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    Default Naruto: Rebirth of the Uzumaki Clan

    Tags: mff, ff, anal

    Prologue: It has been months since the Invasion of Pain which physically destroyed all of Konoha and left it nothing but a canyon surrounded by a wall. Konoha has a new Hokage now, after much debate it was chosen to be Hatake Kakashi, apprentice to the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato. The hero of the village, Uzumaki Naruto, son of the Fourth Hokage, was currently balancing two girlfriends while working out his peace plan and being groomed to be the seventh Hokage...

    Chapter 1: Choices
    Naruto's new apartment
    A trio of moans was filling the halls of the spacious apartment that Uzumaki Naruto owned. Two female voices and a male. The sound of bed springs was also heard. Inside Naruto's room, he was on his back...and Haruno Sakura was on his face and Hyuga Hinata was on his waist.

    Hinata was rapidly bouncing on Naruto's cock, her pussy leaking juices onto his waist as she pressed her large breasts into Sakura's. Naruto was licking Sakura's sweet pussy as Hinata and Sakura began to kiss passionately on top of him.

    After Hinata's confession to Naruto, they had started dating about three weeks after the attack. Sakura joined them two weeks later, since Hinata was willing to share and that they both loved Naruto. Sakura had given up on Sasuke ever returning after the fact that he beat Orochimaru and Itachi and never came back.

    In the apartment, there was basically a 'no clothing' rule. This was due to the amount of love making the trio of lovers made. Right after the door was closed, the clothes went off. This rule was only known to Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura, as well as Ino, Shikamaru, Temari, Shiho, and Choji.

    Sakura and Hinata broke their kiss and Sakura leaned down and began to suck on Hinata's nipples. "Sakura-chan...oh god...keep licking there!"

    Sakura grinned. "Yes, my Hinata-chan..." Sakura said and she licked and sucked on Hinata's nipples. Hinata moaned loudly, and began to bounce faster on Naruto's cock.

    Naruto groaned. "Your pussy is always so wet and tight...Hinata-chan!"

    "And how about my pussy then, Naruto...?" Sakura whispered teasingly, yet threateningly and she ground it on his mouth.

    "As sweet and as warm as ever," Naruto said quickly, slurping her sweet pussy.

    Sakura moaned and Hinata leaned back. "S-Sakura-chan...its not nice to...tease Naruto-kun..."

    Sakura grinned, leaning up and kissing Hinata on the lips. "But thats what you love about me..."

    Hinata moaned into the kiss and smiled. "That's...true..."

    Hinata's body then tensed and she gasped. "I'm...I'm cumming!" she cried out and her pussy clamped down on Naruto's cock, its sweet juices washing over his waist.

    "I'm...cumming...!" Sakura cried out, her pussy tensing up around Naruto's tongue and her juices, and he eagerly drank it up.

    And then Naruto himself shot his cum into Hinata's pussy, and Hinata gasped, feeling as three burst of his cum shot into her. The Hyuga gave a shuddering moan, feeling his cum flood her womb.

    Sakura then pressed Hinata to the bed, and positioned her pussy over Hinata's. She leaned down, and kissed Sakura passionately, slamming their pussies together.

    "While...Hinata-chan and I...trib...Naruto...fuck my ass..." Sakura ordered, and she kissed Hinata passionately.

    Naruto grinned, stroking himself back to hardness, and he pressed his cock into Sakura's ass. He began to slowly thrust into her and all three of them moaned. His two girlfriends kissed passionately, their breasts mashing together.

    "Oh...fuck...!" Sakura moaned, her clit pressing against Hinata's and they kissed harder.

    Hinata gasped. "Sakura-chan...like that...faster!"

    Naruto grinned and began to kiss Sakura's neck as he started to thrust faster and faster into Sakura's ass. Sakura pressed her pussy quicker and harder onto Hinata's pussy, and she captured Hinata's lips with her own. They broke the kiss, and Naruto leaned down and kissed Hinata passionately, and then kissed Sakura when she leaned her head back.

    He groaned, feeling Sakura's ass squeeze onto his cock. He placed his hands on Hinata's and Sakura's breasts, and began to squeeze them. And then...Sakura's ass clenched down on Naruto's cock, and he groaned. Her pussy exploded onto Hinata's, and Naruto shot his cum into her just as Hinata came. All three of them cried out in pleasure as they fell forward, gasping in pleasure.

    Later on, all three of them were laying together on the bed. Naruto was in the middle as Hinata and Sakura curled up around him. He kissed them gently on the lips, and they kissed each other.

    "Hinata-chan...Sakura-chan..." he grinned, his hands tracing up their smooth backs. "I love both of you...deeply...Sakura...you were my first crush...and Hinata...you've always been there to support me..."

    "We love you too...Naruto-kun, but where is this going?" Hinata asked as her hand traced Sakura's breast.

    "I want...to marry both of you."

    Hinata and Sakura's eyes widened. "Y-You do...?" they both asked, looking at him.

    "Yeah..." he reached over to the bedstand, taking out two boxes. "Bought these last week..." he opened the boxes. There were two diamond rings in there. "Hinata-chan...Sakura-chan...will you marry me?"

    Hinata sucked in her breath. "Yes!"

    Sakura grinned. "Of course!"

    Naruto grinned and slipped the rings onto their fingers. They kissed again. "You two have made me the happiest man on earth..."

    To be continued...
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    Any thoughts?
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    having watched some of the earlier episodes, i only managed to know the names but im lacking the base story in the prelude. otherwise, very good. more perhaps?
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    Default crazy

    real crazy story
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    could use a bit more background but good story so far please finish it.
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    Default hi

    write more
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