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    Default 8th grade grad. practice

    True story about my first sexual experience when I was in 8th grade.
    I was in 8th grade, in a private catholic school, in the church of the school practicing for the graduation 2 days away.
    All through out the year this girl in our class, Stephanie, got the reputation for being the class 'slut' as she always flirted with all the boys and somehow at the age of 14/15 was allowed to walk out of her house in a sports bra and a g-string to class parties.
    My birthday is in March, and graduation is in May...For my 8th grade Birthday pool party she told me that she liked me (I thought it was a lie since she said that to every guy in our class and had her flavor of the week) and she wanted me to be her first fuck. I was astonished by her words and just brushed it off and went on with my life as I had a crush on other girls in my class.
    The 1st day of graduation practice, the day before our first time, she told me she still had feelings for me and really wanted to have sex before we graduated cause she knew that once we were graduated we'd go off to different high schools meet other people and she wanted to have been prepared by someone she really likes and someone she really trusts rather than her first boy toy in high school (not exact wording but pretty close to it). I told her that since it was a Monday and late in the day we couldn't plan anything and on Wednesday I'd be home alone since my grandparents were picking me up, so I promised Wednesday would be the day since we lived close by and plus I didn't want the opportunity to just pass me for my first time cause I knew she was a slut.
    The 2nd day of practice, Tuesday. It was a late afternoon practice, around 5 PM, plus it was a casual dress event since the school was going to have a graduation retreat and dinner party for the class after the practice, which was around 7:30-8 PM approximated start. Practice finished way before what we thought, and I hadn't seen this girl all day cause I was class V.P. and that day the class board got to go to the movies and a lunch provided by the school and I got to practice late cause of traffic. So after practice I went to go find her to plan out Wednesday night. She was wearing a black dress with white poke-a-dots, it wasn't that short like you'd assume a slut would wear, and she was for some reason wearing 5 inch heels (could be an exaggeration, but I remember she was about 4 inches shorter than me and that night she was at least my height or taller). When she saw me she rushed over to me and we sat down and talked quietly to about the next days plans. Half way through our 'Hello' I got probably one of my hardest boners ever and couldn't get my eyes off her over developed boobs (she seriously needed breast reduction surgery last year cause her boobs were a bigger than a DD and shes a dancer so she was developing back problems, IDK how big they ended up getting but from what she told me they were bigger than a DD). After talking for a bit we were told that the cafeteria wasn't quite ready for our dinner thing but we could either hang out in the church which was closed for the night just for our graduation or head on to our classroom. I then told her to follow me and I headed towards the back of the church and we hid since a lot of our friends were heading that way also to go to the class, since she was scared for a second and didn't quite get my idea she jumped into the guys bathroom and hid in one of the stalls and i walked in normally just not to make a show as people walked by. Once inside I waited a bit and told her to hold on so we can see what happens next. It seemed some kids also stayed in the church but a lot went to the classroom, I locked the door to the bathroom and told her it was OK to come out.
    When she came out she wanted to know what I had in mind, and I told her i just wanted to make out without no one knowing cause we had to get use to each other for tomorrow. So we started kissing, she calmed down from her fears that she previously had and we went into one of the stalls and I sat down and then she sat down on my lap. After a while of kissing she stopped and ask if the hard things she felt on the underside of her knee was my penis? A bit ashamed I said yes, and she got off me and said she wanted to see what she was going to be dealing with. So I got up un-tucked my shirt un-did my belt and took of my pants, then took off my underwear. She just stood there not saying anything, and then the awkward silence lead me to ask if she wanted to touch it, and since I was a full virgin except for kissing, I really wanted her to. Without a word out of her mouth she sat me down back on the toilet, sat indian style on the floor, pointed the tip of my penis head down towards her and started to stroke. I was scared that since I was very horny and really hard that I would cum soon ending this and maybe ruining the following afternoon, plus I was always sexually driven as a child and was always horny therefore always jacking it so I knew I was going to finish up soon. So I tried to get her attention my trying to unzip her dress to see what would happen, I guess I forgot class 'slut' was her middle name or something cause she got up finished unzipping the back of her dress let it fall down and then I noticed for a split second wow shes not wearing a thong like she always does. When she was sitting back down I told her that since I was exposing myself to her and showing her what she was going to be dealing with I wanted the same. She tried the whole oh this is a bathroom tomorrow its your house in your room type of thing so I got up to try to end it all and she then turned into the class 'slut' by standing up also sitting me back down and told me only bra for now so I was OK with it.
    She took off her bra and started to stroke me again, and then asked if I knew what a mouthjob was? I was kind of thrown off as I only knew what a handjob and a blowjob were, and knew fingering and eatting out, but what in the hell was a mouthjob??? So I was honest and said no, she then said OK from what I've heard its this...
    She became quite...
    For about a minute...
    I asked her what is it?? to kill the silence...
    She then started to stroke again and said she can explain it but she'd rather show me so I told her to go ahead. At that point I just saw her head fly towards my penis with her mouth open and next thing I felt was something wet, I said slimy in my mind , under my dick. I then realized I was getting a blowjob in church, I then said with my adolescent church going mind, you know God is watching...
    She stopped and said well we are in the bathroom not in the actual church, plus its illegal to watch people in the bathroom but if you want to stop we'll stop, so I said I'll stop only if you want to...
    She continued to suck my dick, after what felt like felt forever of silence she stopped again ans asked me, Fran I heard this makes guys cum easily, why haven't you cum yet, so I tried throwing a curve ball back and said, well cause guys can only cum with sex, everything else doesn't make a guy cum, so she got up and said if she takes off her panties everything else after that has to be quick, so I nodded in despair of wanting to see my first pussy. She took them off rather quick and I just stared, until she asked if I'd like to finger her? I asked if I'd be her first and she said no, unfortunately her first finger was in 7th grade by some random guy at a random party. I, however, didn't care so started to finger her, and about after 4 or so times of sliding my finger in and out of her semi-hairy, very wet pussy I got up and moved her towards the long table of sinks and laid her down on it. She asked me why I did that, I didn't answer and started to eat her out. She asked for me to stop cause she was embarrassed and I asked why? She said cause guys always say it smells like fish down there and I shouldn't have to deal with that, she closed her legs and sat up, I then said well we're wrong cause you smell good and I want to continue.
    She then got off the counter grabbed my dick dragged me back to the stall, sat me down and asked me to help her with something, I said OK. She spread her pussy lips and said aim your penis inside. I was thrown off but did like she said.
    She started to slide up and down it and we started to kiss again. I put one of hands on her tit and the other on her ass to help the up and down motion like I has seen on pornos before. I started to play with her tits and then she stopped kissing me and continuing the up and down motion asked if I had cum yet? She also went on to say she felt guilty cause I wasn't wearing a condom...
    Well it was my first time and I kind of wanted to respect her but it was my first time and didn't know how the cum feel would be like while having sex. I told her no and that I felt guilty too but to continue. She kept on for about another 5-10 minutes. She then stopped and as my penis came completely out of her pussy my hand on her tits went up towards her shoulder and instinct was to drag her down to continue. Little did I know she had already stepped away from me so the dragging motion pulled her upper chest area down and next thing I see is a fountain of white fall on her face and boobs. Kind of thrown of she asked if that was good timing or what like as a joke? Embarrassed I said I guess and that I have more...
    She then stayed quite looking around and then asked me what time it was. I looked through my pants found my cell and saw that it was only 7:30.
    She said she'll give me 10 more minutes of doing whatever I want and 5 minutes to clean up.
    I was 14 and lets face it, the funniest thing for us 90's kids in 8th grade was 69 so I told her I wanted to try that out and I wanted more sex...
    She said we can do 69, but she wanted to save the more sex for Wednesday as that was the plan from the start...
    I agreed
    We went to the counter, I laid down on top of it first and then she on top of me. I started asap to eat her out and in the same time I felt that slimy feel again. I accidentally licked the bottom of her ass a couple of times but I didn't hear a complain from her. I then looked at the time after a bit and saw we had already spent 6 of the 10 minutes and when I was about to say something I felt cum rush out of my penis and shoot back at me from the back of her throat. She stopped instantly and asked if we could stop as she felt choked up. I said OK and kind of threw her off me. She was standing there coughing as I sat up. I then told her to turn around as I wanted to tell her something. I grabbed the back of her head and forced her to deep throat me. She pulled away and asked what I was doing, I said I saw that on a video once and girls like it so she came back and forced her head down as far as possible. Mind you 8th grade penis size of 4 inches isn't a lot for a mouth, but the super hard boner made it feel like a foot and she was able to fit that plus my balls in her mouth after her first cough up I told her to stop so she did...
    I walked towards her panties, picked them up and told her to come to me. She waled to me and asked what now, I wiped all the cum of her body from before plus cleaned my dick on the panties and then cleaned her pussy. She told me to keep them when I was done as she heard it custom to always let the guy keep the panties you wear the first time you have sex. I asked what was she going to do since she was wearing a dress and she said that she had done it before so it was bearable at least for the dinner since we lived close to the school. We got dressed and kind of washed our faces.
    We walked out towards the people still in the church and they asked what was happening in the classroom since we walked away with that group, we said nothing and just sat there and chilled with our friends. After like 10 minutes our principal came in and said that the cafeteria was ready to start heading over there...
    Stephanie and I sat next to each other throughout the whole dinner. In reality it was like a picture year book with awards and then they played a video about high school that was about 30 minutes long. There was very long table covers and I leaned to Stephanie halfway through all that and said I still had my boner. She moved closer to the table and told me to do the same, so I did. I felt her moving around under the table and next thing I felt was her hand on mine pulling it towards her legs, but her legs were open and dress up...
    I fingered her throughout that whole high school movie. After the high school movie all our teachers went up to give speeches and to talk to us. I then noticed we were in the corner table of the cafeteria and in a pretty well hidden position. I then pulled my bad boy out and had her give me a handjob. When our principal got up to speak we both stopped for the night.
    The next day when I called her to come over she came running apparently as she got there like a second after we hung up.
    She showed up to my house wearing the infamous sports bra g-sting outfit she was known for wearing, which to be honest in reality it was a black sports bra, but a mini skirt and she pull her g string up so everyone would know that what she was wearing. We fucked til I got a call from my mom saying she was on her way home.
    That day I remember getting home from school and practice at around 3:30, so I'd say she got there around 3:40.
    My moms call didn't come in til close to 6 or after that.
    I kept her g string as a favor that I asked for so she could keep her other panties that were still in the pocket of my pants. She told me to keep both as a gift. She then left my house. Sometime during that summer, with the complications of freshman summer football conditioning and her dance we sort of lost touch. We remained friends all through high school barely talking or seeing each other. Every time we'd talk in person it would lead to sex, and I'd always keep her panties. Every time we'd talk online I'd get her to take pictures for me.
    I recently just graduated high school this past Saturday. I saw her after the ceremony and we talked. I found out that she has to be in school til this Friday, and she graduates next Wednesday. We came to one conclusion. We have to have sex before she graduates. After that she texted me with a better idea...
    Sex EVERY DAY until she graduates!!!

    Its been a little over 4 years since we graduated 8th grade, I have a total of 43 panties from all the times we had sex, not including pool/beach parties or times she didn't have panties on. Some are filled with my cum and hers. Some are perfectly clean. And others are made of such a small thread like material I can't even tell. Now I'm not a panty perv or freak, but I'm just throwing this out there, I think her nickname should've been changed from class 'slut' to Frans' 'slut' after she let me keep her famous g-string.

    Tell me what you think.
    It is a true story. Sorry for grammar or spelling errors.
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    Very incredible and hot . True stories are always good because they're pretty realistic. 43 panties is a lot of sex, my friend. Good on ya! Maybe its a good idea to keep in touch after she graduates? It looks like you really enjoy each others company.
    Spread your wings to show them just how big you are.
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    This was one of the hottest and best encounters I have ever read. it was so real, I felt like I was there. You did well. Got any more for us? Thank you.
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    what year was this frank?
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    Yeah we barely keep in touch because I got involved with football and lacrosse and I became friends with like the popular kids in school, so my social life grew.
    And this was 2004...I was 14 at the time and she was I believe 15 or about to turn 15. I know that shes 19 now, and I'm 18.
    And I've had a lot more sex than that, my Sophomore year of high school was a giant orgy for me. I had about 4 g/f's and had sex with each one. Plus I cheated on one of them with multiple girls at the same time which all involved sex. Plus Stephanie. After that I calmed my hormones down til recently when me and my current g/f became very sexually active.
    But the sex everyday thing I think was just her messing with my head cause I work everyday and she moved pretty far from my house, so it'll be pretty difficult
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    thumbs up
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    Well done =)

    I enjoyed reading it
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    pretty good. any more chapters?
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    nice story
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    You really got good sex education classes
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    thanks for sharing
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