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    Default Masturbation - Edging

    Does anyone have any fun or challenging things to do when spending some alone time with yourself?

    I am alone in a hotel for the next two nights and I could use some ideas for something a little different.

    I have heard that edging is amazing. I would love some help with that!

    I have a deck of cards with me, and I'm trying to create a self control game out of it. I need ideas though!

    I have the usual toys, lube, and ladies panties with me, so I'm ready to go!

    Let me know any wild ideas you might have for me. Who knows, maybe I'll post pictures!

    Thanks for your suggestions!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickSpud View Post
    I have heard that edging is amazing. I would love some help with that!
    Edging can be very intense if you do it right and have the self control. When I do it basically you masturbate slowly (Using a good lube that lasts a long time like Vaseline is very helpful). Slow down and stop often and just keep letting it build until you are getting close to orgasm then slow down even more. Now here comes the control part and where you need to know your own body well. Keep going until you are literally a couple of seconds from cumming. I mean so close that another 3-4 strokes would do it. Then stop. Wait awhile and start over and again let it slowly build and once again stop just seconds from orgasm. When you stop that close I think whatever signal triggers it has already been sent by your brain to your testicles to start making more semen and if you do this repeatedly over 3-4 DAYS (I mean bringing yourself right to the edge of cumming and stop multiple times a night) by the 4th day your balls will be so bloated and aching. I mean they will actually hurt they need to empty so bad. Anyway, when you finally do cum it's like a kick between your legs it hits you so hard! If I do this I can squirt my cum up over my head it shoots out with so much force!
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