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    Default My Wife and My getaway

    Me and my wife (Brexxi) went out of town to where I used to live and I took her to a strip club for amateur night. ( She was supposed to be a stripper) . After she got finished dancing, I said “Let’s go into the movie theatre. We were watching a movie and I had mentioned that I wanted a threesome. She had on this schoolgirl outfit. We were watching the movie when a scene came on of a threesome. We watched the scene for a bit. I said “Isn’t that fucking hot?“ It was of two guys and a women. She said “Yes” I pulled out my cock and said “Would you ever be up to doing a threesome with you me and another woman?“
    She replied “I don’t know”
    How about you, me and another guy?“ I asked.
    “Really” I asked.
    “Play with your pussy” I said.
    She lifted her schoolgirl outfit and pushed aside her white panties.
    “What do you want to do?” I inquired.
    “I want you both to fuck me” she said.
    “Tell me more.”
    I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. At this time I didn’t care who came in.
    “I want him to fuck my pussy and you have him suck your cock and then both of you cum on my face.”
    “Really?’ I asked.
    “Want to find someone here. It’s really easy to get some horny guy here?” I asked. It this time my cock is hard and my breathing is deepening..
    “Yea, if your up to it” she said.
    Luckily the door to the theatre opened and we composed ourselves. If the door didn’t open I would have blown a nut. Not like it wasn’t done there before.
    “You can sit here” she said.
    The guy came up and sat in our row.
    “Hello” She had started the conversation.
    The next scene was another mmf.
    “That’s hot” she said.
    I was worried that this guy might be an undercover cop. They were know for doing that in this town.
    They should suck each other off and then come on her” she said.
    We all watched the scene then the unexpected happened.
    She commented out loud about the movie she said “Honey this movie is boring, I like the ones at the hotel in our room. She proceeds to tell this guy that he can come with us.
    “We have better ones in our hotel room and alcohol, if you want to come with us.”
    Our hotel is a executive suite. A hot tub, big shower for three to four people. I get that room every time I‘m in town.
    “Ok, where at?”
    “Just follow us” she said.
    The guy followed us to our motel.
    I went for the cups and alcohol and my wife went to put in a video. “Honey how do you work this thing?”
    Let me get these drinks made first.
    “Are you from around here” he inquired”
    “No and we don’t wish to disclose any info about us just that we are adventurous and mysterious” Brexxi said.
    “That’s cool” he said.
    “Are you into swinging” I asked?
    “I want to but my wife isn’t into it” he said.
    “So what takes you to the strip joint? I asked.
    “Was bored and wife is working”
    Brexxi went to the hot tub and tried to set it up.
    She bent over and both of us could see her panties under her school girl outfit.
    Here let me get that baby. I walked up behind her and bent over her and pointed to the controls for the hot tub. Brexxi reached for the bubble bath and proceeded to pour it in.
    I walked over and grabbed my drink and started to drink it and as I turned around Brexxi was in her panties and testing the water of the hot tub.
    “You guys going to join me”
    I removed my clothes and took my drink to the hot tub.
    Brexxi removed her panties. “It’s a good thing I shaved today” she said as she laughed..
    You going to take off your clothes?” she asked him.
    Brexxi and I were nude climbing into the hot tub.
    I perched my self on the edge of the hot tub and Brexxi crawled over to me and started to suck my cock.
    This guy, now undressed, climbs into the hot tub and sit to the backside of the hot tub facing towards us.
    “She has a nice ass” he said nervously.
    “Go ahead and touch” it I said “it’s ok.
    With my cock in her mouth, Brexxi reaches around and spreads her ass cheeks.
    “Isn’t she fucking hot” I asked.
    He nods.
    Brexxi orders him to come around and sit next to me. He obeys and sits next to me.
    “He’s big like you honey” she says.
    I look at his cock as Brexxi starts to reach for it and slowly stroke it.
    What do you think of my husbands cock?
    “It’s big.”
    “Come here and suck it with me.” she says.
    “I…. Don’t know. He said.
    Brexxi says “ We all no why men go into peep shows alone and that is looking for head or to jack off and your not going to jack off here. So suck my husbands cock.”
    The guy gets on his knees before me with my wife next to him.
    Brexxi proceeds to order him to lick my balls.
    Brexxi then gets behind him and rub his ass and play with his balls.
    “Doesn’t that feel great when she does that” I asked?
    Mmm… was he reply and it felt great as he was sucking my balls. I knew he had done this before.
    Brexxi then bends over and licks the guys balls. This is a turn on for me getting head and my wife knelt behind a guy and licking his balls.
    I say you trade with my husband and have him suck your cock now.
    I was glad that he stopped because he was about to get a load of my cum across his face.
    The guy got up and sat on the edge of the hot tub Brexxi then proceeded to kneel between his opened legs. Brexxi grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. I reached out and grabbed his balls. Brexxi pointed his cock towards me as in an offering. I proceeded to take his cock into my mouth.
    Brexxi started to massage his balls as I liked his cock to full attention.
    “Why don’t we move to the bed” I asked.
    We all got out and Brexxi laid on the bed with her legs spread.
    “I like to dress like a school girl and shave my pussy because it turns my husband on, Does it turn you on?
    Yes was his reply.
    “Now you have to return her favor eat her pussy” I said.
    I knelt down next to her and offered my cock to her to suck as I started to pinch her nipples and play with her tits.
    I knew that Brexxi was enjoying it by the moans that she was making.
    “Do you mind if I fuck her” he asked.
    I hope so she said as she took my cock from her mouth.
    Brexxi was still on her back as he mounted her. He was laying on top of her when she said here help me suck my husband off.
    He positioned himself to be able to suck me and fuck her at the same time
    I watched his cock enter and exit my wife’s bare pussy. I could see the pre cum of him and her. I knew that she was enjoying it immensely. I looked over at the movie on the television and said we should try that. It was a double penetration. All of us looked and Brexxi said “Ok”
    I laid on my back and Brexxi got on top, then he got on top of her. Brexxi took my cock into her pussy and he tried to insert his cock into her ass. He had a hard time it kept falling out so she said to try to insert it into her pussy. I was surprised to hear that from her.
    He then inserted it,. I could feel it easing into her pussy past my cock. I remained still to make sure that I didn’t loose my position in her wet pussy.
    Slowly he started to pump away at her pussy. I took one of Brexxi’s tits into my mouth.
    Brexxi pulled my hair as she was cumming. I could feel her cumming.
    “I don’t want you guys to cum yet” she instructed.
    We all got up and decided that it was late (or early) and all of us decided to shower. All three of us got into the shower.
    Brexxi gets on her knees and reaches for both of our cocks and takes turns sucking each one of us.
    “You both need to cum like you made me cum, I want to watch you both jack off”
    Wee both positioned ourselves on each side of her and proceeded to stroke ourselves.
    “Play with yourself honey” I said.
    It wasn’t to long after she started that we both blew our loads over Brexxi’s nude body.
    Brexxi then rubbed our cum all over her tits and unto her pussy.
    She stood up and went to kiss him and instead put her cum covered fingers into his mouth.
    We all got dressed and he asked “if we were planning on coming into town again”
    as she showed out the door.
    “Maybe” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.
    We still don’t know his name.
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    very nice, i love the lack of names used between the three of them. I bet the stranger would love to feel a cock up his ass, as he's pounding Brexxi's pussy.
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