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Thread: Baby Sister

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    Default Baby Sister

    Here's another story I did a rewrite on. Hope you like it. Kudos to the original authors!

    My little sister and I began to experiment with incest when we were teenagers. Actually, I was sixteen but she was only twelve at the time. It started out innocently enough; she caught me whacking off one day and to keep her from telling on me, I talked her into joining me. I’d never thought of her in a sexual way before then, but when she was naked and playing with herself beside me on the bed, I was turned on by her to no end! We were satisfied at first with just watching each other masturbate, but it wasn’t long before we were helping each other out. I showed her what I liked and she became a real pro at jacking me off. She also showed me how she liked to be played with and we had a lot of fun together. We both agreed that it felt much better when someone else touches you than it does when you do it yourself. Things just happened to grow from one stage to the next and it ended with us fucking each other.
    We knew the kind of trouble that could happen from unprotected sex, so I bought a box of condoms and we started using them. I can’t begin to describe the fun we had when I started fucking her. I couldn’t believe the intensity of the orgasms I got with her and before long; we were hooked on each other. Almost every night, I’d slip into my sister’s room and we’d fuck up a storm. Sometimes, we’d use two or three condoms before we called it a night and I went back to my room.
    When that first box of condoms ran out I bought another, and another, and another. I bet my little sister and I was fucking a lot more than our parents were at that time.
    One night our luck ran out. Mom and Dad caught us fucking and kicked me out of the house. They let Dawn stay, probably because she was a lot younger than me and they figured I must have been the one who started doing this terrible thing with her.
    So; now I was on my own. I moved around a lot, working odd jobs here and there, saving my money so I could go to college. I managed to save enough and I graduated from engineering school at the top of my class. Now I had a job and I was making lots of money and dating some very nice looking girls, but none of them could make me forget my sweet little sister. Compared to her, none of those women I dated amounted to a hill of beans. I never heard from my sister or our parents, nor did I make any effort to contact them. When I was thirty, I got a great job back home. Dad was dead and Mom still didn’t want anything to do with me. Dawn had married and Mom wouldn’t tell me where she lived.
    I asked around and some old friends told me Dawn was living in a nearby town. They told me her married name so I went looking for her and found her. She was pretty happy to see me and I hit it off with her husband right away. He seemed like a real nice guy and I could tell him and Dawn really loved each other. Of course, he didn’t know anything about Dawn and me. Our parents had kept it a dark family secret and Dawn had the good sense not to tell him about it either.
    Jerry, that’s Dawn’s husband’s name, insisted that I stay with them until I found a place of my own. Dawn wanted me to stay too, so I agreed.
    That first morning I awoke feeling great and the smell of bacon frying and fresh coffee had my mouth watering, so I followed my nose to the kitchen. Dawn and Jerry were up and the three of us sat around the table eating and catching up. I couldn’t help but secretly admire the beautiful woman Dawn had grown into. She was very pretty back when I’d lived at home, but now she was stunning! The way her breasts swayed gently under her thin nightgown almost had me mesmerized. I could tell she had a hell of a body under there. I wondered if she still remembered the great sex we used to have.
    Jerry looked at his watch and exclaimed he was going to be late, so he hurried off to work. Dawn and I looked at each other across the breakfast table. I asked her why they didn’t have any kids and she told me Jerry couldn’t have any. We made small talk and the more we talked, the more I recalled what we used to do. Before long, I had a monster erection and not the slightest idea how to go about bringing up the subject of my sister and me and all the fun we used to have.
    “We sure had some good times back then, before Mom and Dad spoiled it for us, didn’t we?” she said, looking me in the eyes.
    “We sure did,” I agreed. “Too bad we got caught.”
    “There’s no one to stop us now,” she said flatly.
    “I’ll go buy some condoms,” I said as my heart hammered in my chest.
    “Buy a big box,” she said huskily, “maybe two.”
    I bought two, and then I hurried back to Dawn’s house. She was waiting at the door. She hurriedly pulled me in the house and we shared a long, intensely passionate kiss as our hands explored each other’s bodies.
    “Your bed or mine?” I asked.
    “Let’s do it in yours,” she said. “We can keep the condoms under the bed so they’ll be handy.”
    Dawn took her nightgown off and my breath caught. She was even more beautiful and sexy than I ever imagined. I hurriedly got naked and rolled a condom on as she stared hungrily at me.
    I got on the bed with her, my head swimming with lust. She caressed me and said, “Honey, I’ve sure missed this.”
    “Me too,” I said before she silenced me with her mouth and tongue.
    As we kissed, I felt her delightfully full tits and marveled at how absolutely sexy and gorgeous my little sister had become during my long absence. I was particularly fascinated with her pretty pink nipples. She opened her legs invitingly and I got between them. Her pussy was so wet that I slipped effortlessly inside her. We lay there like that for the longest time, kissing passionately and savoring the incestuous connection we’d been without all those long years. She broke our kiss long enough to say, “OH God, welcome back, my brother!”
    The bed squeaked as we began to fuck each other. I love to fuck on a bed that squeaks. Dawn’s bed had squeaked when we lived at home. Maybe that’s how Mom and Dad had caught us fucking that time. Anyway, it just doesn’t seem like fucking unless the bed makes noise.
    I joyously humped my sister’s cunt and she humped back at me with just as much enthusiasm.
    “You still do this awfully well!” she groaned.
    “You’re even sexier now than when I fucked you when we were kids,” I said.
    As our passion mounted, we stopped talking and concentrated on our incestuous reunion, fucking at each other with wild abandon. She came hard and it made me feel better than I had in years. When she came down off that first orgasm she said, “More…give me more.”
    I did just that. I fucked my little sister as hard as I could. I felt like I was truly home again. I fucked her over and over that first day. We were so busy fucking that we had to send out for dinner.
    “We were so busy getting reacquainted that I didn’t have time to cook,” Dawn told her husband, who smiled and said that it was okay.
    That night, I could hear Jerry fucking Dawn in their bedroom next door. That bed squeaked too. I couldn’t help but masturbate as I listened to them.
    The following day Dawn and I didn’t fuck quite as much. She at least had time to put a roast in the oven between our romps. I discovered that I loved to fuck her while was leaning over the kitchen sink.
    That night Jerry said he wanted to talk to me about something very important, in private. I wondered if he found out about me and my sister and how he could have found out so soon. I was sure she hadn’t told him, and I sure hadn’t said anything. We sat in the den and he seemed to be having a lot of trouble formulating what he was going to say.
    “Dawn and I can’t have kids,” he said, much to my surprise.
    “I’m really sorry to hear that,” I told him truthfully. I knew my sister really wanted to have a baby.
    “That’s my fault,” he said. I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I didn’t say anything.
    “Dawn and I want a child,” he said again, “We deserve a child.”
    I nodded as my heart went out to him.
    He took a breath, “Will you help us?” He asked.
    I choked on the coffee I was sipping. “You mean…?”
    “I mean I want you to do what I can’t do; I want you to give Dawn and me a child.”
    “But I’m her brother,” I said.
    “That just means you’ll keep it a secret,” he said, “No one must ever know.”
    He was thinking about the end result. I was thinking about the fun I’d have fucking my sweet little sister, making her pregnant. The idea really appealed to me. I pretended to think about it for a while and finally agreed to do it, but I told him he was going to have to be the one to talk Dawn into it.
    That night we got started. The three of us went to their bedroom. I sat in a chair and watched them fuck, and then it was my turn. I got on top of her and slid my throbbing cock inside her. This was the first time I’d ever fucked her without a condom and the feel of her sopping wet cunt around my naked cock was unbelievable! Fucking my sister while her husband watched was also an unexpected turn-on for me. He thought I was doing him some kind of a great favor!
    I really fucked her good. She came three times while we fucked. When I felt my own orgasm approaching, I pushed my cock in her all the way and let my sperm squirt deep into my sister’s waiting womb. It felt unbelievably good. I realized I’d wanted to do that since she was twelve. I’d always wanted to cum in my little sister and now I could do it.
    When I got off of her, Jerry patted me on the back and thanked me for helping them out. Truth be told, I think that it was the best fuck I’d ever had. I knew I’d be spending a lot more time in Dawn’s tight little cunt from then on, and now I didn’t even need condoms.
    The next morning, before he left for work, he watched me fuck Dawn again. We told him we’d keep trying throughout the day and that’s just what we did. We fucked the whole day. This time we didn’t need to bother with the condoms…we’d never need them again. Whenever and wherever I could get it up, I’d mount my sister and fuck her until I squirted inside her.
    It took three months to get my sister pregnant. I fucked her almost constantly and the both of us loved every minute of it. Her husband approved of it entirely and even though he got it whenever he wanted it, Dawn let me know that she’d never let me go.
    The first baby was a healthy boy and they named him after me.
    As soon as Dawn was able, she and I went back to fucking, with Jerry’s enthusiastic approval. Now that I showed him I was able to do it, he wanted me to fuck my sister all the time. I think he got real turned on by the concept of incest.
    That was fine with me. All I ever wanted to do was fuck my sweet little sister. Jerry and I both had successful careers so we never wanted for material things. After she had her third kid, Dawn had her tubes tied, and I kept right on fucking her.
    Jerry likes the arrangement. Our bedrooms have connecting doors and when one of us wants to get some rest, they go to my room while the other one fucks Dawn to their hearts content. We even double team her once in a while.
    The kids have no idea I’m their father. Jerry and Dawn wants to keep it that way, and so do I. I’m getting all I ever dreamed about; free access to my little sister’s sweet pussy.
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    I don't know what the original story was like, but this, I like. Very hot.
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    ditto don
    It was all fun and games untill the cow woke up.
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    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> cool <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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    a very good story . i am looking forward to more like it . ???
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    I really enjoyed this story, the plot twist with the 'surrogate' father was refreshingly original in an incest story. Thank you!
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    Very good story l enjoyed it hope will do somemore.
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