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    Default Weekend with my father

    It was may 5th 2007 saturday my birthday!:D when i finally got to spend the weekend with my father.Whom i havent seen since i was about 4 years of age. My mother was hesistant about me spending time with my father seeing as how he was in prison for a number of years. But my mother seeing how badly i wanted to spend time with my biological father decided to let me go.I was so HAPPY! Everyboy needs a father figure in his life, all i had was my stepfather barry heindrick, who would beat me and tell me i was nothing from the age of 6 years and on. My mother karina hated watching me get beaten but she was afraid to leave him. As i sat on my front porch watching the cars go by i noticed a junky little brown car come rolling over the amos bridge.

    And as i watched the car get closer and closer to my house my heart started beating faster and faster wandering if my father was going to be accepting of me. I couldnt wait to see what my biological father looked like! My mother had kept no pictures of him for me to remember him by. His car door opened and out came the most beautiful man i had ever laid my eys upon. I said daddy is it you? He looked t me and started singing "happy birthday to you." "Happy birthday dear curtis." "Happy birthday to yoouuu." I almost started crying i was so happy i mean i was looking at my biological father in person the first time in 11 years.

    My mother said you take care of my boy chris (my father). He just smiled at her. He took my luggage and threw it in his trunk. i got in the passanger seat and he told me to buckle up for safety. I gladly obliged. We passed the vidox and we were going way out into the country about 30 minutes into the ride he started itching his private part he told me it really itched and he asked me if i could stick my hand in his pants and itch it because he was driving and he didnt want to wreck and spoil are whole weekend together.

    He told me i had scratched it too hard, and now it was hurting.
    He pulled his 8 inch thriving cock out of his jeans and asked me if i could massage it for him. I was kind of hesitant at first until he said come on curtis its fine im your ol dad and besides your mother already told me about your homosexuality. I was emberassed because i didnt want my father to know this about me yet. He said its fine cutie, your old man feels that way too. I looked up in amazement, you do? I asked happily. Ive held these feelings inside for too long! he said laughing. Ooh ow ow he said my dick is hurting really bad without thinking i grabbed it and started to stroke it i said is this alright dad? He said ooh yes curtis just like this if ya want you can put yur mouth on it. I moved in slowly scared and happy at the same time. I didnt know if my feelings for my father at this time were normal or not all i know is i enjoyed the taste of his cock.

    By the time we made it to his house he had already ejaculated into my mouth.It tasted kind of nasty, but it made me horny at the same time. We were at his house he grabbed my bags for me and said go on in doors should be unlocked. I ran into his house, it was the smallest house i had EVER seen! He threw my luggage in a small closet. i said dad where am i gonna sleep? He replies " with your old man." I was so excited, i thought maybe i would be able to do the things i did to him in the car. As soon s my father shut his door he said the rule in my house is you have to walk around naked. So i gladly took all my clothes off except my socks cause it was chilli in his house!

    We Celebrated my birthday ate cake and ice cream he "accidentally" got some icing on his dick and i asked if i could lick it off. He smiled and said only if i can lick yours off. I said dad theres none on mine, he q1uickly dipped his finger in my cake and rubbed the icing all over my dick. As i began cleaning the icing off of his dick with my mouth i felt my dick getting hard. My father said its my turn to clean you off now. He laid me down on his bed and started cleaning the icing off. I asked my father if we could do more he said wait til later itll be your birthday present i smiled. Thinking to myself best birthday present ever!

    One day passed and he worked all Day and night the last night i got to spend with him we laid in his bed the whole day and kissed and occassionaly would reach for each others dicks. It was around 11 pm and said dad i never got my present winking at him.
    He kissed me and said turn over . I did as he asked i spread my ass cheeks apart and started french kissing my ass. I grabbed the bedpost and started moaning. He said this might hurt a little. He Started to penetrate my tight little ass i said ow dad. He said im sorry it will feel good in a minute son i promise. 15 minutes passed and he was still fucking me it felt soo good i came like 3 times. He turned me over and came on my face. I swallowed as much of it a i could.
    He took me home and said ill see you next weekend right? I said YES! As i was walking up the steps of my porch i looked at my mom and said im going to dads every weekend!

    This was my first gay/incest experience. Tell me what you think me and my father are now contimplating getting married as soon as i get old enough.
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    your story is good. but gee you don't have to get married, you are his son you already have all the benefits. Besides it would be unlawful everywhere as incestuous marriage.
    A'in it harm none do what thou wilt.
    Andreamedis' forever!
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    Awesome we have the same bday
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    Ooh, kinky! I love these stories. Please, do post more! (Detailing a little better would be nice...=D)

    And I don't think you should get married, just stay real close. Like, live next to each other. xD
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    nice so you just had your b-day a few mounts ago right? what you do??? and how old are you???
    hope to hear more
    and hope you two live ok ^^
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    The fuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sexxiihottii View Post
    Ooh, kinky! I love these stories. Please, do post more! (Detailing a little better would be nice...=D)

    And I don't think you should get married, just stay real close. Like, live next to each other. xD
    yes kinky i liked it too daddy was so nice to him
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    What makes you story hot is the fact that you are fucking your dad and no one knows.
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