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    Default being caught by my sister-in-law

    my wife was at work and her sister fran was down visiting us. frans single, shes like one of the guys, i dont think she will ever get married. well anyways we were enjoying the sun on the deck in the back part of the house. we went out early and started drinking, so by one i had a buzz and fran well she was just gettin going. she likes to drink. she has big tits brown hair, tiny and a nice figure, like my wife but frans tits r way bigger. the only thing about fran is she has a very hairy pussy which i noticed by looking at her crotch as we were laying in the sun. the more beer she drank the wider her legs got and the more i started to feel my cock stir. we were talking as we laid there tanning. except talking wasnt the only thing i was doing, i kept looking at her pussy. you could see her mound of hair pushing against her swim suit. i could see the hair sticking out from the bikinni bottoms around the front by her legs. dont know if she knew i was looking but her legs kept getting wider and wider apart and soon the part covering her crotch was moving away from her body and i could see right in. how hot to see all that pussy hair covering her opening. my cock was throbbing and getting harder by the second. i couldnt believe that my sister-in-law fran was turning me on so much, her hairy pussy was so hot. i excused myself and entered the house through my bedroon which had a sliding glass door which lead to the deck. she looked at me covering her eyes and said hurry back. i dont know if she saw me adjust my cock as i got up and headed into the house. once in the house i pulled my shorts down and looked at fran through the blinds, i started stroking my cock. it was soooo hard and felt sooo good. i just kept thinking of her hairy hot pussy. i closed my eyes to picture her pussy and the next think i knew was fran had opened the door and was asking me what i was doing. i opened my eyes to see fran staring at my hand sliding up and down my cock. i started to cum, i couldnt stop stroking, i had to finsih, i was to far gone. fran said oh i see your cumming all over yourself. i tried to cover up when fran said no dont cover up that hairless cock of yours, i want to see it and i want you rub that cum all over it and then come out he and sit down, and if you dont do as i say i'll tell my sister. the back yard was very private so you could go outside naked if you wanted to. so i rubbed the cum all over my cock and balls and went outside with her. we sat on our towels so she could have a good look at my cock and of course i had an even better look at her hairy pussy. we talked for awhile until my cock was hard again. fran asked my why my cock was hard again, so i told her that she was doing it to me. i told her i was looking at her pussy and the hair was turning me on. she said she knew i was looking at her pussy and then had me stroke my cock for her again. shes never told my wife about this, i think thats because she likes watching me stroke my cock and rub my cum all over it.
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    Please, use paragraph.
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    ill remember that next time. just wanted to tell you about being caught by my sister-in-law.
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    Default good story

    Great story. I had a similar experience. My sister-in-law caught me jerking off. She had walked in on me watching a porn flick. So she sits down and says keep going, I'm going to watch this movie. I continue on till I came.
    Next thing you know she is touching herself all over. Before long she has a front row seat of me stroking my hard cock and I get a full view of her hairy pussy, not too mention her nice tits. That scene was repeated two more times during that visit.
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    wow that was a great one
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