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    Default m/b, man/boy, masturbation, oral A Walk in the Woods Pt2(M/b, man/boy, oral, anal)

    It was a couple of days before I was able to take Boxer back to the same place. My mind was racing with thoughts of what might happen if Frank was there again.

    As usual, Boxer was pulling on the lead trying to head for the trees where he knew he would be let off for a run and I was happy to let him. But first I headed to the same toilets by the tennis courts in case Frank was there.

    It was empty and I was a bit disappointed but headed off down the path, heading for the trees where Frank and I had been before.

    Boxer saw him before I did and barked just once to draw my attention. As Frank had been so friendly with him before I guess he just wanted to be patted and made a fuss of again.

    Frank was walking towards us and waved cheerily, a big grin on his face. I grinned too because I sort of knew that we would be having some fun again if no-one else was around, and being afternoon when most people were at work I was not disappointed.

    "Hi Alan, hello Boxer," he said as we met, kneeling down and stroking Boxer on his head, giving him the attention he wanted. He looked up at me and said "You OK?"

    "Yeah, I hoped I'd see you again. Shall we head up to the trees where I can let Boxer off the lead?"

    "Sounds good to me." And with that he reached his hand up and squeezed my crotch through my shorts. "Sounds very good to me."

    He stood up and we headed off up the side path, making for the same place as before where the fallen tree trunk gave us somewhere to sit in relative seclusion.

    I had my loose shorts and a T-shirt on, he was wearing the same type of sweat pants he had worn when we first met a couple of days previous, his shirt hanging loose outside them.

    That squeeze on my cock and balls had caused my cock to grow and let me know that we were in for some more playing around and I sort of knew that things would go further than they had before.

    As we headed in through the trees I let Boxer off the lead and he did his usual running off at full speed, stopping every now and then to check we were still there, then snuffling through the leaves and sniffing all the trees before marking here and there with a little piss.

    We reached the fallen tree and went and sat down, watching Boxer running round like a lunatic.

    As Boxer marked yet another tree, Frank said "Have you ever played with Boxer, you know like we played?"

    That took me totally by surprise and I blushed involuntarily.

    It didn't go unnoticed and Frank laughed. "You have, haven't you. Come on, own up, what have you done with your dog?"

    "I just rub his cock sometimes. It makes it go hard and poke out all red. Once I was in the bathroom, Mum was out shopping and sis was over at her friends, so I soaped up my hand and when his cock poked out I rubbed it with my soapy hand and made him cum. I had to clean the floor tiles really quick so Mum didn't know. I haven't dared do it again 'cos he made such a mess."

    "Well that's honest. Look, you've made me hard telling me all that." He pulled the front of his pants down and sure enough his cock was standing straight up, looking long and hard. I just reached over and started stroking it up and down. "That feels really good. Why don't you suck it like you did last time."

    I got off the log and knelt between his knees while he pulled his pants down so I could get to him properly. Reaching forward I pulled his foreskin down to uncover the purple head already leaking a drop or two of pre-cum making it glisten in the flickering light filtering down through the canopy.

    I leant forward and took the head in my mouth, sucking it in through my lips with a gentle slurp. Frank's head went back and he just said "Fuck!" I let my lips slip up and down over the head feeling him take my head in his hands and guide my movements up and down at his pace.

    "See how much you can get in your mouth, try and get as deep on it as you can."

    He never pushed my head down so I didn't feel forced into it, I just opened my mouth wide and let his hard cock slip further into my mouth taking about half his length, my tongue flattening down, and felt the tip touch the back of my mouth causing me to gag slightly.

    I'd seen girls deep throating cocks before and wondered how they could do it, so I tried again, trying not to gag this time, but I couldn't help it.

    "Don't force it," Frank said kindly. "Just go as deep as you are comfortable. Maybe in time you can take more as you get more practice."

    I found I could slide down until he just touched the back of my throat and then up again without gagging so kept doing that. He was groaning and saying "Fuck, fuck, fuck" over and over.

    Suddenly he sort of pulled back and said "Better stop that for now or you'll have me cumming way too soon." I lifted my head with a grin all over my face at how much he had enjoyed what I had been doing.

    I stood up right on front of him and he looked at me for a few seconds, it felt like he was drinking me in with his eyes.

    His hands stroked my bear thighs, sliding up and down, going higher each time under the legs of my shorts, until he reached my jockeys. It was obvious that I was hard by the bulge in the front of my shorts and his hands sought it out, sliding up the legs of my shorts and reaching round inside to the front, stroking my throbbing hard on and causing the tip to squeeze up through the waistband of my jockeys. His finger reached up and flicked over the tip.

    Sliding his hands out of my shorts, he grabbed the elastic waistband and slid them down, leaving my underwear in place, the tip of my cock still poking out through the top.

    He leaned forward and licked the tip, flicking the tip of his tongue over the pee hole and making me twitch and slowly pulled my jockeys down, taking more of my hard cock into his mouth, his lips sliding the foreskin down until he had all of my six inches into his mouth.

    His hand cupped my balls and rolled them gently between his fingers. I was in heaven having this grown man giving me so much attention and pleasure. I could feel his saliva running down over my balls coating his fingers as they roamed round over my balls.

    His slimy fingers worked their way further back behind my balls massaging that sensitive spot between them and my puckered ass hole until he had a finger rubbing that most private entrance.

    I was on the point of cumming when I felt one finger pushing against my hole, gently massaging it until his fingertip slipped just inside. My sphincter muscles gripped involuntarily at the invasion and then relaxed again and I felt his finger slip in further, all the while slurping on my cock right down to the base.

    My cock was rock hard and twitching frantically as his finger slipped slowly in and out of my ass, each time going that little bit further, then with a little bit more pressure his finger went right up into me.

    That was too much for me to take and I felt my balls tighten and I was cumming, right down into his throat. He never stopped sucking me and I could feel his finger making little circles inside me. I didn't think I was ever going to stop cumming as I shot my thirteen-year-old seed time and time again.

    As my cock softened he slid his finger back out of my ass and as it left and the newly invaded muscles of my ass spasmed I could feel another little shot of sperm shoot from the end of my cock.

    His mouth worked its way back up my shaft, his tongue circling over the head and causing me to flinch with that almost painful sensitivity on the head as he left my cock totally clean.

    He looked up at me with a grin, licked his lips and swallowed once more. "That was good," he said. "Did you enjoy that?"

    "Shit yeah," I mumbled through the afterglow of the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

    "You've got a fantastic ass. I'd really like get my cock in there. Do you fancy trying that?"

    I looked at his cock standing straight up and hard as iron and wondered if it would fit. "Do you really think it would go in there?" I asked hesitantly, feeling rather afraid of that solid pole all of a sudden.

    "Yes, with the right help."

    "What do you mean, help?"

    "Well if we use something to lubricate it so it won't hurt. Look, I've got a tube here." He took a small tube out of his pocket and squeezed a drop of clear gel onto his fingers. "Feel that, how slippery it is."

    I dabbed my fingers on his and spread the gel between my finger and thumb. He was right, it was very slippy, and I thought it might be OK. "If you promise to be gentle and not hurt me, then all right. But you gotta stop if I say."

    "Of course. I haven't hurt you yet have I? I want us to enjoy these things we are doing, not hurt each other. I tell you what, you sit on my cock that way you can stop if you want to, how's that."

    Before I could answer he had squeezed some of the lube onto the end of his erection and spread it all over the head and down the shaft. He beckoned me to him and turned me round so my back was to him and pulled me back so I would sit on his lap - or rather on his cock.

    "Wait a minute," he said. "Let me put a bit on your ass as well to make sure it will feel good." He squeezed a bit more on his fingers and massaged it into my ass, pressing a slippery finger up into my ass as well.

    Nervously I lowered myself onto him, as he guided me down holding his cock in position. It felt huge when it touched my hole and he rubbed his cock around. I could feel it lodge into the opening and I started to lower myself down onto it slowly.

    "That's it, go slow and just relax. Let your ass open up for me."

    He had hold of my hips and was sort of bouncing me up and down just a little. Before I knew what was happening I felt my ass stretch and the head of his cock slip in. I gasped "Fuck, that hurts. Stop."

    "Just stay still and let your ass get used to the feeling. You'll really like it in a minute. Just relax and let it happen."

    I stayed still, that cock head still wedged in my overstretched hole and after a minute or so it changed from hurting to aching but starting to feel good.

    Without being asked I started to move up and down just a little, feeling him slide in and back, never quite leaving me but going just that little bit deeper.

    "When you're ready just let yourself slip down onto it," Frank said, his voice hoarse, his breath rasping.

    I pushed down just a little and felt him slip further inside. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. My cock was reacting to the stimulation inside my ass, growing hard again as this strange experience caused my excitement to grow.

    I found the more I relaxed the more I could get in me and tried to just let it happen. I didn't really need to push down now, just let my weight go a bit at a time and sure enough he was going deeper and deeper. And the deeper he went the more I liked it.

    Before I really knew it I was sat on his thighs and he was totally buried in my previously virgin ass hole. I could feel him rocking slightly so I felt his cock moving inside me.

    He reached round in front of me and took hold of my now hard cock between fingers and thumb. "You like this now, don't you." His fingers were still coated in the slippery lube and he rubbed them over my exposed cock head. I was in heaven, my head thrown back, my ass impaled on his cock rocking back and forward inside me, my cock rock hard and being rubbed over its most sensitive spot.

    Then I felt it, I actually felt him cumming inside me. I could feel every squirt as his cock swelled stretching me still further, the head pulsing deep in my guts as each shot of his cum filled my ass.

    It was all too much for me and I started to cum as well. His fingers were working fast up and down my shaft, sliding over the head with each stroke and the whole experience just blew my mind.

    We sat still for some minutes while we both got our breath back, his cock softened, my ass spasmed and he slipped out of me, causing my cock to jump again, another drop of sperm leaking from the tip.

    I reached round behind me to touch my ass. I wanted to see if he had really hurt me but I was clean, just the lube and his cum leaking from me.

    "Boy oh boy oh boy. You have a fantastic ass, Alan."

    "Thanks, that was incredible. I gotta get back soon but I need to sit a bit first and let my ass recover."

    "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you. I tried to be gentle."

    "No, it's OK. It's just sore, big surprise!" I said with a grin.

    We both laughed. Frank pulled out a couple of tissues and we wiped the mess from our bodies before pulling our clothes back up.

    "Boxer, come here boy," Frank called.

    I wondered why he was calling Boxer over but, good boy that he is, he came straight over to us. Frank made a fuss of him mussing his ears and stroking down his back as he stood beside him.

    Frank looked at me and winked as he slipped his hand down under Boxer's body and massaged his cock. Boxer's mouth opened, his tongue lolling out to the side as his bright red veiny cock slipped from its hairy sheath. Frank squeezed a bit more lube onto his palm and wrapped his hand around Boxer's cock, sliding it up and down.

    Boxer obviously liked it because he sort of arched his back hunching his hind quarters forward so he could thrust into Frank's hand. He was really going for it as he pumped his cock into the tight oily hand. He was fucking Frank's hand for all he was worth and in just a couple of minutes his almost clear cum was squirting out and still he humped. Frank let go and, sensing that there was no more to be hand, Boxer relaxed, lay down on his side and started to lick his cock clean.

    "Don't you wish you could do that?"

    "Do you mean suck my own cock or suck Boxer's?"

    "If you can do either I want to watch!"

    We both laughed again as I slipped the lead back onto Boxer's collar and we headed back down the little track out of the trees to the main path.

    "Well, you know where to find me if you want some more," Frank said. "If you really want to play then you ought to come round to my flat. We could really have some fun there with no fear of being interrupted."

    "Maybe, one day." I was thinking that at least in the woods I could run away. Perhaps I would go to his flat when I got to know him a bit more. But then how much more could I know about him, I had sucked him, he had sucked and wanked me, and now he had fucked me.

    "I really enjoyed today, Frank. Thanks for being gentle."

    "As I said, I want us to enjoy what we do. Next time you can fuck me, I really want that to happen."

    We separated just before the road, him going right and me going left, each heading off to our respective homes.

    It was a couple of days before my ass felt really normal again but it was worth it. I had never cum as hard as I did that day in the woods.

    I wonder what will happen when I go to his flat, because I am sure I will and pretty soon.
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    Really sweet story, and hot! It would be interesting to inject a little beastie play in it and involve Boxer...
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