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    Default old man young girl

    well i wanted to share the story of when i lost my virginity.

    well it all started when i was 15, i was using Yahoo personals lookhing for a older man in my area when i got a message form this man in his 50s. He lived about 22miles from me and we started talking about how big his dick was and that i was a virgin. I told him that i was 18 so that he would'nt get freaked out so we talked off and on for like a year. when i Turned 16 i got my drivers licens and told him that i finally wanted to meet him. by this time he had been sending me pics of himself jacking off and i knew he had a big dick it was about 8in long and verry THICk he told me he used MAGNUM condoms and i was like " OH shit i got a big one" lol but he told me he wanted to fuck my ass really bad i had told him that i loved watching anal sex movies and fingering my ass so he asked me if he could butt fuck me and i sed yes.
    i was actually really nervious since i was a virgin and that he thought i was 18.

    Finally the day came when we planed to meet. i drove to his apartment complex and found the room number 114 i stood outside the door for like 15 minits not making a sound scared out of my mind. "This is it on the other side of that door is a MAN with a big dick whating to fuck me in my ass" "this man is going to take my virginity" "I wander what his dick will feel and tast like" these where all questions going through my head. i turned and walked back to my car my hands were shaking. i drove to a gas station down the road and called from a pay phone. " Hello he sed" umm im in town " how long till you get here baby, im getting hard just hearing your voice" about 10 minits i gess " mmmm i cant whate to fuck you in the ass, ill unlock the door you just com on in when you get here and ill be whating, you still want this big dick in your ass right hun?' umm of corse ill be there in a sec. i was actually hot from talking to him i drove back over there and walked to the door i could hear him on the other side walking around. i took a deep breath and opend the door and steped in no turning back now i thought. i looked around the apartment it was verry nice but he was'nt there "HEllo" i called. HE called from the back room" just a sec babe" my heart was pounding then he walked out of the back room NAKED as he walked down the hallway his big dick floped form side to side. i could'nt take my eyes off it. he stood in front of me and asked " so you like it? ITS BIG i managed to squeek out He lauphed you look a lot younger than 18 are you really 18 baby? i choked ummm " ITs ok im allready naked and your looking at my dick . you would'nt have showed up if you did'nt want it so you can tell me if you want but if you dont want to its ok. I smilled and reached out and tuched this dick it was verry soft and mushy.i started to stroke it and it quickly got hard as it did my eyes got big OH shit its huge i sed as it was fully hard now. my fingers could'nt wrap all the way around the shaft it was so fat. and the vains running down the cock where sticking out like crazy . " let me see your ass " he moned and then he turned me around and pulled down my running shorts that i was wearing. my round little bubble butt now only inches from a big throbing dick. he neeled down and stuck his face in my ass licking my butt hole i was so shocked i did'nt know what to do he stood up and picked me up and carred me to the bed room where he layed me over the bed doggy style. i just layed there with my face in the covers i looked back to see a tube of ky in his hand then he smeared a lot in to my ass crack and worked it into by bum with 2 fingers after a few seconds he started to finger my asshole it was amazing i moned and i could feel my pussy drippig wet. " want to try a big dick in that ass now baby?" i moned ok. i felt his big round dick head slip between my cheeks and touch my asshole "OH GOD" i moned then he started to press harder my butt slowly opened to take it i could feel Head slip in and i gasp oh god it was big. then slowly he slip his thick shaft intome i could feel all the vains pulsing as they pased my rim. it took a good 15minits for him to get it in me but after a while he sed " im all in baby whats it feel like having a big 8in dick in your butt?" "OH fuck it feels good" " whats it feel like" like a fucking LOG in my ass! your dick is huge oHHHHHHHHHHh" he started fucking me hard with big long thrusts i felt his balls slap my pussy and could feel it in my stomach. he butt fucked me in several diferent positions his Fat dick deep in side me for a full Hour and 20 minits He had me bent over the bed and he was fucking me so hard i was bitting a biteing a pillow to keep form screaming out loud. my ass was on fire as he jackhammerd me then all of a sudden he grabed me and pulled me back ramming his whole dick up my ass and then " OHHHHH FUCK" he moned and i felt a Hot burst deep in my ass "OHHHH fuck your cumming in my ass" i moned then i felt 5 more hot sperts and he pulled out and shot a big load on my butt cheeks too. i looked back and watched as he pushed his dick back in to my ass and slowley pumped for a bout 3 or 4 minits till he was limp then he pulled it back out and tole me to come take a shower with him.

    He ended up fucking my pussy and my ass again in the shower and cumming s little more in my mouth it was so fucking hot i was super glad i opend that door.
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    You really don't need to put ONE word in all caps to add HOW intense the situation really IS. It just manages in MAKING the story less readable. It was a good IDEA for a story but read some OTHER stories on HERE and you'll understand how you can write better.
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    Thumbs up

    enjoyed your story . as time goes on and you do more writing your stories will improve. the story gave me a hardon. how much of it is personal experience ?
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    Default Story Comments

    I read all the way through your story, though it was difficult. There is more than ample room on this Site to accommodate many more contributors, so donít give up.

    What I would like to suggest is that you write your stories using Microsoft Word or another word processor that includes a good checker for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Good stories are not good because of the story line only, but because they are easily readable, that is they do not have glaring errors. Use this 5 step process for writing; write the story, read it and make corrections, submit it to a spelling/grammar/punctuation checker and make corrections, read the story and make modifications, run the checker again and make the changes suggested. After these steps are complete, copy the story and paste it to the Web Site.

    Not only will this make your story very readable, but will also win you fans who will be looking for your next new story.

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    not bad lol ...
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    great story!!
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    it was ehh at best
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