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    Default Family Trip to the Nudist Camp - part 4 - mom and sister, dad

    This is another story about our first family trip to the nudist camp - I was 12 at the time, my sister Jennifer was 11, and my parents initiated us to the world of incest and family fun.

    It was early morning, and I was sleeping in my bunk. I had woken up to the sounds of moans coming from the direction of my parents bed. Curious, I peeked out around the corner of my bunk to see what the noise was.

    What I saw shocked me at first - my sister Jennifer was lying on my parents bed, my dad kneeling behind her holding her legs up. He was licking her bare foot, and I noticed my sister was licking his balls, and my dad had a huge erection. My mom was laying between my sister's legs, her head burried down by my sister's pussy. I felt myself growing instantly hard watching them. I was not sure what my mother was doing to Jennifer at first, but as I watched, I saw my mother was eagerly licking my sister's smooth pussy, and Jennifer's pussy was soaking wet.

    Jennifer was licking my dad's balls, her eyes closed. I noticed she was thrusting her hips up into my mothers face as my mom continued to lick her pussy. The moans I heard were comming from Jennifer, who was obviously enjoying the feel of my mother's tongue on her young tight pussy. My dick by now was rockhard, and I continued to watch, enjoying watching my parents have fun with Jennifer.

    My mom lifted her head from Jennifer's pussy, and smiled at my father. She got up on her knees, and looked at Dad and said "Ok hon, she is ready for you". Dad smiled, and my mom moved out of the way as my dad came around and positioned himself between Jennifer's legs. Jennifer was smiling, her legs spread wide.

    "Oh dad, please do it" she whispered. Dad did not need to be told twice, he lifted Jennifer's legs, and quickly thrust his hardon into my sister's pussy. Jennifer let out a squeal of pleasure as my dad entered her, and she began thrusting herself against dads cock. Mom sat back for a minute, watching, then she placed her head back down and began to lick Jennifer's pussy as dad was fucking Jennifer. Jennifer's moans got louder, and I could see mom's tongue licking both Jennifer's pussy and dad's cock as they fucked.

    By now I was stroking, watching them have their little orgy. Dad had his eyes closed, fucking Jennifer hard, and he was moaning "oh Jennifer, oh Jennifer, I love your pussy wrapped around my cock". Jennifer was groaning louder and louder, and it was obvious she was going to cum soon.

    Quickly, the motorhome was filled with the sound of Jennifer having an orgasm, she was moaning loudly "oh dad, oh dad, oooooooh yeeeeeah!" as she came, bucking her hips wildly. Mom continued to lick Jennifer's pussy as Jennifer came.

    "WOW" I thought, "Jennifer had a huge orgasm". I was very excited watching this going on, and was hoping more would continue. I watched as dad pulled out of Jennifer, his dick dripping with her juices. He told my mother to get on her hands and knees, and I watched as mom crawled to the end of the bed, and stuck her ass and pussy up in the air. Then dad picked Jennifer up, and placed her on top of mom, positing Jennifer so her ass and pussy were lined up with moms.

    Once dad had them in position, I watched as he began by thrusting his cock into mom's pussy. Mom let out a moan of pleasure as dad fucked her. Dad pumped his cock into mom a few times, and then pulled it out. He then thrust his cock into Jennifer's pussy, which was positioned right above mom's, and began fucking Jennifer. Dad had them both moaning and groaning as he alternated fucking each of their pussys. Suddenly, dad pulled his cock out of Jennifer, who he had been fucking, and grabbed his cock and with a loud groan shot his load all over Mom and Jennifer's pussys. Large amounts of cum streamed out of dads cock, dripping down both my sister and mothers pussy's.

    By then, I had gotten out of my bunk, and came over to join the fun. Dad smiled at me, noticing my smooth hairless hardon, and told me to go ahead and have at it.

    I eagerly stuck my cock first into my mother, feeing her warm, freshly fucked pussy gripping my young cock. I could also feel dad's cum against my body as I thrust in and out of mom, which turned me on even more. I fucked my mother for a bit, then pulled out and rammed my hardon into my sister, her pussy much tighter than moms. Jennifer let out a squeal, and began thrusting against my cock. I fucked Jennifer for a bit, then went back to mom, and went back and forth a bit before I felt my orgasm approaching. I wanted in the worst way to shoot my load into my mom for some reason, so I pulled out of Jennifer and thrust myself into my mother. Mom began bucking her hips wildly, her pussy squeezing my cock hard, and she began to orgasm at the same time I did. I pushed my young, slim body into my mom as deep as I coud, and shot my load hard into mom, as mom groaned with an orgasm.

    I pulled out of mom when I had finished cumming, and saw my cum running out of her pussy down her legs. Both mom and Jennifer had rolled over and were lying on the bed, panting. I stood there, my dick still semi-hard, when I felt my dads hands grip my ass.

    "Ok, I want you girls to see what else Andy can do" Dad said, as he turned e around and pushed me to my knees. Mom and Jennifer looked up at us, my head in line with dads hardon. "Suck it Andy" dad told me, and pushed my head towards his erection. Feeling excited about getting to not only suck dad's cock, but do it in front of my mom and sister, I eagerly took dads hardon into my mouth.

    "Oh wow, I never knew our son was such as cocksucker" I heard mom say. I continued to eagerly blow dad, and soon I was joined by both mom and Jennifer, who both were also kneeling in front of dad. We all eagerly licked and sucked his cock, taking turns, our mouths and tongues touching eachother as we gave dad a 3-way blowjob. Jennifer then gripped dad's cock, and began stroking it fast, and dad was groaing he was going to cum. Jennifer continued to stroke dad, and mom and I had our mouths open as dad came with a loud grunt, with Jennifer aiming dads spewing cock into both our faces. Both mom and I got part of dad's load, and I eagerly swallowed it, as did mom. Dad was looking down at the three of us, smiling. Yes, it was definatley a good start to the day..........
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    Please more stories! Dad fucks son in the ass infront of sis and mom?
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    Keep UP the good work
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    Really good work keep it up. I don't like gay stories but you make it seem all right to me. Good job.
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