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    Post Beautiful sister [Rape theme]

    This story contains a rape & incest theme and is pretty dark. This story in no way condones rape and is merely fictious.

    Ethan, sixteen years old, had always admired his older sister Kate. Kate was two years older, only 5ft 3 yet very beautiful. She had long dark hair, big blue eyes and a body girls would die for (and boys would die to get their hands on). It was only within the past year Ethan’s feelings toward Kate had changed and he knew these feelings weren’t normal. His friends would constantly make comments about his sexy older sister, how they’d love to get their hands on her… and secretly he would think, I would too.

    The thought, that he’d never be able to have her as she was his sister, drove him crazy. He knew his hormones would be all over the place at this time in his life… but surely they couldn’t be the only reason he was so attracted to Kate. There was only one way to find out and a night last summer gave him the opportunity.

    It was two o’clock in the morning and Kate had returned home from a party drunk. She came in, unable to walk in a straight line, made it half way up the stairs before Ethan had to help her make her way to her bed. As soon as she was in her room she crashed onto the bed, asleep instantly. While Ethan pulled her legs up to make her more comfortable he could help but glance at her perfect body. She was wearing a red, strapless dress and a pair of high heel shoes. She looked stunning. The dress made her breasts look so inviting, almost barely containing them. She’d just been at the party with her boyfriend and Ethan wondered what he’d think if he knew her brother was looking at her like this.

    Taking the opportunity he placed his hand on her cheek to see if she’d react… nothing. Her skin felt so soft in the palm of his hand. He ran his fingers down her face and over her moist lips, dragging the bottom one down slightly as he went. Moving into a different position he leaned in, placing his lips an inch away from hers, gently placing his hand on her breast. She felt so soft. He moved it, lightly running his lips across hers so that they dragged across one another. He dick was rock hard. Suddenly she moved slightly, making a small moaning noise. Shocking Ethan he stood up, taking a few steps back. That was enough for now.

    For the past few months Ethan couldn’t get the thought of Kate out of his mind. Knowing she was asleep in the next room, yet he couldn’t have her was like torture. What made things worse was the fact his friends comments had become more frequent. A few of them had made jokes about coming round and having sex with her. Ethan acted disapproving, but really all he wanted was to watch. To see them fuck his sister senseless. Until one day, Ethan decided to offer them a proposition. Not knowing what they’d make of it he offered them lightheartedly, ‘You know she’s going to that party tonight, she’ll probably be walking down there alone, you can get her then’. Not knowing entirely what to make of the comment, his friend Ryan replied, ‘maybe I will, maybe I’ll get your sister tonight’. It didn’t take long for them to get the picture and after some time debating the issue they all came up with a plan to have sex with his sister that night. The deal being, Ethan would watch the whole thing nearby. The guys would grab Kate as she walked through a wooded area on the way to the party. They actually seemed pretty understanding of Ethan wanting to watch, they clearly agreed on how hot Kate was.

    Ten o’clock and Ethan’s running alone a dark, unlit path. Entering the trees he hides behind a nearby tree as they had agreed. Looking out from behind the tree he can see one of his friends are already waiting, the others are probably nearby too. The time drew on, it’s now eight o’clock and Ethan’s freezing. It’s mid October and the sky is clear, although there’s no moon. All he can hear is the light breeze blowing through the bushes. Then there’s a noise on the path. As he looks around he can see his sister approaching. Ryan stands on the path, pretending to text as she draws closer. She’s wearing a cream winter dress, black tights and black knee high boots… she looks gorgeous as ever. Ethan heart starts to beat faster, mostly due to excitement, knowing that he’s about to see his beautiful, respectful sister raped.

    Kate looks up at Ryan, a dark figure leaning against a tree. ‘Hey love, you got a light?’, he calls over to her.
    ‘No sorry I don’t smoke’, she replies.
    Ryan moves in closer until he’s about two feet away from her, asking her the same question again.
    She stops as he’s blocking her path and gives him the same reply, this time more confidently.
    Kate can now hear footsteps approaching close behind her. As she turns Ryan moves in, his hands touching her waist. She jumps forward out of his grip. ‘What do you want?’, she asked looking scared. ‘You baby’, replies another guy appearing next to Ryan.

    She’s now surrounded by three guys, their erections visible through their jeans. ‘Leave me alone’, she protests.
    ‘It can be easy, it doesn’t have to hurt’, Ryan reassures her. ‘This is going to happen whether you like it or not, so it’s up to you whether you want this to be painful’.
    With that Kate move forward trying to push her way through them but the one guy throws her backward onto the grass, Kate landing on her back. Without hesitation she turns over, clawing at the ground and tries to make a run for it, tripping in her boots before she even has a chance to run.

    ‘That’s the problem with wearing boots love, harder to run. Makes fucking you a whole lot more exciting though’.

    Kate turn around, looking at them teary eyed, realizing she’s not going to be able to escape and instead tries to beg them. ‘Please don’t’, she begs, ‘Please don’t hurt me. Please.’

    With that Ryan pushes her flat on the ground, positioning himself on top of her, Ethan able to see everything. Ryan taking his hand, runs it down Kate’s cheek, which is soft and covered in tears.

    Roughly, he tosses her over, grabbing her dress and, wasting no time, rips it up over her head, leaving her wearing only her underwear, tights and boots. By now Kate’s crying wildly, pleading with them between the tears.

    ‘I’ve always wanted to fuck this little mouth of yours’, Ryan tells her as he unbuckles his belt.

    Putting his knees either side of her head he pulls out his rock hard cock, rubbing it in his hand. Looking down he can see Kate’s beautiful face, horrified by what’s happening, helpless. Grabbing her head he tries to force his cock into her mouth and after a few attempts succeeds. Ramming it in and out all that can be heard is Kate gagging and crying.

    Meanwhile, another one of the guys is spreading Kate’s legs apart. He rubs her leg, smiling and takes out his cock. ‘She’s so fucking hot’. Grabbing he underwear he pulls them down her legs and over her boots, revealing her tight, moist pussy. Taking his finger he slowly starts to rub her cunt. Finally it seems to loosen up and he starts pushing his finger in deeper. Kate lying there is wishing her boyfriend was with her. She can feel someone fingering her vagina and the guy above her is ramming his cock deep into her mouth. Desperately she kicks at the floor with her heels and her legs begin to move wildly. ‘O yea’, one of them shouts, before grabbing one of her legs and humping it. ‘I’ve wanted to fuck this bitch for so long’.

    As Ryan stands up and moves of Kate she attempts to get to her feet and is met with a hard slap to the face, leaving her dazed for a while. Someone grabs her leg, pulling her across the ground toward them. Holding her leg in the air the slowly start to push their cock into her vagina which burns. ‘No-o-o…’, She moans. Holding her leg against him, one of the guys starts to fuck her, growing in speed… pushing deeper. Kate moans in pain but if anything this seems to spur the guy on.

    Kate looks like such a slut, lying there on the ground being fucked, wearing only a bra, tights and boots. The reality being she was anything but a whore, making the whole thing even hotter. Out of nowhere another guy places his cock in her mouth and starts pounding away. He watches as his cock rubs against her soft lips, he head jolting as she gags, the occasional tear rolling down the side of her face. As he pulls out of her mouth he starts to wank himself off, holding her head in his direction. With a few shudders, his cock explodes, covering her pretty little face with his warm sticky cum. This makes her cry even more, trying desperately to wipe the cum away, but finding it hard as shes being tossed around by the guy fucking her. Without warning she feels the other guy cum inside her, as he pulls out his cum leaks down her leg. Kate squirms, felling dirty and used.

    As she opens her eyes she sees Ryan above her. He grabs he, throwing her on her front, her face buried in the ground, her ass elevated as if on display. Feeling his cock on the inside of her leg, it makes is way up and slides inside her tight little cunt. Griping her ass he starts to pound away at her, small amounts of blood smearing the inside of her leg. Now she’s crying almost hysterically. Ryan reaches round, clearing her hair from her face and places his fingers in her nostrils. He lifts her head up with his fingers, still fucking her furiously, mocking ‘Look, I’m a dirty little whore’. He slams his cock into her pussy, a loud slap each time he hits her ass. The other two guys look on in amusement, one of them un-strapping her bra and groping at her breasts. Gripping her nipples he twists until she lets out a small scream, making him laugh. The other guy bends down in front of her, rubbing his ass in her face.

    Pulling out, Ryan stands over Kate and punches her in the face, knocking her out. He grabs her under the arms and brags her over to a nearby log, he legs bouncing over rocks and twigs. He drops he head down on the log with a thud, so hear head is elevated. With that he shoves his cock in her mouth, placing his hands on the ground and starts to fuck he head like crazy. He head jolts around as his cock dives deeper into her throat. As he cums she regains consciousness, gargling, struggling to breath. He legs flail wildly, her boots scuffing on the ground. Pulling out, cum flows down over her face and she coughs weakly. Pulling up his trousers he turns to Ethan and calls, ‘All yours’.

    Without hesitation Ethan walks over as they leave. His cock is rock hard and throbbing. She lies there, half conscious. He pulls her legs up beside her head, placing his hands around her neck and slides his cock into her pussy. His cock is in his sexy sister's, cum filled cunt. She looks like a used whore. He starts to pound away at her, tightening his grip on her throat. She struggles for breath and opens her eyes, looking into his. A shocked expression appears on her face, but this is what he’d wanted. He continues to fuck her, squeezing harder at her throat. Her feet wave up and down wildly, so he turns and licks the length of her boot and turns back to her smiling. Her arms are now weakly gripping at him. As she starts to loose consciousness again her arms and feet stop struggling. As he cums he looks down to see blood smeared over her legs and ass. Pulling out, his cock is covered with blood too.

    He pulls up his jeans, leaving her lying there, unconscious, covered in cum and used like a whore.
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    Pity Kate.. But hot as well..
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    ohhhhhh god so hot. I am so turned on.
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    pretty hot but im not a fan of rape. i like it better when the girl likes it but hey, to each his own. could use a bit more detail describing how the characters look. some spelling errors but overall, very good.
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    sad story made me cry
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    love this story its very hot and got me wet reading it
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    Why quit at reaching for the sky when you can reach for the stars?
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    WOW.. great story!
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    keep it going damn
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    There's nothing like a kind, loving, caring brother... in this story.
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    not to bad would have been better if he had her when she was drunk and than again at the end
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