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    Newcumer jus-juice's Avatar
    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Posts : 6

    Talking Squirting for beginners

    wanna know how many of us are out there with this fab skill squirting ....... or would you like to know how to do it.......... lets have some fun
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    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Posts : 4


    Yeah I would like to know how u squirt????
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    Big Beautiful Bitch Furred Goddess's Avatar
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    I can squirt on occasion, I have no control over it but it tends to happen with me when I am highly aroused and have a large insertion.
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    Porn Star Snoochies's Avatar
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    Recently rented "How To: The guide to the G-spot for couples"...

    It gives tips and hints but no luck so far. The two biggest obstacles are being able to control the "PC muscles" (the muscles that you contract to keep from pissing yourself) and being able to relax and release at the right time during g-spot stimulation.

    We're working on it but I dunno if I'll ever be a squirter.
    Embrace the Suck!

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    Porn Surfer
    Join Date : Mar 2008
    Posts : 15


    Don't Be Fooled. I Know For Actual Fact That The Actresses In Porn Are Filled With Water Between Takes To Give The Impression That They Are Shooting Gushers Of Squirt As They Cummm....
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    Porn Star SexyAssBitch's Avatar
    Join Date : Nov 2007
    Location : IN MY BEDROOM
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    I would absolutely love to suirt:DI have tried but nothing.Please tell me how???????????????????If you have the awnsers Ummmm!!!! lets here them
    I am a Verified xnxx Girl
    For my SEX GOD:ill bend over(again)to pick up my Panties for U
    Dont worry it will Only seem KINKY..the 1st time!
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    Porno Junky
    Join Date : Sep 2007
    Location : Canada
    Age : 25
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    You can control if you squirt or not
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    Amateur hells_belle's Avatar
    Join Date : May 2007
    Posts : 74


    it's not fake... i can squirt sometimes.

    try this for any of those who really want to learn:
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    Porn Star Bishop's Avatar
    Join Date : Jul 2006
    Location : Yuggoth
    Posts : 3,245


    actually i squirt every time. i dont have an orgasm if i dont.

    its good stuff fo reals.
    i would love to help,but i dont really know much about controlling it since..its all ive ever known.

    i do hear though.. that i guess women say it feels like they have to pee,but really when they push through it,its cum?
    i dunno.
    -!verified female!-
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    Porn Surfer
    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Posts : 46


    Your close bishop.

    Step 1 is gonna be to find the g-spot. Can all you girls find yours?
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    Porn Surfer
    Join Date : Jun 2007
    Posts : 27

    Default Ask Him To Help

    My husband can make me squirt on demand! It's about the amount of pressure on the g-spot and how aroused I am. I have made myself squirt using a battery operated g-spot stimulator. It was to much work!! Besides, it's no fun unless you shoot it on someone!
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    Porn Surfer
    Join Date : Apr 2008
    Posts : 27


    my g/f squirts sometimes when i fuck her deep, she doesnt squirt everywhere but we both get wet!!

    even nicer when shes on top as i get it all over me...i absolutely love it
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    Porn Surfer
    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Posts : 11


    gf hasnt cummed ever till now, she does get wet a lot, finger her a lot, lick her, tried everything, doesnt cum at all
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    Sex Machine cinnamonlisa's Avatar
    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Location : Maine
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    I've never squirted but if I'm really aroused I do drip.
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    Porn Surfer
    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Posts : 11


    wonder what wil make gf cum
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    Join Date : Jun 2008
    Posts : 50


    My wife squirts quite often. I love the feeling when I'm fucking her vag and feeling her squirt her cum all over my cock. I can also make her squirt while I'm licking her clit and also when we have anal sex, which is just awesome. It took her a while to start doing it but it was more of a mental block than a physical one. Now she begs for it all the time.
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