. Do the favor and forget it ever happened.

    I get to the front door and knock. No answer. Her house is not that big and decide to knock again. No answer again. Did she have second thoughts and leave with her husband? She should be able to hear my knocks in her small house. I will knock one more time and if she doesn't answer, I will just leave. I knock and then I hear her say "It's open. Come in!"

    As I walk in, I notice that its pretty dark inside and that she's not in her living room. I see that her bedroom door is slightly open and decide to head that way. As I get closer to the door, through the crack I can see her bare feet and legs. I knock on the door and say "Can I come in?" She responds. "Please do. I'm waiting."

    As I open the door I notice that she is laying down on her bed wearing some sexy lingerie. She has on a black lace skirt with a g-string underneath. A black bra that is really low cut and showcasing her boobs very well. I get to her face and she has a super horny look. I hope she didn't have this look when her husband was still here because its that obvious! After looking her up and down, I suddenly notice that I'm almost on full erection mode. As I get to the foot of her bed, she starts to get up to her knees and come closer to me. As she starts to move closer, I realize my erection is at full size and I think she notices it. She leans into my ear, grabs my cock from the outside of my pants and whispers to me, "I'm not your sister-in-law today. I want you to FUCK ME LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW ME!"
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    Great so far, keep going :D
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    If you knew my sister-in-law, you knew that she's not the type of girl that would say such a thing. So that immediately got me convinced that I'm going to do this!!! She goes straight to the point and begins to unbutton my pants to take out my cock. When she does, she has the look of amazement. I'm not a huge guy (7.5 x 6 inches) but it was enough to get her excited.

    "You're so big!" says Melody
    I respond, "You like it?"
    "Yes!" she looks at me like she just opened a brand new toy on Christmas.

    After she looks it over for a bit, she begins to give a couple of small kisses on tip. I'm just boiling over now in horniness that I try to be a little bit forceful and shove it in her mouth to see what I could get away with. Sure enough, she didn't mind and began to suck my cock. At first slowly but I quickly grab the back of her head and made move a little quicker. She began to find a quick pace and I went for her boobs.

    I tried to see what I would be able to reach since she had moved to the floor and was on her knees. I saw that I could reach the bra hooks and take it off. As soon as I unhooked the back, she leaned back and removed her bra and exposed her beautiful rack! Her tits are fake but man her plastic surgeon did an amazing job. She got up from her knees to let me fondle her boobs.

    I never had experience anything bigger than a B cup. Now I was in awe of this boobs. So big, full and fun to kiss.

    "What do you think?" Melody asks.
    "They are amazing. I..I never thought it would make a difference in experiencing different sizes."
    "A big upgrade from my sister though"
    "Yeah, a BIG upgrade." I didn't she would mention her sister but I couldn't disagree with what she said.

    As she still standing she grabs my cock and places it between her legs. Since she much shorter than me, I bend my knees a bit to give her better access. She begins to grind on my cock, I can feel that she is soaking wet down there and she hasn't even taking off her G-string yet! As she gets going pretty hard on grinding, I quickly turn her around and push her on the bed so I could take a serious look at her ass.

    Her ass is mesmerizing. Like I said earlier, it had some work done but you wouldn't notice unless you knew her history. It was so plump and round and just asking for a pounding. I began to remove her G-string slowly and she began to moan a little. She was ready to get this going. Remembering what she said earlier, I decided to take a chance on how explicit the sexual mood was going to be. I tell as I begin to rub my cock on her ass "I'm going to fuck you hard Melody."
    "Fuck ME Saul! I want to be sore tomorrow... Fuck ME!"
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    Don't stop now!
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