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    Default Mom is Addicted to My Cum (A.K.A Pity)

    It was a Sunday morning when Mary noticed something was wrong with her teenage son Matt. “What’s wrong honey? You look awfully sad.”

    Matt wasn’t particularly close to his mother, and I suppose it’s only natural that teenage boys begin to distance themselves from their parents, but today was different. Something had been eating away at him for quite some time and he was already at his limit. He sat silently at the table looking down at his plate of food. Although they weren’t that close, Mary was an extremely loving mother, she had always babied her son whenever she got the chance, and she was never the one to discipline her only son.

    Mary was a very conservative and quiet woman. The only person she’d speak her mind to was her son, when he gave her the chance. But other than that, she spoke minimally. Although her mouth was quiet, her body was not. At 37 she stood at an height of 5’6 and weighing around 130lbs. her breasts were enormous and her ass was thick and tight. She knew the effect her body had on men, so she covered up as much as she could. Along with all this, Mary was a very faithful Christian and believed every word in the bible.

    Unfortunately, Matt did not receive the physical genetics his mother had. While still in high school, he had yet to kiss a girl. He was very overweight and considered obese. He had a “cute” face some would say, but for the most part, the girls were never able to get over his weight.

    She asked him again, “What’s wrong dear? I hate to see you like this. Are you not feeling well? Once we go to church you’ll feel much better. The power of God is truly the best!” she said happily.

    He looked at her annoyed, “Mom. Just stop it with that bullshit. All you ever do is go to church. You never spend time at home and you just want to help those people over there. You don’t care about me, so leave me alone.”

    Mary was at tears when she heard what her son was saying, but it was true. She did dedicate a big chunk of her time to the church. “I’m sorry honey. I didn’t know you felt that way. What would you like me to do?”

    He looked at her seemingly angry, “What would I like you to do? Jesus mom, there’s nothing I can do with you. You know what everyone at my school calls you? Jesus freak. I’m so embarrassed, and I can’t even do anything about it because it’s true. Maybe if you watched TV once in awhile you would know what was going on in the world.”

    “I’m sorry honey. But there’s nothing I can do that will change my faith.” She frowned.

    “It’s not even about you being a Jesus lover. It’s about your attitude, the way you dress…”

    “What’s wrong with the way I dress?”

    “You look like you’re from the 1930’s. You know Joey’s mom always looks and acts young. Everyone loves his mom. Not to mention she’s a MILF.”


    “Never mind, you don’t even know what a MILF is. You’re so out of touch it’s embarrassing. I can’t do anything with you in my life.” Everything Matt had said was not the truth. The truth was that Matt had become sexually frustrated, and confused why no woman wanted him. Mary began to sob.

    “My son hates me.” She cried covering her face with her forearm. He felt terrible and knew that he was in the wrong. He got up from his seat and placed his arms around her as he held her in his chest.

    “Sorry mom. That’s not actually why I’ve been depressed lately. It’s just the kids at school have been teasing me even more since the school dance is coming up and they know I won’t be going.” Mary stopped crying.

    “Wait why aren’t you going?”

    “Because I’ll never find a date.” He said looking at the floor.

    “Well you don’t have to have a date to go to the dance. You just need to enjoy yourself.”

    “You still don’t understand my world.” He sighed.

    “Well if you need a date why don’t you ask a girl out?”

    “If it was that easy than I would already have a date. These girls want to have a guy that’s had some experience. And everyone knows I’m a virgin who has never even kissed a girl. There’s no chance for me.”

    “Well honey. I guess you’re stuck there. Is there any way I can help you? Maybe you’d like to meet one of my friend’s daughter. She’s a jewel.” The thought crossed his mind for a second, but his aim was his mother.

    “How about we change that wardrobe of yours? I mean I love you mom, but come on. I’ll help you out.”

    She smiled and nodded.

    When they entered the mall Matt quickly took his mother by the hand dragging her to the store he seemed to know by heart. “I pass by here all the time and I think of you Mom. I just know you’re gonna love the clothes they have here.”

    He stopped in front of a clothing store that had dark flashy logos and a pair of extremely reveling outfits displayed in the front. Most people would simply pass by sometimes uttering what a disgraceful store it was. Mary was uncomfortable, but knew she had to do this for her son.

    He picked out a lot of things such as yoga pants, white blouses, tank tops, short shorts, jeans, see through shirts, and some sexy office wear. He had memorized his mother’s size by heart by masturbating to various pieces of clothing. Mary was too embarrassed to interfere, and paid just so she could leave.

    The returned home where Mary felt safe by the walls that blinded the world from her new clothes. “Mom can you try these on?” he handed her a pair of shorts and a tank top. She went into the bathroom and changed. She hadn’t noticed it yet, but the shorts were extremely short. They were a gray cotton that was normally used as pajamas. But because of the massive size of her ass, the shorts cut way above the cheeks of her ass. They jiggled and bounced as she walked out displaying her body to her son. The tank top was an identical gray cotton fabric, and also seemed too small for her. The low cut exposed a good portion of her cleavage. Awkwardly enough, the decision to keep her bra on to hide her nipples had back fired on her when the bra pushed her tits up and out, reaching for Matt’s attention.

    She tried covering her breasts and ass at the same time, “Honey this is embarrassing. Can I please go change now?”

    “Mom stop complaining. You look great. All the girls in the world would kill to have a body like yours.” She was flattered that her son thought so highly of her. She sat on the couch adjacent to him. “So I’ve been thinking mom.”

    She looked at him curiously, “Yea? About what?”

    “About this experience thing. Do you think you can help me out?”

    Instantly she thought her son was asking her to have sex with him, which was absolutely out of the question. She paused for a second trying to formulate her words in the nicest way possible. But Matt interrupted.

    “It’s not what you’re thinking of. I think I just need to get used to the idea of a girl being close to me physically. Not having sex or anything like that. How about we watch a move right now?”

    She thought nothing of it and agreed. They were both sitting on the long couch facing the TV. They were at least a person apart with a blanket covering their bodies. Matt had selected the movie “Cruel Intentions” one of his favorite movies to jack off to. There was a lot of sexual build up that he figured would work to his advantage.

    Mary was sitting up strait, not believing her son had chosen such a vulgar movie and she didn’t speak too much either, she had to admit the drama was a bit exciting. Unknowingly, Matt had inched his way closer to his mother until he was right next to her. She would have said something if he had done it suddenly, but because he had done it with such stealth, she hadn’t noticed until he placed his arm around her neck. “It’s okay if I put my arm around you right mom?”

    She hesitated a bit, wondering what her husband would say, but concluded that it was harmless. She nodded as she snuggled a little into his chest. His arm hanged over her shoulder dangling right above her breast. Every now and again he would brush against her breast, sometimes even being bold enough to place his entire palm on her breast. She had noticed what he was doing, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and ignored it.

    The sun had set and the entire house was filled with darkness. The only light source was the TV emitting small rays of light. They had already gone through two short movies and the next movie Matt chose was basically a soft porno. He shivered as his teeth clattered, “It’s so cold.” He placed his hand on his mother’s thigh rubbing it up and down asking, “aren’t you cold mom?”

    She looked at him with a surprised look, “A little.”

    “I’ll keep you warm.” He placed his hand back on her thigh, slowly rubbing up and down the length of it. She gazed at him with a mother’s love.

    Mary being exposed to all the sex scenes and sexual innuendoes had made her remember the last time she had intercourse. It was rather sad, she couldn’t remember the last time she had relations. It had to have been at least two months. She started to feel herself become wet as Matt would sometimes bounce the edge of his hand into her mound. As time went on and more sex scenes flushed into Mary’s mind, she leaned back and closed her eyes a bit. By this time, Matt was very confident and was now, for the most part, resting one of his hands on her breast, and the other cupped her pussy as he felt the warmth that came out of it.
    Mary would normally never let things escalate to even a little groping, but the sexual build up from the movies had broken her dry streak. Her pussy was not wet as a well in the ocean. “Mom?” Matt quietly called. “Are you awake?” it wasn’t that mary wanted to mislead her son, but she was lost in her own fantasies. A fantasy of when she was younger with her husband. She remembered how often and passionately they would have sex. Days and even weeks at a time without stopping. Her world filled with lust, pleasure, and love. She had began to moan. Matt was rubbing her clit through the shorts. Her shorts were nearly drenched as he kept rubbing her clit.

    “mmmm.” She sighed. “fuck me like you used to Don.” She said pulling her shorts off. Matt was confused, was this an invitation for him to fuck her. Mary’s bare, dripping wet pussy lied in front of her son’s face. She started masturbating. Rubbing her clit, and smacking it with four fingers. “Eat me out like you used to honey. It’s been such a long time.” Mary was in a different place in her mind. She had thought it was her husband that had turned her on, and she wanted him to finish what he had started. Not sure what to do, Matt got on his knees and kneeled in front of her. He could smell the musk coming from her pussy and hesitated at first, but was too far into this situation to stop now. He stuck his tongue out and penetrated her with the tip of his tongue.

    He could taste the juices that had been leaking from his mother, it didn’t taste that bad to him, he continued. He licked the walls of her pussy as his nose buried deep into her bush, tickling her clit. “Oh god, that’s the spot Don. Don’t stop.” She begged as she moaned and thrusting her hips forward, humping the air. “Keep flicking my dirty clit with your nose.” She said.

    Clit? He didn’t know what it meant, but whatever his nose was poking must’ve been what she was talking about. He wondered, what would happen if he sucked on it. He pulled out briefly and wrapped his lips around her aroused clit. He bit on it gently, then began sucking with great force. She screamed ripping the back of his hair off and shoving him deeper into her as she wrapped her legs around his neck. “Oh my god. That feels so great. Don’t stop.”

    He realized that the clit was stimulating her so her alternated by licking her pussy while playing with her clit. His theory had worked and Mary had begun to lose her mind. From the back of Matt’s head to hers, she leaned back thrusting her hips higher than ever, looking to the sky. “I’m cumming.” She gasped for air, it had seemed like she was about to throw up. As she shook uncontrollably tightening her body into a ball. She laid there shivering with her eyes closed and her arms wrapped around herself. Matt smeared the juice off his face. She had squirted once or twice while he was fucking her with his mouth and fingers.

    “Mom?” he asked gently placing his hand on her arm.

    She slowly opened her eyes placing her hand on top of his, “Don that was great…” her eyes widened only to snap back into reality. “MATT? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” she was so confused and embarrassed. She used the blanket to cover up her lower half.

    Matt was scared and alarmed by her tone.

    Everything had come full circle as Mary remembered where it had all began. She fucked up bad and she knew it. No one was to blame but her. She could see the tears forming in Matt’s eyes as she pulled him close to her. “I’m sorry honey. Mommy is not supposed to do that with you. I did not intend for it to go that far.” He cried softly in her arms. “Listen, you can use this as one of your experiences, but this can never happen between us again. It’s wrong and illegal. Most importantly, God will frown upon us.”

    He hugged her tightly as if saying goodbye to her. She felt a twitch on her lower leg. There laid a massive cock peeking through the bottom of his shorts. She could see the head leaking precum all over his and her leg. She slowly got up and headed to her room trying to erase the image of her son’s throbbing cock.

    As soon as Mary hit her bed she fell into a deep sleep. She was completely drained from the multiple orgasms she had just experienced from her own son.

    Meanwhile, Matt began jerking off ferociously, load after load, into a cup. He was angry, confused, and unstoppably horny. Matt had the unusual ability to produce a mass amount of sperm in no time, and replenished his load almost hourly. After masturbating for 4 hours strait, he had an entire cup filled with cum.

    Don, Matt’s father, had left early that Monday morning for work. As Matt heard him start the car and pull out of the drive way, he hurried down the stairs and into the kitchen with the cup of seamen in his hand. He pulled out some banana’s and strawberries from the fridge along with a pack of ice. He blended them together and made his mother’s favorite drink, a strawberry banana smoothie. Along with that he battered up a bowl of whip cream. Inside the whip cream he added the entire cup of seamen into the mix. He placed a spoon full of the whip on top of the smoothie and headed to his mother’s room.

    He knocked, “hey mom made you a smoothie.”

    “Come in.” she said. Mary just got back from her work out and was wearing the matching black and blue spandex + sports bra that her son had bought her yesterday. “Hey honey. Sleep well?” she said with a reviling rack and sweat dripping down her forehead.

    “Yea. What about you mom?”

    “I feel the best I’ve ever felt in forever.” She had completely ignored what had happened yesterday and he resented her for it. She noticed the smoothie in his hand as she pointed at it, “is that for me?” she winked.

    “Yea. Here you go mom. Don’t work out too hard.”

    “Thanks a lot babe.” She grabbed the cup from his hand and chugged it down with a little whip cream on her face. “Wow. This is delicious. What did you put in the whip cream?” she said whipping the sides with her thumb and index finger then licking it clean as she sucked on them.

    “Secret ingredient mom.”

    “Right” she said winking. “mmm,” she moaned in delight as she got the last bit of whip cream off her face. “It’s so thick and creamy. I love it. “ she said smiling.

    “If you only knew.” He whispered.

    For the next two weeks, Matt gave her the smoothie every morning adding more whip cream and less smoothie. In fact, he added the whip cream whenever he could. She was now consuming a cup of his seamen a day. He was throttled by the idea of his mom drinking his cum. After what she had done to him, leaving him like that, she deserves it.

    Over the next month nothing had happened between the two, but something significant had happened with Mary. She had suddenly lost taste for food, and the only thing she could “taste” or had flavor was the whip cream. She jokingly blamed her son for getting her addicted to it, but she was in deep. She loved it and wanted more of it.

    “What am I going to do Matt? The only thing I want to eat is your whip cream.” She giggled.

    “That’s your fault mom, not mine.” He still had one goal in mind and that was to fuck her. He never had forgiven her for leaving him in that condition.

    For the next week Matt had cut Mary completely off. He had stored a bunch of his cum inside an old 2 liter bottle and was nearly filled to the top. His mother came knocking on his door. “Can I come in Matt?”


    “Is anything wrong?” Matt looked at his mother, she was dressed conservatively once again. In fact over the past month she had slowly started to discard the clothes he had bought her. It looked like she was back to her old self.

    “No. why do you ask?”

    “Well, you haven’t given me my smoothie in a while. So if you needed anything, I could go buy it for you to make.”

    “you mean my whip cream?”

    She turned red fast, “Yes,” she mustered.

    “I ran out of the special ingredient. “

    “Where can I buy it? Can you give me the recipe?”

    “Mom. There’s some things that you don’t want to know.”

    “What do you mean? I mean, it’s been a week now Matt. I’m going to go crazy soon if I don’t have that whip cream.” She became frantic.

    “How bad do you need it? Because I’ll tell you right now. It can only be produced by me.” She paused for a minute looking like a child that was just scolded. “Would you want it bad enough that you’d watch me take off all my clothes in front of you?”

    She was confused, “What are you talking about Matt?”

    “Just answer the question. Yes or no?”

    She paused and thought about it for a second. “Okay. Yes. I’ll do it.”

    “Looks like you really want it mom.” He got up from his seat and pulled out a blind fold. “Come here. Get on your knees.” She did so as commanded. She knelt before him as he placed the blind fold over her eyes. She only saw darkness but her hearing became more aware. She could hear him pulling down his pants as he sat back down. The next sound was a strange one, she didn’t recognize it, but she could tell it was coming from his crotch. Ten minutes had passed and then she finally felt it. Several glops of hot seamen hit her face.

    “What are you doing Matt?” she said still blind folded. A glop of cum ran onto her lips and into her mouth. She was instantly gratified as she felt the sweet and bitter taste. She began gathering the cum from all regions of her face. She sucked and swallowed all of it.

    “It tastes a bit different doesn’t it? That’s because that’s the most concentrated version of it you can get.” He was right. She felt the cum going down her throat as she treasured every last drop. It was rich indeed and she wanted more. He only allowed her to get about half an ounce out of him when she was used to getting close to 8x that amount.

    “Can I please have some more?” she begged still kneeling at his feet.

    “I’ll give you two options and I will tell you where they’ll lead. First, you take off your blind fold and get as much more of it as you want, but I’m telling you, this first option will haunt you to your very core. Everything you know about life will change, including your faith. Are you willing to risk all of that? Your life will never be the same.”

    She sat silently, that was a pretty heavy burden. And all of that for this special sauce she had come to adore? “What’s my second option?”

    “Your second choice is that you walk out of this room with the blind fold on and we’ll never talk about this again, but in exchange, you’ll never get another drop of the special ingredient.“ she couldn’t understand why she would want to walk away from this opportunity. She wanted more, no she needed more. And that was precisely what Matt had anticipated. She slowly pulled the back band from her head up and over her head. Her eyes widened when she realized what was going on.

    The cum had been dripping from the tip of his cock as he sat in his chair. “So it looks like you went with the first option. Are you satisfied? You can still walk out if you would like. I completely understand mom.”

    She was confused and at a loss for words. Her thirst was too great, she saw the precious cum being wasted on the floor. She inched toward him with her mouth just under his cock. She opened wide as a drip fell into her mouth. She swallowed it savagely savoring the taste. “Can I have some more please?”

    End chapter 1—

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    She knelt there before him as she pleaded for more. “No mom. This is up to you now. If you want it you can suck it out of me. I’m not going to pour it out for you anymore.”

    She looked a bit sad, but realized that she had come this far already and her thirst was far from quenched. “Just this one time,” she thought to herself. This would be Mary’s first time sucking a cock. Not sure what to do, she did only what she felt was natural in order to get her poison. She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked very hard. Matt groaned and moaned placing his hand on the back of her black curly hair. His cock was far larger than his fathers, at a limp stage it was already thicker and longer.

    Matt turned on his computer and tilted his screen down so Mary could see. He went to a porn site typing “hardcore deep throat” in the search bar. A list of movies popped up as he scrolled through them. The movie started playing. Mary would watch a portion of the scene, and then go back down on her son trying to imitate the porn stars. She was a quick learner. He came instantly inside her mouth when she began focusing sucking on the head of the cock.

    He was inexperienced, and couldn’t control himself as he poured his full load into her throat. Mary didn’t waste a single drop as she swallowed everything that he gave her. She got up off her knees and kissed him on the cheek, and then left. He felt used; it wasn’t supposed to be this way. He quickly formulated a plan to last longer and endure the blowjobs that would be coming his way.

    For the first week after their arrangement, Matt lost most of the battles to his mother as he would cum too fast or too soon to see anything from her. But he was starting to slowly build his resistance to her mouth. Mary had also noticed that Matt was lasting a bit longer every time she would suck him off. It had eventually gotten to the point where Matt was able to stand more than half an hour of his mother’s blowjob. Her technique was refined and near perfection. She had finally seen the true for of her son’s cock. Fully erect he was a thick and heavy 9 inches. But more intriguing to her was his enormous balls. No wonder he could produce so much she thought.

    Matt couldn’t bear it any longer. It had been well over two months since the entire situation and he has yet to get laid. He decided he would starve his mother out, until she was left with no option but to fuck him. She would come around when they were alone and ask if he needed any assistance. He would nod her off with a cold shoulder. She’d prove to be a tough one to break. They went on for a month without saying anything to each other, and if at all possible avoid one another. They were both on the verge of breaking.

    --Chapter 2 end.

    Chapter 3: Jeff’s, Don’s co-worker, plot.

    Mary had tried forcing the seamen out of her husband, but he was only good for it once a week. Another problem was the quality, and quantity was nowhere near Matt’s.

    Mary decided to drop by her husband’s work place that day. He worked in a cubical as a salesman. Don hated his job and hated his co-workers. One man in particular, Jeff. He was the typical high school jock you would encounter. Unfortunately, somehow Jeff managed to land a job in the same department. Not only did his cocky attitude get to Don, but every time Mary decided to stop by, Jeff would blatantly hit on Mary. Mary always laughed playing along with him, but truthfully she was flattered.

    Jeff was an older black man, in his 60’s, with grandchildren. Mary always thought of him as a grandfather type. Jeff could have easily moved up in the company, but the fact of the matter is, that he was obsessed with Mary. He had wanted to fuck her ever since he first laid eyes on her.

    Mary became intrigued at the idea of having Jeff’s cock in her mouth. Mary often recalled Jeff bragging about the size of his cock and whispering into her ear what he would do to her if they were ever alone. She was desperate for someone’s cum, but couldn’t rely on her husband, and no longer wanted to involve her innocent son.

    She had thought about what Matt had initially told her that sparked her sexuality and realized she must dress less conservatively. She ruffled through the old bag filled with the clothes Matt had bought her. There were some obscene outfits in there, but she had no choice. She wore a white skirt with a black blouse. The black blouse had horizontal stripes that were cut in a V formation down her cleavage, and the back of the blouse was completely see through. One could plainly make out the color of her purple bra through the blouse. Her hair was up and nicely tucked giving a small poof at the top, and her makeup was beautifully done with a dark eye liner. She finished off her outfit with a pair of black stilettos.

    She walked into the office as the clicking of her heels bounced off each cubical. “Honey,” Mary called out in an uncharacteristic normality. Everyone peeped up from their cubicals. Many had eyed her impressive rack and long toned legs. Jeff got up quickly and greeted her. “Mary, my love. What brings you here?” he grabbed her hand and kissed it frantically.

    She laughed, “My husband. Have you seen him?”

    “He’s actually running some errands for me. What did you need?” His voice was very commanding and intimidating.

    “I was just going to drop this…” she held the bag in the air for a second, but accidently dropped it. “Oh no.” she fell to the floor on her knees.

    Jeff stood with his arms crossed looking down her blouse. He was in pretty good shape for his age; in fact he had a good lump sum of muscles. She rose back to her feet with the bag in hand, “Do you mind giving this to him?”

    “Sure sure honey. What are you doing after this?” he placed the bag on his table.

    “Not sure why that would concern you Jeff.” ‘Damn’ he thought to himself, ‘bitch is still playing hard to get huh?’

    “You look beautiful. So I thought you were off to meet your boyfriend.”

    She pressed her fingertip against his chest feeling the rock hard muscles, “My husband is the only man for me.” She teased and turned her back to him slowly exiting the room. Watching her hips sway from side to side made Jeff rock hard. He couldn’t control himself any more; he had to have her now.

    Mary walking to the parking lot felt like she got away with murder. Teasing Jeff like that made her veins fill with adrenalin. It was a nice time, but surely she would never follow through with it. ‘What was I thinking? Something seriously bad could’ve happened. I need to control myself.’ She headed to church seeking enlightenment from her uncontrollable lust.

    Mary spent the next week attending every single service she could. She was determined to get herself under control, and it was working. She had finally felt peace.


    Don came home late one night. He closed the door to his car with fury. He was singing loudly swaying from side to side. Mary met him at the door. “Baby I’m home.” He yelled to the empty house.

    “What’s gotten into you.” She grabbed him by the waist trying to stabilize him. He reeked of alcohol.

    He pulled out a check slowly unfolding it. It was a company check made out to him in the amount of $250,000 dollars. Mary nearly fainted. “We don’t’ have to work for the rest of our lives.” Don yelled. Mary was crying tears of joy as she held her husband.

    Life seemed like it was finally looking up. For once, Mary was satisfied with Don’s love making. Perhaps the quarter million check helped, but she felt nothing could go wrong.

    The two decided to spend most of the money on unpaid student loans and to pay off the house. Most of it was gone by the time they had paid everything off.


    Mary was washing the dishes and Matt had gone off to school when the door bell rang. It was Jeff, she hadn’t seen him in a month, and he had a very grim look on his face. He carried a single stack of papers. “May I come in?” he asked with a stern voice.

    She nodded closing the door behind him.

    “Your husband, Don, has been caught making fake sales to a fake company. Last week he reported a sale gross of $250k. Do you have any idea of this?”

    She trembled in fear. All that money had already been spent. “If you look here we see the insurances being sold to this company to this account, but no money was ever received on our end. To top it off, your husband makes away with $250K from the company in commission. If you know anything about this, or if you’re involved, right now would be the time to come clean.”

    She started crying frantically, “What have you done, Don.”

    The paper stack of evidence was scattered all over the table. “So you have no involvement in this?”

    “I didn’t know.” She said whipping the tears from her eyes. “Please help us, forgive Don. He would never knowingly do something like this.” She was right. Don was set up by Jeff himself, who set up the ghost company.

    “$250K disappear to a single employee and you think we’ll just turn a blind eye to the incident? No, we’ll be sure to get our money back.” Jeff got up from his seat and collected the papers. “All I needed to know was if you knew anything. Since you don’t, I’ll be taking my leave.”

    Mary was lost, but she couldn’t let them take her husband away. God knows what they would do to him. “Please Jeff, we don’t need to do this. What can I do to help?”

    “Well your husband will be relocated to India, there’s no stopping that. Corporate wants to make an example out of him. He’ll be working 18 hour work days with 1 days rest for 25 years. If he doesn’t comply he’ll be charged the full amount + interest, and the company damages. I would estimate off the top of my head around 2 million.” She gasped at his words. “But there is something you can do for the company.” He took out a contract about 50 pages long with the smallest print. “If you sign this, you’ll be assigned as the company’s FACE. Basically you just need to meet and greet clients. Of course we’ll train you. With this contract, your husband won’t have to go to India, instead he can remain at his current position and we’ll wipe this one clean.”

    She took out a pen and signed it immediately, “I never knew your love for him was so strong. You should really read the fine print before you sign. Are you sure about this?”

    She was a bit angry, “I’ll do anything for my family.”

    He smiled tucking the contract into his shirt, “We’ll see you around Mary.”

    Don came home that night mortified. Both Don and his wife looked defeated. “Everything okay at work?” she asked.

    “Yea just a close call. A close call was all that it was.” Jeff, now Don’s floor supervisor, hadn’t told him about the contract he made with his wife. All he told Don was that he was lucky this time, and to never let it happen again. “Listen Mary, I need to confess about something.”

    She looked up at him already knowing what he was going to say.

    “Jeff’s a good guy. I didn’t know it at first, but he really saved my ass, our family’s life today.” She nodded with empty eyes smiling helplessly. ‘If only he knew that I signed my life over.’

    Chapter 3 end--

    Mary received her first text message that week from Jeff. “Check your mail. I’ve sent you something. Wear it and come to the office.”

    She knew there was no fucking around with this. She headed to the mailbox and pulled out a rather large package. She opened the package inside her room. There multiple dresses and outfits inside. All seemed to be of very high quality. Along with the dresses there were many thongs and bras, some of which confused even Mary on how to wear them. She started with a white laced bra and a simple white g-string. Then she wore the torn jeans which had symmetrical horizontal rips on her thighs as well as her ass cheeks. The jeans were such a low cut around the hips that the g-string would ride up around her waist. She wore a denim tank top that had no back, only a single string ran across the back, with very minimal coverage there were small triangles to cover her nipples. She wore a gold chained belt that hung loose from her hips.

    There was also a considerable amount of jewelry inside the package. She wore many arm bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. As for the shoes, she stuck with her 5 inch high black stilettos, she actually didn’t mind wearing those. She applied her makeup once again, with the dark eyeliner and mascara, she made her lips look especially appealing by using a light purple. Her hair was twisted up and into a bun. She quickly made her exit to her car, driving to her husband’s office.

    She pulled into the parking lot parking next to a black mustang that was tinted to death. She stepped out the car checking her makeup one more time. The car next to her window rolled down. She could barely make out the shaded man as mass amounts of smoke had accumulated inside the car. “Mary.” She knew the voice instantly, it was Jeff.

    “Nice car Mr. Lincoln. I received your text.” He looked at her up and down practically drooling.

    “Turn around for me girl,” she did so twirling her body around. Some of the employees were staring at her. They thought they recognized her, but with the outfit and makeup they couldn’t tell who. “Get in the car.” He rolled up the window as she entered the passenger side.

    The car had reeked of weed, and was hazing all over. He pointed to a button. “You see this? This is what keeps me extra high. It lets all this wonderful smoke stay inside my car.” She coughed trying not to inhale the substance. It was no use, the smoke was completely around her. She inhaled it and became light headed. “You smoke? This aint no beginner shit. This shit will fuck you up.” She didn’t understand a thing he was saying as she began to feel the effects of the drug. He unzipped his zipper unleashing his monster 10 inch cock. Her husband seemed like a little boy compared to him. She could see the cock twitching every now and then.

    Jeff watched her eyes. They were dilated and fixated on his cock. He began playing with himself slowly stroking his cock steadily. She wondered what his cum would taste like as the memories flushed back into her mind. ‘No I can’t do this,’ she thought to herself. Her mind refused, but her body begged for the cock. “No one is forcing you to do anything baby. You can just sit there and watch if you’d like.” Jeff said pulling out his balls. “But I’ll tell you one thing. No one from the outside can see us. These windows are tinted to the max.”

    It was very tempting for her, to commit yet another sin without anyone knowing about it. Surely it would be okay for just this once, wouldn’t it? “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said hazily.

    “Why don’t you come over here and say hello,”

    She leaned in slowly. She could smell the undisputed stench of his cock. She took a good whiff of it as the musk circulated throughout her body unleashing her sexual desires. She had become wet from the smell of his cock. “Just this once, no one will find out.” She said aloud as she placed her mouth on the tip of his cock.

    “I knew you couldn’t resist. I always had a feeling about you Mary.” Her jewelry clanked against one another as she picked up the pace. She was now taking down a fourth of his cock. It was so thick and she had never experienced a black cock before. Even her experience with her son would not apply in this situation. She still slobbered and choked on his cock, but it was impossible to fit the entire length of it down her throat. He began grabbing the back of her head like her son would, but he wasn’t forceful. It was an oddly relaxing time.

    Mary was uncertain, but rather than wanting to swallow his cum, she wanted to pleasure him, to be obedient. She felt frightened at how secure she felt with him. She’d play with his cock making a *plop* sound as she ran the head of the cock against her inner cheek. She had done well as Jeff was fully erect now. She had begun her final stage, or cumming technique, that had always worked on her son. She tried desperately to make him cum. She thought she felt him getting ready to release as she clamped down hard.

    Suddenly, he stopped and laughed, “It’s going to take a lot more than that to make me cum.”

    She was shocked, seeing that her technique had done nothing to him. She sat there sucking on his cock and balls making a mess of her makeup and face. He pulled the single string that held her top together unleashing her enormous mounds of flesh. He groped and squeezed them making her moan out in pleasure. As he’d pinch her nipples, she would stop for a second shuttering in her own skin. He had found her weak spot. Next he slid the jeans off of her legs leaving only the white g-string. Her ass was hanging in the air.

    Jeff rolled down the window a little, “Hey Don. Come here.” Mary screamed while the cock was still in her throat. Don walked over to the car. With the smoke blurring his vision and Mary’s head down on his cock, he couldn’t make out that it was his wife. “Look at this shit. Don’t you wanna fuck a bitch like this? I think she’s addicted to my cock man.”

    Truthfully, Don had never studied his wife’s body. Every time they would have sex it would be in the missionary position with the blanket covering most of their bodies. His heart caught on fire seeing such a magnificent body. “You know, If you’d like, I can hook you up. Get you one of these girls. No charge. It’s from the company anyway.”

    Don paused for a moment as if thinking it over. The hesitant reply confused Mary. “I have a wife, no thank you. I’ll be heading in now” Don noticed Mary’s car parked right next to Jeff’s. He came back around and knocked on the window, “I’m sorry to bother you, but did Marry come in? She didn’t call me about dropping by today.”

    Jeff gave him the biggest smile, “Haven’t seen her.” He grabbed Mary by her hair forcing her head up just enough so Jeff could make out her eyes. Then he shoved his 10 inch cock down her throat. She coughed and gagged as black tears ran down her face. Was it possible? Don thought to himself. Her body was shaking involuntarily. ‘Yes’ he concluded. She had just cum from sucking his dick. Don came in his pants watching the two. Don wished his wife was as sexually active as she was. Don quickly hurried inside.

    Jeff had cum into her throat as Mary tried desperately to swallow all that she could. The taste was definitely different, but it was still wonderful. The entire month she had crave a man’s seamen had finally come to and end. She laid there leaned up against Jeff big black chest. Jeff placed his hand on her pussy feeling how soaking wet she was. “Clean yourself up, and come to my office. We’ll finish this in there.” All she could do was nod.
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    Mmmmm, so HOT! Please write more soon!
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    Very nice story. Got me rock hard!
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    Chapter 4 End.

    Mary managed to get her clothes back on and exit the car. Heads turned as they watched Mary walk by the cubicles. Her torn jeans showed a good portion of her rounded ass. She walked directly to Jeff’s office knowing that she couldn’t wait any longer. She knocked.

    “Come in.” he said.

    Mary closed the door behind her looking very tired. She stood there looking at him. “Take off those clothes.” She stripped down to just her thong and heels. He waved her over. He didn’t have to say anything else. She knew what she wanted and was going to get it regardless of what stood in her way. She knelt to the floor and crawled up to him seductively. Her eyes quivered as she approached his gigantic manhood. The scent of her saliva was still there. She pulled his pants off aggressively. She shoved her hand into her mouth making herself gag.

    Stretching her mouth with both hands, she put the cock inside her throat. It went down smoothly. She only sucked on it to lube it up. She couldn’t take much more. She grabbed the condom and desperately put it on him. shifting her thong to the side, she sat down on Jeff’s cock. She moaned feeling the head of the cock press open her lips. “Ooooh. Yes baby.” She sighed. He was only half way in but she felt entirely full.

    He placed both of his hands on her ass. They jiggled and bounced as he constantly slapped and grabbed them. Sometimes squeezing them together made her ass look bigger than her tits. He shoved his thumb inside of her ass as she continued moving her hips up and down. She wasn’t expecting it. “Ahhh. No don’t put your finger in there. It’s dirty.”

    Jeff smiled licking his lips. He was done playing around with her. It was time for him to take control. He shoved his thumb even deeper into her ass making her groan. Then he shoved his cock all the way inside of her. Her eyes had rolled back into her head as she stared at the ceiling. Mary never knew sex could feel like this. How she could feel so helpless but in so much ecstasy. She gasped for air trying to break free of his grasp by hitting him. “Shh, shh, only a little bit longer baby.”

    He held her at the deepest point for a minute strait. He could feel her pussy convulsing on his cock. Slowly but surely, her pussy was being molded only for his dick. Customized to fulfill any desire he wanted. She was in the process of becoming his slut. She fought with all her might until she passed out. He moved in and out slowly and gently until she came to.

    When she finally did wake up, she knew fully well where and what she was doing. She felt much better now, and taking in Jeff’s dick had become bearable. It felt like a train. As it moved in and out, the length of his cock seemed to never end. She was in pure ecstasy as she moaned herself back to life. Drool leaked from the sides of her mouth as her eyes rolled back. She bit her lower tongue feeling yet another orgasm approaching. “Jeff?”

    “Yes baby?”

    “You’re going to make me cum again. Oh god I’m going to cum again.” Jeff stood up grabbing both her arms. She was bent over being fucked like a dog. He leaned back thrusting with more energy now. It only took three more thrusts when it hit her. “Ahhhhh. No no no no no no no.” her puss squirted all over Jeff’s cock.

    Jeff let her loose as she fell onto the floor. He quickly took off his condom and started stroking his cock in front of her face. “You nasty ass bitch. You like cum don’t you?”

    She nodded with her eyes closed.

    “Make sure you drink all of it.” He exploded all over her face. Cum shot upwards and into her hair, eyes, nose, and mouth. She washed her face with his cum trying to gather it up and swallowing what she could. He had turned suddenly cold, “Now get the fuck outa here bitch. I gotta work.”

    She quickly got dressed as reality sunk back into her heart. She had realized what she had done. She betrayed her husband with the man he hated most.

    Just as she exited Jeff’s office, her husband stood at the end of the row. “Mary? What are you doing here?”

    She walked up to him smiling. She kissed him gently on the lips with the taste of fresh cum still in her breath. He looked confused. “Hey baby, I was just dropping by.”

    “Mary…” he paused looking her up and down, “that outfit is a bit…”

    “Do you like it? I bought it.”

    “Well it’s definitely different.” He looked at his wife’s hair and noticed a sticky white substance. “Mary you have something in your hair.”

    She looked shock patting her head gently trying to find the cum. “It’s just lotion.” She scooped up the gob of cum and applied it to her face rubbing it in. “Well, I’ll see you at home then honey.”

    “Yea. Sure.” But he was very unsure. Why had she come out of Jeff’s office? He had forgotten to ask the most important question as he was distracted by her new wardrobe.

    Chapter 5 End

    Don was able to slowly recognize the changes in his wife’s wardrobe over the next month. At first it was just a single button that would have been buttoned up, but soon enough she began to change the shirts she would wear. He was unsure of the changes, but figured she was happy. Mary and Jeff’s relationship was exclusively done in his house. He would often give her homework assignments that would help her ‘train’ to become the company’s true face. The current homework assignment consisted of her taking 100 pictures with 100 different guys. They didn’t have to be doing anything sexual or provocative, she just needed to take pictures with strangers. There was only one catch, her husband was the one that had to take the picture.

    Mary was stumped. She didn’t know how she would get the pictures, and she only had one week to do it. Would Don really allow her to take pictures with strangers? There was no way he would accept something like that. There was no way around it. She signed a contract after all. She had to try.

    It was already 11 when Don walked through the door. As usual, he was overworked and headed straight for bed when an unexpected sight stopped him. At the kitchen table his wife was bent over the counter with a lavish black glittery dress on. it was tight around the body and very short. The two straps that held her breasts up were tied around her neck. The small slit on the right thigh ran up just past her ass. Her hair was put up in a twirl and bangs fell over the side of her face. She had put on a rather heavy load of make up making her look a bit slutty.

    She looked seductively at her husband, “Hey baby.” She said whispering into his ear.

    “You look beautiful Mary. What’s the occasion? Don’t tell me I forgot our anniversary again.”

    She laughed, “No you’re safe this year. I just wanted to go out tonight. Are you up for it?”

    “Anything for you love. What did you have in mind?”

    “I was thinking about heading to a club on 6th.”

    Don paused for a second. Anything on 6th street was plagued by black people and Hispanics. It’s not that Don had a problem with them, he just didn’t feel comfortable taking his wife around that area. “Are you sure sweetie? There are plenty of dance clubs nearby that aren’t so bad.”

    “I know honey, but I just feel like dancing to something different tonight.” He couldn’t argue with her. He quickly got readied and they headed out the door.

    Downtown was packed. They drove by the club several times but it was jam packed. Don noticed that there was a great difference in the ratio to men and woman walking out in the streets. There must have been some special event going on because Don and Mary had to park 10 blocks away. “Sorry honey, I couldn’t find anything closer.” He said disappointed in himself.

    “It’s okay Don. At least we’ll get to walk together.” she smiled innocently.

    As they got out of the car the couple felt the cool night breeze hit their skins. It had seemed like the city had just breathed air into them. There weren’t much people walking around where they parked, but they could hear blaring music with a strong bass further down the blocks. As they got progressively closer, it had seemed like the woman were dressing more like prostitutes and the men were more aggressive. Fancy, shiny cars roamed slowly through the streets, jumping up and down. Don was very uncomfortable. Men kept staring at Mary, and to make it worse, some were even touching and grabbing her ass. She’d angrily tell them to stop, but Don was too afraid to say anything. Don believed every black man was up to no good and carried a gun.

    He held her tightly as they picked up their pace. They were nearly half way there when Mary stopped walking. “Honey, I’m so sorry.”

    “What? What’s wrong?” He asked frantically.

    “It’s getting a little chilly. Do you think you can go back and grab my coat?” he had told her before they got out that she should take her coat with her.

    He was a little angry, but never refused his wife, “Of course. Let me get you a cab over there.” She looked around. The streets were jam packed with the boys showing off their toys.

    “Honey there’s no way we’ll get a cab. You know where the club is right? I’ll meet you there.”

    “Alright. I’ll be right back baby.” He hugged her tightly then kissed her on the cheek before running off in the opposite direction. Mary was all alone now in the streets filled with horny men. Not a minute after Don left his wife’s side the black men around her began gathering around her.

    She walked as fast as she could in those 5 inch heels she was wearing. Nearly tripped a couple of times on the cracks. But it was no use, a wall of men formed in front of her slowing down their pace significantly. A man behind her slapped her ass from underneath, “Damn look at that ass. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this hoe around the hood.” She was scared but didn’t say anything.

    When the men realized that Mary wasn’t going to say anything or fight back, they pounced on her like fresh meat. She was surrounded by a group of men as she slowly walked down the streets. At this rate, she would reach the club in about 15 minutes. A man held her by her hips asking her questions, “What’s your name baby? You wanna be in my next video? I’ve got a record deal and everything. Lots of money in there for you.” She stayed quiet keeping to her strategy. It didn’t really phase the man. All he wanted to do was feel her body anyway.

    Another man lifted her dress up over her hips displaying her golden chained thong. Mary yelped trying desperately to pull her dress back down. But it was no use, the other men held it up letting everyone around her see. She wanted to cry at the moment, but then saw a group of girls on the other side of the street being harassed. At least she wasn’t the only one.

    She stopped fighting the men and just let her ass out in the open, the men had surrounded her anyway. She heard the multiple clicks coming from the various men. Suddenly a thought clicked in her mind. She could make great use of this opportunity to complete her homework assignment. She stopped dead in her tracks surprising the men a little. “Hey guys?” her voice was easy on the ears.

    “Woah she talks.”

    “What can I do for you baby?”

    “I don’t really mind you guys following me around, but I do have a husband and he’ll be getting back here soon enough.”

    “What do we care about it honey? That dumbass left you all alone.”

    “Are you threatening us or something? You aint got no proof.” Another man said.

    “No guys. I’m not threatening you at all. I just wanted to ask if I could take a picture with you guys.”

    Smiles shot across their faces. They all gathered around posing how they wanted with her. One man bent her over giving a peace sign with one hand and grabbing her ass with the other. The small group suddenly turned into a large crowd. There were many lights surrounding her as people whispered amongst each other telling them that she had offered to take pictures with everyone. A good 15 minutes passed before she finally got 100 pictures and arrived at the club. Don must have been running late. She decided to head on in before him.

    The music was loud and the bass was blaring. The club was jam packed with people and she could hardly move on the dance floor. Mary was a fantastic dancer, in fact, she had danced since she was just a kid all the way into college. It was when she met Don that her passion was extinguished. She studied a variety of dance ranging from ballet, salsa, to hip hop, and even some pole dancing. Her body was seductive to say the least when she started moving to the beat. Men in the club picked up her movements quickly as they closed in on her. She let loose, allowing the music to take over. One man had gotten behind her and started dancing with her very closely. He pressed his cock against her ass. Dry humping her furiously.

    This went on for about an hour. Mary didn’t complain because she was lost in her dance, but the many men that had danced with her only wanted to feel her body. There was a large stage that was elevated above the dance floor. Some black man was rapping and really getting the club to go crazy. The hour long performance had finally came to an end. “Alright, how you feelin tonight?” The crowd yelled in response. “Good, lovin’ the energy round here.” He paused looking around the crowd. “Now for my next song, I’d like a sexy bitch to get up on this stage. Any of you ladies wanna get up on this stage?” A wave of female hands went up screaming. Mary hadn’t noticed, but the rapper had kept his eye on her the entire night. He pointed at Mary whispering to his bodyguard off the mic. The big black man approached her. He picked her up off her feet and placed her onto the stage. Mary had no idea what was going on. The club went wild, especially the men. Her body was perfect.

    She stood there in front of the crowd paralyzed by fear. Her hands shook noticeabley. The big muscled rapper approached her off the mic placing his hand gently around her hip. “Hey don’t worry. No one’s going to hurt you.” He whispered into her ear. The crowd grew suspicious yelling and cheering. “Just relax and go with the show. What everyone wants is simply entertainment. Understand?”

    She nodded.

    “Good,” he said back on the microphone. “So what’s your name honey?”

    He put the microphone up to her mouth, “Mary.”

    He looked back at the crowd, “Can we all agree that this is one of the finest white bitches that we’ve ever seen?” The crowd roared with cheering and dog barking. “Who you here with baby?”

    “My husband.” The crowed ooh’d

    Meanwhile, Don was having trouble with his car. When he arrived back at his car to retrieve his wife’s coat, there was a tow truck chained up to his car. He stood there for an hour arguing with the man and trying to convince him to let him go. Finally, after two hours had passed, Don decided to pay the man off. He had finally arrived at the club only to be greeted by a line of people waiting to get in. He waited 10 minutes before finally racking up the nerve to talk to the bouncer. “Excuse me sir, my wife went in ahead of me. Do you think I can get in?”

    “Sorry sir, maximum occupancy. Anymore and we’ll have the fire department coming down here.”

    “Well it’s getting late and I’m just going to go in there and grab her. If it’s not too much trouble.”

    “Sir, not going to tell you again,” he pointed at the end of the line, “Back of the line.” Don backed off knowing full well that he wouldn’t be able to handle the body guard. Stepping back, Don was able to see into the club. He saw Mary standing on the stage. He couldn’t make it out at first, but after squinting he had realized what had happened. Mary’s legs were wrapped tightly around the strange black man. He supported her by placing both of his hands on her ass. Her dress rose up around her hips displaying her thong once more. The crowd was going insane at this point. The black man throwing Mary’s ass into the air then slamming it back onto his crotch. They weren’t fucking, but it sure as hell seemed like it. Don screamed.

    “MARY!!!” he tried running past the bouncers extending his arms forward, even leaping into the door way. “MARY! LET GO OF MY WIFE.” He said enraged. The crowd and music was too loud. The man pulled down her top exposing her breasts. He put his face in-between them motor boating her. Don saw his wife lifting her hair over her shoulders and her arms into the air allowing the man to have better access. He tried running pas the crowd while screaming his wife’s name, but it was too late, the bouncers had caught up with him and grabbed him without mercy. One punched him in the stomach and another one shoved him out and onto the cold wet street. The people waiting in line outside “OH,” and “Oww’d.”

    He sat on the sidewalk for what seemed like the rest of the night. Tears running down the side of his face and his clothes utterly ruined. Mary finally came out to find her husband sitting on the curb. “Honey? What happened are you alright?”

    He handed her the coat not saying a word.

    “I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice the time.”

    “Let’s just get going. It’s already 2 in the morning and I have to go to work tomorrow.” He said in a bit happier voice.

    “Sure thing.” She held him by the arm as she sat next to him. “Oh crap.”

    ‘what now?’ he thought to himself.

    “I forgot my phone. I’ll be right back.” Mary got up as she was about to race back inside but Don grabbed her by the arm.

    “I’m coming with you.” He said commandingly.

    The walked hand in hand back inside the empty club. “Upstairs,” she said leading the way. As they reached the top of the stairs, there was a door there with blacked out windows. She knocked on the door gently. “Excuse me, I left my phone up here.” The door opened with the black singer standing there.

    “Oh, Mary. Glad you decided to stay.” Don recognized him right away. He grabbed him by the collar pushing him inside the door. Mary screamed following them inside.

    “You bastard!” two heavily built body guards stood up looking at Don angrily.

    “Calm down fellas,” he told his body guards with Don’s grip still around his collar.

    “Don’t you ever lay your hand on my wife again.”

    “Woah, woah, easy there Don. It’s not what you think.”

    Mary tugged on his shirt gently, “Please Don, it’s really not what you think.” Don calmed down a little releasing him.

    “Let’s go Mary.”

    Ray, the singer/rapper, stopped them, “Hey, let me explain. Please have a seat.”

    Mary whispered into Don’s ear, “Please let him explain, I know you won’t understand if we go home like this.” Again Don listened to his wife and sat down. Ray had explained to him what he did for a living, and the events he attended to required a certain amount of revenue made off of him as an entertainer. He convinced Don that the little show they had put on was all for entertainment sake. He even introduced his wife, who was beautiful and lovely. After Don had explained what had happened to him, Ray offered him anything to drink. Don was a little thirsty and asked for some water. Over the next half hour, everything was settled.

    There were quite a few people inside the room. Strippers giving lap dances to a handful of Ray’s friend and other important or recognizably famous people. The mood was relaxed as Ray was a very good people person. He had connected with Don on a personal level, and surprisingly so, they had the same goals and morals; wanting to raise a happy and healthy family. At this point Don had begun drinking some of the Champaign Ray brought out. He was getting very drunk as Mary was beginning to get a little tired. It was almost 4 A.M.

    “Excuse me boys, I’m going to the ladies restroom.” She was tired, but didn’t want to stop Don’s fun. After all, he had waited for her for hours. Ray sat down next to Don.

    “Hey man, at least let me buy you a lap dance.” He called two of the ladies over and handed Don a stack of 1 dollar bills. They began dancing in front of the two men. Ray constantly threw dollar bills at them, and sometimes stuffing them inside their underwear. “See Don, just like that. That’s how you pay and tip the dancers.”

    Don wasn’t sure what was going on, but was hypnotized by the women’s body. He had never seen a woman expressing her body so sexually before. He began handing out the dollar bills rapidly, but not brave enough to touch them. Ray put his hand on Don’s then reached over and placed Don’s hand on top of the strippers ass. “It’s alright man, you can touch as much as you want. But don’t give out the money too fast or they’ll stop dancing.” He placed another stack of dollar bills next to him. Another 30 minutes passed before Don was completely wasted.

    Ray got up, “I’ll check up on Mary for you Don.” Don didn’t hear what he said and just waved him off. Don very much liked the strippers.

    Ray entered the women’s restroom unannounced. As he opened the door, he saw Mary laying on the couch fast asleep. He massaged her gently around the neck. She began moaning as she finally woke up. “Don?” she asked.

    “No, he’s still having fun back at the room. Are you tired Mary?” she closed her eyes and opened them widely trying to wake herself up. “Come with me. I got a place for you to sleep.” She did so no thinking strait. He lead her to what seemed like a secret room. The room was more lavishly furnished and there was even a bed. The glass displayed the entire club, obviously a one way mirror, and on the other side was a blacked out window. “Why don’t you get some rest. I’ll come get you when were all finished.” She couldn’t resist, she was too tired. She fell on the bed and went to sleep even faster.

    The entire room had cleared out except for Ray, Don and the two strippers. The strippers were now completely naked and making out with each other. Don just couldn’t take his eyes off the girls. A loud blaring alarm sounded off in the room Mary was in. She woke up confused. She looked out the window overlooking the club, it was still empty. But she noticed on the other side where there was once a dark mirror now showed the room where Don was in. Mary could hear the men clearly. “Hey Don, I sent Mary home with my driver. I hope you don’t mind.” He lied.

    “Good good, now us men can have some fun.” He gave Ray a drunk smile. Ray had made some kind of gesture to the girls as they both nodded to him in acknowledgment. One kneeled before Don and ran her hand up his thigh and around his crotch. Don didn’t say anything or stop her. She unzipped his pants pulling out his cock. This was an amazingly talented stripper as she began to blow his mind with her blowjob.

    Mary looked on in shock and disbelief. Was this what she got for cheating on him with Jeff? But that was not willingly so, she thought to herself. Her head flashed back to the conversation she had with Ray earlier.

    “I’m tellin you Mary, given the circumstance with the right temptation, no man is able to resist his desires.”

    “Not my husband,” she remembers herself proudly saying, but there he was receiving a blowjob from a stranger.

    “Let’s make a friendly bet then.”

    “What’s that?”

    “If you’re husband doesn’t cheat on you, I’ll give you 10 thousand dollars cash.”

    She paused for a second, “I don’t have that kind of money.”

    “Well, If I win, I get another dance from you. How about it?” Mary thought that this would be an easy 10,000 dollars for her. But she had already lost, and she had begun to wonder if this wasn’t the only time he had cheated on her. Ray looked at Mary through the mirror with an “I told you so” look. Ray left the room. The women began getting more sexual as they kissed Don and he kissed back. She felt the pain as one of the girls placed herself on top of her husband. Mounting him, then started to fuck him. He moaned out loudly in pleasure.

    Ray entered the room Mary was in. He saw her on the verge of tears. He sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. Crossing his legs he lit his cigar. “Why?” she cried out, wanting an explanation.

    Ray got up from the chair and placed his arm around her shoulder hugging her, “This is the true nature of humans. We’re sexual beings. I know this may hurt for you to watch, but this is what he wants deep inside. To be praised sexually by different woman other than you.”

    She couldn’t understand it. Her tears continued rolling down her face. He put out the cigar as he walked over to the door turning off all the lights. The only source of light came from the other room. She heard him take off his belt as his pants hit the floor. “Take off your clothes,” he commanded, “I want to see your body.” Mary was still in shock to the horrific events she was viewing.

    He stood up pacing over to Mary. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away from the mirror. Throwing her on the bed he yelled, “Don’t you fucking understand it? You’re just a whore that men like to use.” He grabbed his belt from the floor spanking her with it. She cried and screamed begging him to stop.

    He ripped her dress strait up the middle reviling her perfectly curved body. His cock was already rock hard when he parted her pussy lips with the head of his cock. She began to feel him enter inside her and screamed, “NOOOOO. PLEASE I don’t want this. Stop it Ray.”

    He slapped her across the face with his back hand *SMACK* “Shut the fuck up and take my dick you hoe.” He pressed it all the way inside of her as she screamed every inch of the way in. She tried kicking, and even clawed at him. But with every attempt to escape, Ray beat her badly. Slapping her across the face or pinching her nipple. Mary strangely began to become aroused.

    He flipped her over as she laid bent over the bed. Her back to him, he entered inside of her once again. “OWWWW. “ she yelled. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* he slapped her ass forcefully. Her ass was nearly bleeding now. She cried out in pain and pleasure, “FUCK ME!” She screamed.

    Each thrust was met with a bounce of her ass. Like rippling water, her ass shook up and down side to side. He lifted her up supporting her weight with his arms. He walked over to the window where Don was alone and sleeping. “Look at your shitty husband. I want him to watch me fuck his wife.” She became increasingly hornier as her pussy became more and more wet discharging large amounts of fluid.

    Her passed out husband was just below her while she was being fucked by a big black man. “Tell him whose cock is better. Do it you bitch or I won’t let you cum.”

    She screamed out in glee, “FUCK. Don, Ray’s big black cock is so much better than yours. Now please wake up and watch so he’ll let me cum.”

    Ray smiled pushing his speed to the max. in and out like a drill, she came once, twice, three times, before the black machine finally pulled out and cummed on her face.

    She collapsed to the floor out of breath. “Now get the fuck out of here.” He tossed her torn dress to her. She wore only the coat her husband had brought her as she scurried home embarrassed.

    The next morning Mary was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Don hadn’t woken up until the afternoon, he came down rubbing his head and closing his eyes. “Listen Mary, I might have done something yesterday that I wasn’t in control of.” He was far too gone to remember anything.

    She stopped his mid way, “It’s okay, as long as you had fun.” She smiled licking her lips. The house phone rang. “Hello?” Mary answered.

    “Oh hi Jeff,” Don looked up surprised. “Yes, he’s a bit sick. We went out last night to a bad restaurant.”

    “I got the pictures you sent me.”

    “Oh you got them?”

    “They look fantastic. Well done. Let’s celebrate at my house this weekend.”

    “Okay we’ll see you then Jeff.” She hung the phone up still smiling.

    “Who was that?” Don asked as if not knowing.

    “That was Jeff. We’re having dinner at his house this weekend.”

    Chapter 6 End--

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    can't wait for the next chapter!
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    Good, fairly well done. Y
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    very nice story. you should probably consider another title tho as thats only good for the first two chapters. rated 5.
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    This story can or should have more chapters
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