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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer chapter 1

    I just finished the first chapter of my new Ben 10 story and I'm posting it before I head for bed. With the new story I'll be using a mix of characters from the original series as well as some of the characters I created in my first Ben 10 story. This chapter we have Dr. Animo, later chapters will include Charmcaster, Lucy (the sludge puppy who was the flower girl), Kai and Wes Green, and others as well. Enjoy the first chapter of the story and let me know what you think.

    Ben 10 and the Second Summer


    Valley Honey

    Chapter 1

    Ben Tennnyson’s scream of joy was lost with the same call emerging from hundreds of other students as they escaped the middle school with the last bell of the school year. Normally the last bell would have meant time for Ben to meet up with his cousin Gwen as Jane and Keesha in the old control room behind the gym bleachers but Gwen had spent the last three months being home schooled after the birth of their son Ken and Jane (who was living with Gwen and her parents and huge with the approach of their twins birth) had joined her old friend in her home based classes. Keesha was still around and Ben would have enjoyed meeting her for a good hard fuck to celebrate the end of the school year but then he’d be late to meet up with Grandpa Max so the two of them had agreed after their morning fuck to skip the afternoon fuck and sealed the room for the summer.

    For a second Ben thought he saw Keesha’s black braids coming out of the upperclass wing of the school but when the black girl turned to talk to a classmate Ben realized that she was missing the bulge of Keesha’s pregnant belly and he realized he was mistaken. Ben turned at the familiar sound of the rustbuckets belching roar and saw his Grandpa Max pull into the parking area in front of the school and come to a stop to wait for him.

    “Hi Grandpa,” Ben called as he opened the back door of the rustbucket and let himself into the dining area of the old RV.

    “Hi Ben,” Grandpa Max called from the drivers seat, “you ready for another summer on the road.”

    “I sure am,” Ben said excitedly as he opened the closet and tossed his book bag onto the floor. He noticed that some of his clothes were already hanging up in the small cupboard before he closed the door on the last reminder of school. “And this time it’s just us guys, the way it’s suppose to be with no bossy girls to spoil the road trip.”

    “Actually Ben,” Grandpa Max started hesitantly, before he could finish Gwen swivelled the bucket seat on the passenger side around and glared at Ben.

    “Is that the way you talk about your cousin and the mother of your son?” Gwen asked, the redhead adjusted the blue barrette in her hair and then folded her arms below her milk filled breasts as she glared at her cousin and half-brother.

    “Gwen?” Ben said in surprise, taking in the familiar white cabri pants and blue on blue tee shirt with the cat emblem between the wet spots formed by the milk dripping from her nipples where they formed bumps against the fabric of her shirt. Ben tried to keep his mind off how much he wanted to suck his cousins nipples and fuck her pussy and stay focused on what was happening. “I thought you were going to spend the summer at home to take care of Ken and avoid having a second baby before our son is a year old.”

    “That’s what I had in mind,” Gwen agreed as Grandpa Max pulled the rustbucket out of the school parking lot and headed for the interstate, “but I was outvoted. Our parents, Jane, Keesha, and Keesha’s mom all decided that Grandpa Max would need help to make sure that you don’t end up impregnating half the girls in the continental US.”

    “But Gwen,” Ben started to whine, taking a seat at the dinning room table when he realized that he was still standing, “I’m not going to go fuck crazy. I don’t need a babysitter.”

    “That’s not what we decided,” Gwen said matter of factly.

    “Who is we?” Ben asked sourly.

    “Me, your mom, my mom, Jane, Keesha, and Keesha’s mom,” Gwen said, listing off all the women Ben had fucked and impregnated in the past year. “Look Ben, we don’t mind if you fuck other girls while you’re out with Grandpa Max for the summer. In fact we expect you to fuck other girls, with your sex drive I think it’s a miracle that the six of us are able to keep you satisfied. But we don’t want you to fuck every pussy you come across this summer because that would probably mean a noticeable rise in the birthrate in the next nine to twelve months.”

    “Maybe,” Ben admitted with a mischievous grin as he thought of the possibilities.

    “Since our moms and Keesha’s mother have to work they couldn’t join the two of you for the summer. Since Jane is carrying your twins she’s way to big to spend the summer traveling around the country in an RV, especially since the babies are due the end of this month. Keesha might be able to travel with you since her baby isn’t due until the end of the summer, but you wouldn’t be able to pass her off as a family member so she’s out too. And that leaves me to join you for the summer while my mom and Jane take care of Ken for me. Hopefully I’ll take the edge off your libido so you don’t end up impregnating every girl you meet over the next three months.”

    “Maybe,” Ben said with a smirk, “but if I’m fucking you every night you’ll be knocked up by the end of the summer again. Are you sure you want to have two babies in less than a year?”

    “Jane doesn’t seem to mind having two in one year,” Gwen pointed out, “and as it turns out I’m already going to have another baby.”

    “What?” Ben asked, his head snapping up to look at the impish grin on his cousin’s face. “When did you get knocked up? Are you telling me that all those condoms I wore were a waste?”

    “I’m afraid so Ben,” Gwen said. “You remember that fight we had with Doctor Animo about seven weeks ago?”

    “I remember,” Ben said with a reminiscent smile.

    “I remember hearing about the fight,” Grandpa Max said from the driver’s seat, “but I never heard about you getting knocked up from a fight Gwen. In fact I didn’t know you were pregnant again until you mentioned it just now.”

    “Ben knocked me up after the fight Grandpa,” Gwen said, “but I thought I was safe at the time so I didn’t know I was pregnant until mom gave me a pregnancy test this morning after I complained about my upset stomach.”

    “It sounds like it could be a fun story,” Grandpa Max said, “why don’t you tell me what happened.”

    “I have an even better idea,” Ben said. “Since I missed my afternoon fuck I could really use your hot little pussy wrapped around my cock right now.”

    “Well that is what I’m here for,” Gwen said with a broad grin as she got up from the passenger seat and made her way back to the dining area. “And we can still tell Grandpa Max the story while we’re fucking.”

    “I guess that means I get to enjoy a show and the story at the same time,” Grandpa Max said, glancing over to make sure that the rustbucket’s interior cameras had a clear view of the two eleven year olds before he set them to record the show. “So tell me what happened after your fight with Animo.”

    As Gwen walked to the back of the rustbucket she slid her pants down to her ankles and stepped out of them, but Ben hardly noticed that when he realized that his redheaded cousin wasn’t wearing any panties. “What gives Gwen?” Ben asked with a slow grin as his eyes focused on the light red fuzz his cousin had grown around her slit since their son was born. “Why aren’t you wearing any panties?”

    “Why should I,” Gwen asked with a soft chuckle as she knelt in front of Ben and unzipped his pants. As she pulled her cousins cock out of his underwear she licked her lips before she continued. “I knew what we’d be doing so I figured, ‘why bother with panties if I’m just going to take them off in a few minutes anyway. I wouldn’t even bother with my pants or shirt except that someone could look in and see me while I’m sitting up front with Grandpa Max. Ben, why don’t you start the story while I suck your cock and get you ready?”

    “Sure,” Ben said with a gasp of pleasure as Gwen licked his hardening cock before she sucked it into her mouth. “It all started out with Doctor Animo learning how to control spiders with that weird helmet of his. He decided that a regular spider just wasn’t big enough for him to control the world with so he mutated them into these giant monsters with big hairy legs and mandibles large enough to cut your head off.”

    “Ben,” Gwen warned before she sucked his six inch penis between her lips and down her throat.

    “So maybe I exaggerated,” Ben admitted with a shrug that turned into a shudder of pleasure as Gwen suck on his cock. “Maybe they were about the size of my hand, but if I’d been Greymatter they would have looked like giants. Anyway, I wanted to take them on as Heatblast since I figured my fires would burn through their webs like they weren’t there, but the watch messed up and I ended up being Stinkfly instead. I don’t know if those spiders saw me as a giant meal or their worst nightmare, but they weren’t big enough to actually hurt me so I was able to take them on no problem.” Gwen wagged her finger at Ben without releasing his cock and he quickly modified what he’d already said, “At least I didn’t have any trouble with Gwen helping me out as Lucky Girl. Of course it was a little hard to keep my mind focused with her running and jumping around in that tight black outfit of hers, but I managed to keep my mind on business.”

    “Right,” Gwen said as she let Ben’s now hard cock slide out of her mouth. Why don’t you let me tell the rest of the story? At least I won’t exaggerate.

    “Ok fine, tell the story your way,” Ben said, bracing himself on the cushioned bench while Gwen straddled his thighs and held his cock steady while she guided it toward her dripping pussy lips. “But what am I going to do while you’re telling the story?”

    “I have an idea,” Gwen said with a hiss of pleasure as she settled herself into her cousin’s lap with his cock buried deep in her tight hot cunt. “I nursed Ken just before Grandpa Max picked me up for the road trip, but my tits are already full of milk again. I have a breast pump but I don’t want to use it unless I have to, I’d rather have you and Grandpa take care of my little milk problem.”

    “Sounds like fun,” Ben said with a broad grin. “Hold your arms up so I can pull your shirt off, then I’ll suck you dry while we fuck and you tell Grandpa Max the rest of the story.”

    Obediently Gwen raised her arms above her head as she ground her hips against Ben’s, anxious to get started with their actual fuck. Ben grabbed the bottom of his cousin’s shirt and pulled it up and over her head with one quick gesture and then tossed it over to where she’d left her pants on the floor. Now Gwen was totally naked except for her shoes, socks, and the blue barrett she usually wore in her hair. As soon as Ben managed to catch one of her erect nipples between his lips Gwen started flexing her legs to raise herself up and down on her cousin’s rock hard cock while he did his best to suck her tits dry.

    “Once we managed to take care of Doctor Animo’s mutant spiders all we had to do was catch the good doctor himself, but he was doing a good job of escaping when I came up with an idea to stop him,” Gwen said with a sigh of pleasure as she rode her cousin’s cock.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “You want me to do what,” Ben asked, flying next to his cousin as they chased after the fleeing Doctor Animo.

    “Hit him with your slime,” Gwen repeated, “I have an idea. Just make sure that you cover him from head to foot.”

    “I don’t know what you have in mind,” Ben said as he buzzed off after Animo, “but if you want him covered in slime I’ll do it.”

    As soon as Ben managed to catch up with Doctor Animo the older man turned to glare at him, his long white hair flying freely under his home made mind control helmet. “You’ll never catch me Ben Tennyson,” he gloated, “never!”

    “Maybe I won’t catch you,” Ben said in his buzzing Stinkfly voice, “but at least I can slow you down until Lucky Girl can stop you.” Ben turned the four slime projectors on his head toward the doctor and fired everything he had in one burst. The blast of green slime struck Doctor Animo in the chest with enough force to knock him off his feet so he landed flat on his back in a slick green puddle.

    “Curse you Ben Tennyson,” Doctor Animo said, wiping the slime off his face and shaking his fist at the young hero. “I’ll get you for this indignity or my name isn’t Doctor Aloysius Animo.”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Ben taunted, “that’s what you always say. But I’m still here and you’re still going to jail again.”

    Gwen managed to catch up with the two of them while they were exchanging insults and she opened her spell book to the spell she had in mind while Doctor Animo was still trying to get out of the slippery slime puddle. Gwen’s voice took on the echoing quality it usually did when she was casting a spell and when she finished the final syllable the green slime hardened, trapping Animo in a green stinky shell.

    “Curse you girl,” Animo screamed as he struggled against the hardened slime that held him in a slightly raised position. “I’ll get you too Gwen Tennyson, just you wait and see what I have planed for you.”

    “I can wait for what you have in mind Doctor,” Gwen said. “But right now there’s something I can’t wait for. Ben, get down here and change right now.”

    “What’s wrong Gwen?” Ben asked as he landed nest to his cousin.

    “I said change,” Gwen said, grabbing her cousin by his collar and trying to pull it off his Stinkfly form. “It’s been almost three months since I was fucked and right now I’m so horny I need you inside me right now.”

    “But what about Doctor Animo?” Ben asked, gesturing toward their captive audience as he deactivated the Omnitrix and changing back to human before the watch timed out.

    “I don’t care,” Gwen said as she pulled her cousins clothes off his body as fast as she could. “And I don’t think he does either. Think of it this way, we’ll give him a memorable show, and who’s going to believe him if he talks?”

    “You do have a point,” Ben admitted while Gwen removed her own clothes until she was just as naked as he was. He gave his cousin an appreciative smile as he looked her over. She’d already managed to lose most of the extra weight she’d gained during her pregnancy and he could just make out a red shadow where her pussy hair had started to grow back after they’d shaved her during childbirth. The only part of her body that hadn’t returned to normal were her breasts, full of milk and several sizes larger than they were when the two of them first started fucking almost a year earlier.

    “Are you sure you want to fuck here and now?” Ben asked as Gwen finished removing the last of her clothes. “I thought you were still sore from giving birth, and are you sure you’re safe because I don’t have any protection on me.”

    “Ben,” Gwen said in exasperation, “I’m sure everything is fine. I’m not sore anymore and my period just ended two days ago so I’m sure I’m in a safe period right now.”

    “Are you sure?” Ben asked nervously, “because if I didn’t know better I’d swear that my senses are telling me that you’re in the middle of your fertile cycle right now.”

    “It must be your imagination Ben,” Gwen said as she grabbed her cousin by the arm and dragged him toward Doctor Animo, “trust me, I’m safe. But even if I wasn’t I’m too horny to worry about anything as trivial as getting knocked up with another baby. Now come on, I have an idea how we can make sure Doctor Animo never talks about this.”

    “What’s your idea this time?” Ben asked.

    “We’re going to include Doctor Animo,” Gwen said with a grin, “that way if he does say anything he’ll have to admit that he had sex with a minor and that will add several years to his sentence.”

    “Haven’t the two of you embarrassed me enough already?” Doctor Animo asked as the two cousins came up to where he was trapped in Stinkfly’s hardened slime. “What do you have in mind for me now?”

    “Something I think you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life,” Gwen said as she got down on her hands and knees in front of the doctor. “Ben, you fuck me from behind and I’ll give Doctor Animo a blow job while do me doggie style.”

    “You can’t be serious,” Animo said, watching Gwen as she used her magic to clean the hardened slime from around his crotch so she could pull down his zipper and pull his semi-hard cock out of his pants.

    “Oh, I’m very serious,” Gwen said, stroking Doctor Animo’s cock and opening her legs slightly so Ben could play with her wet pussy before he slid his prick into her, “so relax and enjoy the show.”

    “I will,” Animo said with a soft moan of pleasure when Gwen licked the tip of his prick.

    Gwen was a little surprised at the size of Doctor Animo’s cock, at just over seven inches it was the longest one she’d ever seen, but it was so skinny she thought it might be even thinner than Ben’s. When she saw the doctor close his eyes in pleasure she leaned forward and sucked his cock between her lips and down her throat.

    While Gwen was satisfying Animo Ben was working on her. It was obvious to him that his cousin really was ready to fuck, her pussy was so wet that he didn’t think he’d ever seen her so wet. As soon as he was sure Gwen was ready Ben grabbed is cock and slid it along his cousin’s slit until his shaft was coated with her juices and then he aimed the blunt head for her pussy lips and shoved his hips forward in a quick thrust that buried his prick deep in Gwen’s belly.

    When Ben slammed his cock into Gwen’s cunt he pushed her forward on her hands and knees, forcing Doctor Animo’s cock between her lips and down her throat. Fortunately for Gwen she’d managed to take a deep breath before swallowing Animo’s prick so she didn’t panic as the shaft slit down her throat. Thankfully the doctor’s cock was thin enough that she was able to breath around it even as the head reached further down her throat than any other cock she’d ever sucked. Gwen wasn’t sure what excited her more, the cock in her mouth or the cock in her pussy but she could feel the sexual energy flowing through her body to build up in her belly as she approached her first orgasm in weeks.

    “Fuck the little slut Ben,” Doctor Animo urged in a strained voice as Gwen gave him the first blowjob of his life.

    “Don’t call my cousin a slut,” Ben panted as he fucked Gwen’s tight preteen cunt from behind. “What makes you think she’s a slut anyway?”

    “Well it’s obvious she’s done this before,” Animo said with a moan of pleasure as Gwen slid her throat up and down his cock while he struggled against the hardened slime to force his shaft even deeper in her throat. “I’d have to say that any girl who fucks like this must be a slut.”

    “I guess you’re right,” Ben admitted. “Of course you realize that she’s my tight little slut and this is all you’ll ever get from her.”

    “We’ll see about that,” Doctor Animo said. “When the world finally recognizes my intellect and makes me the ruler of the world you’ll see what your cousin does for me just before I have you killed.”

    “Whatever,” Ben said, he could tell from the way Gwen’s pussy was squeezing his cock that his cousin was about to have her orgasm and from the way his balls were quivering he was sure he was going to cum right along with her.

    Gwen felt Ben grab her hips and she slammed her ass back to meet Ben’s next thrust as he buried his cock deep in her and she squeezed her pussy muscles tight around her cousin’s cock to hold him deep in her belly as he shot his load with a scream of pleasure. As soon as she felt Ben’s cum in her cunt Gwen body exploded and she let Animo’s cock slip out of her mouth just as he shot his own load all over her face and red hair.

    “Wonderful,” Animo groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head with pleasure.

    “It sure was,” Gwen said, turning to give Ben a tongue filled kiss before she turned back to put Animo’s cock back in his pants and replace the hardened slime that she’d removed earlier.

    “Remember doctor,” Gwen said when she saw Animo’s eyes focus on her, “if you say anything about this you’ll be admitting that you’re a pedophile, so I suggest you keep quiet.”

    “I will,” Doctor Animo promised. “By the way Gwendolyn Tennyson, when I take my proper place as ruler of the world I’m going to give Ben the punishment he has coming, but after today I have a special reward for you. When I’m in charge I’ll make you my personal sex slave.”

    “You really are a pervert,” Gwen said, giving Doctor Animo a quick kick that he probably felt through the hardened slime covering his crotch. “Come on Ben, we better get dressed and get out of here before the police show up.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “And that’s what happened after we took down Doctor Animo,” Gwen finished as she continued riding up and down Ben’s cock while he sucked her second tit dry. “So far the doctor’s kept his mouth shut about our activities, although he did manage to escape a week and a half ago.”

    “But Gwen,” Ben said letting her wet tit slip out of his mouth, “I thought you said you’d just finished your period and you were safe. How did you end up getting pregnant again?”

    “Well,” Gwen said with a weary smile, “what I didn’t realize was that right after you give birth your period can be erratic. Apparently you were right and I really was in my fertile period when we fucked, and you knocked me up with baby number two that day.”

    “Are you sure?” Grandpa Max called from the drivers seat, “as you said, your periods are erratic right after you give birth. Sometimes it can be so erratic that you skip a month.”

    “That’s what I hoped at first,” Gwen said, she could feel her belly starting to quiver with her approaching orgasm while she continued to ride Ben’s hard cock. “Especially since it’s so hard to get pregnant while you’re lactating. But I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach for a couple weeks now and when I finally told my mother about it this morning she gave me a home pregnancy test and it was positive.”

    “Just in case I think we should swing around and see your Great Uncle Gary and have him run a few tests just to be sure,” Grandpa Max said. “I can set up an appointment for next week, and this time I think it would be a good idea if you joined us Ben.”

    “Do I have to?” Ben whined, his breath coming in pants as his balls started to jump with his approaching orgasm. “Why do I have to see the doctor when Gwen is the one who’s pregnant?”

    “True,” Grandpa Max admitted, “but as a former plumber as well as a doctor your Great Uncle Gary may have a few ideas about you and the Omnitrix to work with. So this time you’ll be going to meet the doctor with us.”

    “Whatever,” Ben sighed, laying back on the padded bench and grabbed Gwen’s hips while he bounced his ass off the bench to meet every one of his cousin’s thrusts. “I’m going to cum Gwen.”

    “So am I Ben,” Gwen screamed. “Fuck me, fuck your pregnant cousin like you were going to knock her up again.”

    “Yes,” Ben screamed as Gwen slammed her hips down one more time and wiggled her ass around on his thighs until he couldn’t take it anymore and shot his full load into his cousin’s thirsty cunt.

    “I’m cumming,” Gwen shouted, her whole body shuddering with pleasure as her cunt milked the baby juice straight from Ben’s balls.

    “Thank you Ben,” Gwen sighed as she let her body collapse on top of her cousin so that her erect nipples poked him in the chest.

    “No, thank you Gwen,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick kiss. “I’m glad you decided to come with us for the summer.”

    “So am I,” Gwen said, “but I think we may need a way to hide my belly before we get back home. Last summer I was already starting to show, and this summer I have a head start on last year.”

    “I’m sure we’ll find a way to manage,” Ben said, giving Gwen another kiss. “Somehow we’ll manage, we always do.”
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    Great start. I really wish Gwen lived next door. Love all of your stories, but I think this series is the most entertaining.
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    what ^ said
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    Awsome, should totaly keep on going with it
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 2

    I just finished the second chapter of the new Ben 10 story and I'm posting it before I head for bed and before the story drops off the first page (hopefully I'll finish the next chapter before the story has a chance to drop off the page) Anyway, enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think.

    Chapter 2

    “I hate going to the doctor,” Ben muttered under his breath as he looked around his Great Uncle Gary’s waiting room, “especially when I’m not the one seeing the doctor.”

    Ben picked up a children’s magazine from the table in front of him and flipped through it. The eleven year old glanced around at the patients waiting to see the doctor without really paying attention to any of the articles or stories until he flipped back to the front of the magazine and realized that it was almost a year old. He wondered why there were so many preteen girls waiting to see his uncle, and why most of them had swollen bellies under their small tits.

    “Hi,” a blond girl about Ben’s own age said to him as he tossed the magazine back on the table, “are you waiting to see Dr. Gary?”

    “Not really,” Ben said, crossing his arms and glaring at the girl in hopes that she’d get the hint and leave him alone. When the girl didn’t go away Ben took a closer look at her couldn’t help but notice how cute she was when she gave him an impish grin. “If you must know, Dr. Gary is my great uncle, and we’re here so my cousin Gwen can see him.”

    “Your cousin, eh?” the girl said with a knowing grin. “Does that mean that you knocked her up? Or was it someone else in your family?”

    “How did you know,” Ben started and then caught himself when he realized what he was about to admit. “I mean, what makes you think my cousin is pregnant?”

    “Because all the girls here are pregnant, or want to get pregnant,” the girl giggled. “In my case my mom likes the idea of having a doctor’s baby for a grand child so when I told her I wanted to have a baby she brought me here.”

    “You mean my great uncle is a . . .” Ben hesitated, trying to find the right words

    “A baby doctor and a baby maker,” the girl said with a smirk. “Doctor Gary didn’t knock up all the girls here, but he did knock up most of them.”

    “And how do you know that . . .. Say, what is your name anyway?” Ben asked, suddenly realizing he didn’t even know who he was talking to.

    “Oh, I’m Kathy,” the girl said, giving her long blond hair a quick flip behind her back. “And I know about all this because Doctor Gary is my father, and the father of my sister’s baby too. So I know all about your great uncle and how much he likes to make babies in little girls.”

    “I didn’t know about that,” Ben said, “I just knew that he was a doctor our grandfather knew he could trust. By the way, I’m Ben.”

    “Hi Ben,” Kathy said, slipping her hand between his thighs to stroke his semi-hard cock through his pants. “Are you as horny as I am?”

    “I think so,” Ben said, turning to give Kathy a good hard look for the first time, he couldn’t help but notice the way her erect nipples strained against the thin fabric of her tight blouse as she spoke. He also realized that he could sense how fertile she was and he knew that if he fucked the girl he’d knock her up for sure.

    “In that case,” Kathy said, grabbing Ben by the wrist and sliding his unresisting hand up under her blouse so he could get a good feel of her small tits and hard nipples, “how would you like to fuck me?”

    “But I thought you were waiting to fuck Doctor Gary. Ben said playing with Kathy’s tits with one hand while he slid the other one under her skirt to play with the bare wet pussy he found between her thighs.

    “I was,” Kathy admitted, “but I’m horny now, and I don’t care who knocks me up as long as I have a baby nine months from now.”

    “What about your mom?” Ben asked, he could feel his cock getting harder by the second while Kathy continued to trace the outline of his prick through his pants. “I thought she wanted you to fuck Doctor Gary.”

    “I don’t think she cares who I fuck, as long as I give her another grand baby,” Kathy said with a shrug. “Just in case you’re still fighting your obvious desire, here’s one more thing you should know. I’m a virgin.”

    “Really?” Ben asked, his cock jumping in anticipation of fucking another virgin. “But you’re such a . . .”

    “Slut?” Kathy finished with an impish grin. “A girl can be a slut and a virgin at the same time. So what do you think Ben, do you want to pop my cherry and try to knock me up before my father has a chance.”

    “Sure,” Ben said with a grin. Even before the word was out of his mouth Kathy had her fingers on the zipper of his pants and the next thing he knew she was pulling his hard cock out of the opening in front of everyone else in the waiting room.

    “Kathy, what are you doing?” Ben asked as the blond straddled his legs, facing the rest of the room while she coated the head of his cock with the juices from her slimy slit. “What are the other girls going to think?”

    “That I’m a lucky slut and that they’d like to be me,” Kathy said. “Just look at the way they’re all playing with themselves while they watch us.”

    “I guess they are,” Ben said, watching the pregnant girls as well as their mothers while they played with their pussies, their eyes glued to Kathy as she lowered herself slowly down on his cock.
    Ben felt Kathy’s pussy lips stretch around the head of his cock and fought the desire to shoot his load in the tight hot opening of the girl’s wet cunt. He could feel his finger nails biting into his palms as he balled his fists and resisted the temptation to cum as Kathy wiggled her ass and let her pussy drop a fraction of an inch down his shaft until the tip of his prick came up against the thin barrier of her hymen. “You’re so fucking big,” Kathy hissed through clenched teeth. “I want you inside me, I need you inside me, but this is going to hurt so much.”

    “Only for a second,” Ben whispered in Kathy’s ear, her blond hair fluttered from his breath as he continued, “and only this one time.”

    “Ok,” Kathy said, coming to a decision. The young blond lifted her hips up until only the tip of Ben’s cock was in her pussy and then she slammed down with all her weight, driving Ben’s cock through her cherry and deep into her belly as her ass smacked into his thighs loud enough for everyone in the waiting room to hear it.

    “Oh God,” Kathy groaned as a shudder of pain ran through her body, “I knew it was going to hurt, but I didn’t think it would be like that.”

    “It won’t last very long,” Ben said, bringing his hands up to play with Kathy’s tits under her blouse as he checked out the envious looks of every other girl and woman in the waiting room. “Wait until my cock starts to feel good and then start fucking me. Once the pains gone you’ll have so much pleasure you’ll forget all about it.”

    “It sounds like you’ve done this before,” Kathy said, turning to give Ben a weak smile.

    “Let’s just say that you’re not my first virgin,” Ben said with an impish grin.

    “Well I’m glad one of us knows what their doing,” Kathy said with a sharp his when she shifted her ass on Ben’s lap.

    “Don’t worry, it will pass soon and then you’ll discover just how much fun it is to fuck,” Ben said.
    Ben concentrated on Kathy’s tits, massaging the small mounds and rolling her hard nipples between his thumb and index finger until Kathy felt good enough to start shifting her ass around on his lap with a groan of pleasure instead of pain. “That’s it,” he urged. “Start slow but when it feels good start riding my cock.”

    “It already feels good,” Kathy moaned, “do you mean it’s going to feel even better.”

    “Much better,” Ben promised as Kathy started to raise her pussy up and down the shaft of his cock.
    Once Kathy started riding Ben’s cock it didn’t take long for her to pick up the pace until she was sliding up and down his shaft so fast he had trouble keeping his hands on her tits and had to give up on her bouncing breasts to hold on to her hips so he could hold her steady while she slapped her ass hard against his thighs with every stroke.

    “Oh God,” Kathy almost screamed, “I never thought fucking would be this good. I think my belly’s going to explode it feels so good.”

    “I told you it would feel good,” Ben hissed through clenched teeth, once again trying to hold back his own orgasm until the little girl in his lap had hers. “Cum on my cock Kathy, cum at the same time I do. Cum while I knock you up with your first baby.”

    “Yes, yes, yes,” Kathy screamed. She slammed her bare ass down on Ben’s thighs one last time and clamped her pussy hard around his cock as her whole body shivered through it’s first fuck induced orgasm. When Kathy’s cunt muscles started to milk his cock Ben finally let go of his self control, he felt his balls clench tight against the base of his prick and held the shuddering little girl tight as he shot five wads of baby juice deep into her fertile belly.

    “Thank you Ben,” Kathy said, shivering slightly against the cold air after the heat of their hard fuck.

    “No, thank you Kathy,” Ben said as the blond girl lifted her pussy off his softening cock with an obscene slurp. She licked his shaft clean, obviously enjoying the taste of their mingled juices, then stuffed his soft prick back into his pants and zipped them back up.

    “You’re the first virgin I’ve had in months,” Ben told Kathy after he gave her a quick kiss on the lips, “and I always enjoy knocking up girls like you. Do you promise to remember my name when the baby comes?”

    “Of course Ben,” Kathy said, returning his kiss with relish, “I’ll never forget your name.”

    * * * * * * * * * *

    While Ben was doing his best to knock up Kathy, Gary was finishing Gwen’s examination. The doctor pushed his wheeled stool away from the examination table and nodded to Grandpa Max and Gwen. “You’re pregnant alright,” Gary confirmed with a not to his brother in law and great niece. “About eight weeks, just like you figured. I take it that this is Ben’s baby? Just like last time. I thought you were going to give me a shot at this one.”

    “Sorry Uncle Gary,” Gwen said with a quick blush, “I didn’t expect to get knocked up so soon. In fact I thought I was safe when I asked Ben to fuck me that day.”

    “I understand that Gwen,” Gary said with a casual wave of his hand, “but do you know what people who depend on the rhythm method are called?” Gwen gave her great uncle a puzzled look and a quick shake of her head, “They’re called mother. Really Gwen, trusting the timing of your period is the worst way to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy. But then this isn’t exactly an unwanted pregnancy is it?”

    “Not unwanted,” Gwen admitted, “just earlier than desired. I do want the baby, I just didn’t plan to have her so soon after the first one.”

    “I see,” Gary said, he got up from his stool and walked over to the trash can before he removed his latex gloves with a snap and then moved over to the sink to scrub his hands. “Well next time remember to use some kind of protection or you could end up with another surprise before you want it.”

    “I’ll remember,” Gwen promised as she kicked against the side of the examination table with her bare heels. “But I think you’re forgetting something Uncle Gary.”

    “I didn’t forget Gwen,” Gary said as he turned to face his great niece with a wolfish grin, “I just needed to clean up before I fuck you hard like I did the last time. Would you care to join me Max? It’s been a long time since we shared a fuck sandwich.”

    “It sure has,” Grandpa Max said with a grin as broad as his brother in laws. “What do you think Gwen? Are you ready to take both of us on at once?”

    “Come on grandpa,” Gwen said, hoping off the examination table to make room for him, “you know how much I love two cocks at once. I was actually disappointed when you didn’t join Ben and I last night.”

    “I wanted to,” Max said with a chuckle as he took Gwen’s place on the examination table after removing his pants and Hawaiian shirt. “But I thought I might be joining Gary in his fuck today and I wanted to be ready. After all, I’m not as young as I use to be.”

    “Which end do you prefer Max?” Gary asked.

    “I can go either way,” Max said with a shrug. “Do you have a preference?”

    “I do,” Gary admitted, “I’ve been working so long to knock up every girl I fuck that I just hate to waste my cum in a girl’s ass, even when I know she’s already pregnant. So if you don’t mind taking Gwen’s ass I’ll take her pretty little pussy.”

    “Sounds like a plan,” Max said, giving Gwen a boost and setting her on his lap so she faced Gary.
    “You may need this,” Gary said, pulling out a drawer and tossing a tube of lube to Max.
    “Good idea,” Max said, he squirted a generous wad of lube into his palm and coating his hard cock before rubbed it into his eleven year old grand daughter’s ass hole.

    “Grandpa that’s cold,” Gwen said with an exaggerated shiver.

    “Better cold lube than a dry ass,” Grandpa Max pointed out. “Now hold on while I slip my cock into your tight little ass.”

    “Oh yes,” Gwen hissed in pleasure as she settled her ass around her grandfather’s hard cock and wiggled it around to make sure it was as deep as it would go. “Hurry up Uncle Gary, I need something in my pussy right now, and I can’t think of anything I want more than your cock.”

    “Hold your horses,” Gary said with a laugh, “I wanted to enjoy the show before I joined it.” Even before he finished speaking Gary had thrown off his lab coat and pants and positioned himself between Gwen’s thighs. “Gwen, I’ve fucked a lot of little girls over the years, but that red furred pussy of yours has to be the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.”

    “Thank you Uncle Gary,” Gwen said, “but I’d rather have your cock in my cunt instead of a compliment about how pretty my pussy is. Now fuck me like you mean to knock me up with another baby.”

    “Don’t tease me like that,” Gary groaned as he planted the tip of his cock against Gwen’s drooling slit. “I’d like nothing better than to knock you up, but I know it’s already too late.”

    “But you can still pretend,” Gwen said with a moan of pleasure while her great uncle slid the full length of his cock into her pussy. She could now feel both cocks in her body and the redhead knew it wouldn’t take much for her to reach her first orgasm, especially if her grandfather and great uncle knew what they were doing, and she was sure they did.

    As soon as Gary felt his balls bounce against Max’s he heard Gwen growl, “Fuck me, both of you fuck me right now!”

    “How do you and Ben keep up with her?” Gary grunted while he and Max fucked the horny little girl in both of her holes.

    “Ben’s as insatiable as she is,” Max told his brother in law. “He’s the one who keeps her satisfied on a daily basis. I’m just the desert.”

    “That makes sense,” Gary grunted, slamming his cock deep into Gwen’s pussy and pulling it back out as Max slammed into the girl’s ass.

    “Shut up and fuck,” Gwen groaned, she reached down to play with her clit as her great uncle and grandfather fucked her from both ends. She could already feel the sexual energy building in her belly and she pushed her chest forward to place her left nipple in reach of her great uncle’s mouth. “Better yet, why don’t you use your mouth to suck me dry. Ben didn’t empty my tits this morning and their getting full again.”

    “I love fresh milk,” Gary said, he licked his dry lips and then sucked the young mother’s erect nipple into his mouth. In seconds he felt the first stream of milk shooting into his mouth and he swallowed with obvious pleasure.

    “I’m cuimming,” Gwen cried, wrapping her free arm around her great uncle’s neck and pulling him in closer to her tits as her body jumped uncontrollably on the two cocks impaling her body. Gary and Max waited for Gwen’s body to stop shivering before they redoubled their efforts to fuck the little girl silly.

    Even before her first orgasm shuddered to it’s conclusion Gwen could feel the next one starting to build as her Great Uncle Gary and Grandpa Max slammed their cocks into her pussy and ass with more energy than she would have expected from the two older men. She wondered who would cum first this time, or would the somehow manage to all cum at the same time? She hoped they’d manage to cum at the same time, nothing was better than to get to loads of cum while you were having your own orgasm.

    “Fuck me grandpa, fuck me Uncle Gary,” Gwen squealed. “O God, this is the best fuck I’ve had all week.”

    “Damn,” Gary panted as he switched nipples after sucking Gwen’s first tit dry, “how many double fucks does this girl get in a week?”

    “Between Ben, me, her father, and her uncle it’s hard to keep track,” Max grunted, “but if she rates this as the best then we’re doing a great job.”

    “Oh God, I’m gonna cum again,” Gwen cried when her belly exploded for the second time.

    “So am I,” Max growled as he slammed his cock as far as it would go in Gwen’s ass and he shot his load deep into his grand daughter’s bowels.

    “Me too,” Gary groaned burying his prick deep in his Gwen’s pussy and letting the girl’s cunt muscles milk every drop of cum from his cock and balls while he sucked the last of the milk from her right breast.

    It was all Gary could do to stand upright until Gwen’s tight cunt released his soft cock and he stumbled back to his stool, totally exhausted as he dropped down on the seat. “You are insatiable Gwen,” Gary said when he finally managed to catch his breath. “You weren’t this wild last year.”
    “I had a year of almost daily sex since the last time you fucked me,” Gwen pointed out. “Last year I was practically a virgin, but now I’m an experienced little slut with a need for cock.”

    “I guess you are at that,” Gary chuckled. “Is Ben as horny as you are?”

    “Even hornier,” Grandpa Max said as he removed his shriveled cock from Gwen’s ass and settled the satisfied girl on his lap so she could lean back against his chest. “Back home Ben’s fucking Gwen, Gwen’s best friend, his lab partner, his lab partner’s mother, his mother, and Gwen’s mother. Sometimes he fucks them all in the same day, and he’s knocked them all up too. Of course that’s only the one’s we know about. For all we know Ben could be fucking another dozen girls that we don’t know about.”

    “I think I’d know grandpa,” Gwen purred against Max’s chest. “I know he’s just fucked a girl out in the waiting room, and probably knocked her up too.”

    “How do you know that?” Gary asked.

    “I was worried that Ben might do something like this if he only had one pussy for the summer so I used a spell to make sure I knew when he put his cock in another girl,” Gwen explained, “but the spell may have worked too well. Not only do I know when Ben is fucking another girl, I can feel how horny he is and it drives me crazy with lust.”

    “So that’s why you were so cock hungry just now,” Grandpa Max said. “I thought it was just your normal lust, but now I see that you were even wilder than usual.”

    “I guess I was,” Gwen agreed with a sheepish grin, “but the only reason I was wilder than usual was because I was hornier than usual. But that just meant that your cocks felt better than usual too.”

    “Is something wrong Gary?” Grandpa Max asked, noticing the thoughtful look on his brother in law’s face for the first time.

    “No,” Gary said slowly, “I was just thinking that the only girl I’m suppose to see today who isn’t already pregnant is Kathy. Her mother wanted me to pop her cherry and knock her up today.”

    “I’ll make sure that Ben apologizes for spoiling things for you,” Max promised.

    “Don’t worry about it,” Gary said with a wave of his hand. “If I know my horny little daughter she probably came on to him and I doubt Ben was able to resist her for more than ten seconds - even if he wanted to resist her. Besides, after this wild session with Gwen I don’t think I would have been able to pop her cherry, much less knock her up with the baby she wants. When you think about it Ben actually did me favor by knocking up my little girl. And I got to my super horny pregnant niece instead.”

    “So everything’s good then?” Gwen asked with a relieved sigh.

    “Just fine,” Gary said, “but even so I think I would like to talk to Ben, not about Kathy but about some ideas about the Omnitrix that I want to talk to Ben about. You can stay if you want Max, but I think Ben may feel a little more comfortable if it’s just the two of us.”

    By the time Ben entered the examination room five minutes later Gary had changed back into his clothes and was looking over the notes on his clipboard. “Ah Ben, come on in and take a seat,” Gary said, indicating one of the empty chairs against the wall.

    “Don’t you want me to take my clothes off or something like that?” Ben asked self-consciously.

    “No,” Gary said with a shake of his head, “I just want to talk to you. I have some questions and observations about your watch so you may want to close the door before we start.”

    “Right,” Ben said, closing the door and swinging the plastic so he could straddle the back of the seat and rest his chin on the back as he looked at his great uncle. “I’m guessing that you already know about Kathy somehow.”

    “I do,” Gary said in surprise, “but how did you know?”

    “Adults always know when I do something wrong,” Ben muttered.

    “Well you didn’t do anything wrong with Kathy,” Gary said, “in fact you helped me out with that horny little girl because after fucking Gwen to exhausted to take care of another horny girl, so thank you.”

    “You’re welcome,” Ben said with a puzzled frown, “but if it isn’t Kathy than what do you want to talk to me about?”

    “Like I said, your watch,” Gary said, pointing to the Omnitrix on Ben’s left wrist. “You see Ben, like your Granpa Max I was a plumber. But I wasn’t on the front lines, I was a medic and a technician. We were all technicians back then, you had to be to understand how the alien technology worked. But as a medic I had to understand it even better than the front line troops like your grandfather, and that meant catching the little nuances that come up with alien tech.”

    “What do you mean?” Ben asked with a puzzled frown.

    “I think I can explain better once you tell me everything you can about the Omnitrix,” Gary said. “Max has already filled me in on the basics, but any details you can give me will help.”
    “Ok,” Ben said, the preteen took a deep breath and then started telling his great uncle everything he could remember, starting with the night the pod with the Omnitrix almost took his head off and ending with the most recent use of the watch.

    “Are you sure that’s everything?” Gary asked when Ben was finished.

    “That’s everything,” Ben assured his great uncle. “So what are your ideas?”

    “Well,” the older man said hesitantly, “just remember that they’re theories, not facts. And even if I’m right it could be years before we know, if we ever do.”

    “Right,” Ben said, “now what do you think?”

    “It all started when I was talking to Gwen and Max and they told me about how you always know when a girl is fertile, and that you’ll knock her up if you fuck her. I assume that you don’t fuck every girl or woman that you know is fertile.”

    “No,” Ben admitted, “in fact I don’t fuck most girls when I know they’re fertile. But if I’m attracted to them or they’re attracted to me I usually do.”

    “I thought so,” Gary said, chewing his bottom lip for a second before he continued. “You told me that Azmuth said he created the Omnitrix as a way for different species to understand each other better, right?”

    “That’s what he told me,” Ben said, “but he also told me some other things that I’m not too sure about.”

    “Well I’ve been thinking that the best way for two species to understand each other would be for them to have a child, a hybred child sharing the traits of both parents.”

    “Are you saying that the Omnitrix is designed to allow two different species to breed?” Ben asked.
    “It’s a possibility,” Gary said, “and it would explain why the Omnitrix keeps you informed about the fertility of the women around you.”

    “Do you think the Omnitrix is why I’m so horny all the time?” Ben asked with obvious concern, “or why the girls I fuck are so horny and get pregnant so easily?”

    “I don’t think the Omnitrix creates anything,” Gary pointed out, “otherwise you’d be fucking every fertile girl and woman you came across. No, the Omnitrix may enhance the attraction you have for a girl and vice versa, but it doesn’t create the attraction. I think you, Gwen, and your other girlfriends are just naturally over sexed. But I think the Omnitrix may be altering your children at some level so they inherit a bit of alien DNA.”

    “But Ken, that’s my son with Gwen, is perfectly normal,” Ben pointed out. “No sign of alien DNA where he’s concerned.”

    “It may not be obvious that he has alien DNA,” Gary said, “for all we know the DNA could be dormant until Ken is old enough to activate it. In fact when he’s old enough he may be able to change into his alien form as easily as you do with your watch. But he’d could be limited to a single alien instead of a selection like you have. Of course this is all a theory and not a very firm one at that.”

    “But if you’re right,” Ben said thoughtfully, “then is there any way for us to know what alien my children will change into?”

    “Perhaps,” Gary said slowly, “I suspect the Omnitrix emits some kind of field to affect your children at the moment of conception and that the setting of the field is determined by your most recent alien. But since conception doesn’t usually happen immediately then the field could change if you become a different alien while you’re still close enough to affect the baby before the actual conception. But it’s also possible the Omnitrix could change settings on it’s own considering the way it sometimes changes you into an alien you don’t want.”

    “You could be right,” Ben said after several seconds to absorb his great uncles theories, “but it will take several years before we know if their fact or fiction. And since I can’t remove the Omnitrix the only way to stop things would be for me to stop fucking and impregnating girls, but I enjoy fucking so much that I don’t think I could stop if I had to. For now I think we should keep your theories between us.”

    “I thought you’d feel that way,” Gary said with a nod. “That’s why I wanted to keep this conversation between us. But if you do notice anything you’ll let me know, right?”

    “Of course,” Ben said with a grin, “and now I know what to look for. And thanks to Kathy you’ll have a subject close at hand.”

    “So I will,” Gary said as he got up to escort Ben to the door of the examination room. Gary hesitated to finish what he was saying before he opened the door for his great nephew. “Thanks again for taking care of Kathy, I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on her and her baby and I’ll let you know if something comes up. Goodbye Ben, enjoy your summer.”

    “I will Uncle Gary, I’m sure I will.”
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 3

    I just finished the new chapter for this story and I'm posting it before I head for bed. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

    Chapter 3

    “But grandpa,” Ben whined, brushing Gwen’s red hair back so he could watch while his cousin sucked his cock, “why do we have to visit Aunt Vera?”

    “Because she’s family and it wouldn’t be polite for us not to visit her when we’re this close,” Grandpa Max said as he turned to take the road leading to his sister Vera’s retirement community. “Besides, things were a lot more exciting than you expected last summer.”

    “I know,” Ben’s groan was a cross between pleasure and exasperation, “but what are the chances that there will be two alien invasions in two years.”

    “I don’t know,” Grandpa Max said with a shrug, “what are the chances that you’ll have a watch that changes you into different aliens and Gwen can cast magic spells. As a plumber I learned to expect the unexpected. Speaking of being a plumber, there’s something the two of you should know about your Great Aunt Vera.”

    “What’s that?” Gwen asked, releasing her cousin’s hard cock from her mouth with an audible pop before she started rolling the tip of her tongue around the head of Ben’s quivering shaft.

    “You should know that Vera knows about me being a plumber and fighting aliens,” Max said, scratching his head through his short iron grey hair.

    “That explains her comment to me when we left last summer,” Ben said between pants while he tried to hold back the cum that threatened to explode all over the red heads face. “Remember Gwen? She told me to keep up the fight against the aliens.”

    “Something like that,” Gwen said, stroking Ben’s prick with one hand while she used the other one to play with his cum filled balls. “But if Aunt Vera knew about you all along, why didn’t you say something before now?”

    “I was still trying to keep things secret back when we visited Vera last year,” Grandpa Max reminded his grandchildren. “And after I told you about being a plumber and fighting aliens it just didn’t occur to me to tell you that Vera knew about me.”

    “I guess that makes sense,” Gwen said she started stroking Ben’s cock faster when she saw the way her cousin clenched his teeth and fought to hold off his orgasm. “And now that we’re about to visit her again you decided it was time to let us know the truth.”

    “That’s the idea,” Max said, “now you know that we can speak plainly about the Omnitrix and fighting aliens, but we should probably keep things secret about our relationship, especially where your new baby is concerned.”

    “Right grandpa,” Gwen said, giving Ben’s balls a gentle squeeze when she felt them cramp in her hand and she let out a squeal when Ben’s cum shot out of his cock to spray her face and hair.

    “I win,” Gwen said, licking the cum around her lips and slurping it into her mouth, “I made you cum faster than you made me cum.”

    “Best two out of three,” Ben panted. “And this time I get to play with your tits while I eat your cunt.”

    “No way,” Gwen said, “you know how sensitive my tits are right now. It wouldn’t be a fair challenge if I let you play with my breasts.”

    “Well it’s not fair if you get to play with my balls while you’re sucking me off,” Ben said. “Either I get to play with your tits or you can’t play with my balls.”

    “Let me think about it,” Gwen said with a thoughtful frown.

    “It’s too late for another round now,” Grandpa Max called back. “The two of you should have just enough time to clean yourselves up before we get to Vera’s. And remember, she’s a pincher.”

    “I remember,” Ben said reaching up to pat his cheeks as if he expected them to be gone after his last experience with Aunt Vera and habit of pinching every cheek that came within her reach. “I also remember that she has a weird taste in food.”

    “”I didn’t think it was weird,” Grandpa Max said, “her Jello with cauliflower mold was mighty tasty.”

    “Don’t remind me,” Gwen said with a wince. “I remember thinking it tasted good at the time, but later I realized that was because I was going through one of the weird cravings because of my pregnancy.”

    “So I guess you won’t be eating any of it this time,” Ben asked.

    “No way, my cravings are totally different this time,” Gwen said with a sniff. “Now if Aunt Vera made a Jello mold with chili fries I’d go for it.”

    “In that case I guess I’ll have all of Vera’s Jello to myself,” Max said, smacking his lips appreciatively.”

    “Thank God,” Ben whispered to Gwen as she giggled in response.

    “Well, here we are,” Max said, braking to a stop in Vera’s driveway. “I hope you two are ready.”

    “I am,” Gwen said adding her blue barrette to her short red hair.

    “So am I,” Ben said, combing his fingers through his brown hair. “Are you sure I can’t change into XLR8 or Diamondhead before Aunt Vera has a chance to pinch my cheeks off?”

    “Sorry Ben,” Grandpa Max said as he got out of the driver’s seat, “if I have to deal with Vera’s pinches so do you and Gwen.”

    “Alright,” Ben said sullenly as he and Gwen followed their grandfather out of the rustbucket. Behind Grandpa Max’s back Ben whispered to Gwen, “As soon as I can sneak away after dinner XLR8 is making a burger run.”

    “Count me in,” Gwen whispered back. “I’ll take whatever you can bring back.

    “Max,” Aunt Vera screamed as she shot out of the front door and hugged her older brother until Max let out a groan when his back cracked under the pressure.

    “That’s enough Vera,” Max groaned, “let me go or you’ll break my back for sure.”

    “You always were such a hypochondriac Max,” Vera said, releasing her brother and pinching both of his cheeks before he had a chance to recover from her hug.

    “Ben, Gwen, come here and let me see how much you’ve grown since last summer,” Vera said, opening her arms to her great niece and nephew while her brother rubbed the feeling back into his cheeks.

    “Hi Aunt Vera,” Gwen said as she and Ben drew closer but made sure their cheeks were out of her reach.

    “Don’t worry Gwen,” Vera chuckled, “I promise not to pinch your cheeks, at least not until the new baby is born.”

    “How did you know?” Gwen asked.

    “Well you’re starting to show,” Aunt Vera said with a grin, “but not enough that I would have noticed if your parents hadn’t told me. Don’t look so shocked, an old retired woman like me has a lot of time on her hands to keep up with her relatives, especially with e-mail.”

    “I guess that’s true,” Gwen said with a weak grin.

    “Once we get inside I have a lot of pictures they sent me of your son Ken,” Vera said as Ben just managed to avoid her cheek pinch. “I hope you have better luck catching your rapist this time.”

    The wink Vera gave Gwen when she mentioned the fictional rapist told the eleven year old redhead that her great aunt at least suspected the truth about both of her babies. At least she thought she knew the truth, Gwen hoped she didn’t realize that Ben was the father.

    Gwen was listening to her grandfather and great aunt exchange family news as they walked into the living room and didn’t realize that Ben had stopped in front of Vera’s picture window until she actually walked into him. “Ben, why did you stop like that?” Gwen said as she gave her cousin a shove.

    “Gwen look,” Ben said pointing excitedly out the window. “Do you see who I see?”

    “What?” Gwen asked shoving Ben aside so she could look out the window at the neighbor’s back yard.

    “Ah, I see you noticed Marty’s grandkids,” Vera said looking over Ben and Gwen’s head. “They’re spending the month with him while there parents are in Europe. You should go over and visit them while you’re here, there about your age.”

    “Actually Andy and Mandy are about a year younger than us,” Gwen said.

    “You know Marty’s grandchildren?” Vera asked in surprise.

    “Yeah,” Ben said, “we met them last year when grandpa almost ran over a kid from their summer camp with the rustbucket.”

    “Max, you didn’t,” Vera said with a quick glare at her brother.

    “Well he did run out in front of me,” Max said defensively. “Actually it’s a good thing he did because when we returned him to the camp we found out that a race of mushroom aliens was trying to invade the Earth. Ben managed to defeat them with Andy and Mandy’s help.”

    “Sounds like you do know the twins,” Vera said, “you should go over and see them after dinner.”

    “So what’s for dinner Vera?” Max asked.

    “Well I wasn’t sure when to expect the three of you,” Vera explained while she escorted them to her dining room, “so I made a rattlesnake stew so it could simmer until you actually arrived.”

    “Smells great,” Max said, glaring at Ben and Gwen as they exchanged faces at the prospect of the stew.

    Somehow Ben and Gwen managed to hide the fact that they only choked down one or two spoonfuls of their Aunt Vera’s rattlesnake stew (usually by distracting their great aunt or grandfather long enough to add their stew to the contents of Vera or Max’s bowl). After dinner the two of them were still hungry but they managed to hide it from the two adults long enough to slip out the door with the excuse that they were going next door to visit Andy and Mandy. As soon as the door closed behind them Ben dialed up XLR8 on the Omnitrix and activated it.

    “I’m off to find a burger place,” Ben hissed in his lizard voice, “I’ll be back with your food in just a minute.”

    “Hurry back Ben, I’m starving,” Gwen said, sighing when she realized that she was talking to her cousin’s dust trail.

    It took more like ten minutes for Ben to get back with Gwen’s food but Gwen barely listened to his explanation of hunting down just the right burger place as well as the slow server he had to deal with when he placed his order. Meanwhile Gwen was eating the loaded burger and chili fries so fast that she barely tasted them. But the last words out of Ben’s mouth froze her in mid bite.

    “What did you just say Ben,” she asked after she managed to swallow the fries she’d almost choked on.

    “I said that I ran past Marty’s house and I saw the twins in the back yard,” Ben hissed sibilantly. “And it looked like they were naked and fucking, in fact I saw Mandy’s little tits bouncing up and down while she rode Andy’s cock.”

    “That I’ve got to see,” Gwen said as she shoved the last of her meal into her mouth and crumpled the empty bag in her hands. “Hurry and change back so we can go over and catch them in the act.”

    “Sounds like a plan,” Ben said in his own voice after the Omnitrix let out a red flare as he changed back into his human form. “But I have an addition to it.”

    Ben and Gwen could already hear the twins in Marty’s backyard before they opened the gate, the slight creak of it’s hinges covered by Andy and Mandy’s lust filled screams as they fucked each other on the freshly mowed grass. “Fuck me Andy, fuck your sister with that nice little cock of yours.”

    “I love it when you talk nasty like that Mandy,” Andy said, his hips bouncing off the grass to meet his twin every time she slammed her hips down to smack against her brother’s thighs. “I just wish I was as developed as you so I could give you the cum you want so much.”

    “So do I,” Mandy gasped, “it would teach mom and dad to abandon us while they go off to Europe on their own. I’d love to see the look on their faces when they realized my belly was growing with your baby.”

    “As long as they didn’t know it was my baby,” Andy sighed, “but we don’t have to worry about that since I don’t cum yet.”

    “At least you stay hard so I don’t have to wait for you to recover,” Mandy said. “I don’t know what I’d do if I had to wait for you to recover after every orgasm.”

    “Hi Mandy, hi Andy,” Gwen called to the startled twins as she stepped clear of the bushes she’d been hiding behind. “It’s Ben and Gwen Tennyson, remember us from camp last summer.”

    “I remember,” Mandy said hesitantly, bringing her hips to a stop with Andy’s cock buried deep in her ten year old slit. “We fought that giant mushroom alien together.”

    “That’s right,” Ben said, stopping next to Gwen so the twins could see that they were just as naked as they were. “What were you just saying about getting knocked up to teach your parents a lesson?”

    “Well,” Mandy said, looking at Ben’s naked body for a second and then down to where her brother’s small cock vanished between her bare pussy lips. “After the way things happened last year our parents didn’t want to send us off to camp this summer. At first they were going to send us off to live with our Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny, but when I started having my periods a couple months ago they changed their minds.”

    “Why would they do that?” Gwen asked, she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Mandy’s tits as they bounced slightly every time the ten year old girl buried her twin’s cock in her tight little pussy. Mandy’s ten year old breasts were already larger than her’s, and hers were full of milk.

    “It’s just a rumor,” Andy grunted while is sister continued to ride his shaft, “but we heard that our cousins Sue and Tammy are both pregnant right now. Our parents didn’t actually talk about it and since Sue is nineteen and Tammy is seventeen they were probably knocked up by their boyfriends but mom and dad didn’t want to take a chance with Mandy starting her periods so they decided to send us here to spend the summer with Grandpa Marty while they went off to Europe without us.”

    “Since there’s nothing for us to do here at the retirement community Andy I decided to have some fun on our own and hopefully teach mom and dad a lesson when he knocked me up,” Mandy finished their story, “but it turns out he isn’t as sexually mature as I am. He doesn’t cum so no baby juice to knock me up, but we keep hoping.”

    “You know Mandy,” Ben said with a lusty grin, “your brother may not have any cum, but I do.”

    “Really,” Mandy asked, “are you sure you can knock a girl up?”

    “I’m sure,” Gwen said, she’d already guessed what Ben wanted her to do and she patted her naked stomach so Andy and Mandy noticed the slight belly bulge that was already starting to show.

    “This is our second baby together,” Gwen said as Mandy reached out to touch her swollen belly like she expected it to vanish. “And I’m not the only girl Ben’s managed to knock up in the past year. If you’re serous about having a baby my cousin is the one who can do it to you. That is if you want him to.”

    “Oh I want him to,” Mandy said with a grin, “do you mind Andy? I mean to do you mind if I fuck another boy and have his baby?”

    “I don’t mind,” Andy said slowly, “at least I don’t mind this time since I can’t give you a baby and Ben can. But what am I going to do while he’s fucking you?”

    “Do you really need to ask?” Gwen asked with a chuckle. “Do you have any idea how horny a girl gets when she’s pregnant. “Ben is able to keep me satisfied most of the time but I do appreciate a change of cock every once in a while.. So while Ben’s giving you sister a baby I’ll be happy to fuck you, that is if you want to fuck me.”

    “As much as I love fucking Mandy’s pussy,” Andy said, “I’ve keep wondering what it will be like to fuck another girl.”

    “And here’s your chance,” Ben said, “you get to fuck Gwen’s pregnant pussy while I knock up your sister. And after I’m done with Mandy you’ll be able to fuck her pregnant pussy.”

    “Now that sounds great,” Andy said with a broad smile, pulling his still hard cock out of his twin sister with a wet slurp.

    “So Mandy,” Ben said, kneeling nest to the blond ten year old and reaching out to massage her tits, brushing his fingers across her erect nipples and sending a wave of sexual energy rushing down her belly to her pussy so a new flood of juice flowed out of her bald slit. “What position do you like best?”

    “You mean there’s more than one?” Mandy asked with a puzzled frown.

    “There’s hundreds, maybe even thousands,” Ben said, “and people are dreaming up more and more every day. Actually some of the positions are uncomfortable but if you want to try we can do it doggie style. Doggie is one of Gwen’s favorite positions.”

    “What do I have to do?” Mandy asked after thinking about it for a few seconds.

    “All you have to do is roll over and get up on your hands and knees,” Ben explained. “Once you’re in position I’ll come up behind you and fuck you that way.”

    “Ok,” Mandy said as she followed Ben’s directions, “but I don’t see why this is one of Gwen’s favorite positions.”

    “You will, Mandy,” Gwen said, “you will. Come on Andy, you fuck me in the same position and I can show you why it’s one of Ben’s favorite positions too.”

    Mandy wiggled her ass impatiently as she waited for Ben to come up behind her. Instead of sliding his cock into her wet pussy right away the older boy used his fingers to tease her slit, inching up her cunt until he reached her clit and started teasing it. As soon as Ben’s fingers touched her erect clit another jolt of sexual energy rushed through her body and she let out a moan of pleasure.

    “Oh God, that feels so good,” Mandy groaned as Ben brought the head of his cock up against the drooling pussy and teased her with it until she was ready to beg him to slide it into her belly.

    “If you think that feels good,” Ben hissed, “just wait until I slide the whole thing into your tight little cunt.”

    “Do it Ben,” Mandy gasped, “fuck that monster in my cunt and knock me up with your baby.”

    Ben tried not to laugh at Mandy’s comment about his cock since he knew that while his prick was large for his age at six inches long, it was still small compared to most mem. Of course if Mandy’s only experience was with her brother’s cock, then maybe his cock was a monster.

    “Hold still Mandy,” Ben said, switching his hands to the younger girl’s hips to hold her steady while he adjusted his cock. “I can’t slide it in while you’re moving your pussy around like that.”

    “I’m trying,” Mandy whined, “but it feels so good I just can’t hold still.”

    “Well try,” Ben said with a soft chuckle, “because here comes my cock.” With a deep breath Ben slid his prick slowly into Mandy’s cunt. If he was fucking Gwen he would have slammed his cock into her pussy with one quick thrust, but Mandy’s slit was so tight he had to take it slow.

    Mandy closed her eyes at the intense pleasure that flooded her ten year old body as Ben’s cock slid into her body a fraction of an inch at a time. Ben’s cock was so much larger than Andy’s that she wasn’t sure if it would fit at first, but once the head wedged it’s way between her pussy lips she just relaxed and enjoyed the way it filled her pussy. “You’re so big Ben,” Mandy moaned as the older boy forced his way deeper into her flat belly. “Don’t hold back, fuck me Ben, fuck me hard and fill me with your baby juice.”

    “Now that’s something I always love to hear out of a girls mouth,” Ben said with a grunt as he forced the last of his cock into Mandy’s tight underage cunt. “I love hearing it almost as much as I love doing it, so hold on Mandy, you’re going on a ride to motherhood.”

    “Yes,” Mandy said, strangling the yell of pleasure that threatened to escape her lips when Ben’s cock reached her cervix and he held it there with his balls brushing the base of her slit while she got use to the size of his shaft. As soon as her pussy started to relax it’s hold around Ben’s cock he pulled almost the whole shaft out of her drooling hole and then slammed it in full force so his balls bounced against her cunt.

    “Oh my God,” Mandy moaned when Ben’s shaft slid across her erect clit with his first stroke.

    “Now you see why I like this position so much,” Gwen said with a sigh of pleasure. Mandy lifted her head and saw Gwen on her hands and knees just a few inches in front of her and exchanged a quick grin with the older girl. Mandy could just make out the form of her twin brother behind Gwen, slamming his small cock into her with enough energy to make up for his size and lack of experience. “The way the cock slides across your clit with every stroke is enough to drive you crazy.”

    “You’ve got that right,” Mandy said dreamily.

    “And it’s almost as good for me,” Ben groaned, picking up the pace of his strokes as Mandy’s cunt loosened up with every stroke. “The underside of my prick is so sensitive I can feel your clit scrape along it with every stroke, and it feels so good I’m almost ready to cum right now.”

    “Not yet,” Mandy begged, “I can feel my orgasm building up in my belly. Don’t cum yet Ben, hold on, hold on and cum with me.”

    “I’ll try,” Ben said, “maybe this will help you cum a little quicker.” Ben shifted his hands from Mandy’s hips to her tits and started squeezing them gently, pinching her nipples just hard enough to make her nipples pop out hard against his palms so he could tease them with his fingers.

    “Yes,” Mandy moaned, her whole body quivering with the sexual pleasure that threatened to explode from her body. “That’s incredible, don’t stop Ben, play with my tits while you fuck me and fill me with your baby.”

    “Here it comes,” Ben growled, slamming his cock to the hilt in Mandy’s pussy and holding it there as his balls pulled tight against the base of his shaft and shot his full load deep in the blond girl’s quivering body while her cunt clamped tight around his prick and milked the baby juice from him while her body quivered and shook through her own orgasm.”

    “I wish you could see the look on her face right now Ben,” Gwen said, watching Mandy spasm through her orgasm with Ben’s cock buried deep in the girl’s ten year old cunt. “I know how much you like to see the look on the girl’s face when she cums on your cock.”

    “At least you can see it,” Ben panted, supporting quivering body so she didn’t slip away from his softening cock.

    “I can do better than see it,” Gwen said. Ben’s redheaded cousin lifted one hand from the ground and reached out to stroke her fingers along Mandy’s cheek. “Mandy, did you know that two girls can have almost as much fun as a boy and a girl? While they can, and here’s a sample of what they can do.” Without warning Gwen leaned forward so quickly that she almost pulled away from Andy’s cock as it slammed in and out of her drooling pregnant pussy. Gwen pressed her lips against Mandy’s. Before the younger girl realized what she was doing Gwen pushed her tongue into Mandy’s mouth and let it roll around the girl’s throat.

    “How did you like that?” Gwen asked the startled Mandy when she pulled her face away.

    “I liked it,” Mandy said hesitantly, “I’ve never been kissed by another girl, not like that. Does it always feel like that when you kiss another girl?”

    “Not always,” Gwen giggled. “It helps if you’re horny and attracted to the other girl the way we are.”

    “Can you show me anything else?” Mandy asked excitedly.

    “Well we don’t have much time before we have to get back to our Aunt Vera’s,” Gwen said apologetically, “otherwise I’d show you how much fun it is to eat another girl’s pussy. If you think it feels good when a boy licks your cunt, just imagine what it’s like when a girl does it because we know exactly what a girl likes.”

    “I guess you’re right about that,” Mandy admitted, “but if you did have time to show me I’d just get frustrated because I don’t have any girls to eat my pussy.”

    “Yeah, that would be a problem,” Gwen admitted. “I do have time to show you something the two of you have to look forward to.”

    “What’s that?” Mandy asked, leaning as far forward as she could on her arms as she anticipated whatever the redhead was going to show her.

    “Pull out of me Andy, you’ll want to see this too,” Gwen said.

    “What?” Andy said, pulling his cock out of Gwen’s slit and shifting around to sit next to his twin, both of them watching the older girl expectantly.

    “This is something you have to look forward to in a few months if Ben was successful in impregnating Mandy,” Gwen said, sitting back on her thighs so the twins had a clear view of her heavy breasts.

    “Oh I knocked her up alright,” Ben said with a satisfied grin, patting Mandy’s ass affectionately.

    “If you say so,” Gwen sighed, she knew better than to argue with her cousin when he was so sure of his success, so far he’d been right every time. “Anyway, now that Ben’s managed to knock Mandy up, this is something you’ll have to look forward to when her belly gets big with his baby and her milk starts coming in.” As she spoke Gwen reached up to cup her tits, one in each hand. While the twins watched her closely Gwen squeezed her tits, aiming an erect nipple as each twin so the two streams of milk struck both of them in the face.

    “Cool,” Andy said, licking at the milk running down his face and smacking his lips at the taste.

    “Yeah cool,” Mandy agreed as she brushed some of the milk out of her hair. “How long before I can do that?”

    “No way to know when you’ll start making milk,” Gwen sighed, “I started at about six months, and before you ask that was for our first baby and I was still making milk for him when Ben knocked me up with this baby.”

    “Can I have some of your milk?” Andy asked hopefully without taking his eyes off Gwen’s bouncing nipples.

    “Sure,” Gwen said, moving closer so Mandy could reach her right nipple without pulling away from Ben who was starting to move his hardening cock in and out of her sloppy cunt again. “I have so much milk in my tits that I have to be milked at least twice a day. I’m sure Ben won’t mind if the two of you help yourselves.”

    “No, I don’t mind,” Ben said, noticing that Gwen avoided mentioning the fact that Grandpa Max milked her as often as he did. “Go ahead and help yourselves.”

    “That’s it,” Gwen said with a groan of pleasure, “suck the nipple into your mouth and keep sucking so the milk fills your mouth and then swallow. Mandy, you’re going to love it when Andy sucks the milk right out of your breasts.”

    “I hope so,” Mandy said, releasing Gwen’s nipple so she could speak, she licked the milk that dribbled from the redhead’s tit and then continued. “I just wish I didn’t have to wait six months to find out what it’s like.”

    “Well it could happen sooner,” Gwen admitted, “it could also happen later. But if Andy sucks on your breasts every day it could happen much quicker. I’ve heard of girls who start producing milk even when they’re not pregnant because someone keeps sucking on their nipples.”

    “Maybe we should try that Andy,” Mandy said. “Maybe my milk won’t come in that much faster, but I’m sure we’ll both enjoy it.”

    “I think you’re right,” Andy said, “and I can suck and squeeze your tits while we’re fucking too, just like Ben’s doing right now.”

    “Oh yeah,” Mandy groaned as Ben squeezed her tits while he slammed his hard cock in and out of her pussy from behind. “You and Ben have already taught us a lot about sex that we didn’t know about. I’m really looking forward to learning more about sex, but the only way we’ll learn more is to experiment on our own after you leave.”

    “Trust me Mandy,” Ben said as he slammed his cock deep into the ten year old girl’s slit and pumped her full of another load of baby juice, “you’re going to love experimenting.”

    “I think you’re right,” Mandy said shakily as a new orgasm ran through her body and her cunt clamped down hard around Ben’s cock to milk every last drop of cum from his shaft. “Thank you, both of you for teaching us so much as well as giving me the baby I want. Maybe next time Andy will actually have some baby juice of his own to knock me up on his own.”

    “I hope so,” Andy said as he licked the last of Gwen’s milk off his lips. “Once Mandy has Ben’s baby I’m looking forward to giving her one of mine.”

    “Your time will come Andy,” Ben promised with a sigh. “And I’m sure you’ll love knocking your sister up as much as I did.”

    As much as they would have enjoyed spending more time with Andy and Mandy Ben and Gwen had to admit to themselves that their great aunt and grandfather would miss them if they stayed much longer. While they were sure that Grandpa Max would accept their activities they weren’t so sure about Aunt Vera and they didn’t think it would be a good idea to try and explain things to her.

    After a restful night (in separate beds since they spent the night in Aunt Vera’s house) Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max were ready to set out again in the rustbucket. “Look kids,” Grandpa Max called back to his grandchildren, “there’s Andy and Mandy out on the front porch with their grandfather. Did you guys ever get over to see them last night.”

    “We sure did,” Ben said, exchanging a broad grin with his cousin before he turned to wave to the twins as they drove past Marty’s house. When the twins waved back Ben noticed that Mandy took a half step back from her grandfather so he couldn’t see when she stroked her flat belly suggestively.
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    Very good, hot chapter. Really love to read about the adventures (sex) of these kids. Thanks.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 4

    I just finished the new chapter and I'm posting it before I head for bed. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

    Chapter 4

    “Yeah, it’s the fuel pump,” Grandpa Max said, pulling his head out from under the hood of the rustbucket and wiping his hands on the nearest rag.

    “How long will it take this time grandpa?” Ben asked, glancing past his grandfather at the shadowed depths of the RV’s engine compartment.

    “If they have a replacement pump,” Grandpa Max with a gesture toward the parts store, “I can have it fixed in a couple hours. If not than I’ll have to see if I can fix this one or find a spare in one of those junk RV’s over in the junk yard and that could take the rest of the day or longer.”

    “Do you kids think you can keep out of trouble long enough for me to do the job?”

    “Sure we can,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick seductive wink that made her giggle.

    “Sorry kids but sex is out of the question if we’re spending time here in town,” Max pointed out, “There’s too good a chance that someone will see you and then we’re going to have all kinds of questions to deal with.”

    “I guess you’re right grandpa,” Gwen said with a sigh. “At least they have a decent library here, I should be able to do some research on some new spells.”

    “What about you Ben?” Grandpa Max asked his grandson, “what are your plans while I’m working on the rustbucket?”

    “What else?” Ben said with a shrug, “I’m going to check out the video arcade, I saw a poster for the new Sumo Slammer arcade game so I want to check it out.”

    “You would,” Max said with a sigh. “Well, if it will keep you busy and out of trouble I guess it’s worth it.”

    “Thanks grandpa,” Ben said as he accept the money Max handed him. “Come on Gwen, I’ll race you.”

    “No fair,” Gwen said when Ben took off across the street, “I’m not exactly in any shape to do any running right now thanks to you.”

    “It’s not like you’re that big yet,” Ben smirked. “You can still run, just not as fast as I can.”

    Ben was already across the street when he heard the sirens and the other sounds of the high speed chase headed their way. He turned back to grab Gwen’s hand and pull her out of the street just before the first motorcycle flashed past. The two of them watched from the safety of the sidewalk as three more motorcycles and six police cars rushed past them. “Alright,” Ben said after the last vehicle sped by, “it’s hero time.”

    “Ben, grandpa told us to stay out of trouble,” Gwen reminded her cousin. “I don’t think he’d be happy with us getting involved with the police when he’s not around.”

    “I don’t see him,” Ben said looking back at the rustbucket, “he must still be in the store. But I don’t think he’d have a problem with us getting involved, he’s never had a problem in the past.”

    “Ok,” Gwen said with a sigh, “I don’t know why I’m even arguing with you, you’re going to do it anyway.”

    “You got that right,” Ben said as he dialed up the alien he wanted on the Omnitrix. “Let’s see, for a high speed chase I should go with XLR8.” The activator popped up from the face of the watch and Ben slapped it down. He felt the energy surge through his body and felt his body shifting into his alien form.

    The shift ended and Ben blinked his four eyes and muttered, “Stupid watch, I wanted XLR8, not Four Arms. Now I’ll never be able to catch up with them.”

    “I can take care of that,” Gwen said, adjusting her Lucky Girl mask and pulling her spell book out of her pocket.

    “I thought your flight spell wasn’t strong enough to lift someone as large as me,” Ben said in Four Arms deep baritone.

    “It isn’t,” Gwen admitted, “but by combining it with a levitation spell I can make you weightless and then carry you along for the ride.”

    “Go for it,” Ben said with a nod, Gwen was already casting the first spell before Ben opened his mouth. When Gwen reached the final word of the spell Ben felt his feet leave the ground and his four arms waved wildly as he tried to find his balance.

    Gwen finished the second spell and grabbed Ben under his top set of arms as she took off after the fleeing motorcycles. “Calm down Ben,” she said as she gained enough height to see the chase, “you may be weightless but if you keep flailing your arms around like that I won’t be able to hold on to you.”

    “Right,” Ben said, holding his arms still as he focused on the hot pursuit with al four of his eyes. “You see the girl in front? Does she look familiar?”

    “Yeah, she looks familiar,” Gwen agreed, “but how do you know she’s a girl?”

    “I don’t know,” Ben admitted thoughtfully, “something about her’s familiar. I’ve, got it. Gwen, you remember Joey? That biker gang leader we ran into last summer?”

    “You mean the girl who became a cyborg when Vilgax’s damaged probe bot merged with her.”

    “That’s her,” Ben said. “The lead cyclist is wearing a body suit just like the one she had, and she moves just like Joey too.”

    “I think you’re right,” Gwen said after observing the rider for a few more seconds, “but I thought she was still in jail.”

    “I know,” Ben said with a shrug that almost pulled him lose from Gwen’s grip. “Maybe she pulled her poor little girl act and got a short term from the judge.”

    “That sounds like something she’d try,” Gwen agreed. “She certainly hasn’t lost any of her skills. Look at the way she’s avoided the police while the rest of her gang has already been isolated and trapped.”

    “I know, but it looks like one of the police cars in the chase is about to catch her,” Ben pointed out.

    “He’s better than the other two drivers,” Ben said, “but I don’t think she has something else in mind the way she’s letting him come up beside her.”

    “Did you see that?” Gwen asked a second later as the squad car veered out of control.

    “I sure did,” Ben said, “she let the car pull up next to her and then reached out and slashed the front tire. Where did those claws come from?”

    “I didn’t see them,” Gwen said, “do you think it’s possible that she melded with another probe?”

    “No way,” Ben said, “if she had she wouldn’t be driving around on a motorcycle. Besides, what I could see of those claws they were crude compared to what Joey did with her cyborg body.”

    “Maybe the merge left her with enough knowledge to construct some kind of exoskeleton with Earth technology,” Gwen said thoughtfully.

    “I bet that’s it,” Ben agreed, “but we should have a chance to find out in a few minutes. There’s no way Joey can evade the last two cruisers much longer.”

    “Don’t be so sure about that,” Gwen said when Joey increased her lead and then turned on to an access road when she was temporarily out of her pursuer’s sight. By the time the police cruisers reached the access road Joey was hidden by the rental sheds and the police officers never realized she was there as they rushed on down the main road.

    “She’s good,” Ben admitted. “By the time the police realize their mistake she’ll be gone for sure. Looks like it’s our turn now.”

    “Only if you saw where she went,” Gwen said as she looked over the empty lot.

    “Third building on the right,” Ben said. “It’s one of the larger buildings and it has a skylight, just drop me through there and I’ll catch her by surprise.”

    “I’ll drop you through the skylight,” Gwen said, “but we’ll catch her by surprise because I’m going to follow you in.”

    “Ok,” Ben sighed, “just promise me that you’ll be careful.”

    “I will be,” Gwen promised, “hold on I’m going to drop you.”

    When Gwen cancelled the levitation spell on Ben the added weight dragged her down several inches before she managed to release her cousin right over the skylight. By the time Gwen followed Ben through the broken skylight Joey was recovering from her shock and was glaring at Four Arms.

    “You again,” Joey growled at Ben. She’d removed her motorcycle helmet and Gwen recognized her face when the older girl turned to look at her when she landed on the cement floor. “Well this will be a quick fight, after all you promised your mom that you’d never hit a girl.”

    “I did,” Ben agreed in Four Arm’s deep baritone, “but I finally learned, there’s a difference between a girl and a manipulative thief. Guess what you are.”

    “I don’t have to guess,” Joey said with a toothy grin, “I know.” Even as she finished speaking Joey leaped forward faster than any normal human could and Ben heard a mechanical whine when she ejected the metal claws from her forearms and she took a swipe at Ben.

    As fast as Joey was with her exoskeleton pushing her body beyond it’s normal limits Ben was even faster as Four Arms. He managed to evade Joey’s initial attack and used his lower arms to grab her wrists while his upper arms tore away the fabric oh her body suit so he could reach the metal and wires underneath.

    “Stop, don’t do that,” Joey cried, trying to wrench her arms out of Ben’s grip. “Do you know how long it took me to make this rig?”

    “No, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to make another one while you’re in prison.”

    Ben managed to pull out the power cord for Joey’s exoskeleton just as the older girl went to knee him in the groin and her leg froze in mid kick.

    “Gwen, any idea how we’re going to hold Joey until the cops arrive?” Ben asked his cousin. “If we don’t do something she may be able to wriggle out of her broken exoskeleton and get away before the police get here.”

    “I have an idea,” Gwen said, her voice took on the reverberating tone it usually on when she was casting a spell and every piece of cord, rope, and cable in the shed snaked its way across the cement floor until they reached Joey. In seconds Joey was spread eagled on her back with the cords wrapped around her ankles and wrists and tied them securely tot he shed’s support columns.

    “That should hold her until the police arrive,” Gwen said with a satisfied nod. “No leverage, no escape. Even if she managed to repair her exoskeleton she wouldn’t have the leverage to escape before the police arrived.”

    “I’ll take your word for it,” Ben said with a four armed shrug.

    “Hold on,” Joey screamed, “you can’t leave me like this.”

    “Don’t worry, the police will be here soon,” Ben said, “we’ll call them as soon as we leave and let them know where you are.”

    “That’s not what I mean,” Joey said with a jerk of her head to toss her brown hair back from her face while she gave Ben and Gwen a nervous smile.

    “What do you mean?” Gwen asked.

    “Well, I expected to get caught sooner or later,” Joey admitted, “but the real reason I do things like this high speed chase is because I get off on the risk.”

    “You don’t mean,” Gwen said hesitantly.

    “I do mean,” Joey said. “I take all kinds of risks because it makes me horny as hell. Not that a kid like you would understand what I mean.”

    “You’d be surprised what we understand about things like that,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick wink. “But what does that have to do with us?”

    “If you hadn’t caught me I’d be half way to my boyfriend’s apartment by now,” Joey said, “and once I got there I would have been riding his cock like there was no tomorrow.”

    “So what does that have to do with us?” Gwen asked.

    “Not you, him,” Joey said with a nod toward Four Arms. “I know you’re just a kid in your own body, but I figure a big guy like you are right now must have a good size cock in your pants there. How about giving me a great memory to take to prison?”

    “I don’t know about this Ben,” Gwen said with a concerned frown. “You know Joey’s going to tell any story she thinks will give her an advantage.”

    “I know that,” Ben said, “but I don’t think she’s telling a story this time. Take a good look at her breasts and you’ll see that her nipples are so hard and erect you can see them through her body suit. On top of that I can actually smell the juices flowing out from her pussy right now.”

    “Maybe,” Gwen admitted reluctantly, “so what do you want to do about it?”

    “Do you really need to ask?” Ben asked with a sly chuckle. Ben’s chuckle almost covered the sound of the Omnitrix counting down, but it couldn’t cover the red flash when Ben transformed into his normal body.

    “Shit!” Joey groaned after the change, “so much for that idea. I guess I’m off to jail feeling hot, horny, and frustrated.”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure,” Ben said, brushing his hair out of his eyes as he gave Joey and appreciative look. “I’m more developed than you’d expect for a boy my age. In fact, Gwen, why don’t you show her?”

    “Ok,” Gwen said, “but if I’m going to show her I expect to join in.”

    “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Ben said as Gwen lifted the shirt of her costume to expose her swollen belly and tits.

    “You’re pregnant,” Joey said in surprise. “Yours?”

    “Our second,” Ben said proudly. “So now you know I can give you what you want. But I should warn you, I can tell that you’re fertile right now, if I fuck you there’s a good chance I’ll get you pregnant.”

    “Good,” Joey said, “I never use protection, it’s just not the same without the risk. But you don’t need to worry about me, as often as I’ve fucked bareback between periods no one’s managed to knock me up yet.”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you,” Gwen said.

    “I’ll tell you what,” Joey said, “if I do get knocked up I’ll actually take the baby to term. I won’t be able to keep it because I’m sure I’ll still be in prison and they don’t let prisoners keep their babies after their born. But I won’t get an abortion. How does that sound? Will you fuck me now?”

    “Maybe,” Ben said, giving Gwen a quick wink. “But if I do I’m not taking any chances, you’re staying tied up just like you are right now.”

    “Whatever you want,” Joey said. “I’ll do whatever you say. Just fuck me, fuck me please before I go crazy with lust.”

    “Say it again,” Gwen said, leaning close to Joey’s ear. “Let me hear you beg my cousin to fuck your pussy.”

    “Fuck me,” Joey begged, “please fuck me.”

    “How could I refuse a request like that?” Ben asked Gwen with a wide grin.

    While Joey wiggled impatiently in her bonds Ben unzipped the older girls pants and pulled them down far enough to expose her shaved slit. “No panties?” he asked as he licked his lips.

    “Never,” Joey said, “nothing comes between my pussy and my body suit. In fact if I thought I could get away with it nothing would come between my cunt and my bike.”

    “What about between your tits and your body suit?” Gwen asked as she pulled the zipper down on the Joey’s top.

    “Never,” Joey said as Gwen exposed her hard erect nipples. “I’m always naked under my body suit.

    “So I see,” Gwen said, massaging Joey’s large tits, she couldn’t help but wonder how large Joey’s tits would get when her milk started coming in.

    “What are you doing?” Joey asked, watching Gwen step back to remove her costume, including her powder blue panties and matching maternity bra.

    “You heard me earlier,” Gwen said as she set her costume aside, “I told Ben that if I was going to show you proof of how sexually active we are then I’d be joining in. I hope you like the taste of pussy.”

    “I do,” Joey admitted. “After nine months in a woman’s penitentiary I know how to eat another girl’s pussy. Good thing I like eating pussy almost as much as I enjoy a good hard cock between my legs.”

    Once she was ready Gwen turned to see that Ben was as naked as she was and obviously just as ready with his six inch cock sticking out hard from his body. “Are you ready Joey?” Ben asked as he worked his way up between her spread legs until the tip of his cock kissed the moist lips of her slit.

    “Do you really need to ask?” Joey asked, squeezing her pussy muscles so her juices flowed out to coat the head of Ben’s cock. “Fuck me kid, fuck me hard and knock me up if you can.”

    While Ben slipped the head of his cock into Joey’s well lubricated pussy Gwen straddled the older girl’s face so she could watch her cousin fuck the girl at the same time that she ate Gwen’s red furred pregnant slit. Gwen let out a soft moan of pleasure as Joey brushed the tip of her tongue across her erect clit and gave her cousin a quick grin as he slid his cock into the girl’s tight cunt.

    “I think Joey likes your cock Ben,” Gwen told her cousin. “She just stuck her tongue all the way up my pregnant pussy.”

    “I can tell she likes it too,” Ben groaned, “her pussy is squeezing my cock so hard it’s a miracle I can move it. But it feels so fuckin good.”

    “Here Ben, suck my tits,” Gwen said, “I could use a good milking after this.”

    “Well I am thirsty,” Ben said with a chuckle as he leaned forward to lick Gwen’s swollen nipples before he sucked the left one into his mouth.

    “Suck me Ben,” Gwen moaned, shivering at the double jolt of sexual energy as her cousin sucked the milk from her tits and the older girl ate her cunt. Even before Ben switched to her right nipple Gwen felt her first orgasm roll through her body to leave her gasping for breath and wanting more.

    Gwen wasn’t the only one enjoying herself, Joey was shocked to realize just how good Ben was with his cock. In spite of his youth the boy seemed to know more tricks than any of her boyfriends and even though his cock was the smallest one she’d ever fucked she felt her first orgasm rushing out from her cunt after just a few strokes of Ben’s cock. As the first orgasm slammed through her body Joey stretched her neck as far as it would go and buried her face in Gwen’s crotch, sucking hard on the younger girl’s cunt and driving the pregnant redhead into her second orgasm.

    “Oh God,” Gwen moaned as she came down from her second orgasm, she could already feel her body building toward another one. “Ben I hope you’re giving Joey a fuck to remember, because she really deserves it. She’s already given me two orgasms and I can already feel another one building up in my pussy.”

    “I’m giving her everything I’ve got,” Ben said, pulling his mouth away from Gwen’s tit and licking the milk from his lips, “but I don’t think I can last much longer the way her cunt clamps around my cock when she cums. I think I can hold out long enough to give her one more orgasm, but I’ll probably shoot my load as soon as she cums.”

    Even though she knew Ben wasn’t going to last much longer Joey was enjoying her fuck too much to slow down and she strained against her bonds until she gained enough slack to lift her ass off the concrete floor of the shed to meet Ben’s next stroke and she clamped her pussy muscles down hard around Ben’s cock, holding it tight in her belly as her whole body exploded with another orgasm.”

    “I’m cumming,” Ben screamed as his balls pulled hard against the base of his shaft and he shot five wads of baby juice deep into Joey’s fertile body.

    “Wow,” Ben said after he caught his breath, “that may not be the best fuck I ever had, but it was one of the best. What about you Gwen?”

    “Three orgasms in one fuck?” Gwen said with a tired smile as she reluctantly pulled her pussy away from Joey’s lips and got to her feet, “one of the best fucks I ever had. What about you Joey, was that a fuck to remember?”

    “Oh yeah,” Joey sighed, “I’m sure I’m going to remember this fuck for the rest of my life.”

    “Especially when your belly starts swelling,” Gwen giggled.

    “Oh come on,” Joey said, “you don’t really think I’m going to get knocked up from this do you?”

    “I’ve learned the hard way that when Ben fucks a girl when she’s fertile he always knocks her up, always.”

    “And if you don’t believe her now,” Ben added, “you will in a few weeks.”

    “Really?” Joey said sarcastically. Now that Gwen wasn’t straddling her face the older girl had a clear view of Ben and what she was doing. She was surprised to realize that Ben wasn’t putting his clothes back on the way his cousin was, instead he had his face between her stretched legs and he was licking her clean.

    “What are you doing?” Joey asked, enjoying the feel of Ben’s tongue as it reached just past her pussy lips.

    “I’m cleaning you up,” Ben said, “it wouldn’t look good if the police gave you a strip search and found my cum dripping out of your freshly fucked pussy.”

    “I wouldn’t worry about it,” Joey said. “They don’t have that many women of the force here so they can’t give me a strip search until they get me back to the station, and by then you cum should be absorbed. The police will never know that you fucked me, especially since I don’t plan to tell them about this.”

    “If you say so,” Ben said, giving Joey’s pussy one more lick and teasing her still erect clit with the tip of his tongue before he zipped her pants back up and fastened the hook at the waist. Gwen zipped Joey’s top back up once she was dressed and looked around to make sure there were no clues left to what the three of them had done after Joey’s capture. By the time she finished Ben was dressed and ready to go.

    “Don’t worry,” Ben said, “we’ll call the police as soon as we get out of here. All we’re going to say is that you’re here, we’ll leave it up to you to explain why it took us so long to contact them after we captured you.”

    “Best reason of all, we had a long knock down drag out fight and it took you several minutes to take me down. Considering how much trouble I’ve been giving the police over the past couple months they won’t have any trouble believing that, and it will give me a chance to brag about how I almost took you down.”

    “Works for me,” Gwen said with a shrug. “I’ll keep track of your case and once you get settled in I’ll send you an anonymous letter with an untraceable e-mail address so you know how to contact us. Let us know when your pregnancy is confirmed, ok?”

    “If I’m pregnant I’ll let you know as soon as I do,” Joey promised. “Now get out of here, the sooner you call the police, the sooner I get out of this position.”
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    As always, hot episode. Keep them coming.
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    I agree with don :D
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 5

    I just finished the new chapter and I'm posting it before I head for bed. Enjoy

    Chapter 5

    “Penny for your thoughts Ben,” Gwen said, looking up from her laptop and noticing that her cousin hadn’t changed position in the last fifteen minutes. For a second she thought Ben hadn’t heard him because he didn’t take his eyes off the passing landscape as the rustbucket rattled down the road.

    “I’m sorry Gwen,” Ben said with a shake of his head, “what did you say?”

    “I was just wondering what you were thinking about,” Gwen said. “I don’t think you’ve moved in the last half-hour and that’s not like you.”

    “I know,” Ben sighed, “I was just wondering what everyone was doing back home. I really miss them, especially Jane, Keesha, and Ken.”

    “So do I,” Gwen admitted, “especially Ken, I haven’t even seen our baby in two weeks. I talk to him over the phone to say goodnight every night, but it’s not the same as holding him, feeding him, putting him to bed . . . “

    ”And changing him,” Ben finished with a chuckle.

    “Yes, I even miss that,” Gwen said.

    “You know kids,” Grandpa Max said from the driver’s seat. “If you miss everyone that much you could always have Ben change into XLR8 and run the two of you home in just a few minutes.”

    “Now why didn’t I think of that,” Gwen said with a rueful shake of her head.

    “Are you sure you wouldn’t mind if we ran home for a few hours Grandpa?” Ben asked, his hand hesitating over the plunger of the Omnitrix.

    “Well we’re not doing anything special today,” Grandpa Max pointed out, “and you both know where we’re suppose to end up so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding me later. And if I need you for anything I can always call your cell phone. In fact it would probably be a good idea if you called home before head out, just to make sure that someone’s there.”

    “Good idea grandpa,” Gwen said, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket and hitting the speed dial for her home number. “Hello mom? Ben and I were just thinking about running home for a few hours to see everyone, will that be alright? Great, let everyone else know we’re coming and we’ll see you in a few minutes.”

    “Sounds like we’re good to go,” Ben said.

    “Yeah, mom said our dads are at work so we won’t see them, but she’ll call everyone else and they should be at our house in a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and change so we can head home.”

    A few minutes later Gwen was catching her breath after XLR8's high speed cross country journey as she waited on the front porch for someone to answer her knock. “Gwen, Ben, come on in,” Gwen’s mom said as she held the door wide for her daughter and nephew. “But why did you knock? This is your home after all.”

    “Force of habit I guess,” Gwen said with a sigh, “we’ve been on the road for a couple weeks now and rushing home like this makes it feel more like a stranger’s house than home.”

    “I guess I can understand that,” Gwen’s mom said, “now hurry up and get in before someone recognizes you, especially you Ben, we can’t have someone recognizing your alien form and realizing that we’re related.”

    “Good idea,” Ben lisped, sliding his reptilian form past his aunt and cousin to enter the living room.

    As Ben crossed the threshold the Omnitrix started counting down and a red flash erupted while Ben changed back into his human form. “Ben,” Jane squealed happily as she rushed across the living room to throw her arms around his neck and press her swollen belly against his flat one.

    Ben leaned forward to give Jane a quick hug and kiss and extracted himself from her grip so he could hold her at arms length and get a good look at her. “Jane, you’re huge,” he said.

    “Ben,” Gwen said, “you can’t say something like that to a pregnant girl.”

    “Why not?” Jane giggled. “Ben doesn’t mean to insult me, he’s just making an observation. And since I’m carrying twins and already a week late I have to admit that I am huge.”

    “So you’re ok with Ben saying something like that,” Gwen sighed, “but most girls or women would be insulted by a comment like that. So just remember to be careful what you say, ok Ben?”

    “Ok, ok,” Ben mumbled.

    “So mom, where’s Ken?” Gwen asked, looking around the living room. “I haven’t held him in two weeks and I have two breasts full of milk just for him.”

    “Kennie’s just finishing his nap,” Gwen’s mother said, “he should wake up any minute, and just like his father he’ll be hungry.”

    “So while we’re waiting is there anything else new that you haven’t told us about?” Gwen asked.

    “There sure is,” Jane said, “something really big and we didn’t want to tell you about it until we were sure things were going to work out the way we hoped.”

    “So what is it already,” Gwen asked after several seconds of watching Jane’s broad grin.

    “You remember how angry my parents were when they found out I was pregnant and refused to get an abortion?” Jane asked.

    “Of course I remember,” Gwen said, “that’s why you came to live here with us because your own parents kicked you out of the house until the babies are born.”

    “Well we had a whole new argument when they found out that I was planing to keep the twins,” Jane explained. “In fact they gave me an ultimatum, either I give the twins up for adoption after they’re born or they disown me.”

    “That’s terrible,” Ben said, “how can they do something like that to their own daughter? Not to mention their own grandchildren.”

    “Ben, you’ve never actually met my parents,” Jane pointed out. “If you had you’d know how narrow minded and self righteous they are. Something like this is just like them.”

    “So what are you going to do?” Gwen asked.

    “How do you feel about having a sister?” Gwen’s mother asked her daughter, when Gwen turned to look at her mother her eyes focused on her mother’s swollen belly and she giggled for a second before she added, “I meant, how do you feel about having a foster sister. We’ve been checking with our lawyer and he’s started the paperwork to make us Jane’s legal guardians based on the fact that her parent’s already kicked her out of their house and threatened to disown her. Everything should be finalized by the end of the week.”

    “Sounds great,” Gwen said, moving in to give Jane a quick hug. “Welcome to the family Jane.”

    “Well it did happen a little sooner than I expected,” Jane said, giving Ben a shy glance, “but I’m glad it happening.”

    Before Gwen and Jane could pull apart the doorbell rang and Gwen’s mother rushed to the front door to look through the spy hole. “It’s Keesha,” she said, “I’m going to let her in but everyone move out of sight first.”

    As soon as everyone was clear Gwen’s mother pulled the door open and gestured for the black teenager to enter. Once Keesha was in the livingroom the door was closed behind her and the pregnant fourteen year old turned to grin at everyone. “Hi Ben, hi Gwen, glad you could make it back for a few hours. Looks like I’m the odd one out, why don’t you catch me up on what you’ve been doing while I make myself as comfortable as everyone else.”

    “Where’s your mother Keesha,” Ben’s mother asked, “isn’t she going to join us too?”

    “She wanted to,” Keesha said, her voice muffled by her shirt as she pulled it over the tightly curled hair on her head, “but she got called in to work so she dropped me off on the way. Could you give me a ride home later?”

    “Of course. Now where were we before we were interrupted?”

    “I think Gwen was about to tell us what she and Ben have been up to the last couple weeks,” Jane said while she stroked the slight bulge of Gwen’s pregnant belly.

    “Well,” Gwen started, watching Keesha as she stripped out of her clothes until she was naked as everyone else in the room, “we’ve run across a few of our friends and enemies from last year, and Ben’s managed to knock up three of them so he’s up to a total of ten babies born or on the way.”

    “At least ten,” Ben interrupted, “after all, I may know when I knock a girl up, but I don’t know how many babies she’s carrying.”

    “Good point,” Gwen admitted, “so he now has at least ten babies. And just wait until I tell you who he’s managed to knock up so far.” With Ben’s occasional help Gwen was able to catch everyone up on what the two of them had been doing since they started the trip with Grandpa Max.

    “Sounds like you managed to keep yourself busy,” Jane said, reaching out to stroke Ben’s cock, grown hard while Gwen was telling everyone about their adventures. “I wish I could get a piece of this right now, after listening to the two of you I’m so horny I feel like I could explode. But of course at more than nine months I’m far too big fuck you now, no matter how much I want to.”

    “Well I’m just as horny as you,” Keesha said, running two fingers along her drooling slit and bringing her wet digits up to her mouth so she could lick them clean. “And I’m not nearly as big as you so I can enjoy a good hard fuck. Of course my belly’s getting big enough that I may not be able to enjoy Ben’s cock much longer.”

    “I’m actually feeling jealous right now,” Jane said with a derisive snort. “I wouldn’t give up Ben’s twins for anything, but I wish they’d hurry up and get born so I could have good hard fuck.”

    “I have an idea Jane,” Ben said with a mischievous grin, “you may be too pregnant for me to fuck, but I can still eat your pussy while Keesha fucks me.”

    “That sounds wonderful,” Jane sighed, “but we’re not the only ones here who want a piece of you Ben.”

    “No, you two go ahead,” Ben’s mother said, “as much as we want Ben’s cock we still have our husbands to get us by.”

    “And I have Ben and Grandpa Max every day and night,” Gwen pointed out, “I don’t mind sharing him while we here. Besides, once Ken wakes up I want to spend as much time as I can with my baby.”

    “Speaking of my grandson,” Gwen’s mother said, cocking an ear at the sounds coming from the nursery, “there he is now. I’ll go get him for you Gwen.”

    “Come on Keesha,” Ben said as he stretched out on the livingroom carpet and put his hands behind his head. “While the rest of them are taking care of Ken the three of us can get started. My cock is nice and hard and ready to get buried in that nice wet pussy of yours.”

    “That’s good,” Keesha said, straddling Ben’s hips and carefully lowering herself down until her pregnant belly hovered just a few inches above Ben’s stomach while the tip of his cock touched the black girl’s slit so her pussy juice flowed over the head and down the younger boy’s shaft. “I don’t know about Jane, but since you’ve been gone for the last couple weeks I’m too horny to care about much more than fucking you again.”

    Ben let out a slow groan of pleasure as Keesha slid her pregnant pussy slowly down his hard shaft until the curly black hairs around her cunt lips tickled Ben’s groin. “Wow,” Ben said as he watched Keesha’s swollen belly jiggle as she wiggled her pussy around on his cock. “Don’t tease me Keesha, fuck me, fuck me like you want another baby in your belly.”

    “I do want another baby,” Keesha chuckled, “but we’ll have to wait until this one is born first. But we can still practice, right?”

    “We can always practice,” Ben agreed, “at least until you get too big to practice. Of course it’s up to you to decide when you’re too big, and I’ve heard that some women fuck right up until they go into labor.”

    “I’d love to be fucking right up to the last minute,” Keesha groaned as she started fucking her pussy up and down Ben’s cock, letting her belly bounce at the end of every thrust.

    As much as he enjoyed watching Keesha’s belly bounce Ben found his attention drifting over to watch Gwen as her mother brought their son out of the nursery. “Hi there Kenny,” Gwen gushed as she took her son from her mother and held him up to her naked breast so he could find the large nipple and suck it into his hungry mouth. “That’s it honey,” Gwen cooed, “drink your fill, mommy has plenty of milk for you and your daddy both.”

    “Your turn Jane,” Keesha said, drawing Ben’s attention back to her bouncing belly and tits as the black teenager slid her pregnant body up and down his shaft. “Straddle his head and ride him hard.”

    “Love to,” Jane said, swinging her foot over Ben’s head and carefully lowering her pregnant belly down to her boyfriend’s mouth. Ben smiled as he watched Jane’s drooling cunt on it’s slow careful journey down to his lips and tongue. As soon as Jane’s pussy was close enough Ben started sliding his tongue along her slit, teasing her erect clit with the tip while he watched her pregnant body as it rippled just a few inches from his eyes. Jane’s pregnant belly was so close to Ben’s face that he could see every bulge and ripple that passed through the swollen skin as his twins shifted around in their mother’s womb.

    Ken let out a brief complaint when Gwen shifted him to her other breast but it faded before it actually started once he had her other nipple in his mouth. “That’s it Kenny,” Gwen murmured, “enjoy your meal.” As she continued to coo to her son Gwen let her eyes drift to where Keesha and Jane were taking advantage of Ben’s cock and tongue and she felt a pang of jealousy.

    “If you want to join them I can take care of Ken for you,” Gwen’s mother offered. “My milk’s coming in and I have been taking care of him since you and Ben headed out with Max.”

    “Thanks mom,” Gwen said, kissing the top of her son’s head before she handed her son over. “I think he’s full so you just need to burp him and then put him in the play pen.”

    “Sounds good,” Gwen’s mother said taking her grandson and putting him up to her shoulder.

    “Hi Gwen,” Jane said with a soft moan pleasure as Ben ate her pussy. “Do you want to play with my tits? They’re so full of milk it feels like their about to burst so I’d like it if you sucked on them.”

    “Sure,” Gwen said with a grin as she got to her knees in front of her best friend. When Gwen leaned forward to reach Jane’s nipples small bulge of her pregnant belly pressed against the larger bulge of her friend’s belly and the two preteens giggled self-consciously. After a few seconds Gwen leaned forward to suck Jane’s swollen nipple into her mouth and she let the milk fill her mouth before she swallowed.

    “Tasty,” Gwen said, smacking her lips and shifting over to Jane’s other nipple. She could feel her friend’s swollen belly ripple against hers as the two baby’s in her womb moved around. “Your milk tastes almost as good as mine.”

    “Almost?” Jane asked with a soft moan of pleasure as Ben sucked on her clit. “I think I’ll let my babies decide whose milk is better once they’re born.”

    “No fair,” Gwen giggled again, “you’ll have two votes to my one. At least for another six months or so. But then it will only be a tie.”

    “Only until I have another baby or two,” Jane said. I plan to keep ahead of you no matter what it takes.”

    “I think you just might,” Gwen said before she sucked Jane’s other nipple into her mouth.

    Ben was pretty sure that Keesha had already had one orgasm from the way her pussy had clamped tight around his cock. He ‘d managed to hold off his own orgasm that time, but from the way the black girl was picking up her pace he was sure she was building up to a second orgasm and he didn’t think he’d be able to hold back this time. As near as he could tell he’d managed to give Jane two small orgasms but this time he was trying to push her to a big one and with Gwen’s help he thought he’d manage to push her over the edge at the same time as Keesha.

    “I’m cumming,” Keesha screamed as her cunt muscles clamped tight around Ben’s invading cock.

    “So am I,” Jane said, grinding her pussy into Ben’s face while her belly quivered just above his eyes. Ben watched as Jane’s belly continued to ripple, far longer than he would have expected since her pussy stopped quivering through its orgasm while her stomach continued to shiver. When he realized that Jane’s pussy lips were opening he pulled his mouth away from her slit. He could see Jane’s slit spreading wide just above his face and he managed to grab a breath and hold it just in time when Jane’s water broke and the amniotic fluid washed over his unshielded face in a flood.

    “Mom,” Ben sputtered as soon as the flood was over, everything had happened so fast Ben wasn’t sure if anyone else had noticed that Jane’s screams of pleasure had turned to screams of pain as she went into labor.

    “Mom,” Ben called again, “Jane’s water just broke. I think she’s going into labor.”

    The next thing Ben knew his mother and Gwen were helping Jane to the sofa while Keesha was climbing off his melting cock to get out of the way. “Keesha, get dressed and then get on the phone to the doctor and the hospital,” Gwen’s mother said as she pulled on her own clothes. “I’ll grab Jane’s bag out of her room and once everyone’s dressed we’ll get her out to the car and I’ll drive her to the hospital.”

    “No time for that,” Jane groaned through clenched teeth. “After making me wait an extra three weeks the twins are anxious to make their arrival.”

    “I think she’s right,” Ben’s mother said, “I don’t think she’ll make it to the hospital in time.”

    “In that case Keesha, you better make it a call to the paramedics and the rest of us need to get dressed so things won’t look too suspicious when they arrive.”

    As Ben tugged his pants on over his limp cock he noticed that his mother was helping Jane with her top between contractions. “What should we do?” Ben asked as he and Gwen finished pulling their clothes on.

    “You should get out of here before anyone arrives,” Ben’s mother said, “after all, the two of you are suppose to be several hundred miles from here right now.”

    “Good point,” Ben said, dialing up XLR8 on the Omnitrix and slapping the plunger down. As soon as his eyes cleared from the green afterglow of his change he picked Gwen up in his arms and headed for the kitchen door and out of the house in his rush to get back to the rustbucket.

    “That wasn’t a very long visit,” Grandpa Max said as he stopped the rustbucket long enough to let Ben and Gwen back on. “I thought I’d be on my own until after dinner at least.”

    “Bit of an emergency back home,” Gwen said, “Jane went in to labor and we had to clear out before the paramedics arrived.”

    “I can see that,” Max said. “So what happened to you Ben? It looks like you took a dip in a pool somewhere.”

    “Not quite,” Ben said, blushing as he told Grandpa Max what had happened.

    “Caught in the flood when Jane’s water broke,” Max said with a chuckle, “you may want to clean up before you do anything else.”

    “Thanks Grandpa,” Ben said dryly as he made his way to the RV’s small bathroom.

    “So how’s Ken doing?” Grandpa asked, “does he miss his mother?”

    “I’d like to think so,” Gwen sighed, “but the truth is that he’s too young to notice when I’m missing.”

    “Well he’s still young,” Grandpa Max pointed out, “and you have a job to do keeping an eye on Ben during the summer. When he’s old enough I’m sure Ken will understand. Trust me, you’re not a bad mother, you’re a good daughter and cousin.”

    “I guess you’re right,” Gwen said with another sigh, “but I still feel guilty about leaving him behind like this.”

    If Max was going to add anything else his words were cut off by Gwen’s cell phone. “Hi mom,” she said after checking the display. “How’s Jane doing? I see, I see, you’re kidding, I hope no one makes the connection. Ok, thanks mom, I’ll let Ben know and we’ll try to get home in a few days after Jane comes home with the twins. Bye.”

    “What’s the news,” Max asked after Gwen snapped the cover shut on her phone.

    “I’ll let you know when Ben gets back so I don’t have to repeat myself,” Gwen said.

    “Well I’m here now,” Ben said as he came out of the bathroom, “so what’s the news?”

    “Mom said that Jane managed to hold out long enough for the paramedics to arrive but the first baby was crowning by the time they had their equipment ready. After that both twins were born in the next few minutes and afterward Jane and the twins were taken to the hospital for a couple days of observation.”

    “So what did your mother tell you that made you hope no one made the connection?” Grandpa Max asked.

    “She said that Jane named the twins after her best friends, Ben and Gwen,” Gwen said.

    “I hope no one makes the connection,” Ben said, “but since we are Jane’s best friends I don’t think anyone will. Still, it would be nice if people knew it was Ben Junior, but I can wait for that.”

    “I hope so,” Grandpa Max said, “it’s still several years before the two of you can get married.”

    “But that won’t stop us from having more babies between now and then,” Ben said. “And I look forward to making sure that we have as many as possible .”
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    Nice one. Very neat twist with the trip home. I always enjoy your stories.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 6

    For once I managed to finish the new chapter during the day instead of just before bed so I may be able to see some of the responses before I go to bed tonight. This is a long chapter but I had a lot of fun writing it so it didn't seem like a lot of work. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. By the way, the guest star of this chapter is Kai Green, the Native American girl who broke Ben's heart in the original TV series, but things take a different turn this time. Enjoy, and as always I look forward to your comments.

    Chapter 6

    “Are you alright Ben?” Gwen asked her cousin, frowning at her own concern the morose boy who stared out the side window of the Rustbucket at the red streaked bluffs flowing past the window.

    “I’m fine,” Ben said in a voice that said he wasn’t as he watched the passing scenery.

    “If you say so,” Gwen said. “I’m going forward to sit with Grandpa Max. At least I can carry on a conversation with him.”

    “Whatever,” Ben said with a wave of his hand.

    “How’s Ben doing?” Grandpa Max asked as Gwen sat down in the passenger seat and strapped in.

    “About as well as you’d expect,” Gwen sighed. “Last summer Kai broke his heart and now we’re going back to visit her and her uncle. How do you expect him to react?”

    “I know,” Max said with a sigh of his own, “but Ben had to deal with the pain sooner or later, and I couldn’t exactly turn Wes Green down when he asked us to come for a visit. Ben should be alright as long as he keeps reminding himself that he has Jane waiting for him back home.”

    “But he still has to remember Jane while he’s facing the girl he had his first major crush on,” Gwen pointed out. “The weird thing is I thought Kai had a thing for Ben at first, then when I found out she was just interested in him because she wanted to make a pet of him when she thought he was turning into a Native American werewolf. When I realized that Kai was only playing with Ben’s emotions I was almost ready to hit her right there, but I managed to restrain myself, and I guess I can understand where she was coming from, but she better not play any games with him this summer.”

    “You’re right about that,” Max growled, “I don’t care how good a friend Wes Green is, if his niece plays with my grandson’s emotions again I’ll . . . Well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but it won’t be good.”

    “And I don’t think Wes will be too happy with her either,” Gwen said.

    “No he won’t,” Max sighed, “he was disappointed with her last summer, if she does it again we may have to wait in line.”

    After several seconds of silence Gwen said, “We’ll have to keep a close eye on Ben and Kai, and if something happens we’ll have to remind him about Jane.”

    “You can do more than that,” Grandpa Max pointed out, “if Ben does start to fall for Kai again you can always remind him of what you have to offer with a good blowjob or a good hard fuck.”

    “I wish it was that easy,” Gwen sighed, “I gave Ben a wake up blowjob this morning and he didn’t even seem to notice, he just kept talking, wondering what Kai was doing.”

    “If it happens again just remind him how good Jane’s mouth would feel on his cock, or how tight her pussy is when they fuck,” Grandpa Max said, concentrating on the road ahead. “I’m sure you’ll think of the right thing, you just have to keep doing it.”

    “I’ll try grandpa,” Gwen said with a weak smile. “In fact I may as well start now, how long before we’re there?”

    “Not long,” Max said with a quick frown, “but probably long enough for the two of you to have a quickie.”

    “Thanks grandpa,” Gwen said, giving Max a quick kiss before she got up from her chair. “I’ll give you a quickie before bed tonight, my way of saying thanks for the advice.”

    “I’ll look forward to it,” Max said with a smile.

    By the time Max pulled into the visitors’ parking lot next to the reservation’s public arena Ben had managed to fill his red headed cousin’s pussy with a large load of cum and then cleaned up, ready to face Kai and Wes Green.

    “Thank’s Gwen,” Ben said as he fastened his belt, “I needed that to get my mind off Kai, if only for a few minutes.”

    “Well just remember that there’s more if your mind starts drifting too close to Kai,” Gwen said, adjusting her shirt to hide the bulge of her pregnant belly. Even she had to admit that her stomach was getting too large to hide if someone looked close, but for now she was sure she’d be able to hide her pregnancy from the casual observer.

    “Wes said that Kai’s leading the presentation again this year,” Max said as he joined his grand children before leading them out of the rustbucket. “We’re suppose to meet him there at the two o’clock performance. Until then I guess we’re free to do whatever we want, but I want the two of you to be careful. Stay out of trouble and remember to meet me outside of the performance area before two. Other than that, enjoy yourselves.”

    “Yes Grandpa,” Ben and Gwen chorused.

    Ben was enjoying a taco he bought from one of the many food wagons set up around the arena when he heard someone call his name. He wiped the grease from his chin with his sleeve and turned to see Kai’s raven black hair weaving through the crowd as she made her way toward him. “Ben, I’m so glad you made it,” Kai said as she came to a stop right in front of him. She was dressed in her traditional dance costume and he watched the feather’s bounce to a stop long after she stopped. “Have you seen the dance yet?”

    “Not yet,” Ben said, letting his gaze shift from the feathers of Kai’s costume to her heaving breasts as she caught her breath. “We got here too late to see the last performance, we’re planning to see your two o’clock show but we’re taking in the sights until then.”

    “So you’re on your own then?” Kai asked hopefully.

    “Not exactly,” Ben said hesitantly, “Gwen’s right over there, and Grandpa’s around somewhere too, I just don’t see him right now.”

    Kai turned to look in the direction Ben indicated and she recognized Gwen’s red hair as it stood out from the crowd around her. “Ben, I really need to talk to you about something personal, but if you want Gwen to be there when we talk I’d understand. Especially after the way I treated you last year.”

    “I’m glad to hear that you’re sorry for last summer,” Ben said, “if you feel that sorry than I guess I can trust you. What do you want to talk about?”

    “It’s really personal,” Kai said, taking a quick worried look at the people around them. “Come over here so we can have a little privacy.”

    Ben followed Kai to a point several feet away where there was no one else close enough to overhear them if they spoke quietly. “Ok,” Ben said, “what did you want to talk about?”

    “Ben,” Kai said after a deep breath, “I want you to know that I really am sorry about last summer. I never meant to hurt you like that, and the truth is that I do care for you, more than I realized when I thought it was just your werewolf form I was interested in. Since then, especially over the last few months, I realized that there was more to it than I realized.”

    “What’s changed over the last few months?” Ben asked.

    “As if you hadn’t noticed,” Kai said with a smirk, “you keep staring at them even when you try to look away from them.”

    “Your breasts?” Ben said, “but you had breasts last year.”

    “But they weren’t nearly as big as they are now,” Kai pointed out. “On top of that I’ve started having my periods. I’m guessing that you’ve had some sex ed by now so you must know the rush of hormones that hit when that happens. It might sound strange but I’ve been thinking that the best way to make things up to you would be to let you be my first.”

    “Your first?” Ben asked, his eyes growing large as he let them run down Kai’s body, past her larger tits and down to her skirt. In his imagination he could actually see through the fabric of the skirt to the soaking wet panties underneath, and then past the panties to the drooling virgin pussy between Kai’s thighs.

    “I’m guessing I’ll be your first too,” Kai said nervously.

    “No,” Ben said, glancing back to where Gwen was visible through the crowd. “Kai, take a real good look at Gwen and tell me what you see. Make sure that you take a close look at her belly.”

    “No, it can’t be,” Kai said with a small gasp. “Gwen’s pregnant?”

    “Number two,” Ben said, “our first baby is our son Ken who’s spending the summer with his grandparents so Gwen can keep an eye on me. And Gwen isn’t the only one either, Gwen’s best friend Jane just had my twins, and Keesha, another friend, will have a baby in a couple months. Then there’s my mom, Gwen’s mom, and Keesha’s mom, all of them due to have one of my babies in a few months.”

    “You’ve had sex with all of them,” Kai said slowly, “and now they’re all pregnant by you?”

    “And that’s not even counting the girls I’ve knocked up already this summer,” Ben said. “That reminds me, because of the Omnitrix I know when a girl is fertile, and I know if I’ll knock her up when I fuck her.”

    “And you’ll knock me up if we fuck?” Kai said softly.

    “Yes,” Ben said, letting his eyes drop to the ground for a second before he lifted them up to watch the rise and fall of Kai’s tits under her blouse.

    “I knew I was fertile,” Kai said thoughtfully, “and I knew there was a chance I’d get pregnant if we fucked, so I guess things don’t change that much if I know I’m going to get knocked up. If you’re still interested you can still be my first. The first one to fuck me, and the first one to knock me up.”

    “I think I’d like that,” Ben said with a mischievous smile. “But are you sure there’s no one else you want to be your first?”

    “There is someone else,” Kai admitted with a deep red blush. “I’ve been dropping hints for months, but Uncle Wes doesn’t seem to notice, or if he does he pretends he doesn’t know what I’m doing. I’m actually glad that he’s been so dense about my hints because I’m a little nervous about letting him pop my cherry with his large cock. I figure your cock must be smaller than his so it shouldn’t hurt as much.”

    “I don’t know about that,” Ben said, “it doesn’t matter how big or small the cock is, when you get your cherry popped it hurts. But I do have an idea. If you don’t mind Gwen and I work great as a team when it comes to taking care of virgins. She’s been there when I popped the cherries on two girls and she knows how distract you from the pain when you get your cherry popped. Why don’t I ask her to join us, that is if you don’t mind.”

    “Actually it may help my nerves if another girl’s there,” Kai said with a nervous grin, “why don’t you ask her if she wants to join us and I’ll meet you at our cabin in fifteen minutes.”

    “Ok,” Ben agreed, “we’ll see you in a few minutes then.”

    “Are you sure about this Ben?” Gwen asked as the two of them walked up to the front door of Wes and Kai’s cabin, “after all, she did crush you heart last summer.”

    “Don’t remind me,” Ben said with a roll of his eyes. “I really did consider turning her down, but she’s so vulnerable right now that I just couldn’t do it. But that’s why I wanted to include you, if something does happen you’re there to back me up, and if nothing happens I’m sure you’ll enjoy helping me pop another cherry.”

    “I do enjoy that,” Gwen said with a grin. “Ok, let’s do it.”

    The door opened so quickly at Ben’s knock that he was sure Kai must have been standing there waiting for them to arrive. After a quick look up and down the street the raven haired girl stepped back from the door and opened it wide for them to step through. “Not exactly what I expected,” Gwen said as she let her eyes roam around the livingroom, taking in the wide screen tv and the high end stereo equipment along one wall.

    “Uncle Wes may talk a lot about our traditions,” Kai said as she closed the door behind the cousins, “but he does enjoy his comforts. You think the entertainment center is something, you should see the computer equipment he has in his office.”

    “Maybe next time,” Ben said when he noticed the spark of interest in Gwen’s green eyes. “We’re not here for a tour, and I don’t think it would be appropriate for us to invade your uncle’s private rooms.”

    I guess you’re right,” Kai said, smoothing down the short blue skirt and white t-shirt she’d put on in place of her traditional dance costume. “I thought we’d do it in my room so we’ll have some extra privacy.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Ben said as he and Gwen fell in behind Kai, he grinned at view he had of her butt swaying back and forth under her tight skirt. “The odd thing is that this will be the first time I took a girl’s cherry on an actual bed.”

    “Seriously?” Kai asked, turning to give Ben an encouraging smile when she turned to open the door to her bedroom.

    “Yep,” Ben said, “the first time Gwen and I fucked it was on the bench in the rustbucket, when I popped Jane and Keesha’s cherries it was on a mattress in our secret room behind the bleachers at school. And when I popped Kathy’s cherry a few weeks ago it was in a chair in the doctor’s waiting room.”

    “So I guess this will be the first time you popped a girl’s cherry in a real bed,” Kai said with a chuckle. “I guess I should feel honored since I’m going to loose my virginity in my own bed.”

    “At least you’ll feel more comfortable than the rest of us did,” Gwen said with a chuckle.

    Ben took a couple steps into Kai’s bedroom and stopped to take a quick look around after she turned on the overhead light so everyone could get a good look around. “So, what do you think?” Kai asked taking in the whole room with a casual wave of her arm.

    “About what I expected,” Ben said with a shrug looking around at the old tv and stereo stuck in the corner of the room as well as the dreamcatcher hanging just above the pillows on the queen size bed that took up most of the room’s floor space. “Except that the bed is larger than I would have expected.”

    “Uncle Wes’s idea,” Kai said. “Before I moved in this was his guest room and he decided it was easier to keep the queen size bed and let me grow into it instead of getting a smaller one. I guess it works for us since there’s plenty of room for the three of us right now.”

    “So why are we still standing here fully dressed?” Gwen asked. She reached for the hem of her blue on blue shirt and pulled it up over her head so the cartoon cat face disappeared as her bare breasts were exposed.

    “Good question,” Kai admitted with a nervous laugh as she tugged at the hem of her own shirt.

    “Relax Kai,” Ben said, removing his own clothes as he watched her expose the light brown skin under her clothing. “You don’t have anything to be scared about, and we’ll make sure that you enjoy it as much as you can.”

    “Ben’s right Kai,” Gwen said pushing her pants down and kicking off her sneakers before she stepped out of them. “We know what we’re doing. It’s not like you’re going to lose your virginity to an inexperienced kid.”

    “I know that now,” Kai said, staring at the bulge of Gwen’s pregnant belly and the way her milk filled tits bounced when they were freed from the constraints of her shirt. “But an hour ago I thought I was going to offer myself to another virgin. It’s going to take an adjustment now that I know the truth. So, what do I do now?”

    “Get up on the bed,” Ben said, pulling the covers back and patting the bottom sheet in invitation. “No, don’t lie down, not yet, sit up and let us help you get ready.”

    Ben took a second to enjoy the older girl’s flawless nut brown skin before he placed a hand on each of her knees and pushed them apart. Once Kai’s thighs were spread far enough apart to give him easy access to the black fringe around her pussy Ben got down on his knees and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed as he shoved his head between her legs so he could reach her bone dry slit.

    “I could use a little help here Gwen,” Ben said as he ran his finger along Kai’s slit, sending a shiver of pleasure running up her spine. “She’s really dry so if you could play with her tits or something we could turn her on that much faster.”

    “What are you going to do?” Kai asked when Gwen sat next to her on the edge of the bed.

    “Nothing you won’t enjoy,” Gwen said with a mischievous grin. “All I’m going to do is massage and suck on your tits while Ben eats your pussy. Trust me, you’ll love it. And the more you love it, the wetter your pussy will get, and the sooner Ben can pop that nasty little cherry of yours and knock you up.”

    “Oh,” Kai purred as Gwen licked and kissed her tits, “you make it sound so sexy.”

    “It is sexy,” Ben said, tickling Kai’s clit with his finger, he saw Kai’s nipples pop erect as she gave a little squeal of pleasure and Gwen sucked the dark pink nub into her mouth enthusiastically.

    “You’re already starting to get wet,” Ben said, holding up two of his fingers so Gwen and Kai could see the pussy juice coating their tips. “But just to make sure I think we should give you an orgasm before I pop your cherry. How does that sound Kai?”

    “It sounds great,” Kai said with a soft moan. “I’m always playing with my pussy and tits but whenever it starts to feel good I’m afraid Uncle Wes will hear me so I stop when I start making noise.”

    “Maybe you should have made a lot of noise,” Gwen said, cupping Kai’s tits and pushing them together so both of her nipples were close enough for her to suck at the same time. “After all, if your uncle knew you were masturbating he may have decided to join in.”

    “You don’t know my uncle,” Kai said with another his of pleasure when Ben sucked on her slit while he tickled her erect clit with his fingers. “I don’t know what Uncle Wes would have done if he heard me screaming through an orgasm, but I know he wouldn’t join in.”

    “You never know,” Ben said, “I never thought our parents would join in, but it turned out that our moms wanted me to get them pregnant.”

    “And they expect more than one baby apiece out of him,” Gwen added. “I think your uncle is more interested in joining in than you expect.”

    Kai let out another groan of pleasure and squeezed her thighs around Ben’s head, pulling him in tight against her quivering cunt. “Playing with myself never felt this good,” she sighed.

    “And you haven’t even had an orgasm yet,” Gwen giggled. “But if you think this feels good, just wait until Ben fucks his cock into your pussy, then you’ll know what pleasure is really all about.”

    Ben’s head was buried so deep in Kai’s crotch that he couldn’t hear what the two girls were saying, but he knew that Kai was getting close to her first orgasm from the way her pussy was quivering against his lips and tongue. Since there wasn’t enough room for Ben to get his fingers in he shifted his head around until his nose was touching Kai’s erect clit and he teased the blood filled organ with the tip of his nose as he ran his tongue up and down the girl’s juicy slit.

    Kai’s whole body spasmed and jerked along the edge of her bed and her head snapped back as she screamed with pleasure as Gwen stepped back and watched her raven tresses fly through the air. “I told you you’d like it,” she said with a broad grin as Kai’s body relaxed after its orgasm.

    “I never knew an orgasm would feel so incredible,” Kai gasped. “And fucking is even better?”

    “It sure is,” Gwen said with a nod.

    “In that case I don’t want to wait any longer,” Kai said opening her thighs and pulling Ben’s head away from her cunt in spite of his attempts to keep eating her pussy. “Ben, I want you to fuck me, right now.”

    “Are you sure?” Ben asked, getting to his feet so his hard cock hovered just a few inches from Kai’s black furred slit.

    “I’m sure,” Kai said with a deep breath, “I don’t care how much it hurts, I want you to pop my cherry right now. Fuck me until I can’t take it any more and fill me with your cum and your baby.”

    “I never get tired of hearing those words,” Ben said with a broad grin. “Don’t worry, I’ll take it slow until you get use to my cock, but once you adjust watch out, I’m going to drive you wild with pleasure.”

    “Promises promises,” Kai said with a nervous quirk of her lips. “Come on and show me what you’ve got Ben.”

    “Whatever you want Kai,” Ben said as he let the tip of his cock kiss the girl’s wet pussy lips.

    “Don’t make me wait Ben,” Kai begged, “fuck me. Now!”

    With a chuckle for Kai’s impatience Ben slipped the head of his cock (now coated with Kai’s juices). Kai wiggled her ass on the bed and pushed it closer to the edge so Ben had to slip more of his shaft into her cunt or step back, he chose to slide another half inch into her wide open slit until his cock was stopped by Kai’s unbroken cherry.

    “This one’s for the money,” Ben said, wiping sweat from his brow and pulling his cock back a fraction of an inch to get a little more momentum.

    “Here Kai,” Gwen said leaning over the Native American girl so that her milk filled tit hovered just above Kai’s lips. “Suck on this, I bet you won’t scream in pain when your mouth is full of my milk.”

    “Thank’s Gwen,” Kai said, giving the redheaded girl a quick grin before she sucked her nipple between her lips and filled her mouth with her milk.

    “Here we go,” Ben said focusing on the sight of his cock spreading Kai’s pussy lips. “Say goodbye to your virginity.” With one quick thrust Ben buried the full six inches of his cock deep in Kai’s quivering belly. The raven haired girl let out a muffled squeal when the blunt head of her lover’s cock punched through her cherry and came to a rest against her cervix. As the pain passed Kai realized that she’d sucked even more of Gwen’s breast into her mouth and she managed to swallow her friend’s milk before she released her friend’s nipple.

    “Thanks Gwen,” Kai said a little shakily, “that really did help me deal with the pain, and I really liked getting a taste of your milk too. Do you think my milk will taste that good?”

    “Every girls different,” Gwen said with a shrug, “but I always enjoy the taste of another girl’s milk no matter how different it tastes.”

    “How does your cunt feel?” Ben asked, “are you ready to start fucking now?”

    “I think so,” Kai said hesitantly, “but start slow just to be sure.”

    “Sure thing,” Ben said, drawing his shaft slowly out of Kai’s pussy until only the head was lodged between her cunt lips and then slid it back in just as slowly while Kai moaned in pleasure with every inch that entered her body.

    “Gwen,” Kai said with a grunt, “get your pussy over here, I want to eat it while Ben fucks me.”

    “I like the way you think Kai,” Gwen said holding her stomach as she straddled the older girl with her knees and lowered her pussy until her drooling slit touched Kai’s mouth. “Just remember what Ben did to you and do it to me. Yeah, just like that,” Gwen hissed with pleasure when Kai ran her tongue along Gwen’s red furred slit, tickling the eleven year old’s erect clit when she reached the top of her cunt.

    While Kai was learning to eat Gwen’s pussy Ben was picking up the pace of his fuck, sliding his cock in and out of Kai’s pussy faster and faster with each stroke until he was thrusting hard enough to make the bed shiver while his balls bounced off Kai’s ass. “You’re a natural Kai,” Gwen screamed as the other girl buried her tongue in her pussy and wiggled it around.

    “You told me to do the same things Ben did to me,” Kai panted, she could already feel another orgasm building up in her pussy and she realized that Gwen was right when she said that fucking would be better than anything else she’d ever done. “I am trying a few things Ben didn’t do, I hope you like them.”

    “I love them,” Gwen gasped, “that’s why I said you’re a natural. You know what a girl likes and you do it. So how does Ben’s cock feel in your tight little pussy?”

    “Incredible,” Kai groaned. “You told me it would feel good, but I never thought it would be this good. In fact, I think I’m about to have another orgasm.”

    “That’s Ben for you,” Gwen chuckled, “he really knows how to use that cock of his.”

    “Thanks Gwen,” Ben panted, wiping the sweat from his forehead without slowing the pace of his thrusts, he could feel Kai’s pussy muscles quivering around his shaft and he knew it wouldn’t be long before she had her orgasm but he realized his own orgasm was closing in fast too, he just hoped he could hold out long enough to cum at the same time she did.

    When her body spasmmed with the sheer pleasure of her orgasm Kai buried her mouth in Gwen’s cunt, sucking in the juices that flowed from her slit and pushing the redhead into her own orgasm as she felt Ben’s sperm flooding her womb.

    “Wow,” Gwen said after she caught her breath, “a three way orgasm. I don’t think we’ve ever managed that before.”

    “Here’s an even bigger surprise,” Ben said, “even after shooting my wad I’m still hard and ready to go.”

    “Well don’t stop now,” Kai said, “even if you’ve already knocked me up I’m ready to keep going.”

    “So am I,” Ben said, “but I have an idea I think you’ll like.”

    Before Kai could ask Ben what he had in mind he pulled his cock out of her pussy with an audible slurp and lifted the Omnitrix so he could see the face as he dialed up the alien he wanted. “Gwen usually wants to fuck me as a human,” Ben said as he adjusted his watch, “but sometimes we like a change of pace and I fuck her in one of my alien forms. Since you were so entranced with my alien werewolf form last summer, how would you like to fuck me in that form right now?”

    “Now that sounds like fun,” Kai said sitting up to watch as Ben paused with his hand over the plunger of the Omnitrix.

    “Just one thing, when I’m in this form I can’t speak so I’ll have to communicate with gestures and growls.

    “I’m sure we’ll do fine,” Kai said with a nod. “Do it.”

    Ben nodded and slapped his hand down on the plunger. Green light flowed over Ben’s body and it grew and changed until the light faded and Ben stood on his hind legs in all his blue furred glory. “Now this is going to be fun,” Kai said with a grin, giving Ben’s werewolf form an appreciative look.

    “And I think it’s going to be fun to watch,” Gwen said. “If the two of you don’t mind I think I’ll move to a chair so I can get a good view of what’s coming up.”

    “But what am I going to do if your pussy isn’t there for me to eat?” Kai asked.

    “You’ll think of something,” Gwen said, “after all, you won’t usually have another girl to join in when you’re fucking a guy.”

    “Yeah,” Kai sighed, “I guess I should get use to fucking on my own, but I’m still going to miss the extra pussy after today.”

    While Gwen made her way to the chair next to the door Ben let out a soft growl to get Kai’s attention and then gestured at her. “I don’t understand Ben,” Kai said with obvious confusion. “Gwen, can you tell me what Ben’s trying to tell me?”

    Ben repeated the gestures and Gwen giggled when she realized what her cousin was trying to say. “He wants you to get all the way back on the bed and then get up on your hands and knees with your ass facing him so he can fuck you from behind.”

    “Ok, now I understand,” Kai said, “but why did you laugh when you realized what Ben was saying.”

    “Because,” Gwen said with another chuckle, “this position is usually called doggie. Get it? Ben’s a big dog and he wants to fuck you doggie style.”

    “I get it,” Kai said with a chuckle of her own as she pushed herself back on the bed. “I also remember that I wanted to make Ben my pet when we thought he was actually changing into a werewolf last year. I guess turnabout’s fair play.”

    “And very pleasurable,” Gwen added.

    Once Kai was in position Ben crawled up behind her on the bed. He leaned forward until his muzzle was next to her ear and licked her face with his long tongue. With his furry chest pressed against Kai’s back Ben reached around her to cup her tits in his hands and teased them until Kai let out a moan of pleasure. Only then did he slide his cock (much larger in his werewolf form than it was in his human form) under Kai’s ass and between her thighs until the head reached her drooling slit and he took one hand off her tits just long enough to guide the head between her cunt lips.

    “Oh God,” Kai groaned when Ben’s large cock forced its, “your cock is so much bigger now. Fuck me Ben, fuck that monster in my tight wet pussy and make me cum.”

    Ben growled in response and picked up the pace of his thrusts, shoving the full length of his cock in and out of Kai’s slippery cunt, spreading her pussy lips so wide that she would have screamed in pain if it didn’t feel so good. With the pain and pleasure spreading from her cunt and tits Kai’s belly felt like a volcano of sexual energy and it didn’t take long for it to explode with the largest orgasm she’d had in her life.

    “Oh wow,” Gwen said, ramming her fingers in and out of her drooling pussy while she watched her cousin slamming his oversize werewolf cock in and out of Kai’s wide open cunt. She could see Kai’s flat muscular belly cramp up as the raven haired girl screamed in pleasure and her cunt muscles clamped so tight around Ben’s cock that he couldn’t move it for several seconds until the orgasm passed through Kai’s body and her slit relaxed enough for Ben to slam his cock in and out of her again. Ben growled in pleasure and let his tongue loll out of his muzzle to lick Kai’s ear. Kai giggled at the touch of Ben’s tongue and then let out another moan of pleasure when Ben squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples when they popped erect against his palms.

    “You guys have no idea how sexy it is to watch you fuck like this,” Gwen groaned as she replaced the fingers in her pussy with her other hand while she raised the well lubricated fingers to her mouth to suck them clean.

    “If you think it’s sexy watching us,” Kai panted, “you should try doing it. I never thought fucking would feel so good, I don’t ever want to stop.”

    “Too bad we’re only here for a couple days,” Gwen said with a malicious grin. “What are you going to do for a cock after we leave?”

    “I’ll find someone,” Kai hissed, her belly starting to quiver with the sexual energy flooding into it again. “Someone or something, I don’t want to go more than a day without a cock in my pussy ever again.”

    “Well Ben you’ve done it again,” Gwen laughed, “you’ve turned another innocent virgin into a cock hungry slut.”

    Ben emitted a choked growl from his throat that sounded suspiciously like a chuckle and Kai joined in. “Well, I don’t know about the other virgins you converted,” Kai moaned, “but I’m happy.”

    “So am I,” Gwen purred, “I was Ben’s first convert, but I wasn’t the last, and I don’t know of anyone who wasn’t pleased with their conversion.”

    “Oh God Ben,” Kai gasped bracing her arms against the beds mattress and pushing her ass back against , “I’m going to cum again, and it’s gonna be a big one.”

    Ben growled a warning of his own and Gwen looked up in time to see the four segments of his muzzle pealing back as he raised it toward the ceiling and she yelled a warning, “Ben no!” she cried. “If you let out a sonic howl in here it could bring down the whole cabin.”

    Gwen wasn’t sure if Ben heard her warning but she saw the segments of his blue muzzle reform and his mouth gaped open as he howled his triumph to the ceiling. “Yes,” Kai screamed, “cum inside me Ben, fill me with your alien cum.”

    From her chair next to the bedroom door Gwen saw the last thrust of Ben’s blue cock and the way his balls contracted and his shaft pulsed as he shot his load deep in Kai’s body. She also saw Kai’s belly ripple and her thighs snap together to hold Ben’s spurting prick in her pussy as her scream of pleasure joined Ben’s howl.

    Gwen was ramming her fingers in and out of her pussy and squeezing her tits, right on the edge of her own orgasm as she watched Ben and Kai with their shared orgasms. As Ben’s howl and Kai’s scream faded Gwen heard other voices through the bedroom door. “Don’t tell me you didn’t hear that Max,” the first voice said as it approached the door. “It sounded like a the howl of a wild animal, and it was coming from Kai’s room. And I’m sure you heard her scream right along with the howl.”

    “I heard it Wes,” the second voice said, “but before you open that door there’s something you need to know.”

    “No! If Kai’s in danger I can’t wait,” the first voice said, his footsteps approaching the door in a rush, “you’ll have to tell me later.”

    Gwen had just enough warning to pull her fingers out of her pussy before Kai’s uncle reached the door and opened it from the other side but there wasn’t enough time to warn Ben or Kai before Wes Green stopped dead in the wide open door with a clear view of his naked niece and the alien werewolf with his hard cock shoved deep in her black furred pussy.

    “Kai,” Wes gasped, blinking several times as if he was trying to dismiss the whole sight as nothing more than an illusion. Shifting his gaze from Kai to the furry blue werewolf with his softening cock still plugged in his nieces drooling cunt. “Ben?” Wes asked hesitantly, recognizing the alien form Ben had been adapting to during his visit a year earlier.

    Ben growled and nodded his confirmation, he pulled his wilting cock out of Kai’s sperm filled pussy and rolled over onto his bed, letting his tongue loll out of his muzzle as he let out a contented growl.

    “It isn’t what it looks like Uncle Wes,” Kai said as she rolled onto her ass next to Ben’s alien form.

    “I think it’s exactly what it looks like,” Wes Green said, licking his lips nervously while he watched Ben’s sperm ooze out from between Kai’s spread thighs. “Is this what you were trying to warn me about Max?” Wes asked as he took a step into Kai’s room to make room for Grandpa Max.

    “It was,” Max said. “When you told me about the way Kai’s been acting lately and the fact that she was the one who wanted us here I thought something like this was going to happen. I wanted to warn you that Ben and Gwen have been sexually active since last summer since I thought Kai would make a play for Ben since you’ve been ignoring her advances.”

    “You knew?” Kai asked her uncle. “You knew that I was trying to seduce you?”

    “How could I miss it?” Wes said with a chuckle, “the way you’d walk naked from the shower to your room and push your tits against my chest when you weren’t wearing a bra? Of course I noticed, I was just afraid of what would happen if I let myself respond to your advances.”

    “But I wanted you Uncle Wes,” Kai said, “as much as I enjoyed fucking Ben and letting him knock me up I wanted you to fuck me. I love you Uncle Wes.”

    “And I love you,” Wes said with a sigh. “I’ve dreamed of fucking you since before your parents died and you moved in with me, but I was afraid that if I gave in to you that I’d end up forcing you into something you didn’t want to do.”

    “Does it look like I’m being forced?” Kai asked her uncle. “Now that I’ve lost my cherry I intend to fuck as much as I can, and if I’m not fucking you I’ll have to find someone else.”

    “It’s not the fucking I was worried about,” Wes pointed out, “I don’t want to knock you up. I want children, and I’d love to have them with you, but I didn’t want to make you feel obligated to have my babies or take a chance that I’d intentionally knock you up without your permission.”

    “I don’t think you have to worry about that for the next nine months,” Gwen said with a chuckle that made her belly bulge jiggle.

    For the first time since he entered the room Wes took a good look at Max’s redheaded granddaughter and noticed her pregnancy. “Is this Ben’s work?” Wes asked Max without taking his eyes off the bulge of Gwen’s belly.

    “Yes,” Max said simply.

    “Our second,” Gwen said with obvious pride as she patted the swell of her bare stomach. “Our son Ken is spending the summer with my parents while I keep an eye on Ben to make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble.”

    “What are the chances that he’s already knocked Kai up?” Wes asked warily.

    “Pretty good I’d say,” Max said. “As near as I can tell Ben’s managed to knock up every girl he’s fucked since he lost his virginity. If there was even a slight chance that he can knock a girl up he does it, and thanks to the Omnitrix he knows when they’re fertile and when he’s knocked them up. What about it Ben? Is Kai pregnant?”

    There was a flash of red light next to Kai’s naked body and Ben shifted back into his usual form. Ben turned to look at Kai and gave her tooth grin before he said, “Oh yeah, I knocked her up for sure. You can fuck her all you want now Wes, you can’t make her more pregnant than she is right now.”

    “I guess not,” Wes sighed, “but now I’m actually disappointed, if I knew Kai was willing to get pregnant I wouldn’t have held back.”

    “Don’t worry Uncle Wes,” Kai said bouncing out of her bed and rushing over to give her uncle a kiss. “This baby may be Ben’s, but once she’s born the next one is all yours, and the next, and the next, and the next.”

    “Just how many babies do you plan to have?” Wes asked his niece, giving her flat belly a quick rub.

    “How many can I talk you into?” Kai asked with a purr, “because I plan to have as many of your babies as I can.”

    “I told you you’d created another fuck happy slut Ben,” Gwen said with a chuckle. “But this is one slut whose not so happy, I haven’t had a cock in two hours and I’m so horny I need one right now.”

    “Sorry Gwen,” Ben said with a wave to his soft cock, “I’m tapped out for now, maybe when we get to bed tonight.”

    “I’m good to go,” Max said giving his granddaughter a hopeful grin.

    “Thanks for the offer Grandpa Max,” Gwen said, “but I’m really in the mood for a new cock, and it looks like Wes here could use a little relief.”

    “I sure could,” Wes agreed when Gwen ran her hand over the bulge in his jeans. “But are you sure you want me to fuck you? You do have Ben and your grandfather after all.”

    “Yes I do,” Gwen admitted, “but I get tired of the same cocks day in and day out so a change would be nice. Why don’t we go into your room and give your bed a workout so these two can recover in from their fun.”

    “Ok,” Wes said turning to lead the way to his own room. He stopped to turn back to the two lovers resting on the queen size bed and said, “Just to make sure you understand Kai, starting tonight I expect you to spend your nights in my bed, and with my cock stuck in that tight little pussy of yours, no matter how pregnant you are.”

    “Thank you Uncle Wes,” Kai said, letting her head drop back to her pillow with a happy sigh. “And thank you Ben, if you and Gwen hadn’t popped my cherry my uncle never would have agreed to this.”

    “Glad to be of service,” Ben said with a weary sigh before he let his eyes close to catch a quick nap. He hoped he’d have time to rest up before Kai’s next performance.
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    Nice chapter. You always seem to be able to add an interesting twist to the story to keep the excitement level up. Where did the werewolf come from? I don't remember that being on the watch.
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    In the episode when Ben and the others originally met Kai and her uncle Wes (he was a retired plumber and an old friend of Max's) they met up with a blue furred werewolf stealing high tech radar equipment. The werewolf (who everyone thought was from a local legend) apparently bit Ben and he seemed to be changing into a werewolf himself, but then it turned out that the werewolf was an alien and the Omnitrix was absorbing the alien's DNA and adding it to his forms. Ben used the form several times in the last few episodes of the original series.
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    Interesting. Thanks.
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    Default Goring off Line

    Sorry for anyone hoping to find a new chapter but I wanted to let everyone know that that I'm going to be off line for a while due to my finances. Hopefully I'll be back in a month or so and I will be working on the story in the meantime so I should have some chapters ready to post when I get back, but unless there's a miracle in the next 24 hours I won't be back for a while.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 7

    Surprise surprise, I found a way to post my stories without my own internet connection. I can only do it once or twice a week but I should be able to post the chapters as I finish them, and here's the new chapter just to prove it. Enjoy

    Chapter 7

    “Morning Gwen,” Ben said, giving his naked cousin a quick kiss before he crawled over her and slid his bare feet down to the floor.

    “What’s up Ben?” Gwen asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes before she rolled over to watch Ben pull his clothes on. “No morning fuck?”

    “Sorry Gwen,” came Ben’s muffled response as he pulled his shirt on over his head, “we need to get an early start this morning, remember?”

    “Right,” Gwen said slowly, “we’re suppose to meet Lt. Steel for breakfast.”

    “And we have a hundred miles to go before then,” Grandpa Max said adjusting his louder than usual Hawaiian shirt. “I’d still like to know how Steel got my cell number.”

    “Well he is a Federal agent with a high level security clearance,” Ben pointed out, “he probably has the authority to get just about anything he wants.”

    “Including my secure and unlisted plumber cell number,” Max said with a derisive snort. “That must be some security clearance.”

    “Well he is doing the same job as you,” Gwen pointed out, “it’s just that he’s based on Earth instead of space.”

    “I guess you’re right,” Max said with a sigh. “Will you be alright with this Gwen? I know how horny you are first thing in the morning and how much you enjoy your morning fuck.”

    “I’ll be fine,” Gwen said, “I have my favorite dildo and enough privacy to take care of myself. You two go ahead and I’ll see you when you get back.”

    Once they stepped out of the rustbucket and made sure no one else was around Ben dialed up XLR8 on the Onmitrix and a few seconds later he and Grandpa Max were on their way. Following the directions Lt. Steel had given them Ben found the part of town Steel and his men had cordoned off with their armed vehicles.

    “Not exactly trying to hide,” Max said when Ben set him down on his feet.

    “Must be important if Lt. Steel is willing to be so public about it,” Ben hissed after he raised the visor of his helmet. “Give me a second to change and we can go see what’s so important.”

    A couple minutes later the two of them walked up to the uniformed guard at the barrier’s makeshift gate and Max announced, “Max and Ben Tennyson to see Lt. Steel. He’s expecting us.”

    The guard checked their names on his clipboard and then gestured for a nearby private. “This man will take you to the Lieutenant,” the guard said. “This whole area is under military jurisdiction, any attempt to leave your guard will get you shot, is that clear?”

    “Of course,” Max said as Ben gave a nervous nod.

    With the guards warning in mind Ben and his grandfather stayed as close as they could to their guide and breathed a sigh of relief when the private ushered them into the mobile headquarters where Lt. Steel was waiting for them.

    “Ah, Max and Ben Tennyson,” Steel said, combing his hand through his grey brush cut, “I’m glad you could make it. Anything special you want for breakfast?”

    “Whatever you have,” Max said with a forced grin, “as long as I don’t have to cook it.”

    “So why did you want to see us lieutenant?” Ben asked as soon as the orderly left with their order.

    “And how did you get my unlisted number?” Max added before Steel had a chance to open his mouth.

    “First let me point out that this meeting is unofficial and no matter what I suspect,” Steel said with a warning glare, “I don’t have to report it as long as I don’t have proof or a confession. Clear?”

    “As mud,” Ben muttered as his grandfather nodded his understanding.

    “Since our last meeting I did some research,” Steel said. “It wasn’t easy, but once I found the right people I discovered that you had quite a reputation, one that my men and I don’t even come close to meeting. And it seems Ben here is following in your footsteps so I thought it would be a good idea to keep you informed on what’s going on here.”

    “So inform us,” Max said.

    “Two days ago one of our satellites detected a dimensional energy surge right here in the middle of town,” Steel started. “We arrived as soon as we could and found evidence that something came through with the dimensional surge but it was long gone before we arrived. From the eyewitness accounts we were able to get the description matches the merged alien that we dealt with last summer.”

    “Kevin,” Ben murmured before he caught himself.

    “It would seem so,” Steel agreed. “From the eyewitness reports we know he used one of the payphones and we were able to track the number he called.”

    Before the lieutenant could give Max and Ben the number he had to pause when the orderly returned with their breakfast order. Once everything was set out and the private left them to their eggs and bacon Max encouraged Steel to continue.

    “The number Kevin called belonged to his step parents in New York,” Steel explained.

    “That doesn’t make any sense,” Ben interrupted.

    “Ben,” Grandpa Max warned.

    “I mean it grandpa,” Ben said. “Remember, Kevin and I started out as friends before he got so obsessed with my powers that he tried to steal them.”

    “Ben,” Grandpa Max hissed, “don’t say anything more in front of Lieutenant Steel.”

    “I’m sorry, did you say something?” Steel asked, looking up from his breakfast. “I guess I was hungrier than I realized.”

    “It was nothing,” Max said, giving Ben a warning glare before he nodded for his grandson to continue. He realized that the lieutenant was giving them a break this time, but he didn’t trust him to do it again.

    “I knew Kevin for a while before he changed into that merged alien form,” Ben said carefully. “He was living on the streets, and he told me it was because his step father kicked him out because he considered him to be a freak. I don’t see Kevin calling someone like that right after he escapes the Null Void.”

    “Maybe he didn’t call his step father,” Lt. Steel said with a knowing grin, “maybe he called his half sister.”

    “Kevin has a sister?” Ben asked in surprise.

    “A half sister,” Steel said. “The family dynamics are a bit confusing but here’s what I learned. Kevin’s father divorced his mother when Kevin was about six months old. Kevin’s father got sole custody of his son in the divorce and his mother disappeared shortly after. Two years later Kevin’s father remarried. He and his new wife had a daughter about six months after the wedding and from everything I have Kevin and his step sister were pretty close growing up. Then about five years ago Kevin’s father died in an industrial accident and he and his half sister were left with her mother. Kevin’s stepmother didn’t make a wise choice for her next husband, he was a man who’d spent more time in prison than out, and he didn’t change his life style much after the wedding.”

    “I can guess what happens next,” Ben said bitterly, “Kevin’s stepfather tried to get him into the game and he refused to help him with his powers. I don’t know if the stepfather got abusive at that point or if Kevin ran away to get away from him, either way he was out on the street and using his powers to survive.”

    “I’d say that’s a pretty good idea of what happened,” Steel said. “But Kevin’s sister was still left behind. Whatever was happening at home it seems to have reached a crisis when Karen turned twelve a couple weeks ago.”

    “I can imagine what kind of crisis could arise with a girl turning twelve with a step father like that,” Ben muttered.

    “So can I,” Lt. Steel said with barely suppressed anger, “that’s why my men and I haven’t tried that hard to catch up with our merged friend yet. So far we’ve managed to keep track of him through various reports and he seems to be making a direct run to New York. Apparently he can’t run as fast as the alien who calls himself XLR8, but he is making good time and should reach the city in a few more hours.”

    “In that case we better get a move on,” Ben said as he started sliding his chair back from the breakfast table. “I mean, if we’re going to contact the good aliens so they can catch up with Kevin and maybe help his sister too.”

    “Ben,” Grandpa Max said without looking up from his empty plate, “I think it would be best if you contacted your friends on your own.”

    “But Grandpa,” Ben started, only to be interrupted when Max continued what he was saying.

    “I wouldn’t be much help with you and your friends rushing across the country to catch Kevin. On the other hand, if I stay here I should be able to help Lt. Steel and his men isolate the energy signal Kevin used to escape from the Null Void. That way we can find out how he escaped and make sure that noone else manages to escape the same way. After all, it wouldn’t do for someone like Vilgax to escape, so we’ll work on sealing that escape route while you take care of Kevin and his sister.”

    “I have to admit that we would appreciate your help on that little problem,” Lt. Steel said, “with your experience we should have the breach sealed and barred in no time.”

    “In that case I’ll go ahead and contact my friends so we can deal with Kevin and his sister and step father as well.”

    “Ben,” Max said before he grandson had a chance to leave the trailer, “I think it might be a good idea if you made sure that you contacted Lucky Girl for this case. If there is a problem with Kevin’s half sister she may be the best one to help her, better another girl instead of a strange alien if you know what I mean.”

    “Good idea grandpa,” Ben agreed, “I’ll contact her first just to be sure she’s available.”

    Gwen was enjoying the warm aftermath of her third orgasm when she heard the rush of wind that usually came with Ben’s arrival when he was XLR8. She put her dildo away reluctantly and turned to face the back door of the Rustbucket just as Ben opened it and stuck XLR8's reptilian face inside. “Gwen,” Ben called after he raised the visor of his helmet. “Hurry up and get dressed. We need to get to New York as fast as possible, and I may need your help as Lucky Girl.

    While Gwen dressed in her costume Ben explained the situation to her, finishing as she tied her mask behind her head. “So do you have a plan?” Gwen asked, considering her belly and the obvious bulge of her pregnancy under her tight fitting shirt. With a quick spell she disguised the bulge, the only way someone would notice her belly now was if they actually touched it, and she’d make sure that didn’t happen.

    “The best idea I have right now is to take you to New York and drop you off at the step parents place,” Ben said as he picked Gwen up in his arms for the run to the city. “You link up with Kevin’s half sister and get her out of the situation. I’m sure you can deal with one horny angry step father and get her to safety. In the meantime I’ll double back and deal with Kevin.”

    “I think you have things the wrong way around,” Gwen said, turning her face into Ben’s chest so she could speak while the wind whipped around them. “I could deal with Kevin’s step father and get his half sister away from the house but so could you. The problem is that if you deal with Kevin it’ll turn into an extended battle. You know how much he hates you, he won’t be listening to anything you have to say, and the property damage from the fight could be extensive. I think a better plan would be for you to drop me off to deal with Kevin while you run on to New York and do whatever you can to help Kevin’s sister. Kevin and I may have had our differences but he won’t automatically attack me the way he will you, and I may be able to get him to slow down and listen to reason.”

    “Sounds like a better plan than mine,” Ben admitted. “But be careful ok?”

    “You too,” Gwen said, “we still don’t know the whole story about Kevin’s sister and step father.”

    “I know,” Ben admitted, “but it must be something bad if Kevin’s more interested in getting to New York instead of hunting me down. Don’t worry, I’ll use an alien form that will keep me and Kevin’s sister safe. And you can tell him that when you meet him.”

    Once she was on her own Gwen started flying around to see if she could spot Kevin. It was actually easier than she expected to spot Kevin from the path of damage he left in his wake. Gwen landed in front of Kevin and cast a spell to wrap him firmly in the debris he’d just created. “Hello Kevin,” Gwen said stepping up to the mound of earth, concrete, and steel she’d formed around the older boy’s grotesque mix of Ben’s aliens.

    “Gwen Tennyson,” Kevin said with a grimace of his deformed face. “So where’s your cousin? Too scared to face me himself? Not that it matters, I don’t have time to deal with either of you, I need to get home right now.”

    “No you don’t,” Gwen said, enforcing the spell holding Kevin as he struggled against it. “Ben is already on the way to help your sister, in fact he could be there by now.”

    “I guess that could work,” Kevin said slowly. “I may hate your cousin’s guts for what he did to me, but he does help people so I guess I can trust him to help my sister. But in that case, why are you here?”

    “I’m here to help you,” Gwen said.

    “Don’t lie to me,” Kevin said, “I know you hate my guts. You blame me for what happened to Ben back in New York last year when we go caught breaking into that warehouse.”

    “Yes I do blame you,” Gwen said, “you tricked Ben into entering that warehouse and you got angry enough to do something stupid, absorbing the power of the Omnitrix and turning yourself into this, this monstrosity that combines all of Ben’s aliens into one. Kevin, you only have yourself to blame for what happened to you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help you.”

    “And how are you going to help me?” Kevin asked bitterly. “I’ve been trying to turn myself back to human for months, can you help me with that.”

    “Maybe,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “maybe I can help you. Tell me what you want more, to change back into your human form, or to get back at Ben?”

    “Get back at Ben,” Kevin said without any hesitation.

    “I think the problem is that you don’t have the right motivation for changing back,” Gwen said with a lewd grin. “And I think I know the kind of incentive you need.”

    “And what’s that?” Kevin asked, stopping his struggles long enough to give Gwen a hard look.”

    “This,” Gwen said, pulling her shirt up at the same time that she negated the spell hiding her swollen belly. She let Kevin get a good look at her bare tits before she continued. “Now the question is, do you want these more than you want to get back at Ben.”

    This time Kevin had to think about his answer before he opened his mouth and Gwen stopped him before he was able to speak a word. “Just in case these babies aren’t enough incentive,” the red head said, zipping her pants down and pushing them down past her hips, “this can be yours too. If you can change back to your human form all this is yours Kevin.”

    “Seriously?” Kevin asked, licking his mis-formed lips with his forked tongue and running his eyes along the Gwen’s bare skin.

    “Oh yeah,” Gwen moaned. She didn’t take her eyes off Kevin’s grotesque form when she cupped her breasts and squeezed the swollen mounds hard enough to send a stream of milk from the nipples so the liquid landed just a few inches from the older boys mouth. “I haven’t had a cock in my pussy all morning, and I bet that once you change back your prick will be the perfect fit for my slit. And since I’m already pregnant you don’t even have to worry about wearing a condom or pulling out. You can fill my cunt with all your baby juice and you won’t have to worry about knocking me up. So, how is that for incentive to change back.”

    “It just might be enough,” Kevin growled as he struggled against whatever force kept him in his mixed alien form. Gwen caught her breath and didn’t release it until she saw a familiar red glow surround Kevin’s body and she looked away to shield her eyes when the glow turned into a flash when Kevin shifted into his human form.

    “You did it,” Gwen said as Kevin pulled his much smaller human form out of the debris that had held his alien form.

    “I sure did,” Kevin said, brushing himself off before he turned to look at Gwen. “Now, do you really want me to fuck you?”

    “I do,” Gwen said, running her fingers along her slit and showing Kevin how wet they were. “Just look at how wet I am, I’m so horny I can hardly wait for you to crawl out of there and crawl between my thighs and into my cunt.”

    “You really are horny,” Kevin said without taking his eyes off Gwen’s red furred slit while he made his way toward her.

    “I’ve never actually fucked a girl yet,” Kevin said as he reached out tentatively to touch Gwen’s drooling slit.

    “You’re a virgin?” Gwen asked with a gasp when Kevin stroked her pussy lips. “I haven’t had a virgin since Ben and I popped each others cherries. Ben’s had plenty of virgins since then, but you’ll be my first since I lost my cherry.”

    “You and Ben fuck?” Kevin asked in surprise.

    “Sure,” Gwen said with a grin, “who do you think knocked me up? For the second time I might add.”

    “This is your second baby?” Kevin said in surprise, “and Ben knocked you up both times?”

    “That’s right,” Gwen said, “and I’m not the only one he’s knocked up, but even though he’s the father of my children that doesn’t mean that I don’t fuck other guys, it just means he beat the others to my fertile womb.”

    “Wait a minute,” Kevin said, running his left hand across Gwen’s swollen belly while he ran the fingers of his right along her wet slit. “You’re telling me that Ben is sexually active, in fact he’s deflowered several virgins and knocked you and other girls up, right?”

    “Right,” Gwen said with a purr of pleasure.

    “And he’s rescuing my half sister?” Kevin asked, “what if he decides to make a move on Stephanie?”

    “Kevin,” Gwen said with a slow sigh, “Ben isn’t going to do that. He wouldn’t make a move on a girl unless she was already interested. And what do you think would happen if Stephanie was interested and you tried to come between them?”

    Kevin thought about it for a few seconds while he continued running his fingers along Gwen’s wet slit before he answered. “If I tried to come between Steph and something she wanted she’d punch me in the nose and find a way to get around me.”

    “So Ben won’t do anything unless Steph wants it,” Gwen concluded, “and if Steph wants it you can’t stop her. Since you can’t do anything about your sister and Ben stop worrying about it and start worrying about the best way to please me and my pregnant pussy.”

    “Point made,” Kevin said with a shake of his head, “I’ll stop thinking about Steph and just enjoy what I have here and now. So, how am I doing?”

    “So far you’re doing great,” Gwen moaned, “you may be a virgin, but you’ve done this before haven’t you?”

    “Steph and I use to play around,” Keven admitted, “but we never went all the way.”

    “Well this time you are,” Gwen said, “in fact it looks like you’re ready to go right now,” she finished with a nod to Kevin’s already erect penis.

    “I think we both are,” Kevin said, taking his fingers out of Gwen’s wet slit and licking them clean.

    Gwen grinned encouragement as Kevin scuttled up her pregnant body and brought the head of his cock up to the red head’s drooling cunt lips. Kevin took a deep breath, looked deep in Gwen’s eyes and eased his cock into the younger girl’s juicy slit.

    “Oh yeah,” Gwen groaned as Kevin’s cock filled her pussy. Kevin was a little longer and bigger around than Ben but smaller than any of the adults she’d fucked, but it was still her first cock of the day and it felt good to have it in her cunt. As Kevin shoved the last of his cock into her pussy with enough force to make his balls bounce off her ass Gwen looked up at the older boy and smiled before she spoke again. “You feel good inside my cunt,” she whispered in a husky voice, “how does my pussy feel around your cock?”

    “Better than I ever imagined,” Kevin sighed. “I always knew it would feel great when I finally stuck my prick in a girl’s cunt, but I never thought it would feel anything like this.”

    “It’s going to feel even better when you start moving that shaft in and out of my cunt,” Gwen pointed out as she gave Kevin’s shaft a quick squeeze with her pussy muscles, “or did you plan to spend the rest of the day like this?”

    “Oh, I’m going to move,” Kevin hissed, trying not to cum when Gwen’s pussy tightened around his cock, “I just wanted to make sure you were ready for me to start.”

    “You only have to worry about that when you pop a girl’s cherry,” Gwen giggled, “I’ve had enough cocks in my cunt that you don’t have to worry about me. You just slam that fucker in and out of my pregnant belly until I’m swimming in your cum.”

    “I will,” Kevin promised, pulling most of his shaft out of Gwen’s slit until only the head was wedged between her pussy lips. With a grunt he slammed his hips forward hard enough for his balls to bounce off the red head’s ass.

    “Oh God, this feels so fucking great,” Kevin groaned as he thrust his cock in and out of Gwen’s sucking pussy.

    “I said you’d like it,” Gwen cried, wrapping her legs around Kevin and locking her ankles together behind his ass. “Now lean forward and suck my tits, I bet you’ll like my milk as much as Ben and our son do.”

    “But your baby,” Kevin said, looking down at the swell of her pregnant belly, “if I put my weight on you . . .”

    “I’ll be fine,” Gwen assured her lover, “I’m not that big yet. Besides, my tits are so full of milk right now that I could really use some relief, and I think you could use a treat. Now go ahead and suck on these babies until they’re empty.”

    “Ok,” Kevin said, laying across Gwen’s swollen belly and easing his quivering lips toward the girl’s erect nipples. When Kevin wasn’t fast enough Gwen reached her arms around Kevin’s neck and pulled him closer so that his face smacked into the valley between her swollen breasts. Gwen released some of the pressure on Kevin’s neck so he could pull back far enough to reach her nipple and suck it in between his lips.

    Gwen could feel the milk flowing out of her tit when Kevin sucked on her nipple and she let a soft moan escape from her lips. As the pressure from her overfilled tits dropped with every mouth full of milk Kevin drank from her breast Gwen realized that the pleasure from her pussy was mixing with the relief from her tits and it wouldn’t be long before her orgasm hit. “Oh Kevin,” she muttered in the older boy’s ear, “you’re such a good fucker that I’m about to cum already.” Gwen couldn’t understand Kevin’s reply because it was muffled by a mouth full of milk and nipple, but when she felt his prick expanding in her cunt she realized that he was going to cum right along with her. As Kevin shot his load deep in her quivering pussy Gwen screamed with her own orgasm, but in the back of her mind she cursed the fact that Kevin was such a new fucker that he didn’t have the stamina to hold on through two or more of her orgasms before he lost it.

    “That was wonderful,” Kevin said with a soft burp when he finished draining the milk from Gwen’s second breast.

    “And we’re not done yet,” Gwen said, ruffling Kevin’s black hair. “I can feel your cock starting to get hard in my pussy again, I bet you’ll be ready for a second round in just a few minutes. Especially if I give you a blow job while you eat my pussy. How does that sound?”

    “Like a deal I can’t turn down,” Kevin said, pulling his cock out of Gwen’s hot wet pussy and shifting around so he could reach her slit and Gwen could reach his prick.

    “Say Gwen,” Kevin said, the breath of his word’s making her pussy fur quiver.

    “What,” Gwen said, licking her lips as she stroked Kevin’s semi-hard shaft with her hand.

    “Do you think Ben and Steph are having as much fun as we are?” Gwen realized that there was no jealousy in his voice.

    “I think that depends on Steph,” Gwen said with a grin, “if she’s interested, then I’m sure Ben is giving her a very good time.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    At first Ben was upset when the Omnitrix timed out when he was still three blocks from the apartment but as he made his way through the pedestrian traffic he realized that he’d have just enough time for the Omnitrix to recharge when he reached the door. That would give him a chance to figure out the best alien to deal with whatever was happening when he reached Kevin’s sister.

    After climbing three floors Ben had to pause to catch his breath before heading down the hall to the right apartment. Even though he wasn’t close to the apartment door he could hear the angry voices bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and floor. Ben couldn’t make out any of the words, but he thought it sounded like an older male and a young female voice.

    When he reached the door belonging to Kevin’s family Ben could hear the two voices clearly through the hallway door. “Come out here you whore,” the male voice shouted with enough force to make the door vibrate. “You come out here now or I’m coming in there to get you.”

    “And why should I make it easier for you to rape me you dirty old man,” the girl’s voice screamed back. “The only way you’re getting in here is over my dead body, you hear me?”

    Ben decided it was time for him to interrupt before Kevin’s step father did something they’d all regret. Lifting the Omnitrix Ben dialed up the alien he thought would be the best one for the situation and slapped down the plunger to initiate the change. A second later Ben lifted his crystalline fist to knock on the door with enough force to make the jamb rattle. “Whoever it is leave now, this is a family matter.”

    “I’m a friend of Kevin’s,” Ben’s deep voice replied, “and I think you’d rather deal with me instead of the police or family services.”

    “Whose gonna call them in this neighborhood Kevin’s step father replied with a derisive snort. Besides, the police and family services don’t care what I do with this little whore of a step daughter, if they did they would have taken her away a long time ago. Now go away or you’ll get what I’m giving Stephanie.”

    “I doubt that,” Ben said as he raised his crystalline fist and slammed it through the thin panel, knocking the door off it’s hinges as he stepped through into the untidy apartment. Kevin’s step father turned to face Ben as he stepped through the shattered remains of the hallway door. Ben almost laughed at the sight of the older man, his oversized bathrobe was open and Ben could see that he was naked under the robe. “Pardon me but I’m here to help your step daughter. Where is she?”

    “Well I didn’t give you permission to come in here,” Kevin’s step father growled stepping up to Ben’s green crystal chest and trying to push him back out of the door.

    With a shrug of his shoulders Ben pushed Kevin’s step father back against the living room wall and just to be sure followed the shove with a burst of crystals from his hand to pen the man’s bathrobe against the wall. From the smell of his breath Ben didn’t think he was sober enough to realize that he could slip out of the robe. Ben took a quick glance around the room and noticed a blond woman passed out on the couch with an empty bottle on the coffee table. Ignoring the angry threats of Kevin’s step father while he struggled against his robe Ben turned to the door the man had been yelling through when he smashed through the front door.

    Ben gave the door a soft rap and called, “Hello?”

    “I told you I’m not coming out,” the girl on the other side said. “I’m not going to help you rape me.”

    “I’m not your step father,” Ben said. “My names Diamond Head and I use to be a friend of your brothers.”

    “Use to be?” the girl said. “Let me guess, you started out as friends and then asked you to do something that you didn’t want to do. And then when you refused he did it anyway and blamed you when things went wrong.”

    “You could say that,” Ben admitted.

    “And you’ve taken care of my step father?” she asked.

    “He’s out of the way,” Ben said, “you can leave anytime you want and I’ll help you get wherever you want to go. Including helping you to meet up with Kevin, if that’s what you want.”

    Ben heard something being moved away from the door and watched the brunette open the door and give him a quick smile as she said, “I think I’d like that. Kevin may do stupid things and have a temper, but I’d rather be with him instead of my step father, especially right now.”

    “By the way, my name’s Stephanie in case you haven’t heard yet,” Kevin’s twelve year old half sister said, running her eyes up and down Ben’s crystalline form. “Well, you’re bigger than I expected.”

    “Not really,” Ben muttered, “but maybe I should explain that once we’re out of here. Grab whatever you need and lets go.”

    “I’m ready to go now,” Stephanie said, patting the clothes she was wearing, “and I wouldn’t take this much if I didn’t have to wear something.”

    “Then lets go,” Ben said stepping back from the door so Stephanie could walk past him.

    “So what’s your real name?” Stephanie asked after they left the apartment building and made their way up the street. “I mean, I know you call yourself Diamond Head when you’re in this form, but I’m guessing you have another form and a real name.”

    “Yeah I do,” Ben said, looking around to make sure no one was looking at them before he deactivated the watch and reverted to his human form. “My name’s Ben Tennyson.”

    “You’re the Ben that Kevin is blaming for everything right now, right?”

    “Yeah,” Ben said, “but I’d still like to help him if I could.”

    “You’re a good kid Ben Tennyson,” Stephanie said, giving his human form a once over, “and a cute one too.”

    “Thanks,” Ben said with a quick blush.

    “Cute enough that I think I might like to give you what I wouldn’t give that self-centered bully of a step father.”

    “But I thought,” Ben started and then stopped before he blurted out something he’d regret later.

    “Either you thought I already lost my cherry,” Stephanie said, almost reading Ben’s thoughts, “or that I didn’t want to lose it. Well I didn’t lose my cherry yet, but there is no way I’m going to let my step father get it. He’s nothing but a horny bully and I’m not about to let him get it, but I may be willing to let you have it. If you’re interested that is.”

    “If I’m interested?” Ben chuckled, “just talking about it has me so horny I’m ready to pull your skirt up and fuck you right here on the street.”

    “Good, because I’m just as horny,” Stephanie said. “Fortunately you don’t have to do me here on the street, a friend of mine lives nearby and she and her family are out of town for the next couple weeks. She knew things were coming to a head with me and my parents so she gave me a key to her place, I don’t think she’ll mind if we make use of her bed for a while.”

    “Sounds good,” Ben said, letting Steph guide him through the street, “but if you’re so anxious to lose your virginity why didn’t you let your step father do it?”

    “That drunken pig?” Steph said with a snort, “all my step father cares about is getting into my pussy, and that’s one thing he’ll never get.”

    “I guess I can understand that,” Ben said, following the horny brunette into another apartment building he waited until the elevator doors closed behind them before he spoke again. “There’s something you should know Steph. You won’t be my first, I’ve already fucked several girls.”

    “Good,” Steph said, “I’d hate to lose my cherry to someone who didn’t know what he was doing. If you’re that experienced I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

    “There’s something more,” Ben said when the doors opened up on an empty hallway. “Every girl I’ve fucked, I’ve knocked up. Usually with the first fuck.”

    “I wasn’t expecting that,” Steph admitted, “I knew there was a chance I could get knocked up, but are you sure I’ll have your baby after this?”

    “Yeah, I’m sure,” Ben said, giving Stephanie a quick glance with his senses. “I can tell that you’re in the middle of your fertile period right now, and if we fuck you will be pregnant.”

    “Good,” Steph said, grinning at the bewildered look on Ben’s face. “Can you think of a better way for me to rub my step father’s face in it? Not only am I letting someone else get my cherry, I’m letting him knock me up. That’s what my step father really wants, to put his slimy little bastard in my belly. Well he’ll never do it now.”

    Stephanie finished speaking just as they reached her friend’s apartment and she unlocked the door so they could enter. “Karen’s room is this way,” the brunette preteen said, guiding Ben to the appropriate bedroom. By the time she reached the bed the girl had managed to remove every stitch of clothing and rolled onto the bed, coming to a stop in the center of the bedding, fondling her tits for an added incentive and Ben struggled to get his briefs down past his raging hard on.

    “Hurry up lover boy,” Steph encouraged, “I’m already nice and wet for your cock.” To prove her point Stephanie rubbed her fingers along her slit and held them up to show Ben how wet they were before she licked them clean.

    “And I’m just as ready as you are,” Ben said, finally getting out of his clothes and hoping into the bed between Stephanie’s thighs. The thin hair of Stephanie’s pussy hair was wet with her juices and Ben ran his shaft along her sparse brown bush before he brought the tip up against her drooling slit.

    “Are you sure you want this?” Ben asked, hesitating before he shoved his cock into Steph’s quivering belly.

    “I’ve wanted this for months,” Steph sighed, “but my step father’s been scaring off every boy who even looked at me, he wanted to make me so desperate for sex that I’d give in to him. I’m glad you came along when you did because I don’t know how much longer I could have held out against him.”

    “Well you don’t have to worry about that any more,” Ben promised, sucking on the breast Steph offered him. Ben saw the way Steph gritted her teeth against the anticipated pain as she looked down between her breasts to watch as Ben’s cock slowly entered her virgin pussy.

    Stephanie let her breath out in a hiss between her gritted teeth as Ben’s cockhead split her pussy lips and edged it’s way into her cunt. “Almost there,” Ben said, “just a little further and you can say goodbye to your cherry forever.”

    “Do it,” Steph said, planting her feet on the mattress and pushing her hips up to meet Ben’s invading cock. “Rip through that cherry and fuck me full of your baby.”

    With Steph’s encouraging words filling his ears Ben stabbed his cock forward into the blond’s wet pussy. He felt the resistance when his cockhead hit her hymen and he did his best to ignore her scream of pain as he pushed through the barrier. Once Steph’s cherry was gone Ben slid his cock into her wet pussy until his balls bounced off the girl’s jiggling ass cheeks. “Oh God that hurt,” Steph gasped in a ragged voice while Ben kissed the tears slipping down her cheeks. “I’m glad I’ll never have to do that again.”

    “That’s what every girl tells me,” Ben chuckled, “but I bet I can have you screaming for more by the time I cum.”

    “Just like every other girl you’ve fucked?” Stephanie giggled. “Don’t worry Ben, I knew what I was getting into when you said that you’d already fucked other girls. Now show me what you know about fucking, because I want at least two orgasms before you knock me up.”

    “Let’s see if I can make it three orgasms,” Ben said, pulling his cock almost all of the way until only the head was wedged between her clasping pussy lips. He shifted the angle of his thrust so the top of his shaft slid along Steph’s erect clit. Stephanie let out a moan of pleasure and through her legs around Ben’s ass, pulling him tight between her thighs while he bent his head down to suck on her erect nipples.

    Stephanie could tell that Ben was doing everything he could think to drive her to her first orgasm, stroking his shaft across her clit, sucking on her tits, and rotating his hips every time his cock was buried deep in her belly so that his pubic hair tickled her clit. Ben was putting so much effort into pushing her over the edge that it wasn’t long before the sexual energy in her body exploded with the pleasure of her first orgasm.

    “That’s one,” Ben said through clenched teeth while Stephanie’s pussy tried to milk the baby juice out of his cock. “Two more and I win.”

    “Two more and we both win,” Steph panted, “I never expected to get one orgasm for my first fuck so I already won.”

    “But I haven’t,” Ben said, starting to fuck the brunette again as soon as her cunt relaxed enough for him to start slamming in and out of her wet pussy with all the energy he had.

    Stephanie’s pussy was still quivering from her first orgasm when Ben started slamming his cock in and out of her body again and she could feel her second orgasm building in her belly with the first stroke. The pleasure was so intense that Stephanie lost all track of time as she focused on the sexual energy building up with every stroke of Ben’s cock across her clit. “That’s two,” Ben said through the sexual cloud surrounding her mind when her body reached it’s second explosion, “Now I just have to make one more to win.”

    As Steph’s body came down from it’s second orgasm Ben concentrated on holding back his own orgasm as he did his best to push Stephanie to one more earth shattering explosion before he lost control. “I’m getting close Steph,” Ben panted, “but so are you. I just have to hold off until you’re ready to cum.”

    “I think, I think, I think I’m ready to cum right now,” Steph grunted with every thrust of Ben’s cock in her quivering slit. “But I don’t know if I have the energy.”

    “Sure you do,” Ben said, “just one more time and we can both relax.”

    “Oh God, I’m cumming,” Stephanie screamed as Ben pushed her over the edge one more time.

    “So am I,” Ben shouted when Steph’s pussy clamped down hard on his cock and he didn’t have the energy to stop his balls from clenching hard to shoot several wads of baby juice deep into Stephanie’s body.

    “That was amazing Ben,” Steph groaned when Ben rolled weakly off her sweaty body. “Are you sure I’m pregnant?”

    “I’m sure,” Ben said, lifting his head enough to look down Steph’s naked body. “Or you will be soon. I always know when I’ve knocked a girl up.”

    Steph let out a soft sigh of pleasure and Ben reached for his pants when he noticed his cell phone ringing. “Hi Gwen,” Ben said when he flipped the phone open.

    “Hi Ben, are you and Stephanie enjoying yourselves?”

    “You could say that,” Ben admitted. “It’s going to take us a few minutes to recover and get out of here, where do you want to meet?”

    “Well, after Kevin and I had our fun - I managed to turn him back to human by the way - I convinced him to turn himself over to Lieutenant Steel for observation, and he agreed as long as they’d agree to put Stephanie up as well. We’re already back at Steel’s mobile HQ and he’s agreed to Kevin’s terms so as soon as you get her here they can get things set up.”

    “Ok, we’ll be there as soon as we catch our breaths and I change into XLR8 for a quick trip. See you in a few minutes. Oh and Gwen, do you think you could spare a couple hours to take Steph on a shopping trip? She ended up leaving everything behind except what she was wearing, and she could use a few extras for the changes she’ll be going through in the next nine months.”

    “I thought that might be the case,” Gwen said with a sigh, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure she has everything she’ll need. You just get her here.”

    “Will do,” Ben said before he closed his phone.
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    Amazing. Lots of very hot sex and a plot too. Nice job.
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    Great storie
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 8

    It's my weekly visit to the library and I just happen to have a new Ben 10 chapter. Enjoy.

    Chapter 8

    “What are you doing Gwen?” Ben asked, sliding across the bench so he could see the screen of her laptop. Ben let his hands wander over her body, focusing on her milk filled tits and belly bulge with an occasional dip between her legs to tickle her wet pussy through her pants.

    “I’m checking up on the results of your summer victories so far,” Gwen said with a soft purr of pleasure.

    “What do you mean?” Ben asked, frowning at the chart on the screen.

    “Well, starting with the first week of our vacation you fucked Kathy in Uncle Gary’s office and according to the e-mail he sent me a few weeks ago he’s confirmed her pregnancy.”

    “I already knew that,” Ben said with a snort, “I always know when I knock a girl up.”

    “Knowing and confirming are two different things,” Gwen pointed out with a gasp of pleasure Ben slid his hand into her pants and panties to stick a finger between her cunt lips. “Anyway, your next victim - I’m sorry, conquest - was Mandy and she e-mailed me to say that she confirmed her pregnancy with a home pregnancy kit. So far she and Andy have been able to keep the pregnancy secret but she says she’s so horny right now that she doesn’t know how long she and Andy can keep their fuck sessions secret.”

    “Joey was the hardest one to confirm,” Gwen continued. “Even though she promised to e-mail me when her pregnancy was confirmed she didn’t do it.”

    “Did you really expect her to?” Ben chuckled, “Joey is a criminal and you can’t really expect her to keep a promise like that?”

    “Not really,” Gwen said with a shrug, “that’s why I cracked the security on the prison medical files and checked her records. I suspect she was almost as surprised as me when it turned out that she’s pregnant with twins.”

    “My second set,” Ben said with a grin.

    “Yes,” Gwen said with a nod, “but Jane didn’t try to have your babies aborted.”

    “Joey did that?”

    “Twice,” Gwen said, “but it didn’t work, and the state refuses to pay for a third attempt since Joey’s a convict. As near as I can tell Joey’s already looking for someone to adopt the twins as soon as they’re born, and I don’t think she intends to let you know the truth.”

    “Well I’m glad you found out the truth at least,” Ben said, “do you think you can keep track of where my twins end up?”

    “You’ve got it,” Gwen said, “in fact I already put a trace on it, as soon as the babies are adopted we’ll know who the parents are. In fact we can make sure the babies end up with the family of our choice if you want.”

    “As long as I know where they end up that will be fine with me,” Ben decided. “So what about Kai?”

    “Wes confirmed her pregnancy a couple weeks ago,” Gwen said, pointing to the proper point on her chart, “he said he gave her a home pregnancy test as soon as her morning sickness started. He also said that he hoped you were wrong about the baby being yours, but he’s sure it is. He also said to make sure you keep your distance until Kai’s pregnant with her second baby because it’s the only way he can be sure the next one is his.”

    “And last but not least we have Kevin’s half sister Stephanie,” Gwen said. “This is the reason I was working on the chart because I just got an e-mail from Kevin to say that the base doctor confirmed Steph’s pregnancy earlier today after she rushed to the bathroom this morning to throw up.”

    “So all the girls I’ve fucked this summer are pregnant?”

    “That’s right,” Gwen said as she turned off her laptop and closed the lid. “You’re still batting 1000, and I don’t think that’s going to change. Not when the Omnitrix is telling you when a girl is fertile and ready to be impregnated.”

    “I do enjoy that part of the Omnitrix,” Ben said with a grin. “So, I wonder who’s going to be next?”

    “Don’t look at me,” Gwen said, patting her swollen belly, “I’m already pregnant. Jane should be ready for another baby when we get home, but that’s still a month away.”

    “Hey kids,” Grandpa Max called from the front of the Rustbucket, “we’re almost to the ranch so if you’re in the middle of something you better finish up before we get there.”

    “Thanks grandpa,” Gwen called back. She watched as Ben pulled his fingers out of her pants and licked them clean. “I should be good, but it looks like you’ll have trouble hiding that lump in your pants. I can take care of that problem if you want.”

    “Thanks Gwen,” Ben said with a sigh of relief when his cousin zipped open his pants and pulled his hard cock out of his briefs and stroked it in her fist a couple times. “Hard to believe it’s been a year since we were here for Joel and Camille’s wedding. It will be good to see them again.”

    “Yeah it will,” Ben said with a groan of pleasure as Gwen sucked his cock into her mouth. “It’s too bad Joel’s parents are gone on a mission, it would have been fun to see them again.”

    Gwen nodded her head as she sucked Ben’s cock. She cupped his balls in one hand and gave them a gentle squeeze to encourage his orgasm and she swallowed his cum as it spurted into her mouth.

    “There’s Joel now,” Grandpa Max called as he brought the Rustbucket to a stop.

    Ben quickly zipped his pants closed before he joined Gwen at the back door to give their cousin a wave before they jumped out to give him a real greeting.

    “Ben, Gwen, good to see you again,” Joel said as he gave his two cousins a quick hug. “I wish I could stay and give you a real greeting but I have to get to the store with this shopping list Camille just gave me. The food my wife is eating right now, you’d never believe the combinations she comes up with. Anyway she’s back in the guest house, you may remember my parents gave it to us as a wedding present, and I’m sure she’ll be happy to see all of you again.”

    “In that case we’ll go pay her a visit right now and keep her company while you go to the store,” Grandpa Max said.

    “No me,” Ben cried as he ran off across the lawn toward the main house, “I’m going to hit the pool before anyone else has chance to ruin it.”

    “Ben,” Gwen called after her cousin, she tried to grab him before he got away but stopped herself when she realized that taking her arms away from her body could reveal her pregnant belly to Joel.

    “Let him go,” Max sighed, “he’ll come back when he gets tired.”

    “I know,” Gwen said with a sigh of her own, “but I wish he’d be a little more responsible.”

    “He wouldn’t be Ben if he was,” Joel chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Camille will be happy to see the two of you right now and Ben later. And I’m sure Lucy won’t mind the company either.”

    “You mean Camille’s cousin is here too?” Gwen asked. “I haven’t heard from her since last summer when she was the flower girl at your wedding.”

    “She’s been spending the summer with us,” Joel admitted with a smile. “In fact Ben will probably see her first, she went out for a swim a few minutes ago so she’s should beat him to the pool. I’ll see you later, I need to get these things for Camille before she changes her mind.”

    As soon as he was clear Ben brought the Omnitrix up and dialed in the alien he wanted and seconds later he was rolling across the lawn as Canonbolt. A year earlier Ben had used the same form to fight a rogue alien who tried to stop Joel and Camille’s wedding and Ben had almost got himself shot when Joel’s parents caught him after he smashed into the caterer’s tent. That was when he found out that Joel and his parents were Plumbers just like his grandfather and that Camille, Joel’s bride, was actually an alien, a shape shifting race usually referred to as Sludge Puppies. The wedding crasher turned out to be one of Camille’s ex-boyfriends who’d been tricked into stopping the wedding by Camille’s parents who secretly opposed the wedding and the treaty it represented between their planet and Earth.

    Ben rolled along the same path he’d used to chase Camille’s old boyfriend the year before until he spun past the site of the caterer’s tent and headed for the pool. As soon as the pool was in sight Ben kicked his speed up to full roll and headed for the diving board. He hit the hand rail leading up the stairs to the diving board and spun up through the air to hit the end of the board and spring off it and over the pool. As he catapulted into the air Ben snapped out of Canonbolt’s rolling ball form to cry, “Canon ball!” before he tucked back into his ball form to hit the water with a big splash.

    “Good one,” Ben heard someone giggle when he came up for breath. He shook the pool’s chlorinated water out of his eyes to turn to the sound and saw a blond girl in a skin colored bikini watching him.

    “Who are you?” he asked the teenager while she pulled her wet hair away from her face.

    “Can’t you remember?” the blond girl asked with a mischievous grin that made the freckles on her cheeks stand out.

    Ben looked carefully at the girl and the way her breasts pushed the top of her bikini out while the bottom clung so tight to her hips that he could see the cleft of her cunt in the fabric. After a few seconds he realized who she was and couldn’t keep the shock out of his voice when he said, “Lucy? You look so much older than you did last year when you were the flower girl and I was the ring bearer.”

    “I am older,” Lucy snorted, pushing her tits out when she saw the way Ben was looking at her. “Actually when you saw me last year I was working on my first level mastery of the human form.”

    “What does that mean?” Ben asked, deactivating the Omnitrix and settling back against the side of the pool in the shallow water so he could enjoy the view of Lucy’s body as she settled so close to him that their hips touched.

    “In our society it’s normal for someone to focus on one alien form,” Lucy explained, “Camille and I both decided to focus on the human form. Most of our race don’t bother learning more than the shape of the alien they want to copy, but I decided I wanted to master the human form and Camille is my trainer.”

    “So,” Ben said thoughtfully, watching the way Lucy’s tits shifted under her tight fitting bikini top. He could actually see her nipples pushing out against the fabric of her suit. “Just how deep do you mimic other races when you master their form?”

    “A true master,” Lucy said, “can mimic a race right down to the genetic level. That’s what I’m working on right now.”

    “That still doesn’t explain why you were a little girl last summer and a teenager this summer,” Ben pointed out.

    “Every race has certain ages that are harder to mimic than others,” Lucy explained. “For humans it’s easy to mimic children and elderly people because they don’t have the rush of hormones and emotions that you have to deal with at other ages. Last summer - like I said - I was working on mastery of my young human form. Unfortunately I failed because I wasn’t able to hold my form when we were dancing at the reception.”

    “I remember,” Ben said with a frown. “When your feet shifted to their natural form I slipped on them and fell to the floor in front of everyone. Gwen still has the video on her laptop and she plays it all the time just to annoy me.”

    “Come on Ben,” Lucy said with a soft chuckle, “when you think about it it really was pretty funny.”

    “I guess so,” Ben said with a sigh, “at least it’s funny if you’re not the one who slipped. Someday I’ll be able to laugh at it, but not yet. So the teenage form is the next level after child then?”

    “No, the adult form comes after the child form,” Lucy said. “I managed to fulfill the requirements for my first level mastery after the wedding and then I moved on to the adult form. As an adult I had to deal with human hormones, but they were pretty steady so they weren’t that hard to deal with. But as a teenager the hormones are uncontrolled and rush and ebb with no warning.”

    “So if you’re able to copy the human form down to the genetic level and you have the same hormones as a real human does that mean that you can get pregnant?” Ben tried to make it sound like a real question but thanks to his specialized senses he already knew the truth before Lucy opened her mouth.

    “Yes I can,” Lucy said with a knowing grin as she reached down to rub the bulge in Ben’s pants. “In fact some of my people think the real test of mastery is to have a baby in your alien form.”

    “Is that what you think?” Ben asked hopefully while Lucy continued to rub the lump in his pants.

    “Well I wouldn’t mind having a baby and proving my mastery that way,” Lucy said. “What do you think Ben, care to help me with my final exam.”

    “I’m always ready and willing to help a girl out with this kind of test,” Ben said, finally giving in to the temptation to reach out and touch Lucy’s breasts through her swim suit.

    “Good,” Lucy said with a triumphant grin, leaning forward to give Ben easier access to her tits, “because I’m so horny I was actually thinking about raping you to get what I want.”

    “Trust me Lucy,” Ben said with a muffled laugh as he pulled his shirt off and tossed it onto the pool’s walkway before he added the rest of his clothes to join his shirt, “no girl will ever have to rape me to get what she wants.”

    “I guess that means you know what you’re doing,” Lucy said, removing her bikini and tossing the two pieces to the side of the pool.”

    “I could give you the names of over a dozen girls who could tell you just how much I know about fucking,” Ben said, taking in Lucy’s erect nipples and pale blond bush of pussy hair. “Of course that list does include Gwen so you could just ask her when you see her.”

    “I will,” Lucy said, moving forward to stroke Ben’s already erect cock under the surface of the pool, “but for right now I think I’ll take your word for it. After all, it’s obvious that you know what you’re doing, so I’ll trust you to do the job.”

    “I will,” Ben assured Lucy, “in fact I can tell you that if we fuck right now, you will be pregnant when we’re done.”

    “Good,” Lucy said enthusiastically, “so how are we going to do it?”

    “I was just thinking that I haven’t fucked a girl in a pool yet,” Ben said, sliding his fingers down to tickle Lucy’s slit until the girl drew him close with a wiggle of anticipation. “Why don’t you turn around and put you arms up on the edge of the pool.”

    “Like this?” Lucy asked, standing on her tiptoes and putting her arms on the cement walkway.

    “Let’s move a little closer to the shallow end so you don’t have to hold yourself up while we fuck,” Ben said. “By the way, are you a virgin? Or did you leave out that part of your anatomy when you made yourself human?”

    “I did have a hymen when I changed,” Lucy said as she shifted toward the shallow end of the pool while Ben held her steady with his hands on her hips, “but I got rid of it over a month ago with the handle of my hairbrush.”

    “That means that technically you’re still a virgin since you haven’t fucked anyone yet, but since you don’t have a hymen your first time won’t hurt as much. But your pussy will still have to stretch for my cock.”

    “I don’t care,” Lucy said, opening her legs and turning her head to look over her shoulder when Ben came up behind her. As Lucy’s body shivered in anticipation Ben slid the head of his cock between her thighs and guided it to her quivering cunt lips.

    “Ready?” Ben whispered in Lucy’s ear, holding the tip of his cock against Lucy’s slit while he brought his hands up to cup her tits, twisting her erect nipples between his thumbs and index fingers while he waited for her to respond.

    “Ready,” Lucy said, pushing her ass back against Ben’s stomach and forcing the first half inch of his prick between her pussy lips. “Now slam that hard cock in my cunt and make sure I’m not a virgin any more.”

    “With pleasure,” Ben said, shoving his cock into Lucy’s slick cunt with enough force to send ripples skittering across the surface of the pool. With his cock buried deep in Lucy’s body Ben played with her nipples and leaned forward to whisper in her ear. “Do you want a boy or a girl this time?”

    “This time?” Lucy said, her voice purring with pleasure, “this time I’d like to have a girl. Do you think you’ll be available to give me a boy next year?”

    “I don’t know,” Ben chuckled, sliding his cock in and out of Lucy’s slit and groaning with pleasure as her cunt muscles massaged his shaft with every stroke. “I think I can work you in.”

    “Good,” Lucy said with a groan, “it might be a good idea to keep this date open on your calender every year from now on.”

    “Sounds like you plan to keep busy,” Ben groaned, “a baby a year won’t give you much time to yourself.”

    “Oh, I’ll manage,” Lucy said. “I’m sure my parents will be happy to help me out, they always wanted a big family and they keep asking me when I’m going to give them grandchildren.”

    “And I’ll be happy to give you - and them - as many babies as you want,” Ben said. “I always enjoy knocking a girl up.”

    “I can tell,” Lucy moaned at the pleasure running through her body with every stroke of Ben’s cock. “If you’re enjoying this fuck as much as I am than how do you keep yourself from fucking every pussy you meet?”

    “Well I do need to recover between fucks,” Ben chuckled, “but on top of that I’d never fuck a girl if she didn’t want to fuck me. But if girl’s interested, I’m there and ready.”

    “I’m glad you came along when you did then,” Lucy groaned, her belly starting to jump with her approaching orgasm, “because I was too horny to hold out much longer.”

    “Lucy,” Ben said when he noticed the familiar itch in his balls, “I’m almost ready to shoot my load here, are you sure ready for this.”

    “Ready to get pregnant, willing to get pregnant, and able to get pregnant,” Lucy replied. “Now fill my belly with your cum and give me my baby.”

    “With pleasure,” Ben said with a grunt as he slammed his cock deep in Lucy’s body and held it there as he shot spurt after spurt of baby juice into Lucy’s alien womb.

    When Ben’s prick shot it’s first wad of cum into her pussy Lucy felt her belly spasm with her own orgasm and she clamped her cunt muscles down on his shaft to milk every drop of baby juice from her lover’s balls. “Oh yeah,” Lucy hissed as the water rippled around her shoulders and neck. “Thank you Ben, that’s just what I needed.”

    “Happy to oblige,” Ben said, leaning forward to give Lucy a kiss on the cheek as he held his slowly softening cock in her pussy to hold his sperm in place.

    “Ben, Ben where are you?” Lucy and Ben heard Gwen call as she approached the pool at a run. “Ben come on, there’s something important you need to know about Camille and Lucy.”

    “We’re over here Gwen,” Ben called to his cousin.

    “We? Does that mean Lucy is . . .”

    “Right here Gwen,” Lucy said, waving her hand above the side of the pool so Gwen could see where they were.

    “Did you two fuck?” Gwen asked, kneeling next to the pool and revealing her swollen belly as she looked down at the two naked bodies in the water.

    “It’s obvious that you did,” Lucy said with a giggle.

    “Ben do you know what you just did?” Gwen asked, looking down at where she could still see Ben’s cock embedded in Lucy’s yellow haired pussy.

    “Of course,” Ben said with a shrug, “Lucy told me that her form was accurate right down to the genetic level and my senses told me that I’d knock her up if we fucked. So what was I suppose to do when she asked me to fuck her and give her a baby?”

    “Knowing you, you just did it,” Gwen said with a sigh.

    “But Gwen, how did you know about Lucy and her fertility?” Ben asked.

    “I didn’t know until a few minutes ago, that’s when I noticed the slight bulge of Camille’s belly and realized that she was pregnant. That’s when Joel’s comments about Camille’s cravings finally made sense and I realized that Sludgepuppies can copy other aliens so well that they can actually breed with them. Then when Camille told us that Lucy was working to master her teenage human form and that she wasn’t just fertile, but horny as hell.”

    “My cousin knows me so well,” Lucy moaned as Ben played with her nipples again.

    “I guess she does,” Gwen agreed, “that’s why she didn’t seem too worried when I told her that Ben would probably fuck you if he found you. She said she’d be surprised if Ben put up any resistance when you tried to seduce him and I had to agree. In fact I told her Ben might end up seducing you first. So, who seduced who?”

    “I’m not sure,” Ben said after exchanging looks with Lucy. “I think we seduced each other. By the way Gwen, there’s something I’ve been thinking about since you showed me that chart with all the girls I’ve knocked up in the past year.”

    “What’s that?” Gwen asked with a knowing grin as she removed her shoes and socks and slipped her bare feet into the water with a sigh of relief.

    “Well,” Ben said hesitantly, “the chart isn’t complete. I’ve been fucking other girls at school and all of them are knocked up too. Why don’t you seem surprised?”

    “Jane, Keesha, and I knew you were fucking other girls Ben,” Gwen said, splashing her feet in the water of the pool, “but we weren’t sure how many. So many girls ended up pregnant at school this year that we knew you’d been busy, but we also knew that not all the pregnancies were yours. Once we get back to the computer we’ll update the chart with the girls from school and Lucy. But right now the two of you might want to get out of the pool before you prune up, especially since Joel will be back with dinner any minute now.”

    “Great,” Ben said, pulling his wilted cock out of Lucy’s tight pussy, “I’m starved after that fuck.”

    “So am I,” Lucy said, pulling herself out of the pool with Gwen’s help. “By the way Gwen, if you don’t mind, could I borrow Ben again? I pretty sure I’m already pregnant, but it feels so good when Ben fucks me I’d like to do it again.”

    “And again and again,” Gwen said with a knowing grin. “I feel the same way when I get his cock in my pussy. Of course that’s why I ended up with this,” Gwen added, patting her pregnant belly.

    “In that case do you mind if I ask you for advice when my belly starts growing?”

    “Sure, all of us stick together when Ben’s babies start growing in our bellies,” Gwen said, “and after this summer you’ll have plenty of us to get advice from.”

    “Good, I’d hate to be alone for this,” Lucy said, patting her flat belly. “Now let’s go get some dinner.”
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    Nice visit to the library. I always enjoy the new episodes.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 9

    I finished the new chapter but I'm racing my computer battery to get it posted before things run out. This chapter brings up the girl everyone seems to want, Charmcaster. Enjoy.

    Chapter 9

    Ben opened his eyes with a groan and heard his cell phone ring for the second time. He did his best to avoid Gwen’s naked body snuggled up against him in the bed and reached past Grandpa Max’s body to snatch his phone from the bed pocket just as it rang a third time. He snapped the phone open and brought his lips up against the mouth piece as he whispered, “Hello?”

    “Good morning Benjamin,” Ben’s mother said cheerfully.

    “Mom, it’s three o’clock in the morning,” Ben groaned softly, turning to look at Gwen and Grandpa’s body to make sure they were still asleep before he continued. “What’s so important that you had to call me in the middle of the night?”

    “Well if you turned your phone off like you’re suppose to when you’re sleeping I would have left you a voice mail instead of waking you up,” Ben’s mother pointed out.

    “Ok so it’s my fault,” Ben sighed, “but now that I’m up, why are you calling? In fact, what are you doing up at three o’clock in the morning? Shouldn’t you be asleep with our baby on the way?”

    “I was asleep a half-hour ago when Keesha’s mother called me,” Ben’s mother said.

    “Is Keesha alright?” Ben asked excitedly.

    “Keesha’s fine,” Ben’s mother said reassuringly, “and so is your new daughter.”

    “That’s good,” Ben said with a relief, “do you know the baby’s name?”

    “I know Keesha was planning to call the baby Misha if it was a girl,” Mrs. Tennyson told her son.

    “Sounds like a nice name,” Ben said. “Do you want us to come home?”

    “No,” Mrs. Tennyson said after a few seconds, “you’ll be home in a week or so and that’s soon enough to see your new daughter. You do realize that Jane is looking forward to starting her new baby, she was just telling me that she should be in her fertile period when the two of you get home next week.”

    “That gives me just the right incentive to make sure we get home on time,” Ben chuckled. “Tell Jane I’m looking forward to knocking her up again and give Ken and the twins a kiss for me when they wake up in the morning.”

    “I will, and you tell Gwen and your grandfather we said hi,” Ben’s mother finished.

    “I will mom,” Ben promised. “Goodbye, and thanks for telling me about Keesha.”

    After making sure that the phone was turned off this time Ben reached across Gwen and Grandpa Max to put it away. Ben couldn’t help noticing the way Gwen’s swollen belly shifted under his arm and he realized the new baby was kicking her mother while she slept.

    “I know I said we were going to get an early start today Ben,” Grandpa Max said softly as Ben dropped the phone, “but this is earlier than I meant.”

    “Sorry Grandpa,” Ben said, “I made sure it was off this time.”

    “So what was so important that they called in the middle of the night?”

    “Mom called to say that Keesha just had her baby,” Ben explained. “She intended to leave a voice mail but the call went through because I forgot to turn the phone off.”

    “Well don’t let it happen again,” grandpa said with a yawn, “because we really do have to get up early in the morning if we’re going to make New Orleans before the voodoo museum opens up.”

    “Ok, goodnight grandpa,” Ben said, curling up next to Gwen so the pregnant redhead was nestled between them.

    When the alarm rang several hours later Gwen was the first one of the trio to react to the sound and turn it off with a flick of the switch. “What’s with you two this morning?” Gwen asked with a long stretch that ended with a stroke of her pregnant belly. “One of you usually beats me to the alarm, especially with all the sleep I’m getting for the baby right now.”

    “Check your phone,” Ben growled, “you probably have the same message I got from my mom. But since you remembered to turn your cell off you got a message instead of a phone call in the middle of the night.”

    “Is that why you two are so grumpy?” Gwen teased as she snapped her phone open and checked her messages. “Well, congratulations Ben, that’s two boys and two girls so far, what do you think the next one will be?”

    “I don’t really care,” Ben said after a second, “I have so many babies on the way already that I’m sure I’ll have plenty of both before I’m done.”

    “That’s true,” Gwen agreed, crawling over Ben’s body and dropping to the floor. “First to the bathroom. For once I’ll actually get a hot shower before you take all the hot water.”

    “Don’t take too long,” Grandpa Max muttered, sitting up in bed and stretching before he finished, “we really need to get an early start if we’re going to make it to New Orleans on time.”

    “Are you going to tell me why we’re going to New Orleans yet?” Gwen asked.

    “You’ll find out,” Max promised. “Think of it as an early birthday present so you’ll be surprised when we get there.”

    Gwen closed the bathroom door with an exasperated sigh and Ben waited for her to start the shower before he turned to his grandfather. “Why aren’t you telling her about the voodoo museum?” Ben asked.

    “Because I want to surprise her,” Grandpa Max said as he crawled out of bed and started putting things together for breakfast. “I know that Gwen’s magic is different from voodoo, but I thought she’d enjoy seeing how it worked. Besides, voodoo isn’t all zombies, there’s a lot of protection spells too, and many of them are designed to protect against evil. Even if Gwen can’t use voodoo it could help her to know what she’s up against if someone tries to use it against her.”

    “Grandpa,” Ben said as he dropped down to the floor of the rustbucket, “when you get around to my birthday present I want you to remember one thing.”

    “What’s that?” Max asked as he cracked eggs into the hot frying pan.

    “Remember that I don’t enjoy educational gifts,” Ben said.

    “I know,” Max said with a chuckle, “that’s why your gift is a trip to the laser tag club back home.”

    “Thanks grandpa,” Ben said with a sigh of relief.”

    “Who’s next,” Gwen called, stepping out of the bathroom as she toweled her short red hair.

    “Go ahead Ben,” Max told his grandson, “I’m already in the middle of making breakfast here so I’ll get my shower after we eat.”

    Ben was too busy trying to beat his grandfather to the shower to hear what he was saying and a few seconds later Gwen and Max heard the water running when Ben started his shower.

    A nearby clock was chiming the hour when Grandpa Max parked the rustbucket in the parking lot next to the building with the large sign proclaiming New Orleans Museum of Voodoo. And in smaller letters Open Monday - Friday 10:00 to 9:00, Saturday 12:00 to 6:00, Closed Sundays.

    “Oh wow, thanks grandpa. This is the best birthday present ever,” Gwen said she was so excited she was actually bouncing on her toes and making her swollen belly jostle with every step.

    “I thought you’d like it,” Grandpa Max said with a satisfied grin. “You two go ahead while I square things away with the rustbucket.”

    “Come on Ben,” Gwen called as she rushed ahead of her, reaching the front steps ahead of Ben and waiting impatiently for him to catch up.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Ben grumbled as he followed Gwen to the front door he noticed that his redheaded cousin was pulling her oversize t-shirt down to cover her swollen belly and he couldn’t help but wonder how much longer she’d be able to hide her pregnancy. “Sorry I can’t get excited about all this but magic is your thing not mine. Besides, what are you going to learn from all this stuff about zombies and stuff anyway? Your magic isn’t like this stuff at all.”

    “Maybe not,” Gwen said with a shrug, “but voodoo isn’t just about zombies, there’s a lot of protective magic too and I may be able to use some of that. I think it’s also a good idea for me to know how other kinds of magic work in case someone ever tries to use it against me. And I’ve been reading up on the voodoo museum since it reopened last month and they have other kinds of magic here besides voodoo.”

    “I didn’t know that,” Ben said as the two of them turned to enter the front doors and entered the museums cool interior.

    “Welcome to the voodoo museum,” the receptionist said in his thick New Orleans accent. “Would you like to wait for a guide or would you prefer to look around on your own?”

    “I’d like to look around on my own,” Gwen said, “but I did have a question about your displays.”

    “And what would that be young missy?” the receptionist said with a toothy smile.

    “I read that you were able to double the size of the voodoo exhibit after the flood and I wondered how that happened.”

    “One result of the flood was that many old and lost buildings were revealed when the waters went down and we were able to salvage several artifacts that were lost for centuries. We haven’t been able to catalog everything yet but it was such a big deal that put things on display even though we don’t know what they are.”

    “Thanks,” Gwen said, paying her entry fee and grabbing a brochure, “I look forward to seeing the new displays.”

    By the time Grandpa Max joined them Gwen was so enthralled by the displays that Ben didn’t think he could drag her away for anything - not even a good hard fuck. “Enjoying your birthday present Gwen?” Grandpa asked, looking over her shoulder at one of the new displays.

    “I sure am,” Gwen said, “these new displays are incredible. This one here was buried in the cellar of one of the oldest homes in New Orleans. It was in a secret room that was lost over two hundred years ago.”

    “Is it just me,” Ben said with a frown, “or do these charms look familiar?”

    “I was just thinking the same thing,” Grandpa Max said, “they look a lot like the charms Hex and Charmcaster were trying to steal last year. But you destroyed them last year, right Gwen.”

    “Yeah I did,” Gwen said distractedly, “but these charms are similar, and they look like they could be even older than the charms from last year so they could be even more powerful.”

    “Well we don’t have to worry about Hex since he took a bath in the water from the fountain of youth he won’t be bothering us for several years. But I wonder what will happen when Charmcaster finds out about these stones.”

    “We may find out sooner than we’d like,” Gwen said pointing to the display’s placard. “According to this they just put the information about this display on the museum’s internet site. When Charmcaster sees that she could be here anytime.”

    “Forget anytime,” Ben said, looking past his cousin’s shoulder to the museum entrance, “it looks like she’s here now.”

    Gwen turned to look for herself and was just in time to see the receptionist slammed against the wall by Charmcaster’s magic when he tried to demand the entrance fee from the platinum blond teenager. Even before her victim hit the wall Charmcaster gestured for her magic pets to precede her into the museum’s display area.

    “Grandpa,” Ben started to say as Charmcaster’s magical rock dogs entered the museum and terrorizing the museum visitors.

    “I’m on it Ben,” Grandpa Max said, sidestepping one of Charmcaster’s pets when it rushed at him. “I’ll get everyone out of here while the two of you deal with Charmcaster.”

    “Good plan,” Ben said, lifting the Omnitrix to dial in one of his alien forms while Gwen cast a spell to change into her costume and hide her pregnancy behind an illusion at the same time.

    “Going hero,” Ben said, slapping down the plunger of the Omnitrix to initiate his change.

    “Good choice,” Gwen said with a smirk when she saw Ben’s alien form. “Are you sure you wanted Wildvine for this? Or did the Omnitrix come up with this one on it’s own?”

    “No, this is the form I wanted,” Ben said, stretching his vine arms out to wrap around two of Charmcaster’s pets and smashing them together with enough force to shatter them for a few seconds until their magic started reforming them from their own rubble. “I figured Wildvine’s stretching ability would come in handy against Charmcaster’s spells. This way I can stay at a distance and still reach her.”

    “That’s a good idea,” Gwen admitted, “so tell me, who are you and what have you done with my cousin.”

    “Ha-ha,” Ben said dryly. “Come on, let’s deal with Charmcaster already.”

    The two cousins turned to face the entrance of the museum as Charmcaster stalked into the display room and stopped at the sight of the two waiting for her. Ben looked at Charmcaster in her purple jacket, dark grey body suit, and maroon thigh high boots and couldn’t help but wonder how the girl always managed to look so sexy when she dressed so modestly.

    “You two again?” Charmcaster said with a sigh, “didn’t you learn your lesson last summer?”

    “Seems to me that you were the one who always lost last summer,” Ben pointed out. “Shouldn’t you be the one to learn your lesson?”

    “Whatever,” Charmcaster snapped, tossing her ponytail behind her head before she pointed at the two cousins and called to her rock dogs, “get em.”

    Ben grabbed the first two rock dogs in his vine arms and smashed them into rubble before he reached for the next two, but the first two creatures were already reformed by the time he smashed the second pair. “A little help would be nice Gwen,” Ben called to his cousin while he reached for the first two creatures again.

    “Hold on, I’m looking for the right spell,” Gwen said, flipping through her spell book and making a quick peek as Charmcaster approached the display with the charms. “Got it, smash them again and I’ll be able to slow down their regeneration long enough to put them out of action for the rest of the fight.”

    “Ok, do it Gwen,” Ben said, smashing the second pair for rock dogs into rubble for the second time. Before the creatures had a chance to reform Gwen cast her spell and two piles of rubble stopped shifting when the magic took affect.

    “Nice job, now for the other two,” Ben said, grabbing the second pair of dogs just as they finished reforming. He smashed the two rock creatures together anc Gwen cast her spell for the second time over their shattered remains.

    “Now for their mistress,” Ben said, turning his back on the four rock piles and turning to face Charmcaster herself. “Give it up Charmcaster, you’re not getting out of here with those amulets.”

    “Sure I am,” Charmcaster said with a laugh, “they may be useless until I perform the ritual to recharge them, but I don’t really need their power to deal with two amateurs like you.”

    “Who are you calling an amateur?” Gwen asked, turning to face Charmcaster with a glare. “I seem to remember that I was able to handle your uncle’s mage staff, the one you said only a master sorcerer could control. You weren’t able to handle it but I did.”

    “Pure luck,” Charmcaster said with a shrug while she cast a spell to shred Ben’s elongated vine arms as they tried to wrap around her. “If you’re really as good as you say then you should be able to handle this easily.”

    “Ben watch out,” Gwen called when she realized that Charmcaster was throwing the spell at her cousin instead of her. Even as Charmcaster finished casting her spell Gwen threw herself in front of her cousin and cast a spell of her own. Ben could almost feel the pressure of Charmcaster’s spell when it struck Gwen’s magic shield. For a second it wasn’t clear which spell would win, but then he felt Charmcaster’s spell rebound from Gwen’s shield and heard the older girl’s scream of rage and surprise when she was caught by her own spell.

    “No,” Charmcaster gasped, shivering in rage as she tried to throw off the affects of her own spell. “Do you have any idea what you just did?”

    “Was it any worse than what you planed for us?”Ben asked, taking advantage Charmcaster’s distraction to wrap her tight in his extending arm vines.

    “Actually it would have had a very minimal affect on the two of you,” Charmcaster said, shredding Ben’s vine arms with more strength then she’d ever shown. But instead of trying to escape or using another spell against Ben and Gwen the older girl starting tugging at her blouse and jacket with enough force to pop the buttons off and tear the fabric before she shoved her bra out of the way and starting massaging her exposed tits.

    “What it the world?” Ben asked, turning to Gwen with a bemused look on his face before he returned his gaze to Charmcaster who was now sitting on the floor of the museum. With one hand she continued to play with her tits, pushing one of her breasts up to her mouth so she could suck frantically on the erect nipple while the other hand worked on her pants in an attempt to expose and play with her pussy.

    “I think it’s the spell she cast,” Gwen said with a chuckle. “Ironic that it backfired on her like this. Can you imagine what would have happened if the spell had hit.”

    “You would have been safe,” Charmcaster said as she shoved her purple lace panties out of the way and started stroking her damp slit while her other hand continued to squeeze her large tits hard enough to leave marks on her breasts. “Since the two of you haven’t hit puberty yet the spell would have distracted you for a few minutes but there wouldn’t be any serious complications. But when you reflected the spell it doubled the affect and now I’m so horny it’s going to drive me crazy if I don’t get a hard cock and a load of cum in my pussy.”

    “You think we haven’t hit puberty yet?” Ben said while Charmcaster started rolling around on the floor in her frantic attempts to relieve the itch in her silver furred cunt. “Why don’t you show her Gwen.”

    “Ben, are you sure?” Gwen asked as she watched Charmcaster’s antics.

    “If she’s this desperate for sexual relief then yes, I’m sure,” Ben said as the Omnitrix started signaling the end of his time. The watch finished beeping and Ben turned human in a flash of red light.

    While Charmcaster blinked the red flashes out of her eyes and desperately tried to get herself off with her hands and fingers Gwen cancelled the illusion hiding her pregnant belly and then lifted her shirt to make sure the older girl had a clear view of her belly. “Look Charmcaster,” Gwen said, “does this look like we’re a couple of innocent kids?”

    “You’re pregnant?” Charmcaster said dully, it looked like she wanted to touch Gwen’s pregnant belly to confirm what her eyes saw but she couldn’t pull her hands away from her tits and pussy long enough to actually touch Gwen’s swollen belly.

    “This is our second baby,” Gwen said. “Our son is home with my parents who are looking after him while Ben and I travel around the country with Grandpa Max. And if you think I’ve been permissive, you wouldn’t believe how many baby bellies Ben has left in his wake this summer - and that’s not counting the ones he left back home.”

    “So you’re sexually active?” Charmcaster asked hopefully as she tried to bury three fingers as deep as they would go in her slit.

    “Very active,” Ben confirmed with a quick smirk.

    “Good,” Charmcaster said, working her fingers in and out of her platinum furred pussy, “because the only way to cancel this spell when it’s this strong is with a good size dose of cum in my cunt.”

    “I can do that,” Ben said edging his way to Charmcaster’s squirming body and started pulling the torn fabric of her clothes away from her body. “But in case you haven’t figured it out by now, every girl I’ve fucked in the last year has ended up pregnant - usually after just one fuck. Not only that, I know when a girl is fertile, and right now you’re so fertile a dirty joke could knock you up.”

    “I know,” Charmcaster said with a groan. “This lust spell can be dangerous if you give it too much power, and after Lucky Girl reflected the spell back at me with her shield it doubled in power.”

    “Just how dangerous is that?” Gwen asked with a broad grin as she watched her cousin strip the last of Charmcaster’s costume off her naked body.

    “The spells been known to jump start people into puberty or back from menopause,” Charmcaster said, rubbing her slit against Ben’s hand while she used her own hands to squeeze her tits hard enough to leave red prints on her flesh. “On top of that the spell can increase a woman’s fertility, in fact I’d be surprised if I end up with less than twins from this fuck. It’s more likely that I’ll end up with triplets after the way you pumped up my original spell. But the most dangerous thing with this spell is that if you put too much power into it the spell you become insatiably horny and you need sex, sex, sex. The only way to bring the spell to an end at that point is to get a load of cum in you pussy, of course that means that you end up pregnant, but there’s no way around it for me now. So fuck me and knock me up Ben, before my own desires drive me crazy with lust.”

    “I will,” Ben promised, sliding between Charmcaster’s wide open legs and bringing the head of his cock up to the older girl’s drooling slit. “Gwen, you want to get in on this? As long as that lust spell is affecting her she can use all the stimulation she can get. You can consider this my birthday present to you.”

    “You come up with the greatest gifts when you put your mind to it, Ben,” Gwen said with a chuckle, “but when you get right down to it I’ll never have a chance like this again. So yes, I think I will join you.”

    While Gwen stripped out of her Lucky Girl costume Ben slammed his hips forward the last few inches and buried his six inch cock as deep as it would go into Charmcaster’s hot wet cunt. The platinum blond was so horny that just sliding into her cunt was enough to send her over the edge for her first orgasm.

    “Oh God, your cock feels so good inside my pussy Ben,” Charmcaster screamed. When Ben’s balls bounced off her ass she through her arms and legs around his body and held him tight as her body spasmed with pleasure and her long silver nails tore bloody scratches across his back and shoulders. “Fuck me Ben Tennyson, fuck me and knock me up with a belly full or your babies.”

    “Whatever the horny little villainous wants,” Ben said, gritting his teeth against the pain of the scratches on his back. Charmcaster’s body relaxed slightly as she came down from her first orgasm and Ben started slamming his cock in and out of her slit while the girl continued to strip the skin from his back with her silver nails. “Hurry up Gwen, she’s going to strip all the skin off my back if you don’t give her something else to think about.”

    “Stop whining you little dweeb, I’m here,” Gwen said as she straddled Charmcaster’s face so her pussy drooled just above the older girl’s lips. “Hungry Charmcaster? Would you like to eat some pregnant pussy?”

    “I love pregnant pussy,” Charmcaster said, licking her lips and pulling her hands away from Ben’s back so she could reach up to stroke Gwen’s bulging belly.

    “Then bon apatite,” Gwen said, dropping to her knees and lowering her red furred slit until it was within easy reach of Charmcaster’s lips and tongue. Gwen wasn’t sure if the groan of pleasure that escaped her lips was for the expert way Charmcaster licked her slit, or the sexual energy that spread from her milk swollen tits when the older squeezed them and tickled her erect nipples with the same fingernails that had left scratches on Ben’s back.

    “Gwen I’ve got to tell you, this is one horny girl,” Ben groaned, fighting against the desire to shoot his load as Charmcaster’s cunt muscles clamped tight around his cock while the older girl shivered through her second orgasm. “I swear, she’s already had two orgasms since I stuck my cock in her belly,”

    “Enjoy her pussy while you can Ben,” Gwen gasped as her body spasmed with a small orgasm running through her pregnant belly, “once she recovers from the spell I don’t think she’s going to be happy with either of us. Especially you since she’s going to have your babies growing in her belly while she’s back in jail.”

    “This is the best sex I’ve had in a long time,” Ben panted, “maybe you should try this spell the next time we fuck.”

    “I don’t think we need it Ben,” Gwen chuckled. “Besides, can you imagine how exhausted we’d be if we used this spell too often? Even Charmcaster’s starting to tire and the spell is still affecting her.”

    “Good point,” Ben admitted, taking one hand off Charmcaster’s wriggling hips to wipe the sweat from his eyes. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer but Charmcaster’s orgasms were coming one right after the other now and he thought he could hold out just long enough cum with her next orgasm.

    “Oh God, here I go again,” Gwen screamed as Charmcaster sent her over the edge again by teasing her clit between her teeth and then shoving her tongue deep into Gwen’s redfurred slit and wiggling it around.

    “So are we,” Ben cried when Charmcaster’s cunt muscles clamped down around his shaft. This time he didn’t even try to fight the urge when his balls cramped up and he buried his cock as deep as it would go in Charmcaster’s wet hot cunt and shot his full load deep in the girl’s fertile belly.

    When Charmcaster finally opened her legs and let him go Ben was so worn out that it was all he could do to pull his soft cock out of her pussy and crawl over to his clothes. He was pulling his shirt on over his head when Gwen joined him, she was already fully dressed in her costume and she turned to look at Charmcaster’s naked body stretched out on the floor of the museum.

    “I don’t think we have to worry about Charmcaster escaping before the police arrive,” Gwen said with a grin. “After all the orgasms she had she’ll probably sleep for a week.”

    “She may even sleep until she has to run to the bathroom for her first bout of morning sickness,” Ben snickered. “We should get out of here before the police arrive, once they see Charmcaster’s naked body with my cum dripping out of her slit they’ll know what we’ve been up to.”

    “I can take care of her costume,” Gwen said, picking up the rags that use to make up Charmcaster’s clothes, “I have a spell that will repair them. As far as your cum is concerned, it looks like Charmcaster’s pussy has already absorbed it all. I wonder how many babies she’s going to have in her belly if she needs all that cum.”

    “I don’t know, but her bellies going to be huge,” Ben said, “and just thinking about it is getting me hard again. Cast your spell and lets get out of here so we can fuck again.”

    “Ok, I’m working on it,” Gwen said, consulting her spell book for the right spell. “By the way Ben, I’ve been thinking about what Charmcaster said about this spell.”

    “What about it?” Ben asked.

    “You remember when we started fucking?”

    “Sure, you were practicing a lust spell and miscast it so it affected us and we ended up fucking.”

    “And that’s also when I got pregnant with Ken,” Gwen pointed out. “I’ve been thinking that if Charmcaster was right about the spell jump starting puberty and increasing our fertility. My spell may have been the reason we hit puberty so early, and how I got knocked up so fast.”

    “Well Gwen,” Ben said thoughtfully while his cousin cast her spell and restored Charmcaster’s clothes, “your spell may have been the reason we started fucking, but in the end we decided to keep going on our own. I’m glad your spell got us started, but I’m even happier that we decided to keep fucking on out own.”

    “So am I,” Gwen admitted, patting her swollen belly affectionately. “Now let’s get out of here or we’ll be caught for sure.”
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    Not complaining, but you must have been more excited writing this chapter than normal - you made several errors. I can understand because this chapter was very hot. Thanks for the entertainment.
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    Love how Charmcaster got added. Love your work.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 10

    It's been a long hectic month but I finally managed to finish the new chapter of the story and it's ready for posting. Sorry it took so long and I'll try to get the next one done quicker. Enjoy

    Chapter 10

    “How much longer Grandpa?” Ben whined, glaring at Gwen as he spoke.

    “I’ll have the two of you home in just a few minutes,” Grandpa Max said in an exasperated voice while he tried to concentrate on the gloomy road in the Rustbucket’s headlights. “I still say we could have spent one more night on the road and got you home in the morning after a good night’s rest. In fact you could have changed into XLR8 and rushed ahead even if we did take an extra day.”

    “I guess,” Ben said, “but I’m so horny right now I can’t even think straight enough to think about something like that. And it’s all your fault Gwen.”

    “Don’t glare at me Ben Tennyson,” Gwen said, sticking her tongue out at her cousin. “You were the one who decided you wanted to save yourself for Jane so you could give her a good hard fuck when we got home. So don’t blame me if you changed your mind and decided you wanted to fuck me after all. Besides, I’m just as horny as you, but I’m saving it for my dad and yours. After all, they’ve spent most of the summer surrounded by women too pregnant or too sore to fuck - or waiting for you to get them knocked up again.”

    “Good point,” Ben sighed. “But I’m still horny enough to fuck the first pussy I come to.”

    “I know what you mean,” Gwen muttered, “I’m already wet enough to slide the first cock I see right into my belly.”

    “Just hold on for a few more minutes and I’ll have you home with all the pussy and cock you can handle,” Grandpa Max promised as he took turned left.

    Even as Max completed the turn he let out a sudden oath and slammed on the brakes as the Rustbucket skidded through a glowing circle. “What it the world?” Max said a second later as the RV came to a stop in the middle of a sun filled meadow. He rolled down the driver’s side window just in time to hear a feminine voice.

    “I told you I’d get the time spell right this time, Ben.” Grandpa Max turned to the speaker and recognized the time traveling Gwen that he’d seen a year earlier when she’d snatched her ten year old self from the past.

    “I’ll believe it when I see it,” a man’s voice responded with an amused tone. “Don’t forget last month when your spell pulled in our teenage selves from a different time line. I still can’t believe we were teamed up with Kevin and he was driving us around in his classic car.”

    “Well this time I’m sure I got it right,” the older Gwen said, “right Grandpa?”

    “I’m with Ben on this one Gwen, I’ll have to see it to believe it.”

    “Grandpa?” Ben asked uncertainly.

    “We may as well get out Ben,” Max said as he unfastened his seatbelt. “I don’t think we’re getting out of here until they see us.”

    “I told you I had it right this time,” the adult Gwen said as Ben stepped out of the Rustbucket. “I even got the right age this time.”

    “Hi Ben,” the older bearded Ben said, looking down at his younger self with a welcoming smile as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

    “Hi Ben Ten thousand, what’s so important that you pulled us out of the past this time?”

    “We have some information you’re going to need the next time you see Charmcaster.”

    “Actually we just met her a few days ago,” Gwen said, holding her swollen belly when she dropped the last step to the ground. When she noticed the sudden silence she looked up to see the look of shock on the older Ben’s bearded face.

    “Gwen,” Ben said as his eyes traveled up and down the eleven year old Gwen’s body from her swollen belly to her milk filled tits. “Something tells me you dipped into the wrong time stream again.”

    “Oh great,” the older Gwen moaned. “You two are never going to let me hear the end of this, are you.”

    “Not in this life time,” the older grandpa Max chuckled.

    “Or in any other,” the bearded Ben added. “Don’t worry Gwen, it could have been worse. At least you got the right age this time.”

    “I guess there is that,” Gwen agreed.

    “Now, you said that you encountered Charmcaster a few days ago? Where was that and what happened?”

    “It was at the voodoo museum in New Orleans,” Ben said. “She was trying to steal a set of charms that looked a lot like the ones her uncle Hex use to have before Gwen destroyed them.”

    “That’s exactly what we wanted to warn you about,” the older Gwen said. “In our timeline our future selves warned us about the charms and we managed to stop Charmcaster before she recharged the stones and used them against us. We thought it was time to return the favor and warn ourselves, but it looks like my time spell still isn’t perfected.”

    “So, what did happen when you met up with Charmcaster?” Ben asked, stroking his beard thoughtfully as he continued watching Gwen’s obviously pregnant belly.

    “Not what you’re thinking there Ben,” Gwen said with a chuckle that made her belly shake. “I didn’t get this big after just one week, in fact I’m about six months along right now. And you should know that this is our second baby too.”

    “You and Ben?” the older Gwen asked in shock, looking from one cousin to the other and shaking her head.

    “Yes Ben and I,” Gwen said, and then went on to explain how the two of them started their sex life.

    “I remember looking at that spell,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “but I realized it was a lust spell and decided to leave it alone. I wonder if that’s when our time lines diverged.”

    “It could be,” grandpa Max said, giving his older version a significant look, “but maybe we should compare notes.”

    “You two go ahead and compare notes,” the older Ben said with a chuckle, “and the rest of us will do the same. Does that sound like a plan.”

    “Sure thing Ben,” the older Max said as he and his younger twin walked off together.

    “So Ben,” the older twin said, pulling his younger self off to the side so they could talk privately. “I noticed that Gwen never actually got around to telling us what happened with Charmcaster, so why don’t you tell me about it?”

    “Well, if you really want me to,” Ben said with a mischievous grin before he launched into the story.

    “You’re kidding,” Ben said with a blush that covered his face from beard to hairline. “You really fucked her and knocked her up because she was caught in her own lust spell?”

    “And she’s not the only one either,” Ben said. “Gwen was my first, but when we got back home after last summer we were joined by her best friend Jane who ended up pregnant with my twins, then there was my lab partner Keesha, then there was . . .”

    “Just how long is this list?” the older Ben interrupted.

    “Pretty long,” Ben admitted with a self satisfied smile, “and it got even longer when we were traveling around this summer.” While the older Ben watched with open mouthed surprise Ben listed the girls he’d fucked and knocked up during the summer.

    “If I wasn’t so embarrassed I’d be jealous,” the older Ben said, scratching his chin through his well trimmed beard, glancing once again at the younger Gwen with her swollen belly well she spoke with her own twin.

    “You don’t have to be embarrassed,” Ben pointed out to his older self. “Gwen and I don’t have a problem with what were doing, and we’re the ones doing it, not you.”

    “I know,” the older Ben responded, “but the truth is that there was a time when I was really tempted to try something with Gwen, but I was always too ashamed and nervous to actually do anything.”

    “Look at it this way,” Ben said with a grin, “since Gwen and I aren’t really your past selves, this could be your chance to do something and it wouldn’t be incest. Do you want to pass up the opportunity?”

    “I don’t know,” the older Ben said hesitantly, “maybe I should talk to Gwen and see what she thinks. You Gwen I mean, I’m sure I’ll know what my Gwen would say.”

    “Maybe I should talk to her,” the younger Ben said, “she may have some ideas that could surprise you.”

    While the two Bens were talking off to one side the two Gwens were left to themselves. “So that’s really your Ben’s baby?” The older Gwen said, pushing her hair back from her face before she reached out a hesitant hand to touch her younger twin’s swollen belly.

    “Yes,” Gwen said, grabbing her older self by the wrist and pressing her hand firmly against her pregnant belly so she could feel the baby when it kicked. “This is our second baby, there’s a chance that she could be born on her brother’s birthday, but I’m not sure.”

    “But you are sure it’s a girl?” Gwen asked, grinning when she felt the baby move under her palm.

    “Pretty sure,” Gwen said with a shrug. “But I’m not the only one Ben’s knocked up, even if I was his first.”

    “Who? How many?” the older Gwen asked, not even sure which question she wanted to ask first.

    “To the best of my knowledge,” the younger Gwen said, chewing her lower lip thoughtfully, “Ben could be up to twenty babies born or on the way by now. It’s hard to be sure since Charmcaster is sure she’s pregnant with at least two babies and maybe more after last week. It’s also possible that Ben’s knocked up a few girls I don’t know about. The second girl Ben knocked up was Jane.”

    “Jane?” the older Gwen said with a puzzled frown, “do you mean Jane Trent? I remember we were best friends in elementary school but we grew apart in middle school when she started getting really wild. Things really came to an end when she ended up getting pregnant in ninth grade.”

    “In our case I led the way down the wild path and Jane followed me, getting herself knocked up with Ben’s twins just after we started sixth grade. Then there was Ben’s lab partner Keesha. After her there was . . .”

    “That’s enough,” the older Gwen said with a shake of her head and a soft chuckle. “Now I’m sorry I asked because I’m starting to feel a little jealous.”

    “Really?” the younger Gwen asked her twin.

    “Really,” Gwen said with a nod, running her hands along the long sleeves of her costume. “I never said anything to Ben but I had the hots for him back when we were teens, if we weren’t cousins I think he would have been my first.”

    “In that case I may have an option for you,” the younger twin said with a mischievous grin. “Your Ben may be your cousin, but my Ben isn’t. This could be your chance to live your dream without incest getting in the way.”

    “Maybe,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “maybe that will work. But still, your Ben is only eleven.”

    “That’s not a problem for me,” Gwen pointed out with a pat of her swollen belly, “why is it a problem for you?”

    “Ok, I’ll think about it,” the older Gwen said. “I have a couple hours before I can cast the spell and send you back to your own continuum.”

    “Don’t think about it too long or you’ll miss your chance,” Gwen pointed out with a quick smirk.

    “So,” Grandpa Max said, giving his older self a quick sidelong glance, taking in the cybernetic arm, the extra weight, and the white hair that had replaced his own grey locks. “Do your Ben and Gwen know about their real relationship?”

    “No,” the older Max admitted as he looked at the two pairs of grandchildren talking with each other. “Their parents and I always hoped that things would work out and we’d be able to tell them the truth. But no matter how much we threw them together nothing ever developed between them. I take it you didn’t have that problem.”

    “No, we lucked out when Gwen miscast that lust spell and the two of them decided to keep going with their affair. My Ben and Gwen learned the truth about Christmas time and Ben managed to knock up his own mother and aunt before the new year. Don’t worry, they’re discreet enough to keep the relationship secret from your pair.”

    “That’s good,” the older Max said with a relieved sigh, “I’d hate for them to find out that I’m their father as well as their grandfather after all these years. Do you think your Ben and Gwen will be able to talk mine into having an affair after all these years?”

    “I think it’s a bit late for that,” Max said thoughtfully, “but I wouldn’t be surprised if my Ben ended up fucking your Gwen and vice versa before we return to our own continuum.”

    “I hope you’re right,” the older Max said, clenching his cybernetic fist as he turned to look at their grandchildren once again. At least this time Gwen managed to tap into a time line that shared part of our past. About a month ago she brought through a team of teenagers and while we were talking one of them happened to mention that Gwen had an older brother. That’s when I realized that their past was different from our own, for all I know that Ben and Gwen may have actually been my grandchildren instead of my son and daughter.”

    “What a strange thought,” Max said, “I hope I never come across that pair, I don’t know what I’d say to them if I did.”

    “That’s why I avoided them as much as I could until Gwen sent them back to their own time,” Max said with a chuckle. As he spoke the older Max glanced over at the two Bens and Gwens as they split up and reformed, the older Ben with the young Gwen, and the young Ben with the older Gwen. “Looks like you were right about your Ben and Gwen seducing mine.”

    “I knew they would,” Max said with a chuckle, “and if I know my Ben you can expect another great grandchild in about nine months.”

    “Hi Gwen,” Ben said with a shy grin as he walked up to his cousin’s older twin.

    “Don’t pull that innocent act with me Ben Tennyson,” Gwen said with a grin of her own. “Your Gwen told me that her baby is yours, and all about the other girls you’ve knocked up over the past year. It sounds like you have a lot of experience and know what a girl likes so I figure it would be fun to give you a try - if you’re interested.”

    “I’m always interested when it comes to fucking,” Ben said happily. “Why don’t we go into the rustbucket and I’ll show you where I fucked Gwen the first time. It’s probably where and when I knocked her up the first time too.”

    “Sounds like fun,” Gwen said with a shiver as she followed Ben through the door of the RV. She turned to watch her Ben leading the younger pregnant Gwen through the trees to where their rustbucket was parked out of the way while she cast the time spell.

    “Are you saying it will be fun to fuck there, or to be knocked up there?” Ben asked with a crooked grin. “Because I can tell that if we do fuck right now I’ll knock you up for sure.”

    “I think I’d like that,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “I enjoy being an aunt for Ben’s son, I think I’d like being a mother even more.”

    “Then come on,” Ben said leading Gwen to the cushioned bench. “Get out of that skin tight costume of yours and set your ass down here so I can eat your pussy.”

    “That sounds good,” Gwen said, following Ben’s orders and dropping her cape, pants, and blouse to the floor. She watched the grin on Ben’s face as it grew wider with every piece that hit the floor and hesitated when she got down to her panties and bra. “Are you going to join me? Or are you just going to stand there and watch?”

    “I’m joining, I’m joining,” Ben said, wriggling out of his own clothes until he was standing there naked with his cock jutting out straight from his body. “Gwen, I’ve never asked this of a girl before, but once you send us back the chances are that I’ll never see you again. So, I was wondering if I could have your panties when we’re done.”

    “Sure,” Gwen said, removing her panties and glancing at the wet spot where her juices had already left a large wet spot, “after all, I’ll have your baby to remember you by.”

    “Thanks,” Ben said, taking the powder blue panties and giving them a quick sniff before he dropped them into the pile with his own clothes. “Now get your bare ass on the bench and open your legs so I can show you how much I know about eating your pussy.”

    “I’m not a virgin Ben,” Gwen said with a chuckle, “I do know what to do.”

    “I guess you do,” Ben agreed when the older girl opened her legs so he could see the thick bush of red hair around her slit, “but I’m not sure if you have as much experience as Gwen and I do.”

    “How can you have more experience than me?” Gwen asked, her question ending in a squeal of pleasure when Ben stuck his tongue deep in her slit and wiggled it around until her clit popped erect through her pussy hair. “Oh God, you really do know what I like.”

    “I fuck my Gwen almost every day,” Ben said, looking at Gwen through her tits and giving her a quick grin before he licked the pussy juice from his lips. “I figured that the same things that turned her on would turn you on too.”

    “Well you’re right,” Gwen said, grabbing Ben by the back of his head and pushing his face back into her pussy, “so stop talking and keep eating.”

    Gwen lost track of time as Ben proved that he really did know everything she liked, and even things she didn’t know she liked until he did them to her. She was recovering from her third orgasm when she realized that Ben was moving slowly up her body, kissing her thighs, hips, belly, and tits until his mouth was fastened on hers and his cock was poised for a quick thrust into her pussy.

    “Are you ready for this Gwen?” Ben asked as he slid the head of his cock up and down Gwen’s slit.

    “I sure am,” Gwen said, catching her breath after her last orgasm, “I’m ready to fuck, and ready to have your baby. Do it Ben, fuck me and knock me up with your baby.”

    “Love to,” Ben said, easing his hips forward to slam his cock between her red haired cunt lips.

    “Oh yeah,” Gwen moaned with every stroke of Ben’s cock, “fuck me Ben, fuck me good and hard.”

    “The only thing I regret,” Ben grunted, “is that I won’t be able to see you when your belly starts growing. The only thing I like more than getting a girl pregnant, is fucking her when she’s pregnant.”

    “And I’m going to miss you too,” Gwen groaned when she felt her new orgasm starting to warm her belly, “no one fucks me the way you do. But at least I’ll have your baby to keep me company after you leave.”

    “Yes you will,” Ben said, “I always know when I’m going to knock a girl up, and right now you’re so fertile and I’m so full of sperm I could leave you with more than one baby in your belly.”

    “Do it Ben,” Gwen screamed, throwing her legs around Ben’s ass and pulling him all the way into her pussy as his cock jerked and spat his load of baby juice into her fertile belly. As soon as Ben’s juice hit her womb Gwen quivered through her fourth orgasm as Ben’s sperm soaked into her cunt in search of her eggs.

    “That was the best fuck I ever had,” Gwen sighed as Ben sucked on her tits. “You really do know what I like, and how to give it to me. But I have to wonder how, I compare to your Gwen?”

    “You have nothing to worry about,” Ben mumbled past Gwen’s nipple, “you may not know what I like as well as Gwen does, but since you haven’t had a baby yet your cunt is tighter than hers. I enjoyed the trade off.”

    “Thank you Ben,” Gwen said as she ruffled her almost cousin’s hair. “I wonder how your Gwen is doing with my Ben.”

    “Here’s Grandpa’s newest rustbucket,” Ben said, offering Gwen his hand when she had trouble getting through the door with her pregnant belly.

    “It doesn’t look like a rustbucket to me,” the younger Gwen said when she stepped through the door and looked around the spacious RV. “In fact it looks like it has all the modern conveniences of home.”

    “In your time this is probably a cutting edge recreational vehicle,” Ben agreed, “but here and now the thing is outdated and past due for the junkyard. Of course that means it’s exactly what Max loves for traveling around the country.”

    “I forgot, since we are about twenty years so the tech in here must be out of date by now.”

    “But it’s still more comfortable than your rustbucket,” Ben pointed out. “So what do you want to try out?”

    “Let’s try out the big bed over the cab,” Gwen said, leading the older Ben to the front of the RV as she spoke. “Ben and I fuck on this bed all the time in the old rustbucket, but I bet this bed is a lot more comfortable than that one.”

    Ben stopped short when Gwen hesitated before climbing into the RV’s main bed. “Whoops, almost forgot to take off my clothes,” she said with a sheepish grin as she pulled her oversized tee shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. Ben’s eyes jerked back and forth between her milk filled tits and her swollen belly as the younger version of his redheaded cousin skimmed out of her pants and then added her panties and bra to the pile on the floor.

    “Are you alright Ben?” the younger Gwen asked with a mischievous grin as she watched the growing lump in the older man’s crotch.

    “I’m fine,” Ben said with a slight stutter.

    “Then why are you still standing there in your clothes?” Gwen asked sternly, “why else did you bring me here if you didn’t plan to fuck me? I’m sure my Ben told you how horny I am and how much I love to fuck, so don’t keep me waiting.”

    “Of course not,” Ben said as he rushed to get out of his own clothes, tossing them onto the nearest cushioned bench as he pulled them off. By the time he was naked Gwen had already managed to pull her pregnant belly up into the top bed and scooted over to make room for him as he climbed up to join her.

    Gwen was happy to see that this older Ben had an even larger cock than his eleven year old self and she reached out to run her fingers along the stiff shaft as Ben climbed between her thighs and looked down at her red furred cunt lips and pregnant belly with a bemused smile. “Careful Gwen,” Ben said, shoving the younger girl’s hands away from his cock as gently as he could. “I’m almost ready to shoot right now, and if you start giving me a hand job I may not be able to get it up again before we have to send you back to your own continuum.”

    “Well we can’t have that,” Gwen sighed as she shifted her hands to her own tits and started squeezing them to get a thin spray of milk from her nipples. “And I’m so horny right now that all I can think of is how much I want that big hard cock of yours inside my pregnant belly. Are you as crazy for pregnant girls as my Ben is?”

    “Oh yeah,” Ben groaned, catching some of the milk Gwen sprayed his way and licking his hands clean with a grin. “When my wife was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of her big belly and tits. I never had a chance to find out what it was like to fuck another pregnant girl so I’m really looking forward to this.”

    “Then get your cock in my pussy and fuck me you big lug,” Gwen giggled, “and while you’re at it feel free to have some of my milk. Just leave enough for the baby, I was looking forward to feeding my son when we got home.”

    “Right,” Ben said distractedly while he brought the head of his cock up to Gwen’s pussy lips. As soon as the head of his cock touched Gwen’s cunt the younger girl threw her legs around his waist and pulled him in as hard as she could. In seconds Ben’s balls were bouncing off Gwen’s bare ass as he thrust in and out of her pussy as hard as he could. He leaned forward, careful of the baby in his almost cousin’s belly and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, letting the milk from her tits fill his mouth before he took his first swallow.

    “Fuck me Ben,” Gwen moaned with pleasure as the older Ben slammed his cock in and out of her pregnant belly and sucked the milk out of her tits. “With a little practice I bet you’d be just as good as my Ben.”

    “You mean I’m not as good as your Ben?” Ben asked as he let one nipple go and sucked the second one between his lips.

    “Well we have been fucking for over a year and he does know what I like,” Gwen pointed out with a groan as her orgasm started to build with every stroke of Ben’s shaft, “but your cock is bigger than his and you do know how to use it. I bet that if you started practicing with your Gwen you’d learn what she likes in no time.”

    “But Gwen is my cousin,” Ben said, suppressing the desire to fire a load of cum into Gwen’s younger self, he was determined to bring the little girl off at least once before he shot his load but he could tell that it would be a struggle.

    “And Ben is my cousin,” Gwen said with a moan as her approaching orgasm threatened to drown her with pleasure, “but that doesn’t stop us from fucking like bunnies, or having babies. In fact Ben is probably knocking up your Gwen right now if he hasn’t done it already. And since he won’t be around to keep her satisfied during her pregnancy she’ll probably enjoy all the attention you can give her. And once Ben’s baby is born I’m sure she’ll enjoy having yours too. How does that sound?”

    “Like the horniest dream I ever had,” Ben grunted, picking up the pace as he imagined what it would be like to actually fuck his own cousin and knock her up, he wondered how long he could keep it secret from his wife, then he wondered if his wife would like to join them since she’d always had a wild streak of her own. By the time Gwen’s cunt tightened around his invading cock and the girl’s swollen belly jerked and quivered through her orgasm Ben knew that it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting his load into his own cousin instead of his almost cousin. This time Ben didn’t try to hold back his own orgasm but slammed his cock as deep as it would go into Gwen’s swollen belly and let his hot load shoot out to splatter against the eleven year old’s cervix with a groan of pleasure.

    After the two of them caught their breath Gwen turned to the older Ben and smiled before she spoke, “you’re going to do it aren’t you? I can see in your eyes that you’re already planning to fuck Gwen as soon as you can.”

    “I am,” Ben admitted, “I wonder if her first baby will be mine or Ben’s.”

    “Maybe you should wait a couple weeks to find out if she’s already pregnant,” Gwen said thoughtfully. “If it was me I think I’d like to know who the father was.”

    “I guess you’re right,” Ben sighed, “I just hope I can wait that long now that I know how much I want to fuck her. Well, maybe I should use the time to see if I can talk my wife into joining us. She likes Gwen, and sometimes I swear she looks like she’d like to fuck her too. Somehow I don’t think it will be that hard to talk either of them into a three way.”

    “I know I enjoy them,” Gwen said with a nostalgic grin, “so I’m sure your Gwen will too.”

    “Ben, hurry up and finish your tour,” Grandpa Max said from outside the door of the rust bucket, “Gwen says it’s almost time to send them back.”

    “Ok Grandpa we’ll be right out,” Ben yelled back. “You don’t suppose he knows what we’ve been doing do you?”

    “I’m sure he does,” Gwen giggled, “but I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m sure he’ll be very open minded about you and Gwen, in fact he may even help you, it can’t hurt to ask.”

    “I guess I can try,” Ben said without much conviction as he pulled his clothes on and tossed Gwen her things, “but not right away.”

    By the time the two of them returned to the meadow with the old rust bucket everyone else was waiting for them to arrive. With a quick goodbye the time traveling Tennysons boarded their RV and waited for the future Gwen to cast her spell and send them home. Just before she started the spell Gwen gave Ben a quick smile before she turned to her younger pregnant self and said, “I’ll send you a message as soon as I know if I’m pregnant. It’ll be easier for me to track you since we’re basically the same person in two different continuums, but promise to let Ben know as soon as I send you the news.”

    “Of course,” Gwen promised before she gave her older self a quick hug and whispered, “When you start feeling horny because of your pregnancy I’m sure your Ben will be happy to help you out. I think he’ll be happy to help you with more babies after this one is born too.”

    “Thanks,” Gwen said, stepping back to get ready for her spell as Grandpa Max closed and locked the door before he slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

    As soon as the time spell opened the portal Grandpa Max drove through it and seconds later they were back on the street they’d left earlier. Max glanced at the nearby clock tower and noticed that it was almost the same time they’d left as well as the same place and he let out a little sigh of relief.

    Just before the light from the time portal faded something flew through at the last second and flashed through the air to catch up with the rust bucket. The small globe of light passed through the passenger side window and floated over to Gwen where it hovered a few inches in front of her face and split open. “Hi Gwen,” the miniature image of Gwen’s older self said with a quick wave. “If I got the spell right this time this message should catch you just after you return to your own time and place. It’s been about five months for us but things have been pretty hectic so I didn’t have a chance to craft this message until now but as you can see your Ben was right when he said he’d knock me up.” As she spoke the image turned to give Gwen a better look at her swollen belly as she patted it affectionately. “In fact he was so good at the job that he knocked me up with twins. You were also right about my Ben, he’s been keeping my pussy very happy since you left and we’re both looking forward to the day when the twins are born and he can knock me up with his own baby. Even Ben’s wife is getting in on the act and joining us for a three way almost every night. Not only that, she's as excited about me having Ben’s babies as we are. I hope the two of you enjoy yourselves as much as we are. Goodbye.”

    When the image of Gwen’s older self popped out of existence Gwen turned to her cousin and grandfather with a frown and said, “I don’t even know how I’m going to put this one in the data base.”
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    What a nice twist. Very interesting, but I always expect and get that from you. Very good job. Thanks. By the way, the young Ben did not turn into one of his aliens either before or after the session with the older Gwen - does that mean her twins were not capable of turning into aliens? Interesting concept.
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    I sincerely hope we are not finished hearing about Ben 10 and all of his marvelous lady-friends. We loyal readers are waiting with bated (not baited) breath.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 11

    This chapter took longer than usual to write and I don't really have any excuses, but I'll try to be quicker with the next one. Enjoy.

    Chapter 11

    “Finally home,” Grandpa Max sighed as he braked to a stop in Gwen’s driveway. “After we got hijacked by your future selves I kept wondering what was going to happen next, but here we are with no more side trips or adventures.”

    “I was a little nervous about it too grandpa,” Gwen said with a sigh of her own, patting her pregnant belly before she unbuckled her seat belt and reached for the passenger side door. “Hurry up Ben, Jane is waiting for you. You know how anxious she is for you to knock her up now that she’s recovered from giving birth to the twins.”

    “I know,” Ben growled, “I was just taking a power nap to recover from my fuck with your older self. It wouldn’t do for me to walk into the house if I couldn’t get myself hard enough for a good fuck.”

    “He does have a point,” Grandpa Max pointed out as he slid to the ground and closed the driver’s side door behind him. A few seconds later Gwen and Ben joined him, Ben stretching with a wide yawn before they turned to walk up to the front door.

    Without bothering to knock (since it was her own home) Gwen opened the door and walked into the living room with Grandpa Max and Ben on her heals. “We’re back,” Gwen called after she shut the door. “Where is everyone?”

    “We’re in the nursery,” Gwen’s mother called back, “we’ll be out as soon as the babies are put to bed.”

    “Wait for us,” Gwen called, leading the way to the nursery, “Grandpa Max hasn’t seen any of the new babies yet.”

    “No I haven’t,” Grandpa Max said as he pushed his way through the door to get his first look at his new grandchildren. “So who’s who here?”

    “You already know Ken,” Ben’s mother said, indicating the oldest child, already asleep in his cradle.

    “And here’s Ben and Gwen,” Jane said affectionately as she pulled the tired twins away from her breasts with a soft whimper and burp as she bounced them in her arms. “I just finished giving them there bedtime meal so they should sleep the rest of the night through and we’ll have plenty of time to get started on their brother or sister.”

    “Sounds like a good plan,” Ben said, taking Gwen and nuzzling her nose before he put his daughter in the twin size crib next to her brother.

    “And this is Misha,” Keesha said proudly, letting everyone get a good look at her newborn daughter before she placed her in the travel bed between the cribs. “We won’t be staying long because I’m too sore to join the fun, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to see her.”

    “So this is the newest one of Ben’s babies,” Grandpa Max said, gently pushing a lock of hair out of the newborn’s honey colored face and smiling down at her.

    “It’ll be another month before the rest of the babies are born,” Gwen’s mother said as she stroked her swollen belly affectionately.

    “Ben did knock us all up at about the same time,” Keesha’s mother said with a soft chuckle. “I wouldn’t be surprised if all three of us gave birth within a week of each other.”

    “Or on the same day,” Ben’s mother said, “now wouldn’t that be interesting? I wonder what the hospital staff would think if we all checked into the maternity ward at the same time.”

    “I’m sure we’ll think of something,” Gwen’s father said when he stepped up next to his redheaded daughter and ran one hand over her pregnant belly while the other one squeezed her milk filled tit. “After all, we managed to come up with an appropriate story twelve years ago when you and Ben were born on the same day.”

    “Actually,” Ben’s father said as he fondled Gwen’s other breast, “we didn’t say anything. We figured it would just make people more suspicious if we started making up story for something that was just an interesting coincidence.”

    “And it worked,” Gwen’s mother giggled, “no one ever suspected that your grandfather Max was really your father. Not even the two of you.”

    “That’s true,” Ben said as he tucked the twins into their crib before he turned to give their mother a quick kiss.

    “Since I don’t think we want to disturb the babies now that they’re all tucked in,” Ben continued, sliding his hand under Jane’s blouse to give one of her milk filled tits an affectionate squeeze, “I suggest we move the party out to the living room.”

    “Good idea,” Jane agreed. “It’s about time we got started on the twins’ brother or sister.”

    Ben let Jane lead the way to the living room, letting her get just far enough ahead of him that he could enjoy the rise and fall of her twelve year old ass under her slacks. Once in the living room Jane started stripping out of her cloths as she headed for the nearest couch. “Hurry up Ben,” Jane said as she dropped to the sofa and gave her lover an impish grin while she opened her legs as wide as they’d go. “I haven’t had a cock in my pussy since the twins were born, and today just happens to be the perfect day for starting the next one.”

    “Are you sure you want to start the next one so soon?” Ben asked, stripping out of his own cloths as the rest of the family spread out around the living room to watch the show.

    “I’m sure,” Jane said, rubbing her nearly bald pussy where the hair was starting to grow back after they’d shaved her for the twins’ birth. “After all, Gwen started her second baby this early, even if it was by accident.”

    Ben noticed that everyone else was stripping down to their skin and finding their own seats. Gwen joined her father and his on the other couch while their mothers each took an easy chair and Grandpa Max was joined by Keesha’s mother on another chair. Keesha seemed unsure of where to go.

    “Would you like to join us Keesha?” Ben asked the teenage black girl. “It wouldn’t be the first time we had a threeway.”

    “Tempting,” Keesha said with a mischievous grin, “but unlike Gwen, Jane, and our mothers I’m not in a rush to have more babies just yet. I do want you to give me more children and I do want to fuck you, but my pussies too sore right now, and I plan to get on some birth control so I can space the babies out a bit more. I figure one every two years or so should be about right.”

    “If that’s what you want,” Ben said with a leer, “but if you change your mind I’ll be happy to give you another baby when you’re ready.”

    “I’ll remember that,” Keesha promised with a short laugh before she bounced over to join Grandpa Max in his chair.

    “Come on Ben,” Jane said, wiggling her hips invitingly, “everyone wants to see you knock me up with our new baby.”

    “I know,” Ben said as he dropped to his knees between Jane’s open thighs. “That’s why I want to give everyone a good show. Don’t worry, I can tell that when we fuck I’ll knock you up.”

    “That sounds good to me,” Jane said with a soft sigh, opening her legs even wider when Ben started finger fucking her pussy.

    While Jane’s pussy massaged his fingers Ben tickled her erect clit with the tip of his tongue, drawing another groan of pleasure from her lips and an excited murmur from their audience. With his eyes just a couple inches from Jane’s cunt Ben could see the soft fuzz where her hair was starting to grow back. Ben pulled his tongue away from Jane’s clit and blew a puff across the fuzz and grinned when Jane giggled. He pulled his fingers out of Jane’s slit and licked them clean before he bent down to suck Jane’s cunt lips before he slipped his tongue into her slit and sucked her slimy juices right out of her.

    Ben moved up Jane’s body slowly, kissing every inch of her belly as the brown haired girl wriggled encouragingly under his lips. “I’ve missed this so much,” Jane groaned. “You’re better now than you were when you knocked me up with the twins.”

    “Practice does make perfect,” Ben said, grinning up at Jane through her milk filled tits, “and I got a lot of practice this summer.”

    “I know,” Jane sighed, sliding her fingers down to her wet pussy while Ben shifted close to her tits to tickle them with her hair as he continued to kiss her belly. “Just how many babies did you make this summer anyway?”

    “I kind of lost count,” Ben said between kisses. “Gwen, how many girls did I knock up this summer?”

    “That depends,” Gwen moaned as her father finger fucked her. “Do you want to know how many girls, or how many babies you made?”

    “Both,” Jane said as Ben kissed the valley between her milk filled tits.

    “Let’s see, Gwen said distractedly as her uncle pulled her up into his lap and slid his hard cock into her pregnant pussy. “There was Kathy, Mandy, Joey, Kai, Kevin’s half sister Steph, Camille’s cousin Lucy, Charmcaster, and my future self from an alternate time line. That’s eight girls and thirteen babies with the multiple pregnancies.”

    “Well, you have been busy,” Jane said, tousling Ben’s brown hair affectionately as he sucked on her left nipple. “Don’t drink too much, the twins need some milk too you know.”

    “I know,” Ben said, smacking his lips, “but with all the pregnancies in this family right now I don’t think milk is going to be a problem for a while.” Jane gasped in surprise when Ben squeezed her right tit hard enough to make milk spray from the nipple and right into his open mouth.

    “Good one Ben,” Grandpa Max said over the smatter of applause from the rest of their audience. Ben watched as his grandfather tried to copy his move, leaning forward as he aimed Keesha’s nipple at his open mouth and squeezing her breast hard enough to get a stream of milk from the girl’s brown tits.

    “Ready for the main event?” Ben asked, grinning down at Jane.

    “Ready and impatient,” Jane said, reaching between her legs to guide Ben’s prick to her pussy lips. “Come on, Ben, do your job and knock me up with our new baby.”

    “Oh yeah,” Ben groaned, slamming his hips forward and burying his shaft deep in Jane’s belly. “Your pussy is the best Jane.”

    “Do you say that to every girl you knock up?” Jane asked with a giggle as her pussy quivered around Ben’s shaft with her approaching orgasm.

    “Not every girl,” Ben groaned, “just the girls I really care about.”

    “As long as I’m the one you say it to the most I don’t care how many girls you say it to,” Jane said as her body shivered through it’s first orgasm and she threw her legs around Ben’s hips to hold him tight.

    “Wow, that was quick,” Ben said as he waited for Jane to finish shuddering through her first orgasm.

    “Well this is my first fuck in over two months,” Jane groaned. “Now hurry up and give me another one.”

    “Orgasm or baby?” Ben grunted as he slammed his cock in and out of Jane’s wet cunt.

    “Both,” Jane said with a grin. “Now do your job you horny boy.”

    “Whatever you want,” Ben said, leaning down to give Jane a kiss as he continued to slide his cock in and out of the girl’s slick pussy.

    Jane lost track of everything except how much pleasure Ben was giving her with his mouth and cock. She felt her pussy quivering with another orgasm and she started rotating her hips to encourage Ben to shoot his load deep in her slit.

    Ben felt Jane’s cunt clamp tight around his shaft and shoved it deep in the girl’s belly as his prick exploded, shooting his baby juice where it belonged. As he collapsed weakly across Jane’s body Ben happened to glance at the Omnitrix on his wrist and noticed it was flashing through several of his aliens. He recognized Four Arms, Heat Blast, and XLR8 as they flashed by and then saw the watch settle on Up Chuck. He couldn’t help but wonder if their was anything special about the way the watch was acting.

    “That was wonderful Ben,” Jane said, giving him a quick kiss before he rolled off her with a groan. “Do you think you knocked me up again?”

    “Oh yeah,” Ben told Jane with a grin as he looked her over from head to toe. “I knocked you up for sure.”

    “Good,” Jane said, “because I want as many of your babies as I can have as fast as I can.”

    “Good job, Ben,” Ben’s mother said, “I just hope you do as good a job with me when the time comes for you to knock me up in a few months.”

    “And me,” Gwen’s mother said.

    “Don’t forget me,” Keesha’s mother said as she massaged her swollen belly. “Keesha may want to wait for your next baby, but I plan to have as many as I can before it’s too late.”

    “And I’ll be happy to give all of you as many babies as you want,” Ben said. “I just wish I had a little help to knock you all up.”

    “I wish we could help Ben,” Grandpa Max said, “but you and Gwen were my last hurrah, and your fathers didn’t even do that well. So as long as we want to keep it in the family you’re our only choice.”

    “Like he’s going to keep it in the family,” Gwen said with a snort.

    “I don’t care who else Ben fucks and knocks up,” Jane said, “as long as he comes back to me when it counts.”

    “I will Jane,” Ben promised, “I will.”
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    Damn long wait but worth it. Where were Gwen and Jane when I was that age?
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 12

    I managed to get things in gear and kick out this chapter in just one week. I think this chapter turned out better than the last one but I'll let you decide for yourself. Enjoy.

    Chapter 12

    “Ben, Ben wake up,” Ben pulled his arm out from his blanket to shield his eyes against the bright ceiling light when his father flipped the switch.

    “What’s up?” Ben mumbled, glancing at his alarm clock and noticing it was four in the morning.

    “Your mom’s gone into labor and I have to get her to the hospital,” Ben’s father said, throwing open the doors to his son’s closet and pulling clean pants and a shirt off the hangers and tossing them on the bed. “Hurry up and get dressed, you’re going with us.”

    “As much as I’d like to be there when my baby is born I don’t think they’re going to let me into the delivery room at my age,” Ben said, throwing his blankets off and rolling off the side of the bed before he grabbed his clothes and started changing.

    “You’re right, they won’t,” Ben’s father said, adding fresh underwear to the pile. “But you’re too young for me to leave you home alone - even if it’s only for a few hours before you leave for school. Take your school books along and you’ll have to catch the bus from the hospital.”

    “Or just run to school as XLR8,” Ben pointed out through his shirt as he pulled it on.

    “Yeah, that would work too,” Ben’s father muttered distractedly. “Just hurry up and meet us out in the car.”

    Almost three hours later Ben’s mother was still in labor and he realized that he couldn’t wait any longer or he’d be late for the first bell at school. Ben said his good-byes to his distracted father and headed for the exit. Once he was outside of the hospital Ben found a secluded spot and dialed up XLR8, a second later he was speeding for school with his backpack thrown over his shoulder while he wove in and out of traffic.

    Ben was rushing to his first class with only minutes to spare when he was intercepted by an eighth grade girl with long redish blond hair. “Well, well,” the girl said in an icy tone as she blocked Ben’s path. “Did you forget about our meeting this morning? I figure you’re an hour late, but if you have a good excuse I may set up another one.”

    “I’m sorry Karen,” Ben said, scanning the area and noticing Jane and Gwen grinning at him from a few feet away. “I was at the hospital. My mom went into labor early this morning and I had to go there with my parents. I barely managed to make it here in time.”

    “I guess that is a pretty good excuse,” Karen admitted with a quick blush. “So I’ll give you another chance. What lunch hour do you have?”

    “Fourth hour,” Ben said.

    “That’s my Phys Ed class,” Karen said with a frown.”

    “We could get together after school,” Ben pointed out.

    “No we can’t,” Karen said with a sigh. “My parents will never let me stay late. I had enough trouble convincing them that I had to come in early this morning, they’ll know something’s up if I get home late. We should be able to work something out for lunch, if you can find a way to sneak into the gym and behind the bleachers I’ll find a way to break away from the class for a few minutes. Do you think that will be enough time?”

    “It should,” Ben said with a thoughtful frown. “Don’t worry I’ll find a way to sneak in.”

    “I’ll see you then,” Karen said with an encouraging grin. “By the way, did your mom have a boy or a girl?”

    “She was still in labor when I left the hospital,” Ben said, “it could still be hours before my brother or sister is born but I’ll know soon enough.”

    “Isn’t that Karen Aimes Ben’s talking to?” Gwen asked Jane as the two of them watched Ben’s conversation

    “That’s her,” Jane said. “You think that’s Ben’s new girl?”

    “Not possible,” Gwen said. “I mean, her father is Pastor Aimes of New Hope Baptist Church right?”

    “That’s right,” Jane said with a quick giggle. “PK’s get just as horny as other girl’s, Gwen, they just have to be more discreet about it.”

    “What’s a PK?” Gwen asked as the two of them headed for their first class.

    “Preacher’s kid,” Jane explained. “It’s not like Karen’s the first girl besides us that Ben’s fucked. I’m sure that at least three of the girls in out maternity class are carrying Ben’s babies, and three more probably are but I haven’t been able to confirm it yet. In fact I’m sure Ben’s responsible for the rise in pregnancies that required a maternity class at the middle school level.”

    “That’s true,” Gwen said with a chuckle as she adjusted the blue barrett in her hair, “before I showed up with my big belly last year we didn’t have any pregnant girls in the school. Now there’s so many of us we have our own maternity class.”

    “Maybe we should thank Ben for that,” Jane said with an impish grin. “Otherwise you and I’d be facing home school again.”

    “We can do that when we meet him after school,” Gwen said. “I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.”

    Ben waited for the hallway to clear before he snuck up to the gymnasium door and peeked through the wired window to see the girl’s phys Ed class running into the basketball court from the locker room. Double checking the hallway to make sure it was empty Ben twisted the face of the Omnitrix until he saw the image of Ghost Freak and slapped down the plunger. In his ghostly form it was easy for Ben to slide through the doors and along the walls until he was behind the closed bleachers.

    Peering through the cracks Ben watched the girl’s scramble around the basketball court through the bleachers, they were shooting baskets with several balls. It was easy to spot Karen with her long red hair tied back in a pony tail that reached almost to her bouncing ass. Even as he spotted her Karen failed to catch a ball as it bounced her way and when she ran to catch it her foot caught the ball and sent it flying across the gym to bounce behind the bleachers where he was hiding.

    “I’ll get it,” Karen yelled as she followed the bouncing ball. None of the other girls even seemed to notice when Karen slipped behind the bleachers and gave Ben a quick grin before she threw her arms around him and gave him a hug.

    “I knew you’d find a way to sneak in here,” Karen whispered, shivering with excitement as she hooked her thumbs in the elastic band of her gym shorts and pushed them and her panties down her legs to the wooden floor. “Hurry up, we don’t have much time before someone notices I’m missing and we certainly don’t want anyone to find us like this, and if I don’t lose my cherry right now I’ll have to wait another month for another chance like this.”

    “Another chance like what?” Ben asked, struggling with his zipper for a second before he managed to open it and reach into his pants to pull out his hardening cock. With his special senses he could tell that Karen was fertile and that he’d knock her up for sure if they didn’t take precautions. If Karen knew she was fertile did that mean that she wanted him to knock her up? Ben found it hard to believe that a pastor’s daughter would actually want him to get her pregnant, but he hoped her next words would confirm his ideas.

    “Another chance to get knocked up,” Karen said, sending a shock through Ben’s cock that made it stiffen harder than ever. “This is the perfect time for lose my cherry and get a baby at the same time. That is if you can do the job right.”

    “Trust me Karen, I can do the job,” Ben said, coming up behind the red haired girl as she leaned forward, supporting herself on one of the support bars as she watched her classmates through the cracks in the bleachers. “But are you sure you want me to knock you up? What will your parents say when your pants start getting tight?”

    “I don’t care,” Karen said with a stifled moan when Ben ran his fingers along her wet slit, “well actually I do care because I want to see their reaction when my belly starts growing with your baby. I don’t hate my parents, but I do hate the way they keep telling me I can’t do the things. So this is my way of getting back at them.”

    “If you’re sure this is what you want,” Ben said as he brought the head of his cock up to Karen’s wet pussy and ran the tip up and down the girl’s drooling slit, “then I’m sure I can take care of your cherry and the baby you want.”

    “I just knew you were the perfect boy for the job after Gayle Stiener told me that you were the one who knocked her up when you popped her cherry.” Karen opened her legs a little wider as Ben pressed his cock against her pussy lips and she felt the head of his cock pop into her virgin cunt.

    Ben held Karen’s hips steady and put more pressure and eased his cock a little further into her tight wet virgin cunt until he felt the tip come up against the red head’s hymen. “Last chance to change your mind,” Ben said, “one more shove and goodbye virginity, hello motherhood.”

    “I’m not changing my mind,” Karen hissed through clenched teeth. “I want this now more than ever.”

    “Hold on then, because here I go.” Ben felt Karen’s pussy tighten around the head of his cock as she anticipated the lose of her virginity and he slid one hand down to light patch of hair around her slit to tickle her erect clit for a second before tore through the twelve year old’s cherry and deeper into her belly.

    “Ouch!,” Karen said and then turned to give Ben an encouraging grin as she tried to hold her hips steady against Ben’s intruding prick. “Keep going Ben, we don’t have much time for you to put that baby in my belly. Never mind what happens to me, keep going.”

    “I’ll keep going,” Ben promised, “but I’ll do my best to make sure you enjoy this fuck as much as I do.”

    Ben slid his cock in and out of Karen’s pussy slowly so she could get use to it as he moved deeper into her body with every stroke. While he continued to tease Karen’s clit with the fingers of his left hand he moved his right hand he moved his left hand up her body until he slid under her tee shirt to cup her right breast. “What would your Phys Ed teacher say if she knew you weren’t wearing a bra?”

    “Not much,” Karen giggled when Ben tweaked her nipple while he buried his cock as deep as it would go in her pussy. “My tits aren’t that big so Miss Barton doesn’t bother making me wear a bra during gym, in fact if you watched closely you’d notice that most of the girls in the class don’t bother wearing bras - not even the ones with big tits.”

    “I’ll have to sneak in and watch the class more often,” Ben chuckled. He was moving his cock in and out of Karen’s drooling slit faster and deeper with every stroke and he could feel her pussy quivering around his prick with the pleasure of every stroke.

    “Oh God, this is so good,” Karen moaned with pleasure, “if I knew fucking felt this good I would have lost my cherry a long time ago.”

    Ben was sure Karen had forgotten all about the pain of losing her virginity when she started pushing her hips back to meet every stroke that he slammed into her tight little pussy. He could feel his balls starting to cramp with his approaching orgasm. “Last chance to change your mind about the baby,” Ben hissed in Karen’s ear, “if I shoot my load in your pussy you’ll be pregnant for sure.”

    “Then do it,” Karen said with an extra wiggle of her hips with Ben’s next thrust, “give me the big belly that’s going to embarrass my parents.

    With a grunt Ben slammed his cock as deep as it would go in Karen’s cunt and he held it there while Karen’s pussy clamped down around his squirting shaft and milked every drop of his potent cum where it would do the most good.

    “Are you sure I’m pregnant?” Karen asked, giving her belly a pat before she bent down to pick up her gym shorts from the floor.

    “I’m sure,” Ben said giving Karen an appreciative grin as he focused on her soon to be swelling stomach.

    “Good,” Karen said firmly. “Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more loads in my pussy - just to be sure you understand.”

    “Of course,” Ben said. “I’ll be happy to meet you before school tomorrow. And this time I don’t expect any problems since my baby sister was born about an hour ago.”

    “That does sound good,” Karen said, using her panties to clean up the mess between her thighs before she slipped into her gym shorts. She placed the wet panties into Ben’s hand and said, “Here, Ben, a souvenir of our first fuck.”

    “Thank you,” Ben said, slipping the panties into his pocket.

    “Ben,” Karen said hesitantly when she was ready to return to her class mates. “Are you free Friday.”

    “I think so,” Ben said, “do you have an idea for Friday?”

    “You could say that,” Karen giggled. “I have several girl friends and we’ve been talking lately. That’s why I know that they’re just as anxious as I was to lose their cherries - and even more worried than me about their parents finding out. But I think you’re the perfect answer for all of them - that is if you’re willing to take on five horny virgins and one former virgin in one night.”

    “I think I’d like to try,” Ben said with an impish grin. “But that still doesn’t tell me why you wanted to know about Friday.”

    “That’s the night Nancy Timmer is having us all over for a slumber party while her parents are out of town. Her older sister is suppose to be in charge while their parents are gone, but she usually tells Nancy to be good and then goes out with her boyfriend for the night. Even if she does stick around I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble sneaking into the house, not after the way you snuck in here to fuck me.”

    “I’m sure I’ll find a way,” Ben promised, “but you better talk to your friends and make sure this is what they want before Friday night. And we’ll need to come up with a signal in case someone changes her mind at the last minute or Nancy’s sister decides to stay home for some reason, but we can work that out later since you need to get back to class.”

    “I think you’re right,” Karen said. “I hear someone calling my name so they must have noticed I’m missing. I’ll talk to the other girls and let you know what I find out in the morning.”

    “Ok, I’ll see you then,” Ben said.

    “And Ben,” Karen said as she picked up the basketball she’d kicked behind the bleachers, “make sure you have plenty of energy for Friday, you’ll need it.”
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    I agree, this chapter is better than the last one. Great job.
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    it look so so fantasticial,
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 13

    Hi everyone, last night I managed to finish the longest chapter of the story by pulling an all nighter. I think it was worth the extra effort but let me know what you think.

    Chapter 13

    Ben pulled his rain hood up and glared at the second floor light in the house across the street. “Why did I ever agree to this signal?” he grumbled for the third time in the last ten minutes. “I should have insisted that Karen call me on the cell phone but no, she had to do it this way because it was mor romantic.” Even Gwen and Jane had insisted he go through with the plan when he told them about it during their after school fuck session.

    He still found it hard to believe that his cousin and girlfriend had encouraged him to go through with tonight’s orgy, in fact their only regret seemed to be that they couldn’t enjoy the party. Still it would have been nice to be warm and dry somewhere waiting for his phone to ring instead of standing out here in the rain while he waited for the signal from Nancy’s bedroom.

    The only thing that really concerned him was that there seemed to be a second light on the ground floor, about where he’d expect the living room to be. He wondered if that meant Nancy’s sister had decided to stay in for the night instead of going out with her boyfriend. But even if she was there it would be easy to sneak past her so he could join the slumber party in Nancy’s room.

    Just as he brushed the rain from his face Ben noticed the signal he’d been waiting for, he saw the drapes in the second floor window opened and closed three times in rapid succession and then a short pause before they were opened and closed one last time. As soon as the curtains dropped at the end of the signal Ben splashed across the and put his back against the wall of the house before he brought the Omnitrix up to dial in the alien he wanted. Before he slapped down the plunger he dropped his plastic grocery bag to the soggy ground and double checked the twine knotted around the handle.

    Once he was sure his package was secured Ben slapped down the plunger on his watch and felt the energy rush through his body and watched everything around him grow as he changed into Grey Matter. After tying the free end of the string around his waist Ben used the suckers on his fingers and toes to climb the outside wall of the house and scuttle over to the bathroom window that had been left open a crack for him to slide into the house. After he changed back into his human form Ben pulled up the grocery bag by the string. When he had the bag through the window Ben eased it shut and then grabbed a towel to dry off before he left the bathroom and headed down the hall toward Nancy’s bedroom.

    Ben paused outside the bedroom and listened to the hushed voices of several girls on the other side of the closed door before he raised his free arm and knocked softly three times and then twice more when the voices died. “He’s here,” Ben heard Karen say in an excited whisper as bare feet pattered toward him.

    A second later the door was flung open and Karen grabbed Ben’s arm to drag him into the bedroom before she slammed it behind him. “Hi Ben, we’re so glad you’re here.”

    “I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Ben said with a quick grin as his eyes moved around the room to take in the six giggling girls who were waiting for him. Karen dragged him past the girls who watched him from their sleeping bags until she plopped down next to him on the only bed in the room.

    “Let me introduce you to everyone,” Karen said starting with the brunette sitting next to the bed. “This is Nancy our host, her father is an elder in my father’s church.”

    “Hi Ben,” Nancy sounded shy but Ben could see the flash of lust in her eyes and her smile.

    “Next to her is Cindy. Her mother teaches our Sunday school class as church.”

    “Hi Ben,” Cindy giggled hard enough to make her tits wobble in her demure nightie as she brushed her pale blond hair away from her blue eyes.

    “Then we have Rachel Evansworth. Her father is the head deacon in our church.”

    “Hi Ben,” Rachel said with obvious excitement. Ben could see that she had her hand in her panties and realized she was already playing with her own pussy.

    “This is Sarah Walters. She’s Nancy’s neighbor and her father is the pastor at Valley Baptist church over on Woodlawn Avenue.”

    “Hi Ben,” Sarah said with an impish grin, pushing her light brown hair back while she casually pulled out the top of her nightie to give Ben a quick flash of her erect nipples.

    “Now we have Mary Reynolds. Her parents are members of our church and her mother is one of my mother’s oldest friends.”

    “Hi Ben,” the freckle faced redhead was obviously nervous but seemed to be as determined as her friends to go through with everything.

    “And last and probably the horniest we have Kim Sanders. Kim’s adoptive parents are missionaries to Japan currently on furlough but returning to Japan the end of this month.”

    “Hi Ben,” the Japanese girl said with a seductive smile while she brushed her long black hair back over her shoulders. “My friends back home are going to be so jealous when my belly starts growing with your baby.”

    “I can see what you want,” Ben said with an encouraging smile. “But just in case did bring along plenty of condoms.”

    “And you can leave them in the bag,” Nancy giggled. “The reason we took so long to give you the signal. We were discussing wether or not we should use protection, but the more we talked, the more we realized that we all like the idea of getting pregnant. So no condoms for you tonight, you’re going to do your best to pop our cherries and knock us all up before the night is done.”

    “Well,” Ben said, looking at all seven girls in turn, “I can tell you that Karen is already pregnant from our fuck earlier in the week, and I can see that if I fuck all of you tonight I’ll knock you up for sure. If this is what you really want than I’ll do it.”

    “Good,” Nancy said as all the other girls nodded in agreement.

    “So who’s going to be first?” Ben asked, setting his grocery bag aside and pulling his shirt over his damp hair.

    “That’s something else we had to decide,” Kim said. “Since all of us are still a little nervous about losing our virginities we asked Karen to go first so we can watch before we take our turns.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Ben said as he stood up from the bed to remove his shoes and socks before dropping his pants and underwear to the floor. He grabbed the plastic bag off the bed and shifted it to the nightstand before he turned to see Karen already naked and stretched out on the bed waiting for him.

    “By the way Ben,” Karen said as Ben crawled between her legs and started playing with her already sopping pussy lips. “What else do you have in the bag besides those condoms you’re not going to use? I can see and here that you have something else in there.”

    “Yes, I brought along a special gift for everyone,” Ben said before he licked Karen’s juices from his fingers.

    “Did you bring one of your special vibrators for everyone?” Karen asked excitedly.

    “I always do,” Ben said, leaning forward to lick Karen’s slit and erect clit while he inched his hands up her body to tease her tits.

    “Oh,” Karen moaned with pleasure, “you’re all going to love Ben’s little gift. I don’t know where he gets his special didos but the batteries never die in them and they have special settings. One setting turns the dildo on at random times through the day. Today I put mine in my cunt when I was getting dressed and it turned on five times during the day. One time was just as I raised my hand to answer a question during French class. I’m just glad the teacher called on someone else or I would have had trouble opening my mouth without moaning in pleasure when the dildo turned on.”

    “Sounds like fun,” Rachael said with an envious glance at the shopping bag, “I can’t wait to give mine a try.”

    “It does sound like fun, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on mine,” Kim said with a sigh. “My parents search everything I bring home, and it will be even harder to find a hiding place for my dildo when we have to pack for the move back to Japan.”

    “Maybe,” Sarah said thoughtfully, “Karen already gave you an idea on how to sneak home. All you have to do is stick it in your pussy before you go home. Your parents will never search your cunt, and once Ben pops your cherry you should have no problem hiding it in your slit.”

    “I think you’re right,” Kim agreed, “of course I’ll want to make sure that I don’t turn it on, my parents will know something’s going on if I have an orgasm with no warning.”

    “Can everyone see?” Ben asked, pulling his mouth away from Karen’s pussy and shifting up her body until the head of his cock touched the girl’s drooling slit. He looked around and saw that all the girls were standing around the bed so they all had a good view of what he and Karen were doing.

    “We have a great view,” Nancy said, “so make sure you give us a good show.”

    “No problem,” Ben and Karen said together.

    Once he was sure the other girls could see what was happening Ben thrust forward, sliding the head of his cock between Karen’s pussy lips and deep into the redhead’s cunt. Karen let out a moan of pleasure and the other girls all gasped in surprise as Ben’s balls bounced off Karen’s firm ass.

    Ben barely noticed the oohs and aahs from the six virgins watching the show he was concentrating so hard on the pleasure of Karen’s cunt massaging the whole length of six inch shaft. He wondered when she’d learned the trick of using her cunt muscles like that, but then he decided to ignore the how and when and just enjoy the sensation. He shifted the angle of his thrust so his cock rubbed against her erect clit sending a shiver through Karen’s body as she emitted another moan of pleasure from her lips.

    “Oh wow,” Nancy groaned, playing with her pussy while she watched Ben’s cock sliding in and out of Karen’s wet pussy. “Now I wish I’d insisted on going first.”

    “You mean you wish you hadn’t chickened out,” Rachel snickered. “Right now I think we all feel the same way.”

    “Don’t worry,” Ben grunted as he continued to thrust in and out of Karen’s quivering body, “at the rate we’re going it won’t be long before I’m fucking all six of you.”

    “Good, because right now I don’t want to wait to lose my cherry and get your baby growing in my belly,” Kim said eagerly, watching Karen’s body shivering with her approaching orgasm.

    Ben felt Karen’s cunt clamp tight around his cock as the redhead orgasmed and he managed one last thrust to burry his shaft as deep as it would go in the girl’s already pregnant cunt before his balls cramped tight against the base of his shaft and he shot his load in her belly.

    “That was wonderful,” Karen mumbled with a tired smile as Ben pulled his still hard cock out of her cum filled slit.

    “So who’s first to lose her cherry?” Ben asked, looking around at the circle of naked virgins standing around the bed.

    “Me first,” the girls all said at once.

    “Nancy’s first,” Karen said, “we all agreed that since this was her party she’d be the first one.”

    “That was before we watched you and realized how much fun fucking really is,” Sarah grumbled. “Now I’m stuck in fifth place while everyone but Kim goes ahead of me. I’m not even sure if he’ll last that long.”

    “I will,” Ben promised, “I don’t know how, but I promise I’ll find a way to knock all six of you up before the night is done.”

    “That’s good enough for me,” Kim said excitedly, “but I’m still anxious for my turn so you better get up here and get started Nancy.”

    “I’m coming, I’m coming,” Nancy said as she scooted into the spot Karen vacated for her. “Hurry up Ben, you may have all night, but you also have six horny virgins to knock up.”

    “And I’m going to make sure that all six of you enjoy it,” Ben said as he crawled between Nancy’s thighs so he could get a good look at her pussy. He could see that the light patch of brown hair around her slit was already wet but he gave her quivering pussy lips a couple licks of his tongue just to be sure before he moved up her body to kiss her small tits and suck her erect nipples.

    “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Ben asked Nancy as he placed the head of his cock against her virgin slit. “Once I’m in there’s no going back, and I can tell you right now that you will be pregnant when we’re done.”

    “I know,” Nancy said with a shiver of anticipation, “that makes it even hotter. Do it Ben, pop my cherry and fuck me. Fill my pussy with your sperm and knock me up with your baby.”

    “I just wanted to make sure,” Ben said, reaching down to hold his cock steady as he eased it between Nancy’s tight cunt lips. He felt Nancy’s pussy close around the head of his cock and leaned forward to suck on her nipples while slid his shaft deeper into her virgin hole. Nancy let out a little gasp of surprise when the tip of his prick touched her hymen. He pulled back just a little and then, just before he slammed his cock through her cherry he sucked as hard as he could on Nancy’s left nipple while he shoved forward with everything he had to break through the barrier in one thrust.

    “Oh my God that hurt!” Nancy said while Ben held his cock as deep as it would go in Nancy’s no longer virgin pussy while it shifted and adjusted to the intruding shaft of flesh.

    “But it’s all over now,” Karen whispered in her friend’s ear. “I bet you’re already starting to enjoy Ben’s cock in your belly aren’t you?”

    “Maybe a little,” Nancy admitted reluctantly. “But wait a few more seconds before you start moving, ok Ben.”

    “Sure,” Ben said, taking his mouth away from Nancy’s nipple long enough to speak, “just let me know when you want me to start fucking.”

    “Nancy closed her eyes and tried to focus of the pleasure of Ben’s cock in her pussy and mouth on her tit but she could still feel the ache of her lost virginity, though the memory seemed to be slipping away with every second.

    When he felt Nancy’s cunt quiver around his cock Ben knew that it wouldn’t be long before she was ready to start fucking for real but her tight little pussy felt so good around his shaft that he couldn’t resist rotating his hips to give her an added push. “Ok, Ben, I’m ready now,” Nancy said, crossing her ankles behind his ass and pulling him in tight.

    Ben started slow just to be sure, but when Nancy’s only response was an almost constant moan of pleasure as she lifted her bare ass off the bed to meet his every thrust. Once he was sure Nancy was ready Ben started to pick up his pace until his balls were bouncing off the brunette’s ass with an audible slap while he leaned forward to slurp her left nipple between his lips. “Fuck me Ben,” Nancy gasped through the pleasure that filled her whole body, “suck my tits, fill me with your cum and knock me up.”

    “I don’t think you have to ask him,” Karen said, “I don’t think Ben could stop now no matter what.”

    Without taking his mouth away from Nancy’s tit Ben managed to shake his head in agreement to Karen’s words. Nancy slapped her hand over her mouth to muffle the scream of pleasure that tried to escape her lips as her body spasmed in orgasm, clamping her pussy so tight around Ben’s cock that he couldn’t pull it out for another thrust so he did his best to bury the shaft as deep as it would go. Nancy’s cunt muscles milked Ben’s cock and sent him over the edge, filling her fertile slit with his potent cum.

    “That was wonderful,” Nancy moaned weakly as her legs dropped away from Ben’s ass and she slumped back into the bed. “Am I pregnant now? Or should I let your cum soak in for a few minutes?”

    “You’re pregnant,” Ben assured Nancy as he rolled off her and dropped to the bed beside her, “but go ahead and rest for a few minutes if you want because there’s enough room on the bed for you and whoever’s next.”

    “That would be me,” Mary said as she dropped her white panties to the floor and climbed into the bed. “Scoot over so I can lay out on the bed.”

    “Actually I thought we’d try something a little different this time,” Ben said. “I want to use a different position for each of you when I fuck you. I thought you might want to be the one on top this time, but we need to do something else first.”

    “I see what you mean,” Mary said, looking at Ben’s wilted prick. “What do I do?”

    “You suck it,” Karen told her.

    “But it’s so slimy,” Mary said with a grimace, “do you really expect me to put it in my mouth and suck on it?”

    “You’ll love it,” Karen promised her friend. “There’s nothing better than the taste of another girl’s pussy juice when you’re sucking on a boys cock.”

    “Right,” Mary said sarcastically, “and how many boys have you sucked?”

    “Never mind that,” Karen said. “Just trust me, you’ll love the taste, especially the taste of Nancy’s virgin juices.”

    With a shrug Mary ran her finger along Ben’s slimy cock and licked it clean, a surprised smile touching her lips as the taste filled her mouth. “That does taste good,” she said. “Ok, I’ll do it.”

    While the other girls watched Mary sucked Ben’s cock into her mouth until her lips circled the base of his shaft. Ben felt Mary’s tongue caressing his cock and felt himself responding at the first touch. Whatever Mary lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm and it wasn’t long before he was hard again. Now that he was ready to fuck again Ben realized that he had another problem, Mary was enjoying the blowjob so much she wasn’t stopping.

    “Mary you have to stop,” Ben told the girl sucking his cock as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft. “If you don’t stop I’m going to cum in your mouth and then you’ll have to wait before I pop your cherry and knock you up.”

    “Oh right,” Mary said, letting Ben’s quivering shaft spring from hot lips with obvious reluctance. “I was enjoying it so much I almost forgot why I was sucking your cock.”

    “Well you’re good at it,” Ben said while Mary crawled up his body until her wet slit was running up and down his erect cock. “Trust me, any boy is going to love your blow jobs”

    “Thanks, but that’s not why we’re here tonight, so let’s see if you can knock me up like you did Karen and Nancy.”

    “Oh I will,” came Ben’s muffled reply as he sucked Mary’s erect nipple between his lips and chewed on it gently. Mary let out a little gasp when Ben nibbled on her left tit but she quickly stifled the sound and started moving her hips back and forth so Ben’s hard cock slid across her drooling slit until the shaft was coated with her juices.

    “Looks like you’re both ready,” Karen said as she reached between their bellies to guide the head of cock until it was wedged between Mary’s pussy lips.

    “You don’t have to ask Ben,” Mary said once the head of Ben’s cock was in her pussy. “I really want this and I know that you’ll probably knock me up. So let’s do it.”

    Ben just nodded without releasing Mary’s nipple and wiggled his hips to force another inch of his cock between Mary’s pussy lips until it came up against the resistance from the redhead’s hymen. “You relax and let me do this, Ben. Then when my parents ask who took my virginity I can say I did it myself.”

    “I wish I’d thought of that,” Nancy said from the edge of the bed as she watched her friend take a deep breath before she put all her weight into her next thrust. For a second it looked like Ben’s cock wasn’t going to do the job but Mary kept bearing down on his invading shaft until her hymen finally split and she slammed her pubic hair into Ben’s with enough force to make the bed springs creak under their weight.

    “Careful,” Nancy hissed, “Cathy’s just downstairs. If we make too much noise she’s sure to come up an check on us.”

    “I’ll be careful,” Mary said through clenched teeth, holding herself still to adjust to Ben’s cock in her deflowered cunt, “but it won’t be easy. Ben’s cock feels so good in my pussy I just want to scream and let everyone know.”

    “I know what you mean,” Nancy said with a dreamy smile, “but you just have to hold it in, we all do.”

    “I’ll try,” Mary grunted as she rotated her hips and meshed her red pubic hairs with Ben’s brown ones, “but it won’t be easy.”

    Ben let out a muffled groan of pleasure when Mary started sliding her grasping pussy up and down his cock shaft. For a girl who just lost her virginity Mary was fucking him like a pro, her cunt muscles grasping his shaft every time she pulled back and releasing it when she slammed her pussy forward so Ben’s cock was buried deep in her belly with every thrust. It wasn’t long before Ben felt his balls start to twitch with his approaching orgasm and from the way Mary’s slit was quivering around his shaft he knew it wouldn’t be long before she came as well.

    “Oh God,” Mary moaned, “his cock is getting even bigger in my pussy.”

    “That means he’s about to cum,” Karen told her friend.

    “So am I,” Mary gasped. “Come on Ben, fill my pussy with your cum and knock me up while I cum at the same time.”

    “Here you go, Mary,” Ben said, taking his mouth away from Mary’s tit as he brought his ass off the bed and slammed his cock as deep as it would go as he spat his full load of cum into her spasming pussy. “That should knock you up for sure.”

    “I can feel it,” Mary said while her body shivered on top of Ben. “I’m sure I’m pregnant. I can’t wait to see the look on my parents’ faces when they see my swollen belly.”

    For a few seconds Ben thought Mary had fallen asleep on top of him then he saw her eyes open and she rolled off him with a groan and stretched out next to him as Nancy scooted off the mattress to make room for her.

    “So who’s next?” Ben asked after a deep breath, he wondered where he was getting the energy to keep going since he usually only managed three girls before he was too exhausted to do anything.

    “It’s my turn now,” Rachel said as she knelt between Ben’s legs. “It doesn’t look like you got that soft this time.”

    “I guess not,” Ben said, looking down at the half erect cock that Rachel held between her fingers. “A couple licks and I should be ready to go again. Cindy, you’re next right?”

    “That’s right,” the blond said. Ben could see that her hand was still stuck in her panties and from the wet spot in the front panel he figured she’d been masturbating the whole time.

    “In that case why don’t you get out of that prissy little nightie and get up here too?” Ben said, gesturing for her to join them on the bed.

    “What do you have in mind?” Cindy asked as she dropped her nightie to the floor to reveal her jiggling tits before she pushed her light blue panties down her legs to reveal the thick bush of blond hair around her slit. “It’s obvious you don’t have two cocks so you can’t fuck both of us at the same time.”

    “That’s right,” Ben admitted, “I only have one cock, but I’m going to have Rachel sit on my cock, and that means there should be plenty of room for you to sit on my face so I can eat your pussy at the same time.”

    “That sounds like fun,” Cindy said with a grin, “so I guess you can do two of us at once.”

    “That’s enough Rachel,” Ben said pushing her head away from his now erect cock. “Now I want you to turn around and straddle my hips so you’re right above my cock.”

    “Like this?” Rachel asked when she was kneeling above Ben’s cock.

    “That’s right,” Ben said with a nod when Rachel turned her head to look at him. “Now turn and look at the mirror. Do you see yourself in the mirror?”

    “Yes,” Rachel said, frowning at her own reflection.

    “Good, that means you can watch yourself while we’re fucking.”

    “Oh,” Rachel said, “that does sound like fun.”

    “And what about me?” Cindy asked. “How do I get in on the act?”

    “You,” Ben said, smacking his lips, “will face the head of the bed and straddle my face so I can eat your pussy while Rachel rides my cock like a good cowgirl.”

    “That does sound like fun,” Cindy said excitedly as she knelt above Ben’s face so her slit was just a couple inches above his nose so he could breath in the scent of her cunt as she lowered herself toward his lips and tongue.

    At the same time Rachel was watching herself in the mirror, using one hand to guide Ben’s cock toward her slit while she used the other one to hold herself steady while she lowered herself down. Ben felt the tip of his cock slide across Rachel’s cunt lips, her juices coating the head until she managed to slip it between her pussy lips. When the head of his cock entered Rachel’s pussy Ben grabbed Cindy’s thighs and pulled the giggling blond down to his waiting mouth.

    “Oh Ben,” Cindy gasped as Ben ran his tongue along her wet slit, “this feels so good. I just know I made the right decision when Karen told us about you.”

    “If you think his tongue feels good just wait until it’s your turn to actually fuck him,” Rachel said with a grunt as she dropped her pussy the rest of the way down Ben’s shaft until the whole cock was nestled in her hot slit. “I am so glad I popped my own cherry after Nancy told me about the entertainment for tonight. I decided the best way to enjoy my first fuck was to take care of my cherry ahead of time so I could take Ben’s whole cock on the first stroke.”

    “I wish I’d thought of that,” Nancy sighed, “but at least the pain didn’t last too long before things started feeling real good. So what did you use?”

    “My hair brush,” Rachel said as she swivelled her cunt around on Ben’s invading cock so that their pubic hairs tickled each other and sent shivers running through her pussy even before she started riding his hard cock. “The handle of my brush isn’t as long or thick as Ben’s wonderful cock, but it was enough to pop my cherry, and my parents never even knew that I did it.”

    “That’s almost as exciting as letting Ben knock us all up at the same time,” Kim said, watching Rachel’s hips rotate around Ben’s shaft. With a groan Rachel lifted her ass a couple inches off Ben’s thighs and then dropped her pussy back down on his cock. The new thrust sent Ben’s shaft so deep Rachel was sure the tip hit her cervix and it sent a shiver up her spine when she realized that the boy would soon be filling her with enough cum to give her a baby in her womb.

    While Rachel started riding his cock Ben sucked Cindy’s erect clit between his lips and gave her a quick nip so she emitted a sharp yelp before she remembered to keep things down. “Sorry,” Cindy told her friends, “he surprised me.”

    “The surprises aren’t done yet,” Karen told her as she watched Ben’s hands crawl up the other girl’s body to cradle her tits while his thumbs rolled across her erect nipples.

    “I don’t know what’s better,” Cindy gasped, “Ben’s tongue in my cunt or his hands on my tits.”

    “Trust me Cindy,”Nancy told her friend, “Ben’s tongue and hands are nothing compared to his cock.”

    “That’s for sure,” Rachel groaned watching her reflection as Ben’s cock stretched her pussy lips as they could go. She could even see her belly quivering with her approaching orgasm. She slammed her ass down one last time and clamped her cunt tight around Ben’s buried prick and she did her best to milk every drop of sperm from the boy’s spasming shaft.

    “I’m cumming,” Cindy cried in a muffled groan, “I’m cumming with Ben’s tongue in my pussy and his hands on my tits.”

    “I’m cumming too,” Rachel cried in a hushed gurgle. “I can feel Ben’s sperm knocking me up right now. Thank you Ben.”

    “You’re welcome Ben mumbled, taking his mouth away from Cindy’s drooling slit while Nancy and Mary caught their friend when she collapsed from exhaustion and lowered her limp body down to the bed so she could recover.

    “Does this mean it’s my turn?” Cindy asked excitedly, looking down at Rachel’s smiling face and sperm filled slit.

    “Almost,” Ben told the anxious virgin. “Karen, my cock could use a little incentive if you don’t mind.”

    “My pleasure,” Karen said, taking Ben’s limp cock in her hand and licking Rachel’s juices from the tip. This time it took a little extra work before Ben’s cock responded to the suction of the redhead’s mouth, but by the time Cindy’s pussy was well on the way to a second orgasm Ben was ready to deflower yet another virgin.

    “Now it’s your turn Cindy,” Ben said once his cock was fully erect.

    “Oh good,” Cindy gasped. “So what position do you have in mind for me?”

    “Almost the same position as Rachel,” Ben said. “But instead of facing the end of the bed you’ll be facing the head of the bed.”

    “That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be as much fun as Rachel had, I won’t even be able to watch myself in the mirror.

    “No, but with Sarah’s help you’ll have even more fun than Rachel did,” Ben explained.

    “Me?” Sarah asked with an excited squeak, “what am I going to do?’

    “You are going to sit on my face while I eat your pussy,” Ben explained, “but you’re going to face the other way so you suck Cindy’s tits and she can play with yours.”

    “Oh, that does sound like fun,” Sarah said, removing her clothes and crawling up on the bed with a creak from the springs as she knelt next to Ben’s head. “Time to move down Cindy.”

    “I’m moving, I’m moving,” Cindy said, humping her way down Ben’s chest and stomach. When Ben’s prick was caught in her ass cheeks she wiggled ass enticingly before she lifted her ass over Ben’s cock and sat down on his thighs so his shaft was cradled against her drooling slit.

    While Cindy teased Ben’s cock with her pussy Sarah straddled Ben’s head and brought her brown furred pussy down to his sucking mouth. “You know, Cindy, I never sucked another girl’s tits, I think I might enjoy it.”

    “I know I’m going to enjoy playing with your tits,” Cindy said. “I always enjoy playing with my own tits, and yours are bigger than mine. I’m looking forward to showing you what Ben just showed me, I just know you’re going to love it.”

    While Sarah sucked experimentally on Cindy’s right nipple Cindy lifted herself up on her knees and placed the head of Ben’s cock against the drooling lips of her pussy and took a deep breath and held it. She lowered her hips down slowly until the head of Ben’s cock split her cunt lips and came to rest against her intact cherry.

    Meanwhile Ben’s mouth was busy chewing Sarah’s juicy slit through her thatch of brown pussy hair. Sarah’s cunt lips opened as he ran the tip of his tongue along them and when her erect clit poked him in the nose he sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the tender bud.

    When Sarah gave Cindy’s nipple a gentle nip she was so startled she dropped her hips down an inch before she realized what she was doing. Ben’s cock split Cindy’s hymen and sent a wave of pain through her pussy and the girl hissed in pain and tried to hold her cunt steady while she adjusted to the size of Ben’s prick while she caught her breath.

    Cindy was surprised how quickly the ache in her pussy faded away and turned to pleasure as Ben’s hot cock pulsed in her slit. Once the pain passed Cindy eased her hips another inch down Ben’s shaft and felt a wave of pleasure shooting up her belly to meet another wave traveling down from Sarah’s sucking mouth on her tits. Determined to get Ben’s whole prick in her cunt before he filled her womb with his baby juice Cindy lowered her pussy down an inch at a time until his cum filled balls bounced off her firm ass.

    “Suck my tits Sarah,” Cindy groaned as she started riding Ben’s shaft, bouncing her thighs up and down on the bed and pushing herself toward her first orgasm as a non-virgin.

    “I know Ben’s cock feels incredible in your pussy,” Sarah said, taking her mouth away from Cindy’s nipple long enough to speak while she kneaded both of her breasts at the same time, “but don’t forget to play with my tits while you fuck him.”

    “Sorry,” Cindy said, raising her hands to cup Sarah’s tits and roll her thumbs across the other girl’s erect nipples the same way Ben had played with her breasts. “By the way Sarah, I can now say that as good as Ben’s tongue feels in your pussy, his cock feels so much better.”

    “I told you,” Karen said, “but the best is yet to come, just wait until he shoots his load in your belly. Just knowing that Ben’s knocking you up with his cum will give you the greatest orgasm ever.”

    “I’m almost there now,” Cindy panted as she picked up her pace. “I can feel Ben’s cock swelling in my slit.”

    “That means Ben’s about to shoot his load,” Rachel said, “I felt it just before he knocked me up.”

    Ben buried his tongue as deep as it could go in Sarah’s slit at the same time that he bounced his ass off the mattress to meet Cindy’s quivering pussy and felt his balls clench tight against the base of his prick to shoot his first load of juice into the girl’s womb, sending the blond over the edge so that her cunt clamped tight around his shaft and started milking the cum straight from his shaft.

    “Oh God, I can feel it,” Cindy moaned. “I just know Ben is knocking me up with his baby right now.”

    “I told you it would be your best orgasm ever,” Karen said, hugging her friend’s quivering body as her womb absorbed every drop of Ben’s potent cum.

    “My turn, my turn,” Sarah said, practically shoving Cindy off Ben’s cock before it had a chance to go limp in her slit.

    “What position do you have for me Ben?” Sarah asked as she slid her drooling cunt away from Ben’s mouth and down his body until his cock rested against her pussy hair. Ben’s shaft never even had a chance to go limp before it sprang back to like when Sarah’s pubic hairs tickled his prick.

    “For you, we’re going to spoon,” Ben said, licking the pussy cream from his lips before he spoke.

    “What does that mean?” Sarah asked excitedly.

    “That means we both lay on our sides,” Ben explained, “you have your back to me and we snuggle in tight together so I can fuck my cock in your cunt from behind.”

    “That sounds like fun,” Sarah said as she snuggled back into Ben’s chest, “can you play with my tits while you fuck me?”

    “Sure I can,” Ben said, throwing his arm over Sarah’s arm to give her breast an affectionate squeeze. “And if you cock your leg everyone can watch while I fuck you too.”

    “Do it Sarah,” Nancy said, “I want to watch when Ben’s cock splits your pussy lips and pops you cherry.”

    “I want to see it when Ben shoots his load and knocks her up,” Karen giggled.

    “I want to see it all,” Kim said.

    “You will,” Sarah promised, raising her right knee so all the other girls had a clear view of her juicy cunt. “What are you waiting for, Ben?”

    “Not a thing,” Ben said with a chuckle as he slid his cock past Sarah’s ass cheeks and along her pussy lips.

    “Don’t tease me Ben,” Sarah begged with a shiver. “You know I don’t want it in my ass now, but maybe I’ll consider it after you knock me up.”

    “Sounds like fun,” Ben said, giving Sarah’s ass an affectionate pat, “but we’ll have to try it some other time because I don’t think I’ll be able to make more than seven of you girls tonight, and I still don’t know how I’m managing that.”

    “I’m just glad you are,” Sarah sighed when Ben placed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and started to push. “When I found out I was going to be the next to last girl tonight I thought I’d never lose my cherry.”

    “Well I’m going to take care of that right now,” Ben said, forcing the head of his cock into Sarah’s slit to the appreciative sighs of the watching girls. “Hold on Sarah, I’m about to pop your cherry.”

    “I’m ready,” Sarah said, closing her eyes and catching her breath in anticipation of the pain.

    Ben brought his cock back from Sarah’s barrier and slammed his hips forward with one quick jab to smash through her hymen. In spite of her best efforts Sarah let out a little squeak of pain when Ben’s cock split her cherry and she bit her bottom lip to stop herself from making any more noise. “Oh God that hurt,” she groaned.

    “Does it still hurt?” Ben asked as few seconds later, holding his cock steady while he waited for Sarah to get use to his invading shaft.

    “Not really,” Sarah said after a thoughtful pause. “There’s a little ache, but your cock is already starting to feel good.

    “In that case I’ll give you a little more cock, let me know if you want me to stop, ok?”

    “I will,” Sarah promised, “but if your cock feels this good in my pussy I don’t care how much pain there is, because there’s going to be a lot more pleasure.”

    “There really is a lot more pleasure than pain,” Ben said as he slid his cock back until only the head was left between Sarah’s pussy lips and then eased it forward until another inch was forced into her slit.

    “More, more, give me more cock Ben,” Sarah moaned, “don’t hold back, I want everything, and I want it now!”

    “If you’re sure,” Ben said, pulling his cock back again before he slammed the whole length of his prick into Sarah’s shivering body. Once he was sure Sarah could handle his whole cock he started sliding in and out of her wet slit, faster and faster with each stroke until his belly was slapping against her ass with every thrust.

    “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God,” Sarah chanted with every stroke of Ben’s cock. “I never knew fucking could feel this good. If I’d known fucking felt this good I would have lost my cherry years ago.”

    “Me too,” Karen said, “but with my parents I don’t know how I could have done it sooner than I did.”

    “Amen to that sister,” Rachel said with a giggle at her little joke.

    Ben slipped his hand down from Sarah’s tit until it reached her erect clit and gave it a little pinch before he started running his fingers across the pulsing bud. “That feels so good,” Sarah purred, “but I think I’m about to cum.”

    “So am I,” Ben assured her, “ready for my baby juice?”

    “Give me all you’ve got,” Sarah said, “I’ll take it all and still want more.”

    “Here it comes,” Ben grunted, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Sarah’s spasming cunt so his baby juice shot straight into her thirsty belly.

    “Oh God, Ben!,” Sarah groaned, her pussy milking the boys cock for every drop of cum. “Fill my cunt with your cum and your baby.”

    “Oh I have,” Ben assured the happy girl snuggled next to him. “I can already tell that you’re already pregnant. “In fact the only girl in the room who isn’t pregnant right now is Kim.”

    “And I think it’s time we corrected that little problem,” Kim said as she climbed into the bed and pressed her body against Ben’s bare back so her erect nipples made a dint in his shoulders.

    “Patience Kim,” Ben chuckled, “give me a chance to recover before you start making demands.

    “I have been patient,” Kim pointed out. “Now it’s my turn to fuck and I want to lose my cherry and get a baby just like everyone else.”

    “Sorry Sarah, but Kim does have a point,” Ben said, pulling his soft cock out of her tight pussy.

    “I know she does,” Sarah sighed, “but can I suck you hard enough to fuck her?”

    “Sure you can,” Ben said as he lay back on the bed and opened his legs to give her easy access to his cock.

    “You’re not doing it alone,” Kim said as she joined her friend. “I want a taste of Ben’s cock before he sticks it in my pussy.”

    “You can both do it,” Ben said, “just stop when I tell you or I could waste the shot on your faces instead of putting it where it belongs - in Kim’s cunt.”

    “I’ll make sure she stops before that,” Kim promised, giving Sarah the eye.

    To Ben it was obvious that the two girls weren’t sure what they were doing at first, but after a few false starts they learned to take turns with Sarah licking his prick from one side and Kim licking it from the other side. When his cock started to respond to their tongues they started taking turns sucking it into their mouths until Ben assured them that he was ready.

    “So what position do you want to fuck me in?” Kim asked eagerly.

    “Have you ever heard of doggie style?” Ben asked.

    “But Mr. Tennyson,” Kim said, giving him a wide brown eyed stare, “I’m just an innocent little Missionary’s Kid, I shouldn’t know about anything like that. Of course I’m also a horny little twelve year old who knows more than her parents want her to. I know about doggie style, but tell me what to do anyway.”

    “It’s simple really,” Ben told the Asian girl as she pushed her long black hair out of her face, “all you have to do is get up on your hands and knees. Once you’re ready I’ll come up and fuck you from behind.”

    “Ok,” Kim said as she got up on her hands and knees, “like this?”

    “Almost perfect,” Ben said, “just lift your ass a little higher and I’ll slip my cock into your nice tight virgin pussy.”

    “It won’t be virgin for much longer,” Kim pointed out with a chuckle as she raised her a little higher and spread her thighs when Ben came up behind her.

    “Say goodbye to your virginity,” Ben said, sliding his cock along Kim’s slit until the shaft was coated with her pussy juice. He placed the tip of his cock against Kim’s opening and grabbed her hips to hold her steady as he jabbed the head into her cunt.

    “Don’t stop there,” Kim said when Ben paused with the head just past her pussy lips. “Give it to me, if everyone else can take it then I can too.”

    “Ok, here we go,” Ben said, taking a firmer grip on Kim’s hips and pulled them back to meet his thrust. Ben put so much force behind his thrust that Kim lost her balance and fell face first into the pillow so that her scream of pain was muffled as he tore through her hymen.

    “Are you alright Kim?” Ben asked as the girl lifted herself back up from the mattress.

    “I’m fine,” Kim said, “you just caught me by surprise when you busted my cherry. Just give me a minute to adjust to your cock.”

    “Sure, maybe this will help you to adjust,” Ben said as he took his hands from Kim’s hips and shifted them up to her tits. Kim’s tits were the smallest tits of all the girls Ben had fucked that night, but the way she reacted as soon as his fingers caressed her breasts told Ben that they were also the most sensitive.

    “That does help,” Kim said with a moan of pleasure as her nipples popped erect against Ben’s fingers. “Go ahead Ben, I’m ready for you now.”

    Just to be sure Ben took it slowly, easing his cock into Kim’s tight slit an inch at a time until all six inches were sliding in and out of the girl’s black furred Japanese cunt and he was able to pick up the pace until his balls were bouncing off her erect clit with every thrust. Kim was moaning with pleasure every time Ben’s belly slapped her firm ass and Ben could feel her pussy grasping his cock every time he pulled back. He knew it wouldn’t be long before they both came.

    Kim could feel her belly quivering with her approaching orgasm and hoped Ben was close too. “I’m going to cum,” Kim told all her friends.

    “So am I Kim,” Ben grunted as he slapped her firm ass with his belly. “Ready to be a mother?”

    “I’m ready Ben,” Kim said, rocking back on her knees to meet every thrust, “give me your cum and knock me up.”

    “You’ve go it,” Ben grunted with one last thrust to bury his cock as deep as it would go in Kim’s belly as he shot his baby batter into her fertile body. When the first wad of cum shot into her pussy Kim let out a muffled scream of pleasure and her cunt clamped tight around Ben’s cock, her muscles working to milk every drop of cum from Ben’s balls as they tried to give her everything they had.

    “Wow,” Ben said as he dropped next to Kim on the bed, “I never would have thought it was possible, but I actually managed to fuck seven girls in one night, and six of them were fertile virgins.”

    “What do you mean we were fertile?” Nancy asked with a dangerous edge to her voice that was mitigated by the wink she gave her friends.

    “I mean you’re all pregnant,” Ben mumbled tiredly, “I always know when a girl is fertile, and when I’ll knock her up if I fuck her, and when I knock her up. I can’t tell you how I know, but trust me I always do.”

    “I believe you Ben,” Karen said, “I knew your reputation long before I decided let you pop my cherry and knock me up. I knew you’d get the job done the first time, I just didn’t realize I’d enjoy it so much I’d keep coming back.”

    “Well I’ll be happy to fuck any and all of you whenever you want, but right now I need to rest and then get out of here before Cathy decides to check up on you.

    “Well don’t rest too long,” Nancy said with a yawn as she stretched out on her sleeping bag, “I’m surprised Cathy went this long without checking on us.”

    “Me too,” Kim mumbled next to Ben, “she should have been up here to check on us by now. I wonder what she’s been up to while Ben was fucking the shit out of us.”

    Ben thought he heard a low beeping sound coming from the Omnitrix and lifted his weary head up to look at the face of his watch. He noticed that the face of the watch was pulsing red like it did when it was recharging and through his bleary eyes he saw the image of Wild Mutt in red glow. As he continued to watch the pulses sped up until they became a continues red glow and then with one last beep the image turned green and Ben suddenly felt re-energized both physically and sexually.

    The shock from the unexpected energy was enough to make Ben sit up in bed and look around the room. Somewhere nearby Ben could search a fertile girl, a girl who he would impregnate if he fucked her, but a quick look around assured Ben that he’d knocked up all the tired girls surrounding him. Then Ben realized that there was one more girl in the house who he hadn’t knocked up yet, he opened his mouth to warn everyone but he realized he was too late when the bedroom door opened without warning.

    “What the hell is going on in here?” Cathy Timmer demanded as she stepped into her sister’s room and looked around at Ben and the recently deflowered girls still dripping Ben’s potent cum from their slits. Only the fact that Nancy’s older sister started laughing even before she finished her opening line spoiled the show.

    “Three days of practice and I still can’t say my line with a straight face,” the older teen said with a shake of her head. “I didn’t even have to walk in here to know what was going on, I’ve been listening to every creak of the bed, yelp of pain, and moan of pleasure since you started fucking. Not only that, I could smell the sweat and cum even before I opened the door.”

    “But if you’ve been practicing that line for three days,” Nancy said, “that means you knew what we were going to do.”

    “Word gets around where Ben’s concerned,” Cathy said with a chuckle, “his reputation has already reached the high school and with all of you trying to keep his visit a secret someone was bound to overhear your plans and pass them on.”

    “So why didn’t you stop us?” Kim asked.

    “Because I knew that even if I managed to stop you this time, the seven of you would find another way to get Ben to fuck you and knock you up,” Cathy pointed out. “I’d only be delaying the inevitable, and if I did stop you then I’d miss my chance to join in the fun.”

    “You want Ben to fuck you too?” Nancy said in surprise.

    “I sure do,” Cathy said, “I’m tired of being a virgin too.”

    “You do realize that if Ben fucks you you’ll probably end up pregnant, right?” Sarah asked.

    “Like I said, Ben’s reputation has already reached the high school where he’s known as One Shot Ben because he knocks up every girl he fucks with one shot,” Cathy said with a grin.

    “Personally I’d prefer the nickname Sure Shot Ben,” Ben pointed out with a frown, “but at least I have a reputation.”

    “By the way Nancy,” Cathy said as she started to strip out of her clothes while Kim scooted out of the bed to make room for the older girl, “do you have any idea how much trouble I’m going to be in when you and your friends start growing out of your clothes? When your bellies start swelling at the same time it won’t be that hard for your parents to figure out that you got pregnant at the same time, and where it happened and I’ll be blamed because I was in charge.”

    “But you’ll be growing out of your pants about the same time as us,” Nancy pointed out.

    “Yes, but I plan to blame Carl for my pregnancy,” Cathy said with an impish grin.

    “But why do you want to get your boyfriend in trouble?” Nancy asked.

    “Because he’s not my boyfriend,” Cathy pointed out. “Mom and dad want Carl to be my boyfriend because he puts up such a great act in front of them, but when they’re not around all he can think about is how he’s going to get in my panties. I might even let him do it he wasn’t such a hypocrite, and if I didn’t know what he did to Beth White. You remember Beth don’t you Nancy?”

    “I do,” Karen said, “she’s the girl that got kicked out of the church last year when she got pregnant.”

    “What really got her kicked out of church was when she tried to tell everyone that Carl was the father. Carl’s father used his position on the board to get her kicked out of the church and Carl came out of the whole affair smelling like a rose. But a second pregnancy will change things for sure, and just to be sure I’ll wait a week or so and then let Carl fuck me so when my belly starts swelling up with Ben’s baby Carl will think it’s his. That way I kill two birds with one stone, I embarrass Carl and I lose my cherry and get Ben’s baby.”

    “I guess you have things figured out,” Ben said as he sat up on the edge of the bed and watched Cathy drop the last of her clothes to the floor. Ben was surprised to see that Cathy’s pussy was almost bald, but when he looked closer he realized that sixteen year old was shaved. He also noticed that the older girl had the biggest tits in the room and he could already feel his cock growing hard as she approached him.

    “What about you Ben?” Cathy asked as she came to a stop just in front of him. “Can you fuck another girl? Will you fuck me?”

    “I can and I will,” Ben said. “Somehow that little rest I just had gave me the energy for one more girl, and if you want to fuck me, I want to fuck you.”

    “Good,” Cathy said. “I was listening in on you guys earlier and I heard what you said about using a different position for every girl. So do you have one in mind for me?”

    “I do,” Ben said after a second, “and this is it. Come over here and sit on my lap.”

    “I guess that is a bit different,” Cathy said as she straddled Ben’s legs.

    “No, turn around first,” Ben told her. “That way we can watch ourselves in the mirror and the girls can see everything too.”

    “That does sound kind of kinky,” Cathy said with a grin before turned around and slid her ass down Ben’s stomach until his cock was cradled against her bald pussy lips. “Can you see Ben?”

    “I can see,” Ben said as he poked his head around Cathy’s shoulder to grin at his reflection. “Can everyone else see?”

    “I’m good,” Cindy said.

    “Me too,” Sarah said looking up from her sleeping bag while everyone else nodded.

    “Are you ready Cathy?”

    “I’ve been ready for this all night,” Cathy said, “I’ve been frigging myself all night while I listened to you guys fucking away on this bed. So yes I’m wet and ready for your cock and your cum so let’s do it.”

    “Ok, here we go,” Ben said. “Lift your ass up and I’ll put my cock in your pussy.”

    “Here you go,” Cathy said lifting her ass high enough for Ben to aim his cock at her virgin cunt.

    “Now drop back slowly and slide down my cock,” Ben instructed. “Take it nice and slow, let your pussy adjust to my cock and wait until you’re ready before you pop your cherry because it’s going to hurt.”

    “I know,” Cathy said as she eased her slit down as Ben’s cock head split her pussy lips and entered her belly. “After listening to all those screams of pain I have some idea how much it’s going to hurt when I lose my virginity, but from all the screams of pleasure I know how good it’s going to feel afterward so I know it’s worth it.”

    Cathy lowered herself a little further until Ben’s cock touched her hymen and she backed up to get a better run at it. While Cathy hesitated reached his arms around to squeeze her full tits. With a surprised gasp Cathy dropped her pussy down almost two inches, slamming Ben’s cock right through her cherry.

    “Hold on Cathy,” Ben said running his thumbs across the girl’s nipples.

    “I know,” Cathy said through gritted teeth, “but it still hurts.”

    “Look at that,” Kim said, “I can see Cathy’s cherry juice on Ben’s cock.”

    “I see it too,” Nancy said, “you’re really going through with it aren’t you sis?”

    “Of course I am,” Cathy said with another deep breath, “and now it’s time for me to prove it.” With a quick grimace Cathy flexed her thighs and lifted her pussy up until only the head of Ben’s cock was wedged between her cunt lips and then she lifted her legs off the floor and dropped down in Ben’s lap with her whole weight, taking the whole length of Ben’s shaft in her deflowered hole.

    “Oh my God,” Cathy screamed as her ass smacked into Ben’s lap. “I can’t believe how good this feels. This was definitely worth the pain of losing my virginity. Why the hell does anyone stay a virgin if it feels this good to have a cock in your pussy?”

    “Don’t ask me,” Karen said, “I only lost my virginity a few days ago and I wondered the same thing.”

    “And the rest of us only beat you by a few minutes sis,” Nancy pointed out. “But I think we all had the same question when we started fucking.”

    “It’s done yet Cathy,” Ben said. “Now the real fucking starts.”

    “You mean it gets better?” Cathy asked, looking at the way Ben’s cock stretched her pussy lips in their reflection.

    “It gets much better,” Mary said with a dreamy smile.

    “I’ll see about that,” Cathy said, lifting her hips to the head of Ben’s cock and then dropping them back down again. Her eyes grew larger with every stroke until she was screaming with pleasure.

    “She knows how good it feels now,” Sarah giggled. “I wish I could have screamed like that when Ben was fucking me.”

    “If we knew Cathy was going to join us we could have,” Nancy pointed with a glare at her sister. “But no, she had to keep her plans secret while we tried to keep things as quiet as we could.”

    “I’m sorry,” Cathy said, “if I knew what fucking was really like I would have told you, and I would have been up here to watch the fun as you all lost your cherries.”

    “Cathy, I’m almost ready to cum,” Ben said when he noticed the familiar quiver in his balls. “If you want to back out on having a baby this is your last chance.”

    “Nancy didn’t back out and neither am I,” Cathy gasped. “Besides, I’m close too, and I’m not going to miss my first real orgasm because I might get pregnant.”

    “There’s no might about it Cathy,” Ben said through gritted teeth. “If I cum in your pussy you will be pregnant. They don’t call me Sure Shot for nothing you know.”

    “I know,” Cathy gasped, “so knock me up already. Just make sure I cum at the same time.”

    “I’ll do my best,” Ben promised. “And here comes the baby juice.”

    Ben bounced his bare ass off the edge of the mattress and used the rebound to bury his cock as deep as it would go while his balls clenched against the base of his shaft and several wads of baby juice shot into Cathy’s fertile cunt. As soon as Ben’s cum hit the back of her pussy Cathy’s whole body spasmed and she screamed again as her orgasm smashed through her body in wave after wave of sheer pleasure.

    “Thank you Ben,” Cathy said weakly as he flopped back into the bed, now totally exhausted with every girl in the house pregnant with his babies. “Fucking is incredible and I’m so glad you were my first, the first one to fuck me, and the first one to knock me up.”

    “Glad to oblige,” Ben said weakly as he tried to lift himself back onto the bed. He noticed that the Omnitrix was now completely red and he was sure that there wouldn’t be any more extra energy tonight. “But now I really do need to rest up.”

    “Go ahead,” Cathy said with jaw cracking yawn. “Spend the whole night here if you want, but don’t blame us if we want to do it again in the morning.”
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    That Ben is sure a busy little fucker, isn't he. Very hot chapter, but so busy I could hardly keep track. Good story.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 14

    I just finished the new chapter and I'm posting it. It's not the best chapter I've ever written but I needed it to tie up a few questions before the last chapter. Originally I thought this would be the last chapter but at the last minute I came up with a great idea for the final chapter so it looks like one more for Ben 10 and then I'll be starting Jason's Growing Family (that's the working title, I may come up with something else by the time I actually post it) which takes up the story line 10 years after the original short story Jason's Little Family. After that I'm coming up with some ideas for a Ben 10 Alien Force story set in the universe I've created where Ben will be training his children how to use their alien powers at the same time they're discovering sex. So stick around, I still have some great ideas I want to write about, and in the meantime enjoy this chapter.

    Chapter 14

    “Gwen, Jane, Keesha,” Ben heard his mother say from the front door, “what are the three of you doing here?”

    Ben didn’t hear the response because the whine of his sonic soldering gun covered the girls’ responses but when he put the gun down he heard his mother speaking again. “You can put the babies in the nursery or the playpen in the livingroom. You’ll find Ben in his room, but I’m not sure if he’ll be up to anything after the night he had.”

    “Maybe the three of us can do something about that,” Jane said with a laugh that the other two girls joined in on.

    Just as he put the finishing touches on Cathy’s vibrator Gwen led the other two girls into Ben’s room and called his name as they looked around the bedroom for him. “I’m on the worktable,” Ben called, waving his hand to catch their attention before he hopped down to the floor and deactivated the Omntirix.

    “Hi Ben,” Gwen said as all three girls plopped down on the edge of the bed. With a sigh Gwen dropped back on the mattress and pushed her shirt up so she could rub her swollen belly. “So, what were you doing as Grey Matter?”

    “Just putting the final touches on the last dildo for last night,” Ben said, picking up the bright pink vibrator and giving it a once over.

    “I thought you made all the vibrators you needed before you left for the party,” Jane said. “At least you told us you had to skip our afternoon fuck session to finish them yesterday.”

    “I thought I had enough when I left for the party,” Ben said, “but I didn’t expect a last minute addition.”

    “Who was that?” Keesha asked with a confused frown. “Considering the girls in the sleep over I can’t think of anyone who could have joined the party at the last minute.”

    “Normally you’d be right,” Ben said with a laugh, “those church kids are kind of clicky, but you forgot about Nancy’s sister.”

    “Nancy’s sister Cathy?” Keesha asked with a laugh. “I wondered why she wanted to know about you the other day.”

    “You know her?” Jane asked.

    “You could say that,” Keesha said with a confused shake of her head. “Up until a couple days ago I knew who she was but she avoided me like the plague, that’s when she sat down next to me at lunch and started pumping me for information on Ben. I did my best to play dumb but she seemed to know more about you than I would have expected.”

    “From what Cathy told me my relationship with most of the pregnant girls in the school is well known to other students even if no one official knows about it. When she heard the rumors about the sleep over she decided to join in so she waited until after I was done with the rest of the girls and then surprised us, waling in when everyone was totally exhausted after our fuck session.”

    “But if you were totally exhausted,” Gwen said slowly.

    “I’ve been wondering about that myself,” Ben admitted, “in fact I was wondering where I got the energy to fuck seven girls in one night when I usually get knocked out after just three girls. Then I remembered what Uncle Gary said about how the Omnitrix could be designed to improve the breeding process.”

    “I remember you telling me about that,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “from what you told me he thought the Omnitrix might be sensing the fertility of the girls and that was how you knew about it.”

    “That’s right,” Ben agreed, “but I was wondering if the Omnitrix might be doing more. The way it reacted just before Cathy entered the bedroom makes me wonder if it might be giving me the physical and sexual energy to keep going as long as their’s a fertile girl in the area.”

    “Interesting theory if you’re right,” Gwen said with a frown, “of course you do realize that even with the Omnitrix there’s a limit to how long you can keep going.”

    “I know that,” Ben said, getting up from his desk and moving over to the bed. When Ben hesitated, unsure of where to sit with three girls to choose from, Jane got up from the mattress and gestured for him to sit between Gwen and Keesha. Once Ben was settled Jane gave him a quick grin before she reached for the zipper of his pants and pulled his stiff cock into the open before she turned around and hiked her skirt up to reveal her bare cunt before she sat down on Ben’s lap, sliding his prick between her pussy lips as she leaned back against his chest. “I think the Omnitrix was close to it’s limits last night when Cathy showed up to join the show. I think that’s why it beeped and flashed for a few seconds when she came close enough to be detected.”

    While Ben spoke Jane rolled her hips and let out a little groan of pleasure as she slid her pussy up and down his twelve year old cock. Ben let out a sigh of his own while he slid one under Jane’s blouse and up the slight bulge of her pregnant belly to squeeze her breast through her maternity bra. With his free hand Ben reached over to pat Gwen’s swollen belly and she giggled before she pulled her shirt up so her cousin could stroke her bare stomach.

    “Don’t forget me,” Keesha said, leaning in close enough to stir Ben’s brown hair with her words. “After all, I may not be ready to have another baby, but I’m still a horny slut.”

    “You sure are,” Ben moaned, “you’re also fertile, but my senses tell me that if we do fuck I won’t be able to knock you up.”

    “Good, that means my birth control is working,” Keesha said as she rubbed her body against Bens. “I was afraid your powers would negate my protection, but it looks like we’re safe to fuck after all.”

    “Not that I’m complaining,” Ben said, taking his hand from Jane’s tit and sliding it over to Keesha’s thighs and slid them up to her drooling slit. Just like Jane Keesha wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt and Ben could feel her pussy trying to suck his fingers between her lips. “But I was wondering why the three of you happened to show up here at the same time.”

    “It can’t be that hard to figure out,” Gwen said with a short laugh. “After all, your mom gave birth earlier this week, and you knocked up my mom and Keesha’s mom about the same time, right?”

    “Right,” Ben said hesitantly, his fingers stroking Keesha’s pussy lips absentmindedly. “You mean . . .”

    “My mom went into labor first,” Keesha said and I decided to take Misha over to Gwen’s house and arrived just as her father was loading her mother into the car for the ride to the hospital. There was just enough room in the car for me and Misha to join the ride over to here so he could drop us off and then move on to the hospital with your aunt.”

    “So,” Ben said with a low groan as Jane slid her pregnant cunt up and down his cock, “it looks like two of my babies are going to be born on the same day after all.”

    “I guess so,” Keesha said, her pussy lips quivering around Ben’s fingers as he finger fucked her wet slit. “If you keep this up I may regret my decision to put off my next baby until Misha’s a year old.”

    “Maybe I should try a little harder,” Ben said with a seductive grin, “after all, you’re the only hold out on another baby right now. Even our moms’ are talking about how soon they want to have their next one.”

    “But they have a reason,” Keesha pointed out with a groan of pleasure, “they’re old enough that they have to have their babies as quick as they can before they’re too old to have any more babies. Gwen’s pregnant because she didn’t realize she was fertile when you fucked her just after Ken was born - she was planing to hold off before having another baby, but I don’t think she’s unhappy with the way things turned out.”

    “Of course not,” Gwen said with a gasp while she bounced her pregnant belly up and down on Ben’s fingers.

    “And I know that Jane wants to have as many of your babies as you’ll let her have,” Keesha continued.

    “You got that right,” Jane moaned, her belly shivering with her orgasm as Ben’s cum filled her pussy.

    “But I figured at least one of us had to be practical about having more babies, but only up to a point. I do plan to have more of your babies, Ben, just not right away. But now that you’ve confirmed that my birth control is going to work I would like to fuck.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Ben said while Jane snuggled back against him as her body settled down after her orgasm. “Do you girls mind?”

    “Not me,” Jane said, lifting her sperm filled cunt off of Ben’s shaft and making her way past Keesha to the end of the bed where she sat down with a sigh. “I already have a pussy full of cum and it’s not like you can get me any more pregnant than I already am.”

    “I’m good too,” Gwen said, patting her swollen belly and scooting around to make room for Keesha to lay back on the bed. “But I’m wondering what you’re going to do about those eight girls you left back at Nancy’s.”

    “They’ll be fine,” Ben assured his cousin, “they woke me up this morning ready and horny for a second round but I only managed to fuck three of them before my energy ran out. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I had six vibrators with me. While I was recovering the girls started experimenting with their dildos and they were enjoying themselves so much that I was able to talk them into letting me come home and make another one for Cathy since I didn’t make one for her. The plan is for me to come back once Cathy’s vibrator is done, by that time I should be recovered enough to fuck the other three girls before they have to go home this afternoon. After that I’ll stick around with Nancy and Cathy until their parents are due back tomorrow.”

    “In that case shouldn’t you get back now that you’ve finished Cathy’s vibrator?” Keesha asked even as she settled back on the bed and spread her legs for Ben to crawl in between her thighs.

    “They can wait a few more minutes,” Ben said, sliding his way up Keesha’s brown belly until the head of his cock kissed Keesha’s drooling pussy lips. “Besides, if I don’t fuck you now I don’t know when I’ll be up to fucking you after this weekend - I suspect Cathy and Nancy are going to have me fucked out for several days.”

    “You could be right,” Keesha chuckled, “so I guess I better get what I can now.”

    “I thought you’d see it that way,” Ben said with a grin while he eased his cock into Keesha’s tight slit with a groan of pleasure that was echoed by Keesha as well as Gwen and Jane as they watched Ben’s prick sliding into the black girl’s belly.

    “Oh God, I missed this so much,” Keesha grunted, pushing her ass off the bed to meet Ben’s every stroke. “I’m almost tempted to change my mind and let you knock me up right now.”

    “But you’re not going to are you?” Ben asked with a sigh.

    “Like I said,” Keesha moaned as her body shivered with pleasure, “one of us has to be practical about how many babies we have, and it looks like I’m the only one left.”

    “I understand,” Ben sighed, “but I wish you weren’t so practical. I’d like nothing more than to knock you up just like Gwen and Jane, but at least I can look forward to knocking up our mothers in a couple months.”

    “And just think how much stamina you’re going to have since I’ll be fertile and the Omntrix will keep giving you the energy to knock me up. At least for a few days every month.”

    “Actually,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “a girl has a chance to get knocked up no matter what time of the month it is. It may be harder for a girl to get knocked up when she’s having her period, but it’s still possible. So the Omnitrix should give you the extra energy as long as you’re in the area.”

    “In that case,” Ben said with a chuckle while he slammed his cock in and out of Keesha’s pussy, grinding his pubic hair against the stubble that was just starting to grow back since she’d given birth to Misha.

    “Interesting idea,” Keesha panted, her belly quivering with her approaching orgasm as she threw her legs around Ben’s ass and pulled him in tight against her cunt. “But a black girl in that neighborhood is going to be noticed, even if your new girlfriends keep quiet one of their neighbors will raise the alarm.”

    “I guess you’re right,” Ben sighed, feeling his balls quiver against the base of cock with every stroke. “But it might be worth it to keep up with those girls.”

    “Not for me,” Keesha chuckled, “and it’s my skin that would be on the line.”

    “Ok,” Ben grunted, picking up the pace and giving one final thrust into Keesha’s spasming slit to shoot a full load of cum deep in her cunt.

    “Thanks Ben,” Keesha said, giving her lover a quick kiss as he rolled off her limp body. “I really needed that.”

    “You’re welcome,” Ben said with a dreamy smile. “I just hope I have the energy to do it again after this weekend.”
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    I'm still enjoying this story very much, but still can't understand how they can talk so much while they are (very) actively engaged in sex. Looking forward to your next series, also.
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    Default Ben 10 and the Second Summer Chapter 15

    I had a busy weekend, not only did I manage to finish the last chapter of my Ben 10 story, I managed to finish the first chapter of my new story as well. Check them both out and let me know what you think.

    Chapter 15

    Ben watched through the window of the gym door until he saw the last girl enter the locker room. With one class headed for the showers Ben figured he had just enough time to reach his usual hiding place behind the bleachers before Karen’s class hit the courts. With a quick look to make sure no one was in the hall to see him Ben activated the Omnitrix and felt the energy flow through his body as he transformed into Upgrade.

    In his new form Ben flowed through the double doors leading to the gym and then flattened out against the gym floor until he reached the bleachers. When he reached his usual hiding place Ben detached himself from the bleachers and deactivated the watch to change into his normal human form. Ben didn’t have to wait long before Karen’s class ran out of the girl’s locker room and started running laps around the gym. He saw Karen run past his position three times through the slats of the bleachers before Miss Sinclare came out and blew her whistle to get everyone’s attention.

    “Ok, everyone calm down,” Miss Sinclare called over the rumble of voices as the girls took their positions. “I know you were all looking forward to the track events today but it’s raining too hard for us to go outside.” There was a mutter of disappointment and Miss Sinclare blew her whistle to get everyone’s attention again. “Since we’re stuck inside we may as well make the most of it. Brogan, Evans, you’re team captains. Choose your teams for dodge ball.”

    Miss Sinclare put an end to another groan with a look and the two girls she’d called on started choosing teams. Ben watched as the teams were chosen, suppressing quick grin when Karen was chosen, wondering if she would have been chosen so early if Connie Evans realized that she was two months pregnant - or that this was the usual day she found a way to get away from the rest of the class for a quick fuck.

    Once the teams were chosen Ben watched while the two teams did their best to knock each other out of the game. He noticed that Miss Sinclare was watching the girls as closely as he was but he decided she was just doing her job and making sure that no one was cheating. When he turned back to the game Ben saw Karen stepping into a thrown ball like she was going to catch it but he could tell she intentionally missed the catch so it hit her in the shoulder instead. With a short blast from her whistle Miss Sinclare signaled for the blond to leave the game and a few seconds later Ben saw her sneak away from her eliminated team mates and head for his hiding place.

    “We have to hurry,” Karen said, shoving her gym shorts and panties down to her knees with one quick shove and then leaning against one of the bleacher’s support rails to give Ben easy access to her drooling cunt.

    “This would be a lot easier if you’d just agree to meet me before or after school,” Ben said as he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out into the open. He used his knee to open Karen’s legs as far as they’d go with her shorts bunched around her knees and slid his prick between her thighs until the head touched Karen’s slick pussy lips. “If we could get together then we’d have plenty of time to fuck properly with our clothes off and plenty of time to snuggle up afterward instead of rushing through it every time.”

    “We’ve been through this before Ben,” Karen said with a weary sigh, snuggling back against Ben so the head of his cock eased into her hot slimy pussy. “My parents are way to uptight to let me come to school early - or stay late - so this is our only option if we’re going to keep having sex. And I don’t know about you, but I’m way too horny to go without a cock in my pussy now that you’ve popped my cherry.”

    “And having a baby in your belly probably makes you even hornier,” Ben said with a chuckle, patting Karen’s flat belly. Her pregnancy wasn’t showing yet, but the skin under his hand was much firmer than it had been two months earlier.

    “So horny I could have screamed when I didn’t get your cock yesterday,” Karen said with a soft hiss, slamming her ass back against Ben to bury his cock as deep as it would go in her pregnant cunt. “What happened yesterday? I thought we had a date.”

    “Sorry about that,” Ben muttered, “my mom, Gwen’s mom, and Keesha’s mom had plans for me two nights ago. All three of them wanted to get their new babies started as soon as they could, and all three of them hit their most fertile time on the same day. I had to fuck all three of them twice that night and then again in the morning ‘just to be sure’ and I still hadn’t recovered enough to do anything for our date so I thought I better skip it. After all, it wouldn’t be a good idea for Miss Sinclare to catch me sneaking into the gym for no reason. But at least all three of them are now happily pregnant so I won’t have to do that again for at least nine months.”

    “I guess you’re right,” Karen panted, the fire in her pussy growing out of control with every stroke of Ben’s cock in her belly. She knew she was getting close and when Ben slid a hand under her shirt and bra to pinch her erect nipple it was all she could do to stop herself from screaming in pleasure as his cum splashed deep in her slit. “Thank you Ben,” Karen murmured with dreamy pleasure as her knees regained enough strength to support her.

    “No, thank you,” Ben whispered back, giving her tits an affectionate squeeze before he pulled his hand away.

    “So this is why you keep sneaking away from the class,” a voice said behind Ben. He turned to see Miss Sinclare glaring at the two of them and he gave her a worried smile as he backed away from Karen’s ass, letting the last drop of his sperm roll down her inner thigh when he pulled out of her pussy.

    “Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?” Miss Sinclare hissed while she watched Karen pull her panties and shorts up snug against her pussy, wiping Ben’s sperm off her leg with her hand before she licked it clean with a grin.

    “Of course we know,” Karen said impishly, “that’s what makes fucking so much fun.

    “But Karen,” Miss Sinclare said in an excited whisper, “don’t you realize you could get pregnant.”

    “Could?” Ben asked with a snicker, he wondered it Karen had noticed the same things about her red headed gym teacher that he had.

    “I should have known,” Miss Sinclare said with a disgusted sigh. “None of the girls ever named you, Ben, but you do seem like the most likely candidate for most of the pregnancies around the school in the past year or so. How far along are you?”

    “Two months,” Karen said excitedly, patting her belly as she spoke. “Ben knocked me up the first time we fucked. Ben knocks everyone up the first time he fucks them.”

    “Is that true?” Miss Sinclare asked, brushing her shoulder length hair back from her face as she looked at Ben with new interest.

    “Not every girl,” Ben said sheepishly, “some of them are already pregnant or on the pill and I can’t knock them up. But if there’s a chance I can knock a girl up, I do.”

    “Interesting,” Miss Sinclare drawled.

    “What is so interesting about Ben knocking up every girl he fucks?” Karen asked, giving her redheaded teacher a puzzled look.

    “Haven’t you figured it out yet Karen?” Ben asked. “You told me that she was very strict about making sure all of you wore bras and panties under your gym suits, right?”

    “Yeah,” Karen said slowly.

    “Well look at her, look at the way her nipples stick out against her shirt. Look at the wet spot in her crotch where her pussy is leaking even more juice than you do,” Karen looked and a slow smile crossed her lips when she realized what Ben was about to say. “She’s horny as hell, and I bet she came back here to join the fun. That’s why she’s been so careful about keeping her voice down.”

    “Don’t be ridicules Tynison,” Miss Sinclare said, trying to cover the obvious signs of her arousal while Ben stepped closer, his cock growing harder with each step until he was close enough to reach out and touch her.

    “If I’m wrong,” Ben said as he slipped his hand under the Gym teacher’s t-shirt to grab one of her large breasts, “then why aren’t you screaming bloody murder right now?”

    “Because I don’t want to attract attention and get the two of you in trouble,” Miss Sinclare said with a hiss of pleasure while she leaned closer while Ben pushed her shirt up to expose her tits.

    “Wow,” Karen said in admiration, “I didn’t know you had such big tits Miss Sinclare.”

    “There not that big,” the redheaded teacher said with a proud smile. “I’m only a 36c.”

    “While they’re the largest I’ve ever seen,” Karen said, reaching out to tweak her teacher’s erect nipple, sending a shiver through the older woman’s body. “What about you Ben?”

    “I’ve seen larger,” Ben said squeezing the other tit again before he bent forward to suck the nipple between his lips to Miss Sinclare’s obvious pleasure. “So Miss Sinclare, why don’t you tell me why you really came back here? Was it just to watch the show? Or did you want to join in?”

    “I want to join in,” the redheaded teacher said in a husky whisper while Ben ran his fingers along her quivering pussy lips through the fabric of her gym shorts. “I’ve been watching the two of you for the last couple weeks and I’m so horny I can’t stand it. I haven’t had a good hard fuck since I told my boyfriend I wanted to have a baby and he left the apartment screaming in terror.”

    “Do you still want a baby,” Karen asked her teacher with an impish grin, giving her tits a good squeeze while Ben worked her shorts down her legs until they were a puddle on the hardwood floor.

    “Yes,” with a sigh half pleasure and half desire.as Ben ran his fingers through her slimy cunt lips.

    “In that case you came to the right cock,” Karen giggled. “Ben’s managed to knock up every girl he’s ever fucked - usually on the first try.”

    “Really?” Miss Sinclare asked hopefully.

    “Really,” Ben said, his voice muffled by the older woman’s hairy pussy. “I’ve knocked up every girl I ever fucked, except the ones on the pill. If there’s a chance a girl can get knocked up, I do it. And don’t ask me how, but I can tell that if we fuck right now, I’ll knock you up for sure.”

    “Good,” Miss Sinclare said, taking Ben by the wrist and pulling him toward the back wall of the bleachers. “But we better hurry up before anyone notices that Karen and I are missing.”

    “Rush, rush, rush,” Ben muttered with a chuckle while he spread Miss Sinclare’s legs and grabbed her hips to urge her to bend her knees so he could reach her drooling slit from behind. “Don’t worry, I’ll have a baby in your belly before you know it.”

    “Well stop talking and start fucking, Ben, the sooner you knock me up, the better.”

    “Hold on then,” Ben said, easing the head of his cock between Miss Sinclare’s pussy lips, “because here comes your baby.”

    “Not too fast,” Miss Sinclare said with a groan of pleasure, squeezing Ben’s cock with her pussy muscles while he shoved as deep as it would go in the gym teachers red furred cunt. “I want to have at least one orgasm while you’re knocking me up.”

    “That won’t be a problem,” Ben grunted, rotating his cock in Miss Sinclare’s slit while it was buried deep in belly, “but since we’re in a hurry I think I’ll get a little help.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Karen, how’d you like to suck Miss Sinclare’s tits while I fuck her? With your help I may be able to give her two orgasms before anyone notices you’re missing.”

    “That sounds like fun,” Karen said, moving into position and pushing her gym teacher’s shirt out of the way so she could reach her fat juicy nipples.

    “Your baby is going to love sucking on these,” Karen said, pinching Miss Sinclare’s tits to make her nipples even harder. “I bet your boyfriend loved sucking on them too.”

    “He did,” with a sigh halfway between regret and pleasure while her belly shivered with her approaching orgasm. “Almost as much as I love having them sucked, and once I have my baby I’ll have them sucked more than ever.”

    “You’re going to love it,” Ben whispered while Karen wrapped her lips around the gym instructor’s nipple and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. “My cousin Gwen says there’s nothing hotter than having her nipple sucked on by our son.”

    “Your cousin?” Miss Sinclare gasped in surprised pleasure, “you knocked up your own cousin?”

    “She was the first, but she wasn’t the last,” Ben said.

    “Obviously,” Miss Sinclare said dryly. “And I bet I won’t be the last either.”

    “Not unless I die knocking you up,” Ben said with a chuckle, “and I’m not about to do that.”

    “No,” Miss Sinclare said with a quick laugh that grew into a muffled groan of pleasure as her pussy clamped tight around Ben’s cock with her first orgasm she wasn’t sure if it was Ben or Karen who put her over the edge, but she didn’t care as long as the two of them kept it up. Once she caught her breath she finished what she’d been saying while Ben continued to fuck her hard enough to make his balls bounce off her erect clit with every thrust. “I think you’re going to outlive me, and the way you’re going my baby will have plenty of brothers and sisters.”

    “And just think,” Karen said, giving her teacher a smile before she switched to her other tit, “you’re baby will only be two months younger than mine.”

    “If Ben knocks me up right now,” Miss Sinclare pointed out, leaning forward to give the blond girl easier access to her distended nipple. “I know you said that Ben’s going to knock me up today, but I’m not so sure.”

    “Oh you’ll believe it,” Ben grunted, “in a couple weeks when you wake up running for the bathroom you’ll believe it. And when your belly starts swelling up with my baby you’ll know that I knocked you up - right now!”

    With an extra umph Ben slammed his cock as deep as it could go in Miss Sinclare’s tight cunt and shot wad after wad of baby juice straight into her fertile womb. As soon as the first wad of cum hit her womb the gym teacher’s pussy clamped tight around Ben’s cock as her second orgasm rippled through belly.

    “Thank you Ben,” Miss Sinclare said once she managed to catch her breath. She shooed Karen away from her tits and pulled her shirt down to cover her breasts and once Ben pulled his soft cock out of her cum filled slit she pulled shorts up to her waist. After brushing her hair in place with her fingers no one would have known that she’d just been fucked and impregnated by a twelve year old student.

    “No, thank you,” Ben said, “I always enjoy knocking up a new girl.”

    “Hurry up Karen, we need to get back before anyone realizes we’re gone,” Miss Sinclare said.

    “Should we return together, or separately?” Karen asked.

    “Together,” Miss Sinclare said after a seconds thought, “that way we can say that I caught you trying to sneak away and no one will suspect anything.”

    “Hopefully,” Karen said with a grin. “Ben, you can get out of here without getting caught, right?”

    “I always do,” Ben said with a shrug. “Same time next week?”

    “Yes,” both Karen and Miss Sinclare said at the same time. The two of them looked at each other and grinned before the teacher added, “I’ll make sure that both of us will be able to get away and meet you back here next week. Who knows, we could make this threesome a regular event.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me,” Ben said. “So I’ll the two of you back here next week.” As Ben watched Karen and Miss Sinclare rejoin the rest of the gym class he started wondering if any of his other teacher’s would like to have his babies. He was pretty sure his math teacher Miss Francis had been dropping a few hints his way, maybe it was time to see if there was something there.

    As he activated the Omnitrix Ben wondered how long he’d have to wait for his next fuck. And what would happen when all his children started growing up.

    - The End -

    For anyone who’s interested here’s a list of the aliens that Ben’s children will turn into when they’re old enough. This list includes the children from the first story as well as this one, but doesn’t include all the children, just most of them.

    Gwen: Son - Horndog, Daughter - Stinkfly

    Jane: Twins, one boy, one girl - Ditto, Son - Upchuck

    Keesha: Daughter - Greymatter

    Kathy: Son - Upgrade

    Mandy: Daughter - XLR8

    Joey: Twin sons - Fourarms

    Kai: Daughter - Benwolf

    Stephanie: Daughter - Diamond Head

    Lucy: Son - Canonbolt

    Charmcaster: quadruplets, 2 girls, 2 boys - Wildvine

    Future Gwen: Twins, 1 boy, 1 girl - Hotspot

    Karen: Daughter - Ghost Freak

    Nancy: Daughter - Grey Matter

    Mary: Son - FrankenBen

    Rachel: Daughter - Heatblast

    Cindy: Daughter - Fourarms

    Sarah: Son - XLR8

    Kim: Twins, 2 Daughters - Stinkfly

    Cathy: Son - Wildmutt

    Miss Sinclare: Son - Upgrade

    Sonia (Keesha’s mother): Daughter - Fourarms, Son - Diamond Head
    Ben’s mother: Daughter - XLR8, Daughter - Heatblast
    Gwen’s mother: Son - XLR8, Daughter - Ditto
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    Did you say 'last'? If so, I will miss it, but it has been a ride. I have really enjoyed your writing. Very entertaining. Where's the new one?
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