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  1. Ganjagirl802

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    Feb 23, 2017
    It started when my baby girl was much too young.
    It was unfair to put the pressure on her of replacing the woman in my life. But I had been thinking of her this way for so long. Once when I slept on the couch after a fight with her mother I dreamt of her coming to me in the night. Such a vivd dream. And such a wrong dream. But so compelling. I dreamt of her tiny hands finding there way into my pants. And then her small mouth, but with such full lips. I couldn't believe how eager she was. So eager toplease me. But she was so innocent and yet I couldn't resist her.
    Now that her mother has drifted further from me I have been so lonely. I steal into her room at night. I mostly just look down on her to see how lovely and innocent she is . But sometimes I can't help from letting my hand wander down into my pants and stroking. I was to be close to her that way. Close to my baby girl. I know it's wrong but it is just a fantasy. And you are.. she is so lovely. Once I slid into the bed behind her.
    Oh to be close with her like that again.

    I love coming in on you in the morning when you are still asleep and the covers have slipped off you in the night. You look so peaceful and lovely in the morning light. I know it's wrong but your daddy gets hard when he see his little girl this way. I have a brief flash of the dream I had last night ; you with a distended belly because I had put my seed in you. I try to shake off the thought. After all you are my little girl. I reach over you to pull the blanket over you. I want to let you sleep. But when I lean over your body I feel the warmth it emanates and I smell your soft warm baby girl smell and I can't resist slipping into bed beside you. I tell myself it will be just for a moment and I take off my robe so I am just in my boxer briefs. I pull the blanket over us and snuggle up quietly and gently against your relaxed body. I am a little chilly and your body immediately warms me and you move and groan so slightly. I hesitate and make myself absolutely still. I tell myself it will just be a second. I can't resist being close to you. My body mimics the position of yours and we are like spoons nestled together. As gently as I can I move your hair away from your neck so I can put my face against you there and take in your scent. Your hair is so soft and I feel so comforted. It was going to be just a second but I can't leave you now. It is so warm here and there is no one I love more than you. I let my arm move over you and holding onto your belly I pull our bodies closer together, if that's possible, I am holding you tightly now, either confident that you won't wake, you are such a sound little sleeper, or not caring about the risk wanting this with you so badly. My erection is pressing against your back side. And although I know I am getting carried away now I tell myself that I have to have this. My face is at your neck taking deep breaths of you. My hand that was on your belly moves up and over your hips and back down over your sweet and cute little ass. But I only briefly explore the feeling of your ass with my hand. I use it to push my underwear down and free my straining cock. I haven't been this hard in so long. And the warmth of your ass against my cock is invigorating. I am transported. All the cares of work and the house and marriage fall away because I am so close to my baby girl. I am pressing against the back of your pink cotton panties and that won't do. I take them in my hand and pull them up tight between your ass cheeks giving you a wedgie that you don't wake up from but that exposes your ass cheeks to me. Now I can move my hand back around to your front side and hold your small body tight against me. My hard cock against your warm soft butt cheeks. I start to rock adjacent you. I let my cock move up and down between, against your cheeks. Using your body. I move my hips up and down feeling my hard cock moving against your soft skin. I move up and down holding you tight. Using your body to masturbate with . Smelling your hair and neck rocking and thrusting along your soft butt. I move and move and move stifling my moans. Holding you tight. My hand on your belly holding you close. The bed squeaks so slightly. And I hear you moan just a little as if you might wake or as if you might be having some vivid dream. When I hear your voice like that I can't wait any longer and my semen spurts up between our bodies. Gobs of it over your back and my stomach. I remember my dream from last night and I only regret that I couldn't release inside you and see your body morph and swell because of my seed. I stifle my moans turning my face away from your neck and down into the bed to keep from making noise. I wouldn't want to wake you after all. I take a breath and get myself together. I gently back away from you and let the blanket fall over you, hoping the semen all over your back will dry before you wake up. I pull up my underwear and put my robe back on. Before leaving your room I close the curtain so that the morning light doesn't wake you too soon. I love my little girl and I want the best for her. I kiss your cheek before I leave and whisper "just sleep. sweet dreams. I love you sweetie."

    I don't know when it started, just some time right after I began to develop into my own, but sometimes I wake to my father holding me close. I can feel his male muscle against my back side pressed tight and pulsing, hard as his large biceps encircling me in the morning. He pulls my hair aside and breaths deep in and smells me. As I feel his breath on my neck I can feel my neck instantly envelops goose bump and a shiver of ectacy runs down my spine. My little pussy is soaked in seconds when he pulls my panties up and my nipples get so hard they ach for my daddy's attention.

    When my daddy releases his thick pulsing member from his underwear my pussy involuntarily clenches and then soaks my panties again. He runs the length of it between my sweet ass cheeks against my cute pink cotton panties he got me for Valentine's Day. When I feel him rubb against my tight little anus and a wave of pleasure washes over me and I can't help but to let a little moan escape my lips. As I moan in ectacy my father explodes agains my back. My daddy wispers to me and I know he loves me as he closes the curtains. I can feel the hot sticky reminder of his love on my back.

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    May 24, 2009