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    Default Her Enormous Son (BIG GRIN)

    Chapter 1
    by kimberlykitten

    Moving to a white neighbor was kind of odd for me. Being a 22-year-old black man and all. My mom wanted to get away from the ghetto life we once lived. She divorced my dad after a 7year affair he recently told her. She needed a new life and so a girlfriend of hers who happens to be white, invited us to move in with her until my mom got back on her feet.

    My mom was a strong woman. She has been very proud of all my achievements, especially when I was in school. She was a nice looking lady at that. Thought I never really looked at my mother that why. I guess it took some time and for me to become a full-grown man to release that my mom is actually kind of hot.

    She reminded everyone of a dark skinned Vanessa Williams. She actress is smoking herself. But the difference between my mom and her was not only the rich and famous and the skin color. But my mom was enormous up top if you know what I mean. As a guy, I too would often glace at my mother’s chest and watch them rise and fall, as she was breathing or bounce and jiggle when she walks. For a 39-year-old lady, my mother tits were still sitting high on her chest and from the looks of it, she didn’t have a hint of sag. I knew she couldn’t have gotten implants because we were never that rich.

    When we moved into her white friend’s house. I have never seen her white friend before. She would never come around to our house. I mom told me that she met her friend Beth while at work. My mom is an assistant teacher and Beth is the teacher she helps usually.

    Beth wasn’t that bad looking either for a 35-year old school teacher. With her long blond hair stretching clear down her back, she too was pretty top heavy on the chest. She wasn’t as enormous as my mother was but she was still huge. Plus she had a small frame. My mother isn’t tiny or fat. She was above average with most of her thickness on her chest, thighs, and ass. I guess you could say thickness runs in the family and you’ll soon know why.

    I’m going to tell you the story of how my mom became a member of a rich and wealthy country club her friend Beth recommended and remember, my mom is not rich or wealthy but she did strike gold in the form of her own son being me.

    One Saturday afternoon, Beth and my mother were cleaning up a bit for an exclusive meeting with all-female board members of a rich and wealthy country club. Beth told my mother, Theresa, to join her country club because she would be wonderful as a member. She’s so high spirited and easy to get along with. I pretty much didn’t care about the whole thing but wish my mother luck though.

    I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for my mom to convince the board to let her join seeing how they were all white females, rich and powerful and perhaps stuck up and spoiled. I don’t see why my mom would ever want to join a group like that.

    Soon the four ladies arrive at the house with their briefcases in task. I just sat on the stairs just curious to see what these white ladies look like.

    Beth opens the door for them and just like I had imagined. Three of them were blonds while the other was a brunette. She looked pretty decent and not as serious looking as her board members. She was the only one smiling when she greeted Beth and my mother.

    They introduced themselves. The head blond was named Cathy. She was the official Head Chairlady of the board. Her husband and her took it from her father who died a few years ago as she explained her story. She had a mean mug on her face and a plastic smile everything she opens her mouth, like she just got done having surgery or something.
    Next was the Vice Chairlady Cynthia. Out of all the girls, she looked to be the smartass of the bunch and probably hated everyone who has tried to become a country club member. Her blond hair stops at her shoulders and she had a devilish grin when she puckers her big juicy red lips.

    Cindy was the third blond and secretary of the club. She seemed very perky and full of giggles. The only reason she is part of the club is because her husband is a billionaire and they need his money to fund their club. It was obviously that her husband liked the perky, stupid, cheerleader type girls.
    And last was Cassie. She was the gorgeous brunette. I was never really interested in white girls but after seeing her, I had a whole newfound love for them. She was the nicest member and perhaps the smartest. I could tell she would welcome any good-hearted female into the club but the other two would probably outvote her. Cindy wouldn’t be much help to Cassie seeing how they always keep her in the dark about getting new members.

    The members were asking my mom all types of questions about her personal life, love life, and just life in general. She tried to play it calm with the ladies but Cynthia would always make some kind of smartass remarks towards my mom.

    Cathy would just laugh and back it up. Cassie would try and make peace with everything. Cindy pretty much laugh at everything. She reminds me of Susanna Summer's character off “Three’s Company”. You know the airhead Christy.

    The girls got to talk about their husbands and of course Cynthia and my mom clash heads when Cynthia called my dad a deadbeat nobody. He really didn’t care much anyways but my mom was still hurt about the affair and cursed up a storm. Cassie helps defend my mother by saying their guys have always come up short in everything.

    My mom, Beth, Cindy, and I were laughing at that point. After that good laugh, the meeting got more boring and so I headed to my room. Before entering, I made a detour towards the bathroom. I didn’t bother to close the door as I was taking a piss. Suddenly, Mrs. Cathy comes walking in. She pauses for a moment and I pause as well, holding my horse hung cock.

    Her eyes were bulging out of their sockets. Her mouth was wide open like she was trying to say something. I just look at her and finish up my piss. Before I could get my dick back in my pants, Mrs. Cathy walks up to me and grabs hold of it.

    “In all my years of being sexual active. I have never seen such an enormous piece of meat in my life. To bad my husband tiny dick couldn’t have been so beautiful like yours,” she says with lust in her voice.

    I didn’t know what to think or do. She had my huge dick in her hands and was now stroking it. I gave off little moans and tried not to look into her eyes but when I when to look, she was gone or rather on her knees, stuffing her mouth with my big dick. I had no idea Mrs. Cathy would never be this sluttish.

    “Oh my god. This must be about 12, 13 inches,” she says in between sucking. Her hands were fondling my apple size balls while she was greedily sucking my massive cock deep into her mouth. She only got a good 7 inches in her mouth. The rest of my cock was just dry.

    She took my cock out of her after five minutes and starts to lick my thick shaft up and down like a lollypop. Wetting the parts that she didn’t get to suck. She traced her mouth on the sides of my cock, sucking from piece to piece of every inch.

    “Oooooh Mrs. Cathy. Your mouth is incredible,” I moan as my fingers run through her golden blond hair.

    “Call me Cathy my dear,” she tells me while stroking my cock in her face. She takes the massive mushroom size cockhead into her mouth and nibbles on the edges. Her tongue lashes over the head furiously and then she begins to suck on the huge swollen cockhead without using her teeth. Slithering her tongue up and down my pee hole. I didn’t know how much of this I could take. She knew how to give an excellent blowjob. She isn’t all that bad as I thought.

    “Lets continue in my room,” I told her releasing my cock from her greedy mouth.

    I stuff my cock back into my boxers and lead her into my kind of messy room. Boxers were all over the floor and posters of my favorite rappers were hanging all over the walls.

    “Oh my god. I bet all these black rappers have huge beautiful cocks like you,” Cathy said with lust in her voice again.

    She pushes me onto my bed and starts to unbutton her pink business suit top. As the top drop to the floor, she was standing in her white blouse that was stretching out incredibly far from her body.

    “You’ll never guess what I’m packing under this blouse,” she says to me teasing.

    I couldn’t wait to find out. She quickly undoes the buttons to her blouse and tosses it on my head. I quickly scramble to remove the blouse off my head and the next thing I know, a large bra cup is hanging off the top of my head. My eyes widen inside her blouse because I knew she must have been fucking huge.

    I lift the blouse off my head slowly and behold. Mrs. Cathy or just Cathy had huge titties hanging off her chest like teardrops. From what I could see, they were all natural.

    “Well. You like?” She asks me shaking her shoulders causing her huge tits to wobble and jiggle at me. “You’re not the only one packing something-huge boy. I have two large weapons and I’m not afraid to use them,” she teases.

    I quickly grab her bra and was amaze at how large the cups were. They practically could fit over my entire head. I was curious about the size so I read the tag.

    “44 EEE!!!!” I said out loud in shock.

    “That’s right. And there all yours if you give my that enormous juicy cock of yours again,” she said walking over to me and bending between my legs.

    My all ready unzip jeans provided her with easy access to my dick. She pulls my jeans all the way off my feet and then my boxers came off next. My enormous cock slaps her in the face playfully as it was sprung free.

    “Oh god. So huge and delicious,” she moans.
    I rested my body on the bed as Cathy inserted my huge thick cock into her mouth. She knew how to work my dick. Bobbing her head up and down what she could. She even tried to get the whole 13 inches down her throat but she started to gag and choke. She came up for air a few times before resuming sucking and slurping my dick.

    My cock started to pre-cum indicating that my giant cock was being please with her warm mouth and slippery tongue. She took some time outs on my cock and focus on my giant balls. She suckles them one at a time. Tracing her tongue over each testes before returning them into her mouth. Her cheeks were puff out with my two big balls on each side of her mouth. She sucks and chews on them like a pro.

    She soon releases my now saliva cover balls and resumes licking and sucking on my shaft.

    “Mmmmm such big balls. So tasty,” she says while stroking my cock in both her hands. I started breathing heavy and moaning as she starts to stroke furiously and beat my massive cockhead against her tongue. She knew I was ready to cum and I knew it too.

    She gave my dick a few more sucks and jerks and before I knew it, I let out a powerful moan and orgasm which was followed by a huge blast of cum hitting her face with five separate enormous loads. Her face was practically drowning in cum, just dripping off her cheeks, nose, eyelashes, forehead, and lips.

    I was amaze at my work I did on her face but my huge cock was still hard if not harder then ever.

    “Oooooh baby. Your still throbbing hard isn’t you,” she says speaking to my huge dick. She uses her blouse to wipe the cum off her face and stands up to remove her panties from within side her pink skirt. “This is going to hurt me more then it might hurt you,” Cathy says as she straddles over my enormous cum-cover cock and hikes her skirt up to her waist, showing off her bald and wet pussy. She gives her fingers a few licks and rubs the outside of her pussy with them. Opening her cunt entrance and showing me her pinkish insides. Her clitoris was large and hanging down, ready for my massive cockhead to drill at it.

    She slowly eases her way onto my cock, just barely fitting the head inside.

    “Uuuuuggghhhh OOWWWW!” She screams.

    “What was that?” Asks Cynthia to my mom.

    “Like I would know,” Theresa replies.

    “Where is Cathy? What’s taking her so long?” Cynthia says with a worried look on her face.

    Cathy pushes herself on 6 inches of my huge dick and slowly easing her way down on more. My thick shaft was spreading her pussy lips wider and wider. It looked like her pussy was about to just rip open. She was amazingly tight for a woman her age. I could tell that her husband being small dicked and all never truly pleased his wife or else she would never have been this tight.

    I could see the pain and agony in Cathy’s face as she pushes her wet pussy further down my black anaconda. By now she had 8 inches stuff inside her pussy. I knew she couldn’t go any further so we when from there.

    I took hold of her nice firm ass and started to bounce her on my dick. Cathy started sweating and pushing her pussy down my cock and in one swallow, her pussy devours my entire dick. That really got Cathy screaming and crying in pain. My giant balls rested against her pussy and she started to ride my dick now.

    I reach up to cup her bouncing 44EEE titties. I still couldn’t believe the size of them and so well hidden inside her suit. My hands travel on every square inch of her delicious pillows. They were so soft and firm for her age and their size. They hung beautifully off her body with little hint of sag and they were all natural. Her areolas were massively large.

    The size of music CD and her nipples were tiny but suckable.
    Cathy dug her nails into my chest to relief some of the pain she was in. My huge dick continued to pound inside this rich white lady’s cunt. I felt the walls of her pussy close tight around my cock, trying to adjust to the size of it. Her juices were leaking all ready, flowing down to my balls and on my sheets.

    My hands continued to maul her enormous breasts. Pulling and pinches at her nipples. I raise my head up and took a harden bud between my lips. Her arms wrap around my head, pressing my face hard into her tit meat. I was stuffing my mouth with as much of her tit flesh as possible.

    Both our bodies began to sweat as we grinded our pelvises harder and faster together. Her firm ass was bouncing high off my thighs. My huge dick was making her thighs quiver with each thrust. My face was still buried in her tits. Kissing and sucking every inch of her breasts. Tasting her salty sweat and smelling her rosy fragrance.

    I felt Cathy cumming as she let out a loud moan and long orgasm. Her cum flow down my cock and to my balls. My balls were squash between us against her pussy as my big dick was buried deep inside it.

    We reposition ourselves so that she was lying down on my bed and I was between her legs. My cock never left her stretch-out-wet pussy. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and resume my thrusting. Her big tits wobble up and down her chest. Cathy was tearing and ripping at my bed sheets trying to withhold my impact.

    She bit down on a pillow as my thrusting became faster and faster. Every few seconds I would slow down and rest my cock deep within her pussy. Resuming pounding her pussy I would give it slow and powerful thrusts. Seconds later I would be fucking her like a jackrabbit.

    I heard footsteps coming closer and closer to my door. I continued to pound Cathy’s creamy cunt, feeling my throbbing giant ready to cum.

    “HERE I COME!!!” I moaned and pulled my cock out and start to spray her juicy huge tits with giant loads of cum spurting everywhere on her chest. Her tits were nearly soaked in cum.

    “Oh my god!” I heard a voice shout. Cathy looks up, breathing heavily and blows her mess up blond hair out of her red and sweaty face and says “Hi Cynthia. Some join us.”

    To be continued
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    Default Chapter 2 -- After Cynthia catches them, she makes it a three way.

    by kimberlykitten

    Cathy was smiling at her friend Cynthia with a goofy oh I just got fuck by a big black dick kind of smile while I just had an oh shit I just got caught fucking a while lady here comes the police kind of look. Cynthia didn’t really move. She just looked at the two of us. I guess she was in shock seeing me fucking her friend.

    I release my huge dick from between Cathy’s creamy pussy lips and Cynthia’s eyes were bulging at the sight of my pussy juice-dripping dick.

    “May I,” Cynthia asks me.

    I wasn’t going to be stupid and tell her no. You can’t have any. So I sat on the bed with my legs up in the air and my massive hard cock shooting straight up at the ceiling.

    Cynthia came over slowly and just stood between my legs, staring at my hard meat. I think she couldn’t believe how big I was and just never saw a black cock in her life.

    “Well silly. Eat up,” said Cathy who was rubbing my thighs keeping me hard and throbbing. Her hands soon found their way to my giant hairy balls and caress them with her fingertips. I had chills going through my body.

    Cynthia finally got the urge to move in and take my swollen thick cockhead into her mouth. The sensation of her warm winter fresh mouth covering the head make me quiver all over. Her warm moist tongue slowly swirling around the head and finding my pee hole.

    Cathy just watches as Cynthia was sucking my big head. Her hands were still caressing my balls and thighs. I couldn’t help but to take one of Cathy’s huge tits into my hands and squeeze it. Feeling the soft spongy texture flood through my fingers was making my cock throb even more. Cynthia’s eyes were nearly coming out of her socket, watching my dick grow an inch longer. She took the head out of her mouth and beat it against her tongue. She had an amazingly long tongue. I just hope she can use it. She would soon prove to me that she could.

    She starts to slither her long tongue up and down the sides of my cock. Sliding from the base of my big dick, to the very top of the cockhead. Cathy wanted to get in on the action, so she stuck out her tongue and starts to caress one side of my cock, while Cynthia had the other side on lock down.

    I was moaning and breathing heavily, feeling these magnificent tongues slither all over my massive meat. Soon both of their tongues met at the center of my cock. They started sword fighting with their tongue while my meat was in the middle being assault like an innocent bystander by multiple licks. They soon started to suck at each other’s mouths with my cock still in the middle being suck on by these two rich white ladies.

    I just wanted to cum right then and there but I didn’t want to ruin their spectacular show they were doing to my cock. Sucking and licking it in union. They released my cock from their mouths and both ladies had attached themselves to one of my heavy balls. Both girls had a unique way of sucking their respective ball.

    Cathy had my right giant ball in her mouth while her tongue inside, assault it with lashes. Cynthia had my left giant ball outside her mouth and was eating down on it like a rabid dog biting a piece of red meat. It didn’t exactly hurt because she was doing it in a very sexual manner that was giving me so much pleasure. She also used her tongue to probe every inch of my giant left ball.

    They spend about five minutes sucking and coating my balls with their saliva. Cynthia stood up and unzips the front of her business suit. Cathy had my cockhead press hard against her huge right tit, rubbing my pre-cum into her skin.

    Cynthia soon had her blouse off and standing before me in her black bra. Just like Cathy, she had an amazing pair of big breasts. I couldn’t wait to see them.

    “Well you do the honors,” Cynthia asks me while she turns around with her back facing me.

    I unfasten her bra and it slowly drops to the floor. She turns around with her hands and arms covering as much of her tits as possible. From what I could tell, they were nicely tan and well... Huge!

    She finally releases her arms and her huge tan titties flop out at me. They jutted out her chest like giant torpedoes and all naturals. It surprised me how big and natural both their tits are from being women their age. But I was a lover of big tits, so I would just enjoy fucking them while I have the chance.

    Cynthia crawls over to me and gives me a deep and passionate kiss. I cup her breasts from the bottom and bring them towards my mouth. I didn’t waste anytime and stuff my mouth with her tit flesh. Sucking on each nipple in turn.

    Cathy was giving me an awesome tit fuck. Wrapping both her giant melons around my massive dick. Bouncing them up and down the sides. The swollen cockhead would emerge from between the valley of her tits. She could stick out her tongue and get a few licks in before it disappears back between her luscious tits.

    Speaking of luscious tits, I had a pair stuff in my mouth by Cynthia. Her hands were moving all over my chest and shoulders. Trying to bear my hard and intense pleasuring of her big tits. I bet her husband never work her breasts like I was doing. Cynthia was breathing hard and letting out loud moans while I stuff my mouth with her huge tits and suck on her nipples. They were the size of erasers and were surrounded by large saucer like areolas. My tongue really works her nipples and areolas. Cynthia even moaned out that she was going to cum soon from the treatment her tits were receiving.

    I was on my way to cum soon too, as Cathy increase her tit fucking and rapidly bang my thighs with her oversize titties. Her big hard nipples were compressed into my stomach while the big tits themselves surrounded my cock comfortably.

    Cynthia drops her tits from my mouth and bends her face down above the bouncing tits of Cathy. As the cockhead pop from behind her breasts, Cynthia would suck on it while

    Cathy’s tits bounce and hit her in the chin. My hands rested on the top of Cynthia’s head, pushing her down into the bouncing tit flesh.

    Cathy released my throbbing meat and let Cynthia push her head down further on my huge dick. She stuffs her mouth with 5 1/2 inches of thick meat. I felt like I was on ecstasy, just zoning out into a different world while these ladies work my dick over.

    Suddenly, Cathy had my legs up and my ass had been lifted off the bed. I felt her wet tongue slithering its way inside my asshole. I have never felt anything in my ass before but her tongue brought me back to life like I had just died. She lays my right leg over on Cynthia’s shoulders while her hands spread my ass cheeks apart. Her tongue begins to drill its way deep into my anus. The licking gave me chills and my toes curl within my socks.

    Cynthia was bobbing her head wildly on my cock. Her small left hand stroke my cock at the base while she pushes down more and more on it. She had taken in another 2 inches. Her other hand was between her legs, rubbing furiously at her pussy. I moved my hands up to her ass, which was push up into the air. I lift up her skirt and slide my hands over her nice round ass. It was firm and jiggling a little bit during my hands exploring it.

    Cathy had removed her wet tongue from my asshole and started an assault on my giant balls. Moans flooded the room from the girls and myself while they suckle my nut sack. I felt my cock ready to explode and explode it did. I felt it spring up from my balls and travel through my shaft, spilling into Cynthia’s awaiting mouth. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and lets my cum flow from it like a volcano going off. Thick layer of cum covered my dick and spill onto her hand. Both girls then preceded to clean my cock up and lick up all the cum.

    “We’re not done yet baby,” said Cynthia. “I have to feel your huge cock in me.”

    Cynthia starts stroking my limp floppy dick. Trying to get it hard again. Cathy fed me her appetizing titties. I pull and chew on her fat nipples. I took a good amount of her areolas into my mouth as well. Sucking on them hard and savagely. My cock started to grow enormous again and Cynthia just stared at it in awe.

    “Mmmm. Let me sit on this big dick,” Cynthia moans.

    She hicks up her skirt just like Cathy had done and slowly eases her pussy lips around my swollen cockhead and then starts stuffing her pussy with my thick shaft.
    “AAAHHH! Holy shit! So huge. The biggest cock I have ever felt in me,” cried Cynthia.

    She presses down further, trying to engulf my entire cock into her tight cunt. Soon the only thing left outside her pussy was my huge balls resting at the lips. Her pale white face became bright red and sweat started to drip from her forehead. My hands grab onto her big as she begins to ride me.

    “OOOOWWWWW GOD! So incredible! So huge and thick. UUUGGHHH!” Cried Cynthia riding my cock like she was bull riding. She was tossing her body in every direction while pounding my dick and pressing my balls against her pussy lips. Her huge tits were flying at my face and I had the urge to suck them into my mouth but a surprise to me, Cathy bet me to it. Cathy had her mouth and hands all over her best friend’s chest. Stuffing her mouth with tit meat that was bouncing from my huge cock. Watching her suck her friend’s tits drove me wild.

    I started to lift Cynthia up by her ass and slam her down hard on my dick. Getting large amounts of her ass into my hands and kneading it. Cathy moved her right hand down between Cynthia and my pelvises. She started rubbing her loosen pussy lips with her fingers. Cynthia was moaning up a storm. Crying because of the pain and felt herself reach an orgasmic state.

    Cynthia presses her body against mines, sliding her slippery huge tits against my chest. She was moaning in my ears while she kisses and suckles them.

    “I’M CUMMMING!!!” She cried lifting her head up and pressing her hands down against my chest. Her massive sweaty breasts were bulging between her arms, swaying in rapidly at me. Cathy was behind Cynthia, pressing her down hard on my cock and smoothing her back with her big tits. I seen her hands move to Cynthia’s front and grip a handful of bouncing tits and do things to them that I couldn’t take any longer.

    As soon as Cynthia came hard on my cock. I pulled out and position her on her back. I stroke my cock a few times before it erupted with three huge spurts of cum, hosing her chest and stomach down. Cathy even took my cock into her hands and strokes it over her friend’s breasts. Emptying my balls out for the moment and then taking the cockhead between her lips and starts sucking what’s left of the cum out.
    “I wonder where could Cathy and Cynthia has gone to?” Said Cassie.

    “I don’t know. Why don’t I go find them?” Suggested Cindy twisting the front part of her blond hair around into a braid.

    “You don’t that,” replied Cassie. “And tell them that we’re going to be heading over to the club to show Theresa around all right?”

    Cindy headed upstairs, hoping joyfully and came across my close door. She heard strange noises coming out and got curious. She pushes the door open slightly to find her board members Cathy sitting on Cynthia’s face, getting her pussy munch on, while I was on my knees between Cynthia’s legs, eating her pussy and sucking her clit.

    She pushes the door open further and we all heard the doorknob hit the wall. I looked up from between Cynthia’s legs and Cathy had turned her head around. Cynthia wasn’t paying attention and just kept working Cathy’s sweet cunt. We didn’t know what Cindy was going to do or say to us. It was a moment of silence except for Cynthia slurping and sucking on Cathy.

    To my surprise, Cindy rips open her shirt, revealing her braless huge breasts that shook and jiggle with their release. Her small frame makes her tits look gigantic. Perhaps bigger then both Cynthia and Cathy.

    “34 JJs. You like?” Cindy asks me while my mouth was wipe open and in disbelief. Cynthia’s pussy juices was dripping from my mouth as Cindy makes her way closer and closer to us. I guest I was wrong about her small frame making them look huge. They were and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.
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    Very intresting. Please cont.
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    Default Chapter 3 -- Cindy and her double J's join the Fun.

    by kimberlykitten

    I couldn’t believe my eyes at the sight of Christy’s enormous breasts. They hung down and way from her chest like massive teardrops so beautifully. They were toppled with massive bumpy areolas and big pink nipples. As she was coming closer to us, she kicks off her shoes and drops her business jeans. Her enormous breasts sway back and forth with her movements. Both of my eyes were glue to her ample orbs.

    “Do you think my tits can fit in there?” Christy asks.

    “Oh yes,” I said staring hard at her enormous jugs as they swung from her chest.

    “I need for you to get them all nice and wet for me,” Christy says in a perky voice.

    I didn’t waste anytime in latching onto one of her big nipples. Tugging on it between my lips. Feeling her bumpy areolas bush against my lips as he suck her nipple in. I took my tongue and caressed the areola. Dragging it over the small bumps, circling her rock hard buds.

    While I tasted her yummy titties, she decided to finish my job on Cynthia’s pussy. While I sucked her huge tits and savor her delicious skin in my mouth, my eyes looked up to see her tongue getting an extreme work out from licking at

    Cynthia’s soak cunt. Cynthia could feel the orgasms rushing through her body. The chills that Christy’s tongue send through her pussy were unbearable for Cynthia. She immediately came down Christy’s mouth but Christy didn’t stop her assault on Cynthia’s pussy. She inserted two fingers between her moist walls and finger fuck her long and hard. Cynthia was moaning deeply in Cathy’s cunt that was on her face.

    Cathy starts to ride Cynthia’s face, moving her cunt back and forth over her mouth. The intense finger fucking Christy was doing to Cynthia, gave Cynthia the power to do her own intense assault on Cathy’s pink mound.

    Meanwhile I had a mouthful of Christy’s large tits. Sucking on them from every angle. My hands knead the massive mounds into cone shapes so I could fit great amounts inside my open wide mouth. I felt Christy’s other hand wrap around my monster. Stroking it from the base to the tip. I started to moan with a mouthful of breasts.

    Christy took one of her lip smacking tits out of my mouth and into both of her tiny hands. She starts to rub it up and down Cynthia’s open cunt. The big nipple was slowly rubbing against the enlarge clitoris. Christy presses harder and harder trying to stuff as much of her tit inside Cynthia’s spread cunt. Feeling Cynthia’s juices flowing down the huge tit and nipple. She started to ram the tit inside Cynthia’s pussy like it was an enormous dick. Cynthia was groaning and moaning very loud inside Cathy’s wet cunt.

    My dick was throbbing hard from watching Christy fuck Cynthia’s pussy with her massive tit. After a few minutes of fucking her pussy, she took the pussy juice cover tit out of the cunt and held it for me to clean off. And so I did. My tongue lap circles around her massive jug. Starting from far out to making it’s way to the center where her nipple rested, cover in Cynthia’s juices. I took the nipple into my mouth and use my tongue to swirl around it before sucking it deep into my starving mouth. I even manage to get some of her massive areola between my lips. The tit sucking made

    Christy go into an orgasmic state and she finally came inside her panties. Cathy came as well inside Cynthia’s mouth around the same time Christy did.

    Christy wanted to take a ride on my huge dick, so I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I sat up one the best and Cathy and Cynthia were positioning themselves on either side of me.

    They both took my massive dick in their hands and started to stroke it a bit. Christy’s mouth went directly for my giant balls. Sucking one ball between her lips and then switching to the other. She caressed my balls with her long tongue.

    Those girls’ sended chills throughout my body and it really tingle my cock to throb more in the other two’s hands.

    Cathy and Cynthia both lodge their mouths on my dick.

    Sucking it up and down on their respective side. Having three busty girls suck my dick and balls were sending me over the edge. I was gripping at the sheets and moaning non-stop. Orgasms came one after another. Cathy worked my massive swollen cockhead between her lips while Cynthia licked my thick shaft. I look down at Christy who had both my big balls in her mouth. One on each cheek. Her tongue was giving them a bath like never before.

    After 5 minutes of literally devouring my dick and balls, Cathy and Cynthia help Christy straddle herself on the ride of her life. They took off her thong and toss them over by the rest of her clothes. Her moist pussy was being lower down onto my huge dick like god was sending an angel down to relief me of my throbbing. Her pussy wasn’t like the other two’s. I could tell Christy has been around the block before. She even took in more of my meat then the other two could.

    I placed my hands on her hips as her back was towards me and begins to thrust my thick tool deep into her wounds. The sweat was pouring off her body. Making her face and tits glisten.

    “OOOOH Yeaaaaaah! Fuck me. Fuck me with your big dick. OOOOWWW! So big. OOOWWWW! “ Cried Christy, as my huge cock was being stuff inside her cunt like feeling a taco with all of its ingredients.

    Cathy and Cynthia were holding Christy’s arms as her hands grip my legs tight. They were smiling at the painful expressions she was giving off on her face. Her giant sweaty tits were bobbing up and down, swaying back and forth, and wobbling all over her chest. Either girl could keep their eyes and hands off them. They started to slap the bouncing tits.

    Slapping her tits into on another hard, making thunderous slaps. They pulled on her nipples, stretching her mammoth breasts from her chest as they ripple like ocean waves.

    “AAAAAHHH! So huge. UUUGGGHHH! Suck my tits ladies.

    Suck them. MMMMMM. AAAHHHH!” Cried and moaned

    Christy as both girls answers her demands. They latch themselves onto a tit and started sucking furiously on it.

    Cramming and shoving as much of her sweaty tits into their mouths as possible. The intensity of all that cause Christy to unleash her fluids on my dick and balls but I continued to bounce her on my big dick until I was ready to cum.

    I started to lean back on the bed and position her arms back to my shoulders. The arch her back thrusting out her gigantic beautiful titties. I took hold of them and resume pounding her pussy. They bounce and jiggle in my hands. Sinking through my fingers as I maul them and held them for support. Cynthia and Cathy had gotten eye level with my cock ramming into Christy’s wound. They each took on of my legs on their shoulders and started to suck away at my heavy swinging balls. Their noses were push up against my cunt-juiced dick.

    Cathy removed her mouth from my balls and started licking and sucking the part of my cock that was not inserted inside Christy. Lapping up Christy’s juices and my sweat that was dripping off my hard cock. She even was so bold to lick at Christy’s juice flowing cunt while my meaty dick smashed it’s way in and out.

    Christy’s pussy was being ripped open and she could feel it. Her loud moans and screams could indicate that I was breaking this girl in half. I stop my thrusting and rested my dick a bit between her swollen cunt. Cynthia and Cathy pull out juicy dick out and started to double suck it. Tasting Christy’s juices and my pre-cum that was soak up on it. They give it a few good sucks and licks before reinserting it back inside Christy’s pussy. I started to resume ramming her.

    Christy came yet again, dripping juices down my dick to my balls. The girls once again lap up the juices off my big dick and balls. I was going to use their saliva and Christy’s cunt juice to ease my cock between her ass.

    I position Christy on all fours as Cathy gives my big dick one last lubing up with her mouth.

    “Mmmmm. I love your huge dick. Can’t wait to feel it come back inside me,” moaned Cathy.

    I started to rub my cock between her soft ass cheeks. Both Cynthia and Cathy position themselves on each side of Christy. They both took a handful of her ass cheeks and separated them from each other. I plow my wet dick right in without warning.

    “AAAAHHHHHH. So fucking huge. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. AHHH my fucking ass. My virgin fucking ass!” Cried Christy. Her ass being virgin made the pleasure of my fucking it even better.

    I didn’t waste anytime with going slow; I just thrust my big dick in and out of her asshole. I could feel it ripping apart from just my swollen cockhead being plug inside. Cathy and

    Cynthia watch up close my huge dick drilling Christy’s asshole. They start kissing Christy’s wobbling ass cheeks.

    Kneading them and spanking them until their handprints were on them. My hands even grabs a chunk of her ass and squeezes it while forcing more and more of my enormous drill within her anus.

    “Fuck her ass. Fuck it hard. Rip that hole apart,” urged Cathy watching intensely as I pounded Christy’s ass harder and faster.

    Christy was biting down on my bed, trying to fight through the pain. Her giant tits sway underneath her wildly. Cathy and Cynthia each take a tit in their hands and squeeze it until they soak through their fingers. They once again latch their mouths onto Christy’s nipples. Sucking and chewing on them like a dog does rubber toys. Her nipples by now were red with teeth marks on them.

    Their hands left Christy’s big bouncing tits and traveled to her soak pussy. Rubbing at her clit and pussy walls furiously while my huge dick rips her asshole apart. Christy came within minutes of the girls rubbing her cunt. Her juices spill into their hands. They remove their hands from her cunt and trade off their hands to each other. Cathy starts licking and sucking Cynthia’s fingers while Cynthia did the same to Cathy. They were giving each other orgasms. They even stuck their fingers into Christy’s mouth so she could taste her own sweet juices.

    I pulled out cock out of her ass and asked for one of the girls to lube it up again. Cathy took hold of my dick immediately and sucked what she could between her lips. Stroking and sucking my mammoth dick at the same time. Cynthia slides herself under Christy to form a 69. The two starts to eat each other’s wet cunts.

    Cathy pops my dick out of her mouth and slides it back inside Christy’s ass personally. She given got behind me, smoothing my back with her huge tits and took hold of Christy’s hips and starts to thrust her on my big cock. Her pussy was thrusting against my ass and her big tits hitting my back. Feeling her body against mines made me extremely horny.

    I press my sweaty chest against Christy’s back and my hands moved under her to grip her massive tits and hold them while my cock push deep inside her asshole. Christy was in pain and moaning deeply inside Cynthia’s pussy as she ate it.
    I fuck Christy’s ass for another eight minutes before pulling my cock out and positioning Cathy’s mouth under it. I gave my huge dick a few jerks before it sprays down Cathy’s face.

    Huge blobs running down her forehead, nose, cheeks, and eyes. Some of my hot cum got inside her mouth. She took my cock into her mouth to suck the rest of my gooey cum out and empty my giant balls.

    Christy and Cynthia had both came while eating each other out. I could see Christy’s asshole was leaking fluids, which was all over my cock before Cathy inserted it inside her cock hungry mouth.

    We all started up fucking each other again until my bedroom phone rung. I answer it on the forth ring. It was my mom. She was calling about the other three ladies. I had to make up an excuse quickly so I told her that Cathy was feeling sick. Throw up on Cynthia who had to wash her top and Christy was taking care of Cathy. I was surprise she believed my excuse. She told me to drive the three ladies down to the country club in about 15 minutes. I agreed to and say my goodbyes to my mother. We got in a group kiss and some tongue actions before putting back on our clothes and heading out the door to the country club.

    To be continued.
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    Default Chapter 4 -- Cassie gets a BIG surprise.

    by kimberlykitten

    As I was driving the girls to the country club, Cathy was sitting up front with me and couldn’t keep her hands off my crotch while I was driving. It was a little bit distracting but I just love the feel of her soft hands, rubbing my large bulge, which was produce by her rubbings.

    In the backseat, Cynthia couldn’t keep her hands off Cindy’s huge tits. Squeezing them and poking at them through her blouse. My eyes kept drifting back to watch them play with each other. I thought to myself that I must have unleashed the freaks in these rich and snobby ladies. Beneath every girl, there is some kind of freak to them and I am happy to unleash their freaky sides.

    “We must show you to the rest of the girls,” said Cathy. “I’m so glad that we got to meet your mother and that she has a wonderful son with a beautiful large dick that can fulfill my needs.” Her smooth hands had gotten their way into my jeans, to stroke and rub my massive hard on.

    As I happen to glace in the backseat again, one of Cindy’s massive tits was swinging freely and Cynthia’s lips were attach to the nipple. That made my cock grow even bigger in Cathy’s hands. She gave my huge dick long and powerful strokes. I was trying my best not to have a fucking car accident with these ladies fondling each other and me.

    Before I could shoot my load, I told the girls that we have arrived at the country club. It was gigantic. I pull up to the front gate and the guards looked at me in a suspicious way. I’m sure they were wondering what I was doing in the car with three of the country club’s leading ladies. They open the gate for us and I drove in. The outside of the club was massive. About five stories high. Coated in white paint with large golden words above the doorway saying “Welcome to the Bearstein Country Club.” Figures it had to be Mrs. Cathy’s last name.

    We all got out of the car and headed inside the mansion like house. We saw my mom, Beth, and Cassie, having a few drinks at the bar. We walk over to them and immediately, Cassie started asking questions. “Where have you guys been? Theresa said that you were sick Cathy? Are you all right?”

    “Yes yes. I’m perfectly fine now. Thanks to some very strong and powerful medicine,” said Cathy giving me a wink and a smile. My mom looks over at me with a puzzling look. None of the girls looked or acted like how they were when my mom first met them. Except Cindy. She was just her perky self.

    “You didn’t overdose her son? Did you?” My mom asks.

    “She’s not the stuck up lady we met earlier.”

    “No mother. I gave her what she needed and made sure that she got enough of it,” I said smiling.

    Cathy started to whisper in my ear. “Meet us in the oval office upstairs and down the hall to your right. I think it’s time we let Cassie in on our big...I mean huge discovery and if she’s please, then your mother will be a member of our club.”

    I thought, whatever it takes to make my mom happy I was down for it. Especially since I have had my eyes on Cassie ever since she came into my house.

    “We’ll be back Theresa. We’re going to have a quick meeting that’ll take only 15 minutes, to decide rather or not if your country club material. Beth sweetie. Show Theresa around will you. Thanks,” Cathy said as she and the other girls rush Cassie to the oval office. I needed an excuse to get away from my mom.

    “What are you going to do Andrew?” My mom asks me.
    “I’ll just go look around myself. To see if you fit right in mom,” I said.

    “Ok son. Be careful. Don’t get into any trouble. I don’t need the police bringing you back to the house in cuffs,” my mother teased.

    “Don’t worry mom. I’ll be fine. Have fun you and Beth,” I said as I quickly rush away to the other side of the club. I waited for my mom and Beth to get out of sight and as soon as they enter another room, I immediately ran upstairs and headed to the oval office.

    Once I got to the office door, a sigh on it read “Mr. Bearstein.” I’m only guessing this is her husband’s office and I was about to fuck his wife inside. After reading that, I could only picture my head being place on his mantle for fucking his wife. The door opens and breaks my day dreaming.

    Cynthia quickly pulls me in and I’m surrounded by all four of the gorgeous ladies.

    “We told Cassie about our discovery thought she would like to see for herself,” Cynthia says to me as she rubs her hands up and down my chest. Cassie walks up towards me and kneels down, face level at my crotch. She plants her face hard against my crotch. Rubbing her soft cheeks against my private. I’m sure she could feel my huge boner poking through.

    “Mmmm. I feel something big all right,” Cassie said. And with that, she unzips my jeans and reaches inside the slit of my boxers. “Oh my. It’s a monster,” she gasp as she pulls my huge cock out. “Geees! You can poke an eye out with this thing;” she joked as she stroke it in both hands and bushes her nose lightly against the tip of my swollen huge cockhead. “Mmmmm. I can smell the semen you have all ready unloaded,” she moans, giving my cock long and powerful strokes. She then took the head of my cock and slips it between her juicy lips. I roll my head back and close my eyes to enjoy her warm, wet mouth, sucking and slurping my cockhead. Her slurping sounds was the only sound you could hear in the oval office. It started to turn the other ladies on.

    While Cassie pulls down the rest of my jeans and impales half of my dick deep in her throat, the other ladies started to undress each other. My dick immediately got harder as soon as their big tits bounce and flop into view. Cassie was now sucking my cock with wild abandon. Sloppy sucking my big dick and bobbing her head up and down likes a true pro.
    My breath started to get heavier and moans were slipping through my moist lips.

    Suddenly, I felt another two pairs of lips, lodge themselves around the parts of my dick that Cassie wasn’t able to fit inside her mouth. It was Cindy and Cynthia, slithering their tongues and mouths up and down the dry sides of my huge dick, while Cathy was kneeling behind me, spreading my ass cheeks open and launching her tongue against my asshole.

    “Oh my god!” I cried as these ladies were having their way with my lower regions.

    Cassie stood up and pushes me onto Mr. Bearstein’s desk.

    She held my legs up in the air and engulfs my enormous bone back between her lips. Cindy and Cynthia were holding my legs up for Cassie as she chow down on my dick. They took off my shoes and toss my socks. I never had my feet touch by mouths or hands, but what these two girls were doing to my feet got me all ready wanting to explode my cum. Not to mention Cassie’s very extreme sucking on my dick.

    Cathy straddles above my face and lowers her wet pussy down on my mouth. I reach up and squeezed her soft ass and thrust her pussy against my hungry mouth. I savagely probe her pussy with my tongue and nibble her clitoris.

    Cathy started moaning and grinding her pussy down on my mouth. “Oh yes Andrew. Eat my pussy. Mmmmm. Suck my clit. Oh god!” She cried as my tongue probe pass her pussy walls and deep into her wetness.

    My huge dick was throbbing hard between Cassie’s lips as she continued to suck more and more of my dick in her mouth. She was on a mission to swallow my entire cock whole down her throat. My legs were being tit fuck by Cynthia and Cindy. Bouncing their huge tits up and down my muscular legs, while my toes were between their wet lips, being suckle and nibble. My moans got louder between Cathy’s thighs and I was ready to unload my balls of their liquids.

    Cassie was gagging on my cock as her face was buried in the black hairs of my crotch. She quickly came up for air and started to jerk my cock in her hands. I could feel the cum rushing up from my balls, flowing through my thick shaft as I blasted my first huge load all over Cassie’s face. She opens her mouth for my second outburst and swallows it. The rest of my cum flow down my cock and over her hands. She took my cock back in her mouth and cleans it dry of my semen.

    Her face was dripping with thick layers of cum. Cindy and Cynthia left my feet and legs and started to lick her face clean of my semen while she sucked my big dick back to life.

    “I’M CUMMMMING!!!” Screamed Cathy. I was prepare and suck up all her sweet juices that flow from between her pussy walls and greedily gobble up every last drip.

    Cassie stood between my legs and Cathy got up from my face. I sat up to see Cynthia and Cindy undoing Cassie’s blouse. Once her blouse was unbutton, it drops to the floor and she’s standing in an enormous white bra. Cathy was behind Cassie now and unzips her skirt, sliding it down her silk stocking legs and off her feet. Her black panties looked to be soak and stain against her pussy. Cynthia and Cindy unhooked Cassie’s bra and toss it on my head. I could smell her perfume inside the huge bra cups. I took it off my head and read the tag.

    "44FFF!!!!" I said to myself. Though, they were not as big as Cindy who has the biggest tits out of them all, but was still very enormous from most of the girls I have done. My huge dick was throbbing at the sight of her huge creamy white tits. Large pink nipples toppled them, surrounded by massive red and puffy areolas. Cassie reaches for the back of my head and smashes my face between her massive orbs.

    She smothers my face with her enormous breasts. Dragging the nipples up and down my cheeks. My tongue travels up and down her cleavage. Both Cindy and Cynthia each took hold of Cassie’s huge tits and started beating my head with them. Smacking them hard against the sides of my face.

    Squeezing her magnificent tits around my head and nearly trying to suffocate me in her cleavage. This is how I want to die. Being suffocated between enormous pairs of breasts. But I wasn’t ready to go yet because I haven’t fuck Cassie properly.

    Cathy pulls down Cassie’s soak panties, revealing her nicely trim pussy. Cindy and Cynthia drop Cassie’s giant tits and lift her up by her thighs and underarms, placing her straight onto my dick. “Oooooh god!” Cried Cassie, feeling my oversize dick fill her tight pussy up. Her pussy was cram, straight to the base on my cock. Her juices were all ready flowing down my meat. She place her arms on my shoulders and around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist. I start slowly thrusting her up and down my dick. We both started to moan with pleasure and feel the sweat glistering off our bodies.

    Cassie’s huge torpedo tits were aim in my face, bobbing up and down for some attention. I greedily stuff my mouth with her nipples and puffy areolas. Sucking long and hard on them as they bounce periodically out of my mouth and back against my chest.

    The other ladies were running their hands up and down Cassie’s sweaty back. My hands grip hard on Cassie’s big ass and bounces if off my thighs. I felt Cathy’s hands move over mines and spread Cassie’s ass cheeks apart. Her tongue slithers deep inside Cassie’s anus, making her feel like she was on ecstasy, being pleasure at both holes. While she ate out Cassie’s ass, Cindy and Cynthia lodged themselves on my heavy sweaty balls, bouncing with the impact of my dick, pounding inside Cassie’s soak cunt. Cassie’s drinks had been leaking down my cock and to my balls. The girls gladly gave my balls a tongue and mouth bath.

    Cassie begins to move her pussy up and down my dick. Bumping our hot and sweaty crotches against each other. My mouth was still feasting and devouring her delicious titties. Licking and sucking up her salty sweat from her orbs as they bounce violently against my face and under torso from her pushing herself up and down my dick.

    OOOOH yeeeeaaah! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” Cried Cassie bouncing harder and faster on my monster dick. Cathy had been thrusting her tongue in and out of Cassie’s ass while she bounces.

    I continued to fuck her rapidly, faster and faster. Feeling her soak pussy tighten and spasm around my dick.

    “Oh fuck the shit out of her Andrew. Pound her pussy,” urged Cindy fondling my balls and rubbing Cassie’s pussy every time it bounce off them. Cassie was being overpowered by her orgasm and came hard on my dick, uncontrollability tossing and turning her body. Her huge sweaty tits slapping my face and sweat just flung off them.

    She presses her body tight against mines, smothering my chest with her huge tits, draining her pussy all over my dick. After she finish cumming, she got off of me and Cindy and Cynthia immediately attack my pussy-juice soak cock with their mouths. Sucking and slurping every inch of my mammoth meat dry from the juices.

    Cassie was lying next to me on the desk, with her legs spread eagle. Cathy was licking and sucking Cassie’s pussy.

    My hands moved over to Cassie’s sore thighs and started rubbing them. My hands then moved from her thighs to her clit. Rubbing it furiously as Cathy suckles Cassie’s pussy hole, drinking the juices. I made Cassie cum once again, this time, inside of Cathy’s mouth.

    “Ooooooh. I’m cumming” I moaned. I blasted an enormous load over Cindy and Cynthia’s faces. They took turns catching a load on their faces. They both embraced the first huge load, and then Cynthia took the second massive load.

    Cindy took the third, which wasn’t as big as the second load. Then Cynthia took the last spurt inside her mouth. While she cleaned my swollen cockhead, Cindy licks and sucks my thick shaft.

    Unaware to any of us, my mom and Beth were walking pass the oval office and heard moans and slurping sounds coming from inside. Beth opens the door and was stun to see us all naked, sucking, slurping, and touching each other.

    “Oh my god!” My mother said in shock.

    To be continued...
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    Default Chapter 5 -- Andrew gets Beth & a special bonus : His Mother

    by kimberlykitten

    "Holy shit! I can't believe what I'm seeing Theresa. Your son has an enormous dick," Beth said in a surprise tone. My mom just stood there and we just stared in each other's eyes.

    "Theresa. Congratulations. You're now a member of our club and we welcome you and your well endowed son to our neighborhood," said Cathy with her upper torso still between Cassie's legs and pussy juice leaking between her lips.

    My mother kept a serious face that looked like she was about to get very upset by what she saw but then, her serious frown turns into a smile.

    "I'm glad you guys enjoy my son. I had no idea he would be so endowed. I guess it runs on my side of the family," my mother said.

    Cynthia got up off her knees and away from my huge dick.

    She walks up to my mother an says " Your right. Looking at the bulges in your chest I can say you're pretty gifted yourself." With that, she starts to unbutton my mom's shirt. I couldn't believe that I was finally going to get to see my mom's tits in all their glory.

    My dick started to throb after throb, watching each button come undone. Soon, Cynthia slides my mother's shirt down her shoulders and off her body. Her enormous chocolate breasts were spilling over the massive bra cups. The cups were visible so her huge tootsie rolls like nipples were easily seen. "Mmmmm. They look so delicious," moaned Cynthia.

    She slips her small hands inside my mother's cups and one by one, pulls out her giant chocolate breasts, topple with huge dark areolas and huge thick black nipples. They sat high on her chest and wobble a little bit due to their releasing. "Oh my god. So gorgeous.

    Can't wait to taste these huge tootsie roll nipples," moaned Cynthia, grabbing my mom's breasts from the bottoms and squeezing them. She immediately attach her mouth to her left nipple. Sucking the nipple hard and chewing on it with her teeth. She also cram as much of the dark areola into her mouth as possible.

    My mother was moaning heavy and running her hands up and down Cynthia's sweaty back. Cynthia used both hands to hold one of my mother's mammoth tits and sucked as much of it into her mouth as possible. My mother felt like she was on ecstasy. It's been a long time since she had a mouth latch onto her breasts. Ever since my dad and her got divorce, she has been missing the attention her breasts needed by a pair of hands and a mouth. She now had a whole room of people who would love to show her breasts some loving.

    Cynthia was the first to greet them and reawaken my mother's sexual yearning. She then felt another mouth, latching onto her right tit. It was Cindy. Following Cynthia's example and sucking my mother's huge right tit for all it's worth.

    They quickly rid my mother's bra off and tosses it to the floor. Cindy picks it up and looked at the tag.

    "MMMMMM! A Whooping 44HH," Cindy moans as she and Cynthia resume their feast on my mother's huge tits.

    Cathy and Cassie were now in a 69 position. Eating and sucking each other's wet pussies. So that left me with no one to fuck. Suddenly, Beth was in front of me, gripping my huge wet cock in her hands.

    "Can I did it a try?" she asks me.

    "Be my guest," I agreed. Beth strokes my big dick in her hands. Thumbing my massive cockhead and kneading my thick shaft. I couldn't help but to look at her chest which was rising and falling with her breathing. The buttons on her blouse looked like they pop off.

    "Here. Let me help you with that," I volunteer, undoing her blouse and sliding it off her body along with her jacket. Her large heavy breasts were spilling over her bra. Being inside a room with six busty girls is probably every man's fantasy and I was living it.

    As she jerk my cock, I unfasten her bra and she release my dick, only to engulf it inside her mouth. Her arms were to her sides and I slip the bra off her body. Her giant creamy breasts bounce and sway against my knees. I brought her bra up to read the tag.

    "32GGG!" I said to myself amazed. Much larger then Cassie's but still, none of them were bigger then Cindy, who was now rubbing her colossal jugs against my mother's own huge tits. Almost completely smothering my mother's tits. Cynthia came in from the side, rubbing her own enormous breasts against Cindy's and my mother's. They were having a tit brawl over there and I cock grew harder inside Beth's wet and warm mouth watching them rub titties. My hands had her huge tits. Kneading them and pinching the nipples.

    I look over to see both Cathy and Cassie doing some heavy breathing and moaning. Cathy was licking from Cassie's pussy to her asshole. She then position herself to sit on Cassie's face so she could bend Cassie's legs under her armpits and have her ass thrust up into the air. Cathy give a few large blobs of spit down Cassie's asshole. She then inserts her middle finger inside her anus. Pushing it deep and hard inside. Cassie was moaning up a storm inside Cathy's pussy while licking and sucking on it.

    Beth place her giant breasts on my thighs and wraps them around my huge dick. I wrap my legs around her waist and push my ass off the desk, thrusting up and down between her tits. My dick had completely vanish between her mammoth jiggling breasts. It felt like fucking sponges. Her breasts were so soft and squish. Throughout the room, you could hear my thighs bouncing off her breasts as my dick slides up and down between them. She spit down globs of her saliva to get her cleavage glistering as I thrust between her breasts.

    After a good ten minute tit fucking, her tits were covered in sweat and pre-cum. She took my sweat glistering cock back between her lips. Bobbing her head up and down and taking in large chunks of my cock deep down her throat. Her fingers were doing a good number on her soak pussy. Her skirt was hick up to her waist and her panties were down her ankles. She had two fingers insert in her pussy. Probing through the wetness and giving her pleasure like she could never imagine.

    I look over to see my mother getting her pussy eaten by Cindy. Her legs were up on Cindy's shoulders with Cindy's head buried deep within her crotch. Cynthia was behind my mom with her two giant breasts resting on her shoulders and squeezing them occasionally around my mother's head.

    My mom would turn her face to suck at Cynthia's hard nipples. Cynthia's hands were kneading my mom's big tits. Squeezing and jiggling them all over my mom's chest. Watching them dominate my mother was making me wanting to cum sooner then later.

    Beth had taken my cock out from between her moist lips and turns around with her back facing me. She straddles herself down on my cock. Cramming my huge dick deep inside her wet wounds. I grabs hold of her huge titties and starts bouncing her on my dick. Her ass bouncing off my thighs and stomach. She begins to push herself up and down my dick as well.

    "OOHHHHHHHHHHH!" Beth cried. She stops pushing up and down my dick and starts grinding our crotches together.

    Adjusting to my huge dick completely filling her pussy. "Oh god. I can feel you full big dick inside me Andrew," Beth moaned. She resumes bouncing herself up and down my dick. Her hair flying in my hair. Her massive jugs bouncing in my hands as I squeeze and hold onto them for dear life. She bounces harder and harder, squeezing my giant balls between her pussy and my thighs.

    I rest my chest and head against Beth's sweaty back as she pounces faster and harder on my dick. I tug her nipples between my fingers as her tit flesh jiggle and wobble wildly down her chest.

    She arches her back and wraps her arms around my neck. I kiss and suck at her neck gentle. Gripping her huge breasts from the bottoms and squeezing them. She grinds our crotches harder together. I lean back on the desk and starts bouncing her on my dick. Drilling her tight pussy hole. Her pussy starts spasm around my thick dick.

    "OOHHHHH FUCKING GOD! SO FUCKING HUGE! FUCK ME ANDREW! HARDER!!" Beth cried as I grip her hips and roughly slams her up and down my dick. Her massive tits flopping all over her chest and beating against one another making thunderous slaps. So was my balls pounding against her pussy lips. "OHHHHH I'M CUMMMMING!!" screamed Beth releasing an overwhelming orgasm and finally her fluids. Her soak pussy, flooded with cum, came pouring out all over my big dick and down my balls. I gave her a few more long and powerful thrusts before she stop cumming.

    "Over here Andrew. Your mother needs some serious fucking," shouted Cindy. "My tits are to big to fit inside her wet wound," she cried, watching her rub her right nipple against my mother's clit. Sending shivers all over her body.

    The front of Cindy's giant breasts were dripping with my mother's juices. My cock throb even more thinking about fucking my own mother. Beth stroke my cock furiously for a few seconds, making sure I was still very hard.

    "Go show your mom what you can do with that," Beth said kissing me deeply on the lips while stroking my huge dick gently. I got up off the desk and slowly starts walking over to my mother. My mammoth cunt-juice covered dick bobbing and flopping between my legs. I could see the look in my mother's eyes as she was staring hungrily at her own son. Cynthia held my mom's legs spread apart while Cindy rubs her fingertips over my mom's clit, keeping her nice and wet. I knelt down in between my mother's legs. Cindy wets her hand and grips my huge dick. Stroking it up and down before inserting it inside my mother's drippy cunt.

    "Mmmmm Andrew. So grown up. Such a huge dick," she moans, feeling my swollen cockhead press against her clit and my thick shaft slowly sliding deep inside her wetness.

    "AAAHHHHH!" cried my mother, feeling her cunt walls stretch to fit my dick in. I watched as my dick was disappearing deep inside my mother. Her hands were crawling at the carpet while Cynthia held her legs still far apart. The dark bush of my mother's crotch was soon brushing against mines. Silence moans slips through her mouth as I quickly started to pick up a rhythm and drill my dick into her cunt. My thick cock was lodged all the way inside my mother's soak pussy.

    I stood up on my toes and grip my mother's thighs, rapidly pounding her wet pussy away. Her head was tossing and turning all over Cynthia's chest. Bouncing between Cynthia's huge tits like a ping-pong ball. Cynthia's huge tits were flopping against my mother's head and shoulders with the movements of my mother. My mother's own massive titties were bobbing up and down her chest wildly. Cynthia let go of my mother's ankles and tried to control her slapping titties. Slapping against each other violently. I watch

    Cynthia's hands slap my mother's huge breasts together as my balls were doing the same against her cunt walls.

    My mom's legs were now resting on my sides. Cindy was spitting down on my mother's cunt while my dick rams in and out of it. Cindy uses two of her fingers to rub at my mother's clit swiftly. She then plow the two fingers in and out of my mother's mound, moving to the rhythm of my mammoth cock.

    My mother was breathing hard and moaning loud. Sweat pour off our bodies as I lean over my mother and brought my head between Cynthia's huge tits. She held up tits up and I suck on them hard. Stuffing my mouth full of her delicious sweaty breasts as she bounce them against my face. My mother's own breasts were beating against my chest and stomach. The feel of her hard big nipples digging into my skin. Cynthia position her mound over my mother's mouth. My mom was working Cynthia's cunt walls with her tongue. Rapidly pushing in and out between her pussy lips like my dick was doing to hers.

    "UUUHHHHHHHH!" cried my mother between Cynthia's thighs, taking my big dick all the way inside her pussy. Her pussy was tightening around my dick. If feeling my mother's pussy around my cock and Cynthia's huge tits cram inside my mouth wasn't enough for me to cum on, Cindy was underneath me, sucking at my bouncing balls. She would occasionally lick at my shaft drilling deep within my mother. I felt my mother cumming and it pour all over my dick and balls. Cindy was there to clean up my balls.

    "OOOOOH! I'm gonna cum!!" I moaned, releasing my big dick from my mother's creamy wound and jerking it a few times to finally spray her huge chocolate titties down.

    Cynthia moved her huge breasts above my mother's and I hose down both of their tits. After shooting five huge loads on their breasts, my mother capture one of Cynthia's big tits between her lips and lick all the cum off. I watch my mom suck Cynthia's big tits with my big dick still dripping with her cum.

    Suddenly, the phone started to ring. Cathy drop one of Beth's gigantic tits from her mouth while Cassie sucked on the other one. Cathy answers the phone and talks very belief on it. Just saying "yes" and "uh huh" to whoever the other person on the line is. "Good bye," she said hanging up the phone.

    "What was that all about?" asks Cynthia, slightly moaning to my mother licking her cum-covered titties.

    "Our husbands are downstairs and awaiting for us to show up at the party," Cathy said.

    "I guess the fun is over for now," I said in my head.

    As we were getting clean off and dress, the door opens and standing there was a red-haired young girl. Looks to be about 18 or 19. Freckles all over her face. Glasses covering her baby blue eyes and was showing off a magnificent beneath her tennis outfit. Long tan legs and of course I couldn't help but to see two huge lump, jutting from her chest. They bob nicely as she enters the room. Luckily, we were all dress and clean off from the cum and other body fluids.

    "Oh Hello Shelly. Theresa and Andrew. This is my daughter Shelly. She's a sophomore at one of the finest colleges in the world. She's only here on the weekends to visit her family," said Cathy.

    The moment I saw her come through that door, I knew my partying was not over yet.

    To be continued...
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    Default Chapter 6 -- Shelly's a tease, but Andrew gets the job done.

    by kimberlykitten

    Shelly wasn't really that attractive but she wasn't butt ugly.

    She is in between being a little bit cute and average ugly if there is such a thing. She would be drop dead gorgeous to a bunch of nerds and geeks and member's of the chest team.

    She was hot in a nerdish kind of way. None to less, she had some eye popping huge titties jutting from her chest inside her tight tennis shirt. I knew she had to be a virgin. It would be very sweet to relief her of it. I'm sure with some charm; I could get her to fuck me later on. That's if, we get a change to be alone and I had a hence that we will be.

    "Andrew. This is my oldest daughter Shelly. She's 19 years old and a sophomore at Preston University. She's majoring in Environmental science," gloated Cathy. "My baby is going to be a world's famous scientist. She is very brilliant and her teachers in all her grade levels said she is gifted." I kind of figured Shelly was into something dorky like saving the environment. "Hi. I'm Andrew." I reach my hand out to ask for a handshake. She had a perky smile across her freckle face and skip the handshake and gave me a nice warm hug.

    "Mmmm," I said softly, feeling her massive soft breasts press against my chest. God she was making me horny all over again.

    "Shelly. Be a sweetie and show Andrew here around the property. Have some fun while you at it. I know you need some in your life," Cathy said.

    "But mother. Aren't you the one who told me to never stop working in order to achieve my goals? I must work hard to be successful in life," Shelly said.

    "I know I said that Shelly. But trust me. You need it," Cathy replies. As everyone was leaving the room, Cathy walks up to me and says " Don't break her in to hard boy." She then gave me a wink and left. I guess she was counting on me to seduce her daughter and I was plan on delivering.

    The first place Shelly took me was to the tennis court. Being that I'm black, I haven't the slightest clue about how to play. Tennis is very big in the ghetto. In fact, it really never exists there.

    "Ok Andrew. My mom wants me to have and I shall. I need a partner to help me practice my serving for a big tennis tournament next weekend and you're just the person to help me," Shelly said smiling. "But...Lets up the anatine a little bit. For every point, a person must take off a piece of their clothing until they are entirely naked and unable to play," Shelly says with a devilish smile. Somehow this sweet and innocent girl turned into a devil's angel.

    "You on," I agreed, knowing I'm about to get my kick whoop but was going to damn near try and get her at least topless.

    As we started to play, Shelly took off her tennis shirt and show off her monstrous breasts, encased in a white tank top that was stretching beyond limits from her chest. She wasted no time in trying to get me naked. She scored on every hit she got, completely whooping my ass. I was embarrassed to have been beaten by a girl. A not so attractive girl and the fact that I had to take off pieces of my clothing every time she made a hit. So I was standing on the other side of the net, ass out naked, trying to cover my enormous erection from her.

    It became enormous from watching her enormous breasts bounce and wobble all over the tennis court. She slowly walks over to the net and asks "what you got there?" I quickly turn around so she was looking at my ass. "Ooooh.

    Nice ass Andrew," she teased. Somehow, I thought I would be the one trying to seduce her but it seems to be going the other way around. I just had to wait and see if I am right.

    She let me put my clothes back on and we headed over to a stable full of horses. "I'm not a good horse rider," I told her.

    "The only thing these horses and me have in common is that we're both hung."

    Shelly giggle and said "It's ok Andrew. I'll teach you how to ride." After that, she blew me a few kisses. This chick was definitively attracted to me. Either that or she was blowing them to the horse behind me. "Now Andrew. Hope aboard your horse and follow me," she said, jumping up onto a beautiful white horse. But what was more beautiful was the sight of her huge breasts taking a large leap with her.

    Hitting her dead on the chin and it didn't even effect her.

    "Damn these things. They always get in the way," she said. I snap out of my daydream and hope up on a black horse. It was crazy for me to ride a horse without the proper gear but Shelly told me that these horses are trained and I shouldn't end up like Christopher Reeves.

    We gently rode the horses out of the stable. Each step her horse took cause her ample melons to bob inside her shirt. I felt my dick throbbing in my boxers; ready to unload it's children.

    "Giddy up!" Shelly shouted as her horse took off jetting down the country field. Before she got far, I got to see her big tits bounce uncontrollability from her sides. "Giddy up!" I shouted to my horse that suddenly took off like a rocket.

    "OOOOOH SHIIIIT!!!" I screamed as my horse was running out of control. Shelly had turn around and saw my horse running wild with me on it. She commanded her horse to race over to mines. Death was certain right now as this horse was trying to kill me. I was glad my lasting imagines before I die were those of Shelly bouncing on top of her horse and her massive breasts just bouncing to the horse's rhythm.

    She finally made it over to me and shouted for my horse to calm down. The horse did and it quickly tosses me off its back. Shelly started to giggle as my ass landed in a mud puddle. "Very funny," I said in an angry tone. "Sorry," she giggles. "Why don't we go over to the pool and clean you off with a nice swim," she suggested. Swimming would be a great way to see her mountainous orbs held in a bikini top.

    "All right," I said. Shelly reach her hand down and I took hold of it. She helps lift me onto the back of her horse. My press my chest firmly against her back. "Take hold of my hips," she orders. I accidentally or so I tried to play off, took hold of her mammoth breasts and squeeze them tight, not wanting to realize my mistake. My face looked like I had done ecstasy. My cock was intensely hard, pressing against her ass. She gasps and quickly moves my hands to her hips. "
    Naughty boy Andrew," she says nodding her head.

    She signals for her horse to take off and it did. I attended my head over her shoulders to catch her titanic titties bouncing in all their glory. It looked like her breasts had popped out of her bra. They looked so natural bouncing inside her stretch out tennis shirt. If her boobs in tight shirts were getting me hot, then I don't know if I could handle her in a bikini.

    We rode back to the horse stable and we drops the horse off. We walk back to the country club and she takes me to the back area where the locker rooms are. I realize that I didn't have anything to swim in because I wasn't expecting to swim at all. She told me to just swim in my boxers as she headed into the ladies' locker room to change. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I couldn't wait to see her in a bikini nor could I wait to see her bare breasts.

    I look around the area suspiciously and slowly creep inside the ladies' locker room. I turned my head around the corner and there Shelly was. She had her bottom bikini on, with her back facing me but I could see the outlines of her huge titties. They look so creamy white from the sides and my cock was ready to rip through my jeans. She put the last piece of her bikini on, tieing the string in a knot around her neck and the other string piece around her back. She tied a third one on the very lower part of her back.

    Her oversize breasts were bulging from the sides of her bikini top. As she was turning around, I got to see the tops, spilling over her bikini. She adjusted her bikini so her huge boobs fitted perfectly in the cups, thought the bottoms of her breasts show a little bit below and of course, the sides were popping out under her armpits and down her rid cages. Other then that, her enormous breasts form the shapes of torpedoes. Sloping down her chest to her ribcages and then jutting out 12 inches from her ribs. They started to bob and bounce as she was heading my way. I quickly ran back out into the waiting area.

    "Ready?" She asks as she appears from the corner.

    "More ready then I'll ever be," I said, trying not to share down at her enormous cleavage showing. Shelly was short so I was glad to be tall enough to look down and see what I could of her bikini-covered melons.

    As we made our way over to the swimming pool area of the country club compound, Shelly's massive bra with the huge cups fell out of her bag. I quickly picks it up and read the tag.

    "Holy shit! She's only 19 and sporting 32FFF!! She's bigger then her mother," I gasp.

    I resume my walking and toss her bra into the bushes. I walked closely behind Shelly, never taking my eyes off her delicious watermelons as they bob up and down slightly with each step she took. Her ass wasn't that bad either thought she didn't have one really. Her breasts made up for it.

    She positions her towel down beside the swimming pool. I undress and take everything off except for my boxers.

    "Aren't you going to get in?" I ask her.

    She slips off her sandals and arranges herself onto the towel. "Not right now," she said. "I'm going to get a nice tan first. Don't you think I'm too pale?" She asks me.

    "A little bit but whatever," I said. I jump into the water and make a few laps around the pool. I submerge down into the water and slowly raise my eyes up, peeking above the surface. I swim up close to the edge of the pool, still with just my eyes above the water and got a close up look at her overly large feet rubbing together. She moves her feet up to her ass and spreads her legs a little bit. My eyes zoomed up to her huge breasts, which were lying like stuffed pancakes on her chest.

    She quickly sits up and I submerge back down into the water. She starts rubbing suntan lotion on her arms and legs. She blasted a huge glob on her chest and starts to rub it all over the naked areas of her breasts. I felt my huge cock slipping through the slit outside my boxers as I watch her from underwater.

    Shelly got up off her towel and stood by the pool, yelling my name. "ANDREW!" She would shout. I remerge from the water to see what she wanted. "I need some suntan lotion on my back. Can you please put some on?" She asks in a sweet voice.

    "Ok, Ok." I agreed. I got out of the water and had forgotten my rock hard dick was still flopping freely outside my boxers. I saw Shelly's eyes get wider and nearly pop out of their sockets at the sight of my dick. I knew she had never either see or touch a dick in her life. Or just probably never seen one my size.

    "Holy shit!" Shelly said stun. "You really are hung like a fucking horse." I quickly stuff my dick back into my boxers.

    "Why don't you leave it out and rub my back down with your big balls," Shelly suggested. I didn't see why. So I got totally naked and she positions herself on her back down on the towel. I spurt some suntan lotion over her back and near her ass. I straddle over her back and slowly bend down so my heavy balls were resting on her. I held my huge dick in my hands as it grew and positions my legs to her sides. I lightly started to rub my balls up and down her back, smearing in the suntan lotion in. Dragging my heavy sack all the way down to her bikini-clad ass. My dick was throbbing in my hands just moving my balls all over Shelly's slippery back. Her massive breasts bulge onto her sides, massing from her armpits to her ribs. I lightly trace my balls along the sides of both her breasts that were showing in her bikini. I could hear her deep moans as I rub my balls in circles around her back.

    Shelly then turns around and her whopping breasts came jutting at me, flopping wildly in her bikini top. The bikini top did not hide the massive orbs well. The little triangle pieces only covered her nipples and areolas. Her nipples were hard beneath the triangle patches. Poking out at me like thumbs.

    "Let me clean your balls," Shelly moans as she grips my ass and bring my balls above her mouth. With my big dick still in my hands, I felt her tongue softly caress my balls. Slithering all over them and in between. "Mmmmm," she moaned as she engulfs one of my giant balls deep into her mouth.

    Sucking on it and using her tongue to flicker at the loose skin part of my testicle. I just wanted to let my dick fling and hit her in the head. Her tongue was doing amazing tricks to my balls. She manages to suckle both my large balls into her wide-open mouth and roll her tongue around them. I felt my cum boiling in my sack. I had the urge to jerk my massive meat over her face and so I did. Rapidly stroking my dick while she devours my balls between her lips.

    "I'm cummmming" I moaned. She drop my saliva dripping balls out of her mouth and slid from underneath my legs. I felt the sides of her bare jumbo jugs bush against my legs as I erupted like a volcano, gusting out massive loads of hot cum all over her towel.

    Shelly was behind me, fondling and massaging my heavy balls as I unloaded five huge loads across her towel and finally started to shoot smaller loads until my balls were done emptying. She stops touching my balls and stands up behind me. I turn around and catch her smiling at me.

    "Now it's my turn to massage you," Shelly says to me in a sweet female Russian voice. "Lay on your back first. Then I'll do the front.

    I lie down on my stomach as she slowly pours the suntan lotion on my back. Her smooth hands spread the lotion out some before she stood up on her knees and untied her bikini top. The next thing I knew her top fall right in front of my face and I began to smile. Suddenly, a warm tingling feeling stuck the second her enormous breasts press into my back. She moved her huge tits up and down my back in straight lines. Dragging her fat and hard nipples down my vertebrae. The pillowy feel of her succulent breasts got my huge dick spring to life like Frankenstein.

    Soft moans left the both of our mouths. Her mores as she was really enjoying sliding her slippery melons all over my back. I felt her fingertips at the top of my boxers and she began to drag them down my ass, pass my knees, and over my feet. I was totally naked at the mercy of Shelly and her monstrous breasts.

    She straddles my ass and bends over my back, placing both her huge breasts on either side of my neck. Squeezing my neck between her orbs and bouncing them up and down on my shoulders. Soon my whole head was swallowed between her wet cleavage. I looked straight ahead and saw both her thick nipples and puffy areolas jutting straight out her massive jugs.

    "Now turn over Andrew and let me massage your front," she said to me. I obey and turn over. My huge dick was poking straight up into the sky. She looked very impress by my statue as she straddles me once more. "So beautiful Andrew," she said, grabbing my huge dick in both her hands and stroking it. Covering it in suntan lotion she had in her hands. I look up and all I could see were her mountainous titties, glistering in suntan lotion. That got my dick to throb more in her small hands. She then took her fingertips and ran them up and down my thick and throbbing shaft.

    Moving all the way down to the base and then tracing the outside of my heavy balls.

    As I started to giggle a little bit, she places her index finger over my mouth, hushing me as she continued to caress my balls and bounce them in her hands. My cock couldn't take much more of her please torture. I need to release myself all over Shelly. She leans down a little bit with, smashing her arms on the sides of her mammoth tits, making them stick out like torpedoes. Her nipples and areolas looked so divine. I just wanted a taste. I raise my head up and she pushes it back down. This chick is teasing the hell out of me. My balls were still in her hands being maul and my dick is throbbing more then ever. Not to mention the breasts I couldn't keep my eyes off of were staring at me dead in the face and I couldn't do anything about it until she is ready.

    After a few minutes of staying in the same pose, she lets her breasts out from her arms and flops them down on my torso. Slowly sliding them up and down my chest and stomach. When she drag her nipples over mines, she would beat my nipples with hers. Pressing them into each other. Chills when surging through my body. I swore my dick grew a couple inches bigger from our nipples touching.

    My eyes were staring straight into Shelly's eyes as she expanded her breasts to her sides and smoothing both my ribcages to the sides of my abs, making my incredible hard dick, press against her cleavage. Her breasts came to a stop on my thighs and she lifted her torso up so that they were swaying against my huge dick. Back and forth like windshield wipers. Suddenly, she plunks her mouth upon my enormous cock and starts sucking sloppy on it.

    Saliva drip out her mouth and down my shaft. She started to push her mouth further down my dick while stroking it in her hands. Her large hard nipples presses and rubs against my inner thighs, making my whole body quiver.

    I helped her by moving her long red hair out of her face, so I could see her mouth open wide in a huge circle sucking down on my cock. Sucking down inch by inch, making her tongue slither up and down the shaft. She starts to gag and came up for air. Her hands were still wrap around my dick, giving it long and powerful strokes. She stood up causing her breasts to wobble a lot on her chest as she push down her bikini bottom, showing off her fuzzy black bush that was soak in her creamy juices. She slowly eases her creamy cunt onto my huge dick. I could feel her juices immediately after I enter. Her pussy felt so warm and tight around my dick as she finally started to adjust to my monstrous dick being inside her.

    "I have never felt a dick this big in me before. Feels so good," Shelly moans. I spread my thighs and place them over her ankles, trapping her feet between my thighs. My hands grip her waist as I begin to rock Shelly up and down my dick smoothly. "Oh god!" She moaned, feeling my dick throb deep within her cunt. She leans down and places her hands on my shoulders. I start to quicken the pace and drill my dick deep into her pussy hole. Beating my balls hard against her ass. Her enormous titties were swaying on my chest and occasionally hitting my chin.

    "AHHHHH GOD! SO HUGE! OHHHHHHH! Cried Shelly as my huge dick tightens hard between her pussy lips and thrust deeper and deeper inside. Her huge titties were slapping against each other and still flop up and down my chest. I couldn't take the sights of her big tits teasing me anymore. I took hold of both of them in my hands and felt how spongy and soft they were. I immediately feasted on her right tit.

    Cramming as much of it into my mouth as possible. Chewing and sucking on her delicious thick nipple. I had to use both my hands to fondle her left tit as it was flopping wildly out of control. I kept most of her right tit between my lips.

    Sucking on it for all it's worth as I pounded her pussy faster and faster.

    "OOOHHHHH YES! ANDREW! SUCK MY BIG TITTIES! BEAT MY PUSSY WITH THAT HUGE DICK! FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK!!!!" cried Shelly as I suck harder on her right breast.

    Maneuvering my tongue all over the front of her huge breast.

    Shelly starts to push her hot cunt down my dick. Spilling out more of her sweet juices. Dripping and soaking my huge balls as they bounce on her ass. I could feel her clitoris sliding up and down my shaft rapidly. Her ass bounce off my thighs and her slippery tit fell out of my mouth to join its buddy bouncing wildly on my udder torso. I looked up to see Shelly's face and she was in a whole New World. Her face was in an orgasmic state as we continued to thrust in unison. I could feel her cum pouring from her hot cunt all over my dick and balls.

    "AAHHHHHH! I'M CUMMMMMMING! Shelly screamed, then got silent as she released a powerful orgasm. I was ready to cum but I wanted to fuck her doggy style before I do. I position her on all fours and tease her clit with my swollen cockhead.

    Shelly was breathing and sweating hard. Long moans escape from her mouth as I was rubbing her clit. I thrust my dick back into her creamy pussy and resume pounding. She starts to thrust back against my crotch, causing her ass to bounce and jiggle with the force of our thrusts. Her huge breasts swung like cow udders wildly beneath her. My hands reach over and squeeze them. Scissoring her nipples between my fingers and stretching them from her breasts.

    Shelly was tossing and turning my head wildly on the towel. She couldn't take it anymore and came several more times, soaking her pussy in her cum as I thrust faster and faster until my balls was ready to empty. I pull my dick out and Shelly flips over, bouncing her colossal tits at my dick.

    "Here I cum," I said, stroking my dick a few times before I exploded myself all over her tits and face. I aim my cock lower so I could cover at least soak half her massive jugs in my gooey cum. Shelly lick her lips to clean them cum off them and placed her hands on her breasts. Rubbing the cum into her skin.

    "You must cover my huge breasts," she said eagerly. She grips my dick and starts to jerk it back to life. Once it was standing again, she pops it between her lips and suckles hard on it. Bringing me to the point of busting a nut. She jerks my cock a few times while sucking on the head. The aims my huge dick at her all ready cum soak breasts and watch my huge dick unload another huge ejaculation on them. Her breasts were covered in cum, dripping off her nipples and slowly slithering down the sides of her massive jugs. She was quite please and so was I.

    "You must come visit me in college real soon. I have some friends would who love to get their tits covered in your sweet cum," Shelly said while rubbing the cum into her spongy tits.

    After watching her play with her tits, my dick was all ready harden again. Suddenly, I hear my mom's voice calling me. We had to wrap things up but I assure her that I would make a trip to see her one weekend and share my wonderful huge dick with her and all her college girlfriends.

    To Be Continued
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    ohhhhh god thank you I love black cock so much. I am so horny thank youy thank you, thank you
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    Post Chapter 7 -- Cathy introduces younger daughter Penny to Andrew.

    by kimberlykitten

    As I was lying in my bed dreaming about the wonderful sex I had with seven different girls last weekend, my oversize cock started to harden. The versions of enormous breasts dance through my head. Including my very own mother's huge breasts. Suddenly, I felt a wet and very warm mouth engulfing my hard-on. At first I thought I was still dreaming but then my eyes began to open and small moans leaked out between my lips. I looked down to see my mom's head, bobbing up and down my shaft.

    Her huge ass was lifted high in the air and her mountainous H cups, brushed against my legs through her tiny purple teddy. Unaware to my mom, I was watching her sucking my meat straight down to the base.

    While my half my cock was inserted in her mouth, her hands were stroking the other half. Her tongue slither up and down the sides of my cock. I couldn't take not wanting to touch my mother any longer. I reached down inside her teddy and took huge handfuls of her chocolate breasts. I squeezed them hard, making sure the nipples were popping out of her areolas.

    I could hear my mother starting to moan around my cock. She took my cock out of her mouth and maneuvered her tongue down my balls. She suckles first my left ball, then the right. Her tongue left no inch of dry spots on my balls as they dangle in her mouth.

    "Good morning," my mother said to me with her eyes directly at mines and her mouth full of my huge balls.

    "Mmmm! Good morning mother," I greeted back, rubbing her thick nipples with my palms of my hands.

    "I enjoy the fucking we did yesterday my son. Did you?" My mother asked while kissing and licking my balls.

    "Mmmm! Oh yes ma'am. I enjoy every bit," I said tugging her tootsie roll like nipples away from her areolas.

    "Mmmmm honey! Play with mommy's nipples. Stretch those suckers out. Would you like for mommy to breastfeed you like I used too?" She asked me while stroking my giant cock above her head.

    I didn't have to say a word. My mom just sat up and wiggles her body out of the small teddy. Her colossal breasts were a sight to be seen. They were like two giant brown beach balls, resting on my mother's chest. Naturally they hung down due to the sheer size of them. Her areolas were like giant pieces of coal, toppled with huge tootsie roll nipples.

    My mother straddles my stomach and brought my head up to her right breasts. My entire face was buried in her soft flesh as my mouth attacked it with a savage slobbering.

    "OHHH YESS ANDREW! Suck your mommy's big titties. Nurse on mommy's nipples," she moaned.

    I did just that. My lips capture a good amount of her breast tissue in my mouth and my tongue swirl around her dark nipples. My wrapped my arms around my mother's waist as her enormous tit smoothed my face and covered it completely.

    I started to suck back and forth between her juicy jumbo jugs. I could almost taste the milk I used to receive at the end of her thick nipples. No parts of her heavy melons were safe from my tongue and mouth. I even licked under her breasts and in between. Run my tongue up the sides of their sloping shape and crammed my mouth with as much of her mammoth tits as possible. I brought my mom to a series of orgasms and she came inside her tight thong. I could feel her juices dripping onto my stomach

    She let me feast on her breasts a few more minutes before pushing my head back and getting off me. Her enormous breasts glisten with my saliva. I could practically see myself on them.

    "Tonight Andrew, Beth and I are going to a birthday party hosted by Mrs. Bearstein and the other ladies of the country club board up at Mrs. Bearstein's cabin. It's her youngest daughter's birthday today. They have been asking if I'm going to bring you along with me. They were so thrill about meeting you last weekend. Do you want to come?" My mother asked while fixing her teddy over her breasts.

    "Sure mom. I had so much fun the last weekend with them. Can't wait to see them," I replied.

    "Good good. We're leaving in an hour. Dress sharp and be on your best behavior," my mother told me while exiting my room.

    An hour has gone by and Beth, my mother, and I were on are way to Mrs. Bearstein's cabin, just two hours away from the Country Club. The cabin was surround by a deep forest. It's a good hiding place if you want to get away and fuck someone.

    When we arrived, my four favorite girls Cathy, Cassie, Cynthia, and Christy, greeted us.

    "Welcome back Andrew," said Cathy, giving me a wink.

    Christy, being hyper and perky, gave me a huge hug. The feel of her massive J cups being pressed into my body, was making my cock react and bulge up in my jeans. I'm sure Christy knew what she was doing.

    "Lets get you guys over here to meet some people you probably haven't met yet," said Cathy to the three of us.

    "And Andrew. I think you'll like my daughter. She's just like her sister in some ways."

    I could only imagine what Cathy meant by that. Now I was more then ever, eager to meet Cathy's youngest daughter.

    As we entered the party grounds, I saw a young girl, not far from where the action is, fishing in a nearby creek. I was curious to see what she looked like. From what I could tell, her hair was red, just like Shelly and Cathy's. Could it have been Shelly? I'm sure she would have greeted me if she knew I was coming.

    Cathy introduced us to a bunch of old people and no one else I would be interesting in screwing. The girl who was fishing kept plaguing my mind.

    "Hey Andrew. I want to show you something," said Christy in a bubbly tone.

    She grabbed by the hand and led me away from the birthday party sight and behind the cabin.

    "I got a tattoo," Christy shared with me.

    "That's great Christy, now show me those titties," I requested.

    "Hold on a minute. Let me show you my tattoo."
    Christy started to pull her tight fitting jeans down and turned around for me, to see a small puppy tattoo on her left buttock. Her green thong was tightly between her firm ass cheeks. I started squeezing her ass and giving her some spankings.

    "Oh! Someone is being naughty today," Christy said as she pushed her ass against my pelvis.

    My massive cock pressed between her ass cheeks.

    Christy turned back around to face me and began to unbutton her flannel shirt. I watched as each bottom was being undone and I could see her creamy white cleavage. She wasn't wearing a bra. She opens her flannel, bouncing her giant pale J cups at me.

    I was very delighted to see those monstrous breasts again. I immediately took hold of both her huge tits and squeezed them. Loving the feel of her warm, soft breast tissue, sinking between my fingers and being rolled in the palms of my hands.

    Christy meanwhile was unzipping my jeans and pushed them all the way down to my shoes and dragged my boxers with them. My enormous cock jutted straight out at her crotch. She started rubbing her thong-clad pussy against my throbbing rod.

    "Your huge cock was all that I could think about since last weekend. I had sex with my husband the night after and he is in no way compared to you Andrew. I need a huge dick in my pussy now!" Christy demanded.

    She pulled apart the front part of her thong, baring her creamy, juicy mound. She pushed herself up against me and I took hold of her left leg and started thrusting my huge cock between her cunt walls. My other hand stays at her breasts. Kneading her enormous melons like bread dough.

    "OH YES! FUCK ME HARDER!" Christy moaned as my thrusting got faster and harder.

    I brought my mouth about her chest as her enormous titties started beating against my face. The faster my thrusts got, the harder they slapped my face. I felt like I was in tit heaven. I managed to capture her delicious nipples into my mouth and sucked them as hard as I could. I practically inhaled a good amount of her tit meat as well between my lips.

    "AHHHHH! OHHHH! ARRGGG!" Cried Christy, wrapping her arms around my neck and now pushing herself against my body.

    Our pelvises were smacking together and our thighs quivered with impact. I had most of my huge dick, stuff between her drenching pussy. I could feel her juices continuing to leak out and down my dick and balls. My mouth was having a field day on her J cups. Sliding my tongue over every inch of them. Tasting her salty sweat that dripped down her breasts. Her head was trashing wildly as my cock began to work as a jackhammer and pound her cunt like pounding raw meat.

    "OHHHH GOD! HERE I CUM!" Christy warned me as her orgasm took over her body and sends her body shaking wildly.

    I continued my thrusting, as she was cumming. I lifted her up by her ass and started bouncing her up and down my cock. Her glistening jugs slid up and down my chest as I felt my heavy balls, swashing my hot cum around and ready to launch.

    I sat Christy down and she held out her mountainous tits. I started to jerk my cock for a few seconds and finally shot a steam of cum across her chest. I shot another enormous load right on her breasts. I jerked some more and shot another huge load directed at her nipples. Small spurts of cum shot across her chest and breasts, completely covering her udder torso. I let my flabby cock rub some cum into her skin.

    "Mmmm. We really must do this more often," Christy said.

    She wiped some cum off her chest with two fingers and tasted it. She didn't bother to wipe the cum off her chest.

    She just put back on her flannel shirt and pulled her jeans up. She helped me stuff my cock back inside my boxers and pulled my jeans up.

    As we left from behind the cabin, Cathy came up to me.

    "There you are Andrew. I've been looking everywhere for you. I would like you to meet my youngest daughter Penny. Penny. This is Andrew."

    Penny had happen to the young girl that I saw fishing over at the creek. She was much prettier then her sister Shelly and from the looks of it, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. Penny also possessed enormous breasts that her overalls and large sweater couldn't hide. Her red hair was shortening to her shoulders and her face didn't have freckles. She was short so her breasts covered most of her lower torso as well.

    "Hello," I said being polite.

    "Wow mother. You're right. He is cute. Can't wait to see the rest of him," Penny said as she smiled at me.

    After she said that, somehow I knew it wasn't going to be that hard to get into her pants. Perhaps her mother was actually sitting me up to meet her youngest daughter just like she left me with her Shelly.

    Without warning, Cathy took hold of my crotch and gave my big dick a tight squeeze.

    "Mmmm! You're even enormous when you're not hard," Cathy whispered in my ear. " Well you know it's my daughter's 18th birthday today. I promised her a BIG surprise and you're that surprise. There is an old cabin up in the hills about 30 miles from here. I want you to be waiting there for my daughter. I must prepare her for what will be her first sexual encounter and one that she'll never forget."

    Cathy gave me a set of keys and introduced me that once I get to the cabin; I was to wear a special costume that Cathy had brought to fulfill her daughter's fantasy. Apparently the costume is one of Penny's favorite superheroes that I would have to dress up as. I had never done role-playing before but wanting to see Penny naked was all I needed to agree to her needs.

    Cathy told me that she had already informed my mother about me being Penny's big birthday surprise and she was quite thrill about it too. She would want all the females in the world to feel the joy of my huge cock, pounding their pussies like a hammer pounding raw meat.
    I drove up to the cabin and was quite curious to see who Penny's favorite superhero was. As I open the door, a large bed was the only thing in the room besides a bathroom. A Batman costume was lied out on the bed. A grin came across my face as I was preparing to show Penny, all my gadgets and the biggest one of them all.

    15 minutes had gone by and I was quite bored waiting for Penny to show up. Just then, my cell phone started ringing. It was Cathy, telling me that Penny is on her way up to the cabin and should be arriving in a matter of minutes.

    She wanted to know if I had the costume on and I told her yes. I also told her that, the tights were a little bit too tight.

    A giant imprint of my cock was pressing up against the front of the tights and ready to burst out of them. She loved the way I described the costume to her.

    I heard someone knocking and quickly told Cathy that her daughter was here. I rung up my cell phone and open the door. Penny was standing in front of me wearing a Catwoman costume.

    The tight leather against her body was hot. Her gigantic boobs hung down naturally inside her outfit. I could see her hard nipples poking through.

    "Mmmm Batman. I see you have been expecting me. Seems
    you have a gadget that I might be interested in?" Penny said in a sexy Michelle Pfeiffer type voice.

    "Indeed I do," I replied in a deep voice, imitating Michael Keaton.

    I had to admit. I was feeling stupid dressed in a Batman costume and playing Batman. But it's worth the humiliation to get Penny naked.

    Penny came up close to me and started purring like a cat. She outlined my chest with her long fingernails attached to her gloves. She moved her hands down my stomach and over the Batman utility belt. Her long nails slowly brush my pulsing cock up and down. Lightly tracing the outline of it.

    Her hands then moved to behind me and cupped my tight buttocks and gave them a firm squeeze. She purred again.
    "Mmmm. meow!" Penny said.

    She took a step back and reached behind her to unzip her costume. The sounds of the zipper were music to my ears.

    Once she had the zipper down to her lower back, she pushed the front of her costume forward and her massive tits were swaying side to side. Her nipples were small but her breast meat was looking so delicious that I didn't care as long as I got them in my mouth.

    Penny pushed the rest of the costume down her legs. She had to bend over, causing her enormous mounds to point straight to the floor and swing about on her chest. She stepped out of her costume, standing in front of me only in a pair of black boots. She had a pretty thick bush on her crotch. The hairs looked like they were soak and ready for me to get them even wetter.

    "You must stay in your costume the whole thing," Penny said. "Of course your tights will be an exception."

    Penny got on her knees, with her face leveled at my bulging crotch. She undoes my utility and tossed to the floor. She grabbed the top of my tights and pulled them down. My enormous cock sprang at her quickly, hitting her dead on the forehead. We both laughed and it was good to know that she can take a little bit of pain.

    Penny started low and proceeded to lick and suck my huge balls as they dangle across her mouth. Her tongue swirled around each testicle before her mouth swallowed them whole.

    I tilted my head up to the ceiling, moaning and enjoying her delightful mouth on my balls. While still wearing the gloves, she gripped both my ass cheeks hard, digging the long fingernails into my flesh. She pressed her face against my enormous cock as she sucked away at my balls. I felt some of her fingernails moving through my asshole and tickling my anus. It was a sharp feeling having her Catwoman fingernails drilling in and out of my anus. It sends chills up and down my spine. I hardly let girls even think about touching my asshole but Penny was an exception. I soon realized that she was doing more then touching and finger fucking my asshole. Her long tongue had moved from under my balls and up to my asshole. My balls were swaying across her face as her tongue probed my anus.

    It was actually a good feeling. Having her wet tongue pushing in and out of my asshole. My huge cock was throbbing harder above her head and my balls rested on the bridge of her nose. Her mouth soon closed over the bottom of my ass, really sucking my asshole harder.

    I held her head in my hands and started rocking my ass back and forth across her mouth. My balls started to move up and down the upper half of her face.

    After a few more minutes of sucking my asshole and bringing me to my first orgasm, Penny took my dick in her hands and started stroking it.

    "Mmmm Batman. I had no idea you would have a gadget this large and thick hiding in your tights," Penny said as she stroked my cock with long and slow strokes.

    Her tongue started moving up and down the sides of my thick shaft. She tried not to touch my swollen cockhead and just lick the shaft only. Her mouth started sucking up and down my shaft like she was sucking on a rib bone. My cockhead was ballooning out and turning purple as she kept sucking just the shaft.

    "Oh fuck Penny. My cock!" I moaned as she sucked harder and harder my shaft only.

    She then engulfs my cockhead between her lips and slowly suckled it. While the cockhead was in her mouth, her tongue started licking the ridged edges and inside my pee-hole. Her small hands could barely manage to keep my cock steady as it throbbed. She used her fingers to lightly scratch my huge cock and then lightly trace them over my balls.

    Penny released my cockhead from her mouth and watched my enormous cock, bob up and down with saliva dripping off the top. She kissed my cockhead and started easing my dick down her throat. My cockhead bumped into the back of her throat.

    Penny started gagging and tons of saliva pour out of her mouth. It dripped down her chin and landed directly on both her mammoth breasts that were brushing my legs.

    Penny dropped my cock from her mouth, covered in her moistness and then took it back in. This time she was bobbing her head up and down my huge cock, taking inch by inch between her lips. Her face was brushing up against my pubic hairs and her chin lightly bumping into my balls.

    After she got a good amount of my cock in her throat, she holds that position and savors the sweet chocolate between her lips for a few seconds. I take hold of her nose and stop her breathing. I wiggled my giant dick around in her mouth.

    Bumping my cockhead against her cheeks that would puff out every time my cock rammed into them. Her gagging started to fill the cabin up and so I slowly ease her head off my cock, only long enough to empty the pool of saliva in her mouth. Lots of it fell down to her already glistening chest. I quickly re-insert my cock in her mouth and begin to thrust. I made sure her mouth reached the base of my cock with every thrust and my heavy balls hit wildly at her chin and cheeks.

    I fucked her mouth for another five minutes before releasing my drenching rod and taking a giant handful of her wet breasts. He pushed her giant spongy jugs against his thighs and trapped his mammoth cock between them.

    Penny's hands took held of her own breasts from underneath while I held them from the sides. I started thrusting furiously between her huge titties, watching them ripples and wobbles in our hands as I fucked them.
    "Oh yessss! Fuck my big titties. I have always wanted a huge black cock between them. I love my birthday present," moaned Penny as her face became redden and sweaty while pleasurable expressions were shown.

    I gripped her mammoth orbs hard and thrust my cock deep in her cleavage valley. My huge balls bounced off the bottoms of her gigantic breasts. Penny left her hands go and held onto my ass, pushing her tits harder in my crotch. Her enormous breasts bulged up at my stomach as we watched them as they jiggled and wobbled obscenely.

    I wanted to fuck her tits in another position so I pushed her onto the ground and watched her massive sweaty hooters sway from side to side and then pancake out across her chest and her upper arms. I straddled her chest and rested my huge dick and balls between her cleavage. Penny took hold of her breasts and beat them against my dick before finally wrapping them completely over my meat. She crossed her arms over her tits and I took hold of her shoulders. I started rocking up and down between her soft melons. Really pounding between them hard and fast.

    My huge cockhead poked out from the tops of her cleavage and her tongue stuck out to catch it and give it a few licks.
    Unaware to Penny and me, her mother, Cassie, Cynthia, Christy, Beth, and of course, my mom, were watching outside the cabin through the window. They could hear Penny and me moaning and groaning non-stop.

    "Damn! Look at the way he's fucking your daughter's big titties. I wished he had fucked mines with that much power," said Beth, squeezing her double G cups through her shirt.

    "How big are your daughter's breasts?" My mother asked Cathy.

    "The last time I checked she wear a 42DDD cup. She's catching up to me and her sister Shelly. We both wear a Double E cups," Cathy responded.

    "God Theresa, Your so sure does love big tits. Look at him pounding away at her young jugs," commented Cynthia.
    "Yes. My son does love girls with huge tits. Just this morning he was sucking off mines."

    All the adults continued to watch me fuck Penny's huge breasts. Her creamy pussy was overheating so I leaned back and inserted three fingers deep inside her.

    I thrust my fingers just like I was thrusting my cock between her giant melons. I found her clit and rubbed it furiously and her pussy set off a chain reaction and she drenched my fingers in her cum. My cock couldn't take it any more and unloaded a massive steam of cum between her tits and blasting her face.

    "OH GOD!" I moaned as I took my throbbing dick out from behind her tits and started jerking it to unload more massive shots on Penny's face and chest.

    Penny took my cock between her lips and swallowed the rest of my cum. Her tongue even cleaned off my cock and balls.

    Her face was drench in thick layers of cum. I used my fingers to wipe the cum off her eyes and smeared it on her lips.

    "Thank you so much for the awesome tit fuck. This is been the best birthday ever," Penny said as she stood up and gave me a hug.

    My limp cock pressed against her soak cunt. I felt my cock starting to throb again.

    "But right now Andrew. I don't think I could take your cock inside my pussy seeing how I am still a virgin and it would hurt painfully. Let me get some experience in and I promise you. The next time we meet, I'll be bouncing all over your enormous tool," Penny said, gripping my cock in her hands and stroking it.

    "Deal. Just don't get to much experience in. I don't want you to be too loose that my enormous cock won't have nothing left to destroy," I replied with a laugh.

    "Deal," Penny replied.

    We kissed each other and said our goodbyes. She got dressed back in her Catwoman outfit and left the cabin. I was a little bit disappointed that she didn't let me take her virginity like plan but at least I got to fuck her awesomely huge tits. Even thought they're not as big as her sister or mother, they still felt wonderful to fuck and that was very satisfying for me.

    As I stripped out of the Batman costume, My mother and the other women rushed inside and closed the door.

    "We're not done yet my son. The night is young and we're only getting started," said my mom as she and the other girls quickly stripped their clothes.

    Even thought I didn't get the pussy I wanted to fuck, I got much more then what I could handle from my mom and the Country club wives but this orgy will be told another time...

    To Be Continued
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    Default Chapter 8 -- Andrew meets Shelly's two new friends at th dorm

    by kimberlykitten

    Two months had passed since getting my mom into the Bearstein's Country Club. She was happy to be amount women with large breasts just like her. I was also happy to be around those women. Especially Cathy's daughters, Shelly and Penny.

    My mom had gone away for the weekend and Shelly invited me up to her campus for the weekend. I wasn't about to turn that down. I remember the first time that I met Shelly.

    She wasn't a beauty queen but had some huge 32FFF tits.

    She had freckles and firey red hair, which I remembered swinging all over the place during our fucking session. How I couldn't wait to get my hands back on her breasts for the entire weekend.

    I got on the first flight to Wyoming and made it to the Preston University by nightfall. Shelly was waiting for me at her dorm room 202. The dorm was pretty large so I had trouble finding my way around. Once I finally found her dorm room, I knocked on it a few times and hear a voice.

    "Come in?" said the squeaky voice.

    I entered the room and saw Shelly sitting up in her bed I presumed, wearing nothing but a tiny thin top tank, which came down only to her nipples, leaving the bottom halves of her monstrous hooters bare and thin cotton panties.

    "Hello Andrew. I'm so glad that you could make it," Shelly said in a lustful voice.

    I dropped my bags and immediately began undressing. After I was down to my boxers, I closed the door behind me and Shelly and I fucked like wild animals in heat.

    I had Shelly in all different positions, sliding my enormous cock in and out of her moist pussy. Shelly was moaning, screaming, and grunting uncontrollably. She even squealed like a pig a few times reaching her climax.

    As I had Shelly on all fours and thrusting my throbbing meat between her widely open cunt, her dorm room door opened up and Shelly and I paused for a minute. Shelly's gothic friend Monica had entered the room and caught us fucking.

    She had a couldn't believe I walked into this kind of look on her dove white face.

    Shelly and I were both sweating hard and exhausted as we continued our stare down with Monica.

    "Um... Hi Shelly. I didn't know you had... company," Monica said.

    "Monica. This is Andrew. Andrew, this is Monica my roommate," Shelly introduced us, as her massive tits finally started settling down from all the swaying and flopping underneath her.

    "Oh! So you're the Andrew that Shelly has been talking about," Monica questioned.

    "She has been talking about me?" I asked, still in the doggie-style formation with Shelly's round bubble ass seating on my crotch.

    "Yes I have. I told her how great of a lover you are and that you took my virginity two months ago," Shelly explained.

    Shelly reached down to her drenched pussy and pulled my monstrous dick from the slit and dropped forward onto her bed, being cushioned by her pillowy melons.

    "Holy Shit!" said a stunned Monica, getting a look at my pussy-juiced glistening cock. "That thing is humongous!"

    "I told you," Shelly said in a begging voice.

    Shelly and I sat up in the bed, stilling trying to catch our breaths. Monica started moving closer to us, with her black lipstick-coated mouth nearly hanging to the floor. My giant wet cock was pointing straight up at her. Shelly looked at me and spouted a huge smiled.

    "Go head Monica. Touch it," Shelly urged her.

    Monica was still dumbfounded about the size of my member.
    She hesitated but slowly reached down with her black fingernail-painted hands for my dick. She gripped it tight around the base and realized that not all of my cock could fit in her one hand.

    "GOSH! I need two hands to hold this big thing," Monica exclaimed, as she wrapped her other hand around my dick and holding it like a slippery baseball bat.

    "Look at the head!

    It's throbbing red and it's huge!"

    "Don't be afraid Monica. It doesn't bite. I bet Andrew does though," teased a naked and wet Shelly, with her enormous breasts jiggling with her movements.

    Monica kneeled down before me and her head was leveled at my dick. Her eyes were staring hard at my immense cock like she was trying to burn a hole through it. Slowly, Monica lowered her face and opened her mouth up. She engulfed my massive swollen cockhead first. Monica slowly and lightly began sucking on it and used her tongue to swirl circles around it.

    "Ohhhhh! That's it Monica. Suck my pussy juices off his big dick," urged Shelly, as she lightly probed Monica's shoulder length dark reddish hair with her fingers.

    I began moaning lightly and whimpering. Feeling Monica's wet tongue and moist mouth working my dick. Monica began moving down my veiny thick shaft with her mouth, forming a massive O with her mouth to move further down on my dick. She could taste Shelly's sweet juices and smell her pussy aroma all over my cock.

    Shelly had parted her legs and began rubbing her moist clitoris with her fingers and moaning lightly. The sounds of Monica sucking and slurping my cock were trying Shelly on. I turned my head and looked at Shelly. I reached up and put my hands on the back of Shelly's head and lowered her facedown to my sweaty and hairy crotch as well. Shelly was slurping the bottom part of my cock while Monica had the top part between her lips and sucking me dry.

    "Oh God!" I was moaning and repeated it several times.
    I parted my legs further out and curled my bare toes. Both Monica and Shelly were sucking my cock like one giant Popsicle. Monica was moving her mouth up and down on one side of my cock, while Shelly had the other side, sucked up between her full lips. The slurping and sucking sounds got louder and so did my moaning.

    Shelly moved her lips down to my heavy hanging balls and began bathing them with her tongue. Lapping up and down at my giant testicles and jiggling them on the tip of her tongue. I felt Monica sliding her mouth over half my dick and sucking savagely. Saliva poured out of her mouth and dripped onto my wet balls, which Shelly sucked on, one by one and tasting Monica's saliva.

    Monica pulled her mouth off my slobbery cock and began jerking it with one hand, while rubbing my chest with the other.

    "You're so fucking hot," Monica moaned to me. "I want you inside me."

    Still on her knees, Monica released my cock and pulled her black XL Metallica shirt over her head, revealing some huge breasts encased in a black lacy bra.

    "Andrew loves big titties. Don't you Andrew?" Shelly teased, while alternating from one huge testicle to the next.

    "Well he's in luck Shelly. Though my 32DDD's are nowhere near your mountainous chest Shelly, I haven't gotten any complaints about my size," said Monica, as she unfastened her bra from behind and let it drop to the floor.

    Her large hanging pale breasts trembled and wobbled out of their cups. The areolas were small and light pink while her nipples were big and pink. My fingers immediately captured her two big pink nipples. I tugged and pinched her nipples, sending chills through Monica's body. Her nipples became fully harden after I played with them. I grabbed the rest of her fleshy pillows and kneaded them. Feeling her flesh sinking through my long fingers and her hard nipples pressed hard against my sweaty palms.

    "You've got a very nice grip," Monica commented me. "Now let me show you mines."

    Monica parted her big tits and pressed her chest up against my meaty dick. She then brought her tits back to her chest and wrapped them around my dick.

    "Wow! The head still sticks out between my tits," Monica said astonished.

    Monica bounced her massive melons up and down my cock.

    The bottoms of her breasts repeatedly smacked against my thighs, making loud smacking noises. Shelly had stopped sucking my balls and wrapped her lips around my cockhead.

    The tops of Monica's thrusting breasts bounced against Shelly's chin.

    "Ohhhhhh GOD! I love this big juicy cock between my tits.

    OHHHH!" cried Monica, increasing her thrusting to my dick.
    Shelly released my cockhead from her lips and hovered over it with her gargantuan jugs. Shelly began swinging her tits back and forth against my cockhead. Her bullet like nipples poked into the tops of Monica's fleshy jugs as they bounced up and down in my crotch.

    I just lied back and moaned my heart out. This was too much for me. I was ready to unload on both of their breasts.

    Shelly stopped darling her breasts over my cockhead and sat up to lock lips with me. Our tongues plowed in and out of each other's mouths. Monica released my cock from behind her big tits and stood up to undress the rest of her body. She kicked off her boots and pulled down her tight leather jeans. She stood in front of Shelly and I in a black thong with a spider covering her pussy and black socks. She did a little spin so I could see her round firm pale ass.

    Shelly and I continued French kissing as she gripped my cock in her hands and began stroking it. Monica was back on her knees and suckled at my balls.

    "Hey Monica! Why don't you hop onto Andrew's huge dick and let him take you for a ride?" Shelly suggested.

    Both Monica and Shelly stood up. Shelly moved behind Monica and pulled down her black thong over her feet.

    Monica's snatch was hairy and dripping wet with her juices.

    Monica climbed up onto the bed, standing on her feet and lowered her drenched cunt upon my cockhead.

    "Ohhhh! It might not fit," whimpered Monica. "His cockhead alone is huge."

    "Maybe we need to lube him up some more," Shelly suggested.

    Shelly got onto her knees and sucked on my hard throbbing shaft. She Coated it with her saliva so Monica could ease down onto it. While sucking my pulsing shaft, Shelly looked up and watched as Monica's tight cunt began sliding down my thick pole. Juices from Monica's pussy dripped down my shaft and Shelly licked her juices up.

    "Mmmmmm Monica. You taste pretty good," Shelly commented.

    Shelly moved her tongue up and lapped at Monica's open wet womb as it slided down my big dick.

    "Ohhhhh Shell! OHHHHHH!" moaned Monica.

    I grabbed Monica's huge jutting tits and held onto them for leverage as her wet pussy finally impaled itself onto my large throbbing branch.

    "Ahhhhh! Oh GOD! It's all the way IN ME! UHHHH it hurts! Oh God it hurts!" cried Monica, with her pussy fully stuffed with my enormous dick.

    Shelly's face was still between my thighs and sucked Monica's swollen pussy.

    Monica began lifting herself up and down on my dick slowly, feeling my hard meat tearing apart her tiny pussy. My huge balls were squished between Monica's ass and my thighs.

    "Geeees Monica! You're getting more stuffed then that cheesy ass Taco Bell commercial about the big value meal," joked Shelly.

    I pushed my cock all the way up Monica's pussy. Her round pale ass bounced off my dark thighs as we fucked. She screamed and moaned like a mad woman. Monica literally pulled at her hair, trying to ease the pain. Her moist hairy pussy was completely clamped down on my huge meat rod.

    "AHHHHH FUCK! Oh fuck! Oh Fuck fuck! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck!" moaned Monica, as she grabbed onto my shoulders and had an earth shattering orgasm. I could feel her first wave of cum soaking my cock and balls.
    I pulled Monica's sweaty body closer to mines, feeling her huge wet melons sliding up and down my chest while my cock thrusted in and out of her cum-drenched pussy like a jackhammer.

    "Oh yeah Andrew. Fuck her. Fuck her hard Andrew!" egged on Shelly.

    My huge balls flopped against Monica's jiggling ass and I moved my hands down and squeezed her delicious pale cheeks.

    Shelly kneeled beside us with a huge smile on her face.
    "You know Andrew, her boyfriend Snake had never fucked her like this before. His cock isn't nearly the size of your tree trunk," Shelly gloated.

    I could barely hear what Shelly was saying because my head was swallowed up between Monica's huge bouncing boobs, kissing and licking away at her salty and sweaty cleavage. All I could hear were Monica's tits beating the hell out of my head and smacking upon my shoulders.

    I lifted Monica up and lied her down on the bed without removing my thrusting tool. I held her legs apart and up in the air. I resumed drilling her hairy snatch. Monica held onto her bouncing breasts as I saw the pain in her face from my massive meat stuffed between her pink folds.

    Shelly lowered her wet cunt on Monica's face. Monica's mouth immediately sucked and licked at Shelly's pussy.

    Shelly grabbed Monica's legs and held them for me while I gripped Monica's glistening thighs and pounded her cunt harder and faster.

    "That's it Andrew. Break that pussy open. Ride her a new pussy hole!" urged Shelly, riding on top of Monica's face.

    Monica's tongue was buried deep between Shelly's pussy lips as my cock was buried deep between Monica's. Both girls started having orgasms and Monica tossed Shelly off her face.

    "OHHHH GOD I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! Ahhhhhhh!" Monica cried, releasing her sweet pussy cum down onto my thrusting cock and bouncing balls once again.

    I gave Monica's cunt a few long and hard thrusts, ramming my cock nearly up her throat. Monica came again for the third time.

    I pulled my cum-dripping cock from Monica's pussy and
    Shelly laid on top of Monica in a 69 position. Shelly sucked all of Monica's cum off my shinny cock. Monica's face was buried once again in Shelly's snatch. Smelling Shelly's sweet pussy aroma while Shelly's tasted Monica's pussy juices on my cock.

    "Hey! What's going on here?" we heard a voice near the door say.

    Shelly dropped my cock from her mouth and sat up.

    "Hey Snake!" Shelly greeted.

    "Snake?" I questioned.

    "SNAKE!" shouted Monica from between Shelly's thighs.

    Monica sat up with her face dripping in cum, sweat rolled down her big titties, and her pussy lips very swollen and puffy from my assault.

    "Monica?" Snake questioned. "What's going on here?"

    Snake wasn't a big guy so I could take him if he wanted a fight. He kind of resembled the lead singer of Simply Plan but had a black Mohawk, wore purple eye shadow and a lot skinnier.

    "Listen Snake! I can explain...." Monica said, as she was cut off my Snake's amazing discovery.

    "Look at the size of his cock," Snake said in awe.

    "Yeah Snake! Andrew is a very big fella. His giant dick nearly crippled Monica and myself," Shelly teased, as she grabbed my huge cock in both hands and stroked it. "Don't you want to touch it Snake?"

    I immediately looked down at Shelly in disgust.

    "I'm not gay Shelly," I told her.

    "And neither is Snake. He's bisexual curious," replied Monica.

    The next thing I knew, Snake kneeled between my legs and stared at my dick, dripping with saliva and pussy juices.

    "May I?" Snake looked up and asked me.

    Of course I was about to say no until Shelly butted in again.
    "Of course Snake. It tastes good," Shelly implied.

    Snake had wrapped his large lips around my swollen cockhead. This was a first for me, having another guy's mouth around my cock. I wasn't about to let this go any further then a blowjob.

    Shelly and Monica stood behind me on their knees while Monica's boyfriend Snake pleasured my monster dick with his mouth and tongue. I could feel Snake's fat tongue as it rolled around on my cockhead and the shaft. Snake could taste Monica's pussy on my cock. He grabbed my buttocks and pulled me closer to him. He crammed his mouth with my mammoth prick.

    "Mmmm! Snake loves big dicks," Monica said, as she grabbed my giant balls and bounced them in her palms.

    My balls bounced off Snake's chin as he moved further down my thick shaft. I looked up at the ceiling and moaned. Shelly and Monica decided to suck on my rock hard nipples. Snake sucking on my dick and the girls sucking on my nipples was too overwhelming for me.

    "Here I cum!" I exclaimed.

    Snake had his mouth fully wrapped around my huge dick. I blasted an enormous load of hot cum down his throat and I could hear him swallowing every bit of it. He pulled my cock from between his gooey lips and stroked me for the second load. I blasted my second load across his face. Snake had his tongue out, trying to catch my thick jizz in his mouth. My third, fourth, and fifth loads blasted across his face and into his Mohawk.

    Snake stood up and took a step backwards. I started breathing normally again.

    "We have the whole weekend to enjoy ourselves," said a joyful Shelly.

    The rest of the weekend was a fuck feast. Snake and I took turns fucking Shelly and Monica in every position possible.

    Every now and then I would allow Snake to suck my cock since he was so good at it.

    The weekend at Preston University will be one I'll never forget.
    The End
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    The story has a lot of potential but it's very badly written, it's clear you didn't draft or proof-read it once and that you pretty much wrote it on the spot with all the tense mixups and continuity errors.

    Try reading for mistakes before you post and it will enhance the story immensely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maust69 View Post
    The story has a lot of potential but it's very badly written, it's clear you didn't draft or proof-read it once and that you pretty much wrote it on the spot with all the tense mixups and continuity errors.

    Try reading for mistakes before you post and it will enhance the story immensely.
    As this was wrote by someone else and I thought others might enjoy which I believe they are and since I am limited with my hardware based internet and unless you are offering to format, spellcheck, and grammer check -- one by one then just sit back and enjoy the story as it was meant to be.
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    awsome story, wouldee my wife riding a big black cock
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    very interesting, however good editing would go a long way to making this a great story
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