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    Default Snowleopards Tales (05): A hot latina's birthday gift

    A popular stereotype of Latin-American woman is that they are fiery and passionate lovers. Like most stereotypes, this is exaggerated and overly generalized. However, I am happy to report that, even after two years of knowing each other, I can still bring out the passion in my Latina wife, even though we are both in our 40s.

    Our passion is probably deeper than younger couples, because we are more mature, and because we have more than JUST sexual passion going for us. We also have romance, love, trust, and respect. We are building a wonderful life together, full of caring for and about each other, and sharing life's adventures together.

    Although our romantic fire still burns brightly and hotly after two years, it is sometimes hard to find clever new ways to be romantic. So we recently got help in finding new romantic ideas, in the form of a book called 1001 Ways to Be Romantic. A key point that this book stresses repeatedly is that being romantic is an everyday life style, not just an occasional thing, and that it is all about showing how much you care about your life partner, not about what you expect in return. But this book also points out that, although this is not the purpose nor the goal, being romantic to your partner usually pays big dividends in return.

    One of the ideas in this book was to turn your partner's birth-DAY into a birth-WEEK, and give romantic little gifts all week. With my wife's birthday a week away, she got her first gift last night.

    As members of the local aquarium, we both enjoy sea animals, and find it so peaceful and relaxing to just sit and watch them swim and play. Being a romantic, I am always on the look out for little gifts for her that relate to our many and varied interests. So when I found a pair of gold earrings in the shape of dolphins, I just knew she would enjoy and appreciate them, and would want to wear them on our next visit to the aquarium.

    I gave her these earrings last night, the first in a week-long series of birthday gifts. I received some very passionate kisses in return for my thoughtfulness.

    Another idea in the book is to read magazines that your partner reads. How can you be romantic if you do not understand how your partner thinks and feels? The book's suggestion for men was to buy and read the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, to see what women want in terms of romance and, yes, sex.

    This month's Cosmo contained an article on how a woman can have multiple orgasms every time she has sex, and I decided to try out a few of these techniques on my wife last night.

    When I cleaned up and changed for bed last night, I made sure to shave very closely, so there would be no stubble to scratch her when I kissed her all over. I also put on the moisturizer she bought me, so my face would be as soft and smooth as possible.

    When we were both in bed, we started out slowly, as we usually do, kissing each other on the lips and neck, and then progressing to French kisses. She stroked my cheeks and my chin, commenting on how much she appreciated my making my face so soft and smooth for her.

    I pulled up her nightgown and began rubbing, massaging, and kissing her wonderful 36-C breasts. She lifted my shirt to rub my chest, and roll my nipples between her fingers. I sat up to remove my shirt, and she also sat up to remove her nightgown.

    While she was still sitting up, I wrapped both arms around her from behind, cupping her breasts in both hands, and kissing the back of her neck and her shoulder blades. Kissing her shoulders always seems to make her melt. I moved one hand to her back to massage her work-day stress from her for a while, while still cupping one breast with the other hand.

    Then she lay down on her back, and I began kissing and licking her breasts, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. I alternated from one breast to the other, and also kissed and licked her cleavage every time my head moved from one breast to the other.

    I remembered something I hadn't tried in a while: kissing UNDER her breasts. Just as I remembered from the last time I did that, my kisses there got her moaning, squirming, and breathing heavily. My wife's breasts are sensitive all over, not just on the nipples, and she seems to appreciate the attention to erogenous areas that are not so obvious and might often be ignored.

    She raised her legs, so her feet were flat on the bed and her knees were in the air, and spread her legs apart. Now I rubbed my long, thin middle finger along her clit, and let it slide in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes, I felt the first few drops of her dew forming along her inner walls.

    I moved my knee so it rested on her leg, but without letting my hardening cock touch her yet. The unexpected knee on hers seemed to increase her passion, and she began kissing my neck and chest, then darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as my middle finger continued to slide in and out of her.

    As her dampness built up, I began massaging her clit with my thumb, gradually increasing the pressure on her love button. I could feel her clit getting harder and arising out of its hiding place.

    Now she reached down and removed my silk boxers, one of many pairs she has bought me (I agree with her, silk boxers are much sexier and more comfortable than the white cotton briefs I used to wear).

    She began fondling my balls, and then slowly stroking her hand up and down my cock. While she did this, I continued to play inside her pussy and to massage her clit, making her inner walls ever damper. Her squirming became more rapid, and her moans grew louder.

    Although I already knew the answer, as a courtesy I asked her if she was ready for me. She moaned something nearly incomprehensible about wanting me deep inside her, so I slid between her legs and let my solid 7 inches ease into her. As usual, she wrapped both legs around me, resting her feet on my ass cheeks. I just go crazy with desire for her when I feel her feet on my ass, pushing me up and pulling me down as I glide in and out of her.

    I then remembered one of the positions in that Cosmo article. Much as I hated to remove her foot from my butt, I reached my right hand under her left knee, and pulled her left leg almost straight up in the air. Cosmo was right: in this position, I really could penetrate her much more deeply than in the standard missionary position.

    As I held her leg up, I also remembered to use my hands and arms, like doing push-ups, so my cock would massage her clit on each up and down stroke. Her moan changed to a long, drawn-out o-o-o-o as I pumped deeply in and out of her. I felt her juice well up around her clit, and soak the outside of my cock. Her orgasm was all the excitement I could take.I gave one last, deep push into her, and exploded my come all over her inner walls.

    After our orgasms, I usually leave myself buried deep inside her. After a few minutes, I generally begin excitedly pulsing inside her, which she really seems to enjoy, judgingby the "mmmmm" and "ahhhh" that this always evokes from her. But this time, I repositioned myself so that the pulsing would also press against her clit. This got her moaning my name, and clenching then releasing her tight pussy muscles around my cock.

    Her pussy muscles squeezing me like that made me very hard in a very short time, and I decided to see if I could really do as Cosmo said, and give her multiple orgasms. I then tried to control my pulsing and throbbing, so that my cock expanded precisely when her pussy muscles contracted; this would make the pressure against each other as tight as possible.

    While I can't really control my involuntary, post-orgasmic throbbing, I did manage to synchronize my expansions with her contractions a couple of times, and that was enough to bring her to a second orgasm. Her breathing was very fast and heavy, her moaning into my ear was loud, and I felt my cock getting drenched in her love juice again.

    I now rolled her on her right side, and lay perpendicular to her (I was sideways across the bed). In this position, I began sliding my cock in and out of her. This, too, let me go deeper inside of her than in the missionary position, although perhaps not as deeply as when I had raised her legs earlier. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, and nuzzled her lips against my chest. I was surprised at how hard her passion was making me, after I already had one orgasm.

    After about ten minutes of pounding in and out of her like this, I came again, almost as explosively as the first time. To my amazement and delight, my second orgasm triggered her third. We lay in each other's arms for several minutes, with me still buried in her, as we both calmed down and regained our normal breathing patterns.

    Finally, she said she was worn-put after three orgasms, and wanted to go to sleep. I slowly eased myself out of her.

    She rolled over on her left side. I lay behind her, also on my left side, with my right arm draped over her sexy, curvaceous hip, and my right hand cupping her right breast. My semi-hard cock rested against the crack of her soft, smooth ass. We fell asleep in this position.

    Tonight, I plan to give her the second birthday gift, a summer sun hat that she especially wanted for her birthday.

    Again, I am giving this gift to her to show her how much I love and care about her. While I expect nothing in return, I certainly will not object if her response is as passionate as it was last night.

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    Welcome to the fifth of the Snowleopards Tales.

    This story is one sent to me by some friends, and is a true tale indeed of how love for one another is shown in a very special way.

    For those just discovering my series of tales; just click on any link in my signature below to catch up.
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    First fling to the top.
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    Second bounce.
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    Default A nice little tale!

    Hi Snow, this a nice little tale that you have told us. I like that message is that you have to show the one the you that you do appreciate them and willing to give them something without respecting anything in return.
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    Default Good ...

    Good ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesilent1 View Post
    Hi Snow, this a nice little tale that you have told us. I like that message is that you have to show the one the you that you do appreciate them and willing to give them something without respecting anything in return.
    Thank you Silent1.
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    final bounce.
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