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    Default Poker night. No sex but my wife looses her shirt

    After all these years, I was finally looking forward to my class reunion
    I had moved out of town about 6 weeks after graduation and never looked back.
    After a stint in the service, I started doing construction and within a few years started my own business out in the suburbs.
    In addition to the guys that work on the construction side, my small construction/real estate business has done well enough to hire some office help.
    I met my wife when she applied for the receptionist job I had posted.
    A few years later, she took a job at the headquarters of a big corporation in the city.
    At the time this took place I was in my 40's. Nina is a few years younger.

    Most of the alumni coming from out of town were staying at a local hotel so the first night's get together was in the lounge of the hotel.
    I won't bore you with the mindless chatter that went on. If you've ever been to one of these things you know what I'm talking about.
    About 10:00 pm most of the couples that had traveled a long distance started heading up to their rooms so about a half dozen of us couples decided to head over to Mark's house for some cards and drinking.

    When we got to his house the guys headed down to the finished basement to play some cards while the wives stayed upstairs and talked about the women that weren't there.
    Nina was the only outsider in there group so she didn't have much to add to the conversation.

    We all started out with between $200.00 and $250.00 but it wasn't long before a few of the guys had lost all they were willing to loose in one night.

    Finally, it came down to Mark and I. Going back and forth neither one of us really making any ground on the other.
    The rest of the guys were just hanging out B.S.ing and drinking beer.
    Eventually I had to get up to take a leak. I asked if it was ok to have Nina come down and watch my cards while I took care of business.
    I text-ed her to come down to the basement and she arrived a few minutes later.
    I told her it was ok to play a few hands but to not loose the mortgage. Everyone laughed as I headed upstairs.

    As I was coming out of the bathroom I saw Greg's wife Bonnie and started talking to her. Next thing I new, 15 minutes had passed.
    I excused myself and hurried back downstairs to the game.
    When I returned, almost all of the money was in the pot and Mark and Nina were 'seeing" and "raising"each other in $50.00 dollar increments.
    She said "I got him! I can't loose! He's bluffing!"
    Suddenly, Mark said "I'll see your 50 and raise you... Let's see, let's say another 200. That's everything I've got."
    Nina smiled until she realized that she only had $50 left.
    "Oh shit!" she said turning to me "Quick. Give me some cash."
    "I don't have any more cash." I told her "You spent it on that blouse you're wearing that you just had to have."
    She looked panicked "What am I gonna do? I can win this."

    "I'll give you my last $25 for the new blouse if it's the one you're wearing now." Greg said.
    "Yeah right." she replied "Even if I was willing to stoop to that, it wouldn't cover the price of the blouse or the bet."
    "I'll add my last 30" said Bob.
    "I've got 55." Tom added.
    "I'll make up the difference with 40." Tony said.
    "Sorry guys. I'm not gettin topless for you over a $200.00 dollar bet" she said
    "It's not $200.00" Mark said "There's just over a $1000.00 in the pot."

    Nina was biting her lower lip. I walked up behind her and asked "It's your call honey. Do you really think you can win?'
    "I'm pretty sure but, I'm not taking my shirt off for a bunch of your old school buddies."

    "You've got a chance at over a $1000.00 just for taking off your blouse in front of these men and throw it on the table with the money.
    You say you've got the winning hand. If you really believe that you can beat him, I'll support your decision.
    All you have to do is take off your blouse and put it on the table."
    "Enough stalling." Mark said "Either fold or ante up."
    Everyone paused. Waiting to see what she would do.
    "C'mon guys!" she pleaded "Can't you just lend me the money? I'll pay you back when I win the hand."
    "That's it. I call" Mark said.
    "No wait! I'll do it. Just give me a few seconds here. It's not like I do this all the time ya know."

    Nina slowly reached up towards the collar of the shirt and with her thumb and forefinger undid the top button.
    All the guys moved around to stand behind Mark. They wanted a front view of the action.

    Nina was blushing and starting to sweat a little. She wasn't sure if they were going to make her go through with it or not.
    She undid the 2nd and 3rd buttons and decided that she was going to do it no matter what.
    She didn't know these guys and would probably never see them again after this weekend anyway.
    Still she felt cheap for selling her dignity for such a relatively small amount of money.

    After the 4th button was undone, she realized that she would have to stand up to untuck her blouse from her jeans.
    She stood up and unsnapped her jeans. She unzipped them about half way and then pulled her shirt out.
    Then she quickly zipped up her pants and re-snapped them. "Sorry guys. We're not going there" She said.

    As she undid the last 2 buttons Mark said "Let's get this straight. Once your shirt goes on the pile it stays there.
    If I win I can either take your shirt or the $200.00 that the guys paid for it, plus the pot.
    If I decide to keep it, I. Keep. It and you walk out of here with out it. Up the stairs, past the wives, out to your car and back to your hotel.
    If you win, you take the pot and either buy back your shirt or walk out without it."

    She turned to me ' I can't believe I'm about to do this. Are you sure you'll be alright with me doing this?"
    "Only if you win baby" I replied "If you loose, I've got a feeling that he's keeping your shirt not the money."
    She looked across the table at the guys and said "You all are assholes".

    Then she shrugged off her shirt to reveal her bra.
    She was wearing a shear black demi-bra. (If you're not sure what that is ask your wife.) It was cut very low, revealing about 1/4 of her aureole which are about an inch and 1/2 across.
    The cup material was so thin and shear that you could clearly see her nipples which stood out like Capt. Crunch Crunch berries.
    She nonchalantly tosses her blouse on the pile and said "I'll see your bet and I call".

    "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Mark chimed in "We paid to see tits. What's this bra bullshit?"
    "No" I replied "You paid for her to take her shirt off as collateral on her bet. The bra wasn't part of the deal"
    "Yeah but you know what we were talking about" Bob whined.
    "Guys, I'm standing here in a damn near crystal clear bra. You're seeing all you're going to see.
    I believe I called."

    Mark smiled as her showed his cards one at a time. Full house,3 Kings, 2 Jacks. "Now we'll see what money can buy. Take off the bra and I'll give you back your shirt and split the pot with you."

    "Well, gee Mark, let me think about it" Then she laid down her card to reveal 3 Aces and 2 Queens.
    "I believe that My full house trumps your full house. Now read 'em and weep boys. It's time to stop staring at my tits. I'm cashing out"

    As she reached for her blouse Tom blurted out "Wait a second. If you take your shirt back, keep the $200.00 on the table that we pitched in. Show us your tits for, I dunno, 30 seconds and you can have it all."

    "Think about it fellas. Not counting Kevin, there's five of you. That's $40.00 each, for me to whip out the girls for you. That's just not gonna do it for me.
    Why don't you go upstairs and ask your wives for some cash so you can see if some one else's wife show you her tits. I'm sure it will go over well."

    With that she shrugged back into her shirt and started buttoning it up. "Maybe next time." She then headed up the stairs to rejoin the other wives.
    I wondered if they would notice that, after spending a half hour in the basement with their husbands that her blouse was no longer tucked in.

    We all finished our beers then rejoined the party upstairs.
    Soon after the party started breaking up.
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    That's a good one!
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    Lol, guys hahaha!
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    This is poetic - the guys assumed the lady would be topless, instead she keeps the bra on: love it.

    Poetic twist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowleopard3200 View Post
    This is poetic - the guys assumed the lady would be topless, instead she keeps the bra on: love it.

    Poetic twist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowleopard3200 View Post
    This is poetic - the guys assumed the lady would be topless, instead she keeps the bra on: love it.

    Poetic twist.
    True, she kept her bra on but it was so shear and low cut that for all intents and purposes they saw everything there was to see.
    Placing a magnetic ribbon on your car is not an act of patriotism!
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