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Thread: Teachers

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    Default Teachers

    Can we have a "teachers" category placed in the sex stories area?
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    Default I think

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanessa Tillotson View Post
    Can we have a "teachers" category placed in the sex stories area?
    It's a great category and maybe librarians as well.
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    Sadly, we don't really have any control over what happens in the story site, but you can send an email to the admins through the link on the site. The moderators of the forum don't have any power over there.

    I have a librarian story on that side, if you're interested.
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    You know all you have to do is use a Google search type in xnxx teacher stories and it will give stories that have teachers in them. Unfortunately without much more info it will also give you videos of them too.
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    Are we sure we want to open up that can of worms? If we add Teachers, we should also add:

    Librarians (Thanks, Rick)
    Geek Girls
    Girl Scouts
    Lingerie Models
    Cave Girls

    On the other side, we should add:

    Pool Boys
    Pizza Delivery Boys

    Actually, now that I think of it, we could just sum up this second list with a single category: The Village People.
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