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Thread: The babysitter

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    Default The babysitter

    I was 9 at the time and my babysitter was 19 or 20. I use to torment her everytime she watched me and was a wonder my parents culd get her to co
    me back. My parents left for the evening and me and my sister were being watched my Marry. She was hot and I always would sit behind her and snap her bra and just poke and prod at her all night.
    It was around 9 pm and my sister fell asleep on the floor and i was still pissin Marry off by snappin her bra against her back and trying to lift the side of her shirt up. She told me I was too young to be thinkin that way and wuld know anything about it if I saw her naked anyhow. Well for my that fueld the fire more.
    I slid up beside her closer on the couch and kept puttin my hand on her bare leg below her short shorts. And she kept callin me a perv and wuld push my hand away. After a few attempts she grabbed my hand and stuck it on her crotch and rubbed it around. She asked if I wanted to see what i was rubbin and I knodded yes.
    She undid her shorts and pulled them down around her ankles and pulled her panties down just enough for me to see her hairy bush. I can remember smilin at the site of it and reachin to touch it. She took my hand and put it down inside her undies and rubbed it around and I culd feel it gettin wet down there. So she had me stick my fingers inside her pussy and she pushed them in and out of her pussy. I was dumb founded, I couldnt believe what I was getting to do. She used her other hand to lift up her shirt and lift her bra off one of her tits and pulled my heAD OVER TO IT AND TOLD ME TO LICK HER NIPPLE. She moaned and groaned as she rammed my hand in and out of her pussy. I culdnt believe how hot and wet it was. She asked me if I was enjoyin it and I knodded yes again, and she reached over and felt my little boner inside my pajama shorts... She gigled and said that I must be enjhoyin it.. I was a little embarrassed cause she was alot older than me but luved the feelin of her hand on my dick. She laid me back on the couch and pulled my shorts and undies down and begans to lick and suck on my little boner. It felt awsome, her hot wet mouth and tongue ticklin and tormenting my hard on and little balls.
    She sucked for a few minutes and then asked if I wuld like to feel inside her pussy, I said sure and she climbed up and sat down onto my little hard on. Her pussy engulfed my little dick. As she tried to move around it wuld fall out and she wuld slide it back in. Then she laid back and spread her legs and had me climb in between her and she reached around me and grabbed my ass and lined my dick up with her wet pussy and pulled me in tight and began to thrust her hips up and down slitghtly so that I wuld not fall out and she culd keep the rythm goin for her self. With in a few minutes of her hairy pussy givin me bruch burn against my pelvic bone because of the pressure she was keepin against me. She moaned and gasped and cum all over my little boner... She said thats what happens when u want to play with a big girl...
    She said if I promised not to tell and culd keep it our little secret then we wuld do it agin next time she sat with us.... I culdnt wait....
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    Default bad spellimg

    Learn too spell then write a another story
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    I dont care about the spelling just cont. the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trell29 View Post
    Learn too spell then write a another story
    Wow. . .

    Good idea for the story but go into more detail. Make it longer, you know?
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