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    Exclamation me and my sister (True) ass hole lover. beastmaster

    this is not a story, its history. my writing will not be perfect, or in any great detail.

    I lost my virginity at the age of 6. now i did not know what was going on at the time. my sister would have been about 11. one day she snuck into our parents room and found all of their dirty movies. she watched one and decide to try out what she saw on me and my older brother who was 9.

    now we tried having "sex" for the rest of my life up till now even. I didn't dawn on me until i was about ten how good it felt. My sisters tight wet vagina sliding up and down my dick which at the age of ten was only about 5 inches. maybe a little less. but my god it felt so good.

    we would fuck for hours, i was old enough to cum yet so i could go all day. I guess i should give an example of one of the greates sessions we ever had. i was 12. my sister was in the mood so she grabbed me and put in a movie, then layed me on the living room floor. after awhile of me fucking her tight young pussy, which she had just shaved. i got on top and went crazy. thats when my brother wanted to join in. we had seen a couple videos about double stuffing so we tried it out and my sister loved it. i took her from behing, my brother in the front. i slid my cock into her tight ass hole. i took a little while but after i started going at it we all decied it was the greatest we had.

    Thats when my sister got the idea of brother on brother. she saw a movie my mom had about 2 guys fucking and she wanted me and my brother to do it. to start out she brought out this little vibrator my mom had. it was about 2 inches wide. she put some lube on it, told me to relax, then slid the tiny vibrator in my ass. at first it hurt. it didn't feel good at all. tyhe she turned it on and slowly slid it in and out of my virgin ass. soon she was going faster and faster and it really started to feel good. it was a warming sensation all throughout my body. then she brought a dildo, it was a double headed one so she worked one end into my ass then the other into her tight hairless pussy. we humped at it for a while then decide it was time.

    My brother got his dick hard, since he was older his dick was bigger. it was a nice 6 inches and pretty fat. i started off by sucking his dick for a few moments, the as soon as we were ready, i slowly sat down on his fat cock. once agaim it hurt a little, but after a little pushing it glided smothly in out of my freshly popped ass hole. it felt soo good to be fucked by my brither, then my sister joined on giving me a blow job which made the whole ordeal so much better.

    Now its sad to say we don'thave our sessions anymore, my sister is engaded, my brother enlisted. so all i can do is fuck my self with dildos and mastrubate. What i usually do is i start out with a 2 inch wide double ended dildo. The thing is about a foot long. ive gotten so good at it that i can take the whole dildo all the way in my ass. i sometimes but it in then get dressed and leave it me while i go out, it just feels really good inside me. after i warm up i bring out another double dildo, this one is wider and a little longer. i go to town with this for a while. i like to place it in the soap holder handle on my shower then ride it so its like im being fucked by a 1 and 1/2 foot dick. it feels magnificent sliding in and out of my not so very tight ass anymore. Then i get slow with then ram it all the way in. its hard to belive but i get almost the entire thing in me ass hole.

    Then i bring out the monster. This dildo is about 6 inches long, and about 5 inches wide. i sit on the thing and its a tight fit at first, but as i work my ass a little it starts to slide freely. its wonderfull, the feeling of my entire ass hole being filled. Now ive seen video about base ball bats so i tried this one day, and the feeling is wonderful too. a lond wooden shat all the way in my ass. i can take ituntil it hits my pelvis and wont go any deeper.

    I got tired of using dildos everyday, so i tried new creative ways to enjoy myself. the best one is by far my purebred great dane. this dog his huge. I decide that i was going to fuck him and he would fuck me. So I grabbed the ky, lubed up and slid it in. its truely fantastic. my dog loves it too. Then i let him mount me i started off by giving him a blow job where he decide to cum in my mouth. it tasted just ast good as my brothers. then he mounted me. he has about 8 inches of lean dog cock. not including the know. so when he finaly was able to get the knot inside me, i had about 10 inches in me, There are no words to describe the feeling of my dog going wild on my lose ass hole. I have come a long way since i was ten. Now im not gay as i still fuck my girl friend all the time. but doing these things makes it interesting as a 16 yr old. I think the most fun is when i fucking my girlfriend, and the dog is fucking me.

    Im not nessacarily pround of my self, but i love being happy, and this certainately makes me happy
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    10 year olds dont have 5 inch dicks idiot

    and your fucked in the head!!
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    Bye bye little brother!

    Nice story even though obviously exaggerated, but stories certainly can be.

    Too bad you said you were 16!
    A'in it harm none do what thou wilt.
    Andreamedis' forever!
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    I stop right after the brother and brother part. sister part is good!
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    yeah kinda lost me there
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auggiedad4u View Post
    yeah kinda lost me there
    He himself seems to be lost somewhere
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    Thumbs down Not so Good

    Always remember that spell check is there for you!!!
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