How To Make an Album

  1. You may not post pictures/ videos featuring anyone under 18 years old (all models to be 18+), real murder, excrement, bestiality, huge watermarks or that automatically plays itself (cartoons included).
    Texts featuring pedophilia are forbidden.

  2. Click on Gallery in the main top bar.

  3. Click on Create New Album in the right top corner or on My Gallery on the left in the main bar.

  4. Fill Title, choose Category and setup privacy settings. Tagging and description are optional.

  5. New album has been created. Upload pictures by clicking Add Photos in right top corner.

  6. Setup privacy setting for photos you want to upload and hit Upload Photos.

  7. Choose pictures you want to upload from your computer. For multiple upload hold Ctrl.

  8. Title and Description are optional. You can also tag people, set the picture as cover of the album or delete. Click Save to save changes.