“She sleeps upstairs and I sleep here.”
“Why? Don’t married people sleep together?”
“Yes. But, I sleep here because my girlfriend comes to visit in secret sometimes.”
“Your girlfriend? You have a girlfriend as well as a wife?”
“Yes. Are you jealous?”
“Not in the least. Why does she come to visit in secret?”
“We play games.”
“Oh! What games? Cards? Chess?”
“No. We play games that only grownups play.”
“Oh. What games do grownups…. er…. you and your girlfriend play?”
“You really want to know?”
“Er… I don’t really want to know.”
“I’ll tell you anyway.”
“Sure? You sure you are not jealous?”
“Not in the least as I said.”
“Well. There are some games that are easy to play and involve money. See this roll of coins?”
“We play dollars.”
“Dollars! What’s that?”
“It goes like this: ‘One dollar, two dollar, three dollar, four! I’ll give you a dollar so you won’t be poor.’ Have you heard of that one?”
“I’ve heard something like it. Some boys at school were playing it. It sounded rude to me.”
“Well, when grownups play it it’s not rude. When you are grown up, I’ll show you how to play it.”
“Okayeeeee! What else do you play?”
“Well there’s one called ‘One can two can too.’”
“Yes? It sounds rude to me.”
“It sounds rude but it can be convenient if you are both in a hurry to p… er … to go. But you must be careful and don’t …er…”
“Don’t what?”
“Don’t do it on the other person.”
“What are you talking about? It sounds dirty to me!”
“It’s not dirty if you play it properly. There is another game called candy shop. You go to the candy shop with the dollars you earned in the first game and you buy milkshake, milkshake, lemonade and go around the corner where the chocolate’s made….”
“Oh! That also sounds……..”
“It all tastes sweet, especially the chocolate. Then, there’s the lollypop shop where you can get a marshmallow and an all day suck…. er….. sucker. Then, if you really are still hungry, there’s the pastry shop where you can get cream pie and creamed buns.”
“What? These are all games? You must play all night.”
“Nar. It doesn’t last all that long. We play till we are satisfied and then she goes home. Oh, I almost forgot the main course!”
“And, what is that?”
“Meat and Potatoes. It’s a real feast. Especially, if there is plenty of white sauce. For the second course there’s peaches and cream or date pudding or both if there’s a second serving of cream which there usually is. Then, if that’s not enough we play at putting a bun in the oven.”
“Oh, I’ve heard of that! That is rude!”
“You and I can play that when you are grown up.”
“I don’t think so! You will be so old by then.”
“Well would you like to play some now. We have time before…..”
“But, they are grownup’s games?”
“We could change them a little for a 7 yo like you.”
“I’m not doing anything rude!”
“You don’t have to. You will just earn dollars. Would you like to have some extra dollars?”
“One dollar, two dollar, three dollar, four. I’ll give you some dollars so you wont be poor. Five dollar, six dollar, seven dollar, eight. I’ll give you some now so you wont be late.”
“Oh! You take it at the end of the game. There are some rules to learn.”
“Oh yes? What are the rules?”
“We play for bargains and I offer you dollars for a bargain and you must accept the bargain to get the dollars. If you reject the bargain, you loose a dollar but if you accept the bargain, you will earn lots of dollars.”
“Oh, I see. How many dollars will I earn if I accept all your offers?”
“Oh, about 20. When you have lots of dollars you can offer me a bargain and pay me for it. Of course, if I reject the offer I will have to give you a dollar. It would have to be a hard bargain for me to reject it though. Got it?”
“Sounds good! Let’s go. I want dollars.”
“One dollar, two d…………………..late. I’ll give you a dollar if you kiss my cheek.”
“Mmmmmm. That was a nice little kiss. One dollar, two d…………late. I’ll give you a dollar if you kiss my lips”
“Mmmmmm. That was nice too but such a little kiss. I’ll give you a dollar if you give me a long love kiss.”
“Oh! How long?”
“Till I stop.”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmm. That was a good long love kiss. Have you done it with anyone else before?”
“More dollars?”
“Yes. For what?”
“If I can use my tongue?”
“Err! How many dollars?”
“You will have three dollars then.”
“Mmmmmm slurp mummslurp lopslok. Don’t stop that was just getting good.”
“I don’t know. I am feeling funny.”
“Ok. Just put your cheek against mine and relax”
“Oh! What are you doing now? Kissing my neck will cost you another dollar.”
“Mmmmmmm. You drive a hard bargain. Mmmmmmm. Kiss my neck too.”
“More dollars?”
“Of course. Nibble my neck.”
“More dollars?”
“More dollars? I’m running out of dollars and we haven’t really got started yet. Mmmmmmm ….nibble.”
“Now, sit across my lap. That’s it. Come closer. Mmmmmm. It’s lovely having you against me. Closer and hug me tight. Closer! Closer!”
“Ok. I think I know what you want me to do. I can feel your thing with my thing.”
“Oh and how do you know about ‘things’?”
“My girlfriends talk about it all the time at school. But, I want more dollars.”
“More dollars! More dollars! Yes. Can you hear my heart beating? Move back and forth like this. Oh, that’s it. Oh, jig, jig. Oh, that is good. You jig really fast. Have you done this before.”
“I’ll give you more dollars if you take off your……….”
“What? How many more?”
“All of these dollars if you go the whole way and don’t stop.”
“What if someone comes in?”
“Dear, dear darling, all the doors are locked and we have lots of time and you will have lots of dollars.”
“Ok. But, I feel funny.”
“Don’t be shy. I feel ‘funny’ too. My heart is beating so fast and I am shaking so much with desire for you. I want to feel you naked against me naked. I want you to jig your bare thing on my bare thing until we have peaches and cream, then I want to lie on you and jig my thing until we have more cream.”
“Ok. Take my panties off for me.”
“Darling, your peach is so smooth and it’s pink from jigging. Sit on my mouth and let me taste it before I cream it. Are you sure you have never done this before?”
“Mmmmmm slurp. Mit tmaests smo smeet.”
“It feels so funny. It tickles so. Let’s do the jigging before they come home.”
“Mmmmmmrrrr! Darling. Darling. Would you like to suck the lollypop first or have it later with cream?”
“Now. More dollars?”
“More dollars. Ok.”
“Ok. Slurp mmmmmm. Yerk! It tastes all salty, not like a lollypop. Let’s jig now?”
“Okayee. Oh Baby! That is it. You got it Darling. Don’t stop. The cream is being delivered! Baby! Grrrr! Baby! One! Baby! Two! Baby! Thureee! Baby! More! More! More! Mmmmmmore! Don’t stop! Mmmmmmore! Dararling.”
“I have to! I’m all sore. Yerk! It’s all sticky and smells. That’s not cream at all. What is it? It is all over me.”
“More dollars? More jigs?”
“No! No! Don’t look at me! I want to wash it off.”
“The bathroom is over there and there is a towel you can use. You are my darling and I owe you many dollars.”
“Don’t you forget it: a whole $20! AMG! What things a girl has to do to get a few extra dollars these days!”
“Want to play: ‘One can, two can too’? More dollars?”
“No! Maybe, some other day.”
“Baby! Darling! I’ll be waiting for you. Waiting with a fist full (of dollars).”

(To be continued.)

(First time round. Please forgive spl, punc& gram.)