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    Default Family trip to a nudist camp

    This is a story of a trip my family took to a nudist campground when I was 12.

    We were very excited but nervous as we sat in the motorhome - it was our first trip to a "clothing optional" resort. My mom and dad used to go to these type of places by themselves, but wanted me and my sister to try it also.

    For a 12 year old boy like myself, who was seceretly gay and had a high sex drive, it was both exciting but also making me very worried. I masturbated quite a bit as it was, and it seemed I was always getting erections. On one hand it was going to be awsome to be completely naked all the time, but I worried about being hard all the time too. My younger sister Jennifer, who was 10 at the time seemed to have no problem with the whole thing.

    As we pulled into the campground, my dad stopped the motorhome to check in, and he and my mother went in side. Jennifer and I were looking out the window, amazed to see all of the people walking around naked - men, women, kids, everybody was naked and I already felt my dick getting hard in my pants.

    My mom and dad came back to the motorhome, and we slolwy drove through the campground to our site. Jennifer and I goggled at the naked people, and by then I was completely hard and wanting to masturbate in the worse way. I tried to think of things to make my erection go down, but nothing worked.

    When we got to the site, my dad parked the motorhome and said "Ok kids, lets get set up and have a great vacation - no need to be shy or worried, this is very natural. If you are uncomfortable being naked, you can still wear clothes here." Then dad went into the bathroom, and a minute later came out naked. Jennifer giggled at the sight of dad naked, apparently she had never seen him naked up close. My eyes went to his penis, which was hairy but huge compared to my little 12 year old smooth one. He smiled at us, and went outside to start hooking things up. My mother stood there for a minute, and then began to undress in front of us. Jennifer and I both watched mom get completely naked too, and then she said "whenever you are ready kids, come out and join us" and went outside too.

    "Are you going to go outside naked" Jennifer asked me.

    "Yeah, I think so " I replied, thinking that before I did that I was definaltey going to have to jack off.

    "Really?" she asked, smirking at me, "I don't beleive you"

    "Beleive it sis" I said, and went to the bathroom. I closed the door, and quicly stripped down. My erection was still there, so I quickly jacked it off just to get some releif. I shot my load into the toilet, and my dick slowly began to go limp. When it was pretty soft, I opened the door and walked out, completely naked. Jennifer's eyes were huge, staring at me, looking me up and down "I told you" I said to her, standing so she could get a full view of the front of me.
    "Yeah, but you didnt go outside yet" she smiled, "so it dosent count"
    "Watch me sis" I said and walked out of the motorhome. As I walked out the door, I felt the warm air all over my body, and it felt great. I stood in front of the window where Jennifer was sitting, and waved. She stuck her tongue out and turned away, but a few minutes later she also came out completely naked, her smooth young body visable to everyone. She sheepishly smiled at me, and went over to help mom unpack things.

    I went to the back of the motorhome to help dad out. There he was, standing behind the motorhome semi-hard. He smiled at me, looking me up and down "Boy, you sure have grown quite a bit lately" he said smiling.
    "Yep" I replied, noticing his dick was getting harder.
    "How do you like it so far son" he asked, his eyes still looking me over and his dick now getting pretty hard.
    "It is great dad, so far so good" I replied, my dick starting to get hard too.
    He smiled at me, noticing my cock was getting hard very fast. His was pretty much fully erect.
    "Son, if you get hard here, dont be embarassed, it happens to all of us guys at one time or another" he told me. "Just dont make a big deal out of it, and either think of something that will make it go down, or find a nice private place to releive yourself - you know what I mean, right?" He asked.
    "You mean jacking off?" I said. He smiled at me.
    "Yes" he replied
    "Yep, I know about that dad" I said, now fully erect. He was too. We stood there for a minute just staring at eachothers erections.
    "Probably would be a good time to do it now son" he said smiling at me, pointing at my hardon.
    "Here?" I asked him, getting more turned on thinking about getting a chance to see dad jerk off.
    Dad glanced around the sides of the motorhome - "Sure, why not, no one is around, and I see your mom and sister walking down towards the store"
    "um, sure" I said, feeling excitement creeping through my body.
    My dad gripped his hard cock in his hand and began stroking, standing there behind the motorhome. He was looking at me with a smile on his face, not embarrased at all to be doing this in front of his son. I grabbed my hardon, and started stroking too, watching his hand go up and down on his massive cock.
    I quickly started to feel my orgasm approaching, and began to stroke even faster. "Thats it Andy, work it hon" dad said, closely watching me as my orgasm approached. I noticed he began to stroke even faster too.
    "oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!" i said as I shot ropes of cum towards my dad, probalby 6 long ropes of it, watching it land in the grass. Damn, it felt soooo good. Dad let out a moan and shot his load on top of mine with a grunt, and I noticed he had quite a bit of cum too.
    "That was good, I needed that" dad told me
    "Me too dad" I said
    "Your a good boy son, nice job by the way" he said pointing to the gobs of cum in the grass. I blushed. "Ok, now thats out of the way, lets get this unpacking done"

    We finished unpacking the motorhome and hooking everything up when mom and Jennifer came back from the store with a bag of things. They went inside to put the things away, and dad and I sat in the lawnchairs in front of the motorhome.

    Watching people go by, I began to get hard again - seeing so many cocks for at one time was like overload to me, plus sitting next to my dad after jerking off with him didnt help - and dad noticed my cock growing hard again. "Son, looks like you need some more releif" he said smiling.
    "uh, probably soon" I said quietly.
    "No need to be embarrassed son" my dad told me. "at your age, it is very normal to get erections frequently, and sometimes for no reason at all - everyone here understands, so you dont have to be embarrassed, just do like I said and dont make a big deal of it, just do what you can to get it back down, either jacking off somewhere in private, or thinking about something, though it looks like you will be jacking off more than not, which is ok you know" dad finished with a smile. "Maybe there are a few tricks I can show you later" he said. This made my dick twitch, and get more erect. He jus smiled at me.
    Mom and Jennifer came back out of the motorhome, and walked over to us. Jennifer snuck a peek at me and dad, and she turned quickly blushing and giggling. Mom just smiled, and I noticed her eyes on my now erect cock. She smiled and looked at dad "Did you talk to him about that?" she asked, her eyes back on my erection.
    "Yep, he is all set" dad smiled at mom. Mom looked up at me, and noticed I was blushing deeply.
    "Andy, its ok, just handle it like your dad said" she told me. It sounded weird having my mom telling me it was ok to masturbate, and also exciting. She looked over at dad, who was also staring at my erection, and smiled. Dad was getting hard again too. "hon, lets go inside for a bit" she said, smiling at dad. "why dont you kids go and check out the pool or playground for a while" mom told us as she went inside the motorhome. Dad winked at me, his cock already 3/4 hard, as he went inside after mom. I knew what they were going to be doing, and that didn't help my erection at all.
    "What do you want to do" Jennifer asked me, sitting down in dad's chair.
    "I dunno" I replied. She was staring at my erection.
    "Mom told me about penises" she said, pointing at mine. "She said it is normal for a guys penis to get hard sometimes. ANd not to be suprised or anything if yours or dads is like that and I see it, or if I see someone else like that. She said that it just happens but goes away after a while. Does it hurt?' she asked, looking at me, obviously very curious about the whole "penis" thing.
    "No Jennifer, it dosent hurt at all" I told her. "It acutally feels good"
    "Ohhhh" she said. "If it feels soo good, why dont guys have it like that all the time" she asked.
    "Um, i dunno" I said. "but when it gets like this, it dosent hurt and feels great."
    "Ok" she said. "lets go for a bikeride"
    "um, in a minute sis, let me take care of something" i said, needing to masturbate very bad again. "you go on, and I will catch up with you"
    Jennifer rode off, and I decided to go into the motorhome for a minute, forgetting my parents were in there. I was fully erect, and as I opened the door, the first thing I saw was my dad on the front couch, eyes closed, legs spread, and my mom kneeling down between his legs, her head bobbing up and down on his cock, her hands working his balls. Dad's hands were on her head, pushing it up and down.
    "Uh, oh damn I'm sorry" I said and turned to leave.
    "No, stay here son, shut the door though" dad said. Mom was still blowing dad as he talked to me. "Its ok"
    My eyes were huge watching mom suck dad's cock, she was obviously enjoying it as much as he was. She glanced at me, our eyes meeting for a second, but she never missed a beat.
    "Sit down son" dad said, pointing to the spot on the couch next to him. I sat down, my dick hard as a rock.
    "Oh yeah hon, work it babe" dad said to mom, and we both watched mom really going to town on dad's cock.
    "Ok hon, now do your son" he said. I couldnt beleive my ears! Dad just told mom to suck MY cock!
    "Uh, what?" I asked, looking at my dad. However, mom didnt say a word, she moved over, pushed my legs apart, throwing my legs over her shoulders, and the next thing I knew she was blowing me.
    I felt like I was in heaven, her warm wet mouth sucking on my cock. She was working it nice and slow, obviously really enjoying sucking her son off. As she sucked me, dad got up and told her to stop for a minute. Moms mouth was no longer around my throbbing boner anymore.
    "Hon, kneel down on the couch" dad said, and mom without saying a word, but a sexy smile on her face, did as he said. "Andy, get down on the couch in front of your mother, on your back." I sat down on the couch in front of mom, and she helped me get into position by grabbing my legs and spinning me so my cock was right by her face, my legs over her shoulders on her back. Then dad go on the couch behind her, smiling at me.
    Dad slid his cock into mom, and she let out a low, sexy moan. Dad started humping her slowly, and mom moved with the rhythm, rocking back and forrth. THen mom's head went back down, and I fetl her mouth surround my cock, and I layed back moaning too as she sucked me, while dad fucked her.
    Dad grabbed my ankles and pulled me closer to mom as he humped her. He held on to them as he began to fuck mom harder, and moms moans grew louder, her mouth working my cock even faster.
    "I want you to swallow every drop of Andy's cum hon" dad demanded, fucking her hard. "thats it, let me fuck you while you suck your son" My orgasam was approaching,and my moans got louder and my hips started bucking, forcing my cock deep into my mothers mouth. "Fuck your mothers mouth son, fuck it hard, make her take your cum" dad said, as he continued to fuck mom. He must have been getting close, as he was going at a very fast rate.
    'Ohhhhhhhh mom Im gonna cum" i yelled, thrusting up one last time as far as I could.
    "Fuck yeah son, cum in your moms mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, oooooooh!" dad said, obviously cumming too.
    I shot my load into my moms mouth, and she lapped up every drop like a pro. Dad had already pulled out of mom, his dick semi-hard, glistening from his cum and mom's juices. Mom sat up, pushing my legs aside, and bent over and gave my now deflating cock a little kiss. ]
    "My two boys are great" she said, smiling at me and giving dad's cock a little tug.
    "Yep, like father like son" dad said, smiling at me. "well, lets go to the beach, we can have some more fun later if you two are up to it""
    "cool" i replied, and mom just smiled.
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    Thats what I call loving parents lol
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