How To Make a Post

  1. You may not post pictures/ videos featuring anyone under 18 years old (all models to be 18+), real murder, excrement, bestiality, huge watermarks or that automatically plays itself (cartoons included).
    Texts featuring pedophilia are forbidden.

  2. Find a thread where you want to post.

  3. You may post maximum 10 000 characters, 10 pictures.

  4. If you scroll down the page you will find simple text editor:

  5. Write your text or you can click on "More Options" and you will be able to also setup notification and view preview.

  6. Upload a File: Just click and find picture in your computer or follow instructions below.

  7. Post settings:

    Bold Italic Underline

    Text Color Font Size Font Family

    Paste text as link or as plain text

    Align Left, Center or Right

    Unordered List; Ordered List; Outdent; Indent

    Smilies; Insert Image with URL; Insert Video and Insert Quote, Spoiler, Code or Strike-through

    Save Draft; Delete Draft

    Undo; Redo

    Remove Formatting; Use BB Code editor