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Thread: Gay advice

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    Default Gay advice

    Hey XNXX, i am having mixed emotions right now. I had alot of girlfriends before and just today when i saw this naked guy i got really turned on. I dont know what to do or what i am. Gay? Bi? or what. if you give really good advice give a call.


    Fast please!
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    I would say that you are bi-curious. No big deal as just about everyone is at least once in their lives ... if they have the guts to admit it. All guys check out each other cocks especially in the gym showers/locker room. But to be honest with yourself is more important than anything anyone could tell you. Nothing wrong with experimenting either ... after all you might just be missing out on the best time of your life too. I know, because I'm bi-sexual & I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world. Hope this helps you. Later, kink-eeee
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    why would you post your phone number... ???
    Think MotherFucker Think.

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    EVERYONE MASSIVE PRANK PHONE CALLS> thats wat im gonna do to this fool
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