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    Default Lucid dream(Fiction, Incest)

    I would just like to warn all the readers, that English is not my first language, and that this is my first try at story like this, so you will probably encounter some strange sentence structures, grammar errors etc J


    Its 23:45, I am in my bed, listening to surroundings, cautious of every little sound,
    steady breathing of my sister is indicating, that maybe just maybe I will be able to get some relief for the first time in the last 4 days, it was a long week behind me filled with numerous school obligations.
    Its almost end of semester which means, classes in the morning and school related projects in the afternoon, and of course, me left with practically zero free time whatsoever, hell all that shit even made me forget why I have my dick.

    That was until early this evening, since it was friday I was just relaxing in a couch drinking a can of coke and watching some stupid
    movie, I wasn’t even really watching the thing I was just staring at the screen lost in my thoughts, and by the time
    they where screening first commercials I just thought of shutting the thing down and going to listen to some music or something,
    when I already had my finger on the off button on the remote, this incrediblely hot girl came to the screen promoting god knows what, and totally
    mesmerized me, and 30 seconds later I was still standing there with my finger on the off button and a raging boner in my pants, reminding me that I was ignoring him since monday, and that its about time I do something about that.

    Whole family went out about half an hour ago, to pick some relatives from the airport, that meant that I should have house for myself for another 45 mins or something, and that was more than enough to get some relief, I quickly browsed through some channels on TV to see if there was anything that would be of my interest, but in the end I decided that it was for the best if I go to my room, just in case if they came back from airport earlier than anticipated.

    In a matter of seconds I was in my room striping my pants and browsing through my computers porn folder at the same time, and just a as I throwed the pants on the bed, the doors opened, and my sister was standing there with backpack and some cushions in her hands, “Tina what the fuck? I thought you were old enough to know how to knock!”,
    “Hey sorry I didn’t know you were in here, I thought you went with mom and dad to the airport to pick uncle and aunty.” And then to my shock she tells me that she will be staying in my room for a whole week, because mom insisted that uncle and aunt stays with us, instead of getting a hotel room, and because our house isn’t exactly a mansion that meant that I will be shearing the room with my sister for a full week, to say that I was devastated would be an understatement.

    And its not that I hate my sister or anything, she’s fine, she is only 1 year younger than me, and we used to spend quite a lot of time together when we were younger, but as we grew older we started to hang out with different groups and kind of saw each other less and less, to the point that she almost like a stranger, well not exactly like a stranger just more like someone that you see each morning at the bus stop, you know him but you don’t really have anything to talk with him apart from, hello, what’s the time or something like that.

    Anyways I just pretended that I was changing my clothes and went back down, to watch TV and do what I do best, nothing at all.

    The rest of the evening went by pretty quickly I haven’t seen my aunt and uncle for quite some time, and it was kind of nice family get together, so I once again, completely forgot about friend in my pants.

    And so here I am its almost midnight, and I am getting hornier by the minute, my head is filled with hot young tight pussy, nice firm tits, long lustful legs... if it wasn’t for my sister being just a few meters away form me I would be jacking off like a madman. She seems like she sleeping and been breathing steadily for the last half an hour as far as I can tell, but I cant help but to fell a bit paranoid, because the last thing that I want is my sister catching me with my cock in my hands while masturbating in the middle of the night.

    But at this point I just don’t care anymore, I grab my dick, and start with long nice hard strokes, after all its been quite few days since I last did this, and I want to get as much pleasure out of this as possible.

    I try to think about this sales chick, that I saw in the commercial a few hours ago, but I am keeping my eyes on my sister trying to detect any change in her breathing cycle or something that would indicate that she is waking up, and while doing that I am starting to notice that over the years she became really gorgeous, long red a little curly hair, cute small nose with a bit of freckles, sensual lips, I cant really see her body, because she’s covered but I know, that she filled out nicely in the last few years, and while I’m thinking all this, before I know it she is in my fantasy.

    She gets up from her bed, than turns around facing the bed again, and bends, showing her prefect round ass, covered with tight little panties, then she picks up her cushion, and walks towards my bed and says, »bro I really cant sleep in that bed, would you mind if I sleep with you tonight, I promise I will be a good girl«, and before I can say anything, she is already in my bed, with her back against me, pushing that wonderful ass in my crotch. The feeling of this hot little thing, against my hard dick is just incredible, and just as I’m starting to get comfy in this unusual situation she says that something is poking her in her bottom, and brings her hand in my shorts and gently grabs my dick. »Oh my god are you ok, this must hurt like hell, please let me help you with that«, before I realize what’s happening, her moistly mouth is wrapped around my manhood, her right hand is lightly squeezing my balls, while her tongue is doing circles around the head of my dick. Then with a loud pop my dick glistening with her saliva and my precum is free once again, »mmm you taste great« she says while smiling at me, after that she starts to spit on my shaft, and once again puts the whole thing into her mouth while keeping eye contact with me, her right hand is this time trying to get rid of her own panties, which she succeeds without any problems, then she rotates for 180 degrees and I am confronted with a sight to be remembered, her pussy is literally dripping wet and shining in the moonlight like a pearl.

    Without her saying anything I start to suck and lick her swollen clit, as my mouth gets flooded with her honey, I put two of my fingers in her love hole and synchronize the movement with her furious sucking, after a few minutes of this procedure she seems unable to continue sucking, her breathing gets inconsistent, her pussy is thrusting back at me as her whole body starts to tremble and she is lost in her own orgasm spraying her love fluids all over my face.

    When she gets back down to planet earth, she has this cute evil smile on her face and says »Oh fuck, I needed this, now since you were so nice, I guess I could do something nice for you too, but you will have to beg, you little incestuous pervert, and you better do a good job at it because I am a decent girl, and you will really have to look pitiful to convince me to help you«

    As she resumes playing with my shaft which is by now, totally red and ready to burst any second, she smiles and looks directly into my eyes »well I am waiting«.

    I am getting desperate, and my head is feeling real heavy, I just want to cum, no matter what. So I start to scream.

    »Sis I beg you, put that nasty cock of mine in your cute divine little hole, I will do whatever you want, just let me release my incestuous seed in that horny cunt of yours, I know you want to feel your brothers sperm deep in that hot pussy of yours«

    At that second I snap out of my fantasy and realize that I was really talking aloud, and when I look at my sisters bed my greatest fears come true, she is in half sitting position in her bed confusingly looking at me with those big eyes.

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    Default Yes, please continue

    Yes, please continue. It's a good start.
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    please do i was getting pritty horny
    I am the sex.......... My heart is already taken
    I loveeeeeee challanges
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