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Feb 23, 2019 at 1:51 PM
Nov 26, 2006
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Mar 2, 1956 (Age: 62)
Lake Conroe, Texas


Lake Lover, 62, from Lake Conroe, Texas

It's a beautiful life, don't you agree? Sep 11, 2018

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Feb 23, 2019 at 1:51 PM
    1. conroe4
      It's a beautiful life, don't you agree?
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      2. Sia.
        I certainly do :]
        Sep 19, 2018
    2. conroe4
      One was a trainee that fucked up and we left her boat for the other. Mgmt guy was training her. Other one <five total> was really cool.
    3. conroe4
      The guides <two of them> were lawyers. They hated law, and loved the river. One was management and he was very cool.
    4. conroe4
      Thank you Shooter. Those are great tips and I never said thanks. I will follow.
    5. shootersa
      Part 8
      Buddy up with the guides; they are ruffians running from the law but they have been down the canyon a thousand times and can show you the "secret" places and little tricks that make the trip better. Expect to tip them; they make good bucks, but it still helps.
      Take lots N lots of bug spray and lotion. A gallon of each ought to do.
      Sorry this took so many posts
      Damn! Shooter is jealous!
    6. shootersa
      Part 7
      If you are bringing your own booze, know that there are no stores in the canyon; you want figure how much booze you drink in a week, double it, then double it again. When I was running I usually did a 6 pack a day, so I took 15 cases of beer for my first 15 day trip, and ran out on day 10. But, we had a Kayaker along and I think the fucker was stealing beer.
    7. shootersa
      Part 6
      The food should be OK, Western isn't known for it's food, but they don't feed you beans from a can either. Be sure you understand what (if any) booze they provide, and if you can bring your own, whatever flavor you prefer. The guides probably won't mind if you toke a doobie as long as other passengers don't get pissy about it and you maybe share with them
    8. shootersa
      Part 5
      Did you know that only about 100 people ran the canyon after him, until after WWII? Really. Now, some of the outfitters can take 100 people a day!
      Also, if you can find it, get a book by Edward Abbey called the Monkey Wrench Gang, and take it with you to read. But do NOT loan it. To anyone. It's out of print and something of a holy grail among guides. They will steal it, promise.
    9. shootersa
      Part 4
      When you get back to Las Vegas you'll suffer culture shock. Remember to look for traffic; it sounds stupid, but you haven't even heard a car for a week, and you can easily forget about them and get squashed if you aren't paying attention.
      You want to read John Wesley Powell's diary, the first white guy through the canyon; you'll see how little, and how much, the canyon has changed since he went down in 1869.
    10. shootersa
      Part 3
      Western River served as my safety backup when I ran Lava in my 18' oar rig, and when I got through the guide gave me 8 very cold and very much appreciated beers; we'd been out for a couple of days at that point.
      People say they "ran" the Grand Canyon, but the reality is, that canyon changes everyone who runs the river. You'll know what I mean when you get to Pearce ferry.
    11. shootersa
      Part 2
      If you were still looking for a company I'd tell you to get with an outfit called OARS; they run Dory boats; their trips take up to 18 days though. Or, I'd tell you to go with any outfit that runs smaller boats and rows. Much more exciting and you see more side canyons. No matter, you will still have fun.
    12. shootersa
      Conroe; Western River is a well known and reputable outfit that was started by a rascal named Jack Curry a long damn time ago. They run "J Rigs", which are military surplus bridge pontoons that are about 30' long. They use motors and kind of wallow through most of the rapids. In a smaller boat a lot of the rapids will scare the shit right out of you.
      More to follow;
    13. conroe4
      Happily married and loving it.
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    14. conroe4
      Hi, I'm living the dream and loving life. How about yourself?
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    15. kmk420fan420
    16. tangomike
      OMG:-)) Glad I was you're "first":-)) I've been up on the HWY before. What are you looking for here. Anything in particular?
    17. conroe4
      No, it's HWY 830 Seven Coves exit. Still a bit North of 105. And hey! my first friend request after being here 7 years. HA!
    18. tangomike
      Isn't that the Hiway turnoff 105?
    19. conroe4
      Hey TangoMike, I'm exit 92 up on the lake. Yep, we're neighbors.
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    20. tangomike
      Hey Conroe4. I'm just down the road at exit 70 on I-45. Where are you?
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    Mar 2, 1956 (Age: 62)
    Lake Conroe, Texas
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