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    Default kissing wife after another guy cums in her

    i just read a question on a forum, would you kiss your wife after watching her blow another guy and knowing his sperm filled her mouth, and if for that matter any other part of her body that a guy has cum on or over, i have now kissed my wife after 4 guys have cum in her mouth ,last guy she did not swallow and very creamy, i have licked her cunt, after same four guys (not together), have cumover her, have many more ideas, looking to expand
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    Have her squat over your mouth and it the other man's cum drip into your mouth.
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    Default mmmm

    nice, might just see if we can do that
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    more fun to have her straddle your face and when she feels your tongue, she coughs and squirts it all into your mouth,well most of it, i eat other guys cum out of my wife every chance i get her on her back works pretty well to makes her cum really hard too
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    I already kiss the wife after coming in her mouth and often eat her creampie after I have blown. Sometimes she will also snowball with me which I love. My secret fantasy is to lick my wife completely clean after a 50 man bukkake so I guess my answer is a solid yes.
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