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    Thumbs up Jihad al Nikah (temp sex!)

    If the country goes islamic (bad idea) then this is what I am doing: "Jihad apparently took on many faces. One could take arms and fight or one could help finance the fight and if neither were possible, then one could still do Jihad –”Jihad Al Nikah,” which translates roughly into English as sexual Jihad. One could and indeed should (for it was a God-ordained duty) marry the young widows of all the men who had lost their lives in the fight. In “Jihad Al Nikah” a man must marry up to four women. He could then divorce them in a short time, only to marry others! The divorced women , would also in turn, marry different men and so on and so on… Lina listened aghast to her husband’s explanation of Jihad and then she asked him a question which had irked her from the beginning, “What about Al Adeh?’’ she asked. Al Adeh is a period of approximately four months, where a divorced or widowed women isn’t allowed to marry in case she is pregnant with child. “Oh,” replied her husband flippantly. “The sheikh will find a fatwa for this.” It was very clear , that in this case of Jihad Al Nikah, the husband didn’t have to provide any financial assistance to his wives, .." http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/07/...on/?#038;#038; Sounds alot like 'pass the chick' to me.
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