Hey all,

I did this for a girl months back and it absolutely turned her on, she loved it! Basically she gave me some of her best dirty pictures and asked me to print them out and post them up in public places like public bathrooms and back alleys, even around the Mall or Library, and then take a picture of it up and I'd send those pictures to her so she can see herself being looked at by everyone :D

I print them on glossy paper so strangers can cum on them without ruining the picture

She doesn't come online anymore, and I had a lot of fun doing it... if anyone wants me to spread around pictures of your wife or girlfriend (or of yourself!) in my area then please send me a PM.
If something like that turns you on, the thought of lots of other men jerking off to your girl and taking her pictures home with them, her body out in public for everyone to see.

Also - if you just want me to cum on them, I can do that as well