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    Default Getting caught by sister - true story

    This is a true story about me getting caught by my younger sister - I was 13 at the time, and she was 12. At the time she caught me, she did not know I was gay.

    I was feeling extremely horny, and everyone was gone for the day (I thought), so I took a shower, playing with myself the whole time. After I got out of the shower, I toweled off, and decided not to get dressed right away but instead have some masturbation fun. I walked out of the bathroom completely naked with a raging hardon, and feeling very excited walked all over the house, enjoying the feeling of being naked.

    After a little bit, I decided I really needed to cum, so I went into the living room and sat on the couch. I spread my legs straight out, arching my back and closed my eyes. I began thinking of my friend Jerry, and was into the fantasy and the feelings of masturbating completely, and did not hear my younger sister come home.

    As I sat there in my own world, naked and jacking off, I began to near orgasm, and was startled by hearing my sister's voice - "ANDY! What the heck are you doing!!!!!!"

    Very startled, I opened my eyes and saw my younger sister Jennifer standing there staring at me, her eyes wide. I still was jacking myself, and stood up quickly. Being completely naked, I had nothing to cover up with, and I was beginning to cum and there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to stop the inevitable from happening - As I stood there in front of my sister, naked, I began to cum and only made things worse by trying to hold it in - which made the orgasm more intense and made me shoot even further - I let out a groan as my cum shot out in big ropes towars my sister - she just continued to stare as this happened.

    When I had finally stopped cumming, I immediately dropped my still-hard cock, and felt extremely embarrassed but yet felt very excited - my cock was definately not getting any softer. "Um, uh, Jennifer, I didn't think anyone was home! I am really sorry, please don't say anything!" I begged, standing naked in front of her, erection still pointing straight up. I acutally was feeling turned on by being caught by her (she was very cute, dark hair, dark eyes, slim, and a very nice tan). And being naked in front of my sister, who was fully dressed was also turning me on.

    "Andy, what the heck were you thinking! You should do that in private! And look at the mess you made" she said, her eyes never leaving my cock.

    "Jennifer, please don't tell, I will do ANYTHING you want - just dont tell mom and dad" I begged her. "I will clean up the mess, I promise"

    Jennifer's eyes were still locked on my erection. "Anything, huh?" she asked with a grin.

    "Yes, anything, just please dont tell anyone" I said.

    "OK, let me think. You just stand there" Jennifer told me as she sat down on the couch, staring at my naked body. My cock was definately not going to get soft apparently, and I was still hard and feeling very horny.

    "Um, First off I want you to clean up that mess" she said, pointing to my cum that was all over the floor.

    "Ok" I said, starting to go towards the kitchen to get some paper towels.

    "Where are you going Andy?" she asked with a grin "I havent told you yet how I want to see you clean it up"

    I stopped, confused. "How do you want me to clean it up Jennifer - I was going to get some paper towels and wipe it up"

    "No, that is too easy. After all, you said you would do ANYTHING I said" she grinned at me.

    "Well, yeah.......but...." I stuttered

    "I want you to get on your hands and knees and lick up your cum" she said with a big grin "I want to see you lick up every drop and if you aruge or tell me no, I am going to tell mom and dad"

    I was totally floored - here was my younger sister making me eat my own cum off the floor - and making me do it completely naked too! And I had no choice, because I know she would tell my parents.

    I got down on my hands and knees, and put my face near the first puddle of my cum and looked at her - she looked at me grinning, and nodded her head, basically saying "do it or else".

    She had no idea I sometimes ate my own cum after I masturbated, and I was really getting more and more turned on by how the events were unfolding. I started to lick up my cum, enjoying the salty taste and feeling excited by having her watch me do it. I quickly licked up every drop (there was quite a bit), glancing up at her out of the corner of my eye every now and then and noticed she was rubbing herself as I did this. When I was done, I sat back on my heels in front of her, my erection still there. I noticed her eyes were again locked on my cock.

    "Now what Jennifer?" I asked her.

    She still had that smile on her face "Come and sit next to me, I want to look at your cock - I never saw one up close"

    "Wow" I thought, my sister wanted to see my cock - that was strange, but a turn-on nevertheless. I sat down next to her, and she turned towards me a bit and really stared at my cock. Then she put her head closer to it, within kissing distance. My cock twitched with excitement as I felt her breath on it.

    Suddenly, her tongue darted out and she licked up my shaft in one long lick.

    "Jennifer!" I said, very suprised - I knew she had a boyfriend (who I thought was HOT), but apparently she had never done anything with him or any of the other "boyfriends" she had.

    "What?" Jennifer asked me, looking me in the eye "Didn't you like it?" she asked, wrapping her hand around the base of my cock as she talked.

    "I did, but you are my SISTER!!!!!!!" I said. She began stroking me gently, and it felt so good.

    "Yeah, and?" she asked me "Dont tell me you mind me doing this" she said as she squeezed my cock as she stroked it.

    I let out a moan, it felt so good - my sister was playing with my cock, and it felt so good! I didnt say anything as she began licking it again, her tongue going all over my shaft and head.

    "Go to my room" Jennifer told me. "I want you to do something there"

    She got up and started towards her room, and I followed her, my cock slapping against my tight stomach, wondering what she had planned.

    When I got to her room, she had me close the door. "Just stand there and dont say anything, just do what I tell you" she told me in a demanding voice. I stood there naked, and watched her begin to undress.

    "oh man, what am I doing" I thought to myself "I shouldnt be doing this or even be here, and why is she turing me on so much" I wondered. When she was completely naked, she layed down on her bed, spreading her legs wide. I could see her hairless pussy glistening with her jucies. "oh wow, she is horny too" I thought to myself.

    "Now get on the bed, and start licking me, starting at my feet and work your way up" she demanded. I got on the bed, grabbed her left foot, and ran my tonuge up and down it. She let out a little moan as I did this, so I did it to her other foot too, again getting another moan out of her. Then I began licking up her leg, and when I got to the inside of her thighs, she was letting out lots of moans, her eyes closed. I looked up at her, and she never opened her eyes.

    "Why did you stop Andy?" she asked "You know were I want you to lick next" she said. This was the first pussy I had ever seen in person besides in porn flicks or magizines, and I was definatly intreigued. I ran my tounge up her wet slit, and she let out a loud groan. "Yeah, thats it Andy, keep doing it" she panted. Her lips started to spread, and so I ran my tounge inside of her, feeling her push her pussy into my face. She tasted much different than any cock I had ever had, and I really loved the taste and making her moan, so I began licking her very intently, using her moans as a guide to what felt good for her.

    She began panting and groaing loudly, thrusting her pussy into my face even harder - I couldn't beleive it, I was making my sister cum! I kept licking her, and she began to shout "oh yeah baby, thats it, oh fuck yeah" she screamed as I felt her pussy tighten down as she had a huge orgasm. Oh man I was so turned on I began stroking myself.

    She opend her eyes and smiled at me " Oh andy, I loved that!!!!!!!!!!" she said in a sexy voice "Oh no, I dont want you to jack off again, I want to feel your cock inside of me"

    "But, but, but......your my SISTER Jennifer!" I said

    "Yeah, and you just made me cum, and now I want to feel your cock inside me, so get on your back now!" she demanded.

    I layed down on my back on her bed, and she had by then stood up next to me. After I laid down, she climed back onto the bed, straddeling me with her legs. She grabbed my cock with her hands, and guided it towards her pussy, and then I felt the head of my cock in her wetness. Oh man, it felt good!

    She slowly lowered herself onto my erection, groaning as she did it. "Just lay there Andy" she whispered, and began slowly riding my cock, sliding up and down it. I had NEVER felt anything like it, and it felt sooooo good. I lay there wanting to thrust, but enjoying her riding it like she was. She was moaning and groaning, and after a short time she began to ride me faster and faster, her groans getting louder. At the same time, I felt another orgasm building, and I began thrusting in sync with her moves. Soon we were both grunting and moaning, and I felt her pussy really tighten down on my cock as she screamed, having another orgasm "oh yeah Andy, oh yeah, fuck me"

    "Im gonna cum, oh man Im gonna cum!" I was saying at the same time. Her pussy squeezed down on my cock as I came, shooting a huge load into her.

    After we stopped humping, she layed down on top of me, both of us panting, my cock still inside her. "Oh andy, oh andy that was awsome" she whispered to me.

    "Yeah, it was awsome Jennifer" I whispered back. We laid there for a bit longer, my cock now softening. Jennifer slowly moved so my cock came out of her pussy and got up off the bed. She smiled at me as she collected her clothtes.

    "I am going to take a shower now, and you probably should too when I am done" she said with a twinkle in her eye. "You did good Andy, don't worry, your seceret is safe with me" she said as she turned towards the door, flipping her hair in a seductive way.

    "Wow" I thought to myself, "I just fucked my own sister - and my first female!" I thought. Maybe I wasn't gay, maybe I was bi........I thought, also hoping to be able to do it again sometime in the near future.
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    very good story made me cum lots keep on writing more.
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    I love true stories
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    Quote Originally Posted by girltoy11111 View Post
    I love true stories
    :D agreed:D
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    Default This should be a forum requirement

    Quote Originally Posted by boytoy11111 View Post
    :D agreed:D

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    i dont think i can believe that this is a true story. Maybe if the ages were afew years older but I doubt that a 12 year old a and a 13 year old would be like that.

    But it was an okay story though.Not bad at all.
    We stand here before all raising our glasses, toasting to lives as if a drink will fix them, will make them better.
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    The hell type of dream was that?! Oh, Freud would have a field day with me!

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