Peter and I have been dating for
several weeks now. He is every
girl's dream: tall, handsome,
strong, and smart. And he's got a
gorgeous ass. Every time he kisses
me, my knees turn to jelly and
my panties get damp. I want him
so badly. We've done some heavy
petting before but never touched
each other's bare skin and we've
certainly not gone all the way. I
was raised to believe that "good
girls" don't have sex before
they're married. I'm tired of
being a "good girl".
Peter walks me up to my dorm
room. When we get there, he
wraps his arms around me and
pulls me close. He lowers his
mouth to mine in a soft kiss as I
loop my arms around his neck.
His tongue runs along the seam
of my lips as his hands roam over
my back, sliding down to cup my
ass. I gasp as he pulls me closer
to him. I feel his hard cock
against my belly. He slips his
tongue into my mouth, slowly
exploring it. Moisture is pooling
between my legs as our tongues
tangle. I want him inside me
tonight. I break the kiss.
"Do you want to come in?" I ask,
turning to unlock the door. My
heart is pounding in my chest and
my voice doesn't sound like my
"Sure," Peter says. I open the
door and enter the room that I
share with my three roommates. I
lock the door as Peter sits on my
bed. Suddenly I'm very nervous.
"So, where are the three
musketeers?" he asks as I
approach the bed.
"Away for the weekend," I
answer, sitting beside him. "They
left this morning and won't be
back until Monday night." I look
at Peter and smile shyly as
understanding crosses his face.
"So, you're alone for the
weekend?" he asks, brushing my
short hair away from my face.
"Yes," I reply, my skin burning as
he cups my cheek in his hand.
"You know it's not a good idea
for a young woman to stay all by
herself on campus for a long
weekend," Peter says, kissing the
corner of my mouth.
"Mmmm," I say as he kisses the
other corner, "I know it's a very
bad idea. Don't suppose you have
any suggestions?" I kiss him,
slipping my tongue into his
mouth. He soon takes control of
the kiss, thrusting his tongue into
my mouth. He eases me onto my
back as he kisses my neck. I give
a tiny cry of surprise as he nips
the tender flesh of my neck and
then I feel his tongue soothing
the spot.
"There's really only one right
solution," Peter says, kissing his
way to the top of my chest.
"What's that?" I ask. Peter looks
at me as he tentatively starts to
unbutton my blouse. I know he's
waiting for me to stop him but
tonight I don't want to. When the
last button is undone, he slowly
peels the shirt off my body. I sit
up and help him take it off my
"Let me stay, Lexie," he says,
playfully tugging on my lower lip.
"We don't have to do anything.
Just let me stay and hold you
tonight." I pull away from him
and get off the bed. I turn my
back to him to try to hide the
smile that is threatening the
corners of my mouth. I turn back
to face him.
"That's one option," I say,
reaching behind me and
unfastening my skirt. "But it's not
the best one." I let my skirt fall
to the floor, leaving me clad in
only a white lace bra and
matching thong panties.
"Lexie, what are you saying?"
Peter asks. I'm so hot looking at
the desire in his eyes.
I walk over and stand in front of
him. I reach for the hem of his
sweater and pull it up over his
head. Placing my hands on his
bare chest, I feel his heart beating
beneath my palm. I hardly
recognize this bold side of me but
I am enjoying it.
I run my hands over his chest,
circling his nipples with my
fingertips, reveling in the gasp it
draws from him. I lean forward
and touch my tongue to first one
nipple, then the other. Reaching
for his belt buckle, I start to
undo his pants. I'm so excited
and so nervous my hands
"I'm saying I want you to stay this
weekend, Peter," I tell him as I
slip my hand into the opening of
his pants. I stroke him hesitantly.
He stands up and removes his
jeans. He reaches for me and
kisses me hard. I kiss him back. I
feel his hands on my back,
undoing the closure on my bra.
He slowly drags the straps down
my arms and steps back so that it
will fall on the floor. He cups my
full breasts and runs his thumbs
over the taut peaks. There's an
ache I've never experienced
before between my legs. I moan
softly as he glides his tongue over
my hard nipple. Drawing my rosy
nipple into his mouth, he greedily
begins to suck. It's as though
there's an invisible string running
on the inside from my breast to
my womb because each time he
sucks, my womb tightens.
After a few minutes, he treats the
other breast to the same
pleasure. He puts his arms
around me and lowers me to the
"You've never been with a man
before, have you, Lexie?" Peter
asks softly. I shake my head.
"Does it matter?" I ask.
"Yes," he answers. "It just means
we take it slow and gentle, that's
all." He kisses me softly before
removing my panties.
He takes off his briefs, revealing
his hard cock. I've never seen a
naked man before and it's quite
overwhelming. Kissing me again,
Peter moves his hand over my
flat tummy, moving it lower until
he touches my curls.
My first instinct is to press my
thighs together. One of his longer
fingers brushes against my clit,
making me jump. He begins to
apply gentle pressure to it,
stroking it and I can feel my legs
parting of their own volition.
"That's it, Lex," Peter says as he
continues to stroke my pussy.
"Open for me, baby."
I gasp when he slides first one,
then two fingers inside my tight
channel. He gently moves them
inside me as his thumb strokes
my clit. There's a pressure
building inside me. It's scary in a
way because I've never felt it
before. Before I realize what he's
going to do, Peter lowers his
mouth to my pussy. I jump at the
first touch of his tongue against
my wet pussy.
I should stop him, I think to
myself. This isn't right. But it
feels so good. I'll stop him in a
few minutes. As Peter laps my
pussy, I spread my legs even
wider as the pressure continues
to build. My breathing is
laboured and my stomach is
tightening. He continues to move
his fingers in and out of me as he
draws my clit into his mouth.
"PETER!!!" I scream as I cum hard
against his face.
He keeps tonguing me as I calm
down. I am shaking when he
slides up the bed beside me. He
kisses me deeply and I can taste
my juices on his mouth. It's a
sweet, yet tangy taste. He
positions himself above me and
rubs his cock against my wet
pussy, coating it with my juices.
He rubs the head of it against my
clit and I can feel myself
becoming aroused again.
"This will probably hurt," he says,
"but I promise it will only last a
short time." He slowly slides his
rock hard cock into my tight
He's so big and thick, I can't help
but wonder whether he'll fit. I
feel my body stretching to
accommodate him. I bite my lip
against the slight pain as he
breaks my maidenhead. Peter
holds himself still as my body
becomes used to him.
"You all right, Lexie?" he asks,
kissing me gently. The pain has
been replaced with pleasure as he
starts to move.
"I'm fine," I say, kissing him.
As the passion builds between us,
I buck my hips beneath him,
matching him stroke for stroke.
We kiss deeply as I wrap my legs
around his waist, trying to pull
him deeper into me. My body
tenses as my orgasm grabs me.
Peter thrusts himself deeply
inside me one more time as his
body tenses. He shoots his hot
sticky cum into me as my
contractions milk every last drop
from him. He collapses on top of
me, trying to keep most of his
weight off of me. As he softens,
he slides from my body and rolls
off me. He lies on his back and
encourages me to curl up beside
I lie on my side and put my head
on his chest. He pulls the covers
up over us. Kissing my forehead,
he asks how I'm feeling.
"Good," I answer, yawning. "Sorry
for yawning."
Peter chuckles as he pulls me
"Close your eyes, sweetheart," he
I did and it's not long before
we're asleep.

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