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hope u all enjoy this it is my first story , and hopefully it can be moved to teh story fourm soon but untill then enjoy and please tell me what u think

my moms name is natasha she is 40 Caucasian with long blond hair which she often put up in a bun, like the ones you would see secretaries having, and about 140-145 ilbs, she was about 5'9 with 39 DD's which were firm yet bounced up and down quite frequently when she walked , she had a sexy face and wore glasses which made her look all the more hotter , her thighs were firm from running a lot on the tred mill, and her ass was firm yet jiggly. and a somewhat chubby stomach justa little extra flab. i knew all this because i would masturbate to her quite frequently, she was one of the number one people i jerked off too , as well as my teachers, aunt, sister, and neighbors , mainly older women , i was 14 and always had a thing for older women , but mom was the prime number one. i usually wanked off to this picture i took of her when she was undressing one day after work, it was almost a perfect picture , with her nice firm breasts exposed and her leaning down taking off her sweet pink panties that hugged her ass and thighs tightly. also often when she was gone i would go into her underwear drow and sniff her panties getting that sweet sweet aroma, and the i would use them to wank off to her picture

one day around late summer august it was just me and mom living in the house together dad was off on a buessness trip and would be bak for 2 and a half weeks leaving me and mom alone . it started off as a normal day until about 7 p.m. ish when mom just got done running on the tred mill, she was wearing these tight running shorts that hugged her ass so firmly and a sports bra that only cover about half her breasts as i watched her walk off covered in sweat and seeing her ass and boobs bounced up and down for the past 15 minutes , i started to get and extreme hard on, right in front of her as she walked by me , i mean this was an obvious buldge, then i noticed mom looking down and most likely seeing the fatty tent in my pants. she walked up to me and gave mea firm hug , oh my god, her breasts felt so nice pressing against my chest , i knew instantly that she could feel my hard on rubbing against her tight running shorts, " oh my " she whispered softly in my ear in tis very sexy voice, i wasn't sure if i was just hearing this or she actually said it. then she broke the hug and said she was going to go cool off in the shower,as she walked away i started checking out her ass as i swayed back and forth while it slightly jiggled.
a small bit of pre cum started to ozz out of y raging cock ,

i quickly ran upstairs and pulled out that picture i had to her, squirted some lotion on to my hand and started stroking to in furiously , i was almost one of the best jerk off seshs i've probably had, i was in such a hurry though that i forgot to close my door all the way. then all of a sudden i looked up from the picture and there was mom standing at my door, wearing a red thong and nothing else with her hair al l put up in a bun , watching me as i was stroking like there was no tomorrow , i looked at her lick her smooth puffy lips. then she said " so this is what you think of your mommy hugh " i was so startled and embarrassed but comptlely turned on by her presence , i could not get my cock to go down , if anything i started twitching at her. " my my my you little incestuous fuck you've been masturbating to me all this time haven't you , you horny fuck " she said it in such a horny and angry voice i let out a small gulp " yes.. " i said. she walked right up to me pressing those firm soft breasts right next to my chest and started to rub her thighs around my hard hard cock " you've been a bad bad boy masturbating to your mom for all these months, i know how turned on you get just by looking at me jason " she whispered in my ear in this very husky voice " how do u know i've been masturbating to you ? " i said
" well for starters you have that sex pic of me on the floor... but also i've been watching you " my eyes widened " oh yes jason you've been a very naughty boy " as she pushed my up against the wall and took my left hand and placed in on her right breast. without even noticing i started to fondle her boob feeling her juicy breasts , and rubbing her sweet pink nipple with my thumb " mmmmmm.. that feels good jason " as she licked her lips. i couldn't take it any more i came all over her tiny red thong " oh my what a mess " she said.

then she pushed away and started at my rock hard cock , she then took off her thong and was completely naked " well i cant have that on my any more can i " as she winked at me.
she then pushed me on to my bed and started playing with her breasts right in front of me . " so do u want to fuck me " she said in an innocent voice i could only nod my head " i bet you have all sorts of wild fantasies about me, i bet you want to me suck you off too and play with your balls " i couldn't take her teasing anymore i knew she was doing it on purpose too. " hell yes mom i want to get in you so bad and ride you all night and day, fuck yes mom your breasts turn me on sooo much lets just get it on right now "
she sort of looked at me surprised for a second the smiled, licked her lips , she then got down on her knees and started to suck me off, she first licked the tip of my already hard on the she started to suck only my head while she jerked off my shaft ' ooooh yesss that feels so good " i groaned she then took my entire cock into her mouth oooohh it felt so good sliding my tick dick all the way into her hot wet mouth. she started to deep throat me in and out out and in oh my good it was heaven , i could feel her tongue wrapping around my shaft licking while she sucked after 15 minuets of the most amazing blow-job ever, " oooohh mom this feels so goood im going to cummm ! " " oh do it sweetie i want that hoot spunk all in my mouth oh give it to me baby " as she started to sucked harder and faster " oh god oh god her it cuuummms !" as i let out a fat load all in her mouth as she took it all in . she then got up and whipped her mouth and smiled at me , my erection still raging. " was that your first blow-job honey " " yes it was " i said . " she then sat down next to me on my bed and placed my hand on her thigh right next to her vagina , we started to kiss then make out passionately and furiously french kissing and slobbering all over each other , i moved my hand closer to her vagina, i was wet with cum, " ooooh babby you got mommy all wet from sucking that gorgeous cock of yours " she looked down still seeing i was hard " my goodness jason you dirty boy, i think were going to have to do something about that stiff hard on that mommy thought she got rid of.
" how badly do you want to get inside mommy right now " she said in a teasing voice " more that anything i said i want to bury my cock inside you sooooo baaaadddd " " your sucha horny little boy aren't you well okay, but i want you to ride me hard and slow do you understand i want to feel that stiff prick of yours entire my steamy cunt do you understand " " oh i can do more that understand i said " as she laid down on my bed i got on top of her and mounted her firmly as i slipped my prick into her hot wet hole. " oh yeesss babby that it " she hissed. i moved slowly in and out with fast hard stroaks , " oh yea honey give it to me hard " she moaned " oh god mom your so fucking hot i want to bone you so hard, ; said as i started kissing her neck , " do it babby i want you so bad this is so wrong babby so so wrong "
she wrapped her legs around me as i picked up pace and started bucking her like there was no tomorrow in and out and in in went, i slipped my dick deep inside her fuck hole and stroked her fast and hard picked up more momentum every time i went in " oooooooohhhhhhh GOOOODDD HONEY ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss !!!!!!!! fuck me FUCK YOUR MOTHER FUCK ME HARDDD YOU BAD BAD BOY YOU FUCK YOUR MOTHERS HORNY CUNT LONG AND HARD !!!! ohhh yessssssssss " she moaned in ecstasy , her screams of horniness on got me going hard i whispered her around so she was on top now she started ridding me hard up and down down and up in and out oh yes oh yes i watched as her breast jiggled and bounced in the air she put her arms and hands in the air hands as she road me furoshlusly she undid her bun and threw her glass off , she placed her arms on my hips and started bucking like there was no tomorrow " OOOOOHHH JASON YOU MAKE ME SO HORNY !!! oh yes oh yes yessss YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! iVE WATCHED YOU MASTURBATE SO MANY TIMES OH YEESSSS BABBYY YOU MAKE ME SO FUCKING HORNY GET INSIDE ME NOOOOWW !!!!' as she screamed in pure joyful horniness " OH ME SO HORNY ME SO HORNY BABBBBY OH YEA YEA YEA " she yelled
" OH GOD MOM YES YES YOUR SO GOOOD AT FUCKING AND GIVING HEAD , I WANT YOU ALL THE TIME 24 7 FUCKING OH YES THIS FEELS SO RIGHT OH YES YES YES " " oh god yes babby i want you in me for the next WEEEKKK lets not leave this bed ohhh yess babby " i started to thrust my hips up as she thrusted down we were fucking so hard we both started to sweat , as she leaned down, we entered missionary position with her on top and those preshsus breasts of hers all over my chest i started to suck on them and fondle them while thrusting my hips into her as hard as could " OH YES BBABY THATS IT RIGHT THERE RIGHT THYYYYEEEERRREEE !!! OH YES BABBY IM STARTING TO CLIMAX IM GOING TO CUMMM BABBY ARE YOUR READDY FOR YORU MUMMMMY'SS SWEEETTT JUICY CUMM TO COVER YOUR COCK " ' oh yes mm give it to me im about to CUUMMM too oh momm please take it in deep " " i would have it any other way babby i want your spunk in me filling this dirty cunt of mine " and right as she said that we both exploded with cumm all over each others cock and pussy " OH MY GOD OH MY GODD YEESSSSSSSS !!! " she moaned
she then collapsed on me . we both lay there for several minutes breathing heavily with exhaustion, i then leaned over and kissed her, we statred to makeing out for about ten minutes , the she eaned over and said in this sexy husky voice " oh god baby you make me so horny , what were doing is so wrong , but it turns me on so much , love feeling so dirty and wrong. you make me feel like such a filthy horny incestuous slut that gets off by fucking her son , oh yes baby , as she grabed my limp dick and french kissed me hard.
wit was now 2 in the morning and we hade ben fucking for about 4 hours now so we both decided it was time to go to sleep, we both passed out spooning with my hands cupping her macnificnet breasts and my leg wraped around her liek a body pillow