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    Red face i fucked my mom and sister story

    hi all exbiian .. today i am going to start a new story ... how i fucked my own sister... let me start ...

    we have a small family .. my mother .. my father and and we 2 siblings .. i am the youngest of alll. my sister is neha she is 4 year eleder than me... she is awesome in look .... fig is 34 26 34 ..... , then she was 24... she is fair as milk with out a hair in rest of her body (later i found) . i m not a very hunk type of guy but of avg height.. little bald from the front but the one asset i got that i mixed with girls in hours and the tool i got from my parent my dick it is 9" long and 3.5 " girth ....

    when we were child we used to sleep together but after my 9th class i used to sleep in different room .. we have a 3 bed room flat ... all occupied by me , my parents and my sister.....

    on day on summer vacation on late night i was watching TV india Vs Pakistan .. its around 12 i got to get some water .. i passed by my sister room .. i found some noise was coming out from the room .. i peeked .. wht i saw ... i can not believe my eyes .. my sister is naked and putting something in between her legs and making noise ... i got arroused by watching this .. i tried to see more ... for my fate she spread her legs more wide .. i saw a large cucumber coming out of her cunt ... i feel the hardness of my cock even now.. it was huge .. she was trying to put in her cunt but could not it was huge .. after many try she was failed ... but she replace the cucumber with her fingures and push them up n down and moaning ohhhhhhhh ...ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....oooooooooooo....... with her every moan i found my dick raising more n more .. now i got a tent below my boxer ..... now she was doing it more vigoursly and moaning more .. this was my 1st time .... looking my own sis doing this ... i started throabing my dick . all of sudden my sis stopped doing this and her whole body was shaking and she licked her hands ... i also ejacuated on my boxers and returned.. to my room ..

    i will post more waiting your replyyyy....
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    I'm going to guess that English is not your first language?

    My family is small; my mother and father and and my sister and I. I am the youngest. My sister, Neha, is 4 years my elder. She is awesome in looks her figure stands stacked at 34 26 34. When she was 24, she is fair as milk and her body is completely devoid of hair (I found out later) . I am not a very hunky type of guy; but of average height, little bald from the front but the one asset I have is tool i got from my parents; my dick it is 9" long and 3.5 " girth.

    see now doesn't that read better?
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    Woot I have stories?
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