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Thread: Paying my rent

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    Default Paying my rent

    Authors note and prologue:

    Hello all and welcome to another story! This story was inspired by something that happened to me recently but is by no means based on true events. I used my name because its the first to come to mind and not because i'm self centered! it also made it 10 times easier to put myself in the characters shoes. I would like to thank Norton5 for giving me the idea to write a story and letting me bounce ideas off of him. You can find his stories here http://stories.xnxx.com/profile703442/norton5 so check him out and give him feedback. So with that i'll shut up and get on with the story, enjoy!

    Themes: Incest, Panties, Step-brother and sister, Masturbation

    “Paying my rent”

    The door wouldn't open at first, its always given me problems and of course on a hard day like this it decides to be at its worst. After a few minutes of struggle I finally push it open and am hit with a rush of cold air, a welcome feeling mid-summer. Walking into the hallway my first floor apartment door is a few steps away. Where I live in is really just a house split into a upstairs and downstairs apartment, I live downstairs and my step-sister lives upstairs. We have always split our cost of living so it was no surprise that on my door was a note, likely a note for rent or something. After opening it my heart hit the floor and I felt like dying. “Hey Kevin! Its rent time and I need $430, I’ll be by sometime to pick it up(: -Vickie-”. The reason I felt like dying is because today I just got fired from the gas station I worked at and money was going to be tight for the next few months. This was just a fantastic addition to my already shitty day and now all I wanted was a beer.

    Walking into my apartment I immediately collapse into a heap of depression on the couch. “I am so fucked.” I think as I look around my apartment. Seeing all the things I stupidly spent money on and how badly I could use that money now. The depressing feeling was heightened by the loneliness of my apartment and the house as a whole. A week ago Vickie moved out to a bigger and better apartment, but since the month was not over yet she still agreed to pay this months half of utilities and rent . I was living in a house on my own and with not many friends it was torture.

    Getting up I head to the fridge and grab a beer, the alcohol will dull the pain. I grab a second beer and head to the couch again. Flipping on the TV there seems to be nothing on, just some awful reality TV shows and news. I quickly finish off my beer and go onto the second, The alcohol quickly takes effect and I start to feel a little better and relax. It gives me time to reflect on my day and how I got fired. It really wasn't my fault but someone had to be blamed and I guess being the newest guy I had to take the fall for what someone else did.

    From what I gather someone on the night shift was stealing money and replacing it with counterfeit cash. It had been going on for quite sometime but only was it discovered when two days ago the bank told my boss that they could not accept his deposit because some of the bills were fake, he nearly got arrested for it. After a short investigation me and another guy were found to be the most likely to have done it because sadly the receipts from my nights and his were misplaced. That asshole probably burned the receipts just to get me in trouble too, he always hated me. We weren't arrested because the police could not find enough evidence to make an arrest. Even though I didn't get arrested I still lost my job, and I loved working at the gas station, it was simple and I met some great people.

    The second beer is adding to my now completely relaxed state, I was always kind of a light weight. Getting up to grab a third I see my laptop sitting on the dining room table so I scoop it up along with another cold beer. Opening up my laptop and logging in I quickly open up Chrome and go to my bookmarks, with the lack of good TV maybe the internet will entertain me. Browsing my bookmarks there are many possibilities, movies, dumb Youtube videos but then something catches my eye. Lower down my bookmarks it starts to get darker, we have entered the porn zone. I'm not into any really “crazy” stuff, a nice body and good sex is all I need to get off. More recently I have been reading more and more Incest stories, It started with curiosity and has grown into full blown obsession. There must be one hundred links to incest videos and stories and in a folder marked “tax documents 2010” over 400 pictures. I wouldn't consider myself a “freak” for liking it so much, humans are naturally drawn to the taboo. It’s only when certain events fell into place did I realize I might like this incest thing more than previously thought.

    Clicking on a video link, I watch as a “mom” and “daughter” explore each others bodies. The videos got more and more intense and soon the two were eating each other out, their moans growing louder and louder. I was rock hard and ready to jerk off, but before I did my secret stash came to mind. pausing the video and setting my laptop on the coffee table, I pull my pants up and start to walk upstairs. I shiver as I walk up the stairs, from a mix of anticipation and from how horny I am. My hard cock barely stays in my boxers as I walk up the stairs.

    You see ever since Vickie moved out the upstairs is almost completely empty except for a few bags and boxes of clothes she had not yet brought over to her new place. At first I didn't think much of it but soon curiosity got the best of me. About two days after she moved out I crept upstairs and started to look through the bags and boxes, at first not finding anything interesting. In fact I really didn't know what the goal was, just looking through it without her knowledge was kind of a hot prospect to me. It took me about ten minutes to get to the bottom of the first box and it was nothing but jeans and sweaters, now and then a T-shirt now and then, the second box is where I hit the jackpot. Upon opening it I’m greeted with the same contents as the previous box. Taking out a few pairs of jeans, I am starting to lose the thrill of the hunt, but it is soon renewed. Taking a sweater there seems to be a empty space under it, setting it down I look inside and my heart jumps.

    Panties, Panties and more Panties are what I see, all my digging had paid off. Taking a handful out my fingers go wild with the feelings of all types of materials. Some satin, some lace, some tiny some more conservative. One in particular catches my eye, its a tiny little red thong with a little pink bow in the front. I should say I have never been much of a panty guy, never jerked off with them and never wore them. It was something that up until now I had not even thought about but now with a cute little thong lace thong in my hand, I knew I had to jerk off with it. Quickly getting up and walking to her bathroom I drop my pants and sit on the toilet. Wrapping the thong around my cock I experience a whole new feeling, it was incredible. The lace tickled my balls as I jerked my cock hard and fast, with full strokes for added pleasure.

    What seemed to make it more intense was the fact that they were my step-sisters. Until this point I had not thought of her in a sexual way but as I used her little thong to jerk my cock thought began to rush into my head. Her on her knees in front of me, her lips wrapper around my hard cock, giving me the best head on earth. How could I think of that? Why am I jerking off with her thong? My morals began to kick in and it was really killing the mood. There was a war in my head now, I didn't know if this was wrong or not. I started to feel worse and worse but soon that would all go away. The combination of full strokes and the lace tickling my balls had quickly brought me to climax. It was incredible and mind blowing, my cum shooting nearly three feet hitting the bathtub. I let out a groan as the last few spurts leave my cock, the extra going on the thong.

    I lean forward and and a big grin is plastered on my face, at that moment my moral flew out the window. Its been a few days since that wonderful moment and now I am heading back upstairs to my stash to grab a new pair. Over the last few days I have been doing a lot of fantasizing and jerking off and this has dulled the pain of the counterfeit investigation and my firing today. My newest object of fantasy and desire is my beautiful step-sister Vickie, who up until now had just been my step-sister. Like I said before Incest had before only been a internet fantasy, but now was seeping into my real life and to be honest I really like it. The new thoughts and feeling brought a new energy to my normally boring and lonely life.

    I guess I should tell you about her so maybe you can see where this desire came from. Vickie is about my height 5’10 maybe a little shorter and around my age of twenty three. She has straight black hair and brown eyes, with a cute smile. She is in fantastic shape, but still has a nice bit of meat on her bones. Her breast are probably a B cup and man does she have an ass to die for, being from Latin descent with a white father she had a very light brown skin. Before finding her panties I had now and then stolen a glance of her but never thought about her sexually, it felt really dirty at first but now I am completely comfortable explicit thoughts of her and her body.

    Getting to the top of the stairs my eyes quickly find my personal treasure chest. Walking over and opening the top and moving the box under the light, I gaze upon my now dwindling stash. The supply was dwindling because I didn't like using a pair more than once, my dried cum made for a less erotic experience. I could just wash them but that was too much work and would take away from my jerk off time. It was time to select my pair for this session and it was slim pickings. Most of the skimpy and sexy pairs were used first so the more conservative ones were left. Throwing a few around and taking a few out, I knew there had to be at least one sexy pair left. Picking up and pair boyshorts, I find my prize, a skimpy white lace thong. I was hesitant at first to use them because they were my last sexy pair, but on such a shitty day maybe they would make it better.

    Grabbing the thong I stand up and start to head downstairs, I shiver again with anticipation of the coming orgasm. Getting to the bottom of the stairs my pants are already half way off and my cock is getting hard. I make my way through the living room and into the kitchen to grab a third beer, quickly making my way to the couch again. Cracking open beer number three and navigating to “tax forms 2010” I start to scroll through the many pictures. Some aren't incest themed just of beautiful models and pornstars, stopping at a favorite of mine the stroking begins. My cock is pretty average sized about six and a half inches and a pretty good girth. I get hard fairly quickly and now its time to bring the thong into play. Wrapping it around my cock, the feeling of the lace makes me shiver. Adjusting it slightly so a little extra can tickle my balls as I stroke. Clicking “start slideshow” on my computer the pictures in the album start to shuffle.

    Stroking faster and faster the feeling is incredible and erotic, along with the images on the screen I am in heaven. But soon my thoughts turn to Vickie and her wonderful body, I start to think where this thong has been. Maybe she did a little strip for some guy and this was the last article of clothing. After her strip maybe that guy fucker her good and hard, maybe it even happened as I slept upstairs. Thoughts began to turn to her and me, making my cock twitch in my hand. I thought about her bending over for me showing me her big ass and clean shaven pussy, she begs me to fuck her and put my big cock in her. Next I think about slamming her from behind, her ass ripples and she moans loud, her pussy is so tight and warm.

    I start to feel light headed and I feel a geyser begin to build in my balls. “Oh fuck I’m gunna cum in your slutty little pussy Vickie” “Fuck i'm gunna fill you up”. I let out a loud groan and my hips lunge forward, the first spurt of cum nearly hitting me in the face. The next few spurts cover my shirt in large globs of cum, the last few rolling down my cock onto the thong.

    I lean my head back and close my eyes, I smile and continue to stroke my cock to keep it hard. I am lost in ecstasy, floating in the clouds of orgasm. Still thinking about fucking Vickie good and hard. She leans back and tells me to cum insid....

    “What the fuck is going on here?”

    I nearly jumped out of my skin and immediately my heart sank to the core of the earth, I knew the voice and I knew who it was. How was I going to explain this? Maybe if I never open my eyes she will leave and forget about this or maybe I could wish this moment away. Why was she here and why didn't I hear the door? Just then I remembered that she said she would be by later to pick up the rent money. It must have only been fifteen seconds but it felt like years since I heard her speak and now it was time to face my situation. My eyes open and look to my right to see my very red faced stepsister.

    “Ill ask again Kevin what the fuck is going on here? why are you jerking off with my panties?” She is standing with her hands on her hips about six feet away from me. She is wearing a baggy pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, her hair up in a bun.

    “Vickie I can explain...I ummm...I..” Words were escaping me and the fact that my heart was going a mile a minute didn't help. I couldn't think of response to justify the scene, I was caught red handed and in a corner. She seemed to be getting more and more angry by the second.

    “You what Kevin? Thought it would be a good idea to steal your stepsisters panties and use them way to get off and as a cum rag?” honestly hearing her say cum rag made my cock jump a little. I was still trying to think of a way out but just kept silent out of fear.

    “And don't even deny it Kevin! I came in through the basement and found your little wank pile in a laundry basket!” I felt like an ant trying to fight a shoe, there was no way to get out now she had found the other used panties and I couldn't deny it but maybe I could get her to calm down first then maybe soften the damage this has done.

    “Vickie I admit this is bad and I shouldn't have done it but please calm down and have a seat so we can talk like adults”. She hesitates at first but then complies, taking a seat on a near buy recliner. “Okay i'm calm and sitting now talk”. She is now longer yelling but still seemed tense and her face was still red.

    “Vickie I know this is bad and I shouldn't have done this and for that I am very sorry. I went upstairs out of curiosity and found the box of panties and in the heat of the moment used them. It turned into kind of a crazy next few days, but strangely your panties got me through a hard time.” I almost didn't believe what came out of my mouth next “and to be honest I find you extremely sexy” Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was the post orgasm feeling but I felt completely confident in saying that.

    Vickie seemed to be taken aback by my last statement, she leaned back in the recliner and was silent. The silence was long and awkward but it gave me time to calm down a little and relax. As my heart rate settled, I noticed that my cock was still hard a as rock and in my hand. All this excitement and fear must have kept me aroused, the cum on my shirt has begun to dry and get crusty. Me and Vickie were eyeing each other for quite sometime before she finally spoke.

    “ Well Kevin...That is very nice of you I guess...but that doesn't make this situation any better. you've stolen my panties and covered them in your cum!” She is calm now and its possible I can see her blushing from my compliment, but the room is dark so its hard to tell. She adjusts herself in the chair to a more comfortable position and I could have sworn I saw her glance at my cock.I shiver when I hear her say what i've done, hearing her say cum makes me harder, this whole ordeal is strangely arousing.

    “Once again Vickie I'm sorry, but I will say again that this has in a strange way has gotten me through a tough time.” She looks confused, maybe in her anger she didn't hear me the first time. “I'm sorry Kevin, What has been going on lately?” There is genuine concern in her voice and it brings the tension in the room down ten notches. I take my hand off my still hard cock and sit up, putting my laptop on the coffee table. I start to to tell her the story of being fired from the gas station and the investigation. I tell her about the loneliness and depression and the fear of not being able to pay my bills and her. After I am done the tension in the room seems to be gone and I feel like I've taken my first breath in hours.

    “Kevin I'm so sorry! I wish you would have told me all of this before, you know I'm always here for you.” She says with a smile, her beautiful eyes locked onto mine. We talk for the next two hours, sharing multiple beers and having a few laughs. The whole time I manage to stay hard, but now my cock is hidden away in my basketball shorts. It was honestly one of the best nights I've had in a long time and I didn't want it to end , but sadly after another hour Vickie began to stand.

    “This has been a strange but wonderful experience Kevin but i'm sorta glad it happened!’ she says with a smile. “But sadly my boyfriend is waiting for me at home and I should get going before I get too drunk!” We both share a laugh and I stand also to walk her to the door. We both begin to walk to the backdoor and I can't help but stare and her big but firm ass, my cock pulsing in my shorts. We make our way to the kitchen and are two feet from the door when she turns to look at me. “Hey Kevin don't worry about the money, we will work put some kind of payment plan.” She smiles and and our eyes lock, a warm feeling washes over me and i'm sure she feels it to. In the heat of the moment I make a quick and life changing decision.

    Putting my hand on the side of her face and quickly leaning in, my lips make contact with hers. She ever so slightly pulls back and doesn't kiss me back. After another kiss though the fight seems to be over and she kisses me back. We both kiss with passion and energy, I pull her close to me and she stops the kiss. “Oh my god this is crazy, I don't think we should be doing this.” I didn't know what to say, but I also didn't want this to end. Leaning back in, I kiss her again with all the passion and energy I can muster. That seemed to work because she relaxed and began to kiss me back again. With my other hand I run my hand down her back and decide to test the waters, moving my hand to her ass. I was happy and surprised there was no protest.

    I couldn't figure out why this was happening maybe the combination of alcohol and the events of the day that lowered her defenses, but at this point reasons didn't matter, this wonderful moment did. By now we had been making out for close to 10 minutes, and now and then Vickie was letting out small moans. Suddenly she pushes me back and I hit the counter, she has a cute smile on her faces as she says “I don't know why I'm doing this and probably will never know. Seeing you use my panties to make you cum disgusted me at first, but after we talked I began to find it hotter and hotter. This is going to be a one time thing so enjoy it well it last.” After she finished talking I was speechless and unable to move, but I didn't need to because Vickie made the next move.

    Smiling she runs her hands down her sides and grabs the bottom of her sweatshirt, pulling it up and over her head to reveal a white tank top. She slowly moves towards me and stops in front of me, laying her hands on my chest. I lean forward and put my hands on her hips and start to kiss her again. The energy and passion of our kisses had increased two fold and our hands roam each others bodies. My hands reach her ass and I start to pull her closer so she will hopefully feel my hard cock against her. She lets out a moan and starts to grind into me, her kisses growing more and more frantic.

    Vickie's hands slowly make their way down to my basketball shorts, her small hand rubbing my shaft through my shorts. I let out a groan and she smiles “looks like I found my stepbrother’s hard man meat. When I first saw it I was surprised at its length and girth and now I want it in my mouth.” I kiss her one last time before she begins to slowly work her way down my chest.

    She kisses my chest as she works her way down, even with my shirt still on it was amazing. Ever so slowly she works her way to my stomach, sliding her hand into my pants. Her cold hand felt incredible on my cock, she slowly started to work my shaft and push my shorts down. After she gets past my stomach she takes my hand out of my pants and uses it to pull my shorts and boxers down. A tingle runs up my spine as her lips meet the head of my hardness. Running her fingertips along my thigh up to my cock, she uses her small hand to gently grasp my shaft and begin to slowly work it. I let out a low groan, she tongues the head of my cock as her hand works my shaft faster. The feeling was incredible and watching my stepsister work my shaft was the most arousing sight my eyes had yet witnessed.

    Soon her hand stopped and she started to lick my shaft up and down, precum smearing on her cheek and into her hair when she reached the bottom of my shaft. After my cock was sufficiently wet she stopped and looked up at me. “Is my little step brother ready to have his cock sucked?’ all I could do is nod my head and let out a meek “yes”. She giggles and leans forward, soon I feel the head of my cock pass through her lips. She puckered them before pushing it in and it made for a incredible feeling, like I was pushing into her forbidden hole. After she gets past the head she quickly starts to work her way down my shaft. Swirling her tongue around my shaft, soaking my cock in her saliva.

    I let out a long groan and lean my head back, placing my hand on the back of her head. I start to thrust forward softly making her gag slightly, but this does not slow her down. My stepsister is giving me the best head in the world and I never want her to stop but sadly I start to feel a boiling in my balls. Vickie does not let up, deepthroating me like a pro, only gagging now and then. She runs her hand up up my inner thigh to my balls, starting to play with them. “Oh fuck Vickie I'm gunna cum so hard!” I let out a loud and low groan.

    She just smiles and works my cock harder, taking me in as deep as she can. Suddenly the world seem to surround me then exploded out. I thrust forward hard into Vickie's mouth, and groan loud. The first spurt of cum slams into the back of her throat, the next doing the same. I seemed to cum for ages and my stepsister swallowed it all down with ease. Pulling my softening cock out of her mouth she stands and smiles. “My little stepbrother has some yummy cum” She says as she licks a glob off the corner of her lip. “Well my stepsister is a good little cock sucker” I say with a smile. “How about you return the favor big boy.” she says with a wicked smile.

    Leaning in I kiss her passionately then grab her hip to turn her around. Putting my hand on her back I bend her over the kitchen counter, leaning down to kiss her neck. Continuing to kiss her neck I reach down and start to tug her sweatpants down, they down put up much of a fight and easily fall into a pile at her feet. I stop kissing her neck and start to kiss my way down her back slowly, my hand sliding down her stomach and into her panties. I can already tell my the feeling that they are lace, I can also tell she is clean shaven as I suspected. Kissing down her spine causes her to shiver and moan, I can't believe this is happening i'm about to eat out my stepsister! I make my way to her lower back and notice she is shaking with anticipation, you can almost feel the passion in the air. Getting down on my knees I am greeted with a wonderful sight. Vickie’s ass is perfection, perfectly toned and not overly big. It was accented by her tiny little red lace thong, identical to the one I first found a few days ago. My soft cock was now starting to harden again as I lean forward to kiss her lace cover pussy. She lets out a soft moan as I move the thong to the side to reveal her beautiful pussy.

    I start to run my tongue slowly along the length of her pussy, just letting the tip of my tongue slide in. Her moans grow louder as I reach around into her thong, rubbing her clit with my thumb. She was already soaking wet when I started licking her, and now shes dripping wet. After teasing her with the tip of my tongue for a few minutes, I decide its time to slide my tongue in and out of her tight little pussy. Sliding my tongue in as deep as I can then slowly pulling out causes her start to shake.

    “Oh yes! Eat your stepsisters pussssy baby! oh my god don't stop, don't ever fucking stop!” she says between moans. My cock instantly jumps to life when she calls me baby. Her juices are running down my chin, she is dripping wet and there seems to be no end. I slide two finger into her deep, still rubbing her clit with my other hand. She rocks back and forth against my fingers and swears and moans now and then assuring me i'm doing a good job. I soon start to work a third finger in which drives her nuts, she fucks herself hard on my fingers, letting out loud moans each time.

    “Oh fuck me Kevin this is fucking amazing! I'm gunna cum, I'm gunna cum so fucking hard. You’re sending your stepsister over the edge baby!” With that her body spasms, and with weak knees she nearly falls. To my surprise she squirts, not a whole lot but enough to coat my hand. She nearly collapsed onto the floor but I caught her just in time. She was trying to catch her breath as I stood up hard member in hand.

    “Just stick that fat thing in me...please fill me up” she says between breaths. Using my thumb to move her thong to the side again I line my head up with her little hole. She is unbelievably tight and soaking wet, it was so the best feeling I had yet experienced, a thousand times better than using my hand and panties. After about three inches I decided I was done taking it slow, it was time to fill her up. Slamming the rest of my length in causes her to groan and yell “fuck!” as I let out a loud groan. I pull back almost to the point of pulling out then slam my rock hard cock back into my stepsister’s pussy. Starting a quick and deep pace turns us both into moaning and groaning fuck machines. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard Kevin!” Vickie screams between moans and groans.

    A few hours ago I was caught with my pants down and scared out of my mind after my Step Sister caught me jerking off into her panties. Now i'm fucking her against the kitchen counter and we've both cum, man did things change quickly. Vickie is now pushing back as I thrust forward making my thrust even deeper. Her pussy juices run down my shaft onto my balls, I swear this girl is like a waterfall! I reach around and start to rub her clit again but she grabs my hand to stop me.

    “Lets go to the bedroom Kevin I want to ride you!” she says with passion and lust in her eyes. She lets go of my hand and I pull out of her wonderful pussy. Its good the bedroom isn't far because I didn't want to be without her pussy for long. Quickly making it to the bedroom I turn to see Vickie has removed her shirt and bra. Her breast are perfect, not very big but a nice handful, with cute little brown nipples, her body is evenly tanned including her boobs. The bed doesn't have sheets on it but neither of us care, I fall back on the bed. Vickie is quick to straddle me, she leans down and we start to passionately kiss again.

    I reach up and take both of her beautiful boobs in my hands as our tongues dance in each others mouths. She moans into my mouth as I play with her erect nipples, I stop with one hand so I can line my cock up with her hot hole. Vickie is quick to slam her ass down on my cock, almost instantly my full length is in. She starts to rock back and forth causing us both to moan. As she grinds on my cock I move my hand to her ass and give it a hard slap, she smiles and moans.

    After a few minutes of grinding Vickie breaks the kiss to sit up, putting her hands on my chest she begins to bounce up and down. In the mirror behind her I can see her ass ripple with each bounce, to add to it now and then I slap her ass hard. The feeling of my step sister bouncing on my cock is truly incredible, she is so tight and wet. She takes her hands off my chest and starts to bounce faster and faster, her breast bouncing wildly. We both moan and groan so loud I swear we much have woken up everyone on the block and we were soon going to wake up the whole city.

    Vickie began to frantically slam herself down on my cock moaning louder and louder as she did. I was about to tell her I felt an orgasm coming but she beat me to it. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Kevin baby i'm gunna cum, i'm gunna cum sooooo hard on your dick!’ she cries out, slamming herself down on me, starting to grind hard. She was about to send me over the edge and I was about to do the same to her. we were two twenty somethings locked in a bought of passion and love and now we were both about to reach climax together. The moment was mind blowing, she squirted on my shaft as I filled her up with a big load of cum. It was like sound left the room and everything was gone. It was just me and her and our mutual moment of ecstasy. Step brother and sister cumming together in one beautiful moment. Vickie collapsed on my chest and for over an hour we just laid there panting and and sweating, the night air kissing our naked bodies.

    The night did not end there, with that much passion it does not just die down with one or two orgasms. We spent the night exploring each others bodies and trying new things and always driving each other crazy. We fucked in the shower, on my bed, on the couch and on the floors of both apartments. By the time sunrise broke we were exhausted and well into each others arms on my bed dripping sweat and smelling of sex. Soon we both drifted off into a blissful sleep together.

    I awoke to find Vickie had left, I looked all around the house and saw we really did a number on the place. pillows all over, couch cushions in other rooms, the shower still running. The place was a mess but I loved it, after looking all over I found something in the kitchen that made me smile. Sitting on the counter was the same tiny red thong Vickie had been wearing last night with a small sticky note on it that read:

    “Consider your debt paid(: -Vickie-”

    Thank you for reading! As mentioned in the authors note, this will probably be a standalone story with not series. If there is a big outcry for a second part or some kind of follow up then I will consider making a part two. I love feedback so feel free to PM me or comment, personally I like PMs, makes it easier to thank people and know who like what. So once again thanks for reading and check out my other stories!

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    This is good.
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    Very nice
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    Thank you both! It looks like there might be a part two or some kind of follow up to this considering it's doing fairly well on the story site. I'll have to find a good way to continue it first.

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    I shall now outcry for a part two *clears throat* "PLEASE MAKE A PART TWO!!" I am now done with my outcry. Thank you.
    Of course I'm weird, so are you. That's why we get along so well.
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    Good buildup to steamy incest!
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    Thumbs up

    please make a part 2 this was hot
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    awesome story would love to read more
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    Hot story I really liked it.
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    This is an excellent first story. Well told and you can place yourself in the action as the story progresses. Looking forward to more work from you.
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    Default Loved the story

    I tried to post comment in the story section but I could not stayed logged in. I tried to give a pos. rating but it didn't take my vote.
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