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Thread: Family Ties.

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    Default Family Ties.

    "Family Ties"

    A Dr. Love story.

    This story contains incest. If you don't like it, don't read it.

    It was July. The Midwest Summers can be killer. With the humidity the way it is, it's no big deal to have two or three weeks with nothing but 90 degree days.

    I was sitting at my table eating a bowl of cereal. My mother was buzzing around the room doing some last minute packing. Her and my dad were taking a trip to California with my Aunt Linda and her husband. I had already been there with them a few times didn't really like it. It just didn't feel right. So, I was gonna go upstate and spend the week with my cousins.

    Now, back in the day, my mom and a few of her sisters and brothers all got pregnant around the same time. They thought it'd be nice to watch their kids grow up together.

    I was the oldest of the bunch and only retained a close relationship with two of them. They were my aunt Lindas kids. They were twins; Steven and Stephanie. Aunt Linda and Uncle Paul thought it'd be cute to give their kids with similar names.

    18 years later, I sat at my table getting ready to make the familiar trip up to see them.

    "Alright, sweety. We've gotta head out. Stay out of trouble." Mom said to me.

    "Yup. No problem, mom." I said.

    "I talked to Linda this morning. She says Steve and Steph were excited to spend the week with you." she said.

    We lived closer to the airport and Linda and Paul were going to drive down to meet my parents there. I had to drive about 45 miles north to get to their farm.

    Mom and dad left and I heard the tires drag over the gravel. Alone at last. I sighed to myself.

    "Gonna be a good week." I said.

    I finished my cereal and grabbed my suitcase I'd packed the night before and loaded it in my truck. I locked my doors and I was off.

    The trip is pretty boring as you stay on one highway for 95% of it. Finally, I turned off onto some backroads and kept on truckin'.

    A few miles later, I saw their two story house sitting up on the hill. Man, they had some green, green grass. I pulled in their long driveway and stopped in front of their house.

    I hadn't seen my cousins since Christmas time. We'd all been pretty busy.

    I grabbed my suitcase and went up to the door. 1 Knock. 2 knocks.

    "Come in." I heard. It had to be Steve.

    I opened the door and got blast of A/C to the face. Woo. It felt great.

    On the inside, sitting on the couch bare-chested, flipping through channels was Steve.

    "Hey, Bret." He said.

    "What's up?" I said smiling. I moved over to him and gave him a hand shake.

    Even though he grew up on a farm, Steve could pass for an O.C. native. He was about 5'10, kinda shaggy blonde hair that had little curls in it, blue eyes (as we all had), White, white teeth, a great tan, and was super tone. I can't say he was ripped because he didn't have muscles bulging everywhere. He had a real six pack and some nicely shaped arms.

    "How ya been?" he asked.

    "Good. You?" I said, sitting down at the other end of the couch.

    "Eh. Can't complain, I suppose." he answered.

    "Steve! Is that Bret?" I heard a voice from upstairs call.

    "Who the fuck else would it be?" Steve answered.

    Down the stairs came a very attractive girl. She was about 5'6, 115 lbs, mid-shoulder blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tan, and white smile. Just like her brother.

    "Bret!" She yelled as she ran to me, giving me a hug. "I missed you!"

    "Ha. I bet." I said, trying to get over my shock of how attractive Steph had gotten.

    Steph was wearing a pair of black shorts and a pretty tight white shirt. I sat myself back down...just in case.

    Stephanie went on talking about all kinds of nonsense until she was interrupted by her phone. She answered and ran upstairs. Must be talking about boys.

    "Wow. She looks...uh...different." I said

    Steven laughed. "Yeah, I know what you mean, brother."

    Feeling awkward, I changed the subject.

    "So what do you do out here for fun?" I asked Steve.

    "You see it." he said.

    "Nah. For real." I asked.

    "Eh. Party a little here and there." He said.

    "Oh. You party?" I asked. I knew the answer. I was just messing around.

    "Yup. Fuckin' sucks with summer here. Everyone is always gone. I've been havin' to drink with Steph. It's boring as fuck." he said.

    "Well, fuck" I started, "You want someone to drink with, I'll be available tonight."

    "Sounds good." he said. "You, me, and Steph'll knock out a case tonight. Ha. She's gonna drink you under the table."

    "She drink a lot?" I asked.

    He gave me this weird smile.

    "Too much, sometimes." he said.

    Before I could follow up with a question, Steph came down in a black bikini.

    "It's too hot. I'm gonna go swim. You guys wanna come?" She asked.

    I couldn't answer her for the world. I was too awestruck by her smooth, tan body.

    "Uh, yeah. Be out there in a bit." Steve answered for me.

    Stephanie walked out the door.

    "Dude. Snap out of it." Steve laughed.

    "Huh? What're you talking about?" I said, trying to sound believable.

    "Ha. I wonder." Steve said. "Come on. Let's get you put in the room and get your trunks on."

    Steve led me down to the basement. Their basement was essentially a second living room. A couch, two chairs, fooseball table, and TV were the center of attention. On each end there was a door. Each led to a different bedroom, Steven or Stephanies.

    Steve brought me to his room and sat my suitcase down.

    "You remember your trunks?" He asked.

    "Yeah. I'm pretty sure I got 'em." I said.

    Steve went over to his dresser, opened a drawer, picked around and pulled out some white trunks.

    I opened my suitcase and shuffled through until I found my blue ones. I grabbed them, unfolded them, and looked up. Steve had slid his shorts down to his ankles and stepped out of them.

    I couldn't believe it. I knew we were close, both boys, etc. But I couldn't believe he was just standing there naked in front of me. It kind of made me hard in a weird way.

    To my surprise, Steve had no tan lines on his body. How he accomplished that, I could guess.

    Steve stepped into his shorts and pulled them up. The last glimpse I got was of a nice, thick flaccid cock. He had a nice shave job going on.

    Steve tied his strings and looked at me.

    "Well?" Steve asked.

    "I'm gettin' to it." I said.

    I took off my shirt laid it on the bed. I tried to bide some time so Steve didn't see my half-erection. Fearing I was starting to act weird, I just yanked my jeans and boxer off in one swoop.

    I took my time in getting my trunks ready to go, hoping that Steve would take a look.

    I glanced over in his mirror a little, and to my delight, Steves eyes were looking right at my shaved cock. I started to get hard, so I slipped my trunks on quickly.

    "Ready?" Steve asked me.

    "You go ahead." I said. "I gotta use the bathroom."

    Steve and Stephanie both had their own bathrooms. It was just more convenient that way.

    I walked in and sat on the toilet. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and took my cock into my hand. Out at the pond was my beautiful cousin in her black bikini. What a sight she was.

    I pounded my cock into submission remembering the way Steph had greeted me. Her firm tits pressed into my chest with out hug. God. What a girl.

    My cock was throbbing. I had to shoot one off or I'd surely have a boner the whole time we were swimming. Everyone knows what that's like.

    I quickened my pace and felt a tug at my balls. Here it came. What sweet relief. I shot multiple times into the air and leaned myself back.

    "Fuck..." I said.

    I cleaned myself off and opened the door to see Steve sitting on his bed laughing.

    "Jesus Christ. Are you gonna be ok this week?" He asked between laughs.

    "What are you talking about?" I asked. "I had to shit."

    "It's cool, dude. We've all done it." He said. "Come on. Steph probably thinks we're dead."

    We walked back out into the hot and made our way through the woods.

    "Look, dude." Steve started. "You can sleep in my bed or on the couch in the party room (This is what they caleld the open area with the TV, couch, etc.). But if you need some more private space, there's my bathroom or my room."

    "What do I need private room for?" I asked.

    Steve stopped and looked at me.

    "You gonna make me say it?" he asked.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." I lied.

    "Look, I know Stephs a fox. She's probably the hottest fucking girl I know and she's my sister. Apparently, you forgot I'm a teenager too. You think you're the first guy to bust a nut over Steph?" He said as he stared into my eyes.

    "What are you saying?" I asked...unsure of what he was getting at.

    "I'm saying that I know Steph is hott as fuck and I think of her when I beat off. That's what I mean by private room." he said.

    "Alright dude. Thanks..." I said. I felt so embarassed.

    We kept walking until we came to the pond. Steph was swimming around in the middle.

    "Jesus. What took you guys so long? Did you need a quickie?" She giggled.

    "Damn." I whispeded to Steve.

    "Let's just get in the water before something pops up." he said to me.

    We jumped in and immediately tag teamed on Steph. We threw her up in the air, tried to dunk her, splashed her...just about everything.

    Truth be told, we were just two horny teens groping a fine-ass girl.

    At one point, we were about belly button deep in water and Steph was trying to get away from me. Her hand came back and touched my bulging cock. I could have sworn that as quick as it happened, Steph had just squeezed my cock.

    I thought about it for the rest of the swim time trying to figure out if it was just an accident. Damn. Damn. Damn.

    Steph announced she'd had enough and got out to go back to the house. As she walked away from us, she slipped her fingers up the backside of her bikini and pulled the material out of her ass cheeks.

    Steve and I shot looks back and forth. Steph walked up the trail and out of sight.

    "Holy fuck I'm horny." Steve said.

    "Damn right." I said.

    "Ha. You've been here a few hours. I have to look at that everyday." he said.

    "I can't imagine..." I said.

    It was starting to get dark so Steve and I got out and took off down the trail as well.

    "So...Steph...she fuck?" I asked Steve. There was no more awkwardness between us.

    "Yeah, dude. 2-3 guys that I know of." He said.

    "I gotcha." I said.

    The rest of our walk consisted of telling stories of how we'd grabbed at Steph and how it made us feel. Damn we were horny.

    We got to the house and went downstairs. Stephs door was shut and her stereo was up pretty loud. Just as we got to Steves door, Steph popped out of her room.

    "Do we have any alcohol for tonight?" She asked.

    "Yeah. It's in the fridge." Steve said.

    "Yay!" Steph said as she hopped back into her room.

    Steve and I made our way into his room and he locked the door.

    "Alright. I wanna show you something. But you don't say a fucking word." He said.

    "Ok...?" I answered.

    Steve walked over to his dresser, took the top drawer completely out, and looked around the empty space. He reached his arm in and grabbed something. He pulled out a manilla envelope and sat it on my lap.

    "What is it?" I asked.

    "Just look." He said.

    I opened to folder staring back at me were a shit-load of pictures of Stephanie. I was amazed. Pictures of her from around what looked to be about 16 to the present.

    "How'd you get these?" I asked.

    "I told you." he said "Sometimes she just has too much to drink."

    I looked through the pictures and got so turned on. There were pictures of her in bathing suits, panties, bras, everything. God, Stephanie was hott.

    My huge erection was hidden safely beneath the folder. Steve, however, saw no need to hide his as his shorts started to point at me.

    I got more toward the bottom of the pile and saw a picture of what looked like Stephanie asleep...but she had no panties on and a cock in her mouth.

    "Who is this?" I asked.

    Steve laughed and pulled his shorts down.

    "Look familiar?" He asked.

    "Oh my God! This is you?" I asked him.

    "That's right. She'd never do it if she was sober. Alcohol makes people do some strange things." He said. "Well, once she was awake, but still pretty drunk, I got her to flash me and give me a hand job. She never remembered it, though."

    "Fuckin' lucky." I said.

    "I've got something else..." He said.

    He reached under his mattress and pulled out a CD in a white wrapper. He walked over to his TV and popped it in the DVD player.

    "This is new." He said.

    It started out in the bathroom with a close up on Steves face. His grin was huge and he gave the camera a thumbs up. His hands disappeared and you could tell the top of the camera was being nudged.

    He walked to the door and there was Steph.

    "What are you doing in here?" She asked.

    "I had to piss." Steve lied.

    "You have a bathroom." She said.

    "My toilets backed up." he explained and walked out.

    The video went on as Steph laid her pajamas down and messed with the sink-top radio.

    I looked over at Steve.

    "How did you...?" I asked.

    "Towels. Put it in some towels." he explained.

    I turned back to the movie. Steph was down to her bra and matching panties staring in the mirror.

    Steve got up, pulled his trunks off, and sat back down beside me. He was hard.

    "Hope you don't mind" he said. "but it's my room. If you don't wanna see, look away."

    Steve started to stroke himself as the video went on. He noticed I had a sizable erection in my trunks.

    "Fuckin' take 'em off." he instructed.

    I did as I was told. I leaned back on my elbows and slowly stroked myself watching Steph.

    With the radio on, Steph was dancing in front of the mirror to the music. Without breaking her song, she reached back and unlatched her bra. Her breasts bounced out. Next came her matching panties. God how I wish she'd turn toward the camera. It was only a profile view, but it was gorgeous.

    She turned the shower on and kept dancing. Finally, she got in the shower and pulled the curtain.

    "This part is shit." Steve said as he began to fast forward.

    It got to the part where the shower curtain opened. BINGO. Out stepped a soaking wet Steph.

    We leaned back together and quickened the pace of our pumps. Steph was just standing there, drying her hair.

    "Ah, fuck." Steve said. "This isn't working. Here..."

    Steve removed my hand from my cock and moved it to his. He then took his hand and grabbed mine.

    "This isn't gay if we're both thinking about Steph, right?" he asked.

    "I suppose not." I said with fake reassurance.

    Steve knew just how to grasp. It was perfect. I tried my best to as I slid my hand up and down his 6.5 incher. I could tell Steve was getting into it, and to be honest, so was I. We kept this up for a few more minutes as the video rolled.

    Finally, the screen went to back and neither of us had given up.

    "Fuck." Steve said. "I uh...I have one more idea..." he said.

    "What? I gotta get this fuckin' boner to go away." I said.

    "What if we...uh...what if we sucked each other?" he proposed.

    "Whatever we gotta do, dude." I said, excited.

    With that, Steve got down between my legs and looked up at me with his boner and his big, blue eyes.

    "Remember...not gay." he laughed.

    I winked at him and he closed his eyes, breathed deep, and took me into his mouth. Woo! What a cocksucker. He hummed as he ran his tongue over my shaft. It was beautiful. I picked up some of the pictures of Steph and tried to imagine it was her doing this to me. In a strange way, I was just as satisfied that it was Steve.

    I tried to hold back, but I was only so strong. Soon, my hand was pressed on the back of Steves head, and I was fucking his face as my balls erupted. Shot after shot hit the back of his throat.

    Steve stood up and spit.

    "Not too bad..." he said.

    He sat down on the bed. My turn. I leaned down and stroked his hard cock a few times. I stuck my tongue out and swirled it over the tip of his head. "Fuck it" I thought. I opened wide and took him in my mouth.

    "Jesus Christ..." he whispered.

    He was right. It wasn't too bad. I kinda liked it. I pumped him and pumped him as I sucked. It was actually pretty enjoyable.

    Soon enough, Steve was bucking his hips into my face and had ahold of my hair. Thats when I felt the hot shots nailing the back of my throat.

    "Shit. I'm cumming. I'm cumming!" he yelled.

    He didn't need to tell me. Half of it shot down my throat and the other half I managed to spit out. We laid there for a minute.

    "Well...we better get dressed and break open that beer." Steve said.

    "Yeah. Let's get on that." I said.

    Steve stood up and bent down to pick up his shorts. I couldn't help it. At that moment, all I wanted to do was walk over and take him from behind. What had gotten into me?

    Steve threw on a t shirt and pair of loose shorts. I slipped on some jeans and a t shirt.

    We walked out to the party room and opened the fridge. We each grabbed some beers and sat down.

    Steph came out of her room.

    "You guys ready? Yay!" she exclaimed. She ran over and got some beer of her own and sat down on the couch next to me.

    I started getting horny again right away knowing I had just seen this girl naked a few minutes before. But she was none the wiser.

    We sat there making small talk and drinking.

    A couple of hours passed and Steve and Steph were both on their way. I had paced myself because I had a plan. Like Steve said...sometimes she just drinks too much. I never let Steve onto my plan, so I had to act like I was feeling the effects as well.

    To make sure they'd be good and drunk, I kept rambling about how Steph was just a little kid that couldn't drink and then I'd go on about how Steph could drink Steve under the table. I turned it into a competition.

    Pretty soon, they were drinking way more than they could handle. They were both stumbling around and slurring their words. My plan was gonna work.

    A little bit later, Steve was falling asleep in his chair and announced he was going to bed. He'd had too much to drink.

    I stayed out on the couch and talked with Steph for awhile. To my surprise, she didn't seem so drunk.

    "Alright. Help me to my room, good sir." she said.

    I helped her up and she hung on me as we made our way to her room.

    "Here you go." I said.

    My plan was to wait until she passed out, and then go to work.

    "Wait. I need help getting into bed." she said.

    So I lifted her sheets, and walked her over.

    "No. I can't wear this." she said, pointing to her skirt and shirt.

    "Well...here. Let me help you." I said.

    I unzipped her skirt and slipped it down slow, bending my whole body. I let my face linger in front of her panty-clad pussy for a moment before coming up.

    I then hooked her shirt and pulled it over her head.

    "That better?" I asked.

    "You tell me..." she said. She leaned in and kissed me. Then, she started laughing.

    She crawled into bed and I got ready to leave.

    "Bret. Don't leave yet. Come lay with me for awhile. Just 'til I fall asleep." she begged.

    "Well...if I have to." I said, acting like I didn't want to.

    I laid down next to her and she turned to look right at me.

    "I've seen you looking at me, Bret." she said.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "I saw the way you kept staring at me all day...the way you and Steve were groping me." she said.

    "You're drunk." I tried to explain.

    "No. I'm not. I just let Steve think I am sometimes..." she said.

    I thought I knew what she meant...but I had to make sure.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "See...Steve thinks I'm drunk...then he gets courageous. He'll do all sorts of stuff with me when he thinks I'm passed out. He stuck his fucking dick in my mouth one time..." she said.

    The thought of the picture Steve had showed me came to mind...

    "...and another time he thought I was drunk, I gave him a handjob. Probably thinks I don't remember it." she said.

    "Why would you do that stuff?" I asked.

    "Steve is soooo cute!" She said. "God. I know he wants me but he just won't do anything unless he thinks I'm drunk...and I can't just be like "hey, brother, come fuck me", you know?"

    This was so weird. These siblings were obsessed with each other and didn't think the other knew about it.

    "You're good looking too, Bret. Good looks must run in this family." She said.

    "Ha. Thanks." I said. "So...let me get this straight...you're not drunk?"

    "Nope." she said. "But how about we pretend I am?"

    She leaned in and kissed me hard. I quickly sat up and took off my shirt. My hands were shaking as I reached to undo my jeans. Eventually, they came off. As did my boxers.

    I laid there naked next to Steph who was still wearing her undergarments...for now.

    She reached down and squeezed my shaft.

    "Oooh...I like it. It's thick like Steves." she smiled.

    I let her have a few tugs and then I stood up and removed the covers. I grabbed at her panties and yanked them down. I saw a perfectly shaved pussy. Just like the one from the video.

    I got my face close and attacked. I shoved my tongue in and out and in and out. I wanted to taste every sweet inch of cousin Stephanie.

    Stephanie let out littles gasps and tried to control her leg movements.

    "Oh fuck..." she said.

    I licked her a few more times and brought myself back up. She sat up and removed her bra. Boing, boing. Out they came.

    I lifted a leg on each of my shoulders and lined myself up. With one last look to Steph to be sure, I pushed slowly into her pussy. What a glove it was.

    I pumped in her slow the first times through...and then sped up.

    "Uh...uh...uh..." she moaned.

    "Oh, Steph...your pussy...amazing..." I said.

    "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..." she said.

    I kept ramming my hard shaft in and out of her.

    Finally, I released her legs and pulled her on top of me. I laid down on my back as she straddled my groin. She moved her hips back and forth nice and slow for awhile. Wow.

    I reached up and cupped her gorgeous breasts. She started bouncing up and down on my cock, slamming my balls down every time. I removed my hands from her breasts and brought them down to grasp her hips. I began my best to match her motions and pound her as hard as I could.

    Finally, I felt her pussy clamping down on my cock...my own balls beginning to tug. This was it!

    Steph let out a long, loud moan. I followed suit. Our juices released and mingled inside the walls of cousin Stephanies pussy. The hot wetness splashed over my cock.

    Our sweaty bodies were quickly being cooled by the A/C that was being blasted inside the house. Steph laid down on top of my chest, me still inside her. She kissed my neck a few times and wrapped her arms around me. Every so often, I'd feel her pussy clamp on my cock once more.

    "So..." I said, breaking the silence, "what do you wanna do tomorrow?"
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    i think i have an idea on what she might want to do. not the biggest fan of the bi part but meh. "Whatever we gotta do, dude." to quote him : P

    umm do another part, im thinking one of them if not both is bi atm. like i said, i vote on the second part so keep em cumming
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    good story
    but sorry not a fan of the bi stuff too
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    Fair warning. In an attempt to expand my writing...this story will feature a gay scene. Believe it or not, you can only write about doing so many things with a girl haha. Just going on a break from it for this part.

    However, I encourage you to check back for the third part of the story, which I should have up tomorrow, as Stephanie will be brought back into the mix.

    -Dr. Love.

    I eased my cock out of Stephanie and sat up. Stephanie sat on her knees and looked at me. I eyed her in the glow of her computer screen. I looked down her naked body to the small pool that was slowly emptying from her pussy. A small puddle of our love juices.

    "Well..." I said. "I better get to bed. You wore me out."

    "Yeah. I have that effect on people." She said.

    I reached my hand out and ran it down the length of her arm. I moved in closer and gave her a kiss.

    "I'll see ya in the morning." I said.

    "First thing." she answered.

    I slipped on my boxers and opened her door slowly and quietly. I peeked out the crack and saw that the party room was totally empty. The TV was still on and illuminated the room. I thought to just crash on the couch, but I needed a shower. The smell of sex was overwhelming.

    I made my way to Steves door. I tried to turn the door knob as slowly as possible, not wanting to make a sound.

    The door creeked open and the light from the TV lit Steves room. Steve was laying on his bed, flat on his back. Steve probably could have been mistaken for part of his bed, except he was so damn tan. Oh...and his cock was at full attention. Why was he naked? Did the alcohol really make him that hot? The house felt like it was freezing.

    He laid there motionless. He must be having one hell of a dream.

    I stared at Steves cock and remembered how I'd felt earlier after giving him sweet relief. I wanted to fuck Steve. Why? I couldn't tell ya. I'd never had gay thought. A serious one, that is. Why did these two attract me so much?

    What a circle we had going. Steve wanted to fuck Steph. Steph wanted to fuck Steve. I sucked Steves cock. Steves cock had been in Stephs mouth. My cock had been in Steves mouth. I fucked Steph. Gah...what a tangled web.

    My earlier plans of showering and hitting the couch were put on hold. I just couldn't resist. Steve was naked in his bed, passed out. I had to join him.

    Only being in my boxers, I quickly slipped them down around my ankles and stepped out of them. I crept over and got in bed next to Steve.

    He grunted a little and moved his head toward me. He opened his eyes.

    "God damn it." he said.

    I was totally surprised.

    "Huh?" I asked. Initially, I thought he was talking about me being naked next to him.

    "I fuckin' thought you were Steph." he said.

    "Why?" I asked.

    "I just figured she was coming in here to go on some drunken crying spree." he said. "Why do you think I'm naked? I wanted her to see me."

    "Oh...I gotcha..." I said.

    "So why the hell are you naked?" he asked me.

    "Well...I saw you and thought this was dress code." I laughed. Steve lauged too.

    "What's that smell?" he asked me.

    "I don't smell anything..." I lied.

    "Why the fuck do you smell like sex?" he asked.

    "Dude...I gotta tell you something..." I started.

    "Don't even tell me what I think you're gonna say." he said. He sounded irritated.

    "Steve...I fucked Steph." I said, ashamed.

    "No fucking way." he said. "Just...no fucking way."

    "I didn't mean for it to happen." I lied. "It just kinda...clicked. Maybe we had too much to drink."

    "Fuck, I drank more than you and I'm fine." he said.

    "What are you talking about? You were passing out earlier." I said.

    "Wrong, douche. That's how this works. If I act like I'm going to sleep, Steph goes in and passes out. Then, I'm free on the playground." he said.

    "Uh...Steve...I've really gotta tell you something..." I said.

    "Ah, Christ. What now?" He asked.

    "She...uh...she knows about what you do to her." I said.

    "You fucking told her?" He asked.

    "No, no, no. I mean...she's not really drunk...she says she just acts like it so you WILL do things. She told me a lot about you. She really wants you." I said.

    "Get the fuck out of here." he said.

    "I'm serious, Steve. She really wants you. She told me all about it. She said she just can't come out and tell you that." I said.

    "I don't believe this." He said.

    "I wouldn't lie..." I said.

    We sat there quiet for awhile.

    "So...you really fucked Steph, huh?" he asked.

    "Yeah, dude." I said.

    "Well...how was it?" he asked.

    "Like nothing I've ever had before." I said smiling. "Amazing."

    "God. So where'd you hide the condom?" he asked.

    "Uh..." I stuttered.

    "Don't tell me you...no condom at all? Whats wrong with you?" he asked.

    "I said...it wasn't even supposed to happen." I said.

    "So you get her to cum?" he asked.

    "Sure did." I said.

    "Godddd...I can't believe this thing got it." he said, smacking my cock. "Did you get a taste?"

    "Oh man...she is so, so sweet. Great for pussy eating." I said.

    Steve leaned over and put his face right by my cock. He inhaled deeply.

    "I smell pussy." he said. "and it's fucking Stephs."

    I detected a note of jealousy.

    He stuck his tongue out to taste his sister on me. The lick lead to a suck, which turned into a full blowjob almost.

    He brought his mouth up off of my cock, his lips making a 'smack' sound.

    "Well, she does taste good." he said with a grin.

    I glanced down and saw Steve was at full attention.

    Steve laid back and put his hands over his face.

    "My God...I can't believe you did that." He said.

    "Hey...she wants you, dude. You've got the greatest chance of all." I assured him.

    "I swear to God...if you're lying to me..." he said.

    "I'm not. I don't know how I can get you to believe me...but I'm serious." I said.

    "Fuck. I'm so damn horny." he said.

    Thanks to his half-blowjob, I was too.

    "Yeah. Me too." I said.

    "Shut up. You just had the hottest fucking girl I know." he said. "I can't fucking jerk off. I tried when I came in here earlier. I couldn't get off. I'm fed up with blowjobs. I've gotta fuck."

    A thought crossed my mind...

    "You know..." he said. "...you do owe me one for fucking Steph..."

    "Well, go in there and put one to her." I said.

    "No...not after you just did. I want her as fresh as possible. You, though...you and I could do something." he said.

    "....what?" I asked. My heart was racing.

    "You're gonna let me fuck you." he said. All his cards were on the table.

    "What? Hell no." I said. I actually wanted to. But I couldn't let him know that.

    "Come one. I'll let you fuck me. You get the brother/sister combo all in the same night. Who the fuck is gonna know?" He asked.

    "Are you fucking with me right now?" I asked.

    "No." He said. He was very serious.

    "Well...what the hell?" I said.

    "You want me to wear a condom?" He asked, reaching in his nightstand for a tube of lube he had for his jackoff sessions.

    "Fuck. I'm not gonna get pregnant." I laughed.

    I got on all fours and gripped the sheets tightly. What the hell was I doing?

    I heard a squirt sound. I felt the cold gel being rubbed on my hole. I heard another squirt and heard the squishing of Steve getting all lubed up.

    "Just relax..." Steve said.

    I took some deep breaths and allowed whatever was to happen, happen.

    I felt Steves cock push against my hole. I tried my best to relax, but believe it or not, it's not that easy.

    Steve slipped in slowly and let out some very audible grunts. Had Steve been recording this, it would have won some comedy awards. I can't imagine how awkward it looked with the smaller guy mounting the bigger one.

    "You're doing great." Steve assured me.

    Steve began pumping faster and faster. This was something like I'd never felt, but I also had the suspicion I couldn't say the same for Steve.

    "Oh fuck yes..." he said.

    Steves balls were slapping my ass with a nice rhythm. He was really into it. I looked down to see my own erection swaying with every slam of his hips.

    Steves hands had been resting on my back. They were now gripping my hips. Steve began to moan and a sudden jerk had him pulling me back, and slamming himself full force.

    "Ahhh....Ahhhhhhhh." He moaned.

    I felt hot liquid shooting inside of me. God, this was fucked up. The moaning and cum had me teetering on the edge myself.

    "Jesus Christ, Bret" he said. "you've got one fine ass."

    Steve pulled out and rested.

    "My turn, bitch." I said.

    Steve smiled and got into the 'go' position. I applied some lube and headed in the right direction.

    It was a tight fit. Not because I was huge, though.

    "Oh, damn." I said

    "Yeah. Take it home." he said.

    I worked myself in and out a few times, getting a feel of what was going on. I have to say that I did like it. Nice and tight.

    Every thrust sent a moan out of Steves mouth. I could only hope that Steph was sleeping soundly.

    As I continued pumping, I reached around and started pumping Steves cock. He was really into it.

    After I pumped him for a few minutes, his ass contracted on my cock and I felt hot liquid shooting out of my hand. That was it. Game over. I let out a long moan and my cock erupted inside of Steve.

    "Holy shit." I said, panting.

    "Fuck yeah." Steve said.

    I slipped out of Steve and watched my cum ooze from his tan ass.

    "That was great." I said.

    "Yeah. But I'm gonna fuckin' get Steph now. Just wait." he said.

    We laid in bed, still naked, letting the A/C cool us down.
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    still not a fan but its my obligation as a reader to judge it : P. seeing as how its gay and i dont want to base my rating on it, i wont count it for now. but! keep it up! different is okay
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    I love it! Hope you will be writing more to this story!
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    I woke up the next morning and saw that I was alone. It wasn't early by any means, but I'd assumed Steve would still be asleep next to me.

    I sat up on the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes. I stood and took a few steps. I figured after the night before, walking would be a little painful, but it didn't really bother me a bit.

    I opened Steves door and walked outside. I didn't even bother to put clothes on. Hell, I'd fucked both of them. Nothing they hadn't seen before.

    The party room was empty and there was still no trace of Steve. I went to go ask Steph if she knew where he'd run off to, but I had to stop just outside her door.

    "Mmmm. Oh my God!" I heard Steph say.

    Was I about to walk in on Steph pleasuring herself? Maybe she'd let me help. Oh God, I hope she lets me help.

    I opened her door as quietly and as little as possible. I was shocked.

    Steph was getting pleasure...just not from herself. She was leaned back, bracing herself with her arms, and riding a long, tan cock.

    I found Steve.

    "Steve...Steve...STEVE!" She screamed.

    Steve pulled his little sister (by 45 minutes) down on on his chest and wrapped his arms around her. He slammed his hips as hard as he could up into Stephs pussy and back down again.

    "Oh Steph..." he shouted.

    "Fuck me, Steve." She answered.

    Steve bent his head down and took a nipple into his mouth.

    "Ohhhh." Steph moaned.

    Steve grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up and down and up and down.

    "Oh shit. I'm cumming Steve!" Steph shouted.

    "Fuckin'...me too!" he yelled.

    The two tan bodies squirmed and shook as they reached their climax.

    Breathing hard, Steph leaned up and kissed her big brother passionately.

    "I love you, Steve." She said.

    "I love you too, sis." he said.

    They laid there for a moment and Steph said something about getting a shower. They stood and kissed some more.

    "Alright. I'll see you in a bit." Steve said.

    Shit. I was still watching. I ran over and sat on the couch. Steve walked out, still bare assed.

    "Hey." I said.

    "Hey, man. When'd you get up?" He asked, fearing he'd been caught.

    "Eh...a little bit ago." I said smiling. "I couldn't find you."

    "My room." Steve said.

    I followed Steve into his room and he shut the door.

    "Well...you were right." he said. "That's some sweet, sweet pussy."

    We laughed for a moment.

    "So how much did you hear?" he asked.

    "Not as much as I seen." I said.

    Steve laughed.

    "Fuckin' stalker." he said.

    "Dude...I'm not gonna lie. That was fucking hott." I said.

    "Yeah?" he asked.

    "Look!" I said, pointing at my erection.

    "Need me to take care of that?" Steve asked.

    "Nah. It's cool." I said. Steve looked somewhat disappointed.

    "So how'd you do it?" I asked.

    "Alright" Steve started. "I couldn't sleep for shit last night after you told me that Steph wanted me. I kept thinking about it and I was still so fucking horny. By the way...you don't wake up for blowjobs, ya fuck. Anyhow, you were still sleeping so I went out there to watch the tube. Steph was just coming downstairs in these panties and a tank top. I laid down on the couch and acted like I was asleep. She came over to me and was like "Steve. Wake up. Go to your room." I told her she wasn't my boss and she's like "Where are your clothes?" I told her to quit acting like she didn't like it. She told me she wasn't acting and she grabbed me by the cock. Grabbed me by the fucking cock! She pulled me into her room and that was that."

    "Damn, man." I said.

    "Yeah. She's a fuckin' animal." Steve said.

    Steve bowed his head and smiled. He was so proud of himself.

    "Ah, fuck." He said. "Great day, great day. By the way, she said you were a great fuck."

    "Well, she seemed to like you just as much." I said.

    Steve and I high fived and agreed we needed a shower.

    "Let's get one." he said.

    We walked in the bathroom and showered together. I wish I could say we did something sexual, but really, it was just a shower.

    We got out and dried off. Steve walked in his room and grabbed a pair of shorts.

    "Fuck it." he said. "The A/C feels good. Besides, everybody's already fucked each other. No surprises."

    I followed suit and Steve and I walked out and sat on the couch. We watched TV for a few minutes when Stephs door opened. Steph came walking out in the panties and tank top Steve had been talking about.

    She stood in front of us, our cocks saluting her.

    "What's going on, boys? Am I interrupting something?" She asked.

    "Nope." Steve answered.

    "Alright then." Steph smiled. She sat down between us.

    Steve and I looked at each other. He winked at me. He put his hand on her left thigh and squeezed. I did the same with her right.

    "Now, boys" she said, "Haven't you had enough?"

    "Not enough of you." Steve said.

    Steph smiled and stood up.

    "I know what you can do with a girl. But what you can you do with each other?" She asked.

    "Everything." I said.

    "Oh really? How about I watch you to jerk each other?" She said.

    Steve and I looked at each other and shrugged. We grabbed each others dicks and started stroking.

    "Mmm. Yummy." Steph said. "Now, why don't you go a little further?"

    Sure. Steve leaned over and sucked my cock for a few seconds. I leaned over and gave his a few sucks.

    "Anything else?" Steve asked.

    "Mmm. I'm hotttt." Steph said.

    She got down on her knees between us and grabbed a cock in each hand. She started pumping us slowly. Steve and I each grabbed a side of her tank top and yanked it off.

    Steph leaned down and took my cock into her mouth. Heaven. After a few minutes, she switched and took her brother into her mouth.

    Seizing the opportunity, I got down off the couch and started to pull down her panties. Finally, we were all naked. I reached down and fingered her. She was already wet. This was gonna be easy.

    I lifted my cousin onto the couch and lined myself up. I pushed against her pussy and entered with ease. I started pumping fast and furious. I was here to set the pace.

    Steph was moaning, causing Steves dick to vibrate in her mouth.

    "Oh shit." Steve said in ecstacy.

    After a few minutes, Steve and I switched positions. Steve penetrated her pussy, and her tongue lashed my cock.

    Steve had a crazed look in his eyes. It was understandable. How many gallons of cum had Steph caused him?

    Steve exited her pussy and started stroking himself. I laid myself down and Steph came up to me. She spread her legs over my head and I stuck my tongue in to tast our threesome.

    I felt like my dick was in an air tunnel. I looked down and saw I was now in Steves gentle mouth. Steph turned around and then it was Steve who was laying down. She straddled his crotch and planted herself down.

    I moved over a little and lined myself up for a different entry; the ass.

    My cock was already slippery and I figured, no problem. No problem was right.

    I slid in and started pumping. Steph was getting tag teamed.

    Steve and I got our thrusts in synch. We were pounding Steph like tomorrow would never come. Of course, by this time, we didn't care if it did or not.

    Like a pack of fire crackers, we all popped.

    "FUCK!" Yelled Steve.

    "Ohhhh!" Yelled Steph.

    "Shit..." I moaned.

    I exited Steph and laid back. I was exhauted.

    Steph laid on Steve and they began to kiss.

    "You know..." I said. "I really don't visit often enough."

    We all laughed and sat there, catching our breath.

    I think this concludes "Family Ties."
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    awwwwww dont conclude it. they could do so much more! 5/5 definitely
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    Changed my mind. Thought about it today.

    Another installment will be coming tonight.

    Don't know how many more for this series, though.
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    yay. i decided not to kill you. hopefully a lot more chapters
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    Ha. That makes it rough.

    Don't wanna do a whole lot on a story cause I don't wanna wear it out.

    Only so many times I can talk about pounding Stephs pussy.

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    I don't know how long this saga will continue. It was supposed to end until I thought this part up.

    Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Steve ran his hands up and down his sisters ass as she laid on top of him.

    These two looked hott just standing together. Watching Steves cock slowly slip out of his sisters slit...now that was out of this world.

    "We gonna party tonight, boys?" Steph asked as she sat up and ran her hands over her brothers toned chest.

    "All the beer's gone." Steve said.

    "No way!" Steph raised her voice.

    "Well, hell, we could have saved all of it if you'da just fuckin' told me you were only pretending to be drunk." Steve said, flashing a toothy smile.

    "Oh you mean like this? 'Oh Steve...I'm so horny. Please put your cock in my mouth while I'm "asleep"'." Steph joked.

    Steve reached up and pinched her nipple.

    "Yeah. Just like that." he said.

    I stood up and started walking to Steves room.

    "Where you goin'? Our party just started!" Steve shouted.

    "You guys wore me out. I'm gonna put some shorts on." I said.

    "Stevie..." Steph started, making a puppy face. "I really want some alcohol for tonight."

    "Well, Steph...that depends." Steve said.

    "On what?" Steph asked.

    "If I get some, you gonna fuck me like this again?" He asked.

    "Alcohol or no alcohol, big brother, we're gonna fuck like this." Steph said.

    She gave a smile to match her brothers and they kissed.

    "Alright, babe." Steve said. "Big brother to the rescue. I'll be back later. I'll go meet some friends and get one of them to buy some booze for tonight."

    Steph grinned and got up off of her brother. Steve stood and walked into his room with me. He shut his door.

    "Dude. This is the greatest thing ever." he said. I understood.

    "I know, man...I know." I said.

    "I just want you to know there's no jealousy. You can go and fuck Steph good whenever you want to while you're here. You've only got a week. I've got until whenever she decides to stop." He said.

    "How long you think it'll last?" I asked.

    "I dunno. I hope it's just the beginning of a long, long time." he said.

    Steve reached down and picked up some shorts and a tank top.

    "Alright, dude. I'll be back later." he said.

    "Alright. I'll see ya." I said.

    Steve grabbed his car keys and headed out his door, up the steps and out of the house. I liked Steve a lot, but the sound of the screen door slamming made me smile. Now it was just me and Steph.

    I laid down on Steves bed, neglecting to put my shorts on. The entire reason I came into the room in the first place.

    I thought back to how just a few minutes ago I was pumping my cock in and out of Stephs ass.

    My cock started to grow and I decided to bust a nut right there on Steves bed. He wouldn't care. We'd done so much more on these sheets.

    I laid there pumping, door wide open, nothing to fear. I was getting into it pretty good when Steph walked in.

    "Hey, mister. Put that thing away!" She said.

    "Why should I? It's your fault." I said.

    "Because I'll need it later!" she said. Steph was wearing a black bathing suit. "Guess where we're going."

    "Hm. I have no idea." I said, sarcastically.

    "Come on. Lets go swim!" she said.

    "I can't with this thing." I said, pointing at my stiff cock.

    "Ugh. Boys..." Steph said rolling her eyes.

    She made her way to the bed and got on all fours, facing me. She leaned down and ran her tongue across the tip of my cock. She stared into my eyes.

    Her hand grasped my shaft and she pumped with an up, down, side to side motion. She engulfed my cock and started sucking.

    After a few minutes, I was close. I felt my balls tug...I was about to...

    Steph pulled her mouth off and stood up. She grinned at me.

    "Oh my God." I said. She'd quit too soon! I didn't cum!

    "Ha. Now let's go swimming." She said.

    What a tease. My balls were throbbing. I wanted...I needed her so badly.

    Steph threw me some shorts. I slipped them on and grabbed some towels. I followed her out of the room, my cock pointing straight at her ass.

    We walked outside. Like a good smack to the face, the heat hit us hard. We made our way to the woods and got on the trail. Steph grabbed my hand.

    "So...you like it here?" she asked.

    "I love it here, Steph." I said.

    "Good. We've liked having you here. A lot." she said with a smile.

    "I can honestly say this wasn't what I expected." I said.

    Steph squeezed my hand tighter and we walked on. I kept looking behind her. Her ass had a bounce to it with every step. It was so tight inside of those bikini bottoms.

    "Like what you see?" She asked, giggling.

    "Love it." I said.

    "So you and Steve..." she said. "You guys getting along ok?"

    "Uh...yeah. Great." I said.

    "That's what I thought." she said.

    What did she mean?

    "I'm not gonna lie, Steve was everything I expected." She said.

    "Well, I'm glad you two are happy." I replied.

    There was a moment of silence.

    "I can't believe you fucked my ass." she said. It made me laugh.

    "Well, I found out it's not so bad." I said, remembering fucking Steve the previous night.

    "Yeah. I think you've done it before. God knows Steve has." She said.

    "Oh really? I didn't know Steve got around so much." I said.

    "Oh yeah. Not just with girls though. I know Steve is bisexual." She said.

    "Oh yeah?" I asked.

    "Yeah. I've watched him a few times. He'll bring one of his friends over and they just go into his room and have at it." She said. "Didn't you notice how well he sucked you?"

    "I just thought maybe he had a good teacher." I said, smacking her on the ass.

    "You didn't look too bad, either." She said. "You know, when I made you two suck each other. How'd you like that?"

    "I don't think it's that bad. But that wasn't my first time." I said.

    "Really?" She asked.

    "Yeah...wanna know the truth?" I asked.

    Steph nodded.

    "Right before I fucked you the first time, Steve and I sucked each other off." I said.

    "How come?" She asked.

    "You. We were both so damn horny. We tried jacking off, jacking each other off...everything. That's just what worked." I said.

    "Oh. Did he cum in your mouth? Did you cum in his?" She asked, interested.

    "Yes and yes." I said.

    "So is that the only thing you've ever done with a guy?" she asked.

    "Well...more truth. Last night...Steve and I...kinda fucked each other." I said.

    "Oh my God! Why?" she asked.

    "Cause I told Steve about me and you. He wanted to fuck. I felt like I owed him one. And I kinda wanted to try it." I said.

    "Did you like it?" She asked.

    "It wasn't bad." I said, honestly.

    "So. Looks like we've all fucked each other. haha! So which sibling do you prefer?" She asked.

    "Well...I can't suck your cock. But I can't fuck Steves pussy." I said. "I like you both."

    Steph smiled and we made our way to the pond.

    Steph got in first and walked out until the water was just under her tits, making it look like they were floating on water.

    "Come on, Bret. I'm lonely!" she said.

    I walked into the water. It felt great against the heat of my body. I waded out to Steph and she shoved some water in my direction.

    "You look beautiful." I said.

    "Awww...Bret!" She said. She came in close and I planted a kiss on her.

    "I'm gonna miss you so much." She said.

    She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest. I was gonna miss her too. But we still had plenty of time for goodbyes.

    There was no hiding it. My cock was growing against her body.

    "Looks like I started something I should finish, huh?" She asked.

    "Up to you." I said.

    With that, Steph eased back and fidgeted under the water. She brought her hands back up, clutching her bikini bottoms. She wadded them up and tossed them by the towels on the bank.

    "Take 'em off." She instructed. Who was I to argue?

    I undid the tie on my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprang to life.

    Underwater, Steph had a frim grasp on my aching cock. She brought her left leg up to my waist and I grabbed it. She pulled me in closer and we were connected. I was inside of Steph. She brought her right leg up and we were off.

    I eased my hands down and supported her ass. How I loved that ass. Steph wasn't heavy on her bed...or on the couch...but she was totally weightless in the water.

    I lifted her up and down slowly the first few times.

    "Come on, Bret. I wanna get done before Steve gets back and wants a turn." She said.

    I quickened my pace. I lifted her up, brought my hips back, shoved her down, and slammed my hips forward.

    "That's better." she said.

    My grip tightened on Stephs ass. With the surrounding water, Steph was gliding up and down my shaft like a machine. I had to admit, my cock was made for this pussy.

    I released Stephs legs and turned her around. I grabbed her hips and started slamming into her from behind. I was pounding hard. I can't imagine what it would have felt like without the resistance from the pond water.

    I had an idea. I'd pull my dick all the way out, move a floor up, and fuck her ass again. She didn't complain the first time. Here it goes.

    I slipped out quick, pushed my hips up and penetrated her ass.

    "I was waiting for that..." Steph said.

    Great! She liked it!

    I slid my hand down and inserted my middle finger into her pussy. It was like having another threesome without Steve even being there.

    I moved my finger around in search of her clit. Bingo! With my hard cock ramming her ass, my finger began it's assault.

    Steph began to moan. That was it. Game over.

    I pounded with all my power a few more times.

    "I'm cumming!" I said.

    My swollen cock spurt boiling cum into the ass of my younger cousin, Steph.

    My finger, working diligantly, paid off.

    "Oh shit!" Steph shouted.

    Her pussy clamped onto my finger. She was there.

    I pumped Stephs ass a few more times and pulled out.

    "Oh, you're good, mister." she said as she turned to face me.

    "It's all you, Steph." I said.

    Steph smiled at the compliment and kissed me.

    I pulled her close and put a hand on her back, using the other to snatch her legs up. I walked to the bank and carried Steph to the towels. I let her down.

    My cock, slowly deflating, swayed in the wind.

    "Fuck this." Steph said as she removed her top.

    Steph got down onto the towel and laid down. I joined her on my towel beside her.

    We laid there naked, staring into each others eyes. I ran my hand down her arm.

    She reached out and took my mostly flaccid cock into her hand.

    Slowly, my cock started twitching back to life...
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    excellent. if you dont know where this can go, try having one of their friends catch them in the act and ask to join. maybe one of steph's girlfriends or something
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    Interestingly enough, I had a very, very slightly similar plan...

    This is set in July...so county fairs are a big thing that time of the year...lots of people...

    Eh. You'll find out tonight.
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    haha sweet.
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    We laid there staring at each other for what felt like forever. Not because I was bored, but because I felt we were so connected.

    Steph kept her hand around my cock as the wind blew its warm air over our naked bodies. Her blue eyes seemed to be staring right into my soul.

    "So," I said, breaking the silence. "Who do you pick?"

    "Huh?" she asked.

    "On our way out here you asked me which sibling I preferred...what about you? Which one of us do you like better?" I asked.

    "Well..." Steph started. "Both of you."

    "Oh come on. You're just repeating me now. At least I gave you reasons." I said.

    "Well, let me finish." Steph said. "See, I've wanted to be with Steve for so long. When I finally got him it really was amazing. Like I said, everything I expected. It's just that now I've already had him."

    "That how you feel about me?" I asked.

    "That's different." she said. "You just make me feel different."

    "And how do I make you feel?" I asked, extending my hand out to tickle her pubic mound.

    "I dunno. I just feel comfortable with you. Safe, I guess." She said.

    "You should feel safe with Steve. He likes you a lot. He's been waiting a long time for you, Steph. He's finally got the best thing in his life." I said.

    "I know...and I love Steve. Ugh. I'm just so confused. I love Steve. I love him. He's a pretty good fuck, too. It kinda helps that he's so fucking cute. He's my brother, and that just makes it so much hotter for me. But there's just something I like about you..." she said.

    "There's quite a few things I like about you." I said, smiling.

    Steph flashed a toothy grin and laid back.

    "Oh, fuck." she sighed.

    "Well...ok." I said.

    Even though it wasn't a demand or a request, I climbed on top of Steph and started kissing her.

    "Not so fast, loverboy." Steph said. "We've got to be getting back. Steve should be getting home."

    Ugh. She put me off again.

    I helped Steph to her feet. She reached down and pulled her bikini bottoms up. I handed her the top, which she applied herself.

    "You gonna get dressed or just stand there and watch me?" she asked.

    "Fuck. Whats the point?" I said.

    With that, I held my towel and trunks in one hand, and Stephs soft palm in the other.

    We wound our way through the woods.

    "So what's up for tonight?" I asked.

    "I can think of one thing that will be..." Steph said, smiling.

    "Well, that's always for you." I replied.

    "Hm. I'll see if I can get some friends to meet us in town. That is, if you want." she said.

    "Whatever you wanna do, baby." I said.

    Steph and I came out of the woods and started walking toward the house. That's when Steve returned.

    Steve made his way down the drive and up to the house. He opened his door and looked at us, Steph in her bikini, me naked.

    "Christ. Can't fuckin' leave you two alone for a minute." he said, grabbing cases of beer from his back seat.

    "Shut up, Steve." Steph called out. "We need your help."

    "With what?" Steve asked.

    "We wanna go meet some friends in town." she said.

    "What do you need help with?" he asked.

    "Aren't you Mr. Popular?" Steph asked.

    "I'll see what I can do." He said.

    The three of us walked into the house and headed downstairs.

    "I smell like pond water." I said. "I'm getting a shower."

    "Why don't we save some water? I need one..." Steph said.

    Sounded good to me.

    "Wait, Steph. I, uh, I need help with some stuff." Steve said.

    "Help with what?" She asked.

    "Just follow me." Steve said.

    Well, fuck it. I still needed a shower. I walked in and pulled the curtain back. I stepped in and let the hot water wash over me. It felt great. I was still so tense. I could pretty much feel the pond water and dirt running off of my body.

    Finally feeling clean, I stepped out and dried off. I walked into Steves room and decided if we were going out, I should probably put some clothes on.

    I pulled on a t shirt, some jeans, my belt, socks and boots. I grabbed my hat and walked out into the party room. No one. I walked over to Stephs room and opened the door.

    On her bed, her legs were in the air. I could see the back of a red tank top and dark brown shorts that were sliding down Steves ass.

    "Oh Stevie!" Steph moaned.

    "Oh fuck, Steph. Oh fuck, Steph." Steve answered.

    "Fuck me. Fuck me. Don't stop."

    "Ahh. Ahhh. Fuck. I'm cumming, Steph. I'm cumming!" Steve shouted.

    Steph was right. She was confused. I saw her face. The girl that said she was almost bored with her brother looked like she could never love another.

    Steve eased back and pulled his slippery, tan cock out. He grabbed a tissue and wiped himself down. He stepped back and pulled his shorts to their natural position.

    "There. Get a shower and we'll head out." Steve said.

    Steve turned around and smiled at me. We walked out and sat on the couch. Steve pulled out his phone and let his numbers run rampant on the key pad.

    After a series of replies, Steve turned to me.

    "We're good to go for tonight." He said. "Few people are gonna meet us in town."

    "Sweet." I said.

    We sat there for a few minutes in relative silence. Steph exited her room wearing blue panties with a matching bra. In her hands were a pair of small white shorts and a black tank top. I loved those white shorts. You could see right through them. Maybe that was the point?

    Steve grabbed his keys.

    "Let's go." He said.

    We walked outside and were engulfed by the orange glow of the setting sun.

    "I'll just drive myself." I offered. "I gotta get gas, anyhow."

    "Alright. We'll take you to the gas station. Then just follow us." Steve instructed.

    Steve and Steph got in his car. I hopped in my truck and followed them down the drive and onto the gravel road. The drive gave me time to think about how happy I was to come up here.

    I noticed Steve had his turn signal on. I followed suit and we pulled into the gas station.

    I filled up and off we went.

    By now, it was pretty dark. I noticed we were heading toward a bunch of lights that seemed to be thrown out in the middle of nowhere. What the hell?

    We pulled up onto a grassy patch away from all the other cars. There were people everywhere down there. I looked out my window at all the concession stands. I saw Wranglers, Skoal, and Cowboy hats. We were at the county fair.

    I got out of my truck and walked up to Steve.

    "So this is it?" I asked.

    "This is what we do for fun." He said.

    Steph got out and walked to my side, making me the middle man. We latched arms and off we walked.

    "Where we goin'?" Steph asked.

    "'Sposed to meet 'em by the stage." Steve answered.

    We wound through the hordes of people as made our way to the stage. Steph through a hand up.

    "Amy! Amy!" She yelled. She dropped my arm and took off. Apparently they knew one another.

    Steve walked closer to me.

    "See that bitch?" He asked, meaning Amy.

    "Yeah." I said.

    "Forget about her. She's a fucking cunt. I tried to get that for a year and couldn't. Uptight bitch." He said.

    Amy didn't look like a bitch to me. She was a few inches shorter than I was, black hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a jean skirt and her tan legs disappeared into a pair of cowgirl boots. Her breasts pressed against her white blouse.

    She flashed a white smile to me as we approached.

    "Who's this?" Amy asked.

    "Oh. This is Bret." Steph said.

    "How ya doin'?" I asked.

    Amy whispered something to Steph and they started giggling. What was so funny?

    From behind Amy came a boy about our age. He had dyed his hair jet-black. His ears were pierced. His cargo shorts were ripped and his t shirt said "HAWK". This kid was a skater.

    "Hey, Jimmy!" Steve called.

    "Sup, dude?" Jimmy answered.

    Amy walked with Steph, talking in hushed tones. Were they talking about me?

    Jimmy and Steve disappeared somewhere else. Amy and Steph stopped cold and turned to me.

    "Hey, Bret. I gotta go meet some different people. Why don't you go with Amy?" Steph asked.

    "Sure, ok." I said.

    "Come on, pal." Amy said.

    I walked behind Amy, watching her ass shake in her little skirt.

    Amy and I walked on, discussing the small stuff. Where I was from, what I liked to do, etc.

    Amy and I sat down on a bench and continued talking.

    "So, how about a girlfriend?" She asked.

    "Nope. Don't have one." I said. "Any special boys in your life?"

    "Bleh. Boys." She said, smiling.

    "What do you mean? Steve said he was awful special to you." I said. I knew this would get her by the way Steve described her to me.

    "Don't even get me started with that ass." She said.

    "Whatever you say, babe." I said.

    Why did I call her babe?

    "Huh?" She asked me.

    "I said: Whatever you say, babe." I repeated.

    We were too close to the stage. The band came on and Amy scooted closer to me.

    "Lets go somewhere quiet." She whispered in my ear.

    "Where?" I asked.

    "Parking lot." She practically shouted.

    Amy and I stood and made our way out to the parking lot.

    "Where you parked?" She asked.

    I led her to my truck and we sat inside.

    "You look beautiful." I said.

    "Aww. Thanks, handsome." She said.

    "So whats up with Steve?" I asked.

    "He's just a fucking creep." Amy said. "He tries to get all touchy-feely and I'm just not having it. Now with him, anyway."

    "Well." I said, feeling some tension. "With who then?"

    Amy leaned in. I had to. We kissed.

    Amy brought her head back.

    "Whoa. Sorry." She said.

    "Don't be." I said.

    "Whoo. It's getting hot in here." She said. "Why don't we talk outside?"

    We got out. It was damn dark now. I walked around to her side. The side away from the festivites. The side blanketed extra dark against a tree line.

    Amy leaned against my truck, arms behind her back.

    "Ya know, I wasn't lying earlier." I said. "You do look beautiful. Really beautiful."

    I moved in closer. It was do or die time. I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

    Amy moved her head to me, closed her eyes and we met lips.

    Our tongues thrashed together for a few minutes. I broke from her lips and cradeled my face in her neck. I planted kisses strategically.

    "Oh Bret...that feels so good." She said.

    "You know what'll feel better?" I asked, muffled.

    I moved my hand up her thigh, under her skirt.

    "We can't! Not here!" She said.

    "Why not? Who's gonna see?" I asked.

    Amy bit her lip and looked around. There weren't any cars in our immediate range except for Steves. The hundreds of people walking around the fair grounds would never even notice. They had no idea we were there.

    "Come on." I pleaded. "Let's just do it."

    "Do you have a condom?" Amy asked.

    I opened the passenger door, dropped the glove box, and pulled one out. I had learned to always be prepared. Thanks Boy Scouts!

    I held it between my index and middle finger so she could see it.

    Amy bit her lip again. She looked at the condom and then at me.

    "Let's do it." She said.

    I removed my hand from up her skirt and undid my belt and my button. Amy grabbed my zipper and pulled it down. She grabbed the elastic of my boxers and pulled the waistband under my balls.

    She took me into her hand.

    "Mmm. Nice and smooth." She said.

    Amy gave me a few tugs to get my hard. I opened the condom and rolled it on.

    I got down onto my knees and ran my hands up Amys legs. I hooked my fingers around the top of her thin panties and slid them down. She stepped out of them and started to undo her skirt.

    "No need." I said. I'd always wanted to fuck a girl in a skirt.

    I lifted her skirt up. I wanted to see my prize. Staring back at me was another beautiful pussy. Unlike most I'd encountered, Amy kept a small strip of hair just above her slit.

    I brought my face to her crotch and inhaled deeply. I kissed her mound a few times.

    "Oh, Bret." She sighed.

    I stuck my tongue out and ran it just above her slit a few times. I decided I needed a taste test.

    My tongue dove into her pussy. I had to get her juices going. The little hair above her snatch tickled my nose a little.

    After I felt I had accomplished this phase, I got back to my feet. I turned Amy around and she held on to the bed of the truck.

    I lifted her jean skirt up inch by inch. God, was I ready.

    The skirt yanked up over her smooth ass and stared at me. I grabbed my cock and began to guide it. I ran my hand down her back, trying to loosen her up.

    My cock pressed against her outer lips and I heard a faint gasp as I pressed in. What a tight little cunt she had.

    I pushed my cock into her until my hips were pressed against her ass. I gyrated a little, moving my willy around inside of her.

    I pulled back and pushed in slowly again. I started to pick up my pace a little.

    "It's so good." Amy breathed, clutching my truck.

    I started slamming into Amys pussy with such force, I feared the fair-goers would hear the slap of my balls against her slit echo throughout the grounds.

    Keeping up such force took its toll on my legs. I backed Amy away from the truck and we got to our knees. Amy set her arms out for support.

    I continued fucking Amy from behind. Our breaths were quick and paced. I felt Amys pussy clamp down on me.

    I reached down and grabbed the heels of Amys boots. I lifted them a little, helping me pull.

    Finally, Amys muscles clamped down and wouldn't release. That was it.

    Amy let out a little scream and I moaned into the night.

    We collapsed onto the grass.

    "Damn." I said, yanking the condom off of my cock.

    "I have never..." Amy started.

    "I've got an idea." I said

    "What?" Amy asked.

    "Why don't you come spend the night tonight?" I offered.

    "Hm. I think I just might be able to." Amy said with a smile.

    We stood up and Amy pulled her skirt down. I buttoned, zipped, and reattached my belt.

    "What is that?" Amy asked.

    "What?" I said.

    "Listen." Amy said.

    I listened hard. Coming through the noise of the night, faint moans were audible.

    "Where's that coming from?" I asked.

    "I think from that car." Amy said, pointing at Steves car.

    We snuck up on the car. From a few feet away, we looked in the windows. Inside, Steve was on all fours in the backseat. He was the originator of the moans. Behind him, his good friend, the skater boy, Jimmy.

    "Haha. Oh. It's just Steve." Amy said, unsurprised.

    We walked back down the fair. Time to find Steph.
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    Amy and I made our way back into the light of the fair.

    "I've gotta pee." Amy told me.

    Not knowing the grounds, Amy led me to the restroom. Amy walked in and I sat on a bench outside.

    By chance, Steph came walking by.

    "Steph!" I called out.

    Steph walked over to me.

    "Hey, I think I'm gonna head back." I said.

    "Aw. Not having fun?" She asked.

    "I've had a great time." I said. "I'm just tired."

    "Alright. I'll find Steve and we'll head that way." She said.

    Steph walked away. Out came Amy.

    "Let's go." I said.

    Amy grabbed my hand and we walked back to my truck. I got in and got back out.

    "Whats wrong?" Amy asked.

    I walked around to the other side and scanned the ground. Found 'em. I scooped Amys panties off the ground and got back in.

    "Oh. Good thing we didn't leave those. Haha." Amy said.

    I offered them to her.

    "Keep 'em." She said. "I don't think I'll be needing them."

    Amy and I pulled out onto the path and left the grounds. I decided to strike up a conversation, because I really didn't know anything about this girl.

    I found out that Amy was 17. That didn't bother me. She told me she was never into sex, but she thought I had something special. Amy grabbed my hand and we hit the road.

    "That really was amazing, Bret." Amy said.

    "Thanks. I'm just glad you trust me." I said.

    "So how do you know Steve and Stephanie?" She asked.

    This was about to get awkward.

    "Well, we're cousins. I'm just up here for the week." I said.

    "Oh. I saw you two together and thought you might be something else." She said.

    If she only knew.

    "God. When we get there, I'm gonna fuck you so good." Amy said.

    What had gotten into this girl that Steve swore was an uptight bitch?

    "What are you gonna do?" I asked.

    "I'm gonna take off all my clothes, crawl into bed with you, suck you like a popsicle, and let you ride my pussy as hard as you want." She said. She was talking dirty.

    My cock began to grow in my jeans.

    "Oh man. I can't wait." I said, smiling.

    "Then we won't." She said.

    She ran her hand over the bulge in my crotch. She unzipped my pants and fumbled my cock out.

    "Someones ready." She said.

    I felt her hand around my shaft. I looked down as her mouth was slipping around my purple head.

    Amys head bobbed up and down as we headed down the road doing 55. What a lovely bunch of friends Steph had.

    Amy took her mouth from my cock and licked my balls. It sent a tingly sensation throughout my body. Suddenly, my whole testicle was inside her mouth being sucked.

    Good thing I had to concentrate so hard on driving, or I'd have blown it then.

    I found my turn onto the county road and took off like a bolt. I made my way down and turned into the drive way.

    "Let's go." I said.

    Amy lifted her head and we headed to the house. I led Amy downstairs to Steves room. We turned the light on and started kissing. I ran my hands down to the hem of her blouse. Amy began undoing buttons. Soon enough, the shirt was off. Without a bra, Amys bare tits swayed in front of me. She had perfect nipples.

    Amy helped me lift my shirt and removed my jeans. I was sitting on the bed naked before my boxers hit the floor.

    Amy stood in front of me and I pulled her skirt down over her hips. Her slit looked even better in all the light.

    I reached around and grabbed Amys waist, pulling her on top of me. I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I began to maneuver myself into position for penetration.

    "Wait! I have to pee again!" Amy said.

    Amy got off of me and headed for the bathroom. She shut the door.

    I laid on the bed, stroking myself. Caught up in the moment, I never heard anyone come downstairs.

    "Good news." I heard someone say from the doorway. "Steve just dropped me off. He's going with Jimmy."

    It was Steph.

    On her walk down, Steph had removed her tank top, bra, and white shorts.

    She walked over and climbed into bed with me.

    "Uh, Steph. I gotta tell you something." I stammered.

    "Just wait, Bret. I need you." She said.

    She climbed over me and straddled my face. She bent down and started to suck me.

    "Steph, there's something you need to know..." I tried again.

    "Jesus Christ, Bret, just shut up." she instructed.

    Just then, the bathroom door opened. Out walked naked Amy.

    Stephs eyes shifted. Her head came up slow, my cock slipping from her mouth.

    "Amy?" Steph said, shocked. "What are you doing here?"

    "What are you doing?" Amy asked. "I thought you two were cousins!"

    I hid my face behind Stephs snatch.

    "What are you doing here?" Steph asked again.

    "I'm here to fuck Bret." Amy said.

    "Well, that's what I'm doing." Steph said. "Come on."

    Amy hesitated. She didn't know what was going on.

    "Just come on." Steph persuaded.

    Slowly, Amy came closer.

    I ran my hands over the blue fabric covering Stephs ass. I leaned up and kissed where I knew Stephs snatch to be.

    Steph got off of me and stood at the side of the bed. Amy came closer to her.

    "I just..." Amy muttered.

    With that, Steph locked lips with her friend. Amy seemed to protest at first, but then went with it.

    Steph slid her hands down and tugged her panties down. This was pretty damn hott. I watched the girls tongues dance together. The broke their kiss and looked at me.

    Steph whispered something to Amy.

    "Alright." Amy agreed.

    Steph came onto the bed and straddle my crotch. She sat down. Like a glove.

    Amy came to my head and straddled my face. I closed my eyes. My cock in a nice pussy, my face buried in a new one.

    Steph rocked herself around on my shaft. I let my tongue loose and got another taste of Amys pussy. I brought my hands up and grabbed her hips bones. I pulled her down onto my face more and more.

    My tongue swiped around her outer lips a few strokes, up and down the length of her slit, in and out. I loved it.

    From the motion I was in, I could tell Steph was fucking me hard. My cock pulsed from the excitement.

    My tongue ran across a small nub. Bingo. I sucked it and sucked it.

    "Oh Christ." Amy heaved.

    Amy ran her hands down and grabbed my hair. I kept my lashing on her clit. Sooner than I'd hoped, Amy let out a long moan.

    Hot juices slid into my mouth and down the sides of my cheeks.

    Amy was panting, but kept grinding her pussy into my face.

    "Here." I heard Steph say.

    Amy lifted off of me, as did Steph. Steph came up to me and kissed me, covered with Amys juices. Steph then came up and planted her slit on my face, looking toward my cock, which was now firmly inside of a recovering Amy.

    Just coming off of her orgasm, Amy moved around very carefully.

    I shot my tongue out and was off again. I knew Stephs pussy pretty well. I knew what to do here. I searched for her clit. Got it. I sucked on it gently.

    Steph really did need me.

    "Ah. Lick my ass, Bret." Steph sighed.

    Why not? I was so damn horny.

    I ran my tongue up and licked her asshole. My cock had already been here twice. Why be shy?

    After a few passes, I brought myself back down to her pussy.

    Amy got off of me and laid at my side, fingering herself.

    I pushed Steph into the proper position. On her back.

    Steph raised her legs and I threw my cock deep inside of her. I pumped with all my pent up lust.

    I felt the muscles contract on my cock. Here it comes.

    I was wrong. Actually, I was the one set for blast off. I pumped a few more times and coated the inside of Steph. I brought myself up and straddled her stomach. I pushed her tits together and slid my cock in.

    I ran in and out of her chest, emptying my balls of it's last few shots.

    Amy moved in. Stephs pussy was dripping with my cum. Amy lowered her head and shot her tongue into Steph.

    Steph started bucking her hips. She made it.

    I collapsed into the middle of the bed...I was exhausted...
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    pretty good stuff here
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    yay. you went the way i suggested! also, cant believe i missed 2 chapters 0.o.
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    wow great story mate it could go on forever which may just be a good thing :P
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    Thumbs up

    family fucking is good.
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    Default First installment reply

    I haven't looked at the entire response to your story, but I wanted to comment on the first section, which held my interest very well. I started off the story thinking that Bret would score with Steph, so it was a surprise to see Steve and Bret get off on each other. I have had some experience with other men, but very limited. You portrayed the teen interests quite well.

    The detail and dialogue seemed to flow well. The Steph pic file was not unusual but I can't believe that Steve didn't realize she would be aware of his interest.

    The drinking scene seemed rather unusual - Steph is portrayed as svelt and very firm - her ability to hold her liquor would not have been that great. If she was keeping up with Steve I can't believe she would not have been drunk. (Were you to rewrite the scene, I'd make it that Steve was feeling drowsy and went to bed after a beer and that Steph was keeping up with him. Then Steph and Bret stay up longer and she make it clear that she wants to be available.)

    I say this while admiring your ability as an erotic writer.

    The gay scenes were well done, and quite believable for teens. I had some similar scenes at that age.

    I have trouble with incest between an adult and a child. An adult even an aunt, or uncle, need to be seen as able to make sound judgements. At the same time, growing up as an only child I often wondered what it would be like to have a sibling and what relationship might have developed. I don't think I would have made them a sex partner due to my upbringing, but it seems much less of a problem for me.

    I consider myself a dirty old man, interested in younger women, but I am expecting that the young woman has chosen to be a slut. I don't know if this is any more acceptable than the father/daughter relationship, but it feels more comfortable since I am not her parent.

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    I appreciate the detailed feedback. Really, feedback is the only good part to writing these stories.

    I tried to portray Steve as somewhat dimwitted. Not stupid. Just a typical apathetic teenager. Still being a teen, it's a lot easier to go back and realize that your actions were probably very obvious. But, when you're caught up in it, it's a lot harder.

    Steph out drinking Steve was just something that happened. The conversation earlier told Bret that Steph drank a lot. And upon entering Steves room in the next chapter, Bret realizes that Steve just needed to beat off. He thought Steph was drunk and was gonna go get her later.

    Looking back, the story might have been better had I made Bret and his cousins a year or two younger...but I wanted them all to be consenting adults.

    Once again, thank you.
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    Steph announced that she was tired and was gonna head to bed. I thought about trying to convice her to stay with us, but I decided to just let her do her own thing. She'd have stayed if she wanted.

    I turned and stared at Amys naked body next to mine. Her dark hair hung in her face. Her eyes were closed and her puckered lips curled into a smile.

    I moved to my side and ran my hand over her head. Amy opened her eyes ever so slightly.

    "Hey, you..." I said.

    Amy inhaled deeply.

    "Hey." She said.

    "How you feelin'?" I asked.

    "Really good right about now." Amy said with a smile.

    I ran my hand down and locked it into hers. Our hands fought in a playful manner.

    "You still look beautiful." I whispered.

    "Aren't you sweet?" Amy said.

    I leaned my head down and kissed Amys shoulder. The feel of her smooth body sent waves through my own. My cock began to twitch...

    "Again?" Amy asked as if she couldn't believe it.

    I had to laugh.

    "Well, I just can't get enough of you, Amy." I said.

    "Hmm. I suppose." she said.

    Amy and I laid on our sides, facing each other. I moved myself closer and she started to tug on my cock. I cupped her breasts and kissed her neck, gently.

    Her hand wrapped tight around my cock, pumping, Amy moaned as I squeezed her nipples. I lashed my tongue down her neck. This was one sweet girl.

    I placed my left hand on her right ass cheek. I slid my hand down and pulled her thigh up. I moved my hips in inch by inch until I was once again inside of my new toy.

    Amy draped her right leg over my waist. From here, I could pump all night long.

    Amy was much more comfortable with me than she had been at fair. That made all the difference. She was still hott and the lubrication was pre-applied.

    Amy and I continued kissing as I started bucking into her. I had to brush the dark hair from her face.

    Our eyes met. It was so powerful. We stared deep into each other, breathing hard, as I continued pumping into her sweet hole, faint grunts being whispered in my ear.

    I grabbed her ass tightly and shoved my face into her neck.

    Amy pushed herself up with her shoulder and sat on me. Even without her boots on, she was still my little cowgirl.

    I looked over my chest to Amys bald pussy...being attacked by my average cock.

    Her face contorted as she bounced up and down on my waist. Her breasts had a nice sway to them.

    I grabbed Amy by the hips and laid her on her side once more. I got on my knees and lifted her left leg. I was gonna take this pussy sideways.

    I had to support Amys leg as I pounded her.

    After a few minutes of this, I knew it wouldn't be long.

    I exited Amy and stayed on my knees. Amy got on her knees and came to me. Facing me, she slid on my cock. She looked like she was sitting on my lap. I grabbed each leg and held her up, her feet still somewhat supported by the mattress.

    It was perfect. She was able to bob herself up and down with her legs, and I was able to lift with my arms.

    Amy wrapped her arms around my neck tightly and moaned. I felt the familiar feel of her pussy constricting my cock.

    Her legs stopped assisting me. I had to do the lifting from here.

    "Oh God..." I said.

    After just a few lifts, I felt my cock erupt inside of Amy. My body tensed and squeezed Amy hard.

    "Shit!" I moaned.

    Covered with sweat and God knows what else, I laid Amy down on her back. I laid close to her.

    We fell asleep.
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    i finally sat down and read this and its actually preaty good. keep it up
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    Great story. Keep up the good work
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    awesome story its different very well written
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    the only reason i dont give feedback is because i dont see any problems with the story! its all good and there isnt anything i would chance other than longer sex scenes maybe with a little more detail.
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    great story keep writing
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    This is the third time in 24 hours I've sat down to write this part. The first time I blew my load and didn't feel like writing anymore so I just quit. The second time I was right in the middle when my power went out for a few minutes. Lets hope I get it done this time...
    The next morning, after a blowjob and a quickie, Amy left. As a keepsake to remember her by, she gave me her panties. What a gal.

    I tossed the panties on Steves bed and walked out into the party room, totally nude. Looked like I was alone.

    I walked over to Stephs door and turned the knob slowly. I opened to door and there she was. Steph was laying in bed on her stomach, asleep. Her blue sheet was pulled up so it rested just beneath her shoulder blades. From what I could tell, there were no signs of a bra.

    I crept over to her bedside, lifted her sheet, and crawled in next to her. Just as I thought. Not only was she without a bra, she wasn't wearing a thing. My favorite.

    I brushed her hair and kissed her cheek. She opened her eyes the way you do when you someone wakes you up before you're actually done sleeping.

    "Hey, tiger..." I said, softly.

    "Hey, you." She said.

    "Sleep well?" I asked.

    "Mhmm." She answered. "You?"

    "The sleep I got." I said, smiling.

    "Oh. Right. Amy. She's cute." she said. "What'd you guys do?"

    "Everything you can think of." I said.

    "Well, aren't you Mr. Lucky?" She said, teasing.

    "I'm feeling like it." I said, kissing her cheek again.

    "Is Stevie home?" she asked.

    "No. Not yet." I answered.

    "Too bad. I need some lovin'." She said with a smirk.

    "Oh. I've got your lovin'." I said.

    Steph turned to her side, giving me the greatest view of her naked body. I leaned in and we kissed hard. I cupped her perky breast in my hand and pinched her nipple.

    Steph worked her tongue all around my mouth. I broke the kiss and watched my hand run down her stomach and disappear into the lips of her pussy. She was hot.

    She reached out and wrapped her fingers around my throbbing shaft. She tugged and tugged as pre-cum oozed out of my cock.

    I ran my finger all around her pussy. I loved the way it felt.

    I pushed Steph onto her back and she started to giggle as she spread her legs wide. I placed a hand on the bed on each side of her head. I brought my hips down slowly so I could line up. I hit my target.

    I started out with my usual snail pace and worked my way up to a good speed.

    "Oh, Steph..." I moaned.

    "Ugh. I'm so happy to have you all to myself again." she said.

    I kept my hard shaft pumping in and out of her wet pussy.

    Finally, I brought my hands back and laid directly on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and I started kissing and sucking her neck.

    "Well, what the fuck am I missing?" Steve said. He was home.

    Steve walked from the party room into Stephs and just stood there.

    "Hey.......Steve......" I said between breaths.

    "Jesus Christ. Most people have the common decency to stop long enough to talk. But, no. Not you two fucks." he said, kidding.

    "Little...Busy...Stevie..." Steph called out.

    We didn't even stop for a second. Just because Steve was there didn't mean we had to. He just kinda stared at me as I rammed his sister.

    "Alright. Well, I'm going to bed." he announced as he walked out the door.

    It was morning, but him going to bed was understandable. He had been out all night doing God knows what with God knows who.

    I kept pumping Steph until I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock.

    "OH BRET!" She yelled.

    I pumped a few more times for good measure and brought myself out. I got on my knees and sat by her side. She reached up and grabbed my cock. I placed my hands on the back of my waist as she pumped.

    In no time at all, stream after stream of my load was pouring on her chest.

    She released my cock and ran a finger to one of the pools of my cum. She got a little on her finger, brought it to her mouth and sucked it off.

    I laid down next to her and we kissed. We laid there for a long time talking about life, Amy, us, Steve, etc.

    Steph told me I'd woke her up too soon and she wanted to go back to sleep. I was fine with that. I kissed her again and walked out of her room.

    I made the trip across the party room back to Steves. I opened the door and he was in bed. He wasn't sleeping. He was just laying there with his sheet pulled up to just below his pecs, hands behind his head, looking at the ceiling.

    "Hey." I said, walking in rubbing my cock.

    "What's up?" He asked.

    "Not a thing." I said, laying down on his bed. "How was your night?"

    "Eh." He answered. "Yours?"

    "It was pretty good." I said, smiling.

    "Yeah. Your morning didn't look too bad, either." He said.

    "What can I say?" I said, cockily.

    "I can't sleep for shit." he said. "I'm bored. Let's do somethin'."

    "What do you wanna do?" I asked.

    "I dunno." He said. "You're already naked."

    "Haha." I answered. I thought he was kidding.

    "You don't want to?" He asked.

    "Seriously?" I asked.

    "Yeah." He said. There was no kidding.

    "Well, I dunno. I mean, I just fucked Steph a little bit ago. I dunno if I can." I said.

    In reality, I wanted to. Steve was a good lookin' dude. It wasn't like we hadn't done it before.

    "What about now?" Steve asked.

    Steve lifted the sheet off of his body. He was totally naked, except for the fact that he was wearing Amys panties.

    It almost made me laugh. But in a way it was pretty sexy.

    Steve stood up and walked around, giving me full view of his body trapped inside of the panties. I just laid there looking at him.

    My faithful cock began to twitch back to life.

    Steve crawled back onto the bed and seductively made his way to my body. He straddled me and sat down on my cock. He leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back. I ran my hands down his hips.

    Steve broke the kiss and moved down to my nipples. He sucked each one and flicked them with his tongue.

    Steve turned around on me and leaned down to suck my cock. He sure was a talented lad.

    I started to buck my hips into him, but I didn't want to pop on a blowjob.

    With his ass in my face, I reached up and pulled the backs of the panties down. Steve sat up and helped me remove them.

    He turned so he was facing me once more. This time, as he sat down, he made sure I entered him.

    He ran his hands down my chest as he began to bounce on my cock. With each motion, his cock flopped up and down, smacking my stomach.

    I reached down and took his cock into my hand and started to pump it. Steve closed his eyes and bit his lip.

    I didn't feel like I had enough control so I sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. I wrapped my arms around Steves waist and helped him with his bouncing.

    "Ah. Fuck. Bret. So good." He mumbled.

    I wiggled my hips back and forth. Steve still had a nice, tight ass.

    After a bit of this, I had Steve get up so we could stand up. I got behind Steve and made him bend over. I entered him again and started pumping. I was in full control.

    My balls smacked his ass over and over as I let out small grunts.
    Steve was bent over but he had his back arched so his head was high. I ran my hand around to his front and grasped his cock. I started matching the pumps with the thrusts of my hips.

    Soon enough, I could hear Steve moan and felt hot liquid oozing down over my hand. Steve had came.

    I kept pumping with great force until I felt my balls tug and my cock erupt inside of Steve.

    I exited Steve and he crashed onto his bed. I laid next to him and we kissed some more.

    We both had our hands running over the others body, almost asleep, when Steph walked into the room, still naked.

    "Oh good! You're ready for me!" She yelled.

    Steve and I looked at each other.

    Why not?
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    i demand double penetration!
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heffer View Post
    i demand double penetration!
    look up mate its already in the story
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegame07 View Post
    "Oh good! You're ready for me!" She yelled.

    Steve and I looked at each other.

    Why not?
    does this mean a nother damm sexy part to the story
    I am the sex.......... My heart is already taken
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    People probably forgot all about this story...but I just wondered if anyone would be even remotely interested if I put up another chapter.

    I feel like I kind of got a little out of hand with it and made some bad creative decisions...but I think I could get it back on track to an extent.

    Anyhow...just let me know.
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    This is the first time I've attempted to write a story in about 5 months. As I doubt I'll be able to produce magic, please bear with me. I'm attempting to add on to an already-existing story to get my creative juices flowing. Thank you.

    Steph crept over to the bed which supported the bodies of her exhausted brother and equally exhausted cousin.

    We sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. Steph sat down between us and put a hand on each of our inside thighs.

    "So boys," Steph started, "what do you have in mind?"

    "Well, now...I a nap." I said with a smile.

    Even though it was still relatively early, it seemed that every minute just tore my body down. I'd been ramming my hips multiple times a day everyday since I'd been here. I was starting to tire out.

    "That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea." Steve admitted.

    "Oh, you boys." Steph said.

    I brushed Steph's hair from her shoulder and planted kisses on her neck.

    "Can't help it." I said. "You're wearing us out."

    Steph let out a little giggle.

    "I suppose. How about we all go to my room and take a nap?" Steph said.

    I wasn't stupid. If I went in there, I'd end up fucking someone.

    "No go, Steph." I said. "I need to get some REST."

    "What about you, Stevey?" Steph asked with a pouty face.

    "Well, you know, I could...but you'll appreciate it more if I make you wait." He said with his normal, toothy smile.

    "Fine then. You know where to find me." Steph said.

    She got up off the bed and walked out of Steve's room, bare ass swaying with each step.

    "Well, I think I'll get a shower." I said.

    "Want me to come with you?" asked Steve.

    "Not this time, Stevey." I said. "I need to save some energy."

    I walked into the bathroom and stepped in the shower. The hot water pelting my body was just the start of the full rejuvination my body so desparately needed. I stood under the shower head for a few minutes but could have stood there for hours.

    I wiped my previous night and my morning from my body. Shutting the water off, I felt something I hadn't felt since the first night I'd arrived here...clean.

    I got out of the shower and dried off. I even went to the trouble of putting some clothes on; shorts and shirt.

    I walked out of the bathroom back into Steve's room. Steve hadn't yet gotten the initiative to get dressed.

    "Damn. What'd you get dressed for? Haven't you been paying attention around here?" He said.

    "Figure I'd like to see how your furniture feels with my clothes on." I joked.

    "Alright, dude. I'mma get shower too." he said.

    I walked out of Steve's room and into the party room. I knew beyond the door at the other end of the room was Steph, still horny as ever. I was serious about needing some sleep, though. I laid down on the couch and turned the TV on.

    Soon enough, the sandman paid his visit and I was asleep. My dreams involved me looking at Amy but being unable to speak. Then out of nowhere, Steve showed up smiling making some weird signs with his hands. None of this made sense, but I was behind on quite a bit of sleep.

    When I woke up, the sun was just starting to fade. I wasn't sure exactly what time it was when I laid down, but it was almost 6 when I woke up. I know I'd taken a long nap, but I felt that I needed it.

    I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. The fact that I was still wearing my shorts was nothing short of a miracle. I couldn't believe that no one had taken advantage of me in my deep slumber.

    I was still the only occupant of the party room and saw no signs of anyone ever joining me. I stood and walked to Steve's room. The door was open but I couldn't find Steve. I had a strong hunch as to where he might be.

    I walked out of his room, across the party room, and opened Steph's door. Just as I thought.

    Laying on Steph's bed with one leg under the covers, looking happy as ever, was Steve...in all his naked glory. Steph lay beside him, turned on her side facing him, head resting on his extended arm, nude as the day she was born.

    "Nice to see you kept busy." I said.

    "Had to do something. Bored as fuck without ya." Steve said.

    "You guys just finish?" I asked.

    I only asked because Steve didn't have a raging hard on...which was usually a tell-tale sign that his sexual tension had been released.

    "It's been about, what...half hour? 45 minutes?" He asked.

    "I think. I don't really know." Steph replied.

    "I don't either. I know I could go again, though." Steve said.

    "But Stevey, you don't even have a boner!" Steph teased.

    "Well Jesus Christ, we'll fix that!" Steve yelled.

    Steve ran his hand down to his cock and began to tug it. After just a few moments, he was showing signs of a blossoming erection.

    "What the hell, Steve? I thought you were gonna make her wait for it." I joked.

    "Well, you know I was going to. But then I got bored so I gave her one. So I decided I'd make her wait. But I got bored and gave her another one. Hell, I just made her wait a half hour or so...I think that's long enough." He said, smiling.

    Steph took her hand and began running a finger slowly up and down Steve's lower stomach.

    "Come on, Bretty-boo." Steph said. "You need some, too."

    I agreed. I'd waited long enough. I was rested.

    I pulled my shirt and shorts off, and made my way to the side of the bed Steve wasn't jerking himself on. The side that held Steph.

    Steph turned to me. My fresh cock dangled by her face. She took the same finger she'd been running over Steve and used it to pet the length of my member.

    She lifted her head up and let her tongue dance out and contact the head of my favorite organ. I placed my hands on my lower back and thrust my hips out.

    Steph wrapper her hand around my still-dead shaft and began giving slow, meaningful tugs.

    I looked over at Steve who was now searching out a bottle of lube. Apparently, he was having trouble getting his soldier to stand at full attention.

    Steph sat up on the edge of the bed and spread her legs apart. She looked up at me as she continued to pull on my cock.

    I ran my hand through her hair as we stared into eachothers eyes. Steph brought her head down and inserted my ever-hardening cock into her mouth.

    She pushed my cock hard into the side of her mouth as her tongue washed the sides of my shaft. I continued to run my hand thorugh her hair as she started to bob her head back and forth on my pole.

    She sucked on just the head of my penis as she used her hand to glide up and down the rest of my cock. My legs were starting to feel like jelly.

    Steph grabbed my hips and started to pull me forward. I placed a knee on the bed as she laid down.

    I got my other knee up on the bed and maneuvered my way down her amazing body. She brought her legs up, bending them. I ran my hands up and down her calves before lowering my head to her lower stomach.

    I planted deep kisses everywhere my lips could reach. My mouth met her puffy pussy lips. I kissed each one, taking special care to suck them into my mouth while doing so.

    I moved up and began kissing just above her slit. Her legs squirmed as her hands reached out for something to grab.

    I spent the next few minutes running my tongue along her slit. Up and down. Up and down.

    I brought a hand up and used two fingers to slowly separate her pussy lips. I planted gentle kisses on the inside. I smelled the same sexy scent that had filled my world since I'd arrived.

    Pussy lips still apart, I moved my mouth in deeper, using my tongue to hit every nook and cranny I could find.

    Steph let out soft moans. That's like getting a standing ovation after a concert.

    As much as I enjoyed this, I noticed something funny. Something weird in the tast. Oh...that's it. I could taste...Steve. Due to my experience with both siblings, I knew their distinct tastes. There was no doubt that Steve had planted his flag here earlier.

    But I didn't let it stop me.

    I continued my tongue-lashing for several minutes. As Steph's back began to arch, sending her breasts pointing to the Heavens, I removed my tongue. Steph's body returned to Earth.

    I opened her legs a little wider and positioned my waist between them. I was already hard as a rock, but gave myself a few tugs for good measure.

    I gripped my cock and directed it towards the promised land. I teased her pussy, running the head up and down the length of her slit before giving a few false thrusts.

    Finally, I pushed my member deep into Steph. Her eyes shut as a smile spread across her face.

    I backed out and pushed in fairly slowly. I liked to start slow, no matter how wet she was.

    Steve had managed to get a half-ass boner and was on his knees, crawling to us. He straddled his sisters torso, back facing me. He bent over and got on all fours, his cock now in his sisters face.

    Steph opened wide and engulfed what she could of Steve's cock.

    With Steve bent over in front of me while I was fucking his sister, a few odd thoughts ran threw my mind.

    1. I wonder Steve keeps himself so trim. I was looking right at Steve's hole, the same hole I'd already become aquainted with on a few occasions, and noticed there wasn't the slightest hint of hair. I knew he liked to keep the area around his cock nice and smooth, but I did too. However, I didn't have the incredibly bald ass he had.

    2. During my entire stay so far, every sexual act with these two had been accomplished without the use of a condom. True, with Steve that wasn't a big deal. But with Steph it was different. What if she got pregnant? I'd blown load after load into Steph...and Steve had been doing the same. Remembering the conversation I had with Steve the first night I was here, about her fucking before us, put my mind somewhat at ease, assuming she was on some kind of birth control.

    No matter how appealing Steve's hole was, or how the thought of Steph getting pregnant rammed my mind, the sensation I was currently experiencing.

    I placed my hands, thumbs inward, on Steph's hips and began pupmping with an up and down motion. I was setting a good pace when I head Steve's cock slip out of Steph's mouth and she began to speak.

    "Let me on my knees." She said.

    I pulled out as Steve got off of his sister. Steph got on her knees, ass facing me, and gave a nod, signaling us to resume.

    On his knees, Steve placed his hands on his hips, presenting his now rock-hard cock to his sister. Steph resumed her sucking.

    I backed away just a little and used my hands to spread her cheeks wide. I rushed my face in and began licking her hole to hole. I moved my hands to her hips for extra support.

    Thoroughly satisfied, I moved back up and rammed my cock back in Steph's pussy. It was a great set up in that with each of my thrusts, her head would bob forward on Steve's cock. I was doing all the work here.

    Steph moved her one hand back and began rubbing her pussy as I fucked it.

    Not long after that, Steph removed Steve's cock from her mouth to inform us that she was cumming.

    This was probably news to Steve, but I could feel her pussy gripping my cock and the rush of hot fluid flooding our love canal.

    I wasn't done and wasn't going to pretend to be. I kept pumping, prolonging Steph's body-shaking orgasm. Steph managed to stay up on all fours, allowing Steve to slip underneath her, laying on his back.

    Steve had positioned himself so that Steph could freely access his cock, and he could freely access her pussy.

    As Steph took him into her mouth once more, he leaned his head up and started licking her. His tongue danced from her pussy to cock as I pumped. I could feel the roughness as I'd pump. He was getting both of us at once.

    I kept pumping. My cock was becoming ever more sensitive. I knew my climax was coming.

    Steph showed some signs of fatigue. Steve had stopped licking us and was now simply bouncing his hips up and down, face fucking his sister.

    Tired as she was, Steph was taking it like a champ.

    Steve reached out and clamped the sheets tight in each hand. He began slamming his hips in the air, the sound of his balls smacking was clearly audible.

    "OH, FUCK!" Steve yelled.

    He hurried and gripped his cock, stroking it furiously as several shots of white cum shot out with quite some force.

    Steve's veins were all bulging as his chest began to turn red.

    After his climax, Steve kept pumping, enjoying it to the last drop.

    I pulled Steph up to her knees, fucking her from behind. I grabbed a breast and squeezed. I kissed her neck and kept pumping feverishly.

    Steve laid there, exhausted, watching us.

    I felt my balls begin to tug. I started to make loud groans. I shoved my face down into Steph's neck and shut my eyes tight.

    Finally, hot streams of cum erupted from my cock into Steph's eager pussy. I felt as though I was filling it to capacity. I held her breast tight as I kept pumping, making sure I really got done in there.

    I released Steph and allowed her back onto all fours. I kept pumping slowly until I finally withdrew myself, my cock glistening.

    Steph lay on her stomach, breathing hard. I collapsed onto my back, brushing the sweat from my forehead.

    We all lay there in ecstacy for a few moments.

    "So...what now?" Steve said.

    "Well...I could use a nap." I said.

    We all laughed...
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    Very amazing story, it's well thought of. I love the way its not in paragraphs, so it doesn't tend to be busy, if you know what i mean. I love how you worked the character Amy into the story, and I can see Her and Bret getting together.

    Anyways, keep the story going... because I just found my new favorite story.
    im straight
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    I love this story....thank you...thank you
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    We all laid still, catching our breath. Our energy had faded with the sun. It was now dark out. Steve, as usual, was the first to speak.

    "So..." He began. "How are we gonna top this?"

    "Fuck, I don't know." Steph answered.

    "Me either. That was pretty great, though." I said.

    "You guys wanna hop in the shower?" Steve asked. "You know...just the three of us?"

    That sounded like a great idea...for a later time. We were all too exhausted to go into the shower together, knowing exactly what would happen. Hell, if any two of us were even in a room together, something was bound to happen.

    "I don't think so, Stevie." Steph answered.

    "What about a late swim?" He then proposed.

    "Honestly, I don't think I could make that walk right now." I said.

    "Well then what the hell?" Steve asked.

    Steve had slipped into this groove of getting sex from someone just about anytime he wanted it. It's pretty well documented that he wasn't exactly starving for sex before, but now that everyone was so open with each other, he was having withdraws.

    "I know!" Steph shouted. "Let's have a date night!"

    "A what?" Steve asked.

    "A date night!" Steph answered. "We'll all just chill out here and have a little date."

    "The three of us?" I asked.

    "Of course!" Steph answered. "It'll be so cute!"

    Only for Steph would I agree to something like this. She was too fucking cute when she really wanted something. The way she looked at me let me know I wasn't going to be getting out of this. I'd be spending the evening going on a 'date' with a hottie...and her brother...which didn't really bother me at all.

    "Well what the fuck?" Steve asked. "Are we getting lucky on this first date?"

    "I don't know." Steph answered. "Let's just do the date first. Meet upstairs in an hour."

    "Jesus...I guess." Steve answered.

    Steve crawled up off of the bed and walked out of Steph's room, cock swinging freely with each step.

    I sat up on the bed and began to follow him. Steph got up and started rifling through her drawers, picking out her attire for the evening.

    I made it to the door when I turned around.

    "Uh...Steph?" I said.

    Steph turned around in all her naked glory.

    "Yeah?" She asked.

    "I kinda wanted to ask you something." I said.

    "Anything, Bret." She said with a smile.

    "You uh...you're on some kind of birth control, right?" I asked, feeling sheepish.

    "Of course, silly!" she said with a giggle. "I don't want any kids yet."

    "Alright. I just wondered cause...you know...I've popped off quite a few loads in you." I said.

    "Oh, Bret...don't worry about it." She said. "Just keep popping them off with your mind at ease."

    "Alright." I said. "Just with me and Steve going at you so much...I just wanted to make sure you were safe."

    "Aww." she replied. "Thank you. Yes. Feel free."

    "Okay, Steph. See you in a little bit." I said.

    With that, Steph collected her clothes and entered her shower.

    With my mind at ease, I walked out of Stephs room, across the party room and into Steve's. I heard water running, so I knew where he was. I got into my bag and pulled out a simple outfit. Shorts and a shirt. I even picked up a pair of boxers.

    I sat there for a few minutes waiting on Steve to finish so I could use the shower. I heard the water stopped and realized that it probably wasn't a great idea for me to be in Steve's room when he came out of the shower. I knew he was ready to go again and I needed to get ready.

    I gathered my clothes and headed for his door.

    "Where you headed?" Steve asked, popping out of his bathroom, using a towel to dry his hair, his tan body glistening with water droplets.

    "I was gonna go upstairs to get a shower." I answered.

    "Fuck, dude, you coulda just came in there with me. No big deal." He said.

    "Eh, I didn't know where that might lead." I said, joking.

    "No shit, huh?" He laughed. "Well, come here a minute."

    What choice did I have? I walked with Steve into his bathroom.

    "What?" I asked.

    Steve reached down and began running his hand over the area above my cock. I knew it.

    "It's a date night, dude. Get that stubble out of there." He said.

    True, I took care of my region, but I was getting a little sand-papery.

    "Should feel like this." Steve said, grabbing my hand and rubbing it over the same are of his body.

    Smooth as ever.

    Now, in the back of my mind, I knew Steve was trying to get something started, but I blocked out that notion to pretend that he was just giving me some advice.

    Steve handed me a razor blade and a can of gel cream. I thanked him.

    "How do you get that, though?" I asked, motioning toward his bare ass.

    "Practice, son. The front isn't the only area that needs taken care of." He said. "Want me to do it for you?"

    Now I was positive where this would go.

    "Nah. I'm not too worried about it." I said.

    "Alright then. Well, have at it." He said.

    "I'm gonna use the shower upstairs. We'll all just meet up there together." I said.

    "Suit yourself." Steve said.

    I gathered my things again and exited the bathroom and Steve's room. From the other side, I could hear music blaring from Steph's room. I was excited to see what she would put together.

    I walked upstairs...a part of the house we'd really neglected during my stay. I made my way to the bathroom and started running some water for a bath. Showers were quicker, but I thought a nice soak would feel good.

    I hopped in my aunt and uncles tub and let my mind wander. What a great visit this had been.

    I tried to piece together just what Steph had in mind for date night. I had no idea. It could totally blow and only the hope of getting to bang her again would pull me through it.

    My relaxing, plus the hot water, mixed with the ever-present sexual tension was enough to make my cock begin to grow. I looked down at him and knew he was very happy with me recently.

    I declined a quick jerk session and instead decided to take Steve's advice for a quick trim. It was a relatively simple process, and in the end I was happy I did it. Nice and smooth again.

    I finished washing up and got out of the tub to dry off. I put on some deodorant and stared down at the boxers. It felt like it had been forever since I'd worn them. I never needed to. It was pointless here.

    I slid them on and covered them with my shorts. I pulled my shirt on and took long look in the mirror. How my life had changed.

    I went to the cabinet in the bathroom and snooped around my uncles different colognes. It was a date, afterall.

    I found one that suited me and sprayed a on my chest. Feeling adventurous, I pulled my shorts down and gave my pubic region a squirt.

    I opened the door and walked out into the living room. Pretty simple. A few chairs, a couch, tv.

    I plopped down on the couch and waited. My favorite cousins should be coming up soon.

    After a moment, I heard feet coming up the steps. I turned to see Steve entering the living room, wearing a combination similar to mine.

    Steve walked over and sat on the couch, leaving a little space between us.

    "I'm not gonna lie..." he said "we better get some out of this."

    "We can only hope." I said.

    "Well, even if she doesn't wanna do anything, we can still have some fun later." He said.

    "Fine with me." I said.

    It was strange to me how comfortable I was with Steve. I mean I had every reason to be, but before Steve, I really had no experience in same-sex relations.

    "Want me to blow you or something before Steph comes?" He asked.

    In reality, I really did.

    "Nah. I'm gonna save it for her." I said.

    "Fine, fine." He said. "Wanna blow me then?"

    Luckily, just after this offer, Steph entered the room, looking gorgeous.

    She was decked ou in a small, tan skirt with a pink top. Even though I'd seen every aspect of her, I was still floored.

    "Ready, boys?" She asked with a smile.

    "I suppose." Steve answered.

    "Of course." I said.

    Steph motioned us to the kitchen. She decided to make us a pizza. Bending over to put the pizza in the oven, out of ear shot, Steve had something important to tell me.

    "My cock is about to bust." He said.

    I had to laugh. That's what Steve was always good for.

    Steve and I were sitting at a table where Steph decided to join us. We tried to make small talk, like a real first date, until Steve chimed in.

    "So how long do we have to do this?" He asked.

    "As long as the date lasts." Steph answered.

    "Just tell me...am I getting laid tonight or what?" He asked.

    "Steve...take this seriously or leave." She answered, annoyed.

    "Well my bad." He said, crossing his arms.

    We continued our chat, discussing what everyone had been up to and what not. It was a strange setup. Most people go on the date BEFORE they start fucking like animals. In a way though, it wasn't too bad.

    Finally, the oven dinged, signaling the coming of the pizza. Steph fetched it and brought it to the table.

    I hadn't realized how hungry I was. I really hadn't been eating while I had been here. I never found the time.

    Steve spent most of the time playing with his pizza, sexual frustration getting the best of him.

    We finished and Steph motioned us back into the living room. She sat down on the couch and I sat to her right, Steve to her left.

    "Now what?" Steve questioned.

    "We're going to watch a movie." Steph answered.

    I was getting bored by this point, but I could tell it meant a lot to her. So I just stayed quiet. I didn't wanna piss her off the way Steve was.

    Steph turned the TV on and started some movie about a girl losing her true love after moving and spending her life trying to find him again.

    During the course of the movie, Steph had clasped a hand with one of Steve's and one of mine.

    I couldn't have been any less interested in the movie. But I was kind of enjoying myself at the same time just due to the company.

    I thought about making a move when I looked down. The light from the TV revealed that at some point Steph had relinquished Steve's hand. His hand was now firmly grasping the inside of his sisters thigh, above the skirt line.

    I also couldn't help but notice that Steve's shorts were mysteriously unbuttoned...and getting awfully tall.

    I could play this game too.

    I turned toward Steph and kissed her on the cheek. She looked at me and smiled. I leaned in and was rewarded with a great tongue-filled kiss.

    She then turned the Steve and gave him the same treatment. The fact that the room was so dark made this all very sexy to me. I really felt like I was on a first date with a girl I really liked...except that I had already had sex with her...and her brother was there...and was also kissing her...and I'd had sex with him too. Other than that, it was like a first date.

    Steve's hand began to repeatedly grip and rub Steph's thigh as his hand climbed further into the skirt.

    I heard Steph give a little moan and she bit her lip. I was guessing Steve's hand found it's mark.

    At this point, no one was watching the movie.

    I wasn't sure what to do, so I enjoyed the action going on beside me.

    Steve leaned in and pegged Steph's neck with very wet kisses.

    Steph turned her head and the two's lips met, continuing the motion. I released Steph's hand and she placed it on the side of Steve's head.

    They continued kissing very passionately. Steph eased her lower body off the couch a little and Steve's hand retreated, hauling off a pair of pink panties with it.

    Steve yanked Steph's skirt up a little more and placed his head between her thighs. I could hear his tongue slopping against his sisters obviously wet pussy.

    Steph grabbed a handful of Steves hair and gently pulled. Every so often, Steve would raise his head, replacing his tongue with his fingers and kiss Steph.

    I was rock hard from this scene and decided no one would object to me opening my shorts. I pulled my boxers down and let my cock have some air. I stroked it slowly.

    Steve kissed his sister as he pulled his shirt off his body. He quickly resumed fingering and kissing Steph.

    Steph started to lean back and laid her head on my thigh. Steve stood up and unzipped his shorts, yanking them to the floor and stepping out of them. Steve hadn't bothered to grab any boxers.

    Steve pulled Steph's skirt up to her waist, revealing to me her very wet pussy, shining in the TV.

    Steph's legs were elevated somewhat by the end armrest of the couch. That's where Steve decided to make entry. He leaned over the side, laid on Steph, and lined his cock up for Heaven.

    He pushed in slowly and sucked on Steph's tongue. I could see his shaggy blonde hair shaking feverishly as he moved his head around.

    Steph's arms clung to the the sides of her older (by 45 minutes) brother. Steve wasso tense as he dove his cock in and out of Steph.

    I was thinking to myself what a marvelous porno this would make.

    Stephs legs locked around the region of Steve's ass, pulling him in to her.

    I pulled my lower garments off completely, kicking them across the room.

    I rubbed my bulging cock against the top of Steph's head, through her hair, still pumping.

    I watched the excellent motion of Steve's hips. Up and out, down and in. Up and out, down and in.

    Steph couldn't even speak. There were uncomprehensible sounds coming from her that I couldn't place.

    Steve was having a little easier time.

    "Oh, fuck yeah. You fucking sexy thing." He said through clenched teeth.

    Steve stopped pumping and pulled Steph up to him, hugging her as he kissed her.

    He picked Steph up, never allowing his cock to withdraw, and sat down, Steph straddling him, facing him.

    He began thrusting his hips up and down, feeling his sisters shirt-trapped titties.

    Steph brought her hands down and pulled her shirt up. She'd even worn a bra. Both were quickly discarded and she was now down to just her skirt.

    Steve leaned up and took a nipple into his mouth.

    Every so often, he'd pull Steph close and really ram her for a few seconds, before releasing her for a more casual style.

    He placed his hands on her hips slammed her down onto his cock with great force, driving himself as deeply as possible.

    Steph's head hung in ecstacy. Her eyes closed, but mouth wide open.

    Steve shifted his position. He was now laying on the couch, Steph on top of him.

    Steph rocked her hips back and forth, pleasing Steve tremendously. She bent down to kiss Steve and he locked his hands around her back.

    This was my chance.

    I moved to the other end of the couch, behind Steph. My cock had been oozing precum for several minutes and I was pretty slick.

    I pushed my cock against her welcoming asshole. With some fair resistance, I eased my way in. I removed my shirt and started pumping.

    I could almost feel Steve's thick cock rubbing against mine just one floor lower.

    I'd been watching these two fuck for quite awhile before I decided to join. Steph's tight ass was so welcoming. I heard all the moans radiating in the room and felt all of the body heat. I had been pumping myself all along, so it was really no surprise when my balls began to tug and I shot a few streams of fire liquid into Stephs ass.

    Steph could obviously feel this as she began to moan.

    I pulled my cock out and rubbed it between Steph's ass cheeks. Letting off a few more streams onto her back and bunched up skirt.

    Not long after this, Steph let out a tell-tale moan that she had climaxed. I laid down on the floor.

    Steve still pumped feverishly into Steph. All at once, he wrapped his arms very tightly around Steph and was slamming his hips upwards.

    "Oh, God...Oh, God..." he managed to get out.

    With that, Steve let out a long moan, his pumping slowly fading.

    Steve's breathing sounded like a winded football player.

    "Wooo..." he managed to say.

    I laid on the floor thinking to myself...what a great date this had been.
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    Dude this story has so many twists and turns. I skimmed through the boy-boy scenes rather quickly. I've seen gay sex at parties and it isn't my scene. Not knocking you though. The straight scenes were top notch! :D
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