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  1. Ganjagirl802

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    Feb 23, 2017
    My little girl was sleeping so soundly when I crept into her room. Her soft perky tits were protruding through the thin cotton camisole top I got her to match her cute blue panties. It was a set for Christmas last year. My she was growing so fast. Too fast. This little bug bite puffy tits were getting big and round. Her hips were growing. She was budding. He pussy had little puffs of hair.

    I slipped into bed with my angel. Pulling her panties aside, I stroked he little pussy. I slipped my finger across her little enterance. Her hole was so small. I could feel my knob betting harder. Pulsing against my briefs. My little girl. My angle. Her perfect figure was so peaceful.

    I pulled my pulsing member from my briefs. It felt so wrong as I looked down at my engorged cock, pulsing with desire. I pressed the head of my knob against her little virgin cunt. It was so precious.

    She moaned in her sleep, shifting her hips and pressing her sweet essence firmly against my knob. When she shifted I could feel how tight her enterance was. I knew my cock was too big for my little angel. I would never want to hurt my angel, she was too perfect but girls were made to stretch. My cock got bigger as I thought of what it would be like to penetrate my baby girl. I think she could feel it in her sleep because again she let out a soft moan and braced her little hairy cunt against my throbbing knob , but this time I felt her juices start to flow.

    I looked down at her as I rubbed the length of my cock against my baby girls little slit. She was more beautiful then her mother ever was. Her nipples were hard now in that little blue tank top. Oh how I loved her little rose bud nipples. Her little rose bud nipples poked out and I couldn't help myself. I cupped a breast. I blushed as her young supple breast felt so soft and warm in my hand.

    Her juices were gushing now and I pressed my prick against my angels enterance again. She shifted and opened her eyes drowsily. She looked into my eyes and without a word she pressed her pussy down slowly around my cock.
    She moaned "oooh daddy" as I pushed my cock in slowly inch by inch up her virgin cunt. I couldn't believe my baby girl was letting me! She moaned in almost pain, her hot wet pussy clenched around my cock. My cock felt so good inside my little angel. I made love to her little cunt. I made love to my daughter. I took her breasts in my hands and squeezed her tits softly. I teased her good little girl nipples with my tough lips. She was a good fuck. She satisfied my carnal desires. P
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    Jan 6, 2016
    Great stories! Please continue
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    Apr 12, 2016
    Oh please continue
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    Jun 18, 2008
    I want to hear what you were thinking when you daddy made love to you.
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    Nov 19, 2015
    more of thes stories