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    Default Incest Between Mother And Son

    Hello, I'm a longtime fan of incest stories between mother and son.
    A few weeks ago, I wrote the first chapter of my first incest story "The Haunted Mill" and posted it on XNXX.
    The story had a dark touch to it and I began to think about it a few times since then.
    I had read a lot of MS stories and my collection includes hundreds of stories with this special theme.
    In 80% of the stories, the mom is incredibly hot and has the body of a 18 year old, the son is well hung and trained like a bodybuilder. In the first three sentence of the story it is clear, that the son or his mom are sexually attracted towards each other and the mom is a nymphomaniac or sexually frustrated, or...etc...

    My question is, do you know some stories, where the writing is a little darker?
    Perhaps with many emotional problems, which occured during the forbidden act of their incest ( not like raping or something, just...more sinister feelings )
    Stories, where the mom isn't the 40 year old nymphomaniac bitch with big breasts?

    I give you the titles of a few stories, which I have found on the web in the past, and I liked a lot:

    "A Summer Romance" by Jim Fix
    "An Accident, The Internet, A Hotel" by jtmalone
    "Code of Silence" by parthenogenesis
    "Baby Boomer's Tale" by PhoenixKiwi
    "Masculine And Beautiful" by A_Satori
    "Retribution" by Ahabscribe
    "Taboo Diary" by Brad Johnson
    "Wicked Lovemaking Series"

    These are very well written, I think and if you know about others or want to talk about these or the theme of darker incest stories, please answer here.

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    if youre familiar with asstr. theres an author called romeo or something very close to romeo. romeo something. very good author, very interesting the way he explains the feelings the mother and son have. some of his stories are a little too dark for me though, maybe you will like them
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