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    Jun 2, 2007
    Using Mom
    By Mike

    Charles Hamton took a deep breath and called up the stairs for his children, Mike and Kathy, to come down. He was taking a big chance, but it had to work. The family needed money quickly, and there was no other way…in fact, this way was perfect. He had gotten his wife Gladys to fantasize with him about their children as they fucked and it had made him want his daughter so badly.

    Kathy was 14 now and beginning to bud nicely and her father knew for a fact that she had had sex with at least three different boys. That turned him on and he hoped the number was much larger. Charles had seen his daughter naked only once in the past few years, but had fallen in love with her downy pussy hair and puffy young tits. He was sure that twelve year old Michael fantasized about his mother, because Charles had seen the porn magazines under his son’s mattress, filled with handwritten notes that this whore or that one looked like mom.

    For the past three years now, as they fucked, Gladys had willingly told her husband what their daughter’s tits and cunt were like…and how much she’d love to watch Charles fuck his daughter. It made both of the hotter and as Charles finished off by jacking off into his wife’s mouth, he would reciprocate by telling her to close her eyes and imagine it was Michael’s cum she was eating.

    Charles was fairly certain that Gladys would not agree to taking the fantasy further and it pissed him off. He had gotten her to agree to sell herself to men and women a few times in their marriage, loving the fact that his wife was, quite literally, a fucking whore. If she would have done that now, when they really needed the money, he wouldn’t have had to resort to what he did.

    He looked at his wife, sitting on the living room couch, sitting obediently like a drugged woman should. Gladys was wearing sexy bra and panties, sheer white blouse, short loose skirt, nylons and garter belt and low heels. Charles set up the digital camera on a tri-pod in the middle of the living room and waited.

    The two children ran into the room with the usual “yeah”s and “whach ya want”s and then stopped in their tracks when they saw their mother.
    “Kids”, Charles began. “I didn’t want to bother you with all this, but we’re having some financial difficulties right now and I’ve got to raise some money quickly.”

    The children continued to look at their mother, wondering why she was so passive and why she was smiling so.

    “Kathy…I know you’re having sex with several boys…” he raised a hand to cut off her protest…”and that’s fine. I want you to have sex with as many boys as you can, whenever and where ever you want.” Kathy just stared at her father, unable to respond.

    “and Michael, I know you jack off thinking about have sex with your mother…” again he had to raise his hand before the stammering boy could find his tongue. “That’s fine too. A boy is lucky to have a mother who’s good looking enough to want to fuck….and your mom is good looking enough for you and all your friends to want to fuck.”

    Gladys just smiled dumbly at her children, not really aware of what was going on.

    Charles continued. “I know someone who is willing to pay me a lot of money for pictures of you two with your mother…sexual pictures…if you’re willing.” He blurted on…”Your mother would never agree, so I’ve given her a very powerful drug. She’ll stay awake and responsive, but won’t remember what goes on here. I'll give each of you part of the money I make from these. Are you two willing to help me out?”

    The two children looked at each other for a moment, trying to read the others response, then both smiled broadly. “Wow, dad…we sure are willing”, they both answered almost as one.

    Charles grinned back and then had his children sit on the couch with their mother, one on each side of her. As he began taking pictures the three smiled into the camera. Then he had both children lift their mother’s skirt up to show her panties and garter belt, and had Gladys spread her legs. The drugged woman did as she was told. Snap! Snap ! Snap! Picture after picture altered the scene just slightly; Michael rested his hand on his mothers pantied cunt as Kathy kissed Gladys with full tongue, Kathy cupped her mother’s bra covered tit with blouse fully opened as Michael French kissed his mother, pictures of the children removing their mother’s clothing, pictures of Gladys with her son’s prick in her mouth and her cunt filled with her daughters hand, pictures of the mother sucking the daughter’s pussy as her son fucked her cunt.

    The final pictures were of Michael cumming on his mother’ face, her mouth wide open, as Kathy licked cum from her cheek and one more of Gladys sitting between her children, all nude, with Gladys holding up a handwritten sign that read: “I’m their mommy, and I’m a fucking slut”.
    Charles knew that his wife would not come out of the drugs until almost morning, so he downloaded the pictures onto a website that had been created for him and helped his children clean their mother up and dress her in her nightgown and put her to bed. Then the father and children went into Kathy’s room where Charles took of his clothes, and the three of them spent the rest of the night in orgy. Kathy fucked and sucked both her father and brother, and Michael learned the joys of sucking cock as well.
    The money started coming in almost immediately, and over a short period of time the father expanded his subject matter, allowing his children to invite their friends in on the fun as well.

    Gladys could never understand why she apparently fell asleep so easily some evenings, but always woke refreshed and strangely satisfied.
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      Nice story! I'd love to know that it really happened and I'm sure this story could be continued!
      dirtyoleman1, Apr 10, 2017
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    Aug 13, 2008
    it was hot and the last part made me lol
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    Feb 5, 2010
    I had finished but had to start up again just because of this story!
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    Hell of a fantasy, I want to live it.now I'm horny as fuck
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    thanks for the comments
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    Great story
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    The Aristocrats!
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    You need to follw up by taking your daughter.

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    that is easy money ????