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Thread: My Fantasy

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    Default My Fantasy

    I want to start off making out, standing face to face. Id throw you on the bed and get on top as we still make out. Then Id start kissing you, first on the cheek then on the ear, then behind the ear. Id start kissing down your neck, on the shoulder, on your collarbone, above your breasts. Ill unhook your bra and kiss above your boob, then on your boob, then on your nipple. Then as I start sucking your left nipple, Im playing with your right one with my fingers. I kiss your cleavage as I switch nipples. I start kissing further down your body. Under your boobs, on your stomach, on your belly button, on your hips, as I pull down your pants. I kiss on top of your panties, on your pussy, inside your thigh, down your legs, as I move down I pull your panties with me. I kiss your foot, suck on your toes a little and move my way back up. Now bare naked I kiss your pussy lips, I start to eat you out as I use my hands to play with your boobs. I start playing with your nipples again making them nice and hard. I flip you over and start kissing your ass. I lick your asshole as I move down to licking your wet pussy. I flip you on your back again and kiss my way back up and I start playing with your pussy with my fingers. I stick them inside you, slowly moving them back and forth but progressively getting faster as we start to make out. You pull off my shirt and throw me on the bed. You kiss down my body and kiss my cock outside my pants. You unzip my jeans with your teeth and pull down my pants. You see my bulge nice and hard in my boxers. You rip them off and suck my cock until Im fully hard. I then pick you up and throw you against the wall. I stick my cock in your tight wet pussy. I pick you up and throw you on the bed; I get on top and fuck you as you moan so loudly. You flip me over and ride me, your boobs flopping in my face. I flip you on your stomach and hold you down as I pound you from behind. You try breaking free but I wont let you move. When I let go of you, you get on top of me sitting on my face as you suck my cock. I lick your asshole and make you get on your hands and knees. I stick my cock slowly in your ass. Youre screaming in pain, I go for a little but I stop and let you take over. You get on top of me and pin me down making sure I cant move. I fight free and pick you up and throw you back on the bed. I smack your ass and you take my dick and shove it back in your pussy. We fuck doggy style and then I pull out and you get on your knees so I can cum in your open mouth that is waiting for me.
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    Default Hmmm

    Well it's actioned packed. I will say that for it.
    It's a free country, just so long as you pay your taxes.

    My stories are here http://forum.xnxx.com/showthread.php?t=47107

    My1000 word stories

    Various Authors, open to all 1000 word collection of stories.http://forum.xnxx.com/showthread.php?t=360677
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    My my, you are a devil.
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