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    Default The Debauchery Of A Young Housewife

    I Have this Story for Long Time In My Collection. Enjoy it


    Asha was newly married to Rajesh Sinha, a young businessman, who had his own auto-parts making factory in the outskirts of Delhi. They lived in a big bungalow with Rajesh's parents. They had just returned from their honeymoon. Asha a voluptuous women had been a virgin before marriage, although she had indulged in heavy petting with a few boys and her house servant. Luckily before she could go any further her marriage was fixed. She was a lusty young woman with a big body, heavy breasts and a tight arse. She had thouroughly enjoyed her honeymoon and was fucked by her new hubby almost 3-4 times a day. Now after coming to her new house she was slowly trying to adjust to her new role as a housewife. Being an extremely sexed and sexy person she was the target of all the male friends relatives n servants in her new environment. Some women lusted after her too. Asha loved the attention she was getting and had sex on her mind a lot. Her husband Rajesh had to look after his business and was away all day long n returned late at night very tired. Asha's father-in-law felt rejuvenated on seeing such a voluptuous n sexy woman in the house n would waste no opportunity to be near her and fantasize about seeing her naked body. He longed to fuck her and his prick was always in a state of readiness on seeing her go about the household chores.
    He loved seeing her in her nighty in the morning serving breakfast to the family as she bade farewell to her husband for the day. Such ripe and heavy breasts on a slim n fair body was a heavenly sight for the old man.Oh he thought, how much I can teach this woman to feel pleasure if only I had the opportunity. His mind started working to find ways to create an opportunity for him to fuck her. Asha was not oblivious to the intentions of her father-in-law. In fact she loved the attention showered on her.

    Even Rajesh's young cousins would drop in during the day to see her with lustful intentions. One of them called Sushil was a tall handsome fellow employed in the Indian Army n was on leave for 3 weeks. He was a rogue, in that, he had fucked many girls n seduced many housewives. He was a bachelor about 35 years in age n older than Asha, who was just 23. He lived his life to the hilt n had not thought of marriage, especially having opportunities to fuck many woman as it is. He would come over to meet Asha very often . He had a motorcycle n would offer Asha a ride.

    So far Asha had refused on some pretext or the other, but Sushil was quite persistent, having mastered the art of seduction, he bided his time. With so much male attention Asha would be very horny by the time Rajesh returned home in the night . Rajesh on the other hand would be quite tired , but seeing Asha's obvious horniness would fuck her before sleeping. However the tiredness would prevail n at times he would just ejaculate inside her very fast leaving her unsatisfied. This started happening often and Asha having a strong sex-drive started masturbating to control her desire. She would take long baths in the morning masturbating in her tub.

    Her thoughts would drift to her earlier boyfriends,her house servant (who nearly fucked her),her father-in-law, Sushil, her driver and even the maid servant. Asha being highly sexed would fantasize and masturbate to fulfil her need. Sex played so much on her mind that she was attracted to women also and felt randy on seeing sexy woman in magazines or in real life. One of her favourite fantasy while masturbating was about her house servant Raju. He was employed in her parents house as a chokra to clean the house n do market purchases.
    He was a boy of 17 years and had been attracted to Asha when she was unmarried. He used to serve her morning tea in her room and used to see her in various poses while sleeping. At times he saw her panties and at times got glimpses of the big breasts. This used to disturb him deeply and he was dying to fuck her, at the same time afraid of losing his job. He controlled his desire the best that he could by visiting prostitutes and fucking the neighbours maid. He also knew that Asha's marriage was fixed and the thought of not seeing her near nude body every morning saddened him greatly. One morning , when he went to serve her bed-tea, he found Asha sprawled on the bed with her legs apart.

    She was sleeping on her back and the bed sheet had slipped of her body. Her nightie had risen up n her panties and pubic hair could be clearly seen. Her creamy thighs and the dark curly cunt hair was too much for Raju. He immediately got a massive hard-on and was at his wits end about what to do. He quickly freed his prick from his shorts and started rubbing it while looking at Asha's dark bush. Suddenely he saw that Asha was getting up n he tried to put his prick back inside his shorts. Asha awoke to a sight of a large pole in Raju's hand instead of the customary tea-cup. It took a moment for realization to dawn on her that it was a prick, that too a massive one.

    Asha was transfixed at the sight of Raju's prick and her hormones started acting-up. Although she had seen pricks in magazines she had never seen a real one and that also so near.Raju a short chokra possessing such a massive tool, this sight transfixed her. On seeing her reaction or rather a lack of reaction, Raju grew bolder and stepped nearer her. He caught her hand and placed it on his prick. Asha felt a current shoot-up her body on touching a hot throbbing prick.

    She felt her juices flowing and her panties getting wet. This was not lost on Raju and he grew bolder by grabbing her hair and bringing her face near his prick. He started rubbing his prick on Asha's face. Asha was in a trance, her face was burning, her whole body was burning with desire. Sensing this Raju brought the head of the prick near her lips and started rubbing the head on her lips. Asha's mouth opened by itself and she started sucking on the head. Raju started pushing his prick in further. Asha felt the hot throbbing prick in her mouth, it smelled and tasted tangy n salty. Raju meanwhile pushed further, however the taste n smell was too much for Asha n she started choking. Raju quickly brought his prick out smeared with Asha's saliva, started rubbing on her face. Slowly he brought it to her lips again and again Asha opened her mouth.

    He kept doing this routine of taking his prick out and then putting it in and Asha got used to the feeling n sucking of his prick. Raju heard his name being called out by Asha's mother from downstairs. He quickly pulled his prick out of her mouth and started rubbing it on her face. He was too near ejaculation to stop and soon ejaculated all over her face and mouth by holding her hair. Having finished he put his prick in and rushed downstairs. Asha had her first taste of semen just a day prior to her marriage to Rajesh.She often masturbated while thinking of Raju's prick and about having that prick inside her aching cunt.

    Even after being married now for nearly two months, she often thought about Raju's massive prick. Her husband was satisfactory in bed but the pleasure she had received by sucking, holding, feeling Raju's massive prick was not there. She had always thought the tall men have large pricks but now she knew better.

    Asha was getting sexually frustrated. Her husband Rajesh used to ejaculate too fast and go of to sleep leaving her frustrated. The sex act finished almost before it started, so it seemed to Asha. She resolved her frustrations by masturbating in the tub in the mornings. She fantasized about her father-in-law, Raju, Sushil and even her maid servant. Although she was fucked by them in her fantasises , Asha had resolved to remain faithful to her husband. However, she saw no harm in flirting, since it gave her pleasure and added excitement to her fantasises while masturbating.

    She now resorted to wearing flimsy nighties and purposely kept the buttons of her nightgown open. She would bend low while serving her father-in-law and Rajesh breakfast and also raise her arms in the pretext of arranging her hair ever so often. Thus, her father-in-law was treated to a sexy sight daily, so too were the servants of the household. She would often call her father-in-law to play cards with her in her room before having a bath. She would purposely touch his hand, arm while playing and give him glimpses of her breasts thru the flimsy nighty and also her creamy, milky white thighs. Her father-in-law, poor chap would be desperately trying to hide his erection and would often use her toilet to masturbate to release his frustration.

    This seemed to excite Asha very much, seeing the power of her sexuality over this old man. At times she carelessly left her bra or panty lying around in the bathroom, so that the old man could get a sniff or two. Her father-in-law was helpless since he did not have the courage to make a move on her. He was dying to fuck her and waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Ooh he could teach this teasing bitch a thing or two with his experienced prick. Sushil on the other hand was a different kettle of fish altogether. He had stopped coming so often to their house, knowing that Asha was revelling in teasing him and nothing more. He was getting sex from women and knew that eventually an opportunity would open for him to fuck Asha.

    One day Sushil came over and invited Rajesh and Asha to a dinner at his house the following weekend. His leave would soon be getting over and thus he was throwing a party for friends. When Asha and Rajesh arrived at his apartment for the party they saw a lot of young couples enjoying themselves. Sushil was mainly occupied with a sexy looking girl who was a famous Delhi model. On asking Rajesh, she got to know that her name was Mini and she was Sushil's current girlfriend and aro 27 years of age. Mini was the attention of most males at the party.
    She was wearing a thin-strap black dress, which could hardly hold her huge breasts and the dress was so short that, Asha thought that Mini was wearing no panties. The sight of her heavy proud breasts almost spilling out of the dress transfixed Asha. She was staring at Mini with her lips slightly parted and Asha could feel herself getting wet. Suddenly Mini looked in her direction and Asha was embarrassed at being caught looking unabashedly at this sexy model.The next thing Asha saw was Mini standing next to her with Sushil . She gently took hold of Asha's hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Asha took in her perfume as Mini's breasts pressed her own while she was kissing her cheek. "Rajesh is lucky to have such a pretty wife" she laughingly told Asha . She had not left Asha's hand and kept squeezing it sensually.

    The nearness of this woman and her scent intoxicated Asha. Also the sight of her huge breasts each winking the other way was enough to start Asha's juices flowing. Asha thought her own breasts were a handful, but Mini's were huge and seemed to have a life of their own, proudly thrusting thru the fabric to gain freedom. After exchanging a few more pleasantries with Asha and Rajesh, Sushil and Mini excused themselves. Before leaving, Mini, who had not let go playing with Asha's hand brought her face near Asha's ear. Brushing her breasts against her arm and pretending to whisper something, she took a playful nibble and lick at Asha's ear. Asha immediately blushed on knowing the Mini was attracted to her. This was not lost on Sushil who mischeviously smiled at Asha's predicament. Asha was really all hot and bothered. She stole a number of glances at Mini and Sushil during the party and her stares were noticed by them. On returning home that night, Asha felt very horny and quickly removed her clothes and pounced on her husband. Rajesh could not keep up the sexual ardour of his wife and as usual ejaculated too fast and went off to sleep.

    Asha was sexually unsatisfied and kept tossing and turning thinking about Mini and Sushil . In the morning she asked Rajesh why Sushil was not married as yet. Rajesh laughed and said that Sushil did not feel the need especially when he was bedding many women. He also added that Sushil was a rogue and that she should stay away from him. Asha felt scared of Sushil but at the same time, the thought of getting fucked by him set her juices flowing. That day she masturbated thinking of Mini and Sushil . However, Asha thought seriously of what her husband had said and resolved to let Sushil fuck her in her dreams only. A few days later, Asha hit upon an idea of buying sexy lingerie to spice up her sex-life with Rajesh. She had often seen women in magazines wearing sexy lingerie and decided to surprise Rajesh that night. She wanted to but a satin teddy and so she went to a shop dealing in imported undergarments. She found what she wanted and was holding it up for size, when she heard her name being called. She turned to see Mini, who once again proceeded to peck her on the check and this time give her a big hug.

    Seeing what was in Asha's hand, Mini squealed " that will look real sexy on you Asha". Asha smiled and asked the salesgirl to show her a larger size. " Asha dear, I bought the same size for myself last week and it fitted me fine, after all it is meant to show your boobs not hide them". Asha blushed at the mention of breasts. Mini continued " Asha you have such a sexy figure and a horny face too, you should definitely take up modelling". Mini had a very unsettling effect on her. She was so sexy and today she was wearing a tight t-shirt and tight pants. Her breasts seemed to proudly thrust out. Having paid Asha started to leave but was stopped by Mini. " Lets have lunch together "she said. Asha seemed to hesitate, but Mini would not have no for an answer and grabbed her by her arm.

    Once out of the shop, Mini said the Sushil was going to pick her up from here, but she would call him to meet them directly at the coffee-shop. Before Asha could protest, Mini walked away and dialled Sushil on her cellphone. Asha felt apprehensive, but at the same time excited at the prospect of spending time with Sushil and Mini.What would she tell Rajesh, he had specifically told her to stay away from Sushil. All these thoughts entered Asha's mind. Her body was excited being near this couple and after all a lunch would be harmless. She was jolted out of her thoughts by Mini pressing her hand and saying," We have to pickup Sushil, he has returned his bike since he is leaving tomorrow", come dear lets go. Mini sat in the car and Asha drove them to Sushil's apartment.

    All through the journey the vivacious Mini kept touching Asha on her arm, shoulder hair or stroking her face while chattering 19 to a dozen. Asha was not fully aware of her talk but was definitely aware of her touch. On reaching Sushil's apartment, Mini excused herself to go to the toilet while Asha was left alone with Sushil. He immediately caught her hand and kissed her on her cheek, saying " Asha you are looking really sexy in a saree". While saying this he was deliberately staring at her breasts and her peeking navel. He pulled her down on the sofa and made her sit close to him. Asha took in his masculine body odour and felt excited being near him and blushed. Encouraged by her blushing Sushil put his arm around her and was stroking her hair and bare arms. His touch was not gentle but firm and demanding. He exuded so much confidence and masculinity that, Asha was feeling intoxicated in his presence and was unable to stop him from taking such liberties with her. She was afraid and excited at the same time. Looking directly into Asha's eyes and stroking her face Sushil said " You have a sexy face Asha, you should seriously think about modelling".

    He brought his face nearer and Asha involuntarily opened her lips expecting to be kissed by him. Mini walked into the room and Asha jerked herself away from Sushil. She looked at Mini who had obviously seen what was going on. Asha smiled sheepishly at Mini and excused herself to go to the toilet. Once inside she washed her hot n burning face with cold water and tried to gather her thoughts. She was angry at Sushil, how could he treat her like a putty in his hand. The nerve of the man to go about touching and feeling her with his hands and eyes ,knowing fully well that she was married. He had almost kissed her and she felt unable to resist his advances. Had Mini not come what would have happened.

    The thought of kissing and being fucked by such a masculine man as Sushil greatly excited her. She could feel her panties getting wet, and try as she did, to splash water on her face, her face remained flushed. She resolved to have firmer control over her body but boy was she feeling horny. Coming out of the toilet Asha was taken aback by the sight that greeted her. Mini was in Sushil's arms and was being tongue-kissed by Sushil. His hands were kneading her buttocks and he was grinding his obvious bulge against her flat stomach. On seeing Asha, Mini immediately broke away and grinningly said " Sushil is going away tomorrow, so today is our last day together for a long time" as if to explain their amorous actions. Asha felt jealous and responded, "I think I should leave you lovebirds alone". "No", said both Sushil and Mini in unison. " He has promised me that he won't let me get any sleep tonight" said Mini, giggling mischeviously. Asha immediately reddened at the thought of Sushil fucking Mini all night. Her husband Rajesh finished their love-making faster than it took to brush one's teeth, and once was enough for him, for two to three days. Mini came up to Asha and whispered in her ear " Sushil is feeling horny seeing you here". Mini laughed at the rush of colour on Asha's face. Now holding her face in her hand she again whispered, " Asha you make me horny too, I want to taste you".

    Saying this Mini turned Asha's face towards her and brushed her lips lightly against Asha's. Sensing no resistance she kissed Asha fully with her open mouth. Asha could taste Sushil's masculinity in Mini's kiss. Mini drew away smiling mischiveously at Asha's obvious discomfort. She took Asha by the arm and they all proceeded to a nearby coffee-shop for lunch. On reaching the coffee-shop, Asha noticed at the way male attention focused on their table. Mini had a tight t-shirt on and her heavy breasts demanded the attention, since they seemed to be wanting their freedom from the tight fabric. Asha herself wanted to feel and see them in all their glory. She was very much taken up by Mini. Mini knew the effect she had on Asha and was dying to taste her cunt juices. She sat close to Asha and kept touching her at the slightest pretext, thereby heightening the sexual tension between them. Sushil on the other hand was quiet. He was thinking that today is the opportunity to fuck this teasing bitch. He was encouraged by the fact that Asha was attracted to Mini.

    This would work to his advantage. He had a perpetual smile of a cat who ate the cream, knowing fully well that he was going to fuck Asha all afternoon. The main discussion all through the meal centred around Asha. Both Mini and Sushil were very insistent that Asha take-up modelling. They kept complimenting on her figure and sexy face and fair unblemished skin. Mini took all this opportunity to feel her skin, her face and generally indulge in light foreplay with Asha. Asha was taken-up by their compliments and she had no resistance against Mini taking liberties with her. She was so sexually charged that she had wet her panties and was dying to get fucked silly. They told her that she should have her portfolio taken and each one recommended various photographers. After the meal when Sushil was paying the check, Asha realized that she had left her purse in Sushil's apartment. On reaching Sushil's apartment, Asha picked up her purse and started to leave, however Sushil insisted on taking a few snaps and went into the bedroom to fetch a camera. Mini pulled Asha beside her on the sofa and started talking and touching her. She told Asha that she would very much like to meet her again and take her to some good photographers.

    Meanwhile Sushil got his camera and asked them to pose for a few snaps. Immediately Mini started hugging Asha in the pretext of posing. So much body contact with this huge busted model was too much for Asha. She too got bolder and started feeling Mini. This was all the encouragement Mini needed and soon she was tongue-kissing Asha. Asha was whimpering with passion. She had never been kissed by a woman before and was savouring her softness. Mini was now taking small bites on Asha's ear, face neck, Asha was on fire. Sushil had captured all this on film and had got very excited on seeing these two sexy women go for each other. He quickly removed his clothing and stroked his fat thick prick.

    He separated the two women, lest he miss in on the action. On seeing Sushil naked, his muscle tone and the thickness of his shaft, Asha felt afraid. Her mind was forcing her to say " Nooo Sushil, please don't fuck me , I am married", instead the words that came out were " OOOOOH My Gawd, itsss so beeeeg, Sushhheeeeel". Don't worry Asha darling, said Sushil, just hold it, it won't bite. He brought his prick near her and placed her hand on it. Asha felt the throbbing prick and was creaming in her panties. Her eyes were wide open but her throat was dry. Mini sensing Asha's predicament, quickly brought her lips to suck Sushil's prick. But Sushil only wanted Asha and firmly pushed Mini aside motioning to her to take the camera. Now Sushil caught Asha by the back of her neck and brought his prick near her face. Asha could smell his prick now and involuntarily opened her mouth to suck it. Sushil felt overjoyed, seeing Asha was a willing participant, he slowly pushed his prick further in her mouth. This was the second time Asha was tasting , sucking a prick. First Raju and now Sushil. Her husband Rajesh was not adventurous in bed. Sushil expertly filled her throat with his prick and when he thought she was gagging removed it and rubbed her face with it. Asha took to the task with earnest now.

    She could taste Sushil's masculinity and could feel the power of his prick thru its throbbing. Meanwhile, Mini was busy clicking photographs. Asha's sexy face filled with Sushil's thick prick was too much for Mini, she was in the throes of an orgasm herself. The sight of such a sexy face licking Sushil's hairy balls and her hands all over Sushil's tight buns was awesome. Asha loved the feel of Sushil's buttocks and feeling their strength could well visualise the fucking she was going to get. Sushil too was very excited and about to explode. He controlled himself by stopping and asking Asha if she liked sucking his prick. Asha could only moan a gurgle in reply. He was delighted in seeing this newly married woman offering no resistance at all.

    In fact she was hot and sucking, licking his prick profusely. Sushil then held the back of her head and started fucking her mouth, first with slow long thrusts and then with short fast jabs. As he exploded he filled her mouth with semen. Removed his prick from her mouth, lest she choke and came all over her sexy face, hair, shoulders, saree. Asha tried to swallow as much as she could. Suddenly Mini left the camera and started sucking Asha's mouth, face, to taste Sushil's cum. This was the second time Asha had tasted semen and she was loving every goblet, droplet of it. Asha's panties were thoroughly soaked and her thighs too were wet. She responded to Mini's kisses with gay abandon, whimpering and moaning loudly. She ripped Mini's t-shirt over her head and pushed the pink lacy bra from the top and fastened her mouth on one swollen nipple. Mini felt discomforted, feeling the tightness of the bra strap on her back. She roughly pushed Asha aside and removed her bra.

    The sight of her huge breasts with swollen nipples gaining freedom was too much for Asha. She lost control and with a loud moan latched on to them with her hands and mouth. Sushil seeing the women, and especially Asha's horniness, could'nt wait to fuck her. He roughly pulled the women apart and carried Asha in his arms to his bedroom, where the airconditioner was on. Sushil ripped Asha's blouse off, and Mini helped him in removing Asha's clothes. On seeing her soaking lace panties, Sushil could not be bothered in removing them, he just yanked and ripped them. He saw Asha's cunt lips fully engorged with the blood pumping in them, her clitoris was fully erect. Her black cunt hair was neatly trimmed and the sight of black hair, creamy white thighs and pink cunt lips was too much for Sushil.

    He knew that Asha too was wanting him to fuck her. He laid Asha on her back and raised both her legs over his shoulder. He placed his prick near her flowing cunt juices and pierced the bulbous head of his prick into her cunt. Asha's cunt had never experienced such a thick, fat prick and although Sushil had only put the head in, her outer cunt lips where fully stretched. Asha screamed in pain. "OOOHHHH GAAWD III CAANNNT, PLEEASE NNNNOOOOOO SUSHEEEEEEL,", she cried. There was cold sweat all over her forehead and face. Asha was really scared and got completely dry inside. " OOOOUUI MMMAAA YOOU Are TEEEAARRINNNGG MEEE AAAIIIEEEEEE".Although Asha had been married for a little over two months, her cunt had never been so stretched.

    She started begging Sushil to please spare her. Sushil felt as if he was deflowering a virgin. This excited him no end and his proud thick prick throbbed even more. Mini came by Asha's side. Asha begged Mini to make Sushil stop. Asha expected Sushil to ram his prick fully in regardless of her dryness and fear. Sushil meanwhile removed the head slowly, putting some spit on it sank it again in her cunt. After repeating this a few times her cunt was able to accommodate his thick prick head.

    He now started inserting his prick bit by bit, thrusting and withdrawing. He got a slow rythmn going and sensed that Asha was now lifting her buttocks to meet his thrusts. Her juices were flowing freely and she could feel an orgasm approaching. Asha now clawed on Sushil's back egging him to go faster. Mini asked her how she was liking it. Asha managed a whimpering sound " OOHH AAARGG HHHEES FFUCKING MEE SOOO NICCELY, IT FEELSS SSOO GOOD". Sushil now started thrusting and withdrawing faster and faster pounding Asha's tight cunt. His heavy balls were slapping against Asha's raised buttocks THWAP, TWAP, THWAP with each of Sushil's powerful strokes. Their bodies were glistening with sweat and the only sound in the room as Sushil increased his thrusts were of Asha's loud moaning and THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP of his ball slapping her raised buttocks. Sushil felt as if he had deflowered a virgin.

    Asha was thrilled at the power of his thrusts and for the first time in her life felt fulfilled , literally and mentally. Sushil kept on going THWAP THWAP THWAP and Asha could feel her orgasm imminent. Sensing this Sushil stopped pumping abruptly. Asha wailed " YOOU BASSSTARRD DOOONT STTOOP PLEEEASEE IIMM UNNGG CCOMMING.". " FUCK ME< YOOUVE ALWAYS BEEN WAITING FOR THIS YOUU UNNGHH URGGH AAIIIEE OUIII MMAAAA", Sushil started thrusting hard and Asha came and came. " OOUUII MMAA UURRNNGH OOHHRRGGD ". Sushil could not hold back any longer and exploded inside Asha, filling her cunt with his semen. He then collapsed on the bed beside them. Mini had been rubbing her clitoris bringing herself to orgasm , while Asha had been getting fucked. She longed to taste Asha's cunt juices and quickly started sucking her swollen cunt lips. She darted her tongue inside Asha's cunt and tasted Sushil's semen again. She also started teasing Asha's bud clit making her moan and writhe. Asha had never experienced anybody sucking her let alone a sexy woman. Mini needed gratification too and spread her legs over Asha's face and started grinding her soaked cunt on Asha's face. Asha was a quick learner and soon the two sexy women were having orgasms 69ing each other.

    The sight of these two sexy women doing each other excited Sushil and he developed a hard-on again. He pulled Asha away from Mini. Taking her by the shoulders he brought her near a rocking chair and he sat down. Then he motioned for her to sit on him. Asha stared at his thick prick and slowly sat on him taking in his prick inch by inch. When Sushil had his prick fully inside he remained absolutely still and concentrated on fondling, sucking, biting Asha's fair breasts. He asked her " Asha, does this feel nice". Asha was fully plugged up and although Sushil was only gently rocking, the fullness of his prick was bringing her close to another orgasm. " AAAH YYOUU ROGUE YOOVEE UUMM UUMMMN UURGGGHH OOOHHH YOOOUURR CCOOCKK IITTSS FFFIILLEED MMEE UUNNGGH UUNNNGHH UUUNNNNGGH OOOO AAAAAAHHH'' wailed Asha.Asha feeling his fullness inside her had another orgasm, but Sushil kept his prick absolutely still.

    Then he motioned Mini to hold Asha's shoulders from the back and he clasped her buttocks tightly. He stood up with his prick fully inside her and clasping her buttocks tightly. Mini had the weight of Asha's shoulders on her. Sushil slowly started pumping his prick in and out of Asha's cunt. Asha was in midair and was receiving Sushil's powerful thrusts. Sushil increased the pace as did Asha's moaning which turned into a continous wailing sound AAAAAHHNN AAAHHNN AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHN AAAAAAAAAAANNN UUUUUGGGGGGNNNNHHH, as she neared another orgasm. Asha was in throes of orgasm and her wailing was completely incoherent.

    Sushil then, withdrew his still hard and erect prick and they laid Asha on the bed. Asha continued to whimper and moan, having never experienced such a thorough fucking in her life. Sushil meanwhile straddled Mini's flat stomach and propped two pillows under her neck. He the clasped both her huge tits with his penis tightly clenched by her breasts and began to breast-fuck Mini. He was really rough with Mini and would thrust his prick thru her breasts and into her mouth. Asha had not seen such a thing before and the sight of Mini's huge breasts being treated so roughly brought her to another wave of orgasm. Asha had no control over her cunt which kept throbbing for more. Sensing this Sushil stopped breast-fucking Mini and made Asha and Mini lie side by side. He raised Asha's left leg and Mini's right leg. He quickly propped pillows under their buttocks so that their cunts were raised and nicely positioned. Then he thrust his prick into Asha's gaping, throbbing cunt and gave long hard strokes. He then withdrew and did the same to Mini's cunt , holding one leg each together.

    Both Asha and Mini drew double the pleasure from this, since while one was being fucked, the other too was moving in the same rythmn. Sushil kept alternating and fucking them. He went on and on, both Asha and Mini continued to moan and wail as orgasm after orgasm swept thru their bodies. When Sushil could feel he was about to explode he withdrew his prick and let go of their legs. He straddled Asha's breasts and put his prick into her mouth. He loved to see such a pretty fair horny face sucking his prick. This is what he wanted to do to Asha since he first saw her sexy face. He exploded inside her mouth and this time roughly forced her to take-in all his semen. Asha gurgled and gagged but his semen kept coming in. Finally Sushil withdrew his fat prick from her mouth and rubbed his prick all over her sexy face and hair. He then collapsed on the bed along with them and continued to bite and nibble at whatever part of skin came in contact with his mouth.

    To Be Continued----------------------------------
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    Asha finally got up and went to the toilet to pee. Semen was still coming out of her cunt lips. She washed her face in the mirror and saw dried semen all over her body and hair. Her hair was all knotted with dry semen and try as she did she could not untangle them. Her hair, bastard had really done her in, how was she going to go home in this manner. Asha had always been particular of her hair, a lot of care and time went into taking care of it. Now this mess was unbearable for her. Also there were hickies on her neck, cheeks, breasts and her lips just as her cunt lips were swollen. She thought, "My God, I better stay away from Rajesh till these disappear". Thinking of Rajesh she saw the time was 5.35pm and she needed to get back, bathe before he came in at aro 7.pm .They had been fucking away for more than 3 hours. Asha came out of the toilet to search for her clothes. Sushil saw her bending down and quickly got up and started slapping her huge buttocks. " Fuck I got to fuck you in little pucker still", said Sushil while slapping her buttocks. Asha saw that Sushil had got a hard-on again. Asha was turned on by Sushil's using vulgar langause and by his slapping and kneading her bums. She replied " Noo Sushiil, Rajesh will be getting back, Please let me go, another time you can fuck me, I promise, please let me go now". Saying this Asha hurriedly started picking her clothes. When Asha saw the semen stains on her saree and torn blouse and panty she began to cry. Her saree was beyond repair, all crumpled and ripped in certain places. Mini came to her rescue by offering to give her clothes, but she did not have a saree, only the sexy black dress she had worn on the party night.. So Asha had no choice but to wear that dress without panties.

    Her swollen nipples could clearly be seen and the dress was very tight around the arse , she had to hike it higher, whereby the dried cum on her cunt hairs and inner thighs could be clearly seen. Crying, Asha left Sushil's apartment. She had difficult walking in the dress and when she sat down to drive her car, the dress rode up and her swollen cunt-lips and semen matted cunt hair could clearly be seen. She put some paper napkins to cover her cunt and thighsfrom bus view and drove home. At stoplights Asha noticed that the vendors and beggars were having a field day staring at her almost naked body. On reaching home she prayed that nobody should see her and almost ran into her room, locking it. But lo behold her maid was doing her room and she came face to face with her. Asha lowered her eyes and asked her to get out of the room.

    The maid saw the dishevelled state Asha was in and quickly realized that her memsaab had been thouroughly fucked that day. She would use this knowledge to her advantage very soon. Smiling and staring up and down at Asha, the maid left the room. Unknown to Asha, her father-in-law too had seen her coming in, peeking from his bedroom. He was always spying on her. He knew that she had worn a saree and comeback in somebody else's clothes looking thouroughly fucked. He now saw an opportunity to have her the way he wanted. Furthermore, unknown to Asha there were photographs taken of her cock-sucking and fucking, which too could be used against her wishes.
    Asha had been successful in hiding the love bites she had received during her fuck-session with Mini and Sushil. Her husband Rajesh was inwardly glad that Asha had not wanted sex for a couple of days. He was totally ignorant of the ravaging his wife had received at the hands of his cousin Sushil. However, Asha noticed the difference in the behaviour of her father-in-law and her maid towards her. Her father-in-law had become bolder and at the slightest pretext would brush his hands against her bum, breasts, arms. Asha felt insecure in his company now, and tried to avoid him as much as she could. Now whenever he wanted to play cards or be near her she would find some excuse or the other and avoid him.

    This incensed the old man, he had seen how thoroughly fucked she had looked , the evening she had come in somebody else's clothes, and wanted to fuck her too. The maid had started demanding favours of Asha, it had begun with small things like use of her lipstick, perfume, some money for a movie on her day off, but Asha was aware that she could demand bigger things and then what should she do. Asha felt very guilty of her sexual tryst with Mini and Sushil. She did not blame them, for they had only taken advantage of her sexual weakness , she had been a willing and wanting partner. She was happy that Mini had not called her as promised, since she wanted to avoid her due to her sheer embarressment. She felt fully satisfied with the fucking she had received but had resolved to never repeat such a dangerous game again. He had no protection on , and she was scared that he may have impregnated her, after, all the semen Sushil had pumped inside her. The thought of their wild fuck session would send Asha's juices flowing. Asha had loved the taste of cock, the act of sucking a prick, licking and feeling a man's balls greatly excited her. She had tasted two magnificent pricks, Raju's and Sushil's.

    Asha was very happy, having been fucked silly, her mood had lightened considerably and the feeling of frustration gone. She took extra care in looking after her husband. She thought of repeating such a fuck-session , but with her husband. Her husband Rajesh was shy in these matters, however Asha resolved to enhance their sex life by helping him to be more adventurous. She started questioning Rajesh a lot to tell her all his past sexual escapades with his girlfriends. Rajesh had had no girlfriends and seemed reluctant to talk. On cajoling him, Asha found out that he had been to whores before marriage and other than that, had no sexual experience. She also found out that he had thoroughly enjoyed fucking whores. Asha asked him if he could fuck her while fantasising about her as a whore and not his wife. He said he could not.

    Asha replied leave it to me. She cajoled him to accept this idea. It will be fun, I promise, she said. That evening when Rajesh returned home in the evening, he found Asha in the bedroom looking like a whore. She had dressed in the thin-strap short dress of Mini's sans bra or panties. She had overdone her make-up and put on a bright red lipstick. She wore 6 inch stilettos and had sprayed perfume all over her body. She spoke to him while saying, " Cost you 1 grand for a blowjob, 5 if you want to put it in, 10 if you want to stick it in my arse and 20 if you want to me to stay all night".Rajesh was flabbergasted and speechless.Asha went on " I have'nt got all day, what's your answer, I can take my business elsewhere". Rajesh was still speechless. Asha now swithched to hindi and said " hazar rupaih moo me lanee ko, panch hazar choot me dalene ko, dus hazar gand me ghusane ke liye aur bees hazar raat bhar chodne ke liye, kya bolta tu". (one thosand Rupees to suck,Five thousand to fuck in pussy,ten thousand to fuck Asshole,now what you want)On hearing such talk from his prim-n-proper wife, Rajesh got very horny. He immediately grabbed her to kiss her. " No kissing allowed", saying this Asha got free of him. " First Money the fucking"." Asha please I want to fuck you now" said Rajesh. But Asha would not relent. Seeing her stubbornness, Rajesh opened his cupboard, took out 20 grand and slapped Asha's face with it saying " Here is your Money Whore twenty Thousand and you are mine for all night". Asha started unzipping his pants and soon freed his semi-erect prick. Before Rajesh could realize, Asha had taken his prick in her mouth and was busy sucking it, at the same time she was feeling and massaging his balls. Seeing his pretty wife with a cock in her mouth, Rajesh got very excited and could not control himself. He ejaculated in her mouth and soon went limp.

    Asha had only just begun, seeing her husband's shrivelled cock she was disappointed at him coming so soon again. She resorted to removing his clothes and nibbling, kissing and biting him all over. This went on for some time, Rajesh then pushed her aside and went for a shower. Coming out he had changed into a kurta n pyjama and wanted dinner. Asha called the maid and asked her to bring their food in the room today. The maid seeing Asha in that short dress again smiled knowingly at her. That night for the first time since returning from their honeymoon, Rajesh and Asha had dinner by themselves in their bedroom. Asha was feeling very horny, her cunt juices were flowing, her nipples prominently swollen. The idea of wearing this dress of Mini's again was making her feel sexy. Rajesh noticed the change in his wife. While he ate he reflected on this.

    He asked her if she felt dirty sucking his cock. On the contrary said Asha, I loved it. Rajesh thought, how could such a pretty and neat person resort to sucking his prick. Had she done it before? This thought kept playing on his mind. He outright asked her if she had experienced this before marriage. Asha blushed and promptly lied by replying " You think I was sucking cocks before I met you, you bastard". Rajesh, satisfied with her answer, did not probe any further. After dinner, they watched TV for some time and then got into bed at each other again. Asha played with his balls and prick, while Rajesh was hungrily at her breasts. Asha started sucking his prick again, but try as long as she did, it would not get fully erect again. Finally she gave up and they both slept the night away. Rajesh slept soundly, while Asha tossed and turned in frustration. She had received no satisfaction. The fact of the matter being that since their honeymoon, she had not reached an orgasm with Rajesh. He came too quickly and then could not get it up again. As the days passed, Asha resorted to masturbation in the mornings to relieve her sexual frustration.

    But as further days passed, this too did not help especially having experienced such a thrilling and fulfilling sexual activity with Sushil and Mini. She yearned for it again, but Sushil was away and Mini had not called her. She did not have her number or address. It was at this juncture, when Asha was most vulnerable that she got exploited again into something she would otherwise have never indulged in. Asha became very edgy and irritable. The maid noticed this and being a woman herself knew that Asha was in need of a good fuck. One day in the morning after Rajesh had left, the maid came into her room and asked Asha if she needed a body massage before having her bath. She added that her previous memsaab used to get massaged often by her before bathing. On hearing this Asha agreed to give it a try. The maid who was named Veena asked her to lie face down on the bed and she would heat some oil and get the towels. On returning, Veena saw Asha lying face down with her nightgown and night on.

    She told Asha to remove them as the oil would spoil them, and she would too. Asha had no undergarments on and went to the bathroom and changed into a bra and panty only. Asha had indulged in fantasises about the maid Veena while masturbating at times and she felt excited at the thought of being massaged by her. On returning to the bedroom, she found that Veena too had stripped down to her bra and panty. She saw Veena had pretty lace bras and panties on and Asha realized they were imported. In her mind she thought that these were definitely stolen from her previous job. Veena was a small breasted, dark-skinned petite girl. Veena too eyed Asha in her undergarments, especially her heavy breasts that threatened to spill out of her bra. On seeing Veena stare at her, Asha blushed and lay down on her stomach in bed. Veena began on applying oil to Asha's shoulders and massaging them. She complimented Asha on her flawless fair skin . She then unstrapped Asha's bra from behind and started working on her back. Asha felt real good at this womans touch and both of them chatted on , with Veena saying that none of her earlier memsaabs had such a lovely skin and figure. With both of them feeling horny the talk soon turned towards sex.

    Veena ventured with saying that the new chokra cook they had recently employed was a fucker. By now Veena was working on Asha's thighs and could sense her memsaab getting horny, by her sighs and little moans as her thumbs brushed her cuntlips while stroking her inner thighs. Veena could see that Asha's panties were getting soaked. " fucker! What do you mean by that" asked Asha. Veena asked her to turn around, which Asha readily did not realizing that her bra was off. Veena saw Asha's heavy breasts with her nipples swollen now. She answered in a husky voice as she too was getting turned on. "Wo chokra is name only, but his prick is very big". " what you mean" said Asha, "did he fucked you". Veena had engrossed Asha in her talk and was now freely applying oils and massaging her breasts and nipples. Asha was truly turned on by now and was more vocal in her sighing and moaning. Veena continued " Madam His Prick is like A Pole".

    On hearing this Asha immediately remembered that chokra Raju and Raju's massive prick. She let out a moan and said " UUNHH AANNH KHAMBA UURN KYA HAI KHAMBA UUNNHH BOLO NA AANH". Veena now clasped Asha's panties and started pulling them off. Asha raised her buttocks so as to help Veena in taking them off. Veena saw that Asha's panties were thoroughly soaked and that her cunt-lips were engorged. She saw the lust in Asha's eyes and could not control herself. She got down to taste Asha's juices. On feeling Veena's lips and tongue fingering her cunt Asha could no longer hold back she let out a wail as she came to a shuddering orgasm. Now Veena quickly removed her own undergarments and came over Asha, grinding her cunt on Asha's mouth. Asha started sucking her cunt juices and flicking her clitoris with the rapid movements of her tongue. Meanwhile Veena had pushed her tongue deep into Asha's cunt and was tongue fucking her. Both the women soon came to another climax.
    Asha wanted to know more about the harami chokra cook. Veena said she would talk about it only if Asha allowed her to have a bath together in the warm tub. Asha agreed and soon both the women were in the tub lathering each others naked bodies. Veena couldn't get enough of Asha's breasts and continued playing with them while narrating her experience with the chokra boy. She told Asha that one night she had gone to his quarters to give him his bedding, since he had just joined that day. She saw him masturbating and was transfixed at the sight of his prick. While fingering Asha's clitoris under the water, she mentioned how wet she had got seeing him masturbating. Asha was moaning with desire imagining the prick. The chokra saw Veena and roughly caught hold of her. "Now memsaab, he never asked me, grabbed my hand and put on his cock". She then went on to narrate the screwing she received at the mercy of his prick. Asha had another orgasm on hearing the tale. Veena concluded by saying " Memsaab he is very harami hai, he has fucked many memsaab and maid ". On hearing this talk Asha could feel herself getting wetter n wetter, Veena's fingering and biting of her breasts were carrying on while narrating. " Memsaab, you be carefull, he says you
    are a prize to fuck and one day he will sure fuck you". Asha moaned " AARRGGNUUNNGGH MUJJJEE CHOODDEEE GGAAA AANNGGHH,AARRRHHNNN.OOHHGGOOODDDDD AAAEEENNN ". She came to a shattering orgasm. Asha had enjoyed her maid and vica versa. For once she did not feel guilty. She however felt a pang of jealousy, considering that the maid was regularly getting fucked by the chokra , while she being a memsaab had no sexual fulfilment.
    Asha had enjoyed her sexual antics with her maid Veena.

    However, she was disturbed at the thought of the chokra boy Salim wanting to fuck her. This would get too dangerous, she thought. Her father-in-law , who was always trying to be near her might suspect something. She resolved to fire the new chokra cook Salim before anything untoward happened. The maid Veena was harmless, Asha could handle her. After all she wanted was, a few cosmetics, and she was a real good cunt-licker. Unknown to Asha, the maid had narrated her whole fuck-session with Asha to Salim. She had told him how memsaabs panties had got soaked at her mentioning the size of his prick. She further told him how Asha had orgasms when she told her that be careful, Salim is going to fuck you. This excited Salim and that night he fucked the maid all night thinking of his memsaab. He was thinking of her fair skin, big breasts and above all the huge gaand. Being a poor fellow, his initiation into sex had been thru buggery and fucking a woman's arse, that too a rich bitch gave him a feeling of complete control and power, albeit momentarily. He was aching to have his way with the memsaab. Also unknown to Asha, were her father-in-laws plans to fuck her. He felt cheated that she get fucked by somebody else and come home. If his son could not fulfil her want, surely he should have the opportunity he thought.

    That way it would remain in the family. His sexual drive had been awakened seeing this sexy thing roam around the house spreading sexual tension all over. He had resorted to fuck a few prostitutes to relieve his tension but was dying to fuck Asha. He had a friend who ran a hotel near the New Delhi Railway Station, and had used the rooms to fuck prostitutes. His friend too had joined on such occasions. The father-in-law was planning in his mind how to take Asha there, where he could fuck her without any problems. Rajesh, her husband was oblivious to the goings on in the house. He continued to fuck his wife occasionally. He did not realize the sexual frustration in his wife. The sex act to him was to come inside her, that's it. He had no experience. Asha however knew the difference. Having experienced a thorough fuck-session with Sushil and Mini. She knew what pleasure a man could give to a woman and also woman to a woman. Her cunt ached to get fucked thoroughly by a man. The few thrusts that her husband's small weak prick gave her occasionally were just not satisfying anymore.

    Yes small and weak prick, since having seen Raju's and Sushil's she could now compare. That morning, after Rajesh had gone to office, Asha was feeling very horny and needed Veena to relieve her sexual tension. On calling the maid to the room and asking her to strip, Asha saw love bites all over her. Veena told her how Salim had ravaged her body all night and that her cunt was sore. Asha , on hearing this felt her cunt juices flowing and soaking her panties. She asked Veena to narrate in detail how Salim had ravished her. Both Asha and Veena could not control their passion as the story unfolded and were soon in throes of orgasm, licking, biting, nibbling and sucking each other.Although Asha had enjoyed Veena's narration, she was scared of the chokra Salim. She wanted to find some excuse to fire him from the job. She slowly resorted to criticizing the food on the table in front of her husband and in-laws.
    Before Asha could innocently fire the chokra boy, she fell ill. She had developed viral fever. For the first two days her body temperature rose up to 104 F and her husband stayed at home nursing her. On the third day when it came down to aro 100F he left her at home and went to work. Her father-in-law got the opportunity to be near her. The whole day he would constantly fuss around her and at the slightest pretext touch her head, face, arm shoulders to soothe her. He would see her in her nighty and get glimpses of her armpit, breasts and her creamy thighs. Asha was aware of his infatuation with her, but was helpless to avoid him. She let him take care of her giving him glimpses of her body. Rajesh, her husband on the other hand stayed away from her in the night also. Thus two days of receiving amorous attention from her father-in-law had got Asha pretty horny as she started feeling better. She could see the bulge in her father-in-laws trousers whenever he was near her and pretty much let him accidentally brush against her arm etc. her father-in-law could see his daughter-in-law looking with glazed eyes at his prick and saw no resistance from her at his touching. The time is ripe he thought, let me strike now. The next day being Sunday, Rajesh would be home, the maid would have the day off, and if he could get Rajesh out of the way he was sure he would be able to fuck Asha to his hearts content. He could feel she was randy and receptive. That evening he told Rajesh that he needed for him to go and meet a particular customer in Sonepat. He had already taken an appointment for him. Rajesh readily agreed without seeing anything amiss. Sonepat was about 2 hours drive from Delhi and considering the time of the meeting, Rajesh would be way for the whole day. Asha's father-in-law was salivating at the thought of fucking her the whole day. Boy would he teach this chikni chokri a thing or two about sex. Whole day of fucking her, he could'nt believe his luck.

    Asha was oblivious of his plans, and the next morning Rajesh left for Sonepat. As soon as Rajesh left, her father-in-law entered her room to look after her. Before he could even proceed to seduce his daughter-in-law, he received a phone call from his friends house stating that his friends wife had expired in the night and the funeral was now in the morning. He felt extremely disheartened as he would have to go, but consoled himself that he would be back by the afternoon and could still get to fuck Asha for a couple of hours. He told her to rest and hurried off. Salim the chokra boy saw this opportunity and could not resist himself. He entered Asha's bedroom and asked her what to cook for lunch and if she needed anything now

    He saw Asha in her nighty without the nightgown on. He saw her fair skin, her creamy thighs, her fair slender arms and the upper part of her milky and heavy breasts. Asha saw the lust in his eyes and felt scared at the same time horny. This chokra possessed a huge prick, she had been told by her maid, and inadvertently her gaze shifted to his crotch. Salim was wearing shorts and seeing Asha look at his crotch he grew bolder and stepped closer towards her scratching his prick . "What are you looking at memsaab" he said, "you need something". Asha jerked her head to see him close to her rubbing his prick. "Unnh aahhm you can go now", Asha collected herself and said. Asha could feel her face getting flushed. Seeing this, Salim grew bolder and came right up to her bed. He protruded his pelvis closer to her face while ostensibly touching her forehead. "Memsaab your fever has gone now", said he keeping his hand still on her forehead. Asha thought the nerve of this chokra trying to act smart and touching her forehead. "bring my breakfast quick" she said trying to summon authority in her voice. Salim smiled at her and said " but you do not like my cooking", saying this he opened his shorts and brought out his fully erect prick, "you will like this then", he said stroking his proud member.

    Asha let out a gasp at seeing his prick. It was really a Pole and shaped like a harpoon, having no foreskin. This was the first time she had seen a circumcised prick. Asha was speechless at seeing this awesome weapon and only a gurgling sound was coming from her throat. Salim knew that women became astonished at seeing the sheer size of his prick. He had shifted his hands from her forehead and was now cupping her face while showing his prick in all its glory. Asha felt frightened and at the same time could feel her cunt juices begin to flow. She said in a low voice coming out in gasps , "please excuse me saleeeem, uunh please you go from here". Salim smiled at her predicament and while massaging her cheeks said " I will go,first you must hold my cock in your hand". Salim was well aware of the effect his prick had on women. He knew that most women were scared of him seeing his prick, he had the patience to cajole them into submission and enjoyment. On cajoling Asha again, she replied in a trembling voice, " Sure you will go,if I hold your Cock". Salim smiled again and said "promise". Asha then brought her hand and held his throbbing prick. Her hand was so small and she could hardly hold his prick properly. Salim now asked her to open her mouth. Asha was transfixed at holding this amazing cock and did not hear him. "Did you like it holding memsaab", Salim asked her."Now you can suck it" said Salim.

    On getting no response from this frozen woman, Salim took hold of his prick and rubbed her cheeks with it. Asha immediately said " No you said you will go". "just suck it little then I will go", replied Salim. Asha opened her lips and Salim put his prick into her mouth. When he saw her eagerly sucking his prick, Salim knew that she wanted to get fucked by him. He grabbed her by her neck and pushed his cock further in. "you liked it sucking my cock, memsaab" Salim asked. Asha was busy sucking him and only gurgled in response. He knew that she was loving it when her hands started massaging his balls. He withdrew his prick and asked her to lick his balls, which she immediately started doing.
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    well done.

    you should finish it.
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    He withdrew his prick and asked her to lick his balls, which she immediately started doing. Salim now wanted to see her fully naked and told her "Take your cloth off,I want to see your boobs". Asha obliged by quickly removing her nighty and was now only in her lace panties. Seeing her milky globes getting free, Salim immediately latched onto them and sucked and bit vigorously. Asha screamed in pain as Salim was too rough kneading and biting her breasts. Salim roughly slapped her saying "whore, you suckVeena Boobs and Pussy and crying now". He then proceeded to rip her soaked panties. Roughly pushing her legs apart he sank his mighty prick into her with a strong push. Asha wailed at the assault AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OOOOOOOIIIIIII MAAAAAAAAAAAAA MMMEEIINNN PHHHAATTT RRAAAHHHIII HHUUNNN OOOIIII MAAAAAAA. Salim was amazed at the tightness of her cunt.
    Her wailing excited him and he started ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. "your pussy is nice, tight oh I love fucking it".He was now into a fast tempo, sinking his prick fully in and taking it almost out.Asha had never experienced such rapid and thorough fucking before. She lifted her buttocks to meet his strokes when he thrust into her. She was in throes of orgasm after orgasm and continuously wailing, " Aahh OOOHHnn UUNNGGHH UUNNHHGGG AARRRGG OOHhh UUNNNUUNNHHRRGG OOHHHHHHHHHHH". His balls were slapping her arse with each stroke. PHUUTH, PHUUTH, PHUUTH, PHUUTH Salim went on and on. When he was about to explode, he did not withdraw, and instead put his full weight on her and ejaculated deep inside her. Asha felt as if his semen would come out of her mouth. He then withdrew his limp prick and immediately put it in her mouth to suck it. Asha tasted his semen mixed with her juices and started sucking him. She was amazed at the size of his limp prick, much bigger than her husbands erect penis. Salim became erect again and flipped Asha over. He made her lie on her knees and placed his prick into her now gaping cunt. He proceeded to fuck her from behind, slapping her big buttocks as he went on and on. Asha had never been penetrated doggy style and loved it.
    The slapping of her buttocks along with being rammed in n out got her another series of orgasms and her knees turned to jelly and she collapsed on the bed. Her thighs and legs were quivering. Salim made her stand up but she could not do so without his support. Asha was like putty in this short chokra boys hands or rather his prick. Having come so many times Asha felt very weak. Her body was covered with sweat, both hers and Salims. Her eyes had a glazed look about them and her knees were weak and shaking. She had received love bites all over her breasts and cheeks, her buttocks were red from Salim's spankings. But Salim had only just begun. He lifted her and made her sit on Rajesh's desk, clearing all the paper with one swipe of his hand. He then proceeded to lift her legs over his shoulders and positioned his prick at her gaping cunt hole. With a grunt he pushed his prick deep inside with a hard thrust. " AAARRRGGHH, UUUNNHHGGGHH, AARRGGGHHH, UNNNNGGRRHH" wailed Asha as he began furiously to pump her with his cock. He had penetrated deep inside her in this position and was banging away. Her already red buttocks were further getting sore with the friction of the table beneath them. When he was about to come, he withdrew his prick from her cunt and pulled her face down to ejaculate all over her hair, breasts and her pretty face. Asha could not hold her balance on the table and was about to fall down, when Salim supported her and made her lie down on the marble floor. Just then the phone started ringing, Salim picked it up to answer. It was Rajesh's phone and he asked for Asha. But Asha was in no state to be able to get up and walk to the phone. Seeing this Salim dragged her on the floor itself to the phone and gave her the receiver. He then sat down on the floor facing her and played with her breasts as she talked. Rajesh asked her how she was feeling and Asha could only manage a few grunts and whimpers. Seeing this rich sexy bitch looking so thoroughly fucked, Salim felt his prick getting erect again. He lifted Asha by her waist and buttocks while she was on phone with her husband and made her sit on his prick. Asha started gurgling as his massive cock stretched and filled her cunt walls again. Rajesh on the other end thought she was feeling unwell and about to throw up. Asha was scared that Rajesh might suspect something, so she tried to talk normally, but could not control her whimpering at times as Salim was lifting her by her buttocks and slowly fucking her. Salim was feeling excited seeing her talk to her husband on the phone while being fucked by him. He thought this rich bitch is trying to act normally, and thus increased his tempo driving his prick fully in.
    Asha was now being bobbed up and down fast by this little chokra boy and started wailing , feeling another orgasm approaching. She still held the phone, all Rajesh could hear now was "UURRNNGH AARRGGHHN RRAAAAJJEEESSHHHHHHH OOOUUIIII MAAAA". He kept calling her name, "Asha, Asha, whats wrong tell me". Asha continued wailing as she orgasmed still holding on to the receiver. Afterwards Asha had the presence of mind to sound normally and tell Rajesh that she had just thrown up. She was not feeling well come home soon, she said and closed the phone. Seeing her Salim replied "you know how to act whore and lie". Asha replied " PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE AARRGGHHH MMUJJHEE UUNNNHHGGGHH CHHHHOOORR DDOO ABHIIIII AARRRGGHH SSSSSAAALLLEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMM". Salim laughed at her lying on the ground and pleading with him
    He replied, " Now i am going to fuck your arshole whore", slapping her buttocks as she lay prone on the floor. Saying this he picked Asha up from the floor and made her stand. Asha was too weak to be able to stand by herself and fell on Salim for support. Salim was shorter than her but much much stronger, he supported her weight and lay her down on the bed on her stomach. He made her kneel on the bed with her arse jutting out. Holding her arse cheeks apart he tried to push his prick into her arsehole. "AAAARRHHHHHHHHH AAANNNAARRNNNNNNNNNNNNN AARRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN", cried out Asha , as his prickhead penetrated her arse.
    " whore your husband nver fucked you in ass,that why you are virgin there", said Salim as he felt the tightness of her arsehole. He withdrew his prick and spat on his finger and pushed it inside her arse. "OOOOUUUUMMMMAATTT KKAARROO SSSSSAAALLLLLEEEMMMMMMMMMM", cried Asha. But this chokra boy was a master at buggery and he did not hesitate and pushed his prick deep inside her. Asha wailed, "AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH MAAAIIIII MMMAARR GGGAAIIIIII, MMMMMUUJJJHHHEE TTTUUUMMMM PPHHHAATT RRRAHHHEE HHHOOO SSSAALLLEEEMMMM". Salim was too excited at her wailing to stop now. He pounded and buggered her virgin arsehole. Asha had tears rolling down her face as she was repeatedly assaulted by this chokra boy. Salim soon ejaculated inside her and withdrew his limp prick out. He left her room, as she was deliriously sobbing on the bed. When he returned to his quarters, realization of what he had done dawned on him. He quickly packed his belongings and fled the house.

    Meanwhile, the time was around 1.30pm and Asha's father-in-law arrived back from the funeral. All through the day his thoughts had been on fucking his daughter-in-law. He quickly reached her room so as not to waste any further time. On reaching her room he was aghast at what he saw. Asha was lying naked on her bed, sobbing softly, with bruise marks and semen stains all over her. She was bleeding from her arse . She saw him and started crying loudly. He hugged her naked body and asked her who had done this to her. She told him that Salim had raped her. This girl whom he was dying to fuck and been having it out with the chokra. He thought, first with somebody else, now the chokra and god knows who else. He quickly ran to the servants quarter to find him. Seeing that he had fled he returned back to Asha. He sized up the situation when Asha pleaded with him not to tell Rajesh or anybody else. He agreed and helped her bathe in hot water and dress up. Next he himself cleaned up the room so as not to leave any evidence of the fucking she had received.VAsha had felt terribly embarrassed at her father-in-law seeing her in such a well-fucked and nude state. She had got scared and blurted out that Salim had raped her.
    Actually she had been fantasising about him ever since her maid Veena had told her about the massiveness of his prick. Asha being sexually deprived in a way just could not resist being fucked by such a prick. Her memory of Raju's cock was still fresh in her mind and just thinking about it could still send her juices flowing. She had been horny for Salim's prick and had enjoyed their fuck-session, but only till he pushed his prick in her arsehole. That had been brutal and she had cried with pain and so was glad that the chokra had fled. With the help of her father-in-law, they had tidied the room before Rajesh had rushed back. Rajesh thought that his wife was really sick and was very concerned for her health. He told his father that he would be unable to attend the factory till Asha got better, and would he go instead for a few days. His father felt frustrated at this suggestion, but could do nothing else but mumble his compliance. He had thought that now he would be able to fuck Asha at leisure, but all his plans went awry.
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    Rajesh also did not suspect anything, once he was told that the chokra cook
    had stolen some money from Asha's cupboard and fled. Since the amount
    was insignificant to them they did not pursue with the police.

    1. Asha had seen the crestfallen look on her father-in-laws face, when
    Rajesh asked him to attend to the factory for a few days. She was
    glad of his help and knew, what she would have been asked to do in
    return. She continued to act unwell, when actually except for a
    little pain in her arse, she was perfectly fine. For the next few
    days, Rajesh continued to fuss over Asha while her father-in-law
    fumed at his frustration. Rajesh had hired a new cook, an old fellow
    and had also replaced the maid on Asha's insistence. Asha did not
    want to be blackmailed by her and thus had asked Rajesh to fire her,
    while she herself remained in bed feigning sickness. On hearing of
    her being unwell, her parents came over to meet her too. They asked
    Rajesh, if it was okay by him, that Asha should spend a few days at
    home with them. After all, Asha had not been home even once since the
    day of her marriage. Rajesh relented and so Asha went with her
    parents, home. On returning home that evening, Asha's father-in-law
    was surprised to find her gone and very disappointed. His wife,
    Asha's mother-in-law, would be returning in a few days time, from her
    trip to attend her nieces' engagement and he would have no
    opportunity to fuck Asha.

    On reaching her house with her parents, Asha was greeted at the door
    by the chokra Raju.He was delighted on seeing her and stared lustily at her. Asha felt
    her face flush and redden. She had fantasised so much about this
    chokra boy, and how it would feel having him inside her. Asha felt
    very horny and happy at being home. Her parents noticed the change in
    her and attributed it on her being happy to come home. They did not
    suspect anything. Raju, too had fantasised a lot about her and felt
    that since she was married, now was the chance to fuck her silly.

    During the course of the day there was a lot of sexual tension in
    the air between them. That night Asha could not help masturbating at
    the thought of seeing and being fucked by Raju's prick. For all her
    experience so far, his prick was the biggest she had seen. In a way
    it was her first love. In the early hours of the morning, Asha lay in
    bed , her cunt juices flowing in anticipation of being alone with
    Raju. For, all these years, it was he who brought her the bed-tea.
    She had purposely not worn panties under her nighty and lay flat on
    her stomach with her legs parted, so as to give him a full look at
    her creamy thighs and teasing look at her wet pussy.
    She heard footsteps coming up to her bedroom and the sexual excitement in her
    rose. However, she heard her mothers voice and on getting up with a
    jerk, saw her mother along with Raju. Raju the slimy fellow had seen
    her half nakedness and also saw her breasts jiggle on her getting up
    with a jerk. He could clearly see the swollen nipples thru the flimsy
    nightie. He knew that Asha wanted him too. Asha's mother quickly sent
    him away and told Asha, that now since she was married, she should'nt
    wear such flimsy clothes other than in her husbands company. Asha,
    disappointed, mumbled her consent as they had bed-tea together.
    For the next two days, Asha had no opportunity to be alone with Raju.
    Asha was getting very frustrated. She was so near the man of her
    fantasises, but could not have him. She was to go back today, with
    Rajesh coming to pick her up in the evening. She felt very
    frustrated. That afternoon, she found nobody to be at home. She
    quickly went looking for Raju. Not seeing him in the house, she
    ventured into the terrace to the servants quarters. Seeing the door
    open, she tentatively pushed it and went inside. She was disappointed
    to see it empty, however she noticed various posters of half-naked,
    fully naked and provocative posters of models and film stars stuck on
    the walls. She even noticed a well thumbed book in hindi near the
    She picked it up and began reading. Very soon she realized
    it was a pornographic novel and she continued reading. She was very
    horny and reading such a novel surrounded by a bevy of beauties was
    getting her cunt juices to start flowing. She soon started playing
    with herself by unzipping her jeans and lying down on Raju's bed. The
    idea of masturbating on his bed turned her on and soon she was about
    to reach her orgasm, when Raju walked in. This chokra boy saw her
    fingering her cunt and her eyes were all glazed-up. Seeing Raju,
    Asha could not stop and soon she was moaning in the throes of her
    orgasm. Raju wasted no time and quickly undressed himself. He brought
    his sleeping organ to life by rubbing it against this moaning woman's
    face. He lifted her jeans and panties with one swift motion and had
    his finger inside her cunt while holding her by the buttocks. He was
    moving his finger rapidly in her moist cunt walls and using his
    coarse thumb to massage her clitoris at times.
    He could feel her approaching an orgasm, seeing her buttocks quiver. Asha soon had
    another orgasm and was now moaning and wanting to suck his mighty
    prick. Raju now completely undressed Asha and freed her milky
    breasts. On seeing these heavy breasts jiggle, he latched his mouth
    on her nipples and started sucking, biting and nibbling vigorously.
    With a loud moan Asha caught his prick in her hands and was furiously
    rubbing it. Raju sat down on his bed and lifted Asha by her armpits
    and placed his prick at her gaping cunt hole. He slowly pulled her
    down as he sank the head of his prick firmly inside her tight
    Asha wailed at being penetrated by his prick.
    Hearing her moan in his arms with his prickhead in. Raju was excited
    and pulled her fully down and sank his prick deep inside her. Asha
    felt totally plugged by his cock and her cunt walls were fully
    stretched to accommodate his size.
    Raju felt the tightness of her cunt and was very happy. He was used
    to whores and never before had he fucked such a fair and sexy woman
    with a tight cunt. Asha had by now flopped against Raju and was
    gurgling and whimpering loudly. Raju kept his prick fully in without
    any movement. He concentrated on crushing Asha's body tightly to his
    and sucking, nibbling, biting her fair smooth skin. Asha felt his
    strength as he held her tightly and also the fullness of his prick.
    This was enough to start another series of orgasms inside her.
    Feeling her cunt walls dilate , Raju felt further tightness on his
    cock. He now started bobbing Asha up and down on his prick. Seeing
    her breasts jiggle with each rise and fall, Raju soon came inside
    her, spurting his hot semen deep within her cunt. He kept coming and
    chewing Asha's swollen nipples. He then lifted her and withdrew
    his prick from her stretched cunt with a "puusshht" sound as his cock
    withdrew. He pulled Asha's face down on his limp prick and she
    eagerly started sucking his cock. In no time this young chokra boy
    was erect again and wanting to fuck her again. He pulled her legs
    apart and held her by her ankles as he sank between and thrust his
    prick in again. He started pumping her cunt in slow long thrusts and
    was delighted to see Asha lift her buttocks to meet his thrusts. Her
    creamy thighs were jiggling with each stroke and her breasts were
    flopping on her chest as she lifted her buttocks to meet his lunges.
    Asha was in seventh heaven, finally being fucked by her first ever
    seen prick, she was wailing so loudly that Raju had to partially
    cover her mouth. "AARRGGNN OOOUUUIIII mmAAAAAAA
    she wailed as she came and came.

    This chokra boy was giving her a pounding and she loved it.
    This was her need and he was fulfilling it literally. Her buttocks were
    getting sore against the rough jute of his bed but she loved it. The
    fragile bed was creaking under the fast and furious fucking she was
    receiving now. Asha could hear a bell ringing equally furiously in
    the distant but was urging Raju to go on and on. Raju too heard the
    doorbell ringing but he too was in throes of passion and ignored
    Asha wailed as she was gripped by a series of orgasms.
    Hearing this fair sexy woman wailing like a bitch
    in heat, Raju could not hold back now. He came inside Asha in
    powerful bursts and put his entire weight on her body. He began
    biting and mauling her breasts as he came and came inside her. Raju
    could now hear the bell ringing incessantly and quickly got up and
    tried to pull Asha up.
    However Asha was in a delirious state and so he left her naked on his
    cot, whimpering incoherently and tidied himself and rushed down to
    open the main door.
    Unknown to them, the neighbours servant had been woken up from his
    afternoon siesta by Asha's moaning and wailing. He had hopped across
    the short common wall of the n terraces separating the two houses to
    see what was the noise. Sure enough he had seen the fucking going on
    from the window and had been deeply aroused. He had been friendly
    with Raju and knew how once Asha had sucked him off before marriage.
    In fact these two servants had even been to prostitutes together. He
    was an old man of about 55 years in age, but seeing this rich sexy
    bitch being fucked had given him a tremendous hard-on.

    Seeing Raju rush away into the house, he saw an opportunity and
    entered the quarter massaging his proud and erect prick. He saw Asha
    wantonly lying on the bed with her legs apart and her gaping enlarged
    cunt lips waiting to be fucked. Asha saw him with her glazed eyes and
    was too slow in her reaction. Before it could register that this old
    fellow could not be Raju, he was upon her and had pierced her cunt
    with his prick. The old man was in seventh heaven, feeling the
    tightness of this young woman's cunt and being able to fuck her with
    no resistance or cry for help. He started thrusting powerfully with
    long and deep thrusts making the entire cot shudder with each thrust.
    On feeling his prick stretching her cunt walls, Asha began moaning
    loudly . Her body was responding to the fucking and she was moving
    her sore buttocks to meet his strokes. Her mind was rebelling , "
    MMAAAAAAAAAAAAA UUUNNNNGGGGHHHHHH". Asha was coming and coming again as this old fellow was ramming her. Hearing her loud protests, he
    placed his hand on her mouth and started pumping furiously. Asha
    while coming bit his hand and sunk her teeth deep into them. The old
    fellow was also yelling now as he shot his load deep inside her
    CCCHHHOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT", he yelled as he came.
    Luckily for them, they were on the terrace and the sound
    did not travel inside the house. The old fellow quickly
    withdrew his limp prick and holding his bitten hand
    beat a quick retreat back to his own quarter. Asha lay on
    the cot, covered with sweat and breathing heavily. She was so far
    gone that had the old fellow not run away, she could not have stopped
    him from continuing to enjoy her body.

    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    Meanwhile Raju had opened the door to see Rajesh and Asha's mother at
    the door. Rajesh had been ringing the bell for the past 10 minutes
    and her mother had just come. Raju was severely reprimanded for being
    so tardy in opening the door. He mumbled that he had been sleeping.
    Seeing his hair all dishevelled they believed him. Rajesh asked about
    Asha since he had come to take her home. Raju was in a fix. Calling
    out her name Asha's mother went into Asha's room. Not seeing her, she
    asked Raju where she was.

    Thinking on his feet, Raju replied that she had gone home. Asha's
    mother said that her suitcase was still in the room. Raju replied
    that she had taken an auto and said that to give the suitcase to
    Rajesh when he came. Rajesh was perplexed but did not suspect
    anything. His mother-in-law fussed over him and asked him to have
    some tea before leaving. Raju before going to the kitchen to make
    tea, quickly ran up to the terrace to his quarter. He saw Asha still
    naked lying on his cot. He quickly told her what had transpired and
    dressed up this groggy woman in her top and jeans and told her to go
    by the spiral staircase into the service lane and take an auto home
    quickly. He could hear his name being shouted and fearing another
    reprimand left the dazed woman.

    Asha shakily got up and went down the servants spiral staircase into
    the back service lane. She saw the old fellow leering at her and
    lowered her eyes quickly in shame. Luckily she thought, Raju or
    anybody else does not know of this fellow fucking her. She walked on
    unsteady legs to the main road to hail an auto. Asha found a lot of
    people staring at her and some boys openly whistling at her. Her
    appearance was that of a thoroughly fucked woman. In his hurry, Raju
    had forgotten about her panty and bra while pulling her top on and
    pushing her jeans halfway up. Her hair was dishevelled and her lips
    were swollen, also her top was clinging on to her body with sweat,
    thus clearly exposing the outline of her braless breasts and swollen
    nipples for all to see. Luckily an auto stopped and she climbed in.
    All through the ride the autodriver kept glancing back to see her
    breasts jiggle with each bump. He purposely drove roughly to see her
    big breasts swaying in different directions. Asha bit her lip and
    kept her eyes on the floor throughout the journey.

    On reaching home she was met by her father-in-law. He saw her state
    and surmised that she had been fucked yet again. He mentally cursed
    his luck at not getting any action himself while his daughter-in-law
    was being fucked by other people at will. Asha smiled nervously at
    him and went into her room and locked the door. She knew that the day
    was not far when her father-in-law would be fucking her now. She was
    lucky that her mother-in-law was back and so she could manage to fend
    his obvious desire.
    Asha quickly locked her bedroom and went in for a bath, knowing that
    Rajesh would be home soon. She felt very energetic and happy. She
    felt satisfied with herself, but thinking about Rajesh, brought pangs
    of guilt in her. He was a good man even though he was somewhat
    lacking in bed, she thought. In a subtle manner she would ask him to
    take some sex advice from the numerous clinics that were advertised
    in the newspapers everyday. He needed to increase his sex-drive and
    also stop the regularity of premature ejaculation. She had received
    immense pleasure from the people who had fucked her, namely,
    Sushil,Salim, Raju and even the old servant. She had had multiple
    orgasms and also seen the staying powers and sex drives in these men.
    Surely Rajesh, who was a tall, strong, well-built guy could rectify
    these shortcomings and they could enjoy themselves thoroughly in bed
    together. These thoughts were on her mind as she finished having a
    bath and changed into her flimsy nightie awaiting Rajesh. She further
    thought that so far she had been lucky in not getting caught but if
    caught the shame would be terrible and her whole world would crumble.
    Sure her father-in-law knew, but he was in no position to expose her
    knowing the shame that would befall his son too. She knew how to keep
    him at arms length now, especially since her mother-in-law was back.
    If somehow she could convince Rajesh to seek help, she would not need
    to be fucked by other men. Asha resolved in her mind to work towards
    getting Rajesh to seek help in this regard.

    Meanwhile, unknown to Asha, her father-in-law was felling extremely
    frustrated at not having the opportunity to fuck her. Here his
    daughter-in-law was giving it to the servants of the house and he
    being the master was not getting any. Seeing her return home with
    that glow of being fucked silly on her face, greatly excited him, but
    poor chap all he could do was masturbate thinking of that look, and
    nothing else. His wife was here now and getting to fuck Asha her was
    going to be very difficult task. However, not being a man who was
    going to give up, he would keep looking for an opportunity.

    Rajesh got home that night from Asha's parents house ignorant about
    any misdoings on her part. He had brought her suitcase of clothes
    with him. He had missed his wife and was glad to see her lying on the
    bed in such a flimsy nightie. He wanted to fuck her right away but
    was disturbed by the knocking on the bedroom door as he was kissing
    and fondling his wife. Asha had been feeling horny, just thinking
    about her dangerous liaisons and felt happy seeing Rajesh take the
    initiative in kissing her and was equally upset by the consistent knocking.

    On opening the door, she saw her in-laws, they had come to
    meet her. Her mother-in-law hugged her, welcoming her back and
    presented her with two sarees she had received from her nieces'
    wedding. Her father-in-law, seeing her in a flimsy nightie felt blood
    rushing to his old prick and exploited the opportunity in hugging her
    while grinding his hard-on on her stomach and squashing her heavy
    breasts in the hug. Asha felt her father-in-laws hardness and was
    taken aback by his boldness. He then kissed her cheeks roughly while
    welcoming her back. Asha felt his sexual need and flushed in
    embarressment . Rajesh did not find his fathers' behaviour odd and
    was still feeling upset at being interrupted. He excused himself to
    have a bath while his parents chatted away with Asha. Asha could feel
    her father-in-law stripping her body with his eyes as he was
    constantly staring hard at her flimsy nightie.
    Asha too was feeling her cunt juices begin to flow at this constant
    attention she was getting and lost no opportunity to give him glimpses
    of her naked flesh as she moved about in bed from one position to
    another. Her body was taking control of her mind yet again and she was slyly
    teasing her father-in-law while innocently looking and talking with
    her mother-in-law. " Teasing Bitch", thought her father-in-law, how I
    wish I had taken you when that Salim had fucked you senseless,
    feeling helpless to the situation. Rajesh returned from the bathroom
    and the whole family got up to go to the dining room to have dinner.
    The father-in-law (whom we shall refer to as Mr. Sinha from now on),
    walked behind Asha , and as he was the last person, he took the
    opportunity in feeling, kneading her buttocks as he innocently walked
    on. "Aha, two can play this game", he thought seeing Asha being
    helpless and letting him feel her arse to his absolute delight.

    That night after dinner both Rajesh and Asha were absolutely horny.
    Rajesh, due to his wives absence, and Asha due to Mr. Sinha's
    ministrations, and her fuck-session with the servants. Asha saw that
    Rajesh had a tremendous erection and instinctively got down and took
    his prick in her mouth and started sucking. Rajesh was taken aback by
    this action as he saw his pretty wife busy sucking his cock.

    The sight of her pretty face stuffed with his prick was too much for him
    and he immediately ejaculated . He was further amazed at her
    unflinchingly swallow his cum as he came. Asha only let go of his
    prick after it became limp. Asha was on heat and wanted a stiff prick
    inside her. Rajesh however was limp and Asha led him to the bed and
    started kissing him all over. She kissed his hair, face, nipples, bit
    his shoulders and even took his limp prick in her mouth again.
    Rajesh pushed her away saying that he felt sleepy and pulled the
    bedsheet on his naked body and turned aside to doze off. Asha felt
    frustrated and irritated at him, however, she controlled her passion
    and did not say anything. Later during the night she again tried to
    arouse him, but Rajesh just brushed aside her attempts. The next
    morning after Rajesh had had a bath, Asha told him to sit beside her
    as she wanted to talk with him.
    She told him that it was almost six months since
    they were married and both his and her mother were
    hinting about a baby. She lied that she was not on the pill, (which
    she was , ever since the Sushil incident), and he too was not using a
    contraceptive maybe they should see their family doctor. Rajesh was
    aghast at the thought of discussing this with someone known to them
    and brushed aside her concern saying that it will happen don't worry.
    Asha kept quiet and thought, if he was going to sleep with her once a
    week or so, how in hell was she going to get pregnant. Also the real
    issue was not pregnancy, but to get him to see a sex advisor to
    increase his libido and staying power. She was on the pill, since she
    did not want to be pregnant so soon and also she could not risk it,
    what with all the fucking she was receiving to fulfil her needs.
    Seeing Rajesh's reluctance, she let it pass. She thought of a
    different approach.

    A few days later when she was alone with her mother-in-law, Asha on
    being questioned, confessed on not using any contraceptives. Her
    mother-in-law was of the old school of thought, meaning, a child
    should be born as soon as possible to bind the marriage firmly.
    She in turn suggested that Asha should accompany her to see a Swami
    Baba who was renowned for his miracle cures. Her mother-in-law knew
    of so many cases whereby a child was soon born after consulting and
    seeing this Swami. Asha was reluctant but could not refuse. Thus an
    appointment was taken for next week. Asha thought that she would
    wriggle out of it by involving Rajesh, but on the contrary he agreed
    that this was the right course. Mama's boy, thought Asha, feeling
    helpless. On the day of the appointment, Asha reluctantly trudged
    along with her mother-in-law to see this Swami. On entering his
    ashram, they were made to wait in a very well lit room for his
    darshan. After waiting for about 30 minutes, Asha started getting
    restless and wanted to leave. Unknown to her all the scene in this
    was being observed by the Swami in his airconditioned cabin on close
    circuit TV. The Swami was relishing the beauty of this sexy lass, as
    his prick was being sucked by a nubile girl. After ejaculating in the
    girl's mouth, he quickly rose to tidy himself and entered the room
    where Asha and her mother-in-law were waiting. Asha saw a tall well-
    built, bearded man enter the room wearing a white robe, baring his
    strong shoulders and hairy chest. She was transfixed by the
    penetration of his eyes and immediately rose to greet him by saying
    namaste and lowering her eyes.
    He motioned for them to sit and asked
    their problem. On hearing about it, he could hardly control his glee
    at the thought of seducing this young sexy married girl. He asked
    Asha to come up to him and paced his hand stroking her hair while
    looking deep into her eyes and softly asking her the date of her
    previous menstrual cycle. Asha blushed and looking at his feet told
    him. He quickly calculated and told the mother-in-law that Asha
    should see him for three days starting day after tomorrow . She
    should come at 5.30 in the morning at the break of dawn, when he
    would perform a special puja for three hours and give her some
    medicine after that. She was to consume the medicine at night, just
    before the sexual union with her husband on the third night only. He
    would guarantee her becoming pregnant before her next cycle. The
    mother-in-law thanked him profusely and handed 25000 rupees to him
    for doing the pooja.
    She said that they would be here at the crack of
    dawn day after tomorrow as instructed. On hearing this the Swami said
    that only Asha is required to be present and the mother-in-law's
    presence would contaminate the pooja and he could not then guarantee
    the results. He also added that her husband should abstain from
    having sex till that time. Not suspecting anything amiss both the
    women left the ashram. Asha was in a fix, as this was not what she
    had planned. She had wanted to increase her husband's libido and her
    she was involved in a fruitless exercise. Still she could not back
    out now, especially after the money was paid.

    On the appointed day, Rajesh drove her to the ashram in the morning
    and left saying that he would pick her up at noon. It was still dark
    when she entered the same brightly lit room and waited. Soon two
    young girls clad only in white robes entered the room and asked her
    to accompany them. Asha was surprised to see that they wore no
    undergarments and their breasts and pubic hair could be discerned
    very easily. They took her into another room, which was lit only by
    candle light and asked her to remove her clothes as she needed to be
    purified by holy water before the pooja. They hastily added that
    there was nothing to fear. Asha felt reluctant to take her clothes
    off and said so. Both the girls persisted that this was the way all
    women followed at the ashram for special poojas. On facing more
    reluctance on Asha's part, they departed leaving her alone. After
    quite some time the Swami entered and requested Asha to comply.
    Seeing this huge man with piercing eyes, Asha felt compelled from
    within to agree. The Swami departed and the two semi-clad girls
    entered and started removing Asha's clothes. Unknown to Asha, the
    swami was watching the whole thing from behind the black curtains. He
    watched as this sexy housewife removed her clothes and then her
    panties and bras. He watched her milky breasts break free and stand
    proud and firm. He saw the dark black hair covering her cunt. Seeing
    all this his prick began to grow and stiffen. The two girls asked
    Asha to lie on the cold floor, while they massaged her body with
    aromatic oil. They began massaging her body slowly paying special
    attention to her bountiful breasts. Asha began to feel aroused at the
    touch of these women and the oil smelled lovely. She could feel her
    nipples getting taut and swollen . Her cunt juices began to flow and
    she started gasping at their deft touches.
    The girls smiled at each other, silently acknowledging the beginning
    of the debauchery of this young housewife.
    They had on many previous occasions performed this
    task on numerous young married women and relished their job. They
    could see Asha's cunt becoming moist as they stroked her cunt-lips
    occasionally. This one was really randy they thought. She was already
    wet and dripping and they had not even touched her clit. The Swami
    too was fully aroused by now and his thick shaft was throbbing with
    desire. "AAHHHHH AHHHHHHH OUUUUIIIIIII", she was moaning as the girls
    were massaging her. "You like it", asked one of the
    replied Asha moaning loudly. She was writhing with passion now on the
    cold stone floor.

    Asha reached out to feel the breasts of one of the
    girls, but her hand was quickly slapped away, "what are you doing
    hai", the girl said. Asha was pleading for them to make her come and
    feel their bodies . "AAHHHH IDDAAR AAOOO PPPASASS
    AAOOOO ,PLLLEEAASSSSSEEEEEEE AAHHNNN", she replied in vain. The two
    girls stopped the massage fearing that Asha might have an orgasm.
    They were under instructions to prime her up so to speak, but not to
    indulge in any sexual activity. They pulled her up and helped her
    wear the almost transparent white cloth over her naked and shimmering
    body. Next they took her in a very brightly lit room and made her sit
    on the floor. Asha was still gasping from the excitement albeit
    softly. The Swami then arrived and all three women arose to greet
    him. He came next to Asha and with one swift motion removed her robe,
    leaving her standing totally naked before him. He could see her body
    glistening with sweat and oil and her black cunt hairs were wet and
    matted . Asha was overcome by this big man, and required support of
    the other women to stand. The Swami poured ice-cold water on her body
    as Asha gasped and cried in surprise. He next took a small towel and
    proceeded to dry her body. He spent a lot of time kneading her heavy
    breasts and also rubbing her cunt with the rough towel. Asha was
    moaning loudly with pleasure as the rough towel was rubbing her clit
    and her cunt juices were flowing. The Swami then disrobed himself and
    was standing totally naked in front of her. Seeing the big man fully
    naked and also seeing his thick shaft throbbing in attention, Asha
    squealed in pleasure and got down on her knees to suck him. The Swami
    abruptly stopped her and asked "do not do this". "ARRGGHH,
    I want to suck this, PLLLLEEAASSEE", replied Asha
    frustratingly. " wgar are you doing ,you are not in your sense"'
    replied the Swami. "You are married women and stay away from me".
    Asha was sexually very excited and wanted to be fucked right this
    Unknown to her, this was all being taped and having her consent was
    of paramount importance. In some cases, wherein the woman complained
    to her family that the Swami had raped her, this tape would be shown
    to the family members. So far the need for using such a tape had
    arisen only once, and that too not for any complain. The Swami had
    needed to get his work done through a politician , thus he cajoled
    the woman to sleep with this pot-bellied politician or he would show
    the tape to her family members. Needless to say the woman agreed to
    the blackmail. Nearly all the young married women were brought in by
    their mother-in-laws and thus were compliant to Swami's instructions
    and fucking, knowing that a worse fate lay in store for them at home.

    The Swami was pleased to see that this sexy woman Asha was so eager
    to be fucked. She was whimpering in passion. He would have a good
    time fucking her. Seeing the Swami naked and his prick throbbing in
    erection, Asha was wet and excited. She had not received a thorough
    fucking since the time with Raju and that old servant. Looking at
    Swami's stiff thick prick and seeing his strong muscled body, Asha
    was moaning and could feel her cunt juices flowing. Asha was
    delirious with desire having been excited by the two sexy girls and
    now seeing the tall strong and hairy Swami. He is built like a
    wrestler thought Asha. Her husband was tall but was weak in the sex
    department. All this while, Asha had been fucked by short guys except
    for Sushil, but this Swami standing in front of her was a very big
    and strong man. Asha desperately wanted to feel his prick and was
    puzzled by the manner of this man denying her the
    SWWWAAMMMEEJJEEEEEEEEEE", wailed Asha whimpering loudly.

    The Swami was pleased to see this voluptuous woman so excited and
    willing. He took a step closer to the kneeling woman and taking his
    prick in his hand brought it near her face. Asha opened her mouth
    expecting him to stuff it in, however the swami teased her by
    swishing it near her mouth. He saw the eagerness in this woman as he
    moved his prick near her lips and seeing her trying to take it in her
    mouth. He slapped her face with his prick and laughed, signalling to
    the two girls to lift Asha and take her into another room. Asha's
    shoulders, were tightly clasped by the two girls as they led her into
    another room. As she was pushed in she saw another brightly lit room
    with a huge bed and the ceiling covered by mirrors. It was pleasantly
    airconditioned and the walls were covered with lewd pictures of men
    and women engaged in sex. The Swami entered the room and motioned for
    the two girls to leave them alone. When they were alone he picked up
    Asha and threw her on the bed. Asha was surprised at the strength of
    this man. He had picked her up like a baby and flung her on the bed.
    Asha was a voluptuous woman who weighed aro 72 kgs and was 5' 7" in
    height, by no means a small woman and yet this man had effortlessly
    picked her up.
    She stared at him in awe as she awaited to be fucked
    by him. Still smiling at her the Swami said, "Your Husband cann
    not make you pregnet, Do not woryy I will make you". Asha
    could only moan with desire in reply. The expert fucker Swami
    positioned his prick near her swollen cunt and with one stoke pushed
    the bulbous head of his prick into the wet and dripping
    cried Asha as her outer cunt-lips were stretched by the Swami's
    prickhead. So excited with desire was Asha that she wailed herself to
    an orgasm at the thought of this man entering her. The Swami pushed
    his prick fully in as Asha's cunt muscles pulsated with orgasm and
    started giving her long and slow strokes. Such was his strength that
    Asha felt a hot and searing feeling in her cunt as he stroked her and
    she started meeting his assault by lifting her buttocks to meet his
    FUCKKKKKKKKK meeeee", she urged the Swami.
    The Swami was delighted by the
    tightness of the cunt and started stroking shorter and faster seeing
    her breasts flap about with his strokes. He too was most excited at
    having this sexy woman to himself and soon came deep inside her,
    filling her tight cunt with his semen. Asha could feel his hot semen
    inside and thanked herself for being on the pill or else surely this
    man would have made her pregnant with the hot semen he had pumped
    inside her. The Swami then pulled her up like a rag doll and made her
    sit on his lap. He busied himself with kissing, nibbling, kneading
    and biting her sexy face and heavy breasts.
    "Accha laga tumhe", said
    the swami while slobbering all over her face. "UUUUMMMMMM
    SWWAAMMIIJJII UUUUMMMMMMMMMMNNNN", Asha replied, felling hot with
    desire again as she felt his hardness on her buttocks. The Swami
    clasped her legs together and kept them straight pointing towards the
    ceiling as he grasped his prick and pushed it into her cunt again. In
    this position her cunt appeared to be tighter with her legs clasped
    together and Asha felt her cunt walls being fully stretched by his
    prick. The Swami began bouncing her on his lap and his prick moved in
    and out like a well oiled piston. Asha's breasts were flapping near
    his mouth and he bit them at times to hear her squeal in pain and
    desire as she was being fucked. He then moved the finger of his hand
    under the buttocks to insert it into her arsehole as he bounced her
    faster up and down. Asha was squealing with desire as she felt
    herself about to cum and the feeling of an orgasm approaching with
    the pain of the finger fucking her arsehole at the same time was too
    much for her.
    She came in waves of pleasure and pain and wailed
    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". The Swami then withdrew his erect prick and
    carried Asha to the bed again. He set her down and made her suck his
    finger which had penetrated her arsehole. He enjoyed the wave of
    humiliation sweeping her face as she was made to suck his finger. He
    the flopped her on her stomach and made her lie on her knees as he
    grasped her big buttocks and pushed his stiff prick in her cunt from
    behind. Just as the servant Salim had done, the Swami began riding
    her and slapping her buttocks hard. He rode and rode and slapped and
    slapped , inflicting this fair sexy woman to pleasure and pain at the
    same time. Asha was wailing with pleasure and crying with pain as her
    cunt-lips pulsated with orgasm after orgasm. The Swami went beserk
    with desire and kept ramming her cunt rapidly as he too shot his load
    inside her again and slumped on top of her. Asha felt his immense
    weight as she was crushed underneath this man and they both lay
    covered with sweat and cum gasping slowly and motionlessly.

    The two girls entered the room again and took hold of Asha as the
    Swami rolled of her. As Asha walked unsteadily supported by the two
    girls, she saw the Swami lying on the bed with his prick now limp and
    smiling at her. "You can come tommrow at the same time,he wants to
    fuck you", he said, as Asha was led away. "I will", replied Asha
    hesitatingly. The two girls took her into a bathroom and made her
    stand under the shower with cold water running as they soaped her. As
    they were soaping her clean the Swami entered the room with his prick
    erect yet again. He roughly caught Asha by surprise and lifted her
    one leg and pushed his prick fully in with a mighty
    gasped Asha, at this unexpected assault. The
    Swami supported her with one hand and began fucking her yet again.
    The two girls were also wide-eyed and surprised since this had never
    occurred before. They stood in sheer excitement as this big woman
    started moaning with pleasure at the fucking she was receiving. One
    of the girls could'nt control herself and started masturbating, while
    watching the fucking. Both the Swami and Asha came yet again, and the
    Swami withdrew his limp prick and let go of Asha as he left the
    room. Asha's legs were like jelly and she fell to the floor with the
    shower raining on her. The two girls who were wet with desire pounced
    on her now, one latching on to her face and breasts while the other
    started sucking her cunt. Asha was wet and dripping again with desire
    as these two girls brought her to another series of orgasms. Only
    Mini had eaten her cunt before this and she found that she loved it.
    The Swami entered the room again breaking up the action as he
    announced that Asha should be readied up now to leave as her husband
    was waiting for her. As the girls dressed her up, Asha thought that 4
    hours had transpired so quickly, what with all the pleasurable
    fucking she had received.

    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    Rajesh rose to greet her as she stepped into the room along with the
    Swami by her side. He could notice her face glowing and felt that the
    pooja (RITUAL) had gone off well. Schmuck that he was. Swami told him to
    bring her in tomorrow too and smiled at Asha's nervous glowing face. At
    home during lunch time after Rajesh had left, her father-in-law
    accosted her and asked about the pooja. Asha lowered her eyes as she
    told him that the Swami had performed the pooja very nicely. Her
    father-in-law asked her that tomorrow morning he needed to take her
    to sign some papers at the bank and he would pick her up after the
    pooja. Unknown to Asha he had planned to take her to his friend's
    hotel (the one he had used many a time to fuck prostitutes) and
    finally get to fuck this sexy woman.

    After lunch that day, Asha locked her bedroom and went in the
    bathroom for a nice long hot water tub bath. She reflected on the
    days enjoyment. The Swami was really an experienced fucker. Just
    thinking about him and the fuck, made her horny again. He was going
    to be fucking her for the next two days. The two girls were sexy too
    and she really liked the way one of them had been bold enough to eat
    her cunt. She wished that the girls would join in with the Swami.
    That would be really erotic and fun. She wanted to see them fucked by
    the Swami. All these erotic thoughts made her cunt juices flow and
    Asha began to masturbate thinking about them. She had noticed that
    the two girls had had their pussies trimmed and Asha got up from the
    tub to use Rajesh's razor to shave her cunt. She had never done this
    before and felt thrilled as her pubic hair was all shaved off. She
    took a good look at her shaved cunt and thought it looked like a cunt
    of a small girl. She then started playing with her clitoris and soon
    had an orgasm. After her relaxing bath, she decided to sleep off the
    afternoon. Just as she was about to doze off, there was persistent
    knocking on the door and she arose to open it. Lo Behold, it was her
    father-in-law. He had playing cards with him and asked if she would
    like to play for a while. Asha was wary of him and wanted to refuse
    and started mumbling so. However, he brushed aside her feeble
    protests and sat on her bed and began dealing. Asha reluctantly
    started playing.

    Asha became aware of her flimsy nightie on seeing the lustful looks
    that her father-in-law was giving her. She had worn this old nightie
    of hers to relax and sleep in the afternoon. It was almost see
    through now having been worn so so many times. She thought of
    changing, but quickly changed her mind, knowing that her father-in-
    law had seen her naked and crying after being fucked by Salim. His
    lecherous looks were also giving her pleasure as she loved to tease
    this old fellow. She purposely bend low while picking the cards so as
    to give him a teasing look at her ample breasts, knowing that he
    could not make any moves on her with his wife in the house. The
    father-in-law was getting very excited, knowing this hot bitch was
    teasing him. He was going to fuck her in peace tomorrow at his
    friend's hotel, after he picked her up from the pooja. When Asha
    started touching his arms and hands pouting her sexy mouth at him in
    the pretext of play, he got very excited and could not control
    himself. He caught hold of her hand and placed it on his throbbing
    prick, enjoying the look of surprise and astonishment on her face.
    Asha gasped as she felt the heat of her father-in-laws prick . It was
    so rock hard , that for a moment she could not believe it to be his
    prick, till she felt it throbbing. "UNNGGHHH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING MY FATHER
    IN LAW ITS WRONG," said Asha , softly. "JUST LOOK AT THIS", replied her
    father-in-law, equally softly. "NO SOMEBODY WILL SEE I HAVE TO GO", Asha
    replied. Seeing her making no attempt to free her hand from his grip, he
    became bolder and said , "JUST FEET ITS POWER JUST TOUCH IT DEAR". He
    felt Asha touch his prick a bit more firmly now, feeling excited he said,
    hard prick through his pyjamas and hearing his intentions of fucking
    her tomorrow, made Asha very excited and her breathing became
    heavier. Her body would not allow her to remove her hand from feeling
    his prick. She kept on thinking , his prick was so hard and so thick
    as her cunt juices began flowing. Seeing his sexy daughter-in-law
    unable to protest and breathing heavily now, he continued, " MERI
    closer and pulled Asha closer to him in a tight hug. "UUNNNGGGGHHH
    AARRGGGGHHH OOOHHHHHH YOU ARE MY FATHER IN LAW ", Asha gasped as her father-
    in-law hugged her tightly, moving his hands on her back and buttocks.
    She was overcome with desire and was on the verge of an orgasm,
    hearing her father-in-law talk in this manner. He could have fucked
    her right away, seeing that she was overcome with passion, but it was
    too risky, what with his wife being in the house . He clenched her
    buttocks tightly and said, " JUST I WANT TO DRINK YOUR HONEY THE HONEY
    BETWEEN YOUR LEGS MY DEAR ASHA RANI". On hearing these words Asha began
    louder as her father-in-law quickly put his hand on her mouth to
    muffle her moans. Asha was thoroughly wet now and her cunt-lips were
    swollen and straining against her soaked panties. Her father-in-laws
    dirty talk coupled with her own vivid thoughts had brought her to an
    orgasm as she clenched his prick tightly as she moaned and came. Just
    then they both heard her mother-in-law asking the servant loudly
    about where Saab was as she approached Asha's bedroom. Asha jumped of
    the bed with a gasp and headed to her bathroom still whimpering in
    orgasm. The father-in-law tried to hide his erection while rubbing
    the sweat caused by the sexual tension on his brow and face. He dealt
    a hand of rummy as his wife walked in. She admonished him for sitting
    here and playing cards in the afternoon, not letting her bahu rest
    after the long early morning pooja. He mumbled and meekly followed
    his wife out of Asha's bedroom.

    Asha was trembling with fear and excitement inside the bathroom as
    she heard her in-laws depart. SHE THOUGHT:- This was too dangerous.
    She must not let her body control her. On the other hand how could
    she exercise self control. She was sexually frustrated and her
    husband was unable to give her satisfaction. She was young and
    healthy and having tasted fulfilling sex with others, she loved being
    fucked and thus could not control herself. She loved feeling big hard
    pricks and her cunt loved it too. Her husbands' weak prick was not
    enough. However having her father-in-law fucking her would be just
    too dangerous and she resolved to avoid him altogether. She would not
    go with him to the bank tomorrow, she would find a way to wangle out
    of it.

    She locked her room door and slept for a couple of hours. On awaking,
    Asha decided to go to the club to play some badminton. This way she
    would get some exercise and also be away from her in-laws till Rajesh
    came home. On reaching the club, she quickly changed into a white
    skirt and white t-shirt in the women's locker room. The club was
    quite strict on dress codes and one was not allowed to play in casual
    everyday clothes. Since Asha did not know of any person there, she
    approached the marker for a game. The marker agreed to play for a 20
    minute session. Asha found herself being made to move all over the
    court as the old marker gave her a workout. Unknown to her , a group
    of school boys, aged around 15-16 years were avidly watching her. They
    were watching this sexy woman running all over the court and her
    boobs jiggling with her efforts. Also her skirt was quite short and
    they were desperately trying to get a glimpse of her panties as she
    bend down to retrieve the shuttlecock. At the end of the session,
    Asha was sweating profusely, with her t-shirt clinging to her body
    and becoming semi-transparent with sweat. As she was sitting down
    wiping herself with a towel she saw these teenage boys coming over to
    her. There were three of them and they greeted her politely, asking
    her to make the foursome for a game of doubles. Asha politely agreed
    for one game, but after some time. Two of the boys went off to the
    court to play, while the tallest boy named Vicky sat down with her.
    Vicky introduced himself and talked about his friends while eyeing
    her body all over. When Asha mentioned that she was Mrs. Sinha, Vicky
    complimented her on her looks and figure saying that he was gonna ask
    her which college she was attending. Asha blushed at his compliment
    and felt good. Soon it was time for the game and Asha went to partner
    Vicky against the two other boys. Seeing Vicky play, Asha could not
    help admiring his agility and physic. Vicky on the other hand was
    always retrieving the shuttlecock when it fell near Asha and getting
    a glimpse of her upper thighs and panties. Once or twice he even
    brushed against her albeit accidentally and felt the softness of her
    breasts, always apologizing while doing so. By the end of the game
    Asha heard herself saying never mind at his apologizing, while Vicky
    had had a good feel of her breasts and thighs during the whole game.
    Asha excused herself and went for a quick shower and change. In the
    locker room, there were open showers and Asha stripped naked to the
    admiring glances of a few girls that were there. Unknown to her at
    that time, Vicky's girlfriend Karuna was there eyeing her. She had
    seen the way Vicky was feeling up this woman during the game and she
    had entered the locker room just to see Asha naked. Karuna was
    jealous and at the same time excited by seeing this sexy woman. Asha
    quickly changed and went home.

    At the dining table that night, Asha found her father-in-law
    unusually chirpy. He was in a good mood thinking about fucking her
    tomorrow. Asha was in a fix, how to get out of this dangerous laison.
    That night, her husband fucked her for a child. It was so boring for
    her, he was out before he was in. He really is a weak man , thought
    Asha, such a tall well built guy , but with a limp small prick and
    low sex drive. He really needed to see a doctor, instead she was
    being sent to a Swami.

    Next early morning, Rajesh dropped her for the pooja. Asha was very
    excited at the prospect of having sex with the stud Swami again. This
    time she was made to wait alone in the room for over an hour. Unknown
    to her the Swami was fucking another newly married young woman. After
    an hour the formalities were dispensed with and Asha was lead by the
    two girls directly to the Swami's room. Asha began to strip as soon
    as she saw him . Seeing the eagerness to be fucked, the Swami was
    elated. He made the naked housewife sit on his lap, letting the
    softness of her buttocks arouse his prick. Asha felt his prick
    hardening under her buttocks and she hugged the Swami, crushing her
    breasts against him. The Swami cupped her breast in his hand and
    started moving his thumb in circles around the nipples, but making
    sure of not touching the nipple. He was teasing her and Asha began
    little gasps of pleasure. Next, without any foreplay he picked Asha
    up from his lap and in one quick and deft movement implanted his now
    erect prick in her wet cunt. "UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG", cried
    Asha as she was taken in surprise and her pussy filled and stretched.
    Having his prick fully in, the Swami did not bounce her on him but
    instead concentrated on her hanging breasts in front of his face. He
    nibbled, licked, bit and chewed them to his hearts content, hearing
    this sexy woman moan and having his prick inside her. "TOMORROW MAKE ,
    YOUR HUSBAND FUCK YOU"' he said to the moaning woman. "UUNNNGGH
    enjoying this talk and the fullness of his prick. "YOU ARE FUCKING NICELY
    ", went the Swami, now bouncing her slowly on his prick. "UUNNNGGGHHHGG
    Asha cried as she had her
    first orgasm of the day. Seeing her in such a state the Swami hugged
    her tightly and bit her lips as she was wailing. He too reached an
    orgasm and shot his load straight up into her. Asha felt the rush of
    hot semen inside her and thought it would come out of her mouth. The
    Swami kept coming while hugging her tightly and nibbling her body
    with passion. He then stood up with his prick still in and carried
    her to the bed. It was only now that he noticed that she had shaved
    her pussy clean. It greatly excited him to see such a big voluptuous
    woman with a cunt looking like that of a school girl. One of the
    girls also saw Asha's clean shaven pussy and felt horny. She lay down
    on the bed next to her and fastened her mouth on Asha's dripping and
    shaven cunt. Asha started moaning, feeling the softness of her tongue
    licking her clitoris. She loved the feeling of her cunt being eaten
    and wanted to do the same to this girl. She moaned, " PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR
    SMALL PUSSY DEAR I WILL LICK IT NICE ". The girl obliged
    and soon both the women were in a 69 position sucking, licking and
    nibbling at each others clits, cunt-lips and tongue fucking each
    others wet cunts. The Swami felt greatly excited at seeing this and
    sat down on the bed next to the moaning women. He put his finger in
    Asha's arsehole and fucked her while her cunt was being eaten. Asha
    wailed with pain and pleasure as she came and came. The Swami then
    straddled her stomach and placed his stiff prick between her breasts.
    The other girl understood and placed two pillows under Asha's head,
    raising it, so the Swami was able to fuck her mouth while tit fucking
    this young housewife. He pressed her breasts hard against his prick
    and started stroking, once in a while pushing his prick right up to
    her mouth. Asha felt pain as the Swami clenched her soft breasts very
    tightly so as to give his prick some friction. She cried out, "
    Hearing her cries the Swami stopped after a little while and said, "NOW I
    WILL FUCK YOUR ASSHOLE". Saying this the
    strong Swami flipped her over and shoved his prick into her cunt from
    behind. "UUNNGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", Asha wailed as once again
    her cunt was stretched fully by this man's massive cock. The Swami
    loved to fuck these young married women from behind, slapping their
    buttocks and seeing their breasts hanging and swaying with each
    stroke. "YOUR HUSBAND CAN NEVER FUCK YOU LIKE THIS", he asked , knowing
    fully well that in most cases the husbands had not screwed their
    newly married wives in this manner. "UUNNNGGHHH OOUUUIIIIII
    MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA", moaned Asha in pleasure as the Swami increased
    the tempo of his hard strokes, his prick stretching and stretching
    her cunt with the rapid forceful movements. "MA KO KYON YAAD KAR RAHI
    said the Swami, giving hard slaps to her buttocks making them pink and red
    SSWWWAAAAMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIII", Asha wailed as she came and came. The
    Swami then withdrew his stiff prick and pushed its head into her
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA', yelled Asha feeling pain as his
    prick forced its way into her arsehole. "MMMMMMMMMAAIIII MMAARRRRRR
    with tears coming out. "IT WILL HURT JUST A LITTLE BIT YOUR ASS IS TOO
    Swami , now stroking her arsehole with his prick. Asha felt as if her
    bums were split wide open and continued crying with pain. However,
    sure enough she started enjoying this sensation of the prick stroking
    her arsehole and began moaning in pain and pleasure. Just then a girl
    entered and told the Swami that Asha's FATHER IN LAW had come to pick her
    up. The Swami and Asha were both consumed with passion and did not
    pay heed to the girls words. The Swami kept ramming his prick in her
    arsehole as they both came. The Swami was really spent now, what with
    fucking a new woman before this and he collapsed with all his weight
    crushing Asha. On being prodded, he got up and told the girls to
    give Asha a bath and dress her up to leave. Asha begged the Swami not
    to give her to her father-in-law, "Swamiji, He will doubt you have fucked
    me I will go alone ", she implored the Swami.
    Sensing an opportunity here, the Swami relented on the condition that
    she do him a favour to. Asha immediately agreed without knowing the
    favour. He then told the girl to tell the father in law, that Asha had
    already left. The Swami then asked Asha to come at 10.am tomorrow,
    instead of early morning. Asha agreed and went for a bath. On getting
    dressed, she slipped out of the ashram and caught an auto.
    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    whoa, Hot story. I jacked off three times while reading it.
    great pictures too.
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    Default Next Part

    Asha did not know where to go and looked lost when the auto driver
    asked her. He was eyeing her from the mirror as she took her time to
    decide. "DO YOU WANT TO GO TO HOTEL", he said mistaking her for a
    high class whore. Asha felt angry understanding his insinuation and
    blurted out connaught place. She had decided to go to the bank
    herself and sign the papers. On reaching the bank, she went directly
    into the manager's cabin and introduced herself. The manager was an
    old fellow called Mr. Bakshi, and seeing this sexy woman he was all
    attention. He called for tea and asked the peon to get the necessary
    papers to his cabin. He was continously staring at Asha's breasts
    while talking to her. Asha then realized, that in her hurry, she had
    not worn her bra or panty and thus her swollen nipples were outlined
    against her thin saree blouse. That's why the auto driver mistook me
    for a whore she thought. Asha blushed at his gaze and allowed the old
    man a free show so to speak. Mr. Bakshi stared at this god sent
    apsara in front of him and was irritated at the promptness shown by
    his peon in getting the papers fast. He asked Asha to sign, and he
    got up to stand behind her to explain where the signatures were
    required. Asha did not know or care what she was signing and did so
    at Mr. Bakshi's instructions. Standing behind her he got a good look
    at her cleavage and the deep valley between her fair milky breasts.
    On the pretext of showing her where to sign he brushed her arms and
    pressed his crotch against her back and shoulders. Asha was aware of
    the excitement in the old man from the feel of his stiffening prick,
    but pretended not to notice. He made her sign and sign, all the time
    rubbing himself against her, seeing she was not objecting. After it
    was done, he reluctantly asked for her photographs. Asha had not
    known about this and did not have any. She said that she would send
    them on Monday. Mr. Bakshi saw an opportunity to be closer to this
    apsara and in his gravest voice said that he needed them today
    itself. "No problem, Mrs. Sinha, I'll come with you and we shall get
    them today from a nearby photo studio", he said, seeing she was lost
    for words. He again summoned his peon and asked him to tell the
    driver to get his official car in the front. So he and Asha went in
    the banks car to a photo studio. In the car he sat close to Asha
    letting his leg rest against hers and keeping his arm around her
    shoulders as he talked about his important post to her. Asha felt his
    hand rubbing her shoulders as he talked and saw the bulge growing in
    his trousers. He told her that if she ever needed a loan quickly, he
    would most certainly oblige her, all the while rubbing her shoulders.
    He told her of his important position, and how much loan he had given
    to her husband's company. He also told her that he had been at her
    wedding, and what a beautiful bride she had looked. As the old
    ambassador moved over the bumpy roads, he saw her breasts jiggle and
    he pressed closer to her at each turn of the car. Asha could see a
    huge bulge in his trousers and was getting excited herself. She loved
    big cocks and from the size of the bulge, she knew that this old
    fellow possessed a big one. Mr. Bakshi saw her gazing at his
    stiffening prick and became excited and bolder as he now rubbed her
    neck and started praising her beauty and figure. He possessed a
    monstrous prick. So far he had managed to seduce and fuck all the
    women, married or single, he had wanted to from his branch. His
    reputation of having a huge prick had spread through the
    organization, thanks to the women he had fucked.

    Seeing this woman
    staring at his bulge as he fondled her neck, Mr. Bakshi was feeling
    elated and horny. But alas, the driver stopped the car saying that
    they had arrived at the studio. Mr. Bakshi and Asha got out of the
    car and he took hold of her by holding her arm high up near her
    armpit, so as to feel the roundness of her breasts with his knuckle
    while walking with her. He too had difficulty in walking, trying to
    subdue his erect protusion.

    Asha was feeling excited and very randy with this old bold fellow.
    She allowed him his excesses, wanting to see what would happen next.
    How bold would he be. She purposely pouted her lips while talking to
    him and let him have his way. She liked the feeling of power she had
    on him. In the studio, the attendant asked if they wanted a 5 min
    polaroid photo or the regular passport one which would take 2 hours.
    Mr. Bakshi immediately vetoed the polaroid photo saying the bank
    would not accept that, and asked for the regular passport one. He
    fussed over Asha, while making her sit on the stool and in the
    process brushed against her breasts and cupped her face for her to
    pose correctly. Asha was horny, with all his touchings and pouted her
    lips to pose for a sexy snap. His bulging crotch was directly in
    front of her face as he was fussing with her hair and face. She
    wanted to unzip this old man there and then to see and taste his
    prick. She could feel her cunt juices flowing at the idea of sucking
    him off. After the shot was taken, Mr. Bakshi suggested lunch at a
    nearby restaurant, since they had to wait for 2 hours anyway. Asha
    meekly accepted and off they went. Mr. Bakshi chose a dimly lit
    restaurant and sat next to her on the table. There were only a
    handful of other people there at the time. In the restaurant, due to
    it being dimly lit, Mr. Bakshi grew bolder and pressed against Asha
    while talking. Asha felt his hot breath on her as he talked and
    massaged her shoulders and neck in the process. He invited Asha to
    have beer with him and although Asha had never tasted the stuff
    before, she agreed as she was feeling very horny with this old guy.
    Mr. Bakshi brought the beer glass to her lips as she Asha took a big
    gulp. He was happy at her drinking and grew bolder in his touch as
    gulp after gulp was drunk by both of them. His hands had moved under
    her armpits and he was now caressing her breasts. He kneaded them
    through the thin fabric of her blouse as this sexy woman whimpered in
    submission to her growing desire. Mr. Bakshi then kissed her full on
    the lips. "Mr. BBBAAKKSSHHIII", Asha gasped at his boldness. "You are
    a sexy woman, Mrs.Sinha, I just could'nt control myself", saying this
    he kissed her again, biting her lower lip. "Uunnnnngh ooooooooohhh",

    Asha replied not wanting him to stop. She was hot with desire and
    grabbed at his prick with her hand under the table. Asha gasped at
    the hardness and size of this old mans prick as she felt it. Seeing
    her whimpering and tightly holding his cock, Mr. Bakshi knew he could
    fuck her without any hassles. He quickly paid the bill and asked for
    the key to the room upstairs by parting with Rs. 500 to the waiter.
    The waiter saw that this old fellow had pataoed this sexy woman, who
    was moaning to be fucked. The waiter was familiar with Mr. Bakshi as
    in the past too, he had asked for the use of the room, sometimes with
    his trainee female staff and other times with prostitutes. Asha
    blushed at this exchange of money and knowing looks between the two
    men. She was hot with desire and was not bothered what the waiter
    thought of her. She was dying to be fucked. The waiter came back with
    the key and saw that the old fellow was kissing this sexy woman
    oblivious to the surroundings. The waiter wondered if he too could
    get a chance to fuck her. Lucky fellow he thought as he looked
    lustfully at Asha's half exposed breasts as she was being kissed by
    the old man. "Salle Budhe ne aaj to mast chokri patai hai, kya mamme
    hai iske, jaroor maaza aiye ga budhe ko, Salla", thought the waiter
    while staring at the horny housewife. Mr. Bakshi was feeling elated
    at having succeeded in seducing this hot sexy married woman. On
    receiving the key, he proudly led this horny woman by her arm,
    enjoying the envious looks given by the other people and waiters of
    this restaurant. He purposely, paused to talk to the manager, while
    having this obviously wanting-to-be-fucked woman Asha by his side. He
    made some small talk while letting them see her randy state as he
    felt her up in their presence. Asha was letting out small gasps in
    anticipation of fucking as she leaned against this old man as he
    deftly touched her all over while talking to this man. The manager
    eyeing her asked Mr, Bakshi, "WHAT A FANTASTIC BREASTS FRIEND", as he too felt her heavy breasts. Mr.Bakshi laughed at his insinuation and pulled Asha away and led her to the staircase.

    Once inside the room, Mr. Bakshi lost no time in stripping her. He
    first removed her saree and saw his apsara in a see-through blouse,
    with her heaving breasts straining to be set free. He sucked at her
    swollen nipples through the blouse itself. The thin fabric of the
    blouse, immediately becoming transparent, after being moistened by
    the old man's saliva. Asha moaned as he sucked one nipple and then
    the other and then proceeded to rapidly suck and bite alternate
    breasts. "UUNNNGGHHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH", she cried, as she
    could feel the onrush of an orgasm. Mr. Bakshi then deftly, removed
    her petticoat and almost tore her wet flimsy blouse off her tits.
    Seeing the clean shaven cunt with the puffed pink cunt lips and her
    clitoris peeping, he flipped Asha on the bed and started sucking her

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", Asha wailed as she came on the very first
    contact of his tongue on her clit. Mr. Bakshi, on seeing her in
    orgasm, quickly put his tongue into her cunt and sucked vigorously at
    her cum. This one was really hot and willing, he thought, as he saw
    her raise her buttocks to meet his tongue in her pussy. The very
    thought of a man eating her pussy was enough to drive Asha into
    orgasm. Mr. Bakshi, then proceeded to remove his own clothes. Asha
    saw , as he removed his shirt, that he had white hair on his chest
    and his upper body was thin, loose and scrawny. She was a bit put off
    by it, as all the men she had been to bed with so far had masculine
    strong chests and arms. But, when he removed his pants and
    underpants, Asha was transfixed by the sight of his erect penis. Asha
    stared and stared with her mouth open, unable to speak, letting out
    small gutteral noises. "URGH UGH URGHH", she went, staring at this
    prick. Mr. Bakshi was used to such reactions from women and it gave
    him a sense of power. He was a patient and experienced fucker. Some
    women would instantly dry up and break into cold sweat seeing his
    monster. He needed to assuage their worries and fuck them slowly, to
    get them wet again. He could sense this women drying up at the
    thought of being unable to accommodate his prick. He caught hold of
    her hand and gently placed it on his prick. Feeling this huge thing,
    Asha was jolted into reality as she cried, "NAHHIN, NAHHIN,
    further, Mr. Bakshi put the head of his prick in her mouth. Gently
    rubbing her face and hair he said, "DON'T WORRY MRS. SINHA, YOU JUST KISS HER AND START FUCKING HER NONE WILL ASK YOU ANY QUESTIONS ". Asha compliantly started
    sucking his prick head as he gently prodded more and more of his
    prick inside her. Sensing she might choke, he withdrew his prick and
    rubbed the saliva stained head on her face. He then again inserted
    his prick in her mouth. He kept doing that, till he felt her
    comfortably and willing to the task of having and sucking his cock in
    her mouth. After sometime, this sexy married woman started sucking
    his balls on her own. This went on for some time and Mr. Bakshi was
    losing control and about to cum. He the withdrew his rock hard
    throbbing prick and went down on Asha and started to suck and nibble
    at her clitoris and her swollen cunt-lips. He could taste her getting
    wet as she moaned in pleasure. Seeing that this sexy bitch was
    thoroughly wet and soaked he lifted her legs over his shoulders and
    sank his prick slowly into her tight
    her cunt was stretched by his prick. Mr. Bakshi had only been able to
    put his prick in halfway, when he felt resistance from her cunt
    walls. He prodded to shove slowly and slowly as this housewife cried
    DDOOOGGGEEEEEEEE". ( YOU WILL TEAR ME APART) Mr. Bakshi then withdrew his prick and slowly
    plunged into her cunt again. He kept doing that, noticing that at
    each attempt her cunt was being stretched further and further as he
    was slowly able to sink his full prick in. He the rested his hands on
    her sweaty breasts and started stroking slowly but firmly, letting
    his prick sink slowly in fully as his balls rubbed against her
    buttocks. Slowly her cries of pain turned into loud moans of pleasure
    as Mr. Bakshi fucked her slowly. "MAZAA AA RAHA HAIN NA, TERI CHOOT
    tightness of her cunt and the sight of such a fair and sexy woman
    buttocks to meet his strokes. Mr. Bakshi sensing her enjoyment, began
    to pound her cunt rapidly allowing his balls to slap harder and
    harder against her raised buttocks. "THWAP THWIP THWAP THWIP THWAP",
    he went as he started fucking her furiously. "OOOUUUIIIIIIIIII
    AARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", cried Asha at his powerful thrusts.
    Sensing her orgasm, Mr. Bakshi slowed his strokes as he enjoyed the
    sensation of her cunt muscles squeezing his prick and the sight of
    her sexy face in the throes of her orgasm. He remained still and
    erect inside her. After a few minutes, he began to thrust again,
    building the tempo slowly. Again `THWAP THWAP THWAP THWAP", he went
    as he stroked and stroked her cunt. Through glazed eyes and moaning
    lips Asha saw the old man, now sweating , as he fucked her harder and
    harder. He went on and on without a break in his rythmn as she came
    and came in multiple orgasms. The double bed was creaking with his
    powerful strokes and her breasts were being badly mauled and crushed
    by his hands. Suddenly, his body went rigid and Asha felt hot semen
    shooting inside her as he came. Mr. Bakshi withdrew his prick and
    forced it into Asha's mouth spraying her with his gushing semen as he
    came. He then collapsed on the bed beside her as both of their bodies
    were covered with sweat and their bodies breathing heavily. After
    some time, he got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to wash
    himself. Coming out of the shower, he asked Asha to have one too and
    then they would leave. Asha quickly had a shower and wiped herself
    with the same towel, smelling his body scents on herself. Her blouse
    was in a pitiful state, being wet with his saliva. As she put it on,
    she could see her nipples clearly through the wet material. Having no
    recourse she covered almost naked breasts with her pallu and went
    down with him. The manager and a couple of waiters were there to
    receive the room keys from Mr. Bakshi and they all leered at her
    thoroughly fucked state. Her already pouty lips were pouting more due
    to their being swollen and these men stripped her naked as Mr. Bakshi
    made small talk with them before leaving. The manager thumped Mr.
    Bakshi on his back saying, "SAALA, BAHUT MAZZA KIYA, KYA MAAL THOKA
    HAI TUNNE AAJ", (THIS TIME YOU BRING A REAL WHORE I LIKED IT NICE GREAT FUCKS) looking Asha up and down while saying so. Mr. Bakshi
    put his hands around her naked waist and winked at these men as he
    led Asha out into the waiting car. Once inside, he told her that he
    would pick up the photographs himself and ordered his driver to take
    her home after dropping him off at the bank. "Majja aya, is budhe ke
    sat", (DID THIS OLD MAN CAN FUCK LIKE HELL) he said loudly, not bothered that the driver could hear. "Bolo,
    Mrs. Sinha, DID YOU ENJOY IT", he continued till Asha replied
    softly, "YES". On hearing her soft voice, he laughed loudly and
    said, "PHONE ME I WILL MAKE YOU MERRIER". Saying that he got off,
    telling the driver to drop her home again.

    Throughout the journey back home, Asha was subjected to lecherous
    glances by the driver. As the car bounced over the uneven road so did
    her braless firm breasts jiggle. Her blouse was wet with the saliva
    of Mr. Bakshi and her thoroughly sucked and swollen nipples could
    easily be seen. Asha suffered this humiliation in silence, wishing
    the journey would end soon. On reaching home, she hurried to her
    bedroom, thankful that she had not bumped into any family member. She
    had a quick bath and wore her nightgown over her nightie as she
    awaited her husband's return from work.

    Over the family dinner that night her father-in-law seemed angry at
    her as he asked her were she had been. He openly admonished her for
    treating the bank work so carelessly and not going with him to the
    bank. Asha apologized, saying that since the puja was over early, she
    herself had gone to the bank and done the necessary signing. On
    further being asked as to why she got home only in the evening, Asha
    told them about the photographs being needed and how she had to wait
    for two hours before getting them. She added that the bank manager
    Mr.Bakshi had been kind to take her for lunch while the photos were
    being ready. Hearing this , her father-in-law went into a silent
    rage. He was aware of Mr.Bakshi's reputation, having himself joined
    him on a few occasions in jointly fucking women in the small room
    above Mr.Bakshi's favourite restaurant. On hearing the same
    restaurant's name, he quickly surmised that his daughter-in-law had
    been fucked by that wicked old fellow. All his planning for nothing
    he thought, where he should have been fucking his daughter-in-law,
    that old fellow had enjoyed her. Changing the topic, he told his son
    that he needed to go to Bombay urgently tomorrow for a day, since
    their main distributor in Bombay was very much behind in his
    payments. `Don't worry, I'll drop Asha for her pooja and pick her up
    to", he said, already brightening at the thought of another
    opportunity. His son mumbled his acceptance and Mr.Sinha had a
    fulfilling meal thinking about how he would fuck Asha tomorrow.

    Asha could see through her father-in-laws plans and had resolved to
    thwart them at any cost. So after dinner in their bedroom, she
    pleaded with Rajesh to take her along to Bombay. Rajesh, seeing his
    wife so anxious to go with him agreed. So early morning, both took
    the first flight and went to Bombay. On reaching in the morning, they
    checked into a small 3 star hotel near the airport itself. Rajesh
    told Asha that he had to be off and gave her some money for
    sightseeing by herself. He told her that he would be back in the
    evening around 7 pm and then they would visit the famous Juhu beach.
    Asha decided to visit Colaba area to do some shopping and asked the
    receptionist for directions. On being told that the faster way to
    reach in the morning was the local train, Asha agreed as she had
    never sat in an electric train before. So she caught an auto and
    reached the station. On purchasing a return ticket, she was told
    which train to catch for churchgate station. Asha was amazed at the
    crowd of people so early in the morning and had difficulty in
    catching the train. She managed to get in a crowded compartment,
    thanks to people pushing and feeling her from behind.

    Asha was already regretting the idea of catching the train as she
    felt her bottom pinched and felt in this crowded compartment. However
    there was no way she could get off now as she was literally
    sandwiched among strange people. Her choice of attire did not help as
    strangers felt her body through the thin chiffon saree. As the train
    moved her body swayed with it allowing strangers to brush against it
    and feel her up. Asha concentrated to the scenery outside, feeling
    utterly helpless to the situation. The scenery outside did not help
    since all she could see were slum hutments and smell stench as the
    train moved through this dirty environment. Her one hand was held
    high gripping the railing for support allowing people to innocently
    brush her breast as she swayed with the movement. The train then
    slowed down and stopped waiting for a signal. Looking out Asha saw a
    man defecating in public near the tracks. He was oblivious of the
    train and continued with his morning chore facing the train. Asha was
    astounded at the size of his limp dirty prick and could not avert her
    gaze from it. She could feel herself getting excited watching this
    slum - dwellers prick. At the same time she felt hardness on her
    buttocks. The man behind her was rubbing his hard-on on her. Asha
    felt unable to move due to the crowd. The man grew bolder and was
    pressing himself fully on her now. Asha could feel her breathing
    become heavier as she grew excited by seeing the man outside and
    feeling a live hot prick on her bums. The train started with a jerk
    and the man behind took this opportunity to hold her by the waist and
    feel the softness of her exposed flesh. Asha was astonished at the
    boldness of the man as he continued rubbing his penis against her
    bums and fondle and pinch her exposed flesh around her waist. She was
    feeling excited and scared by his touch. She looked around to see if
    other passengers were looking, but all seemed to be concentrating on
    remaining stable in this their daily misery of commuting.
    The man behind her then grabbed her hand and brought it back to feel
    his unexposed erect bulge. He pressed her hand against his bulge as
    he brought his other hand under the armpit of her hand held high
    holding the railing. By doing so he had moved Asha sideways and she
    could clearly see his face. She stole a quick glance at him seeing
    him smile at her, before lowering her eyes in shame. He was a middle-
    aged short dark fellow. Asha could feel herself getting wet and
    excited at this erotic encounter. The man seeing no resistance was
    now openly massaging her breast over her thin blouse. Asha gasped as
    he moved his fingers over her erect nipple and her aureola. At times
    he used his thumb and forefinger to pinch her nipple evoking a gasp
    from this excited woman. He was rubbing her hand roughly and
    furiously over his bulge now. In no time, he too gasped as he
    ejaculated inside his pants due to her rubbing, kneading her breast
    painfully as he came, causing her to gasp in pain. He let go of her
    now and pushed his way to the exit and alighted at the next stop.
    Asha was wet with desire and at the same time humiliated with pain
    and shame. How could she have allowed him to do this with her.
    However, she had no time to contemplate as the already full
    compartment was bombarded with more people at the stop. Asha was
    crushed between strangers and could not stop them from pinching,
    caressing, rubbing her body. Finally the train came to a halt at
    churchgate station and Asha was pushed out in the momentum of
    people.Getting out in the open of the platform, Asha noticed that her
    saree was really crushed now and she had on her various body odours.
    Asha vowed not to take a train again and threw her ticket on getting
    out of the station in disgust.

    Asha took a taxi to Colaba and spend the next few hours shopping for
    shoes and clothes, with the money her husband had given her. Even
    while walking from shop to shop at the causeway, Asha felt people
    brushing and pinching her body. Feeling thoroughly irritated with the
    situation, she hailed a cab and with all her purchases went back to
    her hotel room. She ordered some food from room service and after a
    refreshing bath watched television the whole afternoon. Asha was
    lying in just her bras and panty on the bed as she switched the
    channels on TV. As she was switching channels, she came across a
    channel provided by the hotel, which was showing blue movies. She was
    transfixed at this channel and lowered the volume , as she heard the
    blonde on the tv screen moan as she was being fucked by this black
    man. Asha was turned on seeing this big breasted blonde being fucked
    from behind by this black man having a glistening big black dick. The
    blondes breasts were swaying with the powerful fucking by the man.
    Asha felt herself getting wet and she started stroking her cunt
    through her moistened panties.
    Soon she had removed her panties and was stroking her erect clit and
    moaning with desire as the black man on screen fucked and fucked and
    fucked mercilessly and hard at the blonde woman. All the events of
    the morning coupled with the blue film on tv got her furiously
    rubbing her clit to a series of shattering orgasm. Even after she was
    spent, the guy on tv was still fucking away. She closed the tv and
    went of to sleep.

    When her husband knocked on the door late evening, Asha was still
    asleep and rushed to wear a bathing robe before opening the door. Her
    husband presumed she had had a bath and asked her to get ready since
    his distributor was waiting down to take them out for dinner. Asha
    asked him where they were going inorder to decide what to wear.
    Rajesh replied that they were taking them to a 5 star hotel called
    Sun-n-Sand and to wear something sexy. Rajesh wanted to impress them
    by showing off his beautiful wife. Asha wore the same thin-strap
    black dress taken by her from Mini, which was a very tight fit. She
    was excited that her husband wanted her to look sexy and thus had no
    qualms about wearing such a revealing outfit in front of strangers.
    She purposely did not wear ant bras or panties, since the dress was
    so tight. She wore stilletoes along with the dress and the way she
    walked made her look quite sexy. Rajesh was beaming with pride as
    they went down to the hotel lobby and he introduced his wife to his
    distributor. Asha saw two men, who were introduced as brothers, both
    older than her husband, one aro 35 and the other aro 45 years. Both
    the brothers, Yatin and Kalpesh Shah were wide-eyed at seeing such a
    fair voluptuous woman. Seeing Rajesh, they had never imagined his
    wife turning out to be such a fox. Feeling their gazes on her, made
    Asha's nipples stiffen with excitement and she felt her cunt becoming
    moist. Asha was subconsciously an exhibitionist and she loved the
    sense of power at men admiring her beauty. Asha was conscious of the
    fact that her nipples showed out prominently in this thin dress and
    was proud of the thickness her erect nipples had acquired, after
    being chewed by so many men. On the other hand Rajesh too felt
    excited at having such a beauty as his wife and felt one-up on other
    men. Rajesh purposely stroked her behind openly in front of them as
    they all went out of the hotel towards the car.

    During dinner, Asha and Rajesh sat close together, while the two
    brothers Yatin and Kalpesh sat opposite them. Asha noticed that both
    men appeared shy and in awe of her.
    The elder brother Yatin was stout and ugly to look at, having a lot
    of pockmarks on his face. However the younger brother was tall, fair
    and handsome, reminded her of Sushil in a way. The topic of
    discussion was centred around her the whole meal. Yatin and Rajesh
    both asked her how she had spent her day in Bombay and how had she
    liked the city. It was Asha's first visit to this bustling
    metropolis. She told them of the harrowing time in the train, leaving
    out the juicy details. "It was horrible, I was pushed and pinched all
    throughout the journey", she said. She also told them that Colaba,
    shopping was no big deal and on the whole Bombay was the pits. The
    younger brother Kalpesh on hearing her ordeal, immediately
    said, "Bhabi, had Rajesh bhaisaab told me earlier, I would have sent
    you my car and driver for the day". Asha smiled at his handsome face
    and said, "Thanks, Kalpesh, I would have been very comfortable then,
    but now since we are leaving tomorrow, I'll take up your offer next
    time". Just then her husband intervened and said, " Uh, Asha, I
    forgot to tell you, we are staying one more night, since I have to go
    to Pune tomorrow with Yatin and will be going back to Delhi only day
    after tomorrow in the morning". Hearing this Kalpesh beamed and
    said, "Bhabi, then it is fixed, my car and driver will be available
    with you tomorrow for the full day". He further added, "No need to go
    to Colaba for shopping, my driver will take you to Breach Candy area,
    where there is the best shopping". Going on he asked, "Bhabi, what
    else would you like to see in Bombay". Asha felt happy at the offer,
    thank god no more taxis and trains. She told Kalpesh that she had
    always wanted to see a movie shooting in Bombay. No sooner had she
    said it, then the elder brother Yatin intervened and said, "Bhabi, I
    will take care of that and see that you see a movie shooting after
    your shopping". Openly staring at her breasts he added, " Bhabi, you
    are more beautiful than the heroines, maybe you should think of
    modelling or acting yourself, phir tau roj shooting hi shooting, hai
    na", laughing at his own joke. Asha did'nt like this ugly fellow
    laughing at her expense while so boldly staring at her breasts and
    therefore remained quiet about his offer. She found the younger
    brother, Kalpesh attractive, while this fellow Yatin was an ogre.

    Getting back to the hotel room that night, Asha was sexually charged
    and glad to be with her husband. Rajesh added to her desire by
    mentioning, "Did you see the way those two were looking at you, they
    just could'nt take their eyes off you". Asha replied, "Uggh, that
    gujju bhai Yatin was openly leeching at me, had you not been there my
    dear husband he would have torn my dress and raped me", feeling wet
    with desire herself. Rajesh felt excited by her talk and quickly
    undressed her and himself and without any foreplay, parted Asha's
    legs and entered into her wetness. He fucked her hard in rapid
    strokes and just as Asha was responding by raising her buttocks to
    meet his strokes he came. Alas, Asha thought bitterly, he is finished
    and I am just beginning. Rajesh fell asleep right away without a
    thought for the sexual frustration building up in his sexy wife.
    After about fifteen minutes of silently cursing her fate, Asha
    switched on the TV channel to the blue movies being shown by the
    hotel. She woke Rajesh up as he too rubbed his eyes and saw and
    heard a woman moaning with excitement as a man was fucking her doggy
    style. He too got excited and soon had another stiff erection. He
    flipped Asha on her stomach and raised her buttocks to enter her from
    behind, just as was being shown in the movie. Asha felt her cunt
    being penetrated again as she was getting fucked in the same manner
    as the girl on screen. But alas, Rajesh came again prematurely in
    just a few strokes and collapsed on the bed on top of her. Asha
    pushed him aside and silently cried in frustration as her spent
    husband snored away. She turned down the volume and silently
    whimpering masturbated watching the woman getting fucked on the

    To BE CONTD.
    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    Default Next Part

    Next morning , early around 5 am the room phone rang. Rajesh was
    already dressed as he spoke on the phone and then woke up
    Asha. "Darling, I have to go, one Mr. Shelar is here to take me to
    Pune, as Yatin Shah seems to be unwell, I'll see you by 9 pm
    tonight", he said as he kissed her bye and left her some money on the
    bed. Asha continued sleeping, and was woken by the phone ringing at
    10 am. She picked up the receiver to hear Kalpesh's voice telling her
    that he had sent the car for her and told the driver to take her to
    Breach Candy for shopping. He further added , he would like her to
    join him for lunch if she could. Asha brightened at the idea of
    meeting Kalpesh again and said she would love to. Kalpesh told her to
    meet him at the coffee shop at Oberoi hotel at sharp 1.30. Asha
    agreed and put down the phone and went for her bath, feeling happy.
    Having had a quick bath, Asha was at wits what to wear. She only had
    brought that one saree, since they were to be here for only one day
    and that saree was crushed. She quickly called up the receptionist
    and told them that she urgently required to have a saree and blouse
    ironed. She waited dressed only in the hotel bathrobe as the doorbell
    rang, with the bellboy asking for her laundry. In her hurry to give
    him the clothes, her long robe caught stuck on her foot, thereby
    falling of her shoulders in a heap on the floor, thereby exposing her
    naked body to the bellboy's astonished face. Asha , thoroughly
    shamed, at the bellboy seeing her naked breasts and pussy, tried to
    cover her breasts and cunt with her hands. Seeing this was not
    working, she bent down to pick the robe and ran into the toilet.
    Having put on her robe, she shakily walked back into the room to give
    her clothes to him.
    The bellboy, smiled at her as he took the clothes having had a good
    look at her wholesome breasts and her school-girl like clean shaven
    cunt. Asha stammered that she wanted her clothes fast and closed the
    door on the still smiling bellboy. She then quickly put on her bra
    and her petticoat as she awaited the return of her clothes. This time
    she opened the door just a fraction to take back her clothes.

    Having dressed, she went down to the lobby to give the room keys to
    the receptionist before leaving. Was it just her imagination, all the
    staff at the reception were smiling mischeviously at her. She got
    into the fiat car sent by Kalpesh Shah and off she wnt to Breach
    Candy for some more shopping. Here she found shops to her liking and
    taste and bought some imported undergarments and hand bags. There was
    no pushing and pinching in this area, and she thanked Kalpesh in her
    mind for his suggestion. It was nearing 1pm when she was done and she
    got into the car and headed for the Oberoi hotel for her luncheon
    date with Kalpesh. She reached there before him and got a table for
    two, waiting for him. At exactly 1:30 pm, in walked Kalpesh with a
    broad smile on seeing her already there. He greeted her by pecking
    her both cheeks and Asha took in his masculine odour. In a lot of
    ways, Kalpesh reminded her of Sushil. Both were tall, broad and
    handsome men with a lot of self confidence. Although the seat next to
    her was vacant, Kalpesh chose to sit across. Throughout the meal, he
    behaved like a perfect gentlemen, regaling her with humorous
    anecdotes about life in Bombay and the gujju community in general.
    Asha found herself getting very attracted to him due to his charisma
    and jovial light talk. She found herself, laughing a lot and really
    enjoy herself with this man. He told her that his brother had fixed
    up for her to see a shooting at a private bungalow this evening, and
    the car would pick her up from the hotel at 6 pm. He further added
    that he had enjoyed the meal and her company immensely and would see
    her next time she was in Bombay. Asha felt bad, that he was leaving,
    she so wanted to spend the rest of the day with him. She openly told
    him that she wanted company to see Juhu beach and would he be kind
    enough to accompany her. Kalpesh being a thorough gentlemen did not
    disagree and so off they went in the car to the other end of town.
    Asha saw that Kalpesh although sitting in the back seat with her was
    keeping a discreet distance between them. She so wanted to feel and
    smell him near her. Asha thought, any other man in his place would
    have taken advantage of her obvious loneliness and started feeling
    her up by now. She thought, is he gay, is he shy, what's the
    problem. Asha decided to take matters in her hand and seduce this
    handsome fellow. She purposely sidled up to him so that their legs
    were touching each other. She also took to pushing her hair back ever
    so often so as to give him an eyeful of her bountiful breasts
    straining to breakfree against the flimsy fabric of her blouse.
    Although, Kalpesh did not attempt to touch her, she saw the bulge
    rising in his pants, signifying his desire for her. Asha now took to
    touching his arm now and then while talking and leaning against him ,
    brushing her full body on him, in the pretext of pointing at some
    building or the other on his side of the car.

    Unknown to Asha, both Kalpesh and his brother Yatin had discussed her
    beauty at length, after their dinner meeting last night. Yatin had
    expressed his desire to fuck this woman and had therefore
    deliberately sent his manager with her husband to Pune, giving
    instructions not to return before 11 pm. He had told his younger
    brother Kalpesh, that he planned to fuck this voluptuous Punjabi
    woman by showing her a shooting and then bedding her after that.
    Yatin , although nothing to look at , had always got his way with
    various women, while Kalpesh got the left overs so to speak. But here
    right now, the tables had turned, so to speak, thought Kalpesh as
    this sexy housewife was literally throwing herself at him. Kalpesh
    being a hot-blooded man, decided to have the first go with this woman.

    The next time Asha brushed her breasts against his shoulders in the
    pretext of pointing out of his window and asking about a particular
    place, Kalpesh drew his arm around her shoulders and purposely bent
    low bringing his face near her explaining the area outside the moving
    car. With his arm around her shoulders, he pulled Asha closer and
    smiled at her. Asha felt elated, this fellow had finally woken up,
    she smiled back at him and then shifted her gaze to his bulging
    prick. This fellow too had a big one, from the bulge it was making in
    his pants, thought Asha, still gazing at it. Kalpesh saw Asha staring
    at his stirring erection and thought, this woman seems to be wanting
    to get fucked badly. Kalpesh grew bolder and started fondling her
    neck and shoulders. Seeing no resistance, he then brought his other
    arm and started slowly touching her breasts under her pallu. Asha let
    out a sigh as Kalpesh expertly fondled her breasts, kneading them
    gently. Kalpesh then turned aside and kissed her lips gently,
    saying, "Bhabi you are too damm sexy". Asha let out a
    gasp, "Kaaalpeeeesshhhh", as she allowed him the liberty of kissing
    her. Kalpesh was gently nibbling at her lips and tasting them. Asha
    had opened her mouth to be tongue-kissed and Kalpesh gently prodded
    her mouth with his tongue. As he was kissing her, his hands were now
    freely and roughly kneading both her breasts over her flimsy blouse.
    He could feel her nipples stiffen under his ministrations and was
    dying to suck those teasing nipple buds since yesterday night. This
    woman had really teased both of them by her body exposure at dinner
    last night. Asha felt her cunt juices flowing freely as this man was
    kissing and fondling her. She took in the taste of his masculine body
    odour and the sweet taste of his saliva as she was being kissed. He
    broke the kiss after a long time, leaving Asha gasping for breath and
    with pleasure. He next pushed her blouse and bra roughly up exposing
    the under parts of her breasts, then with his hands, forced more of
    her flesh in the open so as to grab at her nipples. In this process,
    the flimsy fabric of her blouse tore. The driver looked back sharply
    through the rear-view mirror, as his mallick was exposing this fair
    woman's breasts. He was greatly distracted by the sight of her
    darkish pink nipples and immediately slowed the car and drove in the
    left lane. He drove slowly, not wanting to miss out on the free
    display of this sexy woman's charms. Freeing her nipples, Kalpesh
    immediately started sucking them furiously, with Asha now moaning
    with pleasure loudly. Asha grabbed at his prick and not feeling
    satisfied was trying to free the zipper as the cell phone rang.
    Kalpesh reluctantly answered the phone as his other hand continued
    tweaking her wet nipples now. It was his brother on the line, he
    quickly explained the situation to him in gujarati. He told him that
    this babe was hot and was trying to free his cock while he was
    talking. He further added that there was no need to seduce her by
    taking her out and he was heading back to her hotel room to fuck the
    living daylights out of her. He told his brother to join them
    directly there and he would have fucked her by the time he came, thus
    getting one-up on him. Asha was moaning with pleasure and her eyes
    were glazed with lust. She saw the driver staring at her through the
    mirror, she stared back at him, too far gone in lust to care, softly
    and at times loudly moaning as her breasts were kneaded. Asha was so
    hot with desire that she was unable to open a simple zipper. Closing
    the phone, Kalpesh opened his zipper and drew out his erect throbbing
    cock. Seeing the size of his rod, Asha moaned in delight and
    anticipation. She was in need of a good fucking and Kalpesh's prick
    was large and thick, just the kind that would drive her mad with
    passion. She immediately bent down and started sucking him. She liked
    the masculine and salty odour and sucked his prick-head, while
    feeling his heavy balls with her hand. Kalpesh too moaned with
    pleasure as she sucked him and played with his balls. The driver felt
    cheated as he could hear but not see this woman sucking prick. Asha
    had become somewhat of an expert at sucking, with all the recent
    experience. The moment she felt that he was about to come she would
    pause, then again bring him to the brink and pause. This went on and
    on. Kalpesh was moaning with pleasure. No woman had sucked him as
    this sexy bitch. He moaned, " Let me cummm, bhabiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", as
    Asha again brought him to the brink and paused. This was the first
    time she was able to control, and she was enjoying reducing this big
    fellow to a whimpering boy, begging her. Seeing her pause, and
    desperately wanting to come, Kalpesh started jerking his buttocks,
    trying to fuck her face and get enough friction to cum. He succeeded
    and shot his semen into her mouth, moaning, "Bhabbbbbiiiiiiiiiiii",
    as he spurted and spurted. Asha swallowed as much as she could and
    then raised her face as Kalpesh continued squirting on to her face,
    hair and her saree. The driver saw her face covered with his
    mallick's cum and seeing such a sexy sight, had difficulty
    controlling the car and his own erection. Seeing cum sticking to her
    face and hair, Kalpesh after cleaning himself, offered his kerchief
    to her. Asha was hot with desire and wanted to feel a stiff cock in
    her cunt. Kalpesh told her that they would be reaching the hotel and
    clumsily tried to help her cover herself with her bra and the ripped
    On reaching the hotel, he held Asha by her waist as they reached the
    reception desk to ask for the key. The gateman, the reception staff
    and also the bellboy had a good look at Asha's excited state. They
    surmised that this woman was going to get thoroughly fucked as her
    husband was away. Reaching the room, Kalpesh ordered for two bottles
    of beer. Asha was too far gone to notice the lustful stares of the
    hotel staff or that beer was ordered by Kalpesh. All she had in mind
    was fucking. She quickly stripped her clothing and reached out to hug
    this hunk of a man, Kalpesh. Seeing her so ready, Kalpesh too shed
    his clothes on the floor in a jiffy and pulled Asha to the bed.
    Seeing her school-girl like pussy, he spread her legs and dived with
    his mouth on her cunt. Asha, already wet, moaned as she felt his
    tongue on her puffed cunt-lips. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kalpeessh,
    Hhhhaaaiiiinnnnnnnn, mujjhheeeee chhooooossoooooooooooooo", she cried
    as she felt a shudder of her orgasm. Feeling her tightening and
    loosening her buttocks as she came, Kalpesh continued to suck her
    clit as he shoved his index finger up her
    felt pain with pleasure at his touch. Feeling her so wet and ready,
    Kalpesh could'nt hold back. He roughly parted her legs and with one
    hand positioned his erect, throbbing prick near her gaping cunt and
    sank his prick-head in. "AARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH", wailed Asha, as she
    felt immense pleasure in her aching cunt being stretched and
    penetrated. Kalpesh now grabbed both her breasts with his hands and
    began sinking his prick fully inside her tight cunt. "Unh, Uunh.
    UUNh, uunnnnhhh, UUUUUUNNNHHHHHHHH", Asha moaned as Kalpesh
    penetrated her fully. "Chooddoo, mujjhhee chooddooooooooooooooooo",(PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE)
    she cried as Kalpesh began stroking her. She raised her buttocks to
    meet his thrusts and held his back in a vise-like grip of her strong
    legs. "Bhhaabbii, ssaallii, tu mast cheez hai reee", moaned Kalpesh
    as he now started thrusting rapidly and hard, mauling her fair
    breasts along with fucking her. Both were so busy in the passionate
    fucking, that they did not hear the door bell. The bellboy had
    brought the beer, hearing their fucking, he pressed his ear to the
    door, enjoying their moaning sounds. "OOUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
    MMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", cried Asha as she came in a series
    Kalpesh as he too shot his load into her . They both collapsed
    together with their sweaty bodies, breathing heavily, satiated in
    their desire for the moment.

    Now they heard the doorbell, and as Kalpesh rose to cover himself
    with a towel from the bathroom, Asha covered her body with the
    bedsheet. When Kalpesh opened the door a fraction, the bellboy would
    not be denied the opportunity and he pushed hard and barged in with
    the beer and some snacks. He saw the dishevelled Asha on the bed, her
    hair in a dissary and her face covered with a sheen of sweat. He
    looked boldly at her as he lay the tray down and waited staring
    lustfully at her for his tip. Kalpesh fumbled with reaching his pants
    on the floor and handed him the first note of 50, that his hands
    could find. Just then, in walked in Yatin, beaming at his brother and
    at Asha. He quickly surmised at what had taken place and
    said, "Bhabi, you look beautiful and happy", as Kalpesh escorted the
    unwilling bellboy out of the room and locked the door. Asha was
    embarresed on seeing Yatin and her face lost colour. As Kalpesh
    poured beer in the glasses, Yatin went and sat beside Asha, stroking
    her sweaty face he said, "Bhabi, don't feel scared, you will enjoy".
    He then pulled the bedsheet off her and stared at her sexy fucked
    body. "Bhabi, aap bahut mast cheez ho, aao mere pass aao, daarroo
    mat", he said, gently but firmly pulling her off the bed. He sat on
    the sofa and pulled her down on his lap. Asha felt helpless to the
    situation and complied silently. Yatin felt her breasts, weighing
    them in his hands as he gently started kneading them. Asha let out a
    sharp gasp as he tweaked her already stiff and sensitive nipples.
    Yatin laughed at her reaction and said, "Bhabi, kya bhai ne bahut
    massala hai inhein", (IS THERE MUCH FLAVOURS IN THIS) referring to her breasts. "Kya dukh raha hai, (WHY DO YOU LOOK SAD?)
    bhabi", he continued as he kept tweaking her nipples and hearing her
    gasp again and again. Asha could feel his prick stiffening under her
    buttocks as he fondled her body at will. Kalpesh meanwhile, was
    sipping chilled beer and getting another erection at seeing this sexy
    woman sitting and gasping on his brother's lap. Seeing her gasping
    and looking in the direction of Kalpesh at his erect penis, Yatin
    said, " Bhabi, who chotta bhai hai, tho chotta hai, ab tum bada bhai
    ka bada lund dekho gii kya". Saying this he pushed her on the other
    side of the sofa and quickly stripped himself naked. Asha saw his
    massive organ and now understood what he had meant. She was
    mesmerised by his prick and thought that it was as big as
    Mr.Bakshi's, but much thicker. She could feel her cunt ache and throb
    as she became wet anticipating the fucking pleasure she would receive
    by this prick. Kalpesh too was looking at his brother's prick.
    Although he had seen it often, when they fucked together, still it
    always amazed him at seeing it and he too felt excited in
    anticipation of this sexy woman being fucked by it. Seeing her
    stunned as anticipated by the sight of his organ, Yatin sat on the
    sofa and pulled Asha on top, parting her legs and letting his prick
    through her open legs massage her clit and cunt-lips. Asha saw the
    bulbous thick purple head standing up through her open legs as though
    it was her prick. Asha tentatively touched it , but could not manage
    to get her fingers all around it. "UUNNHH, she moaned as she thought
    it was too thick. "Bhabi, ghabbrraao natthii", said Yatin as he
    sensed her feeling awed by it. He then held it in his hand and with
    the prick-head rubbed her clit. "Asha started moaning as she felt
    pleasure at her clit being rubbed by this cock. Her cunt juices began
    flowing again. Seeing her state, Yatin slowly started inserting his
    prick in the tight dripping cunt. He held her buttocks by his hands
    as he slowly penetrated her cunt, allowing it to get used to it. "AH
    WAILED Asha as she felt his prick almost reaching her throat. So full
    and stretched by it she felt, it was a searing hot rod, melting her
    cunt walls as it sank deeper and deeper inside her. When it was
    3/4ths in, Yatin started bouncing her on his prick, fucking her
    slowly, getting her tight cunt to stretch and stretch with each
    stroke. Yatin felt he was deflowering a virgin, hearing this married
    woman wail so much. "Bhabi, ghabraaoo nathii, mazzaa aayee gaaa, teri
    chhoott kkoo bbahhut mmazzaa aayyeegga", (DON'T BE EMBARASSED YOUR CUNT WILL ENJOY THIS ) he said as he continued
    bouncing her on him. Now his prick was fully in and he could feel
    this woman's cunt muscles welcome it by contracting and expanding and
    giving his prick pleasure. He started bouncing her faster, clenching
    her big buttocks tightly. "AAHHHHHHH UUURRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH
    cHHHOODDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", Asha wailed as she derived immense
    pleasure from his fucking. "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    loudly as she had a series of shattering orgasms. Still stiff inside
    her, Yatin picked her up and withdrew his prick. He flopped her on
    the carpet and raising her buttocks entered her cunt
    at being penetrated again. Yatin spanked her buttocks hard, seeing
    them jiggle as he rapidly and furiously rammed his prick in and out
    motion in her cunt. Kalpesh seeing her buttocks jiggle and her
    breasts swaying, joined in the action by pushing his prick in her
    wailing mouth, silencing her moans. Both the brothers were now
    enjoying this married woman, who till yesterday night was teasing
    them. One after the other they shot their semen inside her cunt and
    mouth, withdrawing their limp pricks and letting Asha collapse on the
    floor. They both were breathing heavily and resyed with some cold
    beer and Asha also had some, cooling her hot and sweaty body. Yatin
    then again pulled Asha on his lap and began sucking her armpits. He
    had a fixation for under arms and sucked, nibbled, bit her armpits
    furiously. Kalpesh knelt in front and concentrated on sucking each
    breast alternatively, making them red and wet with his sucks. Asha
    was constantly moaning in pleasure as her aching cunt became wet yet
    Her whole body was being sucked and licked by these two brothers and
    she was on fire. Next Kalpesh pulled her way from Yatin and pushed
    her on the bed. He straddled her stomach and put his prick between
    her breasts and started breast fucking her. Asha moaned in pain and
    pleasure as the roughly clenched her tits and gave his prick enough
    friction to come all over her neck face and hair. After coming he
    moved over and Asha could see Yatin advancing holding his stiff rod
    towards her. He pulled her legs up, but held them sideways together
    as he positioned his prick with his other hand in front of her closed
    cunt-lips. Yatin knew, this way she would feel even more tighter as
    he drove his prick in her tight

    felt totally plugged by his prick yet again. Yatin was kneeling on
    the bed, having raised her legs together as he held on to them and
    started fucking her, letting his heavy balls slap hard against her
    raised buttocks with each stroke. He fucked and fucked and fucked
    her, "thup, thhuup, thhhuupppppp, tttttttaapppppppphhhhhhh", he went
    his balls making that sound on hitting her
    MMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, aaaaooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww,

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uunngg, uunngghh,
    Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh", Asha wailed as he kept pounding into her. She came
    and came, but this man kept on the fucking regardless. Kalpesh too
    marvelled at the stamina of his elder brother as he continued
    battering this woman mercilessly. Finally, Yatin exploded inside her
    and withdrew his prick . There was so much vacuumn so to speak
    created that there was a noise, "phhuutttttttt", as his prick came
    out of Asha's cunt. Kalpesh tapped his watch and pointed at the time,
    signalling his brother that it was time to leave. Both brothers got
    dressed up and silently left the room. Seeing they were gone, Asha
    locked the door and drew a hot bath to soothe her aching pussy. After
    the bath, she tidied the room and went off to sleep naked under the
    sheets, blissful at the sound fucking she had received.

    To Be Cont.
    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    nice post
    who is the girl in the photos?
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    Default Next Part

    It had been two months since Asha and Rajesh had been back from their
    trip to Bombay. A lot had happened in these two months. In terms of
    Rajesh's business things had become very bad. It had all started with
    his return from Bombay. They had happily returned, Rajesh happy since
    he had received a cheque of Rs.85 lakhs, being the long pending dues
    of his distributors Yatin and Kalpesh. Asha happy, since she had
    enjoyed the fucking session, with the two brothers, although her cunt
    was sore from the ramming of Yatin. However, their happiness was
    short lived. The payment cheques bounced and Rajesh's father was
    livid. He was frustrated at not being able to fuck his daughter-in-
    law and now seeing his son made a patsy off, made him angry. He
    immediately went of to Bombay to tackle this problem and file a
    criminal complaint against Yatin and Kalpesh. Asha was thankful for
    his absence although she had become worried about their monetary
    position. As days went by, Rajesh lost his confidence and his little
    libido due to these business tensions. In order to tide over this
    period he borrowed heavily from the bank, pledging his house to get
    finance. Money situation continued to become tight as the industry
    was under a recession.

    Asha's expenses too had been curtailed and she had to do most of the
    cooking and housework to curb expenses even further. Thus, she had no
    real outlet for her rising sexual tensions and grew very frustrated.
    Her husband was a total zero in bed and although she did masturbate,
    her desires could only be fulfilled, by being fucked. Her mother-in-
    law had fallen sick with worry and financial tension, thus she was
    not having the opportunity of getting fucked. She had to look after
    the house and her mother-in-law. Asha knew that she would go mad
    with frustration as the days went by.

    It was in such a state that Asha began to go to the club in the
    evenings to play badminton and work-out her building frustrations.
    She would leave the house when Rajesh got back, so that he could take
    care of his mother while Asha got a much needed break from the house
    for about two hours every day. Her father-in-law was still in
    Bombay, vigorously pursuing the case as the two slimy distributors
    got date after date on each court hearing.

    Asha had now been going for a week and had become friendly with the
    young teen group of Vicky, his girlfriend Karuna and his two buddies
    Vikas and Salim. She regularly played badminton with them and enjoyed
    their young company. Although Asha too was attracted to Vicky, she
    controlled herself due to the presence of his girlfriend Karuna. Asha
    liked the girl Karuna, who abviously was very much in awe of her.
    Unknown to Asha, Karuna found her to be damm sexy and lost no
    opportunity to be in the changing room at the same time in order to
    admire Asha's figure and body. Karuna was envious of Asha's breasts,
    her own being small in comparison. She was also envious of the way
    Vicky looked at Asha and at times purposely brushed against her .

    One day as Asha was having a shower in the changing room after a
    strenuous game of badminton, she noticed Karuna openly staring at
    her. Asha was rubbing soap on her breasts and her underarms as Karuna
    stared at her. Feeling embarrassed , Asha asked her what she was
    looking at. Karuna's face coloured at having being caught staring and
    she replied, "Unh, I was admiring your breasts, they are so big and
    firm". Asha blushed at this girls frank compliment and said, "Umm,
    thanks Karuna, you are very pretty yourself". Karuna had by now
    removed her own clothes and stepped naked in the adjoining shower
    smiling at Asha. Asha saw that Karuna had a petite figure, small
    tennis ball sized breasts and strong legs with a cute arse. Asha knew
    that Karuna was just 18 years of age and wondered about her sexual
    experiences if any. Seeing Karuna still looking at her, Asha felt the
    stirrings of desire, her nipples were getting stiff under her gaze,
    and Asha could feel her pussy moistening. Asha stared soaping her
    cunt, feeling the wetness as this girl Karuna continued to smile and
    stare. Karuna then stepped into the same shoer as Asha and
    said, "Here, let me soap your back for you", taking the soap from
    Asha's hands. Asha was flustered at this and looked around to see if
    anybody else was there. Seeing Asha's nervousness, Karuna said, " You
    can soap my back too after I'm done with you", and started soaping
    Asha's back. At her touch Asha let out a small gasp as she was turned
    on by this action of Karuna. Karuna first concentrated on Asha's
    upper back, soaping her neck, shoulders gently. She could sense that
    Asha was getting excited and she too was feeling hot. She had wanted
    to touch this big sexy woman, since the first day that she had seen
    her naked in the changing room. Karuna was a product of a boarding
    school and had numerous encounters with different girls. In fact Vick
    was her first boyfriend, the first guy to rob her of her virginity.
    Although Vicky was younger to her , he was such a masculine guy, that
    Karuna had enjoyed being seduced by him. She still had hots for sexy
    women and was as such a bisexual. Seeing this woman Asha moaning
    softly now, Karuna started soaping her lower back, concentrating on
    her buttocks. She clenched these huge bums in her hands and at times
    let her finger wander between Asha's arse cheeks, enjoying the
    feeling of giving pleasure to this big woman. Next Karuna cupped one
    buttock tightly and let her finger soap Asha's cunt and arsehole from
    behind. Asha moaned loudly, not being able to control her open
    display of her sexual emotions. "Does this feel nice", asked Karuna
    innocently. "Ummmmmmnn, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Asha moaned as
    Karuna now had brushed her clit and put a finger in her cunt. Asha
    could feel her orgasm coming, she loved the way this young girl was
    touching her, gently but yet forcefully at times. Just then the ayah-
    in-charge of the changing room walked in. Karuna quickly withdrew her
    hand and went into the adjoining shower. She looked at Asha's glazed
    expression at being robbed of an orgasm and motioned to her with her
    eyes that someone was there. Asha turned around moaning softly to see
    the ayah and felt frustrated. Sensing her frustration, Karuna
    said, "lets meet tomorrow afternoon at my house, nobody will be
    there, sweetheart", she said boldly with her eyes twinkling at Asha's
    state. While changing into her clothes, Karuna came up to Asha and
    cupping her face in her hands said, "Sorry about today sweetheart, I
    promise that you will have fun tomorrow", saying this she handed her
    telephone number to Asha saying call me after noon tomorrow.

    Asha reached home that evening feeling very horny. She had loved
    being touched by Karuna and wanted to see her again. After dinner,
    still feeling sexually excited she turned towards her husband. Rajesh
    was tired as usual and told her "Not tonight, I'm tired", and turned
    his back towards her and went of to sleep. Asha got up and went to
    the bathroom. Filling hot water in the tub, she masturbated herself
    to an orgasm thinking about Karuna.
    Next morning, she told Rajesh that she would be out in the afternoon
    and that she would ask the maid next door to come and look after his
    mother. When he had left, she quickly dialled Karuna's number only to
    be greeted by nobody answering the bell. Asha dialled the number
    three more times at 10, then at 11 and then again at 12, with the
    same result. Having had her emotions reach a sexual peak, Asha felt
    very frustrated. She tried again at 1pm, this time the phone was
    picked up by a sweet voice at the other end. It was Karuna and she
    was delighted at Asha calling her. She gave Asha the address and Asha
    left almost immediately.

    Karuna too was excited on seeing Asha. She told her she looked
    beautiful as she kissed Asha on the lips while greeting her. Asha
    kissed back hungrily, forcing her tongue into this young girls mouth
    and tasting her sweet saliva. On breaking the kiss, Karuna grinned
    back in satisfaction of having such a sexy and willing woman to have
    fun with. Seeing Asha's obvious enthusiasm, Karuna decided to tease
    her to the limit. That would be more pleasurable, to see this big
    sexy woman moan with desire. She led Asha to her bedroom and slowly
    began removing her saree, blouse, petticoat and bra, enjoying
    touching her as Asha let out gasps of pleasure. Asha too stripped
    Karuna, but roughly and urgently. Soon both the women were naked,
    standing with their bodies entwined, kissing and touching each other.
    Asha was so sexually pent up, that at Karuna's kisses and touches,
    had her first orgasm, standing and trembling as her body was swept
    over with a shattering orgasm. She clenched Karuna tightly as she
    wailed loudly and came. Karuna had difficulty supporting Asha's
    weight and somehow managed to lay her down on the bed. Karuna then
    proceeded to touch those lovely breasts of Asha's. She too moaned at
    feeling such heavy and firm breasts. She immediately started sucking
    them one by one and marvelling at the thick stubby nipples. Asha was
    moaning with desire and wanted to taste Karuna's cunt juices. However
    Karuna was too busy sucking, biting and fondling her breasts to pay
    any attention to the rest of Asha. Asha, being the bigger and
    stronger of the two finally managed to push Karuna aside and grab her
    legs. She roughly parted Karuna's legs and dove mouth-in into
    Karuna's young pussy. Karuna gasped at being helpless and this woman
    taking control of the situation. Asha cupped her entire cunt-lips or
    at least what she could in her mouth, tasting her. Karuna started
    moaning as Asha's tongue flicked her clit-bud and her finger pushed
    inside her wet pussy. Karuna had always been the dominant partner in
    her lesbian relationships, except the first one, where she, had been
    initiated into this wonderful world of pleasure, by a senior girl in
    her boarding school. She wanted to give Asha pleasure, no she wanted
    her to moan and wail with pleasure at her ministrations and
    discretion, here, now, Asha was being dominant and forceful on her
    and reducing her to a blubbering piece of jelly by eating her cunt.
    Karuna found she had no control of the situation as she moaned loudly
    at being eaten by this big woman. "uunh uunh uuuuunnnhhh,
    ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AAAASSSSHHAAAAAAAAAAAA", she wailed as a series
    of orgasms swept her entire body. Asha then lifted the moaning Karuna
    on her lap and started kissing her small breasts, biting, sucking and
    nibbling them at will as Karuna meekly submitted her body to her.
    While sucking on her breasts, Asha drove her finger into Karuna's
    wet young pussy. She then added one more finger and started finger-
    fucking this young girl. Asha was consumed with passion and loved the
    feeling of power over this young girl as she furiously fucked her
    rapidly with her fingers and seeing Karuna's face contorted with
    pleasure. "Ohhhhhh KKKAARRUUNNAAA, maazzaa aaahh rraahhaa hhhaiii
    nnaa", (KARUNA I AM LIKING THIS I LOVE THIS) she moaned as she brought
    this deliriously moaning babe to yet
    another series of orgasms. Karuna had felt pain initially as the
    inexperienced Asha had thrust her fingers in, but the feeling of
    sitting on this woman's lap with her legs parted and being dominated
    gave her immense sexual pleasure. Asha then withdrew her fingers and
    quickly inserted them in Karuna's mouth, making her suck off all the
    pussy juices. Still keeping Karuna on her lap, she offered her
    breasts to her by saying, "tu yeh mange rahi thi, choose merai mamme
    kon, haath se dekh kitne bhari hain, choose karuna chhoos". Asha too
    was very excited by all this and her cunt juices were dripping, she
    continued to offer her breasts and Karuna greedily sucked at them.
    Asha then pushed Karuna off her and made her lay down in bed. She lay
    on her back and asked Karuna to suck her off. "KISS MEE DEAAAAAAAR uummmmm
    aahhhhhhhh", she said as Karuna bent down and brought her
    mouth to her clean shaven pussy. Karuna could see that her cunt was
    puffed, engorged and gaping. Karuna hungrily brought her mouth to the
    prominent clitoris and sucked it. Karuna then nibbled at it gently at
    first and then hard. "AAAAAIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH", cried Asha feeling pleasure and pain.
    Karuna then began gently inserting her tongue in Asha's throbbing
    lifting her buttocks to meet the thrusts of Karuna's tongue. Seeing
    her excited state, Karuna hardened her
    tongue, "OOOOUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMAAAAAAA", cried Asha reaching a
    shattering orgasm. Seeing Asha in the throes of orgasm, Karuna
    clenched her buttocks and pushed her two fingers in Asha's arsehole
    out as she came again. Karuna seeing this big woman moan with the
    pleasure she had given, grew excited and quickly withdrew her
    vibratibing dildo from the bed-side dresser. She turned it on and
    started teasing Asha's clit as she was now whimpering softly having
    just had an orgasm. Sensing the vibrations on her clit, Asha began
    whimpering louder with pleasure. Karuna next shoved the dildo into
    Asha's gaping cunt and began to push its vibrating and humming head
    inside. The dildo was big and Asha felt her cunt muscles being
    stretched. She had never experienced a dildo before and found the
    sensation pleasurable. Karuna now started fucking Asha's cunt rapidly
    with it, seeing this woman getting excited
    she raised her buttocks to meet the thrusts of Karuna's dildo. Karuna
    then paused, wanting to prolong Asha's pleasure and saw her raise her
    buttocks rapidly, wanting the dildo to move fast and
    hard. "Chhooddooooooooooooooo ssaallliiiiiiiiiiiii
    Kaarruunnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    pleeeeeaasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ccchhoodddooooooooooooooo", she cried
    wanting to come and feeling frustrated by Karuna now removing the
    dildo. Karuna felt a sense of power as she saw this big sexy woman
    literally begging her for pleasure. Karuna felt happy and excited,
    seeing Asha writhe and moan at her touch. She had become the dominant
    partner in this sexual tryst. She kept aside the vibrator and raised
    Asha's one leg high up. Then she got in between and raised her leg
    too, over Asha's. This way their two dripping cunts came in contact.
    Asha moaned as Karuna grinded both their pussy's together. Asha
    needed contact, rough contact, any contact with her cunt to get her
    off. However, Karuna kept frustrating this effort time and again,
    sensing that this woman was about to explode. Karuna got immense
    pleasure in this. Karuna now lay on top of the writhing Asha and
    proceeded to kiss and lick and nibble at her face, neck, her breasts,
    her heaving stomach as Asha moaned in passion. She then asked Asha to
    lie on her stomach.

    Karuna now concentrated on her big buttocks, clenching them tightly
    and then lightly slapping them to see them jiggle. Once in a while
    she would purposely brush her finger against Asha's clit or thrust
    them in her sopping cunt, just to keep her on a brink of orgasm.
    Karuna then started nibbling Asha's inner thighs. They quivered at
    her touch as Asha wailed with passion. By this time Karuna too needed
    release and ordered Asha to suck her cunt. "UUTTH UUF MMOTI,
    CHOOOSSSS MMUUJJHHEE", she said , urging the big woman to eat her
    cunt. Asha desperate in need of release, however, meekly complied and
    started hungrily licking Karuna's clit as she parted her cunt-lips
    with her hand. Asha then pushed her tongue into Karuna's cunt and
    began hardening her tongue and fucking her just the way Karuna had.
    Karuna was moaning with pleasure and had gripped Asha's head with her
    hands as she forced it harder on her cunt. Asha's face was smeared
    with Karuna's juices and she was literally breathing from her cunt as
    she sucked, licked and bit this young girl into orgasms. Karuna cried
    loudly as she came and came keeping the pressure on Asha's head.
    After a while when her orgasm had subsided, she released the grip on
    Asha's head and watched this sexy woman raise her face all covered
    with saliva and her cunt juices. Karuna then strapped the dildo
    around her waist and entered Asha from behind, gripping her swaying
    breasts for support as he rammed the dildo into Asha's cunt
    mercilessly. Asha soon came, but Karuna kept the onslaught going,
    till Asha started crying loudly in pain. "OOUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIII
    cried as she implored Karuna to stop. Karuna stopped immediately, not
    wishing to cause pain to this sexy woman. She cradled her face in her
    arms and told her she was sorry, she had not realized she was causing
    pain, and kissed her face all over to show her affection. Both women
    were spent and exhausted. This had been a very rough and frenzied
    session according to Karuna. She was sure that once this initial
    passion was quelled, further sexual unions with this woman would be
    more gentle. She was pleased to see that Asha had accepted her
    dominant position.

    Getting dressed, Karuna said that it was time to go to the club for
    baddy. Asha felt exhausted but agreed to go along. She had brought
    her change of clothes for the club with her. Both of them reached the
    club and were met there by Vicky, Vikas and Salim. Asha sat on the
    chair and watched the four of them playing, feeling too tired
    herself. Karuna kept smiling at her from time to time. Asha noticed
    the time and said that she was leaving and could Karuna drop her home
    please. She didn't want to hang around and needed a hot bath to
    soothe the soreness in her pussy caused by the dildo. Salim offered
    to drop her, but was vetoed by both Vicky and Karuna, who said they
    would. Their game broke off and all of them sat in Karuna's car to
    drop her. Vicky drove with Vikas sitting next to him. Asha was
    sandwiched at the back between Karuna and Salim. Asha felt herself
    being touched by both of them, though Salim and Karuna did not know
    that each was feeling her. Salim had his hand around Asha and was
    busy stroking her neck and shoulders, while Karuna had her hand
    resting on Asha's thigh, stroking it gently . Asha was aching and
    tired and did nothing to stop them from feeling her. Asha noticed a
    big bulge forming in Salim's trousers and was surprised to note that
    in such a young boy. She was glad that her house was near the club
    and soon got off, smiling and waving bye to them all.

    While having a relaxing bath, Asha wept silently at the brutal way
    Karuna had forced the dildo into her and not stopped. Her pussy was
    aching and she thought she detected some blood coming out. For once
    that night, she did not sidle up to Rajesh in bed and was soon in
    deep slumber.

    Asha reached the factory at 8am sharp the next morning. Mr. Sharma
    was there before her and came into her cabin to greet her with a leer
    on his face. He knew that this rich bitch had been fucked by her
    servant yesterday. He too wanted an opportunity to fuck her. He kept
    staring openly at her body as he filled her in about yesterday's
    predicament at the bank. Asha was wearing a light-blue chiffon saree
    and a sleeveless thin blouse, through which her black bra could
    easily be seen. Mr. Sharma kept staring at her ample cleavage, as her
    blouse was too short to contain her breasts. Asha was aware of his
    stares and felt uncomfortable and helpless at his gaze. Mr. Sharma
    then explained that other payments such as electricity and some
    pressing creditors need to be made and inquired as to when Rajesh was
    expected back with funds. On being told that Rajesh would not be back
    for another two weeks, Mr. Sharma replied that without funds, things
    would be impossible. He took this opportunity to come behind her and
    explain through the accounts ledger, the outstanding payments that
    needed to be addressed immediately. While doing so he brushed against
    her bare arms and even brought his face near her face, much to Asha's
    discomfiture. He then proceeded to touch her back while explaining
    things innocently. He was soon rubbing her back and her exposed
    flesh below her short blouse. This is too much, thought Asha as he
    continued to touch her.

    That morning Asha had to meet several creditors. She asked Mr.Sharma
    to sit next to her as each creditor came in asking for money. It was
    a humiliating experience for her as each person was fed-up with the
    delay and demanded to be paid. Seeing a young woman, they were very
    rough on her. Asha tried to pacify them but could see that the
    problem was escalating. Add to this, the bank called saying that they
    required Rs.2 lakh cash to be paid into the account immediately as
    their deposited cheque had bounced. Asha was nearly in tears. Mr.
    Sharma reaterated that since the bank manager Mr.Bakshi was on leave,
    there was no other responsible person they could approach for any
    respite and the monies would have to be deposited in the bank. Seeing
    her plight, Mr.Sharma put his arms around her, having a good feel of
    her bare arms and shoulders while telling her that he knew of his old
    boss who was into money lending, maybe they should approach him.
    Asha immediately agreed and called Rajesh to apprise him of the
    situation. Rajesh too was worried since they had not received a good
    response as yet and asked her to borrow 20 lakhs if possible. All
    this while Mr. Sharma was standing behind her and now freely
    massaging and feeling her back and shoulders. Asha realised that this
    fat old man was getting his kicks, but she was so worried about their
    financial mess that she ignored his touching her. Mr. Sharma had a
    hard time controlling his desire to fuck her as he was very excited
    touching the bare smooth fair flesh of this sexy woman. When Asha
    repeatedly asked him to contact his old boss for funds, he
    reluctantly removed his hands from her and went to his cabin to find
    the number and make a call.

    He came back after half-n-hour with a crestfallen face. His old boss
    Mr. Ahmed did not have time to meet with them today and could only
    see them tomorrow at noon. He also added that Mr. Ahmed was a big
    shot financier and was involved in financing movies presently, as
    also lending money to industry. It would be more appropriate if Asha
    called him, since she was the boss now. Asha then thought of calling
    Mr. Ahmed directly and did so. She pleaded with him to give them 2
    lakhs today and would meet with him tomorrow for the paper work.
    Hearing her sexy voice and pleadings, Mr. Ahmed agreed and thus
    Mr.Sharma was despatched to collect the money and deposit in the
    bank. Mr. Ahmed further added that with regards to lending
    additional money upto 20 lakhs, he would require their financial
    statements and also meet with her to discuss the interest and payback
    amounts. Asha readily agreed to send their financial data, this
    evening and to meet with him at his convenience.

    It was 1.30pm now, and Asha too left for home. She felt satisfied at
    having saved the present financial crisis, she resolved to convince
    Mr.Ahmed in giving them more money on meeting him. She wondered at
    what sort of a man he must be to be able to finance movies. The
    glamour of the film industry had always appealed to her and she was
    thankful in getting a chance to meet with such a big shot financier.
    After lunch, she telephoned Rajesh and told him what all had
    transpired. He was greatly relieved and decided to get back as soon
    as Asha was successful in getting the funds. He impressed upon her
    that she should agree to Mr. Ahmed's terms, however steep they might
    be, since this was the only way out for them. She then called Mr.
    Sharma and told him to take the financial data to Mr. Ahmed, this
    evening itself, without delay. Although Raju was available and
    willing for a fuck-session that afternoon, Asha was not in the mood
    due to their financial crisis and did not feel horny. She so
    desperately wanted to get the loan, so that her husband could be back
    and their monetary problems over. She wanted to have a talk with
    Rajesh and take him to see a doctor to solve his sexual problems. She
    was young and sexually awakened, ever since that first grand fuck
    with Sushil and needed to fulfil her sexual desires. The only way out
    was for her husband's sexual problem to be solved, for her to have a
    normal and sexually fulfilling life. She could not go on and on
    fulfilling her needs with other men and women.

    Next day Asha went to work full of hope. She called Mr. Sharma in her
    cabin and earnestly asked him the prospects of getting additional
    finance from Mr. Ahmed. Mr. Sharma could see the desperateness in her
    face and replied, "Mr. Ahmed is a very big shot person Madam, I can't
    say if he will give us the money, He is very much involved with
    financing the film industry, instead of waiting for his call, which
    might take days, let us go to his office and take a chance". Asha
    readily agreed to this suggestion and so they both went to see Mr.
    Ahmed. During the journey, Mr. Sharma again impressed upon Asha how
    important the funds were to them.

    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    So a visibly worried Asha alongwith a leering Mr. Sharma reached Mr.
    Ahmed's office. They were made to sit down in a small room, away
    from the adjacent room which was filled with many other people. Since
    they had no appointment, they were made to wait. Asha was impressed
    by the plush interiors and with so many people waiting. Mr. Sharma
    sat next to her and in the pretext of speaking confidentially to her,
    put his arm around her shoulders and started feeling her. He was glad
    to have such an opportunity to be alone with her. Soon Asha spotted
    a dusky sexy woman in a tight blouse and short skirt walk in. She
    too was made to wait in the same room as them, and sat opposite them
    on another sofa. Asha could see that this sexy woman was wearing no
    bra as her breasts were straining in different directions to be free
    of the blouse. Mr. Sharma brought his face very near Asha's and
    whispered, "See, that woman is the one who acted in BETA hindi
    movie, she is a starlet, quite a sexy thing no, what do you think
    madam", looking directly in her eyes. Asha felt uncomfortable, with
    Mr. Sharma so close to her, but seeing this woman sitting within
    hearing distance was forced to reply in a whisper herself. "Yes, she
    is the one who did that rain song in ***** movie", replied Asha in a
    whisper. Mr. Sharma, now pressing Asha firmly to him said, "She looks
    more sexy in person, don't you think".
    "unngh um yes, but what is she doing here", replied Asha. At that
    moment, the girl opposite, chose to uncross and cross her legs,
    giving them a good look at her smooth thighs and a glimpse of her
    dark-coloured panties. "Did you see that madam, her skirt is so
    short", said Mr. Sharma. "She has come here to ask Mr. Ahmed for a
    role in some of the movies he is financing", he added. " She is
    clearly wearing no bra", said Asha, now feeling excited
    herself. "Yes, madam, she has small ones, not like you, hehehe", said
    the greasy old Mr. Sharma. " ummmhh, aah", Asha replied gaspingly.
    Mr. Sharma was by now freely feeling Asha's bare shoulder and
    pressing her closer to himself. He had grown bolder and brought his
    hand down to feel her breasts from the side of her thin blouse. His
    hand, could not be seen by the woman opposite, as it was covered by
    Asha's saree. He was pressing her breast from the sides, as he
    continued to whisper to her. "I bet she is going to bed with Mr.
    Ahmed for a role, casting couch, you know madam", Mr. Sharma said,
    while feeling Asha's breast and her clean-shaven armpit. Asha was
    gasping with short breaths now, all this talk had excited her as well
    as the fondling she was receiving. Mr. Sharma was a fat old man, but
    somehow with his sexy talk and persistent fondling of her since the
    last three days, he was lowering Asha's resistance towards
    him. "ummm, aahh, you mean S***** is going to be uunnggh uuumm
    fucked uummm by Mr. Ahmed for a role", said Asha, now moaning softly
    into Mr. Sharma's ears, being excited by this talk and naming the
    "Hain madam, Mr. Ahmed usse chooddenge, barabar choodeengee", replied
    Mr. Sharma, now switching to hindi, feeling excited by the fact that
    he had succeeded in wearing down the resistance of his reserved boss.
    Hearing him use hindi to refer to fucking, Asha felt herself getting
    wet. Mr. Sharma pressed on, "Madam, us din jab maine aapko phone
    kara, app kaounsi picture deekh rahin thien, usme bhi tau choodaiee
    ho rahi thii, main nain samja aapka rape ho raha hai", whispered Mr.
    Sharma nibbling Asha's ears now.
    At this juncture Mr. Ahmed's secretary walked in and the sexy starlet
    S**** got up and followed him out of the room. Now they were alone
    again in the room. Mr. Sharma took full advantage of this and freely
    squeezed Asha's breast, rubbing his thumb in circles over her stubby
    erect nipple over her thin blouse and said, " Bolo na madam, who kaun
    si film thii".
    "aaaiiee oohhhhhhhh, Mr. Shharmmaaaaaaa", moaned Asha a little
    louder now, as Mr. Sharma was pinching her nipple. "Who uunnggh
    uummmm blue film tthhii aaiieeeeee", said Asha, lying about it.
    "Madam , par usme thau hindi mein cheekh rahe thei aur hindi mein
    bol rahe thai", Said Mr. Sharma, now placing Asha's hand on the bulge
    of his pants.
    "uunnh Sharmmaa, oohhh yeh kya kaaarr uunngh rrahheeeeeee hhoooo,
    oouuii kkooi ddeekkhhh lleh ggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cchodd ddddoouu
    mmuujjhhee", moaned Asha softly, as her hand took firm grip of this
    greasy man's prick, as he continued kneading her breast.
    "arre saali, tunhee heei tau mera lund jor se pakad rakha hai, aur
    bol thi hai ki choddun", replied Mr. Sharma, pleased with the firm
    grip this sexy bitch had on his prick, realising that she would be an
    easy lay now, as he had succeeded in seducing her, wearing down all
    her resistance.

    Just then, in walked Mr. Ahmed, with S**** clinging to him. Mr.
    Sharma and Asha quickly let go of each other and stood up in obvious
    embarrassment. Both Mr. Ahmed and the starlet saw what was happening,
    but Mr. Ahmed ignored all this as he took in the beauty of Mrs. Sinha
    and spoke to her. "I am sorry, Mrs.Sinha, but I have been very busy,
    have not had a chance to look into your documents, perhaps, this
    evening over dinner, if you are free". Before Asha could answer, Mr.
    Sharma butted in, "Yes, yes of course sir, this evening is fine".
    Asha too had to say, "Yes sir, this evening is fine". She looked at
    Mr. Ahmed, he was a tall, strong muscular chap, barrel chested and
    with a deep timbre voice, he looked to be in his mid forties, truly a
    charismatic personality. Asha envied S****, thinking of the fucking
    she would be receiving at the hands of this powerful man. She found
    him too sexy. Mr. Ahmed too, was thinking of Asha, what a voluptuous
    woman, so fair and big, big breasts, tall, big gaand, what was this
    fat fellow upto with her just now, surely she deserved a better man.
    It would be fun bedding her he thought. Asha blushed, knowing that
    Mr. Ahmed was staring at her. They all agreed to meet at 8.30 pm in a
    five-star hotel, this evening, having decided, Mr. Ahmed left with
    his afternoon conquest, while Asha and Mr. Sharma also departed from
    the office. While walking towards the car, Mr. Sharma tried to hold
    Asha by her waist, but received a tight slap on his face for this
    effort. Asha had regained her composure and put Mr. Sharma in his
    place. Mr. Sharma cursed his luck at not succeeding with her anymore
    now. The drive back to the factory was in chilly silence. Asha
    dropped Mr. Sharma off and then drove to her parents house. Inside
    she was seething with rage at Mr. Sharma's behaviour. How dare he,
    she thought, trying to act funny with me.

    That evening, prompt at 7.30pm, Mr. Sharma came to Asha's parents
    house, to accompany her for the meeting with Mr. Ahmed. He sat in the
    living room, with Asha's parents, as Asha was still getting ready.
    Her mother called out to Raju to bring tea for Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma
    quickly thought, so this is the chokra boy, madam was getting fucked
    by that afternoon, as he saw Raju bring the tea. He felt emboldened,
    in his desire for Asha, if she could get fucked by a servant, surely
    he could still get her to fuck, he thought as he sipped his tea. As
    he was finishing, in walked Asha. She was looking stunning, wearing a
    dark-blue chiffon saree with a thin strap blouse, which could hardly
    conceal her ample breasts. As she bent down to sit opposite him to
    have tea, he could see her boobs almost spill out as clearly she was
    wearing no bra. Furthermore, her saree was worn well below her navel.
    She had worn a thin gold chain accentuating her bare mid-riff. Well,
    well, thought, Mr. Sharma, this is going to be an interesting
    evening. While sitting in the car, Mr. Sharma complimented Asha on
    her looking good, to which she relied thank you with a sweet smile.
    This encouraged Mr. Sharma, who then put his arm around her as she
    was driving, however an icy cold look from Asha was enough for him to
    take his arm back.

    On reaching the hotel, they were early, they found a suitable table
    and sat down. Mr. Sharma sat close to Asha on the sofa and ordered a
    double scotch for himself. Asha ordered an apple juice for herself
    as they waited for Mr. Ahmed. Having downed his first drink pretty
    fast, Mr. Sharma ordered another, as he garnered courage and slid
    closer to Asha, letting his legs stick to hers.

    He then told her, "Madam, aap ne bataya nahin ki kaunsi hindi blue film app

    Asha exasperatedly and feeling uncomfortable replied, "Ab bus bhi
    karo Mr. Sharma".

    "Jada chalak mat samjho, madam, mujhe saab pata lag gaya hai, kaunsi blue
    BLUE FILM WAS YOU WATCHING WITH RAJU) saying this he boldly put his arms
    around her and pressed her closer to himself. Aah what an intoxicating
    perfume this bitch had put on. Asha gave him a cold look, but to no avail.

    "Maine sara tape kar diya hai, teri chudaie ki awaazein, raju ke saath,
    agar tune mujhe tang kiya tau main Rajesh saab ko sunadoonga", (I HAVE
    terrifying Asha.

    "DON'T DO THAT MR SHARMA", said Asha softly,
    terrified of the consequences.

    said, while bringing his glass for her to gulp.

    "Please nahin, main nahin peetii" (I Don't DRINK) , said Asha softly.

    "Arre, nakhree jodd, aur pee, nahin tau....", ( DON'T PLAY DRINK THIS) said
    Mr. Sharma as he once again raised the glass to her mouth and was satisfied
    as she took a big gulp and grimaced. Asha was terrified that this man had a
    tape on all the while as she was being fucked by the servant boy Raju, so
    she drank the scotch he was giving her. This ugly greasy fellow had now put
    his hand on her waist, pressing her closer to him as he continued to share
    the scotch with her.

    "Kabhi hamein bhi tau mauka deyo, madam, hum bhi aapki pyaas bujha sakte
    hain, aapka pati gaya hua hai, is liye choot mein tadpan aah rahi hai",
    continued Mr. Sharma, bringing his face close to hers and nibbling at her
    chikna cheeks.

    "Ye pakdo aur dekho, mera lund aapki choot mein janee ka liye kitna tadap
    FUCKING HAIRY CUNT) said Mr. Sharma, now grabbing her hand and placing it
    on his bulge. He then ordered another peg of whisky and kept Asha's hand
    firmly on his prick, even when giving the order to the waiter. Asha felt
    humiliated as the waiter saw her hand placed on his bulge. At that point,
    before Mr. Sharma could proceed any further , in walked Mr. Ahmed. Asha
    quickly rose to greet him and chose a seat next to Mr. Ahmed to
    sit. Mr. Sharma glared at her, but could do little else in the presence of
    Mr. Ahmed.

    However, it was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire for
    Asha. Mr. Ahmed soon placed his arm around her and firmly gripped her
    shoulders while talking. He insisted that she call him by his first
    name Riaz, as he called her Asha. He too was intoxicated by her
    sexiness and lost no time in feeling her body, by massaging her neck
    and back slowly, while talking. He had been thinking about fucking
    her the whole day after meeting her. Even while fucking the starlet
    S**** he had been thinking of Asha. That S**** was a whore who he
    could get to fuck anytime, though she was sexy, while fucking she was
    a bag of bones, not much flesh to nibble or hold on to. That was the
    problem with these starlets now a days, too figure conscious, looks
    good on-screen, but not so enjoyable while fucking. Across Asha, Mr.
    Sharma was ogling at her body and her she was being slyly felt-up by
    Mr. Ahmed. The whisky that she had been forced to drink also started
    to have an effect on her as she meekly submitted herself to Mr.
    Ahmed's fondling. Mr. Sharma ordered another round for all and Asha
    meekly had more to drink. There was a live band playing and soon Asha
    found herself held closely by Mr. Ahmed on the dance floor.

    Asha could feel his hard prick against her soft stomach as Mr. Ahmed
    held her closely and grinded his pelvis on her body. His hands were
    freely feeling her back and buttocks as he moved her around the dance
    floor. With so much fondling, Asha too began to feel horny, as this
    greek-god of a man expertly fondled her. She could feel her cunt
    juices begin to drip as he kneaded her buttocks, now placing a hand
    on each of them and guiding her on the dance floor with his hands on
    her bums. Mr. Ahmed, then brought his face down and lightly kissed
    her lips, invoking a short gasp from Asha. She could feel his
    masculinity and strength, and the light tender kiss was enough to
    send her gasping for more. Seeing her gasp in pleasure and sensing no
    resistance, Mr. Ahmed now freely started kissing her forcefully, long
    wet tongue kisses, as Asha whimpered in joy. The band then decided
    to take a break and a wet , horny, whimpering Asha was led back to
    the table by Mr. Ahmed.

    Mr. Sharma had observed all this, and was desperate for his chance.
    He ordered another round of drinks and winked openly at Mr. Ahmed,
    with reference to Asha's state. As the waiter brought their drinks,
    he saw that this new man was now fondling this sexy babe openly.
    Seems they are sharing this whore he thought. Mr. Ahmed was openly
    feeling Asha's braless breasts thru her thin blouse, even in the
    presence of the waiter. Asha herself was too far gone in her desire
    to be fucked, to notice the waiter, or for that matter anybody else.
    When the band started playing again, Mr. Sharma got up and with a
    wink to Mr. Ahmed, took Asha to the dance floor. He too had a nice
    time fondling, feeling, pinching and kissing her. Asha was so
    consumed by the desire to get fucked that she welcomed Mr. Sharma's
    brazen advances. Her cunt was dripping and she was breathing hard in
    short hard gasps. On bringing her back to the table, Mr. Sharma found
    Mr. Ahmed settling the bill and motioning for them to follow him. Out
    in the lobby, he took them to the reception desk, and quickly booked
    a room and took the key, soon they were in the elevator. As they were
    alone in the elevator, Mr. Sharma put his mouth on Asha's breasts
    which were covered with a thin blouse and began sucking furiously at
    them. Asha moaned, "uuuffffffff uummmmmmmMr.
    Shaaaaaarmaaaaaaaaaaaaa". "Sharmaji, jara thar jaao , kya jaldi
    hayi,koi dekh leghaa", ( HURRY UP SOMEONE WILL COME) said Mr. Ahmed.

    Once inside, both men wasted no time in undressing this horny bitch
    and soon all of them were naked. Mr. Ahmed felt Asha's cunt with his
    hand and was surprised to find it so wet. Asha's cunt was puffed and
    her cunt-lips were swollen and open. As Mr. Ahmed's hand brushed
    against her erect clit, Asha moaned loudly, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
    willing and wet woman, Mr. Ahmed lost no time in foreplay. He sat on
    a comfortable couch and made Asha sit on him. Next he pulled her legs
    together and raised them up, holding them by her knees. Her back was
    towards his chest, as he expertly guided his erect circumcised prick
    into her gaping cunt, while holding her legs together to get the
    maximum tightness of her gaping cunt. Holding her by the knees, he
    raised her and pushed his prick
    she felt his thick spear stretch and fill her pussy. The effect of
    liquor had removed all inhibitions as she wailed, " uuff chhoddooo
    jjoorr ssee cchhooddoo rriiaazzzzzzzzz". She opened her eyes to see
    Mr. Sharma leering at her rubbing his own prick, as Mr. Ahmed began
    to fuck her. Asha felt extremely excited at seeing Mr. Sharma
    masturbate, while looking at her being fucked. She immediately had a
    series of shattering orgasms. Mr. Ahmed slowed for a few minutes as
    Asha continued to wail loudly, in throes of pleasure. He then began
    to fuck her with hard rapid strokes, forcing her breasts to flap on
    her chest as he powerfully rammed her cunt again and again. Seeing
    the power of Mr. Ahmed's magnificient prick, and the way this bitch
    was wailing, Mr. Sharma could wait no longer and shot his load on her
    breasts as Asha continued getting fucked furiously. "aah aaahh
    aaaahhh aaaaahhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh
    aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
    hhhhh", Asha wailed as another series of orgasms rocked her body.
    Hearing her cries, Mr. Ahmed too came with a series of spurts inside
    her, as he let her legs fall apart on his lap. Thick semen was oozing
    out of her cunt, onto her thighs as Mr. Ahmed withdrew his limp
    prick .

    "Saali ki chhoot bahut tight aur mast hai", ( SALI'S CUNT IS TIGHT AND DAMN
    JUICY) said Riaz, as he carried Asha to the bed and flopped her on it.

    "Riaz bhai, jab aap isse chood rahee thei, tau ye mujhe kisse heroine se
    kum nahin lag rahi thi, is ke saath tau aapko koi blue film bannani
    said Mr. Sharma, while taking the oozing semen from her thighs and rubbing
    Asha's face and breast with it. "Dekho, saali kya cheez lagti hai, ugar
    camera hota tau iska photo leta", he continued.

    "Haan sharmaji, isse tau zaroor blue film mein layna chaiye, par phir
    kabhi, aabhi tau iski choot ka sara ras nikalna hai", (YOU SEE THIS
    He then brought his limp prick near her mouth and said, "Choos isse".
    Asha immediately obliged and took his limp prick in her mouth. She
    had become such an expert at sucking, that in no time, Riaz's prick
    had hardened under her ministrations. She played with his heavy balls
    as she continued to suck. "OHHH AAHHHHH SSAALI KYA CHHOOSSTTII
    HHAIII", whimpered Riaz in pleasure. Hearing this big burly man
    whimpering, exited Asha, as she now started taking his hairy balls
    and sucking them. "Kya tere pati nai tujhe aisa mast choosna sikhaya
    hai", asked Riaz. Asha mumbled in reply as she took his stiff prick
    again in her mouth . Asha loved sucking pricks and getting fucked by
    big cocks. Riaz had a big tool and she had enjoyed his fucking her.
    Mr. Sharma too regained his erection on seeing this sexy woman
    expertly sucking Riaz's prick and longed to have a go at her. Riaz
    feeling himself on the verge of another orgasm, withdrew his prick as
    he wanted to fuck her again. This time he put a pillow under her
    buttocks and raised her legs apart and above his shoulders. With one
    hand he guided his prick near her gaping cunt and said, "Chooduun

    Asha was wet with anticipation and replied, "Hain Riaz joor see
    chhodnaa, bahut maazaa aayeeggaa". (FUCK ME FASTER RIAS I LIKE IT) Hearing
    this willing married
    housewife, Riaz laughed and slapped his prick against her cunt-lips
    and stiff clit, teasing the bitch. Asha raised her buttocks in
    anticipation as Riaz continued teasing her. "Riiaazz uuunnnhhhh
    ttadppaaoo nnaahhii muujjhheeeeeeeeee cchhooddooooo chhooddoo
    cchhooddooooooooo pllleeasseeeee rriiaaaaazzzzzzzzzz", Asha wailed in
    frustration as Riaz continued to rub his prick, but not penetrate
    her. "Dekh Sharma, kaise apni gannd hilaa rahii hai".( EVER FUCKED IN YOUR
    moved near Asha, brandishing his stiff prick, bringing it near her
    mouth. Asha saw him bring his prick near her mouth and randy as she
    was, immediately opened her mouth to swallow this fat man's small but
    thick prick. "uummgh gghhoouupp ghhuupp ssllppuu sslluupp", she went
    eagerly sucking this greasy old man's prick, while jerking her
    buttocks in a valiant effort to snare Riaz's prick in her cunt
    muscles. Sharma was loving the sight of this sexy woman so willingly
    sucking his prick, she had proved difficult to seduce, but now seeing
    her accepting and enjoying sucking his prick, he felt victorious. He
    caressed her face and hair as she continued sucking and deep
    throating him. Riaz now pushed his prick in her cunt with a hard deep
    wailed Asha, as her body was rocked by his penetration and Sharma's
    small prick slipped out of her mouth. "Haaiinn
    rriiaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ooouuiiiiiiiiii mmmaaaaaaaa
    cchhooddooooooooooooooooooo ccchhhooddooooooooo muujjhheeeeeeeeeeeee
    aaauuuuuu hhhaaiiiiii hhhhhhhhhhhhhiuuunnnnnnnnnhhhhh", she wailed as
    he began stroking her pussy powerfully. Sharma tried to insert his
    prick in her mouth, but as Asha was being fucked so powerfully, her
    whole body was shaking and his prick kept slipping out of her mouth.
    He decided to abide his turn watching the awesome performance of this
    stud Riaz.
    "Yee lei, saali ye lie uur lei", Riaz moaned as he continued to fuck
    her hard and fast, enjoying seeing her big breasts flap about on her
    chest with each powerful stroke.
    "ouuiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rriiaazzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    bbaahhiiuuttttttttttttttttt mmaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa
    aahhh raahhaaaaaaaaaaaa hhaaaiiiiiiiiiiii
    cchhooddooo auurr ccchhooddoo jjoor sseeiii oouuuiiiiiiiii
    mmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", wailed Asha as she had orgasm after orgasm,
    enjoying the screwing she was receiving.
    Sharma was watching, rubbing his stiff prick, seeing his boss having
    her brains fucked out as she shook and wailed, totally consumed with
    passion. It was difficult for him to imagine her so fully willing and
    enjoying being screwed. He stopped rubbing his prick, lest he come
    again and miss out in the pleasure of fucking her.
    Riaz had by now lifted Asha's legs, with her jerking buttocks,
    jerking in the air as he lifted her with his strong hands and kept on
    fucking her at a furious pace now.
    "ah aah aaahh aaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh ooohhhhhhhhhh
    ooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", Asha went
    as Riaz went on and on. Only her head and a small portion of her back
    was touching the bed now as Riaz furiously kept pumping her.
    Riaz was now sweating with exertion, this woman was heavy and he was
    finding it difficult to continue fucking her while holding her up for
    so long. He let go of her and his prick withdrew with a loud popping
    noise. Exhausted, though still erect, he collapsed on the bed beside
    her, breathing heavily. Sharma saw his window of opportunity, and
    immediately dragged the whimpering woman to the edge of the bed.
    Lifting her legs, he guided his small but thick erect prick near her
    puffed and open cunt-lips and proceeded to begin fucking her. Asha
    watched him with glazed eyes as he began pumping his prick in and out
    in and out in slow long strokes. She was thoroughly exhausted by the
    fucking that she had received from Riaz and could hardly feel this
    greasy man's small prick as he quickly came to an orgasm and exploded
    inside her and then collapsed with all his weight and fat belly on
    her, crushing her in the process. Asha struggled to push his bulk
    away from her as he grunted and groaned in satisfaction.

    Riaz was watching all this in amusement, while stroking his prick
    slowly. Seeing Riaz coming to her again, Asha wailed, "Buussssssssss
    aauurrrrr nnaahhiiinnnnnnnnnn, mmainn phhaatt
    jjaaoonnggoiiiiiiiiiiiiii". (STOP THIS I WILL DIE ) Riaz ignored her
    pleadings as he sat on
    the bed and roughly dragged Asha on his lap, with her stomach down
    and buttocks facing him. Asha was perplexed at this, feeling his
    thick prick against her thighs and stomach. Riaz then started
    spanking her buttocks, with a flat hand. Spanking each buttock
    alternatively, hard and pausing in between to see it quiver.
    loudly, as Riaz continued to spank her hard.
    "muujjhhee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kkyoonn mmarr
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii rrahhee hhooooooooooooooo", wailed
    Asha as tears started rolling down with pain.
    Riaz noticed that her buttocks had become nice and pink as he
    continued spanking her. "Ashaji, aapko isliye mar raha hoon, ke, agar
    aapne mera interest late diya ya loan time pe nahin wapass kiya, thau
    main tumhe tumhare pati ke samne aise he maaroonga, samjhe Ashaji",
    he said while continuing spanking her, and at times now, brushing her
    open erect clit with his fingers.

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    Default Next Part

    Asha reached home that evening, to find her father-in-law back from
    Bombay. Both he and Rajesh were in a deep discussion. Seeing Asha get
    home in her badminton gear, short skirt and t-shirt, the father-in-
    law felt an ache in his loins. He desperately wanted to fuck her and
    time and time again had been denied the opportunity. No that was not
    fully correct, once he had her at his mercy, but had himself decided
    to fuck her the next day in the secrecy and comfort of his friend's
    hotel room. How he regretted wasting that opportunity, seeing her
    sitting in front of them, with her legs slightly parted, giving
    glimpses of her white panties. However, there were more serious
    matters at hand. His Bombay trip had been unsuccessful, as the two
    brothers Yatin and Kapil were still not brought to book by the court.

    they had managed to frustrate all attempts of a court hearing by
    getting date after date and finally a long date after two more
    months. It was futile for the father-in-law to stay in Bombay,
    waiting, therefore crestfallen he had come back. Asha heard them
    talking of the precarious monetary situation that faced them
    presently. They had taken as much money as they could from the bank
    and now needed money to pay the interest and instalment of the loan
    to keep their account running. Rajesh asked Asha to approach her
    father for a loan of Rs.25 lakhs (MILLIONS) to tide things for a while.
    Understanding their situation, Asha phoned her parents to come over,
    so that they could discuss and help out monetarily. Asha's parents
    came over and on hearing the situation, immediately agreed to help.
    However Rs.25 lakhs was a large sum for a retired couple and they
    needed at least two months, to sell some property and come up with
    the money, that too with Rs. 15 -18 lakhs at the most. Meanwhile,
    both Rajesh and his father were to go on tours to their other
    distributors trying to garner payments and advances to meet the
    shortfall. Asha was to help out by attending the factory in the
    morning till lunch time. Since Rajesh's mother was still ill, it was
    decided that she would be dropped at her brother's house for two
    weeks, where, she would be looked after, and Asha would be staying in
    her parents house for those two weeks, till Rajesh and his father
    returned from their tour.

    That very evening, Asha packed her bag and returned with the parents
    to their house. On reaching home, Asha was met with a broad-smiling
    Raju. He had longed to fuck her again and here was his opportunity.
    Asha too felt a shiver of desire rush through her body on seeing
    Raju, remembering the lovely but hurried fuck they had had. The first
    night her parents fussed over her, worried about the financial
    predicament of their daughter's family. Thus, they all talked and
    talked well into the night, before retiring to bed. Next morning too,
    it was Asha's mother who accompanied Raju with her bed-tea, depriving
    Asha of any physical contact with Raju. Asha hurriedly got dressed
    and went for the first time to attend to work at the factory. She
    drove herself, on reaching there found the staff and workers with
    anxious looks on their faces. She called all of them for a meeting at
    the factory floor and explained to them all, that there was no fear
    of losing jobs and that things would sort out soon. She then asked
    the manager Mr. Sharma to come to her cabin, with the account
    statements and bank position. Mr. Sharma was a middle aged fellow of
    around 48 years of age. He was short, fat with a big belly. Mr.
    Sharma found Asha to be damm sexy looking and had difficulty from
    removing his eyes of her exposed cleavage . He also found out that
    Asha understood things quickly in terms of figures, account
    statements etc. Asha was a graduate of commerce with a first class
    degree. She had been very good in maths at school and had a good
    grasp of accounts. It was very hot in the cabin as the ac was not
    working. Mr. Sharma could smell Asha's body odour as he bent down
    behind her explaining the accounts position to-date. Arti was
    perspiring and her blouse near her armpits was wet. Mr. Sharma was
    getting aroused, bending behind her, getting a good look at the sweat
    trickling down this woman's ample cleavage. He could feel his prick
    hardening and straining in his pants. He loved the musky smell of
    Asha's body odour and deliberately started bending further down to
    smell her. It took her a couple of hours to know the precarious
    financial mess they were in. By this time Mr. Sharma had become
    bolder as he freely brushed his hands against Asha's shoulders and
    arms and once even brushed against her breast. As Asha felt his hand
    brush against her breast, she looked up at him and the meek Mr.
    Sharma immediately apologized, saying it was by mistake madam.
    However, seeing no resistance he freely continued to brush against
    her arms and shoulders. Asha too felt the sexual tension in the air
    but controlled her feelings and continued to concentrate on the
    accounts at hand allowing this fat fellow to brush against her bare

    Finally having finished checking the accounts she asked Mr. Sharma to
    sit down and prepare the cheques to be withdrawn from the bank
    towards the salary and wages today. She noticed the bulge in his
    pants as he moved across the table and sat down. Mr. Sharma caught
    Asha looking at his bulge and smiled at her as she quickly lowered
    her eyes in embarrassment . "So, she is a horny woman, my feeling
    her, has had an effect on her too", thought Mr. Sharma as he
    continued to smile at her. Asha felt embarrassed at being caught
    staring at this fat man's straining prick, to change the atmosphere
    she inquired about the bank balance being enough to cover the
    withdrawals for today. Luckily there was enough balance in the bank
    to cover the salary payment, thought Asha, as she signed all the
    cheques. It was almost 1pm by the time she was finished and told Mr.
    Sharma to go and get the funds from the bank and pay the staff and
    workers. She was going home and would meet some of the pressing
    creditors tomorrow morning. Mr. Sharma watched her body as she got up
    and saw the firmness and heaviness of her breasts as also the swaying
    of her prominent buttocks. "Lucky Rajesh Sinha", he thought in his
    mind as Asha left the office.

    Arriving home, she ate lunch with her parents and then retired to her
    room. Her parents were off to the club for their regular card session
    and would be back only late evening. Asha was feeling very horny and
    it had been a long time since she had been properly fucked.. She
    called out to Raju, asking him to get her coffee. She had resolved to
    have a nice long fucking session with him this afternoon. As she was
    lying down, in walked her servant Raju with a leer and an impressive
    bulge in his shorts. Before Asha could get up, he flung himself on
    her and rubbed his body against hers. He kissed her on her face,
    cheeks and lips, while grinding his hard-on on her body. Seeing no
    resistance, he got up and freed his big cock, proudly waving it
    against Asha's pretty face. Asha felt excited at seeing his huge
    prick and immediately brought her mouth to it. She licked the
    underside of his prick-head, making Raju moan with pleasure. She was
    also feeling his heavy hairy balls with her tender hands as she began
    deep-throating him. Asha loved big pricks and was busy sucking away.
    She then removed her mouth from his prick and started sucking and
    nibbling Raju's balls. This was too much for this servant lad and he
    shot himself over her face and hair. Just then the phone rang and as
    he kept shooting his load on her , he picked up the phone to answer.
    It was for Asha memsaab, and he handed over the phone to her. Asha
    spoke on the phone, with her face smeared with Raju's cum. Asha was
    sexually charged up and had difficulty talking, what with Raju, now
    freeing her breasts and mauling and sucking them.
    "Unnhh, booloo, WHO IS THIS", she asked.

    "Madam, I AM Mr. Sharma".

    "Unnh, aangh, bolooo, OK TELL ME WHATS NEWS, uunnnnnngghh", Asha replied,
    moaning softly in the phone, as Raju was busy sucking her nipples.

    "Madam, yahain bank mein cheque clear nahi hua hai, aur pagaar ke liya
    balance nahin hain". ( THERE IS NO BALANCE IN THE BANK THE BANK IS NOT

    Raju, by now had his finger circling her wet cunt-lips. He then
    proceeded to insert two fingers in her wet cunt and slowly started
    finger-fucking her.

    "Unnggh, uuunggh, Mrr. Sshhaarrnmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa", Asha moaned loudly
    into the phone.

    "Madam!, Madam!, aap theek tau hain naa" ( MADAM ARE YOU WELL?)

    "Unngghh, uunngghh", Asha moaned, as Raju was giving her pleasure. He
    was expertly rubbing her clit with his thumb, while finger-fucking

    "Madam, boliye main kya karoon" (MADAM PLESE TELL ME WHAT TO DO) replied
    the exasperated Mr. Sharma.

    MMMMAAAAAAAAAA" wailed Asha loudly, dropping the cordless phone on
    the bed, unaware of Mr.Sharma on the other end, as she was consumed
    by her own orgasm.

    As she was having an orgasm, Raju withdrew his dripping fingers and
    put them in Asha's wailing mouth, making her taste her own cunt

    "Ye kya kar rahe ho tum Rajuuuuuuuuuuuuuu", (WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME RAJU)
    wailed Asha, as Raju made her suck her own juices.

    Raju now proceeded to remove all her clothes. He was excited at
    seeing such fair voluptuous flesh. He was mainly used to fucking
    house-maids and prostitutes and seeing this fair sexy beauty had got
    him erect again. Raju was an experienced fucker, being initiated by a
    house-maid early in life due to the size of his cock. He had secretly
    seen many xxx movies and now his fantasy of trying different
    positions with this fair sexy memsaab was going to be fulfilled. The
    first time he had fucked her was a hurried and tension-filled fuck,
    but today he would have her body for the whole afternoon and early
    evening too. All this thought, made his dick throb with desire.
    Seeing the thick prick stiffening again, Asha let out a small gasp of
    pleasure. She loved big pricks and she longed to be fucked silly this
    afternoon. Both were unaware of the phone lying on the bed. It was
    still connected and Mr. Sharma was having a hard time controlling his
    own bulge as he correctly surmised that his madam was being
    fucked. "By whom", he thought, who is Raju, her husband was away,
    I'll get my chance too, all these thoughts entered his horny brain as
    he did not disconnect the phone.

    "Maaza aya memsaab" (ENJOYED IT MEMSAB)

    "Ohh Rajju, tum itne chhote dikhte ho, par tumara lund bahut bada hai, ye
    sab karna tumnhe kaise siikha" (RAJU YOU ARE VERY SMALL TO LOOK AT BUT HOW

    Smiling, "Arre meri memsaab, abhi to maine kuch nahi kiya, abhi dehkte jao
    mai tumhe kaise kaise chodtha hoon, tumhari tersi hui choot ko kaise kaise


    "Jaise mera lund bada aur main chotta, waise he teri choot chooti aur tu
    memsaab itni badi chikni hai", ( YOU SAID I AM SMALL BUT MY PRICK IS BIG
    lifting her legs over his shoulders and positioning his cock over her
    puffed and gaping cunt- lips.

    warily looking at him, anticipating his prick entering and stretching
    her wet cunt.

    "Arre dekhti kya hai memsaab, lund pakad aur dal undar, main tumarree
    mmammee ki maalish kkarta huun". ( MEMSAB WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT TAKE MY

    Asha obediently took his prick in her hand and guided it to her
    welcoming cunt, as Raju started playing with her breasts. With one
    shove he had pushed his prick-head in.

    uuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhh", moaned Asha , feeling the
    pleasure of her cunt being stretched by his cock.

    To Be Cont.
    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    great work so far!

    I think us in the more international audience would appreciate it if the indian was replaced by english, and not just translations though :D
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    Default Next Part

    "Arre dekhti kya hai memsaab, lund pakad aur dal undar, main tumarree
    mmammee ki maalish kkarta huun". ( MEMSAB WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT TAKE MY

    Asha obediently took his prick in her hand and guided it to her
    welcoming cunt, as Raju started playing with her breasts. With one
    shove he had pushed his prick-head in.

    uuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhh", moaned Asha , feeling the
    pleasure of her cunt being stretched by his cock.

    "Bahut tight hai teri chhoot, ghabra mat, main dherre sai hii gussa taa
    ENTER SLOWLY) Raju began pushing more and more of his cock into Asha's
    willing and tight cunt. Raju then started nibbling at her thick stubby
    nipples, while stroking her slowly with his prick.

    "Oohhhh Raajjuuuuuuuuuuuu joorrrr ssssee jjoorr ssseee (SLOWLY SLOWLY DEAR)
    bahut uunnngghhh maazzaa aaaaa rraahhaaa hhaa oouuuuuuuuuuuiiiiii
    mmaaaaaaaaaaaaa", said Asha, while lifting her buttocks to meet his
    powerful thrusts. She loved being fucked and was getting delirious with

    "Mmemmssaabbb, teri chhoott to bahut taras rahii hai, yehh ley jjor sse,
    yyee auur joorr seeaa", ( MEMSAB YOUR PUSSY IS PULSATING I AM DRIVING MY
    PRICK INTO YOU NICELY) said Raju, now fucking her furiously, his balls
    slapping against her buttocks.

    "Hhaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uuuuunnnnnggggggggghhhhhhh mmaaii
    mmatrr jaaoonnnnnnn", wailed Asha in pleasure as this chokra boy
    rammed her powerfully.

    Asha started biting his face, cheeks, hair anything that she could
    get her mouth too, as she wailed pleasurably to a shattering orgasm.

    Seeing her in the throes of passion, Raju withdrew his glistening
    prick and started playfully slapping her face with it.

    "Maazzaa aayyaa mmemssabb",( ENJOYED IT) he asked.

    "Uunngghhhh hhhaaiinn mmeerree RRAAJJAAAAA", moaned Asha softly.

    "Uth jaa, ab main tujhee khade khade choodunga", ( NOW WE WILL FUCK
    STANDING YOU WILL LOVE IT) saying this, Raju pulled the naked woman off the
    bed, and made her stand against the bedroom wall. He then lifted her leg,
    while grabbing tightly at the loose flesh around her waist. He then took
    his still erect and throbbing prick and with a well directed shove,
    inserted it in her gaping cunt.

    felt her cunt deliciously stretched again. Slowly but surely, Raju
    shoved his full prick inside her cunt, stretching and filling her up.

    "uunng uunngh uunngghh uunngghh oouuiiii mmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", Asha
    wailed as Raju began to give her long hard strokes. Raju was shorter
    and lighter than her, but was stronger, and he was fucking her
    powerfully. Asha's breasts were flip-flopping on her chest, with each
    powerful stroke of this short chokra boy. Asha kept wailing
    constantly, as she was feeling the delightful strength and fullness
    of this boy's ceaseless ramming.
    back and buttocks were hitting the wall behind as she fully gave into
    the pleasure of this fucking and came and came.Raju's mouth was in
    nibbling distance of her swaying breasts. Her breasts were covered
    with a sheen of sweat as Raju gobbled at them time and time again,
    while continuing his pleasurable assault on her cunt. Raju too felt
    his own orgasm approaching, "Mmeeeeeeeemmssssssabbbbbbbb, mmainn teri
    chhoot kkoo bbhhaarrnnee wwaalaa hhoonn, kya mast hai teri choot
    mmeemmssaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbb", (MEMSAAB I AM GOING TO FILL YOUR CUNT WHAT
    as he exploded his cum
    inside her. When he had finished cumming, his limp prick came out and
    he let go the tight clenching of her waist and her leg. Asha did not
    have the strength to support her weight, after being fucked in such a
    position and thus slumped to the floor sliding against the wall. Raju
    too dropped to the floor beside her and the two rolled together ,
    feeling the coolness of the marble floor against their hot sweaty

    After a while, Asha got up unsteadily and reached the bed. She
    noticed the light on the cordless phone on and picked it up....

    "hello, uungh, hello", she said.

    "Madam, madam, hello, main Mr. Sharma bol raha hoon"

    "Hain Mr.Sharma, bolo kya baat hai".

    Knowing that his madam had just been thouroughly fucked, and that too
    by a man named Raju, who called her memsaab, Mr. Sharma said, "Madam,
    aap theekh tau hain naa, mujhee aapki cheekne ki awaaz aaa rahi thi".

    Asha realised that this bastard had heard all their moaning, wailing,
    talk and fucking sounds, felt very embarrassed, she replied
    hesitatingly, "Main uuh TV dekh rahi thi, bolo kya baat hai".

    Knowing she was lying, "Main ghabra gaya tha madam, main nai samjha ki koi
    aap ka rape kar raha hai", said Mr. Sharma in glee. ( I WAS AFRAID MADAM I

    Now roughly, "Yeh kya bakwas kar rahe hain aap, kam ki bat bolo".

    Persisting, "Sorry madam, par mujhe laga ki aaap ko koi rape kar raha hai,
    main ne phone kiya thaa, ki jo cheque hamne dala tha, who aabhi tak clear

    "ANOTHER PROBLEM MADAM?" , Mr. Sharma.

    "Madam, who tau maine bank waalon ko mana kar pagar ke paise nikal liye
    hain, par kal thak cheque agar clear nahin hua tau hamein paise bharne

    "Theek hai, kal bat kareenge, bye", saying this Asha disconnected the

    All her desires of fucking had waned after this phone conversation. She
    felt bad that Mr.Sharma had heard everything and was now in a position to
    trouble her. Raju got up to the bed and started caressing her breasts
    again. Asha tried to shrug him off by saying, "abhi nahin sataoo mujhe
    Raju". (NO BABA I HAVE TO GO NOW) However, this young fellow was persistent
    , soon he had pulled her hand on his amazingly erect penis again.

    "Ab tau mera lund phir se khada hai, ab tau main teri gaand choodduunga,

    "Nnnahhiinnnnnnn rajjuuuuuuuuuuuuuu", Asha said in fear, remembering
    the pain that her servant Salim had caused her. "Please Raju, meri
    gaand main nahin". (NO...PLEASE SPARE MY ASS RAJU)

    Raju roughly flipped her on her stomach saying, "Daarro mat memssab, maazza
    aayaa gaa". He spat on his fingers and roughly shoved them in her arsehole.
    Feeling the tightness and hearing her wail he said, "Kya meemssab, kya
    Rajesh ssab ne kabbhii aapkki ggand nahin mari". ( MADAM YOUR HUSBAND NEVER

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrajjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!", Asha
    cried in anticipation of the pain that was to come. Raju realising
    that his memsaab was really scared, didn't want to hurt her.

    "aacchha teekkh hhai, ppar iiss lund ka tau kuch soovcchhoo,

    Instead of piercing her arsehole, Raju held her by her buttocks and
    waist, while plunging his erect dick into her cunt from behind.

    "UUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF", cried Asha, as he entered her and started
    fucking her furiously. In out in out in out in out, he went, shaking
    her whole body with his powerful thrusts. "unh unh unh argh unh
    rajjuu unh uunnnh uunnhhh uunnhhhh", wailed Asha as he went on and on
    fucking her. Asha began to feel pain as Raju kept on and on. " Bas
    karo raju, mujhee dukh raha hai, bas raju bas", ( YOU ARE TEARING MY HOLE
    RAJU LEAVE ME) she said, as Raju
    ignored her pleas and went on banging her from behind, solely intent
    on his own orgasm. Finally, he felt his own orgasm coming, Raju
    started spanking her big buttocks as he came deep inside her.
    Having come, he withdrew and walked out of the room, feeling satiated
    and leaving behind a whimpering Asha. Asha was in pain, with the
    merciless assault and her cunt ached as she softly cried in bed.

    Asha wailed in pain and saw Mr. Sharma looking at her. She suddenly
    felt her cunt juices begin to drip again and soon her wailing had
    turned to passionate moans. She felt deliciously wicked and
    humiliated as she saw Mr. Sharma staring at her while she began
    squirming and wriggling in pleasure.

    "Saali ko isme bhi mazza aah rahha hai", said Riaz, looking at Mr.

    "Lagta hai ke isse isjke pati nai bahut tadpaya hai", continued Riaz.
    "aahh aahhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh cchhoodoo mmujhheeeeeeeeeeeeee
    rriiaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plleeasaseee
    cchhooddooooooooooooo", wailed Asha, itching for a strong powerful
    cock inside her.

    Riaz now stopped spanking her and lifted her on his lap. Holding her
    painfully by her breasts, he guided his prick in, as she collapsed
    against him.
    she gurgled at the familiar sensation of her cunt being stretched by
    Riaz's cock. Riaz now clasped her buttocks, clenching them tightly as
    he began to bounce her on his prick.
    "aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii uuunnnnnnnnnnnnngghhhhhhhhhhh
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo", Asha
    wailed as she felt pain by his grabbing her spanked buttocks and felt
    his prick almost tear at her cunt walls. In this position, his prick
    had penetrated her the maximum, and she felt pleasure at being
    fucked. Riaz kept biting at her swollen nipples and any part his
    mouth could make contact with, as he bounced her up and down on his
    "oohh aaaaiiiii ssaallllllll
    sssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallaaaaaaaaaaaa oohhhhhhhhhhhhh
    cchhooddooooooooooooo aahhhhhhhhhhhhh cchhooddooooooooo", Asha was by
    now slobbering incoherently as she felt another series of orgasms
    wreck her body. She had no strength left and was leaning heavily
    against Riaz's chest as he continued to bounce her hard and fast.
    Asha was thoroughly spent and was longing for Riaz to cum, so that
    this battering of her cunt would stop. Considering that he had had a
    fucking session with that starlet Su***, this very afternoon, she was
    amazed at his staying power. Seeing the he was still not cumming,
    Asha began to wail loudly for him to stop.
    "aahh bbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaassssssssssssssss bbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaassssss
    rriiaazzzzzzzzzzzz aaaaaaaaaurrr nnaahhhhhhiinnn plleeasaseeeeeeeee",
    she said as she slumped as a deadweight on him, begging him to stop.
    she wailed.
    Riaz now pushed her down and straddled her heaving and sweaty chest,
    guiding his glistening prick into her mouth. Though Asha had no
    strength left in her, she furiously began sucking him, wanting him to
    cum in her mouth, lest he again attack her aching cunt. Due to her
    expert ministration, Riaz soon came in her mouth. Asha was surprised
    at the quantity of semen, this man spurted as she was nearly choking.
    Riaz held her head tightly as he made her swallow all his cum. When
    finally he withdrew his limp prick, Asha was gasping for breath as
    semen was oozing down her lips. Riaz then proceeded to wipe himself
    with Asha's fallen saree and quickly dressed himself up, telling
    Sharma to drop this hot bitch home.

    Asha was too weak to move and protested as Sharma tried to pull her
    up. "naahhinn mmaai iiss hhalat mmain ghaar nahin ja sakti, thhooddii
    ddeer tthhar jjaaoo sharmaji", ( NO MADAM YOU CANNOT GO HOME IN THIS
    CONDITION, LETS WAIT FOR SOME TIME TAKE A REST) she said collapsing on the
    bed. Asha looked a sexy sight, all naked and sweaty sprawled on the bed,
    with cum stains on her thighs, face and hair. Sharma would have loved to
    have a go at her again, but alas, his body was too old to respond. He let
    her sleep, till the time he tidied himself and then woke her up to get
    dressed and go home. With a great effort which left him gasping for breath,
    he along with her, helped her dress up in her crushed saree and then he
    drove her home.
    IF you want this Video Let me Know I will upload it to Rapidshare and send the link
    for this Couple in Picture
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    Guys may wear the pants in the relationship, But Girls control the zipper.


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    Writing a book on the differences between sexes, would appreciate your views on genders & attitudes towards one another. Quite serious about it too.
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    a bit long and repetitive, try to be a little more imaginative
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    I love the pic's, they help give added meaning to the story.
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    Thanks! Good post
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    Great! Good map!
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    Nice boobs and ass.. She is hot.
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    hot girl
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