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Thread: Bathroom Sex

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    Default Bathroom Sex

    Rose was an amazing girl. She had 36 C breast and an ass that drove men mad. She sat in front of me in English Class and I couldn't help but get hard everyday by just looking at her. One day, it was especially bad. I was wearing pretty loose shorts, making a lot of things easy to see. In the back of the class, we played I Have Never. Rose, Samantha, Bella, and Me. Things were easy going at first, talking about parties, drinking, but then Samantha spiced it up.
    “I have never had a sex dream about Zack (me).” I nearly fell out of my chair, but the best was yet to come, when all of a sudden, Rose put a finger down.
    Without control my dick started to harden and I could feel it snaking down the right side of my pant leg, easily visible to anyone who looked.
    “Looks like that hit a nerve,” Samantha said, “I’m guessing your about 5, 6 inches?”
    My mouth got dry, “Umm, I uhh..” “leave him alone Sam.” Rose cut in.
    The Bell Rings
    I run to my desk to grab my backpack when Rose catches me on the way out. “What’s your next class?” she asked. “I have an open period.” I said gasping for air. Rose looked me in the eye and says in a sexy voice, “good….”

    Rose and I went to the small hallway bathroom that no one uses because none of the toilets work. We go in, lock the door and drop our bags. Rose looks at me and we begin to make out. I slam her against the wall, feeling her breast and rubbing my dick against her through my pants. “Ow!” I said. “What is it? Did I hurt you?” Rose asked. “No, It’s uh, my zipper, it rubbed up against my you know,” “DICK?” she cut in abruptly. “Ya, my penis.” She looked at me and kissed my cheek. “Your so innocent. Lets change that. Take off your pants.” I took the order and took my pants off, dick standing erect. “Hmmm so Sammy was right, only about 5 inches.” Rose scoffed. In a hulk rage induces by sex, I grip my dick and without thinking march towards Rose. “Only, 5? Let me show you what I can do with it.
    I suck on her neck while pulling up her dress. He thong is in my hand, and I can feel her wetness through it. I pull it down and with no warning slam my dick into her hard. “Oh shit!” she yelled “Oh ya! Hard! Fuck me Hard!” I begin to move in and out of her, slamming her back into the wall as we fuck. Her pussy was tight and made feelings of pleasure rock my body every thrust. “Do you like that?” How’s it feel?” I asked “So good, more, I want more.” She responded, and with that, I decided to take what I wanted.
    I pushed Rose on her hands and knees and started poking her asshole. “What are you doing?!” She yelled “I, am gonna fuck your ass.” I started to force my dick in her ass and she moaned in pain and pleasure. No one had ever been in her ass before and I wanted to change that. It was so tight, it actually hurt me at first too. Once I had put my whole dick in, I began to feel how amazing it was. She screamed out a few times involuntarily, but I kept fucking. I sped up and could feel the orgasm coming. I leaned over and held Rose and I yelled and came in her ass. “Oh ya! That’s it!” I yelled as Rose turned around and said “You fucker!” I pulled out and cleaned up as I was about to leave Rose cleared her throat. I turned around and saw her rubbing her pussy. “Your not done mister.” I smiled and fucked her until she came and I came inside her, again. We lied on the tile floor for a while just breathing. Rose rolled over and looked at me, “so, when are we gonna do this again?”
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    short but good
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    That was pretty good for such a short story.
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