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Thread: hot gang rape

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    Post hot gang rape

    I belong to a Tamil iyer family and my name is nadini. I came to the city after completing 9th to join the pre-university course from a small village in tamilnadu. I use to stay in my uncle's house and joined a reputed college in the city. The college was full of brilliant and rich family students. I was very eager to know all about sex. I often used to read books connected with sex stories and strangely I started to fantasize being raped by a group of boys. I was 5' 7" with 34d-24-32 size and long black hairs with highlights. It was a normal practice among the students to go out on the weekends with friends to the pubs situated away from the city. I still now remember, it was last week of college and spring break was next. All the students were wondering here and there in the lounge. I saw rajni; satish, giresh and malik were sitting on the steps near the college entrance and planning for a trip. Giresh, the college playboy, he was a secret pet of all the girls. With a smile he came near me and invited me to join them in the picnic trip. Happily I joined them and we left together. Satish was driving and in the front seat we kept all our eatables. I sat along with giresh, rajni and malik in the back seat. As the road was full of bumps and it was a hilly area. The three guys used to fall on me every now and then. I took it carelessly which gave them guts to start fiddling my body. In a turn malik fell on me and his mouth instantly went to my big boobs and rajni held me down by my thighs to keep me from falling. I was dreaming of making love with giresh and didn't care for their mischiefs. Soon we reached the hill which had a deep cave in it and a stream of water flowing in the cave. The hill was surrounded by a deep forest. We all took our luggage and entered the cave. After we went in, the boys wanted to take bath and invited me also to join them. I refused with shy and took a cover of a rock and began taking bath. Slowly a wave of fear went through my body for the first time as it was a lonely place and four young vigorous boys were with me. For the first time, I felt sorry for coming over here with these boys. With caution, I removed my clothes one by one leaving panties and bra on my body and began bathe. After the bath I covered my body with wet sari & blouse and left panties and bra on the nearby rock for drying. The boys have already opened the beer cans and handed one to me also. As it was chilling there, I sat near them and sipped the beer slowly. The boys have mixed whisky with the beer without my knowledge and I slowly got kick. Malik wanted to pass the can to satish and he bent over me to hand it over and he got a glimpse of my swollen nipples and the fragrance of my hot body. While passing some of the beer, it spilled on my breast. Satish as a joke, he wanted to lick the beer with his tongue. I got angry and slapped him on face.

    Rajni got up and came near me and pulled my sari away from my breast. I got trembling and instantly got up and tried to run out of the cave. By the time satish and malik were also trying to strip my sari off the body and I was resisting with full force. For god sake there was no other piece of cloth on my body except the sari and blouse and I was trying my level best to protect it. But how can I fight with four massive adolescent sex craving boys. They turned off my sari into pieces with a laugh. Malik torn of my blouse with buttons and rajni held my both hands from behind while malik planted his teeth on my puffy, burning, untouched breasts. Giresh held my thighs hard while satish was parting my legs. Oh god! I was fenced in!! With all of my force, I kicked on satish's face and planted my teeth on malik cheeks and ran out of the cave into forest. All the four boys were behind me like starving beasts and in no time, they got me. I was crying and pleading all of them not to do anything with me. Giresh held my both legs while satish and rajni held each of my hands and held me against a tree. Malik was biting my nipples and squeezing the boobs very hard. Giresh was fiddling my hard white thighs while satish and rajni were trying to byte my naval and part my cunt with his lips. Slowly giresh got up unzipping his pants and pulled out his hard, rigid nearly 10" manly rod and rubbed its tip on my hairy cunt. I screamed of hurting and horror, it made him further aroused and he began to push it through my pussy after parting the bush around. It felt like hot iron rod rush-through my veins and a loud shout came out of my mouth. He held me tight with his both hands and freed satish and rajni. By the time malik had stripped himself and inserted his 9" hot rod into my ass. But strangely instead of feeling pain a sort of happiness I felt. Meanwhile, rajni was sitting on the branch of the tree and his dick was exactly at my nose level, he caught hold of my hairs and pulled my mouth towards his dick and pushed it deep into my mouth. Satish gave a slap on my face and handed his 8" rod into my hands and ordered me to give a hand job. Oh god, these four bastards are screwing a virgin girl for the first time in her life. I got excited by the fact and began cooperating with them.

    Giresh and malik were stroking their cocks such that they both pull out and push in at the same time and I felt their cocks were touching my throat through my stomach. Really, I tell you all every girl must get this experience at least once in their life and rajni fucking my mouth deep, like mad bull. Satish took off his tool from my hands and managed to push it between the crack in my swollen breast and fucking it hardly like a dog. I felt very sorry that we could not take a snap of this scene. I started to scream madly, you bastards, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me fast. Come on, come on, you bastards, faster, faster, faster, I said. I bet all four of you can't extinguish my thirst. You son of bitch, giresh tear my pussy. You asshole, malik puncture my ass hole. Satish you baby, pierce your toy into my boobs. Not but not least you, bastard of bastards, rajini. Fuck my mouth. Deep, deeeep, deeeeeeeeper and deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper. Yeah like that. Oh god, yes, yes, yes. Pump it hard. All of them together exploded at the same time. I was dripping with their hot semen. It was like shower of hot cum. We all took a bath, packed up and ahead back.
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    great first post.
    -"Beauty demands degradation"
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    i want to rape ur holes too nadini
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    wow that was hot. can i add you?
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    wish i was there
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    I normally prefer multiple females one male but taht was awesome too.
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    Default Erotic story

    Hi nandini..
    Your story was gr8./.. Even i m from chennai.. THough i m a male i always wanted to be a woman and get gangraped like this
    If u have potency... show it to me.. show it to my ass
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    nice story nandini, hope u enjoyed the rape also...
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    Default Teachers Vengeance

    “I don’t have to do a fuckin’ thing you say, mother fucker! There’s not a fuckin’ thing you can do about it!” shouted Ashton. With that announcement she walked down the hall of the school as if she owned it, shaking her fourteen year old ass as if she owned the place.
    I smiled to myself. “Just wait,” I whispered softly. “We’ll see what we decide at the meeting tonight. The board will make a decision on you.”
    “The Board” doesn’t officially exist. You won’t find it mentioned in the school charter or in any yearbook, but it exists and makes it’s point when necessary. The board consists of only five members: myself and four other teachers. When we have a female student who is consistently disruptive and ruins any class she is a part of, we find it necessary for the board to take the matter in hand personally.
    Later that night we met in the darkness of the gym to discuss Ashton’s fate. We compared notes and agreed that this little bitch needed humbled. The next day would be a key day in her instruction in discipline.
    School went the next day as usual. Ashton was a complete ass throughout the whole day. She sat in my class, her skirt pulled up, and flashed her panties and sneered. I ignored her behavior and somehow made it through the class.
    After school, Ashton, left the school shaking her tight little ass not knowing the fate that awaited her. Coach Preston has the final hour free, so he was ready to spring our little trap.
    Ashton walked the same country road to her house. It was always the same routine. But this day there was going to be a break in her schedule. She walked down the street, earbuds in her ear, listening to her ipod. Coach lined the scope on her firm ass and pulled the trigger. The tranquilizing dart impacted her and she reacted with the proverbial squeal of pain. She pulled it out, but the dart had already injected her. She tried to run, but landed face down on the ground before she could go twenty feet. Clad only in his camouflage gear and mask, Coach walked over, covered her eyes with duct tape and neatly cuffed her hands behind her. Picking her up as if she were weightless, he carried her to his waiting cargo van. Before dumping her in the van, he allowed his hands to run over her smooth young thighs and ass. He smiled knowing that tonight was going to be memorable.
    Three hours later, Ashton came to in the cabin that we like to call “the retreat.” She was tied spread eagled on an old bed, her clothing removed and neatly folded on the table. The five of us stood around the bed, naked, looking as she awakened and tried to free herself.
    Her tits swayed back and forth as she struggled. Our cocks were already hard in anticipation of getting into her young fourteen year old cunt.
    We had already drawn lots for our respective turns. There was no hurry. It was a long weekend.
    I was the first. My hand touched her ankle. She screamed in horror. My hand slid up her leg towards her inner thigh.
    “Get the fuck away from me!” she shouted. “I’ll kill you.”
    I reached up, pinched her young pink nipple hard and twisted viciously. She screamed in agony.
    “Tonight you belong to all of us,” I rasped in my disguised voice. “We’re going to show you what a slut like you is made for.”
    With no warning, I plunged a finger in her dry pussy. It was so tight. But soon it warmed. She was going to be one of the best fucks we’d ever captured. Without hesitation I stretched out on her prone body, feeling her tits mashed against my chest. My cock rubbed against her wet pussy. She struggled to get loose, but her bonds were too strong. With no mercy I rammed my hard cock into her young cunt.
    “You’re no fuckin’ virgin,” I rasped. “I bet you’ve spread your legs to a lot of guys.” I continued the assault. “I bet your daddy was your first.”
    She gasped in horror. I knew I’d struck a nerve.
    “Mommy won’t fuck me no more,” I laughed as my cock filled her pussy again and again. “You’re gonna be my fuck doll not Ashton, darling.”
    Ashton sobbed as my hard shaft stretched out her tight cunt. I placed my hands on your tits and enjoyed their warmth.
    “Daddy loves your tits, Ashton,” I grunted. I sucked on the soft white mounds and was amazed at how hard her young nipples were getting. Her own juices now had lubricated her pussy and my cock moved quite easily. She was one juicy slut.
    “Daddy wants to cum in your pussy, Ashton,” I laughed. “Do you want daddy’s baby in your belly?”
    Ashton struggled in earnest to try and get away. “Don’t cum in me. I don’t let boys cum in me. Let me do you with my hand.”
    I placed my hands on her white soft shoulders, “You have no control here, slut. We are in control. We will do what we want, and you have no say in the matter.” To emphasize the point, I began thrusting harder into her, making her body shake with each powerful thrust. With a roar, I felt myself explode into her. Her young pussy filled with my hot cum.
    I rolled off her, not giving her a chance to even catch her breath. I shouted, “Next!” to Wilson the math teacher.
    Wilson was a quiet guy, but he had a mean streak in him. He took a ruler and began to lightly tap Ashton’s clit. She screamed and struggled to be free, but to no avail. He plunged two fingers into her slippery cunt and began pumping her. She gasped but soon her body began to respond to it. In amazement, she felt herself cumming.
    “Taste your own pussy, whore,” said Wilson as he wiped his hands over her lips. Wilson laughed as she tried to spit in his direction. Squeezing her tits together, he straddled her and began to viciously tit fuck her, enjoying her cries of pain when he pulled a little too hard. Before long he moaned, “Take my cum in your face, Ashton.”
    Globs of cum impacted her face and her mouth. She retched and tried to turn away, but her face looked as if she’d been eating an ice cream cone. We all laughed at the sight of it.
    “Why are you doing this to me?” she cried out in terror.
    Coach spoke gutturally to her, “It’s because you’re a foulmouthed little piece of shit. You act and talk like a slut, treat others like dirt, so we’re treating you just how you should be treated.”
    Roughly, Coach Preston undid her bonds and before she could move he had thrown her face down upon the bed. With a harsh laugh, he cuffed her hands above her to the bed frame.
    Her round ass jiggled nicely. He traced her crack with his finger. She tightened her soft ass anticipating what was going to happen to her.
    “You ever take a cock in your ass, slut?” he rasped.
    “Nooooooooo!” she screamed. “I don’t want that!”
    He slapped her ass hard. His huge hand left a big imprint. “No one cares what you want you little whore! It’s what we want”
    He stood, took lubricant and greased his huge cock. We smiled knowing what a fuss she was about to make. He positioned himself on her, the swollen head of his huge cock pressed against her tight asshole.
    With a shove, he impaled her tight ass. She screamed an inhuman scream. Coach pulled out only to make her gasp loudly as he filled her wounded ass again and again. He pounded her ass mercilessly. His body began to sweat and it ran down over her soft body.
    With a roar, he erupted deep in her bowel. He collapsed on top of her, spent and exhausted. His hands moving over every curve.
    It continued through the night. We took turns on every one of her holes, not caring about whether she enjoyed it or not. Finally, when none of us had the slightest desire to fuck the little bitch again, we shot her again at close range with another dart. Ee picked her up and carried her to the shower.
    With the greatest of care we washed her body, douched her pussy and tender ass several times, and dressed her in her own clothes. The night ended with us dropping her on a country road where she could awaken, walk to the main road, and call for help.
    There was quite a fuss made in the county about it, but there were no clues in the case. Ashton returned to school two weeks later. She looked the same, but there was something different about her.
    She had become very quiet and withdrawn. In class she would sit timid and afraid. It’s almost she knows that if she starts up again, we’ll have to repeat the entire ordeal.
    I almost hope she acts up again.
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