I have been writing about an online affair and thought I would share a story with all. As I sit across the table from you, I cannot help being more turned on than ever before. Knowing you are sitting across from me wearing a brand new pair of panties soaked in my cum I want you more. “ When can we take this further?” I asked struggling to contain myself. “ Why don’t you come to my office early tomorrow morning and we will take further” you reply. “You will need to appear as a client so dress smart please”. I reply “ Smart dress it is then and I shall see you early My Lady”.

The next morning I arrive at your office early as requested dressed very business like. You greet me like a client and usher me in. You look very seductive, your dress cut low enough to arouse, heels and stockings mmmmm just the way i like. You close the door behind you and we immediately come together in a warm embrass. You smell so good. You lean into my ear and whisper “We don’t much time, one of my clients changed there appointment on me at the last minute”. And you take my hand and walk me over to your desk. You turn around and push yourself up onto the edge of the desk and pull me close. We share a long and passionate kiss, our tongues exploring each others like no tomorrow.

Just as I go to slide the zipper down the back of your dress and expose what lies beneath there is a knock at the door...... “ shit he is early” you say aloud. ‘SHIT” is my reply. I can feel the moment slip from my fingers as my excited begins to soften . You grab my hand and walk me round the desk “ quick hide under there, this shouldn’t take to long” as you push me under the desk. “i want this as much as you do so you stay” as you straightened your self out and take a deep breath.

As I get myself as comfortable as I can I can’t help but wonder if you had planned it this way. Lucky it is a big desk. I see your come around the desk to sit at your chair, as I take in your sexy legs wrapped in sleek black stockings I wonder if your are wearing a garter. After your sit you take your seat and slide the chair towards me it looks like my question is about to answered. Your dress rides up your legs exposing a sexy garter holding up the stockings. I catch my breath, and look a little further, wow no panties, where are you panties?, I look again and there between your smooth lips is a small piece of lace. I look around my small hiding space, your appear to be far enough under the desk , and low enough that the client on the other side won’t see me, or what I am about to do. I slide hands up the inside of your thighs gently pushing your legs apart as I repeat this a few times. I hear you take breath. This brings a smile to my face. I slide my hands along your inner thighs one more time and down the backs of your calves as I lean in and begin to kiss my way up your thighs. I hear your breathing quicken a little as my warm breath touches your smooth freshly shaved lips. I let the tip of my tongue touch your soft skin and slowly lick up one side and down the other. You tense a little and try to close your legs but I grab your knees and push them apart. Your don’t resist a great deal as you are trying to concentrate and not let on to the man across the table what is happening. I run my tongue up and down again and then flick the protruding lace. I then grab them with my teeth and slowly pull them out a little, then I go back to running my tongue up and down those soft lips. You wriggle in your chair a little and catch your breath as I remove a little more. Then I hear you finish up and as you move to stand I take hold of the panties in my teeth and gently lean back as you stand removing them completely from your now very wet hiding place. Casual you you straighten your dress out as you stand all in one motion so as not give anything away. And you proceed show your client out.

When you turn back you see me standing behind your desk, your soaking wet panties in my mouth and my pants around my ankles. My manhood standing before you as hard as it has ever been. Your walk over to me bunching your dress up around your waist. Our eyes are locked in a sexy gaze and no words are spoken as move in front of me and slide up on your desk. Legs apart exposing your sexy wet pussy. I take your panties from my mouth and wrap them around my throbbing member. You smile with approval and grab my panty wrapped member and guide it towards your waiting vulva. I run my hands down your thighs and we hold our gaze as you rub the tip of throbbing cock up and down your slippery lips before guiding it in. In slow rhythm I rock back and for slowly easing my cock wrapped in your wet panties all the way inside you. Our breathing is heavy and fast and almost in sync together. I feel your body quiver with pleasure and mine tenses trying to hold back and enjoy your body for as long as I can. You wrap your legs around me and pull me towards you tight. “ I can’t take it anymore, you have to cum for me” as your arch your back and roll your head back,you begin to orgasm. I feel your muscles tighten around me and cannot take anymore. I grab the back of your neck with one hand as I release a week of sexual tension deep inside you. We stay locked in our position for a few minutes catching our breathes. “that was incredible” I mange to say between breathes. I reach down and slide myself out from between your legs leaving your panties back where i had found them. I help you stand and we hold each other close and gentle kiss. “ Be back here this evening to help up your mess” you whisper in my ear .............................................