New Features

  1. Wall Post / Status

    • You can leave a message on user profile if he/ she has it enabled. Just type text and press Post

    • Owner of the profile can always reply on your message or like it.

    • Users also can write message on their own wall (status) and then everybody who will enter their profile will see it under their username.


    • For every post you can give "Like" (action can be reverted). This will not affect points for "User Title".

  3. Follow / Ignore

    • Is equivalent to "friendship"

    • People You Follow

    • You can folllow a user by clicking the username and then Follow / Unfollow in the pop-up:

    • People You Ignore To ignore user means his post/ threads/ galleries/ groups will not be displayed to you.

    • You can ignore a user by clicking the username and then Ignore / Unignore in the pop-up:

  4. How to remove users who are following you from the list / How to block users to follow you

    • First, just because some users are following you doesn't necessarily mean they're stalking you. They may simply find your posts interesting or have some other reason to keep tabs on your posts. If they really wanted to stalk you, they could simply go to your profile and see all of your posts in one list without having to follow you.

    • Anyway, you can follow this link and change "Receive your news feed" to 'People You Follow Only' . That will NOT unfollow the member but he will get no news feed (someone is following you = he is just getting your news feed).

    • You can also change to 'People you follow only' or also "View Your Identities" to 'People you follow only' which will give you even more privacy.


    • You can comment post and it will appear directly under the post instead on the end of the thread like reply.