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    Default Babysitter Sister Spanked

    Happened when I was young in school and it haunts my memory and influences all my stories and fantasies....

    My mom agreed to babysit a co-worker's son after school who was about 2 years older than me who's name was Timmy. My mom had babysat Timmy before and he didn't like me very much and would always bully me around and intimidate me. So, this time my mom picked me up from school along with my sister who is 4 years older than me and who went to the same catholic school. She was always very bitchy and mean to me, as well. We then drove to Timmy's house so that my mom could watch us all until Timmy's parents got home. I remember the phone ringing and my mom saying that she had to run out for a little while. Since my sister was the oldest, mom put her in charge of the 3 of us until she got back. About 30 minutes after my mom left, I remember Timmy and my sister getting into an argument about what TV show to watch. Timmy said it was his house and he wasn't going to take orders from my sister. My sister threatened to tell my mom that he was being bad and that she would probably spank him. Timmy said that he wasn't going to get spanked but that my sister would if she changed the channel. Then she defiantly walked over and changed the TV channel. As she walked back to the sofa, Timmy grabbed her arm and pulled her over his lap. Then he started to spank her. My sister tried to get up, but even though he was 2 years younger than my sister, Timmy was pretty big for his age and was able to keep her over his lap. She then started curing and insulting him, saying he was an asshole and that he will get in so much trouble when my mom got back.

    I was stunned by the scene and i just sat on the floor by the sofa and watched. I didn't really like either of them too much and I was remembering all the abuse I had taken from my sister lately, so I was enjoying seeing my sister get spanked. Then Timmy flipped up her school skirt and started spanking her on her panties. She was kicking and trying to get away from him but he just laughed. As I was watching, he reached up and pulled her panties down to her thighs, exposing her ass. She was yelling at him to stop, but then she looked over at me and told me to in a level voice to leave the room. I started to get up to leave but then Timmy slapped her naked ass and ordered me to stay where I was. I sat back down and watched him continue to spank her naked ass. I was enjoying the show and I had a weird feeling, too. My dick started to get hard as I watched this. That had never happened before that I could remember. Then my sister stopped yelling and was just grunting with each spank. I saw Timmy slide his hand up between her thighs, between her ass cheeks, and my sister said: "No, you're not allowed to do that." But Timmy kept touching her there and she stopped grunting and started moaning. I was mesmerized and stupidly just watched the scene happen not more than a foot or two away from me.

    It was about then that we heard my mom's car come up the driveway. Timmy pushed my sister off his lap and she pulled her panties back up. When mom walked into the house we were all just watching TV and no one ever mentioned what happened. But that was the last time my mom ever babysat Timmy. Nothing about that day was ever mentioned again. But I remember it well.
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    Caught a typo: She then started curing and insulting him, saying he was an asshole and that he will get in so much trouble when my mom got back.

    "curing" should be "cursing"
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    Intriguing little story. These experiences can make a huge impression. Don't worry about typos tho, everybody makes them
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    Quote Originally Posted by gymgirl View Post
    Intriguing little story. These experiences can make a huge impression. Don't worry about typos tho, everybody makes them
    Hi gymgirl,

    This incident happened when I was young and I never thought about writing all the details down for a non-fiction story. The things that I remember from it mainly were that Timmy was a bully and could only get away with that behavior since I was so young at the time and was physically unable to kick his ass. My sister was a real bitch to me at the time, but she has since mellowed and we are good friends. And that we never discussed anything that was in the least bit sexual in my family when I was a kid. So, to the best of my knowledge that event was just swept under the rug. But I don't know what conversations occurred between my sister and my mom. I only know that I never saw Timmy again. So, maybe my sister did say something about it to my mom. Regardless, witnessing that event did make a strong impression on me and has had an influence on how I perform sexually with my girlfriends. I always spank them in one form or another. Regardless, I guess we all have our preferences formed by our experiences.
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    I like your story.
    I wouldn't worry about getting an erection when you saw what was going on.
    Most young boys get hardons at the thought of seeing a female (regardless of relationship) naked.
    Hell, for that matter so do most grown men.
    When I was a kid I know I went out of my way to catch a glimpse of my sister scurrying from the shower to her room or to peek down her shirt.
    It wasn't that she was my sister it was that I was 12 or 13 years old and just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
    It never occured to me to think about sex with her though.

    Now let's hear some of those stories of you spanking your girlfriends!!!
    Placing a magnetic ribbon on your car is not an act of patriotism!
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