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    Default mom fucked on wedding trip

    give me feed back on it

    On June, Mom got an invitation to her best friends daughter wedding in Rio De Janeiro, Since Dad had contracts
    review at the company that week, He asked me to take few days off and company Mom on the long trip. Mom
    has a things about flying, so we drove there, all 4400 Km. We make good headway on the first day, as much as
    800 Km.

    By 7PM We saw a familiar hotel from the highway, but we weren't able to get there from exit off ramp since there
    was no cross over on the street, and After another 9 or 10 Km we end up in downtown. There we saw a small
    motel and few restaurants and bars on same street, Since Mom and I were pretty tired, We decided to check
    in there than drive back for other hotel. When Mom and I walked down the hallway to our room, there was a
    middle age man walking toward us, and he seems little drunk or drug out.
    "Woowee babe, you are one fine looking woman, maybe we can get together when you are done with him ?".
    "Hey, back off man, don't be talking that way to my mom or I will kick your ass". I confront him
    "Oh my, I am so sorry, I thought she is a pr...., so sorry man ".
    "Let go Roberto" Mom pulling me away.
    There was discussing and confusing in our eyes, we were wondering what kind of people would go around talking
    to women that way.
    "I am going to take a shower honey, you don't mind get us something to eat ?"
    "Ok mom, I will be right back, lock the door ok ".
    I went to a fast food down street from the motel, there I saw about eight or nine women hung around outside
    a biker bar across the street, some of them as young as sixteen and some as old as mom. The way those women
    dress in high hells and reveals cleavage, there was no doubt in my mind those are hookers.
    "No wonder that idiot talked that way to mom" I was thinking to myself.
    "hey, you want a date babe ?". One hooker said to me from across a street.
    When I got back to the motel, Mom already took her shower and ready for bed, she was wearing long t-shirt down
    to her thighs, and a baggy thin loose sweater short under it. I was giggling to myself that old dude thoughts mom is
    a hooker. But I could understand why he did it. Now, Mom is a little chubby, she can easy gain weight by just
    drinking water. So she workout often to keeps weight down and belly flat, one good thing that she got big ole
    36FF boobs that make things looking proportion with her chubby body. My best friend said she is so busty .
    After dinner, I took a quick shower and get ready for bed. As We were watching TV on bed, suddently we hear slapping
    sounds and crying come from the back balcony of our room, That got our attention. We were worries if someone getting
    beat up or injury.
    "Did you hear that ?". She asked
    "Yea come from a balcony I think".
    We tiptoes toward the balcony, Mom was behind me and held tight on my arm in fear, I slowly opening the glass
    door and listening to that crying sounds.
    "Yea fuck that ass...oh shit". that same woman crying voice come from top floor.
    We were in real awkward moment there. We both shaking our head and got back to bed in silence. Then
    there was more sounds come from the next room, a male and female voice moaning coupling with pounding sounds
    between hipp and ass.
    "What is going on here, why this walls so thin". Mom complaint
    "100 real for blow job, and 300 real for fucking, you have to pay first". another female voice from hallway.
    "Oh my, they are prostitute ?". Mom uttered very softly
    "Yea Mom, I saw them on street near here, I think we check in a hookers motel".
    "What ? Oh shit....we going to listen this all night ?".
    "What dad going says about this ". I laugh
    "Oh hell no, I will never tell him anything about it, will never hear the end of it".
    "well hell, don't think I am going to get any sleep tonight either, mom". I Whispered
    "well cover your ears with pillow and go to sleep, to late now to find another hotel".
    "No, not that mom....you don't understand".
    "huh....oh, well go take a real cold shower then go right to bed".
    "Are you kidding, I can't take a cold shower all night long". I laugh
    "But to be safe you should sleep in the bathroom with door lock, you know I sleep walk". I laugh out loud
    "Oh you little sick pervert, not funny ok. well, just go release yourself and a cold shower. I am going to sleep"
    Mom turned her back to me, I then went in the bathroom jackoff then took a cold shower. When got out the bathroom,
    Mom already turned off TV, and The room was semi dark, so I left the bathroom light on and walking toward my bed.
    Mom now is on her back and a very light snoring sounds come from her. I also notice that there is a big visible bump
    about the size of Half Shell Oyster around her clit that outline by her thin loose soft short. That got my cock instant
    hard again, I was wondering if that big bump resolve hard pounding from dad over the years or she is very hairy that
    pushing thing up that high. I tries to clear my mind and get some sleep. but I just couldn't get the bump out of my mind.
    I twisted and turned a few time then finally laid there and staring right at her bump, and big tits. She was snoring
    little louder, I realised that her baggy short is pretty loose and real easy for me just to lift up to see what under it.
    I got the car keychains out of her bag, then got on my knees, slowly lift her short out of the way, shine the LED light
    on keychains in to her crotch.
    I was totally surprised, Mom is hairless, and that bump was either natural form by her pelvis bone or dad did some
    serious pounding on that pussy. I moved my nose in the open and took deep inhale, Smell so good I thought to myself.
    Mom snoring in regular and deep now, so I took time inspect her pussy in detail. She has a fairly thick pussy lips,
    and dark in color. I only can see little pink part from the crack near bottom of her clit, I then slowly reaching in
    and pressing slightly on her very soft thick clit with one finger, And I saw inside her pussy very pink, totally wet.
    There was a new wave of action next doors now, the breathing and raw fucking. That got me more horny listening to it.
    I pressing my finger slowly further in her pink hole, Her pussy very wet, warm and silky creammy inside. Suddently she moves,
    I pulled out my finger real fast then laid flat on the floor to avoid her eyes. I went back up when I hear her regular
    snoring again, her right leg bend by the knee and laid by side now, that gave me an unobstructed view of her pussy.
    I dip my finger back in her pussy, then smell and suck off my finger, her pussy taste as good as it looks. Maybe
    the combination of next door fucking back ground and me intoxicate on her pussy juice, I got real bold and started
    slowly finger fucking her with middle finger and my thumb resting on her huge clit, while squeezing on my hard cock
    with other hand, and visualized penetration of her wet pussy. The bump almost double in size now, my hand and her pussy
    were soaking wet from her juice. And at what point her snoring turned into heavy breathing, and moaning I didn't know.
    Only when her painful chopped voice.
    "Don't... do that honey, ....go back to your bed". She was saying that without attemp to closed her legs
    "You are all soaking wet Mom, I have to clean up it or you will get rash or infection".
    Before she could reply, I took a long wet lick from her anus to her upper clit. All Mom could do was curve up
    her back and hands grabb tight on bed sheet. For the next ten minutes I wen downtown with that pussy, this is
    the first time I really wanted to eat a pussy, and I must have been really good at it because she was twisting and
    turning from side to side, her legs and stomach muscles jerking hard in wave after wave.
    "All clean on the outside now mom, time to clean the inside".
    In a two quick jerking, I got her short on the floor, then my short laid next to it. As I moved up in to missionary push
    up position, her left leg rest tight on my shoulder, her pussy clit split wide open now. I grabbed my hard cock and rubbing
    on her soaking wet clit.
    "We can't have intercourse honey, let me get you off with oral sex" and yet, her legs still wide open
    "I am at the point of no return Mom, I need to pound a pussy so bad right now". I was balls deep in her at the word "Mom".
    "Oh god......oh...ohoh..oh my..my".
    Her right hand covering over her eyes and left hang held tight on my arm, I was pouding her pussy with a
    long and hard stroke like an angry sexually frustrated caveman. It was a loud and noisey fucking each time my cock and balls
    slapping hard in to her wet crotch. Her whole body and specially big boobs was bouncing and jerking hard under the T shirt,
    I reaching down pull the T shirt up to expose her 36DDD, Mom got the hint so she curve her back and with both hands pull the
    t Shirt to her neck, those big ole boobs flew out, she took a hold on them then squeeze both together for me, I bend down
    sucking hard on those dark nipple like a babe sucking his mother, the only difference this time is that I also have my hard
    cock inside her cunt. Now Dad must has a real big dick because Mom is pretty loose, It was like fucking a glass of warm water.
    "You want me to go wash it, or stick it in my ass". Mom uttered in very softly horny voice
    In silence, I roll over by her side, then lift her right leg up while she hand guide my cock in to her asshole. She was
    right, this is one tight hole, It took more than few tries to penetrated it. Maybe Dad is to big for her asshole or he
    is not in to anal sex, but thanks to you Dad!. I will put your wife tight asshole in to good use.
    For the next ten minutes both Mom and I have a near spiritual moment, We openly moaning out loud, and Mom was Squirting
    all over the bed while my cock pumping hard and fast in her ass.
    "Now that is how you fuck, get every peny of your money's worth" Some guy next door comments and laugh at us.
    I don't remember how many time She was Squirting, but after I empty my sperm deep in her asshole, the bed was pretty wet.
    We clean up ourself then went to sleep in other bed. I left a real big tips for the maid next day.
    Next morning, A loud door slamming next room woken up us. There was still dark with soft Sun light by the balcony, and
    for a moment there Mom thought I was Dad, she rubbing my balls a little, Then she realised that my hard cock is not
    her husband, She withdrew her hand back.

    "Morning Mom, do you have a good rest ?".
    "Good morning honey, I feel great".
    "Well since you have all that energy, I would love to take up your offered last night".
    "Huh, What Did I say ?".
    "you know, some head job ".
    "Oh my god, last night got out of control honey, we should never do anything like that again".
    "Mom, you are the first mature woman I am with, and that was some hottest sex I ever done So for life long experience
    please give me a full course of it, and we will never do it again after this".
    "You would say anything to get your dick suck". I can hear horny in her voice
    "Well ok, Never again after this blow job understood ?".
    "yea Mom, I promise".
    "Ok, you have to stand up, I can't give head lay on bed".
    As I was standing on bed watching Mom Massage my balls while sucking and deep throat my cock, I still could not believed that
    things changed dramatically in less than 24 hours. Mom face got more and more visible as the morning Sun light filling up
    the room, Her half closed eyes was like in trance state while my cock slide slowly in and out of her thick lips. The way
    she do it kinda blew my mind, her lips grabbing tight on my cock, pulling and pushing back and fore fucking her mouth, She made
    it looks so sexual, dirty and slutty!. That is right, my sweet homely mom is a slut, And I don't know how much porn that
    Mom and Dad watches but she sure mastering the art of cock sucking, I never ever seen anyone sucking cock this dirty before.
    I realised mom pretty much a sex addict as I, and if this is the last time we fuck that would be a laugh since I have a live
    one in my hands. I am totally confidence now, I held the back of her head with my left hand, then guide her head in and out
    on my cock faster and faster. Mom woken up from her cock sucking trance, her bright shine eyes wide open and staring in to
    my eyes while I face fucking her. and as if she reading my mind, she pulling the t shirt up by the neck, jerking her head
    free from my hand to removed T shirt, Her big soft tits bouncing out. She squeezed the pair together, and self guide her
    lips back to my cock. I alter between her tits and mouth now, sometime slapping her tits and tongue with my cock, but most
    time tits and mouth fucking.
    We were so in to it that we forgot all about mom and son thing, nothing but raw hardcore. Her tits and my balls complete
    wet from saliva. She then did something that top off everything, she lift one foot to the edge of the bed, I got the hint
    by bending my knees down and slide my cock in her cunt, her pussy not as loose as last night since it wasn't that wet yet.
    I then alter between her cunt and mouth, that was some weakest messy fuck I ever seen, and with my own slut mother
    "oh fuck....fuck mom....I going to cum....oh fuck".
    "Cum on my face ....., cum on my face".
    I dumped one hella big load on her face, hair and tits, mom really enjoy it. She wiped sperm off with fingers then licking it.
    "yummy....so salty, so good".
    " fuck, that was so good, you are the best mom".
    " You are not so bad yourself honey".
    " So how much I own you ?". I laugh
    "Well, blow job is 100 real, a fuck is 300 real, and a anal sex is 500 real, so total is 900 real, honey". Mom laugh
    "can I pay off with backyard work ?".
    "well, since you are family then ok, but I don't think you there for yard work".
    "how often you and dad do it ?".
    "Oh gezz, I am lucky if I get it one a month, he is getting old".
    "I can fill in the gap to keep you happy, you are so freaking hot and would be a crime for all that goes to waste".
    "Call first to make sure I am alone". she winked
    "Well I guess we better hit the shower and get going, the Sun is up".
    We check out the hooker motel with a big smile on our faces, As mom was walking in front of me to the car, I can't
    believed that not only did I fuck my own mother, but I fucked all her holes in one night!, and I will be fucking
    her for the next ten days.
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    I loved it!
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    She's hot and grate story
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    Smile Grammar?

    Nice story, just wish people knew how to spell and have proper grammar.
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    How did her breasts change from 36FF to 36DDD?

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    That was amazing so hot, lucky guy
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    Default thanks

    good story!
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    good story! Next part please
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    Good story if it is at all true, badly written or copied & pasted! How come your mum's tit's were 36ff, then went to 36ddd?????????????????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestreak104 View Post
    Nice story, just wish people knew how to spell and have proper grammar.
    Quote Originally Posted by muminlawslover View Post
    Good story if it is at all true, badly written or copied & pasted! How come your mum's tit's were 36ff, then went to 36ddd?????????????????????

    This story could've been so much better if it had been written a little better. I'm not asking for perfection, but this is hard to read.

    Try a little proofreading next time, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZMotherLover View Post
    This story could've been so much better if it had been written a little better. I'm not asking for perfection, but this is hard to read.

    Try a little proofreading next time, please.
    Obviously, english is not the authors first language...
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