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Thread: Driven Lust

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    Default Driven Lust

    Driven Lust
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    As a college student, James Isaac Farlow needed to find a job that was flexible enough for his classes and would allow him time to study for his college courses. Most of the students were hired in the fast food industry, allowing them to work in the evening while attending classes through the day. But flipping burgers just didn’t appeal to him. A cook he was definitely not.

    James sought work from the local newspaper when he first arrived and anything but greasy spoons would do. He came across an ad which simply said, ‘Drivers Wanted’ with contact information. Since no requirements where listed, James decided to contact the company. It turned out that it was for a limousine company and they were looking for part time drivers. His driving instructor in high school was a coach that won the election for sheriff. This education from a knowledgeable expert made James a very good driver. James was hired for his good looks, driving record, and his name. ‘Home James.’ was the popular order given by his clients and it wasn’t long before he knew the city and its night life. Even clients would call in to request him.

    To insure that he did his job well, James studied etiquette and proper manners. He found the high class language appealing and gained his own respect from using it. It helped him gain favoritism from his educators and colleagues alike. He gained respect from women, aware of his chivalry and considerate mannerisms. Killing with kindness served him well and he used it to please others which pleased him in turn as well.

    James had wound up at a university with friends from his high school. One in particular was his best friend, Mike Goodman. Mike called James by his pet name granted by the fellow students of his school, Jif, derived from his initials. Since they were close, it was worked out that they should room together. It worked out pretty well for them both. They hardly seen each other since Mike worked at a restaurant that closed at midnight and James worked till the bars closed after 2 am.

    Their jobs had some of the same assets. Mike received tips and so did James. They’d compare often to see who was getting the better tips. James had a guaranteed 15% on every trip he ran, Mike’s tips varied. There was the occasional good tipper for each but James won overall.

    Girls were a luxury James just didn’t have time for. Any relief he would have would have to come from himself. Although he had opportunities, he never took the steps to go further. Not because he didn’t want to, he just had no time for the relationship. Sure, he could have had a series of one night stands but it would either interfere with his work or classes or the other partners. In James’ mind, jump ‘em, hump ‘em, and dump ‘em was the wrong approach to women. They deserved respect, not treated like a dumping station.

    Mike had no moral issues regarding his relationships. Any port in the storm seemed to be his motto. James liked Mike but opposed his treatment of women, often telling him that you get what you give. Other than Mike’s gigolo lifestyle, James found him supportive and fun to be around. Their interests crossed with games and gadgets along with their intense workouts.
    “The best of a book is not the thought which it contains, but the thought which it suggests; just as the charm of music dwells not in the tones but in the echoes of our hearts." John Greenleaf Whittier (American Writer, 1807-1892)
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    Chapter 1

    Weddings suck period. The groom is usually tipsy at best and the bride-to-be is always frantic. It’s like they bring an extra-large sack of stress with them and dump it all over the driver. They normally run later than planned and it becomes a rush job getting them to the church, reception, or final destination like a hotel or airport on time.

    This wedding was no exception. The bride had forgotten her veil and needed to go back to her parent’s house to get it. As a driver, James had to consider safety above urgency and sometimes the client loses to it. James would bend the law into a pretzel trying to accommodate a client but he sure wouldn’t break that law into pieces. His license was his money maker after all.

    “Driver, you’ve got to hurry!” the bride called from the backseat of the large limousine, waiting at a red light James was going to go straight at.

    “I understand ma’am. I’m going as fast as traffic allows.” not mentioning the fact that the girl was a half hour late coming out to begin with.

    “It isn’t fast enough! Can’t you just turn your hazards on and run it?” she stated with a huff. A woman used to getting her way, a simple low life driver wasn’t going to control her destiny.

    “I’m sure the police wouldn’t think your situation is an emergency.” James replied, knowing his comment would fall on deaf ears.

    “It’s an emergency to me! My life is depending on this wedding!” the bride frantically yelled, trying to force her problems on the unreasonable chauffeur.

    There’s nothing James could think of to convince the queen in the back that recklessly flying through the streets of the city for a veil she should have gotten in the half hour extra she took getting out in the beginning was worth the risk of life and ticket to him. So, with the tolerance of Job, he said nothing.

    Pulling into her mother’s home, the bride didn’t wait for the luxury vehicle to stop, opening her door as it pulled in. James stopped as quickly as possible without tossing the girl into the street. How would that look? Bride hospitalized from limo tracks and door bruises.

    After she was safe, James finished pulling into the driveway. Putting the vehicle in park, he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel for a few seconds, waiting for the white ball of frenzy to return. He thought about getting out and opening the good lady’s door for her but thought she would be upset at the time wasted in doing so.

    Within a minute, the frantic bride-to-be emerged with veil in hand and a look of urgency on her face. Opening the door herself, she threw herself in and yelled, “Go!”

    “Yes ma’am, you did get your garter, correct?” James thought to ask. Wouldn’t it suck to come back before the reception to get it?

    “Fuuuuuck!” and out she blew again. Another minute and she was back in.

    “Bouquet?” James asked, and the back door slammed so hard, it made the stretch rock. Her speed had slowed in her departure, mainly due to the fit she was having on her way back into the house.

    Another minute and the white ball of fire emerged with flowers in her hand. This time, she didn’t climb in the back but opened the passenger door in the front.

    “Anything else you can think of?” she asked James with a daring look in her eyes.

    “Valium?” James grinned.

    She shushed him, “I’m not that bad!” after letting out a sigh, “Get me to the church please. Oh, and the photographer wants to capture as much as possible. Make sure you follow his lead.”

    James backed out and sped down the street. Cop stopping the stop signs in the community, he turned onto the major road leading to the church.

    “Good to see a woman so in love with a man that she can’t wait to marry him.” James teased. It seemed to him that if the guy loved her so much, he wouldn’t care about waiting another ten minutes to marry her.

    Thinking a moment, she started “Well, he is the son of Wilson Holdings and destined to go far.”

    “Ah, you fell in love with a well off man.” James asserted. “I’m glad he loves you back.” betting that was wrong.

    The ride back to the church was just as quick as leaving it. James dropped the bride off in the back of the church and pulled around the front. Parking it right between the double doors where the new couple should come out. James pulled the champagne out, placed it in the ice bucket and poured ice around it. Putting the bucket into the centerpiece, he straddled it over the hump in the middle.

    Champagne was chilling, the back cleaned of any debris, ice filling the coolers on the sides, and a just married sign on the back were all in place. James stood by the side door waiting for the couple to come out.

    The bride’s father had spared no expense and a photographer was present. James could see the equipment and photographer when the doors opened to let a guest in or out. It would be a long wait for James. Pictures take the longest time. It is usually the number one reason newlyweds run behind getting to the reception.

    James considered his job was to stand there and look pretty. Instead of reading a book or browsing the web on his phone, he stood by the back door. Mothers with crying children stepped out to soothe their child then walk back in. This is why James didn’t move from the side door. People coming out saw the stretch limousine first and the chauffeur second. James never chanced someone seeing him slacking off.

    It was a risk to stand there. People would ask him questions that sometimes couldn’t be answered. “What time will they be out?”, “Where’s the bathroom?” and “Where’s the reception?” were popular questions James tried to know the answers to. He always tried to get a pamphlet to at least know the bride and groom’s name and a guess at the times. When they would be out was anyone’s guess though. Usually, if the photographer can get a decent picture of the flower girl, it might be quick. But whose fault is it the bride picked a three year old for a flower girl? Perhaps if the child wasn’t one big burning ball of energy, she might hold still long enough to capture the lifelong event.

    Finally, the doors burst open to the chapel and ushers pinned them back. The crowd stampeded out and some gathered on the steps while others hustled to their cars. James was in luck. The photographer was coming out. This means he was ready for the couple to come out and allow him to get pictures of the bird seed and bubbles soon to be dumped on them. Some photographers will take pictures of the family before the wedding, others waited till after.

    The bride and groom alerted the photographer and he readied for the memorable exit. Strolling down the steps, the flashes of the photographer and guests flicker on the happy couple. Making their way to the limousine door, James did his customary bow and opened the door.

    The photographer stopped them to take pictures at the limousine door, then while they’re sitting, then through the partition in the front seat. Finally, the photographer finished his professional service there. Scrambling back out of the limo, he asked James to follow him so he could be there when the stretch arrived.

    While in route, the bride decided to raise the divider, blocking the view from the front with a heavy tint. This limits James’ view and he is forced to utilize the side mirrors, completely ignoring the rear view mirror as there was no way to see out of it anyway.

    The hapless photographer made a wrong turn and James knew better. Turning the right way at the corner slowly, he made sure to catch the light. The photographer caught up to the stretch and pulled in front once more.

    The ride to the reception was uneventful. James saw the photographer running to the entrance and jump in front of the crowd that awaited the newlyweds. Fumbling with the camera, he was soon set to go.

    James walked around the back side of the stretch and prepared to open the door. Once the photographer gave the go-ahead, James opened it up wide.

    A yelp came out first and then the bride. She fell out backwards mostly naked, catching the door jam with her knees. Dangling for a moment upside down while the photographer and crowd snapped away, her breasts swayed with the cups of her bra tucked underneath and naked from there on. The new husband covered his fly and gasped from being denied the sheath his cock was going in.

    Apparently, the newlyweds couldn’t wait to consummate their wedding and instead of settling for kisses and hugs, the bride decided to let him have her. James, ever the gentleman, picked her up by the nape of her neck and threw her into the limo; a “What the fuck!” screamed from her mouth as James slammed the door.

    Looking at the crowd, James couldn’t help but say, “There’s a photo for the album!” and smiled.

    The crowd cheered and laughed while they waited for the bride to be presentable. Once the knock sounded on the window, James opened the door again. A blushing bride emerged with her blushing husband and another cheer roared from the crowd.

    James’ boring part of the wedding was over. Now comes the thrilling part of defending the limo from drunks and children, cleaning the spilled messes and champagne from the back, and playing his role by the door. Checking the champagne, he noticed it wasn’t even touched.

    Usually, guests would come out to smoke and chit chat with James, asking the usual, “Can I see inside?” and other such questions. This reception was a little different.

    The first announcement coming across the P.A. wasn’t welcoming the guest nor inviting the guests to enjoy the open bar. No, the first announcement was, “Would the people who took pictures of the bride in the limo outside please delete them, thank you.”

    The older gentleman that made the announcement was soon standing in front of James. It was James’ assessment that the man was the bride’s father, Mr. Wilson.

    “What made you open the door!” was his first question.

    “Sir, the bride had the partition up and I was unable to see that she was not appropriate for departure.” James stated. “I followed her instructions of doing what the photographer said.”

    “You should have known something was going on!” he seethed, his voice getting louder.

    “I understand you’re upset, however, I had no control of it. The photographer was coordinating the event and I opened it on his command.” ‘How do you tell a father you just let every family member and friend see his daughter’s tits and pussy?’ he asked himself, ‘You don’t.’ was his own answer. “The limousine is a 17 inch stretch, it is designed to have a smooth and quiet ride, the partition is designed to keep out sound, and they would have had to make some serious movement or noise for me to even guess they were… occupied.”

    With a huff, the father of the bride opened the front passenger door. Just as James said, the partition was still up. Placing his hands over the glass to block out the glare, he stared for a few seconds. Giving up, he stepped back out.

    “How are you supposed to see and hear anything with that up!” he demanded to know.

    “The limousine has a P.A. system. The phone rests on the hook by the bar.” James informed him. “The side mirrors are used while driving, just as in commercial trucks.”

    “And neither one of them told you they weren’t ready?” he asked, sounding incredulous.

    “No sir, they never mentioned to me about their… plans.” James honestly told him.

    Fuming, the father of the bride stormed off. ‘It must be hard to not find anyone other than his daughter to blame.’ James thought, watching him tromp away.

    Karma... James saw it over and over. It’s one of the reasons he didn’t do one night stands. However, though his tip had probably disappeared, the consolation prize of the bride’s jiggling breasts and spread eagle pussy would help him on his next self-service.

    The end of the evening was finally upon James. As the last of the celebrators walked or stumbled out, he pulled the limo back to the front door.

    Opening the door, the bride and groom entered followed by all the brides’ maids. James helped them with their dresses. Nothing good ever comes out of a dress hanging out of a car door.

    James was instructed to drop the bride and groom off at the five-star hotel they were spending the night at. They were headed on a cruise the following day.

    Opening the door for the bride and groom, the newly wedded woman instructed James to take her party home, allow the girls to do whatever they wanted, and make sure they stayed safe.

    It was easier said than done. Grabbing a pen and notebook, James had it passed around so each could write down their address. Pulling out a map, he quickly came up with a route.

    Six girls partied in the back as James headed for the first stop. He had to close the top so the girls wouldn’t fall out of it. None looked sober enough to use good judgment and hung out waving and flashing cars and pedestrians.

    Dropping off the first, the second stop was close and James was there in minutes.

    “Who’s next?” one asked. Which one asked, James didn’t know. Looking at his list and the map, He decided that Cedar was the closest. “Cedar Avenue” he answered.

    “No, don’t drop me off till last.” said a brunette in the middle.

    Skipping that address, “Brittany trail?” he asked.

    “That’s fine.” the red head on the right stated.

    The girls began doing what all of them do, whispering among themselves. James was restricted to discuss anything said in a vehicle with anyone else. It’s unethical for one and bad business for another. But he didn’t expect his clients to know that.

    Pulling at the red head’s home, James did his usual of helping her out. After five minutes of saying her good byes, James helped her to the door, just like he did with the other two. At 2 am, you couldn’t stop James from doing that. There wasn’t going to be anything bad happening on his watch. The women would all get home safely.

    “Carpenter’s Creek?” he asked, getting back in. One of the girls moved to the seat behind him. It being dark, he wasn’t sure which one. “Yes, it’s a confusing drive. I’ll direct you.”

    James thought himself an expert but the customer is always right. He listened to her instructions and let her take the route she wanted.

    “How long you been a limo driver?” she asked. Nobody seemed to use the word ‘chauffeur’ anymore.

    “A little over a year, ma’am.” he replied. Sometimes people ask that to see if he was experienced enough to transport them. Mostly, it’s asked to start small talk.

    “Wow its late.” looking at her watch, “Is your girlfriend going to be mad for you being out so late?”

    She had obviously checked his ring finger. “I don’t have a girlfriend.” was all he could say, he wanted to focus on his driving.

    “Why? What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

    James had class and knew how to use it. “Girlfriends are golden treasures I can’t afford.” he replied.

    “Bah, you should make good money driving a car like this!” was her reasoning.

    “The money isn’t a problem. I just can’t afford the time.” trying to explain he continued, “I go to college too.”

    “What? Any girl should be willing to wait for a man that looks as good as you.” she prodded.

    “It wouldn’t be the girl to blame. I don’t want to commit to a relationship I couldn’t put my attention into.” James explained. “It just wouldn’t be fair to her.”

    “Ah, but love always finds a way.” she reasoned. “You just haven’t found Mrs. Right.”

    “You are probably right.” he smiled, pulling into her drive. While she was busy talking, he was busy getting to her house. Carpenter’s Creek was a winding road and the mailboxes could be confusing. But James caught on to the addressing system the post office used and pulled right in like he lived there.

    Going through an open cast iron gate, James was impressed. Pulling up the driveway, he was happy to see a circle drive. A beautiful mansion sat in front of it. Glass from the bottom to the top covered the front, someone had big money. James thought about camera surveillance and wanted to see if he could spot them. He was going to college for criminal justice and wanted to get into law enforcement. This home was a guard’s wet dream.

    “You found my house!” she said, surprised, “Could you tell the cab and pizza drivers where I live?”

    James laughed out loud at that, her calling this staple of luxury a house for one thing. Opening the door, the girl said her good byes and a joke about not showing her goods getting out. After a few minutes, they were walking to her doorstep.

    Stumbling, James prevented her fall. Fortunately, the girl had grabbed his arm when they first started walking. Her dress was in disarray but James made an effort not to stare at her cleavage.

    “Whew! That was close.” she said, getting her feet straightened out. They continued up to the door and she fumbled with her keys. With some effort, she was able to unlock the door and stepped inside.

    Reaching in her purse, she grabbed a bill and handed it to James. “Make sure you satisfy Lisa.” and handed it to him. Turning around, she asked “Will you unzip me?” Not giving James time to look at the bill or question what she meant.

    He struggled a moment, her request was border line sexual harassment but caved in anyway. Grabbing the top, he used his other hand to put the money in his pocket then lowered the zipper all the way down to the top of her ass.

    Bidding her a good night, she shut the door and James went back to the stretch. Grabbing his map, he looked again where the next girl lived. If it was where he thought, it was going to be a bit of a drive. Had he dropped Cedar off, it would have saved him some backtracking. But luck would have it the girl didn’t want dropped off till last.

    “Ryan’s Bluff” he started, “Is that the one in Ocean side or Camp Springs?” and another girl climbed to the bench seat behind the partition.

    “Camp Springs.” she responded, settling in. “it’s a little way to go. What’s your name?”

    “James.” he said, expecting the usual.

    “Ha-ha, home James.” she laughed.

    “Yes, ma’am.” James said, and pulled off the curb.

    The long drive left James wondering back to the comment Carpenter’s Creek said to him. Which one of the two was Lisa and how was he supposed to satisfy her was the questions he rolled around in his head. Why she tipped him was a mystery as well. Normally, the more money they make, the more they tend to keep. They don’t stay wealthy giving money away.

    Ryan’s Bluff went back to talk to Cedar Avenue but James couldn’t hear the conversation. He focused on bending the law to ten miles over the speed limit. Knowing where the police set up traps helped him get the best drive times. Staying in the slow lane as much as possible allowed him to remove his attention from the right. Approaching on ramps, he would look for other cars on it, anticipating the lane change in case another car got to close.

    A truck pulled up on his left side. The passenger was whooping and hollering out of the window at him. James knew what to do. Slowing down to the speed limit, he held it there for a while. The truck slowed down with him. James decreased his speed to five miles below the speed limit.

    Realizing they were getting nowhere fast, the truck sped back up at high speed and left the limo in the dust. Not even a minute later, James saw blue lights pop onto the highway ahead of him. A few minutes after that, the truck that had pulled beside him were now pulled over by police around a bend.

    Being cautious, James slowed as he passed them. The driver was staring at the stretch but James didn’t wave. The truck driver wouldn’t be able to see into the limo anyway. Looking carefully, he could make out the passenger pounding his fists on the dash as he passed.

    Both girls laughed and cheered and one asked James, “How did you know to do that?”

    “Do what?” James wasn’t sure what she meant. Normally, passengers don’t notice all the details a driver would do to avoid calamity.

    “Slow down and force them to go faster.” Cedar asked.

    “You want as much room between you in a vehicle this large and any other vehicle. Slowing down makes people go around you, pass you up, and move on to their destination. I guess its human nature for people to be in a hurry.” James explained.

    “Did you know about the cop?” asked Ryan’s Bluff.

    “It’s a usual speed trap at night. Most everyone should know they park there.” James informed them.

    “I didn’t know about it.” Cedar said. “You got them a ticket!” and laughed.

    “More like a DUI but I didn’t stomp on his gas pedal.” James replied.

    They rolled at that then quieted down.

    They made it to Ryan’s bluff and James had to drop at the curb. The short driveway wouldn’t accommodate the vehicle.

    James, once again, left the vehicle to let his passenger out. Opening the door, Ryan’s Bluff slid out. Doing so made her dress roll up around her waist and James was treated to her panty cladded crotch.

    “Whoa”, she exclaimed and stood up to adjust her dress. “At least my pussy was covered.” and giggled.

    “Quite alright, there were no cameras to capture the moment anyway.” James smiled.

    “I got a great snapshot of that!” she retorted.

    “The bride’s?” James asked.

    “Yes, dead center.” she replied.

    “I wish I had it. It would remain in my memoirs.” James sounded disappointed.

    “What’s your cell number? I’ll text it to you.” she replied.

    “Weren’t you supposed to delete it?” James asked, offering her his arm.

    “Not on your life! That girl deserves the embarrassment.” she exclaimed.

    James gave her his number and she sent it in front of him. His phone vibrated that he had it. James, always the gentleman, didn’t open his phone to look at it.

    Arriving at her front stoop, James waited until the door opened. Ryan’s Bluff stepped inside the door and stopped.

    After a few seconds, James asked, “Are you Ok miss?”

    “I’m waiting for you to unzip Me.” she huffed.

    “Please forgive me.” James shrugged, and unzipped the dress to her ass.

    “Thank you! Have a good night!” and closed the door.

    Heading back to his limo, James wondered if that was Lisa he just dropped off. What a tease the girl was.

    Climbing in, he said, “Cedar Avenue.” and put the oversized vehicle in drive.

    “James, do you know where Glendale Park is?” she asked.

    James was well aware of where it was. The prom trips usually wind up there. The cliffs offered a nice view of the city and the remote location had no traffic. It was known to be a lover’s hangout.

    “Yes, miss.” James responded, not sure why she would be interested at 3:30 am.

    “I’m Lisa, not miss.” she said.

    Well, that solved the riddle as far as who Lisa was. The only mystery remaining was how to satisfy her. Perhaps she had a destination like Glendale Park in mind but a park this time of night made no sense.

    “Yes Lisa.” James responded, respecting her wish. “I know the park well.”

    “Good, head for the cliffs there.” she ordered.

    Perhaps she was meeting someone there. She may have to use discretion for all James knew but his was not to question why.

    The time it took to get there ate another 30 minutes off the clock. His charge was quiet the whole way. James pulled up to one of the benches at the top of the park exactly at 4 am.

    Once he placed it in park, Lisa instructed him to open the door. Getting out, James was his usual self walking to the back door. Opening it up, he waited for a hand that never came. Thinking she needed to ready herself, he stood a moment longer. Yet, there was no sign of her.

    “Miss... Lisa?” James called yet received no answer. Now he had concerns. Should he stick his head in and she wasn’t ready, he might catch her in an awkward moment. If she passed out, he would have to wake her.

    With no answer and minutes ticking, James risked sticking his head in. He noticed her dress tails but the rest was in shadows.

    He called her again, “Lisa?” and she told him to shut the door.

    James closed the door behind him and was immediately surrounded in darkness. A ruffle sounded and he could make out her silhouette moving his way. The mood lighting, TV, and radio were all off leaving the intercom led pointing to the rear seat.

    “How do you like your women, James?” she asked, taking a seat beside him.

    What a question! That only raised more questions. He couldn’t answer hers without insulting her.

    “I don’t know how to answer that.” was all he could think of. “Miss Lisa…”

    “Do you like them naked?” she purred close to him, stroking his arm.

    “Any man would want them naked but I am on duty.” James said, confused on his dilemma.

    “Good, your duty is to satisfy Me.” she stated plainly.

    “Miss Lisa, you have been drinking and I’m not going to take advantage of it.” James combatted her.

    “Oh, I’ve been drinking but I’m sober enough to know I want you.” unbuttoning his ruffled shirt.

    “I can’t do it. I could get in trouble. You could wake up tomorrow and regret this.” James sounded out all his reasons not to.

    Oh, I know what I want and I want to fuck in a limo!” she demanded.

    “Prove it. Type my name and number and text me something.” expecting her to decline. “If you can do that without any misspellings, I’ll consent.” and he waited.

    She huffed and grabbed her purse off the back glass, realizing this wasn’t going the way she’d planned.

    “Give me the information.” and typed it in as he gave it.

    A few seconds went by and James’ phone vibrated. Checking it, it was from a number he didn’t know. The message simply read, “FUCK ME JAMES!”

    That’s it, she’s had her chance. The message could be evidence in case she complained. James was a young man with raging hormones. There was no way he was going to refuse her after offering twice to stand down. There simply wasn’t a third time in his willpower. It had been high school since his last session and he was overdue. He stripped himself of the jacket after throwing his phone in the pocket. She helped with the shirt and pants.

    Once James was devoid of any clothes, he hit two buttons. One was the power locks and the other was the mood lighting.

    Points of light on the ceiling lit up giving a soft glow. James could barely see the features of the girl he was left with to take home. The brunette was already naked and waiting for his assault, her dress remained on the front seat where James thought she was. Spreading her legs to invite him in, he rested on his knees and cupped her breasts. Pulling himself to her, he felt her breasts hit him first.

    He rose up to kiss her and was greeted with a lustful tongue. Breaths turned heavy as they licked and sucked each other’s mouth. James groped the girl and broke the kiss, diving for a nipple. She wrapped her legs around him and let him feast a while. Once she had enough, she guided him to the other.

    James was sex drunk. The length of time without sex with a woman had left him simmering for it. Still servicing a breast, he tugged her to the edge. Letting go, he dropped to her mons and rubbed his cheek in her downy pubic hair. ‘Heaven’ he thought as he reveled in her musk.

    Turning his head, he sucked over the top and munched his way down. He grabbed her hands and placed them on his head, giving her a handle to hold on to while she took this wild ride.

    Lisa knew there was no stopping James now. He had given her the chance to change her mind but she refused to hear it. Now, he was headed for her heat. Soon, he was going to feel what she had been churning over for the entire ride. She pushed on his head and forced him lower and when he was at her slit, yanked him by his hair onto her cunt.

    James took the hint and sucked her in, dismissing any foreplay. This little vixen was bitterly sweet as he tasted her warm juice on his tongue. Her hand shook on his head while her lips melted in his mouth. Tugging and sucking, he took in more juice and felt her buck into him.

    Lisa was boiling over and demanded more and more. This night has been one of anticipation and she wouldn’t be denied what she wanted all along. Forcing James to hunker down she raised her hips into him. Bucking into his mouth, she screamed her orgasm all over his face.

    James was shocked at the force of her orgasm. He had to grip her by her ass to stay on target. As she released her lust into his mouth, James felt the heat from his throat to his loins. What a turn on it was to render such pleasure to a woman!

    Lisa took her ride as far as it would go and shuddered in the end. Easing off of his hair, she leaned back and reveled in the afterglow. After catching her breath, she wanted to see just what a man she was fucking. Sitting up she said, “Can you turn the lights on?” and James flipped a switch.

    They both looked over each other. James was in shape from his workouts, wanting to go into law enforcement. Muscled chest and legs, he was one healthy specimen. His cock was more than average without a bend in it. Lisa had her own tight body after working out with tennis her past time passion. Her breasts were firm and round, defying gravity. Her belly was flat with toned muscles showing and an airstrip for pussy hair over top of tight cunt lips.

    Both were amazed at each other’s physical condition. Having his fill of the gorgeous body in front of him, he took the bucket of ice and its pedestal off the hump and placed it on the front bench, making room for the two of them.

    When he turned around, Lisa caught him and pushed him against the side bench. Crawling to him and grabbing his ridged cock, she bent to feed it to herself. Settling in, she stroked it and sucked. James gasped and lifted up a little. Ever the gentleman, he brushed her hair from her face and his crotch. Holding it back for her, she bobbed up and down, taking more and more with each thrust.

    Having been serviced to the point of explosion, James begged her to let off. As addictive as his pre-cum was she relented. Rising up she kissed him and took the doggie position, straddling the hump in the middle. It was the only good position possible in the limo.

    James took the cue and slid behind her. Grabbing his throbbing shaft, he rubbed it in her slit. She moaned at its touch. “Condom?” he asked as he teased her with it.

    “No! Fuck me raw!” she demanded.

    That could be taken more than one way and it was James’ interpretation which he would try to do just that. Rubbing her clit to star, when he got to her hole, he popped the head in. Rubbing again from clit to star, he popped it in again. Using his hands on his shaft, he pulled it out and in, increasing the speed.

    Before long, he was fisting the head in and out without using his hips. For variety sake, he purposely pulled it out and rubbed her clit left and right then just as abruptly fisted the head back in and out.

    Torture, just pure torture; Lisa wanted more but James wasn’t giving it. She was forced to cum with only his cock head to do it. No amount of effort could cram more of his meat into her but she tried real hard. He pulled it out and rubbed her clit as she trembled then shoved the head back in to finish her. Sobbing, she collapsed her chest on the hump, her ass still in the arm of James.

    James slowed his pace and stroked her ass, waiting for her sobs to fade. While she calmed down he decided to play and teased her star with a thumb while he kept himself hard by stroking his cock. He felt her reaction and knew she was aware of his play. Rested enough, she rose again to take him on one more time.

    James started with the same treatment, just using his cock head. But when she begged with a single word, “Please!” he let her have all of it to his sack.

    Lisa felt the rush of his meat cram into her. She instinctively arched her back. The force was so great; his balls hit her clit with a slap and tingles raced from her groin to her tits. ‘My God!’ she thought as he held it in forever. Once she was accustomed to the invasion, her lover ground it into her then backed it out and did it again.

    James savored every inch of her sheath. She was going to take all of him and take it with force. She had her chance and she replied with a text. Now it was James’ task to make that complete. Fucked she wanted and fucked she’s be. Faster he went, speeding both to paradise. He considered his balls spanking her clit and thought to ease up a little. But his desires wouldn’t let him. He had no choice but to drive his manhood in with extreme speed.

    Lisa took him then took him faster. Her clit heated up and puckered with each hard kiss of his balls. She welcomed it, she needed it, and she was getting it. It was a brutal scene. Her ass stung, her clit burned, and her tits ached from the caress of the carpeted hump in the middle.

    A wail started from somewhere. Quiet at first but got louder. It peaked in pitch and pierced their ears, going nowhere in the sound proof cabin. Another yell joined in and both sounds mingled. One no louder than the other, both heard the screams of ecstasy as their work yielded the pleasure. Like any siren, the sound dwindled but then turned into small shrieks and grunts.

    James felt the trembling from her pussy on his shaft and wondered if it wasn’t more like a quiver. It mattered little as his own hips shuttered as well. As his sex seeped around his cock, he slowed to remember the sight.

    Lisa could only spasm and pant. Her senses had left her in her moment of Zen. The cum shots in her twat, the force of his ramming, and the sounds of their screams were all she remembered and her nerves trembled with exhaustion. When James released his grip on her hips, she melted to the floor.

    Looking at the mess on the floorboard, James knew he had another in him, but he wasn’t sure Lisa wanted it.

    Leaning over her, he approached an ear, “Are you satisfied or do you want more?”

    “It’ll do.” was all he got from her as she closed her eyes and rested.

    James grabbed his clothes and remembered his phone. Pulling it out, he got to work. First a text to his recent lover then a picture of her without her face in it, focusing more on the mess between her legs as it laid on the hump, drooling his seed from it.

    He let her lie while he dressed but he couldn’t leave her there. The ride might be smooth but she would be hurt by the bouncing from the road. He picked her up as best he could and rolled her on the side bench seat. It was the longest of the three. He pulled the middle seat belt down and worked it under her and with effort, got it to click in the lock.

    Feasting his eyes one more time on the broken angel in front of him, he exited the back unlocking the doors and climbed back into the front.

    I sped to her home more than twenty minutes away. The digital clock read 5:20 am when he pulled into her drive. He was so thankful this day was Sunday and he could sleep in and recover. The night had worn on him with the stress of the job and a pissed off father. Not to mention the physical toll of satisfying Lisa.

    He rushed to the back and opened the door. Lisa was ready to go. Stepping out of the car, she asked him, “Did you think I wouldn’t remember?”

    “I was making sure you didn’t forget.” and offered her his arm.

    She gave him the smuggest of smiles and said, “I doubt I’ll ever forget.”

    James dropped her off at her door but he didn’t have to unzip her. She never zipped it back up after their romp in the back of the limo. Rushing back to the office he finished his paperwork, listing all the stops and drop off times, checking out, he headed for home.

    Sunday was spent sleeping and goofing off around the house. He finally got his tips out of his pocket and found two one hundred dollar bills. This was the money Carpenter’s Creek gave him but he never knew her name.

    Monday came too fast. Another long day was expected as he had school during the day and work that evening.

    Arriving at work, he went to get his itinerary for the evening. Two airport runs and a time trip all in a sedan. Limos are fine the first two times you drive them but they are stressful work. James was happy to stay in a sedan.

    His first two runs were simple. Pick up a board member of a ‘Fortune 500’ company and drop them at a hotel downtown then pick up a couple coming back from vacation and drop them at home.

    That done, he was ready for the time trip, most likely a dinner run. Pulling up the paperwork, he looked for the name and found Cathleen Spencer. ‘Well Cathleen, where are we going this evening?’ he thought as he looked for a destination. ‘As Directed” was all that was given. ‘Ok, so where do I get you?’ and found the address was on Carpenter’s Creek.

    James didn’t remember the exact address from Saturday night, it could be a neighbor. He guessed he would find out soon enough and headed for that road.

    The addresses ticked by and his was coming up. It was the same driveway, same cast iron fence, and same circular driveway at the top. Finding it odd he should be back at this beautiful mansion so soon if at all, he stepped out and stood by the door.

    He was early for the 6 pm appointment but it was planned. If you aren’t early, you’re late. He stayed still with his hands folded in front of him, waiting on his client.

    He didn’t wait long and Cathleen Spencer stepped out. Wearing a blouse that cleaved to her belly and a tight mini rapped around her, she looked the image of a model. She appeared older than James thought, perhaps thirty. James greeted her as she neared. Opening the back door for her she stopped.

    “I’m riding up front.” she said, and James walked around the vehicle to open the front passenger door.

    After she climbed in, James looked back towards the mansion, “Will there be anyone else?”

    “No, just me.” she replied.

    James closed the door and walked around the back to the driver’s side. Taking a moment to sigh, he opened the door and climbed in.

    “What the fuck did you do to Lisa?!” Cathleen yelled, causing James to jump at the tone.

    Honesty has always been his best policy but how he submitted it might be crucial here.

    “I did as I was instructed.” plain, simple and true.

    “Oh? Did she ask you to bruise her ass? How about her limp? Perhaps she likes carpet burns!” she retorted.

    “I never meant to harm her. It wasn’t my intent.” James defended.

    “My God, you fucked the shit out of her!” she claimed. “She hasn’t walked right in two days.”

    James wasn’t used to high profile clients using such language and it took him back somewhat.

    “With all due respect, I questioned her twice before submitting to her will.” trying not to raise his voice.

    “Well, I guess I got my money’s worth!” she cackled, letting out a sigh.

    James raised his eye brows at that, not sure if she was serious or joking. Deciding that he couldn’t decide, he changed the subject.

    “Where would you like to go this evening?” hoping it wouldn’t take him till six o’clock in the morning to get home.

    “Oh, I need to get a date.” she stated, then stared at him.

    “And where is this date located?” James asked; a little perturbed with the lack of information.

    “Right beside me, I need you to be my escort.” she bluntly said.
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    Default Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    James knew nothing about being an escort. He wasn’t sure the company he worked for would allow him to play such a role either.

    “Madam, I couldn’t do you justice. There are others better qualified to escort you.” not knowing her plans but something didn’t see right.

    “You’ll do fine, we just need to get you different clothes.” she carelessly proclaimed.

    “Whomever you intend to impress will not me dazzled by me, I assure you.” James argued. She was way out of his league. Spoiled in social status and money, Cathleen might as well be to socializing with the homeless, as much class as James could offer.

    “You speak well; you look good; I need no other to do any better.” Cathleen replied. This young man would do her bidding and she could easily ensure it. “Besides, I am paying for your services well. Follow your instructions and we won’t have an issue.”

    Great, as directed was his instructions and she could direct him to do anything. James hadn’t contemplated quitting; it just wasn’t part of his creed but if it got too far out of hands, he would have that card to play. This was more her decision and he did his best to convince her otherwise. His job was done, as far as he was concerned, and whatever she had planned would put any consequences on her.

    “I am at your service.” was all he could say.

    “Good, head for Lacy’s department store.” she instructed.

    James did as instructed and soon was parked in a lot near the department store. Climbing out, he walked to the passenger door and opened it for his client.

    Shutting the door for the client, he stood for instruction.

    “Follow me.” was all she offered and James led her to the store. With her lead, they didn’t enter the front door but went to a side door instead. James thought it odd but opened the door for her.

    Stopped by a lady with a name tag, the client was allowed to pass and was led to a dressing area.

    “I am looking for apparel for this gentleman.” indicating James, “Some formal attire will do.” she explained to the clerk.

    “Any particular name brand?” the clerk asked and was answered with, “Gucci should do.”

    Not long after, James found himself trying on different suits. Mrs. Spencer settled on a dark single breasted two-button signoria suit then wanted a dress shirt to match. Shoes were next and soon, James looked like any other well off playboy.

    Adding the charge to her account, they both exited with James wearing the new clothes and his old ones in a shopping bag.

    “Please put those in the trunk along with your briefcase and paperwork.” Cathleen requested, after arriving back at the car.

    James had an issue with that. His weapon was in the briefcase which was a safety precaution for him while roaming the city late at night. He had a CCW license but didn’t like carrying the weapon on him while dealing with clients. It had a way of making people uncomfortable if they saw it on him. Placing it in the trunk meant more time getting to it.

    “I’d like to keep my briefcase if possible.” James requested.

    “Why? Take what you need and put the briefcase in the trunk.” she instructed.

    James looked at her for a few seconds. Opening the briefcase, he retrieved his 9 mm and laid it on the seat. Closing the briefcase, he picked both up and headed for the trunk. Using the remote, he opened the trunk and put the bag and briefcase inside. Clipping the holster on the inside of his pants, he closed the trunk and moved back to her door. He opened it and stood waiting for her to climb in.

    She didn’t mention the weapon and climbed in. James took his seat and started the sedan.

    “Simon’s Country Club, please.” she instructed.

    James was aware of the club. The city big shots congregated there, most for pleasure but some with business in mind. Although his client could easily afford a stretch limo, she had chosen a sedan for other reasons. A flashy limo draws attention where a sedan could have anyone of little importance in it. This afforded her privacy in a way and she wouldn’t be bothered with oglers.

    In route into the club, James was advised not to open her door and let the valet park the car. This was a problem as nobody could drive the car but the chauffeur in charge of it. Always the good driver, James called and talked to his supervisor requesting permission.

    “Dale? James, I need to allow a valet driver to park the car.” James started.

    “You know you aren’t supposed to let anyone drive the car. Why are you bothering to ask?” the supervisor chastised.

    “I’m sorry but my client was most insistent.” James replied.

    Dale let out a huff, “Who the fuck you got? The president?”

    “No sir, its Miss Cathleen Spencer sir.” James answered.

    “Thee Cathleen Spencer?” Dale responded. “Hold on, let me pull up your trip… yeah, you got her. Listen James, if she tells you to wipe her ass, you ask her if she wants to start from the front or the back, do you understand?”

    “Yes sir, understood.” James replied; a little shocked they would break a rule like this. Usually, only the drivers are insured and anything happening to the vehicle with someone else driving would not be covered, not to mention the liability should that person be harmed. He couldn’t ask what made her so special right in front of her. All he could do was comply with the order.

    James hung up and glanced at his client, riding in the front of his car, and looking at him.

    “So, if I need my ass wiped, would you really do it?” she asked, then grinning, “I like it front to back if it helps.”

    “I’m sorry; I didn’t know you could hear him.” James apologized. Damn that boss of his. A crude man with little etiquette, construction workers had more class. He not only hired James, he also worked the same shift, making him James’ boss. James has learned to tolerate the man due to his position.

    “So?” she inquired.

    “So what?” James was confused.

    “Would you?” she asked.

    “Would I what?” not understanding where this was going.

    “Would you or would you not wipe my ass?” she taunted.

    “You wouldn’t want me to. I am a male after all. I could take advantage of it, wouldn’t you think?” avoiding the question.

    “But if I wanted you to you would?” she kept pressing.

    “I would for my own selfish reasons.” he assessed. “You must realize that.”

    “You are hard to get a straight answer from, Mr. Farlow.” she sighed.

    James had only supplied his first name on Saturday. She must have inquired at work what his last name was. Even more, requested him for this trip. The paperwork was in his briefcase in the trunk so he couldn’t verify his assumption at the moment. He made a mental note to check when he had the chance.

    Pulling into the country club, the valet took the car. They entered with Cathleen’s arm wrapped around James’. The beauty of the place was astonishing. From the cathedral ceilings to chandeliers, it was an immaculate establishment.

    Cathleen was greeted by another patron whom she introduced as Gerald Green. James was struck by his jewelry as it reflected the lighting. Obviously, he had great wealth and used it to flaunt his fortune.

    “Gerald, this is my consort, Mr. James Farlow.” Cathleen introduced.

    “Ah, a fortunate man to have such beauty on his Arm.” reaching out his hand.

    Shaking the man’s hand, James replied, “A gift of heaven and I am blessed.”

    They chatted a few minutes for a while and let the man go to his other friends. Cathleen led him to the balcony where wicker chairs sat in front of the view. A marble table separated them. Taking a seat, James was greeted by a waitress seeking an order.

    “Would the good lady like a beverage?” James asked.

    “Indeed, gin and tonic please.” Cathleen replied.

    “A soda for me, preferably ginger ale.” James asked.

    At this point, James wasn’t sure why Cathleen would even bother with all this since it seemed the only purpose would be to have prominent people witness her with James.

    That puzzle was solved with the arrival of another patron.

    “Mrs. Spencer, a pleasure.” a man spoke directly behind James.

    “Ah, Mr. Davies, likewise.” Cathleen responded, and gestured to the third wicker on her right.

    James was aware of only one Davies, that person owned the company he worked for. Although they had never met, James heard nothing but good things about him. He wondered if there was a relation before him.

    “Frank, this is my consort, Mr. James Farlow.” Cathleen introduced him.

    “A pleasure meeting you sir.” James responded, shaking the gentleman’s hand.

    “Farlow, Farlow… Seems I know a Farlow.” he mumbled, returning the hand shake.

    Frank took his designated seat and James sat down following him. The next few minutes was spent with idle chit chat that usually starts a conversation. It died after the usual topics of discussion.

    Cathleen took advantage of the lull and changed the conversation, “So Mr. Davies, have you the paperwork that’s required for our endeavor?”

    “I do.” and pulled out some folded papers from his inside jacket pocket.

    Placing the paperwork on the marble, he slid it towards Cathleen. “We need a witness, perhaps Mr. Farlow could sign.” he suggested.

    “Yes… “Cathleen started, looking over the paperwork. “These are in order. The lawyers have done their jobs correctly this time.”

    Mr. Davies pulled a pen from his pocket and handed it to her. Cathleen accepted it and signed the documents in front of her. Handing the pen back, Mr. Davies did likewise. Once he’d finished, he shoved the paperwork in front of James.

    James read the bill of sale, ‘Luxury Limo’, which accompanied a deed for property and titles to several vehicles. This was his employer. It appeared he was under new ownership. Several thoughts hit him at once; how does it affect his pay, who does he report to, and is this for real?

    “Mr. Farlow?” Frank interrupted his thoughts of confusion.

    “Oh, yes… “James looked for the witness line to sign. Scribbling his John Hancock, “There you are.” and in a bit of a daze, slid the paperwork back.

    Frank Davies rose to say his good byes, congratulating Cathleen on being the proud owner of a transportation company, and took his leave.

    “Any suggestions for me now that I own the company you work for?” Cathleen asked slyly.

    “Make sure the chauffeurs know who their clients are?” was all James could say.

    Laughing at that, Cathleen suggested dinner. They walked back in to the dinner hall. She ordered for both of them as James seemed conflicted with the menu.

    “Now that I have you in my service, there are certain benefits I would like to offer you; should you agree to accept their conditions.” she began.

    “I am working to put myself through college so that I can go into criminal justice.” he explained his position, “Should the benefits aid in that endeavor, I would be willing to agree to any stipulations put forth to me.”

    “I am aware of your situation, James. However, you are unaware of mine.” she replied. “Should you choose to do my bidding, I would compensate you through gratuities for your services.”

    “Are the services any more than I already am providing?” James needed to know.

    “I have certain clients that require more personal service than others.” Cathleen hinted.

    James suspected that whatever the ‘service’ was, it bordered on illegal. He wanted to fight crime, not create it.

    “I would only request that I not be asked to do anything illegal.” James stipulated.

    “Let’s evaluate your circumstances, shall we?” she reflected, “You are a college student with no significant other, your parents live five states away who have no means to support your efforts, your best friend is the only acquaintance you have, and the only assets you have are your wits, charm, and good looks.” taking a breath, “You seek a career in law enforcement which yields you 35k a year should you not be cut back by the government, a possible pension plan that nets you no more than social security pays, and you risk life and limb for a losing battle you could hardly put a dent in.”

    “All true but I have a moral obligation I wish to keep.” James pointed out.

    “I’m not quite finished.” she interrupted, “You are a male with sexual needs that could be met should you choose to do so yet, you’ve refrained for moral reasons. You removed any consequences that could occur from your sexual adventure Saturday night before you committed to the deed. The only moral obligation you have is the fear of emotional trauma you could incur should the partner you bed wish for a permanent relationship. You even took the initiative to text Lisa in case she didn’t remember her agreement with you, keeping you guilt free of your actions.”

    “Yes, but I had no legal issue with Lisa.” James started explaining. “Should the services you request be considered, let’s say… prostitution, which is a crime that I want no part of, I would have to decline.”

    A chuckle left her as he tip-toed around the intricacies of his sexual exploitation, “But you had a legal issue with Lisa when I gave you a gratuity for satisfying her, should you approach it with your ideology.”

    This gave James a jolt, he hadn’t thought of it in that light. Technically, Cathleen was correct. He agreed to satisfy Lisa when Cathleen handed him the tip.

    “You have a point, but it doesn’t relieve me of my moral obligations preventing the emotional trauma of women I may bed with.” he singled out.

    “Ah, but what if every woman you slept with didn’t want to date or marry you?” she offered.

    “I would still not know that for sure.” James pointed out, finishing his last dish.

    “We are talking about a scenario where you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Love and lust would not cross.” she explained. “Lust would be the only thing they sought.” pushing her plate back.

    “So; there is no moral or legal issue?” James asked, wiping his lips with the napkin.

    “No, not at all.” she replied, finishing her drink.

    “Then I would agree to the services. What about the benefits?” he asked.

    “Take us home James.” she said, and got up from the table.

    The ride back consisted of talk about the company she purchased and the procedure used to reserve and dispatch trips. James explained that the system was a little outdated as there were more features that could be utilized, giving clients the capability of booking online, processing credit cards automatically, and Wi-Fi/GPS capabilities in the vehicles.

    Arriving back on the Spencer estate, James pulled the car up in the circle drive. Letting Cathleen out, he stood for instruction.

    “Park that car in the garage.” she ordered and headed into the house.

    James was perplexed. He hadn’t seen a garage. He walked around the sides of the mansion and seen a tennis court, a lake, and a swimming pool. No garage to be found.

    It was James’ experience that if the logical was not the fact, the illogical had to be. He drove the car off the circle, carefully looking for another driveway. He found it just has he met the circle to go down and out. Making his right, he drove to the two-story, four bay garage located practically in the woods. No expense was spared here either as the garage reflected the mansion’s appearance.

    A bay was already open and he had an open spot there. He went ahead and parked it in the spot. Before he could get out, the garage door was already closing. Two other cars filled the other bays. One was a BMW and the other was an SUV.

    Two African American men exited a side door and approached him. Stepping out, he was greeted with, “Your weapon and keys please.”

    James found himself in a dilemma of sorts as he had never relinquished his weapon to anyone before, usually just storing it, preventing the need to turn it in. Considering his options, he pulled holster and all then said, “I’ll want that back.” handing both to one.

    “I don’t know stud, is it better than mine?” the taller of the two said, pulling out a gold plated .44 magnum and flashed it around before holstering it.

    “9 millimeter, 16 round clip.” the short one stated. “Not bad.” unloading it.

    “Follow us.” the taller one said, and off they went through the side door the two came out of.

    James picked up his pace and followed. He was led up the path to the mansion. Entering from the side, he found himself in a parlor. Cathleen awaited for him there.

    “First, a phone call.” she announced, and picked up the phone. Dialing, she listened for the other in.

    The short man asked James for his wallet. Instinctively, James reached for it then caught himself. Seeing his hesitation, the man motioned with a hand gesture to cough it up. James reluctantly handed it over.

    “I need to speak to the supervisor on duty.” she asked then waited.

    “This is Cathleen Spencer.” she said. “To whom am I speaking?” pausing.

    “Nice to talk to you too. Has Frank Davies made contact with you, Dale?” pausing.

    “Good, would you pull up James Farlow’s itinerary for today.” pausing.

    “Yes, the third trip is indeed mine.” she continued, “I’d like to discuss some things regarding that and other concerns.”

    “No, I have no concern regarding James’ performance, his duties were met with excellence.” she went on, “I need to add a five hundred dollar gratuity to my time trip he is currently on.” listening.

    “Thank you! Now I need you to fire him.” she bluntly stated.

    James could actually hear Dale Harris yell “What?!” through the phone. Then his own concern hit him, raising a hand to protest, Cathleen waved him off, listening to Dale’s rant. James was at her mercy.

    “I know…” she huffed, “The best you have… yes.” getting impatient, “Mr. Harris!” clearing her throat, “James will be my personal chauffeur. I’ll need his record and W-2s.” then waited.

    “Well, let’s just say I needed my ass wiped and he did it front to back as requested.” she said.

    James dropped his head with that. A woman with this much wealth and power speaking like a commoner, it was baffling to him. But, Dale brought that on himself; the loud mouth SOB.

    “Yes, write him a check for last week and today then remove him from your payroll.” she ordered and waited.

    A woman dressed in a maid outfit brought in a drink for Cathleen and sat it on the table. James couldn’t help noticing her youth and beauty and wondered if maid service was the only service she provided.

    “Listen, you hired James, you can hire someone else.” irritated, “What will you do without him? I guess you’ll do without!” pausing.

    “Could I recommend my roommate?” James whispered, and then grinned.

    “There will be an application for a Mike Goodman coming across your desk. I want him hired.” she demanded.

    To James, this was almost fun. But, even the gratuities he’d racked up last week and today wouldn’t last. The bills would have to be paid next month. He hoped whatever Cathleen was offering would at least match his income.

    “You’ll make copies of his record. Put on the end date that he was promoted to management.” she explained, “Now, for my final instructions; find the license and registration for the Cadillac Mr. Farlow is driving and mark it decommissioned. That will be James’ personal car.”

    That was unbelievable, they just got that car! Tonight was the first time it went out. James had forgotten about the paperwork until now, perhaps Cathleen had asked for the newest car. Normally, they send the oldest out first, putting as many miles as possible on those, saving the newest for last.

    “No! Keep him on the insurance, for Christ sakes! He won’t have the title.” covering the microphone she asked, “Do you really have to do all the thinking for him?” then went back to her conversation.

    “That will do for now, thank you for the help Mr. Harris.” she started ending her little talk, “Oh, give James eight hours pay for my time trip, good bye.” then hung up the phone.

    “Liking the benefits so far?” she asked.

    “I certainly have but I have nothing but questions now.” James answered.

    The man that took his wallet brought it back to him.

    “Niles, was everything sufficient?” Cathleen asked.

    “Yes ma’am, license and CCW were in it. Copies were made.” he replied.

    How they knew he had a weapon was puzzling enough since Cathleen never called anyone while James was with her. Now, they had copies of his personal information.

    “Excellent.” she said, and dismissed Niles. “First, let’s talk more about the company you used to work for, James.” sipping on her glass.

    “What would you like to discuss?” James asked. Wondering what knowledge of his would be found interesting to her.

    “Ever heard of Spenco?” she asked.

    “Spenco is an international corporation owning franchises in various markets throughout the world. I understand the founder has recently passed away.” James kept up on business as most of his clients were the big wheels of industry and commerce. Even as he recalled it, the name Spencer rang out in his head.

    “You are quite good, James. I’m impressed with your business knowledge.” Cathleen praised. “The founder was my father.”

    “My condolences, I’m sorry for your loss.” James consoled. This was making some sense now.

    “Thank you, I am the sole heir to his estates and holdings.” she explained.

    “I have met royalty and stand humbled.” James said sincerely, he was in the midst of one of the most powerful people on the planet. At 30 years old or less, she could collapse economies.

    “Once again, you dazzle with words, James.” eyeing him, “Wherever did you get your sense of phrase?”

    “I’ve studied etiquette for my part time profession.” James responded.

    “That will be an asset for our future. Now, back to the company I just purchased.” she took a pause to sip her drink. “Spenco has many franchises here in the U.S. and our owners, managers, and stock holders travel in and out of the city frequently. Instead of Spenco or its affiliates spending money on transportation, they could be spending money on its own transportation company.” pausing to let that sink in.

    “So, a traveler of Spenco and its subsidiaries will, in essence, pay itself to travel.” Cathleen explained.

    This was sheer genius. A company pays itself, writes it off as a business expense while profiting from the same money through another company.

    “Spenco would be profiting from a loss that was written off.” James summarized.

    “Yes, and it is perfectly legal.” Cathleen almost giggled, sitting her drink down.

    “So, I fit in where?” James wanted to know.

    “Some of the clientele that will be traveling will require special treatment. Between those, my family and friends, and me you will be one busy man.” she smiled.

    “I don’t know how I could help that much, being part time.” James pointed out.

    “Ah, back to the benefits. You will finish out your degree online for your precious piece of paper. You should also consider becoming a body guard and seek training there. I will fund your education, whatever you decide.” leaving him reeling.

    “I’m in.” whatever the price to pay, James decided his future would be better off in the service of this woman. Besides, if you refused her, his future would be in jeopardy. She had him either way.

    “I’m pleased James. You will find your decision will be the best one you will ever make.” she purred.

    “Am I replacing anyone?” James thought this blanketed question could mean volumes.

    Cathleen grinned, “I’ve never had such a boy toy as you.” then yelled. “Niles!”

    Niles entered the room and bowed.

    “Take Mr. Farlow on a tour and get him prepped please.” and waved him and James off.

    James was led away and was shown each room on the ground floor. The elegance of the estate was breath taking. From the artwork, antiques, and woodwork, the estate was above first class. A panel door was opened for him, which brought up his eye brows. Entering the room, it was apparent that it was the security for the mansion.

    Monitors lined one wall, computers on another, and a very large TV on the side wall. The taller of the two guards manned the control panel. Niles explained the usual tech while James looked at the monitors. Some were views of the hallways in the estate including every floor. Another showed an access road from the rear. An unmarked truck was unloading boxes. Another monitor showed two more hallways with doors on each side, ending with a metallic door at the end.

    “Where’s the camera for the walkway?” James wondered out loud. Niles pointed out a walkway towards the tennis court, explaining that it could be turned in any direction.

    “I was referring to the walkway from the garage to the mansion.” he detailed.

    Niles thought for a moment and turned a camera on another monitor. It focused on the garage and a part of the walkway came into view. “I think that’s the best we have on it.”

    “You should adjust a camera to get a better view.” James pointed out.

    “Yeah, you’re right. I’ll get Virgil to adjust it” Niles said, walking over to a drawer. He pulled out a box and handed it to James. “Don’t take this off. Replacing it is a bitch.”

    James opened the box and found a ring inside. It had a cat’s eye gem with a letter “S” inside it. James remembered seeing it somewhere before. If he remembered correctly, Lisa had one similar to it.

    “That is your GPS tracking device. It also opens the gates and/or garage door when you are one half mile away.” Niles informed him. “It also represents your employer, so others know you are legit.”

    It wouldn’t fit on any finger but his pinky. He put it on while Niles programmed it into the system. Getting James straight on the security, and access card, and how to prevent accidently tripping an alarm somewhere, he handed him a smart phone with the phone number of it stickered on the back. This is your phone; the calendar has all the appointments. His old phone would forward his calls to the new one, but Niles told him to give everyone who needed it the new number.

    The new phone rang and James answered puzzled, “Hello?” and it was his roommate and best friend Mike.

    “What the fuck is going on?” he sounded scared.

    “Well, I really don’t know about your end but mine has taken a turn for the odd.” He stated.

    “Some guys here made me sign papers, paid the rent for a year, paid my college and had me fill out an application for your work.” he spat out.

    “Look, just go with it for now, whatever they want just do it.” James explained, “You’ll thank me for it later.” and hung up the phone.

    Niles led him to an elevator set inside the wall of the hallway between the kitchen and parlor room.

    James noted the four floors listed in blue and two floors listed in red. Niles pressed a red L2 button and they descended with a hum. James asked what was on L1 and Niles only said, “Servant Quarters.”

    Exiting the elevator, James found himself in a carpeted hallway ending with a metallic door. Niles led him to a door on the right and used a card James had to open it. A bed was the first thing James saw. The room had to be twenty by twenty at least. The closet, shelving and dresser drawers were next to catch his eye. A remote was on one of the dressers. James picked it up and looked at the buttons. It seemed a little complicated. Niles explained that it was for the vents, door, intercom, alarm clock, and TV hidden in a cabinet above the largest dresser. He explained that this was a staff quarters, handed him the swipe card he used to gain access, and informed him it was his room to use.

    “I’m not sure what I would do with it but thank you.” James said, puzzled.

    Niles looked at him funny, shrugged his shoulders and continued down the hall.

    Pointing with his left hand, Niles informed him that room was Lisa’s to use. Then on down to two more doors, Niles pointed at his room then his partner “Virgil’s” room. Two more rooms remained which belonged to two other guards named Harry and Phil.

    They reached the metallic door where no lock kept it from opening. Upon entering, James discovered a rec room. Complete with a sunken level with a couch that filled half the circle, it certainly provided all the comforts of home. A projector TV was mounted on one wall. A pool table sat on one raised side and ping pong table on the opposite side. A bar aligned towards the end.

    “During any leisure time, you may spend it here. The bar and kitchen is stocked daily.” Niles continued with the tour. Opening yet another door, it had the same hallway and bedrooms as the previous one. Without entering, Niles explained that the rooms were also for staff members. Then, pointing at the opposite wall, he claimed the same layout was through that door.

    The last door Niles went on through and James followed. It had rooms to the side but the hallway appeared longer. An elevator stood at the end. Opening it up with a swipe card, Niles pressed the blue number 1.

    The elevator stopped and James found himself facing the back side of the garage. More vehicles sat here. Niles explained there was a parking lot just outside and this entrance was used by staff and servants. Directing James’ attention over to a Cadillac, Virgil stepped out of it and tossed him the keys.

    “Not a bad ride.” nodding at the car, “I’ll get the maintenance log started on it.” Virgil said, pointing to a room in a corner, “Mechanic office is there. Any problems look up Ernest.”

    “Ok, am I clear to leave now?” James asked, thinking the tour was over and had probably worn out his welcome.

    “Where would you go?” Niles asked, handing his weapon back to him.

    “Home, I guess.” James replied, wondering what kind of question that was.

    “Boy, you are home.” Virgil responded. “Your crap is unloaded already. Servants are moving all of it into your room.”

    “Wait, I’m moving in here?” James said, unbelieving. “I have an obligation at my apartment.”

    “Already taken care of, stud.” Niles announced.

    “James!” he heard, coming in from an entrance on the side. Turning around, he recognized Lisa walking in.

    “Good evening and good to see you again.” James replied. She looked great. Wearing a halter top and safari pants, her looks struck James like it did the first time.

    “You headed out?” she asked.

    “No, apparently I am not.” James reckoned.

    She greeted Virgil and Niles then asked, “Would you walk with me?”

    “You have me.” James replied, and they walked over and went back down the elevator.

    “So, Spenco got their mitts on you?” Lisa asked.

    “Oh, I’d say they were all over me.” James laughed.

    James’ new phone made a sound. Looking at it, it was his calendar alerting him about a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at eleven. Lisa asked what it was and he told her.

    “Oh, your physical and crap. Been there, done that.” laughing, “What else you got scheduled?”

    James never worked with a smart phone before. Text, camera, and phone had been good enough. Looking it over, he had an appointment for that evening. ‘Cathleen Spencer, 21:00, personal session.’ checking the next day, ‘AP DL#4299 15:23 Dawn Gracie Hyatt Downtown’ and another listed ‘3127 Brittany Trail 20:00 Stacy Davidson as directed’ and recited all this to Lisa.

    “Ok, they set it up in military time. They give you the pickup first, then the time, then the destination.” she explained.

    “Really, you seem to know how it works.” James surmised.

    “I ought to,” Lisa showed him one of hers, ‘Business Center Complex, 11:00, George Kline, Marriott AP’.

    “That was today. What took so long?” James asked.

    “That was a special service client, silly.” Lisa replied, pulling the phone back. James wondered if she was the female equivalent to his job.

    The elevator opened and they walked the hallway to the rec room. James opened and held the door for her. A few people had gathered around and were chatting. Lisa introduced them. James didn’t know why a lawyer or accountant needed to stay at the house. All they said was, “We are I.R.S. deterrents.” and laughed.

    James and Lisa continued to her room. James saw that his door was opened. A mover was coming out and seen him looking.

    “Your stuff?” he asked.

    “It seems so.” James replied.

    “Man, too many books!” he huffed, “Don’t you own anything that doesn’t weigh fifty pounds?”

    James just shrugged his shoulders, stepping out of the way of the dolly he was using.

    Lisa opened her door with a swipe card and invited him in.

    Pink. The woman was addicted to it. Bed sheets, dressers, and walls; all covered with pink. She even had pink stuffed animals. James stepped inside and held an arm across his eyes, fending off the bright color.

    “Oh! I have more pink than this.” she reached in a drawer and pulled out something. “Even my toys!” and showed him a pink vibrator.

    “Tell me the paint doesn’t glow in the dark.” James responded.

    She laughed and said, “No, but my night light does!”

    James suspected any light would just reflect all the pink. Her bed was a king size. Thinking of his, it was a single, if he remembered right. He just had to ask, “How do I get a bed this size?”

    “Oh, buy it.” she said matter-of-factly, and it sounded so simple to James.

    What time do you work out?” Lisa asked.

    “I hit the campus gym at 7am.” James answered.

    “Oh, we got a gym here. I’ll knock on your door at quarter till tomorrow.” she suggested.

    “Fantastic, I’d like to see the gym.” wondering why he didn’t get that on the tour.

    They talked a bit more and James wanted to arrange his room before his appointment. Lisa offered to help and followed him over.

    “Say, where’s the bathroom?” James wondered out loud.

    “We each have our own.” walking over to a panel door and opening it. It was complete with shower, sink, and toilet.

    “Hope you had towels to bring. Miss Spencer doesn’t supply them. She says she supplies enough crap as it is.” and laughed.

    “This being two stories below ground, is there a problem with claustrophobia?” James was curious.

    “Not if you use this.” Lisa said, snatching up the remote from the dresser. She turned the vent on and another button gave a camera view of outside displaying on his outer wall. He could see the sun setting in real time.

    “That is over the top.” James exclaimed, amazed at the view. He could see the pool and beyond.

    “What day did you get off?” Lisa asked.

    “I have got to say, that never occurred to me to ask.” James told her, setting his pictures on the dresser.

    “Probably Sunday... although it doesn’t feel like a day off.” she stated.

    “Why?” all James could think to ask.

    “Because, it doesn’t really seem like you’re working anyway.” she explained, gathering socks from a box and stowing them in a drawer.

    “Sounds too good to be true.” James thought out loud.

    “Oh, you can tell me that when you’re fucking a 250 pound rhino and they want on top.” she giggled, pulling his underwear out of a box. “You do strictly boxers? You need bikini underwear. This crap won’t work at all.”

    Embarrassed over a girl looking at his underwear plus the fact that she mentioned something he didn’t consider made him turn red.

    “Bashful? You’ll lose that soon enough!” she told him, tossing his underwear in with his socks.

    “Dry cleaners pick up at 9am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Make sure you drop them at the counter before then.” she instructed as she pulled out his slut mags. “What have we here?”

    James made an attempt at taking them from her. Lisa was quicker, “Woah! Slow your roll big fella!” holding up her hand, “I like these too ya know! Learn to share.” and started leafing through the stack.

    “Well, a man must make do.” James justified.

    “My tits are bigger than hers.” Lisa held up a picture of a girl tonguing a cock. “Maybe I should model.”

    James looked at the magazine then at Lisa’s chest, “I really can’t tell.“ he said, and then grinned.

    She huffed at him and said, “Your memory is that bad?” as she twisted right and left.

    “Well, I could use a reminder.” he hinted.

    “Oh, you can’t get excited now. You have a meeting at nine, remember?” she teased, looking at her wrist. There was no watch on it.

    James pulled out his phone to check the time. Crap, it’s close to nine now! “Crap, where do I go? I got ten minutes?!”

    Lisa picked up the intercom and asked, “Virgil, where is Madam?” and listened.

    “Thanks!” and hung up.

    “Second floor balcony.” she informed him.

    “Quickest way?” he asked.

    Sighing, she said, “Elevator, duh.” and led him out.

    James let her have his key card; she wanted to finish his unpacking. Walking up to the exit for the balcony, she patted his bottom and whispered, “Go get ‘er Studley.” giggled and turning away.

    James knocked on a glass pane by the double folding doors leading out.

    “Come in James” taking a sip from a stemmed glass, “I’m glad you checked your calendar.”

    “Yes Miss Cathleen. I regret not having a proper title but none would do you justice.” he said, staring at her back on entering. Her gown was sheer and he could make out a thong-covered ass and a bikini bra under it. All were pearl white. Her hair was down but her heels were high on a three inch high white slipper. Did he guess thirty? She looked younger standing there.

    “Miss or Madam will do. Although the title of Madam demands I dominate you.” and he thought she smiled while she turned around.

    James was immediately aware of her breasts which bared her nipples above the tiny cups. Her thong was almost as narrow in the front, the sides of her lips clearly showing through the sheer gown. Her face wore a little makeup but James thought she could get by without it.

    “I would be a submissive slave if such beauty demanded it.” James replied, hoping she wouldn’t take him up on it.

    “Ah, your mouth is writing checks your ass couldn’t cash, James.” she stated smugly, walking back in from the balcony. James followed behind her.

    “Perhaps, but it would be yours with a debt.” James countered, now fighting a bulge from staring at her ass.

    She led him to a large bedroom with plush carpeting and sat in a love seat at the foot of her bed. “I have remised, how have you found your benefits?”

    “I was shocked to see my personal belongings arrive here.” James started. “I neither expected nor deserved such luxury.” still trying to get used to it.

    “Then your debt has mounted.” she mused, “You will make a payment tomorrow.” sitting her glass in her lap empty. James reached for it and placed it on a night stand. Seeing an opened bottle, filled it and handed it back while sitting down beside her.

    “I need some instruction, I’m afraid.” folding his hands together and placing his elbow on the arm.

    “Just let her seduce you.” was the advice Cathleen gave.

    “Which one of the two?” James’ asked, worried about his role.

    “Why both of course.” she giggled.

    “Ah, so I will let them lead me.” James felt a little better. Seducing women is a lowly task. He was far better off letting women chase him than him doing the chasing.

    “You will not fail, James. You are guaranteed to have sex with them both.” she touched his thigh, “and they only want sex.” easing his mind.

    “Is there anything I should know about them?” James thought to ask.

    “Dawn Gracie is a business client that I owe a favor to. She is coming into town to cash that favor in. You are part of that favor.” she sighed, “Stacy Davidson is my cousin. She has been lonely since her divorce and I want to set her up with a blind date. You are that blind date. She knows what you look like and has looked forward to this dinner. You may remember her by her red hair. That reminds me, an Amex card has been issued for your expenditures. It was placed in your wallet earlier. Keep in mind that it only has a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar limit.”

    James became aroused after listening to what he had in store for the following day and it was sparked by the scantily clad woman in front of him. But hearing about a quarter of a million dollars for a spending limit set him back.

    “I am afraid that your expectance will bear me strife. A spending limit that meets or surpasses most towns’ budget is a responsibility I wouldn’t like to shoulder.” James admitted, almost terrified with the amount that figure was.

    “That is exactly what I wanted to hear.” she sighed, “And it is also the reason why you have it. Anyone not worried would be untrustworthy, you see.”

    “Is there a way you could cut it back?” James requested.

    “Unfortunately, we cannot. You see, the limit would be reached before the end of the month. We estimate your expenditures will exceed it should it be less.”

    “You expect me to spend that much in a month?!” he was flabbergasted, what could cost so much?

    “You have the suit that was purchased today, that with all the accessories was five thousand.” she reasoned, “You will pay for the hotel our guest is staying in with that card. You will take my cousin to a five star restaurant and pay for that with the card. All in one day and that adds up after thirty days.”

    “How in the world do you stay in business with that overhead?” James asked.

    “Ah, welcome to America, it is all a tax write-off!” she laughed. “I don’t have accountants and lawyers for nothing.”

    James reflected on his goals of becoming a force against crime which seemed futile to begin with but hearing Cathleen talk about so many dollars like it was monopoly money gave him a shiver.

    “I am overwhelmed of it all.” James surmised.

    “If you find monetary engineering baffling, we won’t even mention social engineering.” she laughed.

    “I am amazed of the intricacies of your burdens. Mine seems pale in comparison.” James sighed, “If there is anything I could do to alleviate your plight, I would be honored to accommodate.”

    “That is excellent news!” she cheered, and pressed a button somewhere under the arm.

    A young girl of high school age came to the doorway, “Yes Miss?”

    James took note of the maid from earlier and was again struck by her fair beauty. She almost looked under age.

    “Jill, we are ready for bed.” Cathleen stated.

    “Yes, Miss.” and walked back out.

    Cathleen stood up and gestured for James to do the same. After a minute, the maid returned with another. James was struck by the fact that they were twins. They both approached and one began undressing her. The other stepped over to James and started on his clothes.

    “My modesty defeats me.” James proclaimed, trying to stop the girl.

    “Relax James, they know what you have.” Cathleen said smugly.

    James submitted and the girl had him stripped to his boxers. His modesty affected him and his cock lost attention.

    “Boxers, James? Those need burned. Get bikini underwear tomorrow.” Cathleen ordered. “A woman can’t judge the goods in a package like that.” and both the girls giggled.

    “Strip him!” and the girls walked to him, grabbing a side and yanked them past his knees.

    “James, your embarrassment has left you flaccid.” she huffed, “Girls, get it up.” and both went after him.

    James held his hands up, looked at Cathleen, and shrugged with a dazed look. Looking down, he lost his place as he couldn’t tell which one was Jill.

    “Jill; who is the other princess beside you?” he asked.

    Regretting that he asked as the one with his cock in her mouth removed it and said, “Jack” and went to take him back but the other had taken it over. Jill looked back at him and gave him a frown. James mouthed, “Sorry”

    “Jacqueline and Jill are two of my maids. Both are 18 of course. They have been with me for over two years. When they turned sixteen, the Duchess of Kettering gave them as a gift to me.” Cathleen said proudly.

    “A gift? That is unbelievable!” James was taken aback. Slavery was a nasty business. Other countries still do it. He wondered if that was what Cathleen meant.

    “Their parents were servants for the Duchess. They come from a long line of servants. Her giving them to me is more complicated though. But, I’ll say they are better off with me than anywhere else.” she explained.

    James thought about that and decided that Cathleen was not lying, knowing the treatment he had received thus far.

    The twins had gone to work after learning to share. Jill grabbed his ass cheek on one side and Jack the other and took their turns mouthing him into an erection.

    “What’s your best guess girls?” Cathleen asked, pointing at the creation they made.

    “Eight inches.” said one and the other agreed.

    “They do this often?” James asked, noticing how casual it seemed to them.

    “Not really, but we girls talked about it and thought you’d be delighted to have them service you.” Cathleen giggled.

    “Can I have him when you’re done Miss?” Jack asked. “My pussy is awful achy.”

    “Wait, I saw him first!” Jill piped in. “My pussy aches too!”

    “James is a commodity; you aren’t to hurt him in any way.” Cathleen ordered, “Besides, it will be up to him.” sighing, “Has he got a hot body?”

    Since they only seen him closely from the crotch they rubbed their hands on him and turned him around, giving him an inspection, one said, “He has a tight ass.” and smacked it, making James tense up. “I like his muscles.” the other one said.

    Cathleen removed her last article of clothing by kicking her shoes off. She climbed into bed and spread her legs. “Jack, get me wet. Jill, keep him hard.”

    Jack climbed between her legs. Jill sat James on the edge so he could watch then dropped to his cock to pay him lip service. Jack must have hit a good spot because Cathleen said, “Oh, right there!” and grabbed Jack’s hair to guide her.

    James had never witnessed another servicing a woman, let alone another girl doing the servicing. As was expected, he found it most erotic. Jack seemed to enjoy her task and the breasts of Cathleen’s where merely a foot from him. Jill was just as pleased to have is cock in her mouth as she stroked his shaft. The urge was irresistible and his hand fondled Cathleen’s breast and nipple. His other hand went to Jill’s head as he felt her caress the back side of his cock with her tongue.

    Jack reached with her hands between the legs to spread Cathleen’s lips apart, gaining better access. James, always the gentleman, ran his hand from a breast to slit and spread the lips apart for her with two fingers, relieving Jack from the awkward position. She was thankful for the free hand and used it to caress Cathleen’s breast.

    Jill was feeding her hunger and the act was raising her heat. The urge couldn’t be fought as she lowered a hand to her panties. When her fingers met her nub, a moan left her, making James feel the vibration. Stroking herself and servicing a cock was plenty enough for her as she shivered against James’ crotch, releasing him and resting with his shaft running beside her nose. Panting into his balls, she recovered and took him once more in her mouth.

    Jack was not to be neglected either as she propped her ass in the air and her face on ’s crotch. Her left hand remained on a breast but her right hand serviced herself. Her talent was apparent as she lapped a cunt with a tongue and stroked her own clit with her fingers. A minute into the act, she shuddered with her own orgasm and screamed into Cathleen’s mound.

    Cathleen had enough, feeling the young girl’s orgasm through her mouth on her clit. Clutching the hair even tighter, she humped herself into paradise. Bucking to a tremble, she released the head that served her and rubbed her own clit. Her breasts that quaked in her pleasure had slowly subsided, give James the honor of seeing them rise and fall.

    Jack had swallowed her essence and continued to lick at the slit. Cathleen had recovered and begged the hungry girl off. Watching the service James was receiving, she ordered, “Put James in me.” and prepped for his intrusion.

    Jill reluctantly released him and rose to do her part. James climbed between the legs and propped himself up with his arms.

    Jack took the task of spreading Cathleen and Jill guided James’ cock. Both were met over her slit and Jill rubbed it up and down. Jack kept Cathleen open and serviced her clit softly with two fingers, while the cock stroked the crevice and clit with Jill’s hand wrapped around it.

    Jack pinched Cathleen’s clit and Jill rubbed the cock head on it, paying close attention not to scrape a finger nail. With coordinated effort, the twins serviced Cathleen faster using James cock as the instrument of pleasure.

    Cathleen was feeling her breasts neglected, James thought, as she demanded service on her nipples. But before he could reach one with his open mouth, the two girls had beaten him to them. laid there with two heads on her chest, her pussy spread wide, her clit pinched and standing, a cock stroking against her, and her hands rose up to a James’ chiseled chest to keep her centered.

    ‘Well-orchestrated’, James thought, as the girls sucked, rubbed and pinched the billionaire into oblivion. Involuntary humping occurred as Cathleen lost control. Her eyes widened as her vagina closed, a gasp and shutter followed and both the girls slowed.

    Easing back on their haunches, the girls let James enter. He noticed the expert attention they had done on Cathleen’s nipples. Both were pointing at him and he took advantage of one. His first taste brought him strawberries as the girl’s lip gloss had left a residue. He teased and tongued the one and brought his hand to the other.

    Slowly stroking in and out, he let her adapt. It wasn’t to her liking and she ordered, “Girls help him out.”

    Jack and Jill went up his hill and grabbed the cheeks of his ass. They forced him into Cathleen while spreading him apart. As the thrusts got faster, the girls got friskier and each probed his anus with a finger. They put their other hand to use and scooped a cheek of Cathleen’s ass in it. Together they forced the both of them to fuck, working their fingers all the while.

    Before James knew it, a finger entered him followed by the other girl’s; having their grip upon him he couldn’t shake them loose if he tried. He could only imagine that Cathleen was experiencing the same treatment. He let the girls do the work in timing his thrusts as they seemed to know what Cathleen enjoyed and he was doing this for her. They forced it a little faster and James fought back his load. Gritting his teeth as the magic flowed.

    “Grind your hips when you enter, James” instructed the twin named Jill.

    “Tighten up your pussy, Miss.” instructed the twin named Jack.

    Feel her tight pussy?” Jill asked James. “Feel his hard cock?” Jack asked .

    “Fuck it in her good!” Jill said. “Take that cock!” Jack said.

    “Squirt your cum deep in her James!” “Suck his juice with your pussy woman!”

    Together, with fingers in their asses, dirty talk from the twins, and the sensations from each other, James met his paradise at the same time she did. No longer assisted by the twins, James and Cathleen fucked into each other as seed mixed with juice between them. The rapture took over and they met each other in total bliss.

    The twins removed their fingers and tilted sideways on the edges so they could watch the coupling and the blast of liquids coating the two lovers. Both sighed at the sight and played with themselves, getting off on the view.

    James collapsed on his mistress and gave her soft kisses. He didn’t feel it appropriate to kiss her on the mouth, but she returned the affection forcing her lips onto his.

    After they recovered, Cathleen issued an order, “Clean us up girls.” and the twins went right to work.

    Rolling James off on his back, Jill took to cleaning and Jack did likewise with Cathleen.

    “So, how did you like assisted fucking?” Cathleen inquired.

    “I’ll say that it was an experience I will never forget.” James boasted, “These beautiful vixens are wonderful.” smiling at them both.

    “It was my idea to have them undress us but they came up with the rest.” Cathleen informed him.

    “They seem the essence of innocence; I doubt they’d think all that up on their own.” James thought out loud.

    “Innocent they are; both being virgins, but they have their fantasies too.” Cathleen pointed out. “I’ve taught them certain techniques but they are craving a cock. They could yield a pretty penny for their innocence but I’ve given them freedom to decide what they want to do with It.” she said, while Jack licked at her thighs.

    “Goodness! They spoke such naughty language.” James was amazed. “Talking like they did put me over.” and Jill continued her tongue bath on his balls.

    “They did me too! They’re so wonderful!” Cathleen praised. “We hoped our little plot would rock your world, James, and it certainly looked like it did.” she laughed.

    “I see where a servant could be an advantage!” James exclaimed. “A fantasy couldn’t match that pleasure. Two lucky men will find each a treasure.”

    Both the girls rose off the two and stood on each side of the bed, waiting instruction.

    James and Cathleen rose from the bed. James kissed Jill and thanked her then walked to the other and did the same. Cathleen patted them on the head and praised their performance when Jill met side by side with Jack.

    “Burn those underwear girls.” Cathleen instructed, and they picked up all the clothes and left. James tried to protest and she told him to do without. He needed to get over his shyness and this would help him in that regard.

    He was left with the instruction to wear a blue polo tomorrow that would be found in his closet. At a fast pace, well aware of the cameras, he made it to the elevator. When the door opened an older maid was in it. Stepping in, he pressed the L2 button while covering himself with the other hand. “Good evening.” he said, while the blood rushed to his face.

    Looking him up and down she said, “I don’t think we’ve met. If you’re trying to make a first impression,” looking at his crotch, “Its working.” and smiled. Stepping out of the elevator on L1, she said I’m the third door on the right should you want to talk about anything that… pops up!” and headed down the hallway.

    When the door closed, James let go of his goods and leaned against the side. Then he remembered a camera in the elevator and cupped himself again.

    Not having a keycard to enter, he had hoped someone was there to open it. Knocking he heard, “Who is it?” like that was a mystery to them.

    “Lisa, it’s me. Could you let me in?” James announced.

    Hold on a second, I want to capture the image of your ass on the monitor!” she yelled through the door.

    Finally, the buzzer let him in and he could see the hallway he just traveled splattered on the side wall.

    “Oh, that is hilarious! You really got me there!” James condescended as he looked for something to hide behind.

    Lisa turned around, sporting a pink nighty, “I thought you were an exhibitionist the way you flaunted around the estate!”

    “Cathleen had the maids take my clothes.” he said with a huff, hands cupping his manhood.

    A knock on the door startled James and he opened it a crack. Jill pushed the door open and let herself in.

    “The Madam wants me to retrieve your boxers.” she claimed.

    Lisa giggled and said, “I knew that would happen.” and headed for the drawer she put them in.

    “Great! I guess she wants those burned too!” James pouted, crossing his legs.

    “Oh, I think Jack and I are going to use them to sleep in.” picking out a couple of pairs, “You got a pink one!”

    She dropped her panties and pulled off her maid dress, giving James a glimpse of her downy pubic hairs. Slipping a purple pair on she said, “What do ya think?” and Lisa said she looked adorable.

    “I think I’ll want a pair for night time too!” and took back the pink ones.

    “My word! I never thought my underwear would be in such demand!” James was in shock. “Just what am I supposed to sleep in?” sitting on the bed, cupping his goods.

    “You sleep in what God gave you of course.” Lisa teased, taking her pink panties off and slipping the pink boxers on.

    Another knock on the door made James jump again. Here he was nude and getting visitors. Jill opened it this time and Jack stepped in.

    “Here’s your stuff from your pockets, you got a phone call too.” and handed his keys, wallet and phone to him. “What’s up girls? James like running around naked in front of you?” she chimed, looking him over.

    “I don’t know… he hasn’t bothered with it since he got here.” Lisa teased, trying to brush his hand aside.

    “Look, as much as I enjoy being in the buff while three gorgeous women ogle me fully clothed, I’m going to take a shower. If all of you leave while I’m doing so, would you please leave me one pair of boxers to wear? I’ll get bikini ones tomorrow.” and headed for the bathroom with his chin held high and his hands held low.

    Opening up a panel door, he discovered his closet. It was stocked in fine threads, all of them being his size. He spotted the polo recommended for tomorrow. He picked out a pair of slacks to match it. Pretending he meant to go in the closet, he turned around and sat them on top of his dresser.

    Looking around for the panel door to his bathroom, he wasn’t having much luck. “Um, where’s the bathroom again?” and all three girls laughed. Lisa opened it for him and all three girls smacked his ass on the way in.

    James took his shower and washed the day’s events off him. He had been overwhelmed of it all and it still hasn’t sunken into him yet.

    Coming back out, he found his room empty. The pink boxers were lying on his bed. Checking his phone, he saw the missed call from his roommate and thought to give him a call back.

    He picked up on the third ring, “Dude? Where are you?” was Mike’s first question.

    “I’m in an estate on the west side of town.” James answered, putting on his pink boxers.

    “An estate, huh. You moved out on me. What the hell happened?” he asked.

    James explained everything to him, leaving out the sexual details, and told him he was ok. After explaining it, Mike called him a lucky S.O.B. and to stick with it. James told him to get his ass down to Luxury Limo and get started there. He would make better money and his horny side might benefit as well.

    James agreed to meet with him tomorrow between Mike’s classes and hung up the phone. Fiddling with the remote, he tried to turn on the news. He had to figure out how to change the source to get it off the monitoring system. After passing the adult channels, he finally found the business news and settled down on his bed.

    James was stunned to see Dawn Gracie make the news. She was coming to town to reform a local company. He lost interest as the news turned to stocks and turned it off.

    He went to sleep dreaming of Dawn Gracie ordering him to suck her pussy.
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    Chapter 3

    An alarm jolted James awake. How to turn it off baffled him for a while. Finding the room remote, he finally hit the right button. He simply had to get a booklet of instructions for the damn thing.

    He hit the light switch and checked the time. It was six am. He assumed Lisa set the alarm last night. He was glad she did. He found a pair of sweat pants and an undershirt and headed to his bathroom to get ready.

    After getting cleaned up and dressed, he opened the door and stepped across the hallway. Knocking on the door, Lisa yelled “Come in” with the door buzzing his access.

    Opening the door, James was greeted by a pair of breasts first and the rest of Lisa second.

    “Ah, you were correct.” James surmised.

    “How so?” Lisa wondered.

    “Your breasts are bigger than the girl in the magazine.” he smiled.

    “Told ya so.” and lowered her tee over them. “Ready to work out?”

    “All set. I’m anxious to see what we have to work with.” he replied.

    “You’ll like it.” and grabbed her towel.

    James followed her to the garage up to the second floor. The elevator opened to a full sized gym. It boasted of tread mills and bicycles, free weights and machines. Mirrors lined one side and windows facing the back green on another. James had an advantage with the view and realized the sunset he witnessed last night was facing a golf course.

    Niles was working out and James approached him. “I think you overlooked this place on your tour.” and smiled.

    “That’s because I didn’t want you up here telling me what a shitty tour you got.” grunting into his workout.

    James laughed at that, “I wouldn’t have called it shitty, just a little less informative.”

    James wished him a good workout and studied the room a little more.

    Finding an open treadmill, James decided to start there. He set the run for a two-mile run in thirty minutes. Lisa took the treadmill beside him.

    “How did you know the bride at the Wilson wedding?” James asked while his treadmill started up.

    “Oh, I was friends with her cousin, Stacy.” She offered.

    “Stacy Davidson?” Jim remembered. “Oh, how long have you known her?”

    “A while, why?” she wanted to know.

    “I have a run with her tonight.” he explained, hoping to gain some insight on what to expect.

    “Her red hair says it all!” she giggled.

    James and Lisa were done by eight. After cleaning up, they met again for breakfast. They ate in the rec room which had a mini kitchen. James offered to pick up food since he had time before his first appointment. The girl that usually handled the cooking gave him a list. James didn’t enquire what her true purpose was thinking he would learn in time.

    James went back to the garage to find his Cadillac. Taking the elevator, he was met by another servant heading out. She greeted him shyly and rode quietly to the garage level. James said in parting, “Nice to meet you.” and turned to his car.

    “Good to meet you… with clothes on.” she giggled and walked away.

    Ernest was checking his oil and James introduced himself.

    “Ah, you do wear clothes.” and chuckled.

    “You’re the second one to comment on my clothing. Is there something I need to know?”

    “Eh, you might not be interested but security kicked on the monitors in our room last night and we followed you around the place. Nice shot in the elevator by the way.” and laughed out loud.

    “You’re kidding!” James was fuming, “Is Cathleen aware of that?”

    “Son, everyone is aware of that.” and closed the hood. “I liked to died when that maid caught you bare naked!” laughing away.

    Great, he just started working here and already he is a huge embarrassment. James’ phone went off in his pocket making a sound he didn’t recognize. Looking at it, he saw a text message and read it.

    ‘Mary sends her regards’ with an attachment. Opening it, James was hit with a photo of him in the elevator with the maid. Obviously, the picture was of a monitor that had still framed on the shot. James knew someone was in the security room, viewing his recording of his trip from Cathleen’s room to his.

    Looking at the sender name, he saw it was from Cathleen Spencer. Texting back, ‘probably her first thrill in months.’ and sent it.

    She replied with, ‘where are you going?’ and he responded with, ‘store for groceries and some damn underwear.’ and sent that back.

    Slamming the door, his ego wounded, he almost peeled out of the place. He was glad that he didn’t because people were standing outside smoking. The women all waved at him and one held a thumb to her hear with her pinky extended mouthing, “Call me.” James wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t an older lady doing that!”

    Arriving at the mall, he locked the doors and headed in. He went for underwear first, and looked for bikini underwear. Finding a store that offered them, he bought a dozen pair. Leaving that store, he found a novelty store and they offered men’s thongs. Figuring, ‘what the hell’, he bought five of those in different colors. Noticing some maid outfits, he picked out two black and white ones for the twins. He spotted a pink thong with a built-in vibrator in the front. Thinking of Lisa, he bought what he thought was her size. He grabbed flavored lotions and other items that might benefit a woman then made his way out.

    Heading for the car, he texted Mike to see if he was still good to meet up. He replied with a ‘ya’ so he headed there. Mike probably shit a load when men showed up to get his things. He hoped to rest any fears he had and explain anything Mike was confused about.

    He pulled into the lot right as Mike got there. Hopping out, he walked with him to a bench.

    “So, this all started with a limo trip?” Mike started.

    “Yes, a wedding run.” James admitted.

    “Wow dude, you hit the jack pot!”

    “That depends really.” James sighed.

    “How’s that? Shit man, you got it made.”

    “I am feeling a bit trapped, buddy.” he said, sounding depressed.

    “Trapped in heaven no less!” Mike was excited for him.

    “Mike, look at it this way. If I screw this up, these people can screw my life up.” James explained.

    “So, what is the biggest responsibility you have?” Mike tried to help.

    “It’s a toss-up. Either pleasing the clients that could be self-centered and finicky or maintaining a quarter of a million dollars in an expense account.” he huffed, “Which one you think is more important?”

    “I would love to have your problems, if you could call that much money a problem.” Mike chuckled.

    “That’s one month.” James whispered. “That’s three million a year.”

    “You need a lawyer.” Mike suggested.

    “Yeah… for an expense account.” James saddened.

    They talked for a while and Mike claimed he would be at the transportation company that afternoon. They agreed to keep in touch and James left for his doctor’s appointment.

    Pulling out his phone, he looked up the information. There were no details, only the subject line. Left with nothing, James had to call someone so he remembered Cathleen texted him so he would try that.

    ‘Dr. appt. unknown location.’ and waited.

    Cathleen sent, ‘rec room L2.’

    James should have realized that with lawyers, accountants, and now, internal doctors. She is going to think I’m stupid. Texting back, he wrote, ‘2nd opinion?” hoping she would get the humor.

    Cathleen replied, ‘Your head needs checked too’

    Sending her a ‘thanks’, he headed for the grocery store. After picking up the items on the list, he headed for home. That thought alone rattled his head. Home was now a mansion with a compound under it. He couldn’t help feeling a little… abducted.

    Parking the car in the parking lot, James unloaded items from his briefcase he didn’t want to carry around. He left his weapon in the car. He didn’t want Niles to come out and take it again. Opening the glove box, he discovered boxes of condoms, leaving no room for anything else. There was a compartment in the middle front seat and he left it there with a flashlight and map. Since he was the only one driving the vehicle, he didn’t have to worry about leaving it in the car, it was his car.

    As he headed for the entrance, one of the smokers outside yelled, “Decided to wear clothes today?” and snickered with the rest of the group.

    James replied, “The boss let me. Don’t be jealous.” as he passed them. He was pretty much over it. There wasn’t anything he could do about it and it was Cathleen’s fault, not his.

    Arriving on the second floor, he made his way to the rec room. Dropping two bags of groceries off at the mini kitchen, he set to work stowing the goods.

    After finishing that chore, he looked around for anyone that could tell him where the doctor was. The woman that gave him the grocery list came in.

    “Pardon me, I picked up the grocery list and stored them. Would you know where I could find the doctor? I have an appointment due.”

    “Yes, look for an older woman about five nine, a thirty inch waist, double D breasts, and blonde hair.” she rattled off, “she goes by the name of Dr. Song.”

    “Thank you Miss…?” James replied.

    “Song. Dr. Song.” she offered her hand.

    James was taken back, he had no idea she was a doctor. “You have my apologies! I didn’t realize I had met a medical professional. I thought you were decor for the facility!” shaking her hand.

    “Oh, I thought that was what you were!” she laughed.

    “So, where do I go for my physical?” James enquired.

    “Right here is fine, go ahead and strip.” reaching for something under the sink.

    James looked around at the few people sitting on the sunken couch, “Isn’t there some place more private?”

    “What, you didn’t seem to have a problem last night.” pulling a black bag out, “I think I saw a pimple on your left ass cheek we should look at…”

    “Please doctor; last night was a prank that someone pulled on me.” James begged.

    She looked at him funny, “Head for your room dumbass.” she ordered.

    “Oh!” James laughed, “A doctor that makes house calls, how rare!” and led the way to his room.

    The doctor checked his vitals, took a blood sample, and asked him about his exercise, diet, and medical history. She reminded him to fill out all the paperwork so she could get his medical record.

    “I haven’t gotten any forms yet.” James replied.

    Dr. Song walked over to his computer desk, picked up a box of books, sitting it on his bed, and grabbed a manila folder. Handing him the forms, she asked, “Did your mother have a hard time raising you?”

    “I hope she didn’t.” and watched as the doctor packed up her gear.

    “Ok, six months from now, same thing.” and opened the door. “See me with anything unusual.”

    “Wait, what about my pimple?” James smiled.

    “Oh, I forgot about that. Bend over.” she ordered.

    Hesitantly, James stood up, not knowing if she was serious, watching her eyes for any hint, and bent over the bed.

    She pulled his pink boxers down, ‘Smack!’ “That’s for being a smartass!” and out the door she went.

    James rubbed his ass and yelled, “Thank you!” as the door closed. ‘A doctor with a sense of humor, how rare.’ he thought.

    Finding this to be the perfect time to change underwear, he went ahead and stored his purchases and tried a pair on. Great, he was a Chippendale dancer.

    The rest of his time was spent filling out forms. Health, Dental, and Life insurance, clauses, release forms… even a Spenco application. James’ head was spinning from too much information.

    Finally finished, he pulled his old phone out and added contacts to his new phone. He noticed an email lit up on his phone. He didn’t know he had an email account. Checking into it, he found his email address. He also figured out how to add his personal email to the phone. The email he received was a standard welcome message telling him he joined the company network.

    His time was coming up to pick up his client at the airport. He didn’t know what to do with the forms. Remembering the intercom, he picked it up and dialed zero. ‘Hello James’ he heard Virgil through the phone.

    “Greetings Virgil, I have my forms filled out and wanted to know where I dropped them.”

    “Bring them to us in the security room. We got more things for you.” he said, and hung up the phone.

    James headed there and knocked on the door. Niles opened it and patted him down. Taking the folder, he handed James more gear.

    Checking them off, Niles said, “Pepper spray, hand cuffs, earpiece… “

    “Are we expecting Armageddon or something?” James asked, looking at the gear being handed to him.

    Virgil said, “Protestors are gathering at the drop point.”

    James could only assume it was the hotel he was taking his client to.

    After some instructions on the radio and ear piece, James had to rib them a little.

    “We had a security breach last night. Someone put the security cameras on everyone’s room monitor.”

    “Uh, that was me.” Virgil admitted, “I bumped a button or something.” and grinned.

    “Ah, no harm done, as long as it doesn’t wind up on YouTube or something.” James replied.

    “That would be bad, wouldn’t it Virgil?” Niles snickered, and ushered James out.

    James checked the flight on his phone, seeing that it was arriving early. He headed to the airport and parked in the commercial lot.

    They issued him a sign that simply read ‘Spenco’ with the company logo. He headed to the pickup location drivers were instructed to wait at.

    Twenty minutes after the flight arrived, he saw his client. Wearing a business outfit with a low cleavage blouse, she wasn’t a model but she was better than average. She had the demeanor of a business woman but still maintained a sexy walk.

    “Greetings and welcome to our fair city.” James smiled.

    “You must be James, a pleasure.” and headed for her luggage.

    “Your luggage will arrive on carrousel number three.” James informed her. He always checked for the client. It makes it easier on them.

    While she waited for the luggage to pop up, James remembered his instructions. Pushing the small button on the ear piece, he said, “Made contact with client.” and released it. A ‘Roger’ came back at him.

    He loaded the luggage in the car after letting his client in and headed for downtown. His GPS gave him an estimated eighteen minute arrival time. Keying his ear piece, he informed them of that. Clipping his weapon into his pants, he then settled in for the drive.

    Approaching the exit, he informed security of it. Tuesday downtown, no matter the time of day, was always a hustle and bustle. The red lights don’t help any either. Fortunately, the hotel was only a block off the exit.

    Sitting at the red light, right in front of the hotel, James noted all the protestors with their signs, chanting whatever their complaints were over and over. It’s a shame the hotel only had one entrance. The garage they use was off site. Then, the client would have to walk.

    Pulling into the circle valet area, James put it in park. Before unlocking the door, he asked Mrs. Gracie to wait for him to open hers. Perhaps James could be a buffer against any crowd that might form around the car. He informed security that he arrived at his destination.

    Stepping out, James looked around at the mass of people. He spotted local news networks off to the side. One man stood out with James, wearing a hoodie over his head. The crowd looked angry, yelling obscenities at anyone around. They weren’t happy about their place of work closing down and restructuring.

    James made his way to the rear passenger door facing the hotel entrance. Checking one more time, it looked as if Mrs. Gracie would have a safe departure. It was a beeline to the entrance.

    James opened the door and his client put her foot out. The hoodie pushed his way into the valet circle and reached a hand in his pocket, grimacing from his effort. James saw him approach and placed his hand on the client’s head, shoving her back in the car, and closing the door with his hip.

    The car wasn’t bullet proof glass and the hoodie still came at it. Knowing his client may be in danger, he prepared for the worst. Pulling his weapon and aiming it at the same time hoodie pulled his and aimed his weapon, James yelled, “Halt!” and the man focused on James. The crowd gasped behind the man.

    “Drop it!” James ordered, waiting for any sign of aggression. He had never shot a man before and this was testing his resolve.

    The hooded man weighed his option and relaxed his weapon. Seeing the look in James’ eyes, he dropped it on the ground.

    Police that was guarding against the protestors showed up right behind him and James lowered his weapon. They had him handcuffed and kneeling on the ground. Several more showed up and James saw that he was safe to open the door.

    Letting his client out, she looked a little rough because James had messed up her hair and her clothes were tangled. She took a moment to straighten her skirt and coat then started walking to the hotel.

    James put his arm around her and steered around the people that gathered. Marching in through the door, a policeman followed. While his client dealt with the front desk, James dealt with the officer, giving him his CCW and driver’s license.

    James had the room placed on his credit card, giving the client the room number and keys. The client waited with him in case they needed any questions answered.
    “Thank you, James.” she said, looking a little shaken up.

    “It was an honor to serve you, Mrs. Gracie.” James replied.

    It wasn’t long before the officer returned with his licenses, telling him “Good work.” and leaving him. They apparently didn’t need his client so they headed for her room.

    Dawn opened the door, took off her coat and slumped on the bed. Looking over at the night stand, she grabbed the TV remote and hit the power button.

    “What the hell happened out there?” she asked, as she looked through the stations.

    “You were in jeopardy, Miss.” James simply said.

    She found a local station and they were replaying the incident. For the second time, James found himself on camera. This was not good news. Publicity isn’t good for business and chauffeurs are supposed to be in the background.

    “You saved my life!” she exclaimed, listening to the announcer.

    “The police were right behind him.” James pointed out.

    “You’re the only one with a gun out.” She retorted. “The police would have let me die!”

    “Miss Gracie...” James started.

    “Don’t call me that! You saved my life. Call me Dawn.” she said, holding back tears.

    “I’ve done no more than anyone else would have done.” James explained.

    “Are you kidding? Look! There’s a shitload of ‘anyone else’ and none of them helped!” realizing just how lucky she was.

    “Try to calm down, no sense fretting over it.” James consoled. “May I get you a drink?”

    “Please, make it a stiff one.” she replied as her cell phone went off.

    James mixed a drink from the hotel bar. Someone found out what happened already and was concerned for her welfare. She explained that it was a disgruntled employee and her driver saved her life.

    James’ earpiece went off, ‘Farlow! What the hell happened?’

    He replied, ‘Everything is fine here. Client is in the safety of her room.’

    ‘The hell if it is! You’re all over the news!’ and James knew that wasn’t going to be good.

    ‘Sorry about that. I didn’t want to be.’ was all he could think to answer.

    ‘Sorry? What are you sorry for? You did great!’

    James didn’t know if it was Niles, Virgil, or someone else on the other end so he just said, ‘Thanks’ figuring they probably didn’t realize that James will be recognized all over the city for a while.

    ‘We have your car. It’ll be in the hotel garage when you’re ready to leave.’

    James watched the TV as his car pulled away, officers were breaking up the protestors, and media crews moved back to the sidewalk.

    Dawn moved to the bathroom. Letting her hair down, she called to him, “James” and he responded, turning off the TV, “Yes Miss?”

    “I need to take my mind off of the stress I’ve had today.” turning to face him. “Is there something you could think of that would do that?” unbuttoning her blouse.

    James’ heart rate went up while her hands continued down and unhooked the skirt she was wearing. “I would be willing to relieve you of your stress.” eyeing the curves she unveiled.

    Walking over to James, she turned around, allowing him to unclasp her bra. Grabbing his hands behind her, “Perhaps a massage.” and placed them on her ass, “Right about there.” and James started kneading her cheeks while she bent over.

    James took the initiative and got both his hands in the insides of her panties. Squeezing with his thumbs in the center, he found the softness beside her anus. Working further in, it prompted Dawn to spread her legs wider. Soon, he was massaging her cunt lips, tugging, pulling and pinching them.

    Working his way out, he used his fingernails and softly scratched her cunt lips all the way back to her anus, and then lowered her panties.

    “Ah, that was nice.” raising up and shucking her panties. “Now, what can I do for my hero?” turning around naked in front of James, jutting her breasts in front of his face.

    Without answering, James buried his head in her chest, reaching for both breasts with his hands. She grabbed him on his ears and forced him onto a nipple, “Suck it James! Suck it good!” and ground her cunt on his knee.

    James let go of her breasts and ran them down her sides, over her curve, and onto her ass. He massaged the cheeks from this direction, helping her grind on his knee. Paying attention to her anus, he heard her moan, “Finger it James! Finger-fuck it!” and he slipped one in while she forced him on the other nipple.

    She moaned and groaned while holding his head, James fought to coordinate his efforts. Sucking a nipple, squeezing a cheek, and fucking in and out of her ass with a finger, he had his work cut out for him.

    Tugging his ears, she pulled him up and worked to undress him. His earpiece went off, ‘James, turn the damn mike off!’ and he scrambled to get the radio out. He had forgotten about that and hoped they didn’t hear anything. Stripping himself of the gear, he placed it all on the night table.

    Dawn was on him and raised his shirt over his head, then tackled his belt and pants. She paused at his underwear, looking up to him and smiled. Yanking them off him, she put them in her purse. With James taking his socks off, it wasn’t long before he was completely nude. Stepping back, Dawn inspected her prey.

    “My, you are a hunk! A damn sight better than my husband.” and lunged at him. “Give me that cock!”

    James was surprised at her speed and she caught him off guard, her hand gripped his shaft and he was pushed back on the bed. Swallowing his head, she stroked his meat and grabbed his balls with the other hand. She forced more in her mouth and started bobbing up and down. Getting her mouth filled turned her on more and she made different plans.

    Hopping on the bed, she worked her way up and straddled James’ cock. Impaling it in her, she rode it sitting up. James grabbed her breasts and held them as she moved up and down. She went faster and told him how good he felt. James told her to fuck him hard and she obliged him, riding up and down faster. He pinched her nipples and she quivered on him. It put her over the edge and she screamed a little as she tried to maintain her pace. James took up the effort and finished her off, letting her come down from her orgasm. He slowed to a stop and released her breast while she gasped for air.

    Regaining her strength, she crawled up his body and straddled his head. “Suck my cum.” and forced her pussy in his mouth. He tongued and licked for a minute but she wanted to turn around. He started back in on her while she went after his cock. Sixty-nine, James thought as he felt her lick him off. His cock grew harder with her attention and he involuntarily humped her mouth. Grabbing her ass cheeks and forcing more of her on him, he used his chin on her clit while his tongue buried in and out of her.

    She humped another orgasm in his mouth and he swallowed what she offered. Teasing and nipping, James played while she recovered. She dismounted his head and laid on her back, James moved to give her room. “Fuck me” she demanded and he complied.

    Kneeling on his haunches, he grabbed a leg and tugged it over his shoulder, bringing her pussy closer. Grabbing his cock, he rubbed it over her slit. Feeling her hole he dipped it in and then pulled it back out. It made a sucking sound. He rubbed the head of his cock on her clit and she reacted, twitching her pelvis at him. Taking the advantage, James separated her lips with his other hand and slapped his cock on her clit. She jerked when it hit and relaxed. He did it a few more times, smacking her pussy slowly and gently. With each hit, she jerked but another hit would prevent her from relaxing.

    James found a rhythm and increased the tempo, beating her clit with his drumstick. “What the fuck?” she asked in her sweet agony, unable to get her leg off his shoulders, her pussy spread by his fingers, and unable to get away while the cock continued its thumping. James said nothing, slapping and slapping, ever so gently, he beat her into orgasm. At the top of her heat he stopped and rubbed the clit back and forth rapidly, increasing the length of her pleasure. On her way down, he went back to the soft beating and finished with rubbing slowly as it ended.

    Raising her other leg and pulling them up over her, James reached down with a tongue and cleaned her juice that spilled from the back of her ass to the clit. Setting her back down, he petted her mound, kneading and rubbing more blood into it. When he felt she was ready he inserted his cock and made her take him little by little.

    She was his to control and he took the lead, throwing a leg underneath him, twisting her to the side, but leaving a leg on his shoulder. With force but slow he rammed her, not wavering in his thrusts. Faster he went and she moaned more as his cock buried deep then exited.

    Grabbing an ass cheek with one hand and the shoulder strapped leg with the other, he drew her to him then backed her off. Faster he went, building his excitement. She helped herself to her own pussy and rubbed her clit in front of him. It filled him with adrenalin, his ass clinched as he fucked, and the sudden urge of force made Dawn open her eyes wide as she felt her pussy quiver.

    James saw enough, he was there, and wanted to make her equal. Grabbing a nipple with the arm he was holding her leg with, he tweaked and pulled, sending her over with him. As she tensed, James found her anus and tried to get a finger in. As soon as she relaxed for just a second, he plunged it in. She screamed and pounded with her other arm on the mattress, James held on for the ride. Spewing his cum up in her as deep as it could go, both lost their sense of control and shivered passed the mind blowing orgasm.

    James pulled his finger out of her ass, eased her leg off his shoulder, and laid it on the bed. He rubbed her ass as it was bound to be sore and massaged the life back into her leg. A kiss on her shoulder and James got up, headed for the bathroom to clean off.

    He had been the lover of a cheating woman, he thought, as he took his shower. Perhaps the man would understand if he was able to explain it. James decided it was not left up to him to explain away infidelity and dismissed the thought from his mind. He had given her four orgasms and he felt his obligations fulfilled.

    He finished up and stepped out, looking for his clothes scattered around the room. He got dressed, minus the underwear, while Dawn Gracie slept. Throwing the bed cover from the side up over her, he exited the room.

    He remembered the earpiece and clicked the button, ‘Furlow here, back online.’ and waited.

    ‘James… it’s good to hear from you. Head for the front desk, a guard is prepared to take you out the secured entrance to your car. Do not go out the front. The media is waiting to talk to you.’

    James did as he was instructed and met a guard named Jack. It wasn’t long before he made it to his car and pulled out onto the street. Sure enough, he saw the media with microphones and camera ready.

    Having three hours to kill, James headed for the estate. Before he pulled in his earpiece sounded, ‘Pull it in the front garage. The media will be looking for that car.’ and he followed their instruction.

    Once more his earpiece alerted him to meet in security. I got to the door and knocked. Niles opened the door with three men inside and he was introduced to Harry and Phil, the other two guards.

    He saw Virgil on the phone and overheard “He’s here.” and hung up.

    “I know you’re mad at me, I want to apologize ahead of time. I didn’t mean to draw attention to myself but I was left with no choice.’ trying to buffer their anger.

    Niles frowned at him and asked, “Why do you keep saying that? Nobody’s mad at you.”

    James was a bit confused, “Because I will be sought after by the media.”

    “So? You’re a hero. You made the company look good and nobody died.” Phil explained.

    “But I will have to lay low for a while until the news finds another story.” James countered. “I try not to bring media attention to the company. The less attention the better, I would think.”

    The door opened and Cathleen entered, “James, you alright?”

    “Oh, yes Miss. I’m sorry for the mess.” James replied.

    She waved him off and said, “We have P.R. people for that, no problem there.” standing in front of him, “So, Dawn Gracie is safe and sound?”

    “Yes, Miss. She was sleeping when I left her. I made sure her door was secure.” James informed her.

    “Anything out of the ordinary other than a would-be assassin?” she asked.

    “No…” James started but Virgil cut in.

    “James has a new ring tone.” he said with a grin.

    “Really, let’s hear it.” she said, throwing James off.

    Virgil pressed a button and static was heard in the room. They all looked at James as the words of Mrs. Dawn Gracie filled the air, “Suck it James! Suck it good!” and a few seconds later, “Finger it James! Finger-fuck it!” and the room fell into laughter.

    James turned two shades of red and said, “You people are the worst! Showing my goods to everybody, recording a private moment, do you not have any sense of decency?”

    Niles spoke up first, “Nope, not really.” and they all busted out laughing again.

    “James, you must get over yourself. We aren’t laughing at you, we’re laughing with you.” Cathleen soothed between her snicker.

    “Just remember, payback is a bitch. Then I’ll be laughing with you.” James vowed.

    “Well, we can at least say your first assignment was a success.” Niles assessed.

    “Yes we can. Now James needs to change clothes and get ready. He has an evening engagement later.” Cathleen pointed out. “Let him take the SUV and leave his car inside.”

    She rose to take her leave; James straightened up with respect and watched her go. Turning his attention to the security team, “You guys need this equipment back?”

    “No, you need the charger for it.” Phil walked over to a drawer and retrieved it. Handing it to him, he said “Have a good time tonight. Where are you going to this evening?”

    “I haven’t the foggiest idea yet.” James replied, checking out the charger. “Say, do you guys monitor this frequency all the time or just when I’m using it.”

    “All the time, everyone uses it.” Virgil explained, showing him the list of users on a screen.

    “Good to know. I’ll try to remember not to use it the next time my finger is in someone.” James said, smiling.

    “Don’t leave us out, share the knowledge!” Virgil piped in.

    “Yeah, ok. I’m done here.” and James took his leave. On his way out, he heard Phil ask, “How the hell do you get to be a professional driver and not know where you’re going?”

    Heading for his room, he noticed Lisa’s door was open. Sticking his head in while knocking, he said, “Hello?”

    “Come in!” she said, sitting on her bed watching TV. Wearing a black see-through fish net, sports bra, and white shorts. She certainly looked good to James.

    “Hold on, I picked up something for you.” and went to his room to get it. Tapping on the door again, James entered and closed the door.

    “I thought of you when I saw this. Please don’t take offense.” handing her a black shopping bag.

    She opened it up and giggled, “How did you know?” reading the front, “My size that is.”

    “It was just a guess.” James answered, smiling. “The color got my attention.”

    “You are so thoughtful!” she smiled. “I’d hate to embarrass you but would you let me try it on?”

    “I wouldn’t expect you to give me such a treat.” James responded, getting up to go.
    “Give me a minute.” and she headed for the bathroom.

    James felt awkward, waiting for her return. A minute later she was back, wearing her new toy.

    Handing James the remote, she said, “Here, try it out!”

    James hit a button and he heard a low hum. Lisa giggled a little. Trying the next setting, the buzzing got louder and Lisa’s eyes got bigger. He let it stay on that for a minute while Lisa squirmed. When she started panting, he decided to kick it up one more setting. Lisa put her hands on her crotch and moaned.

    Lisa maneuvered the toy to her liking and clamped a hand over it. Sitting down on the bed, she spread her legs a little. James set it on the last setting and watched.

    Lisa’s thighs began to twitch and soon they were shaking. When she seemed to be close, James turned it off.

    “What the hell!” Lisa screamed and James turned it back on in full force again. Her look of anger turned back to sexy and James let her ride out her orgasm. “Ok, Ok! Enough!” she said and James turned it off.

    “Seems to do the trick.” he said, laying the remote down on the bed.

    “I soiled them. Now how am I going to get those clean?” she pouted.

    “Well, there’s no sense crying over spilled… well, you know.” James chuckled, “Might as well get as much use out of it before you have to get them cleaned.” turning to go, “I’ve got that run tonight so I have to get ready.”

    “Thanks James” Lisa said, getting up off the bed, “I really appreciate that.” walking over to give him a hug.

    “Don’t wear it out.” James replied with a smile and left.

    Getting ready for the run, James checked his phone. He thought he saw a GPS on it and wanted to try it out. Noticing he had another email, he wanted to check that first. It was from his bank. He set it up to alert him if it got too low are a deposit greater than ten dollars gets deposited. He was surprised because he had just set it up earlier and it was already working.

    Looking at the email, he was shocked to see a deposit of five thousand made. It was pending but it would be in his account tomorrow. Changing to his calendar, he was going to add a note to check his account tomorrow and see if it wasn’t a mistake. He noticed two more appointments for tomorrow he would have to run. One was a Ying Chung and the other was a couple, Dave and Laura Hunt.

    He would look more closely later but needed to get out of there and get to his pickup. Adding his address in to the GPS, he changed clothes adding underwear to his wardrobe. He looked pretty good with the fine threads furnished for him. A dark blue jacket, matching blue tie and white shirt made him look almost… important. He laughed at himself over that one.

    Heading out, he was hoping to catch someone that could tell him about mail. He was expecting some bills due and wondered what the forwarding address would be for him.

    Riding the elevator up, it stopped at L1. Mary entered and gave him a smile. “I’m disappointed.” was all she said and James just shrugged, “Sorry.”

    Coming out of the elevator, he was met by Phil. “What are you doing coming up this way.” sounding frantic.

    “I was going to ask where I got my mail.” James answered, wondering what was bugging him.

    “Channel 27 is in the foyer asking for you. Move your ass out the back door. Your mail can wait.”

    James was hustled out the parlor door and used the walkway to the garage. He headed to the mechanic shop, looking for the keys to the SUV. Ernest had them on a hook for him.

    Making sure, he hit the lock button and sure enough, it sounded. Hopping in, he started it up. James knew it wasn’t as big as a full sized van but the height it sat at above the ground made it seem big. The garage door automatically opened. James hoped it would shut once he was out of range.

    Arriving at 3127 Brittany Trail, he pulled up and stood at the door. Looking at his phone, he noted the time as 19:46. He was his usual early and waited patiently while the minutes ticked by. Looking for signs of life, he noted a light upstairs was on.

    At eight the porch light went off. James thought that was odd. He was concerned the client was headed for bed instead of going out.

    The front door opened and an arm came out, waving him inside. James reached in and turned the vehicle off, grabbing the keys to lock it.

    He headed in the door and was met by Stacy wearing a cut away dress with a slit up the sides baring her leg to her hip and her chest to her belly. Emerald green set her red hair off and she was decked out with makeup and jewelry.

    “Greetings Miss Davidson, my name is James. Perhaps you’ll remember me from the wedding.” James started.

    “Hey, yeah! I remember you well.” directing him to her dining room. Two were candles lit on the mantle but no other ambience was on.

    She offered him a seat and took one herself. James, ever the gentleman, pulled her chair out and slid her in. Taking his seat, he asked, “Where would you like to go this evening?”

    With a wide smile, she said, “Cloud nine.”

    This was James’ queue and he didn’t want to ruin it. Perhaps she didn’t want to go anywhere and Cathleen’s idea of ‘As Directed’ is totally different from his. Looking deep in her eyes he said, “I hope to take you there.”

    She reached over and untied his tie. Pulling it off him and tossing it on the back of a chair, she reached for the buttons of his shirt. Looking back into James’ eyes she leaned in for a kiss. James read her like a book and gave her a soft brush then a passionate one.

    This girl wanted passion and James was good with that. Nothing wrong with taking things slow but they would pick up speed when things heated up.

    Stacy had her hooks in him, pulling off his jacket. Placing it on the back of a chair, she turned to get his shirt. He unbuttoned the cuffs and she did all the rest. Now he sat there shirtless as she eyed him over. She fondled his chest and twirled the hair in the center, “You’re just as I imagined.” and leaning back in her chair said, “I want to see more of you.”

    Her moves had affected him and he felt the heat rise in his groin. But he got up anyway and kicked off his shoes. Unbuckling his pants he lowered them as slow as he could go. When he felt his cock on the zipper he slowly ran it over the hump. The underwear had him trapped; his cock was hard half-mast, snaking over his balls, leaving a bulge for her to see and a hint of things to come.

    Stacy sucked in her breath as James dropped his pants. He looked the part of a model with his blue bikini underwear leaving little to her imagination. “Turn around” she whispered, “and put your hands behind your head.” He stepped around and did what was asked, the candle light reflected off the muscles of his back and ass. “Flex for me.” she ordered and James tensed his shoulders and back then worked to his ass and legs. Holding it there a few seconds then began rippling his muscles top to bottom.

    It must have had the desired affect because James had heard her moan. This brought his head around over a shoulder and he saw her masturbating through the slit of her dress to the sight before her. Giving her privacy while she lusted, he faced once more away from her, flexing his ass and back over and over.

    She brought herself to orgasm and finished with a sigh. James swore he heard her suck her fingers and his cock twitched with the imagination of it. A few seconds ticked by and James was ordered, “Back up to me.” and he complied.

    Her hands reached for his gluteal muscles and she caressed him a little while. Bringing her hands to his sides, she lowered his underwear. She rubbed her cheek on his ass and felt his leg muscles up high. Squeezing and groping she moaned on his ass and kissed him on a cheek.

    James welcomed the relief he felt on his cock as the bikini left him. The freedom allowed him to grow. The breath he felt between the cheeks of his ass and the molesting her hands were applying was enough to make him rock hard.

    “Turn around.” she whispered and James did as instructed, slowly doing so to postpone the show. Her eyes grew wider and a gasp left her lips as an eight inch cock came into view. Upon James’ completed turn she buried her face in his crotch. With a long intake of air she reveled in his musk. Leaning back to get a full look, her hands went to his six-pack. Caressing him there she worked her way down then tickled his pubic hair behind his shaft. Again she pressed her cheek to him, catching his shaft between them. Up and down she rubbed her cheek still taking in his smell.

    James was in his stance, hands still behind his head. It was all he could do to keep from stroking his cock as Stacy’s breath caressed from his head to his balls. His cock wasn’t so bound and twitched on her face and jaw. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of his hole and James saw it drip to her opposite cheek.

    Stacy blinked when the drop struck her face. Raising a finger, she guided it into her mouth. It wasn’t enough and she craved for more so she went to the source and tongued on the exit hole. Her hand grabbed the base and squeezed it hard, then milked straight up, forced a string of it from his slit. Not chancing the loss, she fed his head into her mouth, sucking as much of the pre-cream as she could get.

    James gasped at her touch, her grip surprised him. He sucked in air on her stroke then gasped again when his head entered her mouth. Her suction gripped him and he had no control, his hips bucked a little wanting entrance to her oral hole.

    Stacy was in heaven when she felt his hips jerk. She was willing to oblige and let more of him in. James took the privilege and humped her mouth as she used her hand to tug on his balls. Her other hand got busy and grabbed an ass cheek. She self-fucked her mouth and slobbered on his shaft, letting her saliva run down to his sack.

    James felt her affection and her grip on his ass. She kneaded his balls and coated his shaft. She picked up speed, milking him with her mouth; the sensation was driving his cock to conclusion.

    Stacy felt him tighten and knew he was close. She didn’t let up, expecting his seed and wanting it. James warned her with, “Stacy…” she answered with “Um hum, um hum” and continued her service through to the end.

    James was still in position when the urge hit him. It was all he could do to keep his hands on his head. His ass clinched on her hand, his cock jerked in her mouth, and his knees weakened when the flood from his groin rose up to her lips.

    It had been forever since Stacy savored man seed. She wouldn’t be denied now. She drank it as he released it, her efforts paying off in full. She had forgotten how much a man could give, thinking to savor a little, but she gained a lot. It spilled from her lips and ran over her fingers but she was occupied with her feast. Taking note to get it later, she concentrated on another gush and gulped it down.

    James finally came down from his natural high, shuddering a little as his spunk was milked out of him. Looking down at her soft red hair, he cherished the sight of her cleaning skills. Looking up at him she licked her fingers, giggled and let out a, “Mmmm!” then leaned backed in her chair, rubbing her sex.

    Her dress had fallen from the support of a shoulder and one of her breasts lay bare. James wanted so desperately to suckle on the large areola pointing up at him. Grabbing her head, he kissed her on the lips, leaned over more, and worked his way to her neck. His hand caressed her clothed shoulder and brushed the dress away. A kiss and a nip on her neck then James went on his way. Both breasts where now beckoning him and he took them in each hand. Kneeling and tugging, he arrived at his goal.

    Stacy was in awe of the man in her midst. A fantasy stepped out of a romance book and materialized just for her. He ravaged her neck and dropped down to her breast and gasped as he tongued then sucked a nipple in. The man dropped between her legs and feasted on both her breasts. She played with her clit while he did this, enjoying the tingling from two different places.

    Her dress was in the way so he grabbed and raised it above her sex, giving both better accesses to view and play. Placing both hands back on her breasts, he worked down her stomach then to the patch of light red hair. He ogled her clit as her fingers stroked it while candlelight reflected her wetness.

    James stood back up and grabbed his cock, stroking one more drop from his recent orgasm. Scooping it off with a finger, he coated Stacy’s lips and tongue. Satisfied with the application of his natural lip gloss, he went back to stroking. Stacy licked his gift off her lips, going sensually slow for him to watch while she watched him with his manhood, stroking it back to life.

    He had enough of watching her as she toyed with his delicacy. He bent down and picked her up in his arms, letting her dress gather around her hips, and then laid her out on the table. Lifting her dress he pulled it over her legs, leaving her ruby high heels on. She went back to rubbing herself while James pulled up a chair.

    Stacy was amazed at his strength, being swept up in his arms like a sack of potatoes. A gasp escaped her as flesh met cold mahogany, giving her goose pimples on her back and ass. She rubbed her sex, keeping his dinner warm, and waited for him to settle.

    James placed his hands upon her knees and then stroked her inner thighs. His lips followed one and caressed its way down to her hot, wet nether. Tonguing around her fingers, she got the hint, and used them to splay her lips, offering her sex to his mouth.

    James saw the flower spread out before him and wasted little time. Starting with the hole in the center, he tongued around and then in, wiggling his way deep inside. Tasting her juice made him hunger for more so he sucked her cream from the hole.

    Cunnilingus was not her ex-husband’s forte and he had neglected her there. But James took up the flavored task like ducks do water and expertly brought her passion to the table. He cupped her ass in his hands and forced her onto him. No amount of resistance could she give as her hips bucked up into him.

    James felt her pussy quiver in his mouth and sucked her clit in deep. His tongue dropped down to her entrance and nodded ‘yes’ with his head on both. Stacy needed more length covered and raised then lowered for both ends of her sex. Her clit, her hole, her clit, her hole, and sped the scenario up.

    She still not used to the treatment but her body knew what to do. Her ass rose off the hands that held it and ground her pussy on his chin, giving him access to all of her secret treasure. Faster she humped and James stayed firm, her hands clasped both her breasts. Prepared to take her pleasure, she readied to feed her lover.

    James felt her tense in his hands; her ass was up high off the table. He wanted is meal and worked hard to get it, planning to suck it out of her. She buckled as she screamed but he refused to let her down and got his meal served to him; hot, wet, and tasty. He lapped and sucked all that he could, a sloppy eater at best. The juices dripped from his chin and puddled on the table.

    My God the man could eat!’ and her thoughts ran wild with pleasure. She lost control of her legs and relied on James to take over. She shivered and quivered as his mouth feasted, her ass in his hands, drawing her sex from the source. Pinching her nipples to squirt more juices, she gave him his gift he worked so hard for.

    James lapped at the mess remaining, leaving little to remain. That included the trail that seeped in her crevice and over her behind. With a final lick from her ass to her clit, he sat her back on the table.

    “That was a tasty entree.” James said and stood up between her legs. “I think it’s time for the main course.” and brought his meat to the table. His meal had nourished his cock and it stood tall and ready. Parting her lips with his fingers, he guided the utensil into her. After feeding in a couple of inches, he removed his hand and placed it on the mound of a fleshy breast.

    Stacy was pleasantly surprised as he needed no help in hardening. Her meat was already warm as it entered into her oven. She looked at her lover with lust in her eyes, the chiseled chest and his gorgeous hair. He bit on his tongue as he pulled in and out, concentrating his thoughts on the wetness and grip.

    James prepped her meal with short slow strokes, getting her ready for the blast of heat he had for her. Her rosy red clit matched her fiery red hair and added to his lust. Gripping both breasts and rubbing nipples with thumbs, he forced himself in and out, getting into rhythm.

    His hands felt incredible on her breasts, his thumbs were driving her wild. The thrusting churned her passion and she took it with great desire. The shadows of her lover had added to her heat; surreal muscles dazzled her vision. Fire from the candle flames reflected off his pupils and like some mythical demon god, ferocious lusting eyes gazed back at her.

    Removing his hands and grabbing her legs, James trapped her sex in the middle. She was going to take him, no ifs ands or buts. Slapping enough for his balls to clash against her ass, he rammed her viciously over and over. Stirring their pot and bringing on heat, the passion began to sizzle.

    Lonely nights brought wishful thoughts and now Stacy’s desires came true. A man with a mission was doing the deed she only had hoped for in a dream. Forcing her sex to the limit, a pounding she’d never had, rocked her into paradise, and almost sent her careening into madness.

    James was well aware of his servicing, watching the sweat build on her body. Eking and squeaking, she was close to climaxing and James was right there with her. Determining her balance was close to tipping over, he thrust and stopped then ground, leaving her hanging on the brink for just a second.

    She was close, she felt it. The ramming was so deep. But the demon of a man stopped and stirred his meat in her, leaving her on the crevasse. “Fuck meee!” she demanded and tried to force him in her. He took her words and used them against her, fucking harder and faster than he had before.

    The call to fuck brought James to attention, dragging her body over the edge. Her shoulders and head remained on the table with her arms extended as he pounded his meat into her. Neither God nor Man nor Mother Nature could stop the flood both brought to the table. Splattering into bliss, their juices mixed and they quivered into each other.

    Crescendos emanated from both vocal cords as they shared the moment of consummation. She defied gravity in the arms of her lover and he stopped his knees from buckling. But the weakness passed and strength returned as James bent over to her and cradled the exhausted redhead in his arms.

    When she recovered he sat her back down in the chair she started in. Kissing her on the forehead and smiling with adoration. Standing up and moving close beside her, he let her eyes stare at the mess they made of his crotch for future reference.

    Stacy knew her time was up; she had her cake served hot. But she’d be damned since the choice was hers, to leave it just like that. Opting for everything, she had her cake and ate it too, slipping his softness into her mouth. Sucking off their fluids then licking the base, she dwelled in his nest and cleaned everywhere.

    Content with her work she snuggled into him once more and said, “That was a lover’s feast!” hugging his legs in her arms.

    James smiled while looking down on her, “You cooked one hell of a meal. You made me crave it!”

    She laughed at that as he started to dress, “Leave those.” she said, pointing to the article of clothing in his hands.

    James tossed her his underwear and she caught them on her index finger. “Saving those for my fantasies.” she giggled.

    “I certainly hope you enjoyed the evening, if only half as much as I did.” James said, finishing his dress.

    Watching him as he covered his body, she replied, “Oh even more so.” sighing, “You’re everything my cousin promised.”

    James chuckled at that and had to ask, “Just what was it she promised?”

    Giving him a wicked smile, she said, “Satisfaction.” The only word she gave.

    Leaving his phone number with her, he said his farewells. Heading for his newest home, he wondered why he was getting a married couple tomorrow. Perhaps they didn’t need his new services but just a ride somewhere. Then he thought about underwear and made a mental note to get some more. Another thought crossed his mind.

    ‘I’ve never had an Asian before. I wonder if they do things different.’
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    Chapter 4

    “Suck it James! Suck it good!”

    “Finger it James! Finger-fuck it!”

    James jumped out of bed. Some asshole and he was willing to bet it was Virgil, set his alarm to Dawn Gracie’s lustful demands on high volume. Scrambling for the remote, he was unable to turn it off in time and the screams sounded out again. “Son of a bitch!” he cursed.

    A knock on his door interrupted his endeavor to get the damn voice setting off his alarm.

    “Come in!” James hit the door buzzer on the remote.

    Lisa came through the door, wearing a long pink Care Bear shirt and pink panties. “What the hell are you doing in here?” she asked.

    “Some ass clown changed my alarm.” James’ aggravated voice explained.

    Lisa sat on the bed and asked for the remote, “Give me that and turn your computer on.”

    She walked James through programming the remote, explaining the application that controlled it. “This uses blue tooth so if you go more than thirty feet away from your room with it, it won’t work.”

    James was amazed. The remote had more features than just being an alarm, thermostat and TV controller. He could even record video, sound, and voice commands.

    “Where is the webcam for this?” James was wondering.

    “It’s built into the monitor.” She pointed out. “We use it for group meetings too. You’ll get an email telling you when to log in and a general subject line about the meeting.”

    “Sounds like Big Brother to me.” James analyzed. “Where do we get mail?”

    “I get mine at my parent’s house.” Lisa said.

    James was confused, “Is that the house I dropped you off at Saturday night?” he asked.

    “That’s the one.” Lisa explained, “Any mail I get here security gets it and I go there for it.”

    “Great, why does mail have to go through them? That sounds like a pain.” James asked.

    Lisa grinned, “So they can check it for bombs.”

    “If that was a concern, why the hell would they put security on the top floor instead of underground?” James asked.

    Lisa shrugged, “I don’t know, I just work here.” she said.

    James couldn’t believe that half ragged, half upscale security. They can’t focus a camera, they can’t put the secured area in a secured place, the leader of it all is on the top floor… sheesh, and maybe there was more.

    “Ok, let me get something on top of the strings I’m wearing and we’ll go work out.” James had seemed to have lost his modesty and why not? Everyone there has seen him naked before anyway.

    After his workout, he wanted to check his computer again. His education was a concern since he hadn’t had time to assess what Spenco was doing with it. First, checking his times on the appointments he had. Looking at Chung, he couldn’t find a time. It just said midnight for the day. That was confusing. He was forced to bother Cathleen again.

    ‘Chung, no time on service, No p/u address.’ he sent.

    A few minutes later, James received ‘Meeting here, unknown time, your room’

    Well, there’s a first. Not having to go anywhere? He could get used to that. ‘Sorry to bother, is there someone else I should report to?’

    ‘NO report to me’ was the reply.

    It didn’t make sense to him. He was reporting to the top. But his was not to question why, he supposed.

    He hopped online, checked out the college his records were sent to. They hooked him up with a top notch one. Stars and figure heads used it for their kids. He saw plenty of work to do. He got involved with it, trying to catch up. Time went by and he had been there a few hours. Feeling the grumbling in his gut, he thought to eat a bite. He remembered buying some lunch meat and that seemed like a good idea. Finishing a course, he got up and headed for the rec room.

    “Dr. Song, how are you?” he greeted, entering into the mini kitchen. The doctor was wearing a dress today and he was impressed with the cleavage she was showing off.

    “I’m here.” she replied, preparing a ready-made meal to microwave.

    “I must say, you look ravishing in that dress.” James complimented her, getting in the fridge for his ingredients.

    She looked over at him, stopping her work, “You just like the cleavage.” she said.

    He looked back at her and rose up from the fridge, “I was referring to the total package. But if you want to single your bust out, that would be a good place to start.” he replied.

    “Oh, what color of shoes am I wearing.” she asked, knowing he couldn’t see them from there.

    “Black, with buckles on the side.” he responded, knowing his efforts in training his eye for detail paid off.

    “Lucky guess.” she snorted, turning back to her task.

    James wasn’t going to let her get by with that. “Was not, just like your perfume, blue bow holding your hair back, and the birthmark on your left ankle, I noticed.”

    She was a little shocked, “Guess you know what color of panties I’m wearing too!” she huffed.

    “You’re not.” he knew, no panty lines under that hugging dress. He went back to fetch the mayo.

    “Am so!” she insisted. “Are not.” he insisted.

    “You don’t know that, you wish I weren’t!” she vowed.

    “Wishes come true and you aren’t wearing anything under it. You were in a rush to get dressed apparently. You missed a hook on your bra too.” noticing the hump in the middle of her back. James turned around and headed for his room.

    Checking his phone for the Hunts, he didn’t have to be anywhere until 5pm that afternoon. He started back in to his work. Checking his bank, he definitely had 5k deposited under Spenco.

    The intercom sounded about an hour later. The line claimed it was CS01. James picked it up.

    “Hello?” James answered.

    “Ying Chung is on her way. She’s yours to use and abuse.” Cathleen announced.

    “Great, anything I should know?” James thought to ask, scrambling to get his room in order.

    “She’s a little shy. You’ll have to coax her a little. Some oriental girls are such timid creatures.” she claimed.
    “Ok, but I won’t hurt her, you understand.” James replied.

    “Who knows, she might like it if you did.” Cathleen giggled and hung up the phone.

    Clearing his work off the computer desk, James double checked his appearance. Spraying on more deodorant, he thought he would be just fine.

    A few minutes later, a quiet knock sounded on the door. James opened it without using the buzzer. A petite black-haired girl was staring at his chest. She was actually shorter than his chest. James could carry this girl around like a suitcase. Behind her, Niles was looking at him with a grin wider than his normal one.

    “This is James Farlow.” Niles introduced, “James, Miss Ying Chung.” and made fucking actions behind her then walked away.

    “Please, do come in.” James said, opening the door wider and giving Niles a dirty look.

    A small or better yet, petite woman that looked very young. Her plaited blouse was buttoned all the way to the top, a white, wide collar sewn around it. Her skirt was black and pleated extending to her knees reminding James of a school girl’s skirt. White knee socks and black patent shoes, this business woman that stood in front of him could pass as a school girl.

    After she entered, he offered the computer chair while he took the bed.

    “So tell me Miss Chung, how can I serve you?” James started, smoothing the bed he had wrinkled.

    “Serve…?” she said, in broken English.

    “I serve you.” she said, bowing.

    “Oh no, I mean me serve you.” James fell back to Basic English.

    She looked at him puzzled, “Me, I, I serve you.” pointing at him.

    What the hell, I’ve got a woman that can’t even communicate. She has it all backwards! He thought the communication could be easily solved. Taking the computer off sleep, he pulled up a word processor, activated the speech to text, and pointed the monitor towards her, so the mike could pick up her voice.

    “What is your native language, what do you speak?” James asked.

    Interpreting his question, she said, “Chinese.”

    James sat it on Chinese and said, “Speak in your language. Where are you from?”

    The young lady spoke in Chinese and James translated it on the computer. She was from some remote area in mainland China.

    James fooled with it and had his words spoken in Chinese through the computer, “Why are you here?”

    Again, she spoke Chinese but it came through the speakers in English sounding like a robot, “How did you do that? Wow!”

    James explained the technology of it. He might not know how to program a remote but he knew shortcuts for school. They used the translator and adapted to it well.

    “So, why are you here?”

    “I am here for you.”

    Still, the girl was confused. There must be some way he could phrase it so she would understand.

    “What can I do for you?” James asked.

    “Tell me what to do.” she replied, still looking questionably.

    Ok, James had enough. There was no getting around the language barrier.

    “You want me to fuck you?” James flat out asked, tired of the games, but flushed red as he said it.

    “If you please.” and smiled her pearly whites at him.

    “How do you like to fuck?” James asked, hoping to get some idea of what turned her on.

    “I fuck like you fuck.” she replied, sighing from the strain of the conversation.

    Ok, all he knew was she liked to be dominated, he might as well start there.

    “Take your blouse off.” and the translator passed it on. Not a blink or question, she stood up and did just that. Her C sized cups came into view and he was sure this girl was older than her looks but he had to ask, “How old are you?” through the translator he heard, “Eighteen.”, the magic number.

    Ok, this might be some trick or test or something, James didn’t know, but it seemed a little crazy that an eighteen year old had a business meeting with Cathleen Spencer and he smelled something fishy.

    “Undress all the way.” he translated. Just like before, not a peep, she did as he said. Her breasts came into view and James adjusted himself. They were perfect for such a small girl. Her cotton panties were next and it revealed a very light patch of hair. If she was eighteen, she was growing slow.

    “Turn around.” and she did. She had no visible hair on her back there. Not even fine hair and James found that unusually stimulating. “Bend over.”

    The girl grabbed the back of the computer chair and did as instructed. This was all knew to James. Never had he instructed a girl and then they do exactly what he told them. He simply wasn’t used to the obedience this girl maintained. Just to test it, “Finger your butthole.”

    James was astonished as the girl reached around and patted it with a finger. It wasn’t exactly what he had in mind but it was exactly what he ordered. He would have to be more specific, “Put your finger in the hole.” and blushed as he said it, he wasn’t used to using such crude language.

    The girl paused when the translator sounded out the order but pushed her middle finger in to the second knuckle and held it. She didn’t wiggle or play, just stayed perfectly still.

    James sat up straight and watched while the strain of her bent over in the awkward position made her elbow quiver. Whatever he had thought he would be witness to in his life never came close to what he was witnessing now.

    “Stand up and spread your legs.” James instructed and she did, still facing away from him. “Now spread your butt cheeks.” and she did.

    He had to shake her resolve. Standing up, he reached down and ran a finger into her crack. He felt it pucker closed and heard her gasp. It was definitely a turn-on for him.

    “Are you wet?” he asked.

    “No water on me.” she replied. James didn’t know if the translator interpreted it correctly or what.

    “Is your pussy wet?” and she actually took her hand down to check it. “Yes”

    “Lick it off.” he just had to order, and what man wouldn’t? Just a small touch of hesitation, but she popped it right in and licked it off.

    “Turn around and masturbate.” He commanded, just wanting to see her reaction.

    The translator gave the command and she turned around, covering her breasts and pussy. Chinese words came out. The translator responded.

    “Forgive me, what is masseur baits?” she asked and James looked at the translator because it sounded like the French word for Mister. Maybe she didn’t know or maybe there was another word for it.

    “Put your arms down and play with your pussy.” and he blushed again while he waited for the translation.

    She cocked her head to the side and gave him a questioning look. Holding her hands out, she shrugged. She tried hard to understand, her hand went on her pussy and she drummed her fingers on it.

    ‘What the hell? Is she a virgin or something?’ James thought, but changed his mind on that; she was here for some reason. Surely she knew what sex was. James thought about a purchase he had made and opened the drawer. Pulling out his cylindrical tube, he placed two batteries in then handed it to her.

    She looked it over, studying it. Looking at the switch at the top, she looked at James again. He nodded for her to turn it on. A low hum filled the room.

    “Rub your pussy with it.” He commanded and the blush he sported went a little redder.

    She touched her finger on the end, gave James an innocent smile, and then brought it to her sex. No sooner had it touched her sensitive spot did she jerk it away. Looking at it, she acted like she was going to throw it away.

    James, ever the gentleman, said, “Give it to me. I’ll help.” Taking the vibrator, he ran it over her pubic hairs then down over her lips. Looking up at her for a reaction, he saw her staring between her breasts at the caresses he was giving her. He took the opportunity to run it over her slit. His effort paid off as her clit peeked out. Looking back up, he saw her looking straight ahead.

    “Does that feel good?” he asked and waited for the translator before moving it off her slit.
    Looking back at James, she said, “I think so. “

    James wished he didn’t have to hear that through the damn translator. It didn’t have any emotion. He couldn’t tell from it whether she was lying to him or scared. He decided she must have enjoyed it, her clit told him so. He went back to work on her a little more.

    Again she stared off straight ahead, both arms by her side. She was such an obedient girl; James just had to test it. Slowly, he brought up the phallus and raked it over her clit.

    She shuttered and brought her hands to the front. She caught herself and put them back. ‘The body overpowered the mind’ James thought. He pressed it in deeper. The color of the vibrator resting between her slit reminded James of a hotdog.

    Reaching out with his unused hand, James grabbed her right hand and brought it to the vibrator. Keeping his hand on her, he stroked it a few times then let go.

    She looked at him and then her hand. She brought her gaze back to James. He urged her on. “Play with it.” And she stroked in the path James had taken her.

    “Make it feel good.” James said, and stood up, taking off his shirt.

    She eyed the naked flesh of the man in front of her, she rubbed herself a little more aggressively, and her knees bent, ever so slightly. She never met a man his size. He towered over her. ‘Well fit’, she thought.

    James reached down and caressed a breast with each hand, staring into her eyes. He studied her reactions and noticed her shortness of breath. This wouldn’t do for long; he would have to sit back down. She was way too short.

    He tugged on her breasts and she duck walked with him to the bed. He took a seat and fondled her breasts more. He tried to stay focused on her eyes, even if she wasn’t looking at him at the moment. He didn’t want to draw attraction to his staring at her work and embarrass her. She circled her clit with the vibrator. James took a nipple in his mouth.

    Her eyes grew bigger and she looked down at him looking at her. Their eyes met while she trembled in his hands. The body commanded her now. She went faster in her circles. James sucked as much of the breast he could in his mouth then slowly let it out to the nipple. His other hand played on her other breast and when his mouth got to the nipple so did his fingers.
    She shook her head ‘no’ over and over. James didn’t let up with his hands but released a nipple from his mouth, “Keep going.” he ordered. “Don’t stop.” He pinched both nipples in his fingers. Loosening up, he used his palms and circled her buds. It was too much for her. She tensed and stopped her movements. James, ever the gentleman, took over.

    He stroked her and circled her. He caressed both breasts with one hand. When he felt she was at her peak, he reached around and slapped her tensed up little ass. Not hard, just a little, then caressed the spot he struck.

    She stayed like that for the longest time then finally loosened up. James removed the vibrator off her clit and moved it further down her lips. She shuddered one final time and James took the vibrator away.

    She had clinched her eyes but James was too busy to notice at the time. Now, she opened them and looked at James, awe was written on her face. ‘Had he really helped her with her first orgasm?’

    To test it, he drew the vibrator up to her entrance. He forced it in just a little and the look of awe went to fear.

    “Are you a virgin?” James wanted to know.

    “Virgin, yes.” She softly said.

    Now why the FUCK is there a virgin in his room! Cathleen knew he didn’t want any relationships! If he was to fuck her and take her virginity, she would stand a good chance in becoming attached to him. The VERY thing he wanted to avoid, hurting a girl’s feelings, yet, he’s already given her an orgasm.

    He grabbed his phone and took a few breaths. He didn’t want to say anything that he would regret. But he wasn’t taking a virgin. She better have a good explanation for this though. He texted, “Why is there a virgin in my room?’ and waited for a response.

    There was none. His door opened and Cathleen walked in, dressed in business attire. She must have had a master key.

    “James, shut up and listen.” then turned her gaze on the girl. Pointing to the girl and then to the chair, had her sit down. Looking at his monitor, Cathleen motioned a hand across her neck telling someone to cut it off.

    James was shocked; he didn’t think about the damn monitor recording and hadn’t seen this side of Cathleen before. He took the safe route and listened. He’d deal with the monitor later.

    “Remember Jack and Jill?” and he nodded. “Ying is just like them, only worse.” And she paced.

    “They came from royal families, Ying did not. She was a child slave. She was given to me just like Jack and Jill. I have kept her for over a year.” She huffed.

    “She can’t speak much English and she can’t understand orders. She is… useless to me other than doing laundry. She seems to have that down anyway. I wasted a lot of expensive clothes teaching her that.” And still she paced.

    “I am giving her to you.” But James started in, “Shut up, I’m not finished.” and dared him to speak.

    “Ying has no place to go other than a factory. She is mine to give to whom I want. You’re going to protest the moral issue of slavery. This child has no education, no means of support, no language skill in the United States, and no hope. No hope James!” she started to sob.

    “You know my morals; I don’t want to hurt this girl.” Pointing at Ying, “I could do no better than you, surely.” James explained.

    “James, try it out. She could be your servant, your assistant. She knows you might take her virginity but it is worthless to her anyway. What would she do with it? You need to be the master of this slave if for only one reason. You won’t hurt her. Anyone else might just do that, including me. I get aggravated at her. I’m afraid I’ll lose my patience. You have the patience and tolerance to make a better master than I.” she sobbed.

    “Cathleen, where would I keep her?” James pointedly asked.

    Cathleen waved across the room, “This will do.” She relaxed a little, “She knows her way around here a little. She can take care of your laundry, cleaners, mail, even cooking if you teach her. You’ve seen what an obedient girl she is. It has to affect you knowing that she would do your bidding to the best of her capabilities.”

    Isn’t it funny how the mind works? If you don’t want something, you will think of a thousand reasons not to have it. But Cathleen was making him want it. Now his mind is coming up with all kinds of reasons to have her.

    “I would have to learn Chinese…” James mumbled.

    “Bah!” Cathleen waved a hand, “She’s in America, make her learn English!”

    “I’d have to get used to undressing in front of her…” James mumbled some more.

    “You’re half way there now! Besides, you ran around the whole place naked already. She wouldn’t be seeing anything the rest of us haven’t.”

    “I’d have to get another phone for her…”

    “Just give her old one!”

    “And another bed…”

    “They deliver!”

    “And freedom, what about that? I wouldn’t want her cramped up in here all day.”

    “She can go anywhere you want her to. Hell, give her your old car and teach her to drive! It’s rusting in the parking lot!”

    Now he wanted her. Not for sex. He was getting plenty of that. But just how many people in the U.S.A. had a servant? Well, he might as well be one of them.



    “Yes, ok, I’ll… take her.” was James’ affirmation.

    “Good!” walking to the door and opening it, “Virgil!”

    Virgil came through the door and for the second time within seven days, James saw a dolly. An old black trunk was mounted on it. Stickers adorned the sides and it had some serious wear and tear. Virgil unloaded it and left.

    “There you are, all set!” Cathleen elated.

    Lisa passed in the hall as Virgil exited. Blocking the door so it wouldn’t close, she kept her ears perked listening. James caught her staring.

    James asked on purpose, “So this slave is mine to keep?”

    “Yes, do what you want with her. She’s willing.” Cathleen boasted.

    James thought to ask just one more question, “Ok, does she have papers?” which was probably the worst way he could possibly put it.

    “She is legally in the U.S., I’ve made sure of that.” Cathleen sighed.

    “What the hell?” Lisa said, barging through the door. “You gave him a girl?”

    Cathleen turned around and her eyes got big, “Oh, yes, you see…”

    “I want one!” Lisa said.

    “I’ll share mine.” James said.

    “What all does she do?” Lisa asked.

    “Laundry so far…” James replied.

    “Oh, hell no, she’s going to have to do better than that.” Lisa huffed.

    “Well, she is a little uneducated…?” James explained.

    “Ok, sucking cock how is she on that?” Lisa urged.

    “I really don’t know but she’s a virgin so I guess…” James started.

    “Bull shit! If she doesn’t know then she’s going to learn!” Lisa vowed. “Now… what about eating pussy? Does she even do that?”

    “Again, like I said…” James started.

    “What’s her name?” Lisa asked her next question.

    “Yang or Yung or Ying Ching, er, Chang, or Chung…” James tried to remember but he had enough going around in his head at the moment.

    “Actually, you can name her yourself. I did mine.” Cathleen confessed.

    “You gave them Jack and Jill?” James exclaimed, “You are ruthless!” and clammed up.

    “Hey, Jack is bi! It fits!” Cathleen admitted.

    Fuck, James thought. ‘I’ve landed in the land of lust.’

    “Ok, I’m taking the slave for a test drive!” Lisa stated, getting up.

    “Now wait just a minute. I haven’t finished… interviewing her yet. You can interview her later.” James complained.

    “Bull shit, we can interview her together!” Lisa said, taking her shorts off since she was up anyway.

    Lisa is a damn nympho! I swear!’ thought James as he seen her vibrating panties yet again. ‘Where was she keeping the damned remote?’

    “Ying Yang, you sucky?” Lisa asked, pointing to her crotch.

    Ying shrugged like she didn’t know. Lisa was going to find out though. Cathleen said, “Now don’t abuse her.”

    “I won’t. I’ll fuck her face slow… at first!” Lisa replied with a grin.

    What in the world did Lisa have holding over Cathleen? It’s like the girl can do whatever she wants!’ James thought.

    “James, watch the wild child for Christ sakes.” Cathleen said, and opened the door to walk out.

    “Wait, you don’t want to try her?” Lisa asked.

    “No thanks, I’ve got my own well trained thank you.” Cathleen responded and left.

    “Now hold up Lisa, they cut my translator off.” James said, going over to turn it back on. Ying scooted over to let him in. James reached down to the vibrator between her legs and turned in back on. While he was at it, he turned it up higher and for the first time in James life, he saw her smile.

    James got the translator going while Lisa got her panties off. He could just kick himself for not thinking about someone watching through the cam. He sat back down on the bed and moved Lisa’s panties. The vibrator was gone.

    “Where’s the vibrator for your panties?” Jams wondered out loud.

    “Oh, that reminds me. Do you have any batteries?” Lisa asked.

    “Yes, top drawer of the computer desk.” Lisa got up and walked in front of Ying, stopped to play with a Ying nipple, then got his new pack of batteries out. Laying the pack on his dresser, she sat back down on the bed beside James.

    “Don’t let me forget those.” Lisa said, spreading her legs a little to get her hand in.

    “How many do you need?” James asked. Those things can get expensive.

    “I just need the one pack. My vibrator died and I used the extra batteries I had. Then I had to use the ones in in my camera, flashlight, and now, the batteries for my remote died. They don’t seem to last very long.” She sighed.

    “You know the thing has an off switch, right?” James said incredulously. ‘She’s definitely a nympho.’

    Ying removed the vibrator she had between her legs and looked at it; she placed it back on her slit with a shrug. James assumed she heard the conversation through the translator.

    “I know that! It’s not like I’m addicted to it!” Lisa exclaimed. “Where did Ying get one?”

    “I gave it to her.” James shrugged.

    “I like her tits. They’re just right for her size.” Lisa noted. “What are you going to name her?”

    “I haven’t thought about it.” James sighed; he was too busy soaking in the responsibility of owning a slave girl.

    “Getting back to our interview… Yin Yang, suck it.” Lisa commanded and pushed her ass out on the edge of the bed, but Ying gave her a frowning look and then looked at James.

    “I don’t think she knows how.” James observed, “Let’s try this. I’ll do her and show her what you’re talking about then you can have her do you when she figures it out.” James explained, but then thought Ying might not be interested.

    “Ying, are you ok with that?” James asked.

    After listening to the translator, she turned to James, “I am to serve you.”

    “She’s a slave James, it doesn’t matter.” Lisa pointed out.

    “It matters to me. I don’t want her to do anything she wouldn’t want to.” James explained.

    “If it serves you, it pleases me.” Ying said over the translator.

    James gave her a way out of it but she didn’t take it.

    “Are you sure?” James asked one more time.

    “Yes.” was the only response.

    James offered the choice twice and there wasn’t going to be a third.

    “Get on the bed.” James ordered, scooting over to give her room between the two.

    Ying stood up and removed her toy, turning it off; she laid it on the computer desk. Looking at both, she walked over to them. James couldn’t get over how petite the girl was. Turning around, she took a seat between them.

    Lisa pushed her back and told her to spread her legs. James switched positions, getting between them. Lisa started describing the events for her.

    “James is going to lick your pussy. Try to remember how he does it. You’re going to do the same thing to me.” Lisa explained. The damn translator repeated it. He didn’t know how long he could tolerate that translator. He thought to look for a female voice. The male robot voice was a little annoying for him.

    James approached his target, a virgin one at that. He always avoided virgins. They were just too innocent for him. He didn’t want to corrupt them and would probably regret breaking a girl into the lifestyle of sex. But, he was handed one on a silver platter. He was a male after all and nobody would hold it against him if he took advantage. But taking something like virginity is taking something for life. James, himself, didn’t think much about losing his own but girls seemed to be hooked on the event.

    Studying the task at hand, James noticed the fine hair surrounding the target. It wasn’t as coarse as his, but most girls weren’t. Ying’s hair was pretty thin. Shaving it would be easy, James thought. Placing his hand over her mound, the girl jerked a little. She probably wasn’t used to anyone but herself touching it.

    Lisa detected the jerk, “It’s Ok, he won’t hurt you.” she soothed while stroking the innocent girl’s hair.

    James brought his lips closer and smelled the erotic musk of her sex. It was like a new car smell but it was a new pussy smell instead. James’ passion boosted from the aroma hitting his senses.

    He brought his mouth low and licked from the bottom up. She shivered at the touch. Coming back down, he sucked a lip in his mouth. Using his tongue, he caressed inside.

    Lisa felt the girl shiver and brought her hand down to a breast. “Shhh, its ok.” she whispered, “Feel how good that was?” and the translator must not have heard it. James made a note to whisper if he needed to.

    James grabbed the other lip and sucked it in with the same treatment. Such a small pussy, he had to try something different. He sucked both lips in and was able to run his tongue through the slit. The taste hit his buds and set him off. He really wanted more of that nectar.

    Whatever James was doing made the girl melt like butter. Lisa watched the girl go from shocked to dreamy. She pointed at James as soon as Ying looked back at her then pointed to her pussy. Lisa rose above the girl and straddled her head. One more look eye to eye and Lisa lowered herself on Ying.

    James stuck his tongue in the entrance of her sex at the same time Lisa made contact. This caused Ying to suck in air but she got a mouthful of Lisa instead. The pussy had stopped the intake instantly. James heard the suction and knew what had happened. It was hard to grin with a mouthful of pussy and air was sucked in through the sides of his mouth.

    Ying had no idea what to do until she accidently sucked a mouth full of Lisa in. Once she tasted it, she decided she liked the flavor. Mimicking James, she set to work, driving Lisa into heat. The aching she had for so long was being rubbed out on James’ tongue; she thought to pass on the wonderful service to the brunette on her face. Too many sensations at once but James seemed to know how to add more as air came in around his mouth and breezed over her sex.

    James felt more liquid come from the heavenly hole he’d been tonguing. It wasn’t going to pour in his mouth on its own. Giving up on the outer lips, he went for the inner. Running his tongue while his lips were sucking around it, he traveled up and down. When more fluid was brought out, he tongued it off the entrance then slurped it off her lips. ‘My God, virgin pussy was like no other he’d ever tasted before.’ James realized.

    Ying felt the aggression James started using and couldn’t control her body. It bucked on its own into his mouth. Every gasp she made put more pressure on the pussy she was eating. Gasps turned into panting. She had to concentrate but her body just wouldn’t let her. The panting brought Lisa’s pussy in and out of her mouth rapidly.

    Lisa felt the change in Ying and smiled. Feeling the girl panting her pussy in and out, she took full advantage of it. Arching her back, sticking her ass out in James’ direction, she was able to get her clit on all that panting effect. Once there, Lisa released a sigh.

    James heard Lisa sigh and knew she was getting treated well. Looking above Ying’s flattened tits he saw Lisa’s ass thrust his way. Raising his hands, he put one on Ying’s breast sticking out from under Lisa and the other on Lisa’s ass. Had the girl not been so short, James would have a hard time reaching Lisa. No problem there though, James was able to place a thumb on Lisa’s asshole and grip the cheek firmly. James worked on his multitasking skills and coordinated tonguing, sucking, massaging, and thumbing into a rhythm.

    Ying felt the hand massage her breast. She had never been fondled like that before. She once had a boss try to make her do bad things but she never had anyone give her any affection. This was beyond her understanding but her private area was on fire, her nipple was aching something terrible, and the clit in her mouth was driving her crazy just knowing what it was. James had a rhythm going and she flowed with it. He licked up and she licked up, down then up. She worked to enjoy that wonderful sensation that James gave her earlier.

    That prick knew she liked having her ass played with! James was moving and grooving on it. The virgin under her had found his rhythm and licked her top to bottom as fast as she could go. Lisa couldn’t help it, it was driving her crazy. She had James pushing her has onto Ying’s face. The face was hitting her with a tongue in her hole then on her clit. Lisa grabbed her new toy by the hair and started bucking on her.

    James wasn’t sure what Lisa was doing but he could tell she took control of the humping. Now he had to let her lead and found her rhythm to tongue on. Up and down the newest pussy he’d ever had in his life, he raked his tongue to the humps of Lisa for Ying. The virgin went wild as Lisa picked up the beat. James’ only concern was Ying’s breathing. He hoped Lisa was letting enough oxygen get into her.

    Ying felt the surge when Lisa took over. Her hair was in the clutches of a demanding girl and her face was planted in her sex. Ying tried to help and stuck her tongue out. Lisa treated it like a paint brush and coated her cunt with it. James did the same with his beat, picking up the pace to match the “wild child” sitting on her face. Her body couldn’t handle it and the same sensations rushed over her. She froze.

    Oh hell no!’ Lisa thought, the toy is popping a nut and her own cunt was being neglected! Lisa was getting hers regardless and ground into the flushing face of Ying. Squishing sounds came out between Ying’s reddened cheeks while Lisa popped her own nut. That squishing was the result of the donation Lisa poured into her mouth.

    James was just along for the ride. Ying humped his face while Lisa humped his thumb. When Ying started releasing, he made an effort to hit the clit as much as possible. This caused her to squish into his mouth. Now, both squishes, one after the other, where sounding in the air while the two girls got off. The rookie bucked high on James and his tongue raked her asshole.

    Ying felt the fluids in her mouth but she had her own concerns going on between her legs. She would have swallowed if it weren’t for the exquisite torture James’ tongue was giving her. All she could do was try to scream into the girl’s pussy. She bucked so high, the man’s tongue hit her ass. It racked her so much; she had that incredible sensation all over again! She knew Miss Cathleen said James was her new master but if this is the kind of service he wanted, she would give it with pleasure every day all day long!

    Lisa realized that she was riding the wave of a multi-orgasm below her. The little sex toy was jaw locked! That rocked Lisa’s world and she got down and dirty in her own multi-orgasm. James’ just had to help! “Put your thumb in my ass!”

    Ying tensed around James’ face and, always the gentleman, picked up where Ying left off. Raising and falling on his knees, he bucked his face in the virgin slit. Just to make it interesting, he grazed his tongue over her ass a few more times while she erupted again. The call to thumb Lisa’s ass alerted James and he kindly obliged.

    There was no describing these sensations to Ying. Never in her young life had she ever experienced such rapture. Whatever it was her master was doing, it was definitely done with expert precision. She had heard the translator telling someone to put a thumb up an ass. She guessed it was the words the sex-craved girl on her face demanded. Just the thought of his tongue crossing over her ass made her quiver, she couldn’t imagine what a thumb would do. His sucking on her nub drove her crazy! It was so intense, her body refused to move!

    Like breaking in a bronco, Lisa rode the petite pony until she broke. She was as stiff as an ironing board, Lisa ground out another orgasm on a mouth that could do nothing but take it while a thumb filled her ass and she bucked all she wanted. When she headed back down hill, she eased off on the girl’s hair and face, yielding her own shudder at the bottom of her bliss.

    James was cramping up, his jaw had about as much as it would take. Finally the unused pussy came down from the air and her ass rested back on the bed, quivering every few seconds. He could hear the desperate intakes of air the poor girls were taking and removed his thumb from a hole that wanted to keep it for its own.

    Lisa climbed off the drenched living toy she soaked. “Wow, I needed that!” she huffed, “I’ve been without since my batteries died.”

    James got up from his kneeling position and offered a hand to Ying. Blinking at him, she realized what he wanted and gave him her hand. James got her to sit up even though she was a bit wobbly.

    “What was that?” Ying asked and the translator passed it on.

    “That, little girl, was a multi-orgasm.” Lisa laughed. “You did great!”

    James didn’t know how the young girl took it, but she did smile again. Walking into the bathroom, James wetted a wash cloth and returned. He started wiping Ying’s face until she got the hint, and then handed it to her.

    “Ok, now we teach her about sucking cocks.” Lisa said, walking over to grab the vibrator while the translator repeated the statement.

    “Wait, she might not understand that.” James said, looking at the questioning look on Ying. “You suck?” he said, pointing to his crotch.

    The translator repeated and she got the hint, looking back into James’ eyes, she nodded ‘yes’. He guessed since he did her, she wouldn’t mind doing him. Seemed fair to him anyway, and eating pussy always made him hard.

    Lisa sat down beside her and pointed to the vibrator then James’ crotch. She licked it. “Yum! I can taste Ying Yang on it.” and licked it more.

    Ying watched her and glanced at James. Returning to Lisa, she was just in time to see her suck it in. James wanted her to see the real thing so he got undressed. Tossing his clothes through the bathroom door, he turned back around facing the girls on the bed.

    Chinese came out. The translator said, “Oh no.” in the robotic tone. What she was saying no to, James wasn’t sure. “Oh no what?”

    “That is that is that!” the translator repeated her gibberish and Ying giggled.

    “Come here, I’ll show her.” Lisa prompted. So James walked over to her. Lisa straddled James’ leg, bent down and licked up, then offered it to Ying. “Go on.”

    Ying was hesitant but went ahead and did the same thing, straddling James’ other leg. Lisa took it back and licked around the head, then offered it back. Ying repeated but this time she raised her hand to get a hold on it. Placing her hand on top of Lisa’s, she licked around the head.

    “Don’t use your teeth.” Lisa said and put the cock in her mouth. Ying did the same thing and let go.

    “Now, stroke it.” Lisa said, stroking James. The China man of an interpreter sounded off and Ying picked up as Lisa let off. “Lick it and suck it while you stroke.” Lisa continued, dropping her hand down to James’ balls.

    Ying looked up to James to make sure she was doing a good job. James moaned and closed his eyes. Lisa informed her of what the goal was, “When he comes, drink as much as you can.” then paused before she said, “But save me some.” in afterthought.

    Ying sucked a little while she stroked. Lisa jumped in when she started tonguing again. Both were going at it and Ying lost her rhythm. Lisa took over the stroking. James had never been serviced by two girls before. This was a huge boost to his lust.

    Lisa pulled it her direction and sucked. Ying seemed a little upset and pulled it back to her, plopping it in her mouth. “Damn bitch, she’s greedy!” Lisa said and the translator repeated it. Ying let up and pointed it back to Lisa.

    “Thank you!” Lisa chirped and sucked a little. She offered her tongue to it and let Ying tongue it too. Her stroking was working and she stroked faster.

    “Are you going to come on our faces?” Lisa asked, smiling.

    What a turn on’ James thought, “You know it.” James answered, “You two are going to get a lot.”

    Ying heard the dirty talk and had the urge to play with her pussy. Lisa thought that was a good idea but made it better. She grabbed Ying’s hand and put it on her pussy then reached over and played with Ying’s.

    That was enough for James, “I’m close!” he announced.

    “This is it! Get ready to drink some cum girl!” Lisa warned Ying.

    No sooner than the translator communicated it in Chinese did James clench up. Lisa stroked it faster and pointed it at Ying. Since Ying didn’t respond, Lisa moved her hand off her pussy and grabbed the back of her head and forced the cock in it.

    “I’m there!” James warned and Lisa bobbed Ying’s head up and down on his cock. He felt his surge shoot out and Ying literally inhaled it. “Swallow!” Lisa yelled, just as the second shot came out. Ying did indeed swallow that one. James wasn’t sure where the first one went though. Right then, he really didn’t care.

    Lisa yanked it out of her mouth and stuck it in hers. Like a pro, she engulfed and swallowed most all of his cock. Ying snorted cum out of her nose, coughing a little, and watched the expert, while reaching for the wash cloth. James third shot never hit mouth, just throat.

    Lisa pulled it out and aimed the fourth shot at Ying who took it from the eye to the mouth. Lisa took the fifth straight into her mouth. It looked so erotic to see it fly right in.

    “Clean it up.” Lisa said, pointing it back at Ying. She hesitated for the translation but put it in her mouth. “Lick it all up.” Lisa continued, still stroking access from it.

    James knees was weak, the sucking and tonguing was getting to him, “Ok, I think I’m good.” he said.

    Lisa let go but Ying didn’t. She tried to fit all of him in her mouth but had no success. James was still semi-hard.

    She frowned as she failed but released James. She stared at it for a while and James thought she wanted to inspect it. He just stood there and let her look around his genitals.

    “That was nice.” James said, wanting to boost Ying’s ego. “With a little practice, she will be an expert.” and Ying perked up hearing the translator.

    “Well, she’s going to get more practice on sucking pussy, that’s for sure.” Lisa quipped. “I haven’t had virgin pussy since… junior high, I think.” placing a finger on her chin. Looking at James, “Can I keep her while you’re gone?”

    James watched Ying play with his balls, “Yeah, that’d be ok. I mean if it’s ok with her.”

    The translator finished before Ying said, “I want to.” translating it back to them.

    James wanted to clean up; he had a meeting with a couple soon. He turned to go and Ying grabbed his balls. “What the…!”

    “Ying! Let go.” Lisa commanded and James had to wait for the translation. Ying wanted to suck on a nut and did that before she let go.

    James rubbed it, “Can you have her take care of the sheets? You two soaked it.” he said, and headed for the shower. While he cleaned, he thought about getting a bed for his servant. He probably should pick up some food and underwear today. Putting those two items in the same sentence seemed funny to him and he chuckled at it.

    He was coming back out soon, drying himself off. The girls were sixty-nining each other. Ying was on top and looked about half the size of Lisa. That was saying something because Lisa wasn’t all that tall anyway.

    Getting dressed while the sucking went on was a little awkward; James kept getting distracted when someone hit a good spot and he just had to look.

    What really sucked was leaving two naked girls eating each other in his bed. He waved at both before he headed out. “Lisa, don’t tear her up, I just got her.” and closed the door. He could hear the translator repeat what he just said through the door as he paused to put on his jacket. Then he heard Ying giggle.

    He took the SUV again and headed for downtown. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt were to be picked up at a corporation but again the destination was ‘As Directed’. He got there at his usually early time. James made a note to get more detail out of a run other than ‘As Directed’.

    Standing outside by the doors, the clients came up to him. The elder gentleman greeted him, “Hunt?”

    “Indeed sir.” James replied, opening the back doors. He offered his hand to the thirty or so looking lady and she took it. James guessed she was probably half the gentleman’s age. After getting them inside, James walked around the back then to the driver door. He noticed them kiss when he entered.

    “My name is James, how may I be of service to you today?” James inquired.

    Looking at the mirror, James saw the elder gentleman turn to his wife as he said, “I need to borrow your cock.”

    It was a long night for James. It was only two and a half hours but it was forever. He had to get hard on the floor in front of their fireplace. The husband didn’t want him touching his wife, just let her use him for a fuck stick. The husband did the caressing and touching while she rode him. The woman played her role well, not giving James a reason to get off. James stayed hard though. It helped thinking about the two girls eating each other out.

    Like notches on a stick, James counted six orgasms the woman had. As directed, he didn’t orgasm. He maintained the perfect balance of fantasy and reality. If he got close to an orgasm, he just had to look at the naked old guy. Not letting his cock go soft, he reminisced about Ying and that sweet tasting pussy.

    Around seven thirty, James was back in the SUV and free for the evening. At eight, he pulled into Wally World. Grabbing three more packs of batteries, thinking Ying would use some, more underwear and some food; James was set to head home. The underwear wasn’t high quality like his last pack. If he had to give them away, he was giving the cheap ones.

    At nine forty five, James was unlocking his own door. He didn’t want to catch Ying in a compromising position but his hands were full. Pushing it open with the groceries, he almost stepped on his gift.

    Ying was sitting naked in the floor in front of the door on her knees, arms wrapped behind her back, a black collar around her neck, and high black heels on that were too big. “Excuse me.” James said, working his way around her. Looking back, she had turned to face him, her nipples were hard, he observed. “Everything alright?” he asked, sitting the groceries on his computer desk. He needed to separate the colds and get them to the mini kitchen.

    “Yes Master” she said in English, just batting her eyes.

    “Why are you on the floor?” he asked.

    “I wait for orders.” She replied, in fairly decent English.

    James chuckled at that, “Whose doing the ordering?”

    She looked at him funny and said, “You master.”

    Ok, that’s weird, “Who told you I was your master?”

    “Lady Spencer.” She said, like he should know.

    James was taken aback; he certainly didn’t like the term master, “Ok, you can call me James.”

    “But master…” she started

    “That’s an order.” crossing his arm and putting his elbow on it, scratching his chin.

    “James.” she relented. “I’m supposed to be your slave.”

    “No, you’re supposed to be my servant.” James wanted her to get that slavery shit out of her mind.

    “I serve. You master.” She said, matter-of-factly.

    James dropped his arms. This girl is way too submissive. She needed to, well, grow some balls. “Get up.”

    Ying stood, arms folded behind her back, without asking, she spread her legs.

    “What are you doing?” James wondered out loud.

    “Prepared for ins-inspection.” she said.

    What the fuck did Lisa do? This girl took a course on BDSM. “Ok, what did Lisa teach you?”

    “She say you ask that. I say be a good slave.” She said, proud she had passed whatever test she thought she had.

    “Go get Lisa.” James said.

    The oriental pixie walked right over and headed out the door. “You could put clothes on!” James called, but it was too late. Virgil will get his share of still photos from that.

    A moment later, she reappeared holding Lisa by the hand. “What’s wrong?” Lisa asked seriously.

    “I asked you not to break her and that girl is broke.” James said, pointing to Ying.

    “I never broke your toy, James! I made her better for ya.” Lisa defended.

    “She thinks I am supposed to inspect her.” James pointed out.

    “Well yeah! How else do you know if she kept the plug in?” Lisa mused.

    “What plug?” James asked, intrigued.

    “This one.” Spinning Ying around and spreading her ass cheeks.

    James saw his blue ass plug he got at the novelty store firmly planted in Ying’s little ass. It wasn’t the biggest or the smallest they had. He bought the middle size so he would have one for a lady wanting it but didn’t know what a woman would like. But with Ying’s petite form, the thing looked rather large.

    “You got in my drawer and found my toys?” James exclaimed.

    “You weren’t using them! And, her vibrator takes AAs and we were looking for more!” Lisa huffed.

    James just shook his head, “Ok, ok, whatever. I need to get the cold stuff in the fridge then I’ll work on fixing Ying.” He started separating the food, “Slave, sheesh.”

    “Hey! I trained her right!” Lisa huffed, “I even went to websites and showed her videos and translated stories for her!”

    “Did you explain the difference between playing slave and being a regular person?” James asked while he worked on his task.

    “Nope, sure didn’t. She won’t be a regular person James. She is your slave. You are supposed to be her master you know.” Lisa argued.

    “I don’t want a slave or a slave all the time at least.” thinking it was kind of erotic really, “She is a human being. She should have some respect, don’t you think?”

    “I respected her. I ate her pussy back didn’t I?” Lisa rationalized. “Besides, if you don’t want her, I’ll take her.”

    James just knew Lisa would have an underlying reason to do this to poor Ying. “I’ve got a bigger heart than that. She would need knee pads if you had your way.” James smirked.

    “Listen, try her out. You’ll like it after a while.” Lisa calmed down.

    “Fine, I’ll work on it.” Looking down at his bag of cold food, “Maybe she can put the cold food in the fridge at least.” James sighed.

    “Ying, fridge.” Lisa said, pointing at the bag. Ying grabbed it and headed out the door. “Clothes!” James called after her, but it was too late. Virgil is probably jerking off right about now.

    “When was the last time she had clothes on?” James asked.

    “Fuck if I know, she was naked when I met her.” Lisa said. “I thought she came packaged that way.” Lisa smirked.

    James gave her an evil look, “I’m kidding! Seriously, get some humor in you.” Lisa soothed.

    “I laugh when it’s funny.” James smiled then frowned, “Crap, I didn’t get a bed.” He huffed, “Guess I’m sleeping on the floor.”

    “Are you nuts? Make her sleep on the floor.” Lisa stated.

    “I’m not making a woman sleep on the floor!” James said, and opened his potato chip bag.

    “Well at least let her sleep with you. She’d fit in your arm pit.” Lisa laughed.

    “That will work. Speaking of work, you working out in the morning?” James asked as Ying came back in.

    “Yep, I’m up at six.” Lisa replied.

    “Me too.” James said, handing the bag of potato chips to Ying. She looked so cute with that collar on.

    “Oh, give me my shoes.” Lisa said to Ying. She kicked them off; they were too loose anyway, picked them up and handed them to her.

    Lisa turned back to James, “Did you get any batteries?” she asked.

    What the hell is she doing with them? Hell, he just gave her a pack.

    “You can’t possibly need more.” James said in awe.

    “Duh, I used them for my camera, flashlight, and remote.” She huffed, “And since I don’t get Ying Yang tonight, I might get the urge you know.”

    James handed her a twelve pack of batteries. “Oh, can I borrow Ying’s vibrator?” Lisa asked, taking the batteries.

    “Ok, what’s wrong with yours?” James can’t believe she burned the damn thing up already.

    “Nothing, but it only hits my clit. I can use her vibrator to fuck with while I’m using mine on my clit.” Lisa explained.

    “Spent some time thinking that up?” James grinned.

    “She horny all time.” Ying said with a mouthful of chips, and they looked to her.

    All three busted up laughing, “Well, your English has improved.” James noted.

    Lisa walked over and picked up James’ old phone off the computer desk, “This is a piece of crap. She needs a better one. You can download a translator that does audio and text with the phone you have. Try to get her that model.” Lisa pointed out.

    “Lisa teach me new things.” Ying offered.

    James looked back at her, “Yes, I noticed that as soon as I walked in.”

    Lisa punched his arm, “I taught her more than that!” and huffed. “She can cook eggs, bacon and sausage, but don’t leave her there while she cooks. She knows how to polish shoes too.”

    Well, thank you Lisa.” James said sincerely, “I appreciate the help.”

    Lisa looked at Ying, “You know, I really like her; I want one now.” Looking back at James, “We put her clothes in your closet, they are in poor shape and I don’t know who made them but they smell funny and most of it is plaid.”

    James thought a second, “We could go shopping after workout tomorrow and throw her old clothes out. Are you busy tomorrow?”

    “Wednesday” Lisa thought out loud, “Not after workout. I’d have to be back by three.”

    “I haven’t checked my calendar for tomorrow” James said, unclipping it from his side, “Let’s see. I have a meeting at three it seems. Nothing other than that so we’re good to go.”

    “I need to potty.” Ying piped in, bending over and spreading her tiny cheeks.

    Lisa reached over and pulled out the plug, “You need to get her an enema bag. She used mine today.” She instructed while Ying headed for the bathroom.

    James was a little stunned, “She doesn’t need an enema bag, and I’m not going to have anal sex with her. I’d tear her tiny ass up.”

    “Oh, I guess you’re going to pop her cherry then.” Lisa assumed. “Her papers are in the top left drawer.” pointing at the dresser. “Cat brought them down for you. Seems she had been housing Ying Yang in Florida at her villa there. She got into some trouble when a hired hand got caught trying to get a blow job off of her. His wife walked in while he was forcing her to the floor and overheard him; tore up the place over that. There’s other stuff in there too; burning pots, sat a curtain on fire with a candle, she is a bit clumsy.”

    “Ok, she can keep her virginity as long as she wants. I get enough sex through the week. It sounds like she just needs practice at being normal to me.” James thought out loud. “Secondly, stop calling her Ying Yang, it doesn’t sound respectful.”

    “Ok, first of all, the butt plug will open her up for ya. If you’re going to tell me a man is going to sleep with a virgin every night and not do anything, I will kiss your lily-white ass on fountain square at noon.”

    Ying came back and bent over, Lisa handed him the plug, “Get to stretching.” and walked out.

    James was struck by reality. It’s true he had high morals but his dick thought differently at times. Lisa was probably right, how many nights could he possibly last? Squatting down, he carefully inserted the plug. He had to wiggle it in but she eventually took it all. Even that act made his dick twitch. It might have been the fact that he had a hard-on for three hours and never came but James knew whatever the reason, if he had to fuck the dainty dame, at least he could fuck her ass, saving the poor girl her cherry.

    “You ok with that?” James asked her, patting her ass.

    “Yes, master… James.” and stood up.

    “Master?” she asked, “Um, James, use word machine?”

    James replied, “Translator, yes.” and started it up.

    They talked and joked for a while. James found out about her past. As Ying listened and compared, her English improved. He listened while Ying explained the pink room of Lisa’s and she had to blink a lot to keep her eyes focused. She wanted to browse the web so James sat her in his lap and taught her how to use the mouse. She wanted to go back to the website Lisa showed her. James found it in History. Very few showed Asian action.

    “What is this one?” she asked, pointing to a category marked Asian.

    “Click on it and see.” James suggested.

    Now, James was aware that some people treated Asians a little rough. They get a bad rap to begin with. Statistically, their penis sizes are just as average as anywhere else. The females are restricted on human rights and most generally are not considered equal in their society. But the category brought up more bondage and humiliation than James had seen in his lifetime.

    “You know, they are playing, right?” he asked. “I mean, they really don’t act like that all the time.”

    “Lisa says some people do. Like me.” Ying said as if it was fact.

    “You don’t have to.” James said, “Wouldn’t you like being free?”

    “I want to be yours.” Ying said.

    “You can still be mine; you just don’t have to do everything you see here.” James said, pointing to the video showing a girl serving a plate with her mouth while crawling on the floor.

    “But it is what I want.” she gave him puppy dog looks while the translator spoke.

    James made a decision right about the same time his cock took to rise. “Ok, are you sure you would like to live like that?” and he swore he heard her pussy squish when she adjusted on his lap.

    “Yes master… James.” she said without a bit of shyness on her. “It is what I want.”

    Well, James and his three strike policy just wouldn’t be broken. “Ok, you can call me Master.” and watched her smile when she heard it. James knew some people got off on it. Always the gentleman, he aimed to please.

    “Thank you Master!” Ying cheered. She clicked another video and James watched an Asian being driven wild with an electric vibrator. Hog tied to the floor, she was getting it from the rear. He absolutely positively one hundred percent wanted one of those electric jobs. ‘Do you realize how much money I would save on batteries?’

    His own dick was getting sat on and he picked the pretty parcel up and sat her on the arm and adjusted himself. She giggled when he touched her armpits.

    “Ticklish are you?” James laughed, and tickled her some more. James found it hard to believe she was eighteen. The only hint that she was were in her breasts. They were big enough to convince him she probably was.

    “Listen, I need a shower. You go ahead and play.” James got up and headed to clean the ‘yuck’ of the old man and his wife off of him. He hadn’t shut the door because he wasn’t used to having anyone else in the room. Looking out of the shower, he thought he saw Ying rubbing herself but she was facing away from him. Maybe she was just scratching. The heat of the shower helped convince him that the disgusting couple was off of him.

    Toweling off, he sneaked back in the room and got behind her. Her elbow was propped up and holding her chin. The other hand was between her legs and moving. ‘Yep, she’s playing with herself.’ James thought. “What are you doing?” he asked, a grin crossed his face.

    She jumped and turned. Her face was inches way from James’ cock. “Oh, watching movie master.” she replied, not taking her eyes off his crotch.

    James glanced at the video. The same Asian girl was getting spanked and vibrated. Looking back at Ying, he said, “I meant your hand.”

    She looked at James and then to her hand, “It aches there.” she said.

    “It’s from watching the videos. You’re horny.” James explained.

    “Like Lisa?” Ying asked, looking worried that she would feel like that all the time.

    “No, you just need some attention there.” James explained, stepping back from being so close to her face. “You don’t have a vibrator but I could help you if you want.” thinking for a second, “Would you like to play?”

    “Yes master.” Ying replied, not really sure what he meant.

    “Inspection!” James announced in the most commanding voice he could come up with. Ying got up off the chair and passed James then spread her legs standing in front of him in the middle of the floor. She clasped her arms behind her and blinked.

    The translator was loud when it repeated his order. James turned it down a little. Turning back to his ‘subject’, “Let’s see what we have to work with.” looking her over top to bottom. James noticed a slight change in the girl. She had a lustful gleam in her eyes.

    James started with her face, caressing the sides of her cheeks. Using his thumbs, he caressed her lips. After a couple of seconds, he forced them between her lips and she opened. “Hmm, nice cock sucking mouth.” he quipped. “Stick out your tongue.” James commanded and she forced it between his thumbs.

    Ying was mesmerized by James’ change. He became dominate like the men in the movies. She squirmed a little when he demanded her tongue. It was so… whatever the word, horny making.

    “Now, what can I do with a tongue like that?” James pondered out loud. “I might make it lick my cock.” and Ying felt a wave of goose bumps when the translator finished. “Let’s see how your tongue tastes.” and he bent down and sucked it in. Ying reflexively pulled it back out.

    “Hmm, you didn’t obey me. I said to stick out your tongue, not put it back in.” then turned the little pint-sized vixen around and swatted her on her ass, not hard, just enough to make a noise. Turning her back around, James saw her face turn flush, “Stick out your tongue and hold it while I taste it.”

    Without hesitation, Ying stuck it out as far as she could and looked at James. He bent over once more, still amazed at how short she was, and sucked on her tongue, raking his tongue over hers. “Mmm, tasty.” he said, straightening back up. “Let me see what I have to make you taste better.” and James opened up the drawer holding his sex toys.

    “Ah, here is something.” and he pulled out a bottle of warming gel. Taking a drop, he dabbed it on her tongue, motioning her to taste it. “Now, where could I put it so I could lick it off?” he wondered out loud. “Those nipples could use some.” he said with a thoughtful look. Rubbing some on each, he felt them grow to hard little pebbles.

    Letting the gel soak in a bit, he traced a gel-covered finger under each breast, heating up the underside. He put one more dab on his finger and squatted; his cock was hard and pointed up at Ying. She soaked in the view.

    James traced the sides of her mound, got another drop and raked it from the back of her slit to the middle, reveling in her wetness. There wasn’t enough of it to spread it to the top front so he got more. Finishing his application over her clit, “You have a nice looking pussy.” he said, then blew hot air on her cunt lips.

    Ying’s eyes got wide feeling the hot air and the effect of the gel on her tender place. Her nipples were already feeling it. She involuntarily squeezed her butt cheeks together.

    James watch the magic of the gel as Ying clinched. A drop seeped out of her cunt and he heard a faint splat on the floor. James rose up and looked her in the eyes. “You dropped something.” and Ying looked between her legs. Seeing the wet spot, she gave it a quizzical look.

    “You need to clean that up.” James said, watching to stop her if she didn’t do it right. He knew the floor was clean so he had a plan in mind.

    Ying unclasped her arms from around her back. James spun her around again, smacking her on her cheek again. This time, more fluid spewed out of her cunt from the jolt. “I didn’t say you could use your hands. Use your tongue like a good slave. Look, you spilled more.” James spun her back and pointed to the tiny droplets.

    Ying squatted down carefully, trying not to tip over with her arms clasped behind her. Getting on her knees, she bent to lick the first drop up. Turning around, she went after the other ones. James got a good view of the plug she was sporting. Since her head was facing away, James took the opportunity to stroke himself; he was feeling pretty achy himself. When he did his first upstroke, a drop of pre-cum dripped on the floor. His drop was much bigger than hers and it looked thicker.

    Ying thought her task was done so she turned around in the kneeling ‘waiting for instruction’ position. James looked at her beautiful eyes but frowned. She gave him another quizzical look. “You missed a spot.” James said, pointing to his own drop dead in front of him.

    Ying shuffled over and James went around her. She bent down to lick it up. James bent down and pulled the plug out. Ying looked back to James, smacking her lips. Then her eyes caught James’ cock and the pre-cum dripping off of it and smiled.

    James waited until her eyes met his, “You better get the next one before it falls.” he advised, and she scrambled over in front of him. Still not moving her arms, she raised up. The poor thing wasn’t tall enough to reach the top of his cock but, ever the gentleman, James pointed it down for her.

    She licked at first, taking her time, then sucked the pre-cum off the head. James milked more out of it for her until he thought she’d drained his vein for the time being. “Maybe I better do yours.” and helped her stand up. “I’d hate to see you have to clean more up.”

    James picked up the fairy sized beauty, letting her drop her arms, and laid her sideways across his bed. Stopping while he raised, he blew hot air on each nipple. They actually got a little stiffer. He couldn’t wait any longer. He sampled her left one. The strawberry gel tasted delicious! It warmed his mouth on contact.

    Ying couldn’t believe the power her master had! He picked her up like a doll. He was so big! She knew she was small but the man would tower over most people she met in China. Now, her achy nipples were being serviced. The cream he put on her made everything tingle.

    James worked his way around her breasts that had the strawberry flavor then progressed to her charms below. He wasn’t sure how long he could tolerate this virgin. He already craved taking her virginity. He had to remind himself that it wasn’t his to take no matter what the girls said. It belonged to Ying.

    James’ hot breath caressed her cunt lips. He spread her and soaked in the sight of her pink flesh. He leaned in and inhaled, just for show but it did smell like strawberries, and then exhaled hot air all over it. James watched as her ass clinched again and another drop seeped its way out, trickling onto her taint. Thinking he’s better get it, his nose hit her entrance as his tongue raked the drop off. Ying flinched.

    “What’s wrong?” James sneered, “Can’t hold still?” and without waiting for an answer, went to the closet and got a handful of his old ties he hadn’t used since getting his new wardrobe.

    Throwing them on the bed, he picked one of the thin black one’s out and tied it to her left leg at the bend in her knee. Taking the other end, he tied it to the foot post. With the right knee, he tied it to the head post. The ties were long but still had to be taunt to get it to tie. Inspecting his spread eagled filly, he decided more was needed. Grabbing another tie, he tied it around her ankles and held out his hand for hers, raising an eye brow. “Give me your hand.” and she reluctantly reached for him. He tied her ankle to her hand and repeated it on the other side.

    After completing his bondage, he said, “Try to get loose.”

    Ying made a serious effort to do so, her hands pulling on her ankles, her knees trying to close. She tried so hard, she was panting from her efforts. James became aroused watching her struggle. There was something about the muscles tensing and the look of total concern on her face that got to him.

    “So, you are at my mercy.” James said, grinning, and waited until the translator finished. “I could do anything I want to you.” giving her a wicked smile and letting that soak in, he watched as she gave him the sense of fear he wanted to see.

    “So, let’s say I want to rub my cock on your pussy.” he said while getting between her legs. Looking up at her, he watched her look at him and blinked. Grabbing his cock like he has done so many times before, he brushed it up and down the gaping slit. “Yes, it seems I can do that just fine.” looking at his victim. She moaned for him.

    “Hmm, wonder what happens if I spanked you with It.” and tapped his cock on her clit. Ying was jolted but couldn’t go anywhere but up, making the next hit a little harder. James tapped it faster then stopped. The little pixie gasped.

    “Hmm, circles?” and used his hips to help him get his cock going around, encircling her clit and entrance. “Up and down?” sawing his meat between her lips, “Perhaps sideways” using his cock like a windshield wiper over her clit. Ying quivered.

    The master was torturing her! He beat her with his manhood, rubbed it all over her sensitive spots, and now he is raking it back and forth over her most achy bud! Ying couldn’t handle it, it was too much. She needed to get off, it was driving her mad! Her hips betrayed her; she humped up to the soft yet hard cock. “Please!” she had to beg.

    “Oh, you want to cum?” James said, hearing the translation and slowing down on her clit then let her hump air for a second.

    “Yes master!” she gasped, desperately seeking his cock with her hips.

    “Ok, cum for me.” James said and wielded his meat tighter and ground it over her gash.

    Sweet surrender took over Ying as she relished the work of her master. The beast in all humans came out and she quivered her restricted thighs around him. A guttural cry came from her lips as the master kept up his deliciously torturous pace. She felt her own fluids spill from her loins as the exquisite sensations racked her body.

    James saw a little gush from the girl; he swore he could smell the hormones. “Don’t stop!” he yelled and kept up his pace. When he felt she was coming down he dropped, sucking up her juices then tonguing her hole. Where was she to go? James smiled… up of course.

    The master had dropped his tool and resorted to using his mouth. Just when she thought it was going to be over, another orgasm rocked her body. The cruel man savaged her sex and swallowed her wetness. His tongue entered her craving hole. What was she to do? She bucked up. “More!” she yelled and bucked her sex in him as fast as her quivering ass would let her.

    James felt a gush of girl cum literally squirt into his mouth. She could not hold on and let everything go. James wallowed in it, shaking his head up and down then sideways. He wanted it all.

    She would give him her life if only he would not stop. The master played her masterfully. Crazy thoughts went through her head; he was going to kill her with orgasms. Then, she came so hard; he literally sucked the pee out of her! What was she to do? She just peed on her master! The embarrassment hit her and the pain of regret calmed her down. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” she sobbed.

    James slowed and looked up from the feast of love she had given him and asked, “Why are you sorry?”

    Through sobs she said, “I didn’t mean to pee.” and went back to sobbing.

    James chuckled, “You didn’t pee silly. You squirted. It happens when you cum too hard.” patting her on a restrained thigh. Getting up, James started untying his virginal dinner. Once he was finished, he reached for a hand. She gave it to him. He pulled her into his arms. Laid her head on his shoulder and rubbed her back. “It’s ok sweetie. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “I don’t understand.” was all she could say, still hiccupping a sob every so often.

    James carried her over to the computer and sat her in his lap, pulling his hard on off to the side. Getting the monitor to kick back in, he navigated to some squirting videos.

    “This is what you did just now.” watching to see if she understood. The girl’s eyes flew open as some lucky slob was getting drenched from a redheaded squirter.

    “Here, taste it.” James said, and offered her a kiss. She hesitated but kissed him, his tongue entered her mouth and she was blessed with a kiss like no other she had ever had.

    She kissed her master! This hunk of a man actually kissed her!’ she thought and the stuff didn’t taste like pee. It didn’t taste like anything else either but it wasn’t pee. It mattered little to her now; the more important part was the fact that her master had kissed her! It had to be the most affectionate thing anyone had ever done to her.

    “Lisa is a squirter too, you know.” James reminded her. “It just feels like you’re peeing when it happens.”

    “Is so? I thought, why she soak me?” Ying said amazed. “She made me tongue her butt.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry about that. You want me to say something to her?” James asked.

    “Naw, me liked it.” Ying still fought the English language.

    “Ok, now you know you didn’t do anything bad, what does my little slave plan to do with this?” James asked, looking at his poor neglected penis.

    Ying grinned, “I fix it!” and hopped off his lap. Nestling between his legs, she grabbed him at the base. Like Lisa, she did as instructed and soon, his head was in her mouth.

    James leaned back and enjoyed the teachings of Lisa. Ying had it down pretty good. It wasn’t long until he exploded in her mouth without having to assist her. She swallowed and swallowed but couldn’t get all of it. No surprise there, he hadn’t come all evening. She finished her attentions and set to work cleaning him off.

    They went to bed after putting a towel on the wet spot. Ying promised to take care of it tomorrow. They spooned in the bed with Ying’s butt snuggled to his crotch.

    James was fading off to sleep when Ying said in English, “I tongue your butt too.”

    Without much thinking, James chuckled, “Maybe tomorrow.” and faded off to sleep.
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    Chapter 5

    James woke to the sound of Stevie Nicks. His dad turned him on to Fleetwood Mac when he was young. Stevie was his fantasy girl for a while. He probably gave her up when he realized photos aren’t real people and Stevie got older. He still had the album cover, ‘Buckingham Nicks’ his father gave him.

    Rolling off the bed, his morning hard-on entered a place he forgot he had. Poor little Ying received it, unwilling or not, in her ass. He didn’t mean to, he just wasn’t used to sleeping with anyone. He guessed since she’s been stretching it for so long, it took it fairly easy. Ying might be small but she was quick. No sooner had his head popped in did it pop out and James was staring at Ying staring at him from the floor.

    I’m sorry!” James said, “I didn’t mean to.” and got up to get the remote. Ying let reality soak into her and climbed back in bed.

    James cleaned the room a bit. Putting his ties back, he looked closer at Ying’s clothes. He grabbed the blouse and skirt she wore yesterday. Sitting down at the computer, he looked at the tags. Of course, he didn’t understand it but he had the sizes interpreted along with the company that made them.

    Browsing the web for clothes that were in petite, he came across Bella Petite. Browsing that e-magazine, he saw a J.C. Penny’s ad selling petite clothing. There was one of those in the mall and that would be his destination.

    Done with the clothing problem, he checked his bank online. There were two more pending deposits; one for another five thousand and the other for fifteen thousand that would go through today. The five simply read Hunt and the fifteen said Dawn. Immediately, James remembered the I.R.S. He would have to pay taxes!

    Texting, James wrote, ‘I have too much money. Taxes?’

    Cathleen replied, ‘You receive NET. And you can never make too much money.’

    James was ecstatic. This was just unbelievable. Well, it looks like he could afford to keep a servant now doesn’t it?

    Lisa came over, Ying let her in. She was in sweat pants and a wife beater. “Hi Yingy!” she greeted. “You ready to work out?” then looked at James, “Hell no, you aren’t even dressed.”

    James grabbed underwear, sweats, and shoes. Dressing in no time, “Ying, we’re going to work out for an hour or so. I’ll get you some workout clothes and you can join us tomorrow.” Not giving it a thought, “You can do whatever you want till we get back. Don’t burn the place down.”

    Heading to the gym, James stopped by the fridge to grab a bottle of Gatorade. It wasn’t in there. He wondered what his little Ying done with it. Checking the freezer, he found all the colds along with his drink, frozen solid, except for the milk. It was only half frozen.

    Lisa laughed, “Guess I didn’t say what part of the fridge.”

    Doctor Song entered the mini kitchen, “Good morning.” looking at the two young good-looking people in the kitchen.

    James and Lisa both greeted her, “You up early?” James asked.

    “No, I’m just in the kitchen early. There was a naked girl running around last night and I wanted to make sure everything was fine in here. She said her master wanted her to run an errand. Can you believe that?”

    “Oof! Sorry about that. Ying forgot to get dressed.” James explained.

    “I’m trying to remember the last time I forgot to get clothes on.” The doctor thought in mockery.

    James sighed, “Look, she isn’t used to being around here. Give her some time, she’ll straighten out, I promise.”

    “So, you’re the master I take it?” the doctor asked, pulling down a box of cereal.

    “Yeah, he got her yesterday. Isn’t she adorable?” Lisa offered. “He’s teaching her everything.”

    “Everything, huh?” grabbing the milk out. “Why is there ice in the milk?” the doctor said with a frown.

    “Um, Ying put it in the wrong part of the fridge.” James explained. “Listen doc, I’m sorry but she is a little uneducated.”

    “Ying? Is that her name?” the doctor asked, trying to pour milk from around the ice in the jug.

    “Yes, from China. If you would, could you maybe give her a checkup? I don’t have any medical information on her. She was a slave in a factory.” James asked.

    “Slave huh. Do you have any information at all?” doc asked.

    “Sure do, I’ve got papers on her.” James quipped, and immediately thought of how that came out. “Um, they’re in my dresser drawer.”

    “I have time today; see me when you get back from your workout. I’ll get a medical history started; you get her on your insurance.” the doc said, grabbing her ice cold cereal and headed out.

    James and Lisa headed for their workout. Niles was there with a shit-eating grin. “What?” James asked after five minutes of him ogling.

    “You got something you’d like to share with the rest of us?” Niles leered.

    “Hell, no! Shut the fuck up about it.” James fumed.

    “Well shit, you can’t blame a guy for asking.” Niles retorted with a huff.

    “I expect security to make sure Ying Chung is secure.” James said in all seriousness, “Anyone touching her will have me to deal with.”

    “Oh, that would be easier if she wasn’t running around naked!” Niles replied.

    “I don’t care if she is naked in the middle of the rec room playing with herself, nobody better touch her, got me?” James said menacingly.

    “Ok ok! Damn!” Nile relented. “I’ll warn the staff for ya. Fuck!”

    “I’m sorry to come out so strong but the girl is so innocent, she doesn’t know better. You understand don’t you?” James calmed down.

    “I’ll take care of it right now.” Niles promised, and headed out of the gym.

    James finished on the treadmill and headed for the free weights. While lying down working his 4th rep, the monitor ahead of him came on. A warning was on the screen.

    James sat up to read it. The word ‘Warning’ was in red. Below that it said, “A young woman by the name of Ying may possibly be roaming the staff quarters. She may or may not be nude. She is not to be touched by anyone without the consent of James Farlow. You can look but Do Not Touch. Anyone doing so will be prosecuted under penalty of the law.”

    James laughed at the ‘You can look’ part. He didn’t see anything wrong with people getting eye candy but he didn’t want her touched without permission. He thought Niles did an excellent job conveying his message. Lisa agreed, with her being the exception of course.

    They finished their workout and headed back. Opening the door from the hallway to the rec room, they ran into a crowd of people. Most he hadn’t met before. He did recognize the lawyer and accountant. Getting past the people in the way, James noticed another crowd circling the couch. He spotted Ying and Dr. Song between the bodies.

    Getting closer to the inner crowd, James noticed she was naked. ‘Of course she was what did he expect?’ shaking his head. People were shaking her hand and introducing themselves.

    Ying noticed him and yelled, “Master!” and ran for him. James caught her in his arms and picked her up, saddling her on his hip. Of all the English words she could have said, she would have to pick that one.

    The crowd started talking at once. James heard one say, “Of course she would be his.” and another one saying, “I see who she learned to be naked from.” then, “Fuck, there goes my chances.” along with other snide remarks.

    The crowd homed in on James asking a ton of questions like, “Where did you get her?” and “How do I get one?” and even a woman asked, “Does she do massages?”

    Lisa let out a whistle, “Listen up everybody. Ying is a slave from China. She was given to James as a gift. She doesn’t know much about our culture and we would appreciate it if nobody took advantage of her.” waving the crowd off, “There’s plenty of time to get to know her now break it up.”

    Dr. Song stepped out of the middle and approached James. She had been guarding Ying while the crowd greeted her. “She got locked out when she went to the kitchen to eat. The damn announcement was like a battle cry and all these people poured in.” she explained.

    People were leaving, most all saying good bye to Ying, “Did she get to eat?” James asked.

    “She ate a bowl of cereal.” Doc informed him, and then headed for the kitchen.

    Ying was waving at everyone from James’ hip, eating up the crowd. The guys were telling James he was a lucky bastard and congratulated him. James caught the accountant and asked to see him later on about some investments. “We’ll work something out.” the accountant said, staring at Ying.

    James let him go; obviously he had been talking to the wrong head on the guy. The doctor came back with her black bag. The four of them headed for James’ room.

    “Now, let’s see those papers.” The doc said, putting her bag down. Glancing over them she asked, “How old did you say she was?” and James said eighteen.

    “Well, she is either eighteen or fifteen.” studying the photocopied certificate of birth.

    “How’s that Doc?” James asked.

    “Well, I guess its how you look at it. The last digit on her birth date is either a four or a one turned into a four.” showing it to James. It appeared to be a four to James trained eye, since it didn’t look tampered with, he let it slide.

    The doctor did her exam and got a blood sample. James turned around while she examined her private area. “Who put a butt plug in her?”

    James froze. Lisa giggled. Ying said, “No, me stretch!” when the doc went to pull it out.

    James got his voice back, “It wasn’t me Doc, I swear.”

    “I did.” Ying said, and then turned away facing the wall.

    “Well, she is definitely a virgin.” The doc speculated. “I don’t know whether to compliment you in keeping her intact or bust your lip you for stretching her ass.” packing up her things.

    “I’m sorry doc, I’m just not used to owning, I mean, having a girl to keep.” James said sheepishly. “I’ve only had her since yesterday.”

    “I’m not judging you. It isn’t my job. Just be easy on her and try not to rip anything when you… you know.” The doctor sighed, closing her bag.

    “Hold on doc, can you tell us if she could handle an eight inch cock?” Lisa inquired.

    Dr. Song looked at Lisa to see if she was serious, “You have to find one around here first.”

    Lisa grabbed James’ package and shook it, “Right here.”

    “Which hole?” the doctor smirked.

    “Either one would do.” Lisa said.

    “The human body will accommodate a male appendage; just go slow for Christ sakes.” And she opened the door to leave. “I’ll get her on the pill.” and left the room.

    “Thanks Lisa, now I look like a chauvinistic pig.” James sighed, throwing his workout shirt on the floor.

    “The doc knows you’re a male. She understands the situation.” Lisa justified. “She can’t tell anyone either, doctor patient confidentiality.”

    James had forgotten about that and it was a relief to realize it. Getting Ying on the pill was a relief too. Or, maybe it was an omen, he wasn’t sure.

    Lisa was leaving to clean up for their shopping trip. “I’ve got a list started, don’t let me forget it.”

    James hit the shower. Ying climbed in with him. She helped clean his privates, spending some time with it. James washed Ying’s back and scrubbed between her ass and legs. The girl had gotten sticky overnight. He removed the plug and rinsed it off, placing it on a shelf. Cleaning her front, he admired the breasts he was washing then lingered on her mound a while. She giggled when he stroked between her pussy lips with the wash cloth.

    “Want a quickie?” James asked.

    “Ok” Ying said to whatever that was.

    James grabbed the shower head off the hook. Bringing it down to Ying’s sex, he lifted a leg and sat it on the edge. She watched his every move. James sat on the edge by her foot. Pulling the shower head back, he switched it on pulse. Moving her into position, he grabbed her pussy lips and separated them.

    Bringing the pulsing water to her, she immediately felt the difference. James let it pulse on her for a little. Closing his fingers, he gently pinched her clit, making it poke out between them. He brought the pulse higher and watched at is splattered between his fingers. Ying’s legs went soft.

    Her master was pounding her sensitive spot with water. The man knew what made her body react. She was horny from washing the large sex tool he had. She had every intention of making him her first, regardless of what that entailed. This man was going to be hers. He could take anything she had to give and she had her virginity. Master took her bud in his fingers. He pinched it and made it stick out. Making the water hit her without relenting, her knees quivered. She had to support herself to keep from falling. She reached for his hair.

    James felt her hands grab hold of his hair. ‘Good’ she won’t fall when I do this.’ James thought, as he brought his thumb over and rubbed the bulb sticking out between his fingers. Circling his thumb over it, he felt the leg beside him tremble.

    “Master!” she gasped. His thumb had hit her spot! ‘He’s playing with it while the water still pulsed on her hole!’ she thought, as a wave struck her and she tensed. He worked even faster and it forced her over.

    James heard her scream and knew he hit the right button. This was a call for him to speed up. Not only did he speed faster, he started pinching and releasing his two fingers on her clit. Then he commenced tugging rapidly on it.

    “Eyeee” she exclaimed, feeling the pinching, the pulsing and then the tugging. ‘It’s so good Master!’ she reveled in the sensations. She had to buck; there was no holding it back. Her ass clinched over and over.

    James felt her go over the edge. He let up off the thumb, slowing then stopping. Bringing the shower head up, he let it take over on the protrusion. It pulsed rapidly on it. Still tugging and releasing, riding her bucking, he made her spill her sex juice.

    Gasping for air and clutching his hair, she rode the wave of bliss. The pee sensation returned but she didn’t even care. She let loose and let her body take over. Her humping became quivering as she squirted her liquid out.

    James let her squirt into the tub, watching it as it fought against the pulsing water, mixing with it but overpowering it too. How sexy she looked in her climax as her quivering started to ease. James’ heart melted a little watching the tiny angel enjoy his act of lust.

    Ying gained her control and looked down at her master. Smiling, she said, “Is good!” and giggled.

    “Yes” James agreed, “Good quickie.” Standing up, placing the shower head back on its hook. “Let’s get out and get gone. We have things to do today.”

    Ying looked at his half hard cock, “I fix it?” she asked.

    “Not now, Lisa will be here soon and we have to go.” James replied, getting out to dry off.

    Getting dressed, James tried to find something decent for Ying. “You don’t have any blue jeans?”

    “Blue skirt.” she said, not understanding the big deal over clothes. She was beginning to hate them.

    “Well, throw these on” handing her a skirt and blouse not any different than what she wore yesterday, “and let’s get out of here.” Grabbing Ying’s paperwork to take with him, he checked to make sure he had his wallet and keys.

    Amazingly, they beat Lisa getting ready and James knocked on her door. Lisa buzzed them in.

    The pink struck James again and he blinked to focus. Lisa was putting on pants.

    “Are you about ready?” James asked, noticing the two vibrators on her bed.

    “Yeah, got hung up on something.” she said, putting her shoes on. “Ying, we have to get you out of those clothes. They don’t do you justice girl.”

    “Ya, me no like clothes.” Ying responded, frowning at her own appearance.

    “It’ll be the first thing we do.” James said, looking over the poor girl.

    It had been a few days so James decided he would be alright taking the Cadillac. They headed for the mall.

    The clothes store was first. James gave his opinions on the first outfit she would wear. The young sales woman was helpful and found clothes in the petite section that would fit Ying. They decided on a low cut white sun dress she could wear for the day. Lisa removed the tags off of it and handed it to James.

    James purchased the dress and brought the receipt back. Ying was trying on more clothes and James showed the receipt for the white one to the lady in charge of the dressing rooms. She handed Ying’s old clothes back to James.

    James looked at her, “Do you have a trash can I could put these in?” but she shrugged and took them back.

    Ying stepped back out wearing short shorts and a halter top. James approved! Thinking the girls were being sensible with their clothes choices, he stepped away to look for anything else to catch his eye. He found an extra-large suitcase with wheels and handle. It would certainly be better than a trunk and that was for sure. Besides, it would be handy to put Ying’s new clothes in it for now.

    Coming back to the clothing department, he found them in the panty isle. Lisa held several in her arms. They were all thongs. “Is that what she wants?” James asked, pointing to them.

    “She’s the one giving them to me.” Lisa shrugged.

    “Ying, you want those?” James asked, and she nodded, looking for more.

    “What about bras?” James asked, not seeing any in the cart.

    “She doesn’t need a bra but we can get a few.” Lisa said.

    “What would I know?” James shrugged, as Ying handed him a pair of see-through white thongs.

    They moved on to socks, purses, and shoes. Ying got her high heels in black, white, and brown, along with tennis shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots… sheesh, girls with purses and shoes.

    Spending a fortune, the clothes were loaded into the new suitcase. James headed for the car with it while the girls looked around other places.

    James came back in and went to a booth that offered his cellular service. Picking out his smart phone model, he upgraded his service, got her a protective cover, and a rope strap. The clerk pointed out that women don’t like clipping phones on their hips. He saw blue tooth earpieces and got two of them. He’d meant to get one before but always seemed to forget. The clerk set up Ying’s phone while James linked his. He found the translator app. The clerk did the same for Ying’s phone.

    James met up with the girls in front of the novelty shop. They didn’t get in the door before Lisa saw something pink. The shirt read, ‘Pussy Pink’ on it and Lisa had to have it. Ying picked up hand cuffs off a table; they had fur rapped around them.

    James went to the vibrators, picking up as many as he could carry, and saw electric ones placed high up on a shelf. He got a clerk to get two of them down for him. “Mister, these are like, eighty bucks a piece!” the girl said.

    “I don’t care if they’re eight hundred a piece.” James responded, taking them from the girl.

    Lisa came over and asked him what he got. “It’s a surprise.” James answered.

    “Fine, you don’t get to see what we have.” Lisa huffed, turning and walking away.

    James checked out the maid outfits. He hadn’t had a chance to give Jack and Jill theirs. He did see one set that was Ying’s size and got that. Getting that off the hook, a black fishnet outfit fell out. Picking it up, it was Ying’s size. He grabbed them both. He found a nice collar with a leash, restraints, nipple clamps, and a black pair of vibrating panties. With Ying’s hair being black, anything black would look good on her.

    Heading for the checkout, the girls were standing with their bags already. James was rung up, paying for the girls’ purchases as well, and with receipt in hand, walked out.

    James agreed to meet them in the food court after taking all the bags out. He swore not to look at what they bought. The way they seemed worried about it made James almost look but he was a man of his word and didn’t.

    Entering the food court, James found the girls in front of the Chinese restaurant, ordering food. He took this time to give Ying her phone, turning on the translator. Placing the earpiece in her ear, he was able to train her a little bit on it. Turning his translator on, he asked Ying to speak Chinese.

    “Thank you for everything master!” Ying said in Chinese.

    “You are welcome! Can you say master in Chinese again?” James asked.

    Mínɡ jiā” Ying said. And James heard ‘master’ in English through his head set.

    “Excellent, can you say slave in Chinese?” and she said, “núlì”

    James was making his first try at learning Chinese. The translators worked perfectly and Lisa got hers working. All three were able to carry on conversations and when Ying spoke, Lisa and James heard it translated. “Is your translator telling you what we are saying, Ying?” James asked.

    “Yes, I learn English better.” The smiling Ying replied.

    “We have another stop to make.” James announced.

    “Where to?” Lisa asked.

    “DMV, I want to get Ying an I.D.” James said.

    They finished eating and headed out. James was able to get Ying an I.D. with a learning permit on it. Lisa wanted to stop and get Ying’s hair done. She had waves put in the straight black hair and she looked pretty hot when they finished with her makeover.

    Heading back to base, Ying sat in the middle while the back held the big suitcase that wouldn’t fit in the trunk. The first thing to do when they got back was to get Ying’s old clothes back in her junk trunk and get it to the trash.

    All three of them went to the dumpster in the back parking lot to dump it off. Ironically, as soon as James lifted it over his head and threw it in, the garbage collector arrived. Ying watched it fall into it.

    “Bye old clothes!” Ying yelled, and the other two said good bye too.

    It was nearing three by the time they got the new clothes in the rooms. Lisa headed out and James thanked her for her help today. Ying gave her a hug, “Thank you Lisa.” which was the first time Ying had called her by name.

    “Awe, you’re so welcome Ying.” Lisa replied, looking at James, “She’s adorable! I so want one!” and left.

    James checked his phone for the meeting. Annoyed, there was no information again. Texting , ‘No place for meeting’ James waited.

    ’Check email’ was the only reply.

    James checked and there was one from Administrator telling him a user name and password for a meeting online.

    Ying went to work pulling tags off clothes and shoes out of boxes. James sat down to his computer. Following the link in his email program, he was taken to a net meeting. He logged in and waited.

    It wasn’t long and another joined the chat, James recognized the pink room right away. Lisa appeared after a few seconds. Hi Lisa, long time no see.” James quipped.

    Lisa looked at the monitor and said, “Hi James, been a while.” and smiled.

    Another joined and a video window showed Cathleen sitting down. She wore a low cut blouse and looked great. Jill or Jack was in the background; James wasn’t sure, cleaning the room.

    “Good afternoon Miss Spencer.” James greeted.

    Lisa piped in, “Hi sis.”

    James didn’t know if she meant sis as in sister or sis as in friend. Based on his previous experience, he bet they were sisters or close to it. He was more puzzled in the secret. Why bother keeping it secret? It wouldn’t matter to James any.

    Cathleen cleared her throat, “Hello James… and Lisa.” And Jill put her pillow down after getting the cover on it. Walking over, she waved at the monitor.

    James nodded his greeting, not wanting to raise attention in case Jill would get in trouble.

    Lisa waved, “Hi Jill!”

    Cathleen turned around and saw Jill pick up the pillow she had.

    Turning back to the monitor, Cathleen said, “Getting down to business, I have a business deal with a Prime Minister this weekend.” A picture appeared on the monitor of an older man and possibly his wife. “This meeting will be held at the villa in Florida.” And another picture popped up of a seaside estate. “There will be other guests but these are the targets of interest.” and another picture showed the corporation trying to gain access to the market.

    Lisa started in, “How are we involved?”

    Cathleen looked her way, “You are to entertain these two guests. The Prime Minister and his wife will be a team effort on our part in convincing their country to open up their market for one of our subsidiaries.”

    “You couldn’t have your party here?” Lisa asked.

    Cathleen explained, “Having it here at our base would interrupt current operations that is detrimental to our goals.” sighing, “The villa is the perfect get away for our esteemed guests with limited detractions. This estate is too busy conducting business.”

    James had to ask, “What is the time frame?” worried about Ying being left alone.

    “Our jet will fly you down Friday. You will return on Sunday. Consider it a three day weekend with side work to do. You will be off duty Thursday studying our targets and preparing for the trip.”

    A hum started over the monitor. James wasn’t sure if it was a vacuum cleaner in the distance or maintenance working on something.

    “Do you, um, have any information on the… party of interest?” Lisa asked.

    “Yes, I have portfolios on each you both will receive in your emails.” Cathleen explained, titling her head.

    “Ok, so we study… Thursday… right?” Lisa asked.

    “Lisa, turn the damn vibrator off and focus!” she chastised. “It’s what we’ve been discussing the whole meeting.”

    The humming stopped and Cathleen looked at James, “What the hell James?”

    “What?” James asked, not having a clue what she was talking about.

    “Why is Ying wearing a putt plug?” Cathleen pointed.

    James turned around and saw Ying bent over naked except for the plug in her ass and the shoes she was trying to tie. “Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Ying! Get out of the webcam!”

    Ying turned and looked at James then the monitor. Realizing she was being watched, she wiggled her butt and straightened up. “Sorry!” she giggled and waved then moved to the other end of the bed.

    “I’m sorry Miss; Ying has turned out to be quite an exhibitionist it seems. I’m trying to break her of it but she hasn’t had clothes on in my room since she took them off the first time.” James explained.

    “She was on the monitor last night and this morning James.” Cathleen pointed out. “Guards are wasting ink printing out images of her!”

    “I know! She just went out without clothes on and got locked out. I talked to the staff and they understand. It won’t be a problem, I promise.” James stuttered out. “She just doesn’t like wearing clothes.”

    “But a butt plug, James?” she lowered an eyebrow.

    “That requires more explanation Miss.” James humbly responded, “But it isn’t my doing, I just bought the damn thing but Ying keeps sticking it in there.” trying to defend himself.

    The hum started back up but it was more muffled. A thong landed on James’ head. Ying apparently used it like a sling shot.

    “Ok, you know what to expect and I sent you the portfolios.” she huffed, “I got security guards masturbating in the security room; twenty one people want a slave; I have one staff member that can’t leave her pussy alone for five minutes and another one butt plugging the help so they can run around the complex naked. I can’t talk to either one of you reasonably at the moment because your minds are between your legs.”

    “I am sorry Miss.” James replied, “I didn’t realize her butt was on the monitor.”

    “We got this Cat.” Lisa wiggled. “Don’t worry!” Lisa grunted.

    “This meeting is closed.” Cathleen announced, “Jill, these sex fiends got me wet. Get Jack for me.” then disconnected.

    James didn’t get the chance to ask for more information on all of his assignments. He didn’t even get the chance to ask about poor Ying being alone for the weekend either. Cathleen would be busy getting serviced but James thought he could text her later.

    “Show me your cock!” Lisa’s voice came over the monitor, bringing James back from his thoughts.

    “What?” James was shocked.

    “Come on, show me your cock.” Lisa repeated, growled.

    “You really want to see it?” James asked, not really seeing how it helped her any, she was already boiling.

    “Yeah, show me that big piece of meat!” She panted.

    James figured he might as well please the girl; he might as well get the money’s worth out of the net meeting too. Reaching down, he unfastened his pants and dropped them. “Ying, take my shoes off please.” And she helped him get naked.

    “Got a good view?” James asked.

    “No! Make Ying get it hard.” Lisa demanded.

    ’s monitor reconnected. James saw Jill dusting the keyboard. She must have hit the ‘Enter’ key. Jack had Cathleen sitting on the bed, buried between her legs.

    “Ying, would you mind?” James pointed to his crotch.

    “No master, I’ll help.” Ying said, grabbing his dick to get it hard. She did the lick and stick method, sucking in the head.

    Lisa seemed pleased and let out a loud moan. Her hand went faster but James couldn’t see her sex. “Point the monitor down Lisa.” He asked.

    Jill heard it and looked at the monitor. Seeing the action from the two rooms, she took a seat.

    Lisa made the effort of tilting her monitor at her crotch and pulling her pants off. Getting back to work, she stuck Ying’s vibrator between her legs and turned it up all the way. The buzzing went to high volume.

    James saw Lisa’s actions and that got him going. Ying recognized her efforts and picked up the pace a little, watching the cock grow in her mouth.

    Jill heard Cathleen moan and looked around. She was grinding into Jack’s face now. Jill turned the monitor a little more towards them then dropped a hand in her lap.

    James felt the pace pick up and Ying sucked on the back side of his cock, “Oh God, that feels so good!” he said, reveling in the sensation.

    James was loud enough to catch Cathleen’s attention. She looked over at Jill playing with herself then to the monitor, showing the action in the two rooms. Tapping on Jack’s head, Cathleen stood up and walked to the monitor to get a closer look.

    James saw Cathleen’s pussy up close. You could see the wetness Jack had applied to it. Tearing his eyes away from her glistening slit, he saw that Lisa had shoved the vibrator in her hole and started fucking herself with it. That erotic scene turned him on even more.

    Ying felt the cock of her master’s lurch in her mouth, making her horny as ever, knowing she was servicing him well. She dropped a hand to her sex and played.

    Lisa watched Ying suck James’ cock while she played with herself. This got Lisa going harder. She reached up and pinched a nipple under her shirt.

    Cathleen noticed Lisa fucking herself with a vibrator, pinching a nipple, and then looked at James. His cock was working in Ying’s mouth while Ying picked up pace on her own cunt. She raised her leg and put her foot on the chair Jill was masturbating on, “Jack, help me out over here.” And Jack came in front of her and dropped, sucking a pussy lip in her mouth.

    Ying saw the cute girl suck in her old master. That reminded her of Lisa sucking on her. She looked at her ‘wild child’ friend and saw the vibrator thrust deep in her. She was yearning to have that happen to her too. Looking at the long cock her mouth was servicing she got hit by a shiver thinking about it being in her pussy.

    James felt his charge shiver and decided she was getting too close. Wanting her to wait for the rest of them, he reached down and picked her up. Flipping her around, he sampled her pussy while is cock head entered her mouth, stepping closer to the bed to give everyone a full view.

    Jill couldn’t imagine taking a vibrator that deep. Her pussy twitched in anticipation. She picked up her speed as she watched the scenes from the three rooms.

    Cathleen caught sight of James doing an upside down sixty nine, causing her to grab a handful of Jack’s hair. She could imagine James’ tongue doing that to her cunt. His masculine form was a turn on by itself. She humped the face that serviced her.

    Lisa watched Cathleen getting serviced by her servant. God she wanted a slave for herself. Cathleen had two sitting in front of the monitor for God’s sakes. She glanced at James; his slut slave serviced his cock while he ate her out. That was a huge turn on for her and she beat her pussy while rubbing her clit thinking about James’ tongue buried in her snatch.

    James was getting close while virgin pussy filled his mouth. Reaching up, he grabbed the butt plug. Circling it a few times, he tugged it out. As soon as it broke free of her ring, he put it back in. Detecting his cock and the rhythm it was getting, he matched his butt plug stroking to it, fucking her with the very thing she had coveted the most.

    Lisa saw James fucking Ying in the ass with her butt plug and just had to get something in her own ass. Reaching around, she wiggled a finger in it, remembering James’ thumb was the last thing in it. That set her off; she had to release the huge orgasm she’d been working on. Bucking on the vibrator and her finger while watching James, Ying, , Jack, and Jill all getting a nut, she screamed the longest scream she had in the longest time, in the privacy of her own room.

    James heard Lisa’s earth shattering orgasm and the scream echoed around his room. He could have sworn he heard that echo from across the hallway. It put him over and he bucked into Ying’s mouth feeling his spurts go deep into his sex partner’s throat. Forcing himself to focus, he fucked Ying’s ass and pussy, his tongue going deep in her hole.

    Ying felt the cock jump in her throat; her master gifted her with his seed. To know she was both giver and receiver of the man that had changed her life, she crumbled then stiffened. Her ass was getting fucked for the first time; her sex hole had a tongue pumping over and over. She released her passion on the mouth of her master, letting him suck all he wanted while she blasted into semi-unconsciousness.

    Jill thought Lisa had a great idea; it fired her groin and raised her passion to the highest level. As she stroked herself to orgasm, she felt Cathleen’s ass next to her. Raising her free hand, she shoved a finger right in to the hole of her ass, feeling it spasm around it while her mistress bucked her sister’s face. Her release was great, reaching a level she hadn’t been before, lusting at the view of a man’s cock she wanted so desperately to make her a woman. She screamed out her release.

    Cathleen heard Lisa’s pleasure cry and watched as James creamed the mouth of Ying while her ass was pounded by a plug. Too much visual and she went over, bucking into the servant’s practiced tongue. While on the rise of her orgasm, her other servant shoved a finger up her ass, adding to the magnitude of her blast. She may drown her servant but she couldn’t stop, riding the head attached to the hair clasped in her hands.

    Jack heard a scream and recognized an orgasm somewhere. Her mistress hunched up as her sister’s hand went to the backside. Imagining the action of a finger in an ass, she rubbed her clit to orgasm, drinking in her mistress’ essence. Having no control of her head, she applied full control to her pussy, reveling in the wonderful forcefulness of her mistress.

    Putting her butt plug back where he got it, he sat Ying down to catch her breath. The poor girl couldn’t drink all of James and wore his cum like war paint.

    Lisa pulled her finger from her ass as she came down from her pleasure. Her strength had faded and she dropped the vibrator from her hand, thumping in the floor.

    Cathleen released the tongue-fucking face from her clutches, bringing her foot down off the chair. Jill took her finger back and gave up the well-played pussy she had stroked to orgasm. Jack got off the floor and caught her breath while her pussy throbbed from the forceful assault she gave it.

    James was the first to speak, “I’ll bet you never had a meeting like that before!” chuckling at the monitor.

    “It accomplished my goal.” Cathleen agreed.

    “It solved my issues!” Lisa declared.

    “I was impressed with the details!” Jill piped in.

    “I had pressing concerns to deal with!” Jack boasted, wiping the remains of her mistress off her.

    “Ying, would you put some clothes on and get us a drink out of the fridge?” James asked. “Miss Spencer, what am I to do with Ying while I’m gone? She might not be able to take care of herself.”

    “Well, you could do what I do when I go anywhere.” Cathleen advised.

    “Really, what’s that?” Thinking there might be a place to take them. ‘Don’t tell me there’s a slave kennel somewhere.’ he hoped not.

    “Take your entourage with you.” Cathleen smugly said.

    “Oh, is there room for her?” James asked.

    “Leave a toothbrush behind and there would be.” Lisa piped in laughing.

    “What about dress? I saw a beach in the picture.” James pointed out.

    “Definitely dress for the beach. I’ll furnish the attire for the party.” Cathleen explained.

    Ying came in and stepped into the view of the webcam, handing James a drink. “Didn’t you hear James tell you to put some clothes on?!” Cathleen chastised Ying.

    “What? Me got thong on. That some clothes!” pointing to the see-through one she sported.

    “My God, everyone in staffing was probably in there!” Cathleen said, putting her hand on her chest. “She still has cum on her face!”

    “No problem! They all see me naked before.” Ying explained.

    “James!” his boss yelled, and James dropped his head in his hands. “Sorry!” he apologized. “But she just makes sure it keeps happening somehow! Hell, she was shaking everyone’s hand stark naked in the rec room when I got back from my workout and everybody acted like it was just hunky dory. I give up on it!”

    “She has a butt plug in her!” Cathleen said amazed.

    “I no show them dat! I know they might want it.” Ying defended.

    “I don’t think they want your plug, Ying.” Lisa said.

    “Why not? I want it don’t I?” Ying simply explained.

    “Ok, I’m with James, I give up too.” Lisa said.

    “Fine! She better not leave the staffing quarters naked James.” Cathleen ordered.

    “Did you hear that Ying?” James asked. “You’ll get me in big trouble. That is an order.”

    “Ya ya, I no leave staffing quarters naked.” Ying mockingly agreed. “They watching movie in rec room, master let me go watch?”

    “Go ahead, but I might go out for dinner.” James said.

    “I was thinking about ordering pizza.” Lisa said.

    “That actually sounds good.” Cathleen admitted.

    “I like pizza!” Jill added. “Me too!” said Jack.

    “Fine, lets order pizza and go watch a movie or two. Cathleen, are you guys coming down here?” James asked.

    “Depends, how many was in the rec room Ying?” Cathleen responded.

    “Just Doc. She look lonely. Maybe I make not lonely.” Ying explained.

    “Perfect, we will be there soon.” Cathleen said and closed her connection.

    “I’m getting ready, meet you guys there.” Lisa said and signed off too.

    James still had bags of stuff to put away. Emptying one from the bags from the novelty shop, he thought he’d make time for Ying to try on the outfits he got.

    “Here you go Ying, try these on.” James tossed them to her. He thought that since the girls were coming down, he might as well give the other two theirs. Grabbing some sweat pants, he threw them on real quick.

    Ying pulled her high heels off and pulled on the maid outfit. It looked great on her. She could probably get by with wearing it at a formal dinner too. The skirt was a little too high and the neckline a little too deep, but he thought she’d pass in the outfit. Ying spun around and let James check her out. He smiled when the bottom flew up and showed off her goodies.

    The fishnet was next and she wore it like a glove. James was right; her black hair went well with it. Thinking it needed a touch more; he pulled the collar and leash out. “Come here sexy.”

    Ying looked over at him and jumped to see what he had. “You got me collar!” she exclaimed. “That means I’m owned!” leaning in to get it put on. “You are really my master now!” she quipped, jiggling with excitement.

    Goodness, James didn’t think he would make her that thrilled over it. “I’m glad it makes you happy.”

    “Oh it does, it does! Do I look good?” she asked, wanting to please her master.

    “You look so sexy Ying. Here, you can look for yourself.” James said, getting up and opening the closet door, letting her ogle in the door mirror.

    Twisting around left and right, she got her eyes filled with the appearance of her beauty. A tear entered her eye as she thought about never having anyone to show her that much care before.

    “What’s wrong Ying?” James asked concerned, noticing the tears welling in her eyes.

    “No one treat me so good before.” She sniffled, dropping her head down.

    “I’ll treat you good. Don’t you worry, you’ll be happy.” James promised, while his own tear came to his eye.

    Ying turned and buried her face in his stomach, hugging her thoughtful master. “Thank you, master James.” she cried, grateful to have such a wonderful man as her master.

    “Awe, you know you’re welcome sweetie.” James said, while another piece of his heart mixed with a tear and fell on the head of his angel.

    “Come on, we have got to get ready.” Rubbing his tear off before it went any further, “What do you want to wear in the rec room?” he said while fighting the powerful emotions he was stricken with.

    “I’m wearing it.” She said, still clutching to him.

    “Oh honey, you don’t want to do that do you?” James asked.

    “Yes please. You said I could live like I like.” Ying said, reminding him of her preferred lifestyle.

    “Well, it is the rec room and it is more clothes than you’ve worn before I suppose.” James caved in.

    “Thank you, master! I get leash!” Ying said ecstatically, going over to pick it up.

    ‘Leash?’ James thought why would she want that? He would probably feel kind of foolish leading her around like that. ‘But, you know what? Fuck it. She wants it; I’ll suck it up and go along with it.’

    James grabbed the phones so they could still communicate and Ying could understand the movies and the two maid outfits for the other girls. Ying was ready and opened the door. James followed.

    James was relieved she didn’t offer him the leash, that is, until she offered him the leash right before the rec room. ‘Crap.’ He thought when he took it.

    Walking in to the rec room, James spotted Lisa first, clasping a hand over her mouth. Cathleen was next, raising her eyebrows first then dropped to a frown. Jill looked and mouthed, ‘Wow’. Jack looked and licked her lips at the sexy sight. Doc’s eyes widened and she sucked in air.

    James sat down on the free part of the half circled couch, waiting for the gasps and ogles to get over with so he could hear the bitching the girls were going to give him. Just to put icing on the big pile of shit cake he was going to eat, Ying sat on her knees in front of him, crossing her arms behind her.

    Nobody said anything for the longest time. James turned red from all the laser eyes the girls were giving him. “What? It’s what she wants!” and folded his arms in front of him.

    “You’re a motherfucker James!” Lisa admonished him. Great, he has to hear about morals from that girl!

    “Look, it’s her idea, not mine, ok?” he huffed, a determined scowl on his face.

    “You know I wanted one and you’re just rubbing yours in my face!” Lisa retaliated, her finger shaking at him. “That’s bullshit, getting her an outfit like that and flaunting her around in front of me!”

    Well, that wasn’t the speech he expected. “She didn’t want to take it off, I’m not making her… flaunt around you. She clipped the leash on and handed it to me herself” James huffed, “I told you before, you could borrow mine!”

    “Give me the leash then!” she said.

    James tossed it at her. “Come here Ying.” Lisa ordered.

    Ying crawled over and sat at her feet.

    “What the fuck are you doing James?!” Cathleen asked.

    “Like I said, it’s what she wants, not me. I’m helping her with her… her fantasies!” James argued.

    “Well, some master you are giving her away to the first person that asks!” Cathleen retorted.

    “I didn’t give her away, I just… loaned her out.” James replied, not thinking of a better way to put it.

    “How come we don’t get an outfit like that mistress?” Jill asked jealously, not taking her eyes off Ying’s body in the net.

    “Yeah, she gets to run around naked too!” Jack added in, staring at Ying’s nipples sticking out of the holes.

    “Look at the shit storm you started James. It’s bad enough hearing them begging me every day to let you fuck them. Now you have to start them on this shit!” Cathleen seethed, pointing at the submissive slave called Ying.

    “What the hell? I have no control over them wanting to lose their virginity and you know it.” James pointed out, throwing his hands in the air.

    “Well, now they’ll want to run around the place naked or wearing outfits like that.” Cathleen argued.

    “So what? It’s your place. You could let them if they wanted. Here, I even got some outfits for them!” James replied, tossing each girl their outfit.

    Both girls snatched them like candy and tore the packaging open.

    James continued, “And, you are too valuable of a target to be on the top floor anyway. Anybody in defense could tell you to bunk the target underground. But I guess the lap of luxury can only be built above ground for you.”

    The girls started stripping. Cathleen snapped her fingers. They both looked at her sideways. Cathleen looked at Ying then back at them. Sighing, she waved them on.

    “Furthermore, your secured area is in the safety of the kitchen!” James finished.

    “Fuck it! I give up. I can’t even live a decent life without worrying about corporate vultures wanting to take me out!” Cathleen relented.

    “What happened really?” James asked, “Your father passed away and left you holding the bag to a world full of responsibility, didn’t he?”

    “Look, it isn’t like I was prepped for this. I’ve had to learn as I go.” Cathleen explained, glancing at Lisa shimmying out of her pink pajama bottom.

    “I completely understand Miss Spencer. But you have billions at your disposal. The first person that you should make happy is yourself. Worry about the rest of the rats in the race after that.” James said, watching Ying get between Lisa’s legs. “Look at Ying, not a dime to her name, and she’s happy.”

    “Well, all of you guys need to shut the hell up. I can’t hear my movie.” Doc butted in, turning up the remote, “And if you start passing out slaves, Cathleen, keep me in mind.”

    “Who’s ordering pizza?” Cathleen remembered, watching Ying getting to eat.

    James pulled out his phone, “I’ll get it. What does everybody want on their pizza?” James asked, looking up the local pizza parlor.

    “I like pepperoni on mine.” a woman said behind their backs, “Hi Ying! Nice outfit!”

    Ying raised her head up, smiling and said, “Thanks!” The woman turned and headed for the mini kitchen.

    Silence fell for a few seconds then everybody started telling James their favorite pizza toppings.

    It must have been five o’clock because the rec room was hit with a stream of people. Almost everyone interrupted Ying saying ‘hi’. Lisa was getting annoyed, “I’ll tell them you said hello Ying, just keep eating and get me off will ya?” and Ying put her hands behind her back.

    James was impressed with Ying; she’s got a talent not using her arms. It looked pretty sexy seeing her bend into Lisa’s crotch, her ass poking back. Everyone looked where James was looking and silence fell in the area again.

    “That’s it Ying, I’m close!” Lisa said, pushing her crotch out off the couch.

    Ying worked her faster. James noticed Lisa was right at the breaking point; her hip bucking was turning to quivers.

    James couldn’t resist, he didn’t know why but the urge was so terribly strong, it demanded him to. He started to fight it, the repercussions could be fatal, but it just wasn’t in him, and he surrendered to the obsession.

    Possessed by just the thought of it, the timing was critical, and he just had to do it, yes he had to do it right about… now!

    “Inspection!” James exclaimed, and Ying, in one swift move, stood up facing James, and spread her legs in the inspection stance. She didn’t even bother licking the cream off her lips and stared straight ahead as it dripped off her chin.

    Lisa was left with her pussy humping air, “What the… FUCK!” slapping her hand on her pussy and frantically rubbed her own orgasm out.

    The people from work rush were oohing and awing in the background, watching the abrupt interruption of a good show. Whispers of ‘holy shit’ and ‘damn’ could be heard throughout the small crowd.

    Cathleen watched as Lisa’s pleasure was denied. Gasping at the suddenness, she put her hand over her mouth, imagining the torture Lisa was going through. But even that realization was shadowed by the obedience Ying displayed, listening to her master and obeying without question. It made her… want that kind of control.

    Lisa was pissed! She was short changed a good orgasm and left with a half-assed one! Somebody is taking an ass whipping over that and she knew just who the dirty son of a bitch was! Kicking her pajama bottom out of the way, she hopped up and headed to James.

    “You son of a bitch!” Lisa fumed, punching his arms and kicking at James’ legs. “You’re going to die for that!”

    James grinned while defending himself against the onslaught of fists and feet, “What? I just said one lousy word!”

    “You’re a motherfucker! You knew she’d stand up!” still kicking and punching away.

    “I never taught her to do that!” James argued between blocks, snickering under his breath.

    “No, but you knew I did!” giving James a good kick on his shin, “I’ll stomp a mud hole in you and walk it dry if you ever do that again!” finally wearing herself out and panted standing over him.

    “You’re a real bastard James.” Doc observed, seeing the whole show unfold in front of her eyes.

    “I’m sorry; I don’t know what came over me. I just couldn’t resist it!” James defended, knowing the repercussions were indeed going to be high.

    “I think James should service every woman here, starting with the doctor.” Cathleen recommended.

    Was that the same Cathleen he knew? “You mean right here, Miss?” looking at the crowd.

    The doctor lit up at that. James hadn’t seen her do that before. He suspected she had a lust for him but she was hard to read.

    “You can call me mistress. Ying doesn’t have a problem, just act like her.” Cathleen pointed out. “Matter of fact, have Ying service the guys. No sense neglecting anyone”

    “Hey, I want some dick too!” Lisa argued, “There are more guys than girls here anyway.”

    Cathleen stood up and said, “Ladies and gentlemen; anyone off duty can get over here and line up! Lisa and Ying are giving out free blow jobs for the men, James will take care of the women!” seeming to change from the staunch business woman to someone bent on their own lust.

    Lines started forming for the three. James had six women in various sizes and age groups standing in line behind the doctor and the twins, waiting on him. Ying seemed to get all the guys. Lisa only had one waiting for her. “Ok, I’ll level this playing field!” Lisa asserted, and removed her pajama top. Half the guys got in her line after seeing the breasts of the young sexy brunette.

    James looked at the doctor and asked, “Since we are about to become intimate, could you tell me your first name?” watching her hike her skirt up.

    “Victoria, but you can call me Vicky.” Getting settled for James, “I want to see this so-called eight inch cock you’re supposed to have too.”

    James, always the gentleman and aiming to please, dropped his sweat pants. Gasps in the girl line sounded out, staring at the rock hard body and cock of James. James was primed already, anticipating the pussies he was going to feast on.

    “Master; may I?” Ying called James.

    He looked over and saw Ying still standing in her inspection stance, guys shuffling their feet, waiting in line, “Sure honey, go have fun.” still amazed at her obedience, as she dropped to the first one.

    Rubbing Vicky’s pussy, James made a quick phone call using his blue tooth. James heard the other line pick up and Niles said, “Hello?” James whispered, “Niles, get down here and get in line.” and hung up. If he was going to let Ying service all of these people, she might as well make Niles a happy man too.

    Tossing his blue tooth on his sweat pants, he got to work on the moist pussy of Vicky’s. He worked more than one pussy at once. The women where squirming from watching his efforts; his hard cock jutting out. One stuck her hands up her work skirt and another followed suit.

    The men were just as worked up as two pulled their cocks out in line, working them into a hard on while waiting to be serviced. They were glancing at Ying, Lisa, and Vicky, anticipating the events to come.

    Cathleen couldn’t believe the willingness of her employees, they were ready and waiting to be serviced. She hadn’t known so many would hang out after work to receive the gift of pleasure she offered. They were crowding in to the rec room.

    “Ladies, if you’re bored or when you’re done, go service a cock. Gentlemen, suck some pussy while you wait or when you’re done!” Cathleen ordered. Maybe the lines would drop in a while.

    People started mingling together, merging the lines together. James got Vicky off and she stood to find a cock to go service. James got Jill next. Her maid outfit did her justice. His mouth watered knowing he was about to feast on virgin pussy.

    “James” Jill whispered, “Can you talk to mistress?” bending closer to his ear, “I want you to take my virginity. See if you can convince her to let you.”

    James had her stand to the side and whispered into Cathleen’s ear. She paused soaking in what James said. After a few seconds she relented, nodding her head.

    James told her she was all set but she’d have to wait till the show was over. Jill was pleased as punch and went to grab a cock from the Ying pile, giving up her spot in line.

    Jack was next but she wanted to do it like her mistress did her. James let her fuck his face while she propped a foot on the couch. Reveling in the taste, James had to stroke himself to relieve some of the ache.

    Ying was amazed at the amount of cocks showing up at her feet. She took her training from Lisa and applied it to everyone. They didn’t seem to last long at all. Her master lasted ten times longer. But there were plenty of them and she was getting practice in. After so many, she gave up swallowing and let it pour all over her. She was doing fine until she seen a cock the size of her master’s but it was black.

    Lisa swallowed a few loads but, like Ying, was getting full. She took the queue from her and let them give her facials. Besides, she was busy playing with herself to really care. She brought herself to orgasm over and over watching the hard cocks relinquish their loads on her face and tits.

    Cathleen watched the girls getting soaked and decided she could use some. Grabbing the lawyer, she went down to service the meat he had hard in his hands. She stripped while she worked, thinking there was no sense getting good clothes soiled.

    Ying started licking and tasted no difference from any other cock. She serviced it without prejudice and it gifted her with seed that flooded over her mouth, then down on her neck and chest. Looking up at the man, she saw the guard outfit he wore.

    James finished the liquid lust of Jack on his face and moved to the next one in line. He recognized her from the smoking area. It was the older lady that wanted him to call her. Without reluctance, he dove into her snatch right where she stood and did his best to meet any of her demands.

    Lisa saw other women grabbing her cock line and wasn’t going to be without. She clutched two cocks in her hands and started servicing them both at the same time. She may have to neglect her pussy but she was getting her share of cum!

    Jack saw Lisa and thought she had an opportunity here. Lying on her back, she scooted from the rear under Lisa like a sex mechanic working on a lust machine. Lisa got the hint and rose up, letting her in. Jack got to work tweaking the parts that made Lisa’s machine hum.

    Some of the workers gave up blow jobs for pussies and cocks. They started fucking their colleagues like a project past due. Standing, sitting, bending over, and any other position imaginable, they set to work working the other workers.

    James wiped his face and prepared for the next. A short blonde wearing a ball cap approached him, peeling off her shorts. She stood waiting for his services in bobby socks and jersey, a little acne on her face. A name tag said it was Melissa.

    “Do I know you?” James thought to ask, wanting to at least know the girls he was intimate with.

    “I don’t think so, I’m the pizza girl. Security let me in.” she giggled. “They’re on the kitchen counter.”

    James shrugged his shoulders and went to work. If he were anything he was certainly fair. He firmly believed in tipping and she had done her job. Now it was time for him to show his appreciation. He made sure she came more than once before letting her up off the couch.

    The moans, groans, and pleasure screams all dwindled into the past. The crowd thinned and left a few, lingering in their lust. James ran out of pussy which almost made him happy. His jaws were hurting from the work and his lips where getting chapped.

    Doc Vicky came back to the couch and looked at the sixty inch TV, “Well crud; my show is over.”

    Cathleen plopped down beside her, wiping cum off and licking her fingers. Jack and Jill both came and sat down at her feet following Ying’s lead in front of James.

    “What did you think of their maid outfits?” James wanted to know.

    “I haven’t really had a chance to look at them.” Cathleen said, giggling. “Inspection!” but the two girls stayed where they were.

    “That was for you two. When you hear that, you’re to stand and face the mistress like Ying did for James.” Lisa explained.

    Both girls realized it and stood spreading their feet apart, facing their mistress, arms clasped behind them. Cathleen stood up and walked around them, admiring their outfits.

    “I really like those James. I’ll order fourteen of those in their sizes. I wonder if Mary could fit in one.” Cathleen thought out loud. She picked up one of the empty packages and read the name of the company that makes them. “One of our subsidiaries makes these. I’m going to put in a phone call first thing tomorrow.”

    “That’s awesome news; could you get Ying more of the fishnets?” James thought to ask, heading for the pizza.

    “Fuck it, I’ll order some of every outfit. Just email me her size.” Cathleen replied.

    “Ying, why don’t you show Jill where our shower is and get her cleaned up for me.” James said, putting cold pizza in the microwave.

    Cathleen turned to the doctor and asked, “You have any day after pills?”

    “I’ve had to keep stock on them since Lisa and Jack got here. The staff uses them. I’ll get you a bottle.” and headed to the cabinet under the sink.

    “What’s going on?” Lisa wanted to know.

    “I’m letting Jill lose her virginity.” Cathleen informed her.

    “No way! Can I watch?” Lisa asked.

    “I think we can do it here. Just as good as any place.” Cathleen thought out loud.

    James placed another phone call to the security office. Ying and Jill were back and clean when he hung up the phone.

    “Master?” Ying got James attention.

    James looked down at his gift, “Yes dear?”

    “Master, will you take mine too?” Ying asked, with puppy dog eyes.

    James guessed that Jill and she had been talking. Ying hadn’t mentioned it before so he wasn’t sure if she knew exactly what she was losing.

    “Honey, do you know what you’re asking?” James wanted to explain it if she didn’t.

    “I know I want to feel it.” Ying said.

    “But honey, you want to save that for someone special. Give it to someone you love.” He explained.

    “But master, you’re special. I love you.” Ying begged.

    Now see? This was exactly what he had always feared. But even worse, he was emotionally tied to her already. If she was going to be his, she would be his for life. Damn it, he loved her too.

    “If I do, will you promise not to get mad if I have to be with other people?” James wanted to know. Right now, it was his job.

    “Me no care bout that.” She shrugged, “I want to give you only thing I own.”

    James gave in after that. He would probably do it sooner or later, he knew.

    “Ok, you want to go before or after Jill?” James gave her the choice.

    “I’ll wait. Jill is mistress’ slave and she more important right now.” Ying thought out loud, “I be with you long time. She not so lucky.”

    “Ok, go to the doc and let her explain what the pill is.” James ruffled her new hairdo, slapped her netted butt and let her go.

    Lisa got up to leave, “Where you headed?” James asked.

    “If I’m going to watch cherries popping, I’m getting a vibrator.” and turned to leave.

    “Wait up! Follow me to my room.” James told her, and led her straight to his toy purchases.

    “Now, this is for you.” James said, pulling out an electric vibrator. “Don’t burn it out.”

    “Oh, is that… electric?” Lisa awed. “It is! But I didn’t know they made these things!” opening the package.

    “They were hidden on the top shelf. It’s my surprise for you.” James explained, helping her plug it in to test.

    “My!” she gasped, when it kicked on. “I’m going to forgive you for interrupting my orgasm.”

    Lisa turned it off and James unplugged it, “You’re set to go!” James announced.

    James grabbed another bag full of vibrators and batteries. He put on a pair of male thongs and headed back with Lisa to the rec room. “Yummy, sexy!” Lisa said, and snapped his thong on his ass crack. Arriving back in the rec room, he handed out his bag of goodies. They all complimented him on his choice of attire. Cathleen threatened to make James wear it all the time.

    “Say, this feels wonderful!” Doc announced, as she tried out a vibrator.

    “Never had one Doc?” James asked.

    “No, just used my imagination.” Doc replied, and then got more involved in the sensations.

    Ying looked for a nice vibrator for herself. James handed her the electric one he saved for her. She looked at it then to Lisa and smiled, “Me no loan you this one.”

    “I’ve got my own.” Lisa showed her the one she had behind her back. They both fought over a nearby wall socket. They decided the lamp was the loser and unplugged it. Sitting down, they started playing with their new toy.

    “Have you given it much thought as to how you want to lose your virginity Jill?” James asked.

    She looked thoughtful for a second, “Standing up.” she decided.

    James chuckled at that, “I don’t think I could reach you.”

    “No, you stand up and hold Me.” she explained, like James was a simpleton. “I think it would be different.”

    “Well, different it is.” James agreed.

    Jack found the warming gel, “What is this?” looking at it curiously.

    Ying explained it to her. “It make pussy hot.” then said, “Taste good too.”

    She tried it out and found it to be pretty good. Grabbing a vibrator, she went to play.

    Cathleen found a strap-on, “James, can I borrow this one?” looking it over.

    “Sure, don’t burn it out.” James responded; it seemed to be his signature statement on vibrators lately.

    Jill grabbed his thong and lowered it. Looking up at James and smiling, she made his semi-erection grow in her mouth. Pulling it out and stroking it, “Had to make you hard. I’m dying to get started.”

    James picked her up and she straddled his cock on her pussy. She had lubricant on her; he felt it when she ground on him but didn’t know where she got it. James walked them to the center of the room so the girls would have a view. The girl was bigger than Ying but he didn’t have a problem keeping a hold on her.

    James grabbed an ass cheek and nibbled on her neck while Jill sped up her grinding. He brought a finger over her anus and circled it. She gasped but didn’t complain as he played on it. He could feel her wetness as it made its way to her ass. He used it to moisten her more then slipped his middle finger in to the first knuckle.

    Jill was in heaven as she felt the man’s hardened cock sliding up and down on her slit. When he made contact with her butthole, she almost came. After feeling that sensation, James entered her with a finger. She gasped and shuddered, realizing what he was doing. She went faster on her grinding.

    The girls got a good view of James’ finger going in. They all went to work a little faster. The doctor wasn’t used to a vibrator but she was learning fast. Cathleen had fastened the strap-on to her servant, wanting Jack to fuck her with it. The task was done and both got to see James’ finger. Lisa was aware of his finger but saw James’ sack below every time Jill rose up on him.

    The sixty inch TV came on and security had focused on the couple. Jill was able to see what was going on behind her as James played. The camera zoomed in on the hotspot. James couldn’t see the TV but noticed the extra lighting when it came on. Glancing over his shoulder, he smiled at the scene. Grabbing Jill’s other butt cheek; he kneaded on both in his hands.

    Jill felt his hand grab another cheek and was able to buck on him instead of just grinding. She rose higher up and felt his head on her entrance. She stopped where she was when the head popped in.

    James felt her actions then felt his head enter her just a little. Giving her a moment to get used to him there, he started bouncing her a little in his hands.

    Ying saw her master’s cock enter the virgin’s cunt. She wanted to pay close attention because she would soon be enjoying the same. Again, she was impressed with his strength as he held Jill and moved her up and down. She enjoyed the gift he gave her, lusting at the sight of his cock and balls.

    Jack was enjoying the toy they were using, she could pretend she was a man and fuck her mistress with the vibrator and still feel it tingle her own clit. Cathleen was getting it from the rear on the couch, watching James taking her virgin servant. Her head rested on the arm of the couch and one foot was on the floor. It was awkward at first until Jack got into a rhythm. It was feeling good now as Jack jabbed it in her.

    James kissed Jill and asked, “You ready to take the plunge?”

    She nodded and tensed up. James told her to relax, she was clamping on his head too hard.

    “Let me surprise you.” James told her, “You won’t feel it so much.”

    James went faster with short little strokes. She reacted to it, enjoying the sensation as her pussy adapted to his size. He drew attention to her ass, wiggling his finger in and out. Doing as suggested, she relaxed and lost herself in the feelings he was giving her. This was the moment she’d been begging for ever since she guided his cock into her mistress. Watching him fuck her mistress made her crave it.

    The girl finally relaxed enough to accommodate James’ size. James bucked deep on his next stroke and broke through her hymen. He felt her tense so he stopped, with her impaled on his shaft.

    Pain shot through Jill when James busted through her barrier. She clutched his cock, making him stop. She screamed yelp, and then realized the deed was done. She waited till the pain eased and was able to slowly relax.

    The girls all gasped when they saw James’ cock sink in further and heard the yelp. They could see it plainly on the TV behind the couple. They cheered Jill on, urging her to take all of James. Doc Vicky told her to relax and let him sink into her. James took his finger out of her ass to keep from holding himself back in her.

    Jill did as directed, sinking further on James’ cock. She felt herself stretch with each inch. He was tight in there, she wondered if something wasn’t wrong with her, not being able to take him as easily as her mistress did. Her ass eventually felt his shaft in her and she thought she had him all.

    James was fascinated with the tightest pussy he had ever felt. Jill being his first virgin, he wasn’t used to such a tight grip on his manhood. Letting her sink at her own pace, he was dying to get to work on her but held back, careful to not hurt her. He’d get his eventually. He was glad to feel her take most of him; that gave him some fucking room to work with.

    Ying was amazed to see her master’s cock get halfway buried in the girl and her pussy clinched at the sight. She wanted that herself and fantasized that it was her that the master was doing it to. Working her new toy, she brought herself off on Jill’s pussy wrapped around her master.

    Cathleen thought she could make it more enjoyable and reached a hand between her legs to rub her clit. It was aching from the scene in front of her. Jack stopped for a second while she watched the memorable moment her sister was having. Seeing the cock go deep in Jill got her excited and she started back in on her mistress. It was just what she needed, “Yes! Fuck me!” Cathleen screamed.

    Her words carried meaning to Jill and she did exactly that. She lurched on James, pulling him out a little, feeling emptiness but knew he would be back. Dropping down again, she took a little more. With James’ help, gripping her ass, she went faster, watching the TV display her ass rising and falling, getting a glimpse at the cock going in and out.

    James took the hint and helped her fuck on his cock, bouncing her ass on him. He wasn’t tired yet and had plenty of strength to carry out Jill’s wishes. She eased up her strangle hold around his neck, leaning back some. James focused on her tits and wished it was possible to suck on them at the same time.

    Ying came down from her orgasm and looked at the “wild child” beside her. She was working another one out so Ying decided to help her along. Leaning over, she sucked a nipple in her mouth and brought her vibrator to the other one. That sped things along for Lisa and she rocked at Ying’s advances.

    Vicky had never had such an experience in her life. Always a monogamist, this day had opened up her horizons; the number of dicks in the room pleased her earlier and now, actually watching a virgin lose her virginity was more thrilling than she would have ever guessed. With great force, she came watching the lusty action in the room aided by the vibrator against her clit.

    Cathleen got what she ordered as Jack picked up pace and jabbed her repeatedly. The smacking against her ass was loud enough to bring James’ attention to her. He matched Jack’s thrusts and Cathleen was getting the same treatment her servant was getting. She heard the slapping of James’ balls at the same time Jack slapped into her ass. She growled at that realization and was jack hammered into orgasm. This caused Jack to have her own with too much driving her over. She rode the wave with her mistress.

    James saw the servant of his employer getting faster on her mistress. It was like watching a porno live. It fueled his desires and he matched the stabs into Jill. She was taking him deeper than ever and leaned even further back. He saw her eyes focusing on the TV behind him and knew she was watching herself getting fucked for the first time in her life. The thought forced him over the edge and there wasn’t a way to stop it.

    Jill felt the balls of her invader striking her ass. Watching the TV, she could see her mistress getting fucked by her sister and her own cunt getting pounded by a cock. The TV echoed the slapping from both. It was too much for her; balls slamming, cock pile driving, the scenes displayed on the screen; her greatest orgasm ever made her tense and spill. The room grew dark as she faded into paradise.

    The desire to have a servant was terribly upon Lisa as she felt Ying’s mouth on her tit and her vibrator on the other. ‘Imagine an orgasm brought on by four hands instead of only two’ was her thoughts as she let out a stream of cum, squirting in the air that landed on Jill’s back and ass. She rode the lust while her fluids drained down to James’ fuck tool, then mixed with their juices there, screaming her orgasm in the air.

    Applause sounded out as James’ sperm unloaded in the tight cunt that refused to hold it, running out and over his balls. James looked up to at least ten different faces of workers in for a break. They had quietly gathered, watching the scenes and James was the only one facing them but he was involved with the breaking in of a virgin to notice at the time.

    Cathleen, down from her orgasm, looked up and over the couch. Noticing the small crowd that had gathered she dropped her head back down. “I guess after earlier, second shift deserved their free show too.” she laughed.

    Jill hopped down off the beast of a man that made her a woman, turned around and saw the audience. “Thank you everyone!” she said, while the applause continued.

    Words of congratulations and approvals went around and the girls were treated to short stories of individuals that had showed up at different times. Not many seen the first part but most all seen the middle to end.

    Ying took the initiative of cleaning up, giving the girls their maid outfits and throwing vibrator packages away. While she was at it, she got a couple of wash cloths for her master and Jill. Jill was a little unbalanced so she took a seat on the couch beside her sister.

    Cathleen was berated with questions about nudity and sex, wanting to know if they too were permitted to be naked and fuck in the rec room. Since Ying was allowed, she couldn’t say no to it but advised them they would be on camera while they were in there. She also advised them that her security team had been known to masturbate from viewing the monitors.

    The ladies threw some clothes on since there was an audience. They were a little tired from the events and didn’t want to give them any ideas.

    One of the maintenance men came into the rec room. He approached Cathleen, knowing who she was. He said his son just turned eighteen and was looking for work since he didn’t plan on going to college should the madam need any more help with odds and ends. He didn’t want his son lying around the house mooching off his parents forever. They were getting old and wanted to spend some of their lives alone, making up for lost time.

    “What does he look like?” Lisa wanted to know, sounding excited.

    James knew where she was going with a question like that. The maintenance man pulled out his wallet and showed them a picture. Sandy hair and decent looks, but he looked a little geeky to James.

    “What’s his name? Is he good with his hands? Does he have a girlfriend?” Lisa ranted.

    “Um, his name is Lincoln but we call him Link, no girlfriend at the moment. The girl he was dating is moving to the town her college is in. He knows electronics and gadgets, he’s a bit of a nerd.” the man tried to answer.

    “We can ask those questions in the interview… I’m sorry but what is your name?” Cathleen asked.

    “Oh, I’m Abraham Lincoln Turner. You can call me Abe. I work at the Spenco office but was brought here today to repair the sprinklers.” Abe explained.

    “Can you call him now Abe?” Cathleen asked, “We aren’t busy at the moment and I’d like to interview him before we leave out of town.” glancing at Lisa.

    “He’s close by; I’ll get him down here.” he said, elated his son might get a job finally and possibly afford to move out.

    They finished cleaning up and Cathleen alerted security regarding the expected interviewee’s arrival. She instructed them to bring him to her in the rec room.

    It wasn’t long before Phil had the boy in the rec room. Like the picture, his sandy hair and skinny body was standing in the center of the sunken floor. , Lisa and James where sitting down. The servant girls were back in James’ room, putting things away.

    “We understand you are looking for employment.” Cathleen started in, noticing his nervousness.

    “Um yeah, I graduated and don’t have the money for college so… “ he trailed off.

    “What skills do you possess?” Cathleen asked.

    “Well, I’m good with computers and stuff.” Link said shyly.

    “How about relationships? Are you attached to anyone?” Lisa asked.

    “Um… not really. I mean, I went out with a girl a couple of times.” Link said, embarrassingly.

    “Ever been in trouble?” James asked, not wanting any problems from him.

    “I’m not brave enough I guess. I’d not be any trouble.” Link replied, staring at the floor.

    Ying came back in, headed for the mini kitchen. James didn’t realize it but Link saw her, glancing up then back to the floor. James turned around to see what he glimpsed at. He saw her at the pizza boxes. Of course she was wearing her usual nothing.

    Looking back at Link, “Something catch your eye?” he asked, covering the smirk on his face with a hand.

    “Uh, no sir.” Link replied, still looking at the floor.

    “Ying, come here.” James called, keeping his eye on Link.

    Link looked up again but dropped his eyes. Ying noticed him but didn’t show any reaction.

    “Link, this is my servant, Ying Chung. Ying, this is Link Turner.” introducing the two. They were almost the same height, Link being the taller.

    “Nice to meet you.” Link said, not looking at her.

    “Link, do you like my servant?” James asked, testing his reaction.

    “Uh, sure.” Link said.

    “Link, how much money are you willing to work for?” Cathleen asked.

    “Well, I really don’t know. I’m trying to move out of my parent’s house.” he replied, still looking down.

    “Well, what are you willing to do for a job that paid you free room and board, free expenses and travel?” Cathleen asked.

    “Oh, ma’am, probably anything.” he replied, sounding excited.

    smiled at that, “Well, you have an opportunity here to get all of that and more but you would also have to do whatever you are told.” she explained, “Without question or thought.”

    “I could do that!” he said, elated.

    “Well, let’s give you a test, shall we?” Cathleen mused, looking at the rest of them.

    “Ok, I’ll do anything, go ahead.” Link said, anxious to get the job.

    James hopped in, “Let me, if you please.” and Cathleen gave him lead.

    “Strip.” James simply said.

    Link blinked. “Did you say strip?” unbelievingly.

    “Yes sir, take all of your clothes off.” James said.

    Link looked at James, then to Ying. Shrugging his shoulders, he wiggled out of everything he had on. Covering himself, he looked back at James sheepishly.

    “Very good Link.” James smiled. “You’ve passed the first part of the test.”

    “The first part, sir?” Link said, wondering what else was in store for him.

    “First, you need to know that you may have to perform sexual favors.” James paused, letting that sink in.

    Link looked astonished “Sir, I don’t think I’m any good at that.” giving additional thought, “But I would sure try.”

    James ignored his statement, “Second, the girl that is looking for such favors is a demanding woman.”

    Link struggled with that one. “Just how, um, demanding sir?”

    James smiled, “Well, I’ll give you an example.” looking at Ying, “Inspection” he simply said and Ying assumed the position.

    “You saw her reaction, her speed at my demand?” James asked.

    “Ye… Yes sir.” Link answered.

    “Are you familiar with that type of servitude?” James asked.

    Link looked again at Ying in her stance. He assumed the same position, giving up his modesty and putting his arms behind his back. “Yes sir.” desperate for the job, James assumed.

    “Good work Link.” James praised, “Now, the girl in question. She likes a lot of sex. Are you good at cunnilingus?” and waited for his response.

    “Um, cunni… you mean… eat… you know?” Link asked, confused.

    “Well, let’s start with some basic questions.” James cleared his throat, “Are you a virgin?

    “Well, I’ve never, um, did a girl but I’ve, I mean, I’ve jerked off a lot.” he answered, his face turning red.

    “You never had sex with your girlfriend?” James asked, fascinated.

    “Well, I just didn’t know how to ask…” he mumbled.

    “What if you never had to ask? You just have to wait until the girl was ready for you and you just fucked her whenever she wanted?” James asked.

    Link’s eyes lit up at that, “Wow, wouldn’t that be great? You wouldn’t get a girl to do that though.”

    James chuckled at that, “Well, if you were, let’s say, her sex slave, then you wouldn’t have to ask.”

    Link soaked that in for a minute, “Do you know a girl looking for one?”

    James grinned, “I sure do.” and he indicated Lisa, “Lisa? Would you like to take over?”

    Lisa smiled, “Yes I would. How big is your dick?”

    Link turned a little redder, “I guess its above average… when it’s hard and all.” thinking of his shriveled manhood in the midst of embarrassment.

    “I’ll see about that. Now, how about sucking pussy, you ever do that at all?” Lisa asked.

    “No ma’am, but I sure would like to.” Link answered greedily.

    Lisa smiled before she asked the next question, “Ever had anything up your ass?” and couldn’t help but giggle a little.

    Link blushed even more, “No, but if I can eat pussy and fuck, I’d just about do anything the girl wanted.” then looked to the floor.

    Lisa smiled at that, “Ok, so let’s negotiate just a little. I’ll tell you what I want and you tell me if you’d agree to it. If you agree, you’ll get free room and board for as long as you’re in my service. That includes free travel where I may need you to go.”

    Link thought that out for about three seconds, “Ok, to whatever you want.”

    “But I haven’t told you what I want yet.” Lisa huffed.

    “Ma’am, if you are going to pay me with room and board to have sex with a girl like you, you can sure bet I’m willing to do whatever your pretty head could come up with.” Link said, matter-of-factly, and his cock twitched at the thought of it.

    Ok, I want to be called mistress. You ok with that?” Lisa smirked.

    “Yes mistress.” Link responded.

    “I may want to fuck your ass, you ok with that too?” Lisa asked, bringing in some of her fantasies.

    Link just nodded at that but his cock jerked again.

    “Would you wear anything I wanted you to?” Lisa asked.

    “If you’re buying, I’m wearing.” Link responded.

    “Piercings?” Lisa smugly asked.

    “Um, ok.” Link wasn’t giving up yet.

    “Ok, I’ll try you out over the weekend. I’m going to Florida for a job; you will be traveling as my slave from now on, ok?” Lisa asked.

    “Wow, Florida? Sounds nice and all…” Link brightened up.

    Things were settled and the doc gave him a physical since he was already nude. Cathleen and her entourage headed out, congratulating Link on being hired. He would have papers to sign tomorrow. Link went to get his clothes back on.

    “What are you doing?” Lisa asked as he slipped a leg into his pants.

    “Um, getting dressed mistress.” he said.

    She threw her hands on her hips, “The fuck you are! Give me those!” and held out her hands.

    Link picked up his clothes and reluctantly gave them to her. “Don’t you want me to go home now?”

    “We just hired you for my fuck toy, you aren’t going anywhere.” she replied. “Come on, you’re going to my room so I can try you out.”

    Link followed Lisa out of the room. James and Ying followed behind them because he was anxious to see Link’s reaction to all that pink.

    Before he got in the door James heard, “What the fuck?” coming out of Link’s mouth. By the time James got to Lisa’s door, Link was already rubbing his eyes. James laughed, “Hey, I’m across the hall if she decides to kill and eat you.”

    James and Ying took another shower together and Ying did her best to clean him from head to toe. James had to sit for her so she could wash his hair that she insisted needed her technique. He sucked on her nipple while she did his hair.

    Ying made him stand back up when she finished. She slipped his soggy cock in her mouth and played with his balls. This gave Ying his fullest attention both in mind and body. She let it out as it grew, finally settling for just the head while she stroked the rest.

    Looking up into James’ eyes, Ying made her play, “Master fuck me now?” and tongued the back of his cockhead.

    James looked down at the ‘want to’ in her eyes, “Sure honey. How do you want it?”

    Before she could answer, someone pounded on his door. James hopped out of the shower, grabbing a towel on the way out. He heard someone yell for help through his door before he could buzz them in.

    The door burst open at James’ remote with the blur called Link, wearing nipple clamps, pink toe and finger nails, and a collar. Trying to fit under his bed, James noticed a butt plug.

    “What’s wrong?” James asked concerned.

    “Sir, please help me.” Link begged, banging his head on the bed rail, sounding desperate.

    Lisa, stark naked, came in right behind him, “Have you seen my… there you are!” holding the biggest double dildo James had ever seen!
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    Chapter 6

    “Lisa! Put the weapon down!” James demanded; the nympho was crazy if she thought Link could take that like a man.

    “What weapon?” Lisa asked, honestly puzzled.

    “That!” James pointed to the boa constrictor sized toy.

    “Oh, you like that?” patting it like a puppy, “Just got it today.” Lisa said proudly.

    “Ok, what were you planning to do with that thing?” James asked, disgruntled from his interruption.

    “I told him I had a surprise for him.” Lisa said, slinging her gargantuan toy over her shoulder. “I pulled this out of my drawer and Link was gone.”

    James sighed, “Lisa, there is no possible way you are going to get that up his ass.” thinking how grateful he was not to be Lisa’s slave.

    Lisa looked at James funny, “What? I wasn’t going to fuck his ass with it! I want him to fuck my pussy with it!” she huffed, wondering how he came up with such a silly thought.

    Link seemed to calm down hearing that. “Is she always… you know… like that?” he asked.

    James chuckled, “I think she sleeps sometimes.” looking back at Lisa, “Where in the world were you able to find a pink collar?”

    Lisa smiled at that, “I took it off my teddy bear.” sitting on the bed, “I’m shopping for a leash tomorrow.” giddy just thinking about it. “You think he’d look good with pink hair?”

    “Well, you just got the boy toy and it seems to me that you should just start off slow. I mean, break him in a little at a time.” James reasoned, “He is a little… intimidated by your… affections.” James struggled to find the words that would keep Lisa from kicking his shins again.

    “Whoa, I was going easy on him. I haven’t whipped him or anything.” Lisa defended; “Although he deserves it for running away.” she reasoned and would think about it later.

    Ying came into the room from the bath, at least she was dry, which is more than James could say for himself, and sat down beside Lisa. Eyeing, the beast of a toy she said, “You horny all time.” shaking her head.

    “Lisa, men have egos and you’ve already bruised Link’s enough for one day.” James explained.

    Lisa again looked puzzled, “I haven’t done anything to him yet! Hell, he hasn’t even eaten me out yet.” Lisa retorted.

    James sighed, “Look, you have him wearing pink fingernail polish, a pink collar, and a pink butt plug. You even want him to have pink hair. A man has his masculinity you know?”

    “Oh, he got butt plug too?” Ying asked, thrilled she wasn’t the only one to like them and made an effort to look.

    “Yes he does, and when he saw Lisa pulling out that… that… monster, he thought she was going to use it on him.” James explained.

    “Ah, no wonder he holler help.” Ying said in revelation. “It look painful.” grabbing an end of the over-sized salami.

    “I wasn’t going to hurt him! I swear.” Lisa argued, “I just wanted him to give me some attention, that’s all.”

    James didn’t really think Lisa would hurt him intentionally, but Link didn’t know that for sure. “Tell you what; you guys need to come up with a safety word; that way, he and you will know when too far is too far.” James explained. “Pick a color or something… Not pink.” he said, watching Ying rub the rubber head of the beast on her slit.

    Lisa gave that some thought, “Ok, like in the stories we translated. How about grape, I hardly ever say that?”

    James didn’t care, whatever it was, “It works as long as you both know that once the word is said, you need to cease and desist.” He add, “And don’t use it unless it as absolutely necessary either.”

    Link watched Ying for a moment, and then looked around the room, “Are you guys always naked like this?” fooling with the tight collar he sported.

    James and Lisa both laughed, “I was in the shower when you interrupted my cleaning.” James said, “My good servant here was tending to my… needs.” which made Ying smile.

    Link mulled that over, “Oh… Oh! Sorry about that.” looking at Ying, “Is she… nice?”

    James got the hint, “She is a virgin for right now. Although she probably wouldn’t be if you hadn’t knocked on the door.” James frowned.

    “Oof, gee, I’m sorry mister.” Link said meaningfully.

    “My name is James, you can call me that.” James informed him while shaking his hand, “This is my companion, Ying Chung. She is mine so no bright ideas ok?” James finished, smiling while tightening his grip.

    “Yes sir, I understand completely.” Link pulled his aching hand back and shook life back into it.

    “Look, I still need to train him on sucking my pussy. James, could you give him a demonstration?” Lisa asked, looking at Ying smiling. “Ying wouldn’t mind, would you?

    Ying stopped stroking her slit with the toy, “What? I like it lots.”

    James didn’t know if she meant giving or receiving but he settled on both. Since it was in his nature to help, he decided Ying could wait a bit since she waited this long and, always the gentleman, accepted the task of helping out. “Ok, you two lay crossways on the bed. Link and I will eat the both of you out.”
    The girls fell back on the bed and scooted to the edge. Spreading their legs, Link perked up at the view.

    James chuckled at his interest, “Ok, no teeth. Lick from rear to front one time.” James instructed.

    Since Ying was off limits, he knew right where to go. Dropping down between Lisa’s spread legs; he stuck his tongue out and did as directed. Finishing at the top, he savored the taste, “Wow that sure tasted awesome!” smacking his lips.

    “Ok, now do that to Ying.” James instructed, waiting to see the timid one’s reaction.

    “Um, are you sure?” he asked, wondering if it was a trap.

    “Just this one time though. You might never taste another virgin again.” James explained.

    Link reluctantly settled between Ying’s legs. Once more, he started at the back and licked up to the top of the slit. Smacking his lips more, “Oh my God!” Link looked up; eyes wide and James put his finger over his lips to shut the boy up before he said something he would regret.

    “Both of them tasted great!” Link said, giving James a wink. James nodded his approval over Link’s smart statement. Even though one tastes no better than another, the new pussy smell adds to the delicacy.

    “Hey, one lick isn’t going to cut it.” Lisa said, frustrated. “Yeah, more please.” Ying piped in, wiggling in anticipation.

    James shooed Link off of his smorgasbord and crawled in to take his place. “Watch this!” he exclaimed and set to work on Ying.

    James started on an inside leg, nibbling and sucking down to a pussy lip. Taking it in, he tugged a little then worked his way in and over to the other pussy lip. Finishing there, he nibbled and sucked his way up the other inside leg. “See, you get the pussy warmed up like that.” James explained. “It gets the girl all hot and bothered.”

    Link nodded and started in on Lisa’s inside leg, working his way to her pussy lips. He sucked in a lip and lingered there a little. Working to the middle, he lapped over on her hole, taking what Lisa had leaked out and headed for the other lip.

    Lisa knew the gig and grabbed a fistful of his sandy hair, “I don’t need warmed up, get to sucking.” holding him in place.

    ‘So much for training’ James thought and went to work on his own honey hole.

    Lisa did her own instructing and Link seemed to catch right on. The instructions died down and moaning took over.

    Lisa was obsessed with Ying but to have her own personal cock was more than she expected. She had serious plans for him now. Now if she could just get him in that one spot right… there! “Oooh! That’s it.” she moaned.

    Ying was feeling her master’s touch, he was quite an expert. He handled her so well; it was like he was made for her. His nose on her clit, his tongue in her virgin hole, and his hands on her breasts where working their magic, bringing her to the point where, just days before, she didn’t know existed.

    Link took a lesson from his new idle, James. Placing his hands up, he managed to caress the breasts of the most fascinating woman he had ever met in his life. Just the thought of having his hands, finally, on nipples excited him to no end. To add to that wonderful revelation, she was gorgeous. His life was without such rarity. Girls her type was above his approach and often found only in his fantasies.

    James lost himself in his work; his world shrank to the lusciousness of Ying’s loins. The thought of taking this girl was slowly driving him mad. He wanted it; he craved it; and, of course, he tasted it. The last and only virgin that he had deflowered only fueled his desire to take his own little angel’s gift she was so willingly ready to give him. His thoughts brought his passion high; about eight inches high to be exact and he fought the urge to take her right now.

    Lisa eased up on Link’s hair and let him work on his own. He knew what buttons to push now so she just ground her cunt in his face. Her fantasy started with Link on the beach, wearing a tight and thin pink thong. He would do all of her bidding, in front of an ocean background, without question. Her grinding turned to humping, jerking up then settling down. Once Link had adjusted to her way of thinking her speed increased even more.

    Ying felt her tremors coming quite often, given by a man she adored. She knew what her master meant; she would have to share him with others. But home is where the heart is and she was sure to be part of his. So what if others received similar treatment, surely they didn’t receive better. Love and lust where two different things, so they could keep all of the lust. His love she would claim for her own. She craved the moment his manhood would bless her with true maturity, making her equal with anyone else he had bedded. For now she would settle on his working tongue if only he would… Yes! Right there!

    Ying was the first to skyrocket, her hand grabbed Lisa’s and squeezed. She passed her passion on and Lisa took the ride with her, holding on to Ying’s little hand. Both bucked up to the mouths that serviced them, releasing their fluids to the men that earned it.

    To James, it was sweet success. Ying gave him what he wanted. Her gush told him that he had serviced her well. They mixed with his sweat and rolled down to his sex. Her quivers felt exquisite with the knowledge that he had brought them forth. Her soft young body melted in his hands, telling him his work, for now, was done.

    To Lisa, it was a promise, a promise of more to come. She gave her young charge the essence of her being, bathing him in liquid passion he so diligently worked out of her…

    Bah, just who are we kidding here? She drowned the poor bastard, plain and simple. From the hair on his head to the hair on his crotch the male virgin who, for the first time in his young life, tasted a real live pussy was soaked and soaked thoroughly by it.

    Link’s first few words from seeing the wonders of a woman were not a philosophical revelation. No, it was merely three words that he would find himself saying more than he would ever have guessed.

    “What the fuck?” spilled from the lips of Link as he ogled at his own dripping body.

    James wiped his chin and glanced at the soggy form of Link, “She squirted on you. That means you did a really nice job. Congratulations!” he chuckled.

    “Never heard of it.” Link admitted, using his fingers for windshield wipers and scraping off the cream from his eyes. “But I must have done an awesome job!”

    Lisa sat up to see just what kind of meat he was packing, “You going to play with that or are you going to stick it in?” she asked, staring at his seven inch stick, wondering if the color of pink could be done in tattoo ink.

    “I got ya, don’t worry about that.” Link said, shaking the shock out of his head while Lisa went back down.

    James stood up and prepared to do the same, nestling himself between the little vixen’s legs he was recently sucking on.

    “Damn man, you could hurt somebody with that!” Link stated, looking at James’ blessings.

    James, keeping his temper, just looked menacingly at the male sex toy then turned back to his task.

    Link lined up to Lisa and rubbed himself on her sex, “This is going to be great! I’m going to make this last forever!”

    Lisa frowned at her toy, “It won’t be if you don’t hurry up and stick it in.”

    Link shrugged his shoulders and made the plunge. The sensation struck him as Lisa’s sex wrapped around his manhood. Hot, wet, and cozy came to his mind for the first experience being inside a woman.

    James asked, “Ying, this alright with you?” rubbing himself on her.

    Ying looked up at the man towering over her, “Yes master. Please.” and a knock sounded on the door.

    James was shaken from hearing it. Walking over close to the door, “Who is it?” he demanded.

    “It’s Miss Plenart, James. Might I have a word?” a voice unfamiliar to James replied.

    James huffed and opened the door, but only a little crack, “Yes?” he asked, impatience dripping from the word.

    “Oh, yes, is it possible to borrow Ying for a little while?” she asked, trying to peek around the crack.

    James recognized the lady from her asking him if Ying did massages, “She’s rather busy at the moment.” he sounded out his frustration.

    “Oh, do tell her I’m hoping to spend some time with her.” She countered.

    James shook his head while the slaps of Link’s efforts resounded in the room and said, “I don’t think that’s possible Miss...”

    “Why? You loaned her to that girl Lisa.” she said with a huff, daring him to say no.

    ‘The audacity of this woman!’ James fumed, “I’m not loaning her out anymore.” and slammed the door in her face.

    Grumbling back to his workstation, he didn’t know if he was mad at the old woman or himself. Cathleen told him he shouldn’t have done it after all. Now he knew why.

    His thoughts dissipated however, as he focused on his task. Ying brought him back to the desire he had just looking at her in waiting. He scooted around the backside if Link, happily thrusting away.

    Stepping up to the plate of deliciousness before him, he readied for the bliss ahead. Rubbing his cock once more on the virgin slit then popped his head in the entrance. She was extremely tight and he feared he couldn’t enter. Ying grimaced at his advance and he eased his pressure.

    Thinking some lubrication was in order, he remembered the warming gel. Pulling back out, he reached in the drawer and retrieved his saving grace. Turning around to get on with the deed, the intercom sounded beside him. Had the I.D. displayed anything else, he would have just ignored it. But it said CS04 and he knew it was Cathleen Spencer.

    Picking up the phone he quickly said, “Yes?” and listened to his boss’ demand.

    “James? I need you up here right now.” Cathleen sounded upset.

    James sighed and asked, “What’s the problem? You in trouble?” thinking she had a security team for a reason.

    “The girls are fighting James. One is a virgin and the other isn’t.” she tried to explain.

    “Spank their asses and send them to bed.” James simply solved that issue. Perhaps it was his frustration but normally he wouldn’t be so cruel.

    Cathleen huffed over the phone, “That isn’t going to cut it. Get your ass up here right now and fuck Jack.” She ordered.

    James looked at Ying in dismay. His advances would go to another. All he could do was shake his head, torn between the virgins. Not many men were in his position. None, he knew of, would contemplate a refusal of such a demand. Never biting the hand that feeds you came to mind and he relented.

    Covering the phone, James looked at Ying, “Honey, the boss wants me.” and left it at that.

    Ying knew the demand, hearing her through the phone, “Go fuck Jack. She mad, I know.” taking one on the chin for the team, turning her head to the wall.

    James looked at the clock on his phone before throwing it in his pocket. Seven forty five meant the night was still young and he could possibly have them both. Grabbing his keycard, he tapped the still bucking Link on the shoulder.

    “Hands off!” pointing at Ying, “Pound, pound!” James growled, making a fist and punching his hand. “Lisa, watch her for me, I’ll be back.” turning to the nymph beside them.

    He reached down and kissed Ying, pulling her attention away from the wall, “I’m so sorry honey. I’ll make it up to you.” And she nodded that she understood.

    Rising back up, James couldn’t resist, and yanked the pink butt plug out of Link on an outstroke. Tossing the plug on the dresser, he ran out the door and closed it. He could hear Lisa scream, “Not yet! Not yet!” on the other side of the door.

    James made his trek to Cathleen thinking about Ying. Odd he hadn’t wanted her sexually before and had every opportunity to take her. Now that he did want her, everything fought to keep him from taking her.

    The elevator opened and James headed for the bedroom he was last in. Cathleen was there in her computer chair, he assumed, working on something.

    Playing his designated roll, he greeted her with, “Mistress.”

    “James, thank God you’re here.” she replied, pressing a button on her remote on the desk. Jill came to the door wearing her maid outfit. Cathleen glancing her way, “Get Jack please.” she asked. “Thank you for coming so quickly.”

    James thought the choice wasn’t his but was glad she was pleased. “What started this mess?” he wondered aloud.

    Cathleen sighed, “Well, Jack was making fun of Jill for walking funny. Jill got upset and rubbed the fact that Jack was still a virgin and she wasn’t in her face. It escalated from there.”

    “I guess I hadn’t thought of that myself.” James admitted, although women usually didn’t fight over something that personal. He guessed with twin sisters, one couldn’t outdo the other without some ramifications.

    Jack entered the room, dressed in her maid outfit he had given her. “James is here for you. Why don’t you two take care of your issue?” Cathleen started.

    Jack seemed surprised. James realized she had no idea her mistress had called him. “I would be honored to service you Jacqueline, if you would have Me.” he said, bowing to the lady in question.

    Jack lit up like a Christmas tree, “Really? Right now?” she gasped, in awe of the prospect.

    “If it pleases the maiden, I am yours.” James responded, holding out his hand for her.

    Jack was elated and tried to fit into the role James set forth for her, “It… pleases me.” taking his hand.

    James smiled down on her and asked, “How may I serve you Jacqueline?” dropping to a knee.

    “Could you, you know, do me like Jill?” she asked nervously, looking into his eyes.

    “It would be my pleasure to revel in your maidenhood” James stated with sincerity, “and bring forth a woman of such beauty.” kissing the back of her hand. “You may choose your preferences and I will accommodate you to the best of my ability.”

    Jack had never been courted by a man before. Such language was only in novels and fairy tales, in her years of experience. With no boys present in her world of existence for more than two years, she made do with what was offered, deeming the alternative was out of the question. Now, the chance at the opposite sex had been presented to her and the concept was highly appealing.

    “Would you mind if we did it outside?” she asked, bringing up a fantasy she once had.

    James was taken aback somewhat as he hadn’t had that experience, “I am at your mercy, do you have a place in mind?” hoping sprinklers on the golf course wouldn’t kick in or other such crazy thoughts.

    “The sun is setting and I wanted to watch. Could we do it on the balcony?” Jack asked, hoping it wasn’t too much of a request.

    James was grateful he would be spared the grass stains and itching and smiled at the simple request, “I am yours, body and soul, on the balcony overlooking the sunset.” and stood up to follow her there.

    James remembered the cameras and one was focused on the balcony. He made a phone call to security and had Niles record the events for Jack. He had already had them do the same for Jill and this would be perfect for the twins to remember the moment. As with Jill, nobody else should be able to watch them besides the masturbating security guards of course.

    The fading sun was casting long shadows at the pair while they entered from the hallway. It looked to be a beautiful sunset once again. James noticed the waterproof seat covers and dropped them down on the patio. Jack went to the railing to gaze at the descending sun.

    James sat on his knees and waited for her on the patio cushions. Not hearing anything behind her, Jack turned her head to see him there. Turning to face him she said, “Its beautiful here.” and entered his open arms.

    She was extremely timid, her lack of experience shown through. James decided a kiss might settle the jitters she had in her stomach. Bringing her up to his mouth, he kissed her tenderly at first. She pecked him back but lacked the knowledge of tonguing. James introduced his and she let him enter.

    Jack was struck by the passion in James, his mouth played with hers lustily. Not knowing the ways of such passion, she was reluctant to his advances but soon remembered such a kiss. Bringing to mind a movie she saw, the tongue entered her mouth with her consent. His contact on her tongue inflamed her body, her mind, and even her soul.

    James felt the virgin melt in his arms, giving him control of her destiny. Brushing her blouse down off her arms, he kissed her open neck. Going to work removing her clothes, he continued his kissing on each piece of skin exposed. His final kiss caressed the middle of her pubic hair as she stood to remove her short skirt.

    James stood up and removed his sweats, exposing his tool for the task. He watched as the breeze caressed her nipples and brought them to perky stiffness. Pulling her into him, he laid backwards with her in his arms. Making sure she could see the sun as it faded from the day. Positioning her on his crotch, he felt his cock slip between her cunt lips.

    She wanted to time this perfectly; she knew the timing of the night. Rocking on the manhood below her, she built her passion high. James gave lead and let her control the friction between his legs. The more she rubbed the harder he became, feeling the fluids of her virginity wetting his shaft.

    Jack raised her hands and combed through her hair, pausing on the nape of her neck. Glancing down at the huge hunk of a man willing to make her a woman, “I’m almost ready.” she whispered with a sigh and rocked a little faster.

    James raised his hands and caressed her breasts while she ground on his manhood. The sun faded further and left a beam pointed on the pre-copulating couple. His caress turned stronger and he kneaded her mounds of flesh.

    The time was upon her, she knew it was near. She lifted up and placed his head on her entrance, bouncing a little to get it in. Her hips circled around; waiting for the moment she had chosen to become a woman. Placing her hands on the inside of her lap, she watched the shadows take over their bodies.

    As the sunbeam followed the rest of the light, bringing darkness upon them, Jack took her moment of well-planned timing and stabbed herself upon the man’s woman maker. The floodlights on the balcony kicked on at the same time her hymen was broken. Impaled upon James’ hardened phallus, she rested with the lights illuminating her occasion while riding the pain from her plunge.

    James was amazed at the impeccable timing; the lights struck them in yellow as Jack lost her flower before they could be wrapped in darkness. Her tightness engulfed him and he let her rest on his pedestal for as long as she desired. Her legs were quivering, ever so slightly, ceasing and starting in randomness. She made no sound from the impact received but pain had stricken her face.

    Jack gasped for a minute, adjusting to girth, and then slid down slowly on the pole of destruction. Once rested upon the man that ruined her, she took another moment to adjust. While she was there she giggled a little of the pride she had from the accomplishment. “Wonderful!” she exclaimed at the feelings she felt as the pain eased up from her.

    James watched the innocence leave her face as lust was taking over. She raised herself then lowered again, testing the new found depths. It wasn’t long until she did it faster and giggled a little more. Her heat from her sex brought James from his stupor and he watched her hump with zest. “Well done!” James exclaimed and boosted her ego while she rode him further and faster.

    She rode him into her first orgasm as a woman then shuddered to a stop. Tired from her efforts, she collapsed on James and he held her while she recovered. Kissing her on top of the head, he asked, “Are you ready for more?” Begging for just one more minute, he let her pant on his chest.

    James caught Cathleen in the breezeway, her hands clasped together, brought to her chin, and a tear of joy in her eye. He wondered if she didn’t consider the twins as her own children with the affection she sometimes displayed. At least she has a heart which is more than some bosses do. He may not consider her within his grasp but he hoped he was somewhat close to her heart himself. She meant more to him than some friends after all. She stepped back into shadow, noticing James eyes upon her.

    Jack rose up and squeezed James with her cunt. He hadn’t lost countenance and was ready when she was. Giving him a nod, James carefully spun her around and then stood up, leaving her grasping the wide guard rail. She settled across the stone slab, looking down four stories below her.

    The young filly was in position to get the first hard fucking from a man. But James took it slow and easy at first, waiting to build his speed. Sliding his weapon into her sheath, he buried himself deep. Once his pelvis touched her ass, he ground around in a circle. “You’ve almost taken all of me, how does it feel?” he asked, wanting to heighten her passion.

    Gritting her teeth and sucking in air, “Tight!” was all she could say. James urged her to spread her legs, giving him more room to maneuver. He claimed she would feel his testicles smacking against her clit. She hadn’t thought it would be important until he did it a little hard one time. The smack rattled her, goose bumps broke out all over, and the reverberation on her breast scraped her nipples a little across the smooth stone slab.

    James felt his affects upon her and smiled, knowing she enjoyed his play. This girl spent her time in bed as the dominate one between her lover. But James was set to show this woman what it meant to be a man. He thrust himself into her and then he thrust again, the third thrust brought her quivering into the palms of his hands. Allowing her the moment he asked, “Are you ready to take a man?”

    She moaned on the slab that held her, realizing the force of his impacts. Nothing has given her this sensation and nothing else probably will. Her ego had built over the time she had spent in the bed of her mistress lover. She was going to be a woman regardless of pain or penalties, so he might as well do his worse. “Give it to me.” She said and braced for his onslaught of lust.

    James started slow once again, letting her juices build. When he felt her settle with the pace they were at he sped up to nearly double. The tightness eased just a little but the woman still clamped on him with each thrust. He monitored her breathing, trying to keep her from overload. She adapted after a time and he let himself go full speed.

    Jack looked over the ledge and with a little imagination, pretended she flew while James pounded her in the air. His thrusts were deep and powerful and his balls struck her sensitive spot. Thank God the ledge was there or she would have fallen from the lack of control. Her passion was building beyond belief. She shook from the impacts he gave. “Fuck me!” she screamed at the starlit night, knowing she was on more than one ledge.

    James felt her passion near to bliss and thanked his lucky stars. The tightness from her broken sex was way too much to fight. He hunched a little closer, narrowing his distance in thrusts. Her scream demanding him to do his best fucked his mind which controlled his body. Keeping a hold so she wouldn’t fly away, he reached with a hand to her neck. Upon her legs faltering, he scratched her lightly down her back to the nape of her ass while she shook. His seed was rocketing in her and splashed from the impacts between them. He screamed a beastly scream into the new night air and after a moment came down to grunts to finish his lust in her new cunt.

    Jack and Jill may have gone up a hill but this Jack had fallen right off. The beastly scream had filled her ears as she took him with all of his force. The scratch he placed upon her back forced her to arch up high. It made her pussy spasm and her own stars filled her eyes. The waves of fluids from his loins had spilled out on her legs. The stream had added to her lust as it trickled down to her knees. She felt herself once again rising to orgasm with his cock still pounding and spurting in her.

    James had the fortitude to continue as he felt her tense once again. He was almost finished but he knew his cock would stay hard enough to give her one more ride. Feeling her orgasm through his appendage, he smacked her lightly on the ass. “That’s it girl. You take that cock!” and smacked her again on the ass.

    Jack was stuck, she couldn’t come down. She froze where she was as James pounded her sex and smacked her ass. The sensations were incredible as she was fucked into oblivion. Finally, after her longest orgasm, she was able to relax. The blood that rushed to her loins left her head shortchanged and she fainted on the downward path, leaving her lifeless on the slab.

    James had the same sensation, fucking so long after orgasm. He panted in the oxygen needed and kept from passing out. His cock had lost the life it had and slipped from its tight imprisonment. Standing up to see his work, he noticed she wasn’t moving.

    With serious concern he stepped to her side and looked at the maiden made woman. “Jack?” he called but got no response so he checked on her vitals. She was breathing but lacked the conscience to give any sort of reply.

    Cathleen approached, just as concerned, and checked on her servant. “You think she’ll be ok?”

    James looked at her with a smile and gave her a nod she would be. He picked her up in his arms and Cathleen lead him to her bedroom. Grabbing some wash cloths and wetting them, she folded and placed one on her broken cherry. Wiping her clean of James’ seed with another, she pulled the covers over her.

    “Could you get her some water; she’s going to need it.” James said, gazing on the newly made woman.

    Cathleen left to fetch the water and James sat down on the bed. “Jack?” he called, as he stroked a cheek and she moaned, shaking her head.

    Cathleen returned with a glass in her hands and saw Jack’s eyes flutter open. “What happened?” she asked with a confused looked on her face.

    “You fainted darling.” Cathleen replied and handed her the water.

    “No way!” she exclaimed then sipped the water and handed it back to her mistress.

    James smiled at her and patted her leg, “You’ve had a busy day.”

    Cathleen agreed and asked, “How does it feel to be a woman?”

    She smiled the biggest smile that James had ever seen on her, “It feels fantastic!” she proclaimed and sighed against the pillow.

    James kissed her on the forehead and told her, “You were absolutely wonderful.” getting up to take his leave, “An experience I’ll never forget.”

    “James?” she called, grabbing his hand, “Thank you so much. I’ll always remember the best day of my life.” and smiled.

    James smiled again and said, “The pleasure was mine my lady.” Bowing, he took his leave, and then headed back to retrieve his clothes. He grabbed Jack’s maid outfit while he was at it, threw the cushions back where they belonged and then back inside.

    James found Jack with her eyes closed so he just left her outfit on a chair. Coming out of her room, he ran into Cathleen. Holding a towel, she said, “Go take a shower.”

    It wasn’t what James had in mind, “I’m good, I can take one in my room.” he explained.

    Cathleen gave him a cursory look, “I want to fuck up here.” and tapped her foot on the ground.

    “Oh, um, I’m a little wiped. Can I take a rain check?” he begged, hoping she’d agree to that.

    “I just watched one of the most erotic scenes in my life. Now, I am horny as hell. Both of my servants are too sore to do anything. That leaves you. Besides, I’m craving cock at the moment anyway.” she explained with a huff, turning towards her bedroom, leaving James holding the towel.

    “Where’s the bathroom?” he asked empty space.

    James did what was required of him. Giving his mistress four orgasms and finally giving her his own, he left the upper floor much later than expected and stopped at security to pick up his DVDs. At ten thirty, he arrived in front of his door to find a sign taped on it.

    “Do Not Disturb!” James read out loud, wondering whose handwriting it was. His thoughts went to Ying and worried she put it there to keep him out because of his neglecting of her. After some contemplation and settling on the fact it was his room, he went ahead and opened the door to his very dark room.

    Using his cell phone as a light, he found Ying already in bed. She looked so peaceful there; he didn’t want to disturb her. Undressing and showering, he went to bed snuggled to Ying who just sighed and stayed asleep. Although it took a few minutes, James finally nodded off to sleep.

    It seemed that he had just closed his eyes and the alarm was already going off. He thought at first that it had been set wrong but grimaced as he saw the six.

    Ying stirred when James turned on his computer light. “Master?” she called.

    James looked up from tying his shoes, “Yeah babe.” hoping she slept her anger off.

    She pulled the covers back and asked, “We go to gym now?” while rubbing her eyes.

    “We sure do sweetheart.” James replied, “I’m sorry about last night Ying. I wish I could have been here with you.”

    Ying looked at him oddly, “You master, you do what you need to. Best do what mistress want.” speaking from experience.

    James was a little surprised, “You aren’t mad at me?” standing up and grabbing his phone.

    Ying got off the bed and headed for the closet, “I know you wanted to.” opening the door, “That’s what important.”

    “Thank you for understanding.” James sighed a relief, “I’ll make it up to you somehow.” he vowed.

    Ying came out of the closet in her short shorts and a tee shirt. She put her bobby socks and sneakers on while James waited. “Who Jim?” she asked.

    James smiled at that, “Not who, what. Gym is a place to work out and exercise.” he explained, “We stay healthy that way.”

    “English dumb.” Ying concluded and followed James to the door.

    James opened the door and the sign flew up from the breeze. “Who put this here?” he asked, yanking it off the door.

    Lisa make Link do it.” she explained, “People want to borrow Me.” she said with pride.

    “I’m sure they do. But you’re my Ying. I don’t let just anyone borrow you.” James responded, knocking on Lisa’s door. “I want you to be safe.”

    Lisa was obviously pissed at James. “That was the second time you fucked up my orgasm asshole.” she seethed, reminding him of pulling the plug on Link.

    “I’m sure Link made up for it by now.” James soothed, following the group to the gym.

    Lisa huffed at that, “You should fuck me to make it up to Me.” she suggested.

    James chuckled at that, “I don’t have a limousine handy at the moment.”

    “Oh hell no, my nipples and knees were raw after that!” she laughed.

    They finished their workout and agreed to meet up after lunch for shopping. Both James and Lisa had homework to do, studying the subjects they were to entertain that weekend and James having class work to do.

    Ying bounded into the rec room and immediately started tossing her clothes. None of the four people in there even bothered to look. What struck James even more than their lack of interest was their attire.

    Two ladies sipping coffee at the kitchen bar were wearing negligees and slippers. One was so transparent; he wondered why she even bothered. The other wore a low cut negligee revealing her breasts except for the nipples and thongs that fell in her slit. Both appeared to be in their thirties. Neither was less than decent looking so James didn’t have to curl his nose at the sight.

    Two guys sat in boxers on the sunken couch. They were sipping coffee and watching the morning news. Obviously, they didn’t give a rat’s ass about the cameras over their heads. It was amazing what a day makes as another young female strolled in wearing a long tee shirt and thong.

    Link took Ying as an example and peeled off his clothes as well. Both headed for the arcades along the side of the rec room. Link had plans to teach Ying all about them. It was all just as normal as sunshine as people passed them without a second look. Link got a little more attention because his nakedness was new to the workers. James was sure Link’s penis was the first one some of the older ones had seen in a while. Their eyes seemed to linger a little longer.

    Lisa called Link over for breakfast and James did the same to Ying. The lady with the transparent negligee said, “James, you could take a hint from this young man and eat in the buff for us.” blinking her eyes in a pleading look.

    “Well, you could take a hint from Ying and eat in the buff as well.” turning the same suggestion back on her. It failed miserably as she pulled what little she had on off. James said, “You weren’t supposed to do that.” as he glanced at the mounds before him.

    Lisa did the same but didn’t attract the attention from the ladies. James was left with no excuse and pulled his workout clothes off while he sat. Like bees to honey, the two women asked to touch his muscles. Had it stopped there, his embarrassment would have been held at bay.

    “You simply must stand up for us James” said the woman wearing the low cut negligee, “and let us see the full you.”

    James looked her over, giving her his attention and said, “You’ve given me nothing; not even your name. It’s your turn to make yourself equal.” She knew his name from the gossip he supposed but hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting her.

    “Oh, I’m Karen and this is Amy.” Indicating the nudist beside her, then casually matched him in clothing.

    James fulfilled her wish and stood up from the bar, allowing his manhood to drop. But women are complex beings and requested he turn around. James knew this lust in women and said, “Should I do that for you, would I have your word not to touch my ass?” knowing full well they would certainly want to but wanted to leave them wanting.

    “We just want to see it; you can trust us not to touch.” She mused.

    James simply said, “Ok.” in a relenting tone and rotated ninety degrees. He lifted is arms and tightened into a body builder pose. As he had done before not long ago, he rippled his muscles and worked them down to his ass. He fluttered his cheeks and stopped with them tensed, and then continued down his legs. He tensed all of his muscles at once then released and… turned around quickly as he felt someone on his ass.

    The girl with the long tee shirt had gripped both of his cheeks in her hands. “I said no touching.” looking at the lusty eyes of his molester.

    “Oh, I never made such a promise. You must be talking about them.” indicating the two women still sitting at the breakfast bar.

    “If you’re going to fondle me at least give me your name.” James sighed, not surprised he would attract attention.

    “Joy, and if it means anything, you can fondle me back.” she replied in a seductive voice.

    James thought it was odd, he had been introduced to three women and all gave their first names. Had everyone been fully clothed, he was sure they would have only given him their last names instead. But nudity is an equalizer it seems.

    “I’m afraid I will have to decline as doing so would result in my embarrassment.” James replied, sitting back down to finish his meal.

    “Are you sure?” she asked, wiggling her thonged ass beside him.

    “Um, yes, I’m sure.” He mumbled, glancing at her display and ate a little faster, trying to curb his natural instincts.

    More people entered, pulling James out of his awkward moment. Joy was interrupted by another woman that knew her. Lisa knew them both apparently and the three started a conversation. It turned to Jill and her loss of virginity the day before. Ying commented on it, “It was good. Everybody was there.” The new addition to the gossip didn’t get to see it and seemed disappointed.

    The exhibitionist in Ying came out, “Master taking mine.” She stated proudly, “You could watch.”

    James dropped his head as the women threw twenty questions each. “Master is it? You’re certainly full of surprises, aren’t you?” Joy commented above the rest, smiling broadly at James.

    “Well, she seems to have a fetish for it.” James explained half-heartedly, hoping to be spared an interrogation.

    Lisa and Link finished and headed to their room. James and Ying followed soon after. James started in on his homework while Ying took care of laundry. James fooled around with the monitoring system and was able to bring up the rec room camera, thanks to Virgil’s help. He ordered a king-sized bed online from a local furniture store. They had same day delivery. James made a note to pick up sheets and blankets that would fit the new bed.

    “Ying, do you need anything from the store?” James thought to ask. The girl had been using his deodorant and body wash. He scribbled everything she needed down. “Feminine Napkins” the interpreter on his phone announced when Ying said something else in Chinese.

    James hadn’t considered that aspect of womanhood entering his world, “When do you start?”

    “When I start what?” Ying asked confused, bagging sheets from the bed.

    James wasn’t used to talking about this and relayed his question a different way, “When do you start bleeding?”

    “Two, three weeks I think.” Ying said, snickering at her master’s awkwardness.

    James wasn’t hip on buying feminine products. Looking at his list, he had things on it that he hadn’t thought existed. “Ying, how would you like your own bank account?”

    “I not sure.” she replied. Money was beyond her understanding and was a little intimidated by it. James explained some usefulness it would have for her.

    “What can I buy?” she asked, wanting to know her boundaries James supposed.

    “How about, anything you want under a hundred dollars?” James contemplated, thinking that would be enough leeway for her.

    They prepared to leave to go shopping and knocked on Lisa’s door. James wondered what her extension was so he could call her instead of having to show up unexpected.

    The buzzer sounded to let them in and they walked into a fiasco. Lisa had the nipple clamps on and playing with herself, Link was wearing a pink pair of panties and rosy red cheeks, browsing the internet and playing porn clips on the wall TV.

    “Are you guys going shopping or what?” James asked exasperated, grimacing at Link’s red rash. Ying put her hands on her hips and asked, “How you get TV on sex?” and walked over to see Link pull the trick off.

    “Hold on, I’m about ready.” Lisa said, rubbing herself to completion while a young man was bound and gagged getting face fucked on the screen by a big busted woman. The caption said it, “Mother punishing Son”.

    “Link, what’s wrong with your face? Are you allergic to something?” James had to ask.

    “Ask her.” Link replied, pointing to the sex addict known as Lisa on the bed.

    “I sort of fucked him a little raw there.” Lisa explained, sighing in disappointment.

    “Have you thought about shaving?” James asked, knowing the jungle she sported.

    “I don’t know James, have you?” Lisa replied. “You shave me and I’ll shave you.”

    James hadn’t given his much thought. Had it really been a problem? “What’s wrong with mine?” James asked, offended.

    “Nothing, if you like spitting hairs out when you’re giving a blow job.” Lisa huffed.

    “We can do that when we get back. I need to hurry though; I have a new bed ordered.” James prompted, trying to get her motivated.

    Finally, they headed for the car and headed out. James stopped at his bank and opened another checking account. Transferring five hundred over, he gave Ying the card, “You can buy all your personal items now.” James stated with a smile.

    They headed for clothing first at the store. Getting bikinis and beach equipment, all of them picked up beach towels and sun screen then accessories.

    Shopping for bed sheets, James found a rack selling plastic waterproof covers. ‘How handy is that?’ he thought since Ying seemed to be squirting more and more. Before long, she’d be as bad as Lisa. Ying wanted a black set of bed sheets. Since her fishnets were black and she looked so good in them, she wanted her sheets to match. It seemed a little halloweenish to James but who was going to see it really? He settled for black with gold designs.

    Lisa found more pink bed sheets. Link tried to talk her out of them, “What’s wrong with white? It goes with everything.” he argued. He lost.

    Lisa and Ying split off to find personal items. James and Link wandered the electronic section. James found a really nice camera/recorder and tripod. Link showed him what he needed to tie it into his TV. James picked out a laptop for Ying. She wouldn’t have to wait on James to use his computer, she would have her own. Finding other things he thought would be useful; he and Link were ready to find the girls.

    They were leaving the checkout as the two boys hit the lane. Before they were rung up, the girls were back from storing their purchases in the car and followed them out. With everyone satisfied they had what they needed; Lisa suggested an adult store downtown.

    James followed the group in. The shirts were the first things to catch their eyes. Yes, Lisa found a pink one. Who’d have thought, “I cum with a crook of a finger” was written on it. Ying found one her size that was black, of course, saying, “I’m a slave over sex”. Link found a black one that said, “Half Human” with an arrow pointing up and “Half horse” with an arrow pointing down. He tossed it to James. Link took the one he liked; no, it wasn’t pink. His was blue that simply said, “Sex Toy”.

    Ying found fishnets and Lisa found a pink Playboy bunny outfit. Link found a Tarzan outfit and James turned them all down. Ying came over and picked out a Zorro outfit for him. “I like mask. Good for master.” She said, walking over to a shelf of accessories. She picked out leather wrist bands and was looking through crotch-less leather pants. “Master size?” James walked over and found them. Getting a look at what she wanted, James thought that at least it wasn’t Peter Pan pants. Hopefully, she won’t make him wear it in the rec room. But, she probably would. ‘Fuck it.’ was his overall take on it.

    The group headed back. A furniture van was parked in the lot. James greeted the gentlemen and led them to where it needed to go. Since the bed was paid in full, they disassembled the old bed and put the new one together. While moving things out of the way and storing their purchases, James came across an old Spenco phone directory lying in an unused drawer. It was outdated it seemed.

    The men finished in record time and left, carrying the old bed to storage for him. James was going to buzz Lisa’s room to tell Ying she could come back over. He had no idea where to put exfoliating cream. Was it a bedroom or bathroom accessory? Microdermabrasion and other odd words were beyond his realm of caring. Of, course, Lisa wasn’t listed on it.

    He decided to text Cathleen, ‘Phone Directory?” which she replied, ‘Email’ and a few seconds later, ‘Why do I bother when you won’t check email anyway?’

    James simply replied, ‘Sorry’ and sat down at his computer. He found the attachment in his Spam folder. Moving it to a new folder entitled ‘Save’ he opened the excel spread sheet, found Lisa and dialed the extension.

    Link picked up, “Hello?” and James asked him to tell the girls the furniture guys were gone and Ying could come back in. “Um, Lisa says to meet her in the rec room.” James agreed and went to hang up.

    “Lisa said congratulations on learning how to use a phone.” Link relayed. James didn’t bother to reply and hung up, not bothering to tell her that it was a failure of his orientation.

    Going back to his email, he saved the two portfolios of the clients he was to entertain on his desktop. Opening the wife’s file, he read again about her history and current endeavors. A woman of Jamaican descent, she was a model and Miss Jamaica at one time. Obviously, the Prime Minister remarried and this was his upgrade. She was active in the fight against Crones Disease and was a spokesperson for the foundation.

    He pulled Ying’s laptop out of the box and got it booted up. Finding the laptop bag, he put her accessories in it. Sitting it by his monitor, he let it charge. Plastic bed cover was next, then the sheets and pillowcases. James liked the new bed a lot. He hoped Ying did too.

    His phone rang at it was Mike. He was all excited as he told James about a bachelorette party trip he ran. “Dude, she fucked the shit out of me!” and James said, “Congratulations.” saying any more than that would encourage details he didn’t want to know.

    “So, what’s new with you?” Mike asked.

    “I’ve been busy getting ready for a business trip this weekend; I have to fly down to Florida.” James explained.

    “Damn, sounds exciting. What do you have to do there?” he wanted to know.

    “I have to service a Prime Minister and his wife.” James sighed. He was sure not going to tell him any details.

    “Oh, Dale says you have a check waiting on you.” Mike reminded him.

    “I’ll try to remember to pick it up.” James said half interested.

    “Try to remember…? It’s your paycheck! Don’t you kind of need that?” Mike asked, dumbfounded.

    “No, not really” James replied. “I’m set I think, although, my servant could use it.” He thought out loud, not realizing he hadn’t told Mike about Ying.

    “Servant did you say? What servant?” Mike said, enthralled.

    “Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you. I had a Chinese slave given to me and she is my servant. Cute girl, you’d like her.” James filled him in.

    “Wait, what? They hand out slaves there?” Mike was all giddy with excitement.

    “Well, they’re slaves where they came from but they’re servants here in the U.S.” James explained.

    “What the fuck dude! You gotta get me one!” Mike screamed.

    “They’re expensive. Plus they are an extra mouth to feed.” James smiled, relishing in Mike’s jealousy.

    “I got something they can eat!” Mike mused.

    “Now wait. You don’t fuck the help Mike.” James replied, knowing good and well that he planned to.

    “No, you don’t fuck the help. I fuck the help or anything else that wiggles.” Mike replied.

    “Look man, I got to get off the phone, I’m getting a shave this afternoon plus I need to get packed. I’ll be gone all weekend so maybe we can get together next week.” James prompted, trying to break away from all the questions he was bound to get.

    “You don’t even shave yourself? What kind of shit is that?” Mike pondered out loud.

    “It’s a long story. Let’s just say that I’m enjoying my new position, Ok?” James summarized.

    “Look, I want details man! Don’t leave me hanging. What about classes? You haven’t been back!” Mike rambled on.

    “I’ll get together with you next week and try to explain all the crazy for you.” James offered.

    “Next week! I’ll die from waiting!” Mike was desperate for information.

    “I’m sorry; I just have… things I plan to do right now.” James concluded, “Talk to you later, bye.”

    “Whatever dude.” Mike responded and James hung up the phone.

    James pulled up the camera for the rec room. They had beaten him out there. It looked like Link was already busy shaving Lisa. Ying was waiting on the couch in her usual dress clothes, nothing. James grabbed a bag of razors and headed out.

    Approaching Ying, James noticed the makeup she was wearing. She looked gorgeous! Lisa must have put it on her. “Hey sexy! You look great!” he praised, bending down to kiss her head.

    “You like?” she asked, blinking back at James.

    “I love.” James replied. “Now, would you mind if I shaved you?”

    “Master knows what he wants. I do what you say.” She said, eyeing him with a frustrated look.

    Maybe he needed to be more dominating with her. She seemed to desperately want him to take charge. He made a mental note to stop asking and start telling.

    “Go get a pan of hot water.” He demanded and watched her scurry away.

    Borrowing the shaving cream Link used, he readied himself for her return, razor in hand. She came back with a pot half full.

    Taking the pot from her he said, “Now, in position.” forcing her to bend over the couch. He had her kneel on the floor with her chest lying on the couch. Spreading her legs apart, he set to work on shaving her ass and the back side of her pussy.

    James removed her butt plug and was fascinated with her gaping little hole. He scraped the razor on the side of it and she flinched. Slapping her cheek he said, “Don’t move.” and started again.

    Ying heard her master’s commanding voice as he slapped her on the ass. She was pleased with his attitude as it seemed to have changed. The ass slap turned her on too. This was the way a master is supposed to act. She knew he wanted her to be independent but she didn’t want to be in control. Maybe they could find some place in the middle so they both would be happy.

    James saw the changing in Ying as she melted in front of him. Yes, she wanted him to control her. “Spread your ass cheeks.” He demanded and watched as she did as ordered.

    She had no hair on her backside but he shaved her just the same. He worked his way to the back of her cunt lips and pulled one out to shave. “Nice ass!” he said and slapped it then gripped it tight in his hand while pinching her lip with his fingers.

    Ying felt the unexpected slap and flinched. He slapped her again for flinching. It was driving her crazy as he kneaded her cunt lip with his fingers. The slaps on her ass went through her. She swore she could feel it in her nipples.

    Rinsing the razor, James set to work, doing the other cunt lip. He gave her the same treatment and said, “That is really a nice ass.” And slapped her other cheek then gripped it in his hand. James was impressed with her as she didn’t flinch that time but slapped her again anyway claiming it needed to match the other one.

    “It’s your turn now.” James heard Lisa say and she set to work shaving him. Taking a lesson from James, she became dominate and demanding. She made him bend over, just like Ying had done. Giving him some rough treatment, she slapped his ass time and time again.

    “Yes mistress.” was Link’s favorite saying as she treated him like a slave. He liked the fact that he didn’t have to court her and she took control of the game. The gorgeous brunette liked fucking and he was down for that! Even a little humiliation was worth it since she gave him so much more. Besides, he didn’t know anyone here and his rep would still be intact. He felt the razor remove the hair around his glory hole.

    James had Ying flip over and sit on the edge of the couch. He went to work on her mound, shaving what little was there. Pinching her clit while he shaved her lips, he tugged on it left and right. Her thighs quivered a little and James slapped the inside of one, “Hold still.” he said again went to work, finishing the length of her lip.

    Lisa had Link turn over and he revealed an erection he’d had. “You getting turned on from my shaving you?” she asked and slapped his dick a couple of times. Again he said the only words he could think of, “Yes, mistress.” and left it at that.

    James finished up his erotic work and told Ying it was her turn to shave him. “Remove my clothes.” and Ying went to work prepping him for the task. James sported his own hard-on and Ying’s pussy clinched seeing it. Her awe wasn’t unnoticed and James said, “See what you did?” and she knew it was from his lusting over her pussy. “I’m sorry master, I fix it.” and grabbed it in her hand.

    “Not right now, you’ll fix it later when it’s pounding in your pussy.” James said, knowing the words would turn her on. “Just shave me like you want it and make sure you get my balls.”

    Ying looked in the eyes of her master, soaking the words of his promise in. She grabbed a new razor and started working on the object of her worship. Applying the shaving cream, she grabbed his sack gently, and drew the razor across one of his hard marbles.

    Lisa was ahead of Ying and shaved Link completely bald. She grabbed his nuts and shook them a little and said, “You’ll do what I tell you to won’t you?” and Link replied with his usual, “Yes, mistress.”

    “Good boy.” She praised and looked him in the eye, “Bend over again.” And he knelt again across the couch.

    Lisa fingered his ass before she put his butt plug back in, “Ying’s vibrator will fit right in there. I might let you fuck your ass with it later. Ask James if you can borrow it.” Lisa demanded and received, “Yes, mistress.” in reply.

    “James? Can I borrow Ying’s vibrator?” he asked and Lisa wouldn’t let him finish with that, “Tell him what you’re going to do with It.” and smacked him on his ass.

    “So, so I can, you know, fuck my ass with it.” He stuttered, not used to such raunchy talk.

    James had to chuckle at Lisa’s torture and replied, “As long as you clean it afterwards.” and concentrated on Ying’s handiwork.

    Ying finished the work on his balls and gripped them while she went to work on his base. Her master needed to keep his pubic hair but the bottom needed shaved smooth so she could have suction there should he want to cram himself down her throat. She had been practicing her deep throating after watching it on the computer. She just had to be ready when master wanted it and didn’t want to disappoint.

    James heard someone behind him as they said, “What are you up to now?” and Doc Vicky stepped around in front of him, looking at the work going on.

    “I’m getting a trim and shave right now.” James answered as Ying didn’t bother to stop.

    Doc Vicky glanced over at Lisa, “I could sure use one of those.”

    Lisa smiled at her, “Have a seat, Link can do yours.” and made her slave take position to tend to the doctor’s pussy.

    “Oh, I don’t know, really…” she mumbled and Lisa yanked off her skirt. Making her sit on the edge of the couch, Link grabbed a new razor. Getting her to lift up, he pulled her panties off.

    Frank the accountant came in behind Vicky and noticed the work being done. “I could use one of those.” he said and Lisa took off his pants while he tried himself to stutter out of it.

    James stood there a little stunned as it was getting out of hand. Work rush would bring more people and he didn’t want to shave pussies all day. He saw that Ying had finished and decided to get out of there. Gathering his razors, he had Ying pick up the pot.

    What are we doing here?” he heard and turned into the face of Joy.

    James backed up a step and said, “We’re just finishing up.” And went to go around her but she stopped him in his tracks.

    “I could use a good shave. How about you do mine?” Joy said coyly.

    Before he could answer his phone went off in his pants pocket. Motioning Joy to hold on he looked at the phone showing Cathleen as the caller.

    “Hello?” he answered, watching Joy slip off her work pants.

    “What are you guys doing down there?” Cathleen asked and watched James look up at the camera.

    James fumbled with the words to tell her, “I’m, I mean, we are just trimming, I mean, grooming a little.”

    Cathleen giggled at James’ awkwardness and said, “We could use a good trim. I’m finished for the day so we’ll be down in a minute.” not letting James respond and she hung up the phone on him.

    James was left talking to nobody and glanced at Joy sitting on the couch. Dropping his head and putting the phone back in his pocket, he replaced it with a razor. “How do you want it?”

    “Oh, triangle please!” Joy giggled, “Could you do my ass too?”

    James made her kneel and drop and started in on her ass. Before he got done with the back side, the girls were downstairs and waiting in line. He flipped her over and drew a triangle with his razor then shaved her pussy lips smooth.

    Next were Jill and Jack so James took Jack while Link took Jill. They both worked side by side. Ying and Lisa took care of the men that wanted to get a trim. As expected, work rush brought in more. Thank God not too many wanted a shave.

    “Man, you got a good looking pussy!” Link exclaimed looking at Jill’s sexy slit and Lisa smacked him on the ass, “Shut up and get to work.” then moved to another man in line.

    James went to work on Jack’s womanhood and asked, “How is it doing?”

    Jack looked down at James in memory and said, “Feeling a little achy.”

    James pulled back her lips and took a look inside, her hymen was gone and it wasn’t bleeding, it looked like she was fine. “You’re looking real good down her girl. I hope I wasn’t too rough.”

    Lisa piped in, “What happened to Jack?” and Cathleen filled her in.

    James remembered he had their CDs and told them to remind him to get their gifts before they left.

    Lisa looked at James and said, “He didn’t tell me any of that. Are you keeping Ying’s cherry a secret too?”

    Before he could answer Ying piped in, “He popping mine tonight.”

    That got the small crowd murmuring and James was berated with questions, “Wait, I don’t know when.” and “No, I don’t know where.” and finally gave up answering all the ‘need to know’ questions.

    Cathleen hushed the crowd and said, “You two should go get ready. I’d like to see you do It.” then answered a phone in her pocket.

    Remembering Cathleen was watching last night, he just bet she would. He listened to her talk to whomever was on the other end, something about a visitor, but went back to work on his client.

    James finished his work and Cathleen told him to go. James and Lisa took Ying to get ready and headed for their rooms. Ying picked up a shopping back and then instructed her master on what she wanted.

    “You wear mask and things for me?” Ying said, all excited with great expectations.

    James knew her kink and wasn’t about to deny her since the others he’d taken got their wishes, “You bet sweetheart.” and the girls headed for Lisa’s with their bag full of goodies.

    James took a shower and thought about the girl he’d only known a few days. A Chinese slave that actually wanted to be a slave. A young and naive girl seeking her womanhood, she took James’ heart and gave him hers. He marveled in the changes his life had undertaken just since Saturday. Before, not wanting love, he fought to avoid it. But now, it seemed to seep into him with Ying.

    Getting on the gear, James almost talked himself out of it. The mask was bad enough but the pants… they were screaming to laugh at. They reminded him of chaps that motorcyclists wear. All legs and no ass or crotch, he looked ridiculous in his own assessment. The leather wrist bands added to the humiliation and the leather straps were frustrating to tie knots with one hand.

    He sat on his bed and gave a killer pep talk, steeling himself for the task. He didn’t give a good God damn if the Pope himself was out there watching, he was taking Ying’s virginity the way she wanted it, no matter what! The rest of the people can go fuck themselves, Ying was all that mattered.

    Just then his intercom rang and Link informed him they were ready. James got up off the bed with the determination of a hungry jackal. Nothing was going to stop him this time and he would break a neck to insure it. This was it, he was ready and he would move heaven and earth to complete this goal.

    Opening the door he saw Ying in her fishnets with the other two behind her. James’ mouth dropped open in utter surprise, looking at the sexy slave before him.

    Lisa had modified her outfit and Ying’s breasts were un-netted. Looking further down, James saw her pussy was exposed just at the top of her mound down. Ying turned around and showed him her exposed ass as well. It looked like it was made to order, the job Lisa had done was perfect.

    She wore a black collar with a round silver dog tag. Lisa pointed out the engraving on it claiming they had it made at the store. ‘This toy belongs to James Farlow’ was etched upon its face. Black high heels made her ass stand out, completing the ensemble.

    Looking at Lisa in her Playboy outfit, she sported a pink leash in her hands. James followed the trail it lead to and saw it attached to Link’s manhood, latched to a small collar around his dick and balls.

    “Where did you get such a small collar?” James asked the grinning Lisa.

    “It’s a kitten collar silly. You like it?” she asked while tugging on the leash a little, giving Link a wide-eyed look.

    “Uh, yeah, sure do.” was all that James could come up with, amazed at the girl’s ingenuity. She had a tag on his neck collar that read, “This boy toy belongs to Lisa Spencer’ and James’ suspicions were confirmed.

    “You’re Cathleen’s sister?” he asked, waiting for her answer.

    “Half-sister to be precise.” She admitted then smiled her pretty smile.

    Ying handed him her leash and James clipped it on the collar, “Would you like to play?” he asked, with a seductive smile.

    Ying’s eyes lit up with the question and her mouth drew in a gasp, “Yes master!” she exclaimed, remembering the last time he wanted to play, and a trickle of girl juice made its way down one of Ying’s inside leg.

    James tugged her leash and brought her lips to his, kissing a lusty kiss, “Head for the rec room slave!” he exclaimed and all four headed down the hall.

    The lights were out when they got to the entrance. James couldn’t see very well. Ying dropped to all fours and tugged on her leash, anxious to get to the deed. Lisa put her leash between Link’s legs and made him follow Ying’s example.

    They carefully approached the room and spotted the only light there. It was a spotlight above the center of the sunken floor and someone had put a serving table under it. It was small but looked pretty sturdy. It seemed the perfect height and James guessed he was to use it when he took Ying’s cherry. It struck him as humorous realizing that Ying could fit on that small thing easily.

    James adjusted his eyes to the room and noticed a few other eyes staring back in the dark. Looking down at the half circle couch, he thought he could make out Cathleen, Jack, Jill, Doc Vicky, Joy, and Frank casted in the shadows, but they were barely visible at all. One other person sat beside Cathleen, a person James really struggled to see. Perhaps the shadows were tricking him and it wasn’t who he thought. It could really be just about anyone and the lighting only reflected a dark silhouette anyway.

    Tugged by Ying to get closer, her dog tag jingled on the clasp and Mike Goodman leaned over into the light from hearing the sound, looking their way intently. Placing a hand over his eyes, shielding them from the spotlight above, he strained to see who was coming. Upon their eyes making contact, Mike’s shit eating grin crossed his face.

    For once in his adult life, James made something he hadn’t thought of since childhood. Knowing full well that they really didn’t exist and the odds were slim and none, he made one anyway with all of his heart, on the off-chance that it could somehow happen.

    James wished that it was the Pope sitting there; he could deal with him a lot better.
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    Chapter 7

    Ying tugged the leash again and James was forced into another step. He took his eyes off the grin on Mike’s face and remembered his pep talk from earlier. ‘Fuck him.’ James concluded and picked up his chin. So what if he told his parents and they disowned him? So what if all his friends knew and ribbed him over it? So what if his ex-boss found out what he’d been up to. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

    He placed a phone call to security to have the event recorded. They were already on it after being instructed by Cathleen to adjust lights there. Checking on Lisa, she carried a bag of ‘goodies’ in one hand and Link’s leash in the other. James wanted Ying to get it the way she wanted it and the rest of the world be damned.

    James let Lisa take the lead and they walked down the step to the sunken area in front of him. Lisa cut to the left and took a seat beside Joy, setting her bag she carried on the floor. A murmur arose at the view of Link as he sat on his knees in front of her. Lisa made sure Link’s leash went in his crack and she tugged it in nice and tight. James noticed Mike staring at Playboy Bunny and knew he was slobbering on himself. Cathleen was watching in anticipation and the doc was doing the same. Joy looked over and whispered to Lisa and both giggled a little.

    Ying crawled down the step and turned facing the front. She knelt on her knees, arms linked behind her back, and waited while James walked over to her backside. He stood there for a few seconds, letting the group of observers settle down. He stepped around to Ying’s side and looked at her kneeling in wait.

    “Inspection” James said and Ying stood up keeping her arms behind her back at the same time she planted her legs wide. Everyone had the view of Ying with her breasts and pussy exposed. The black collar’s dog tag reflected the light from above. James made an effort to block everything out but the ‘subject’ he had before him.

    Ying heard the call for her stance and stood stoically in anticipation. Glancing around the room she noticed the eyes upon her. It was just as she fantasized; her being the center of attraction. Everyone will envy her as her muscle bound master gave her orders. He looked so good in his leathers, his ass and manhood uncovered. His voice was commanding and strong and he played the role she so desperately wanted him to play. She knew the other women would want his affections. ‘Too bad for them’ she thought as he was hers for the moment.

    “What’s this?” James said as he stroked a nipple, “A nice nipple like that needs clamped.” And reached behind him and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps connected by a chain. He gently put them on her making sure they weren’t too tight, and then tugged on the chain in the center to make sure they wouldn’t come off. Ying didn’t even flinch.

    Ying felt the clamps tighten upon her; giving her exquisitely pleasant pain. Her master was thoughtful of her and she really appreciated his act of caring. She adapted to them, it was enough to know they were there but not enough to distract from her lust. When her master tugged on the chain, she felt the rush go between her spread legs but stayed where she was. It was like her nipples were connected to her pussy.

    “Let’s see what you have to offer here.” James said, and stroked her already sensitive pussy. “A pussy as smooth as a baby’s bottom, I wonder if it looks good on the inside too.” He squatted down and spread her lips then let them collapse back together. “Spread your lips open.” he demanded, and Ying did as instructed. A drop of cream trickled out as she pulled them apart.

    James asked, “Tell me Ying, are you giving this to me?” as he ran a finger over the droplet and into her moist pussy hole. He was simply amazed at how wet she was already. The submissive role fit her so well.

    “Master can have it and do what he wishes.” she replied, tilting her head to see him suck the juice off his finger.

    James stood up and turned her around, “Bend over and let’s see what you have back there.” Bending her over on the table, James spread her cheeks, revealing the butt plug she wore. To James’ surprise it was a bigger one than her first. “Hmm, tight.” He said, tugging the ring a little, but he didn’t try very hard because he wanted to give her the sensations. He gave in to his urge after a little play and twisted left and right as he pulled out the bulbous plug. When it broke free, the suction made a slight popping sound and James stared at her puckering hole. He realized that he could, indeed, fuck her in that pulsating ass of hers.

    The crowd reacted to the noise Ying’s ass had made from the plug. Whispers and murmurs could be heard and James swore he heard Mike moan. James looked back over his shoulder and saw Cathleen wiggling in her seat, possibly thinking of the plug being in her ass. All eyes were on the back side of Ying as her asshole was left wide open and pulsing.

    Ying felt her master’s tugging and it made her excited just knowing he liked playing with it. When the plug had finally broken free she felt the air rushing in. The crowd made their reactions known and she knew they would have a good view. Just knowing they were watching her made her pussy quiver a little. She laid there and felt her ass as it gaped in the open air conditioned room. She missed the plug already and tightened her cheeks, trying to close her hole from the dryness of outer space.

    James saw her butthole clinching but it made little progress in closing. “Hold still.” He said and smacked a cheek then studied it a little more. Running his finger around her rim, he felt the bumps of her ring. After getting his eyes full of the virgin ass before him, James stood up and grabbed the cheek he smacked, massaging it a little. Since that felt good, he grabbed the other cheek. Jiggling and squeezing, he groped her firmly and let go.

    “Well, that is a beautiful ass Ying.” James praised, tossing the plug to Mike who treated in like a snake, fumbling with the proper way to grab it. Running another finger in her slit, he tested his effects on her. He must be doing something right as he pulled back a very soaked finger. Licking it off again, he grabbed Ying by her tied back hair, knowing she couldn’t stay bent like that long, and forced her stand up straight once again. It made her arch her back and the pebbles on her breasts jutted out between the clamps that held them.

    Turning her sideways to the crowd, he checked the restrictions on her nipples. They were still firmly intact and he cupped her breasts in his hands and caressed the smooth undersides. Picking them up and squeezing them, he let them drop, watching them bounce a little from the weight. But her breasts were firm and sprung right back into shape, driving James a little further in his lust.

    Ying let her master play even though he was driving her crazy. From his pulling her hair to dropping her breasts and the chained clamps tugging her nipples, she was feeling the desires her body was craving and James made her desire even more. When he clamped his hand on her pussy and squeezed, she couldn’t stop from humping on him a little. It wanted attention so bad.

    Knowing the plan of action and the opportunity Ying opened up for him; James called out, “The slave can’t hold still. Restrain her!” and Lisa stepped up with her bag of goodies while James laid her back on the table face up. Black silk ropes were fastened to Ying and the table. He bound her a little tight around the waist to prevent her from humping when the time came. Her feet were planted on the corners and secured where they were at. When James stepped away from the handiwork he and Lisa made, the crowd saw Ying’s pussy gaping a little on display. You could hear gasps from the crowd as they ogled the pink in her slit.

    The table was on wheels and James slowly turned her in a circle. The ropes that bound her wrists were holding them above her head, making her breasts fully accessible. Another rope wrapped around each breast in a figure eight, forcing them to point straight up close together. The effects on the crowd was amazing as they oohed and awed at the sight.

    James stopped the table back where it started with Ying’s pussy facing the crowd. “Go ahead and try to get loose.” James instructed and watched as she wiggled and pulled. Jerking her legs made her pussy open and close and her arms made her breast jiggle. Her muscles tensed and relaxed, giving James the same thrill he had felt before. She tried for almost a minute and gave up, finally admitting defeat.

    Reaching over he unclamped her nipples, letting the blood flow back into them. He paused a few seconds then bent and suckled on a nub that pointed up from her breast, feeling its size increase in his mouth. It was just too irresistible. He went after the other one too.

    Ying felt the life go back in her nipples and her master’s suckling made her gasp and jerk a little. Master heard her and slapped her pussy, “Hold still.” he said and continued to feast on her other nipple. She panted from his sucking and her pussy quivered from his slap. He didn’t strike her hard but still, it was just the fact that he had smacked it that made her pussy cry more cream.

    James heard the wet slapping sound and pulled his hand up to look. Seeing it was wet from the hit, he let off the nipple and said, “You made my hand wet, lick it off.” and rubbed it on her face. He felt her tongue come out and try to clean his hand off. “Good girl.” he said and pulled his hand back. “I think I want to taste what you’re having.” and spun the table to him while he took a knee.

    Looking at her pussy again, he saw how puffy she was. Holding the table and pulling her to him, he dove into her virgin cunt with his tongue. He was even more amazed at the wetness she was putting out. He couldn’t stop himself and made slurping noises sucking in her juice.

    Ying tasted herself on her lips as her master tasted even more of her. He made that sound for her, she knew, so she would know he enjoyed her offerings. His lips and tongue worked magic on her, bringing her to heightened passion. He stuck his tongue in her hole and rubbed her clit with his nose. He knew that would put her over the edge and she lost all control.

    James felt her tense up on him and knew that she was close. Unrelenting, he went faster and sucked on her clit even more, driving his chin in her virgin hole. She tried to buck into him but the ropes held her fast. Always the gentleman, James did the work she could not and humped his face up on her.

    Ying took her trip to heaven, straight from the master’s mouth. While she was receiving her bliss, she granted master her fluids. Again, he made those slurping sounds and sucked in air around her sex, then pounded on her clit again with his rigid nose. He raised his hands and palmed her nipples around in tiny circles. Ying couldn’t help it and rose to heaven again, squirting into her master’s mouth; James pulled back and let her spray him, aiming her in his mouth. He tugged on her nipples while he gargled in her fluids, letting it roll down the front of him. He went back to work to finish her orgasm while she rode his face back down.

    James stood up from his virgin meal and looked her in the eyes, “You’ll have a hard time cleaning all of this up.” grinning, “I guess I’ll have to punish you in some other way.”

    James waved Vicky up to prep Ying for her journey into womanhood. Vicky stepped up with lubrication; she claimed that it was medicated. “I’ve given her pain medication as well. She shouldn’t have too hard of a time afterwards.” she advised “Just go easy.” and then went back to her seat. The lubrication and squirt juice gave Ying’s pussy a glistening sheen and the light reflected on it, like disco mirrors. He wondered if his chest gave the same effect since Ying had soaked him there.

    James stepped in between her legs and rubbed himself on her clit, “You ready to take this cock girl?” and lubed his shaft from her pussy. Just to make it interesting, he rubbed it over her slowly closing anus too.

    Ying looked up at him with lust filled eyes and whispered, “Take me master, I’m yours.”

    James inserted the head of his cock in the tightest hole he couldn’t imagine if he tried. Letting it rest there for a while so she could stretch around it, he pulled the rope loose that was binding her breasts and watched blood leave the reddened orbs. Grabbing one in both hands while her pussy entrance squeezed him, he kneaded them back to life.

    Ying felt her master’s cock enter and stop. She tried to adapt to his intrusion, clamping and releasing repeatedly. She never knew her tits could get numb but found out for sure when he unbound them. His kneading took her mind off the pressure she felt on her pussy. Squeezing and loosening her orbs, she felt the sensations as color returned to her breasts. Master stabbed himself in her when she had her guard down, enjoying his wonderful breast play. Her body had tried to get the intrusion out even as she tried to get it in. It was too late for her to protest, he had given her plenty of chances. She wanted to take him all the way but her small body was fighting his cock’s advances. She was torn in a place where she wanted it but her body didn’t.

    James felt it go in a little and thought he could make do with that. Pulling it out and putting it back, he started a rocking rhythm. Removing a hand from one of her breasts, he gripped his manhood and worked it in her tight hole. His hand prevented him from going deeper and allowed him to stir around a little, getting the pussy to stretch.

    Ying felt her master’s expertise as he played on her virgin pussy. The man could make her cum like that and she would if he kept that up. He ground and stirred his manhood on her, what little cock he had in her and when she least expected it; he stabbed through her virgin barrier. The pain was intense, his girth was so wide. She tried to get him out but she was flat on a table and had nowhere else to go. All she could do was cry out and shake as the pain sheered through her body.

    James felt the head of his cock burst through and stopped while Ying clinched on him. Her face of pure agony registered in his mind. It broke his heart to see her in such pain but it simply had to be done. He waited while she calmed down and the medication did its work. When Ying relaxed completely on him he asked, “You ready to go all the way?”

    Sniffling a little, she nodded her head, afraid of showing pain in her voice and causing him to stop. Master pulled back a little and stabbed back into her. More of his manhood entered and he stopped again to give her time. She relaxed more as it didn’t hurt so badly and he backed out and pushed back in. She was getting used to it now and it almost felt good.

    James scratched her breasts and down over her thighs while he moved in and out, picking up a little speed. He could tell Ying had adjusted to his invasion and started to really enjoy it. He held back from giving her everything he had, settling on a little over half his length.

    Ying felt the piston speed up and the friction built up heat. Her master knew what made her wet and said, “You’re taking my cock like a good little slave.” and smiled. Finally! She has what she craved from the minute she saw her master. But he had so much more to give and so he gave her another inch. She rocked into orgasm as it struck her G spot repeatedly.

    James was going a little crazy, holding back his length. It was too much for him and he added another inch. It was too much for Ying and he felt her orgasm from his work so he snuck in another inch. Maybe she didn’t notice or perhaps she really did. Regardless, she rocketed into bliss for a little while, doing her best to hump him back.

    James waltzed with the table that held his slave in ropes. Circling around slowly, giving Ying the feeling of flight. Grabbing her around her spread legs, he could drive himself in her and still maintain the circling in a steady rhythm. ‘Pound, pound, turn’ then ‘pound, pound, turn’ they went until James approached his breaking point in strength. He settled the table against the back wall so he could finish the task he started without her moving. He felt her cervix as he pounded into her and knew to ease off a little leaving an inch or so from entering her for the time being.

    Trapped in her master’s lust, Ying felt his beastly attack. She wanted him to have it all and begged him, “Master, please!” as his thrusts hit her so deep, she swore she felt it in her belly. He replied to her call, “Please what?” he asked and forced her to admit her need, “Fuck me!” she said and her master fulfilled her wish with force.

    Together they climbed to passionate heights. Ying felt his balls on her ass and that put her over the top.
    James felt his pelvis hit hers dead on and that shoved him over with her. Master and slave rode their waves together and came down in sweat and cum. The master stayed in her and slow humped her for a while. He kissed his slave and caressed her. Easing himself out of her, his essence spilled on the floor.

    James untied and picked up Ying and eased her up on wobbly knees. Turning around they faced a crowd they forgot was there. Cheers greeted them and both took a bow. The lights came on and showed the couple just who all was in the room. Everyone James had met was all standing in the back and applauded the couple’s performance.

    “Oh, so many people!” Ying exclaimed as she looked around the room.

    James was in awe and asked, “How in the world did they know?”

    Cathleen stood up and shook their hands, “I made an announcement.” She admitted with a smile.

    Mike also arose and adjusted himself and shook the couple’s hands, “No fucking the help, eh” he said to James while he handed the plug back to Ying.

    James replied, “She’s more than help to me. She’s my companion.”

    James introduced Ying to Mike while the crowd broke up behind them. “Ying, this is my best friend, Mike Goodman.”

    “You no get master back!” she teased and Mike raised his hands in surrender.

    James explained that he and Ying needed to get cleaned up and offered Mike a drink at the kitchen.

    Ying followed James and they both showered together. “Was that ok?” James asked her about her womanhood and she replied, “Better than ok. It was wonderful!” They quickly showered so they could get back to the people that awaited them.

    James put on sweatpants and Ying put on a beautiful pair of… nothing. They both headed back to a room full of friends and had a great time with Mike. Cathleen had filled him in on James’ recent endeavors, saving James the trouble.

    Ying went with Link to play on the arcades. At least he had the leash off but still sported the pink cat collar tightened firmly around his goods. The twins joined them while Cathleen conversed with Vicky and Joy.

    Bringing up the fact that James had bailed without giving a good reason to, Mike said, “I won’t hold it against you.” letting James off the hook, “I don’t blame you one bit.”

    James said, “If you weren’t such a horny ass, I wouldn’t mind telling you things. James lectured, “I don’t want you telling anyone about this.” James continued, “Not my parents, not my friends, and not Dale at work.”

    “Dude, it’s going to be hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I’d be bragging to everybody if I were you.” Mike exclaimed.

    Lisa came over and James introduced Mike, “That’s a nice outfit you’re wearing.” he said.

    “It’s a little tight in the crotch.” Lisa admitted, while supporting herself on his shoulder, digging the garment out of her cunt. “You work out a lot?” she asked, noticing Mike’s physique.

    “Jif and I were workout buddies until he disappeared on me.” Mike explained.

    “Let’s see what ya got.” Lisa said, and raised his shirt over his head. “Hey Cat, check it out. Dude’s packing.” Lisa called, admiring Mike’s muscles.

    Cathleen walked over and looked at his goods, “You know, he doesn’t look half bad.” while walking around him.

    “I can hold my own. Want to take me for a test drive?” Mike smirked.

    “Sure. Get naked.” Cathleen ordered and Mike just looked at her in disbelief.

    “Mike, drop your pants man.” James urged, tapping him on the arm.

    “Are you serious?” He asked as women close by turned to look.

    “She wouldn’t say it if she wasn’t.” James pointed out.

    Mike glanced around the room with all the people in it, “Fuck it.” He said, “If Jif can do it, I can too.” And dropped the clothes he wore.

    Cathleen looked at his privates with her chin pinched in her hand. “Jill, come here a minute.” calling her servant over.

    Jill broke from the group at the arcades and responded, “Yes mistress.” looking at the group before her.

    “Get that hard for me.” Cathleen pointed and Jill dropped down in front of Mike.

    Mike looked at James then back at Cathleen. Before he could say anything, Jill had him in her mouth.

    “He might be good for eye candy if anything.” Cathleen pondered out loud, “He needs to work on his thighs.” still checking him over “Maybe get a haircut.” She thought out loud, “Oh, and shave those nasty balls too.”

    Walking over to his clothes, Cathleen picked up his underwear; “These would have to go for sure.” and tossed them towards the trashcan in the kitchen.

    Lisa was interested in his backside, “Go ahead and tighten your ass for me.”

    Mike wasn’t used to such scrutiny and was struggling to get it up. “Ying, come here.” James called and his slave walked over to them. “Let Mike play with your tits.” And she jutted them out in his direction.

    Mike reached down and fondled her then played with a nipple while Jill caressed his balls and sucked on him. It wasn’t long after grabbing tits when Mike got his erection.

    “Ok Jill, that will do,” Cathleen stopped her, “How big do you think he is?” she asked, knowing she was good at guessing.

    “At least seven inches, maybe a little more.” Jill offered her expert opinion.

    Cathleen agreed and said, “Ok, you’re dismissed.” James dismissed Ying and she went back to her group as well.

    “Who wants to get fucked?” Cathleen asked the crowd.

    “Pick me!” Joy jumped, “I’ve been craving dick since this morning.” while other women dropped their hands. They probably couldn’t beat Joy and her charms James supposed.

    “Wait, I thought Miss Spencer was going to do it.” Mike objected, but then got a look at Joy, “But she will do, I suppose.”

    “I said I would give you a test drive. I didn’t say who I would test drive you out on.” Cathleen mused. “You two go down to the couch; I want to see you fuck.” shooing them off.

    Lisa exclaimed, “I’ve got to watch this!” and trailed after them, removing her Playboy outfit.

    “James, your friend would look good as eye candy in Florida. Do you think you could convince him to come?” Cathleen asked when she had a moment alone.

    “I’m sure I could do that pretty easily.” James replied, watching Joy take off her clothes. “What do you want him to do?”

    “Service the staff, of course.” Cathleen announced.

    “This staff?” James asked befuddled, “You mean these people here?” he waved his hand around the room.

    “Yes, or the staff in Florida.” she replied. “Perhaps me, if you’re… preoccupied. We certainly have enough women and you aren’t enough meat to go around.”

    “You know, you seemed to have lightened up a bit.” James pointed out.

    Cathleen smiled, “I just think you had a good point.” she admitted, “If you’re going to be a billionaire, you might as well be a happy one.”

    “I’m happy you’re happy.” James said sincerely. “Now, about your client tomorrow…”

    James talked to Cathleen while they watched Mike fuck. Lisa made him eat her out to test him on that aspect. Cathleen wanted to renovate the estate. She liked the rec room and the association with people.

    “What would you do in a renovation James? Anything you’d like to see?” Cathleen prompted.

    “Double rooms? You know, like hotels. They can open a door and be in a different suite.” James thought out loud. “Ying and I are a little cramped, more closet space?”

    “So, more room underground.” Cathleen thought out loud. “That would be easy really. A sauna perhaps and sky lighting.” her cogs were turning.

    “Are you thinking about moving down here with us?” James asked.

    “Would you mind?” Cathleen asked.

    “Well, you’d be safer, you’d have more company to visit with, and you’d be closer to your sister.” James hinted.

    “You found out about Lisa, huh?” Cathleen sighed, looking over at Lisa while she ground into Mike’s face.

    “I suspected it but confirmed it today.” James explained.

    Cathleen explained that Lisa was an outcast of her father’s. She was conceived by a lover her father had met and kept for years. Cathleen herself was kept in Florida, almost an outcast herself and when her father passed, she moved here to pick up where he left off. Wilson Holdings was owned by Cathleen’s cousin on her mother’s side. They were short bridesmaids so Cathleen was recruited. The idea came up to buy James’ previous employer out by her attorney. James was an added benefit.

    Lisa was Cathleen’s way of making things right by her father. Since he had little to do with her in childhood, Cathleen wanted to make that up to her. Lisa is indeed a nympho and the services she was able to provide Cathleen worked out well for both. Since some of her clients were females, she sought James after the wedding. His professionalism attracted her and James became a part of her team.

    Mike finished Joy and Lisa at the same time. “Who’s next?” Mike wanted to know.

    “Mike, let’s talk for a minute.” James called. He explained Cathleen’s ideas.

    “How much does it pay?” he asked. Cathleen offered 5 grand a week and all the pussy he could handle.

    “One last thing, you have to go to Florida with us this weekend. Cathleen needs eye candy for an event down there.” James informed him.

    “For a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar a year job, I don’t care where I go.” Mike said in shock.

    “Get Vicky to give you a physical and we’ll get you moved in.” Cathleen instructed.

    Mike was about to find out how a corporate billionaire can make you disappear. “What about college?” James asked. “I transferred to one online.”

    “Fuck college dude, I wouldn’t be able to find a job that paid that much with a degree anyway.” Mike reasoned.

    Vicky gave him a physical and took a blood sample. “These physicals are getting quicker, everyone is already naked.” Vicky noted out loud. “I guess I can’t complain since I get to see more man meat.”

    Phil came down and took his wallet. He gave James the DVD of Ying’s defloration. Niles put his car in the back lot. Cathleen showed him an unused room and James explained the remote. After he got familiar with the layout of the land, Cathleen put him to work.

    “Mike, I have your first official job ready. She’s waiting in the rec room.” Cathleen instructed.

    James and Mike headed back out to see what duties Mike had to perform. Cathleen introduced him to one of her maids. “Mike, this is Mary. She’s been my servant for two years. She also has been without this whole time. I need you to take care of her for me. She’s been one of my most loyal servants.”

    Mike looked at the heavy set woman James remembered from the elevator his first night here. “So you want me to, you know.”

    “Yes please, you can use your room if you like.” Cathleen said.

    James just had to smile. The woman had to be about a hundred pounds over Mike’s limit. Leaning over to Mike’s ear, James whispered, “Any port in the storm, right?” patting him on the back.

    James left Mike with his chore. He went to check on Ying. She was still with the group at the arcades. “How are you feeling sweetheart?” James asked.

    “I’m fine. Doc helped me.” Ying replied.

    “Here, I had this made for you.” James said, handing her the DVD.

    “What is it?” Ying asked.

    “I had us recorded so you could play it back any time you want to see it.” James explained.

    “Oh, master taking my cherry?” Ying asked in wonder, hugging the DVD.

    “Wow, I wish I did that!” Jill exclaimed. “Me too!” echoed Jack.

    “I have your two’s in my room on the dresser. Go get them and we can play them out here if you like.” James informed them.

    “You do, really?” and off they went to get them. They were back in record time and fighting over whose they have to watch first.

    “Everyone saw yours, nobody has seen mine.” Jack argued, and with that they agreed to watch Jack’s.

    “I had forgotten all about the cameras James. I’m glad you remembered.” Cathleen said, taking a seat beside him while Joy sat on his other side.

    They watched on the couch as the sun dropped in the distance on screen. Joy pulled James’ hand and put it on her pussy and Cathleen caught on and did the same with his other hand.

    The servants had gathered on the other half circle. Catching James groping the girls, Jack and Jill did the same to Link. It seems that even a gentleman gets a hard-on when playing with two pussies at once and both James and Link were affected. Ying wouldn’t be left out as she tugged her master’s pants down and dealt with James’ erect manhood. Once she was satisfied with the hardness, she pulled it from her lips, turned around and carefully inserted it facing the TV.

    Even Lisa could use a good idea and borrowed one from Ying. Walking over to Link, she planted herself in his lap. Returning the idea from Ying, Lisa played with the twins’ nipples while she rode Link and Ying did the same to Cathleen and Joy.

    Six women where stroked and fucked to orgasm; watching James deflowering Jack. It was well played as they all seemed to cum together right when James fucked Jack into unconsciousness on the screen. James was grateful it was over as his hands were cramping up. The security did a good job and faded the screen to black before anyone noticed Jack was not moving.

    Mike broke the post bliss silence, “Just how many cherries have you taken James?” he asked, coming down the step into the sunken area.

    “So far, it’s just these three women here.” James pointed them out. “What took you so long with Mary?” noticing he’d been gone a while.

    Mike said, “Two women stopped me, Karen and Amy I think their names where, and needed, you know, serviced.” Mike reflected, “Oh, I’ve changed my mind about overweight women, Mary fucked my balls off!” watching Ying slide up and down on James’ cock.

    “It’s been quite some time for Mary; perhaps she was just getting it out of her system.” Cathleen pointed out.

    “That could be, but I’ve never had a woman shove her finger up my ass.” Mike admitted, releasing a round of laughter from the group.

    “Wait till you service Lisa!” James cackled, “Don’t worry though; she has an enema bag.” making the laughter pick up volume.

    “I really don’t give a damn.” Mike asserted, playing with Ying’s nipples as she bounced. “Ying is cute! Makes me want to put her in my pocket and carry her around all day.”

    “So, how did you wind up here Mike?” James asked, feeling Ying play with his balls.

    “Oh, after our conversation on the phone; I decided to catch you before you were gone. There wasn’t any way I was going to wait until next week to get answers from you. May I?” Mike asked and James nodded. Placing his limp dick in Ying’s mouth since she was licking her lips for it, “I came over, security called Miss Spencer and here I am with my dick in an Asian’s mouth.” closing his eyes from Ying’s attention. “Damn, she’s good.”

    “Ying, hurry up and get that hard. I got a place he can put it.” Cathleen ordered, rubbing her own pussy from watching the scenes around her.

    Feeling a cock grow in her mouth, Ying shuttered another orgasm on her master’s cock as it slid in and out of her unfamiliar places. Ever the slave though, she didn’t lose a beat as Mike started humping her mouth.

    “That’s enough, Ying.” James said after a minute, grinning at Mike who was really getting into it. Ying, obedient as ever, dropped him like a bad habit and he humped air a couple of times.

    Mike, giving tit for tat, dropped Ying’s nipples. “Dick!” he exclaimed on his second mouth-less hump.

    “Get used to it.” Lisa advised, riding Link and playing with nipples.

    Mike approached his new mistress, pointing his weapon at her. “I don’t want it, give it to Jill. I’ve got James to get me off.” Cathleen instructed. “Jill’s been craving cock since yesterday.”

    “I thought you said you had a place to put it.” Mike said confused.

    “You assume too much. Jill’s pussy belongs to me. Give it to her.” Cathleen replied, and James laughed at her teasing.

    “Um, ok, who’s Jill?” Mike asked, looking around like a waiter searching for a table.

    “She’s over there.” James pointed, “One of the twins.”

    Mike was frustrated at the lack of info his supposed buddy was giving him. Walking over, he took a guess and got Jack instead. It was a fifty-fifty shot anyway Mike figured. Jack pointed her sister out for him.

    “Would you like some cock today?” Mike quipped at the twin.

    “Yes please!” Jill responded and Mike went to take her where she sat.

    “Wait, not like that. Don’t you ask a lady how she wants it?” Jill asked, getting her leg out of his arm.

    “I’m sorry, how do you want it?” Mike said, realizing he was out-classed.

    “I want to try it from behind but go easy, it’s new you know.” Jill instructed, turning over on the couch.

    James piped in his two cents worth, “Don’t worry about Mike mistress, we’ll get him trained properly for you.”

    Cathleen turned to James to hide her snicker, “See that you do James. We can’t have a Neanderthal running amok.” and smiled her pearly whites at James.

    “Yes ma’am, I apologize for my friend’s lack of civility.” James replied, giving Mike a stern look. “Now, how may I serve the good lady?” looking back at Cathleen while Mike rolled his eyes.

    Ying took the hint and got up. She stood in inspection stance in front of James, waiting for any instructions.

    “I’ll have what Jill’s having I think.” she replied, turning over on the sectional and offering her ass to James.

    James got up and stepped behind her, wielding himself like a weapon, and rubbed his cock on her crack. “Your wish is my command.” he said, rubbing her from one end to the other. He felt her clit and circled her there. He got Mike’s attention and pointed to what he was doing. He didn’t want Mike to just jump ‘em and hump ‘em, especially since Jill was so new to it.

    Mike took the hint and did the same with Jill. She took to it like kids do candy. After being fondled by Lisa and Link, she was primed and ready. Working it all around her, Mike felt her moan as it went through her pussy. For the first time in Mike’s life, he realized that his tool was more useful than just fucking as he got Jill off by masturbating her clit and hole with it.

    James knew Cathleen well enough and made sure he stroked her ass crack as well as the rest. When he felt her getting close, he moved his cock to her clit and used a thumb on her ass. That served her well as she had her orgasm without a cock being in her.

    James let her settle, removing his head off her clit and feeding it into her hole. An idea came to mind as he fist pumped into Cathleen, “Ying” and pointed underneath. Ying came out of her stance and crawled on the floor between them, tilting her head back, she licked Cathleen’s slit while James continued his administrations. James benefited as well, feeling Ying’s tongue on his head every time he pulled out.

    Jack took Ying’s efforts to heart and spread Mike’s legs to get in between them. Mike looked down, then over at James with Ying under him and smiled. Feeling his cock hit tongue; he grinned wide and gave James the ‘thumbs up’ sign.

    Joy was in awe of the display in front of her. Sure, she’d fantasized about it but never thought she would see it in real life. She stood up and contributed a helping hand, grabbing James by his ass then continued her masturbation feeling his muscles tighten in her hand. Placing a foot on the couch beside them, she was able to finger her pussy, feeling the remnants of Mike’s cum in her, she lubricated herself with it. Just to add some spice to it, she shoved a finger into James.

    James didn’t know what position Joy held at Spenco but he was sure appreciating her position at the moment. When her finger entered him, he slipped all the way into Cathleen and she certainly appreciated that.

    Lisa was still bopping in Link’s lap but she was feeling jealous since her sister and Jill were getting extra attention. “Ying, help a girl out will ya?” she called.

    James gave her a questioning look. “What? You said I could borrow her.” Lisa smiled.

    “Go ahead Ying.” James relented; she looked stiff from her position. It would give her neck a rest anyway.

    Ying settled in between Link and Lisa sitting on each other and serviced her clit. Lisa leaned back and gave her full access. Ying made sure to get Link’s cock as it came into view. Link grabbed two handfuls of breasts when Lisa laid back on him.

    With Ying gone, James was smacking his balls into Cathleen’s clit. Just to get a better smack, he scratched down Cathleen’s back with both hands. She did as expected and arched her back, forcing her clit in James direction. Smiling, he picked up speed.

    Joy never had an urge to try pussy before. It wasn’t something she ever thought about. Seeing Ying leave the spot open though gave her the thought. She wasn’t Cathleen’s personal assistant for nothing and since she could use assistance at the moment, Joy decided to help her out. Besides, she could concentrate on the cock thrusting in her.

    “Allow me.” Joy said, sitting in the floor facing James. He shrugged and let her in. Leaning back, Joy directed Cathleen on her mouth and gripped James’ ass with both hands once her boss was settled. As before, she shoved a finger back in him and relished his ass cheeks tighten.

    Cathleen was pleasantly surprised to see Joy between her legs. She knew the girl never mentioned anything about liking pussy. She must be doing it just to assist her. “Remind me to give you a raise for this.” she purred, feeling the tongue assist her on her clit.

    Joy let go of an ass cheek so she could rub her achy pussy. James inserted a thumb into Cathleen. Cathleen ground into the face below her and savored the cock pounding she was getting from James.

    Ying held still, planted on Jill and Link’s connection while Lisa ground on her. Link’s shaft was dragging juices out of Lisa faster than she could lick it off. Sucking pussy and licking cock at the same time was making her ache in a hot place so she dropped a hand to rub it. The collar around Link forced his balls up and she lapped a little on the orbs while she was at it.

    “Suck my clit Ying!” Lisa begged, getting closer to her boiling point. Ying lifted a little and slurped it in but Lisa pulled it back out on an upstroke. Ying thought that would feel good and she would suck it in and let Lisa pull it out on her upstrokes. The faster Lisa went, the more she got sucked and tugged on.

    Mike savored the tongue lashing Jack was giving and he could imagine it hitting the young twin he was pounding right on her clit. As much of a horn dog he was, he’d never experienced anything like this before. He didn’t know where she got the idea but when he backed out of Jill, Jack shoved a finger in his ass, forcing him to slam hard into the pussy he was servicing.

    Link was going crazy. The damn cat collar his mistress made him wear prevented him from blowing his seed all over her. That little vixen between his legs wasn’t helping either as she coated his balls in her saliva. All he could do was sit and suffer while Lisa used him like a sex toy. But, with two handfuls of the best tits he’d ever seen while his cock was up the prettiest girl he’d ever seen naked, he didn’t have a complaint.

    Jack was just lusting at the cock pounding her sister was getting. Watching it slam in and out in an up close and personal view made her rub her muff. Two of her most favorite things were grinding on her mouth. She saw Joy put a finger in James and thought it seemed like a good idea. When it made Mike slap into her sister, it immediately reminded her of the pounding she took from James last night. Say what you want about getting your pussy sucked, it’s all fine and dandy. But a good cock in your cunt can knock you right out and she knew that for a fact!

    Cathleen was the first to go over, “Fuck me!” she screamed as James pulled the plug of a thumb he was using out of her.

    James heard the call of duty and dutifully filled her up with his cum, grunting like a beast and feeling it on Joy’s chin.

    Joy was overjoyed as she sampled both James and Cathleen mixed together. She gasped in fluids as her own pussy throbbed out an orgasm. It helped to know just how good a pussy tasted but the man seed was the culprit of her ecstasy.

    Lisa was right there with her sister as her clit plucked out of Ying’s mouth again for the umpteenth time. Screaming, “I’m cumming!” in the air, she launched into orgasm.

    Ying knew her fate from her horny friend and stood at her eminent execution. Taking it like a trooper as the girl blasted her face, Ying brought herself off by her own hand while Lisa creamed over the cock in her.

    Mike watched the gushes from Lisa while Ying desperately lapped at it. That made him hump even faster. Ready or not, he was coming and spilled his spunk into the young pretty twin he was servicing.

    Jill felt the increase in thrusts and the slamming was putting her over. Her sister helped but it was cum running out of her that got her off. She added to the mixture as she rocked her own orgasm out.

    Jack was in heaven when she got her mouth full of cum from both. She masturbated to the same rhythm Mike and Jill had and clinched her legs together while she rode herself to paradise.

    James and Cathleen slowed while Joy cleaned them off. When James pulled out, Joy received the access in Cathleen. Ying took care of her two, making sure to scrape all the seed she could out of Lisa. Jack did the same and sucked Mike in to get him clean.

    Poor ole Link was left with a red hard cock sticking up. As it turned out, it was a commodity since he was the only one left standing. Jack and Joy both wanted it but Ying was too submissive to say anything. James thought she was too sore anyway.

    “You had Mike’s earlier.” Jack pointed out and took a seat on a wide smiling Link. Joy wasn’t taking it well and huffed with her arms crossed, “We need more dicks.”

    As if the powers that be heard her complaint, the doors opened letting in the work rush crowd and Joy smiled.

    James was caught again in the work rush and slipped his sweats back on. Looking over at Ying, he was fascinated at Lisa showing her gratitude and licking cream off her face. “Damn, I taste pretty good.” Lisa marveled. James just shook his head.

    “Are you going to let me use him Lisa?” Jack asked, grinding her tail on Link’s bone.

    “Sure honey, do what you want with him.” Lisa said, looking at Mike, “I’ll get Mike a butt plug.” and got up to head for her room.

    “A what?” Mike asked, looking up from the gorgeous girl he just fucked but he was asking empty space.

    “Don’t worry, you get used to it after a day or so.” Link informed him, showing off his.

    “Cheer up bro, for 250k you could be doing worse.” James smiled.

    “They’re a bunch of kinky bitches around here!” Mike exclaimed.

    Niles brought Mike’s wallet back. “He checked out fine. Credit card is in the wallet, here’s your phone.” handing it to Mike with the wallet.

    “Credit card?” Mike asked.

    “You only have a fifty thousand dollar limit.” Cathleen pointed out. “So, your duties not only include servicing the female staff sexually but food and supplies as well.” she thought to add, “And you better not refuse any staff member either or I feed you to Lisa.”

    Lisa overheard that on her way back in. “I’ve got a double dildo I could introduce you to.” she quipped, smiling.

    James and Ying both flinched at that threat, remembering the double-headed beast.

    James spotted someone he recognized, “Miss Plenart!” he called. Upon her approach, “This is Mike Goodman. He would be happy to serve any of your needs.” James so thoughtfully introduced the two.

    “Oh, isn’t that wonderful! Sonny, do you do corns?” she asked, pulling Mike over to the side. “Just what services do you do?” James overheard her ask as they got further away.

    Since James did sort of toss Mike in to the lion’s den with Miss Plenart, he thought to spare him the girl’s kink with butt plugs, “Can you not make Mike wear a plug? He’s going to be suffering enough as it is.” James requested, watching the grandmotherly woman squeeze his ass.

    Cathleen responded, “Are you sure? He is a bit of a wild stallion. Some humiliation would do him good James.”

    Watching Miss Plenart fondle Mike’s limp dick, “I think he will get enough humility.” James stated. “We can always do that as a last resort.”

    “Ok, he’s your friend. Make sure you keep an eye on him.” Cathleen ordered and headed towards the mini kitchen. James headed for Vicky, wanting to get a morning after pill for Ying.

    James felt a load go off his shoulders since Cathleen recruited his best friend. His realization that troubles where behind him with Mike made him extremely grateful to Cathleen. He just had to find a way to make that up to her. Just how does somebody pay someone back for a 250k a year job? If she hadn’t earned James’ loyalty by now, this one act certainly made him dedicated to her for a long time to come.

    James found Vicky and got what he needed. She explained that Ying would be on the pill in under a week.

    He decided he could use a shower and headed for his room.

    Passing Jack in the hallway, James greeted her with a smile, “Did Link take care of you?” he asked.

    “Yes he did thank you very much!” she smiled that award winning smile of hers and headed past James.

    James was pleasantly pleased to hear that as he needed a recharge. His door was ajar like it usually was this time of day. Walking in, he received a bit of a shock.

    “Link, why are you on my bed.” James asked while looking at the silk black ropes he had tied Ying up with now binding Link to his new bed.

    “Please, you have to help me sir.” Link begged, as James was a sight for sore eyes.

    James looked down at Link’s purple cock sticking up, contrasting against the pink kitty collar he sported, and his face glistening from what James could only guess was pussy cum, “What seems to be the problem?” James grinned.

    “Jack wouldn’t take my collar off and she raped me repeatedly!” Link explained.

    James chuckled at that, “Bud, with a hard-on like that, it’ll be hard to convince anyone you were raped. You know you can’t rape the willing.” James chuckled.

    “Look, I don’t mind them using me but when that Mary woman sat on me, I swear she broke a rib.” Link said.

    “Mary was in here?” James asked, wondering if she didn’t catch them on her way out of the quarters.

    “Yeah, the servant the new guy was supposed to take care of.” Link explained.

    “Wow, you laid there while she fucked you?” James asked, amazed that such a heavy set woman had that much stamina.

    “No, Jack fucked me!” Link said with a huff, “She just made me clean her out.”

    James threw up in his throat a little with the thought that Link ate Mike’s cum out of Mary. Placing the back of his hand on his mouth, afraid he might not hold it down, “Ok, I agree. You were raped.”

    “Listen, I’ll get over it if you could just untie me here.” Link said, looking at the ties that bind.

    James never heard him as his thoughts went to the decimation of his brand new bed. He will never be able to sleep in it just thinking about Mary’s perverted act. He gagged again thinking about thinking about it.

    James left the gruesome scene on his bed with the pleading voice of Link calling him back in the distance. Bee lining for the rec room, he sought out Ying. “Ying, come here. I need your help.” James asked the vixen. She wasn’t busy and he was glad he didn’t have to interrupt her fun.

    “Yes master?” Ying said, stepping in his direction, concerned about the pale look on her master’s face.

    “Would you be a dear and go fix the mess in our bedroom?” James said, not even wanting to mention what the mess was.

    Seeing her master made her worry about what kind of mess could possibly be in their room. She ran off in a hurry to see if she could make her master feel better.

    James headed for the kitchen to get something, anything to wash the acidic reflux out of his mouth. He worked his way around Joy on the countertop. Apparently, she found Niles available and decided to use his accessory. At one point in his life, this would have struck him as odd but not anymore. Grabbing his Gatorade, he headed for the couch to wait for Ying to get finished.

    He passed Frank who had Amy bent over the pool table while Karen was playing with a pool stick watching the show beside her.

    Mike was on the couch with Miss Plenart. He was busy scraping dead skin off the bottom of one of her feet. His stomach wasn’t going to take too much of that, especially since the old woman had raised her house coat above her ‘used up, gray-haired, wrinkled pussy’.

    James got up and looked for better company. Cathleen was in the kitchen last he saw. Heading there, he asked Joy if she had seen her. “Nope, ugh, I have, ugh, not, ugh.” She replied between Niles’ stabs.

    Niles?” James asked the thrusting man.

    Niles replied. “Maintenance man took her to see about a leak.”

    James wasn’t buying it; maintenance would have solved the leak problem without needing her. He picked up the intercom in the kitchen and called security.

    “James here, where is Cathleen Spencer?” James asked.

    “Rec room, level two.” Phil said.

    “Not here, guess again.” James said.

    “She was a few minutes ago.” a few seconds went by, “Um, garage! Maintenance has her.” Phil replied. “Wait, that isn’t maintenance, I don’t recognize him. A man is dragging her by the arm beside him.”

    “Sound the alarm and call nine-one-one.” James said, hanging up the phone, he bent down for Niles’ weapon on the floor. “Cathleen is being kidnapped.” James exclaimed, and ran out of the rec room leaving Niles, quite literally, with his dick in his hands.

    He didn’t bother with the elevator and opted for the stairs instead. Climbing two floors of stairs, he burst through the door to the garage.

    James didn’t see the couple and his run turned into a walk. Scanning the area, he peeked through to the other side of the garage. Not a soul was around that James could determine. They had to have made it outside so he headed to the back parking lot.

    Coming out of the door, he spotted them walking briskly to a van. James ran quietly towards the pair. The man was scanning the area and spotted James when he looked behind him. He stopped, turned around, and shot the weapon he had in Cathleen’s side at James.

    James saw him move and dove behind a car. Blacktop on bare skin is not a pleasant experience, but his adrenaline dulled the pain. Picking himself up, he aimed the .44 Mag at the van’s front tire. Not being familiar with the weapon, he hoped for the best and pulled the trigger. His aim wasn’t good enough as the bullet missed the tire.

    The kidnapper heard James fire and immediately put the weapon to Cathleen’s head. “Drop it!” he demanded.

    James waited a few seconds evaluating the situation, “How about you drop it.” James replied.

    “Drop it or the bitch gets It.” he demanded, huffing from the adrenaline.

    “If she gets it, so do you.” James yelled, hoping that would make him think.

    Guards came bursting through the garage door and James waved them to cover. As they were taking positions, a gun went off inside the van, aiming for the guards through the passenger side window, telling James there was more than one to deal with. Looking under the car, James saw their feet. Aiming carefully, James had to hurry. The kidnapper was sliding the door open on the van and dragging Cathleen by her throat.

    James took his shot, tearing a hole through the man’s ankle and he immediately reacted, adjusting his balance then savoring his leg. James popped up from behind the car and had a clear shot of the man’s head as he bent over. The kidnapper saw James and pointed his weapon at him.

    James didn’t hesitate and put a bullet between his eyes. Cathleen was freed and stumbled off to the side as the man holding her dropped to the ground on his knees, then fell face first on the blacktop.

    James’ next shot went in the van as his partner peered around the driver’s seat trying to look at the mess his partner was in, holding a rifle. Clipping the man in the shoulder, his rifle slid out of his hands and out the van’s side door.

    The guards approached cautiously, realizing the man in the van had been disarmed but didn’t know if that was the only one remaining in the vehicle or if he had another weapon.

    James heard sirens in the distance as he peered around the car protecting him. He watched as the man in the driver seat nursed his shoulder. “Give up yet or do you need another bullet?” James yelled, waving Cathleen to the ground.

    “I’m done!” he replied, still trying to hold back blood from his new gaping hole. It seemed a little senseless to James as there was a bigger hole from the exit wound in the back.

    “Get out of the vehicle.” James demanded, waving a guard to the other side of the van.

    The man struggled with the door as he had to use his other hand to pull the lever.

    James looked to make sure kidnapper number one was down for the count. It struck him in that moment that he just killed a man. Amazed that the hole in the back of the man’s head wasn’t spewing blood and brain matter, just seeping out, James studied it for a few seconds. He tore his eyes away to check for any more occupants in the van.

    Since James found nobody else in the vehicle, he stepped around the back side to look at the criminal while the guard covered him. “I need help!” the man was screaming at the guard.

    “You should have thought of that before you shot at us.” James said behind him, seeing blue lights coming into the parking lot. As they neared him, James released his grip and dropped the .44 to his side.

    The first policeman out of a cruiser was the same officer that took his information at the hotel a few days before. James was glad to see him.

    Police took control of the situation and had James in a cruiser while they took statements from the guards. As with any homicide, justifiable or not, law enforcement had to cover all the bases. James sat and stared at the commotion outside.

    An ambulance took the wounded felon out. Another one took the dead body. A tow truck took the van. That left only the brain matter from the criminal on the ground. James began to shake from the adrenaline leaving him and realization of his taking a life sunk in.

    Once again, James saw media and microphones as they were held at bay on the side of the parking lot.

    Cathleen sat on the bumper of an ambulance. She was talking to the policeman James remembered. The officer walked his way and let him out of the cruiser. Lights and camera flashes from the media struck James as he got out. The officer had James turn around so he could remove the cuffs on him. Detectives came over and took his statement. While he was doing that, Phil approached and handed one of them the security camera footage.

    The second kidnapper was the only arrest made. James was back in the rec room he ran out of an hour and a half ago.

    Cathleen thanked James for his help, “God James, I thought I was gone! Thank you so much!” she said, taking a seat in the rec room kitchen.

    Lisa was full of questions and they filled her in on the events. Doc Vicky gave both of them a sedative and looked at James’ torn up back, picking rocks and blacktop out of him. Cleaning it, she applied ointment on it.

    “Maybe you should re-evaluate your security.” James suggested, grimacing at Vicky’s touch.

    “I’ve got my mind already on it, trust me.” Cathleen informed him, a serious look on her face.

    Niles entered the kitchen, “Good work James.” he commented.

    “Yep, thanks.” James replied.

    Cathleen looked at him, “Where were you Niles?”

    “I was off duty at the time.” Niles explained.

    “Really, you only protect me while you’re on duty?” Cathleen chastised him.

    “I didn’t know you needed help really.” he answered.

    “Oh, that’s odd. Tell us James, how did you know I needed help?” Cathleen asked, and threw James into the discussion.

    “I found it odd that a maintenance man would need your help fixing a leak.” James simply said.

    Cathleen smiled, “Did you hear that Niles? James used common sense. Imagine that!”

    Niles dropped his head, “Yes ma’am.” then added, “But he owes me a .44 Magnum.” in retaliation for his ass chewing.

    Cathleen said, “And I owe James my life. What’s that make your gun worth?”

    “You’ll get it back when the police are done with it.” James pointed out.

    “I understand and I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” he humbly replied, knowing he was in a losing end of a tough conversation.

    Cathleen reminded him, “You’re head of security here. I expect you to train these guards to provide me with the protection I need.”

    “Yes ma’am, I’ll update our training but we need a better training course than the local gun range.” James explained.

    “How many people use the golf course Niles?” Cathleen asked.

    “Probably just a dozen or so, I think.” Niles thought out loud.

    “Ok, take an area out of it and make your training course. I expect it to be started by the time I get back from Florida.” Cathleen ordered.

    “I’ll see that it is.” Niles replied.

    “Oh, and Niles…” Cathleen added as he turned to look at her, “I better be able to wave a pussy in their faces and not have it be a distraction, you understand?”

    “I fully understand.” he firmly stated.

    “James, would you be a dear and oversee Niles on his training the guards for me?” Cathleen asked.
    “Sure.” Was all James said, seeing Niles become irritated, what could he do but agree?

    “What a day it has been.” Cathleen observed, letting out a sigh.

    “It sure has.” James said, getting up from the table. “Wow, I think I need a shower.”

    “Sure James, and thanks again.” Cathleen replied.

    Approaching his room, he saw the pink teddy bear collar that Link used in his doorway to the room. That was a good sign but then he heard Link yelling, “Grape, grape I said!”

    Entering his room, he found Ying riding the purple phallus of Link. “What the hell are you doing Ying?” James demanded, surprised she would have been going at it for two hours let alone taking advantage of the poor guy.

    “I fix it like master said.” she explained, going up and down on Link.

    “Please sir, grape! Make her take the collar off!” Link begged.

    “I took collar off and he keep saying that!” Ying interrupted, still trying to fix Link’s problem through friction.

    “Wrong collar!” Link exclaimed.

    “I took mine off too.” Ying said, “He still not fixed.”

    James dropped his head in a hand and wiping his face, “Ying stop.” And Ying stopped in mid bounce.

    “Ok, get off of him.” James instructed, staring at the ceiling.

    “Good, he no fixable anyway,” Ying shrugged. “I try everything too.” climbing off Link. “My pussy sore.” she admitted, rubbing it a little.

    “Unfasten the band around his cock and balls.” James instructed, not even looking at the mess between Link’s legs.

    Ying unbuckled the strap and relieved the pressure off Link’s blood engorged pole. She watched as color returned to the purple toy stick of Lisa’s. “Oh, that look better.” she exclaimed in awe.

    “Now pull out his butt plug.” James directed, not even giving the mess a glance.

    Ying pulled the cock up making Link raise off the bed to get to his plug and tugged it out without a thought.

    “Oh God, thank you so much sir!” Link gasped; relieved his pecker was gangrene free and his ass was allowed to shrink.

    James just couldn’t yell at Ying over this. All she has said every time she serviced his cock was “I fix it.” It was his fault for not being specific. “Thank you Ying, you can go ahead and… fix it now.” was all he could say, at least giving poor Link something for his troubles. “I’m taking a shower.” and headed into his bathroom.

    James was putting shampoo in his hair when he heard the blast from Link. He didn’t think Link was ever going to stop screaming his orgasm. It finally quieted down while James finished his shower.

    By the time he got out of the bathroom, Lisa was consoling Link and Ying was changing the sheets which James was relieved to see. Lisa must have come running from hearing the siren Link’s lungs put out.

    “How’s he doing now?” James asked, toweling off his hair.

    Link looked down to the ground so Lisa answered for him, “His meat is a little raw.” then added, “But his ribs seem ok. I’ll get Vicky to check him out.” She huffed, “Wait till I see that Jack again. She almost broke my boy toy!”

    James scoffed at that, “You’re the one that loaned him out. I distinctly remember you saying, and I quote, do what you want with him. You can’t blame her for anything that happened to him.” he admonished.

    “Well, it seemed like a good idea to get tied up at the time,” Link admitted. “Not that I liked it of course.”

    “He said he cleaned Mary out. I didn’t loan him to Mary either.” Lisa grumbled.

    “Still, it’s your fault for giving Jack permission to do whatever she wanted.” James smiled; thankful he wasn’t the only one regretting a loan out.

    Lisa saw that James wasn’t letting her get out of it and said, “I’m sorry Link. I had no idea Mary was going to make you eat Mike’s cum.”

    “What?” Link said, “What does that mean?” he demanded.

    “You know, Mary making you… clean her out.” James reminded him; holding back a gag.

    “I didn’t eat no cum though.” Link said, wondering what the hell they were talking about.

    “Um, you know, Mike fucked her and you… ate her.” James had to gag that time.

    “You mean that taste wasn’t her pussy sweating?” Link said in awe. “I didn’t think Mike, you know…”

    James had enough of that, “Ok… we’re done here.” Not even wanting to think about Mary’s sweat.

    Ying piped in, “Oh, you clean out pussy too!” remembering Joy and Jack doing the same thing earlier, “Was it good?”

    “I said we’re done here.” James repeated, giving Ying a ‘dare you’ stare.

    “What’s the problem? I like it.” Lisa admitted.

    That was the proverbial straw that broke James’ back, “Ok, you two, out!” and grabbed them both by the arm.

    Lisa offered, “Listen, it’s just a little salty going down…” trying to fend off James’ man handling.

    “Shut up!” James demanded while he corralled ‘raw meat’ and ‘slutty mouth’ to the door.

    “You get used to the taste.” Lisa explained, still wanting to make her case.

    “Get out!” James demanded, pushing the two into the corridor.

    “I’ve even gargled with it…” Lisa admitted, as the door was closing.

    “Goodbye!” James barked, as the door slammed shut and he held back another gag.
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    Chapter 8

    James turned around and looked at the hard day Ying was having written all over her.

    “Ying, please go take a shower.” James instructed, noticing Link’s blast pattern on her face and chest.

    Ying headed for the bathroom and James started his computer. Getting to work on another class, he wrapped himself in his work, trying to forget the crazy in his life for a while. Ying came out and played videos on her laptop. He made a mental note to get her a headset for it. It’s hard to concentrate when a girl is getting tied, spanked, and vibrated beside you.

    A knock on the door brought both back from their escape. “Who is it?” James yelled through the door.

    “It’s me, Mike.” they heard and James buzzed him in.

    Mike said, “I heard you were a hero man. Good job!”

    James finished his sentence on the computer, “Thanks, all in a day’s work.”

    “Say man, do you have a spare towel?” Mike asked.

    James turned from the computer to look at him. He had red lipstick all over him. Someone wrote ‘slut’ on his forehead, ‘pinch me’ on his nipples, and ‘fuck tool’ with an arrow pointing down on his stomach. “Who got a hold of you?” James wondered out loud.

    “I have no idea. It was some older woman. She smelled like cigarette smoke.” Mike explained. “She was one kinky broad too.”

    James thought he knew who it was, “Well, they don’t supply towels here. The explanation I got was that they supplied enough of everything else.” James informed him. “There’s some in my bathroom.”

    “Thanks man.” Mike said and turned towards the open bathroom. He had ‘Spank Me’ written across his one reddened cheek and ‘Finger Me’ across the other with an arrow pointing, well, you know where.

    James felt a little sorry for him, “Sorry it isn’t all rosy for you.” He apologized.

    Mike came out of the bathroom; towel in hand, “Its ok, I just have to wait until my stuff gets here. I have my own towels.”

    “I meant the job.” James explained, “You got it a little rough at times.”

    “What are you talking about? This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Mike reflected, “I have never fucked so much in my life!”

    “Yeah, but I saw you scraping Miss Plenart’s feet.” James pointed out.

    “Don’t knock it man. I’ve changed my opinion about old people too.” Mike sighed, “You haven’t had a blow job from someone with no teeth yet. It’s surprising how much more you can fit in. All I had to do was scape her feet for it.”

    James was quickly reminded about Mike’s horny philosophy. It shouldn’t surprise him that Mike looked at things with his dick. “Ok man, I’m glad you’re happy about it.”

    “I owe you big time Jif.” Mike said sincerely, taking a seat on the bed. “I didn’t mean to crash the party you had going on here though. Sorry about that.”

    “Don’t sweat it man, there isn’t enough of me to go around anyway.” James replied as his eye ticked at the word ‘sweat’.

    “So, tell me about your job. What is it you do?” Mike asked.

    “I service clients, sort of like you’re servicing the staff.” James explained, “My clients are pretty much high maintenance though. They have to be handled with care.”

    “You can keep that gig. I wouldn’t get along with stuck up prudes.” Mike sighed.

    “What day do you have off?” James thought to ask, still not knowing his own.

    Mike looked puzzled, “I don’t know. I forgot to ask.”

    James laughed at that, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t feel like you’re working anyway.”

    “If it’s anything like I’ve experienced so far, I can handle it.” Mike said with a grin.

    “Well, there aren’t too many Marys and Miss Plenarts I don’t think.” James chuckled.

    “They weren’t bad really. Mary even offered to let me fuck her ass.” Mike admitted.

    James grimaced, “I don’t doubt it after what she did to Link.”

    “Oh? What did she do?” Mike wanted to know, unaware of the recent events.

    James just had to tell him this one, “After you fucked her, she came down here and had Link clean her out.” biting his fist as he said it.

    Mike mulled that over and said, “So? She took a shower.”

    “Really? When did she do that?” James was surprised.

    “Right after we finished. She left my room to look for a towel.” Mike said.

    James felt relieved but somehow disappointed, “That’s good news. I don’t know if I want to tell Link though. I might make him sweat over it a little.” and his eye ticked at the word ‘sweat’ again.

    Ying was playing with the nipple clamps James used on her earlier. She decided to put them back on again. James was glad that they weren’t very big and wouldn’t be too heavy for her. At least they were adjustable. Lord knows what she would have picked out if it was her choice. There was a kink in that girl that James would never iron out.

    Ying stood up and inserted her butt plug back in, right in front of James and Mike. Its one thing to just put it in but she had to wiggle it and make it go in with the speed of slow motion. James and Mike both stared in awe.

    Mike sucked in his drool. “Ok, where do I go to pick me out one of those?” Mike asked, pointing at Ying.

    James was surprised at his question and thought of a good prank to pull on him, “Oh, next level up. That’s the servant quarters.” he offered, grinning ear to ear.

    “Sweet!” Mike got up to go.” I’ll be back and show you what I picked out.”

    “You do that man, I’m anxious to see what you get.” James said as Mike opened the door. “You can’t leave the staff quarters without clothes on, by the way.”

    “Oh shit! I forgot.” Mike said, “You got some sweats I can borrow?”

    James felt like he adopted him somehow, “Yeah, here.” and got him a pair out of his drawer.

    Mike slipped them on and headed out. James just shook his head at the lipstick graffiti of a friend heading out the door.

    It wasn’t twenty minutes when James’ intercom rang. The I.D. read CS04. James picked it up.

    “Yes?” he answered, and held a snicker back.

    “What is your friend doing right about now?” Cathleen asked, obviously perturbed.

    “Oh, he said something about picking out a slave somewhere and left here about twenty minutes ago.” James replied, still holding back a chuckle.

    “Mhmm, and you didn’t, by chance, telling him where to find one did you?” she asked, pressing him for information.

    James thought it was funny, well, to him anyway, “I… might have… given him that assumption.” grimacing in anticipation of her response.

    “He currently has a Miss Jennifer Francis in tow and headed your way.” Cathleen informed him.

    “Seriously? I thought the guards would have stopped him for sure.” James thought out loud.

    “No, they just let him go on and called me. You know they can’t seem to think for themselves. He went right in, opened up all the doors until he found one he liked.” Cathleen seethed into the phone. “To add more beef to that sandwich, he has lipstick written all over him.”

    “Look, I didn’t expect him to get that far. I can’t believe he would kidnap someone like that.” James’ voice turned serious. “In all honesty, I was pulling a prank on him. He asked where he could get a girl like Ying and my stupid ass told him to go there.”

    “I would be pretty pissed about losing a good dish washer if her mother didn’t let her go.” Cathleen stated, sighing into the phone.

    “Wait, her mother let her go? Does she know what Mike wanted?” James was awestruck and embarrassed at the same time.

    “She had just turned eighteen yesterday. The Neanderthal told Sharon, her mother, he needed a slave and she told him to go ahead and take her since her daughter thought the grass was greener elsewhere.” Cathleen added, “They apparently were fighting before Mike got there.”

    “That might be a bad idea with Mike to begin with, let alone causing you inconvenience. Mike wants a sex slave, not a servant.” James explained, turning redder with embarrassment.

    “The child has been defiant and probably deserves some lesson in gratitude.” Cathleen pondered, “Let’s let this ride for the moment. It might do the girl some good.”

    “I won’t let Mike touch her without consent, I can assure you.” James vowed, what happened to Mike’s common sense? “I think he is under the impression that everyone here just fucks everyone here. Give me some time to get him under control.”

    “Ok, if the girl isn’t happy with him, I’ll have to send her packing.” Cathleen stated, “Her mother isn’t happy with her at all to begin with. If she wants to be happy, she will have to be happy somewhere else. Her father is a mean ole haggard but she’ll wind up with him if she isn’t careful.”

    James mulled that over, “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to cause all of this over a prank.” and added, “Is there no way we can just forget this ever happened and send her back?”

    “Look, it’s just too much drama for me. I’ll let you handle it. When she gets there, you tell her what I said and what exactly Mike has in mind for her.” Cathleen instructed, “If she goes back right now, we’ll forget about it.”

    “Thank you! I’ll do what I can to put some fear in her.” James relaxed, “Hopefully, I’ll have her back upstairs in no time.”

    “James, if you hadn’t saved my life, I’d kill you over this.” Cathleen flatly stated.

    “Come on! It was a joke!” James defended, wondering why she was being so hard on him.

    “I was kidding. You know I love ya.” Cathleen regressed. “Call me and let me know how it turns out.”

    “Will do,” James replied, hoping she was indeed kidding, “and I love you too.”

    Just as James hung up the phone, Mike was knocking on his door.

    James buzzed them in. Mike entered with a redhead on his arm. Heaven had blessed the girl with very large breasts and a slim figure. She wore a maid outfit that showed off her legs and bust. She wore high heels but James thought without them, she would probably come up to Mike’s shoulders.

    “Here you are Jif. This is Jenny. Jenny, meet my best friend James.” Mike introduced the buxom lass.

    James stood up and offered his hand, “Pleased to meet you.” he greeted as they shook hands.

    “I know who you are! You were in the parking lot! You’re the guy they said killed the kidnapper.” she said excited, and pumped his hand faster.

    “Yes, well…” James started.

    “You were on the news! They said you saved an executive the other day too!” she rambled on.

    James turned a little red from the praise, “I was just…”

    “They interrupted my program with the news bulletin.” She kept going.

    James stopped shaking her hand but she kept on pumping it, “Please! Have a seat.” James offered.

    She looked at him with wide eyes as she sat down on the bed. “It is certainly nice to meet you!”

    “Well thank you.” James said and then addressed his friend, “Mike, you want to borrow my shower?”

    Mike looked at the writing all over him, “Yes please!” and headed into the bathroom.

    James addressed the skinny girl with buxom bosoms, “I am a bit surprised to see you here.” James began, “I’m not sure if you fully understand Mike’s intentions.”

    “Yes, he needed a servant and I agreed to help him out.” Jenny offered her assessment of the job he offered.

    “No, he needs a sex slave.” James said bluntly. “He wants to dominate you and use you for sexual gratification.” watching the green eyes staring at him get bigger.

    “Oh, I am sorry; I should have put that to you more delicately.” James recounted, “But it is what it is.”

    “He wants to fuck me?!” she exclaimed, looking at the bathroom door.

    “Well, yes. But on a continuous basis.” James answered, “In just about any fashion you could think of.” James added, “And, of course, anywhere.”

    “Wait, so he will… fuck me when and where and whatever way he wants?” she asked in surprise.

    “Um, yes… Like Ying here.” James introduced, “Ying, this is Jenny and Mike wants her to be his sex slave.”

    “You like butt plugs too?” Ying asked, shaking the girl’s hand.

    “I was wondering when we would get to talk about the naked girl in the room.” Jenny quipped “Ying huh? Um, butt plugs…” she pondered.

    “Ah, this is my sex slave.” James pointed out, “Ying, Inspection.” and watched her snap to attention.

    “Wow! That’s… interesting.” Jenny fumbled, staring at Ying’s submissive stance.

    “Yes, she obeys me without question.” James boasted, “Ying actually enjoys being dominated.”

    “So, she does whatever you tell her?” Jen asked, finding that unbelievable.

    “Ying, play with your pussy.” James ordered, expecting the young girl to run out of the room.

    “Yes master.” and started playing with her clit.

    “That is amazing.” Jenny said in awe, watching her little hand play.

    “Well, that is what Mike wants from you.” James concluded. “He expects unquestioned responses without thought, and pure obedience.” hoping that would finalize any doubts she would have.

    “Does she always call you master?” Jenny asked, with eyes fixated on Ying’s pussy.

    “She prefers to call me master. She calls me James in public.” James explained.

    Jenny seemed fascinated, “I could probably do that.” She whispered.

    “Well, you would have to do that.” James said, “So, if you aren’t willing to do all of that and anything Mike tells you, you need to get up and go back upstairs. Otherwise, Miss Spencer has instructed me to tell you that if you decide to leave later, you will be all on your own.”

    “Well, I do want to try.” Jen offered, still watching the nipple-clamped Ying. “Mike is a hunk of a man.”

    “There is no try.” James said, “You do it or you go. Cathleen said that if you didn’t go back to your room right now, you would be stuck here. If you aren’t happy here, she will have to throw you out.”

    Jennifer Francis had her stubbornness, a trait Mike would have to break, “I’m not going back upstairs and I refuse to move in with my father. I guess I’ll learn to be a slave. Where do I get my clamps?”

    Ok, this isn’t working; he needed her to fully understand. He might as well give her the works.

    “Ok, let’s try it and see… stand up.” James ordered, but the girl just sat there staring at Ying.

    “Up!” James yelled, making the girl jump and drawing attention in the bathroom.

    Mike entered the room still toweling off. His modesty, what little he had, was gone. “What are we doing?” he asked, watching Jen stand at attention.

    “Well, she seems to think she could handle being a sex slave. Let’s give her a test drive.” James explained, and Mike grinned at the words ‘test drive’ while Jenny looked a little puzzled.

    “Strip!” James commanded and waited till the hesitating girl finally removed her blouse.

    “There can be no delay. You must do what you’re told without thought.” James admonished, watching her lower her skirt, offering her shapely figure for them to see. “Punishment will be in the form of spanking.”

    She stopped in her underwear and started on shoes and socks. “We want to see you naked.” James stated while Mike’s eye grew wide at his friend’s demands.

    She unhooked her bra and shrugged the straps off. Placing it on the bed, she covered her nipples with an arm. “We need to see your tits.” James instructed and she let her arm drop. “Mike may decide to loan you out from time to time.” and she absorbed that into her head.

    “Those panties have to go.” James ordered and watched her shimmy out of them. “You are to wear thongs from now on. If you don’t own a pair, you will go without until your master provides you with some.”

    “Master?” Ying called, interrupting James’ tutoring.

    “Yes?” James answered, turning his head to see her.

    “Can I cum?” she asked, still playing with herself.

    James guessed she was getting turned on by listening to him bark orders, “Yes but just a little cum.” James relented; giving her that restriction would probably make her crazy.

    All eyes turned to her as she forced a little tremor out of herself. Girl juice trickled down her legs. Just watching them watching her was a thrill. She fought hard to only allow herself a small orgasm.

    He thought this would be a good time to ask, “Ying, you ready to play?”

    “Yes master!” she replied, a wide grin appearing on her face.

    “Get me hard.” James ordered and like a cat on a mouse, Ying yanked his sweat pants down and engulfed his semi-erection.

    “Jen, get Mike hard.” James demanded; she turned in his direction with her eyes the last to leave the scene.

    Walking to Mike, she dropped to her knees and looked at what she had to work with. James saw her hesitate and motioned to Mike to motivate her.

    Mike cleared his throat, “Ahem… Now!” he ordered, then looked up at James and smiled as she took him in.

    James reminded her, “Don’t think, just do. I’m sure Mike knows how to spank you.” and turned his attention to Ying as she quivered hearing him mention a spanking.

    James couldn’t tell how Jenny was doing but Ying was working him over good. “Ying, suck on my balls.” and looked at Mike to see his reaction.

    “Jen, play with your pussy.” Mike ordered and watched her lower a hand.

    James was at full mast and decided to help is friend out, “Ok Ying, go help Jen.” And she dropped him and scurried over to Mike, practically scooting Jen over in the process by herself.

    Jen offered her opinion, “Get off, this one is mine.” leaning back watching Ying.

    Mike offered his, “Learn to share.” and Ying pointed his cock in Jen’s direction.

    “Let me know if she doesn’t work out Mike.” James said, “Cat said she’d get rid of her for you.”

    Jenny consented and took Ying’s offering. After a few tentative stokes in her mouth, she offered it back to Ying.

    James let that go for a little while but seeing Mike was set, he called off the servicing. “Ok, girls, Mike’s ready. You can stop for now.” Giving Jen his attention, still trying to scare her back upstairs, James asked her a question that should do the trick, “Have you ever taken it in the ass Jen?”

    She stared at James like he slapped her, “Hell, I haven’t had one in my pussy yet!” she exclaimed.

    Mike was surprised, thinking a girl as pretty as she was would have already been tapped, “You’re a virgin?” he gasped.

    “Well, I haven’t had a dick in it but I did break my hymen with a vibrator.” she admitted.

    James thought it was a sad story. A real shame not to experience womanhood given by a male, “I’m sorry to hear it, you won’t have the pleasure of a male taking your virginity.”

    James gave it some thought and decided that giving her what she probably wanted wouldn’t get her upstairs any faster, “How good are you at sucking pussy?” he asked, waiting to see her reaction.

    “Oh, I’ve only done it once… but I made her cum.” Jen was reminiscent. It wasn’t something she would want to do all the time but she wasn’t opposed to it.

    “Ying, take your plug out and lay on the bed.” James ordered. “Mike, do you mind if Jen sucks on Ying’s pussy?” and Mike thought it was fine with him.

    Ying hopped on the bed but Jen just sat still contemplating. Mike reached down and grabbed her arm, pulling her up. He didn’t do it hard, letting her do the work of rising up. Turning her around, he gave a slap on the ass. “Don’t think, just do.” and sent her towards Ying. Glancing at James, Mike winked at him.

    Jen rubbed her ass and walked to her execution, it seemed. Ying spread her legs as best she could for her and waited. Jen dropped to her knees and looked at the pussy to service. James motivated her, “Need another slap on your ass?” and she finally dove in.

    Ying felt the rookie go at her. Hoping her medicine Vicky gave her held out; she focused on the attention she was getting at the moment. The girl wasn’t bad as she teased her lips then licked. Ying fell into a relaxed state as the newest American in her midst gave her pleasure.

    Mike was amazed at his friend’s new demeanor. It just wasn’t the same guy he remembered. He didn’t know which one to be impressed with most; James’ attitude or the girl he picked out. But the change in James was for the better in Mike’s opinion. How many times did he offer to take him to frat parties? Yes, this James suited Mike better.

    “Let’s play a game.” James suggested. “Ying, you are not allowed to cum.” and Ying responded, “Yes master.” “Jen, you must make Ying cum no matter what.” and waited.

    Since all James got was a muffled sound he slapped her on her ass, “Yes master.” he said, and Jen rose up off the pussy and said, “Yes master.”

    “Now, if you force Ying to cum, I’ll tie her up and Mike and I will administer ten spankings. If you fail to get her off, we will do the same to you.” James explained the rules adding, “You both have ten minutes starting now.” and James checked the clock on his phone.

    Mike and James watched the scene for a few minutes and James decided to add some talk into the mix, “Ying likes her ass licked.” he said, and let that sink into both of them. “Play with her nipples Jen.” and she used both hands on Ying’s breasts. The clamps were still on Ying and Jen caressing the undersides had an effect on her. Ying started panting heavily.

    “Hang in there Ying; you only have five more minutes.” James informed her. “Think about something unpleasant.”

    Ying was torn. Did she want to get the spanking or did she want to see new girl get it? This struggle in her mind was holding her back from an orgasm. New girl fondled her breasts and tongued her hole, but master said, “Two minutes!” and the girl added a hand to her clit while still tonguing her hole.

    This little sex pot in her mouth was going to cum and Jen was one to make sure of it. She wasn’t taking an ass whipping if she could help it any. With fingers on her clit and a tongue in her hole, she expected Ying to go over. But James said, One minute!” before she realized it and she had to do something. Ying was fighting back and something had to be done. Did she really like her ass tongued? This redhead was going to find out, and raised a leg to get to it.

    Ying was fine, just fine. Well, until she felt the fingers on her clit and the tongue on her ass. It felt so good! The hot breath of the redhead on her open rear door and her tongue entering where her butt plug stayed was too much. She started her ascent.

    Jen didn’t care if she had to shove her tongue all the way up an ass; she wasn’t going to lose this fight. The Asian had removed a plug and left a deep hole. Jen was going to fill it. Upon her tongue entering the exit, Ying clamped her legs and started skyrocketing.

    “Time!” James announced, and watched as Ying hit her orgasm. He was anxious to see it, knowing Ying was going to give Jen a mouthful of cream.

    Jen felt a hose turn on, her eyes and nose were struck first. She lifted up from the back hole she was tonguing and received a gush in her mouth. She had to back off from the torrent.

    “Don’t leave her hanging! Finish her off!” James yelled, grabbing her head and forcing it back on Ying’s fountain. If she was getting off, James was making sure she was satisfied. This new filly wasn’t going to leave his girl humping air.

    Mike was in shock. When Ying blasted and Jen took a mouth load, Mike’s cock jerked in excitement. But seeing James force her back on to Ying’s gushing cunt was even more of a turn-on for him. He had to stroke himself a little over that.

    Jen had never known a girl could squirt like that. Not ever having the experience before made her scared a little. She thought for sure the girl had pissed on her but the taste told her different. When James made her finish the flooding pussy, she became aroused at the thought of being force fed and offered her tongue once more while the liquid rolled over her chin.

    James felt Jen take control and released her head. Ying humped away on the face that gave her pleasure. Mike jerked off watching the lapping tongue of Jen’s.

    Ying finally relaxed and trembled out what was left of her ecstasy. Panting on the bed, she relaxed. “Master, I win?” she asked.

    Before he could answer her, Jen said, “No, I win.” gasping in much needed air.

    James shrugged his shoulders. “What do you think Mike?” and without waiting for his answer, “I think they both lost. Ying was coming at the end of the time limit but she didn’t actually finish till after the time was up. It was fifty-fifty really. I say we tie them both up.”

    Mike smiled at that, “I was just about to say that myself.” and went to his slave in training.

    “Now wait, I won that fair and square.” Jen protested.

    “James smirked at that, “Slave loses every time. Master always wins.” and got out the black silk ropes. “But if you want to head back upstairs, I won’t stop you.” walking towards her, “Remember, if you don’t go back now, you’re Mike’s slave forever.”

    “I can’t go back there! I’m stuck here!” she argued.

    “Well, it looks like you haven’t any choice then. How do you want tied up?” James smiled.

    She said something about not getting the ropes tight but James didn’t bother to listen. He got her up on the bed and kneeling on all fours. With little effort, he tied her knees to her elbows. Her face was on the bed with her ass in the air.

    “Mike, was it fifteen or twenty slaps?” James asked, but the redhead in restraints piped in her thoughts, “Ten, it was ten!” and Mike swatted her for running her mouth. “Maybe we should add five for every time she opens her mouth.” Mike suggested.

    “That’s a good idea, now maybe Ying remembers.” James said, “Ying, how many slaps was it?”

    Ying simply said, “As many as master wants to give.”

    James was so proud of her. She has been studying this lifestyle for three days. “That is exactly the correct answer.” James stated. “Now, since you answered correctly, you get to put the butt plug in her.”

    “No! I don’t want a butt plug!” Jenny cried.

    “That’ll be five more.” Mike said.

    Ying got into the dresser drawer and got her old one out. Placing lube on it, she turned around and faced the back side of the spoiled redheaded American.

    “Ying, you can instruct her on how to accept the plug.” James stated, watching Ying approach the target.

    “You supposed to have enema so you will be clean when master fucks you there.” Ying started, pulling an ass cheek away from the other. “After a few days, it will go in easy.” she continued, working the blunt point into her ass. “You relax, you tense up.” Ying instructed.

    “Allow me to help you Ying.” James offered, and slapped her ass; “Relax.” was all he said and massaged where he hit. Ying replied “Thank you master.” as the bulb entered the virgin ass.

    “Ok Ying, how would you like to be tied down?” James asked, getting more rope.

    Ying looked at James and said, “Any way master wishes.”

    “Now, did you hear that Jen? She is so considerate of me.” James boasted. Jen didn’t reply so Mike smacked her again, “He asked a question.” and rubbed the place he struck.

    “I heard her.” Jen whispered, and then James smacked her. “Master, you forgot to say master.” and rubbed her ass a little more.

    James was getting into the spanking a little. He wouldn’t strike hard at all but he knew that after so many, they would feel it. Rubbing it made any pain ease though and he was considerate enough to massage after every strike. He didn’t want the receiver to fear him which led to his tender slaps to begin with.

    “I heard her master.” Jenny relented, feeling the sting and rub. Something about the way he did that made her kind of like it. It was a little erotic. Maybe it was because it was so close to her achy pussy.

    “I might want to smack her with my cock.” James thought out loud. “Maybe even my balls.” motioning Ying up on the bed beside the redhead. “Mike, what would you like to use to give your slave punishment?”

    Mike was listening to James’ options and said, “I’ll probably use my balls.” and stepped up beside his girl.

    James tied Ying up the same as Jen. Stepping behind Ying, he said, “Did Jen make you cum hard Ying?”

    “Yes master.” Ying admitted.

    “Do you think I could do that as well?” James teased.

    “Yes master.” Ying stated, wanting to feel something on her achy place.

    Mike took lessons from James and said, “Would you like your spanking with a hand, cock, or balls Jen?”

    Jen looked back at the man behind her, “Any way master wants to give It.” and waited for Mike’s decision.

    James got Mike’s attention and told him to watch, “Ok, maybe I might give the punishment with a little of everything.” and slapped his cock on Ying’s ass a couple of times. Mike followed suit.

    James slapped one cheek with his hand and the other with the opposite hand, and then rubbed where he struck. Mike followed suit.

    James entered Ying slowly and bucked into her six times, making sure his balls struck her clit. Mike followed suit.

    “Ok, Ying has had her punishment.” James announced, pulling out. Mike did the same.

    “What?” Jen said, feeling Mike’s absence. Mike slapped her ass and rubbed.

    “Did you enjoy your punishment Ying?” James asked and received a “Yes master.” for a reply.

    Mike asked Jen and received a “Yes master.” too.

    James got Mike’s attention again, saying “Ying, would you mind if I punished you more?”

    Before she could answer, Jen butted in, “I’ll take more.” and Mike swatted her again then rubbed while she gasped.

    “Master does what he wishes.” Ying responded; wiggling a little, knowing master liked to see her struggle. James rubbed his hand over her ass then into her depths.

    “Was yours tight Mike?” James asked, looking at Jen’s hotspot.

    “I think it was pretty tight. It’s kind of hard to describe.” Mike pondered out loud.

    “Would you like to test drive mine and I’ll test drive yours?” James asked.

    Mike pretended to think about it, “Sure, but it’s going to be hard to beat Jen. She is pretty tight.” and swapped places with James.

    “How many slaps would you like Jen?” James asked, rubbing himself on her crack.

    She sighed and said, “As many as master will give.” and tried to squeeze his cock with her ass cheeks out of reflex.

    “Would you like me to slap it here?” James asked, rubbing his cock on her clit.

    Ain’t this some shit?’ Jenny had thought. Here she was with two studs and can’t even get a dick in her for more than thirty seconds! The slapping, teasing, tormenting dick was doing everything but fucking her. He was driving her absolutely crazy with his cock rubbing her clit. “Master can slap it where he wants.” She gritted, expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

    Mike tried out his new found talent and rubbed his cock all over the sex package of Ying. James had enlightened him and he found out that watching women get off on his play was a turn-on. He was probably just as horny as the girls were just from the erotic teasing. James really knew how to make it last too. He fed a little of his cock in Ying.

    Her master has corrupted the beast. Instead of the fucky, fucky demon that slammed into Joy, he resorted to slow and teasing torture, compliments of master. Circling her sensitive clit, the man inserted his head. With great determination, she held back her cry for more.

    James used his patented signature move and raked his fingers down Jen’s back at the same time he eased his shaft all the way in her. He didn’t know the kink in him, he was oblivious to his own, but the arching of a woman’s back while watching it from behind was one of the most erotic visions he had ever seen. As he entered her, the butt plug raked his shaft through her membranes. Oh, this girl has had it. He pumped her hard enough to slap her clit with his balls.

    Jen freaked out. The son of a bitch actually scratched her back. Though she had never had the pleasure of a man, she was pretty sure they were supposed to just fuck her and go to sleep. This motherfucker here though, shoved his dick up to her throat and ground! She felt the inch difference between Mike and James but the technique; my God he played her like a fiddle. She knew in that instance, as the goose bumps rose on her body, this was a man that knew her too well. If this bastard started fucking her, she would probably die of orgasm. And then he did.

    Mike witnessed the exquisite agony on his new girl’s face. The scratch down her back turned red but faded. The arch faded with it. But those few seconds in that erotic pose with the look of pure lust on that redhead’s face was something he was adding to his masturbation sessions. Realizing he had his own back in front of him, he did the same. Ying’s arched back from this angle was even sweeter as he saw the dimple where her ass cheeks connected form a V. That was all kinds of sexy. He took it slow as he entered the new cunt of Ying’s.

    Master’s move!’ she thought, as the nails went down her back while the cock went in her new space. She turned her head the other way so she could see the new girl’s expressions. Yielding to a lustful smile, she saw the reactions of her counterpart. When their eyes met, Ying winked at her to tell her it was about to get a whole lot better. Then the newest master dropped his play and Ying felt the beast in him come out. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the thrusts, turning away from the girl to revel in her own passion.

    James was determined to give this girl a ride to heaven. He tried to scare her straight but put a kink in her instead. “Have I convinced you to go back upstairs?” James asked, still pumping away in her. “No master.” she gasped as he pounded her puss and slammed his balls on her clit. “Then you are surely fucked.” James replied and slapped her ass and reached under them to grab her nub of a clit.

    The sexy slave by her side actually winked at her. Just what the hell did that mean? Did she know something that she did not? But then the muscle bound man asked her a question she knew she had to answer. Saying yes to leaving this lusty bunch wasn’t even an option. She had to find out what the Asian knew even as her pussy was pounded. Then she had a hint of things far better than she had expected. The man reached under and pinched her aching clit. He wasn’t as deep as he was before but he had the length to keep it in her and still tweak her hotspot.

    Mike was a little outclassed as his best friend outperformed him. He decided to go on his own and apply his own simple methods. Slapping Ying on the ass, he picked up speed. Bending his knees and arching his back, he drove himself from below her. This girl was small than his and he could pick her up like that if he wanted. But he used his thrusts to lift her up on each and every pounding.

    Ying felt the animal change his stance and drive himself into her. It was a little painful to be honest but the brutality was also a turn-on. Slapping her ass and gripping it drove her over the edge. She held her breath to prevent the scream that so desperately wanted to leave her. Without remorse, she released her flood and it splattered on them both.

    James looked over at his best friend’s efforts and noticed him concentrating too hard. Slapping him on his arm and shaking his head, he mouthed ‘Don’t cum’. Hopefully, it was enough to stop the climax Mike was trying to have. James tugged the clit and rubbed the middle then let it go. He let his balls take over there as his cock propelled the girl into orgasm.

    Her first man-made orgasm rocked through her, shattering all of her past records. She gripped the covers in both hands and stifled her scream in the mattress. The urge to yell “Don’t stop” was maddening but she knew he wouldn’t leave her. The sex-crazed man had gone too far as his fingers pulled out her butt plug. Just when she thought her orgasm ended another took its place. How thoughtful he was as he blocked off the air entering her ass with a thumb while she rocketed higher and higher.

    Like it was planned, a synchronous collapse, as both girls fell off to the side, facing each other. Panting in sweat and post-orgasmic bliss while elbows and knees connected, they rested to bring back their energy. Ying was the first to open her eyes and saw the crumbled mess of Jen. She knew for a fact that she looked the same after a massive orgasm like that one.

    ‘No… strength’ she knew as It had left her, making her melt like a withered flower. She opened her eyes to a smiling Ying and felt what she meant by that secret wink. She smiled back and almost giggled at the mutual mess they were left in. Looking over to the culprit that caused it, she was shocked to see his manhood still stands. “You didn’t cum?” she asked and received a slap.

    “You’ve got more work to do, I’m sorry to say.” James smiled, “You haven’t been fucked until the masters are satisfied.” massaging the slap.

    Glancing over at her new master, he too was still rock solid. How a man can fuck like that and not get off put her beliefs into the fables and tales category. “Damn” she said under her breath and remembered his words very clear. If not right now then it wouldn’t be long, she would indeed be surely fucked.

    “Mike, I’m undecided which one of these two is the tightest. I thought it was the butt plug that made your girl so tight, so I pulled it out. It didn’t seem to matter at all.” James gave his opinion.

    “I’m not sure either Jif, yours is as tight as mine. I vote we call it a draw.” Mike mused.

    “Did you have a preference to where you want to cum?” James asked, “They’re tied up and we have access to any hole we want.”

    “I’m undecided on that myself; maybe her virgin ass? But then it wouldn’t be virgin anymore.” Mike thought out loud, “I should probably save that for later.”

    “I popped my slave’s cherry earlier; she might be a little sore.” James said, “Perhaps I’ll cum in her mouth.” smiling at his tired little Ying, “Saving her virgin ass for another time.”

    “You got another pair of those nipple clamps, Ying’s looks pretty sexy.” Mike asked, admiring his friends fuck toy.

    “I’m not sure that I do, but Jen’s tits would look pretty good tied up.” James suggested.

    Mike remembered Ying’s tits from earlier and those looked pretty good, “That is an excellent idea.” and picked up another rope. He set to work binding her bosom.

    Jenny was speechless. It was a good thing really; it would spare her ass from another slap.

    James got in a drawer and pulled out a couple of vibrators. Turning around, he tossed one on the bed beside Jen. He walked to Ying and rolled her over on her back. That position was all kinds of sexy to James. Her elbows on her knees and the ropes that bound them gave James a thrilling view. Her arms pressed the sides of her tits and made them squeeze together, giving her a deep cleavage. Her hair was spread out on the bed, giving her an angelic look. Her ass was forced up and making her pussy stand out and he could see both of her holes plainly. James glanced over at Jen in the same position and knew that Mike was gazing at the same thing on his girl.

    “Wow, my slave is fully accessible.” Mike said and glanced at James’ prize. “Tying those ropes around like that was one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen.”

    “Yep, it sure looks mighty tasty.” James replied as he turned on the vibrator in his hand. “Don’t move.” He instructed as he laid the vibrator in Ying’s slit. Turning back to the drawer, he pulled out some lube, knowing Ying’s orgasm would make her sticky yet dry.

    Mike’s grin was spread across his face as he realized James’ point. Watching the vibrator rest between Ying’s slit, he saw a bead of girl cum ooze out. He was struck in awe gain at his friend’s ingenuity. He picked up his vibrator and did the same to Jen. Running his finger over her pussy lips, he asked “How does that feel?”

    Jen had played with vibrators before, one even took her cherry. But too much was happening at the same time for her; two men were looking at her private parts, a vibrator wedged in her slit, and the head of it was on her clit. The master had to ask the most obvious question in the world, “It feels good master.” she replied, embarrassed to admit it. With her knees in the air and her elbows bound to them, she rocked a little, maintaining balance, while fighting the vibes on her clit.

    Mike liked her struggling but smacked her anyway, “Don’t move.” and watched the vibrator slide down to her ass. Grabbing it, he placed it on her anus and raked it up to her clit. Nestling in the slit, he leaned back at watched his effect.

    James lubed the vibrator and smeared some on Ying’s pussy. Holding the vibrating tool like a jumbo pencil, he drew circles around her clit. Dipping it in to get the medicated lube deep, he pulled it back out and repeated is artwork around her clit.

    Ying felt her master’s creative play and the device enter her new hole. The lubrication was awesome since she was getting raw from all the fucking today. Her body defied her as it sporadically humped from the attention.

    Jenny was treated like an experiment; her master was trying it everywhere. When it trailed around her clit, she too was forced to hump. The cruelty was further enhanced as he traced it around her ass ring. She played a betting game with herself as to where he would wind up with it. She placed her bet it would go in her ass and clinched her cheeks at the thought of it. But then he raised it to her taut nipple and circled her there for a while. The rope that bound her breasts made them sensitive and she gasped as it scraped over a very achy bud. He pushed the butt plug back in her ass and lowered the vibrator to it.

    The phone rang as James was just going to go for a nipple himself, “Hold that for me.” and wedged the vibrator back in Ying’s slit, making sure it hit her clit. The I.D. read CS04 and he had to pick it up.

    “Hello?” James answered, looking back at his unfinished drawing.

    Cathleen’s voice came back at him, “So, how’s it going down there?”

    James shrugged his shoulders and told her, “We’re still… working out the kinks.”

    Cathleen huffed with impatience, “You’re running out of time, James.” she warned, “Let me speak with her.”

    James was in a quagmire, she was tied up on the bed and the phone wouldn’t reach her, “She’s tied up at the moment.” which sounded rhetorical but what else could he say?

    Cathleen mulled that over for, oh, about a second, “James, right now.”

    James was in a bit of a pickle but honesty is always the best policy, “Cathleen, she is quite literally tied up. If you would hold on, I can untie her and get her to the phone.” and waited her consent.

    “Really?” Cathleen said in disbelief, “I want to see that.” she paused, “Turn your monitor on.”

    James didn’t see what good that would do but turned it on anyway. “It’s on.”

    James received and email for an online meeting, understanding exactly what Cathleen wanted, he accepted and logged in. His monitor was filled with Cathleen in her room.

    “We’re on, hang up the phone.” Cathleen instructed and did the same on her end.

    “Jennifer, can you hear me?” Cathleen asked, and James turned up the volume.

    Jen couldn’t see the monitor but she recognized the voice. A spike of fear went through her, knowing how strict she could be, “Yes ma’am.” she answered and waited in that fear.

    “James, turn the monitor.” she ordered and he turned it on her bound tight dish washer.

    “You weren’t kidding!” Cathleen exclaimed, listening to the hums and watching Mike’s foreplay.

    “No, I wouldn’t lie to you.” James replied, hoping she wouldn’t go into a fit like she did last time.

    “Jennifer, are they holding you there against your will?” Cathleen wanted to know.

    If the damn vibrator didn’t feel so good on her plug or the royal fucking she got wasn’t freaking awesome, she could be a bitch right now, but she didn’t want Mike to stop his caresses on her clit with his thumb, “No ma’am.” she answered.

    James took some offense and was going to protest but Cathleen didn’t give him a chance. “So, are you planning on staying down there?” she asked.

    A few seconds went by as Mike hit a good spot. After she finished moaning, she replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

    “James, is that a butt plug?” Cathleen asked while squinting at the screen.

    “I’m afraid it is.” James merely replied.

    “What is it with you and butt plugs?” Cathleen wondered out loud.

    “I’m not sure, but they keep popping… in around me.” James wondered aloud himself.

    “What’s Ying doing?” Cathleen looked puzzled as the Asian released an orgasm on the motionless vibrator in her slit.

    “Oh, I forgot.” James said, going over to remove the toy off her sensitive spot. “She was waiting for me to punish her.” James said unthinkingly.

    “What the hell did she do?” Cathleen asked with great interest.

    James wondered that himself, “Um, nothing I can think of at the moment.” he replied, patting her on her pussy, “I’m sure I could think of something though.” looking down at the deliciousness on his bed.

    “Then why are you punishing her?” Cathleen asked bewildered.

    James was yet again in another embarrassing conversation with the billionaire, “Just because I wanted to.” He said, “But I wasn’t hurting her.” he explained.

    “What kind of punishment is it if you aren’t… punishing her?” Cathleen was curiously asking.

    James was hard pressed to explain that one but he was going to try, “I’m making her have multiple orgasms.” he sighed, “It’s just some harmless fun.” as Jen squeaked out an orgasm, “Mike’s doing it too.” trying to justify it somehow. “He’s been doing the same thing I have. You know, to get her to go back upstairs.” he offered the feeble excuse to her.

    “Well, you can punish me all day long like that.” Cathleen replied, giving him a lusty smile. “I know I’d really enjoy it.”

    “Why sure, any time you want.” James said, smiling back, “All you need do is ask.”

    A frown crossed her face as she seethed the question, “Are you an idiot?!” Cathleen had turned serious. “You can’t convince her to go back upstairs if you’re giving her orgasms you fool!” slapping her hand on her desk.

    “Yeah but, see…” James started to defend himself. He did try to scare her back upstairs and failed. But she wasn’t hearing any excuses.

    “Untie Ying! Now!” she demanded, pointing a finger at her monitor.

    James huffed at her demand but untied her anyway. He helped her off the bed since she was a little wobbly from being in the same position so long; he turned and faced the monitor as Jen went through another orgasm.

    “Ying, do you see a big book there?” Cathleen asked.

    “Yes, big book.” Ying said, picking up his old college book off the desk.

    Cathleen smiled, “That will do nicely.” she said. “James?”

    “Yes ma’am.” James said, wondering what she had in mind.

    “Bend over and grab you ankles.” Cathleen stated, and waited, and waited, “Now!” and James knew what was about to happen. Giving a sigh, he did as he was told.

    “Ying, be a dear and swat his ass please.” Cathleen instructed, watching the screen to make sure her orders were carried out.

    Ying hesitated for a few seconds, wondering if she was kidding around, but Cathleen urged her on, “Go ahead dear; if he does anything to you, I’ll deal with him for you. Make sure you make his ass red.”

    Ying wielded it like a ball bat. Raring back, she gave it her all. Upon the contact of James’ bottom, the smack echoed the room. A terrible thing happened to the unsuspecting James as the resonation rocked his balance.

    The short little girl just wasn’t tall enough to swing the book any higher, and he received punishment where it was unintended. James wasn’t prepared for the consequences of his punishment and his balls were tucked between his legs. Bending over gave perfect access to the sack he held most dear.

    James sucked in air and froze in time, “Mommy!” he squeaked in a high pitched voice and toppled over on the bed, grabbing his wounded pride.

    Before she could transfer her thoughts to her mouth, Cathleen had witnessed the event. She knew for sure it was his balls on screen but she couldn’t stop Ying in mid swing. She caught sight of them from following the book to its ultimate destination. Talk about overkill all you want, but Ying dealt more punishment than Cathleen could ever have come up with on her own.

    James groaned as he massaged on his crushed testicles, and time brought on convulsions. He racked with pain causing Mike to say, “What the fuck?” and moved his girl toy out of his way. He had been too occupied to understand the events taking place. He only looked over when he heard the smack and saw the fall of his best friend James.

    Ying’s face went from a fun filled look to one of serious concern. She had no idea what just happened but it looked like she mortally wounded her master. “Master ok?” she said as she dropped the heavy class book. “Master ok?” she asked again, climbing on the bed to hold him. Seeing him grip his privates and tremble in her arms, Ying was now in panic mode. “Please master!” she screamed and started to cry, her sympathy was so great.

    Cathleen was aghast with the turn of events; her hands were over her mouth. She saw the results of her unintentional punishment and fought the urge to say, “I think I’m done here.” and then turn the monitor off and running for someplace in hiding. But a coward she was not and lived with her own consequences, waiting in agony for James to recover so she could personally apologize.

    James feared for Ying, knowing she cared, and didn’t want her to blame herself. “I’m ok, just give me a minute.” came out between his clenched tight teeth. A few more deep breaths and his balls eased up although he still sweated a little. A minute or so later, he sat up on the bed and breathed deeply a few more times.

    Ying looked at her master as he recovered, still not knowing what happened. Looking intently at the screen on the desk, she saw the surprised look on Cathleen’s paled face. Thinking that she had something to do with this, Ying screamed, “You made me hurt my master!” and traded her concerned look for one of anger.

    She hadn’t given Ying a thought but realized then the emotional trauma on the girl. Cathleen was even more ashamed as she was the basic reason for James’ agony. “I’m sorry!” she started, “It wasn’t my intent. James should have protected his… assets!”

    “What did you do to him?” Ying demanded and crossed her arms for the explanation.

    Cathleen did her best to walk Ying through exactly what had happened, “When James bent over, his balls were between his legs and you hit them with the book.” she added, “Had you struck him across his ass instead of the top of his legs, you would have missed them completely.”

    “You no blame me for doing what you say. He better be able to fuck me.” Ying huffed. “You make me break my master. You make sure you fix him.”

    James had recovered enough it seemed to settle this before it got nasty, “Don’t blame yourselves, it isn’t anyone’s fault. I know it was just an accident.”

    Mike and Jen sat on the sidelines, watching this scene play out. Since it seemed to them it was an accident, they decided to not get involved. But Mike did feel his friend’s pain and grimaced at the thought of it. His redheaded nymph beside him nudged and motioned to her bonds. Mike decided the fun had gone and untied her, letting her work out her stiffness.

    Cathleen was relieved that James understood, she didn’t mean that much harm. She decided to get back to the issue she was most concerned about. “So, James, what am I to do since everyone in staffing wants a slave? Your friend shows up and heads upstairs and picks one out on his first day.”

    “Isn’t that how it works?” Mike asked. “Just have them go up and get one, it seems pretty simple to me.”

    “Oh, James hasn’t enlightened you I see as you’re still in your ignorant bliss.” Cathleen mused then turned to anger, “No! That isn’t how it works you simpleton! James pulled a prank you.”

    “I know some others that would love to be… personal servants down here.” Jenny offered her thoughts.

    “My father would turn over in his grave if he knew what was going on down there!” Cathleen fumed, “Answer me James, what am I to do?”

    James had time to think about it since Jen had given him more time, “Just tell the staff Jen is Mike’s girlfriend and allow them to have a significant other here. You wouldn’t lose any more servants, the staff can support their own keeping you from spending money and they could love whoever they want.”

    Cathleen sat back in her chair and pondered his suggestion. It really made sense to her and no spouses was her father’s rule. ‘Fuck it’ she decided, they can go to hell in a hand basket as long as they do their jobs.

    “I’ll concede that and warn you, there better not be any drama over this.” Cathleen threatened, “I’ll put out a bulletin on it now but even one more request for a sex slave and I’m having you neutered.”

    “You damn near did already.” James mumbled. “Thank you very much and I’ll keep my balls in mind from now on.” he spoke out loud. “Could you put in that bulletin that slaves are not available for request?”

    “I guess I’ll have to. It’s getting so out of hand.” Cathleen agreed, “Jennifer, can I get your attention away from the cock you’re playing with for a moment?” she asked, disgruntled.

    “Yes ma’am.” She replied, straightening up and sitting right, focusing on the monitor. Mike stepped closer to hear what this was going to be about.

    “You caused a shit storm by leaving with Mike.” She started, “Any more problems out of you and you’ll be back with your father faster than you can pack. Is that clear?”

    “Yes, ma’am, I understand. I’ll be a good slave.” Jen vowed, crossing her heart.

    Cathleen rolled her eyes at that, “Slave… I don’t know who to blame for that.” She sighed, “It was probably me for giving Ying away.” giving the situation more thought, “And it was my fault for thinking James had it in him to be cruel enough to a woman and making her get back upstairs where she belonged.”

    James had to intervene, “Now wait, you aren’t to blame for anything you thought was right. Ying is the best thing to happen to me. It may be my fault for not getting Jen back upstairs but it was definitely my fault for letting Mike go up there to begin with.” He caught his breath, “So, shit happens. We make mistakes. We deal with it. Ying is absolutely happy with being a slave, so what? Mike lucked out and found someone he likes, big deal. I know you’re catching heat. I can understand that, but try to understand… you are making people happy.”

    Cathleen struggled with the James’ words. She had to have time to think about it. “Ok, flight leaves at 3pm tomorrow. You two muscle bound meats better be on it. If you bring Ying, Jennifer, or both, you are responsible. These are big clients and they better leave my party just giddy about Spenco, no matter what happens.”

    Mike was clueless and asked, “I like parties. What are we celebrating?”

    James butted in, “I’ll fill him in on it. Don’t you worry; Jill and I will both have your back.”

    Turning her gaze from the Neanderthal of a man James called a friend, “Mike isn’t allowed to talk to anyone there. He is strictly eye candy. Got it?”

    “Yes ma’am, Mike will be on his best behavior. Won’t you Mike?” James asked.

    Mike took a bow, “I am here to serve.” taking one from James’ playbook.

    “Jill!” Cathleen called, and then focused on the screen again, “I’ve warned you. It’s all I can do. Now, somebody tell Ying you can’t put a butt plug and a vibrator in the same damn hole. Good bye.” turning away from the screen as it went off, “Get Jack in here, these swinging dicks made me horny again!” was heard through the speakers before the connection broke.
    “The best of a book is not the thought which it contains, but the thought which it suggests; just as the charm of music dwells not in the tones but in the echoes of our hearts." John Greenleaf Whittier (American Writer, 1807-1892)
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    Chapter 9

    James and Mike turned around to find Ying putting a vibrator through the ring of her butt plug. Jenny was playing with her own vibrator on her patch of red hair. James decided that Cathleen could be a real turn off at times as the scene before him didn’t even get him aroused.

    “You’d think the killjoy would be easier on you since you saved her ass today.” Mike thought out loud.

    James sighed, “She has a lot to deal with. The media must be up her ass over me. Police reports have to be filed. She almost got kidnapped. I killed a guy right in front of her. Her security isn’t all that secure. I send you upstairs to get drama started. A major deal involving millions of dollars is being struck for her corporation. The stress just piles up.” James surmised.

    “You heard what she said.” Mike pointed out. “She probably needs some dick.” he chuckled.

    James gave that some consideration and said, “You are absolutely right.” grabbing sweats out of his drawer, “Let’s go give her some.” and headed into the bathroom to clean up.

    “Really, are you sure about that?” Mike said surprised, “I don’t look good in hand cuffs.” grabbing his loaners off the dresser, “And I don’t need my ball spanked.”

    “Yep, we are going to lay the dick in her. Trust me, she’ll like it.” James assured him, coming out and grabbing his phone and keycard.

    “Ok, what are we doing with those?” Mike asked, pointing to the girl toys playing with their sex toys.

    James had a solution for that, “Ying, teach her everything you know about being a sex slave. We’ll be back in a little while.” James instructed. “We’ll quiz her when we get back.”

    Mike agreed, that would be awesome, “Good idea!” he exclaimed, and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

    James watched Ying show Jen some clips on the net while he waited on Mike. Jenny was soaking it up, especially the array of vibrators being used on the bound women in the clip. The girl obviously had a thing for vibrators. He pulled out another one from his drawer and gave it to her. “You can keep this one.” handing her the green phallus.

    Mike came out and was ready to go. James led the way out the door. As they entered the corridor, Lisa came out of her room.

    “Where are you guys going?” she asked, so they gave her a quick rundown on their intent to lay the much needed dick in her sister. James figured that double pleasure might get her out of a bad mood.

    Lisa smiled a lusty smile and said, “You two could fuck me.” running a finger down his chest.

    James just knew she would say that, “Or we could please the one that pays the bills.”

    She blew him off with that, “So what’s Ying doing?” she asked.

    “Um, she is giving a course in submissive sex.” James explained vaguely.

    “Really, that’s interesting. You say giving a course eh?” Lisa asked, smelling a fish that wasn’t swimming.

    “Yeah… I got to go.” James replied, still avoiding the issue.

    “Ok, I’ll get Link, he could use some lessons.” Lisa quipped, and headed back into her room.

    James tapped Mike, “Let’s get outta here before the shit hits the fan.” and bolted for the elevator.

    In the elevator Mike asked, “What’s wrong? Lisa wouldn’t be happy with me having a slave?”

    James explained, “Oh, she would probably be happy for you but I didn’t want to be around when she found out. Everything turns that girl on. We would wind up fucking her instead of Cathleen if she got her way.”

    Mike smiled at that, “I guess she is a little sex craved.” He speculated, “One true nympho there.”

    The elevator stopped at Level 1 and a woman entered. Mike recognized her, “Hi Sharon.”

    Red hair and large breasts, James should have guessed. He decided to keep out of the conversation, not wanting the drama to deal with.

    “Mike, how’s my daughter?” Sharon asked, looking at him intently.

    “She was all tied up a little while ago.” Mike smiled, “She’s taking a training course right now.” and smiled bigger.

    “Good, make sure you beat her ass and tell her it’s from me.” She replied, “And you look better without lipstick.” stepping out of the elevator on the first floor.

    “I sure will.” Mike assured her, “And thanks!” as the elevator closed.

    James was completely puzzled. How a mother could possibly allow their daughter to become a sex slave baffled him. It was an issue he preferred not to be a part of and was glad he stayed out of it. He was just going to add it to the crazy crap and move on.

    “You think she’d be good in bed?” Mike asked, as the elevator took them higher.

    James was lost in his own thoughts but heard his question, “Who?”

    “Mrs. Francis.” he answered.

    “Sharon Francis? I have no clue.” James said, still surprised at his friend’s thoughts coming from his dick.

    “I was just wondering.” Mike said, as the elevator let them out on the fourth floor. “I would like to try mother daughter sex.”

    “Wonder some other time, we got business to take care of now.” James said, and went over the game plan he came up with. Since neither one was gay, they agreed to focus on Cathleen and forget the other one.

    They walked in to an open door. James hesitated on knocking as the sight of Jack, wearing the strap-on, was humping away on Cathleen. Mike had his eyes full and started heading right in.

    “Excuse me Miss, would you like a real one?” James asked, holding Mike back and bringing Cathleen’s head around.

    “What the hell are you doing up here? I thought you were busy with the delinquent.” Cathleen huffed, still getting it from Jack.

    “You got us excited watching you on the monitor. We decided to get the real thing.” James replied, walking over to the bed. Mike beat him there, checking on Jack’s technique.

    “Shouldn’t you be putting ice on your balls? They have to be killing you.” Cathleen asked, rising up on her elbows.

    “They sure are; I was hoping you could make them feel better.” James quipped.

    Tilting her head and looking at him, she said, “Jack, take a break.” and waited for her to dismount. Jack seemed a little disappointed as if she did all that work for nothing. She grabbed her maid outfit and headed out. James found it weird to watch a girl walk with a strap-on. It was just… weird somehow.

    Cathleen sat up on the edge of the bed and she looked at James again, “So, the girls in your room just weren’t good enough for you?” she teased, “You had to find a real woman, is that it?”

    James smiled at her play, “You figured me out. But I had to bring Mike. You’re more of a woman than one man can handle.” he replied, lowering his sweats in front of her.

    “Stop it, that’s enough out of you. I recognize bull shit when I hear It.” she chastised, cupping his unveiled balls. “I almost died watching that book slap into these. How are they doing really?” she asked, in sincerity.

    “They were knocked out of the park by that homerun Ying made.” James chuckled, “But they’re definitely feeling better with you massaging them.” watching the smile cross her lips as he spoke.

    Mike stripped and took a seat beside her. Reaching over, he caressed her left breast.

    “Let me see if I can get some life back into them.” she suggested, and slipped his cock in her mouth.

    Mike scooted back and wrapped his legs around Cathleen, “Let me see if I can get some tension out of you.” Scooting in close, he massaged her back and moved her hair off of her cheeks. Caressing her shoulders, he worked his way down to her sides. Still massaging, his hands approached her breasts. Starting at the bottom of her breasts, he massaged his way up until he had both, kneading his way to her nipples.

    James felt his balls as they stiffened in her hand, his cock lurched at her prodding tongue. He grabbed the sides of her head and caressed while she worked him over. She had him cock, stock, and balls with her mouth’s talented efforts and he grew to his full erection. She took him in and out and stroked his shaft, knowing just how to make him aroused. All James could do was moan.

    Cathleen wasn’t used to having two men at once. The feel of hands on her breasts while tasting a different cock was raising her passion high. It was enhanced even more as she felt Mike’s hands lower to her moistened hotspot. She spread herself for his access and he groped her wet pussy. To make it even more exciting, Mike dropped his other hand, pinching and squeezing her lips.

    Mike was getting the skills he’d learned honed on the sexy heiress. Wanting to make it special for her, he nibbled on her shoulders and neck as he played. You cannot play with a woman’s charms and not be seriously affected, his manhood rose in the small of her back while he coated his fingers in her fluids.

    James picked up where Mike left off and cupped her breasts in his hands. Kneading and caressing, he humped himself slowly in the mouth of his billionaire lover. Knowing they were giving her a new experience made him even more excited and pinched her softly and rolled on her nipples, determined to give her the maximum amount pleasure.

    Cathleen was taken from her cares of the day to the attention she was now receiving. A cock in her mouth, balls in her hands, her breasts massaged and her pussy fondled was only enhanced by the raging hard-on in the small of her back. It definitely made the fake one of Jack’s pale in comparison. Just when she thought she had never had it so good, her nipples were tweaked while her clit was pinched and fingers entered her sex.

    Mike had timed it perfectly, circling her entrance with one hand’s fingers while circling her clit with the other. Watching James as he progressed on her breasts, he entered and pinched at the same time James rolled her nipples. The result was rewarding as Cathleen moaned on the cock that she was servicing.

    James smiled at the moan that vibrated on his shaft as he felt it in his balls. “So good.” he said, as he felt her tongue work. Whatever it was that Mike had done was timed exactly right. James pulled himself away from her lips and leaned her back on Mike. Bending on knees, he fed on her breasts in his hands.

    Whatever she felt from a man’s lusty touch in the past was bland in comparison. Used to having two hands caress her was multiplied by ten with four. Mike on her sex and James on her breasts yielded so many sensations, administered at the same time. It was like an orchestra with the two playing in sync. As James would suckle a nipple, Mike would tweak her clit. It was too much to deal with and her senses overloaded, bringing her to a shuddering orgasm.

    Mike watched his partner intently, working on the breasts of Cathleen. He made sure to time his moves with the contact James was making on her nipples. Upon her body caving in to bliss, he worked her even faster. While he twiddled her clit and prodded her entrance, James sucked, squeezed, and tugged on her breasts. Feeling her come down from her high, he eased up on his fondling of her sex.

    Cathleen blew apart at the touch of four hands and two mouths, quivering in their groping. The man behind her eased on his play and left her in post orgasmic revelry. She wasn’t there long as James picked up her legs and forced her back on the bed. Mike moved, placing a pillow in his stead and let her lie on the Parisian sheets. Opening her eyes, she saw the man that played on her sensitive nipples raise up. Glancing to her side, she saw the man that masturbated her to orgasm.

    “I believe you had an orgasm and I’m dying to get to taste it. Don’t worry though; we’ll make you make more.” James said, and then dropped to her sex. The glistening sight in the bedroom light of her orgasm on her cunt had James anxious in his lust for the wet creamy substance. He prepared his meal and played with his food with fingers over her lips. Spreading her lips with two fingers and pinching her clit with two others, James lowered his mouth, sticking out his tongue, and savored the juice from her orgasm.

    Mike was a little jealous as James took what he brought out of her. But he thought of something that James gave up and inserted his cock between her abandoned lips. He approached her from the side as to not block her breasts from his play while she milked him with her mouth. He was pleasantly surprised as she cupped his sack in her hand.

    The bastard refused to let her hate him as he made a promise to give her more pleasure. Every time he fucks up he winds up fucking and everything seems to turn out fine. She let her mind release her worries as Mike offered her his cock. She had more pressing concerns as James spread her lips wide open. Mike took to caressing her breasts with passion and James massaged her ass. A cock filled her mouth as a tongue filled her hole and she was left holding Mike’s bag. What the hell can she do with her other hand, since they seemed to have everything covered? She opted to grab James’ hair.

    James worked his magic with nose and chin bringing her to the edge again. He watched the play on Mike’s rigid shaft and tongued in every time Mike’s cock entered her mouth. If she licked so did James and tonguing gave her the same. Cathleen caught on it seemed and went faster on her servicing. The more she fucked Mike into her mouth, the faster James tongue fucked her hole. She brought her own self off by controlling her mouth on his cock.

    The lass with class upon his shaft was driving him crazy and knowing it. He tried to concentrate on something unpleasant to keep from filling her mouth. She wasn’t getting what she was wanting; he was saving it for someplace else. He focused on the breasts in his hands and the actions of his best friend’s bobbing head. She fucked herself instead of him and he smiled just watching her scream on his cock.

    She humped out her pleasure in little short bursts and James swallowed what she offered. When she came down from her peak, he released her to recoup her energy. Looking up he was worried that Mike wouldn’t hold on from the sensations she was lustfully giving. But he worried for nothing as Mike pulled back and still showed his rigid pole. James turned away from the cock in a hurry; it just wasn’t his cup of tea and focused instead at the women in front of him.

    “What do you think Mike? She’s pretty hot. You think she could handle double trouble?” James asked, reminding him of a porno they both watched when they were in high school visiting a mutual friend. A guy had two women work their way down on him. They talked about the scene for a long time. Both secretly fantasized about it.

    Mike looked at her with a studious face and said, “I bet she comes hard on phase three.”

    Cathleen had no clue what the duo had planned but it sure seemed interesting to her. She let them plot while she caught her breath and readied for whom or whatever.

    The pair moved her to the center of the bed and each took a place beside her. James drew a finger from her forehead to her slit, “This half’s mine.” he said lustily, and Mike then claimed the other. James grabbed her leg with his leg and spread it away from her center. Mike did the same with her other leg, leaving her wide open for anything, everything, and whatever.

    James pulled her chin to face him and gave her a deep, tongue filled, kiss. Mike pulled her chin to face him and gave her the same deep, tongue filled, kiss.

    Cathleen was embarrassed as she kissed two men, one right after the other. Since one had her orgasm on his breath, she passed it on to the other. They both started on a cheek and worked their way back to her ears. They tongued, nibbled and sucked and yes, they even got behind her ears. She had to giggle at the tickling she got as their breaths blew on her neck.

    ‘Ok’ she thought when the vampires sucked on her sensitive neck in unison. ‘That’s good’ she thought as they each grabbed a breast and kissed their way down to them. It was strange to have two different owners to hands that played with her mounds. They were the same but somehow different that made it seem so unique. She broke out in goose bumps from feeling their touching.

    They kissed and sucked on her undersides and worked their way to the middles. “Oh my God!” she screamed as they each sucked in a nipple. Her hands flayed in the air as they each held an arm captive. “No, no, no!” she screamed as they both treated them like little cocks and sucked them in and out. To make the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, they each made sure to nip her buds on exits.

    ‘Phase three was a good bet’ she thought as she screamed into orgasm without a single touch on her pussy. The boys held her from leaving with their arms and their legs and she shattered the sound barrier in screams. The son-of-a-bitches worked together, bobbing up and down on each nipple. They softened their teasing as she came down and both released her breasts simultaneously.

    “What happened?” James asked, so innocently. “Did you say something dear?”

    She gasped out her reply, “Yes… I believe… Mike has won his bet.” as they continued to caress her sensitive orbs.

    “No, I lost.” Mike admitted, sounding a little disappointed, “Since that was only phase two.” lightly caressing her underside breast and down to her pelvis center.

    “So what is phase...? Oh!” she said, as her future looked brighter if what she thought were true.

    James smiled at her revelation and got back to work on her charms. Mike did the same and worked his way down where her leg met her groin. James met him there and had a word with his lifelong friend beside him, “Sorry if I get too close but I’m going to try to forget about you.” Mike chuckled at that and had a reply, “I’ve already forgotten about you.” James laughed and asked, “You want the pussy?” and Mike said, “Not after your chops have been on it.” James was almost offended at that and said, “Fine, you get to eat her ass.” and smiled.

    They lifted her legs to her chest and started on ass cheeks and James headed north to plunder. Mike stayed where he was and headed west to find his golden nugget. Both lifted a hand and kneaded a breast as they feasted all over her flesh. They timed it right as they monitored each other and dove on their selected holes in sync.

    Cathleen couldn’t describe the sensations on her ass when both went to nibbling and sucking. She could get used to that; but the men had more mischievous plans. One worked his way into her inner ass cheek and sucked it in his mouth. The other worked his way up and sucked in her pussy lips. With her legs already on two backs, she couldn’t close them at all, leaving her at their mercy. They both started licking around her holes and she could definitely get used to that. Just as she was settled on it and enjoying the wonderful lapping, the two assholes playing with her nether stabbed their tongues in both of her holes at the same time.

    She humped up in reflex which may or may not have been a mistake. But that had given each man better access and they pounded their faces in her sex. They did it different but just the same. One was in while the other was out or both where in at the same time. Not knowing what to expect, she decided to orgasm instead.

    There wasn’t a lick between them but she felt them just the same. They both made sure she climbed the walls while lying folded on her bed. She couldn’t figure out if it was the tongue in her pussy or the one in her ass that made her go over. In the end she decided she went over from both. Having nowhere to go but in their mouths, she screamed and erupted there.

    Letting her down easy from orgasm, they both let go of her legs. Caressing her pussy lips and inner thighs, they waited while she recovered. They discussed the orgasm she had, both claiming to be the one that put her over. They came to the same conclusion Cathleen did, they both had put her over.

    “Did you see her ass quiver?” Mike asked and James shook his head and said, “I know her pussy sure did.”

    “You want to fuck her first?” James offered, man-handling her sex over to him. But Mike turned it down, “I won’t last no time in her, you better go first to make it last.” handing her sex back to him, knowing James had more self-control.

    “Well somebody fuck me.” Cathleen stated, “Quit tossing my ass like its meat.”

    Mike climbed up to her head and knelt by her side. “I want those beautiful lips.” He said, shaking his cock in her face, “Right here.”

    “I’m going to cum all over you.” James said, and got busy working her pussy with the head of his cock again.

    “You’re not wasting all that on me; I’m getting up to get some.” She said, and then stuck Mike’s cock in her mouth to indicate the discussion was over.

    James shrugged his shoulders and gave her what she wanted, stabbing his cock in her. She grunted from his small attacks but kept right on sucking. James played around on tits and clit while he pumped his manhood in her. Pulling out and playing on her clit, he would stick it back in for more thrusts. Upon tiring of his play, he thrust in again and continued on his journey.

    Cathleen was in heaven with a cock humping her mouth while another humped in her pussy. But just as she was getting familiar, James would pull out and rub her clit with his cock. She knew he would get down to business eventually and he was just adding more fuel to the fire. It wouldn’t be long… ah, there he goes, and she was fucked hard into bliss.

    Mike feared for his dick as her orgasm hit, she screamed with a mouthful of him. He hoped she had enough sanity left to keep from biting down on him. Just to make sure he pumped a few times to remind her it was there.

    James didn’t let up even with her pussy clamping and pumped as fast as he could, he was going to go over sooner than later but he wanted to give her a good round. After she simmered down a little he did another signature move. Lifting a hand to help her more, he rubbed her clit with the same rhythm he was pumping.

    ‘What the hell is he doing?’ she thought, her orgasm was over now. But you couldn’t tell the raging beast that because he kept on pumping inside her. He must have known something she didn’t because his fingers were fondling her clit. Together they climbed to the height of their passion and she came again in abundance. James held back long enough to get her off and pulled out at the very last moment.

    ‘Fuck this’, Mike thought as he seen Cathleen launch into another spasm. He pulled out this time and held his meat while he watched the two grind on each other. He hadn’t seen women cum so much until James showed him it was possible. Now he witnessed yet another girl get socked with a multiple orgasm.

    James pulled out and shot his first wad straight up Cathleen’s chest. His next shot wasn’t wasted as she opened her mouth over on it. She took the third in her mouth with her lips wrapped around him. The fourth met air as she fell back from her orgasm and he fountained on her breasts. She wore it with pride as she massaged it in, coating her nipples with it.

    James calmed down and regained his breath, looking at his after effects. Like a mischievous urchin, he smiled a guilty smile, so proud of the mess he made.

    Mike said, “My turn. Put me in coach.” and got up off the bed. James traded places with Mike, giving up the saddle of her crotch. He opted to take over the hole he originally started from.

    Cathleen was tired, dead dog tired. She lost count of all the orgasms. But she was in a delusional mood, believing she was more woman than one man could handle. Opening up and letting him in, she began to clean the cock that serviced her.

    Mike was anxious to get started; he was all achy from it. His cock had been teased long enough and now it was his turn. But as he entered the sleeve James was in, his ego threw him for a loop. If James can bring out such powerful orgasms, he could probably do the same. He didn’t care if he outdid him but he could at least match him in this game.

    James let her clean him off then eased away from her. Grabbing her soggy breasts in hands, he massaged his mess on them. Finding a few drops together, he raked it up and offered it to her mouth. She sucked off its goo and quickly throated the rest of his finger.

    Kissing her forehead, he went back to work, teasing and scratching her breast. He watched Mike as he played on her clit with his cock then dipped to rub her ass with it. ‘The man had changed’ James had thought and, it seemed, much for the better. Instead of humping and dumping, he’s more interested in pleasing. He gave up on his observance and bent low to Cathleen’s mouth, offering her his nipple.

    Mike was going mad, she actually sucked James’ cum soaked finger! Now she’s sucking his nipple and his own tingled from just the thought. How many times will he actually say ‘I wish I had thought of that’? He guided his cock back in the hole he was bound to receive great pleasure from. Easing it in to its hilt, he ground his pelvic bone into her clit. After his stirrings he went back to stabbing and eked out another orgasm from her.

    Cathleen got off yet another time as she sucked on James’ nipple. She had thought about doing that but never had the courage to do it. Just the fact that he let her sent her over the edge. James glided his hand through sticky goo and reached her mound of hair. Grabbing a handful of her curly pubes, he gave her a little tug. Mike saw him do it and it brought a smile to his face and pumped her a little faster.

    James wasn’t gay but he risked his ego and lowered his fingers to her slit. Mike leaned back a little to allow him the access. James spread her lips and pinched her clit; making her want to come more than ever.

    Mike sped up on her lurching and pumped his cock deep in her. He was going to shoot a load and she was going to accept it. James backed off and Mike’s pelvis took over, pounding on her clit. James went back to playing with nipples as Cathleen screamed from the sensations.

    This was it, he was cumming and it had been a long time. He didn’t cum from playing with Jen so all that energy was still in him. He splattered against her cervix and James grabbed her behind her knees, pulling them back to her chest. That opened her up even wider and Mike was free to give her his all. He kept it going though he was done since she was still in her climax.

    She was done, didn’t they understand? She had cum too much already. But James pulled her legs back and let the beast in deeper and forced her to cum hard one more time. She finally came down and kicked in the air, “Ok! That’s enough!!” she panted, “I’m done!” she pleaded and Mike let up off of his pumping.

    James let go of her legs and knelt beside her. “Did we wear you out?” he asked, combing her hair around an ear.

    “You over fucked me. I have nothing left.” She gasped, withering in the bed. “The next time, I’ll just take one cock. But you can bring the extra hands and mouths.” She giggled.

    “Sorry, I could have come in your mouth.” Mike admitted, getting up off the bed.

    Cathleen thought that was funny, “I tried to get you to.” She laughed, “But I got myself off instead.” She finished laughing and asked, “Have you two done this before?”

    “Nope, first time I ever shared a woman.” Mike admitted.

    “Same here” James admitted. “And it’s probably my last.”

    “That is odd. You both would love to do it with two women.” Cathleen pointed out, “Sounds hypocritical to me.”

    “Well, I’ll take being hypocritical over being gay any day.” James chuckled, getting his sweats back on. “It is a huge turn off for me.”

    “I’ll consider myself lucky then since I had you both at once.” Cathleen concluded, getting off the bed. “It was a nice way to end the week since we’re all leaving tomorrow.”

    “Well, we had to make an exception for someone as special as you.” James replied, “Are you feeling any better?”

    “Oh yes thank you, how did you know I needed it?” Cathleen replied, slipping on a robe.

    “The way you were… busting my balls today; it was pretty obvious.” James chuckled, heading for the door to leave.

    Cathleen acted shocked, “I was not busting your balls, Ying was!” she huffed, placing her hands on her hips, “I’ve had a boatload on my mind and it’s been a stressful day, that’s all.”

    “I know and that’s why we came. It was our mission to relieve you of that stress.” James said, watching her robe gap open around her breasts.

    “You’ve certainly done that and again, I thank you.” she said, reminiscing about the sensational act they brought to her.

    “You are most welcome.” James replied and focused on his friend, “Come on Mike, let’s get back to the girls; Cathleen’s swinging titties are making me horny again.” and bolted out the door. A pillow followed the two into the hallway as they headed down the corridor. “Bastard!” she yelled from behind the door as it had slammed shut following the pillow.

    They were in the elevator heading down before either one said another word.

    “Awkward wasn’t it?” Mike said, looking at the florescent lighted ceiling while elevator music played ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’.

    James was admiring the pretty colored buttons on the door panel, “Yep, weird.” leaning against the rail, “I’m just going to forget about it.”

    Mike and his shit eating grin then said, “I’ve already forgotten about you.” as the elevator opened on their floor.

    James’ door was open but nobody was inside. Lisa’s door was open and empty. They moved on to the rec room. Walking into the area, both were struck by the image in the room.

    Lisa had the slaves in thongs sitting on their knees in the sunken area. Their arms were behind their backs. She was pacing back and forth in front of them with a whip in her hand. Wearing a pink thong, pink driving gloves, and pink high heel shoes, she was instructing her students on the art of anal play.

    “So, we are going to try this again.” Lisa was saying, “If you cannot suck an ass, you are half the slave you should be.” striking the whip in her hand, “Now, I want to feel deep penetration…“ then caught sight of the guys, “Oh, the boys are back.” and stopped her pacing across the floor.

    James looked down at Ying in her black thong and she smiled back at him. Mike looked down at Jen in her light green thong and smiled. “How are we doing here?” Mike asked, anxious to play with his new toy.

    “We have Ying and Link trained pretty well, but Jen is a little defiant. She is having a hard time getting into the ass crack. She insists I move the thong out of the way but the other two uses their noses with no problem. She even expected me to spread my ass cheeks for her, if you can believe that!” Lisa explained in disgruntlement. “But, as you can see, we have her plug in, wearing a thong, and she learned new techniques on Link.”

    “Let’s not be too hard on the girl, it is her first day and all.” Mike sympathized, “As long as she has been trained on obedience, I’ll be happy for now.”

    “So, she tells me she was a dish washer.” Lisa stated, “She also tells me you went upstairs and took her.”

    “Now don’t blame me because I wanted one. James told me where to go to get one.” Mike deflected.

    “Wait, it was a practical joke that got out of hand.” James explained; Mike made it sound worse than it was.

    “I think I’ll go upstairs and pick one out.” Doc Vicky said, coming from behind into the area.

    James panicked, “My God, don’t do that!” he exclaimed, “Cathleen will have my balls on a silver platter!”

    “So? They aren’t my balls.” she said, taking a seat on the couch.

    “She was pissed off at that.” Mike informed her, “I wouldn’t press your luck with her right about now.”

    “Look, I got her to agree to let the staff members have their relations here. You can go get your own somewhere else.” James explained, “Just leave her damn servants alone. My balls are still killing me from it.”

    “Oh? Why is that?” Doc Vicky asked; interested to hear all about it.

    “It’s a painful memory I would rather not discuss.” James vaguely said, feeling a twinge of pain thinking about it.

    “She had Ying swat them with a biology book.” Mike blurted out then held back a chuckle.

    Everyone grimaced at the image placed in their heads; some with remembrance, others with imagination.

    “Damn! Cat has a mean streak in her!” Lisa exclaimed, picturing a book smacking balls.

    James defended Cathleen and corrected, “She didn’t do it on purpose; it was purely an accident.”

    “Ok, how did she manage to smack your balls on accident then?” Doc Vicky asked, trying to picture the event.

    James didn’t want to get into it but Mike was happy to oblige, “She made him bend his naked ass over and grab his ankles.” Chuckling, “His balls were between his legs.”

    “That is hilarious! I only wish I was there to see it!” Lisa said, giddy about the painful event.

    Vicky frowned, “It still doesn’t explain the lipstick around his nipple.”

    James was ready to change the subject, “So, what have you trained them on exactly.” He asked, hoping to move the topic to something less uncomfortable.

    “Mike, would you like to test yours out?” Lisa offered, letting action speak louder than words.

    “Damn skippy!” Mike proclaimed, and without hesitation, “Jen, inspection!” and she popped right up in her stance. Lisa handed him the riding crop and took a seat on the couch behind Link.

    He looked her over and checked her butt plug. Looking at her welted ass he asked, “Has she been disobedient?”

    Lisa huffed and said, “Like a spoiled brat!” as Mike ran his hand over the little whelps.

    “I hope she’s learned her lesson.” Mike said with a frown.

    “She’s coming around.” Lisa pointed out.

    “Did Lisa beat your ass?” he asked, still frowning at Jen.

    “Yes master.” She said, looking at the floor. She had only been disciplined by her mother and Lisa’s punishment seemed worse somehow. Now, she was somehow ashamed that her master was disappointed in her. She hoped to make it up to him somehow.

    “Good, your mother wanted me to beat your ass and tell you it was from her.” he told her, walking around her. “Now, you will give me a safety word.” rubbing her ass some more. “What is your least favorite fruit?”

    “Um, orange.” she said, and was struck on her sensitive ass. “Orange master.” she corrected. She was still not getting it right. Maybe once she gets used to it, it’ll be easier to remember.

    “Good” Mike said, smiling at her correction, “You may use that word at any time you think you cannot tolerate any more.” rubbing her ass, “If you abuse it, you will be back with your father.” grabbing her pussy. “I will promise you that you will not bleed but you might receive pain at times.” squeezing her thong into her sex. “Did you want to say anything? You can speak freely.” tugging her thong into her ass crack.

    Jen was nervous as hell. She was bored out of her skull just yesterday and contemplated running away just today. However, she has had more excitement in two hours than she has ever had in her life. Was this what she wanted? Hell yeah it was! Mike was the man of her fantasies just to be honest, not some high school jerk off with fumbling fingers. Just how many men actually took control and go after what they wanted like he did? That’s why she went with him to begin with. The thought of James having his way with her was also appealing, knowing the man knew what a woman liked. “If you take care of me and make me as happy as Ying, I will serve you without question.” she said; which was all she really wanted anyway, someone to take care of her.

    Mike liked her answer but didn’t know exactly how happy Ying was. But it didn’t matter to him at all as he could get used to this kind of lifestyle. His aggressive side fit right in. This high school sweetheart was in for a surprise. He planned to keep her for a very long time and all he had to do was train her to his liking.

    “Hang on tight little girl. You are in for one hell of a ride.” he said, cracking a wicked smile. “So, tell me, what turns Jenny on?” Mike asked, as James took a seat behind Ying.

    “Um, I’m not sure just yet.” she said in a bashful voice, “I’m a little new at it.”

    “Excellent!” Mike declared, “We can figure all of it out.” and dipped his finger in her crack. Pulling thong straight out, he let it snap back. “You have played with yourself so we can start there.” and took a seat in front of her.

    Jen looked at him and blinked, not sure exactly what he meant. She noticed the other eyes on her and looked towards the floor again. She was getting over her lack of clothing but struggled with everyone seeing her. Before, it was just Lisa and the other slaves. Now, there was a crowd forming on the couch in front of her.

    Winking at James, Mike looked back at his charge, “Don’t be shy; show us how you jerk off.” he said, and waited for her to start.

    Jen didn’t hear him or she was sure he meant something else. Surely he didn’t expect her to just start masturbating in front of everyone like they weren’t there. She raised her hands and shrugged her shoulders, not really knowing what to do.

    Mike grabbed the whip from Lisa’s hands and tapped her on the side of her legs. “Come on, get to it. Play with yourself down there.” and touched the tip of the riding crop against her wedged pussy. “You better make yourself cum too.” he said with his shit eating grin.

    Jen took her thong from her slit, not knowing what else she could do. Sticking her hand in, she felt her wetness and was surprised at her body’s arousal. Closing her eyes, she tried to travel away from the lusty eyes of the others. She started to get into it but she would hear a sigh or a cough and it would bring her back to reality.

    Mike knew she was struggling and recognized her efforts, but she was still focused on the group. “Lisa, do you have a blind fold?” Mike asked the girl beside him.

    “Yep, sure do. I’ll go get it.” Lisa replied and got up and left the rec room.

    Mike stood up and caressed her breasts, “You’re not concentrating hard enough. You need to relax a little more.” and fondled her ass cheeks in both hands.

    Lisa came back in with a pink sleeping mask. Handing it over to Mike, she retook her seat behind Link.

    “This will help you take your mind off things.” and placed it over her eyes. Stepping back, he took his seat in front of the very nervous Jen.

    Emotions filled her as she restarted, wanting to do his bidding. She relaxed and rubbed, thinking back to the cock that entered her cunt. James had slapped her on her clit with his balls as he rammed her from behind. This was one she knew she would use as it was the hottest thing to happen so far. Her pussy moistened at the thought and she dipped her finger to get to it.

    “Tell me Jen, what you are thinking, no matter what it is.” Mike whispered, leaning forward to her.

    She wasn’t sure how jealous he would be and hesitated in answering. Mike used the riding crop and prompted her to tell him. “I was tied up on a bed and fucked from behind.” was all she could muster to say.

    Mike grinned at that in remembrance and said, “Describe it for me. Was it hot? Did it really turn you on? Tell me everything you’re thinking to make your pussy cum.”

    She didn’t want to share her fantasy, ‘It wasn’t even possible’ she thought. But Mike insisted with the crop and she had to make up something.

    “I took my clothes off…” she started, fidgeting in her spot. “I got naked in front of two guys.” and she bit her lower lip.

    “Go on.” Mike said, “Keep going.” he urged, and caressed her on a thigh.

    “They bent me over and tied me up. They made me take a butt plug up my ass.” she continued, rubbing her clit in memory. “They wanted to spank Me.” licking her lips, “But they used their hard-ons to do It.” and gasped from her own words. “After playing with me one shoved his cock as deep as it would go.” she panted, “I couldn’t move and was totally at their mercy.” she sighed, “He scratched me down my back and shoved his cock in me at the same time.” she hissed, “God, that felt so good.”

    James sat back, enjoying the show, knowing it wasn’t all that. But the girl was fantasizing and it didn’t surprise him as she added her own spin to the tale. He saw Ying looking at her with a faraway stare in her eyes. Her nipples had jutted out and he bet she was turned on. Nudging her to get her attention, he motioned she could masturbate.

    Ying smiled a smile at her master’s kindness and rubbed her achy pussy. She remembered what Jen was saying and had her own little spin on it. She waited to hear what else she would say and try to get off from it.

    “He fucked me from behind and made his balls hit my clit over and over.” she whispered, her fingers sped up a little. “Then he reached in and pinched my clit with his fingers.” and she did that to herself as she said it.

    Lisa saw what Ying was doing and the boner her man toy had. She let him play with himself as Jen described her fantasy. Vicky needed no permission and rubbed her aroused crotch.

    “He slammed into me so hard… I couldn’t hold out.” she hissed, “Then, he yanked out the butt plug they forced in my ass.” and gasped again as Mike pulled the one she was wearing out. “He forced me to cum and cum, over and over. I screamed because it felt so good.” and brought herself off almost as hard from remembering as she did from the experience itself.

    They watched as the redheaded girl climaxed in front of them. The lighting reflected the sweat on her upper lip and breasts. Her legs were shaking in the aftermath. Link was spanking it hard and Lisa made him stop. Ying was going pretty fast herself and James motioned her to cut it out.

    Mike was proud of his charge and said,” Damn Jen; that was super-hot!” and everyone agreed with him in unison.

    James said, “She past your test pal, I guess she’s yours.” smiling at the blindfolded sexpot.

    Jen was smiling from all the praise, not expecting such a response. She couldn’t believe they were proud of her for jerking off in front of them. She even bowed as she removed the blindfold while they clapped their hands. ‘These guys are kind of crazy’ she thought, ‘but I like that kind of crazy.’ and grinned all the more.

    Mike calmed everyone down and said, “She has to be initiated.” remembering his college times. “Who wants to go first?” Mike offered, being a considerate host.

    To no surprise to anyone, Lisa raised her hand, “Me! Pick me!” she exclaimed and got up from the couch. Everyone rolled their eyes like that wasn’t any surprise. Jen was the only one who had a puzzling expression on her face, wondering what initiation they were talking about.

    Mike instructed her to get on her knees, “You’re going to service us all.” and watched her eyes go big with the thought, knowing she couldn’t possibly do all of that.

    “Just relax and take them in, they’ll do all the work.” Mike explained, “You are to swallow every bit when they release in your mouth.” turning back into his roll he added, “Arms behind your back.”

    Lisa removed her pink thong and got in front of her. Grabbing Jen’s hair on the top of her head, she said, “Open wide you sexy bitch!” and shoved her face into her. It didn’t take Lisa long as the scene she watched had already made her horny. Within two minutes she was climaxing all over Jen’s reddened face, flooding over her open mouth.

    Of course the men slobbered, watching the substance waterfall over Jen’s heavy breasts. They could hear her gulping the fluids too, trying to do the impossible of swallowing it all. If they weren’t hard from watching Jen masturbate, they were surely hard now from that lesbian scene.

    Jen thought Ying had done her wrong but that girl was kind in comparison. She didn’t think that Lisa was ever going to stop soaking her. That cunt kept on cumming and Jen gave up swallowing after several gulps, sparing the risk of literally drowning in it.

    Lisa let up off her after quivering on her face so long. “You did good honey!” she said, and bent down to kiss her on the cheek.

    Mike had tented his sweatpants but he didn’t seem to care. He stood up again and asked, “Who’d like to be next with Jenny here?”

    Link raised his hand reluctantly, not expecting to go before the rest. Mike pointed him out anyway and said, “Get up here and get you some.” and moved back to the place he was seated.

    Jen remembered the cock from before, although Lisa wouldn’t let him cum. He stepped in front of her once more and tucked his thong under his balls. She readied to except him as he stroked in front of her by opening her mouth to let him in.

    “You better not slack off tonight if you cum on her. I might need serviced later.” he heard from the sideline, coming from his mistress Lisa. But Jen was a hot piece of ass and even more, she was a new hot piece of ass. He was young enough to pull this off and have plenty of cum for his liege. ‘Well, unless she made him waste it all again.’ he thought.

    Jenny stuck her tongue out and Link laid himself on it. He fed her his shaft and then took it back. He thought, ‘God she looked sexy with his cock in her mouth’ and pumped himself in a little faster.

    Jen had this down pat, Lisa made sure of that. She should thank her for her tutoring as she learned so much about a male. For instance, sucking the head in and tonguing the back made them jerk in her mouth. Just to prove that fact, Link moaned while she did it.

    “Fuck her mouth Link.” Mike suggested, and watched him grab her head.

    He started slow, judging his depth; her hands were behind her back after all. He let her adapt and picked up speed, driving a little deeper as he went. On one of his in strokes he went too far and she gagged while he was in her mouth. Link liked the sound and the tickle it gave him and tried to do it again.

    He fucked her mouth like it was a pussy, her jaws began to ache. She knew what to do with him and let him run on her tongue, sucking every chance she could. Opening up a little more allowed more of him in. But Link had lost his control and was shoving it down her throat, further on each hump. She jerked her arms in reaction but kept them linked together. She let him do what he wanted and tolerated his deep throating her.

    “Argh!” he croaked as he went full speed and gave her his essence with force. She couldn’t swallow because his cock was there but a load shot down her throat anyway. Like a rabid dog, she foamed at the mouth and some trickled out of a corner.

    He eased up his thrusts and jerked sporadically in post bliss as she licked and cleaned his diminishing manhood. She released him with shouts and cheers from the group, her master seemed the most excited. If he was to be her true lover, he didn’t act jealous with Link. Hell, he encouraged it right in front of her face, could she really get more cock than his?

    Mike stood back up again and asked, “Who’s the next taker?” petting Jen on the head.

    James waited for someone else to stand up but everyone was looking at everyone else. “Ying can go.” James offered and motioned her to stand up.

    Ying looked at her master and smiled, he was so thoughtful of her. He knew her pussy was aching from looking at the show. She rose and stood in front of Jen, remembering the last time they fought. She couldn’t orgasm and Jen had to make her and neither won that battle. Smiling at the initiate kneeling in front of her, she knew she would win this one.

    Jen dropped her shoulders in a sign of defeat; another one was going to drown her. But there was a problem looking at this petite, she wasn’t tall enough to get to her mouth.

    James stepped in when he saw her realize the dilemma she was facing. “Lay down on the floor.” he suggested and she unfolded her arms to do so.

    Ying looked at her master for instruction and he gave her the order, “Fuck her face good Ying but don’t smother her.” and she skipped to the mouth of the servicer. Squatting over her face, she dropped to her knees and her pussy lips kissed on Jen’s.

    ‘This little bitch is all sorts of happy.’ Jen thought, as she tasted her moistness. She might as well get this over with since she had to no choice anyway. She glided her sex on her face and Jen offered her tongue on her strokes.

    Ying felt her tender lips on her sex and closed her eyes from the feeling. She raised her hands behind her head, jutting her breasts out from her. Grinding and humping at a slow pace, she savored the new girl’s tongue. Bringing her hands down, Ying played with her breasts and worked her way to her nipples.

    That little nymph knew what she liked and Jen sucked on her familiar clit. That forced Ying to hump in reaction, just a little, and Jen went back to tonguing it. Ying wanted to reciprocate and placed her hands behind her. Finding Jen’s large breasts to fondle, she kneaded them while grinding on her face.

    ‘Tit for tat is it?’ Jen thought, as Ying played with her nipples. She raised her arms to Ying’s perky breasts and matched her play on her nipples. Slurping on the now wet pussy, Jen urged her to speed up by nodding on her slit.

    Ying took the hint and went faster in thrusts and Jen let her ride on her tongue. Caressing the pixie of a girl’s firm breasts, she worked her way down to her ass. Forcing Ying to go even faster, Ying did as she was instructed. When Ying met Jen’s kneading on her ass, she released the cheeks and worked her way higher.

    Ying felt herself rising and she was getting close, the redhead sure knew what she was doing. Gasping for breath from the heat of her passion, Ying tightened for her climax.

    Jen saw it coming and prepared for the worse then scratched down her back with both hands. Her pussy humped in short little spurts and Jen felt her clit harden. Now was the time to put her over and sucked her nub in her mouth.

    ‘Master move!’ she screamed in her bedazzled mind, and fell to the power of her climax. She couldn’t control the effects from the scratch and arched her back in reaction. It was too much of an arc and brought Ying on her back and she fell across Jen’s chest. Her hands grabbed the only thing they could find and she clutched Jen’s breasts in unison.

    Jen felt her sex slip away and raised her head to find it. Grabbing the girl around her bent legs, she brought her mouth back to her cunt. It stopped Ying from humping air and Jen fucked with her tongue in rhythm. Even as the gushing flowed, she stayed on her lusty servicing. Jen swallowed while getting bathed.

    Ying came down from her height of passion and released the orbs in her hands. Jen rose up to allow Ying’s legs out, ‘How could she cum like that?’ Jen wondered as she wiped her face from Ying’s donation. Ying rested her head on Jen’s achy mound while she also recovered.

    James was the first to applaud Jen’s efforts, glad to see Ying get off. “Thank you Jen.” was all he said and she knew what he meant. The rest said their appreciation for a job well done while Mike helped them up off the floor.

    “Anyone else want a ride?” Mike asked, scanning the group on the couch. “How about you doc, do you need some relief?” offering Jen to her.

    “I don’t know really, I’ve never been… eaten by a girl.” she admitted.

    Mike suspected she wanted to try and offered his bit of wisdom, “Just close your eyes and pretend it’s someone else and you won’t know the difference.”

    Lisa handed her the blindfold and she took it very hesitantly, “You only live once I suppose.” and caved to the aching in her cunt.

    Lisa got her ready, removing her clothes. Vicky took care of her panties herself then asked, “How do you want me?”

    Mike decided she would be better off if she stayed on the couch’s edge. When she was comfortable, the blindfold on, he let Jen get to work on her servicing.

    Jen was surprised to see a bald cunt on a woman of her age. But she wasn’t there to judge anyone and spread her open to lick her.

    Vicky relaxed and enjoyed the sensations as Jen picked up her pace. James got Mike’s attention and prepared him for the end and both got in position.

    It wasn’t long before Jen got her going and she started to climax hard. But James and Mike made it ten times better as each took a nipple in their mouths.

    Vicky had never in her wildest dreams ever thought she would feel such sensations. She wanted to but never had the nerve, until James and Mike gave her no choice. She grabbed their heads in her arms and rocked on Jen’s face with her cunt.

    “Oh my God!” she screamed and blasted an orgasm but they still didn’t let her up. She blasted again in her first multi-orgasm and had several smaller aftershocks. It was like years of orgasms came out of her all at once.

    The guys let go as Jen cleaned her up then sat back on her knees. They didn’t expect the reaction they got as Lisa put in her thoughts.

    “You motherfuckers better do that to me, it’s not fair that she got it like that!” she seethed, crossing her arms over her breasts.

    James looked at Mike and shrugged, “We’ll get to you; you know that.” he said, grinning at her jealousy.

    “Make damn sure you do!” Lisa affirmed, sitting back down.

    Vicky recovered from her earthquakes and sat up on the couch. “Thank you all for doing that. I never thought I would ever have that happen to me. I’m going to remember it for future reference.” smiling a satisfied smile.

    Mike was happy Jen did so well and mentioned a few replays. Once again, he had to ask, “Is there anyone else?” and looked specifically at James.

    James said, “Go ahead Mike, she’s yours.” thinking to save his lust for Ying.

    Mike held up a hand, “Oh no, you guys can have the blow jobs. I’m fucking that smokin’ hot pussy.” he vowed, looking down at the dripping wet redhead.

    “Well, Ying might want me if she isn’t too sore.” James admitted, “What do you think sweetheart?” drawing his attention to her.

    Ying looked to the floor and said, “I sore down there.”

    “It’s ok, I understand.” James said, “You rest honey.”

    “Shit, I’ll take it.” Lisa said, since her meat was out of commission for a while.

    “Wait, I want to get cleaned up before I do anything.” James mentioned, not wanting to admit he just fucked Cathleen.

    “Oh, you go do that and Link and I will wait for you.” Lisa said.

    “Hold up folks, we are supposed to be initiating Jen here.” Mike interrupted.

    Lisa huffed, “She doesn’t need it, and she’s had enough cum dumped in her already.”

    “Now wait a minute, I could use it too.” Vicky admonished. “And Lisa already came once.”

    “So did you!” Lisa argued, tapping her foot.

    “Master Mike is right; I’m the one getting initiated here.” Jen piped up, supporting her man. She wouldn’t mind seeing James up close either.

    James rolled his eyes and picked up Ying, “We got a trip to get ready for and it’s been a long day for us.” turning towards the corridor. “You guys can fight over Mike’s dick.” and headed off to his room to get away from the crazy women fighting over his dick.

    Before the door closed, he heard Lisa say, “Come on Mike; share the wealth damn it.”

    They entered the room and James sat Ying on the bed.

    Ying asked, “Master, what lipstick for?” and pointed to his chest.

    James found himself explaining an unexplainable, “That’s Cathleen’s doing.” he sighed, and hoped she’d leave it be.

    “Master kinky!” she giggled, falling back on the bed.

    “You’re kinky!” he said, tickling her till she rolled over. “You’re the one with a butt plug.” he retorted, after seeing it.

    “I no kinky” she laughed, “You kinky.” and laughed more.

    James gave up the argument and settled for a simple solution, “I think we’re both kinky.” he said, and let her up to head for the bathroom.

    James took off his sweatpants and climbed into the shower. Ying followed behind him and took off her… butt plug.

    James pulled the showerhead down and got Ying soaking wet. Soaping her up, he washed her down, paying close attention to her vulnerable areas. Bending her over his arm, he directed the nozzle to her ass. The plug had done its job and she was left gaping there. He soaked her with the stream in his hand then cleaned her with the cloth.

    He lowered her down and she took the cloth and washed him with it thoroughly. James sat down for her to reach him and let her do the work. She even got the lipstick that was painted around his nipple. He stood back up and she got underneath and cleaned his private areas.

    He bent over like he had done in the past and she used the cloth on his backside. But this time was different from the past as she entered a finger in him.

    “Whoa!” he said, humping forward, listening to her giggles. “That’s an exit!” he explained in no uncertain terms.

    “I like.” She said with a smile, “You like too.” and finished up her cleaning.

    “I told you, you were kinky.” He chuckled, turning the water off. Getting out and toweling off, Ying headed for the bed. James cleaned up the place a little and he too turned to bed.

    Making sure the alarm was off, not wanting to work out in the morning; he tucked Ying in his groin and soon found himself asleep.

    James found himself running on pavement, searching for his enemy. Sweat on his brow rolled off to the sides as he spotted his prey. Taking a dive to dodge a bullet, he landed on a roll. Rising up above the obstacle blocking his enemy, he saw his ill-kept teeth. Looking closer, over the blockade, he distinctly saw a bullet wound, seeping matter from his forehead.

    James raised his hand, only to find it missing a weapon. He faced his nightmare barehanded, and fear crept up in him. His enemy stepped forward and raised his weapon, pointing it at his forehead. “You killed me.” he seethed and cocked the hammer back, intent on his revenge. James struggled to move out of the way and even tried to slap at the weapon. He couldn’t move from his demise and the ill-kept teeth grinned and said, “Now, you’re the one that’s dead.”

    James forced himself to move and awoke in sweat sitting up. Looking around the darkened room, he shook off his state of confusion. The room appeared to be normal, ventilation was pumping air and cell phones charged on his desk. But something just wasn’t right, he struggled to sort what that was. It quickly became apparent to him, his significant other was missing.

    Patting the covers beside him, he continued his search in the dark. The king-sized bed had more ground to cover and he worked his way to the footboard. He found her wedged in the crack between the mattress and footboard. How she got there, he had no clue, unless he chased her off. Perhaps his nightmare forced her there and he hoped he didn’t harm her.

    Gathering her up and pulling her foot out from the crack it had fallen in, he brought her back to snuggle with him, pressed to his groin again. Pulling the covers over both of their nudity, James fell back into unconsciousness. He passed the rest of the night in slumber, reaping what rest he could get.

    Something touched his nose and he turned his head away from it. A drop of something hit his cheek and he turned his head back where it rested. An aroma entered his senses and he felt another tickle on his nose. Opening his flickering eyes, he was hit with the sight of a bare pussy just a few inches from him.

    Ying had straddled his face; her ankles were by his ears. She was holding the headboard and lowering her sex slowly to him. James guessed she wanted to relive a moment when Jen was beneath her like this. She wasn’t going to get away this time as James grabbed the top of her legs. He forced her down over his mouth and discovered what his cheek had felt.

    He watched her giggle between her breasts, his mouth planted firmly on her cunt. Sliding his hands back, he grabbed her ass and humped her on his tongue. She took the hint and picked up speed while he raised his hands to her breasts. The little nymph ground in a circle, settling her sex on his chin and then went back to humping his face while he kneaded her breasts with both hands.

    She used quick stabs in her humping, making sure he got her clit. Her stabs went to long strokes and she moaned while he tongued. Just to add some spice to it, she made him lick her ass too. Biting her lip and looking down, she gave him a lustful smile. He knew just what to expect and settled for his fate.

    Closing her eyes and tilting her head up, she went back to her short little stabs. They increased in speed while James pinched her nipples. Climaxing with a shutter, she had stiffened up on him; he clawed her backside down to her ass and humped her again on his mouth. A gasp was followed by a scream as she soaked him thoroughly. Gulping in the sexual fluids like his life depended on it; he fought her desire to drown him in it and used lips over teeth to nibble her clit.

    Her master knew how to suck pussy, that fact was undeniable. But he always added to the act with something she least expected. While she was coming down from her climax, master shoved his finger in. Her ass enjoyed his wiggling finger while her clit enjoyed his lips. She rose again in climax, shuddering from his attention. “Master good!” She said between her gasping and squirted her essence again.

    He held her like a watermelon, eating her lips and clit. Finding a quick pace to run, he drove her off the cliff. She couldn’t give him any more, so he slowed down again. Her humping continued in softening strokes until she stopped on his chin.

    She let go of the headboard and maneuvered herself off of him. Laying her head down on his chest, he stroked her head and back, “Good morning.” He said, and she replied, “It real good.” and snuggled.

    He had to use the restroom and reluctantly got up from the bed. Ying followed his morning hard on from the comfort of the dry spot she found, watching it bob up and down as he headed into the bathroom.

    James cleaned up Ying’s gift off his face, and hair, and neck. Such was the vastness of her pleasure on him; he opted to take a quick shower instead. While cleaning himself his mind roamed and asked some questions to himself. What made Ying so dominate as to do that to him this morning? Normally, she was submissive and was instructed in her exploits. The Ying that sat upon his face was a new one he hadn’t encountered and thought to ask her when he got out just what brought that on.

    Drying off, he entered their room and found Ying lying on her belly on the bed. Her ass and legs were sticking up in the air and her chin was on her hands. She was watching videos on her laptop of a couple having rough sex.

    He took a seat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her soft smooth back. “Are you feeling ok this morning? I know you had a hard day.” He asked, worried her pussy would be sore from popping her cherry yesterday.

    “I ok, but sore. Master took ach away though.” she replied, then smiled in remembrance of their earlier escapade.

    James saw the opportunity to ask, “What made you want to do that to me?” and waited for her response.

    She furrowed her brow as she looked at him then said, “Lisa take what she wants.” and looked back at her laptop. “I take what I want.”

    Ah, Lisa. The girl that corrupted Ying into submissiveness now influences her once again. It wasn’t that big of a deal but he had to make sure he wouldn’t end up wearing handcuffs and butt plugs. “That’s ok, as long as you don’t expect me to wear a collar.” He chuckled.

    She looked back at him and grinned, “You kinky; collar look good too.” and he grabbed her by her sides and tickled her to tears. He eased up on her and gave her a hug. Sitting there a few seconds, Ying decided to play. She toyed with a finger, flopping his manhood around. “Master want to play?”

    He knew she was sore and avoided that issue, “I would but you aren’t feeling so good.” He said, caressing her shiny black hair.

    “You play.” she replied and sat up on the bed. “Stand up.” and motioned for him to rise.

    James sighed and relented, standing up beside the bed. Looking at the flaccid cock, she said, “Master masseur bait?” nodding at it.

    James looked at her puzzled, ‘Was she kidding?’ he thought, “You want to see me masturbate?” asking if he had it right. Knowing Mike made Jen do it might have gained her interest.

    “I watch you.” she said, sitting her laptop on the desk and then returned to her seat on the bed.

    James was stuck in his thoughts, wondering how to do such an act. It wasn’t a switch he could just flip on and he never shared such personal intimacy with anyone else before. Watching her watching him didn’t make it easier, but the desire in her eyes as she waited anxiously motivated him to action.

    Closing his eyes in front of him, he picked up the task to erect his monument. He thought about his past exploits, popping cherries and the like, but still fought a little to get interested. But slowly, just knowing he wanted to cast his seed on Ying brought the passion to his heart and hand. Gripping his balls with the other, he set to work on his goal.

    After a few minutes, he heard a sound and opened his eyes to see. Ying was playing with herself and squeezing one of her breasts. Forgetting the fantasy because reality was better, he stared a lusty gaze on her. Ying was involved in her own construction but opened her eyes to see her master stroking. Catching him eye to eye both of them dropped to the other’s handiwork.

    Ying let up off her breast and reached around behind her, raising a leg, she inserted a finger, reminiscing her master’s touch. James saw her efforts and rose in lust, beating himself faster. James licked his lips at her and said, “I want to see you squirt.” and she replied with a wicked smile, “You show me squirt too.”

    He stepped closer to her working hands, which placed her knees at his sides. She got a closer look of her master pleasing himself furiously. She saw his swelling balls as they swayed from his efforts. His tightened muscles on his chest fill her climaxing eyes. Glancing down where essence flows, she saw her first stream cum from it. Landing on her heaving chest, she went over from its striking her, knocking her orgasm out of her.

    James saw her lusting after his cock and that had sent him over, but watching her stroking herself gave him the chance to see her watery substance shoot forth. She coated him with it and he planned it well, their streams crossed in the air. Arcing again, he aimed for her sex, and shot her on the clit she played with.

    She took his shot and gave him one, splattering against his balls. Taking the essence of life he’d given her, she used it to lubricate her efforts. Wanting to make it last, she rubbed her chest full of goo, and then brought up her hand to lick her master from it.

    James saw her play in the rain he gave her and upped the joy a little more. Raising his foot to the bed, he used his toe on her hole. It had more of an effect her than he would have ever expected as she squirted on his chest and neck. ‘What a sexpot!’ he thought, while she trembled from her orgasm.

    He milked what was left of his cum on her and watched her rub that in. Collapsing over on her, he kissed her not thinking of getting everything all over him. Noticing the slippery body, he purposely set to sliding, rubbing himself all over her before picking her up to shower.

    He hadn’t been awake for more than an hour and already he’s had two showers. He could see where the water bill might cost him a small fortune. After the shower, they head out to fetch a bite to eat. Arriving into the kitchen, they meet the newest entourage Jenny.

    “Where’s Mike?” James asked after greeting her.

    “He had work to do.” She replied, “Somebody named Joy needed serviced.”

    James cleared his throat from hearing that news, “A man’s work is never done.” and sipped from a glass of milk.

    Lisa was next to enter, getting her some cereal. They all greeted her and she commented on Jenny’s earrings. “Those are cute. They look good on you.”

    “Thanks, it’s just costume jewelry.” she admitted, leaning over to show them.

    “I no got that.” Ying pointed out, frowning as she said it.

    “Maybe James would let you, if he wanted to.” Lisa pointed out, and then looked to James for his answer.

    James was taken aback by their query, ‘What did he have to do with it?’, so he simply said, “Whatever Ying wants to do.” relieving himself of any responsibility.

    “Good, we can go shopping. I need some earrings.” Lisa responded and the girls settled on leaving for a while.

    “Be back by noon.” James advised, “We have packing to do.” finishing his breakfast.

    “Would you tell Mike where I went?” Jen asked, and rose to leave.

    “You bet.” James replied, and watched as she sashayed away with the girls.

    James thought he could use this peace and quiet and put it to good use. Heading back to his room, he set to work on his college courses after cleaning up Ying’s juices off the floor. College work was quicker and easier on a computer, you didn’t have to carry books or go anywhere. He turned in his assignments that were due that day and finished what he needed for the following Monday.

    After his classes he checked his account and saw more money pending. What he was going to do with so much was going to be a challenge. But 150k is a lot of money and he really didn’t need that much. Apparently Cathleen rewarded him for having protected her yesterday. Transferring more to Ying’s account, he went to his email afterwards.

    Syncing his phone to his company account, he made sure to set a ringtone. He was aggravated at missing his alerts and wanted to know when he had one. He finished his tasks on the computer and looked for something else he could do.

    While dragging out a suitcase, Mike showed up at his door. “Have you seen Jen?” he asked, looking around at James’ packing.

    “She went shopping with the rest of the girls.” James replied, throwing some socks in his case. “They’ll be back by noon.” he said, and zipped up the suitcase he was filling.

    James decided it was a good time to fill Mike in on the weekend. Explaining the dignitaries expected to be there and the targeted Prime Minister and their purpose, he let him know it was millions of dollars at stake and failure was not an option.

    Mike exclaimed, “That isn’t a party. That is too much like work!”

    James pointed out, “It’s more like, ‘It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know’ kind of thing.”

    “I’m not going to look good in a monkey suit.” Mike said, flabbergasted.

    James laughed at that and said, “Cathleen is supplying our duds. All you have to do is show up.”

    The girls came back, one behind each other. Forming a line, they took their seats on the bed, scooting the luggage back. “Did you miss us?” Lisa asked and opened her bag in her hands.

    “We want to show you what we bought and then some other surprises.” Lisa stated, reaching in her bag. Pulling out a jewelry box, she opened it and said, “Check it out! It’s pink Playboy bunny earrings!”

    James politely said, “Cool.” noticing Ying and her ears pierced. They looked good on her and James was glad she had them done.

    Mike added his opinion, “It’ll go good with your outfit.”

    She pulled out another and showed the guys a curved bar. It had a pink sapphire gem on an end and a ball on the other. “This is a belly bar, what do you think?”

    “Where does it go?” James asked, looking at the gem.

    “Why, in my belly of course.” She replied, lifting her shirt to show a bar in her naval.

    It looked irritated to James, a slight redness to it. “I hope that doesn’t get infected” James said, getting a closer look.

    “An expert did it, trust me. I won’t have to worry about that.” She replied. “Jen, show Mike what you have.” and smiled looking at her.

    Jen grinned and opened her bag, pulling out a box, “What do you think of these?” she asked, holding up a pair of tiny handcuffs.

    “Those are awesome!” Mike exclaimed, taking one in his hand, looking it over.

    She pulled out another and showed them off, “These are feathers!” holding it out at everyone to get a closer look. They were green with glitter on the end. The light set them off pretty well. “Now, I did get new piercings.” and pulled her hair back to show them. She had new earrings behind her old ones with silver studs.

    “Now, let Ying have a turn.” Lisa said, “But before she does, you need to know, what she got, she wanted and I had nothing to do with it.”

    James was concerned from that bit of news and wondered what she got. Studs, or feathers, or even handcuffs wouldn’t be a problem. He wanted them to know he wasn’t a prude, “Whatever it is its fine.”

    Ying looked up at her master then down at the bag in her hands. Pulling out her jewelry box, she opened it and showed him two tiny locks. “Those are nice.” James said, wanting her to know it was fine.

    Ying handed them to him and pulled out another box. Opening it up, she pulled out two bigger locks.

    “Ok, those are a little bigger; they might be too big for your ears.” James said, concerned she might stretch her piercings.

    “They not for ears.” Ying said, and worry showed in her eyes.

    James looked at her sideways, trying to judge what she meant, “What are they for?” he asked, hoping she didn’t do something silly.

    James should have known before she even reached for her top; usually she would have already stripped. Raising it up over her head, she revealed two rings pierced through nipples. He started to lose it but gained control, not wanting to make her cry.

    “Is that what you wanted?” James asked, and waited for her reply.

    She finally nodded and said, “Yes master.” and looked at the bag again.

    James didn’t want to worry her and calmed her fears a little, “If that’s what you want, I guess it’s ok. I’ll have to be careful with you there.”

    Ying reached into her bag again and pulled out another box. This one was bigger than the others and she opened it to reveal a silver chain. Handing an end to James, he pulled it out of the box. He used another hand to grab the ever lengthening chain. It was getting longer and longer but he finally came to the end.

    “What’s this for?” he asked, knowing it was too long for a necklace.

    Lisa butted in with the knowledge, “You use it to link them together.”

    James couldn’t see it happening unless she looped it back and forth a few times. “It’s pretty long for that, it might be too heavy.” Concerned again she was going to stretch and she wouldn’t be happy then.

    Ying looked in her bag and pulled out a box about the same size as the chain. Opening it up, she revealed another lock a little bigger than the ones for her nipples.

    James was just as puzzled, “Now where does that one go?” starting to get upset. He wasn’t getting the whole story, just bits and pieces at a time.

    Ying stood up and dropped her shorts and showed she wore no panties. Parting her lips below, James saw a ring around her clit. He looked at it and then at her eyes, and he noticed her puppy dog look. They melted his anger enough for him to say, “And is that what you wanted?”

    She nodded her head again and replied, “Yes master.”

    James didn’t know what to think about some biker dude fondling Ying. That motherfucker sure got his thrill touching her everywhere. His little Ying was a pin cushion and probably suffering through it. She might even change her mind and wish she hadn’t done it. But his anger was going to the one responsible letting this happen to her.

    Turning to Lisa, he seethed, “This is bullshit!” he fumed.

    Lisa jumped up to defend herself and said, “You need to calm down mister, it isn’t what you think.”

    That was a laugh coming from her, “Just what do you think I’m thinking?” he said, and anger built in his eyes.

    “You are thinking she is in pain, I can assure you she isn’t.” Lisa said, dropping her pants and showing him the same piercing. “Mine isn’t hurting either.”

    James felt a little better but he still had his concerns, “Yeah, but…” was all he could get as Lisa interrupted.

    “You’re also thinking she could change her mind. If she does she can leave them out and the holes will fill in again if she does it soon enough.” Lisa said.

    “Ok, but…” James started but Lisa held up her hand.

    “You also think some sweaty slime ball fondled Ying all over.” Lisa said, “That didn’t happen either because Doc Vicky did the piercings.” she informed him, “Which explains why she isn’t feeling any pain.”

    “Don’t give me that bullshit, Vicky wouldn’t do that.” James said, not believing the doctor would not only condone this but actually perform the job herself.

    Lisa smiled back at him, “Yes she did; you can ask her. I bought the equipment for her.”

    Once again, Lisa sways his Ying, “I suppose you didn’t talk her into doing this?” he asked, knowing she damn well did.

    “I told you I had nothing to do with it. She wanted it all on her own. She said she saw it on a video and thought it looked sexy.” Lisa defended, and dared him to accuse her of anything.

    James looked at Ying and seen a tear forming in her eye. Now, he guessed, he was the ass here. ‘Fuck it’, he thought, they want them, they got them, “Ok, fine. If it makes Ying happy then I’m happy for her. But I don’t want her doing anything she is going to regret.” He sighed, “You happy with this Ying?” giving her another chance to back out.

    “Please master, I want it.” Ying replied, letting the tear roll down her cheek.

    James wiped the tear away with a thumb, bending to give her a kiss. “Well, I want you happy and if that’s what it does then I’ll not say anything more to you about It.” he said, leaning in to hug her.

    “Thank you master!” she sniffed, and threw her arms around him.

    “Ok, now that is really sexy, James. You can’t argue that.” Mike said, looking closer at Ying’s nipples.

    “She was already sexy without them; they just make you look more.” James said with a smile, standing back up to look at her. Maybe they’ll heal quickly. “I hope it doesn’t hamper her orgasms, I’ve heard some people have problems.”

    Lisa spoke up on that one, “She had it done by a doctor, and Vicky knows what she’s doing. Trust me; it’ll make it more pleasurable for her.” she explained, and played with her own piercing.

    “Well, I like them. I just hate seeing Ying in pain.” James spoke honestly.

    “Again, you worry too much. She isn’t feeling anything. We got it covered.” Lisa said, taking her seat back on the bed. “Now, let me show you mine.” and raised her top over her head.

    Bar bells pierced each nipple on the beautiful round orbs she was blessed with. James just wasn’t quite used to women brazenly raising their shirts like that. One of these days, it won’t surprise him so much but Lisa did have a nice rack. The bars made her nipples stand out, pointing right at him. Looking back at Ying, James caught her comparing. Then it hit him in the face, ‘She got hers done first and Ying followed suit.’ he thought.

    “Those are nice, which one of you went first?” James asked just to prove his thought was correct.

    Lisa smiled at him, guessing what he thought, “Ying was first, I made sure, so you wouldn’t use that against me.”

    She practically admitted she knew that she encouraged Ying, but she also made sure that he couldn’t prove a thing. James made a mental note: ‘Lisa and Ying equal chaos.’ and would make sure those two didn’t get together to shop anymore.

    “Ok Jen, it’s your turn.” Lisa said, still playing with her… clit ring.

    Mike looked surprised at Jen, “Did you get those too?” and looked at her chest.

    Instead of answering with her mouth, she let her heavy breasts do the talking. “Freaking awesome!” Mike said upon seeing the rings in her nipples. They looked like tiny door knockers to James. ‘Hello? I came to play.’ James pictured as Mike felt them over. Jen pulled back her pussy lips and showed him her ring down there. He was all excited, watching the clit stick out.

    Everyone was commenting on each other’s piercing while Lisa pulled out more boxes, showing off different jewelry. “These are for Link!” she said, showing off more nipple bars.

    James was a little protective over Link, thinking Lisa was going to hurt the guy one day, “Wait a minute here; you can’t make him wear those.” trying to defend Link’s dignity.

    Lisa looked at him puzzled, “What do you mean I can’t?” and turned to the door and yelled for Link to get his ass in there.

    He stuck his head in and looked around, “I promised him you guys wouldn’t say anything.” Lisa said, and Link entered the room rather shyly.

    James studied the young man, looking at his chest. He couldn’t tell if he had piercings or not. “Take your shirt off Link.” Lisa ordered, and he slowly lifted it over his head. Two rings on each nipple appeared and James shook his head in reaction.

    “Damn Lisa, why did you do that? I’m sorry Link; I didn’t know buddy.” James asked and apologized at the same time. The poor guy even had one in his ear. James could only hope that was all he had.

    Lisa got defensive and said, “Shit James, you act like everything is my fault!” crossing her arms under her breasts. “You’re starting to piss me off.” and huffed.

    James just knew she would be going overboard on crap like this and he didn’t see a problem with straightening her out on it. “Let’s just say you’re an influence, ok?” he replied, crossing his arms too.

    “Link, tell him who’s idea it was.” she seethed, leering at James.

    “Um, I wanted them.” Link admitted, looking at the floor.

    “Seriously? You wanted them pierced?” James asked with a frown. Lisa had to make him do that somehow, he just knew it.

    “Yes sir, I like them.” he said as quietly as possible. Mike looked them over with a thoughtful stare.

    James was done; he had enough of the crazy. “Ok, I’m over it. ‘Whatever’ is all I say.” and went to his closet for the duffle bag.

    “Wait, we want to know when you’re getting a Prince Albert.” Lisa piped up. The shit eating grin was infectious as Mike gave his to match Lisa’s.

    “There isn’t a person alive that is going to stick a needle in my dick. You can forget that right now.” James huffed, clearing some human pincushions off the bed for his bag.

    “Link got him one.” Lisa pointed out, motioning Link to drop his pants.

    Sure enough, James glanced at a gold ring on the end of his dick. Shaking the image out of his head, “I said I was done and I mean It.” he admonished, gathering pincushions to throw out the door. Link was a challenge with his pants around his ankles but he managed to shuffle out the door. Closing it, he turned back to Ying who was getting her shoes and socks off.

    “I have your clothes packed; all you need is things from the bathroom.” James commented, not knowing what things she would need.

    Ying got up and headed for the dresser, getting out her plug. Bending over on the bed, she worked it in to her crack. Wondering why she was so quiet, James asked, “You ok honey?” detecting her mood wasn’t pleasant.

    “You no like my jewelry.” she huffed, and went back to the dresser. Pulling out the chained nipple clamps, she took the chain off of them.

    “Look, I like them but I don’t want to see you hurt.” James pointed out. If it’s that big of a deal with her, he could get over it, sheesh.

    “You sure you like?” she asked, turning her back from him, fooling with the chain.

    “I do more than like them, I love them, and they look fantastic on you.” James proclaimed, hoping to ease her mind.

    “Good.” she concluded and turned around to face him. She had put the chain across her nipples, and they glistened in the light.

    “Now see, that looks super sexy Ying.” James stated, “I’m not kidding you there.”

    She smiled at him and asked, “You really like?” putting her hands together and squeezing the sides of her breasts.

    James ogled her pointy nipples as she made them protrude even more, “You know I do” and ogled them some more.

    “You no have to worry. I’m loose enough back there.” Ying said, “If you want to fuck me, you can do it there.” and smiled.

    “I wouldn’t want to hurt you; I can wait until you’re healed.” James said, wanting her to know he didn’t intend to give her pain.

    “Master?” she asked quite seriously, “What if I like hurting sometimes.” and dropped her head down.

    James hadn’t considered it but the evidence was adding up. She had all the signs of someone liking a little pain. He noticed it the first time he raked his nails down her back. She actually pushed into his fingers instead of away like most. His second clue was spanking her as she seemed like she wanted it.

    “I’ll try to give you some pain and you tell me if I should stop. Would you like to have a safety word?” James asked, seeing if that was what she wanted.

    “Can I master? You do that for me?” she replied with questions, hoping James understood.

    “I’ll play along with you, if that is what you want. So come up with a safety word so I’ll know when to stop.” James agreed.

    “I say ‘freedom’ cause that not what I like.” she declared, and put her hands behind her back while twisting in front of him.

    James pulled her to him by grabbing her by the hair and tweaked one her right nipple. “You like that don’t you?” he said, testing the waters a little.

    She gasped a laugh and said, “Oh master! That was nice!” Panting from the surge of pain, “Do the other one!” she begged and he readily obliged.

    She was some kind of kinky but James didn’t tell her that. He decided a long time ago; everyone had their own in one way or another. It was best not to judge them since it can’t be helped anyway. Turning her around, he swatted her ass a little harder than in the past. He didn’t rub it in this time, letting the sting he gave her last.

    She giggled a little more and bent over the bed. James looked at her offering and swatted her other side. Wiggling her ass in front of him, he could tell she wanted more. He slapped her with his fingers on her pussy lips.

    It wasn’t hard enough and Ying whispered to him, “Harder please.” and stuck her rump further in the air.

    James started off just patting and rubbing but soon went to light slaps. Her cunt lips swelled with blood and he could hear her gasping with each strike. Reaching with the other hand, he grabbed an ass cheek, kneading on the side of her butt plug.

    Standing beside her rising ass, he kneaded her ass and slapped her slit, gently at first, but picked up speed and force. He patted her cunt in a steady pace, slapping his fingers at the top of her slit. Her gasps turned to groans and it wasn’t long before James saw firsthand the results of his administering. “I’m beating that orgasm out of you.” he said, and picked up more speed in his slapping.

    If you never believed a woman could orgasm from simply spanking her sex, Ying and James could surely tell you, she certainly came at least a cup full. James splashed her sex juice while she climaxed with every slap on her cunt, splattering it all over the place. “There you go you sexy girl, squirt that juice out.” James urged, adding more spice to the act.

    The kinks were adding up with Ying and James was getting a list full. He made a note to research this more and see what his options were. He slowed his slapping and went to rubbing as Ying came down from her high. “Baby got off on that, huh?” he said, and then sucked on his fingers till dry.

    “That was wonderful master!” she said, slowly raising up off the bed.

    “I cleaned the mess last time; it’s your turn to do it. Let’s get the towels and bedding to the laundry and do that before we leave.” James instructed.

    They cleaned up the room and gathered their dirty laundry. Coming out of their room, James noticed Lisa’s door was open. Sticking his head in, adapting to the pink, he saw Lisa sitting on Link’s neck. “What the hell are you doing women?” he asked, trying to figure it out.

    “Oh” she said, looking up at James, “I’m stretching Link.” she said, bouncing on his neck.

    James didn’t know what she meant by that but Link sitting in the floor bent over while she bounced on his neck couldn’t be good. “You ok down there Link?” James had to ask, it did look awfully uncomfortable.

    He answered in a raspy voice, “Grape sir, grape.” as air was forced from his lungs.

    That was all James needed to hear, “Get off of him Lisa, you’ll break his neck.” he said, stepping into the door. Ying followed behind him to see the action and brought a hand up over her mouth.

    “You break him like that.” she said, giving an honest opinion.

    Lisa huffed at both of them but got up off of Link anyway. “I’m not trying to break him in half; I just want him to suck his own dick.”

    James found himself shaking his head again, the crazy just keeps on coming. “Where do you come up with this stuff? Are you really too lazy to suck it for him?”

    Lisa waved him off to save his lecture, “I stretch him every day, and he will get there yet. And, no I’m not too lazy but you have to admit, that would be pretty cool if I can get him to do it.” grabbing her shorts to put on.

    “Look, they have to remove ribs or something, and no, you aren’t giving him surgery.” James explained, “You might as well be stretching his dick.”

    “Oh, I got that covered.” Lisa said, and pointed to a tube on her desk.

    James walked over to it and took a closer look. It was some sort of pump but he wasn’t sure and it looked a little intimidating. “You are all full of surprises Lisa. Where did you get that?”

    “At the adult store, of course. It makes cocks bigger.” Lisa explained, picking it up and pumping it a few times.

    James walked away and back to the door, “Just try not to hurt the man, and… save him some masculinity.” then headed out the door.

    “Master?” Ying called, getting James’ attention in the corridor. He hoped Lisa didn’t put a crazy thought in her head; he was fed up to his neck with her influencing.

    “You no kinky anymore, Lisa the one kinky.” she said, shaking her head in disbelief.

    James laughed at that tidbit of wisdom, “You got that right sweetheart.” and helped her with the linen.

    They got the chores done and had a bite to eat. It was time to pack the luggage out to the car and James was able to get most of theirs in one trip. He pulled the car into the garage so the next trip would be shorter. Coming out of his room with the last of his bags, he ran into Lisa. She had packed all of her possessions it seemed and Link was struggling with it.

    “Did you pack the whole room?” James asked, picking up a big suitcase and tote bag.

    Lisa gave him the evil eye, “A girl must have her things, get over It.” she replied, struggling with another bag.

    They met Mike in the rec room. He was catching a ride with James. Both he and James made more trips to get everyone’s gear to the cars. They fit everything in and piled into the cars. James didn’t see Cathleen and assumed she would meet them there. Upon him realizing he should assume anything with her, he sent a text message, ‘We are headed to the airport.’ and waited for her response.

    She replied that she was on the way too and would meet them all there. It was a short drive to a small airport. James knew exactly where the hanger was. Parking in the parking lot, they all got out and headed inside. With the help of attendants, the luggage was taken to the tarmac.

    Climbing on board the Gulfstream G550, it immediately brought forth gasping and wows from the small crowd, looking at the luxury it boasted. Though it fit fourteen passengers, there were only eleven of them. Cathleen had another jet for the others she wanted there. This one was the better of the two and was able to fly intercontinental.

    James greeted Joy and Vicky and the twins. Stepping up to the front, he greeted Cathleen.

    “Are you ready to fly the friendly skies?” James asked.

    Cathleen smiled back and said, “I’m looking forward to it.”

    They all took their seats as the plane taxied to the run away. James held Ying’s hand since she appeared a little nervous. It wasn’t long before the climb leveled out and they were traveling 650 miles an hour.

    The pilot came over the loudspeaker to make his announcement, “We are traveling at our cruising altitude of 51,000 feet. Our ETA is two hours and 23 minutes. Weather at our destination is sunny at 82 degrees. Anyone wishing to join the mile high club, you are free to move about the cabin.”
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    Chapter 10

    Mike was the first to react to the announcement, unbuckling his seatbelt and then Jen’s. He pulled her top over her head, revealing her nipple piercings, and then instructed her to stand up.

    “Mike, what are you doing?” James asked, watching his efforts in horror.

    “You heard the man, Mile High Club!” Mike said, turning his attention back to the redhead. The man had the patience of a hyena on prey.

    “Dude, he was kidding.” James said, looking up front for Cathleen. Mike was going to get his balls busted again. “Stop that right now!” he said, trying to get the hormonal man to give up his horny plans.

    “Why? We have two hours to kill. Besides, everyone has seen us naked before.” He replied, yanking Jen’s shorts down.

    “Mike, I swear, if I get my balls busted over your stupid ass, I will chop yours off myself.” James chastised, “Get her clothes back on!”

    “Tell you what Jif; I’ll stop if Lisa does.” Mike said, nodding towards the back while pulling his pants down.

    James turned around behind him to see Lisa with her foot on an armrest and Link eating her out. “What the… Lisa! Damn it, we just got in the air! You can’t wait two freaking hours?”

    “I waited till we got in the air.” she said, not even looking at him. “That was long enough.”

    James felt like the adult in a preschool recess. “Fine, I am not responsible when Cathleen finds out, you hear me?” James said, “Both of you.” and got no response.

    James wasn’t going to be around when mega bomb Cathleen went off. He unbuckled his seatbelt and then Ying’s to get them out of the way of the blasting area and headed up front. Looking back he said, “I warned you.” and got zero recognition for his effort.

    Maybe he could stop anyone that decided to head back there, although he wasn’t sure he wanted to after they treated him like that. Going past the partition, he saw Cathleen Joy and Vicky talking at a table. The twins were watching TV.

    “You care if Ying and I join you?” James asked, before going any further.

    “Not at all, come right in.” Cathleen said, waving them in.

    James took a seat at the table and Ying climbed into his lap.

    “What brings you to this neck of the woods?” Vicky asked, probably thinking James wanted to know about the piercings.

    “Seeking good company is all.” he replied, looking out the window.

    “I bet, what’s going on? The guys chase you off?” Joy asked, teasingly.

    James started to reply but a cabin door opened and a flight attendant walked in carrying drinks. Cathleen introduced him, “James, this Isaac.” smiling at him, “Isaac, this is James.”

    “I consider it a pleasure, sir. Would you be the James that saved my lady’s life?” he asked, offering a hand.

    James studied the older gentleman, noticing he was around forty. He had a slight touch of gray in his hair but still had youthful eyes. “Indeed it is so, the pleasure is mine.” James replied, shaking the man’s hand.

    “You were on the news again this morning. It seems you are quite the popular man.” Isaac informed him, “Would you like a spot of tea?” releasing James’ hand.

    James tried to remember the last time he had tea and couldn’t, “Tea sounds excellent, thank you. It’s hard to avoid the news lately.” he replied. “I seem to be in the right place at the right time.”

    “I’ll retrieve it for you. Good to see you Miss Ying, how are you?” Isaac asked, directing his attention to her.

    “I’m really good.” She said, looking up at the man.

    “I am pleased to hear it. I’ll be back in a moment.” Isaac said, and turned to go in the back.

    James saw his destination and said, “They don’t want anything at the moment.” hoping to curb his tracks.

    “Oh? I’m sure Miss Lisa will want her pink lemonade.” Isaac replied looking puzzled at James. Turning away, he walked past the partition.

    “You certainly seem odd at the moment James. Is something troubling you?” Cathleen asked, noticing the worried look on his face.

    “I left the kids to play in the back and I hope they’re not misbehaving.” James replied, knowing good and well that wouldn’t be the case.

    “I’m sure they’re fine James.” Cathleen replied, sipping on her drink.

    Isaac came back through the partition and stopped. James was sure he would sound the alarm, but he pulled out a small notepad and scribbled on it instead. After finishing his note, he continued on into the galley.

    “So, what plans do you have for me when we arrive?” James asked, deterring from his concern in the hopes of not attracting any more attention.

    Cathleen sat her drink down and clasped her hands together, “We will go to the villa and settle in. You are to meet Mr. Wilson at the commercial airport and bring him back to the villa. At some time, and I haven’t heard anything yet, Miss Moore will arrive at the municipal airport we are landing at. You are to take her wherever she needs to go, requiring your services, make sure you keep an eye on her.”

    “Is that Wilson the father or Wilson the groom?” James asked, wanting as much information regarding that man as possible.

    “The father James; I wouldn’t invite the offspring. He has nothing to do with our business.” Cathleen replied, suspecting his common sense.

    Isaac returned with his tea and a tray of other beverages. Placing it in front of him, James thanked him for his service. Walking to the twins, he sat two sodas down with two straws then headed for the back.

    “Miss Moore, who is she?” James asked, while his eyes followed Isaac past the partition.

    “She is the CFO to a conglomerate of ours. The company diversification is crucial to Spenco and we want to make sure she is taken care of.” Cathleen explained. “At this time, we are not sure if her company is solid enough to buy out or if our conglomerate is unstable, due to some precarious investments. Should she relate anything regarding that aspect, I expect you to share it with me although I doubt she will. If they have investments in Wilson Holdings, it may not be a good thing.”

    James thought a little more about Mr. Wilson and wondered if the man would remember him, “Do you think that Mr. Wilson would want me to transport him? We did have an issue at the wedding, if you remember.”

    Cathleen smiled at that, “Yes, which is why I want you to transport him. You seem stressed about him.” smiling a little broader, “Mr. Wilson has forgotten his position and if his reasons for his recent actions aren’t explainable, I will have to take drastic measures. The fact that you are picking him up will let him know who calls the shots here. If I pull out of his company, it may affect our conglomerate as well. It’s a touchy situation, as you can imagine.”

    Isaac came back through the partition with an empty tray and went directly to the galley. James was amazed at the man’s discretion and made note of it. Those people are rare to find that keep to their tasks and their own business.

    “Well, one company shouldn’t be that big of a concern but I understand stabbing yourself in the back with the conglomerate. Would you happen to know the address of the villa? I would like to put it in my GPS so I can route myself from the airports.” he asked.

    Cathleen motioned at Joy who pulled out a folder. “This is everything from layout to itineraries regarding the villa.” Joy informed him. “You’ll find the itinerary of all the guests Cathleen has singled out for you to transport this weekend as well. ”

    James heard a scream from around the partition. Unsure who it was, he was sure it was a scream from an orgasm. He placed a hand on the side of his face to block the look of shame. Joy bit her lip and smiled while Vicky rolled her eyes.

    “Just what is going on back there?” Cathleen asked with a curious look on her face, looking towards the partition.

    Joy spoke up and said, “Sounds like someone is having a good time.” and fidgeted in her seat.

    James watched Cathleen get up from her seat and head for the partition. There wasn’t anything James could think of to prevent her from satisfying her curiosity. He just hoped he wouldn’t be blamed and his decision to move to the front will have been a good one. But, it wasn’t like he didn’t warn them after all.

    “What the hell!” Cathleen yelled, and James knew the bomb was going off now. “Come here!” he heard.

    James saw Cathleen return from around the partition, towing one naked Link by the ear. Dragging him over to the table, Cathleen told him to “Park it right there”.

    Taking her seat, grumbling under her breath, she looked at the startled young man sporting a hard-on. Joy got her an eyeful of pierced nipples and dick while he stood beside her.

    “What is wrong with you exactly?” Cathleen began. “I must tell you what an idiot you are.” pointing a finger at him, “You can’t fuck a girl with a ring on your pecker.” she admonished, “The next time, take the damn thing out. That should be common sense to you. You’ll rip it out if anything. I know you just got it but you better deal with the responsibility of having it or you won’t have it long. Lisa is too adventurous for her own good, you need to be responsible and stop some of her crazy ideas anyway.”

    Link hadn’t had the pleasure of dealing with Cathleen’s temper and he shook where he stood, “Ye... yes ma’am.” he stammered, looking down while his dick looked back at him.

    “Can you believe that, I walked in right in time to catch this fuck toy trying to fit that into Lisa?” Cathleen asked, looking at the rest around the table. “Oh, and that isn’t the half of it. Wait till I tell you what else I found back there!”

    Well, nobody said anything. What was there to say really? James was surprised that it was all she was concerned about since his bet was her going off on them fucking to begin with.

    “Bend over.” Cathleen instructed, and Link looked around to figure out how and why. “Over the table.” she directed. Following her instruction, Link waited until everyone pulled their drinks off of it and bent over, revealing his butt plug. Pushing a button on the intercom, Cathleen said, “Isaac, bring me a spatula.”

    The cabin door opened almost immediately and Isaac handed her the utensil, looking at the precarious position Link was in and raising his eyebrows. He stepped back and allowed Cathleen to stand.

    ‘Smack!’ the spatula sounded as it slapped into a cheek. “Now, go tell Lisa I want to see her!” she instructed, taking her seat again.

    Link walked off rubbing his reddened bum, the cutout of a spatula distinctively imprinted on it, and disappeared behind the partition. Cathleen drummed her fingers on the table. There was an awkward silence in the cabin while everyone waited for Lisa.

    Lisa walked in wearing her piercings and… well just piercings, “What’s up Cat?” she asked, looking at the group.

    “Would you believe a pussy like Lisa’s would be able to soil suede leather and plush carpeting?” Cathleen asked no one in particular.

    “What? It cleans up.” Lisa said, not seeing a problem with it.

    “I have clients leaving on this plane after we land. Just when am I supposed to have the seats and floor cleaned?” she huffed, “Unless you think they wouldn’t mind sitting in your cum of course.”

    “There isn’t anything I can do about it.” Lisa replied, “Haven’t you got people for that?”

    “Bend over.” Cathleen ordered, still drumming her fingers, “Bend your ass over the table.” seeing Lisa at a loss.

    Lisa sighed and did as she was told. James was surprised to see a butt plug in her. She had a cute ass and her pussy lips where glistening from her recent orgasm. He could barely make out her clit ring shining in the folds.

    ‘Smack!’ the spatula sounded as it slapped into a cheek. “Go clean up your mess.” she seethed, “Isaac, tell her where to find the spot and stain remover.”

    Like Link, she too rubbed her reddened spatula impression on her ass on the way into the galley.

    “You would think they would be a little more respectful of my property.” Cathleen huffed, shaking her head and handing the utensil back to Isaac. “You know, even Mike was smart enough to put down his shirt for Christ sakes.” picking her drink back up.

    “Well, I’m sure they’ll remember next time.” James said, thinking of nothing else to come up with. He was still getting over the fact that she actually disciplined her sibling.

    “I will… sanitize this madam.” Isaac said, looking at the makeshift weapon and turning towards the galley.

    Joy changed the topic and said, “Did you see Link’s piercings? They looked adorable on him. Like an adornment on a Christmas tree.”

    “I was too busy admiring his tight little ass, well, until I swatted it.” Cathleen laughed while the others joined in.

    “Well, I think Vicky did an excellent job. What do you think James?” Joy asked.

    Here James goes again, getting in a conversation over something Ying was sensitive about. “I think Vicky made Ying very happy and they look superb on her.”

    “Why thank you.” Vicky acknowledged, “I had expected a negative response from you.”

    “Well, I come to terms with it. Far better you than a flagrant in a parlor somewhere.” James explained, thinking it didn’t matter what he thought, the deed was already done.

    “That was exactly my assessment, James. You know they’ll just go find someone to do it, far better to have a sterile clean environment you know.” Vicky commented.

    “And a certified licensed doctor to administer the task.” Cathleen pointed out, nodding in agreement.

    “Do you think we could see Ying’s? I bet they look fantastic on her.” Joy asked, looking at James.

    James patted her rump and said, “Go ahead Ying.” and she climbed off his lap.

    She leaned over the table and grabbed her ear, “Earrings.” she said, showing off the studs. Removing her top, she jutted out her breasts, “Nipple rings!” she boasted loudly, jiggling the chain she had linked between them. That brought Jack and Jill’s attention from their movie and they walked over to study Ying’s metallic collection.

    Both Jack and Jill looked at Cathleen, frowns on their faces, and Jill said, “Why don’t we get to have those?” and Jack responded, “Because our mistress isn’t cool like James is.” still frowning at Cathleen.

    James dropped his head in his hand again. Every time Ying does anything, the twins want the same thing. He knew that she regretted giving him Ying for just this reason alone. Waiting for Cathleen to chew him out again was all that he could do.

    Cathleen smiled at Jack over her comment, “Oh, I would be happy to have Vicky give you all the piercings Ying has.” she then looked at Ying, “Don’t you have one more Ying?”

    Ying shrugged her shoulders and dropped her pants. Reaching down, she spread her pussy lips and showed off her, “Clit ring.” she explained.

    The twins bent down to look and saw that it was indeed a ring through sensitive flesh. Both had an appalled look on their faces. “I don’t want that one.” Jill said, frowning, “Me either.” Jack said, just as shocked.

    “Well, it’s all or none.” Cathleen said, and then added, “Are you sure?”

    “Ying, does it hurt a lot?” Jill asked, wondering how she could tolerate the pain.

    “No, it no hurt much.” She informed her, and played with it to prove it. Cathleen looked at James with that statement, furrowing her brow at him.

    “You have to be real careful not to get it stuck in a zipper.” James thought out loud, hoping it would be a deterrent.

    Both twins looked at him funny then shook their heads; not letting that lead balloon fly. After they turned their attention back to Ying, James shrugged at the ever frowning Cathleen. He didn’t know what she expected him to do about it; it wasn’t his idea to begin with. But, somehow he knew, it would be his fault regardless.

    “You should let them get their ears pierced Cathleen, yours are.” James pointed out. “Stabbing a needle through their nipples though… doesn’t even sound good, I wouldn’t do It.” he admitted.

    Both twins looked at him amazed that a brave guy like James was worried about a needle. “Yours aren’t pierced?” Jack asked, looking at his chest.

    “Nope, you couldn’t pay me to do that.” James said, and feigned a shiver. “But Ying likes pain, so don’t go by what she tells you.” shaking his head, “Think about it, a hole is put through your skin with a metal object and you don’t think that would hurt?”

    “Ying, are they sore?” Jill asked, trying to get verification of James’ point of view.

    “Yeah, sore.” Ying said, seeing Cathleen’s look and it wasn’t a good one, she thought better about saying it didn’t. She liked them and that was all that mattered to her whether anyone else wanted them or not.

    “Maybe just my ears pierced then.” Jack said and Jill nodded in agreement.

    Joy offered her agreement, “Ears are fine, but can you imagine feeling material rubbing on those all day?” looking at Ying lustily.

    Ying had her solution, “Just no wear anything.” thinking, ‘problem solved’ as far as she was concerned. She was more fixated on Joy, as she ogled her new jewelry. Ying bounced them again, letting the chain swing between them and watched Joy follow with her eyes.

    “I’ll let you get your ears pierced then.” Cathleen conceded, and looked leeringly at James again. “But don’t ask me about any more.”

    The crisis seemed to be avoided and James felt some relief. She really made him feel like some sort of uncle or step dad to the twins, spoiling them with gifts and such. How he fell into that role baffled him a little but then realized that he assumed that role when he took their virginities. It was the classic ‘You took it, you own It.’ philosophy and the fact that Cathleen had him do it is apparently beside the point. Who knows why women think the way they do, they’ve always been a mystery rapped in an enigma to James and everyone else too.

    “So, why aren’t you joining the mile high club James?” Cathleen asked, “The rest of them are.”

    James was surprised she would even ask, “Because I didn’t think you would approve of it.” and added, “Besides, Ying is a little sore.” then asked, “”Why aren’t you?”

    “Why, I am waiting for someone to ask of course.” Cathleen said with a smile.

    “Ok, would you do me the honor of having sex on an airplane with me?” James said with his own smile.

    She fluttered her eyes at him and said, “Why, I would love to!” and rose from the table. “Shall we?” and offered her hand.

    “Ying, fix It.” he said, waving one hand and grabbing Cathleen’s hand with the other.

    Ying jumped over to Joy, “Wait, I’m not gay!” Joy announced as Ying grabbed her top and tried to pull it over her head.

    “A mouth is a mouth, doc will tell you.” James said grinning, knowing she had been ogling Ying’s breasts the whole time. Her lustful eyes where pretty obvious to him. He suspected that she had been having thoughts since she tasted Cathleen last.

    Cathleen led him to the back past the over-sexed Lisa with Link in her mouth, trying to blow life back in him, and Mike with Jen between his legs, doing the same. They entered a bedroom in the rear of the plane. A small bed was there in posh surroundings.

    Cathleen was in a particular mood and started ripping James’ clothes off with aggression right after the door closed shut. “Whoa!” he exclaimed, stumbling backwards from her advances. She followed, chasing him down to get his pants off. He removed his shoes in time for his pants to be stripped.

    Cathleen grabbed his crotch and used her fingernails to tear his bikini underwear right in the middle. Forcing him to roll over, she did the same to his ass. ‘Another pair gone.’ was all James thought as he almost laughed out loud at her demeanor. Something had her going and he was willing to bet it was spanking asses that done it. His was included as she slapped his and said, “Roll over.” and removed her blouse, skirt, and panties. Climbing up to his head, she straddled him, lowering her sex to his mouth.

    “Suck it!” she demanded as she ground her sex on his face. Like Ying earlier that day, Cathleen took what she wanted with force. He wasn’t aggressive enough for her so a handful of hair was grabbed, “Use that tongue.” she hissed, rocking on his face. James reached up behind her and unfastened her bra.

    “Like that?” she asked, circling his face with her crotch and listened to his mumbled “mhm” and she gasped from the vibrations of it. Forcing his head into the mattress, settling in better, she gasped another order, “Stick your tongue in.” and he complied. It wasn’t to her liking and demanded more, “Deeper!” and sat more weight on his face.

    James was amazed at the dominatrix above him. He, himself, had not seen her so dominate. His role in this play was not familiar to him but tried to follow along as she molested his mouth with her sex. Her talk excited him, however, and he was thankful for it. Not many women voice their desires and it was a turn-on for him.

    Grabbing her waist wasn’t good enough and she whispered, “Tits, grab my tits.” so he raised his hands to fill them with breasts. “That’s it, now suck me deep.” she cooed, loosening her grip on his hair a little. He did as instructed and sucked her clit and hole, draining her of her excrement. She heard hi slurping and asked in pants, “You like that? Does it taste good?” and he replied his agreement in moans.

    She loved the vibrations from his muffled answers and tried to get more. Reaching back, she grabbed his manhood and felt it stiffen more in her hands. “Getting it hard for me?” she asked, stroking it slowly. He rose off her to reply and said, “No, you are.” grinning. She failed to see the humor and shoved her cunt on him again, “Shut up and eat.” she hissed, pulling his head back into her and squeezing his cock.

    He groaned from her manhandling although he suspected that was the wrong word to use. Her immediate response from it was evident and she squeezed him again, making him groan more. She smiled from her newfound knowledge and used it several times. She leaned forward more and said, “Tongue my ass too.” and he made his efforts successful, lapping at her clutching star. She pulled back and used him on her hole, then back even more for him to reach her clit.

    She rose in her climax and at its peak said, “Take it! Suck it all!” and pumped her cunt into bliss.

    James latched on to her two love handles and let her abuse him at will, sucking and tonguing where he could. Her humps turned to spasms and eventually settled into a lurch every so often. He let her catch her breath on his face. “Good boy.” she said, patting the top of his head. James barked, “Woof, woof!”

    She laughed as she scooted, working her hips to his groin. She nestled his cock in her slit and asked, “You like being my fuck toy?” and smiled.

    “Beat me, rape me, but don’t mess up my hair!” James said, while messing up her hair.

    “Silly boy.” she replied, “You can’t rape the willing.” and guided his cock to her entrance. She absolutely loved his play, with words and deeds. He had a way of making her feel good whether she wanted him to or not. Even as he caressed her now, she was aroused by his touch. Biting her lip, she wiggled him the rest of the way in her.

    Cathleen’s nipples stroked on his chest as she made him enter her. He stroked her sides and breasts as she raised, preparing to take him on a ride to paradise. She raised and lowered a few times, getting used to his invasion. With hair in her eyes from his tousling, pointed nipples from his fondling, and moist labia from his mouth, she sat up on him and prepared for the better. Sighing, she bucked on him as he continued his roaming over her.

    James enjoyed his position under her, although he was used to being in control. While she rose above him, he took initiative and bucked up to her.

    Pinching his nipple, she warned him, “This is my ride.” and smiled an evil smile. With that, she bounced upon him, doing what she wanted. James pooled his memories and was reminded of the older gentleman’s wife, using him the same way. He shook the Hunt’s from his mind and focused on her beauty instead. He was caught off guard somewhat as she began to pick up more speed. He lurched a little, adapting to the change.

    “Don’t you move on me.” she warned, “You’re getting me off first.” she instructed, still bouncing at a fast pace. She wanted more from him and said, “Now, talk dirty to me.” she panted, “Tell me how you like It.” tiring from her efforts.

    ‘Finally’ he thought,she’s giving him some leeway. “You like me groping your tits?” he asked and she responded, “Oh yeah. Squeeze them harder.” And he did.

    “Do you feel my cock buried in you?” he asked and she panted, “Oh yeah.” And humped him with what energy she had.

    “Fuck that pussy on me.” James said, wanting her to wear herself out. “Play with your clit while you fuck me hard.” he said, driving her faster. She reached for her sex and played, still riding his manhood.

    “Are you going to make me eat your cum after you squirt on me?” he asked, knowing that would get her going.

    She picked up speed at the thought and said, “You know it, I’ll fuck your face with it again.”

    “Do it, make me suck you again after you cum.” He replied, pinching her nipples softly.

    Her climax built again over her thoughts of domination and forcing him to suck her cum. “Oh yeah, you’re going to get it creamed on now!” she said, laying over on him. He knew she was tired and needed his strength. She slowed even as she trembled from building her orgasm.

    James took the lead and pumped up to her, hands still on her tits, even though she was laying on him. He pulled his hands out and wrapped his arms around her, giving him a more solid hit on each strike. He caressed her down her back and squeezed an ass cheek while she screamed into his chest.

    “You’re taking that cock now, aren’t you.” He said, giving her all he could from that position.

    “Hell, yes!” she screamed, peaking at her climax. The slapping on her sex was a huge turn-on for her and she held her breath as she tensed from the orgasm. It lasted so long but she finally came down. He slowed his pounding to soft thrusting.

    She let go of her control and relaxed on his chest, still panting from her efforts. He caressed her while she rested. “I’m going to start working out.” She said, still taking deep breaths.

    James smiled and said, “I’m up at six and working out by seven, if you want to join me and Jill.”

    “I’ll keep that in mind.” she sighed, “Now, about you cleaning me up.” She said, circling a nipple with a finger.

    “Are you serious?” he asked, surprised she really would make him do it. He wasn’t apposed, her cream more than covered up any taste of him. He was surprised she thought it was a good idea.

    “Oh, you know it buddy.” she said, rising up to look at him, “Get that tongue in my hole.” and rolled off of him on her back.

    He rose up and looked at her, “I can’t believe you really want me to.” he said, giving her the second chance to get out of it. If she still wanted it, he was going to give it to her with everything he had.

    “Suck it now!” she said, and pointed at her bush, obviously, she was getting off on her orders.

    James hesitated, pretending that he wasn’t so sure. He pulled back a lip to look at the moisture on her. “Do I have to?” he asked with puppy dog eyes.

    “Bring your ass up here.” she said, with as straight of a face she could muster.

    James knew what was coming, having experienced it from Doc Vicky the first time. He turned a 180 and faced her leg, placing his ass in striking distance. He grinned facing away from her while he wiggled his ass in front of her. James wasn’t sure when it would happen and he tensed his ass in expectation. Her patience was noteworthy as she waited for him to relax, and then let him have it, ‘Smack!’

    “Get down there and suck my come off.” She ordered in a voice of authority, enjoying her role as supreme master. James played around a moment more, taking time to rub his ass and protest her punishment.

    James thought for sure he was witnessing Cathleen at her most aggressive best. But he hadn’t counted on her slapping his ass one more time. She did it right when he relented and headed south. It caused his face to lurch on her sex, hitting her sensitive clit with his nose. She slapped him again, “Not there, my hole!”

    James was a naively reluctant master. He had been raised to respect women, always being courteous and opening doors. Demeaning women was not in his playbook, a talent he seriously lacked. But Cathleen called that all into question when she showed him what a true master does and grabbed his ball sack. It brought fear from recognition to him, remembering the pain she caused in the past.

    Making his fear come true, she said, “Do these need slapped again?” kneading on them. An evil grin crossed her face, knowing the effect she had on him as his tongue dove right in. Just to keep him focused, she used her nails and clawed his balls. This had the desired effect and he fucked his tongue into her.

    James had concerns. The issue at hand was in her hands and the solution was staring him in his face. He had to please to be pleased and set to task to achieve that goal using all of his talents to do it. Fucking into her, she eventually eased her grip, reveling in his administrations.

    Say what you will about James’ naivety, but he was an expert on cunnilingus. Cathleen melted from his attention and soon forgot her dominant role. His plunging was doing what she wanted for now but it wouldn’t do for long. James made sure of it as he went faster.

    Looking at his red ass cheek and the hard-on he had past it made her lust for it. His work was excellent and propelled her climax. She grabbed his ass cheek and held on, her fingers caressing his entrance there. That also added to her pleasure and she rocked her orgasm in his mouth. James, ever the gentleman, cleaned up the mess he made, slowing to just light licking.

    After catching her breath while James cleaned, she patted him on his ass, “Good boy.” she cooed, and relaxed in post bliss. “Woof, woof!” James repeated and chuckled on her sex. She laughed at his play, enjoying his consent of her dominance. James was a man that aimed to please and he hadn’t disappointed her yet. He adapted very well to any demand she’s given him. Thankful to find such a diverse lover, she simply said, “Thank you.”

    “The pleasure was mine.” he replied, sitting up and looking over the queen in his life.

    “I had more pleasure, I can assure you.” she confessed, looking at her lover in satisfaction.

    “Now, if you’ll let me, I’ll show you a technique that is bound to please.” James said with a smile.

    “By all means, please do.” she said, wondering what he had in mind.

    James scooted under her legs, leaving her on her back. He lay on his side and faced his crotch to hers. Grabbing his manhood, he rubbed it against her slit. Her eyes widened feeling it. She had felt it before but this was different as he ran his cockhead from clit to asshole.

    James hit her sensitive areas then brought his manhood to her hole. Circling before plunging just his head in, he pulled out and repeated. She gasped at his entrance, as shallow in depth as it was. His continued torture aroused her even more. Size may not matter but girth sure does and he spread her open on each stab. He grabbed a breast and caressed her there, picking up speed with his hand thrusting his cockhead in and out. Feeding his cock rapidly in and out of her, he brought her to orgasm with that.

    Cathleen hadn’t thought she could learn any more but James kept proving her wrong. As a recluse in her protectively perfect world, she hadn’t experienced the ingenuity of a worldly man. Missionary was her most common position and everything else was new. She thought to herself as the waves of orgasm hit her, ‘My God, what he does to me is crazy!’

    James knew she enjoyed his tactical play and added some zest with it. Reaching behind her leg, he fondled and pinched her clit while she bucked her orgasm on him. It forced her to last a great deal longer when he dipped to her ass with his cock and then back in her pussy entrance for more rapid stabbing.

    Rolling her on her side, he slipped the rest of him in her. Starting slowly, he let her have his length, over and over. Raising her leg for better access, he took the opportunity to service himself in her heated vagina.

    She had her orgasm already and wasn’t quite ready for more, but James didn’t seem to care. He rolled her when her defenses was down and plowed into her cervix. She gasped at the impact and clenched from his thrusts. She never experienced an orgasm by lying on her side, but James made sure she had that event planted firmly in her memory.

    Reaching in again, he tugged on her clit then released to explore elsewhere. Fondling her back to her inner ass cheeks, he worked his way back to her clit. Placing his fingers over her bud, he pounded faster into her. Rubbing his hand over her velvet folds, feeling his cock pumping in her, they both came in intensity, soaking the bed with their essence.

    Cathleen rocked in her bliss, feeling his pounding drive her over. She came so hard; she thought she’d pass out from it. Jack and the toy lacked the beastly performance only a man could give. With even the sometimes brutal treatment, James smoothed it over with kisses. Starting at her hips and working his way up, he lavished her with them. Over her shoulders and on her neck, he continued till he met her chin.

    “You’re wonderful.” he said, and kissed her softly on the lips. She may have her kinks in dominance but it was one of the things that made her special. James could learn to love this girl, even if only from a distance.

    Why he did that, she didn’t know. She only reacted to his kissing. She was in no position for relationships but isn’t that what this was? She let her heart lead her and kissed him back in kind. “Good boy.” she giggled, and rose up on her elbow, “You make a good lover.” keeping her confusing emotions to herself.

    “It takes two to tango and you’re a great partner.” James said; and he rose from the bed they shared. Offering her his hand, he helped her up on her feet.

    Exiting the bedroom after dressing and entering the next cabin, the first thing they noticed was Lisa. Sitting with her arms crossed in front of her, she seemed to be grimacing for some reason.

    “What’s wrong?” Cathleen asked with a concerned look on her face.

    “Same thing that’s wrong with Jenny.” Lisa pouted, nodding in her direction.

    Both James and Cathleen looked to the other side to see Jenny with the same look of anguish.

    Looking back at Lisa, Cathleen said, “That tells me nothing.” frowning at the lack of information. “What’s wrong?”

    “My nipples hurt really badly and my clit is throbbing in pain too.” Lisa informed her, and held back a tear and a sniffle.

    “Well, I wonder who’s to blame for that problem.” Cathleen huffed, looking at the guilty party.

    “I knew you wouldn’t care.” Lisa growled, and then moaned at her suffering breasts.

    Cathleen continued up past the partition with James following close behind her. He was worried that Ying’s medicine wore off and would be in the same misery.

    Vicky and Joy were at the table, enjoying another drink. Cathleen addressed them up on entering and asked Vicky her expert opinion.

    “Ha, it’s about time. I’m surprised the localanestheticlasted so long.” Vicky said, upon hearing of the girls’ plight. “They’re pain medicine is used up as well.”

    “Is there anything you can do about it?” Cathleen asked, wanting to help them if she could.

    “I’ll give them two aspirins and they can call me in the morning.” Vicky said, smiling while she rose from the table.

    “Where’s Ying?” James asked, concerned for his charge.

    “Um, she was in the galley I think, or at least I saw her head there.” Joy said, a thoughtful look on her face. “She got me off, then Vicky… oh; she was going to fix something in the galley.”

    James shrugged his shoulders at that; she hadn’t eaten much at lunch. She was probably hungry and wanted a bite to eat. He headed for the cabin door that led to the galley of the plane. Opening the door, his attention went to Isaac as he leaned against a sink.

    “Where’s Ying?” he asked, not seeing her there, checking behind the attendant.

    “Now wait sir, you cannot blame me. I am the victim I assure you.” Isaac said with a worried look in his eyes.

    James took a closer look at him and noticed more detail this time. His hair was smoothed back instead of parted, his shirt not fully tucked in. He wore the look of a guilty man and James wondered what he had meant. “What are you talking about? I’m just looking for Ying.” he said, and waited for some detail.

    “Sir, I swear, I was just cleaning glasses when she entered.” he started, “I hadn’t expected her here. She insisted on fixing me and doing what you said but I was sure she had misinterpreted.” he paused to take another breath.

    James dropped his shoulders on hearing this news and thought exactly what Isaac confirmed.

    “She wouldn’t take no for an answer and had her way with me here.” Isaac explained, “I resisted as much as I could do but relented after a time when she… took me.”

    James needn’t hear anymore and relieved the man of his worry, “I know and I’m sorry. She gets carried away at times. I told her to fix something and she was doing what she thought I wanted.” he explained, “Please don’t blame her for it.”

    “Blame? How could I? It was me that relented to her. It’s been years since I’ve had the pleasure… but you must understand my moment of weakness.” he rambled.

    His words fell on deaf ears; James knew where the blame lied. He turned his back on Isaac’s ramblings and headed for the door. Turning back to look at Isaac, he asked, “Do you know where she went afterwards?”

    “No sire, I do not. She administered her… talents and left me… in disarray.” he replied and James went out the door.

    It’s an aircraft after all with not too many places to go. The only place left was the cockpit so he knocked on that cabin door and opened it.

    The pilot zipped up still in his chair and Ying stood up and turned. “I fix them all.” Ying said proudly and walked to her master’s side.

    “Um, yes, I see that you have.” James said, not even looking at the pilot. “Good job honey.” was all he could say and left the cockpit with her.

    “How are you feeling Ying?” James asked, changing the subject of her fixing everyone, “Are you sore yet from your piercings?”

    “I no sore yet.” she said, her chest bouncing in pace beside him. “They tender though.” she admitted.

    James led them to Vicky who was tending Jen to get her opinion, knowing she would be the next to suffer.

    “She isn’t sore yet but probably will be.” James informed her, hoping Vicky could prevent the inevitable.

    Vicky bent down on a knee and took a look at Ying and then looked back to James, “Her size affects the duration. She’s not half the size of the other girls.” she explained. Checking her piercings to make sure they weren’t bleeding, she rose up from her knelt position.

    “Here’s a bottle of pain pills, you can give her two if they start hurting.” Vicky instructed, handing him a small bottle.

    “Thank you very much.” James said, taking what she offered. He walked Ying back to the table and handed her the bottle. “If you start to hurt, take two of these.” making sure she understood.

    The pilot came over the loudspeakers, “We are 30 minutes from destination. Passengers need to buckle up when the warning light comes on.”

    James instructed Ying to get dressed and they readied for the landing. Everyone else got settled in and the seatbelt light came on. The pilot did an excellent job on landing as it was a smooth one.

    Exiting the plane, the group met Virgil who was waiting for their arrival. “James needs to come with Me.” he said, taking a carry-on bag from Cathleen to put in her car. “Yes” she said, “James, follow Virgil; he has your vehicle and equipment.”

    James waited for his briefcase to get off the plane and then followed Virgil with his case and folder in hand. Cathleen and the twins had her own sedan waiting. The rest of the group was loading into a black full-sized passenger van.

    Virgil stopped to put Cathleen’s bag in her car then led him over to a black SUV. Unlocking the passenger door, Virgil pulled out a vest and handed it with the keys to him. “If ever there was someone that needed one, you would be it.” he said, “Your client is coming in on an earlier flight. You should get to the airport.”

    “What, dressed like this?” James asked, sporting khakis and a pull-over. James didn’t wait for an answer and ran to the suitcases getting loaded. Getting his suit bag from the pile, he headed back to his vehicle.

    “Do you have the change on Mr. Wilson’s flight?” he asked, heading to the driver side door.

    Virgil followed him around and handed him the information on a Post It note, “Don’t feel bad if you hit a few pot holes with him in the car.” he grinned, “He’s not a lovable guy.”

    “Yeah, we’ve met.” James said, sliding into the seat. Closing the door, James pulled out his phone and looked up the flight. ‘6:20pm ETA’ and it was five thirty already. Grabbing his bag, he laid out his clothes he planned to change into and programmed his location to the airport to the villa address in his phone.

    Following its directions, James headed out to uncharted territory. He wished he had a map to get an idea where the airport and villa was but was left with what he had and hoped it was good enough for this trip.

    Arriving at the airport, James had to circle once to find the short term parking. Grabbing his ticket and entering, he parked as close to the baggage claim as possible. He had twenty minutes before the flight landed and still needed to change his clothes. Hoping the walk from terminal to baggage claim would buy him enough time to change, James opened the door to the first restroom. Changing his clothes as fast as he could, he was just finishing when his phone rang.

    “Where are you?” Virgil said, sounding upset on the phone.

    “I’m changing clothes in the bathroom, why?” James panted from his exertion.

    “He’s looking for you right now.” he said.

    “I’m out of the bathroom, where is he?” James asked, leaving his tossed clothes in the bathroom and looking for some help in locating his client. Virgil placed him on hold to find out.

    “He’s at the information booth” Virgil informed him after getting back to him on the phone.

    James kept Virgil on the phone while he looked around for a booth. Turning a corner, he bumped into a man, causing luggage to spill from his hands.

    “Excuse me sir, I apologize.” James said, and saw it was indeed the Mr. Wilson he sought that he ran in to.

    “Bumbling idiot!” the man exclaimed, bending down for his lost luggage.

    James bent down to retrieve it as well and almost bumped heads with the irate man. “Allow me, sir.” James said, and continued to pick it up.

    “Leave it alone you fool!” Mr. Wilson demanded and James rose back up to stand.

    Mr. Wilson did the same, after obtaining a grasp on his tossed luggage and noticed James for the first time. “What are you doing here?” he asked with a frown, obviously not pleased with this greeting.

    “I’ve been instructed to pick you up sir. I am to take you to the villa.” James explained, standing with his hands clasped in front of him.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me!” he seethed, his day getting darker by the moment. “I’m still pissed at that stunt at the wedding. How did you get to be the one to take me?” he asked, hoping this was a joke.

    “Cathleen Spencer sends her regards as well as me to retrieve you.” James said, speaking pleasantly as possible to the man and avoided the incident at the wedding. James still had the picture on his old phone but want going to mention it.

    “That wretched woman will do anything to push me around.” he said, sighing under his breath, “She’ll get what’s coming to her.” he said, walking towards the sliding doors.

    “She seems most pleasant to me sir.” James stated, knowing he bedded her not two hours ago. Why this guy would have such seething hatred baffled him a little. He figured the man had few friends and relished in having foes. It seemed to him that if your company depended on another, you would be more gracious towards them.

    He leered at James and spoke low when he said, “Mark my words, she’s poison.” then said, “She’s a disgrace to her father.” and headed out the door.

    “You have ill relations with the mistress?” James asked, wondering why he despised her so much.

    “That crazy dame will pull her funds and leave me and my firm bankrupt.” he seethed with anger, clearly worried about his future.

    “She has good business sense and I’m sure your firm does her justice.” James said, thinking the man had probably treated Spenco like a money tree to begin with and deserved no less than bankruptcy.

    “Bah, she wouldn’t know, she inherited her money. Her father had the good business sense.” he said on reflection.

    James was left with nothing to say other than, “I hope things improve with you.” loading his luggage in the back of the SUV.

    Mr. Wilson smiled for the first time in James’ life, “Oh, I intend to see to that.” and took a seat in the back of the vehicle, waiting for James to get in.

    James climbed in and started the vehicle, clipping his seatbelt together. Starting his navigation, they rolled out of the garage, paying the short term fee.

    “How long have you been under her thumb?” he asked, probably curious about his relationship with her.

    “I’ve been in her service for the past week.” James admitted, wondering what he would think.

    The man held back from any thoughts and said, “You’ll probably regret it in the end.”

    “I haven’t so far but one never knows. “ James admitted, “Are you here on business or pleasure?” he asked, just to change the subject.

    “If you want to call it something like pleasure.” he said, “The spoiled witch wanted me for some reason and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I have other business here but she will be interrupting that for me. I’ll get a chance to take care of it though.”

    “Why bother meeting her really?” James thought to ask, if his fate seemed so bleak.

    “I want to know what she’s up to, of course.” he offered, “You always want to keep your enemies closer.”

    Strong words from a man with little fire power. “How do you see her as an enemy? She has investments in your firm.” James asked, “I would think her to be an asset.”

    He guffawed his response, “Her old man was an asset, she’s a liability.” he said, “Tell me, has she discussed anything about Wilson Holdings?” curious to hear any word.

    “I’m afraid it is above my pay grade.” James explained, knowing he wouldn’t tell the man even if he did know.

    “Bah, I shouldn’t have bothered to ask you, a driver wouldn’t know anyway.” he mumbled.

    James didn’t reply and drove in silence. He felt he had talked enough as it was. The silence became awkward and his client grew restless. “How long until we get there?” he asked.

    “ETA is thirteen minutes.” James announced, looking at his phone for navigation.

    It was correct in its estimate as they pulled into a long driveway, passing servant quarters on their left, and spilling into a circular parkway right on time. As wide as any hotel, the villa sat in a garden with a fountain at its center.

    James got out and opened the door for his client then stepped to the back for his luggage. Handing it to the hateful man, James stepped back in the vehicle. Pulling the folder with the villa layout, he found the garage to park. Leaving the villa and turning into the next driveway, he found the garage and parked.

    Pulling out his itinerary, he looked for his next client in the list. He came across Mr. Wilson and found to his surprise his first name. ‘Clifford’ was not what he would have guessed and had his bet on ‘Richard’. That way the man could truly be blessed with a name that matched his personality. If you could call him anything by name, ‘Dick’ seemed to be very appropriate.

    He found Moore on the list and saw TBD beside it. ‘That would be the one.’ he thought, and noted her first name was Gloria. He checked his phone for alerts and emails that would tell him anything about her flight.

    Picking up a chartered flight was a far cry different than a commercial flight. First of all, you needed a tail number. Without it you had no chance. Secondly, if the flight was flagged private, nobody can tell you anything at all about it. Thirdly, security can be strict or lax and James remembered he drove right out. He didn’t have to worry about a gate code at least. Some hangers allowed you to pick up on the tarmac. If it was the same hanger they arrived at, he wouldn’t be able to. James figured that if there was a gate code, you could drive on the tarmac; no gate code, you were restricted to the parking lot.

    Since he had no information on Gloria Moore, he sent a text to Cathleen. ‘Any info on Moore?’ he sent and waited for a reply.

    ’22:00’ was all she sent, which gave him some time to kill.

    ‘Hanger and tail#?’ he text back and received a reply immediately.

    ‘Fuck if I know’ wasn’t a good answer so he shut the vehicle down and got out. Placing his folder on top of his weapon in his briefcase, he prepared to head out. He wondered if Mr. Wilson wasn’t already being an ass to her.

    “Hombre!” he heard from off to his right, “You not leave that there, hombre!”

    A Hispanic man dressed in a thin coverall approached him. James assumed he was the mechanic. “Where would you like me to put it?” he asked, not seeing anywhere else to go.

    “Egad, you’ll get oil on the floor; I have to clean it up!” he said, shaking his head at the ignorance James had.

    “I’m sorry but I don’t know where to put it.” James defended, still waiting for some instruction.

    “Duh! Garage” he said, “Why you so stupid?” he asked flabbergasted, walking towards James. He didn’t even come to James’ shoulders and it would take two of his width to match James’.

    James furrowed his eyebrows at the man that didn’t know James to even call him stupid. James sat his briefcase down and crossed his arms, waiting for the thin man to continue.

    An enlightened Hispanic stared up at James and the frown he wore on his face. “Whoa, you’re a big one.” and smiled as he said, “You have to use the elevator. I’m Carlos” he introduced and offered James a hand.

    James took his time taking the man’s hand, “I’m James.” he said, “The stupid one.” and tightened his grip on the man. He was definitely a mechanic because he gripped a firm hand, but James could overpower him and proved it by tightening a little more on him.

    “Oh, hehe, I know who you are hombre.” he replied, “You stopped the kidnappers, no?”

    James released the man and nodded his head, “I’m the one.” he admitted.

    The man took his hand back, mimicking Link, shaking life back into it. Looking at his hand to see if it was still there he said, “You have to park on the lift.” then pointed to a side which had a square pad on the ground.

    “Ok, you can show me, get in.” James said, unlocking the SUV.

    The man agreed and climbed in the passenger seat while James took control of the wheel.

    “Just drive on the lift.” Carlos instructed, and waited until James got there. “Put it in park.” he further instructed, and reached over in front of James. Pressing a garage door opener on the visor, the pad lowered them to another level.

    James found himself on a ramp leading further ahead of him, broadening with parking spots on the side. Finding one further to the end, Carlos said it was a good one. They both got out and Carlos showed him an elevator to go up. “We go to first floor.” he instructed, leading the way.

    “Have you been here long?” James asked in the elevator.

    “Si’ senior, all my life.” he replied. “Senior Spencer hired my Papa.”

    The elevator opened up and to no surprise, James found himself in the kitchen. To make him feel somewhat at home, he met Vicky making a drink.

    “Made it back already?” she asked him, putting the 2 liter back in a fridge.

    “Only till ten.” James replied, “How’s everything here?”

    “Busy as hell.” she said, picking up her glass. “They’re running around like cockroaches after Cathleen chewed some asses.” she laughed. “I thought she would have a stroke when she saw dishes piled up in the sink.”

    “Crap, I was hoping she’d get some relief, not add more stress.” James said.

    “You won’t see her lighten up until after this party is over.” Vicky conveyed.

    “Where is she now?” James asked, wondering if she was with Clifford.

    “The main house” Vicky said.

    “The main house, what?” James asked, thinking he was in the main house already.

    “You’re in the staff quarters. Get your folder and I’ll show you.” Vicky replied.

    James opened his briefcase and pulled out his folder. Vicky saw his weapon uncovered. “How did you get that in here?”

    James turned serious and said, “That is a very good question.” realizing that the only defense he had seen here was a mechanic. “I simply walked right in with it. Nobody stopped me.”

    Vicky seemed worried, “That isn’t good, considering Cathleen was attacked.”

    James was brought to mind words spoken to him earlier, ‘She’ll get what’s coming to her.’ and then, ‘I intend to see to that.’

    “Ok, show me where she is.” James said, opening up the folder. Vicky explained where he was and the layout of the plan. He was in a corner of one huge square; Cathleen was in the center where he dropped off Clifford. James liked the pool and garden in the center courtyard. The garage had a second exit that led out to the beach. The main house boasted a waterfall in glass which shared water from the outside fountain. On and on, the layout showed more details to James and he wished he had one for the other estate.

    “Ok, I’m going to check on Cathleen, do you know where Ying is?” James asked, hoping she wasn’t adding to the stress.

    “She’s with the other guys. They’re supposed to be cleaning the ballroom.” Vicky said.

    “Ok, thanks.” James replied, and headed for the main section of this elaborate estate.

    Passing statues and paintings, James made his way to the front. Stopping a middle-aged woman dressed as a maid in the hall, he asked where he could find her. She directed him to the office all the way around another corner. After pointing out the door, she went on her way.

    James could hear Clifford’s loud mouth from the other side of the door.

    “I’m not kidding, you think you know everything but I’ll let you know one thing.” he overheard, “You pull your account, it’ll be the last thing you do!”

    James couldn’t hear Cathleen’s side of the conversation but Clifford wasn’t calming down any.

    “Bitch, you’ll leave it alone or die.” Clifford said which drew the line with James.

    James knocked on the door as he opened it. Clifford was leering over Cathleen with his fist balled, looking back at James. Cathleen looked threatened but held her resolve.

    “Hate to interrupt, everything alright in here?” James asked, watching Clifford lower his fist.

    “James, we were just discussing Mr. Wilson’s recent investments and it seems that Spenco is out a great deal of money. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to know where it went or why.”

    James looked at Cathleen upon that bit of news, “That is a shame. I’m sorry Wilson Holdings hasn’t kept better track of It.” looking back at Clifford as he said it.

    “Yes, our shareholders will not be happy and I’m afraid I have to part ways with Wilson Holdings.” Cathleen admitted, leering at Clifford.

    “I told you, you can’t pull out now. The money is already invested.” Clifford tried to explain, anger still in his voice.

    “It seems to me that Spenco is the loser either way. Keeping Wilson Holdings will be like an eye sore you’d have to deal with every day they were on your books.” James offered, “Why would she want to keep you?” he asked.

    “I have her money. If she wants to see any of it, she’ll do what I say.” He growled.

    “How much does he have invested?” James asked Cathleen.

    “Fifty million, or close to it.” Cathleen said, standing up to get away from the angry man.

    James was amazed at the amount but it was still a drop in the bucket to Cathleen. “So, you’re threatening her with that measly amount?” James started, “Hardly worth fighting over, isn’t it Cathleen?”

    “It is only the shareholders I am concerned about.” she explained, “The money is nothing.” walking over to James to stand beside him.

    “Listen here, if you pull out, I’ll be ruined. Everyone will lose their jobs.” Clifford explained, concerned.

    “Ok, appraise his business, buy it and deduct what he owes you.” James said, “That way the employees will still have a job, you’ll get some of your money back, and your stock holders won’t know the difference. If anything, Spenco will just own another business in their eyes.”

    “Sell my company? Never!” he fumed, walking in circles.

    “You need to face reality. If you can’t find her money, you’re going to be penniless regardless. Even worse, you may end up incarcerated.” James said, keeping Cathleen behind him.

    “I told you, you’re going to regret dealing with that… woman.” he fumed, “Look what she’s doing to me!”

    “I’m going to try not to do something stupid like you did to keep me from regretting it.” James said, “Cathleen, do you need me to take him somewhere?” he finished.

    “Yes please, take him back to the airport. He is not welcome here after threatening me like that.” she instructed, and James escorted him out.

    Karma, James seen it all the time. This was proof that what comes around goes around. It was a quiet ride back to the airport. James thought it was a waste of money to bring the man down here just to cut him loose. Companies do it all the time though. They bring an employee in to the main office and fire them, leaving them high and dry. The same applies with contractors like Wilson Holdings. But with Clifford Wilson, James didn’t feel sorry for him one bit.

    “Take me to a hotel.” Clifford said, hopping into the back.

    James looked at him in the rearview mirror, “She said airport and that’s where we are going.” and put the vehicle in gear and headed out.

    No words were spoken as James let him out at the airport. Somehow, James had the impression it wouldn’t be the last he would see of Clifford Wilson. Checking his time, he decided to spend it at the municipal airport and headed over there.